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Conference marvin::newbury

Title:Newbury and its denizens
Notice:Does anyone still read this conference?
Created:Thu Jun 29 1989
Last Modified:Fri May 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:195
Total number of notes:1395
Number with bodies:4
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1.014LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 29 1989Welcome to Newbury
2.036LESLIE::LESLIEWed Jul 05 1989For Sale
6.042LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 29 1989Eating Out
7.019LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 29 1989Hi-fi/audio shops
8.013CHEFS::CLEMENTSDFri Jun 30 1989Model Engineering
9.058LESLIE::LESLIEFri Jul 07 1989Garage Recommendations
10.0197MARVIN::MARSHFri Jul 07 1989Newbury traffic problems
11.04MOVIES::HANCOCKMon Jul 10 1989Cheap barber
12.01CHEFS::BAGNALLHThu Jul 13 1989Help with Newbury Youth Club
13.07VOGON::MORGANMon Jul 17 1989Oil Fired Central Heating Tank
14.018VANISH::BARRONMon Aug 07 1989Areas to live anybody?
15.02FERNEY::SMITHTue Aug 08 1989Newbury Agricultural Show.
16.02CRATE::HARWOODThu Aug 10 1989Vets
17.0CHEFS::MADDENAFri Aug 18 1989Temporary accomodation required for Sage and Dill
18.02OLDHAM::MIDONAMon Aug 21 1989Accommodation Wanted.
20.02PENUTS::DRUSSOTue Aug 29 1989Across the Atlantic
21.01VOGON::GILLAWed Aug 30 1989Window Cleaner wanted
22.011LESLIE::LESLIETue Sep 05 1989Squash Ladder
23.05MOVIES::PARSONSWed Sep 06 1989Who knows a good plumber, carpenter, builder . . . .
24.05CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Sep 06 1989... anybody got a big barn? ...
25.03LOGRUS::KELSEYMon Sep 11 1989Solicitor recommendations?
26.06CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Sep 12 1989.... microbore plumbers, where are you? ....
27.0DOOZER::FLACKSun Sep 17 1989Lift Share Needed - Reading to Newbury
28.01MOVIES::MCMULLENMon Sep 18 1989What happened to Pelican Health Club?
29.01MOVIES::PAXTONThu Sep 21 1989A shop that sells and fits watch batteries ?
30.01MOVIES::FLETCHERThu Sep 21 1989Driving schools/instructors in Newbury
31.0MOVIES::HAGUEMon Oct 02 1989Intro to Newbury Squash League
32.0CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Oct 10 1989... sand-blasyers anywhere? ...
33.01SAC::STEVENSON_MFri Oct 13 1989... loan of a trailer ...
34.02JC::CORNETue Oct 17 1989Craven Dene?
35.01MOVIES::PARSONSTue Oct 17 1989... can anyone recommend a good cleaner?
36.02MOVIES::PARSONSTue Oct 17 1989Babysitter wanted
37.09SIEVAX::CORNETue Oct 31 1989New Barrier @NEW
38.022LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 03 1989Q&A
39.03LOGRUS::KELSEYFri Nov 03 1989Tenpin Bowling at Newbury
40.04LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 20 1989Good Optician sought
41.01LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 20 1989 Any Citroen BX19 owners out there?
42.05MOVIES::PALMERWed Nov 29 1989Dentists
43.01VANISH::BAILEYThu Dec 21 1989Last minute Xmas present
44.013LASHAM::JORDANFri Jan 05 1990Ballooning near Newbury?
45.043CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Jan 09 1990The general WANTED note .....
46.031CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Jan 17 1990Community Charge info ...
47.0SHAPES::KERRELLDFri Jan 19 1990Accident Witness Sought (also posted in CARS_UK/READING)
48.03CHEFS::CLEMENTSDFri Jan 19 1990..for those with amn interest in schools ...
49.02LESLIE::LESLIESun Jan 28 1990Rip-off at the White House
50.02LOGRUS::KELSEYTue Jan 30 1990Test drive!?...waddya mean you wanna test drive before buying!
51.016VOGON::MORGANWed Jan 31 1990Tescos - It's here..
52.012MOVIES::PAXTONMon Feb 05 1990Commuting from Oxford ?
53.01VANISH::FLACKWed Feb 07 1990Newbury Canteen
54.02STAFF::BULLFri Feb 16 1990visiting Newbury from USA
55.01VANDAL::BROWNMMon Feb 19 1990Foreign mortgages
56.069VANDAL::BAILEYWed Feb 28 1990 Robin Hood roundabout "improvements"
57.0CSMET2::BULLThu Mar 01 1990Thankyou Note
58.09CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Mar 14 1990.... anybody keep clippings from the NWN? ....
59.03VANTEN::MITCHELLDFri Mar 16 1990Space for a Small car trailer
60.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 22 1990Mid-Hants Railway Events
61.06CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Apr 23 1990The heating oil note.....
62.02LESLIE::LESLIEWed Apr 25 1990Food problems in the canteen?
63.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKFri Apr 27 1990Flight Experience for the Disabled
65.01BONNET::MICHELMon May 07 1990Student EXCHANGE
67.04LESLIE::LESLIEMon May 21 1990Timing Strobe needed...
68.03CHEFS::CLEMENTSDThu May 31 1990Car Breaker/Scrap Yard wanted....
70.03SHAPES::FIDDLERMThu Jun 07 1990Miscellaneous
71.04CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Jun 11 1990K & A Canal Programme .......
73.0VANDAL::BROWNPThu Jun 21 1990Accommodation needed Badly.
74.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Jun 25 1990Wanted to borrow - tow-bar with car
75.03CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Jul 11 1990Cross posted from DIY ........
76.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Jul 12 1990Trip to Air-Race at Shobden
78.05CHEFS::DAVEYPMon Aug 06 1990Nanny !!
79.05VOGON::MORGANThu Aug 09 1990Crofton Steam Engine(s)
80.0CHEFS::NAIKThu Aug 23 1990Badminton - looking for a club
81.0VANTEN::MITCHELLDMon Sep 03 1990Space to store a Trailer Wanted
82.0RBGTue Sep 04 1990Skiing Trip 1991
83.015SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Oct 01 1990Pubs
84.04SIEVAX::CORNEThu Oct 04 1990St Nick?
85.0MOVIES::WIDDOWSONWed Oct 10 1990Laundrette
86.02MOVIES::BENSONWed Oct 24 1990Any Parachutists out there?
87.019BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Nov 05 1990Canteen: all change
88.03MOVIES::FLETCHERThu Nov 15 1990When's the next one ?
89.04MOVIES::BENSONThu Nov 15 1990Twin Peaks #3 anyone?
90.0RTOEU::OCURCIOFri Nov 23 1990Greetings from Munich!!!!
91.04NEWOA::BOSLEYWed Dec 05 1990Food Italian style..
92.06NEWOA::BOSLEYMon Dec 10 1990Local Kennels??.
94.03MOVIES::MCMULLENTue Jan 15 1991What became of the Sun Store?
95.06CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Jan 16 1991New Hospital site agreed........
96.01MOVIES::WIDDOWSONWed Jan 16 1991Blood Donors
97.04CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Jan 16 1991Now where did I see that man before....?
98.02NEWOA::KERRELLMon Jan 21 1991The sky is falling, the sky is falling...
99.03NEWOA::GOLDBERGTue Jan 22 1991Lime Pickle
100.0AZUR::NAVARROMon Feb 18 1991wanted training period for a french secretary
101.02CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Mar 11 1991Goldsmith, anyone?
102.03CRATE::ROWELLTue Mar 12 1991Golf In and Around Newbury
103.02MAJORS::REVELLThu Mar 21 1991Gun Dog Training
105.04CURRNT::GREEN_KThu May 02 1991Mid Hants Railway 1991
106.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri May 03 1991Local Elections
109.01NEWOA::GOLDBERGTue Jun 04 1991Cross Bars
110.0HAMPS::COHEN_DMon Jun 10 1991FLAT for Sale
111.09SIEVAX::CORNETue Jun 11 1991TV repair shop?
112.030ATSE::LEVANFri Jun 21 1991Advice on US->Newbury move?
113.0CURRNT::GREEN_KMon Jun 24 1991Cruising in Style
114.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Jun 26 1991Cold Comfort Farm
115.014NEWOA::UWINSFri Jun 28 1991Horse Racing at Newbury
116.0CURRNT::GREEN_KWed Jul 10 1991Christmas starts here
117.0MARVIN::MARSHThu Jul 11 1991The Crafty Note
118.04MAJORS::REVELLMon Jul 22 1991Coffee/Tea Machines
119.020VOGON::MORGANThu Sep 05 1991Greenham - Please explain
120.01UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KTue Sep 10 1991Can I rack your brains, please?
121.03LARVAE::FIELDINGWed Sep 11 1991Gossip...
122.06LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DFri Sep 13 1991Solicitor recommendations, anyone?
123.01LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DFri Sep 13 1991Architect, anyone?
124.01CRATE::BARKERMon Sep 16 1991Saddle Soap
125.02COUNTY::MUMFORDMon Sep 16 1991Plastering/Artexing
126.027SHIPS::ALFORD_JThu Oct 10 1991Smoking Policy in Newbury
127.02ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KFri Oct 18 1991Car + trailer swap?
128.010MAJORS::HANSONWed Oct 23 1991Good pubs and wine bars
129.08NEWOA::ROBINS_CMon Oct 28 1991Good restaurant, or pub with good food required
130.0JUMBLY::DAYTue Nov 19 1991Accomodation Available
132.0NEWOA::WINSLADEMon Dec 02 1991The Money Programme?
133.04XNOGOV::LISAWed Dec 04 1991Beware the bridge on the B4
134.02CMOTEC::HARWOODJThu Dec 05 1991Floor coverings.
135.07NEWOA::SCORE_RWed Dec 11 1991Any 'Stokers out there?
136.024NEWOA::SCORE_RThu Jan 16 1992How long is 12 Weeks?
137.03MAJORS::QUICKWed Jan 22 1992VMS documentation wanted
138.01FUTURS::PALKFri Feb 21 1992Room In Shared House Available
139.01CMOTEC::HARWOODJThu Feb 27 1992Motobike MOT's etc
140.08NEWOA::SCORE_RFri Mar 20 1992Good News for '339 Users
141.03NEWOA::JEPSONThu Mar 26 1992Any good butchers in Newbury
142.07MAJORS::ROWELLThu Apr 09 1992The Superbowl to be played in Newbury !
143.031SUBURB::PULLANRWed Apr 22 1992Newbury Sports and Social Club
144.0SHIRE::LURASCHIThu Apr 23 1992Summer child-minder available
145.05LOGRUS::KELSEYTue Apr 28 1992Population?
146.02MAJORS::CLIFFEFri May 01 1992River Pollution
147.0SUBURB::HOUSENWed May 06 1992Accomodation near Basingstoke
149.09MAJORS::QUICKTue May 19 1992If you can't stand the heat...
150.0NEWOA::DALLISONWed May 20 1992Bull PC - Removed without permission
151.01XNOGOV::LISAMon Jun 15 1992TV reception
153.04CHEST::SAXBYFri Jul 10 1992Bottle Bank?
154.0LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DWed Jul 15 1992Accountant wanted
155.0LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DWed Jul 15 1992any redundants out there, still?
156.02--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 31 1992Nice people to do business with!!!!
157.010NEWOA::UWINSMon Aug 03 1992Newbury Club - To open Autumn 1993
160.02SHIPS::HERLIHY_JTue Sep 08 1992The Hotel/B&B topic
161.03NEWOA::ORCHARD_TFri Oct 02 1992Orders & Revenue Thermometer in the canteen
162.03MAJORS::CLIFFEFri Oct 09 1992Camera shop.
163.0FUTURS::SAXBYWed Oct 21 1992Jenrick CPI Timesheets supply.
164.0NEWOA::SCHOFIELDFri Nov 13 1992Morris Dancing??
166.02CURRNT::POWELLFri Nov 20 1992Liquid Mud!!
167.02MAJORS::CLIFFEMon Nov 23 1992Library phone number
168.05SQGUK::GRUBBThu Dec 10 1992Firewood supplier wanted
169.02MANTA::SIMONMon Dec 28 1992NICAM around NEW
170.05FORTY2::GOETZMon Jan 18 1993Good tailor?
171.0MONMON::STEWARTWed Mar 17 1993Cricket in Newbury
172.0+16PAPERS::CORNETue May 04 1993Newbury by-election posters
173.0FORTY2::BILLINGTONTue Jun 22 1993gardener wanted
174.04FORTY2::GOETZWed Jul 14 1993Picture Frames
175.04MAJORS::ROWELLThu Jul 22 1993Reading Camera Club.
176.0NEWOA::FIDO_TThu Jul 22 1993Saturday Football Team wanted
177.01NREGFri Aug 13 1993French au pair seeking work
178.01BBIVFri Sep 10 1993>>>hungry for INforrrrrrrrrmation>>>
179.0NEWOA::SCHOFIELDMon Sep 13 1993piano wanted
180.0FORTY2::GOODWINWed Sep 22 1993(IBM compatible) PC servicing?
182.0FORTY2::GOETZMon Dec 13 1993Piano Teacher
183.02FUTURS::SAXBYTue Dec 14 1993Nearest place for Stamps?
184.06VANSVN::GRIFFITHWed Jan 12 1994Canteen price-hike at Newbury.
185.01NEWOA::SAVILLE_JWed Feb 09 1994cobblers in Newbury
186.02SUBURB::THOMASHMon Feb 21 1994Is Chris there today?
187.0FORTY2::BILLINGTONTue Mar 08 1994House to let
188.01MARVIN::GSMITHWed Mar 23 1994Cameras on the Andover Road
189.0VESSA::RICHARDThu Mar 24 1994Lift Share required from Frimley (near Camberley) to Newbury
190.0WOTVAX::BROWNRWed May 11 1994help needed!!
191.0CMOTEC::HARWOODJMon Jun 13 1994Crystal Engravers - any recommendations ?
192.03MOEUR5::SMITH_MWed Jun 22 1994Fishing Tackle Shops
193.03ERMTRD::CLIFFETue Aug 16 1994Newbury Closure
194.024LARVAE::DRSD28::FARRELLTue Feb 14 1995Bypass route?
195.0+2COMICS::CORNEJMon Nov 20 1995Inkpen Quiz