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Conference marvin::open_systems_interconnection

Title:Open Systems Interconnection
Notice:New Participants, please read #1.0
Created:Thu Jan 28 1988
Last Modified:Sun Apr 02 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:742
Total number of notes:2911
Number with bodies:0
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1.01LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 28 1988Welcome to the OSI Conference
1.0LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 28 1988Welcome to the OSI Conference
2.0LESLIE::LESLIETue Aug 30 1988Guidelines on problem reporting mechanisms
3.0LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 28 1988Related Conferences
3.011LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 28 1988Related Conferences
4.0MARVIN::SEEGOBINThu Jan 28 1988What is OSI?
5.02MARVIN::SEEGOBINThu Jan 28 1988What is VOTS?
6.02MARVIN::SEEGOBINThu Jan 28 1988What is OSAK?
7.012PRSNRD::AJZENBERGFri Sep 05 1986OSAK's adressing rules
8.016GYPSC1::WSEITZThu Oct 02 1986Transport class 3
10.011BRSCAD::DEMOORTue May 05 1987VOTS and PVC's
11.08LESLIE::LESLIETue Jul 26 1988OSI Training - Updated
12.0BISTRO::KELLEHERFri Jan 15 1988Son of COSINET
13.021MINDER::WRIGHTTue Mar 24 1987ICL OSLAN: problems with different Source and Dest LSAPS
14.03MUNICH::KLOEPPERWed Jan 27 1988local-ACK / credit ... VOTS V1.2
15.06BREAKR::UDICKFri Jan 29 1988Can we support this Protocol Suite
16.0CESARE::GORRINOMon Feb 01 1988VOTS and Siemens OSI software
17.09HAMPS::KIDDIERTue Feb 02 1988Honeywell
18.01DCC::BABBRATue Feb 02 1988SESSION - protocols
19.03HSKMon Feb 08 1988How many sessions on 8
20.01UTOPIE::ANDREASTue Feb 09 1988Info for Dr.Enslow from GIT ?
21.02ZUDEV2::BRUNNERThu Feb 11 1988'VOTS' for RSX ?
22.03NEWVAX::WDUNCANThu Feb 11 1988CALLING DTE & validation
23.04ROMThu Feb 18 1988OSI5'88?
24.02BERNMon Feb 22 1988VOTS multiplex./splitt. CASE, VT and JTM
25.01LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Feb 23 1988End-Node OSI?
26.02ENUF::GASSMANTue Feb 23 1988MAP Network Management for OSI
27.03PSTJTT::TABERWed Feb 24 1988OSI reference documents/ bibliography
28.04CAFEIN::BIRNBAUMThu Feb 25 1988Conformance Test Tools
29.0OKYAH::DUNOYERFri Feb 26 1988STANAGS info required please
30.02BERNMon Feb 29 1988OSIRIDE?
31.01OKYAH::DUNOYERTue Mar 01 1988OSAK and VOTS Performance Guidelines
32.02IND::CLARKETue Mar 01 1988OSI Event in June?
33.01JULIET::KOOPUS_JOWed Mar 02 1988tcp to osi
34.06MAMTS7::JZITELMANWed Mar 09 1988Is VAX P.S.I. a pre-requisite for VAX MRX?
35.014BERNThu Mar 10 1988definition of connectionless/connection-oriented
36.0HSKMon Mar 14 1988Pascal example wanted!
37.012SUOSW2::HARDTTue Mar 15 1988Coexistence of VOTS and DECnet ?
38.02ROMWed Mar 16 1988CCITT X225 / OSAK differences
39.01TOOHOT::RWILSONWed Mar 16 1988FTAM Questions
41.04SUOSW2::GUTHThu Mar 17 1988problem with vots and a third party implementation
42.04ROMThu Mar 17 1988 Conformance testing in Europe
43.08PANIC::BLACKWELLFri Mar 18 1988User Data via VOTS/MRX?
44.01BERNMon Mar 21 1988NCR X.4
45.0ROMTue Mar 22 1988IBM at telecom, what??
46.013MINDER::NEWELLThu Mar 24 1988Conformance testing - NCC - PICS ?
47.01PETALE::DENISMon Mar 28 1988VOTS versus X.224 ?
48.03TKOV51::TATSUKAWAMon Mar 28 1988Anyone konowa RETIX ?
50.02KERNEL::RWATSONWed Mar 30 1988European Standards Bodies...
51.03TEASE::COLEWed Mar 30 1988OSI support under ULTRIX ??
52.04973::ROSENBAUMTue Apr 05 1988Demise of OSI
53.07JETSAM::CROSSENSat Apr 09 1988What is X.5
54.010SNOCTue Apr 12 1988OSI Internet Protocol
55.02CIMNET::KEEGANWed Apr 13 1988Are 8473 subsets required for conformance?
56.01TRCOThu Apr 14 1988IBM OSI and X.4
57.0OSI::HARPERMon Apr 18 1988Correspondence between ISO and CCITT '88 standards
59.043156::HARPERMon Apr 18 1988CCITT Recommendations for 1988 (Blue Book)
60.01TKOV6Fri Apr 22 1988Please SSAP in AC-SPDU
61.010UBEAUT::BIGNOUXWed Apr 27 1988VOTS - dual Ethernet on one VAX
62.0ZPOVWed Apr 27 1988vax2hinet interconnect
65.02HYEND::RLEESat Apr 30 19885/19/88 Talk: John Day on OSI/Cambridge MA
66.01TENERE::VALETMon May 02 1988European Profiles
68.01MANFri May 06 1988VOTS Docu available on ne?
69.06SRFSUP::MCCARTHYWed May 11 1988What's X12 aka EDI ?
70.02ZPOVFri May 13 1988DEC Terminals To UNNISYS Host
71.0TRCOFri May 13 1988Cdn govt COSAC released (=GOSIP)
72.0MARVIN::WALTERTue May 17 1988More "open" system?
73.05BERNWed May 18 1988will ROSE be available?
74.01BRSIS5::VANLAERThu May 19 1988seeking info about EUROSINET
75.05HSKFri May 20 1988How credits are set
76.01DUBTue May 24 1988IBM/NIXDORF X.4
77.01CESARE::GORRINOThu May 26 1988an OSIACP problem
78.01HPSVAX::WETMOREFri May 27 1988HP OSI model in microcode
79.03BERNTue May 31 1988what is S.61
80.0MINDER::SHEATue May 31 1988BS45
82.01NSGTue Jun 07 1988CCITT vs. ISO spec's
83.03PANIC::JASPERWed Jun 08 1988Server protocols, RPC, SQL
84.03TAVIS::MAYERThu Jun 09 1988Run-time only VOTS
85.06GLDOA::BOUNDFri Jun 10 1988What is 8
86.06KETJE::CALLEWAERTTue Jun 14 1988WANG's FTAM and X.4
87.01KOALA::NEUMANNThu Jun 16 1988Need a copy of X.413
88.01SLIST2::TATUMFri Jun 17 1988OSI/TCP Gateway Public Domain?
89.03TELALL::CRONINWed Jun 22 1988EDI & X.4
90.0JANUS::BHARRISMon Jun 27 1988I thought it was CUSTOMERS who couldn't even spell ..
91.04IAMOK::DEVIVOFri Jul 01 1988New OSI booklet
92.01BERNSat Jul 09 1988Thanks for the OSI conference
93.02LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Jul 11 1988MEDIX anyone?
94.04BERNThu Jul 14 1988FTAM notes-conference
95.05PRSNRD::AJZENBERGTue Jul 19 1988FTAM documentation
96.01OFFHK::HENDRYThu Jul 21 1988Transport layer protocols
97.02SUPFri Jul 22 1988VOTS incoming addressing without TSAP ?
99.07BERNMon Jul 25 1988which standards will implemeted?
100.012SHIRE::ZWAHLENTue Jul 26 1988VOTS/IEEE 8
101.04DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Jul 29 1988Will OSI _replace_ or _supplement_ other nets?
102.05NAAD::SPENCERWed Aug 03 1988VAX OSI conformance to Retix
103.02UTROP1::LEERKAMPMon Aug 08 1988A product like PSI for ULTRIX?
104.01BERNMon Aug 08 1988RET versus PCT
105.05WELSWS::WARBURTONWed Aug 10 19883
106.0THEBAY::SHARPThu Aug 11 1988OSI testing DANET(?)
107.0MARVIN::BUTLERFri Aug 12 1988Comments from EurOSInet
108.01MALLET::BRIGGSMon Aug 15 1988TCP/IP to OSI?
109.04UTOPIE::ANDREASTue Aug 16 1988X.5
111.015SUPTue Aug 30 1988VOTS and inbound IEEE multicast CRs ?
112.02GSPMO::BRADACHWed Sep 07 1988VOTS_OSAK Ada Support????
113.012NCVAX1::PANOSIANThu Sep 08 1988GOSIP Info. Needed
114.011PRSNRD::AJZENBERGMon Sep 12 1988VMS_V5 with VOTS and OSAK
115.02PRSNRD::AJZENBERGTue Sep 13 1988OSAK+VOTS and Multiprocessing
116.02GRANMA::SSTUARTTue Sep 13 1988ISO Approval Steps info wanted
117.05UTOPIE::ANDREASWed Sep 14 1988Recomm. for OSI news service ?
118.03MDVAX1::LANGEFri Sep 16 1988FTAM interoperablity testing??
119.07KYOA::MENNERFri Sep 16 1988Subsequence Parmeter?
120.04UPSAR::THOMASWed Sep 21 1988DTS/DTR for DECnet & VOTS
121.03EVOAI1::SZMULEWICZThu Sep 22 1988future of applications developped above VOTS
122.03LEMAN::PRALONGThu Sep 22 1988Application interface to layer 4 ?"
123.01COGMK::SILVAThu Sep 22 1988VOTS address
124.02BERNFri Sep 23 1988Does OSAK support T.62
125.0MARVIN::SILVERMANFri Sep 23 1988DIGITAL and OSI - Does anyone know?
126.02CAADC::GREGORYFri Sep 23 1988"Significant" overhead for P.S.I.?
127.01PADIS1::VERNIERMon Sep 26 1988vots versus ehkp protocol
128.04SWAPS::LIBERTINITue Sep 27 1988What is X.75 ?
129.08BERNFri Sep 30 1988transfer syntax,presentat.context,DCS
130.0DOOZER::RADFORDMon Oct 10 1988A Nordik Folktale ?
131.0CESARE::SITZIAThu Oct 13 1988VOTS V2.
132.05CESARE::SITZIAFri Oct 14 1988VOTS V2.
133.06PRSNRD::AJZENBERGMon Oct 17 1988OSAK V1.1 Update notes
134.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Oct 19 1988OMNICOM's OSI Conference
135.03COPCLU::GREGFri Oct 21 1988Request for SPD's
136.07CAFEIN::CHANMon Oct 24 1988DEC software for VT ?
137.07KAOSTue Oct 25 1988Incorrect DCL label in OSIT$CONFIG.COM
138.03CAFEIN::CHANTue Oct 25 19888
139.02EVOAI1::ROUX_PWed Oct 26 1988Migrating VOTS customers
140.01HGOVC::ANTHONYKOMon Oct 31 1988FTAM V1.
141.05ROMMon Oct 31 1988OSI STANDARDS Providing in DEC ?
142.04MINDER::SHEATue Nov 01 1988ICL and X.4
143.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Junk Note, set hidden by Moderator, pending deletion
144.04--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 03 1988:VOTSV2 ADDRESSING GUIDE available
145.02SUPFri Nov 04 1988ONE User / TWO X25_NAPs / ONE DTE ?
146.01FRAMBO::HAIMERLMon Nov 07 1988security questions PSI/VOTS/FTAM
147.02SUPTue Nov 08 1988Some OSIT example files are in OSAK kit
148.08KAOSThu Nov 10 1988NAP without subaddress or Call User Data?
149.07KYOA::MENNERTue Nov 15 1988Ethernet Data Link?
150.09SUPWed Nov 16 1988questions on null TSAPs
151.01BORDX1::LEBRAUDThu Nov 17 1988VOTS V2 with more than 1 ethernet ?
152.01BERNThu Nov 17 1988FDDI and IEEE 8
153.0FRAMBO::BLANKENBERGThu Nov 17 1988DES, Compression within our OSI-STACK
154.06CESARE::SITZIAFri Nov 18 1988Standard ISO/OSI and Subsequence code
155.03DELNI::S_KELLYFri Nov 18 1988Using OSI -- TODAY!
156.02OSL1Sun Nov 20 1988MRX and CCITT 1988 Recommendations
157.01BERNFri Nov 25 1988OSI Leadership Package
158.02KYOA::MENNERMon Nov 28 1988Retransmission Interval
159.02AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMTue Nov 29 1988LES$ACP Function and Protocol Type for Internet
160.06NAAD::SPAETHTue Nov 29 1988iNA-96
162.02BERNMon Dec 12 1988Length coding in X.225/1988
163.02COGMK::SILVAMon Dec 12 1988OSI for the PC?
164.01SHIRE::ZWAHLENTue Dec 20 1988Directory Service for FTAM
165.02BERNWed Dec 28 1988Caution: don't use null TSAP
166.01BERNTue Jan 03 1989Open Systems conference by Unisys
167.014SUPMon Jan 09 1989VOTS V2 : Inbound NC req without rem. DTE address
168.05DCC::BABBRATue Jan 10 1989ENV 411
169.0STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Jan 11 1989ISO 8583??????
170.05LARVAE::BRIGGSThu Jan 12 1989Broadcasting via OSI?
171.02BUGNON::JOHNSONFri Jan 13 1989Anybody using LOTOS or Estelle?
172.01MUDIS3::MAYRFri Jan 13 1989Kits on EASYNET
174.06MIPSBX::thomasMon Jan 16 1989An OSI Transport for DECwindow: Q & A
175.03COPCLU::STAEGERTue Jan 17 1989Login via VOTS?
176.01TKOVThu Jan 19 1989TCP/IP and Internet protocol, VOTS addressing?
177.08MINDER::BANKSFri Jan 20 1989SUN and OSI
178.05MINDER::BANKSWed Jan 25 1989UNIX and OSI??
179.01DUBThu Jan 26 1989ISO/8883/9
180.01AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMMon Jan 30 1989Network error rates
181.022COGMK::SILVATue Jan 31 1989Null Internet?
182.03EVOAI1::SZMULEWICZWed Feb 01 1989what's new in OSI world
184.04SUPFri Feb 03 1989VOTS + X25 : SubAddress limitation
185.01OZROCK::LEHMKUHLTue Feb 07 1989What is CCITT X.213?"
186.07BERNTue Feb 07 1989OSITOP and EDI in ISO
188.02LAIDBK::LEWWed Feb 08 1989OSI/Network Management Forum member?
189.04TAVWed Feb 08 1989VOTS V2.
191.02TKOV5Thu Feb 09 1989Does VOTS V2.
192.04SEDOAS::KORMANTue Feb 14 1989VOTS TP4 /DEBNA throughput?
193.02TKOV5Fri Feb 17 1989Qestion about Japanese spec. and World situation
194.06SEDOAS::KORMANMon Feb 20 1989TC
195.012CSC32::S_WATTUMMon Feb 20 1989IO$M_MULTIPLE
196.012MINDER::SHEATue Feb 21 1989Link Level routing on ICLs ???
197.03BERNTue Feb 21 1989Virtual calls, TP1, CCR, X.5
198.012MLNWed Feb 22 19892 ethernet cards & VOTS 1.2
199.05YUPPY::BURDENThu Feb 23 1989DECnet/OSI or X.25
200.05ENUF::CAUDILLWed Mar 01 1989Does VOTS automatically call back the originator of invalid calls?
201.04ENUF::CAUDILLWed Mar 01 1989Left over logical links from X25router 2
203.06MUSKIE::HAAGTue Mar 07 1989X.4
204.015PADIS1::LAGASSETue Mar 07 1989Behaviour of OSI Transport ?
205.02COPCLU::GREGWed Mar 08 1989OSAK/VOTS performance data needed
206.01CSC32::S_WATTUMFri Mar 10 1989OSAK conference location?
207.03VANISH::TRICKEYMon Mar 13 1989ECC 87/95 ???
209.0POBOX::PUTNINSWed Mar 15 1989Status of IS-IS Routing Stds?
210.02TKOV5Thu Mar 16 1989OSI Asia-Oceania Workshop
211.0TKOV5Thu Mar 16 1989OSI'89 in Tokyo
212.02SMAUG::DSMITHThu Mar 16 1989SLIP?
213.04BARNA::ANNAFri Mar 17 1989HP <--> VAX OSI Connection
214.02NWDWed Mar 22 1989Official OSI Release Mechanism?
215.05UTOPIE::ANDREASThu Mar 23 1989OSI product table from Cebit
216.0BERNWed Mar 29 1989Graphics Metafile Interchange
217.01OZROCK::LEHMKUHLThu Mar 30 1989OSI is next BSD version?
218.03MINDER::SHEAThu Mar 30 1989Any old OSAKs ?
219.03DCC::BABBRAFri Mar 31 1989Question on VOTS trace -
220.08SUPMon Apr 03 1989VOTS and frozen references
221.010TKOV5Tue Apr 04 1989TSAP-id in CC-TPDU
222.01MUSKIE::HAAGTue Apr 11 1989OMNICOM Legit??
223.03COPCLU::GREGSat Apr 15 1989VOTS v2.
224.02KAOSTue Apr 18 1989Why not use TSAP's instead of subaddress/data
225.07PADIS1::LAGASSETue Apr 25 1989EDF questions on Digital OSI products
226.06EEMELI::MITTSWed Apr 26 1989DoD stance on OSI?
227.04COMICS::SIMSWed Apr 26 1989MSG$_ABORT or MSG$_DISCON
228.01BERNThu Apr 27 1989file named <tsap-name>.LOG
229.05VANISH::TRICKEYThu Apr 27 1989OSI Terminal Connections?
230.01VANISH::TRICKEYThu Apr 27 1989European Functional Standards
231.02EIGER::DEMETRIOUFri Apr 28 1989Phase IV to Phase V programming differencess
232.01SUPFri Apr 28 1989data bases management
233.04HOCUS::MORGASENMon May 01 1989OSI Connectionless Model
234.03PRCSWS::ALEXCHUTue May 02 1989OSAK with Intel VMSNET
235.02CSC32::S_WATTUMTue May 02 1989Internet & TRACE/VOTS ?'s
236.09HANNAH::HASTINGSTue May 02 1989Character Sets and Strings in ASN.1
237.05BRYAN::ARCHERWed May 03 1989X.21
238.03MINDER::ROXBURGHThu May 04 1989Tracing Concatenated TPDUs
239.04CSC32::S_WATTUMThu May 04 1989Active TSAP behaviour ?'s
240.015TAMRC::STRONGTue May 09 1989Identification of implementation?
241.04CSC32::S_WATTUMFri May 12 1989Session ?'s
242.08EEMELI::MANNISTOWed May 17 1989Flow Control/Class 2
243.05MINDER::BANKSThu May 18 1989Transport only with OSAK?
244.05TKOV6Fri May 19 1989ROSE(IS9
245.0149392::ADDORThu May 25 1989OSIT$DEFAULT has owner = SYSTEM
246.0LESLIE::LESLIETue May 30 1989Default Transp. Acct. UAF flag changes with VMS 5.2
247.04RTOEU::ABERNDORFERWed May 31 1989How are OSI protocols implemented ?
248.02SUOSW3::GUTHMon Jun 05 1989iso 88
249.0BRYAN::ARCHERMon Jun 05 1989Help! OSI Presentation
250.0TPOVC::YLCHUFri Jun 09 1989JTM and VT ?
251.0KETJE::GORREMANSFri Jun 09 1989Quick help on WANG/BULL/UNISYS interconnect?
252.0OSI::MILESMon Jun 12 1989TCP/IP v. OSI TP4 Performance.
253.03CSC32::S_WATTUMWed Jun 14 1989Protocol class for DR TPDU's?
254.02ANNECY::DEPARDONMon Jun 19 1989(DEC) OSI (products) versus Signalling System #7 (SS7)
255.0SUPMon Jun 19 1989OSI product performance (Instructions/PDU) ?
256.01CSC32::S_WATTUMThu Jun 29 1989Multiple SSAPs to a single TSAP
257.09VANILA::LINCOLNFri Jun 30 1989Standardised Data Formatting
258.03SUPMon Jul 03 1989GET_INDICATION and OSAK
259.01JRDVTue Jul 04 1989Activity ID for FTAM recovery
260.01JRDVTue Jul 04 1989Invoked ID of ROSE
261.02VAOAThu Jul 06 1989Medium Access Control (MAC) Question
262.01EIGER::SCHUMACHERFri Jul 07 1989X.223 and VOTS
263.02CSGMon Jul 10 1989ASN.1 clarification needed
264.04MAIL::TATUMWed Jul 12 1989AFI & IDI to use?
265.06CSC32::S_WATTUMWed Jul 12 1989Is it a PI or PGI?
266.02BERNTue Jul 18 1989octet-aligned vs. single-asn.1-type
267.01DEKVThu Jul 20 1989osi.config
268.01MARSTue Jul 25 19892 questions about FTAM
269.04CSC32::S_WATTUMMon Jul 31 1989Transport TRACE ?'s
270.0OSI::HARPERTue Aug 01 1989New numbers
271.02TRHVS1::PAULWed Aug 02 1989
272.01DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Aug 02 1989CLNS has to be over CONS? in many profiles!
273.0BERNFri Aug 11 1989The Roots of the OSI model
274.02EIGER::DEMETRIOUTue Aug 15 1989OSIS$_REASON when we have S-P-ABORT indication
275.02OKYAH::DUNOYERTue Aug 15 1989ICL Respond to the LSAP Question
276.01DELNI::GILLIAMTue Aug 15 1989X/OPEN
277.012EEMELI::MANNISTOThu Aug 17 1989Crashes with VOTS 2.
278.01COMICS::SIMSMon Aug 21 1989Specifying X.25 CUG's from VOTS.
279.06EEMELI::MITTSTue Aug 22 1989OSI implementation verification with VAX
280.0CEEOSI::WILTSHIREWed Aug 23 1989NaC Conformance Engineering - An Introduction
281.03DFACTO::NEWMANFri Aug 25 1989osak v1.1 spd: is half-duplex so wonderful that we have to provide it twice?
282.02SAHQ::VIENSJWed Aug 30 1989Tech Stds Govnt Marketplace?
283.01DCC::BABBRAFri Sep 01 1989VOTS V2.
284.02TAVSun Sep 10 1989Last buffer lost / Credit
285.02DIXIE1::BIRCHWed Sep 13 1989Questions on transport layer
286.01ODIHAM::PRUDEN_GFri Sep 15 1989VOTS and C
287.013SUPWed Sep 20 1989VOTS
288.05POBOX::HOBSONThu Sep 21 1989Timer messages?
289.01CSC32::S_WATTUMFri Sep 22 1989OSI - not so tall tales!
291.02NANOOK::CIALITue Sep 26 1989FTAM meet TOP Specs?
292.02CSC32::S_WATTUMSun Oct 08 1989Presentation Decoding
293.02CSC32::S_WATTUMTue Oct 10 1989ACCEPT SPDU PI = 41h?
294.03MILLER::SAGEMon Oct 16 1989How to know NAP address ?
295.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Oct 18 1989OSAK compatible with DECnet V?
296.01ANTPOL::STASSEThu Oct 19 1989CLNS over X.25 and ISDN?
297.013BISTRO::ERIKMon Oct 23 1989OSI ES configuration response multicast to PC?
298.02NACCEE::WILTSHIREMon Oct 23 1989Conformance and Digital Communications Products
300.05NSGThu Oct 26 1989Q.932
301.06MINNY::DEMETRIOUMon Oct 30 1989problems with VOTS IVP class
302.010MAMTS2::GHULETTTue Oct 31 1989OSAK & Fortran
303.04MINNY::DEMETRIOUThu Nov 02 1989Address format with OSAK programming
304.01BERNFri Nov 03 1989ISO TP 1
305.04LARVAE::HARVEYFri Nov 03 1989VOTS scheduling ?
306.0FRATue Nov 07 1989Digital and membership in standard bodies
307.0MARVIN::DAVISONThu Nov 09 1989MARVIN is changing areas
308.05DAHLIA::CALLAHANThu Nov 09 1989Open-ended use of Attribute Types and Presentation Layer
309.01MUDIS3::EICHNERFri Nov 10 1989Location of OSI Transport conference?
310.05BERNSun Nov 12 1989N-entity, N-entity-type, N-entity-invocation
311.05ROMWed Nov 15 1989vots&psi probelm
312.01SANFAN::PAPISON_GEFri Nov 17 1989NSAP (OR) naming/addressing authority
313.02GPSDCC::PUBLC7::ZWAHLENTue Nov 21 1989Council Decision EC87/95 of the European Communities concerning use of OSI stds.
314.01TKOV6Wed Nov 22 1989Can I get CALLING-DTE on OSAK ?
315.0CSC32::S_WATTUMSat Nov 25 1989Session analysis of Transport Trace
316.02CSC32::S_WATTUMMon Nov 27 1989SPDU's, catagory
317.02YUPPY::BURDENMon Nov 27 1989CASE (SCAnet) Series 6
318.01BERNTue Nov 28 1989Use of X.25/PLP NPAI
319.0JRDVFri Dec 01 1989OSI/TP is mostly accomplished?
320.03BERNFri Dec 08 1989is the application-context a matter of the SAO?
321.016MARVIN::DEWARFri Dec 15 1989I like this idea!
322.04EEMELI::VESALAINENSat Dec 16 1989Finnish NSAP Address Structure
324.02FRAMBO::KUENKELEFri Dec 22 1989Wrong $STATUS after COPY/APPL=FTAM
325.024827Thu Dec 28 1989Profile implementation questions
326.01BERNTue Jan 02 1990What is ODP
327.01LOMBRD::BARTON_LAFri Jan 05 1990OSI Compliance testing
328.03USRCV1::MEADTMon Jan 22 1990MMS, RDA, and other APIs
329.01MINDER::HUNTTue Jan 23 1990OSI Network Management Functions description ?
330.05BACHUS::MYLLEWed Jan 24 1990session trace
331.07BERNWed Jan 24 1990DFR, DTAM, RDT, RODE
332.07TOOK::MICHAUDSat Jan 27 1990Object Identifiers for the ISO Standards ???
333.04CIMNET::KISHANThu Feb 08 1990Acquiring object identifiers
334.0PANIC::COXWed Feb 14 19908
335.05DAHLIA::CALLAHANMon Feb 19 1990Help with ASN.1, want to specify a general value
336.01UTROP1::PLAS_ROBTue Feb 20 1990Customer Services and the Unix world
337.04LARVAE::HARVEYWed Feb 21 1990ISO 7498 info ?
338.04HAMSC3::KARL_HEINZThu Feb 22 1990OSIS$_INDICATION without reason-code
339.05IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Feb 23 1990Call User Data in OSI?
340.06GLORY::KATZTue Feb 27 19908
341.02STEREO::CARPENThu Mar 01 1990Is This OSI?
342.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUMon Mar 05 1990WANG's FTAM status
343.0GIDDAY::LOCHRINMon Mar 05 1990Penn State/U Calif info retrieval project
344.04SUPTue Mar 06 1990VOTS and DISCONNECT on X25 SVC
345.02ACESMK::SILVATue Mar 06 1990VT ISO standard?
346.011GOONS::GILLENWed Mar 07 1990Confused with LSAPs !!!!
347.01ANNECY::ADAMWed Mar 14 1990CONS on LAN without TP4 : how ?
348.0BLGVS3::STRATOSThu Mar 15 1990help on Functional Specifications Requirements
349.0TAVIS::RONYMon Mar 19 1990OSI for PCs over token-ring
350.0KETJE::DEMOORTue Mar 20 1990API's on Data Link Layer
351.02ACESMK::SILVAFri Mar 23 1990VTP implementation?
352.03SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon Mar 26 1990Comms to ICL??
353.02EIGER::DEMETRIOUWed Mar 28 1990Does VOTS have a failover capabilities???
354.07TAZBOY::ZIGLERFri Mar 30 1990TCP/IP vs. DECnet/OSI Customer Questions
355.0POPI::STUARTFri Apr 06 1990ISO 8473 - SNDF & other protocol questions
356.02ACESMK::SILVAFri Apr 20 19908485?
357.04KETJE::ADANSWed Apr 25 1990looking for TP4 and Internet Headers
358.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTMon Apr 30 1990no SPD for VOTS 2.
360.01MUDIS3::MIRKEWITSCHThu May 03 1990vots deadlock ?
361.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu May 03 1990BellSouth RFP and OSI Questions - PLEASE HELP!
362.07THEBAY::PEPERIMon May 07 1990Unisys 11
363.01FRSCS::AURANDFri May 11 1990VOTS 2.
364.01GUIDUK::KANGFri May 18 1990ISO 8348
365.03DEKVMon May 21 1990OSAK ON VAXstation 31
366.0NOATAK::HAASTue May 22 1990Northwest Job Opportunities
367.01STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANTue May 22 1990OSAK & VOTS manual (on-line)
368.04GYPSC::FORSTFri Jun 01 1990Management of heterogeneous networks
369.03BERNThu Jun 07 1990Datagram service ISO 86
370.020BROKE::MCGUIREThu Jun 07 1990ASN.1 Compilers?
371.04MOVIES::THOMPSONTue Jun 19 1990ISO TP4 vs TCP vs NSP
372.04OKYAH::DUNOYERThu Jun 21 1990VOTS and Multiple Network Connections
373.010MAASUP::WALLACEMon Jun 25 1990VOTS V2.
374.01GUIDUK::KANGWed Jun 27 1990RFC 1
375.01IVOGUS::ZIPKINTue Jul 03 1990TP4 Performance
376.03VNABRW::SCHNEIDER_GThu Jul 05 1990How to suppress Concatenation ??
377.0UTRTSC::KNOPPERSFri Jul 06 1990VOTS TSAP Question
378.01HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Jul 26 1990Where Can I order ISO/OSI spec?
379.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Jul 27 1990Timing problem processing DISCONNECT SPDU ?
380.0KETJE::DEMOORTue Jul 31 1990Learning OSI vs TCP/IP (e.g. layer 3)
381.06ANNECY::LEMMAWed Aug 01 1990ROSE and ACSE. How "stable" are they?
382.08ISIDRO::FMOYAWed Aug 01 1990VOTS conf. question
383.01FRSCS::AURANDThu Aug 02 1990Products for Internet Routing ?
384.02TRCOThu Aug 09 1990Estelle/LOTOS/SDL -- what are they?
385.0PRLVMS::VALETFri Aug 10 1990European Functional Standards ( ENVs/ENs)
386.02GPSDCC::PUBLC7::ZWAHLENTue Aug 14 1990European CLNS pilot by RARE (Eur. research network association)
387.0BERNFri Aug 17 1990TCP/IP on the way to ISO
388.05DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 21 1990OSI Session Mgr
389.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Sep 04 1990FIPS PUB 146 conformance
390.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Sep 04 1990F.A.C. 44-8
391.01UTRTSC::VELZENMon Sep 10 1990OSAK on seperate interface ?
392.01ZPOVWed Sep 12 1990How to set Ethernet Address
393.08PRSSOS::DIETZTue Sep 25 1990VOTS Reason Code
394.05VFOVAX::GIRESat Oct 06 1990VOTS 2.
395.02DCC::ELLAMTue Oct 09 1990BULLs MMS Connect Causes OSAKSERVER To Exit.
396.03COMICS::MISTRYThu Oct 11 1990TSAP create bug comments please
397.05PETERJ::JOHNSONFri Oct 12 1990What's the meaning of life?
398.01ODIXIE::CAWTHONMon Oct 15 1990Implementation of OSI/NMF specifications?
399.06BERNMon Oct 22 1990OSIT$ROUTING.EXE, STARTUP VOTS, error loading product OSIT$
400.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYMon Nov 05 1990VAX <-> ICL/UNISYS??
401.0CAATS::MURRAYWed Nov 07 1990VOTS/TP4 questions
402.04NAC::D_LIWed Nov 14 1990HELP on VOTS&FTAM needed in Denmark
403.01MAIL::CLAYTONThu Nov 15 1990OSI "Standards" Clarification
404.08BROKE::MCGUIREFri Nov 16 1990HP OSI EXPRESS talks to VOTS 2.
405.05GUIDUK::KANGSat Nov 17 1990OSIrouter and Phase IV-compatible Address
406.0CAATS::MURRAYTue Nov 20 1990VOTS/NETACP/KEEPALIVE TIMER Relationship Question
407.02KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Nov 20 1990OSI Textbooks
408.01MAIL::CLAYTONMon Nov 26 1990X.5
409.06CSC32::S_WATTUMMon Nov 26 1990transfer syntax's
410.01ECCGY4::STROHMAIERTue Nov 27 1990VOTS 1.2 - can anybody help?
411.0NUKMAC::WALLACEThu Nov 29 1990Any news on ES-IS functionality?
412.02CAATS::MURRAYFri Nov 30 1990SPAG (etti)?
413.01MACNAS::RBROWNEFri Dec 14 1990External Business Communication
414.08DPDMAI::DAVIESSat Dec 15 1990Standards List
416.0GYPSC::ADAEMon Dec 17 1990DTE-independent NAP possible ?
417.01SUPWed Dec 26 1990VOTS V3 and X25 CUG support ?
418.02CAATS::MURRAYThu Jan 10 1991CCR - Clearance Clearwater Revival ?
419.03ORIWS::ORIThu Jan 10 1991DEMNA, VAX65
420.017BERNSat Jan 12 1991AK loop
421.01BACHUS::MYLLEMon Jan 14 1991writlck
422.06IOSG::STANDAGEWed Jan 23 1991Critism of ISO approach to interconnection
423.01BRSSWS::GOOVAERTSFri Feb 01 1991VOTS 2.
424.02SUOSW4::HARDTFri Feb 08 1991Product Mgmt
425.06ULTRA::ELLISFri Feb 15 1991ISODE?
426.0SCAM::HENRYWed Feb 20 1991Transition from TCP/IP
428.0CABOOS::WRIDETue Feb 26 1991Alternatives to OSI
429.0TKTVFS::KOITABASHITue Feb 26 1991DT-TPDU size is not same as NAP TPDU size
430.01EICMFG::MACDONALDFri Mar 08 1991OSAK Kit online ?
431.01NZOMIS::RENNIEWed Mar 13 1991GOSIP compliance??
432.01SUPWed Mar 13 1991VOTS and X25 TP
433.09JRDVThu Mar 14 1991Calling TSAP-ID in CR TPDU
434.01SIOG::PARKSTue Mar 19 1991VOTS/OSAK parameter settings
435.01ANNECY::DEPARDONThu Mar 21 1991FTAM V2 - vs FTZ/118TR16(germany)- How to enhance?
436.05ROOS::HAMILTONWed Mar 27 1991Byte ordering on different CPU Architectures....
437.01ZURThu Mar 28 1991KEEPALIVE_TIMER FCC AK and Device time outs
438.0ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Apr 01 1991VAX <---> HP/3
439.03CAATS::MURRAYThu Apr 04 1991Anybody got any ASN.1 definitions on-line?
440.0MILRAT::FROLICHFri Apr 05 1991Satellite Course of Interest
441.01ROMFri Apr 05 1991Problem with ISO 8878 SNDCP
442.01WORDY::GROSSMANTue Apr 09 1991Open Networking Glossary
443.0LASSUP::CARWINWed Apr 10 1991Open Systems Architecture presentation
444.04COMICS::HWILLIAMSWed Apr 10 1991osit.h missing from sys$library in vots
445.011OSLACT::BJORNWed Apr 10 1991Unknown address - Reason code
446.01GUIDUK::KANGTue Apr 16 1991IS-IS vs OSPF
447.02BERNFri Apr 19 1991client-server based on ACSE/ROSE?
448.0ROMSLS::MANCINIMon Apr 22 1991Does VOTS support the end to end facility
449.01LLULL::GOLOBARTTue Apr 23 1991about VOTS performance
450.01COMICS::LOWEWed Apr 24 1991VOTS questions galore !!!
451.04TKOV6Thu Apr 25 1991called SSAP
452.0MACNAS::RBROWNEThu Apr 25 1991Large File Xfer to IBM
453.01VAOUTue May 07 1991SMI tutorial?
454.0EISJB::BAKERWed May 15 1991Interoperability Question
455.03LILTue May 21 1991DEC, ICL, and ISO TP3...
456.03CAATS::MURRAYThu May 23 1991Our OSI committment
457.05MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERThu May 23 1991CR additional info 81 ?
458.010LFOIS1::LIEBAERTFri May 24 1991Market implementations of VTP ?
459.02FROCKY::WILTRUDFri May 24 1991CTS-WAN and DDN Test for X.25
460.011BRSSWS::GOOVAERTSWed May 29 1991VOTS ACK-message with data in,wrong or not??
461.0MILRAT::FROLICHWed May 29 1991Cpncepts of Open Systems Network---Seminar
462.0BERNWed May 29 1991lack of coordination
464.06BIKINI::DITETue Jun 04 1991VOTS multiplexing re-visited
465.02FORTY2::PORTERWed Jun 05 1991Transport Protocol Class 4 bis
466.0EEMELI::VESALAINENTue Jun 11 1991A day in the life of CLNP Packet
467.01MLNFri Jun 21 1991VOTS version in the packages OSAK and FTAM
468.01MLNMon Jun 24 1991OSAK kit info needed
469.05BAZZER::CULLEYTue Jun 25 1991What are MAI Standards?.
470.01MUDIS3::EICHNERThu Jun 27 1991Need info on APIs (X/Open, X.4
471.01VAOUFri Jun 28 1991Description of NPACE?
472.02WAGGIS::ALTORFERWed Jul 03 1991WANrouter and X.25 encapsulation, is ISO 8878 used
473.04THEWAV::GASSNERTue Jul 09 1991Test equipment to recommend??
474.015FRSTSC::AURANDFri Jul 12 1991OSAK$_REDIRECT - question
475.06CAATS::MURRAYWed Jul 17 1991Warning - semantics question follows...
476.07CAATS4::MURRAYThu Jul 18 1991What are PORTS in PDU definitions ?
477.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTMon Jul 22 1991IFIP Conference on upper layer protocols
478.01DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Jul 24 1991MAP/TOP info needed
479.03FRAFS1::DUELLThu Jul 25 1991OSIS$SESSION - question
480.04OSITEL::FAEHNDRICHWed Jul 31 19911
481.04ANNECY::PARKER_SWed Jul 31 1991minimum length for X25 dte address ?
482.01ATLACT::TROTTER_JMon Aug 05 1991GOSIP VOTS Addressing?
483.02UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Aug 15 1991OSAK PASCAL example needed
484.0COLWed Aug 21 1991tcp/ip over token ring
485.01MLNFri Aug 23 1991VOTS 2.
486.02ROMTue Aug 27 1991T-CONNECT request. Triggered by what entity?
487.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Aug 29 1991Running INTERNET and Null INTERNET on the same ethernet controller
488.04TPOVC::FARADAYCHONGMon Sep 02 1991acontext & aeiid?
490.0TPOVC::FARADAYCHONGWed Sep 04 1991Activity & Synch samples?
491.05DC1Fri Sep 06 1991GOSIP (US) User's Guide V2 Available
493.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Sep 09 1991Marben and Nokia?
494.03HAAG::HAAGThu Sep 12 1991Help. VOTS/MRx Configs.?
495.0EEMELI::MITTSTue Sep 17 1991Pls, could you comment on X.4
496.06TRCOA::FLOTNERWed Sep 18 1991DEC Products that conform to ISO TP or ISO RDA?
498.01MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNFri Sep 20 1991OSIS-E-REDFAIL in MRX T2.2
499.01BLKPUD::WARNESGTue Sep 24 1991VOTS and mailboxes query
500.01COMICS::LANGWed Sep 25 1991Active/PAssive TSAP access control
501.0DC1Thu Sep 26 1991how to obtain US GOSIP & NIST/OSI documents
502.08SOS6::DIETZThu Sep 26 1991PICS /{ACSE, Presentation, Session, Transp}
503.01TKTVFS::WATANABE_KAMon Sep 30 1991CR-TPDU parameters order
504.0NETCUR::DANGThu Oct 03 1991reviewers needed for FTAM, VOTS and OSAK course
505.01CX3PST::CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Oct 03 1991OSITCP>SHOW KN TC - shows less connections than is
506.02UNITED::PUGHFri Oct 11 1991Pointers to PICS please
507.05SMAC1Tue Oct 15 1991
508.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Oct 17 1991Does VOTS use the PSI$C_NCB_THRUCLS item in the NCB?
509.0DC1Fri Oct 18 1991US GOSIP register of Compliant Products
510.0DC1Fri Oct 18 1991US GOSIP Testing Program White Paper
512.02HAMPS::SHERMAN_GTue Oct 22 1991X.5
513.05UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Oct 23 1991downward comp. DECnet VAX Extensions
514.04TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Oct 25 1991OSI conformance and interoperability documents?
515.0ZURMon Oct 28 1991ISO 82
516.03PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYTue Oct 29 1991Vots Hang
517.04BERNTue Oct 29 1991Benefits of the Application Layer Structure
518.01--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 30 1991OSAK and DECthreads support
519.03KYOA::SARIAHMEDWed Oct 30 1991OSI products - Which ones do we have?
520.03MSAMThu Oct 31 1991VAX/HP 9
521.01COPCLU::EBCThu Oct 31 1991Looking for OSIT.H
522.02TPOVC::BARRYCHANGThu Nov 07 1991FTAM parameter check please##
523.02ANNECY::ADAMThu Nov 07 1991protocol analyser
524.01TPOVC::BARRYCHANGThu Nov 07 1991COSINET NSAP address ???
526.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNFri Nov 15 1991NSAP Question
527.03IIKE::FREAKMon Nov 18 1991OSAK - X.41
528.01COMICS::MAGUIREThu Nov 21 1991Ftam v1.
529.01ROMEDU::DEPAULISFri Nov 22 1991OSAK V2.
530.02ROMEDU::DEPAULISFri Nov 22 1991OSAK V2.
531.05ROMEDU::DEPAULISFri Nov 22 1991OSAK V2
532.0KAUFBX::ZERBONIAFri Nov 22 1991Help on Estimating Conversion to Open Systems
533.03ROMMon Nov 25 1991VOTS startup problem
534.04BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDFri Nov 29 1991Detection of Idle T C failure
535.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 03 1991ISO 8583?
536.02AKOCOA::JOHNSONPWed Dec 04 1991File transfer with TCP/IP
537.0TKOV51::MIZUTAMAFri Dec 06 1991multiple mediums/lines connection
538.0TOOHOT::RWILSONTue Dec 17 1991Obtaining an IDP address, who and how??
539.0VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Jan 02 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS Virtual Terminal - IFT
540.05TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Jan 05 1992Vots hangs - trace shows how
541.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Jan 07 1992Open Systems Forum, Jan 14-16 Austin Texas
542.0FORTY2::KHMMon Jan 13 1992FT Sites Wanted for OSI Toolkit V2.
543.08CAATS::MURRAYWed Jan 22 1992Application Association pcontext negotiation question
546.02MLNMon Feb 17 1992OSI Application Toolkit & OSAK V1.1
547.07TKOV51::H_KOMIYAMon Feb 24 1992ECMA-72 ..?
548.01PRSSOS::DIETZTue Feb 25 1992Management of Session API Users?
549.08STROP::LAYLANDWed Feb 26 1992LLC2 API
551.03TAVIS::SHEFTELThu Feb 27 1992CR rejected by DR (VOTS)
552.0MUNICH::BEICHTMon Mar 02 1992"Questions regarding the XTI library"
553.01VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Mar 04 1992DECnet/OSI Virtual Terminal - The Next Generation
554.01MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERThu Mar 05 1992reuse of transport connection?
556.02OSLACT::BJORNWed Mar 11 1992How do a customer apply for ICD- ISO 6523 ?
558.0LEDDEV::GARRETTWed Mar 11 1992GOSIP COURSE 6/2-3
559.06DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Mar 16 1992Proposal to use 5-layer stack for new ULA
560.02MLNTue Mar 17 1992OSI Toolkit: Encoding the AP Title
561.0SAC::KINDER_NWed Mar 18 1992XTI, CTI, VOTS, API????
562.05MLNMon Mar 23 1992Maximum Virtual Circuits & DECnet VAX Extension
563.01YUPPY::STEPHENAThu Mar 26 1992TANDEM Interconnection
564.0LEDDEV::GARRETTFri Mar 27 1992GOSIP COURSE -6/2-3
565.015GSRC::SARFFWed Apr 01 1992VOTS/OSAK Code Size?
566.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTFri Apr 03 1992IFIP Conference on Upper Layer Protocols
567.02BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon Apr 06 1992VOTS breaks protocol
568.01MLNTSC::DELLAPERGOLAWed Apr 08 1992IOSB Secondary Status Code for VOTS
569.01CGOOA::CRICKThu Apr 09 1992Token Ring Support
570.05TKOV6Thu Apr 16 1992OSIS$_REDIRECT and SUABind
571.017TKOV6Thu Apr 16 1992%OSIS-E-PROTOCOL error
572.08CSC32::D_GARZANITITue Apr 21 1992ER TPDU Reject Cause
574.06COLTue Apr 21 1992Infos about the RETIX stack
575.06LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Apr 24 1992VOTS 2.
576.02CAATS::MURRAYThu Apr 30 1992Q on US GOSIP interpretation
577.03KURTAN::DIRINGMon May 04 1992OSAK KIT 1.1 Urgent need..
578.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu May 07 1992Ideas for a Cookbook: Migrating from OSAK 1.1 to OSAK 2.
579.01WELCLU::LEWISFri May 08 1992Funding of OSI projects
580.02BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon May 11 1992Pipeline in VOTS V3.
581.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon May 11 1992OSAK V1.1 manual online?
582.04CGOOA::CRICKThu May 14 1992CMIP
583.014COMICS::WARDWed May 20 1992OSIT$RANDOM.C
584.01HGOVA::LEOHOThu May 21 1992VOTS 2.
586.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed May 27 1992FTAM API Link Problem
587.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed May 27 1992MRX Provider error...is it Session?
588.0ACTVAX::CAUDILLThu May 28 1992Different NSAPs depending on which Template
589.02DORIE::COMPTONTue Jun 02 1992iNA96
590.0OSI::ROBINSONTue Jun 02 1992Revised SC21 WG6 Schedule
591.06BACHUS::BOLLENThu Jun 04 1992vots and siemens PLC's
592.03MLNFri Jun 05 1992redirection in OSAK 2.
593.01BLKPUD::WARNESGTue Jun 09 1992VOTS_FIX conference location?
594.010SUPWed Jun 10 1992Is OSAK V1.1 orderable or obsolete ?
595.05CGOOA::BARNABESun Jun 21 1992TOUCH/VOTS2.
596.01EICMFG::KORNMESSERFri Jun 26 1992TP4,XTI,VOTS What comes out of the OSI stack?
597.0ROMTSS::SCALONFri Jun 26 1992FTAM over X25 GWY
598.06CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Jun 26 1992VOTS v2.
599.01TOOHOT::RWILSONTue Jun 30 1992API Support question?
600.07FRSCS::AURANDThu Jul 02 1992OSIS$SESSION didn't return the correct status code
601.03SUPMon Jul 20 1992Support of VOTS V2.
602.01SMAC1Fri Jul 24 1992AFI:IDP:pre-DSP address entry problem
603.02CSC32::SHEEHYFri Jul 24 1992Need help with cause of Session Abort
604.06NEMAIL::SPAETHTue Aug 04 1992VAX/ACMS OSI Connection to Unisys/HVTIP?
605.06KERNEL::LOTAFri Aug 07 1992Unexpected DR by VOTS V2.
606.05SCAACT::BARRMon Aug 17 1992Packets out of sequence
607.0VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed Aug 26 1992OSI demo networks ??
608.0WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMTue Sep 01 1992SCO UNIX and Gosip Complience
611.02CAATS::MURRAYTue Sep 08 1992What is ISO 1
612.05GUIDUK::KANGThu Sep 10 1992OSI Skinny Stack - What is it?
613.01CAATS::MURRAYWed Sep 16 1992OSI doesn't support dual rail !?!
614.06UTRTSC::EDERVEENFri Sep 18 1992OSAK 1.1 / 2.
615.01AEOEN1::BOMMARTThu Sep 24 1992naive questions...
616.05SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Sep 25 1992exit
617.0MARVIN::DAVISONFri Sep 25 1992Notes file move
618.01CSC32::J_HODGESWed Sep 30 1992IO$M_INTERRUPT and expedited data in VOTS
619.03AEOEN2::BOMMARTWed Sep 30 1992Can OSAK negociate the session version ??
620.0CAATS::MURRAYThu Oct 01 1992Connection integrity without recovery service?
621.02MARVIN::SHANDFri Oct 02 1992I can only guess
622.02ANNECY::PARKER_SMon Oct 12 1992appn ctxt name pb OSAK/ROSE ?
623.05ANNECY::PARKER_STue Oct 13 1992abort for -ve associate response (rose)
625.02ANNECY::PARKER_SMon Oct 19 1992pdu coding for cmip user info ext. seq
626.01JFSGWY::KOITABASHIMon Oct 19 1992need osak internal data structure
627.02AEOEN2::BOMMARTTue Oct 20 1992S-Connect-req, what are we missing ?
628.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Oct 22 1992CR cl4 CC cl
629.04BUDDIE::KORNSFri Oct 23 1992OSI, HDLC, Multidrop
631.01MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIWed Oct 28 1992FTAM from BULL to VAX
633.0SPIFFF::GARRETTThu Oct 29 1992X.5
634.014ROMFri Oct 30 1992NSAPs and OSI applications Question
636.03MARVIN::ROBINSONTue Nov 03 1992Connectionless Upper Layers over Null Internet and Broadcast
637.07DV78Thu Nov 05 1992Doesn't this sound like fun!
638.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Nov 11 1992ASN.1 bit string encoding question?
640.010BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDWed Nov 25 199242 as additional data
643.02MLNWed Dec 02 1992Failures to establish inbound TC
644.01TAEC::SELIERWed Dec 02 1992OSAK segmenting negotiation
645.02AEOEN2::BOMMARTFri Dec 04 1992S-ABORT becomes P-ABORT ?
646.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTWed Dec 09 1992Advanced Course on Distributed Systems
647.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Dec 11 1992OSI-TP Status?
648.0COLMon Dec 14 1992cmis problem on RO-REJECT
651.05PADIS::NGUYEN_RMon Dec 21 1992L3-L4 OSI parameters implementation?
652.01TAEC::DUFAUWed Dec 23 1992PB with a VOTS-application and FILCNT (open-file quota)
654.02TKTVFS::ENDOH_KMon Jan 11 1993PR(ABORT) SPDU is supported?
655.01AEOEN2::BOMMARTMon Jan 11 1993Class 2 or class
656.05AEOEN2::BOMMARTMon Jan 11 1993OSAK IVP fails... timing problem ?
658.0TAEC::SANTONIMon Jan 11 1993VOTS 3.
661.04CAATS::MURRAYFri Jan 15 1993Wisdom on protocol machine timers sought.
662.03CAATS::MURRAYFri Jan 15 1993Wisdom on CMISE sought.
663.01CAATS::MURRAYFri Jan 15 1993ISO RPC?
665.05JFSGWY::KOITABASHIMon Jan 18 1993session version number
667.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Jan 21 1993Australian COSE Profile
669.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Feb 19 1993AS4
670.0VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri Feb 19 1993What does OSI VT need?
671.09BIS1::BUTTIENSTue Feb 23 1993X.5
672.02LISVAX::ESTEVAOWed Feb 24 1993VOTS Prog : OSI Codes / ms word IOSB
675.0LEDS::BATTISTINIWed Mar 03 1993IEEE 422 & V.35 cables
677.0TAEC::DOUZONMon Mar 08 1993Check a specific VOTS version from an IVP
678.04TKTVFS::ENDOH_KWed Mar 10 1993OSAK error handling
679.01CAATS::MURRAYThu Mar 11 1993ASN.1 and IMPLICIT
680.01HLISMon Mar 15 1993vots-decnetrsx-phasev compatibility
681.02AKUNA::AIKINSWed Mar 17 1993QOS Routing Support
682.01COPCLU::EBCThu Mar 18 1993OSI transport problem with Decnet/OSI-Ultrix
683.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 18 1993Training: Distributed Computing for Decision Makers
684.05HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Mar 25 1993ISO 1
685.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Mar 25 1993Toolkit Bookreader online?
686.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993HANDS-ON Training: OSF DCE Application Programming
687.0LEDDEV::DISALVOFri Mar 26 1993Tom Doeppner presents DCE Internals Architecture
688.01SFCFri Mar 26 1993GOSIP - info on its history and future needed
689.0VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Mar 29 1993OSI x TCP/IP Presentation?
690.0LEDDEV::DISALVOTue Mar 30 1993Q4 MAET Training Calendar: 'State-of-the-Art' series
691.03CAATS::MURRAYWed Mar 31 1993Pres. and Sess. Functional Units required
692.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Release 1.2 Update Seminar
693.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: User Interface Design with
694.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993STILL MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Intro. to Prog
695.03COMICS::MAGUIREMon Apr 19 1993Segmentation fault in users osak appl with 8K msgs
696.09EEMELI::ATUOVINENMon Apr 26 1993OSAK V1.
697.02FRSCS::AURANDMon May 03 1993Problem with OSAK V1.1, ADA
698.0FALLON::DISALVOThu May 06 1993Training: Dist. Computing f/ Decision Makers
699.05CAATS::MURRAYTue May 11 1993Cannot print/locate current PICS
700.05FORTY2::KOKOLAKISWed May 12 1993OSI documents needed
701.0FALLON::DISALVOSat May 15 1993Training: Intro to OSF DCE System Admin
702.02CAATS::MURRAYWed May 19 1993Q on HDLC options, routing vs dedicated use
703.02CAATS::MURRAYWed May 19 1993Q on transport QOS, priority and routing
704.01CAATS::MURRAYWed May 26 1993Sample ISPs on-line?
705.01GIDDAY::WANThu Jun 03 1993How to cancel an OSAK read request?
706.03TKTVFS::SAKAMOTO_KFri Jun 04 1993X.25 CR-packet with Calling DTE address
707.01PAOIS::LARDERETTue Jun 08 1993Transport Level negotiation?
708.0POBOX::GHAHRAMANITue Jun 15 1993TCP/IP Performance/parameters
709.03VCOUThu Jun 17 1993data segmentation
710.04MARVIN::LINCOLNMon Jun 21 1993Latest VOts V2.
711.06DGOSWMon Jun 28 1993Multi LANs for DECnet/OSI end nodes.
712.03LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Jul 13 1993DDIS toolkit and ASN.1 questions
713.0DGOSWMon Jul 26 1993Multi circuits
714.03SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Aug 17 1993OSAK-E-SPMCONGESTED Peer Service Provider Congesteed
715.02KAZAN::SAUNIERWed Aug 18 1993NSAP ID portion less than 6 byte ?
716.012VCOUSat Aug 21 1993Multiplexed TPDUs
717.02VARESE::BIOTTIThu Aug 26 1993vots 2
718.01VMSVTP::S_WATTUMMon Aug 30 1993New conference for OSI Applications support
719.02EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYWed Sep 01 1993OSAK 2.
720.07ELWOOD::FEASEWed Sep 01 1993Nodename Length??
721.04CSC32::SHEEHYFri Sep 03 1993Maximum NSDU size on CLNS transport connections
722.02GSRC::BARRASTue Sep 14 1993X.4
723.06VARESE::BIOTTIWed Sep 15 1993DT : mismatched reference
724.01LISVAX::KALENGATue Sep 21 1993Session Entity not attached to TSAP
725.01NEURON::GONZALESFri Sep 24 1993Which NSAP is Used as Source Address?
726.02CSC32::HANNAFri Oct 08 1993VOTS code changes OSI 5.6B?
727.02CAATS::VINESWed Oct 13 1993OSAK - performance questions
728.0TBJVOA::YASUFUKUThu Oct 14 1993ISO 9574?
729.02PRSSOS::DIETZThu Oct 28 1993Osak
730.02PRSSOS::DIETZThu Oct 28 1993OSAK
731.01VARESE::BIOTTIThu Nov 04 1993SETTIME problem with VOTS 2
732.01CAATS::VINESTue Nov 23 1993TeMIP and OSI data network management
733.0FILTON::GILLEN_FTue Jan 11 1994X.7
734.0SQUORN::BILLINGTONThu Jan 20 1994OSAK Trace documentation has new home
735.01CAATS::VINESThu Jan 27 1994OSAK as a model for OSI!?
736.0LISSYS::BAPTISTAMon Feb 14 1994VOTS - Connection Request Rejected (Missing Version Number)
737.01LISSYS::BAPTISTAWed Feb 16 1994VOTS Product Manager
738.03EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Feb 24 1994Vots Protocol Error?
739.0EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri Mar 25 1994VOTS and X25 Resets
740.0STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Jun 21 1994NIST *ABANDONS* GOSIP requirement for US Government?
741.01CGOOA::VINESFri Jun 24 1994Can we use QOS?
742.0SUTRA::KINNARISun Apr 02 1995OSI and TCP/IP today