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Conference metoo::sw_tools_catalog

Title:Software Tools Clearinghouse Catalog
Created:Mon May 06 1991
Last Modified:Wed Mar 15 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1737
Total number of notes:1609
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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2.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 13 1986Welcome Message, and How to Submit Tools
3.02METOO::MEYERSMon May 06 1991Alphabetic Listing
4.02METOO::MEYERSMon May 06 1991Abstract Listing
5.01METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986List of Tools by Category
6.02METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986List of Tools by Subject
7.01METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986Bibliographic References
8.0METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986Software Tools Tutorial
9.02METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986Other sources of useful software for Internal Use Only
10.02METOO::LAMIAFri Jun 13 1986ToolShed Users Guide
11.03METOO::LAMIAWed Nov 15 1989Information about ASSETS catalogs
12.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ACPLAN Derives an acceptance sampling inspection plan (n =
13.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ADDCMD Incremental SET COMMAND; adds new SET/SHOW DCL comma
17.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ALARM2 Lets you use your VAX as an expensive alarm clock. V
18.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ALARM3 Sends a REPLY to your terminal at a specified time.
20.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ANIMOD Minimal screen update routines for VT52s or VT1
21.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986AR Archiver for small files. VMS * No Maintainer *
23.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ARK Waveform editor for generating signals and specifica
26.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ASMCVT Converts Intel 8
27.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ASSEM8
29.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986AT Sophisticiated indirect file processor for RSTS. RST
31.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986AUTOLOGO Another idle process killer. VMS V4.
35.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BALANCE Height-balance a binary tree. VMS Peter D. Gilbert
38.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BBLOCK Finds out in what file a badblock lies, by its LBN (
41.0METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BLANKDUP Blank duplicated strings in successive lines of file
45.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BLISSOUT General purpose formatting utility for BLISS program
46.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BP2BLD Automatically recompiles BASIC-PLUS-2 programs. RSTS
47.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BPVPASS Allows languages that do not support the Bound Proce
48.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986BUFFERS Routines that support buffering of text in memory, e
51.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CALC Multiple precision, multiple base calculator. VMS Pe
55.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CALX Scientific calculator especially useful for computer
56.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CD Changes the default device and/or directory name for
59.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CH Substitutes a string in a file for a new string you
62.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CHIPMUNK Idle user automatic logoff utility VMS V3 T. Bluejay
64.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CHKUNPROT Identifies files that have any world access. VMS V4.
68.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CLEANUP Delete .DIR files for empty subdirectories. VMS V4+
69.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CLIHRS CLIHRS provides a method of collecting PC samples fr
73.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CNV Converts binary numbers, ASCII strings, and SIXBIT s
79.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986COMM Finds lines common to two sorted files you specify.
81.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986COMMON Macro package supporting the RSTS/RSX Macro-11 codin
83.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986COMPILE Submit batch job, including process context (logical
84.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986COMPRESS User interface for Lempel-Ziv file compression tool
91.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986COUNTNODE This command file, when run under VMS, will count an
93.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CPA Critical Path Analysis tool. RSTS/E V7.
96.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CPRESS Compresses runs of repeated characters in a file you
97.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CRCCHK Check files for integrity (against unauthorized mung
98.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CRT Types out a file you specify a page at a time. VMS *
99.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986CRYPT Encrypts and decrypts an ASCII file with a key that
102.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DATETOOLS Collection of routines to do computations and format
103.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DAWN (obsolete - replaced by KEEP)
105.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DBA Database for use in an interactive CAD environment.
106.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DC Desk calculator (integers only). VMS * No Maintainer
107.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DCLEDI DCL Command-line editor, fully EDT compatible. VMS 3
109.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DCLPROLOG Housekeeping prolog for DCL procedures VMS Kenn Gout
116.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DELCRLF Deletes carriage returns and line feeds in any VMS f
117.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DELTA Gives differences in accounting information obtained
121.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DIABLO Prints files on Diablo 161
123.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DIRASRT11 Allows the DCL $DIR/PROT=(<mask>) command VMS V3.5+
127.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DOALL Applies a DCL command line to all selected files. VM
128.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DOCCOM Uses change bars to flag changes to a document. RSTS
130.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DPLAN Provides a Development Plan RUNOFF template to fill
133.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DSNGEN Software tool to generate design documents. RSX-11M,
134.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DSPC Displays all characters (including control character
135.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DSPEC Provides a Design Specification RUNOFF template to f
136.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DTX Transfers files from RSX, VMS, RSTS, or RT-11 to XXD
140.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986DYNSHR Dynamic access to routines in several shareable imag
141.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EACH EACH applies a DCL command or procedure to each of a
145.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EDIT A short command file that allows repeat editing of a
147.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ELF Employee Locater Facility VMS John Lewis Employ
151.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EXIST Checks for the existence of a file you specify. VMS
152.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EXPAND Lets programmers use symbolic labels instead of line
153.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EXPAND2 Expands files compressed by the CPRESS tool. VMS * N
154.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EXTRACT Extracts character fields from string descriptors. V
155.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986EZMAKEUP Scans the MININODE.LST file located on node ANCHOR::
157.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FAO11 Provides a functional equivalent to SYS$FAO and SYS$
158.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FB Searches a file you specify for text patterns you sp
159.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FICHE Produces magnetic tapes for input to the PK COM (fic
160.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FIELD Moves fields of data from a file you specify to a ne
162.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FIND Searches a file you specify for text patterns you sp
163.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FLECS FORTRAN IV preprocessor that provides additional con
167.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FORDENT Gives indented LST files from FORTRAN-IV and FORTRAN
168.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FOREST Builds and retrieves tree-formatted tables. VMS Larr
170.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FORK FORK.COM allows a user to execute commands in the co
172.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986FORTH FORTH Interest Group (FIG) FORTH is a full implement
177.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986GETDQUOTA Returns remaining disk quota for DCL command procedu
178.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986GETJPI Displays info about all processes a user has privile
179.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986GETMOD Module development tracking aid. RSX-11M, VMS, RSTS/
185.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986GRAFDUMP Program to dump the graphics image on a VT125 to a f
187.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986GSDSYM Produces a BLISS .REQ file of global symbol values f
189.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HCREF Cross-referencer for EXPAND code. RSTS, RSX, VMS Jer
192.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HIBWAKE Provides Hibernate and Wake functions at VMS DCL com
193.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HIERARC Creates and maintains hierarchy charts used in struc
194.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HIERARCE Creates and maintains hierarchy charts used in struc
195.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HISTORY Helps maintain, edit, and resubmit previous DCL comm
197.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HOST Network utilities that allow easy manipulation of fi
198.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HRS HRS enables PC samples of an executing image to be t
200.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986HYPER Computes probability of accepting a batch of N widge
203.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986IDAT IDAT is an interactive application program to be use
204.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986IFL Creates an Index of First Lines of specified files.
209.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986INTERFACE Relatively secure, versatile, general-purpose user i
210.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986INVOKE Invokes a specified command line repeatedly at a spe
215.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986KREPORT Builds COBOL WORKING STORAGE SECTION for report layo
216.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986KTHASHER KTHASHER is a package of subroutines that builds and
217.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986KWIC Rotates lines from a file you specify to help make a
221.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LAM Places files side by side (laminates) in a new file
225.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LINKSORT A PL/I subroutine to sort a linked list, using a qui
226.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LL Types out the lengths of the shortest and longest li
227.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LNIMEM This tool converts MEM-files produced by runoff to L
233.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LSQ Least squares analysis of data. VMS Peter D. Gilbert
238.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LURKER A tool for dynamically attaching private debuggers t
239.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986LUSERS Displays a list of processes on the system. VMS V3+
243.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MACRO General-purpose macro preprocessor. VMS * No maintai
244.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MAID Creates a .DIS file from a .MAI file VMS Version 3 K
245.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MAILDIR VMS V4 Mail Folder Directory Lister VMS V4 VMS V4 Ma
252.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MCOL Formats a file you specify into a multicolumn format
255.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MENU This tool is a general-purpose, easy-to-use menu dri
256.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MESSAGE Menu driven bulletin board message utility. VMS Dan
259.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ML1 Free-format, general-purpose macro processor. VMS V2
261.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MODGEN Software utility program that generates standard VMS
262.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MODREV Updates and formats the revision history section of
267.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MSGCENTER Facility Telephone Message Center VMS V4.2+ Dave Gri
269.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986MULTI Allows a user to control up to 11 jobs from one keyb
274.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NETCOPY1 Network copy, with wild card and directory tree faci
277.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NETPRTSMB Simple Network Print Symbiont using few resources on
278.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NETRT Display the network route from one node to another.
279.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NEWDIRECT NEWDIRECT simplifies moving to new default directori
280.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NEWFOR BLISS source code formatter. VMS Steve Mailman BLI
281.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NEWNODE Define new nodes for permanent and volatile network
284.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NIGHTLY A facility to allow automating of recurrent system m
288.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NODECOPY Network utility that allows easy manipulation of fil
290.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NOTARY Keeps track of NOTES files that you read regularly.
294.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NOTESAVE Extract unseen messages rom NOTES file. VMS 4.
295.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986NOTESUTL Provides some more options to NOTES.EXE, to allow de
299.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986OBJ List DECnet objects at remote node. RSX-11M, RSX-11M
300.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986OBJAN Formatting analyzer for RSX-11 object modules. RSX,
301.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986OBJECT Converts PDP-11 object language to VAX-11 object lan
303.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986ONLINE On-line backup for VAX/VMS V2.x. VMS Len Leeds On-li
306.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986OVPIC Draws a line printer picture of a TKB (Task Builder)
307.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986OWNKBM Allows the user to write his own keyboard monitor in
308.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PACK Packs words from a file you specify into columns of
310.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PALETTE Palette is an interactive Regis color selector. VMS
311.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PARBUILD Parsing tool for extended BNF grammars. VMS, PDP-11'
312.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PARETO This program takes categorical data from a process (
313.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PCOMPL Formats and verifies psuedocode syntax. RSX-11M, VMS
314.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PCURSOR Print cursor line on local printer (VT1
317.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PERUSE Scans files in a directory. VMS * No Maintainer *
320.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PL Copies lines or pages you specify from a file you sp
321.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PLOT11 PLOT-11 translates ReGIS into different plotter lang
322.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PMEPOST This program makes the results of the PME operation
325.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PR Pages a file you specify. VMS * No Maintainer *
326.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PREPRO General text inclusion/exclusion/replacement file pr
332.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PROCINFO A program to list various categories of processes ru
334.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PROMPT Interactive user prompting utility for DCL command p
335.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PROTECTOR Protects notesfiles from being COPYed. VMS V4 Thomas
336.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PRT Replaces the standard VMS print header. VMS THOMAS J
337.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PRTNOTES Provides a batch collection service for a set of not
338.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PS Gives information about processes running on the sys
339.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PSPEC Provides a Product Specification RUNOFF template to
340.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PSTAT Gives the status of a process running in the backgro
344.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986PUTMSGS User-friendly front-end to SYS$PUTMSG. VMS Jym Dyer
345.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986QIOSIM QIOSIM is a VAX/VMS QIO simulator to allow programs
346.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RADIX Converts input radix value to binary, octal, decimal
347.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RAPID RApid Prototyping of Interactive Dialogues (RAPID) i
348.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RATFOR Structured FORTRAN preprocessor. RSTS/E, RT-11, VMS
349.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RCL RCL, the Reasonable Command Language - a DCL pre-pro
350.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RDXCNV Converts a number from one number base (1 to 36) to
351.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986REALFAO FAO output of Real data. VMS V4+ Dave Butenhof
357.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986REMSHUT Remote Shutdown/Reboot VMS V4.2 (maybe V4.x)
359.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986REPLACE Replaces one string with another in a collection of
361.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RESETREC Resets the record length of any VMS file you specify
362.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986REV Reverses the order of the characters on each line of
363.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986REVERSE Type a file on a VT1xx or VT2xx terminal, last line
364.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RM Deletes (removes) files you specify from your direct
369.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RSR RSX-11M String Searcher RSX-11M Jane H. Wang
371.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RULER Displays a character position ruler on your terminal
372.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RUNX Runs a program easily in one of a number of accounts
373.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986RXBAR Using the calibrated data (time-series) which measur
381.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SDLBAS Hack implementation of MESSAGE/SDL; SDL/LANG=BASIC V
382.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SEARCH Searches ASCII text files to find all occurrences of
384.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SELECTKIL Command procedure to provide priv. user with selecti
386.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SETIMAGE Set debug and/or traceback for an image. VMS 4+ Pete
388.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SEX A general purpose editing system with rich library p
389.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SH Interprets command lines. VMS * No Maintainer *
391.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SHOWACC Show what accounting functions are enabled VMS V3+ T
397.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SIMKIT A tool for creating custom architectures of simulati
398.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SINGSORT Singleton's sort algorithm, implemented in PL/I. VMS
399.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SKELETON A program output formatter to remove all formatting
400.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SLIB Creates and maintains libraries of text files. RT-11
406.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SORT Sorts and/or merges text files. VMS * No Maintainer
407.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SPACE2TAB Replaces multiple spaces in a file with tabs. VMS, p
408.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SPELL32 Interactive spelling checking and correcting program
409.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SPIRIT Idle process killer VMS 3.x, VMS 4.x * No
410.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SPMACJ Allows assembly programming using PASCAL-like syntax
411.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SQUEEZE DCL command file compressor. VMS Bill Barabash DCL
412.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SRTDIR Produces a sorted directory listing. RSTS/E * No Mai
413.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SSTSV An aid in automating the testing of layered products
415.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986STATUS Accepts and expands an input VMS status code. VMS Pa
416.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986STCSUB Interactively creates a tool-description file to sub
417.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986STCSUB2 Submit tools to the Toolshed. VMS V4.x Walt Lamia T
418.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986STR A variety of functions that create string descriptor
419.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986STRUCT Program structure tree extractor and drawer. VMS Adr
422.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986SWITCH SWITCH allows a privileged user to change directory
426.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TAIL Displays the last lines of a file you specify. VMS *
428.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TDIR VMS command procedure to produce directory listings
431.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TELL Terminal message utility. VMS (V3.2) * No Maint
432.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TEMPDIR TEMPDIR consists of a number of command files that c
433.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TENHOST Allows network terminal access from RSX to TOPS-1
434.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TERM Senses the type of terminal you are using and return
436.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TEX TeX is a batch typesetting system with exceptionally
438.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TEXTCREF Cross-references words in a file you specify. RSX-11
440.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TICKLE Reminder/calendar/biorythm/phase of moon program VMS
442.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TIMAIL Sets the system time (or whatever) in your personaln
444.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TIMER Times the execution of a process you specify. VMS *
445.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TIMEZONE Displays the current date and time at a remote node.
446.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TODO Maintains a list of things to do. VMS * No maintaine
449.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TOPECO Converts VT1xx displayable files to PECO library for
450.0METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TOPICS TOPICS - The user modifiable version of the DEC Dict
453.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TPUTIL TPUTIL provides wildcard input file specification su
456.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TRVIDX Performs key searches, dumps, and integrity checks o
457.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986TSORT Topologically sorts the symbols in a file you specif
460.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UBA Display PDP-11 UNIBUS device configuration. RSX-11M,
461.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UDK22
462.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UICLIST Find all files of a specific owner on a disk. VMS Di
463.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UISCPUMON VAXStation CPU Monitor display with small window. VM
468.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UNROT Unrotates lines rotated by KWIC and generates a VMS
471.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986USE Switch to other user context at DCL level. VMS V3.x
472.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986USERS Show users on a VAXcluster (or elsewhere) VMS 4.
476.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLFAO Easy interface to SYS$FAO. VMS 3.
477.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLFFX Find first bit set / Find first bit clear VMS 2.
479.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLFIO Read/Write whole files at a time. VMS 3.
480.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLIO Routines for simplifying RMS file I/O. VMS 3.
481.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLMEM Easy memory allocation routines. VMS 3.
482.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLOUTPUT Outputs FAO text using LIB$PUTOUTPUT. VMS 3.
483.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986UTLYESNO Multilingual test of answer string for yes/no etc. V
484.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986V1 VT1
486.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VAXCOMGEN Generates standardized DCL command files for use on
487.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VAXDBMS VAXDBMS is a virtual, network, DBMS, intended for ap
488.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VAXNOTSAV Extract unseen messages from NOTES files in batch. V
490.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VECTORTST Checks for incompatible changes in a VMS shareable i
491.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VERSIONS Tool to extract image version information from .EXE
492.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VFYMOD Module development tracking aid. RSX-11M, VMS, RSTS/
499.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VTSTAT Graphically monitors the status of a RSTS system on
500.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986VTXED A TPU section file to aid in the preparation of VTX
506.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986WHOSYS VMS V4 Process Information Display VMS V4 David J. F
507.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986WIPE Overwrites a specified file with zeros. VMS Jeremy B
508.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986WORK Maintains a list of daily, weekly, and monthly goals
510.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986XCOM Allows terminals to talk to each other on a RSTS/E J
514.01METOO::LAMIAThu May 29 1986XPI Idle process monitor/killer. VMS 2.2+ Jim Tellier
518.01METOO::LAMIASun Jun 01 1986FOOTER Places fixed text at base of document pages.
523.01METOO::LAMIAThu Jun 05 1986LISTMAIL List specified mail file by specified criteria.
529.01METOO::VTXMGRMon Jun 16 1986COUNT File content analyzer
536.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986COVER A branch level test coverage tool for BLISS-32 progr
537.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986NCOPY Network file copy utility with retries.
539.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986REPLTEXT Replaces a text string in a collection of files.
540.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986PASLIBWML Library of Pascal routines and external definitions.
541.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986STRSCAN Scans arbitrary files for printable ASCII strings.
542.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 20 1986STCSELECT One-key procedure to install tool kits from catalog.
549.01VNX::VTXMGRFri Jun 27 1986SUBMITON Multiple remote system management tool.
550.01VNX::VTXMGRSun Jun 29 1986STRIP Software Text Removal and Insertion Program
557.01VNX::TOOLSHEDWed Jul 16 1986GG Table constructor for Graham-Glanville code generato
564.01VNX::VTXMGRSat Jul 26 1986DISTRIBUTE Procedure to imbed distribution lists in mail msgs.
565.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Jul 26 1986BATCH Allows a single DCL command line to be easily submit
566.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Jul 26 1986GCML A get-command-line routine which provides transparen
567.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Jul 26 1986GLOB Helps add required UNIVERSALs to a linker option fil
568.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Jul 26 1986MAILDIST Procedure to assist in maintenance of a distribution
569.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Jul 26 1986MAILPURG Purges duplicate entries from .MAI file (for use wit
578.01VNX::VTXMGRWed Aug 06 1986PSBLASER Print symbiont for Postscript printers.
580.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 07 1986XLISP Small, portable LISP, with object-oriented programmi
592.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 21 1986C3 Search for alphabetic strings in a file.
598.01VNX::VTXMGRMon Sep 08 1986TREEDUPL Duplicates MS-DOS directory trees -- for MS-DOS.
601.01VNX::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 17 1986REMIND DCL main-driven reminder and tickler.
602.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Sep 18 1986COMTREE Builds tree of all .COM files invoked by a given .CO
604.01VNX::VTXMGRMon Sep 22 1986NPA Provides a null device with record attributes.
606.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Sep 27 1986MH Message handling system for Ultrix-11/32/32m.
607.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Sep 27 1986CKERMIT The KERMIT file transfer program for Ultrix-32/32m/1
608.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Sep 27 1986LZULTRIX Lempel-Ziv file compression utility for Ultrix-32.
626.01VNX::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 11 1986RSTSFLX Reads a RSTS disk on a VMS system.
628.01VNX::VTXMGRTue Nov 11 1986TREE Graphically navigate dir. tree, and execute DCL cmds
629.01VNX::VTXMGRTue Nov 11 1986SHOWMESS Show messages that are defined in a VMS image.
630.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSun Nov 16 1986OPSRDB OPS5/Rdb precompiler. 8-Aug-86
632.01VNX::VTXMGRThu Nov 27 1986PET Extracts info from SPM reports into DECgraph graphs. 26-Nov-86
635.01VNX::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 08 1986PERIODIC Schedule periodic repetitive batch jobs.
637.01VNX::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 08 1986NETNEWS Usenet network news software for Ultrix-32/32m/11.
638.01VNX::VTXMGRMon Dec 08 1986BITMAP Graphic representation of disk usage on VAXstations. 7-Dec-86
642.01VNX::VTXMGRFri Dec 19 1986TIMECLUST Cluster-wide time synch. via Distributed Lock Manager. 17-Dec-86
646.01VNX::VTXMGRSat Dec 20 1986CIRCULAR Plot text on LVP16 in a circle, as on coin faces. 18-Dec-86
647.01VNX::VTXMGRSat Dec 20 1986MCSCASING Multinational character upper/lower casing functions. 18-Dec-86
649.01VNX::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 23 1986KEEP An integrated programming language and data base system which
650.01VNX::VTXMGRWed Dec 24 1986DDSTLS Create/maintain design specs and module design specs. 23-Dec-86
660.01VNX::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 05 1987LA5
667.01VNX::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 03 1987TPARSE This is a Bliss common table driven parser which provides the
669.01VNX::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 03 1987XREF Produces a cross-reference list of the symbols in a file you
672.01VNX::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 06 1987VMSMENU DCL menus (from VMSmenu application) to provide menu access to
674.01VNX::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 06 1987ENTAB Converts multiple spaces to tabs in a file you specify.
675.01VNX::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 06 1987DETAB Converts tabs to multiple spaces in a file you specify.
685.01VNX::VTXMGRThu Mar 19 1987VPLOT Converts VALID VECTOR.DAT files into Sixel graphics. 18-Mar-87
687.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 19 1987PORT PORT is a flexible tool that prints files to a terminal's
692.01VNX::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 23 1987RA_HEAD Extracts errorlog info on failing head for RAxx disks. 2
697.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 26 1987VIEW VIEW is a document and text fie viewer that allows fast
699.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Mar 28 1987CPMAME A VAX/VMS AME to allow CP/M-8
700.01VNX::TOOLSHEDSat Mar 28 1987CPMFLOPPY Reads CP/M format 8 inch floppies on a VAX.
701.01VNX::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 30 1987TIMELORD Aids you in scheduling and remembering appointments.
704.01VNX::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 09 1987SYSTAT SYSTAT provides a listing of current processes
710.01VNX::VTXMGRThu Apr 23 1987MFTU Encodes/decodes any VMS file into mailable ASCII file. 22-Apr-87
712.01VNX::VTXMGRSat Apr 25 1987VMSSWEEP Extracts and decompresses .ARC and .LBR library files. 24-Apr-87
716.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 11 1987DEUNA DEUNA statistics monitor
717.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 11 1987LATCON LAT (Local Area Terminal) Remote Console Emulator.
719.01METOO::VTXMGRSat May 16 1987TOOLSHED Captive interface formerly used by Tools Clearinghouse 15-May-87
721.01METOO::VTXMGRWed May 20 1987CLUSUSER Provides a cluster-wide SHOW USER-like facility. 19-May-87
722.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jun 02 1987LIB_RMS Allocate and free RMS control blocks from a HLL. 1-Jun-87
723.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jun 02 1987LIB_PARSE Interface to the RMS $PARSE function. 1-Jun-87
725.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Jun 06 1987FILES Displays files opened by another process 5-Jun-87
726.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 09 1987FMSWMS FMS Window Management System, using standard VAX FMS v2.1,
729.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jul 22 1987DYNPROMPT Update DCL prompt to HH:MM:SS> every 5 secs.
730.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jul 23 1987DWIM DWIM (Do What I Mean) performs extensive error detection and
738.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Aug 08 1987TRANSLATE Allows users to define their own commands. 7-Aug-87
740.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 12 1987LQPSMB Print symbiont for Letter-Quality Printers.
746.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 13 1987DISKWATCH Displays disk usage and disk fragmentation statistics. 19-Sep-86
752.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Sep 04 1987CHANGEBAR Compares two versions of a doc and creates changebars. 3-Sep-87
756.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 23 1987DECMENU A menu interface for command-driven applications.
757.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 23 1987CHECKMAIL Checks folders from a list of mail files for entries. 3
763.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Sep 24 1987VMSMAINT A file maintenance and editing tool for VAX/VMS.
773.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 20 1987SHOP Shopping, updating and mailing Notes Conferences. 19-Mar-87
774.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 20 1987OUTLINE OUTLINE is a VMS thought processor utility: a means for
780.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 28 1987SAFE Menu-driven simplified VMS system management utility. 3-Sep-86
781.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 29 1987KEYDEF KEYDEF builds DEFINE/KEY commands and creates an EDT like
783.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 03 1987REMBCK Perform tape backup of a remote system. 26-Jul-86
784.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 03 1987GO Enhanced SET DEFAULT command. Change dirs quickly. 12-Aug-87
788.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Nov 06 1987DVIDIS Display TeX .DVI files on VAXstation.
789.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 09 1987STRLIB A library of string routines for use with C. 22-Apr-87
793.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 09 1987RRB Clears the DCL recall buffer if needed
795.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Nov 14 1987BATCHMAN Periodic batch file manager 13-Nov-87
797.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 17 1987PAGER VTX V2 Document Pager program; processes ASCII or .MEM files
799.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 17 1987PRINTSRC PRINTSOURCE lists source files in landscape mode on the LN
800.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 17 1987PRINTCOMP PRINTCOMP lists compiler listing in landscape mode on the LN
803.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Nov 26 1987LAT_USER Displays network-wide lat users with server/port info. 25-Nov-87
807.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Dec 10 1987CALEND Keeps track of activities and meetings.
813.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 18 1987VSPELL Checks text files for correctness of spelling.
822.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 11 1988PIC Easy VT1
823.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 11 1988CIMI User/programmer friendly application interface.
824.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 11 1988FMD A sample VAX DOCUMENT doctype for FMDs. 2
828.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 18 1988PROCNAME Set process names from data file by USER or SYSTEM
829.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 18 1988DCLSMG SMG-style window management in DCL
830.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 18 1988ZAP VMS idle process deletion utility.
833.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 25 1988TRIM TRIM leading and/or trailing blanks from lines in a file.
836.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 26 1988DMSTRIP Strips distribution lists from DECmail messages. 25-Jan-88
837.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 08 1988DSRTOSDML Converts a DSR .RNO file to a VAX DOCUMENT .SDML file. 4-Jan-88
847.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Feb 16 1988NICKNOTE Copies NOTES from one conference to another in batch. 15-Feb-88
848.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 22 1988AUTOMAIL AUTOMAIL generates and optionally prints personalized form
852.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Feb 23 1988SHPROC Displays expanded process tree for the current job. 22-Feb-88
853.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Feb 23 1988SIXEL Converts ASCII input file into Sixel output file. 22-Feb-88
856.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 04 1988ASEMSHEET Generate an Assembly Sheet and total page count for manuals
858.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 04 1988CALENDAR Create printable calendar of one page per month.
859.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 04 1988XPORT Transportable BLISS I/O, data structuring routines.
861.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Mar 05 1988VAXRPASS Prevents repetitions of same passwords at reset time 4-Mar-88
862.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988HUNT HUNT searches the user's home directory and all its
863.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988MACINDEX MACINDEX creates an alphabetical index of the subtitles in a
864.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988PHONEBOOK PhoneBook is a personal telephone directory handler which
865.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988TODO2 Maintains memo pad of things to do
866.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988UNIXCOMS UNIXCOMS is a set of DCL command files which emulate the
867.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 09 1988SMPMAC Structured programming macros for MACRO-11.
879.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 30 1988DB_LANG Facilitates a pseudo natural language interface 28-Mar-88
885.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Apr 02 1988MACRO_ENV VAX/VMS LSE environment for PDP-11 MACRO-11 assembler 1-APR-88
886.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Apr 02 1988REVIEW Disk fragmentation monitor. 1-APR-88
889.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 08 1988DB_PRAGMA A rule based pragmatic evaluator. 28-Mar-88
890.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 08 1988GALILEO A parser constructor that builds table-driven parsers of
891.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 12 1988DB_MMAN Workstation interface for the Dialogue Bus 28-Mar-88
892.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 12 1988DIALOGUE Allows multiple concurrent processes from one VT22
894.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 14 1988PWD_EXPIR User password expiration checker and maintainer 12-APR-88
895.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 14 1988CONF Conference Room Assignment Programs
897.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Apr 25 1988PROG Programmer aid with keypad definitions for VMS langs. 15-Dec-87
898.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Apr 26 1988SANC Compares a translated .SDML files and sources for TAGs 25-APR-88
903.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 27 1988MAXCHECK NETWORK parameters and counters checker. 25-APR-88
904.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 27 1988FTCT Converts files for transfer with KERMIT, X.29, etc. 26-APR-88
906.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 03 1988CRYPTO Cryptographic encoder/decoder for ASCII files.
908.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 03 1988COLDIR Displays directory listings in columns. 3-Sep-86
920.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 20 1988NODE Provides name, number, area and system number of a given node.
922.01METOO::VTXMGRTue May 24 1988SUM System uptime monitor. 23-MAY-88
923.01METOO::VTXMGRTue May 24 1988IDENT Enet Node finder and definer. 23-MAY-88
924.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 24 1988VDIFF Visual (interactive) difference/match review tool. 25-Jan-88
927.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 10 1988INFOMAIL Gather information about new mail for a user. 9-JUN-88
933.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 22 1988GNUEMACS Free Software Foundation version of EMACS text editor.
936.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jul 01 1988BUSY Protect your process, display a message, and store broadcasts
941.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Jul 23 1988PMAINT Maintenance department work-order scheduler and track 22-JUL-88
945.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Aug 04 1988RADIX_PT Allows user to enter numeric data with locally defined 3-AUG-88
949.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Aug 11 1988LIBERATE Force another process to de-allocate/dismount a device 1
950.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 11 1988AUDIT Management and analysis of questionnaires, etc.
952.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Aug 12 1988VAXBIS Cluster wide real-time batch queue monitor. 11-AUG-88
955.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Aug 15 1988LIST Outputs files to printer port w/symbiont style output. 24-Sep-86
960.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Aug 23 1988PMAIL Prints full text of selected mail message to printer p 22-AUG-88
968.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Sep 08 1988SDEV SDEV is a screen-oriented standard deviation calculator for the
970.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Sep 09 1988COSTOFOWN Cost of ownership modeling system. 8-SEP-88
974.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Sep 16 1988LA5
975.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Sep 16 1988LA5
979.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Sep 23 1988CHANGEBR2 Automate mark-up of changes to documents or text files 22-SEP-88
982.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 26 1988CLRSC Subroutine to home cursor, clear screen, and set screen to
983.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 26 1988CNVGJ Subroutines to convert system date from Gregorian format to
984.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 26 1988DECIML Subroutine to prompt for a decimal value, parse for the
985.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 26 1988TODO3 Maintains a memo pad of things to do, sorted by priority.
988.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Sep 27 1988PIPE Runs multiple DCL commands simultaneously using output 26-SEP-88
990.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Sep 27 1988TITLE Uses callable mail to move selected mail messages betw 16-SEP-88
994.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 07 1988TAIL2 Displays the tail end of a file. 7-OCT-88
997.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 28 1988MONIC Exceptions and interrupts monitor. 27-OCT-88
998.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 28 1988MAXLAN NETWORK segment configuration inspector. 27-OCT-88
1003.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Nov 04 1988FETCH Replaces keywords in a file with generation and date 3-NOV-88
1010.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 07 1988PRINTFILE Print ASCII and .MEM files on LN
1015.01METOO::LEEDBERGTue Nov 08 1988SCN Workstation print screen utility (VWS) 8-NOV-88
1016.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Nov 10 1988EDD EDD (EDitor for Diagrams), is a text/diagram overstrike editor
1017.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 22 1988NEWTERM Creates a new VMS terminal and assigns its name to the 9-MAY-88
1019.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 05 1988LA75BC Subroutine to format a string for bar code printing. 14-Dec-87
1021.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 12 1988FONTED Font Editor for VT2
1023.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Dec 14 1988TLUAR A multi-bound checking UAR for int-fields and chars 3-NOV-88
1024.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Dec 14 1988SEDT Portable text editor (VMS, Rainbow, IBM PC, MS-DOS)
1025.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 16 1988SESSIONS Multiple independent VAX/VMS sessions, 4 on VT screen 28-JUL-88
1029.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 09 1989PAL VAX assembler for DECmate PAL-8 source. 1
1030.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 09 1989NMS Displays user's VMS MAIL and/or ALL-IN-1 NEW mail coun 26-SEP-88
1032.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 10 1989SCC Sozobon C cross compiler, assembler, linker, librarian 9-JAN-89
1033.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 12 1989FILESET Modifies file attributes which 'SET FILE' cannot 6-OCT-88
1034.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jan 13 1989MES2 Tracks messages electronically with ability to send th 12-JAN-89
1038.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Jan 18 1989SWEEP Easy-to-use file maintainance utility. 17-JAN-89
1040.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 20 1989DB_DWMENU DECWindows I/F construction tool. 13-JAN-89
1044.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 24 1989BBU Bundled Backup Utilties, menu driven including Network 23-JAN-89
1045.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 24 1989PHOTO Captures an interactive session to a file or displays 23-JAN-89
1053.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 07 1989LABEL Creates labels for mag tapes. 27-JAN-89
1054.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Feb 08 1989WHAT Dynamic system status display program for VMS
1055.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Feb 09 1989PACMAC Micro2 Directive Preprocessor. 8-FEB-89
1057.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Feb 09 1989PRESPICE Preprocessor tool for SPICE input files. 17-Dec-86
1058.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Feb 09 1989SCREENFMS Provides an interface between VAX/VMS DCL and the user by
1059.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 13 1989CUDRIVER Divers for VAXCluster management.
1060.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 28 1989DELIVER General MAIL delivery manager for VMS MAIL. 24-Sep-86
1061.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 28 1989ALARM Simple software alarm clock.
1067.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Aug 29 1994NMAIL Store-and-forward VMS mail utility.
1070.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Mar 17 1989LSESUBPRC LSEDIT in a subprocess, remembering edited filename 16-MAR-89
1072.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 22 1989NEW_USER Menu driven tool to assist VMS beginners. 8-FEB-89
1073.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 22 1989MES A simple tool to help keep track of messages. 4-NOV-88
1074.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Mar 23 1989VERB Extracts CLD's from DCLTABLES.EXE. 22-MAR-89
1077.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 19 1989QUERY A language to define electronic survey forms. 5-DEC-88
1082.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 21 1989TEKREMOTE Data acquisitions, download between Tek. 124
1084.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Apr 25 1989UISMENU DCL UIS MENU utility, premits DCL command procedures t 24-APR-89
1088.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Apr 27 1989ELFSERVER Redefine ELF$SERVER logicals when default servers are 26-APR-89
1089.01METOO::VTXMGRWed May 03 1989MSGINCBLD Reads message utility object files to produce language 2-MAY-89
1091.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 03 1989ERASURE Enhancement to $RECALL/ERASE command. 28-JUL-88
1092.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 05 1989TYPIT Typit provides a fairly realistic environment for typing
1105.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 10 1989DCLMENU A simple DCL menu for beginners 5-MAY-89
1111.01METOO::VTXMGRSat May 20 1989VAX_TEXT This tool is a textual indexing and retrieval system. 19_MAY-89
1117.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 26 1989FONEMESG Phone message mail memo utility. 3-Sep-86
1118.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Jun 03 1989ELFU A command procedure resubmits to batch and executes ELF 2-JUN-89
1121.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 15 1989ADDNODE Finds data about an E-Net node in a neighboring machine's
1122.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 15 1989FILESCAN High-level language interface to $FILESCAN system service.
1123.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 15 1989TECPRT Creates printable files from unprintable TECO source programs.
1124.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jun 16 1989BLDMST Rebuilds a master RUNOFF file and separate files
1125.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jun 16 1989UNREQ Builds a single, concatenated RUNOFF file from a master file
1129.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 27 1989OVHEADMKR A menu driven interface for VAX DOCUMENT to produce ov 29-NOV-88
1132.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jun 30 1989PROCNAME Set process names from data file by USER or SYSTEM
1137.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jul 12 1989SCRIPTP SCRIPTP is a tool that allows you to create and execute
1140.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jul 12 1989CHILD Creates workstation terminal emulators through simple 6-OCT-88
1145.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 03 1989DISTLIST Generates mail .DIS list from SYSUAF.DAT, by group. 24-Sep-86
1148.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Aug 11 1989CHECKID Allows mixed-mode clustering with one SYSUAF.DAT file.
1151.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Aug 22 1989LSECMS Integrates Language Sensitive Editor & CMS. 24-Sep-87
1157.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 06 1989MATRIX Database program using text files as data
1159.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Sep 07 1989MAXPATH Network & CPU PATH/Performance measuring tool
1160.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Sep 08 1989PPSU Personal Printer Spooling Utility
1162.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Sep 12 1989ASK This is a new DCL command, similar to INQUIRE but permitting
1163.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Sep 13 1989MAILINFO A flexible mail directory program 12-SEP-89
1166.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 18 1989ACCESS A command procedure which enhances login protection 21-AUG-89
1167.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 18 1989SCHEMAFMT Display DBMS schema table of contents.
1169.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 20 1989SIDEWAYS Prints text sideways (VMS version). 27-Jul-87
1170.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 20 1989SIDEWAYSP Prints text sideways (P/OS version). 27-Jul-87
1171.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Sep 21 1989SIDEWAYSR Prints text sideways - RSX version 14-Dec-87
1174.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Oct 02 1989X25PRTSMB X.25 Print Symbiont
1175.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Oct 02 1989LU Searches text files for mathing strings 2
1176.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 03 1989UTLCOPCMD Callable VMS COPY Command
1180.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 03 1989GBLHIT Measures the HIT and MISS rates of RMS global buffers. 29-Jan-87
1181.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 04 1989SMPMAR Structured programming macros for MACRO-32.
1182.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 04 1989TIMESYNCH Synchronize VAX clocks in a LAN. 1
1183.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 04 1989AMAILUAF Profile Database management for VMS MAIL. 28-FEB-89
1184.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 06 1989PSGRAPH Generates POSTSCRIPT graphs from DECgraph.
1185.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 06 1989RDOCUMENT Means for relative setting of DOCUMENT header levels.
1190.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 11 1989BATCHINFO Returns information about the batch job a process is running
1191.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 11 1989BUILDER Builds a directed graph from a data file.
1192.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 11 1989COLLECTOR Collects strings for performing command completion.
1193.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 12 1989COMCOUNT Counts source and comment lines in BLISS or MACRO files.
1194.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 12 1989COMPIL COMPILE command for DCL.
1195.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 12 1989CONCORD Produces a concordance and various indices for a notes file.
1196.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 12 1989DIRECTREE Shows structure of all subdirectories of a given directory.
1200.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 20 1989SET_COLOR Sets the color on VT24
1207.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Oct 25 1989UNISOUFOR TPU procedure for quick source formatting. 24-OCT-89
1208.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Oct 28 1989PRNTLJ25
1209.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Nov 01 1989TICKLER Takes dated memos and MAILs you the memo when the date set on
1210.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Nov 09 1989MATHPLOT Mathematical function plotter using Regis graphics. 17-Dec-86
1211.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Nov 09 1989CALREAL CALREAL is a real number calculator that supports all
1214.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 14 1989VVS VVS is a menu driven subset of the VAX/VMS V4.
1215.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 20 1989NEWS Compose and distribute a network newsletter
1216.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Nov 21 1989EXTRT_RDB Online Rdb_metadata formatting tool with dependencies. 2
1219.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Nov 22 1989DUMP_FORM Extracts TDMS requests from CDD and formats them. 21-NOV-89
1220.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Nov 23 1989LIST_UTIL List Utility (/number/print/form=/width=/header) 22-NOV-89
1225.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 01 1989EDTVMS Allows VMS DCL level commands to be issued from within the EDT
1226.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 01 1989SHWPRCONT Expanded SHOW PROCESS/CONTINUOUS V functionality. 18-Jan-88
1229.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Dec 06 1989BECOME Another SET DEFAULT tool. 1-APR-88
1230.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Dec 07 1989TELL_UTIL Cluster Broadcast Utility
1235.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 12 1989DNN Convert Decimal Node Number to area.node
1236.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 12 1989INDENT Indents lines in a file.
1237.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 12 1989LOOKMAIL VMS MAIL directory display program.
1238.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 12 1989NOTEMAIL Converts output from NOTES/SAVE to .MAI file
1239.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Dec 13 1989MSGDOC Automatically produces error message documentation. 12-DEC-89
1241.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 15 1989VMSFORTH VAX Native mode 32 bit FORTH model and compatible versions.
1242.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 15 1989RENUM FORTRAN statement label renumbering program.
1243.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 19 1989ENIMGRAPH Produces graphical map printout of Ethernim database.
1245.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Dec 19 1989FUAF FindUAF - extract and format UAF fields to a file. 11-Jan-88
1246.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Dec 22 1989AB An abbreviations processor for DCL commands. 15-Jul-87
1249.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jan 10 1990ASCII2PLO Converts ASCII text files to PLO format for plotting. 1-Dec-87
1251.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 18 1990WOS Utility to notify you when people login or out.
1255.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 06 1990VAXTOOLS A Directory and file manipulation tool. 9-MAY-89
1257.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Feb 13 1990REGEXP Ultrix-style regular expression support for VMS. 12-FEB-9
1258.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 13 1990REFORMAT Converts between WPSplus/DX and VAX DOCUMENT .SDML fil 17-JAN-89
1259.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Feb 14 1990XMODEM Terminal emulator and pc-host reliable file transfer programs.
1260.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 19 1990VTCOLORS Changes the colors of a VT241 terminal. 2-Oct-86
1261.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 19 1990TELEPHONE Replaces telephone memo notes by sending mail. 24-Sep-86
1262.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 19 1990UDKDEF Loads VT2
1263.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Feb 19 1990COMDIR VMS utility to COMpress DIRectory files. 19-Mar-87
1267.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Feb 27 1990TEKSCOPE Reads Tektronix digitizing scope data. 26-FEB-9
1269.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Feb 28 1990LM Lock Monitor Utility. 27-FEB-9
1272.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Feb 28 1990NODEPATH Displays path to other nodes in the Easynet.
1275.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 01 1990AMENUMGR Generic menu platform driver and editor. 15-JUN-88
1276.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Mar 07 1990LOGDCL Command procedure writes all commands to a logfile.
1278.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 16 1990NEWUSER Add new user account to VMS system.
1281.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Mar 20 1990MGR_MENU VMS menu driven system management tool. 19-MAR-9
1282.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 20 1990EFL Shareable image run-time library of utility functions 3
1286.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Apr 06 1990VAXCU_RMT Utility to easily establish DECnet connect via a modem.
1289.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Apr 12 1990SNIFFER Simplifies finding and reading NOTES. 11-APR-9
1291.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 18 1990NETLSNR Extract listing files of network data. 15-MAR-9
1292.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 24 1990ELF_FIND ELF V2. Finds from DCL on VMS 13-SEP-89
1293.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 25 1990FORTHSIM FORTH system for VMS, creating native processor code. 24-APR-9
1295.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 25 1990ELPH Command line interface to ELF. 19-FEB-9
1296.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 27 1990AUTONOT Selects conferences from EASYNOTES.LIS 24-APR-9
1297.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 02 1990TERMPRINT TERMPRINT provides background printing to a device attached to
1299.01METOO::VTXMGRTue May 08 1990CLIPARSE Gives DCL procedure a CDU command definition.
1300.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 09 1990SYSWATCH System monitor/alarm generator.
1302.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 22 1990CMSGRAPH Produce a histogram of CMS library history.
1304.01METOO::VTXMGRWed May 30 1990DW_NET Application to start DECwindows/X on remote node. 29-MAY-9
1305.01METOO::VTXMGRWed May 30 1990DETAB_MP Replaces tab characters with spaces. 29-MAY-9
1311.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 28 1990C_ANALYZ Source code conversion estimator for C. 26-JUN-9
1313.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 29 1990B_ANALYZ Source code conversion estimator for BASIC. 28-JUN-9
1314.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 29 1990F_ANALYZ Source code conversion estimator for Fortran. 28-JUN-9
1315.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jul 02 1990MODEM MODEM allows a user to communicate with and do file transfers
1318.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Jul 07 1990SDLCAST Post-processor to cast constants in .h files from SDL
1322.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jul 26 1990FTPLOT Plost/Post-processes results from data files. 25-JUL-9
1326.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Aug 15 1990SET_REC Changes record attributes of a files. 14-AUG-9
1327.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 16 1990CMSEDTSUM Generates an editsum based on CMS element generations. 29-MAY-9
1330.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Aug 28 1990MITSIF Converts a DEC fiscal date to a calendar date. 29-MAR-9
1331.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 29 1990SOUNDEX Transforms English text into a code that tends to brin 1
1332.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 29 1990PCMENU PC like menuing interface tightly integrated with DCL.
1333.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Aug 29 1990DOCSPELL Allows DECspell to be run on VAX Document .SDML files. 28-AUG-9
1337.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Sep 07 1990TTY_DEFCH Computes values for VMS SYSGEN parameters TTY_DEFCHAR
1339.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Sep 11 1990VDP A menu driven interface for document options. 1
1342.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 09 1990PRINTDBL Print on both sides with an LN
1344.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 10 1990DECWATCH System status display program for VAX/VMS.
1345.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Oct 10 1990FTSV Network File Transfer Spooler.
1352.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Nov 10 1990RMS_FILE Allow easy access to RMS files from VAX C.
1354.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Nov 20 1990DSKBLK_V3 Recover a file from a corrupted disk. 19-NOV-9
1365.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Nov 27 1990SET_TERM Replaces SET TERM /INQUIRE. 26-NOV-9
1367.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 27 1990HEXFILE Modifies and checks Motorola and Intel hex files. 26-NOV-9
1386.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Dec 06 1990DEEPSEARC Searches an entire tree of com procs for a string.
1391.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Dec 06 1990LESS File Viewer 14-AUG-9
1397.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 10 1990DAPU Dynamic Announce Processor, enhance your SYS$ANNOUNCE 4-Jan-88
1398.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 10 1990RCMS Provides remote access to CMS. 24-Jun-86
1399.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Dec 10 1990LINEX Extracts whole lines from text files. 31-JUL-9
1404.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jan 02 1991MTRX A report-writer for a database of simple text files. 26-JUN-9
1405.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Jan 03 1991DWSETHOST Creates DECterm windows for remote sessions.
1410.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 15 1991STAT_LOAD Load RMU/show stat info into an RDB database. 14-JAN-91
1412.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 18 1991ROTEXT LiveLink to Rotated Text from DECwrite on VMS. 17-JAN-91
1413.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 18 1991CC_ANALYZ Analyzes C source files and reports complexity.
1423.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 24 1991SKIM Views the contents of extracted VAXnotes topics/replie 29-JUn-89
1424.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jan 25 1991ART Automated Reporting of Time, for project time reports. 24-JAN-91
1425.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 25 1991VTX_COLOR Change colors on VT241 and VT34
1426.01METOO::VTXMGRSat Jan 26 1991DMR_LSE LSE templates in VAX DOCUMENT form for DMR. 25-JAN-91
1428.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 31 1991CDIR Column Directory - Lists files in vertical columns
1429.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 31 1991LOADCLASS Automatically compile, load, run a program.
1430.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Feb 13 1991SWING Displays directory tree for interactive manipulation. 11-Sep-87
1433.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Feb 19 1991REDIRECT Implements I/O redirection with '<' and '>' characters for
1438.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 06 1991SMART_PRT Defaults print parameters of postscript & LN
1439.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 06 1991CALENDAR2 A quick and friendly personal calendar utility. 23-Sep-87
1443.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Mar 08 1991DES_CODE Generates code modules from DECdesign structure chart.
1444.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 08 1991RDBLIST Extracts Rdb metadata into pretty listings.
1445.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 08 1991RDBMETA Extracts Rdb metadata into an RDO file.
1446.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 11 1991USENOTES File messages from a USENET mail distribution to NOTES 14-May-87
1447.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 11 1991FORM Produces form letters from a template by prompting you for
1448.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Mar 12 1991LNKSORT_C Sorts bidirectionally linked circular lists. 11-MAR-91
1456.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 03 1991VFYMAIL Clean up MAIL$nnnn... files.
1457.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 03 1991LISTMAIL List specified mail file by specified criteria. 5-Jun-86
1459.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 09 1991CLEANOUT Cleans temporary files out of your directories. 7-Aug-86
1461.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Apr 09 1991SC_INDEXF Search INDEXF.SYS for a specified file.
1462.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 09 1991NEWSNOTES Reads/Writes NEWS items using VAXnotes.
1463.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 09 1991CLEAR Clear and reset screen on VT1
1464.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 09 1991COMM2 Compares files for insertions and changes.
1465.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 10 1991SC_INDEXF Search INDEXF.SYS for a specified file.
1467.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 10 1991DIFF Compares two files and reports the minimal set of differences
1468.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 12 1991EVAL Evaluates integer expressions in a choice of number bases.
1469.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 12 1991DECUSC C compiler for PDP-11s.
1471.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 12 1991HDATE Converts date/calendar to Jewish calendar. 9-SEP-88
1472.01METOO::TOOLSHEDSat Apr 13 1991IOT Disk exerciser and performance evaluator. 1-APR-88
1476.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 24 1991MAKE_DIR Builds a directory for a notes extract. 23-APR-91
1477.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 26 1991LEX Lexical analyser.
1478.01METOO::TOOLSHEDSat Apr 27 1991KWIK Makes a key-word-in-context index from text lines in files you
1480.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 30 1991ED3UTL ED3UTL provides wildcard input file specification support and
1481.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 30 1991LZCOMP Compress-decompress files by the Lempel-Ziv algorithm.
1482.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 30 1991NC Converts a file you specify into multicolumn format.
1483.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 30 1991PHBOOK Extract entries from a personal phone book file.
1484.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 01 1991MSYNC Synchronizes DCL processes 4-Jan-88
1486.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 01 1991SC Floating-point desk calculator that uses VT52 or VT1
1487.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 01 1991SCOPY Clean up text files that may be in strange RMS formats.17-Mar-87
1488.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 01 1991SETTERM Queries your terminal to set the correct /width and /p 17-MAY-88
1491.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu May 02 1991VAXINSTR Concise description of the VAX instruction set. 13-Aug-87
1493.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu May 02 1991UNIQ Searches a file for repeated lines.
1494.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 07 1991C2PS Convers C-program to postscript file. 1
1495.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 07 1991LINEPR Creates concatenated listing files with line numbers. 8-Aug-86
1496.01METOO::VTXMGRWed May 08 1991ASM8
1497.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 08 1991DISTLIST Generates mail .DIS list from SYSUAF.DAT, by group. 24-Sep-86
1499.01METOO::VTXMGRFri May 10 1991LIST_SRVC Comprehensive set of doubly-linked list routines.
1501.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jun 11 1991DTE-SRVCS Robust I/O for LAT & non-LAT Devices on VMS. 1
1502.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 11 1991NETCOPY Copies files over network in batch.
1503.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 12 1991REMINDER Powerful general purpose reminder utility. 22-MAR-89
1504.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 13 1991BENCHMARK This program tracks elapsed time, cputime, pagefaults,
1505.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 13 1991MAKEPTY Allows user-written .com procedure to talk to interati 14-JUL-89
1506.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 13 1991QUB Equals print load of printers run on same server que. 24-OCT-89
1507.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 13 1991CHG A utility which substitutes an ASCII/binary value for
1508.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 13 1991PECO Graphics editor and presentation tool for VT1
1509.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jun 25 1991VPG Extended RDBexpert Volume PDL Generator. 24-JUN-91
1512.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 25 1991FDDRIVER Memory-resident psuedo-disk driver using MOVC3. 1
1513.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 26 1991EU Character Cell version of DECwindow's FileView. 24-JUN-91
1514.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 26 1991PUTCRLF Inserts carriage returns and line feeds in any VMS file you
1515.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 26 1991FISTIM Give DEC fiscal date information for a specified date. 6-Mar-87
1516.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 26 1991WS Parses a text file containing the format of a report 29-JUN-89
1517.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 27 1991NETCOPY2 Allows file copies with access control strings to have 21-MAR-89
1519.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 27 1991CARDBUILD Creates Cardfiler-format used with DECwindows OOTB pro 18-MAY-89
1520.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jul 15 1991DOCTOOLS Text formatter, includes CONTENTS, INDEX and TABLE.
1521.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jul 15 1991WC Counts lines/words/bytes in a file.
1523.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jul 29 1991GREP Searches one or more files for lines that contain a specified
1525.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Aug 06 1991HEX HEX is a quickie decimal/hex converter.
1527.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 07 1991MAILTOVTX VMS Mail Post-Processor.
1528.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Aug 07 1991CMC7 Magnetic charcters device driver on VAX VMS.
1529.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 07 1991PVDRIVER VAX/VMS Pseudo Terminal Device Driver. 2
1530.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Aug 12 1991SCL A preprocessor for structured DCL written in DCL. 4-Jan-88
1532.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Aug 22 1991C_ISAM Emulation of INFORMIX C-isam indexed file routines. 13-NOV-9
1534.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Aug 23 1991ROLOVAX RoloVax is a computerized simulation of a Rolodex card filing
1535.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Aug 27 1991ACCESSEXE Locks your terminal without logging off. 26-AUG-91
1538.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 09 1991POPENIM Loads and keeps the ETHERnim database up-to-date. 26-AUG-91
1539.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Sep 09 1991DCLC VMSINSTAL kit builder. 28-AUG-9
1540.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Sep 12 1991SDF A file distribution system. 11-SEP-91
1542.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Sep 19 1991STATS Statistical Functions Library. 18-SEP-91
1549.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 01 1991WATCHMAIL Allows an automatic reply to be returned to the sender of
1553.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Oct 07 1991TAIL-VMS Provides UNIX TAIL function on VMS. 3
1556.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 10 1991DDU Summarizes information about a VAX's disks in an easy to digest
1557.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Oct 11 1991NEWSLTR Manage the creation of mail-derived newsletters. 1
1558.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Oct 18 1991ABET AutoCAD Betterments application for VMS/MS-DOS systems 16-JAN-89
1560.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Oct 18 1991FFS Fast way to scan files using INDEXF.SYS. 14-DEC-9
1561.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 22 1991MTEXCH Copy files to and from tape in non-standard format (e.g.
1564.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Nov 15 1991DPMS_TEMP DPM Software Development Life Cycle QWIKNET template. 27-FEB-91
1565.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Nov 15 1991DPM_TEMP DPM Life Cycle template for QWIKNET Professional. 27-FEB-91
1570.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Dec 12 1991LOCATE Menu driven sign out bulletin board 5-MAY-89
1572.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Dec 18 1991PROTECT Sets user-specified UIC-based file protections. 17-DEC-91
1573.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Dec 19 1991T General file typeout utility for VT1
1574.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Jan 01 1992X4
1575.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 06 1992CONN Set Default to logical name or remote subdirectory.
1576.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 06 1992TTSETUP Sets terminal width and page length to display setting 2
1578.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 06 1992CIRCUIT Displays the path with circuits between two nodes. 6-Jun-86
1579.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jan 06 1992CASE_INS Improved macro for use with CASEx VAX instruction. 17-Sep-86
1581.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 10 1992DETMCC Run DECmcc in a detached process. 12-DEC-91
1582.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 16 1992BTOA Convert binary files to and from mailable text files. 3-Nov-87
1583.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Jan 28 1992EDITFILES Edit multiple files in one editing session. 27-JAN-91
1584.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jan 28 1992TELADD TELADD is a TELEPHONE ADDRESS book program.
1586.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Feb 14 1992DOCSET Builds doc sets using BOOKCOM to invoke CMS & DOCUMENT 13-FEB-92
1587.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Feb 14 1992BOOKCOM Builds VAX DOCUMENT sources for multiple destinations. 13-FEB-92
1590.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Mar 05 1992FDETAB Fast detabber.
1591.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 05 1992MONQ Monitor Process Quotas & Limits
1592.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 05 1992MUNGE Cryptographically encode file contents in a reversible fashion
1593.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 12 1992NETNODE Extracts data from DECnet nodes database. 18-Mar-87
1594.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 13 1992THUMB Get useful user information
1595.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 13 1992COLOR Change VT241 colors
1596.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 13 1992TOUCH Modify file CRE/MOD/EXP/BACK dates.
1597.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 13 1992VTSET Send escape sequences to VTxxx terminals
1598.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 16 1992MAILNOTES MAILNOTES submits a batch job that visits your note files and
1599.0--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 16 1992FIND_MAIL Locates lost mail amongst all your VMS mail folders 12-SEP-89
1600.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 16 1992CLEANMAIL Reclaim deleted message bytes and reduce size of mail. 15-Feb-88
1602.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 19 1992A1ARCHIVE ALL-IN-1 to VAXmail Archiver.
1603.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Mar 26 1992TO Set default tool. 25-MAR-92
1604.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Mar 26 1992GCOPY Copy graph files from one format to another with possible node
1605.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Mar 27 1992QM Queue Master, form driven queue management. 26-MAR-92
1606.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 27 1992HELPTREE Gives access to help libraries via a tree interface.
1607.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 27 1992HLPTOPICS Retrieves help topic names from a help library.
1608.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 27 1992IMAGEINFO Returns image ident to user.
1609.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 30 1992IMAGELOG Identifies images as they are run
1610.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 30 1992ITEMLIST Package of routines for handling VMS itemlists from
1611.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 30 1992LGNREMOTE Gives nodename and remote userid for a process that is hosted
1612.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 30 1992MEMODIR Produces an index to all memos that are in a standard format
1613.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 31 1992RECOG Allows VMS programmers to parse command lines using incremental
1614.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 31 1992RMSLOG Logs all files opened by your process.
1615.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 31 1992SCANNER Calls a routine for each line in a specified file.
1617.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 01 1992SHOWHOSTS Shows remote node and id for SET HOSTed processes.
1618.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 01 1992SHOWDD Shows default directory for all processes.
1619.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 01 1992SHOWIPID Shows internal PIDs for all processes on system.
1620.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 01 1992SHOWSUBP Extended version of SHOW PROCESS/SUBPROCESSES command.
1621.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Apr 01 1992SMGEDIT Allows editing an SMG virtual display.
1622.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 02 1992SUBPTREE Lets you walk around tree of subprocesses.
1623.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 02 1992HANDLERS Collection of useful condition handlers for VMS.
1624.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 02 1992SHOWSHARE Displays information about shared images referenced by a given
1626.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 02 1992UTLDELDIR Routine to let you delete a directory file.
1627.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 03 1992UTILIPID Routines to convert between EPIDs and IPIDs.
1628.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 03 1992UTLFILPRO Routine to let you change protection on a file. (Callable SET
1629.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Apr 03 1992VAXSNOBOL SNOBOL4 compiler (and run-time support) for VAX/VMS.
1630.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 07 1992BBACKUP Automates backup procedures for small systems.
1633.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 07 1992UNDELETE Allows the user to recover files after a delete command.
1634.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 22 1992SETTIME Time sync servces for Hidden Area VMS nodes. 21-APR-92
1635.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 22 1992TIDY_UP VMS directory tidy up tool. 21-APR-92
1636.01METOO::VTXMGRWed Apr 22 1992QFU Scans and restarts printer queues. 21-APR-92
1638.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 08 1992DDU2 Summarizes information about a VAX's disks in an easy to
1639.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 08 1992ADDRSS Prints address labels from an ASCII file.
1640.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 08 1992BCAL Boolean desk calculator, inspired by the Texas Instruments
1641.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 13 1992BLIFILE Invokes BLISS for a remembered file spec.
1642.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 13 1992CHARSIZE Generate require files defining GKS character sizes for all
1643.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 13 1992CLSTERMMS Helps DEC/MMS take advantage of multiple batch queues available
1644.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 13 1992COMUTL Generates files for DEC Computer Output Microfilm centers.
1645.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 18 1992EZMMS Generate MMS description file for simple programs.
1646.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 18 1992FIELDS Extract and reformat selected fields from a text file. 28-Mar-88
1647.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 18 1992FKEYS Provides definitions for shift-function key codes 2
1648.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon May 18 1992FORFILE Invokes FORTRAN for a remembered file spec.
1649.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 19 1992GKSDEFS A REQUIRE file to define GKS primitives for BLISS.
1650.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 19 1992ICONLANG Processor for the ICON language, a string processing language
1651.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue May 19 1992LOWER Converts alphabetic characters to lowercase in any VMS file
1652.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 20 1992LSTGLO Lists global variables in a set of BLISS-16 files.
1653.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 20 1992LSTLBR Lists .OLB entries and associated modules for a set of BLISS-16
1654.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 20 1992LSTREQ Lists all REQUIRE files used in a set of BLISS-16 files.
1655.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 20 1992LSTRTN Lists routines and their associated modules in a set of
1656.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 29 1992MAPLE MAPLE is a Symbolic Mathematics system which will solve
1657.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 29 1992DATETIME Date/Time filter for DEC/TEST MANAGER post processing.
1658.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 29 1992GRAPHER Routines to manipulate and display directed graphs. 15-Aug-86
1659.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 29 1992NODENO Convert DECNET node address from one form to another 9-JUN-88
1660.01METOO::TOOLSHEDSat May 30 1992PRETTY BLISS language formatter.
1661.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 01 1992RECOVER Recovers source code from the listing file for several
1662.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 01 1992REEDIT REEDIT is a command file which invokes EDT, remembering the
1663.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 01 1992REQUIRE Dynamically compiles SNOBOL functions at execution time.
1664.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 01 1992RNOFILE Invokes RUNOFF for a remembered file spec.
1665.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 02 1992SNOBOL4 SNOBOL4 interpreter for VAX/VMS
1666.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 08 1992SOLVEFORX Solve an arbitrary equation of the form y(x) =
1667.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 08 1992STARTUP Defines symbols and logicals for your process, very quickly.
1668.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 08 1992TAPECOPY Read magtape in many strange formats.
1669.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 08 1992UPPER Converts alphabetic characters to uppercase in any VMS file
1670.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jun 09 1992VARIANT VARIANT permits using information in a common file for several
1671.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 15 1992SEND Send a message to another user's terminal(s).
1672.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 15 1992PTT Problem Tracking Tool.
1673.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Jun 15 1992MORTGAGE Allows the calculation of monthly payment of a mortgage or any
1674.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Jun 17 1992KERMIT Terminal emulator and PC-host reliable file transfer programs.
1675.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Jun 18 1992OBJPURGE Removes DST information from VMS object files. 17-JUN-92
1676.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jun 19 1992TRANSMOG Extracts example programs from SDML source files. 1
1677.01METOO::VTXMGRThu Jul 02 1992M4 Text macro preprocessor.
1678.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jul 14 1992FIND_MAIL Locates lost mail amongst all your VMS mail folders 12-SEP-89
1679.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Aug 05 1992UNDEL Recover deleted files by recreating from file headers. 14-Aug-86
1680.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Sep 02 1992UAF Provides brief information on a SYSUAF entry. 1
1682.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Oct 01 1992ENOTES VAX Notes batch extractor using callable interface. 2
1683.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Oct 12 1992A1ARCHIVE ALL-IN-1 to VAXmail Archiver.
1684.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Oct 13 1992AVN VAXnotes utility with ALL-IN-1 style user interface. 5-Jun-87
1686.01METOO::VTXMGRTue Oct 27 1992HELP_SYST Access VMS Help files with DECforms front end. 26-OCT-92
1691.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 16 1992SHCOMMA Shows definitions in DCL/MCR command tables.
1692.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 17 1992CAR54 Electronic Sign-out Board 22-Feb-88
1693.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Nov 17 1992GO_DIR Searches for subdirecoty and sets default to it. 13-FEB-91
1695.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Dec 02 1992TXRCOPY Copy and translate (ASCII<->EBCDIC) fields and records 25-Mar-87
1696.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Feb 22 1995WATCHNOTE Submits a batch job to watch a specified NOTES
1697.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 08 1993GET_NOTES Search for notes and extract in batch. 16-OCT-89
1698.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Jan 12 1993AMAIL Uses callable mail to provide VMSmail functionality ac 16-SEP-88
1700.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 05 1993CRLF Removes overprinted lines & CRs from RUNOFF files. 1
1701.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 05 1993EMACSKEYS This tool defines the special keys available on the VT52, VT1xx
1702.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 09 1993LOGOUT This tool prevents a user from accidently logging out while
1703.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 09 1993SCREENDIF SCREENDIF will compare two output streams to determine if they
1704.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 09 1993SUBPRCTRE UTIL$SUBP is a subroutine that returns subprocess trees
1705.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Mar 15 1993CHKBATCHQ Check for existence of a batch job in queue(s). 13-Aug-86
1707.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 15 1995SHOWQUOTA A callable equivalent of SHOW QUOTA.
1709.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Mar 17 1993TREEDEL Deletes an entire directory/subdirectory tree.
1710.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Mar 30 1993SURVEY Electronic Survey Tool,(script processor and analyzer) 29-Oct-87
1711.01METOO::TOOLSHEDTue Apr 06 1993SBA Generates a template of an SBA. 15-MAR-93
1712.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Apr 22 1993TIDE Page processor to format VTX screens. 28-AUG-9
1713.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 05 1993PRINTSET Sets print characteristics for a LA5
1714.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed May 05 1993DIRGO Set Default Utility that will change the VMS Prompt to reflect
1715.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 07 1993CAPTURE Captures images from VT24
1716.01METOO::VTXMGRTue May 11 1993RMS_JOURN Provides snapshot of an rms after image journal file. 1
1717.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri May 14 1993DISKBLOCK Disk logical block (LBN) editor. 2
1718.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jun 03 1993PMU Project Management Utility
1719.01METOO::VTXMGRFri Jun 11 1993APPSDIS Menu interface to datatrieve 1
1722.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Oct 08 1993DRIM Displays image information.
1723.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Nov 05 1993FINDNODE Displays location code and geographic area of a node. 21-Jul-86
1724.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 08 1993XTS X-Timesheets monitors personal workload
1725.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 08 1993BOARD IN/OUT white board & scheduler.
1726.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 08 1993EWSPRISYM Printer symboint for EWS station terminal port TTA3 3
1729.01METOO::TOOLSHEDMon Nov 08 1993MARK_IT Change reserved words in a PASCAL file to uppercase. 2
1730.01METOO::TOOLSHEDWed Dec 01 1993SHUFFLE Reads and existing file and creates a file shuffled. 3
1731.01METOO::TOOLSHEDThu Jan 06 1994ORPHANS Locate and identify MAIL$nnnnnnnnnnnn.MAI files.
1732.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 07 1994FIND_REP Search file for regular expressions and replace them. 27-FEB-9
1733.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 07 1994DOCTOR VAX DOCUMENT and Postscript file related tools.
1734.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 21 1994CLEANUP Delete .DIR files for empty subdirectories.
1735.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 21 1994COMPRESS User interface for Lempel-Ziv file compression tool
1736.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 21 1994NETCOPY1 Network copy, with wild card and directory tree facilities
1737.01METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Mar 04 1994LDDRIVER Enables diskfile(s) to be used as a disk. 26-JUN-9