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Conference mlopcs::ibm_rs6000

Title:IBM RS6000
Created:Tue Feb 13 1990
Last Modified:Wed Apr 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Sat May 24 1997
Number of topics:274
Total number of notes:639
Number with bodies:1
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1.02CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990Welcome
2.090CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990User Registry
3.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
4.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
5.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
6.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
7.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
8.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
9.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
10.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
11.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 14 1990reserved
12.06CGOAThu Feb 15 1990RS6
13.03CTOAVX::WRENNMon Feb 19 1990Some customer input on the RS6
14.01GLDOA::SCHESKYMon Feb 19 1990A University Test site reaction
15.05CSTEAM::BURSTALLTue Feb 20 1990A little detail on the RS6
16.02CSTEAM::BURSTALLTue Feb 20 1990Some additional information
17.02CSTEAM::BURSTALLTue Feb 20 1990RS6
18.02GLDOA::SCHESKYTue Feb 20 1990DEC attendance at IBM announcement
20.02CSTEAM::WRIGHTThu Feb 22 1990RS Storage
21.0CSTEAM::WRIGHTThu Feb 22 1990RS Support & Service Features
22.0CSTEAM::WRIGHTThu Feb 22 1990RS AIX Operating System
23.01CSTEAM::WRIGHTThu Feb 22 1990SAA/AIX Interoperability
25.03DECEAT::BHANDARKARFri Feb 23 1990RS6
26.0JAWJA::GRESHMon Feb 26 1990Rational offers Ada for RS/6
27.0CSTEAM::WRIGHTTue Feb 27 1990IBM & 3rd party hardware
28.02CHEFS::SARFASCWed Feb 28 19902.5 Gb Storage Max?
29.0SNELL::DAVIDSONWed Feb 28 1990Micropackaging
31.03CSTEAM::BURSTALLWed Feb 28 1990A customer statement
32.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1990(deleted)
33.09HSOMAI::BROWN3Thu Mar 01 1990IBM Sales Tatic
34.02CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Mar 02 1990RS Applications
35.01CSTEAM::WRIGHTFri Mar 02 1990RS Info at your Fingertips
36.0CIVAGE::FOXWELLThu Mar 15 1990RS6
37.0CLULES::SPEEDFri Mar 16 1990Articles to help create FUD
38.04GL::DIIANNIFri Mar 16 1990DECwindows MOTIF vs AIXwindows
39.04GL::DIIANNIFri Mar 16 1990AIX and RIOS
40.014GL::DIIANNIFri Mar 16 1990AIX V3.
41.02CLULES::SPEEDFri Mar 16 1990RS/6
42.01SMOP::GLOSSOPMon Mar 19 1990Little or big endian?
43.01CSTEAM::WRIGHTWed Mar 21 1990RS/6
44.03REDSCH::HENDERSONMon Mar 26 1990Autocad on RS/6
45.0CURIE::ANKERFri Mar 30 1990Competing against the RS/6
47.05CHEFS::DAVEYPThu Apr 05 1990Is this True?
48.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLSat Apr 07 1990New SPEC numbers note model 53
49.07CSTEAM::BURSTALLTue Apr 10 1990AIM results
50.05MAIL::ANDERSONBSun Apr 15 1990DMA & FDDI throughput speeds
51.0JULIET::GRANT_GAThu Apr 19 1990ULTRIX Licensing and USMLP
52.01CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Apr 20 1990Two Competitive Performance Documents
53.0ROMFri Apr 20 1990RS6k and commercial Unix (GG)
54.04AUNTB::MASZERMon May 07 1990CADAM Competitor?
55.01HOCUS::FELICIONEThu May 10 1990RS6
56.0IRNBRU::FYFEMon May 21 1990
57.02OTOOWed May 23 1990RS6
58.0ROMThu May 24 1990RS_6
59.03LARVAE::SPIRESThu Jun 07 1990PICK applications
60.04--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 12 1990How to Beat RS6
61.014CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Jun 15 1990How to Beat the RS/6
62.0POBOX::KOCHTue Jun 26 199032
63.0JULIET::GRANT_GATue Jun 26 1990and where will DEC be?
64.01CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Jun 27 1990RS/6
65.02CSTEAM::BURSTALLTue Jul 10 1990SCW results for the 6
66.0CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Jul 18 1990Notes of the Week, 7/29/9
67.01MLCSSE::DEHEKWed Jul 18 1990RAS (Reliability,Availability,Serviceability features)
68.0CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Jul 20 1990RS/6
69.04IJSAPL::CAMPENHOUTTue Jul 24 1990Killing the AIX Viaduct????
70.02FIVE5::PAQUINWed Jul 25 1990Real time hardware test stations exposure
71.05TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jul 26 1990surprising benchmark result! need help!
72.0OGWV5Fri Jul 27 1990IBM PC solutions ?
73.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Aug 02 1990RS6
74.0CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Aug 07 1990need access to rs6
76.0CSTEAM::LOWBERTue Aug 14 1990RS6
77.0CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Aug 29 1990RS6
78.01CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Aug 29 1990RS6
79.0TAVIS::LANDSBERGSat Sep 08 1990Does AIX cheat on NFS ?
80.0HOLZER::HOLZERWed Sep 12 1990IBM RS/6
81.08UNIVSE::SOLLERFri Sep 14 1990Teardown of an RS6
82.05IJSAPL::KUPPENSSat Sep 15 1990Fastest SCSI disk I/O ????
83.0TENAYA::BJENKSMon Oct 08 1990exit
84.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXworld (1)
85.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXworld (2)
86.01CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXworld (3)
87.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXWORLD (4)
88.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXworld (5)
89.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 15 1990AIXworld (6)
90.02CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Oct 17 1990AIXWORLD (8): Q AND A
91.0CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Oct 17 1990Unix Today: How to Beat RS6
92.03DCC::URBANMon Oct 29 1990yaIb - yet another IBM benchmark
93.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGSun Nov 04 1990Max. Memory and Diskless
94.0HYEND::KPARRISMon Nov 05 1990IBM 55
95.0DPDMAI::NICHOLASFri Nov 09 1990XPG3 Branding
96.04KYOA::CAPALDITue Nov 13 1990M54
97.01CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Nov 15 1990DS51
98.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Nov 15 1990OCT 31ST RS6
99.05CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Nov 16 1990RS/6
100.0MSDOA::VVEREGOMon Nov 19 1990Workstation News review: is it a barn burner?
101.0CSTEAM::LOWBERTue Nov 20 1990NEW RS6
102.01SYOMV::KRASWed Nov 21 1990Kinda dual screen rios?
103.03UNIVSE::SOLLERThu Nov 29 1990Teardown of an RS6
104.03QCAVThu Dec 06 1990rs6
105.01MAMTS3::JWOODMon Dec 10 1990configuration help
106.0LISVAX::FOLGADOMon Dec 17 1990SNA/X.25 vs. TCP/IP
107.010ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 17 1990DS5
108.0CSTEAM::LOWBERTue Dec 18 1990Personal Workstation on RS6
109.02DPDMAI::SIFTARTue Dec 18 1990RS6
110.01ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 31 1990Fast RS6
111.0EEMELI::SONKERIMon Jan 07 1991X.25, Token ring, DECnet, SNA
112.01MAIL::EDLUNDTue Jan 08 1991DEC vs IBM RS6
113.01DENVER::BOYLESFri Jan 11 1991ANVIL-5
114.0ESGWST::RUSSESTue Jan 15 1991NFS and the RS/6
115.0DENVER::BOYLESWed Jan 16 1991DR on VS31
116.0SCAM::ORENGOThu Jan 24 1991More dirt on RS6
117.01IOOSRV::COLVINMon Jan 28 1991Ansys benchmark questions
118.0AYOV18::TFYFETue Jan 29 1991TPC-A/B Bechmarks for RS/6
119.01THEBAY::CONDEDATue Feb 12 1991DTF disk sharing?
120.0CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Feb 22 1991IBM Future Desktop
121.05MAIL::ANDERSONBMon Mar 04 1991Competitive commercial info RS6
122.08DPDMAI::JEFFREYThu Mar 07 1991VAX6
123.03ODIXIE::HEALEYMon Mar 11 1991RS6
124.01CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Mar 13 1991March 12 RS6
125.01CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Mar 14 1991new RS6
126.0GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Mar 19 1991R6
127.0ASDS::WARDTue Mar 19 1991VMS emulation
128.02MAIL::ANDERSONBWed Mar 20 1991RS6
129.0CST13::LOWBERFri Mar 22 1991AIM Results for DS vs RS6
130.02TKTVFS::OKUMURAMon Mar 25 1991I need RS6
131.0CHOWDA::DYERFri Mar 29 1991What is "pluto"??
132.0CSTEAM::LOWBERTue Apr 02 1991RS6
133.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Apr 11 1991Updated RS6
134.01LISVAX::FRCHAVESMon Apr 22 1991RS/6
135.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Apr 25 1991OSF/1 demoed on RS/6
136.0CSTEAM::LOWBERTue May 07 1991RS6
137.02CSTEAM::LOWBERMon May 13 1991RS6
138.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon May 13 1991OSF for RS6
139.01FIRTue May 14 1991rs6
140.0BIS3::GILLISTue May 14 1991Interleaf on RS/6
141.02CSTEAM::LOWBERWed May 15 1991SPEC Losing Its Luster
142.0ADO75A::SHARPETue May 21 1991LVM max volume size and mirroring?
143.0DENVER::HOOVERThu May 23 1991Neal Nelson Data Available?
144.01CGOSThu May 30 1991X.4
145.0CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Jun 05 1991RS6
146.01SANFAN::CANNING_TOWed Jun 12 1991RS52
147.01CRISPY::HOUSEBWed Jun 19 1991IBM & WANG ??
148.03ADO75A::SHARPETue Jun 25 1991Improved RS6
150.05TROOA::MSCHNEIDERSun Jul 14 1991need info on SMIT system management tool
151.01OSLWed Aug 07 1991More on SPEC and matrix3
152.01GUCCI::KILGOREWed Aug 21 1991Hot Graphics for RS6
153.01CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Aug 26 1991July 24th Announcement
154.01CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Aug 26 1991New RS6
155.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Aug 26 1991AIX 'n Pains (Cont'd)
156.01HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed Sep 04 1991525
157.0CSTEAM::LOWBERSun Sep 08 1991Dual-Failover and Asynch I/O for RS6
158.0MINDER::HUNTThu Sep 12 1991Netview/DM 'catcher' ??
159.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Sep 19 1991Sept 11th: IBM OSF/DCE Summary
160.0CSTEAM::LOWBERThu Sep 19 1991Sept 11th: IBM Announcement Summary
161.0CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Sep 20 1991Countering IBM on Investment Protection
163.0STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANThu Oct 10 1991X.4
164.0TENNIS::KAMTue Oct 22 1991RS/Magazine The Journal for IBM Worstations Users
165.01CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Oct 28 1991New Competitive VAX Chart (POSTSCRIPT)
166.01SHAWB1::HEYMERJFri Nov 08 1991tar onto TZK1
167.0TENNIS::KAMTue Nov 26 1991IBM Systems A Business Perspective
168.0CSTEAM::LOWBERWed Nov 27 1991RS6
169.01FASDER::AHERBTue Dec 24 1991Looking for IBM FDDI Info
170.02ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Jan 03 1992BSD or AT&T ?
171.0JAYMES::MCHALEWed Jan 08 1992Downline Load VT13
172.0BDX64::FOURNIERTue Jan 14 1992crca_ibmrs6
173.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Jan 27 1992RS/6
174.0CSTEAM::LOWBERMon Jan 27 199264-Bit RS6
175.0ROMThu Feb 06 1992AIX Case
176.0EVMS::SAMPSONThu Feb 06 1992IBM RS/6
177.0ROMMon Feb 10 1992AIX windows, Xstation, comms etc.
178.0SWAM2::COVERT_JESun Mar 01 1992RS6
179.0IJSAPL::LONINKThu Mar 26 1992IBM's High Availability RS/6
180.0MADCAP::BHANDARKARTue Apr 21 1992IBM POWERserver 97
181.0TPOVC::KCFUTue Apr 28 1992how to connect vax43
182.0AZUR::NAVARROMon May 25 1992Public software/DECnet/Hardware errors
185.02CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Jun 26 1992RS6
186.0CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Jun 26 1992M97
187.02UNXA::MENNERFri Sep 18 1992What's next for RS6
188.02TENNIS::KAMFri Sep 25 1992RS/6
189.0MSAMThu Oct 01 1992Print qualifiers
190.04UPROAR::DARRALLDWed Oct 21 1992AIX installtion
191.0VIA::TIBBITTSWed Oct 28 1992DMS equivalent on AIX?
192.0VIA::TIBBITTSFri Nov 13 1992File locking on System V
193.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Nov 24 1992Alpha AXP Performance Briefs - Second Edition
194.01KAMPUS::NEIDECKERFri Dec 11 1992multiprocessor machines...
195.0VIA::TIBBITTSThu Jan 07 1993Removing COMMITTED software
196.0TAVTue Jan 19 1993'automount' from Ultrix to AIX
197.0NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Jan 21 1993IBM RS/6
198.02ACESPS::WETTYWed Feb 03 1993RS/6
199.02CLADA::FONEILLThu Feb 18 1993FT for POLYCENTER Security CM for AIX
200.0NECSC::ROODYWed Mar 03 1993Inputs requested: AIX Software Support?
201.0YNGSTR::SECGTue Mar 16 1993Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 Performance Briefs
202.01FSOIS1::BOSCHERWed Mar 17 1993submit to RS6
203.0YNGSTR::SECGMon Apr 05 1993Alpha AXP Delivers Leadership NFS Performance
204.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Apr 20 1993DEC 3
206.0MSBCS::CSGPERFMon May 03 1993AIM Price/Peak Performance Alpha AXP
207.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri Jun 11 1993AXP Workstation-OpenVMS V1.5 perf brief available
208.0BIGUN::CROSSTue Jun 15 1993KAP bundled with F77 on AIX??
209.01LUXThu Jun 17 1993File Systems supported by AIX ?
210.0CGOOA::STOCKSun Jun 27 1993RS6
211.01EMASS::MACOMBERFri Jul 23 1993Need Current Comp. Info
212.01BSS::C_OUIMETTETue Aug 03 1993AIX lpd to UCX print problems.
213.0AZUR::NAVARROMon Aug 30 1993PSWX AIX Agent ready for Field Test
214.0MUNICH::KRNETAMon Aug 30 1993RS/6
215.02EEMELI::SUOMIWed Sep 01 1993IBM 3151 emulator
216.01GLOWS::MENDEZFri Sep 17 1993Manuals?
217.0TROOA::BAPTIETue Sep 21 1993UCX printing problem
218.0KCBBQ::PRESTONTue Oct 05 1993AIX FSF/6
219.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Oct 12 1993New Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 AXP Performance Briefs
220.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri Oct 29 1993Updated Alpha AXP-OpenVMS AXP Perf. Briefs Avail.
221.03WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROFri Nov 12 1993IBM RS6
222.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Nov 18 1993Scheme for AIX,MS-DOS,OSF/1,Ultrix,VMS
223.02MSDOA::SECRISTMon Nov 29 1993AIX C preprocessor directives ?
224.02HGOVC::QCAVWed Dec 15 1993RS/6
225.0COMICS::WIMBLEDONTue Jan 04 1994start subsystem on boot ?
226.0HLDETue Feb 01 1994Which database on IBM AIX ?
227.03PAPERS::CORNEFri Feb 04 1994 WWW pointers to Multivendor information
228.0AJAY::dushyantMon Feb 21 1994Need access to RS/6
229.01TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Feb 24 1994RS/6
230.054938::SMEKENSMon Feb 28 1994RS/6
231.0XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Apr 08 1994Help required -> porting from ULTRIX to AIX?
232.01PAMSRC::MILLERFri Apr 15 1994Digital software for IBM RS/6
233.0ECCGY4::PARETITue May 03 1994ORACLE on SP1/ sp2
234.01TENNIS::KAMSat May 21 1994IBM DIRECT RS/6
235.0TENNIS::KAMWed May 25 1994Reference sites: Porting from AIX & RS/6
236.02COPCLU::HENRIKVJWed Jun 01 1994Sequrity on AIX
237.0VILIS1::MHARRASFri Jun 10 1994fddi
238.0TROOA::GILBERTMon Jun 13 1994DLR software on AIX?
239.0TAVWed Jun 15 1994AIX yp problem
240.0MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Jun 23 1994Storageworks
241.01DECLNE::KENNYFri Aug 26 1994as4
242.0HANNAH::WYNNEWed Sep 07 1994 Any IBM 3151 terminal users out there?
243.0ASABET::COWGERMon Sep 12 1994May 24, 1994 Announcement
244.01KERNEL::SMITHERSJThu Oct 27 1994RS/6
245.01LISVAX::FOLGADOWed Nov 09 1994*3
246.0EVTAI1::POGNETFri Nov 18 1994Open systems is our your job
247.01METZMon Dec 12 1994How to configure IAX to print on DEClasers
248.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGSun Dec 25 1994Need access IBM/AIX machine - please
249.0CGOOA::PITULEYMon Jan 16 1995Integration reference sites?
250.01EVTAI1::POGNETWed Jan 25 1995Paging Space on AIX
251.0QCAVThu Apr 06 1995U: Need info on PowerPC 6
252.0TENNIS::KAMMon Apr 17 1995IBM, DEC jump on PCI bus - article from Advanced System mag
254.0TENNIS::KAMSat Apr 22 1995IBM SMP white paper; Why a crossbar switch.
255.0SALEM::DANCONAWed May 10 1995rs6
256.0HERON::KAISERThu Aug 10 1995You're the competition; state your case
257.0GRANPA::EBILLITERThu Oct 05 1995RS/6
258.03FIREBL::LEEDSSat Oct 21 1995Alpha vs RS6
259.01MAASUP::TURROWed Oct 25 1995IBM Part Numbers
260.01TUXEDO::WRAYTue Nov 07 1995Help with POWERstation & AIX version
261.0NETRIX::"hans.rickardt@soo.dec.com"Wed Jan 24 1996fixdist
262.0WMOIS::SKOWYRAThu Jan 25 19968mm creation switches for aix
263.0ULYSSE::STRATMANTue Jan 30 1996Terminal Console AND graphics ?
264.0TPSYS::STOMMESTue Feb 13 1996Field Test Kit of RTR V3.1 for AIX available
265.01RECV::CHOITue Feb 13 1996X Toolkit error
266.0PTOJJD::DANZAKThu Feb 15 1996Preferred distribution for AIX products?
267.0COMICS::BEDDALLWed Mar 20 1996new location for Sun_users conference
268.0SEDSWS::SIAREYThu Apr 25 1996CPU id v Model numbers
269.01EVOCDG::DECBAH::PATROTue Jul 02 1996E3
270.03KETJE::63767::HERTATue Jul 09 1996RS/6
271.0KETJE::63767::HERTAFri Jul 26 1996licensing?
272.0BIS1::63767::HERTAThu Sep 19 1996how modify rules for daylight savings time?
273.02MIASYS::LALIBERTEMon Oct 28 1996Need info on the POWERServer 34
274.0 *SEDSWS::SIAREYWed Apr 02 1997List of IBM RS6