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Conference mayday::acb

Title:Secure remote access to Information Systems using DEC ACB
Notice:DEC ACB V2.2 is available --see note 3.10
Created:Wed Aug 31 1988
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:710
Total number of notes:3286
Number with bodies:10
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1.0MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Aug 31 1988Introduction
2.0123MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Aug 31 1988Member Registration
3.010MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Aug 31 1988ACB versions
4.0MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Aug 31 1988what is ACB
5.015MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Sep 01 1988ACB support
6.0MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Sep 01 1988Directory listings
7.0BISTRO::MACKINNONSun Sep 11 1988DMF32s not supported by ACB.
8.0VISA::MACKINNONFri Sep 23 1988Device is active.
9.01ULYSSE::COURBISFri Oct 14 1988Disconnection problem.
10.02BISTRO::ANDRADEWed Oct 26 1988ACB not calling back
11.02BISTRO::ANDRADEWed Oct 26 1988ACB kit location
12.0DANEEL::REEDWed Oct 26 1988Scholar Plus Dialer?
13.05KBOMFG::MORODERThu Oct 27 1988PTT Approval ?
15.07BISTRO::MACKINNONFri Oct 28 1988ACB Site Survey.
16.05RDVAX::HUNTFri Oct 28 1988DECserver Support?
17.01THAVThu Nov 10 1988Some beginers Questions
18.0SUBURB::MAHABADIRFri Nov 11 1988Appearing from nowhere....
19.01DAVE::MITTONFri Jan 06 1989Can I call back on the same line?
20.02SUBURB::NUNNSMon Jan 09 1989ACB Error Codes
21.0VISA::ZAAFSun Feb 12 1989Internal Error 999
23.05CESARE::ERMACORAFri Mar 10 1989ACB with VMS V5.XX
24.0VISA::BIJAOUITue Jun 06 1989ACB T1.1-
25.02TRUCKS::PERRY_CThu Jun 08 1989ACB and Microcom Modems.
26.01SHIPS::CORDELLMon Jun 19 1989help with ACB reporting.
27.05MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Oct 11 1989V1.1 in ASSETS?
28.01SVCVAX::BOWEWed Oct 11 1989Dialing routines for DF124, Df112?
29.01AREA47::PEINEFri Nov 17 1989Support for the RACAL VADIC 2422 S modem?
30.03MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Jan 03 1990Where is CONNECT_DTE?
31.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Jan 11 1990How to change class
33.08SUBURB::ASHWORTHDMon Jan 22 1990error correction on outgoing lines
34.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERTue Jan 23 1990ACB internals
35.03NZOVThu Jan 25 1990Problem with making an outgoing call via LAT
36.05VNADC1::MAXMon Mar 26 1990Secure Modem and Terminal setups
37.010BERNFri Mar 30 1990DF242 help needed!
38.04HORUS::PHILLIPSThu May 03 1990Problem Starting the ACB Symbiont
39.01BAHTAT::JACKSONFri May 04 1990Reference Site?
40.01VLOMFG::BEAUFri May 11 199024
41.01ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERThu May 17 1990/Autologin = /VMS_USERNAME ?
42.05ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERThu May 17 1990Error & Warning Limits
43.06PANIC::REIDFri May 25 1990/VMS_USERNAME & /AUTOLOGIN again!
44.0ARRODS::HAWESJTue Jun 12 1990error reading command input problem.
45.0JOCKEY::BOURNEJWed Jun 13 1990RACAL VI1222PA Problem
46.02HORUS::PHILLIPSWed Jun 27 1990Need DF224/DF
47.02PANIC::SWANSONSun Jul 08 1990CONNECTED message being missed
48.01HORUS::PHILLIPSFri Jul 20 1990Here is a DF224 Dialer that works
49.07NEEPS::NORRIETue Jul 24 1990Problems with Decserver 2
50.0HORUS::PHILLIPSThu Aug 02 1990List of US modems working with ACB
51.02BERNWed Aug 08 1990ERROR: %LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU, key not found in tree
52.0VISA::BIJAOUITue Aug 21 1990Announcing VTLAT X1.
53.01RTOEU::MLEWISFri Aug 31 1990Whats the latest version?
54.07RTOEU::MLEWISTue Sep 04 1990Acoustic couplers??
55.02NMGV14::FIELDWed Sep 05 1990ACB AND ULTRIX ?
56.01TAVIS::ASHKENAZITue Sep 11 1990Dialing routines for MICROCOM
57.05MTITAN::FREWINWed Sep 19 1990Need Help With Modem Template.....
58.02SHIRE::EURTEL::PETERThu Sep 20 1990What are your ACB V2.
59.06BRUMMY::DAVEThu Sep 20 1990Different speeds
60.01RTOEU::MLEWISThu Oct 04 1990Key not found error message
61.0SHIRE::EURTEL::PETERFri Oct 19 1990Who is using ACB?
62.02KESU::KECKMon Oct 22 1990Codex 2266 at 96
63.0NEEPS::CAPPERAULDTue Oct 30 1990Optocom OSI8242A
64.02CURRNT::POWELLThu Nov 08 1990Connection failures - What's happening?
65.01KNUT2::THIELThu Nov 08 1990Carrier lost after graphics and otherwise
66.01UFRCS2::MANIMon Nov 19 1990Full support on in/out LAT-port
67.03ROMTSS::MARTIRETue Dec 04 1990Pocket modem call-back problems
68.013MINDER::HESLOPBWed Dec 05 1990ACB SIGNAL PC error
69.02ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERSun Dec 16 1990/VMS_USERNAME --> Access denied
71.06SHIRE::EURTEL::PETERThu Jan 10 1991What modems should be supported and tested?
72.0SHIRE::EURTEL::PETERThu Jan 10 1991Request for ACB V2.
73.03LEMAN::BOWENSun Jan 13 1991Taping an ACB session
74.01RDGENG::BICKNELLTue Jan 15 1991would like more Info. V2.
75.02ZUDEV1::SCHUMACHERWed Jan 16 1991Single Modem Configuration supported?
76.02ARRODS::HAWESJThu Jan 24 1991ACB statistics using DATATRIEVE
77.02FULMER::JONESRTue Jan 29 1991ACB not calling back - lines disabled
78.09HOO78C::HAVINGAThu Jan 31 1991ACB v2.
79.01FILTON::BOYLESWed Feb 06 1991Where is ACB V2.
80.0KNUT2::THIELThu Feb 07 1991DataLock 4
81.07SUBURB::MORGANPWed Feb 20 1991lat rejection codes
82.02YUPPY::TIGHEWed Feb 20 1991ACB disabling lines with LAT rejection...
84.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon Feb 25 1991ACB across the Pond
85.03CRIME::BIJAOUIWed Feb 27 1991/VMS_USERNAME problem: temporary work-around
86.02VLOMFG::ARNOLDWed Feb 27 1991Dial-up Problems
87.01SHIRE::EURTEL::PETERFri Mar 01 1991Could any sites interested please fill out the attached form
89.0FRAMBO::DICKTue Mar 19 1991lat-terminal chars: username is NOT AVAILABLE
90.02MINDER::EWINGRTue Apr 09 1991acb for unix
91.02CRIME::BIJAOUIMon Apr 15 1991Announcing ACB V2.
92.01EVOAI2::PERRAULTFri Apr 19 1991%XPO_W_NOP1VA error in accounting
93.08ATHINA::RALLISTue May 21 1991ACB V1.1, MODEM OSI8224A: Work together????
94.02MINDER::SWCAWed Jun 12 1991Modem Requirements?
95.0BERNTue Jun 25 1991When warning count exceeded then no callback
96.04BERNTue Jul 02 1991warn count exceeded kills acb T version
97.01NBOFS1::SCHIMKUSTue Jul 02 1991Version Time Exceeded
98.01HOO78C::SCHERPENISSEWed Jul 03 1991DEC ACBand the DECrouter 25
99.01BERNMon Jul 08 1991/access problem
100.01UFRCS1::MANIThu Jul 18 1991Protection-problems on Easynet-Kits
101.04FROCKY::LEHLThu Jul 18 1991Mailbox to small Error
102.01TROOA::BAPTIEMon Jul 22 1991username prompt
103.0VNABRW::MOSER_WFri Jul 26 1991Sources please
104.012CRIME::BIJAOUITue Jul 30 1991About authentication in DEC ACB V2.
107.01CRBOSS::ODELLWed Aug 07 1991U.S Sites using ACB
108.03BERNThu Aug 08 1991acb$symbiont running wild
109.03BERNWed Aug 14 1991acb don't call back, no MBX?
110.01HORUS::MAINTAINERFri Aug 23 1991User being logged out after connection.
111.04MSAMWed Aug 28 1991ACB don't answer incoming call .. v1.1
112.04EICMFG::HOLZERWed Aug 28 1991Acb symbiont dieing
113.02SUBURB::MORGANPThu Sep 05 1991ACB Symbiont hanging
114.01MSAMMon Sep 09 1991How to handle verbose messages ?
115.03UPROAR::THOMPSONRWed Sep 11 1991%SYSTEM-F-FLTDIV_F, arithmetic fault,
116.02UPROAR::THOMPSONRWed Sep 11 1991Further Problems Rlating to note 115 **11-SEP-1991 12:58:43.45** we have read >< **11-SEP-1991 12:58:43.45** acb$$read_from_line - OCB =
117.02MINDER::CARMICHAELPThu Sep 12 1991Familiar problem?
118.0NOTThu Sep 12 1991All-in-1 Desktop ACB and Pathworks
119.08ISIDRO::TELESOPMon Sep 16 1991Incoming Port Disconnected
120.02EICMFG::BINGERTue Sep 17 1991Why does ACB answer the phone?????
121.04UPROAR::THOMPSONRThu Oct 03 1991ACB %ACB-E-ERRCOMMBX, communication error
122.02ATH651::RALLISTue Oct 08 1991Is ACB (V1.1 or V2.
123.01BIRMVX::COTTERFri Oct 11 1991Line drops, causes ALL-IN-1 problem.
125.01ROMWed Oct 23 1991MS-DOS files needed
126.04EVOAI2::PERRAULTThu Oct 31 1991%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation
127.03FULMER::CLASPERCMon Nov 04 1991Problems after upgrade
128.04STKAI2::ACEDERHAGWed Nov 06 1991Acb is not hanging up
129.07TRCOA::TROTTIMon Nov 11 1991ACB not picking up the call.
130.06AUNTB::HYMESMon Nov 11 1991Clarification on access and accounting.
131.0UPROAR::THOMPSONRTue Nov 12 1991Problems Running Version 2 ACB not calling back
132.02UTROP2::HULST_HTue Nov 12 1991PR material please
133.01MINDER::SWCATue Nov 12 1991Line busy ?
134.08HKGACT::SUSANCHANWed Nov 20 1991X2.8?
135.010CECEHV::LASANCE_HWed Nov 20 1991Hangup problems on HAYES compatible MNP5 QUAD
137.03UPROAR::THOMPSONRThu Nov 21 1991Wish List For Next Version
138.02SIOG::COSGROVEThu Nov 21 1991Problem with ^O within ACB
139.015HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Nov 26 1991Problem with Racal-Vadic VI2422PA
140.07SMAC1Wed Nov 27 1991VAXserver/DECNET/ACBV2.
141.02FULMER::CLASPERCFri Nov 29 1991Can I set up a 12
142.01MINDER::SWCAMon Dec 02 1991ACB V2.
143.09BERNTue Dec 03 1991phone check problem
144.03FULMER::CLASPERCTue Dec 03 1991Lat Rejection Code 14?
145.01MINDER::SWCAThu Dec 05 1991Phone number handling?
146.09FULMER::CLASPERCThu Dec 05 1991Modem just ringing
147.06FULMER::CLASPERCFri Dec 06 1991How do I get the local> prompt
148.06BERNThu Dec 12 1991bad line in acb$uaf
149.06BERNFri Dec 13 1991limited ltas??? ;-(
150.03TROOA::BAPTIETue Dec 17 1991Missing modem definitions?
151.04MSEE::SYSTEMThu Dec 26 1991SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT, device timeout on TXA1:
152.02HKGACT::SUSANCHANFri Dec 27 1991General question from customer
153.0AUNTB::HYMESWed Jan 08 1992Accounting shows invalid Class info
154.04TROOA::BAPTIEThu Jan 09 1992ALL-IN-1 index problem
155.03MINNY::SCHUMACHERMon Jan 13 1992PC Client & ACBSETUP
156.07TROOA::BAPTIEMon Jan 13 1992/nologin_username and LAT session type
157.03KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Jan 14 1992Extended User Autentication Question
158.03ESSB::JNOLANSun Jan 26 1992DF124 with ACB V2.
159.06SIOG::CARRICKMon Feb 03 1992ACB in a LAN environment
160.01TRCOA::TROTTITue Feb 04 1992Hayes 96
161.03BERNThu Feb 06 1992cable pinouts bc23c
162.06MINDER::SWCATue Feb 11 1992Virtual Terminals
163.07MLNCSC::FERRARITue Feb 18 1992ACB 2.
164.01SUBURB::MORGANPFri Feb 21 1992Wish List
165.019BRSIS2::DEBOECK_EFri Feb 21 1992Racal Watchword generator
166.0BERNTue Feb 25 1992When is an error not an error?
167.01DARGLE::COUGHLANWed Feb 26 1992no outgoing line available
168.03MLNCSC::FERRARIThu Feb 27 1992VTLAT error message ...
169.05BIS1::DEBOECK_ETue Mar 03 1992Error during installation of the DECacb client on a PC
170.02WARDLE::REXThu Mar 05 1992V1.1 problems fixed in V2 ?
171.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Mar 06 1992Adding in additional fields???
172.01BIS1::DEBOECK_EMon Mar 09 1992ACB client does not respond
173.0WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Mar 10 1992ACB accounting information required
174.03KETJE::STAESTue Mar 10 1992Symbiont deassigns outgoing lines
175.02SUBURB::MORGANPWed Mar 11 1992Vtlat question
176.03IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENThu Mar 12 1992Callable interface ?
177.05TRUCKS::EVANS_MAFri Mar 13 1992DECserver 7
178.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Mar 16 1992VTLAT separate package?
179.0KETJE::STAESWed Mar 18 1992User Profile setup decision table?
180.02KETJE::STAESWed Mar 18 1992/AUTH with no AUTH = PHONE
181.0ULYSSE::HUMPHREYSWed Mar 18 1992ACB and OPCOM a marriage NOT made in heaven!
182.04BERNWed Mar 18 1992performance problems vtlat or lat
183.03TROOA::RITCHEThu Mar 19 1992Documentation on ACB PC Client and ACB WatchWord?
184.08KETJE::STAESThu Mar 19 1992MOTOROLA UDS v.324
186.03CRIME::BIJAOUIWed Mar 25 1992Suppressing the copyright message in ACB$MANAGER
187.012TROOA::RITCHEThu Mar 26 1992PIN Usage on ACB Client with PC Authentication
188.01IJSAPL::FLOHILThu Mar 26 1992VMS 5.5 support?
189.09TROOA::RITCHETue Mar 31 1992VTLAT, DIALUP attribute, & Security Std 11.1
190.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERMon Apr 06 1992Callback SPEED
191.01KETJE::STAESTue Apr 14 1992ACB inspector?
192.01ARRODS::HAWESJTue Apr 14 1992Problem with Tricom 1
193.04FAILTE::CLASPERCTue Apr 14 1992Secure access required
194.01MANENG::SWCATue Apr 14 1992ACB$MANAGER leaves keypad in wrong state
195.08KETJE::STAESWed Apr 15 1992ACB PC Client for MAC ?
196.02KETJE::STAESFri Apr 17 1992ACB presentation available
197.01TROOA::RITCHEFri Apr 17 1992Urgent: PC Client and Mobilizer/LAP-1 help
198.01STKHLM::HERMANSSONTue Apr 21 1992ACB returns "No outgoing line avaible"
199.03BERNThu Apr 23 1992lines disabled no reason
200.09FAILTE::CLASPERCThu Apr 23 1992Dropped line leaves users connected
201.01ATHINA::RALLISThu Apr 23 1992MODEM NOKIA 369
202.02VNABRW::VNAVSB::CHRISTALON_AThu Apr 23 1992Laptop,Notebook =>authentication
203.06BAHTAT::FRANZSun Apr 26 1992Racal VI2422-R Setup ?
204.0ATHINA::RALLISTue Apr 28 1992Still need to make this NOKIA work!
205.03MINNY::SCHUMACHERTue Apr 28 1992LAPTOP Adapters
206.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1992DEC ACB and smartcard......
207.0EEMELI::KORKKOThu May 07 1992Internal error #
208.04EEMELI::KORKKOThu May 07 1992ACB$SYMBIONT losing BYTLM --> MUTEX
209.016FAILTE::CLASPERCThu May 14 1992Communication error with ACB Symbiont Mailbox
210.03FAILTE::CLASPERCThu May 14 1992%acb-e-errinit
211.02KETJE::GEORGESMon May 18 1992<F5> key ... same as on DECserver ????
212.0KETJE::STAESTue May 19 1992Modem type -vs- modem_type
213.04KETJE::STAESTue May 19 1992How to DEBUG dial program?
214.02BRAT::WENSINGTue May 19 1992updated information ??
215.05WOTVAX::HATTOSThu May 21 1992Why does my upgrade fail?
216.04BERNFri May 22 1992Futures for ACB?
217.03SOLVIT::EARLYFri May 22 1992Need Help: New Install V1.1 VAXacb
220.05HKGACT::SUSANCHANThu Jun 04 1992Using DECserver 2
221.01ILKKA::KORKKOFri Jun 05 1992ACB V2.
222.011WOTVAX::SYSTEMSat Jun 06 1992VTLAT maximum services ?
223.0HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jun 09 1992Server mode not available
224.03FAILTE::CLASPERCTue Jun 09 1992Problem with new modems
225.05TROOA::BAPTIETue Jun 09 1992ENQLM too small?
226.02KETJE::STAESWed Jun 10 1992ACB + Digipass or SecurID anyone?
227.04UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WThu Jun 11 1992DEC ACB and licence....
228.03IJSAPL::PEURSUMMon Jun 15 1992Device protection with /LOGIN_USERNAME ?
229.02GOYA::MERINOWed Jun 17 1992Help needed with LAT rejection code 6!
230.06TROOA::BAPTIEWed Jun 17 1992Requested enhancements
231.04STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagTue Jun 23 1992Acb disconnecting while dialing back.
232.04HKGACT::SUSANCHANWed Jun 24 1992What is the chances of ACB crashing the system?
233.01CRIME::BIJAOUITue Jun 30 1992ACB V.next - Introduction
234.02TROOA::RITCHEThu Jul 02 1992Multiple AUTHENTICATIONS for a single user?
235.0UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WWed Jul 08 1992Mistal 96
236.01UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WWed Jul 08 1992Dial-out service ....
237.01TROOA::BAPTIEThu Jul 09 1992Modems answer - but don't
238.01MLNMon Jul 20 1992ACB for PC mandatory?
240.02TROOA::RITCHETue Jul 21 1992VTLAT and CONTROL O (Output Off/On)
241.02NBOFS1::SCHIMKUSTue Jul 28 1992Accounting - Bug or feature ?
242.05HXOUFri Aug 07 1992VAX ACB alternatives?
243.02TROOA::BAPTIEMon Aug 10 1992Access violation every 5 minutes
244.03TROOA::BAPTIEThu Aug 13 1992Port is not a valid terminal line
245.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MAThu Aug 13 1992DECW$BOOK files access/location
246.02MINNY::SCHUMACHERTue Aug 25 1992ACB Configuration Picture
247.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Aug 26 1992Description of ACB ...
248.013UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WThu Aug 27 1992Reporting package .........
250.04EEMELI::VESALAINENWed Sep 02 1992Does ACB V2.
251.05BONNET::BRAYTue Sep 08 1992ACB problem with DECpc 32
252.0TROOA::BAPTIETue Sep 08 1992<call back in progress> permanent
253.01MLNADFri Sep 11 1992Authentication PC problem
254.01USTICA::ANDERLINIFri Sep 11 1992Autobaud Feature
255.05KETJE::STAESTue Sep 15 1992RACAL vs Export Licensing
256.01COMPO::BatesThu Sep 17 1992Async Decnet and Decrouter 25
257.02TROOA::RITCHETue Sep 22 1992ACB PC Client algorithm specifics needed
258.02TROOA::RITCHETue Sep 22 1992DEC ACB PC Client authenticating the Server?
259.01WOTVAX::HATTOSThu Sep 24 1992How to set up DECnet on 31
260.0HKGACT::SUSANCHANSat Sep 26 1992DECserver 7
261.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIMon Sep 28 1992is it OK with only 1 modem ?
262.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIMon Sep 28 1992disconnecting a VTLAT session
263.02ZGOVWed Sep 30 1992LAT rejection code 1
264.011ZGOVThu Oct 01 1992CALLBACK via DECserver failed at modem initializattion
266.02CGOOA::KRILEYTue Oct 06 1992Current ACB Reference
267.03ATPS::MOLLOYThu Oct 08 1992Does ACB modify any VMS images?
268.01FAILTE::CLASPERCFri Oct 16 1992Is using AUTO_SELECT OK?
269.07BERNMon Oct 19 1992lines being disabled by acb
270.012CRIME::BIJAOUITue Oct 20 1992Announcing DEC ACB X2.1-
271.01DP1FS1::KLASINSKIWed Oct 21 1992CODEX 2266 and ACB 2.1 errors
272.02HGSWS1::SUSANCHANThu Oct 22 1992patch for ACB V2.
273.01SUBURB::MORGANPFri Oct 23 1992ACB PC Client knowledge in UK ?
274.02COLTue Oct 27 1992customer-support
275.015CERN::BOTHNERWed Oct 28 1992SLIP support on ACB?
276.015CRIME::BONGARTZFri Oct 30 1992ACBLOGIN - ACB V2.1 MS-DOS Client discussion
277.02BERNWed Nov 04 1992loginout=watchword
278.04CTHQ::JENIN::FRERETue Nov 10 1992Callback on DECpc 32
279.01WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Nov 17 1992ISDN Support
280.03CTHQ::JENIN::FREREWed Nov 18 1992PWD Authentication and PC Client
281.01BERNFri Nov 27 1992Windows version of PC client
282.01TROOA::IOSSIFIDISWed Dec 02 1992ACB and remote pc's
284.05WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Dec 07 1992ACB and VMS 5.5-2 ??
285.05MSAMTue Dec 08 1992ACB WATCHWORD - What is it?
286.01BERNWed Dec 09 1992v2.
287.01UTRTSC::TIELEMANThu Dec 10 1992supported cpu's ?
288.08STLSEE::STALZERFri Dec 11 1992DMCL Modem init Problem ? (scholar Plus)
289.08WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Dec 15 1992Remove Welcome from ACB ??
290.09WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Dec 21 1992WATCHWORD supported on all CPUs ?
291.07BPSOF::LENARTMon Dec 21 1992lines disabled and others...
292.03TRUCKS::MOIRTue Dec 22 1992Could ACB Authenticate on Calling Line ID
294.09BPSOF::LENARTMon Jan 04 1993DOS ACBLOGIN always sets /DIRECT
295.07BPSOF::LENARTMon Jan 04 1993DECnet ACB line over DECserver
296.06COPCLU::LARSFri Jan 08 1993Dial-back via PABC?
297.04MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Jan 14 1993/VMS_USER accepts NO DIALUP users
298.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Jan 14 1993Duplicate Phone # with /ACTUAL
299.01CTHQ::JENIN::FREREThu Jan 14 1993No reponse after Callback
300.02TROOA::RITCHEFri Jan 15 1993Callback and Call Waiting problem
301.02ISTWI1::ARIKANMon Jan 18 1993Logout on disconnect
302.01ISIDRO::POZUELOMon Jan 18 1993ACB on Alpha?
303.04CIKITA::MARCELLOThu Jan 21 1993BC23C-xx, where I can find it?
304.02STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Jan 28 1993ACB bugcheck ??
305.0BERNFri Jan 29 1993windows client ft
306.0KAOFS::S_KEITHWed Feb 03 1993Garbage during Modem Connect Sequence
307.08BERNFri Feb 12 1993detailed call accounting ?
308.04MINOTR::NOBLEMon Feb 15 1993ACB? SPD?
309.01MCCMGT::SYSTEMFri Feb 19 1993VTLAT-Problem
310.01COLTue Mar 02 1993listing of german/european modems
311.04BUSSTP::JHANNAHMon Mar 08 1993Unknown terminal type.
312.01VNABRW::POPP_RWed Mar 10 1993Release Date for Version 2.1 ?
313.011CTHQ::JENIN::FRERETue Mar 23 1993Disabled Lines shouldn't be answered
314.02BLKPUD::TREMLETTMWed Mar 24 1993PC CLIENT Software...Where is it?
315.0UTRTSC::BAARSFri Mar 26 1993BC23C-
316.012UTRTSC::BAARSFri Mar 26 1993{New} DEVICE TIMEOUT on LAT/callback/hard problem
317.05BERNMon Mar 29 1993possible security problem
318.05WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Apr 13 1993How to merge 2 databases?
319.04BLKPUD::TREMLETTMWed Apr 14 1993*HELP* ACB and HP editing problems.
320.017CRIME::BONGARTZWed Apr 28 1993ACB V2.1 authentication mechanisms, details and setup guidelines
321.02UTRTSC::BAARSThu May 06 1993MULTITECH modem problem/question ?
322.03LARVAE::RASOOL_MFri May 07 1993ACB PC Client Logging In Problem
323.0CRIME::BIJAOUIMon May 10 1993Announcing the DEC ACB V2.1 Technical Training
324.03WOTVAX::HATTOSMon May 10 1993PAK.COM is protected
325.02UFHIS::MMCCREADYMon May 10 1993Welcome message
326.08UTRTSC::BAARSTue May 11 1993ACBWin triggering problem solved, but reason = ???
327.02SLSME2::OLSCHEWSKIHTue May 11 1993MultiModemII MT1432BLK
328.01VNABRW::POPP_RWed May 12 1993ACB migrate to a POLYCENTER product ?
329.011BPSOF::LENARTThu May 13 1993WinVT/multisession ACB terminal
330.03EVOCDG::DEC_HELLASMon May 17 1993ACB-E-DENIED, access denied
331.0GVPROD::PETERMon May 17 1993DEC ACB information request
332.05HELFUN::LAAMANENTue May 18 1993WinNT version of ACB?
333.02CTHQ::FRERETue May 18 1993SmartTerm Emulator and CR/LF
334.02TRNWed May 19 1993problem with ACB
335.02BPSOF::LENARTThu May 20 1993Disabled but works? (v2.1-
336.06WOTVAX::HATTOSThu May 20 1993Usage reports by C.C. ??
337.026UPROAR::PLATTPWed May 26 1993HOw do I get a PIN or Password on login?
338.08BAHTAT::SYSTEMWed May 26 1993Problem with 2.1 .. log a QAR!
339.08UPROAR::PLATTPWed May 26 1993Where is the Windows PC client kit?
340.02FRANZC::ChristopherWed May 26 1993Preferred Class ?
341.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu May 27 1993Need a proper terminal emulator
342.01ISIDRO::AMBROSIOFri May 28 1993Directory for ACB version 2.2 kit?
343.03BPSOF::LENARTThu Jun 03 1993VTLAT does not connect to a DECserver
344.08UPROAR::PLATTPFri Jun 04 1993Lines not being disconnected.
345.02KETJE::STAESThu Jun 10 1993Async. DECnet + dial-up lines + ACB ?
346.01TROOA::BAPTIETue Jun 15 1993Challenge/response timeout increase
347.02SMAC1Wed Jun 16 1993Error reading command input
348.04UTRTSC::BAARSFri Jun 18 1993No output all on callback
349.014UPROAR::PLATTPMon Jun 21 1993Callback problem...
350.0UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WMon Jun 21 1993DEC-ACB implentation
351.05UTROP1::KOKWed Jun 23 1993Save multiple dial back numbers?
352.012SEDTU5::Glyn-DaviesFri Jun 25 1993Windows client questions
353.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WMon Jun 28 1993DEC-ACB and VAXcluster performance..
354.010TROOA::BAPTIETue Jun 29 1993Interactive session, priority=
355.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue Jul 06 1993error connecting to line LTAxxx
356.0RULLE::HOWANDERThu Jul 08 1993Timeout problems using KEAterm.
357.02NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu Jul 08 1993Can't synchronize PCE keys
358.0UTROP1::MACKNEY_JThu Jul 15 1993exit
359.010NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu Jul 15 1993Why can't PWD and PCE authentication work together
360.02UTRTSC::BAARSSat Jul 17 1993strange ACB$SYMBIONT behaviour
361.06UTRTSC::BAARSMon Jul 19 1993Any ideas somebody
362.02EVOSY3::BELLALMon Jul 19 1993terminal questions
363.0UTRTSC::BAARSMon Jul 26 1993Desired RAI-expansion + Queueing calls
364.09BERNThu Jul 29 1993disconnect on login
365.01TROOA::DARNELFri Jul 30 1993remote login gives VT control chars
366.09EBYGUM::TREMLETTMMon Aug 02 1993A different class is selected....?
367.08BERNMon Aug 02 1993acb and x29
368.01SUBURB::MORGANPMon Aug 02 1993Class problem
369.01UTRTSC::BAARSFri Aug 06 1993session MOBILIZER
370.05VELI::KORKKOMon Aug 09 1993Hangup when invoking DSM at callback connection
371.07UBOHUB::HERRING_JWed Aug 11 1993LAT device problems.
372.04IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Aug 12 1993NOSUCHS - problem with phone check?
373.08KETJE::STEUKERSFri Aug 13 1993SCAN profile wanted
374.02IJSAPL::WOODROWSat Aug 14 1993Multiple applications in one ACB session?
375.01UTRTSC::BAARSMon Aug 16 1993ACB$*_DUP , when ?
376.07QMARY::RICKW::RickThu Aug 19 1993More questions on Windows Client + MAILworks(TeamLinks)
377.015CGOOA::PDONOGHUEWed Aug 25 1993ACB from DECpc32
378.05TROOA::RITCHEWed Aug 25 1993ACB accounts and compliance with 11.1 / 211-
379.03KETJE::STAESFri Aug 27 1993ACB PC client in background mode?
380.02KIRKTN::BFJONESTue Aug 31 1993Internal error #
381.05FILTON::PACK_JWed Sep 01 1993wot no BC-23C-
382.02BERNWed Sep 01 1993Watchword gotcha
383.01KETJE::STAESThu Sep 02 1993Whislist item: CONNECT/DIAL=xxxx to select OUTGOING lines by default
384.01KETJE::STAESThu Sep 02 1993Whishlist item: modify MODEM /TRANSLATION_TABLE=xxx
385.04KETJE::STAESThu Sep 02 1993Default CALL-BACK delay?
386.06UTRTSC::BAARSThu Sep 02 1993SHOW USER + ACC problems
387.07UTRTSC::BAARSFri Sep 03 1993Wishlist topic: mult.host pool-share
388.01UTRTSC::BAARSMon Sep 06 1993? Accounting bambino problemito ?
389.09UTRTSC::BAARSMon Sep 06 1993ACB$TS_DELAY influence ?
390.04FAILTE::CLASPERCMon Sep 06 1993Watchword Problems - asking for phone no
391.02UTRTSC::BAARSFri Sep 10 1993How to reset invalid logins
392.02KURTAN::TORLINDFri Sep 10 1993ACB and Personal Use License
393.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WFri Sep 10 1993VTSLIP support....
394.04FAILTE::CLASPERCMon Sep 13 1993How do I get ACB to call back @ 96
395.013UTRTSC::BAARSMon Sep 13 1993ACBWin - device problems
396.01UTRTSC::BAARSMon Sep 13 1993Symbiont won't start
397.03UTRTSC::BAARSTue Sep 14 19932 ACB-line questions
398.01SUBURB::JASPERTWed Sep 15 1993What do I buy ?
399.0CRIME::BIJAOUIThu Sep 16 1993Example of cost definition in DEC ACB V2.1
400.04SUBURB::MORGANPThu Sep 16 1993Dialin problem
401.07UBOHUB::HERRING_JThu Sep 16 1993Archive Accounting Data
402.01UBOHUB::HERRING_JFri Sep 17 1993Billing Confirmed??
403.01MLNTue Sep 21 1993foreign terminal server?
405.03UTRTSC::BAARSFri Sep 24 1993Switching to ACBWin -> mouse hang ?
406.04UTRTSC::TIELEMANMon Sep 27 1993it takes a longtime before ctrl-c is processed
407.02EBYGUM::BAILEYPTue Sep 28 1993Infuriating problem with Deleting a Line
408.01GVAWed Sep 29 1993Hummm ... can't change Modem Profile?
409.01KETJE::STAESWed Sep 29 1993DECacb for OpenVMS on AXP?
411.09TROOA::RITCHEMon Oct 04 1993ACB and DECinspect Compliance
412.01UTRTSC::TIELEMANThu Oct 07 1993How does ACB decide which outgoing line to use
413.04UBOHUB::HERRING_JThu Oct 07 1993Can ACB$UAF be modified
414.02UBOHUB::HERRING_JThu Oct 07 1993ACB System Tuning
415.01UTRTSC::BAARSWed Oct 13 1993ACBInit() phone_check problem
416.01KETJE::STAESThu Oct 14 1993Re-directing ACB$SYMBIONT.LOG
417.03UTRTSC::BAARSFri Oct 15 1993BUG?!? found in ACB$CI_SHR - acb_uaf_open (......)
418.06UTRTSC::BAARSFri Oct 15 1993LAT connect question about ACB$SYMBIONT
419.04UTRTSC::BAARSMon Oct 18 1993New security problem suspected
420.02KETJE::STAESTue Oct 19 1993Device timeout again
421.0UTRTSC::BAARSTue Oct 19 1993Documentation fault at acb_uaf_read_grant() example
422.03BLKPUD::ROWEMFri Oct 22 1993HOW TO CHANGE PWD password?
423.09CRIME::BIJAOUIMon Oct 25 1993Announcing ACB-V22 conference...
424.02UTRTSC::BAARSTue Oct 26 1993UTIL: Synchr. DECserverline failover
425.07UTRTSC::BAARSTue Oct 26 1993UTIL: pager calls & accounting CONN/DIAL
426.06BLKPUD::SHUGHESWed Oct 27 1993lines not being dropped
427.04TROOA::BAPTIEThu Oct 28 1993Cannot re-enable some lines
428.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Oct 28 1993V2.1 on VMS V5.4-2?
429.07ZGOVFri Oct 29 1993Unknown Terminal Type
431.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Nov 04 1993ACB with ISDN/eXcursion/DECnet?
433.03KAOAFri Nov 05 1993Reset PCE key to null?
434.03ALPHY::ROBERTSTue Nov 09 1993USERNAME field in Accounting Records for Interactive Events - What should it contain
435.05BERNThu Nov 11 1993PC Client problems
436.01HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Nov 19 1993Few simple queries
437.02ONOIS1::GAIRNSMon Nov 22 1993Can a user select ACB dynamically
439.04UTRTSC::BAARSThu Nov 25 1993Strange symbiont problem
440.04SHIPS::NEAL_DSun Nov 28 1993ACB windows client, Host service name requestor
442.01BLKPUD::SHUGHESMon Dec 06 1993lat reject code 4
443.05MTITAN::FREWINThu Dec 09 1993ACB breaks with VMS Security Patch
444.013TROOA::RITCHEThu Dec 09 1993PC Client V2.1 and PC hang/loop problems
445.01SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Dec 13 1993Porgramming for MS-Windows client
446.06KAOAWed Dec 15 1993Getting Callback on a Direct Dial
448.01FAILTE::CLASPERCThu Dec 16 1993No outgoing lines available - there is!
450.01KERNEL::BINGHAMKMon Dec 20 1993ACB V2 supported on VMS V6.
451.06KERNEL::MEGARITYTue Dec 21 1993Any reconfiguring to be done after 2.1 upgrade ?
452.011TROOA::VANDYKThu Dec 23 1993What does ACB stand for???
453.01EEMELI::SRYYNANENMon Jan 03 1994ACB V2.1 and ACMS
454.04OSITEL::POLZINWed Jan 12 1994Callback setup for travellers
455.04TROOA::SHEIKHWed Jan 12 1994Record Layout for the Binary Accounting Report
456.05TROOA::RITCHEMon Jan 17 1994ACBLOGIN (DOS) and ACBWIN profile compatibility?
457.07BONNET::HYGONNETWed Jan 19 1994Busy status when it shoudnt
459.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WFri Jan 21 1994MOD command bug ???
460.0MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Jan 26 1994Kermit with PC Client somewhere?
461.04BERNWed Jan 26 1994callback message change
462.04NYOSTue Feb 01 1994ACB with PC X Server and telnet
463.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WWed Feb 02 1994DEC-ACB and EUROSEC - EXARC procedure..
464.03SUBURB::MORGANPFri Feb 04 1994Decserver signals
465.02PASTIS::MONAHANTue Feb 08 1994PASSALL characteristic left on a new connection.
466.07EWBVTue Feb 08 1994How many pabx I can define?
467.0EWBVWed Feb 09 1994wish list (vtlat)
468.02CLARID::GACHOTFri Feb 11 1994DEC ACB Windows client DECnet/Asynchrone
469.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYFri Feb 11 1994Password Echoed on terminal
470.01BIS1::HUCFri Feb 11 1994audit.log decnet$server
472.01NWGEDU::MACKNEYMon Feb 14 1994Why two callback parameters
473.07TKTVFS::SHINOSAKITue Feb 15 1994acb login failure
474.08BASLG1::GORDONWed Feb 16 1994Can ACB share modems with SET HOST/DTE?
475.01TROOA::ENGFri Feb 18 1994ACBv2.1 and X29
476.06CLARID::GACHOTMon Feb 21 1994line is hanging ..!
477.03EWBVTue Feb 22 1994$acbdef, conflict with vms
478.01TROOA::SHEIKHMon Feb 28 1994Problem experienced with Accounting file Archiver
479.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WWed Mar 02 1994Update line speed parameter ..
480.04COMICS::BUTTThu Mar 03 1994exit
481.06TROOA::GREENALLThu Mar 03 1994Disabling lines again
482.0TROOA::GREENALLThu Mar 03 1994DTRwait and ring
483.010TROOA::GREENALLThu Mar 03 1994phantom users
484.05TROOA::GREENALLThu Mar 03 1994Request for next version
485.02TROOA::ENGTue Mar 08 1994Is user disabled automatically?
486.04BACHUS::FOLENSWed Mar 09 1994What's the use of the PIN-code?
487.02UTRTSC::BAARSThu Mar 10 1994Problem with pseudo device
488.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GWed Mar 16 1994MAILworks connect for TeamLinks
489.02UBOHUB::HERRING_JWed Mar 16 1994Not seeing Carrier drop??
490.02UTRTSC::BAARSTue Mar 22 1994VTLAT question
491.01CLARID::GACHOTThu Mar 24 1994Starnge Error Message !
492.06VELI::KORKKOFri Mar 25 1994Line drops immediately after succesfull callback before user is able to login
493.02KAOAFri Mar 25 1994DECserver 7
495.01KETJE::STEUKERSWed Apr 06 1994Lowest cost ACB configuration supported?
496.01STKHLM::SWE2Fri Apr 08 1994ACB and Education
497.09UTRTSC::BAARSMon Apr 11 1994ACB on DECnet-OSI anyone ?
498.02UTRTSC::BAARSTue Apr 12 1994HELP, %ACB-.-NOFREEL for no reason I can understand
499.05TRFSV3::WALTERTue Apr 12 1994MULDEALNPAG bugcheck during ACB shutdown and STOP/ID
501.03UTRTSC::BAARSWed Apr 20 1994Can't get session image to work ???
502.02UIST::KAKAVThu Apr 21 1994Problem using Philips modem
503.05STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagFri Apr 22 1994Async decnet on txa port, netacp takes 7
504.02CRIME::BIJAOUIMon May 02 1994Announcing DEC ACB X2.2-
505.0UTRTSC::BAARSTue May 03 1994DECpc466Dx2-LP* & 'hangs' {Reflection}
506.011KETJE::GEORGESTue May 03 1994VTLAT logical names
508.0BERNTue May 03 1994class problem
509.03UTRTSC::BAARSTue May 03 1994ACBInit() selects INCOMING ONLY line ???
510.05KAOAWed May 04 1994Text not echoing to client
511.016CRIME::BIJAOUIThu May 05 1994DEC ACB on Digital's Internet WWW
512.06DRAC::DSMAILMon May 09 1994Problems with /DOS_COMMAND for DECnet Async.
513.0TROOA::ENGMon May 09 1994DF124 Plus unable to initialize
514.02TEVIOT::4213Thu May 12 1994Mobile Phone/Celluar Network and ACB
515.01SUBURB::MORGANPFri May 13 1994vtlat question
516.03DRAC::DSMAILMon May 16 1994Questions about ACB V2.2 (FALCON)
518.02COMICS::GLEDHILLWed May 18 1994Altering the dial back speed.
519.04UTRTSC::BAARSFri May 20 1994*URGENT* MULTITECH 932* known good inistring string please?
521.01UTRTSC::BAARSThu May 26 1994ACB V2.1 & LAT problems after upgrade.
522.03KETJE::GEORGESMon May 30 1994ACB configurations reference database
523.03SBPEXE::SMITHThu Jun 02 1994ACBWin/Keaterm wait for callback...
524.05UTRTSC::GROOT_RWed Jun 08 1994MAX number of VTLAT users on one system
525.03UTRTSC::BAARSThu Jun 09 1994Billing reports DIRECT ACCESS
526.05BERNThu Jun 09 1994accounting errors
527.05PASTIS::MONAHANSun Jun 12 1994Saving some useless call-backs.
528.015WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVMon Jun 20 1994Connection hanging
529.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WTue Jun 21 1994DEC-ACB and our PO databases..
530.01BERNWed Jun 22 1994ww & OSF
531.06ZURFri Jun 24 1994No LAT DECterm connection (VXT2
532.0UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WThu Jun 30 1994Feedback from the field wanted by Corp Telecom..
533.01EEMELI::PAKKANENFri Jul 01 1994ACB and DECmcc event logging
534.04COMICS::VWed Jul 06 1994Explanation of the ACB$SYMBIONT account's privileges
535.010DELBOY::SYSTEMThu Jul 07 199424 modems but only 6 users connected.. help
536.0WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVMon Jul 11 19942.2 availability
537.03UTRTSC::VELZENMon Jul 25 1994V2.1 Line allocation algoritme ?
538.04WOTVAX::STUS::Stuart_HattoFri Jul 29 1994V2.2-
539.03DNEAST::CAHALL_KATHIFri Jul 29 1994not calling back
540.02NGYOSC::NETMGRTue Aug 02 1994can't read ACB configuration
541.0UTRTSC::BAARSTue Aug 02 1994Announcing expanded generic dialer functionality
542.02MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONMon Aug 08 1994Callback problem: Data set hangup.
543.08MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONWed Aug 10 1994Can't start ACB$SYMBIONT!
544.01FILTON::FARROW_SMITHThu Aug 11 1994DECacb on Openvms AXP WHEN!!!!
545.03ULYSSE::ZITTATue Aug 16 1994One WATCHWORD ,two SYSTEMS ?
546.09MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONThu Aug 18 1994Authentication or Symbiont problem
547.04ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Aug 19 1994Sharing lines
548.04UTRTSC::BAARSMon Aug 22 1994Pls add your view on sharing lines !?!
549.07ULYSSE::ZITTAMon Aug 22 1994ACB systems merge
550.02BERNWed Aug 24 1994V2.2 and Phase V support ?
551.02WOTVAX::STUS::Stuart_HattoThu Aug 25 1994Problem with ACB and Pathworks Conferencing
552.012MOSCOW::JOUVINFri Aug 26 1994Problem at callback time
553.02UTRTSC::BAARSSat Aug 27 1994HINT:how to mult. loop-read sequentially
554.02PASTIS::MONAHANMon Aug 29 1994Architecting for small systems?
555.02MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Aug 30 1994ACB users management
556.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Sep 05 1994acb and gateways?
557.02MOSCOW::JOUVINThu Sep 08 1994Suggestions for the future... if any
558.09UTRTSC::BAARSTue Sep 13 1994RNF on ACBMAN> SHOW ...
559.011MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONThu Sep 15 1994ACBWIN22-
560.06BOHIO::JRIVERAMon Sep 26 1994In Need of Help Urgent !!!
561.07WOTVAX::641Wed Sep 28 1994Long distance problem!
562.01WOTVAX::PCTue Oct 04 1994ACB on ALPHA Open VMS?
563.01MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONThu Oct 06 1994DECNET session
564.07HBFDT1::KUHNTue Oct 11 1994ACB/VTLAT flow control
565.02BOHIO::JRIVERAThu Oct 13 1994user procedure for dialing out.....
566.04BRSOPI::STAESWed Oct 19 1994Modem Control
567.01ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNMon Oct 24 1994ACB X29 access and Authetification ?
568.010RDGE44::SYMONDSKMon Oct 24 1994Allocate user to fixed line/modem line
569.02STKHLM::SNIKPC::cederhagMon Oct 24 1994Trouble getting Philips Keymax modem running
570.01ZGOMIF::HWLEEFri Oct 28 1994Compatibility with new high speed modem (v.34)
571.04KNUT2::THIELFri Oct 28 1994Problems with TELNET access to OSF/1 systems
572.03ROMMon Oct 31 1994Line Disable and No Loginout
573.03POLAR::HUTCHTue Nov 01 1994Event monitoring questions (with mcc)
574.09SHIPS::NEAL_DWed Nov 02 1994Corrupt acb$uaf.dat
575.02ZGOVFri Nov 04 1994high speed modems for ACB
576.01KNUT2::THIELFri Nov 04 1994validity of older ACB PAKs with V2.2?
577.06LUXMon Nov 07 1994ACB PC authentification algorithm. How does it work?
578.06ROMMon Nov 07 1994ACB and asyncrounos DECnet
579.02UTRTSC::BAARSTue Nov 08 1994Reporting problem ACB V2.2-
580.02UTRTSC::BAARSTue Nov 08 1994Reporting question : How to generate report from DCL
581.04UTRTSC::BAARSTue Nov 08 1994PC-client V2.2, how to specify PIN at command-level
582.03UTRTSC::BAARSTue Nov 15 1994V2.2 upgrade ACB$UAF convert problem
583.02TROOA::RITCHEWed Nov 16 1994Windows for Workgroups and ACB 2.2 Windows Client
584.010ZGOVMon Nov 21 1994DPI READ :[ Read failed,...]
585.03UTRTSC::BAARSWed Nov 23 1994V2.2 AXP ACB -> LAT problem ???
586.04GOYA::JOSEFMon Nov 28 1994Some questions...
587.06ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Dec 08 1994ACB V2.2 comments
588.09VARDAF::CHURCHWed Dec 21 1994ACB cookbook?
589.01BIS5Thu Dec 22 19942.1-2.2 interoperation
590.05UTRTSC::BAARSTue Dec 27 1994What are/where your nastiest problems with DECacb ?
591.018ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Dec 28 1994How /CLASS works ?
592.01UTRTSC::BAARSMon Jan 02 1995How to get a trace-logfile with V2.2 Windows PC-client
593.03SIOG::DPISWed Jan 11 1995Problem with DEC ACB V2.
594.010UTRTSC::BAARSTue Jan 17 1995DOS-client problems hanging-up before connect.
595.04FRSBOG::MGRUENWALDWed Jan 18 1995Wrong node does authorization check.
596.02KERNEL::BOWENSThu Jan 19 1995ACB not calling back on 1st try
597.01FILTON::NOYLE_RSat Jan 21 1995USRobotics modem problems
598.018GVATue Jan 24 1995acb v2.2 menu problems
599.06KETJE::STEUKERSFri Feb 03 1995ACB$SYMBIONT mort subite
600.01MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Feb 07 1995Init string pb if % is used
601.01KETJE::STEUKERSTue Feb 07 1995Connect once and switch between ACB session types?
602.07FAILTE::42Fri Feb 10 1995multitech pcmcia card problems
603.02FAILTE::42Mon Feb 13 1995PCMCIA card won't dial out
604.07SIOG::DPISWed Feb 15 1995Problem with ACB 2.1 PC client on AST Notebook
605.06UTRTSC::BAARSThu Feb 16 1995Problem ACB V2.2 on VMS 5.5
606.06FAILTE::42Thu Feb 16 1995acb$dial.err why am I getting them
607.01UTRTSC::BAARSTue Feb 21 1995LGI_CALLOUTS problems
608.01DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Feb 21 1995BULK NUMBER CHANGE - PROCEDURE
609.01BERNFri Feb 24 1995doc or feature problem??
610.04KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Mar 01 1995disable flag on acb account
611.02ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Mar 02 1995ACC/ACCOUNT= problem
613.0CGOOA::OWONGSun Mar 05 1995Expiring LOP PAKs available?
615.03BRADEC::BOJTOSMon Mar 06 1995Modem related problems with ACB PC client
616.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WTue Mar 14 1995Adapter for RJ45 ports...
617.0CRIME::BONGARTZThu Mar 16 1995Goodbye...
619.05UTRTSC::BAARSFri Mar 17 1995ACCVIO on MAIL using acb lgi_callout
620.01IJSAPL::ROLINGThu Mar 23 1995ACB and NETRider aka Network Access Software
621.02KETJE::GALLOYSat Mar 25 1995Automatic hangup when exiting Teamlinks 2.1 ?
622.02ISIDRO::AMBROSIOTue Mar 28 1995X29 access over X28 PAD and Racal security
623.01GVATue Mar 28 1995ACB / request from external customer
624.03KETJE::GALLOYMon Apr 03 1995Bad Fonts in lower case ?
625.02BRSOPI::STAESWed Apr 05 1995SHOW USER /ACCOUNT is broken in 2.2-
626.06ZGOVTue Apr 11 1995USRobotics modem problems
627.02SWING::WALSHMon Apr 24 1995VTLAT to the service running VTLAT
628.019UTRTSC::BAARSFri Apr 28 1995PPP through VTLAT -> works fine !
629.05KETJE::STAESFri Apr 28 1995Modem INIT out of sequence
630.03GTJAIL::MARTINTue May 02 1995ACB$BILLING %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation
631.02VARDAF::CHURCHWed May 03 1995IMPORTANT: ensure CAPTIVE flag is set on ACB$SYMBIONT account
632.02VNABRW::63532::MEZERA_HFri May 05 1995How to avoid Dialer time out V2.2-
633.08UBOHUB::HERRING_JMon May 15 1995??SLIP / ACB / UCX FT3.3 Possible??
634.07TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed May 17 1995line busy when dial outgoing phone
635.03VARDAF::CHURCHFri May 19 1995CSCpatch for LAT based problems on VMS V5.5-2
636.0TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon May 22 1995Taiwn MCS engineer
637.01ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNWed May 24 1995CTI broker &acb v2.2 & DECnet/OSI?
638.03XSTACY::MTOBINWed May 31 1995ACBwin DLL
639.01KERNEL::MCGILLMMon Jun 05 1995SYSVERMIS after upgrade to VMS V6.1
640.03ZGOVTue Jun 13 1995ppp setup problem in ultrix (vax)
641.01ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Jun 15 1995CLASS on CLIENT working ?
642.01BIS7::BRYANTONFri Jun 16 1995DECstep V6 migration
643.01ZURWed Jun 21 1995Callable ACB and Accounting Questions
644.07BRSOPI::STAESMon Jun 26 1995ACB and PPP documentation for customers?
645.05GTJAIL::MARTINWed Jul 05 1995Problem with 'Callback policy set to Highest Speed'
646.02WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Jul 06 1995RADIUS Information sought.
647.04BIS5Wed Jul 19 1995Problem deleting line
648.04UTRTSC::BAARSSun Jul 23 1995High speed problem DECserver[s]
649.05KERNEL::DAVIDCTue Jul 25 1995ACB on AXP VMS 6.2
650.05OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Aug 21 1995hiding acb from user
651.03BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Aug 22 1995ACB V2.2 on AXP problems
652.08WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Aug 23 1995Telnet and File Transfer
654.03BACHUS::ROELANDTSWed Aug 23 1995ACB port stays in Xoff = Yes
655.015FAILTE::KAKAVTue Aug 29 1995DECserver 9
657.05KERNEL::BOWENSWed Sep 06 1995ACB Versions and Compatibility?
658.01COLTue Sep 12 1995Is there a new presentation there ?
659.01COMICS::BARLOWDThu Sep 14 1995ERRCOMMBX resurfaces
660.01YUPPY::GAURTue Sep 26 1995Supported SecurID cards?
661.0+8KETJE::GEORGESMon Oct 09 1995PPP - ACB solution
662.0EVOAFri Oct 27 1995 %ACB-E-ERRCOMMBX with 2.2
663.04HLNET1::JELINKThu Nov 02 1995User ends up in sys$manager
664.02COMICS::ROOMEFri Nov 17 1995Billing report ACCVIO
665.01WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::LizFri Nov 24 1995multisesssion using Telnet
666.0KERNEL::REESJAFri Dec 01 1995ACB v2.1 number length?
667.0XSTACY::MTOBINWed Dec 06 1995silent PC client installation
668.02WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::TODDMon Dec 11 1995Telnet option in ACB for windows adds characters
669.03MSAPC1::MONGKIATue Dec 19 1995ACB doesn't call back, NOSUCHPGM
670.0COMICS::GLEDHILLMon Jan 01 1996vtlat hang on input characters.
672.0BIS5Tue Jan 23 1996%SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, process quota exceeded
673.0NETRIX::"darnaud@sutra.enet.dec.com"Wed Jan 24 1996Configuring PATHWORKS V6.
674.01WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddWed Jan 24 1996General Protection fault
675.03KERNEL::FREKESTue Jan 30 1996ACB not starting authentication process
676.08CHEFS::MORGANPWed Feb 14 1996remote authentication failed
677.01NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Thu Feb 15 1996Is the Decserver9
678.01TKTVFS::SHINOSAKISun Feb 25 1996Inactivity timer ctrl
679.03ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Feb 28 1996%LOGIN-F-EVADE, break-in evasion in effect
680.08COPCLU::HERP_JThu Feb 29 1996ACB version for Windows NT 3.51
681.01NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Fri Mar 01 1996Modme line going through a Private PABX
682.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHThu Mar 14 1996Callback to EXTENSION phone number
683.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAFri Mar 15 1996/service not connecting user to particular node
684.0SMURKY::MATTHEWThu Mar 21 1996DECmcc events and Netview
685.0STKAI1::exten.soo.dec.com::ANONYMOUS%Wed Mar 27 1996Acb and Slip session callback on occupied line
686.0TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon Apr 01 1996callback and no active more
687.0MLNCSC::MOCELLINThu Apr 04 1996Help with ACB windows client
688.01ZURThu Apr 11 1996VAX/VMS V7.
689.0ALFAM7::URBANFri May 10 1996callback/DECserver/modem reset/DTR
690.0CURRNT::WAVES_LDRTue May 14 1996Dataflex PC Comms Office Modem
691.0ULYSSE::ZITTAMon Jun 10 1996RAI server questions
692.01WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddTue Jun 11 1996Reporting from new install and merged uaf.dat files
693.0TAVIS::BOAZSun Jun 16 1996communication error with the ACB symbiont mailbox
694.01GENIE::FUCHSWed Jul 10 1996pulse dialing
695.01HAN::ULRICHMon Jul 22 1996SLIP via ACB problem
696.01GYMAC::NETSERVICETue Jul 30 1996disable of outgoing calls
697.02COMICS::SUMNERCFri Aug 09 1996ACB$SYMBIONT_V55 ?
698.02KERNEL::FREKESWed Aug 14 1996Upgrading from V2.
699.01NETRIX::"dieter.fuchs@rto.mts.dec.com"Fri Aug 16 1996account limit
700.03XSTACY::MTOBINMon Aug 19 1996ACB V2.2-
701.01RULLE::LINDSTROM_SWed Aug 28 1996ACBU1
702.03NETRIX::"Dieter.Fuchs@rto.mts.dec.com"Mon Oct 28 1996Class problem
703.0COMICS::SUMNERCWed Oct 30 1996Which license PAK for ACB ?
703.01ROMTue Nov 19 1996ACB on OpenVMS 7.
704.01AEOENG::SYSTEMThu Dec 12 1996AXP 7.1 (FT) and ACB 2.2
705.0+1ANNECY::BESSEASMon Dec 30 1996DUAL on a DS2
706.0 *COMICS::SUMNERCTue Mar 04 1997How to download/copy files from remote host.
707.0 *+1CSC32::MEREOSTue Mar 11 1997ACB Year 2
708.0 *+1HANAXP::HANOCHTue May 06 1997acb$uaf.dat corruption
709.0 *+1KERNEL::GRIFFITHSJFri May 23 1997error setting delay: invalid argument
710.0 *NNTPD::"QuanRichard@mail.dec.com"Tue Jun 03 1997DEC ACB for OpenVMS AXP