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Conference marvin::isdn

Title: ISDN and PABX
Notice:Integrated Services Digital Networks General Discussion
Created:Wed Jul 09 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:568
Total number of notes:2269
Number with bodies:17
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1.08KZIN::HAMILTONMon Apr 09 1984About This Note
2.016KZIN::MEREWOODTue Apr 10 1984ISDN = Initially Simple Digital
3.04CASTOR::COVERTTue Apr 10 198456 versus 64
4.01KZIN::HAMILTONWed Apr 11 1984Kilostream and Megastream.
5.014BERGIL::ORANFri Apr 13 1984A bit of Levity
6.014KZIN::HARRISMon Apr 30 1984Impact of ISDN on the Field
7.04KZIN::MEREWOODThu May 10 1984ISDN Voice/Data Workstation
8.07KZIN::MEREWOODThu May 10 1984ECPI - ISDN Terminal Server
9.04KZIN::MEREWOODThu May 10 1984What About AT&T?
10.02EAYVWed May 30 1984European ISDN implementation
11.08KZIN::MEREWOODThu Jun 07 1984British Telecom & ISDN
12.05EAYVFri Jun 29 1984INTEL ISDN X1 club
13.09EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jul 24 1984ISN, Not ISDN, but maybe you kno
14.0CASTOR::COVERTThu Jul 26 1984Network Plans in Germany
15.010ANNECY::JARDINWed Oct 03 1984ISDN chips
16.05KZIN::MEREWOODWed Oct 31 1984ISDN Video
17.07HOLLOP::MEREWOODMon Nov 26 1984Layering DECnet on ISDN
18.0HOLLOP::MEREWOODThu Nov 29 1984Some Information on T1 &c.
19.04OBIWAN::LITTLEThu Nov 29 1984ISDN and CCS7
20.03HOLLOP::MEREWOODMon Feb 04 1985Is This File Dead?
21.06HOLLOP::MEREWOODFri Feb 08 1985Latest on ISDN Project
22.04MILOS::MEREWOODWed Jun 19 1985ISDN Forced Upon Us
24.0MEO78B::HANSONTue Nov 19 1985ISDN in Australia
25.06DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Feb 07 1986U vs. S/T interface
26.01EAYVWed Apr 02 1986Standard connectors??
27.01EAYVWed Apr 16 1986VAXnotes, please...
28.01STUSWS::WALKERSun Jun 29 1986isdn notes ...?
29.04PHENIX::SMITHTue Jul 22 1986ISDN for technophiles in the home??
30.03MINDER::BANKSFri Aug 01 1986Inovation Subs. Don't Need
31.019HJUXB::SARIAHMEDWed Aug 13 1986Any good ISDN course out there ?
32.065EUROPE::ROESSLERTue Oct 21 1986ISDN NEWSLETTER "Distr. List"
33.0RDGENG::LESLIEWed Oct 22 1986WANGs ex-ISDN man is with digital...marketing.
34.0CRVAX1::MULCRONEWed Nov 26 1986McISDN Trial Notes
35.04CRVAX1::MULCRONEWed Nov 26 1986The Law of the LAN
36.0ANNECY::JARDINTue Jan 20 1987CCITT not just a European business
37.06TKOV52::UEDAFri Jan 23 1987What is SSNO.7 ?
38.018ANNECY::JARDINMon Feb 09 1987ISDN trials. general info
39.01NEWVAX::STEVICKTue Feb 10 1987DEC interface to ISDN
40.04MARVIN::WATERSWed May 06 1987ISDN in Germany.
41.07STAR::MEREWOODThu May 07 1987ISDN Bashing by Gartner Group
42.02XANADU::MORRISWed May 20 1987IBM CBX voice/data application interface
43.01NSSG::DONOVANThu May 28 1987DNA and ISDN?
44.02JOCK::BENDECKTue Jun 23 1987Digital Promises to Support ISDN
45.03JOCK::BENDECKTue Jun 23 1987Meeting with GCC - ISDN products
48.01JSOV1Wed Oct 07 1987AT&T's T1 Spec.
49.02--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 16 1987electrical boxes
50.02TRCTTue Nov 03 1987Geneva Synopsis
51.02DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Nov 25 1987CIT Presentation Available?
53.04UTOPIE::ANDREASMon Dec 14 1987SS No.7 on a VAX ?
54.01BORNES::HOLDGATETue Dec 22 1987Min Vs Max ?
55.02TAVWed Jan 20 1988Official DEC position?
56.03TEASE::NGUYENThu Jan 21 1988Digital ISDN ?
57.011ANNECY::FONSALETue Feb 09 1988DEC ISDN product, KSV32, Q-BUS ISDN B.R.A. board
58.04CAADC::AMERITMULCROThu Mar 10 1988ISDN and X
60.01TRCOWed Mar 16 1988DTE's (ISDN) for the masses
61.0FREEBE::BOYLETue Mar 29 1988>>>>MOVER AND A SHAKER<<<<
62.013DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Apr 04 1988ISDN tariffs filed in Illinois
63.01HOGGAR::JARDINTue Apr 12 1988North American ISDN users' forum (from C.Strahtmeyer)
64.07ANNECY::PARKERMon May 02 1988We have to service these things!
65.011TENERE::JARDINFri May 06 1988IBM and ISDN
66.02SHIRE::ZWAHLENTue May 10 1988ISDN Plans in Germany (DBP)
67.01ZPOACT::GGLOHFri May 13 1988video
69.02LISVAX::SILVAMon May 16 1988MHS Tender - Some questions ;
70.02TENERE::JARDINMon May 30 1988"non IBM" and ISDN
71.02TKOV6Mon May 30 1988ISDN service in Japan
72.04SAHQ::LUBERThu Jun 16 1988Just What is ISDN?
73.03MARVIN::KNOWLESTue Jul 12 1988Absence of DEC from subcommittee?
74.07HGOS35::KELVINYEUNGTue Jul 19 1988Campus Wide Telecommunication Network ?
75.02USATWed Jul 20 1988Northern Accelerates Security
76.0CGOAWed Jul 27 1988ISDN TRIALS
77.01DACT6::CHASEMon Aug 08 1988Group teleconferencing?
78.02USATWed Aug 24 1988Kodak adds PRA to NT's SL-1
79.07TENERE::JARDINFri Sep 02 1988ATT ISDN services
80.05DEVILS::ADAMTue Sep 06 1988Recommendation vs Implementation
81.0USATFri Sep 30 1988Eavesdropping on ISDN
82.03ANNECY::PARKERThu Oct 27 1988Can you call yourself?
83.01SMAC1Mon Nov 07 1988Plessey IDX, what/how/when?
84.0ULYSSE::IRIGOINThu Nov 10 1988more on IBM terminal adapter
85.01NWACES::DUBROFFThu Nov 10 1988New ISDN Reference Book from Germany in English
86.06LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Nov 29 1988Numeris launched today
88.0TRCOMon Dec 12 1988ISDN Update from Canada
89.02TENERE::JARDINFri Dec 16 1988ISDN ComForum 88 from Fred Koved
90.01CYPRES::WILLIAMS_SCThu Jan 05 1989ISDN/DECNET Routing
91.01TRCOWed Jan 11 1989ISDN News from Canada: rates and competition
92.03ANTPOL::HOVEYThu Jan 26 1989NIST/ISDN N.American ISDN Users' Forum
93.0TENERE::JARDINWed Feb 01 1989OVUM report ..from N.I.N
94.0TENERE::JARDINMon Mar 13 1989Frame relay services
95.04POBOX::BAILEYWed Mar 15 1989LAT & CTERM Over ISDN??
96.0TENERE::JARDINMon Mar 20 1989ISDN applications study
97.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Mar 21 1989Digital, ISDN, and advertising
98.0TENERE::JARDINFri Mar 24 1989ISDN in West Germany
99.0USATWed Apr 05 1989Network Equipment Technologies
101.0TENERE::JARDINMon Apr 17 1989NYNEX's New England ISDN offering
102.02TENERE::JARDINTue Apr 25 1989ISDN PC cards
103.01TENERE::JARDINTue Apr 25 1989CIT and ISDN..
104.09MEO78B::SMALLMANWed Apr 26 1989ISDN Applications Now?
105.01TENERE::JARDINThu Apr 27 1989Last newsletter on its way.. more articles to come
106.01TENERE::JARDINWed May 10 1989APPLE and ISDN
107.02EVTAI1::LECKTue May 16 1989an ISDN course available in DEC
108.0USATMon Jun 26 1989Timbuktu over ISDN demonstration
109.01USATWed Jun 28 1989Vadis offers PC2 Series of ISDN applications
110.03ACESMK::SILVATue Aug 01 1989New ISDN board?
111.01IJSAPL::KWAAKTue Aug 08 1989Alcatel & ISDN -> new note file
112.02STKAI1::WILHELMSONWed Aug 16 1989Ericsson and ISDN
113.09TRUCKS::MCPHIE_JMon Sep 04 1989ISDN/PSTN Interworking
115.05WILKIE::LAHAYEMon Oct 23 1989Any LAPD code out there?
116.02AUNTB::HYMESTue Oct 24 1989ISDN...D channeinterface?
117.03DUBWed Oct 25 1989DEC and ISDN ?
118.01WOODRO::LAHAYEWed Oct 25 1989LAPD framing question
119.02MAMIE::LAHAYEThu Oct 26 1989Anyone heard of CCITT Q.932??
120.01CASEE::MORRISFri Nov 03 1989Query on standardized software interface to ISDN hardware
121.03SX4GTO::BERNARDMon Dec 11 1989Interface standards, TE, NT
122.01JAWJA::GRESHThu Jan 04 1990NET's IDNX TRM ISDN compatible with NT's SL-1
123.03VANDAL::BARRONTue Jan 09 1990Digital ISDN Product Annoucement 5th Jan 199
125.02FRAMBO::WILTRUDThu Feb 08 1990Planes for a S2 Interface????
126.07COIT::FELKINS_KEWed Feb 14 1990
127.04CAADC::PMWVESTUTOWed Feb 14 1990SDP for ISDN??
129.02CAADC::VOLUMECOMPTOMon Feb 19 1990Transparent Call Setup?
130.0JAWJA::GRESHThu Feb 22 1990U S West & IBM conduct ISDN pilot
131.01DELNI::DROSENTue Mar 13 1990ISDN and async
132.01JSOCSS::NISHITSUKAWed Mar 14 1990Japan ISDN News
133.04SUOSW4::HARDTTue Mar 27 1990Standards Clarification
134.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Apr 03 1990Introduction to ISDN
135.01EEMELI::MITTSTue Apr 03 1990X.29 over the D-chennel?
136.01MEO78B::SMALLMANFri Apr 06 1990Demo S/W for ISDNcontoller 1
137.03JAWJA::GRESHTue May 01 19901st ISDN terminal circuits announced
138.01NACAD::R_PEPETue May 08 1990BRI/PRI questions, please?
139.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZFri May 18 1990NFA signalling?
140.02SNOCTue Jun 05 1990D channel - any suggested uses?
141.04RIKKA::PALOWed Jun 06 1990SCSI Interface plans
142.01MEO78B::SMALLMANThu Jun 14 1990remote bridge on ISDN
143.02CSC32::G_UPCHURCHThu Jun 14 1990certification against PBXes
144.01IJSAPL::KWAAKWed Jun 20 1990ISDN in the Netherlands
145.05HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed Jul 04 1990ISDN Vendors , DECmcc
146.06TRCOMon Jul 09 1990PRA device needed
147.01MUDIS3::KUNZEThu Jul 26 1990PBX Term Serv V2.1 Restrictions ?
148.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Aug 01 1990DECnet over ISDN to home
149.02FRAMBO::WILTRUDMon Aug 13 1990Q-BusSystem like a router?
150.0JAWJA::GRESHWed Aug 15 1990Fujitsu introduces new ISDN terminal apadters
151.03MINDER::BANKSTue Aug 21 1990British Telecom/Mercury certification?
152.017NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Sep 05 1990ISDN, what for ?
153.01OPHION::RBHANKTue Sep 11 1990ISDN for ULTRIX?
154.02TRCOTue Sep 11 1990BYTE 15th anniv. summit (KO) on ISDN
155.06MANThu Sep 13 1990DECsystem to ISDN ?
156.04GOTA1::BENZLERWed Sep 26 1990SS 7
157.0SUOSW3::WUENSCHThu Sep 27 1990Notes file on Tenere for SS7
158.01OPHION::RBHANKSat Sep 29 1990Which Siemen Chip?
159.02SMURF::RBHANKTue Oct 02 1990SS7 and TE?
160.01CSC32::G_UPCHURCHThu Oct 04 1990Who is the product manager for the DIV32 and associated software?
161.06ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Oct 11 1990Note for Terminal Adapters (TAs)?
162.03FULMER::TAYLORWed Oct 24 1990ISDN introduction?
163.04FROCKY::LEHLFri Oct 26 1990looking for PC ISDN-Software
164.01PRESS1::JURANEKMon Oct 29 1990"Can We...???"
165.01GLDOA::TREMBATHMon Oct 29 1990ACAD of 11
166.01TKOVOA::NAGASHIMA_MTue Oct 30 1990URGENT !!! 2BD ISDN on TURBOchannel
167.01SMAC1Thu Nov 08 1990Docs????
168.04DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Nov 08 1990ISDN tariff filed in Mass.; NET ISDN exchanges
169.03ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERMon Nov 12 1990DECnet with time cutting mode
170.01SMURF::RBHANKWed Nov 14 1990Certification Question
171.03POBOX::HAYES_JThu Nov 15 1990PC boards with UNIX drivers?
173.03MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon Jan 28 19912B+D and 23B+D
174.01ANNECY::ROUSSINWed Jan 30 1991DIV32/VAX ISDN Sales Tools!!!
175.01OZROCK::MCGINTYSat Feb 02 1991A few configuration questions
176.01FROCKY::UNGEHEUERWed Feb 06 1991ISDN-Demonstration for Germany
177.01FRAMBO::ERIKSSONThu Feb 21 1991singlemode support
178.0NCEIS1::CHEVAUXTue Mar 05 1991competitive info
179.06LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Mar 07 1991Group 4 fax protocols over X25
180.01BONKA::FINNIETue Mar 12 1991Long cable results in DEVOFFLINE
181.012VNABRW::POPPMon Mar 25 1991Euro-ISDN ?
182.06MINDER::BANKSTue Apr 02 1991MR/X+PSI+ISDN Question?
183.01MINDER::BANKSFri Apr 05 1991PC DECnet and ISDN?
184.01MINDER::BANKSFri Apr 05 1991DECnet using both ISDN B chans?
185.02JEREMY::RONENTue Apr 09 1991What is S channel at all ???
186.03SMAC1Wed Apr 24 1991UK ISDN queries
187.05TAVIS::PERETZThu May 02 1991PCSA on ISDN?
189.06JEREMY::MOTIWed May 15 1991Multi Port Chip (MPC) - DEC Product
190.0TRCOWed May 15 1991Questions from Network Architects
191.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 23 1991New Internet Mailing List Getting Started: ISDN
192.01NOTWed May 29 1991Which networks can PTT's access
193.0TENERE::SILVAMon Jun 03 1991FYI: ISDN API standards efforts
194.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERWed Jun 05 1991X.75 over V.35 as per T.563
195.03CHEFS::GORDONWYLIEDWed Jun 05 1991An ISDN Question?
196.03MAIL::DAVIDSONTue Jun 18 1991ISDN for DECstation 5
197.01EMILE::AJZENBERGWed Jun 19 1991NIS6
198.0GLDOA::EMMERICHFri Jun 21 1991Help find PRI company, Communications Developer
199.02LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERWed Jun 26 1991switch 56?
200.01ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERFri Jun 28 1991ISDNrouter1
201.01WELCLU::BRIDGERWed Jul 03 1991async decnet & ISDN
202.01TOSKI::ADAMSTue Jul 23 1991Does the DIV32 support the DMS1
203.01VANTEN::MITCHELLDWed Jul 31 1991Low cost Router box
204.06FRAMBO::HAIMERLFri Aug 16 1991Support of S
205.04FRAMBO::HAIMERLFri Aug 16 1991Extended LAN over ISDN ?
206.0NCEIS1::CHEVAUXMon Aug 19 1991Telemetry: a new application
207.04IJSAPL::VDDOELENThu Aug 22 1991ISDN demo and kit ?
208.05FOAMER::JUDICEWed Sep 04 1991X.25 Access Through ISDNrouter1
209.02ANNECY::BUISSONMon Sep 23 1991ISDN offering in UK ? (Mercury vs BT)
210.04COPCLU::JRNWed Oct 09 1991NET3 Approval ?
211.02TOSKI::ADAMSWed Oct 09 1991Q.931 vs. DSS1, I.451 ??
212.03WIDGIT::ALCORNWed Oct 09 1991NYNEX and information services
213.01COLWed Oct 16 1991PC connection to a LAN via ISDN
214.07COLWed Oct 16 1991ISDNrouter and TCP/IP
215.02BAHTAT::NICHOLMon Oct 21 1991ISDN Time Cutting & DECnet / DED - DA
216.01COPCLU::GREGTue Oct 22 1991Terminal Adapters and time-cutting?
217.01BERNFri Oct 25 1991BC23U is faulty!
218.0FRAMBO::HAIMERLFri Nov 08 1991DEC ISDNrouter 1
219.05GRANMA::WWORLEYTue Nov 12 1991Potential Strategic Alliances with the RBOCs??
220.01DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Nov 12 1991T1S1 trip report
221.02BERNThu Nov 14 1991TRACE fails
223.023OSI::HARPERThu Nov 28 1991An interesting box...
224.02TRUCKS::MILLSFri Nov 29 1991International ISDN
225.08MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYWed Dec 11 1991ISDN 1
226.02WARNUT::BANKSTTue Dec 17 1991on-line product docs?
227.01WARNUT::BANKSTTue Dec 17 1991ISDN Router network questions
228.01COLWed Dec 18 1991To bus or not to bus !
229.0ANNECY::ROUSSINTue Dec 24 1991ISDN Low Cost LAN Interconnect Sol. (codename: ISILAN)
230.0IJSAPL::KWAAKTue Dec 24 1991ISDN Lab
231.0TOOK::DMCLUREFri Jan 03 1992Teleworking Network Study
232.02ZURThu Jan 09 1992call initiation requires '#' terminator?
234.08HEART::CHAKERAThu Jan 23 1992Is EDSS1 support by ISDN
235.020EEMELI::PEURAWed Jan 29 1992Maxine and PC isdn status ?
236.03COLMon Feb 03 1992LAN-connection via PABX Siemens HICOM
237.03FRAMBO::HAIMERLTue Feb 04 1992Common ISDN API ?
238.03LARVAE::HERBERTTue Feb 11 1992ISDN 2 (V35) ?
239.01MUNEDI::WERBERWed Feb 12 1992ISDN and PSI V5.
240.02MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Feb 25 1992S2M Interface Support
241.07BELFST::MCCORRYTue Feb 25 1992DS5
242.03TOSKI::ADAMSWed Feb 26 1992Dialing protocol for Terminal Adapters
243.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Mar 12 1992Ethernet remote bridges using ISDN
244.07TOSKI::ADAMSMon Mar 23 1992DIV32 - DIV32 (back to back)
245.03WARNUT::MCO3Mon Mar 30 1992ISDN router competition
246.01PHONE::SHENTue Mar 31 1992IP over ISDN for DOS?
247.0VANTEN::MITCHELLDThu Apr 02 1992Manageable Terminal Adaptor
248.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Apr 03 1992Projects with ALACTEL or TELETRA
250.04KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Apr 07 1992International (US-UK) ISDN ?
251.02BRST13::MYLLEWed Apr 08 1992ISDN-ISDN, bit inversion
252.01AKUNA::AIKINSThu Apr 09 1992What world-wide products do we have or will we have.......conformance issues...
253.02DRKGThu Apr 09 1992External Terminal Adaptors and our Routers experience ???????
254.04IRNBRU::MILNETue Apr 14 1992ISDN via TurboChannel under VMS ... Any support available or Planned
255.05AUSCAD::NGWed Apr 15 1992D-channel control flow?
256.04UFRCS1::GASTFri Apr 24 1992# of Controllers
257.02MLNTue Apr 28 1992"ISDN applications"?
258.0MLNTue Apr 28 1992Which is ISDN router future?
259.03LARVAE::HERBERTFri May 01 1992UK ISDN Demo?
260.05TKOVOA::NAGASHIMA_MFri May 01 1992ISDN Driver on Alpha/OSF ?
261.05EEMELI::HAARAFri May 15 1992Primary rate to VAX
262.05FILTON::MITCHELLWed May 20 1992ISDN on MV31
264.02NEWOA::HARRISONThu May 21 1992MUX over ISDN??
265.0AUSSIE::BELLWed May 27 1992Competition -- Copied from the Internet ISDN mailing
266.02HEART::CHAKERAFri Jun 05 1992
267.02CERN::BOTHNERFri Jun 12 1992Remote printing over ISDN
268.02NEEPS::BRUCEMon Jun 15 1992REV A4 -> A5
269.08BEAGLE::WARDFri Jun 19 1992Rate adaption
270.03ZURWed Jun 24 1992again P.S.I. - ISDN Interworking
271.01JANUS::RDAVIESWed Jul 01 1992BT start internal tele-working trial
272.02ZURFri Jul 03 1992%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM, invalid device name
273.04NEEPS::BRUCEFri Jul 03 1992REV A5 DIV32
274.03LARVAE::SHERMAN_GMon Jul 06 1992PC Basic Rate Connection
275.014YUPPY::BURGESSMMon Jul 13 1992LAN vs X.25 vs Hayes interface ?
276.05YUPPY::BURGESSMMon Jul 13 1992EVI - Lessons learned
277.01NEEPS::BRUCEThu Jul 16 1992ISDN?ULTRIX
278.04CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jul 21 1992ISDN Overview
279.04ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Jul 24 1992OST PC boards, July 1992
280.0ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Jul 24 1992SCII S
281.01ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Jul 24 1992French PC boards (april 1992)
282.01DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Jul 30 1992ISDN Protocol Analyzers, PRI and BRI
283.05GUIDUK::KANGMon Aug 03 1992How is DEC 1
284.05NEEPS::BRUCEThu Aug 06 1992REV ??
285.03MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYMon Aug 10 1992ISDN activity during VAX boot?
286.01RDGENG::PRATTTue Aug 11 1992ISDN security, auditing, accounting and PhaseV support
287.03ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Aug 19 1992Problem in one direction
288.04UNITED::PCWed Aug 19 1992ISDN - tens of sites linked via ISDNRouter 1
289.04KAL::BJERKEHOLTWed Aug 26 1992D-channel access -> OSF/1
290.04TRCOA::CHENRYFri Aug 28 1992WAN whitepaper
291.02ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Sep 04 1992Ford Europe in Data Communications Aug 92
292.03WSINT::HOUSEFri Sep 04 1992Does polarity matter on transmit lines ?
294.01ZURMon Sep 14 1992Returned Condition Values for ISDN$INITIATE_CALL
295.02SUOSW3::MEZGERTue Sep 15 1992IP over ISDN ?
296.010JRDVThu Sep 17 1992ISDN on Alpha question
297.010SIEVAX::LLOYDFri Sep 18 1992PC->VAX file transfers
298.06BRST13::MYLLEWed Sep 23 1992teleaction
299.06BRST13::MYLLEMon Sep 28 1992Bearer capability
300.0ULYSSE::CHEVAUXTue Sep 29 1992Fred Goldstein's ISDN in perspective
301.08BRST13::MYLLEFri Oct 02 1992
302.07POOLThu Oct 08 1992ISDN to connect Ultrix sites?
303.0GLDOA::BROWDERTue Oct 13 1992Sun ISDN (SPARC 1
304.0ULYSSE::CHEVAUXThu Oct 15 1992Notes on french ISDN
305.02COMET::WACKERMon Oct 26 1992Need inexpensive reliable remote ISDN access
306.09ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Oct 28 1992PATHWORKS for ISDN for DOS
307.01JANUS::RDAVIESWed Nov 11 1992DeskTop Conferencing (DTC) for Windows 3.1 announcement
308.02UNTADH::IBRODIEFri Nov 13 1992Apple Macintosh ISDN connectivity
309.04KERNEL::WEBSTERCWed Nov 25 1992Interworking with the DIV32
310.06BELFST::MCCORRYThu Dec 03 1992Pathworks on ISDN
311.06SHIPS::MCPHIE_JMon Dec 07 1992ISDN Standby Application
312.02WASHDC::RICHARDSTue Dec 08 1992Using a ISDN workstation port as a 232 port?
313.02WOTVAX::64Fri Jan 08 1993PSI and ISDN addressing question?
314.03WOTVAX::64Fri Jan 08 1993VAX 4
315.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jan 08 1993Can you explain the Terminal Adapter (TA) Concept in an ISDN environment?
316.05VMSNET::RRICKWed Jan 20 1993VAX ISDN trouble-shooting.
317.05AUSSIE::CHIUFri Jan 22 1993VAX_ISDN and PWISDND docs?
320.03BROUGH::DAVIESMon Feb 01 1993PC based Branch office config
321.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Feb 02 1993PC, Mac, Alpha OSF/1?
322.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Feb 10 1993DEC's ISDN and X.31 ....
323.03DV78Thu Feb 11 1993To ISDN or not to ISDN ...
324.01VMSNET::RRICKFri Feb 12 1993ATT 5ESS Protocol Specifications?
326.03SMURF::ARSLANTue Feb 16 1993ISDN penetration.
327.0KOLFAX::WIEGLEBSat Feb 27 1993Problem with "ISDN Access" SPD in VTX
328.01NEWOA::HARRISONFri Mar 05 1993DIV32-SF 1
329.01TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 05 1993PATHWORKS ISDN (DOS) - dynamically switched connections?
330.04YUPPY::BURGESSMFri Mar 05 1993Cable part no, availability ?
331.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Mar 09 1993ISDN support for different waves of DECnet-OSI?
332.01NEWOA::HARRISONWed Mar 10 1993ISDN PC controller
333.01EICMFG::KORNMESSERThu Mar 11 1993DIV32 can't be quoted in Germany, maintenance mode only?
334.02WOTVAX::64Fri Mar 12 1993ISDN router retired?
335.05MAJORS::HANSONFri Mar 12 1993ISDN proposal for customer - Sanity check please
336.0MAJORS::HANSONWed Mar 24 1993ISDn <-> PSI
337.04TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 26 1993Basic questions on ISDN architecture?
338.02SMURF::GAUDETMon Mar 29 1993List of Digital ISDN Products and Product Managers
339.0ROMTue Mar 30 1993List of Digital ISDN application
340.01SMURF::GAUDETThu Apr 01 1993How do you keep up with HW changes affecting ISDN???
341.01TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 01 1993How to order ISDN Video EY-F
342.0CADSYS::LEMONSSat Apr 03 1993Connecting home to work
343.06TENNIS::KAMMon Apr 05 1993Is there an ISDN Protocol?
344.07SMURF::GAUDETThu Apr 08 1993ISDN to standard phone line?
345.03VMSNET::RRICKThu Apr 08 1993Pathworks ISDN Success
346.0FRSCS::AURANDTue Apr 13 1993Question about the DECnet implementation over ISDN
347.03TKOV5Wed Apr 21 1993US ISDN Forum API and Japanese one
348.07MARVIN::RDAVIESWed Apr 21 1993SUN announces ISDN workstation software and hardware
349.017VMSNET::RRICKFri Apr 23 1993Primary Rate
350.0MARVIN::RDAVIESFri Apr 23 1993AT&T NT1U Price Increases
351.02ZURFri Apr 23 1993What about Multiple Subscriber Number MSN ?
352.0SUTRA::XP1XC::naccacheThu Apr 29 1993PWRKS ISDN (DOS) V2.
353.02MAJORS::HANSONThu Apr 29 1993LICENSE-F-NOAUTH, DEC use is not authorized on this node
354.09CECEHV::PALOFri Apr 30 1993Internet: ISDN Catalog Ordering Information
355.0CECEHV::PALOThu May 06 1993Telemedicine Conference on CECEHV::TELEMEDICINE
356.0SOLVIT::JNELSONTue May 11 1993US National ISDN CPE & Apps Alliance
357.018VMSNET::RRICKWed May 19 1993X25 not starting up.
358.03ANNECY::ADAMTue Jun 01 1993Germany : AVM board info
359.01MUMPS::GOULDFri Jun 04 1993HAYES PC Adapter experience anyone ??
360.03GIDDAY::CALLAGHANThu Jun 10 1993Async Decnet over ISDN
361.02ROMFri Jun 11 1993ISDN for AXP WNT anyone??
362.02ROMFri Jun 11 1993isdn support for the meridian PBX?
363.0BER::SPOIDAMon Jun 28 1993"COMMON-ISDN-API Version 1.1 Profile A" -?-
364.01MFRNW1::RITATue Jun 29 1993Router & TA & PC
365.01LEMAN::GABLERFri Jul 02 1993Pathwork ISDN Call cleared, illegal frame
366.01KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerSat Jul 03 1993can my stuff work on ISDN?
367.09STKHLM::WEBJORNThu Jul 08 1993How do I bring in ~15
368.02HADRES::EFFKEMANNThu Jul 15 1993ISDN products on hold?
369.01SUBURB::SPUD1::tuppensFri Jul 16 1993Connecting portable PCs!
370.03EIGER::WELTITue Jul 20 1993ISDN cabling confusion
371.04ROMFri Jul 23 1993ISDN on ALPHA/OSF & OpenVms
372.01HAN::PIMMWed Jul 28 1993Using X.29 within ISDN ?
373.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Aug 04 1993when and if will NI1 will be supported
374.0CECEHV::PALOTue Aug 31 1993Studies in ISDN
375.02VMSNET::RRICKFri Sep 03 1993Digiboard Product for US
376.06KERNEL::DAVIESTue Sep 07 1993BC23T......pinouts please......
377.04STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Sep 15 1993T.A.'s with X.25 support?
378.01BERFS3::RAUFMANNThu Sep 16 1993DI-2
379.0CECEHV::PALOMon Sep 20 1993INFO EURO ACCESS - 1995
380.08MINNY::SCHUMACHERMon Sep 20 1993PC hangs in NCP
381.01QUICHE::PITTTue Sep 21 1993Security implications of connection to public ISDN service?
382.0CECEHV::PALOWed Sep 22 1993DELTA report on Canadian study tour and joint workshop
383.03RTOEU::PYOOMon Sep 27 1993What is IEEE 8
384.03MINNY::SCHUMACHERTue Sep 28 1993DTE on DIV32 fails to come up
385.05ANNECY::BLANCThu Sep 30 1993What is the BONDING standard ?
386.0CECEHV::PALOThu Sep 30 1993Proposed TEN-ISDN Community Action
387.0CECEHV::PALOThu Sep 30 1993ISDN TransEuropean Network
388.0CECEHV::PALOMon Oct 11 1993INFO EURO ACCESS call for declarations of interest (IMPACT 2)
389.0ODIF11::LICATATue Oct 12 1993DOS 6.
390.01ANNECY::BLANCMon Oct 18 1993Compression over ISDN channels ?
391.03BRST13::MYLLEThu Oct 21 1993ISDN router
392.01ZENA::ASTRUAFri Oct 22 1993ISDN Connection between two PCs ?
393.02ODIF11::LICATAMon Oct 25 1993PW ISDN and Windows Sockets
394.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLTue Nov 02 1993DECnet over ISDN: Who's calling?
395.011SEAWLF::COLEThu Nov 04 1993how to wire two AOSF systems together with ISDN ?
396.08SEAWLF::COLEThu Nov 11 1993x.25 on D channel ???
397.02ZURThu Nov 11 1993DIV32 OFFLINE after reboot
398.0SUTRA::XP1XC::NACCACHEMon Nov 22 1993PATHWORKS ISDN - New generation
399.01OPNGDY::BAILEYTue Nov 23 1993Printing in an ISDN environment
400.01BUSSTP::JHANNAHThu Nov 25 1993Terminal adaptor as backup link?
401.0VMSNET::RRICKWed Dec 01 1993ISDN government initiatives in USA
402.03ZENA::ASTRUAMon Dec 06 1993ISDN on DEC 2
403.01STROP::LAYLANDThu Dec 09 1993What is required onthe Pathworks server ?
404.0161Mon Dec 13 1993Help understanding ISDN and our products
405.0CECEHV::PALOThu Dec 16 1993EURIE '93
406.02MLNSat Dec 18 1993Many ISDN PC's to few big Service Center
407.01UTROP1::LIETHOFF_SMon Dec 20 1993327
408.013SEAWLF::COLEWed Jan 05 1994specs on AMD 79C3
409.0ODIF11::LICATASun Jan 09 1994Hunt Group with time cutting ?
410.01ZURMon Jan 10 1994DECnet circuit mismatch?
411.0BACHUS::FOLENSThu Jan 13 1994Vax ISDN v2.2 qualification for Belgium?
412.0HAMCL3::ROEBENFri Jan 14 1994TCP/IP over ISDN/ WANrouter5
413.01XSTACY::DMCWEENEYFri Jan 14 1994DECnet/TCPIP to ISDN question
414.04SAC::HERBERTMon Jan 24 1994Can ISDN failure be recognised ??
415.03VMSNET::RRICKThu Jan 27 1994AT&T viewed as #1 for the future (USA).
416.0SEAWLF::COLEMon Jan 31 1994interoperate with Bellcore ISDN-1 ??
417.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Feb 08 1994establish or tear-down connection ?
418.0LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Feb 10 1994ITU, CCITT, TSS and TSB ... terminology
419.05FRSIT::MAYERThu Feb 10 1994Pathworks ISDN-TCP/IP to Cisco
420.01LARVAE::WALKER_AMon Feb 21 1994KNX ISDN card config problems
421.01CHEFS::BROWNDMon Feb 21 1994Alpha 3
422.01DISCO::DAVENPORT_DTue Feb 22 1994ISDN from DECNIS
423.03SEAWLF::COLEWed Feb 23 1994National ISDN docs available on Internet
424.0SEAWLF::COLEThu Feb 24 1994HP and IBM ISDN capabilities ?
425.02DV78Thu Mar 03 1994AT&T 75
426.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Mar 07 1994Bellcore deployment data on line
427.03ARRODS::HEWITTCMon Mar 14 1994I need a small server!
428.02VMSNET::RRICKTue Mar 15 1994Gandalf 5242 Bridge
429.0NEWOA::HARRISONThu Mar 17 1994Primary Rate Aggregator
430.02CAPNET::AUSTINFri Mar 18 1994ISDN spec
431.02SOLVIT::JNELSONMon Mar 21 1994ALPHA AXP - OpenVMS
432.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Mar 24 1994Residential ISDN Trial Notes (parts 1 and 2)
433.04CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Apr 05 1994FACT or FICTION: DEC ISDN for DEC OSF/1 for Alpha 1.
434.02NSTG::RDAVIESThu Apr 07 1994Public Utility Commission of Texas requests comments on deployment of ISDN
435.03VMSNET::RRICKMon Apr 18 1994Paul Speek paper on Intl. ISDN Networks & COmpression
436.08COPCLU::PALMANNWed May 04 1994ISDN europa <-> U.S.
437.0LEMAN::CHEVAUXFri May 06 1994life ain't gonna be easier ...
439.06LISVAX::KALENGAWed May 18 1994ISDN on AXP 21
440.03FRSCS::KWETSCHERFri May 20 1994Poor Pathworks for ISDN performance ?
441.02LEMAN::GABLERWed May 25 1994X.25 to ISDN vs X.31 Questions
442.01CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue May 31 1994Phone-application for Pathworks V5.
443.02KALVIN::GAVINWed Jun 01 1994VT Terminal emulation over ISDN /DECNET and Novell
444.03PAPERS::CORNETue Jun 07 1994Hardware?
445.02LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Jun 07 1994Market figures
446.0LEMAN::CHEVAUXFri Jun 10 19943com goes ISDN .... (in a year from now)
447.02ORO5Wed Jun 22 1994ISDN for Internet Access ???
448.0SUTRA::ARNAUT::binderFri Jul 08 1994Projects using ISDN on UNIX? Collecting inputs for future OSF/1 products...
449.02VMSNET::RRICKMon Jul 18 1994ISDN for Workgroups (BT & Microsoft)
450.02OZROCK::COURTFri Jul 29 1994ISDN for DEC OSF/1 FT Notification
451.02TOOK::MORENZThu Aug 04 1994Can I get access 128KB of bandwidth (both B channels) for one application
452.03SUOIG1::BODENSTEDTTue Aug 30 1994Pathworks for ISDN, DECnet, VMS Server and DDR
453.06MARVIN::RIGBYTue Sep 20 1994What should a primary rate interface look like?
454.04DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Sep 22 1994ISDN - OpenVMS AXP again....
455.01VMSNET::RRICKTue Nov 15 1994NI-1 and the DIV-32?
456.03ARRCEE::rcpc.kyo.dec.com::catenaTue Nov 29 1994what would be best for Digital internal use?
457.0LEMAN::MAIREFri Dec 02 1994PW ISDN: which Server Connection ?
458.01CSC32::P_RAVIXTue Dec 13 1994Question from Internet newsgroup
459.02CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Dec 20 1994probably an easy question...
460.09VMSNET::RRICKFri Dec 23 1994Where is Fred?
461.010CSCMA::BALICHWed Dec 28 1994Any moderators still around ???
462.0OZROCK::HUNTMon Jan 16 1995Does NI-1 operate in point-to-point?
463.03SWAM1::GREENWAY_JOWed Jan 18 1995Is ISDN the best solution for the HOME Program?
464.04CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jan 24 1995Digital ISDN Product Manager(s)
465.01BIS5::RUTTENSTue Jan 24 1995WIN-NT support on DI2
466.03CSCMA::MACVICARMon Jan 30 1995ALPHA 3
467.04NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Wed Feb 01 1995v1.1 + NFS
468.02COLWed Feb 08 1995DEC X.25 for OSF/1 - status
469.04NETRIX::"Peter.Dressel@aui.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 09 1995ISDN in Europe??????
470.04COLFri Feb 10 1995ISDN in Detroit? Who wants to make money?
471.0TIGA::PRELYWed Feb 22 1995PATHWORKS Remote V5.1 has ISDN support (X.25,PPP)
472.05SUTRA::ARNAUT::binderThu Feb 23 1995Project Plan - Primary Rate ISDN & Channelized T1
473.02OTOUFri Feb 24 1995***NT & DMS line of switches...?
474.01CSCMA::MACVICARFri Feb 24 1995Has anyone seen this? No Voice over B Channels
475.03CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 01 1995The Official Digital ISDN Deployment Note
476.0OZROCK::HUNTWed Mar 01 1995A DEC presence at "Global '95: The ISDN event of the year"?
477.04CSCMA::MACVICARWed Mar 15 1995ISDN & Alpha - what other software/hardware?
478.0SUTRA::ARNAUT::binderFri Mar 17 1995CAPI support in PATHWORKS is coming...
479.01SEAWLF::COLEWed Mar 29 1995./xhonerc file ???
480.0OZROCK::COURTFri Mar 31 1995Anyone using ISDN EMA architecture
481.01VIVARA::MICHELETue Apr 04 1995PW-ISDN and X.25
482.04ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Apr 05 1995ISDN International access prefixes
483.01VMSNET::RRICKFri Apr 21 1995ExpressPak
484.03FRSTI::CHRISTOPHTue Apr 25 1995DIV32 AND CISCO 25
485.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELFri Apr 28 1995Unable to start Decnet ...
486.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu May 04 1995ANNOUNCEMENT: X.25 V1.2 gains EURO-ISDN certification
487.0JUMP4::JOYMon May 08 1995ISDN developer's courses offered by 3rd party
488.02HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed May 10 1995Gandalf contact info?
489.01VMSNET::RRICKWed May 10 1995Anyone for ISDN at DECUS San Francisco DEC 1995?
490.01ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGTue May 16 1995ISDN for electronic services
491.02ISIDRO::LUISGONFri May 19 1995Live video over ISDN ?
492.01ZPOVC::TIMDANIELMon Jun 12 1995B-ISDN Info?
493.0ZPOVC::YICKPENGFri Jun 16 1995ISDN cannot auto dial
494.01GOYA::JOSEFThu Jun 22 1995DECnet over ISDN doc?
495.01TOOK::MORRISONWed Jun 28 1995ISDN TAs other than Moto TA21
496.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Jun 29 1995Is a multi-connection ISDN system possible ?
497.02SEAWLF::COLETue Jul 18 1995multiple BRI lines on a rotary ???
498.01SEAWLF::COLEWed Jul 19 1995take a look at SGI ISDN offering
499.04SMURF::RSPSun Jul 23 1995ISDN on Alpha?
500.07RAGS::MADDENThu Jul 27 1995DNSES and Line Configuration
501.07KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Jul 31 1995Alpha 3
502.03BGSDEV::MORRISThu Aug 03 1995ISDN Information Resources
503.0QUABBI::"jenkinsj@ozy.dec.com"Fri Aug 25 1995US users of Digital ISDN sw
504.08QUABBI::"jenkinsj@ozy.dec.com"Wed Aug 30 1995ANNOUNCEMENT: Multimedia over ISDN
505.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Sep 05 1995How to route Ovms TCP/IP services over ISDN
506.01DOIT4U::KOWed Sep 06 1995ISDN 15
507.06SMURF::RSPThu Sep 07 1995ISDN modem anyone?
508.08CRONIC::LEMONSThu Sep 28 1995Motorola BitSURFR
509.04EDITEX::BRUNNOCKTue Oct 10 1995AlphaServers and ISDN
510.03CSC32::J_SOBECKITue Oct 10 1995DECnet MOP support over ISDN?
511.08STOWOA::CEDRONEMon Oct 16 1995Extending ISDN BRI's
512.0CHEFS:: Nov 06 1995Primary Rate Access on Alpha VMS?
513.03FOUNDR::CRAIGMon Nov 13 1995Testing without an RBOC?
514.010CRONIC::LEMONSTue Nov 14 1995ISDN deployment suggestions needed
515.011KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWWed Nov 15 1995ISDN card for AXP 2
516.011BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Nov 16 1995Analog modems & analog adapters?
517.09STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Nov 20 1995The beginning of the end of the modem.
518.01NETCAD::PERAROTue Nov 28 1995ISDN Configuration Worksheets for Router product
519.02KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 29 1995say it ain't so!
520.09CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 07 1995List of ISDN products Digital sells
521.02CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 07 1995Xircom ISDN product
522.02ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Jan 04 1996Sub-address status ?
523.05BPSERX::BPHGAT::gallFri Jan 05 1996PRI ISDN --BOX-- 3
524.01ACISS1::POUNDERSMon Jan 15 1996ACC, Ascend and Compression
525.04GTDANE::GOYETTEThu Jan 18 1996Home <-- ISDN --> Digital
526.0TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 27 1996ISDN terminology?
527.03MARVIN::WATERSMon Jan 29 1996BRI v PRI service prices
528.01CSCMA::MACVICARWed Feb 14 1996X.25 & Switch types using ISDN
529.09GTDANE::GOYETTEThu Feb 15 1996ISDN Card for Alphastation 2
530.05SAYER::ELMOREMon Mar 18 1996ADSL (Asychronous Digital Subscriber Line) ???
531.0KAOFS::kap43Mon Mar 25 1996
532.01MLNORO::ORIANAThu Apr 04 1996I need drivers of di2
533.0SMURF::RSPFri Apr 05 1996?
534.02IROCZ::MORRISONWed Apr 10 1996PC with internal ISDN terminal adapter?
535.02MARVIN::WATERSThu Apr 11 1996ISDN contact in the PathWorks group?
537.0IROCZ::MORRISONWed May 01 1996Win95 dialup client compatible with ISDN?
539.0TAINO::WROSARIOFri May 17 1996ISDN on Category 5 ????
540.02GENIE::bep225.ebo.dec.com::publicWed May 29 1996Internet connection via ISDN card
541.0TEACH::WICKERTWed May 29 1996ISDN Line Simulator
542.07CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri May 31 1996DIV32 and DECnet osi V6.2 /psi
543.0VMSNET::RRICKMon Jun 03 1996RouteAbout Access EI
544.06KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue Jun 04 1996Connecting ISDN without the Phone Company
545.0VMSNET::RRICKMon Jul 01 1996VAX ISDN and ISDN Access Retired
546.01ANGST::tun-2Wed Jul 03 1996ISDN novice questions
547.02SEAWLF::COLEFri Sep 06 1996PRI card for Alpha Workstation - current status ?
548.03COPSFri Sep 20 1996More Digital Home questions.
549.01SIOG::B_OBRIENFri Sep 20 1996ISDN as backup to serial link
550.04DEBUG::GALLOWed Sep 25 1996AltaVista Tunnel --> ISDN performance?
551.03DECBAH::SYSTEMMon Sep 30 1996AlphaServer 41
552.02COPSTue Oct 22 1996ISDN under Digital UNIX 4.
553.01GBIThu Oct 24 1996PRI card for Alpha Servers with Windows NT?
554.0STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaSat Nov 02 1996One-stop ISDN shopping
555.01MARVIN::WALTERMon Nov 11 1996X.25 over ISDN? ...
556.02QCAVThu Nov 21 1996configuring isdn on 3
557.0SIOG::M_CRONINWed Dec 11 1996FTSO over UCX over ISDN
558.02BARNA::DSMAILWed Jan 08 1997isdn on dec 3
559.0+1COWBOY::MIRGHANEFri Jan 17 19972 ISDN links with automatic backup
560.0 *+2NOTED:: Jan 30 1997Basic ISDN Questions
561.0 *+1NETRIX::"kriti.kapoor@zpo.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 13 1997ISDN on AlphaStation 6
562.0 *QCAVMon Mar 03 1997ISDN & Windows 95.
563.0 *+1ZURTue Mar 11 1997ISDN and UNIX
564.0 *+2DELNI::MUGGERIDGEMon Mar 31 1997WAN Support T3.
565.0 *+1CSCMA::MACVICARWed Apr 02 1997combination ISDN/Analog Modem ?
566.0 *DELNI::MUGGERIDGEWed Apr 09 1997ISDN Field Test Sites needed
567.0 *VMSNET::RRICKMon May 19 1997Net Access (was Primary Rate)
568.0 *NNTPD::"eyemaro@mail.dec.com"Mon Jun 02 1997Quest for ISDN FIELD Test