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Conference metoo::timelord

Created:Wed Jun 04 1986
Last Modified:Thu Mar 18 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:47
Total number of notes:146
Number with bodies:0
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1.05ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Dec 29 1983Hello, and welcome
2.01ATFAB::WYMANSat Dec 31 1983c.dat -- What is it?
3.01ATFAB::WYMANSat Dec 31 1983Inputs to Subprocess
4.07ATFAB::WYMANSat Dec 31 1983Zeller Congruence Algorithm
5.01ATFAB::WYMANSat Dec 31 1983Callable Interface
6.0ATFAB::WYMANTue Jan 03 1984Event Manager - Not Calendar..
7.01TINMAN::PINARDWed Feb 01 1984when for new version?
8.019ORAC::BUTENHOFMon Feb 20 1984All new, Improved TIMELORD
9.0ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Apr 05 1984New TIMELORD manual
10.05PSYCHE::IMKEWed May 16 1984New user Questions
11.02ORAC::BUTENHOFThu May 31 1984Appt. types in new Timelord
12.02ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Oct 04 1984TIMELORD V5.2-1
13.02SDCWed Jan 02 1985how's it going?
14.01USHSTue Feb 05 1985Let's keep the spirit going...
15.01GRAFIX::FORDFri Jun 14 1985Access Violation
16.0SHORTY::SCHUMACHERMon Jul 22 1985Easier TIMELORD reminder entry
17.0SHORTY::SCHUMACHERMon Jul 22 1985TIMELORD reminder DCL command f
18.01DELNI::CANTORWed Mar 19 1986Time to convert?
20.028624::BILLINGSLEATue Jun 10 1986GROUP???
21.03DELNI::CANTORWed Jun 11 1986Identically-named appointments can't be edited.
22.01TORA::NORMANThu Jun 19 1986Just tryin to get goin !!
23.01EXIT26::SOULEThu Jun 19 1986New and Improved?
24.02AMBER::SANBORNFri Jun 20 1986Forget, just this once?
25.04DELNI::CANTORWed Jun 25 1986Wrong root shown for run file.
26.01FRAWed Jul 23 1986Bugging the creator...
27.01NANUCK::SSMITHWed Aug 20 1986ACCVIO with /Run=NOsnooze
28.01RAINBO::GOODSTEINFri Aug 22 1986Can't copy or get it to run
29.02LONGS::BILLINGSLEAWed Sep 03 1986Can it be done?
30.01KAOAMon Jan 12 1987Any way for GROUPS to work?
31.02SUCCES::MCDOWELLWed Feb 11 1987image file
32.02TLE::KNOWLESThu Feb 12 1987I like plenty of warning! :-)
33.01MORDOR::SYSTEMFri Mar 27 1987Where's TIMELORD
34.0KALKIN::BUTENHOFTue Mar 31 1987New TIMELORD kit isn't really new
35.01BUFFER::TOHLINETue Apr 28 1987METOO is moving
36.0CASEE::COWANThu Jul 02 1987DECWindows Time and Task Manager conference
37.02RDGCSS::NICHOLLSFri Aug 14 1987HELP
38.01PLATA::BILLINGSLEAThu Oct 29 1987No subprocesses/appointments
39.01TEXAN::DAVISThu Feb 18 1988displaying to a file
40.03TAVMTS::DORONWed Mar 09 1988Graphic display?
41.04BIGTEX::DAVISThu Mar 10 1988FMS driver for TIMELORD
42.04WATNEY::BINGHAMThu Jun 09 1988Subprocess Priority
43.01ATPS::GRASMANNWed Jul 06 1988My Timelord doesn't work...
44.01DSSDEV::CANTORThu Aug 04 1988Schedule for past time--> notify for future.
46.01CARMEL::GOETZETue Sep 22 1992Is TIME LORD static?
47.01JUPITR::HALENETue Mar 16 1993still there???