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Conference marvin::emacsprocs

Title:Emacs MLisp Procedures
Created:Tue Feb 04 1986
Last Modified:Fri Sep 16 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:150
Total number of notes:498
Number with bodies:0
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1.05XENON::MUNYANFri May 03 1985Introduction
2.01XENON::MUNYANFri May 03 1985Index - No replies
3.0ELMER::GREENBERGFri May 03 1985FORTRAN indenting/dedenting pac
4.01BCSENG::RYANFri May 03 1985USENET reader
5.03CADLAC::GOUNFri May 03 1985Fetch/Put MLisp-database-entry
6.06CADLAC::GOUNFri May 03 1985MINIBUF package
7.0MARVIN::SCOTTFri May 03 1985resequence labels
8.08ORAC::BUTENHOFSun May 05 1985message window packages
9.06TRIVIA::MUNYANTue May 07 1985Simple Emacs Customizations
10.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 07 1985
11.01JAWS::KAISERWed May 08 1985Database functions
12.01JAWS::KAISERWed May 08 1985Sort a region
13.0PICA::HIDERThu May 09 1985Surprise!!!
14.01TRIVIA::MUNYANThu May 09 1985Count Package
15.0XENON::TANNENBAUMFri May 17 1985visit-file from spec in buffer
16.03BLOTT::SEATONMon Jun 03 1985Electric-finger, a file marker
17.01VRANX::COBBWed Jun 05 1985Line numbering routines
18.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 05 1985
19.01STONED::MUNROEThu Jul 18 1985A new pascal-mode
20.0XENON::MUNYANMon Jul 22 1985Emacs key definitions
21.01STONED::MUNROEWed Jul 24 1985utility.ml
22.03CADLAC::GOUNWed Aug 07 1985Local printer support
23.02PICA::HIDERThu Aug 08 1985Emacs_notes: (insert-header)
24.0INANNA::FORTMILLERFri Aug 09 1985TWENEX like CASE Commands
25.07FREMEN::RYANFri Aug 16 1985EMAIL extensions for USENET
26.01STONED::MUNROEFri Aug 23 1985A new lisp-mode
28.02SYBIL::MUNYANWed Sep 04 1985Overprint stripper for MEM's
29.0MILES::CHABOTFri Sep 20 1985arrow keys for GnuEmacs
30.0XENON::MUNYANTue Sep 24 1985Asynch execute-monitor-command
31.08HEART::SCOTTSun Sep 29 1985EMACS as Debugs EDITor
32.0CLT::BUTENHOFThu Oct 31 1985string semantics in \eX search
33.08AMOS::ELLISONMon Nov 04 1985enhanced minibuf.ml
34.02PSGVAX::HOMSun Nov 10 1985incremental search with autoreve
35.05CACHE::GRISCOMWed Nov 13 1985query-kill-buffers
36.03TONTO::WITHROWWed Dec 11 1985Latest EMAIL for new NMAIL?
37.01THRINT::SEATONMon Jan 06 1986Ksh-like search-in-line macros
38.0HEART::SCOTTWed Jan 15 1986Safe write-modified-files
39.01HEART::SCOTTThu Jan 16 1986external-function FAO example
40.01TRON::SEATONThu Jan 23 1986Do a function on every line
41.0TONTO::WITHROWThu Jan 30 1986WANTED: shar archive maker!
42.01EN::HIDERThu Feb 20 1986Notes utility package
43.01MARVIN::COBBFri Feb 21 1986print-file function
44.01MARVIN::COBBFri Feb 21 1986notes-one-key and notes-print functions
45.01OFFRT9::GHOMWed Feb 26 1986Free Cursor Movement ala TPU
46.02DSSDEV::MUNYANMon Mar 03 1986Local printing utility with 132 column support
47.03THRINT::SEATONThu Mar 13 1986Faster line counting
48.02BARTOK::MAHONEYThu Apr 03 1986Spell in Emacs
49.08LATOUR::MERRILLFri Apr 11 1986new KILLER w/arrays
50.0OFFRT9::GHOMMon Apr 14 1986insert-column of text
51.02ASGMKA::GLEASONFri Apr 18 1986FT2 notes key functions
52.03CACHE::JACKSONFri Apr 18 1986Spawned EMACS editing from VAXNotes
53.05REGINA::LOMICKAJThu Apr 24 1986MINIPATCH - Command line editing for Emacs
54.01REGINA::LOMICKAJThu May 01 1986Strange new incremental search
55.01LOGIC::PUDERThu May 22 1986restoring windows from EMACS_user.MEMORY
56.01ZEPPO::MAHLERFri Jun 20 1986SETQ Visible-bell no worky for maily ?
57.02IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jun 23 1986buffers and things
58.0STKSWS::LITBYWed Jun 25 1986node.ml --- node information routine
59.02CACHE::JACKSONWed Jun 25 1986One solution to ^S/^Q problem
60.01HYENA::FEATHERSTONTue Jul 01 1986mouse.ml (using VTXXX emulator)
61.024REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Jul 01 1986General mouse package
62.03NOODLE::KATSIOULASThu Jul 03 1986Any "tabify"/"untabify" functions out there?
63.03REGINA::LOMICKAJThu Jul 10 1986New kill ring packge: KRING
64.01REGINA::LOMICKAJThu Jul 10 1986Free roaming cursor for Ansi terminals
65.0WHOARU::GOUNThu Jul 10 1986Key bindings for the CMS package
67.02MARVIN::SCOTTWed Jul 16 1986expand various words in buffer
68.0COOKIE::ELLISONThu Jul 17 1986two-window-compare
70.01KALKIN::BUTENHOFWed Jul 23 1986visit-list.ml
71.06OFFRT9::GHOMFri Aug 15 1986new textmode
72.01MARVIN::SCOTTWed Aug 27 1986diagnostic file support
74.0CAD::LEVITINTue Sep 02 1986WANTED: SCAN mode
75.02ORAN::ORANTue Sep 09 1986EMACS Notes Mouse Interface
76.02SARAH::BUSDIECKERWed Sep 10 1986EMAIL send/read separation?
77.06REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Sep 16 1986Filling paragraphs
78.0GWEN::LOMICKAJFri Sep 26 1986Alternate VMSMAIL package
79.04DSSDEV::MUNYANFri Oct 03 1986A very simple VI editor
80.0NACHO::DIGRAZIAThu Oct 30 1986Search in bfrs, find bfr names
81.01ADVAX::HOMMon Nov 24 1986drawing box around text
82.08CACHE::JACKSONWed Dec 03 1986Next non-zero entry (Notes)
83.01DSSDEV::MUNYANThu Dec 04 1986local-print-buffer and local-print-region
84.0FASTDB::DISCOLOSat Dec 06 1986USENET autoreader.
85.02RINGO::LOMICKAJMon Dec 29 1986DCL (replaces SHELL)
86.01NAXOS::SITTERLYWed Jan 07 1987Wanted: OUTLINING in Emacs like "MORE"
87.04CAD::GRODSTEINFri Jan 09 1987? dynamic abbreviations, anyone?
88.0VIDEO::LOMICKAJThu Jan 29 1987Other terminals
89.06VIDEO::LOMICKAJThu Jan 29 1987Cross/window cut and paste for VAXStations
90.0VIDEO::LOMICKAJThu Jan 29 1987Resize-terminal
91.0DSSDEV::MUNYANFri Feb 20 1987Local print routines for a workstation
92.0ORACLE::THOMASWed Feb 25 1987Global [Query, RE] String Replace in all buffers
93.08WLDWST::PORTERFri Feb 27 1987An Extended DIRED and BUFDIRED
94.03VIDEO::LOMICKAJThu Mar 19 1987Continuous scrolling /w prefix argument
95.02HPSCAD::SAWINFri Mar 27 1987Non-template based pascal-mode
97.01NACHO::DIGRAZIAFri Apr 03 1987Marker stack - trail blazes
98.04LEELA::MYEEMon Apr 06 1987Newmarker.ml - Vi like markers
99.05STKHLM::LITBYSun Apr 19 1987SDML (VAX Document) mode
101.04NACHO::DIGRAZIAMon Apr 27 1987Sum column of floating-point numbers
102.02STAR::GUZMANMon Apr 27 1987WANTED: A (following-word) function.
103.04HPSCAD::QBARRYSat May 02 1987Search for difference
104.0DECWET::WICKHAMWed May 06 1987modified lisp re-indent-line
105.05STAR::NOZELLFri May 08 1987bliss-mode questions
106.05STAR::GUZMANTue May 19 1987WANTED: A hex calculator.
107.0DSSDEV::MUNYANWed May 20 1987revert-file
108.0TLE::GRIEBTue May 26 1987GNU Emacs .emacs init file
109.03THE78Tue May 26 1987encrypt a buffer?
110.0IOSG::HORSFIELDThu May 28 1987now i never lose my search string
111.01DSSDEV::MUNYANMon Jul 20 1987word_length.ml
112.04FXADM::SORRENTINOFri Jul 31 1987Full EDT emulator
113.01LEELA::MYEEWed Sep 16 1987GOMOKU(GNU) game, conversion needed
114.01HARDY::JKMARTINTue Nov 17 1987VAX Document mode?
115.01SPIDER::HERRLICHWed Feb 17 1988Background Local Printing
117.03ADVAX::HOMMon Mar 14 1988wildcard visit file
118.05FURILO::KAISERThu Mar 24 1988Buffer stuff
119.0HPSRAD::SAWINTue May 03 1988count, extract occurrences
120.01CSDPIE::FANEUFThu May 05 1988Expression handler routine "CALC"
121.0CXCAD::FONTANASun Aug 21 1988Decsim .BDS header to .NET header hack.
122.03CSDPIE::FANEUFMon Aug 29 1988Updates to functions CALC, SEND, SET-LOGICAL & SET-SYMBOL
123.02TARKIN::TINGFri Oct 14 1988.ml -> .mo files
124.04HPSRAD::SAWINFri Nov 18 1988A new language-support package
125.06CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINWed Mar 29 1989? GNU/Gosling Key Bindings
126.01FIRBRD::POMERANTZMon Oct 16 1989XLIB and Xt Function Expansion
127.01CHEESE::KAISERSat Nov 25 1989Access to ELF V2 using ELF_FIND
128.0CHEESE::KAISERSun Feb 11 1990Batch Usenet-reading package
129.0SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTThu Apr 19 1990? mimicking EVE ?
130.01IOSG::HORSFIELDThu Sep 13 1990find string with context
131.01SLOAN::HOMMon Oct 01 1990minibuf select
132.04RAB::SWONGERWed Oct 10 1990A write-file that preserves file format?
133.0TARKIN::TINGWed Oct 10 1990Transpose word function
134.01SLOAN::HOMWed Oct 24 1990editing multicolumn tables or text
135.06RANGER::WESTERVELTThu May 16 1991search-indicated?
136.0SLOAN::HOMWed Jul 24 1991Improvements to the mouse package
137.01RANGER::WESTERVELTWed Jul 31 1991next-line, cursor at top of window?
138.01SLOAN::HOMMon Nov 18 1991Typeover mode (like Wordperfect Typeover or Word Overtpe)
139.02WARABI::KOTWALMon Jan 20 1992? forward-word - emulating vi
140.05STKHLM::GYULAIWed May 06 1992How to teach Emacs abbrevs? And then use them?
141.01DECEAT::FLOWERMon May 11 1992I'm new at DEC; Emacs Docs/help?
142.02AZUR::JORDANThu Jun 04 1992How inhibit a command
143.04BULEAN::MAHLERWed Jul 01 1992TOPS-2
144.01SLOAN::HOMThu Dec 03 1992textmode.ml for PC EMACS
145.01SLOAN::HOMThu Dec 03 1992rectangular cut/paste for PC EMACS (rect.ml)
146.02AZUR::JORDANFri Dec 18 1992link between a message file and a mocklisp program
147.02SQM::VASWANIMon Jan 11 1993Mapping Function keys in GNU-Emacs
148.01MARVIN::SCOTTSun Apr 04 1993Bliss to C conversion
149.0IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Nov 24 1993do specified function on many files
150.01HEN::MEHTAWed Mar 09 1994Anyone having a LK4