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Conference mlopcs::3270_cso_solutions

Title:Forum On CSO Solutions For 3270 Connectivity
Created:Mon Jan 21 1991
Last Modified:Fri Mar 08 1996
Last Successful Update:Sat May 24 1997
Number of topics:51
Total number of notes:128
Number with bodies:0
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1.0AJLIB::AJMon Jan 21 1991Do Not Reply To This Note
2.0111898::SANFAN::DREWMIFri Jan 25 1991327
3.0411528::MJBOOT::SOUDERSat Jan 26 1991Comparison w/327
4.011528::ANDRIS::putninsThu Jan 31 1991Funding Sources needed for 327
6.011898::WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUTue Feb 12 1991Pre-release of 3/91 Sales Update Article on Forest Computer & LEGENT products
7.0111898::GOYA::DAVIDFri Feb 15 1991Forest platform questions.
9.011898::WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUMon Feb 18 1991NET-U Remote 327
10.01311528::SMAUG::GARRODWed Feb 27 1991Please could you detail the performance data
11.0711528::WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUTue Mar 05 1991LEGENT Product Overviews - Postscript format
12.0AJLIB::AJMon Mar 25 1991327
13.0211898::CHOVAX::GAULThu Mar 28 1991IBM load- Forest vs. Regent??
14.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Apr 19 1991VTX has 327
15.01TOOK::JACOBSSun Apr 21 1991Question about need for tn327
16.01TROAMon Apr 29 1991Keyboard Mapping Comparison with CXM
17.01MEO78B::MCCOYTue May 07 1991FAX contact ??
18.0WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUTue May 21 1991LEGENT Sales Office Locations/Phone Numbers/Contacts
19.01MDCRAB::STUARTThu Jun 20 1991Any experience/reference site for Forest box?
20.02WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUTue Jul 02 1991Forest Computer Product Overviews
21.01NEWPRT::MAUL_DOThu Jul 18 1991Remote 327
22.01MANVC::ERICSUNThu Aug 15 1991Legent distributor in Asia? Phil?
23.01MANVC::ERICSUNFri Aug 16 1991Remote 3274 access VAX 6
24.03DURDUR::GOLDBERGTue Aug 27 1991327
25.06FCOIS::GOLDBERGFri Oct 25 1991Interlink VS Digital
26.01FCOIS::GOLDBERGFri Oct 25 1991who's listening?
27.05ZPOVC::BURNSTue Dec 17 1991Like to hear about experiences
28.0RENFRO::POWELLSat Jan 25 1992How does Interlink 327
29.0TROOA::WNOELMon Feb 03 1992DCA IrmaLan with MOD 5 LU?
30.01POCUS::TLEETue Feb 04 1992Looking for a phone #
31.01MLNFri Feb 21 1992LEGENT with ACMS/DECFORM
32.01WARNUT::MCO3Mon Mar 02 1992Block mode editor for UNIX?
33.02HOBBLE::WURZBERGERThu Mar 26 1992327
34.01ESOA12::TUCKERFri Apr 03 1992327
35.02ZPOVC::BURNSMon May 04 1992Domain Gateway Impact?
36.05BREAKR::MIKKELSONFri May 22 1992327
37.01WARNUT::BANKSTMon Jun 22 1992Australian VT product sold by IBM????
38.0BLIZZ::BLIZZARDThu Jul 16 1992Forest Computer's LAT gateway now bi-directional!
39.0FHOPAS::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUMon Aug 03 1992LEGENT FullView/VT to be replaced with Domain Gateway and Integrata MEP emulator
40.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Nov 02 1992MITEK cost
41.0THEWAV::BRADLEYFri Jan 08 1993327
42.02TERPS::KMOOREWed Mar 24 1993Hello?? Anyone there?
43.0SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THWed Apr 07 1993278
44.03MSDSWS::LWHEELERThu Apr 15 1993327
45.02ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue Aug 10 1993327
46.0VAXRIO::OCTAVIOTue Aug 24 1993327
47.01VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGThu Nov 18 1993RUMBA-dancing
48.03EPS::QUINNFri Jan 21 1994Screen-scraping terminal emulator tools
49.0BCFI::ORSENWed Apr 26 1995BSC3274/3174 board for PC
50.0GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Sep 15 1995CNT/Brixton 327
51.0CHEFS::JAMESHFri Mar 08 1996API?