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Conference microw::acmsxp

Title:ACMSxp product questions and comments
Notice:Refer to notes 1 through 11 for conference information
Created:Tue Oct 05 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:282
Total number of notes:1134
Number with bodies:185
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1.03MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994Welcome to ACMSxp
2.01MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
3.01MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
4.01MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
5.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
6.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
7.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
8.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
9.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
10.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
11.0MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994<reserved>
12.062MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994Introductions
13.0+8MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994Kit announcements
14.03MICROW::SZABIETTue Mar 01 1994Documentation
15.03HERON::RECALCATITue Oct 19 1993<queuing>
16.03KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWFri Nov 26 1993Oracle agreements?
17.09BVEUX::LAMAREMon Dec 06 1993ORACLE: Why?
18.03SIBILO::BARBERISFri Jan 21 1994Help : About availability of products for ACMSxp
19.04HERON::ROWLANDSMon Jan 24 1994MCC error - semget
20.010ZPOVC::DAIVFri Jan 28 1994Why ACMS in OSF/1 ?
21.013SIBILO::BARBERISFri Mar 04 1994About ACMSxp ivp after installation
22.03DRAC::POTINTue Mar 08 1994Encina Toolkits
23.022ALICAT::BUDILOVSun Mar 13 1994V2.
24.03ATYLAN::64322::GALANOTue Mar 22 1994Looking for an ACMSxp presentation
25.01TRNOIS::BARBERISFri Mar 25 1994ACMSxp Ft v1.
26.01SIBILO::BARBERISMon Mar 28 1994ACMSxp and Microfocus Cobol
27.03OZROCK::PERKINSTue Mar 29 1994Which Version of STDL do you plan to implement? V1.
28.03HGOVC::MAHUAHSINFri Apr 01 1994Tuxedo ? how about compare to ACMSxp ?
29.02OZROCK::PERKINSMon Apr 11 1994Client programming documentation
30.01VAXSPO::MOREYWed Apr 27 1994Sybase(SQL)/COBOL on ACMSxp
31.02HERON::ROWLANDSThu May 05 1994acms_create_cdb
32.06TROOA::MCMULLENThu May 05 1994CDD functionality
33.07TROOA::MCMULLENThu May 05 1994ACMS task call ACMSxp task
34.03HERON::ROWLANDSTue May 10 1994Error message not found, STDL compiler?
35.04PCWOLF::TEDWARDSWed May 11 1994PATHWORKS V5.x support ?
36.0142721::LEE_MThu May 26 1994ACMSxp support for X/Open distributed TP model?
37.0BORGIL::M_FRAZIERMon Jun 06 1994How about an ACMS Listserver on the Internet?
38.05SIBILO::BARBERISMon Jun 13 1994How can I develop forms for different devices ?
39.07OZROCK::PERKINSWed Jun 15 1994ENCINA & ACMSxp
40.01TPSYS::TURNERMon Jun 20 1994Another IVP question
41.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jun 29 1994How do AP's talk to RM's?
42.015COPCLU::DAHLWed Jun 29 1994Migrating from ACMS
43.02TPSYS::TURNERWed Jul 06 1994Access to task denied?
44.03WELCLU::GIBSONFri Jul 22 1994XATI = ??
45.02ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Aug 15 1994Encina notesfile ? docs ? kits ?
46.0EEMELI::TAVIThu Sep 01 1994ACMSxp: dependence on Encina/Transarc?
47.01ISIDRO::CABELLOWed Sep 07 1994ACMSxp references
49.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZThu Sep 08 1994ACMSxp on AVMS
50.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Sep 12 1994X/Open & OSI DTP docs
51.01SIBILO::BARBERISWed Sep 14 1994Is possible to use Oracle Tools with ACMSxp ?
52.0TPSYS::VIFQUAINThu Sep 15 1994New ACMSxp Product Manager
53.01OLCROW::PHALENFri Sep 16 1994Suggestion from FT training - Importance of simple managment interface
54.01OLCROW::PHALENFri Sep 16 1994Additional commets/input from FT training
55.01OLCROW::PHALENFri Sep 16 1994Question from FT training - What is the difference between using dce_login and kinint
56.0OLCROW::PHALENTue Oct 04 1994More security setup questions
57.05SWAM2::SOTO_RUMon Oct 10 1994ACMSxP and RTR anyone??
58.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Oct 11 1994ACMSxp and ORACLE,DECCOBOL - Desktop and RM-COBOL
59.02ISIDRO::BERNABETue Oct 11 1994STDL generator?
60.07TROOA::MCMULLENWed Oct 12 1994ENCINA vs ACMSxp
61.03HERON::ROWLANDSWed Oct 26 1994IVP error: ACMSXPT2
62.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFThu Nov 03 1994where is ACMSXP ?
63.02TRNOIS::BARBERISFri Nov 04 1994License of Oracle user for ACMSxp, how many ?
64.01SIBILO::BARBERISWed Nov 16 1994ACMSxp and Extended LAN
65.02TPSYS::FERREIRAWed Nov 16 1994ACMS Product Family Presentation Materials
66.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Nov 25 1994ACMS/xp with ObjectBroker ?
67.01LUCCIO::GALIOTOFri Nov 25 1994ACMSxp V 2.
68.012SAWA::STEFANOWICZThu Dec 01 1994STDL status
69.03TAEC::miles.vbo.dec.com::MilesTue Dec 06 1994Shipping ACMSxp V2?
70.0TPSYS::FERREIRATue Dec 06 1994SPD - ACMSxp V2.
71.0TPSYS::FERREIRATue Dec 06 1994Announcing the Availability of ACMSxp V2.
72.06SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTWed Dec 07 1994ACSMxp SSB kit available thru ftp
73.0TPSYS::DESKTOP_ACMSFri Dec 09 1994Request for ACMS Desktop Product Requirements
74.01OSANPO::OGAWAWed Dec 14 1994net kit for OSF/1 V1.3
75.01FLYWAY::HOIDNWed Dec 14 1994C++, Portability
76.01NSICFri Dec 16 1994Question about user authentication when using ACMS Desktop
77.0ANNECY::BALDOCKMon Dec 19 1994U:References and Performance figures
78.09TKOV6Tue Dec 27 1994IVP failure on ACMSxp V2.
79.04EEMELI::MALMITue Jan 10 1995System Interface into ACMSXP
80.0TPSYS::DESKTOP_ACMSThu Jan 12 1995ACMSxp to ACMS Interoperability
81.03NSICWed Jan 18 1995How about two additional ACMS_CREATE_TPSYSTEM parameters?
82.01NSICWed Jan 18 1995Should you really modify DCE permissions this way?
83.02NSICWed Jan 18 1995Is it possible to increase the number of task Server instances?
84.06LEMAN::BOURAKOFFThu Jan 19 1995Installation problem ACMSXP V2.
85.05LUCCIO::GALIOTOThu Jan 19 1995unresolvable symbols hashtb
86.0NSICFri Jan 20 1995ACMS Desktop server or network link terminated
87.02FLYWAY::HOIDNMon Jan 23 1995-3
88.0TPSYS::FERREIRAMon Jan 23 1995ACMS Product Family Presentation
89.02SAWA::STEFANOWICZTue Jan 24 1995ACMSxp run-time ?
90.03SIBILO::BARBERISTue Jan 24 1995Help Queuing execution problem
92.04SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Feb 01 1995locking modes?
94.01HGOVC::ESCUADRAMon Feb 13 1995Request for training info
95.03GNDALF::ROSCOETue Feb 14 1995X/Open SQL To Include SPIRIT SQL
96.01HERON::ROWLANDSWed Feb 15 1995ACMSxp sample application
97.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Feb 15 1995clear statement please...
98.02GOYA::BEGONAWed Feb 15 1995URGENT. Access to public directory!
99.01TPSYS::FERREIRAFri Feb 17 1995*Jesse Lipcon's Response to Gartner re: ACMS Family*
100.01NWDTue Feb 21 1995CDS Failover, how long does it take??
101.02TKOV51::KOIKEThu Feb 23 1995Load constraints of V2.
102.0TPSYS::FERREIRAWed Mar 01 1995Dutch PTT - Tripoli-project status
103.01SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTThu Mar 02 1995C++ Desktop client sources for the Avterz sample
104.03SIBILO::BARBERISTue Mar 07 1995ACMSxp 2.
105.0MICROW::NEWCOMERThu Mar 09 1995Copy of email on Tripoli
106.0MICROW::GUERRIERIThu Mar 09 1995Exchange with task
107.04TKOV6Mon Mar 13 1995"cob: library not found: -lmap" at link
108.01TPSYS::FERREIRATue Mar 14 1995ACMSxp Development and Support courses now available.
109.07TKOV6Thu Mar 16 1995Problem with 'acmsdbx'
110.012TKOV6Fri Mar 17 1995Cannot connect ORACLE
111.04DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Mar 21 1995Lots of question about TPMonitor Criteria
112.03SIBILO::BARBERISWed Mar 22 1995CSELT released an ACMSxp Demo application
113.01VCOUThu Mar 23 1995Information/selling resources
114.03DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Mar 23 1995What's the difference btw X/open and OSI DTP model?
115.02OZROCK::PERKINSMon Mar 27 1995acmsxp course material
116.0MICROW::LIMFri Mar 31 1995ACMS and ACMSxp comparison document
117.01HERON::ROWLANDSMon Apr 03 1995enc-tra-
118.0OLCROW::CARRIEMon Apr 03 1995Request Input on Proposed ACMSDI V2.2 Feature
119.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Apr 12 1995DCE licenses required
120.03SAWA::STEFANOWICZThu Apr 13 1995ACMSxp & FUSE integration
121.03MICROW::LIMTue May 02 1995TP homepage available
122.07LUCCIO::GALIOTOWed May 03 1995Encina's paks
123.04TKOV6Mon Jun 05 1995Q: one principal for two TPsystems
124.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Jun 05 1995Compilation problems
125.0SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTMon Jun 12 1995thread usage info
126.01SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTFri Jun 16 1995Socket usage for ACMSxp on Alpha VMS
127.03SIBILO::BARBERISMon Jun 26 1995HELP : Error starting secure server deamon
128.03MICROW::BRAITHWAITEMon Jun 26 1995submit question
130.0TPSYS::NEALONWed Jun 28 1995Field test of ACMSxp V2.
131.02HERON::ROWLANDSTue Jul 04 1995Development Training in VBO
132.0TPSYS::VIFQUAINFri Jul 07 1995Update: People & Products
133.01HERON::ROWLANDSWed Jul 19 1995xaosw?
134.09TKOV6Wed Aug 02 1995U.W.C.P multhithreaded
135.0MICROW::LIMTue Aug 08 1995improving acmsxp system setup
136.0SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTWed Aug 16 1995ACMSxp V2.
137.03SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Aug 23 1995just forget...
138.06SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Aug 28 1995UNIX<->OpenVMS?
139.01TKOV6Thu Aug 31 1995question on load constraints
140.02GENIE::BOURAKOFFFri Sep 08 1995Training, Support problem
141.01ATYISA::COURCHINOUXMon Sep 11 1995ACMSxp and Standards?
142.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Sep 11 1995IVP v2.
143.0TPSYS::HERSHEYThu Sep 14 1995ACMS Desktop V2.2 Field Test Kit
144.0SAWA::STEFANOWICZSat Sep 16 1995ACMSxp in the press
145.0MICROW::ROSCOEThu Sep 21 1995Digital Technical Journal articles concerning ACMSxp
146.03EEMELI::KARPPINENMon Oct 02 1995ACMSxp to NT
147.01TPSYS::VIFQUAINWed Oct 11 1995Good news
148.03NSICWed Oct 18 1995Does ACMSxp V2.
149.01NSICThu Oct 19 1995reinstallation of ACMSxp needed after upgrade of unix version?...
150.0MICROW::NEWCOMERFri Oct 20 1995X/Open adopts STDL
151.0ESCROW::HEWITTMon Oct 30 1995Need rough porting estimate
153.0UTROP1::NIJENHUIS_GWed Nov 01 1995Errormessage from ACMS Desktop in ACMSxp logfile
154.0DUCAT::ROSCOEWed Nov 22 1995Marketing Position open for ACMSxp
155.04IBMon Nov 27 1995327
156.09NSICMon Nov 27 1995Problems building the Desktop Interface.
157.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Dec 06 1995reference needed badly
158.01TKOV6Tue Dec 19 1995TM of ACMSxp for WindowsNT
159.0TPSYS::FERREIRAWed Dec 20 1995ACMSxp Training - Europe
160.02UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_ATue Jan 09 1996Compatibility AT&T/NCR
161.05CANOVA::COMETTOTue Jan 16 1996Error while creating TPsystem
162.01TPSYS::VIFQUAINThu Jan 18 1996ACMSxp Training (Europe) Scheduled
163.03BPSOF::LASZLO_IFri Jan 19 1996ACMS and ACMSxp on the same node
164.04TKOV6Wed Jan 24 1996Question on ACMSxp implementation
165.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Jan 24 1996what about Acms to Acmsxp !!
166.01CHEFS::GALLAGHER_DFri Jan 26 1996ACMSXP to ACMS 2.2, RDB 6.
167.06CANOVA::6158Fri Jan 26 1996Error while running Employee sample
168.03CANOVA::COMETTOWed Jan 31 1996DECforms Replacement ?
169.03TKOV6Wed Feb 07 1996q: max thread attribute
170.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Feb 09 1996DEC COBOL V2.3 for ACMSxp V2.
171.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Feb 15 1996TopEnd info needed
172.02CANOVA::COMETTOFri Feb 16 1996BIGINT stdl equivalent
173.01CANOVA::COMETTOTue Feb 20 1996STDL special characters?
174.03CANOVA::COMETTOMon Mar 11 1996Problem with 16 bit client (employee sample)
175.0NSICWed Mar 27 1996Is Desktop gateway DLL for both VMS and dUNIX?
176.01NSICWed Mar 27 1996Why does ACMSxp require CDS and SEC to be installed?
177.01NSICWed Mar 27 1996Startup of Desktop ACMS V2.1 failed on dUNIX...
178.05HERON::ROWLANDSFri Mar 29 1996DCE/RPC error : not available, MESSAGE NUMBER = 33676
180.0TPSYS::VIFQUAINFri Apr 05 1996Art Zina Aboard
181.010PRSSOS::MISTLERFri May 03 1996SEC_ACL_EDIT DCE error for the IVP on OVMS Alpha
182.04ULYSSE::CATTOLICOWed May 22 1996ACMS and ACMS/XP coexistence
183.0CAMINO::MCDERMOTTMon Jun 17 1996ACMSxp V2.1 for Digital Unix
184.01NSICMon Jul 01 1996ACMS parameters: dynamic names please...
185.04NSICMon Jul 01 1996IVP requires PAK PWXXOSFDK
186.01METSYS::THOMPSONMon Jul 01 1996TP Internet Server
187.04TPSYS::FERREIRATue Jul 02 1996TP Internet Server
188.05OZROCK::PERKINSFri Jul 05 1996Which TM does ACMSxp use on VMS?
189.04NSICTue Jul 09 1996What about using just 1 TPsystem per system...
190.05LONGRN::SHAWThu Jul 11 1996cc-f-nolinkage std_forms_cwp.c
191.01HGOVC::JOSEPHWUMon Jul 15 1996ACMSxp UNIX plan to support Rdb?
192.01GEOFFN::PAINTERPTue Jul 16 1996Porting references urgently required
193.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Jul 24 1996Questions concerning versions ACMSxp and DCE
194.01CSC32::D_CAREWMon Aug 05 1996OpenVMS Alpha v2.
195.02WING::TAKAYAMATue Aug 06 1996ACMSxp and Digital Cluster for WNT
196.04NSICWed Aug 07 1996Size of transaction logfile...
197.01WING::SHINDOWed Aug 14 1996Viper
198.010DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Aug 16 1996Does ACMS support XA protocol ?
200.0TPSYS::VIFQUAINFri Aug 23 1996Change in Product Management
201.01TKOV6Thu Aug 29 1996Q: Can COBOL control the dead lock condition?
202.02WING::SHINDOFri Aug 30 1996Presentation Materials
203.06COLMon Sep 02 1996Connecting Encina and ACMS
204.03RTOAL2::MAHERMon Sep 02 1996OpenVMS 2PC Strategy & Directions?
205.02VNASWS::HAUSBTue Sep 03 1996*Newcommer* needs help
206.03UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Sep 04 1996Defining read-only transactions i.c.w. Rdb
207.0WILLYS::MCDERMOTTWed Sep 04 1996WEB site for TP on the Internet
208.01JURA::DUQUESNEFri Sep 06 1996Microsoft TP Monitor - Viper
209.05ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NMon Sep 09 1996RM Availability ?
210.0MICROW::NEWCOMERThu Sep 12 1996New TP Book Coming
211.01ANNECY::LAROCHE_PTue Sep 24 1996ACMSxp V1.
212.04TKOV6Wed Sep 25 1996Q: How do I build UWCP as CGI client?
213.0+6TKOV6Wed Sep 25 1996Q: How to reuse Oracle connection is same proc?
214.016ANNECY::LAROCHE_PWed Sep 25 1996RPC trace?
215.011TKOV6Fri Sep 27 1996Task forwarding(SPIRIT,Non-transactional)
216.01TKOV6Mon Sep 30 1996Multi-RM model
217.02ANNECY::LAROCHE_PTue Oct 01 1996link problem on WNT
218.0WILLYS::MCDERMOTTTue Oct 01 1996ACMSxp V3.
219.01PRSSOS::MISTLERWed Oct 02 1996Transaction log file not found
220.0+2WILLYS::MCDERMOTTMon Oct 14 1996ACMSxp T3.
221.03TKOV6Tue Oct 15 1996Protect level of security communication
222.01TKOV6Tue Oct 22 1996Q: How does tps_svr_rpc_srver_listen return?
223.07PERFOM::MATTHESTue Oct 22 1996keyfile_dir ??
224.03SIOG::KEYESWed Oct 23 1996EVAL kit for Digital Application Generator (Acmsxp)
225.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERTue Oct 29 1996ACMS and ACMSxp from same desktopclient?
226.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Nov 11 1996Info about DLL's
227.01OTOOA::rasTue Nov 12 1996ACMSxp for Windows NT Operation/Management Query
228.0SIOG::KEYESWed Nov 13 1996UK based customer Event
229.01UTRTSC::VELDMANFri Nov 15 1996Restart ACMSdesktop after altering definitions?
230.03UTRTSC::VELDMANFri Nov 15 1996ACMSxp v2.1 & ACMS desktop v2.1 for UNIX match?
231.0MICROW::NEWCOMERMon Nov 25 1996STDL for TOP END announcement
232.0MALMWed Nov 27 1996Macintosh client?
233.01UTRTSC::ZWINKELSWed Dec 11 1996(In)Compatibility ACMSxp and DCE
234.0+5WING::TAKAYAMASun Dec 15 1996X/Open ISAM
235.02NETRIX::"veldman@axptwo.uto.dec.com"Fri Jan 10 1997%STDL-E-CFEQUALNTFND Qualifier :EINFO not found
236.0+2TKOV6Tue Jan 14 1997Q: What version of DCE does ACMSxp 3.
237.0+11CAMINO::VINELEAFTue Jan 14 1997Can't start TPsystem as service
238.0MIASYS::ENGLANDThu Jan 16 1997alternative doc formats
239.04MIASYS::ENGLANDThu Jan 16 1997T3.1 - WNT re-install problem
240.0MIASYS::ENGLANDThu Jan 16 1997suggestions for example programs
241.0+8PRSSOS::MISTLERFri Jan 17 1997Invalid password on ACMSxpT31 and OVMS 7.1 ?
242.0+2CARDHU::BOURAKOFFWed Jan 22 1997training needed
243.01MIASYS::ENGLANDWed Jan 22 1997install guide could be clearer about Encina option
244.01MIASYS::ENGLANDWed Jan 22 199712-character username restriction?
245.0MICROW::NEWCOMERThu Jan 23 1997Telecom Industry Installed base, ACMS family etc.
246.0 *+4OSTVSat Jan 25 1997can't compile task group for VB
247.0 *+4UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Jan 27 1997ACCVIO with stdl /debug
248.0 *+6TKOV6Mon Jan 27 1997RPC_DEBUG env var
249.0 *+3OSTVThu Jan 30 1997task adding problem
250.0 *+7UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Feb 05 1997%TPS-E-FILACCESSERR debugging server
251.0 *+3WING::SHINDOThu Feb 13 1997-D_MT -D_DLL options
252.0 *+2TKOV6Mon Feb 17 1997Encina Transaction Log on WNT
253.0 *WING::TAKAYAMASun Feb 23 1997file attribute (recoverable/non recoverable) on DUNIX
254.0 *+1NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 24 1997VB3 + ACMS + TCPIP Win16 + LANworkplace
255.0 *+3UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERFri Feb 28 1997Tasknames with underscores or hyphens
256.0 *DELNI::HERSHEYFri Feb 28 1997Q & A on DIGITAL/BEA Strategic Partnership
257.0 *+1NETRIX::"finley@mail.dec.com"Fri Feb 28 1997Want to learn ACMS
258.0 *DELNI::HERSHEYFri Feb 28 1997DIGITAL to Continue Focus on ACMS Family
259.0 *+2UTRTSC::DORLANDMon Mar 03 19973.
260.0 *+2OSOMIA::MAEDAMon Mar 03 1997OVMS VAX and WNT connection?
261.0 *+5TKOV6Tue Mar 04 1997Q: How allow the another principal access?
262.0 *+1WING::NISHIKAWAWed Mar 05 1997Question for ACMSxp WNT internals
263.0 *+5IJSAPL::HOUTEPENMon Mar 10 1997Block With Concurrent execution
264.0 *+2TKOV6Mon Mar 17 1997Q: Invalid pragma directive (3.
265.0 *+4NETRIX::"sikkema@mail.dec.com"Tue Mar 18 1997ACMS-tasks and DEC-forms with VB
266.0 *+3HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Mar 18 1997What is the address to get v2.1 kit (UNIX)
267.0 *+7UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERTue Mar 25 1997Question about STDL compile time
268.0 *CAMINO::MCDERMOTTWed Mar 26 1997ACMSxp V3.
269.0 *+3TKOV6Mon Mar 31 1997acms_create_tpsystem registers invalid ACE
270.0 *+3TKOV6Tue Apr 01 1997ACMSxp specific identifier cause error (WNT, 3.
271.0 *+2CARDHU::BOURAKOFFWed Apr 02 1997General questions for a beginner
272.0 *+3WING::SHINDOThu Apr 03 1997Q: single resource model
273.0 *+19TKOV6Thu Apr 10 1997How to tune on ACMSxp/WNT
274.0 *+4TKOV6Wed Apr 16 1997Logged time stamp is 7 hours ahead (WNT, 3.
275.0 *+4WING::OKUBOMon Apr 21 1997How many limits of thread and process?
276.0 *+4UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Apr 23 1997TXN-FAILURE 1
277.0 *+1LYOVThu Apr 24 1997ACMS client SUN/SOLARIS ?
278.0 *+6UTRTSC::HOORNWEGThu Apr 24 1997ACMS IVP problem , cannot find libdce.so
279.0 *CAMINO::MCDERMOTTTue Apr 29 1997ACMSxp V3.
280.0 *+7CSC32::J_HENSONWed May 14 1997Can't abort a transaction
281.0 *+4OSTVFri May 16 1997WNT, acmsxp_create_tpsystem fails with parameters
282.0 *+1UTRTSC::CASPELFri May 23 1997Building speed.