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Conference milord::war_story

Title: Computer War Stories
Notice:Maybe the disk can be salvaged if we try another drive!!
Created:Fri Feb 07 1986
Last Modified:Thu Sep 05 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:321
Total number of notes:3559
Number with bodies:0
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1.016LEHIGH::CANTORThu Aug 15 1985Introduction
2.02CAMLOT::DAVISThu Aug 15 1985Joke's On Me...
3.0BERGIL::WIXFri Aug 16 1985How to get AVO on your VT1
4.060NY1MM::MANDERSONFri Aug 16 1985Little Red Button
5.03MARRHQ::RMURPHYSat Aug 17 1985Circus
6.07NY1MM::SWEENEYMon Aug 19 1985A Failure to Boot
7.025NY1MM::MANDERSONMon Aug 19 1985No A/C, No Machine
8.028PENNSY::SCANLANDMon Aug 19 1985Buffing the floor
9.01ACE::BREWERMon Aug 19 1985Power Cycling
10.048BZERKR::THOMPSONTue Aug 20 1985The Ultimate Head Crash Story?
11.02WOOKIE::W_SMITHWed Aug 21 1985major software bugs
12.028WOOKIE::W_SMITHWed Aug 21 1985break the hdwe with SW
13.04NERSW8::ENDRYWed Aug 21 1985How to get DEC manuals changed
14.01SPRITE::MCVAYThu Aug 22 1985Your U.S. Gummint at work
15.018BZERKR::THOMPSONFri Aug 23 1985Cold Computer Rooms
16.08COUGAR::EDECKFri Aug 23 1985the smell of success??
17.02EXIT26::CREWSFri Aug 23 1985RP
18.029BZERKR::THOMPSONFri Aug 23 1985REAL System Crashes
19.015BZERKR::THOMPSONFri Aug 23 1985What's cold, wet and broken?
20.049NY1MM::MANDERSONFri Aug 23 1985How to kill a machine....
21.01MARCIA::GSCOTTFri Aug 23 1985Install Something Trivial
22.05NY1MM::MANDERSONMon Aug 26 1985Press in case of Emergency
23.085MORGAN::LEVASSEURWed Aug 28 1985Military War Stories
24.02EDSVAX::CRESSEYThu Sep 05 1985The China Syndrome
25.07ATOSat Sep 14 1985Halon from Hell
26.0CADLAC::GOUNSun Sep 15 1985ACM SEN Disasters Anonymous
27.01OVDVAX::ROTHMon Sep 16 1985Bloody horror averted
28.03OVDVAX::ROTHMon Sep 16 1985Chasing the wrong bit
29.05DVINCI::FISHERTue Sep 17 1985Flushing the data...
30.037DVINCI::FISHERTue Sep 17 1985The IBM Card Ejector
31.046DVINCI::FISHERTue Sep 17 1985New Meaning for Dump To Printer
32.09JON::MORONEYWed Sep 18 1985"Here's your tape, Prof"
33.015EDSVAX::CRESSEYThu Sep 19 1985Jerking the operator's chain
34.07WEO73A::FSWELLFri Sep 20 1985Environment Control ?
35.058SPRITE::MCVAYThu Sep 26 1985Sensory input
36.015SHOGUN::HEFFELWed Oct 09 1985Computer Panic
37.011BLOTT::WARWICKFri Oct 11 1985More burn-outs
38.04NANDI::PARODIFri Oct 18 1985 Card Punches
39.0CACHE::GRISCOMThu Nov 07 1985Process killing for fun+profit
40.056SHOGUN::HEFFELWed Nov 13 1985Abusive Lab aides
41.03--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 20 1989Directory of this conference
43.01KATADN::BOTTOMFri Dec 13 1985field service fairy tale
44.02BONNET::DTLThu Jan 02 1986real story
45.013ELMER::FARICELLISun Jan 05 1986Malicious machine...
47.021BEING::WEISSThu Feb 13 1986Scratch Monkeys
48.0SUBA::WALLFri Feb 14 1986From the Twilight Zone...
49.04INFACT::BEVISSun Feb 23 1986Red Buttons, part II
50.05LSTARK::THOMPSONTue Feb 25 1986A few off the USENET
51.04TIGER::MORRISONTue Feb 25 1986How to wake up a sleepy operator
52.011THEBAY::WAKEMANLAThu Feb 27 1986Your Air Force is Awake
53.023RSTS32::KRUPINSKISun Mar 02 1986Close, but not quite like...
54.0THEBAY::WAKEMANLAMon Mar 03 1986The Green Phantom Strikes Again
55.0311278::BRENDANFri Mar 07 1986How to drive a FS man nuts
56.0NANOOK::PARKEMon Mar 10 1986An older button
57.0THEBAY::WAKEMANLATue Mar 18 1986Animal Crackers
58.0NEWVAX::KELLYWed Mar 19 1986Dead BURPEES Anyone???
59.05SHEILA::GIFFORDSun Mar 23 1986Massaging printouts!
60.019PRAGMA::GRIFFINWed Apr 02 1986Diskette Data Disappears (film at 11)
62.06LATOUR::MCARLETONWed May 07 1986Unusual PDP-11 Applications
63.02EVER::MCVAYFri May 23 1986How not to test new software/hardware
64.08WHOARU::WONGMon May 26 1986Let's do the bump!
65.04SHEILA::GIFFORDWed Jun 04 1986cleaning up machines
67.020LSTARK::THOMPSONSun Jun 22 1986Missing Stories
68.0HARRY::RILEYWed Jul 16 1986Terminals, I/O devices, and printers
69.014VIKING::BANKSTue Aug 05 1986Nasty power hits
70.05BRSDVP::PIGEONFri Aug 08 1986?GARBO
71.02BRSDVP::PIGEONFri Aug 08 1986...and there was Light...
72.028BRSDVP::PIGEONFri Aug 08 1986and now the 'WORST SITE EVER CONTEST'
73.02MMOFri Aug 15 1986Perpetual Power
74.09REGENT::MINOWFri Aug 29 1986And now, the best site ever
75.020LATOUR::KKLEINERThu Sep 04 1986Telephone War Stories
77.01FURILO::BLINNThu Sep 18 1986Notes and TOPS-2
78.07RDGE28::SPRINT3Fri Sep 19 1986Our Glorious Leaders,
79.03INK::KALLISMon Sep 22 1986Museum Lore
80.013JEREMY::ERICWed Oct 15 1986"borrowed" equipment
81.01RDGE43::KEWThu Oct 16 1986Your move
82.021RDGEFri Oct 17 1986The phantom finger
83.013RSTS32::DBMILLERWed Oct 22 1986Terminal Bugs
84.012JAKE::UYENOFri Oct 24 1986hey, what are system managers for?
85.056ELWOOD::HERTZBERGFri Oct 24 1986Funky Filenames
86.016JAKE::UYENOMon Oct 27 1986the ghostly user
87.022RDGENG::LESLIEMon Nov 03 1986Disk recovery - or why make backups?
89.09RDGE4Wed Dec 03 1986VMS V4.4, DCL &....
90.043GOBLIN::MCVAYFri Jan 09 1987A new kind of bug: the Heisenbug
91.07JEREMY::GIDEONTue Jan 27 19876
92.02JEREMY::GIDEONMon Feb 02 1987fun&games with cluster aliases
93.06VAXINE::PITARDSat Feb 07 1987Gremlins in my printer!!!
94.040IOSG::ARMITAGESun Feb 22 1987The livewire electrician!
95.01IOSG::ARMITAGESat Feb 28 1987Eavesdropping!
96.017WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Mar 02 1987My favorite repair story
97.011GNERIC::FARRELLWed Mar 04 1987Power Fail Light
98.015DVINCI::STEWARTFri Mar 13 1987A bug by any other name.......
99.0MARY::LEKASTue Mar 17 1987War Stories From a Customer
100.0MAY2Wed Mar 18 1987The DEC 1
101.0EAGLE1::LEONARDWed Mar 18 1987The Electronic Age in Malaysia
102.0EDEN::KLAESFri Apr 17 1987DEMOlition
103.092EDEN::KLAESMon Apr 27 1987Beware the Bank Computer!
104.01JEREMY::GIDEONThu May 21 1987name, number & ELF entry
105.02UTRTSC::GUEDHAWed May 27 1987Let's go brick up a KL1
106.0JEREMY::ERICSat May 30 1987late-night terminal server crash
107.07UTRTSC::GUEDHAThu Jun 04 1987The World's Worst Operator
108.0UTRTSC::GUEDHATue Jun 09 1987At the tone it will be 12 o'clock..
109.011EDEN::KLAESFri Jun 26 1987Lunch in the Computer Age
110.019CSC32::M_PFOFFFri Jun 26 1987HELP, I have corrupted files!
111.08CHOLLA::MARTYMon Jun 29 1987Radar controled computers
112.03IMBACQ::LYONSWed Jul 01 1987creative faults
113.0UTRTSC::VANSENTENWed Jul 01 1987Sniff, Sniff, do I smell smoke?
114.04UTRTSC::VANSENTENFri Jul 03 1987Say! Who was that guy in the mask?
115.07JAWS::DAVISWed Jul 08 1987Just wait for the cleaning lady...
116.01COOKIE::WITHERSTue Jul 14 1987It's in the ether
117.01MAY2Sat Jul 25 1987Great Moments in Telecommunications
118.05HIT::GLASERWed Jul 29 1987card based billing systems
119.016EAGLE1::EGGERSFri Aug 07 1987Embarrassing Moments
120.017COOKIE::WITHERSFri Aug 07 1987Physicists and other weirdos
122.030MDVAX3::COARSat Aug 22 1987The printer is ribbin' me!
123.010RDGE28::DAGLESSWed Sep 02 1987Life would be boring without users
124.0RDGE28::DAGLESSWed Sep 02 1987Credit where credit's due, due, due, due...
125.01DICKNS::KLAESThu Sep 17 1987Why Pigs and Comps Don't Mix
126.0CHARON::MCGLINCHEYFri Sep 18 1987Dog and Pony Shows
127.016456::MARTYTue Sep 22 1987How many problem did you have?
128.0MDVAX3::COARTue Sep 22 1987Ghost in the machine
129.039RDGENG::CORNEFri Sep 25 1987Think IBM?
130.019DICKNS::KLAESMon Sep 28 1987Iron Curtain War Stories
131.05DICKNS::KLAESMon Sep 28 1987They Shoot PCs, Don't They?
132.0131DICKNS::KLAESFri Oct 02 1987The Dreaded Computer Syndrome
133.019DIODE::CROWELLMon Oct 12 1987US Sprint; You owe $1.
134.011DICKNS::KLAESFri Oct 23 1987Ivan Boesky Made 'Em Do It!
135.04542443::FRENCHSWed Oct 28 1987They Bounce Terminals, Don't They?
136.037COOKIE::WITHERSFri Nov 06 1987Das Blinken Lites
137.028CHEFS::FRENCHSThu Nov 12 1987Blinking speaker
138.04CHEFS::FRENCHSFri Nov 13 1987Add On's and Down Grade's
139.08CHEFS::FRENCHSFri Nov 13 1987Two Two for for the the price price of of one one
141.043MORGAN::EMERSONThu Nov 19 1987look out below!
142.035EAGLE1::LEONARDTue Dec 01 1987Editor stories
143.01CIMNET::PIERSONWed Dec 02 1987Which Cable?
144.016VINO::MCARLETONFri Dec 04 1987Dumpster Digging
145.01NCVAX1::SULLIVANWed Dec 16 1987Jammed network at the Competition.
146.0FHOOA::WESTBROOKSThu Dec 24 1987Christmas & Standby (humor)
147.031EAGLE1::EGGERSSun Jan 10 1988time
149.015AKOVWed Jan 13 1988PC Follies
150.05IVOGUS::BAGUEThu Jan 21 1988CDC plumbing problems.
151.046IVOGUS::BAGUEThu Jan 21 1988Varmints in the machines
152.07IVOGUS::BAGUEThu Jan 21 1988Flying tapes!
153.021DICKNS::KLAESFri Jan 22 1988Designer Computers
154.0BEING::POSTPISCHILFri Jan 29 1988Playing the Market
155.02USHSMon Feb 01 1988How far can you go...
156.01JETSAM::MCCULLERSMon Feb 15 1988Remote Power Controller!!??@#!$
157.014KBOMFG::POSTWed Mar 02 1988Long Response Times
158.012KBOMFG::POSTWed Mar 02 1988The paperless office
159.0EAGLE1::EGGERSThu Mar 03 19881 CD-ROM, or denude RI
160.02SEDSWS::WATTThu Mar 03 1988The Glass Button
161.01DICKNS::KLAESMon Mar 07 1988War Does Not Compute
162.02SAHQ::LILLYTue Mar 08 1988Say cheese.
163.021VINO::MCARLETONTue Mar 15 1988Computers and Religion
164.09DICKNS::KLAESWed Mar 16 1988The Terabyte
165.0VINO::FRANCINIFri Mar 18 1988Asphyxiated KL's
166.07VAOUFri Mar 18 1988Singing 78
167.06AUTHOR::KLAESMon Mar 21 1988The Ultimate Computer?!
168.04HYEND::CCLEGGTue Mar 29 1988User Hostile Devices
169.01BOLT::MINOWWed Apr 06 1988War Story
170.011QUARK::LIONELWed Apr 06 1988Ay-yuh love FORTRAN
171.06WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEThu Apr 07 1988A bird story.
172.02WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KESun Apr 10 1988desks...
173.02MDVAX3::COARTue Apr 12 1988The tree that had no root
174.01CHOVAX::EROSThu Apr 14 1988A shot in the dark
175.03SNDCSL::SMITHMon Apr 18 1988Very very large numbers!
176.0THE78Wed May 04 1988more fire
177.0NETMAN::BREYERFri May 06 1988Mouse ***** in the Backplane
178.02GIDDAY::VETTEFri May 13 1988Psycho operator...
180.06YODA::BARANSKITue May 24 1988Vent your hardware frustrations!
181.015COMICS::DEMORGANWed Jun 08 1988The ICL MCR
183.05BOLT::MINOWSun Jun 12 1988More weird hardware: the Facit Carrousel
185.0JULIET::MILLER_PAFri Jul 01 1988FS Ups and Downs
186.02CRLDH::HALBERTSat Jul 30 1988Do you have any data to declare?
187.015KBOMFG::POSTWed Aug 10 1988Hogging a VAXcluster.
188.0UTRUST::VANHULSTFri Aug 19 1988....xxxx.... (=nulljob)
189.0GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Aug 25 1988If you *really* want to stuff it up....
190.0UTRUST::VANHULSTFri Sep 02 1988Debugging a lady
191.019MTWAIN::KLAESTue Sep 06 1988Computerized Pizza Deliveries
192.0GOLD::OPPELTTue Sep 13 1988What next?
193.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Sep 21 1988Pretty colours?
194.0LOOKIN::MAUFEFri Oct 07 1988Lights out for sinclair
195.047CHEFS::HASTONMTue Oct 11 1988Proposed Extensions for M68K
197.016CSSAUS::MOSSThu Oct 27 1988The speeding computer
200.062EAGLE1::EGGERSFri Nov 04 1988 Do VAXes have this problem?
201.0MTWAIN::WELLCOMEWed Nov 09 1988The Rabinowitz "Image Activator" classic
202.042IAMOK::GAMESTERThu Dec 15 1988OK-HERE'S MY STORY...
203.07RTPSWS::BRILEYFri Dec 16 1988Another terminal story
204.02CADSYS::SHEPARDThu Dec 22 1988Revenge of the micros...
205.05WHYVAX::DELBALSOThu Jan 12 1989RP
206.01MILORD::BISHOPWed Feb 01 1989The ultimate operator mistake?
207.011MCIS2::TKELLEHERTue Mar 07 1989Dust downs the computer!
208.02VINO::MCGLINCHEYTue Mar 14 1989Eighty-three reels of tape...
210.016GIDDAY::GILLINGSMon Jun 05 1989Hoist by their own data base
211.06WELMTS::HILLWed Jul 05 1989Maybe if I check ALL the facts first...
212.03TRCATue Jul 25 1989$ DESIGN /DEVICE=H_BOMB
213.01ERFARE::PERRETTSun Aug 06 1989Secretarial (mis)understanding
214.016WELMTS::HILLMon Aug 14 1989IBM have misprints too!
216.0JC::JcThu Sep 07 1989I was that voice...
217.03VINO::MCGLINCHEYThu Sep 07 1989No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
218.01PROXY::CANTORThu Sep 07 1989*Time* to read the manual
219.0COMICS::JACKSONWed Sep 13 1989The worst possible time
220.026VINO::MCGLINCHEYMon Oct 09 198932768th Day of the Century
221.02TRCAMon Oct 16 1989Friday the 13th Virus Stories?
222.08CONTRA::PMCVAYThu Oct 26 1989And now: the latest fad to blame for DP problems
223.02OLDHAM::MIDONAMon Nov 06 1989A camera shy computer.
224.0LARVAE::BURNS_TWed Nov 08 1989Backup RD54 = 3 floppys
225.07POBOX::CROWETue Nov 28 1989Sanity Check
226.0WELWEL::GRAHAMMon Dec 04 1989A wang comment !
227.0TLE::AMARTINThu Dec 21 1989The A/C repairman who really knew how to change filters
228.01BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Jan 02 1990Hardware Design
229.018MSVAX::BARRETTTue Jan 16 1990The AT&T long distance bug
230.017FASDER::CRUSSELLTue Jan 23 1990Do Vaxes Float?
231.02GIDDAY::BARLINThu Feb 08 1990Laser Printer Woes.
232.06COMCAD::PMCVAYSat Feb 17 1990The Human-vs-Machine Controversy
233.0ARGUS::HARVEYTue Feb 20 1990Square root???
234.017JAC::COFFLERTue Feb 27 1990WAR_STORY will be unavailable from 3/1 to 3/5/199
235.0BALMER::MUDGETTSun Mar 04 1990Just rewards?
236.04CHEST::RUSSELLThu Mar 08 1990Crescent, UK (UCG) destroyed by fire, 6th March.
237.085HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Mar 09 1990How science literate are you?
238.01TPLAB::KEWTue Mar 27 1990A story of war
239.0HRCG::DAVIESThu Apr 05 1990isn't life grand downunder...
240.06KAOFS::G_COSTANZOThu Apr 05 1990"Helpful" operators
241.014SSDEVO::EGGERSThu Apr 26 1990The Paging Game
242.015STKSMA::AHLGRENThu May 03 1990There is always an excuse...
243.0WELMT2::HILLFri May 04 1990Aren't Sales wonderful?
244.01TKOV51::DIAMONDThu May 10 1990What do you *really* want in a backup system?
245.09DSTEG1::DURSOWed Jul 18 1990Superclean disk drive
246.03POBOX::CROWEThu Jul 19 1990DECworld '9
247.057OK4ME::MCCROHANMon Jul 23 1990Project Code Names
248.011ESPOFri Sep 14 19909 track magtape
249.07ESPOTue Sep 18 1990From the really old days ... Ever heard about PRODUCT LINES ?
250.052COOKIE::WITHERSTue Sep 18 1990Slogans...
251.02CSC32::L_FRYSat Oct 13 1990Sirens?, What Sirens???
252.01WILARD::BUCKLEYTue Oct 16 1990Shipment snafu's
253.032HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Oct 30 1990Technically incompetent shop assistants.
254.01WILARD::BARRETTFri Nov 16 1990Phone Hacking Report
255.01OGBON::PERRETTWed Nov 28 1990speech recognition
256.01OTIGER::R_CURTISThu Nov 29 1990Here's one...
257.03KERNEL::WRIGHTONFri Nov 30 1990Heavy problems
258.05KERNEL::WRIGHTONFri Nov 30 1990Personal Confessions
259.0JARETH::EDPTue Dec 18 1990Network Problems
260.02ELIS::BUREMAThu Dec 20 1990The ``literal'' operator
261.0FSTVAX::SAVAGEWed Jan 02 1991HAL the 86
262.013MCDONL::BARANSKIWed Jan 30 1991Computer Graphics
263.02NOVA::R_ANDERSONMon Feb 18 1991How to power-down a disk drive...
264.0MIPSBX::thomasSat Jun 08 1991life as a computer for a quarter of a century
265.0SEDSWS::HANCOCKMon Jun 10 1991"Cold" standby processor on Dual host MV38
266.01JAC::COFFLERTue Jul 16 1991The Precarious Growth of the Software Empire
267.024TAVThu Aug 08 1991computer crimes/industial spy stories
268.0VERGA::WELLCOMEThu Sep 19 1991The VAXorcist
269.0VINO::MCARLETONMon Sep 23 1991Ultra Low-Speed Networking (ULSNET)
270.0MOVIES::BENSONWed Oct 02 1991Love, a power to be reckoned with!
271.01BOUTYE::MULLANThu Oct 24 1991More from FS
273.01SSDEVO::EGGERSFri Dec 06 1991Going-away announcements
274.0PAOIS::HILLFri Jan 03 1992Live on TV
275.03COUNTTue Jan 07 1992DECula, or "Dead in the Morning"
276.05PAOIS::HILLWed Jan 08 1992VAXnotes - its idiosyncracies
277.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPFri Jan 17 1992Using PTD$ routines, obvious really,...when you know how
278.04ERICG::ERICGSun Jan 26 1992computing in the UK -- why you need a VAX
279.06JAC::COFFLERTue Feb 04 1992Scheduled conference move is canceled.
280.021PAOIS::HILLMon Mar 23 1992Flying tales
282.05DANGER::JBELLThu Sep 10 1992Dilbert the Engineer
283.06SUBURB::FRENCHSFri Oct 23 1992The things you find in junk shops
284.01CRLVMS::SEIDMANTue Oct 27 1992Ah, the GIGI!
285.0JITThu Mar 04 1993Error recovery in real life
286.07PAOIS::HILLFri Mar 19 1993People's problems
287.02MILORD::BISHOPFri Mar 19 1993Alpha War Stories
289.0HERON::KAISERSun May 16 1993Let's just swap that memory ....
290.0STIKNY::GUENTHERThu Jul 15 1993macros - too much of a good thing...
291.0REPAIR::RICKETTSThu Jul 15 1993Troubleshooting tips
292.0BAHTAT::EATON_NThu Jul 15 1993Is there a light on the box on the wall
293.028BPSOF::NEWBERGTue Sep 07 1993Customer does it to themselves!
294.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Sep 09 1993Be careful how you program your operators
295.0ATYISB::HILLTue Oct 05 1993On User Manuals
296.0LEZAH::WELLCOMEFri Oct 08 1993Old SPR worth recording for posterity
297.03NOVA::COFFLERThu Oct 14 1993Node NOVA will be moving to ZKO this weekend ...
298.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSFri Nov 26 1993Where did all the disk space go?
299.0NOVA::FISHERFri Dec 17 1993Global Search/Replace
300.017ATYISB::HILLTue Dec 21 1993Concerning the police
301.03SUBURB::LISTERRWed Feb 09 1994Modem Nightmares....
302.01NEWOA::BAILEYThu Feb 10 1994RDB and how to use it
303.02SUBURB::LISTERRThu Mar 03 1994"Office Politics" and computers
304.01LATVMS::BRANAMThu Mar 31 1994Night Of The Senators
305.07CIMCAD::PIERSONTue Apr 05 1994They Fix TeleTypes, don't they???
306.018DBSUK2::GRICEWed Apr 27 1994How not to impress your customers
307.06WELSWS::HILLNMon May 23 1994The Form virus...
308.01CSOADM::ROTHFri Jun 10 1994DECserver makes poor Ethernet hub
309.011VARDAF::CHURCHThu Jun 16 1994Typical Monday At The CSC
310.05SUBURB::LISTERRMon Jun 20 1994Classics...
311.03JRDVTue Oct 04 1994(Joke) Transcripts from the General Motors help line
312.07BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Nov 24 1994UNIX-HATERS Unite!
313.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Feb 23 1995"See Figure 1" Famous SPR Response
314.0BIRMVX::HILLNMon Jul 03 1995If it's not broken...
315.01CSC32::M_RANDALMon Jul 03 1995RSTS/E
316.0VELI::KORKKOSat Aug 05 1995
317.0STAR::LEKASThu Aug 10 1995A SERIOUS support call
318.0MINOTR::BANCROFTMon Feb 05 1996Nasty Scanner!!!!
319.0STAR::JFRAZIERTue Jun 11 1996(Fwd) cup holder?
320.0STAR::BETTLEThu Sep 05 1996more? military
321.01WTFN::SCALESThu Sep 05 1996"Magic" selector switch