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Conference mlopcs::customer_value_chain

Title:Customer Value Chain
Created:Thu Feb 17 1994
Last Modified:Wed Oct 26 1994
Last Successful Update:Sat May 24 1997
Number of topics:31
Total number of notes:61
Number with bodies:0
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1.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 21 1994Welcome and Introduction
2.01MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Notes Conference Policy
3.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994RESERVED: Administrative Announcements
4.01MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Related Conferences
6.0MEMIT::ZANINIWed Mar 09 1994DESCRIPTION - Offering Management
7.0MEMIT::ZANINIMon Mar 28 1994DESCRIPTION - Order Support
8.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Mar 10 1994DESCRIPTION - Contact Management
9.0MEMIT::ZANINITue Feb 22 1994DESCRIPTION - Knowledge Aquifer
10.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
11.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future USe
12.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
13.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
14.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
15.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
16.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
17.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Reserved for Future Use
18.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Associated Documentation
19.0MEMIT::ZANINIThu Feb 17 1994Software Kits
20.0ICS::DOANETue Apr 12 1994Customer-Value Driven: How?
21.05ICS::DOANEWed Apr 13 1994Choice of C.I. Method
22.02ICS::DOANEWed Apr 13 1994Planning For C.I.
23.02ICS::DOANEWed Apr 13 1994Interview Cheat-Sheets
24.02ICS::DOANEWed Apr 13 1994Digesting C.I. Data
26.01MROA::SHILOFri Jun 10 1994"how-to" assign a Digital p/n to 3rd party product
27.0PEKING::RICKETTSKThu Jun 30 1994CVC mentioned in HUMANE::DIGITAL
28.01ISTWI1::48676::DARUGERMon Jul 04 1994ASSIST ?
29.03ALLVAX::PENNEYWed Jul 06 1994Anyone out there??
30.0ALLVAX::PETERSWed Jul 27 1994Information on Security Server COAL
31.0LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Oct 26 1994End user feedback to CNS