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Conference marvin::emacs

Title:EMACS - The Ultimate Editor
Notice:Please use TURRIS::GNU for GNU Emacs questions
Created:Tue Feb 04 1986
Last Modified:Mon Feb 24 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:929
Total number of notes:5483
Number with bodies:4
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1.011XENON::MUNYANTue Aug 21 1984Introduction
2.025XENON::MUNYANTue Aug 21 1984Emacs implmentations
3.02REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Aug 21 1984VMS Emacs screen bug, more deta
4.05NY1MM::SWEENEYSat Aug 25 1984DEC-2
5.010NEWTON::ELLISONSat Aug 25 1984sources for VAX EMACS
6.01KOALA::BURRWed Aug 29 1984errmsgprs bug
7.01LOGIC::PUDERWed Aug 29 1984change-directory weakness
8.03LOGIC::PUDERFri Aug 31 1984describe-word-in-buffer
9.04ERLANG::CAMPBELLSat Sep 01 1984Why I don't use TPU
10.013ULTRA::KARGERSat Sep 01 1984ESC and the LK2
11.05AMBER::OSMANTue Sep 04 1984down with toggle !
12.05KOALA::BURRTue Sep 04 1984Propagating file protections
13.01PICA::HIDERTue Sep 04 1984Emacs V4.
14.010BISTRO::BLAKEWed Sep 05 1984What does EMACS stand for ?
15.02TUNDRA::HICKSONWed Sep 05 1984recursive-edit & error-message
16.01MARVIN::SCOTTSat Sep 08 1984C1 control code - HELP!
17.0PICA::HIDERMon Sep 10 1984File specs.
18.05NEWTON::ELLISONWed Sep 12 1984Spell bug?
19.05NEWTON::ELLISONWed Sep 12 1984Can EMACS v4 be callable?
20.02NEWTON::ELLISONWed Sep 12 1984a variation on mode lines
21.011REGINA::LOMICKAJThu Sep 13 1984Emacs on 11/782's
22.01FARMER::SHARPThu Sep 13 1984Installation of VMS Emacs V3.1
23.0MARVIN::SCOTTSat Sep 15 1984Who supports EMACS?
24.016JAWS::PKAISERMon Sep 17 1984PEN -- another WYSIWYG editor
25.08AMBER::CHABOTMon Sep 17 1984emacs and ultrix
26.04KOALA::BURRThu Sep 20 1984EMACS(tm) trademark?
27.02KOALA::BURRThu Sep 20 1984^Z for shell process
28.012PYRITE::HOFFMANMon Sep 24 1984Emacs for VENIX on PRO-35
29.02MARVIN::SCOTTTue Sep 25 1984X4 EMACS is available
30.019MAYTAG::LONGTue Sep 25 1984EMACS performance
31.07VAXUUM::DYERTue Sep 25 1984Clear TypeAhead Buffer
32.010VAXUUM::DYERTue Sep 25 1984Soft-Wired Key-Bindings
33.04VAXUUM::DYERWed Sep 26 1984Access to System Services/RTL
34.04ULTRA::KARGERWed Sep 26 1984Read-Only Buffers
35.06JAWS::PKAISERFri Sep 28 1984Optimizing display
36.012XENON::MUNYANMon Oct 01 1984Justify-paragraph
37.013JAWS::PKAISERTue Oct 02 1984Help! paren-flash
38.02JAWS::PKAISERTue Oct 02 1984New DIRED; free offer
39.01NEWTON::ELLISONWed Oct 03 1984Buffer-DIRED bug
40.030XENON::MUNYANWed Oct 03 1984Routines you've written
41.02CADLAC::GOUNWed Oct 03 1984Subprocess problem
42.04XENON::MUNYANMon Oct 08 1984highlight select reg
43.01ULTRA::KARGERTue Oct 09 1984Pipe Driver
44.09MONSUR::GAEDEWed Oct 10 1984Bug in KILLER.ML?
45.01NEWTON::REUTERFri Oct 12 1984Undo bug?
46.01ULTRA::KARGERFri Oct 12 1984MESSAGE bug
47.06VAXUUM::DYERMon Oct 15 1984Emacs on Micro-Vax
48.02ULTRA::KARGERFri Oct 19 1984EMACS and DEC/SHELL
49.04TROPPO::CLEARYWed Oct 24 1984Startup command file for EMACS
50.02REGINA::LOMICKAJWed Oct 24 1984Handling "'" in lisp mode
51.01REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Oct 30 1984TRS-8
52.02CADLAC::GOUNWed Oct 31 1984use-old-buffer bug
53.03LATOUR::RDFWed Oct 31 19842 questions
54.04MARVIN::SCOTTFri Nov 02 1984EMACS X4 field test 2
55.05NEWTON::ELLISONSat Nov 03 1984v4 VMS mail vs EMAIL
56.020SERPNT::SONTAKKESun Nov 04 1984Help on Checkpointing
57.012LATOUR::RDFTue Nov 06 1984another mark?
58.04SERPNT::SONTAKKEWed Nov 07 1984Next-Page & Prv-Page
59.03VAXUUM::DYERFri Nov 09 1984TAGS Package From Usenet
60.021KOALA::BURRFri Nov 09 1984Incremental search problem
61.012MARVIN::SCOTTSat Nov 10 1984Arrays in Emacs,comments please
62.02ULTRA::KARGERTue Nov 13 1984passwords
63.04PARVAX::PFAUWed Nov 14 1984setq left-margin ...
64.013VAXUUM::DYERSun Nov 18 1984Highlight Control Chars!
65.02ULTRA::KARGERMon Nov 19 1984VAX LISP editor
66.01LOGIC::PUDERTue Nov 20 1984dot-is-visible
67.04ORAN::ORANWed Nov 21 1984DECSpell Interface
68.02SERPNT::SONTAKKEWed Nov 21 1984What am I doing wrong here?
69.01FDCVTue Nov 27 1984REQUEST: emacs and VAX mail
70.017KOALA::BURRFri Nov 30 1984RAINBOW EMACS?
71.04SDCMon Dec 10 1984EMACS doc on LN
72.011EIFFEL::HETRICKTue Dec 11 1984WPS Interface for EMACS
73.01LOGIC::PUDERTue Dec 11 1984bug in regular expressions
74.011SYBIL::GOODWed Dec 12 1984VMS Emacs Digest Archive
75.03LATOUR::RDFTue Dec 18 1984saved environment
76.04SERPNT::SONTAKKEWed Dec 19 1984Text-mode with .RNO files
77.01SYBIL::MUNYANThu Dec 20 1984What am I doing wrong?
78.02PIOUS::EXPERTThu Dec 20 1984Pauses during LOAD?
79.01SMILEY::MUNYANFri Dec 21 1984net.emacs
80.013METEOR::THOMASFri Dec 21 1984EMACSQAR.NOT ??
81.07HARPO::SULLIVANFri Dec 28 1984Problem running on V4
82.02XENON::MUNYANTue Jan 01 1985Strange Behavior
83.0MARVIN::SCOTTSat Jan 05 1985emacsqar file is back
84.07SDCMon Jan 07 1985EMACS for IBM XT
85.021SDCMon Jan 07 1985how to: search for ESC, etc?
86.04NY1MM::SWEENEYWed Jan 09 1985Close to EMACS
87.02JAWS::KAISERThu Jan 10 1985Display misfeature (startup)
88.04NULL::MARANTZFri Jan 11 1985Subprocess problem
89.0ARTHUR::SCOTTMon Jan 14 1985New field test EMACS X4.
90.0REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Jan 15 1985NOTES and EMACS - Multi-session
91.04PICA::HIDERFri Jan 18 1985(message) help needed.
92.02SUPER::HARBOMon Jan 21 1985Need pointer to documentation
93.08MARVIN::SCOTTMon Jan 21 1985debugger for emacs
94.08CADET::TANNENBAUMMon Jan 21 1985bind-to-key gotcha
95.01VAXUUM::DYERWed Jan 23 1985Freeware From Unipress!!!
96.0FDCVWed Jan 23 1985request: DIRED print feature
97.02SUPER::HARBOThu Jan 24 1985Scrolling mode
98.07JAWS::KAISERFri Jan 25 1985UniPress EMACS Newsletter
99.02HARPO::TIBBERTSun Jan 27 1985Bufdired quirk in X4
100.03SUPER::HARBOMon Jan 28 1985Nd help w/ exit-emacs-hook
101.01ORPHAN::KNOWLESTue Jan 29 1985Mismatched parenthesis in mlisp
102.06ORAN::ORANWed Jan 30 1985Peculiar vms_mail.mlp behavior
103.01SPRITE::OSMANThu Jan 31 1985problems with MAIL and CALLABLE
104.01SUPER::HARBOThu Jan 31 1985Ptr to public-domain GOSMACS
105.04FREMEN::RYANMon Feb 04 1985Emacs on RSX?
106.01DAIRY::SHARPMon Feb 04 1985mlisp for usenet reader
107.02KOALA::BURRWed Feb 06 1985MLisp function ownership
108.06FREMEN::RYANWed Feb 06 1985interrupt-key bug in V3.1?
109.03XENON::MUNYANThu Feb 07 1985Wish list item
110.04COIN::HOMSun Feb 10 1985textmode autofill documentation
111.016DAIRY::SHARPMon Feb 11 1985Need help with regular expressi
112.02LOGIC::PUDERMon Feb 11 1985(setq leave-emacs-hook fail)
113.05SUPER::HARBOMon Feb 18 1985Need help with bindings
114.04VAXUUM::DYERTue Feb 19 1985Wishlist: Interactive setq
115.010HARDY::HARBOTue Feb 19 1985Nd help w/ command completion
116.05LATOUR::AMARTINFri Feb 22 1985What's GNU with you?
117.03KOALA::BURRFri Feb 22 1985End-of-buffer reg. expression
118.01CADLAC::GOUNSun Feb 24 1985save-environment & VMS V4.1
119.02NONAME::CERNESEWed Mar 06 1985FLASHER package
120.02KOALA::BURRWed Mar 06 1985Extending EMACS$PATH search lis
121.02SPRITE::OSMANFri Mar 08 1985dump auto-wrap during mail
122.01JAWS::KAISERSat Mar 09 1985Good TeX & LaTeX modes?
123.01NONAME::CERNESETue Mar 12 1985Default directory on Visit?
124.05ORAN::ORANWed Mar 13 1985Help with keymaps
125.01ORAN::ORANThu Mar 14 1985Wildcard file delete
126.015CADLAC::GOUNSat Mar 16 1985EMACS/NOTES Phase
127.06TUNDRA::HICKSONMon Mar 18 1985problem with describe-key
128.05WHEN::BARNWELLMon Mar 18 1985Calling EMACS
129.04PSGVAX::HOMTue Mar 19 1985unpublished features ...
130.09PICA::HIDERWed Mar 20 1985~TM-justify-flag ->
131.01CADLAC::GOUNThu Mar 21 1985Using EMACS with VAX NOTES BL1
132.05FDCVThu Mar 21 1985How do I advance to <FF>
133.024JAWS::KAISERFri Mar 22 1985GNUs: public EMACS with source
134.0MARVIN::SCOTTThu Mar 28 1985EMACS FT3 available
135.01CADLAC::GOUNFri Mar 29 1985Keypad confusion
136.013PSGVAX::HOMTue Apr 02 1985emacs and logicals
137.05NONAME::CERNESEWed Apr 03 1985"logical-tab-size"
138.010XENON::MUNYANWed Apr 03 1985Does anyone have a cut area?
139.04WHYVAX::OPALKAWed Apr 03 1985Problems with FT3 ????
140.05SPRITE::OSMANThu Apr 04 1985burned by ^C in TPU
141.01CADLAC::GOUNThu Apr 04 1985DEBUG wish: cursor position
142.03FDCVSat Apr 06 1985Wanted: DECTalk appl dev editor
143.0SYBIL::MUNYANTue Apr 09 1985Strange behavior
144.017CASHEW::MYEETue Apr 09 1985journal file on EMACS
145.02MELODY::NIKOPOULOSFri Apr 12 1985keyboard macro bug
146.01BCSENG::RYANMon Apr 15 1985New bliss-mode?
147.03SUPER::HARBOTue Apr 16 1985Prbs w/ GNUemac bld?
148.03VAXUUM::DYERTue Apr 16 1985/RESTORE the Default in V4.
149.02SERPNT::SONTAKKEFri Apr 19 1985Continuous Cursor Position Disp
150.07SPRITE::OSMANFri Apr 19 1985looking for SORT (^P)
151.03OCKER::WALLSWed Apr 24 1985Help with SDL and MACRO modes.
152.05PICA::HIDERWed Apr 24 1985prefix-argument-loop problem
153.02XENON::TANNENBAUMThu Apr 25 1985Humor for a Thursday Afternoon
154.01HARDY::HARBOThu Apr 25 1985"final" V4.
155.01FIG::PRAISThu Apr 25 1985%h mode line format effector?
156.04OCKER::WALLSFri Apr 26 1985Can default directory be altere
157.05TRIVIA::MUNYANFri Apr 26 1985Emacs hangs after RTL update
158.011MARVIN::SCOTTFri Apr 26 1985EMACS v the rest
159.01NONAME::CERNESEMon Apr 29 1985Abort search?
160.03STKMon Apr 29 1985Emacs V4 and packages
161.02CYGNUS::DAVISMon Apr 29 1985Subprocess Machlisp Problem
162.02OCKER::WALLSTue Apr 30 1985Asynchronous ^X^E please?
163.01ELMER::GREENBERGTue Apr 30 1985change-directory problem
164.0BLOTT::SEATONThu May 02 1985Ada-mode from Usenet
165.09FURILO::KAISERThu May 02 1985Emacs routines notesfile?
166.02EXPERT::WICKERTTue May 07 1985Latest status...
167.020VAXUUM::DYERWed May 08 1985The Dawning of a GNU Era
168.012VAXUUM::DYERWed May 08 1985vt1
169.0MARVIN::SCOTTThu May 09 1985EMACS V4.
170.03MARVIN::SCOTTThu May 09 1985Thank you!
171.01CADLAC::GOUNWed May 15 1985Request: get-tty-...
172.02FDCVWed May 15 1985sample sysuaf.dat params pls
173.078VAXUUM::DYERThu May 16 1985EMACS T-Shirts
174.04CADLAC::GOUNFri May 17 1985Document minimum quotas
175.0BCSENG::RYANMon May 20 1985Save trace in buffer?
176.01NACHO::DIGRAZIAMon May 20 1985Large-file slowdown of cur-syn?
177.06SPRITE::OSMANTue May 28 1985keep inter-record lf's intrrcrd
178.03BLOTT::SEATONMon Jun 03 1985What's in a "Marker"???
179.0TRIVIA::MUNYANMon Jun 03 1985Cookbook for Gourmet Lisp
180.03KARMA::MYEEThu Jun 06 1985Killrings w/ Arrays
181.08MARVIN::SCOTTThu Jun 20 1985Emacs Call user images
182.03FDCV13::ORNSTEINWed Jun 26 1985? on term-app-keypad
183.03IONIAN::FONTANAMon Jul 01 1985Bug in mode line?
184.04VAXUUM::DYERMon Jul 01 1985Key Bindings 'n' Such
185.04SERPNT::SONTAKKESat Jul 06 1985NOTES-11 Batch and Search
186.05XENON::TANNENBAUMTue Jul 09 1985Regular Expressions and TAGS
187.06RAYNA::BILLMERSTue Jul 09 1985Announcing EMAIL V2.
188.08GLIVET::DIAMONDWed Jul 10 1985How to get column number?
189.07STONED::MUNROEThu Jul 11 1985Wanted: Private EMACS Kit
190.02EKBVWed Jul 17 1985Fast File Viewing Tool
191.07STONED::MUNROEWed Jul 17 1985Human readable lk2
192.06STONED::MUNROEWed Jul 17 1985?/suggestions on/for ABBREV
193.05MRVAX::FERWERDAThu Jul 18 1985Spelling,Exiting,Editing
194.011SLARTI::SCOTTFri Jul 26 1985Emacs speaks NOTES!
195.06ARTHUR::SCOTTMon Jul 29 1985New functions needed?
196.012MARVIN::SCOTTTue Jul 30 1985You too can Emacs Note!
197.07HARDY::HARBOFri Aug 02 1985Cntrl/<sp>, please
198.025MARVIN::SCOTTSat Aug 03 1985EMACS VAXstation support
199.0PSGVAX::HOMSat Aug 17 1985read-abbr-file
200.014VLNVAX::FERWERDAMon Aug 19 1985EMACS and VT2
201.03EKBVWed Aug 21 1985Emacs and Broadcasting
202.0--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 21 1985
203.03VLNVAX::FERWERDAThu Aug 22 1985Runoff Modes
204.01CADLAC::GOUNThu Aug 22 1985Layman's Guide to EMACS
205.03VLNVAX::WOLFEFri Aug 23 1985Where is bliss-mode?
206.05SERPNT::SONTAKKESat Aug 24 1985Diamond on 8
207.07VAXUUM::DYERSun Aug 25 1985"Main" or "main"?
208.04PYRITE::HOFFMANFri Sep 06 1985Setting default directory
209.05SPRITE::OSMANFri Sep 06 1985saving and restoring search str
210.02VRANX::COBBWed Sep 11 1985save-environment from DCL
211.011GALLO::VOBAThu Sep 12 1985Auto Logical Name Translation
212.02PSGVAX::HOMTue Sep 17 1985EMACS 4.
214.03LOGIC::SHUBINMon Sep 23 1985restricting cursor movement
215.04CACHE::GRISCOMTue Sep 24 1985Diagram editor package (EDD)
216.01CACHE::GRISCOMWed Sep 25 1985Replacing vms-mail-edit in lib
217.03BABEL::KNOWLESThu Sep 26 1985help-key unbinds Help
218.01PSGVAX::HOMThu Sep 26 1985Wildcard file access features
219.01PSGVAX::HOMThu Sep 26 1985read-abbrev file
220.02HEART::SCOTTSun Sep 29 1985New EMACSSHR for 4.1
221.02ULTRA::KARGERMon Sep 30 1985virtual terminal crashes
222.03ULTRA::KARGERTue Oct 01 1985EMACS and LAT
223.02TONTO::WITHROWTue Oct 01 1985Spurious `Processes on prowl'
224.01PICA::HIDERWed Oct 02 1985buffer specific wrap-long-lines
225.022TONTO::WITHROWThu Oct 03 1985Private vms-mail
226.01THUNDR::SOUZAMon Oct 07 1985Problems with batch...
227.04RAYNA::CARIFIOWed Oct 09 1985GNU emacs manual
228.08OFFRT9::GHOMWed Oct 09 1985^X-B self completion ...
229.04SPRITE::OSMANMon Oct 14 1985CTRL/@ should set-mark always
230.02SPRITE::OSMANWed Oct 16 1985vms-mail-hook vs vms_mail.key
232.0HANDEL::FISHERFri Oct 18 1985Where can I get Jove kit
233.03ZHORA::CARIFIOFri Oct 18 1985esc is command completion?
234.03IONIAN::FONTANAMon Oct 21 1985VSI ESC and "<" ">" are back!
235.05DRFIX::WAYNEMon Oct 28 1985Installation problem?
236.02VAXUUM::DYERTue Oct 29 1985Less Obtrusive Visible Bell
237.06OFFRT9::GHOMWed Oct 30 1985Lisp mode problem
238.05BIZET::SHUBINFri Nov 01 1985get-tty-file
239.09CACHE::GRISCOMMon Nov 04 1985Editting the Environment
240.01CACHE::GRISCOMMon Nov 04 1985Anticipation...
241.015HEART::SCOTTMon Nov 04 1985EOF marker for emacs
242.07HEART::SCOTTMon Nov 11 1985better error messages...
243.02TONTO::WITHROWThu Nov 14 1985Emacs from login.com
244.02HEART::SCOTTWed Nov 20 1985X4.1 is out - come and get it!
245.04HEART::SCOTTThu Nov 21 1985Memory stats wanted for X4.1
246.04PSGMKH::GLEASONFri Nov 22 1985call_back_routine W/L item
247.01VLNVAX::FERWERDAFri Nov 22 1985non-Paren Flashing
248.06JANIS::CARLETONTue Dec 03 1985keyboard macros
249.04XENON::MUNYANTue Dec 03 1985Why is inc search slow?
250.02SYSENG::STALZERTue Dec 10 1985? EMACSINIT.ML executing?
251.01TLE::KNOWLESThu Dec 12 1985modifying global-syntax-table
252.012HEART::SCOTTSat Dec 21 1985New display mode for EMACS
253.0FURILO::KAISERTue Dec 31 1985DECUS: historical note
254.03TONTO::EARLYWed Jan 15 1986EMACS crashes User DSK ???
255.020FREMEN::RYANThu Jan 16 1986Emacs Notes wish-list
256.08OFFRT9::GHOMTue Jan 28 1986Help with Emacs Notes
257.03OFFRT9::GHOMTue Jan 28 1986Command execution wishlist
258.06MARVIN::SCOTTWed Feb 05 1986MLisp extention - structure facility
259.03MARVIN::SCOTTThu Feb 06 1986Smart search for Emacs comments from Usenet
260.031MARVIN::SCOTTFri Feb 07 1986Emacs VAX notes - Available!
261.01OFFRT9::GHOMMon Feb 10 1986Emacs .mem files for LN
262.05SIERRA::OSMANMon Feb 10 1986who has my EMACSINIT.ML file please ?
263.09FREMEN::RYANTue Feb 11 1986EMAIL and NOTES
264.012FREMEN::RYANTue Feb 11 1986Notes suggestions
265.01ORAN::ORANWed Feb 12 1986Change display size on (redraw-display)
266.09CACHE::GRISCOMWed Feb 19 1986Wish list: query-replace enhancement
267.015MARVIN::SCOTTTue Feb 25 1986Emacs system service support
268.03SCFAC::PEIRCEThu Feb 27 1986Stupid Question About minibuffer
269.02FREMEN::RYANFri Mar 07 1986VTX?
270.07SERPNT::SONTAKKEFri Mar 07 1986I need REAL exit-emacs!
271.02GALLO::VOBAMon Mar 10 1986M-X Overwrite?
272.04RAYNA::CARIFIOSun Mar 23 1986Less BLISS in "Call User"
273.0MARVIN::SCOTTMon Mar 24 1986Magic with markers - from net.emacs
274.02LATOUR::MERRILLWed Mar 26 1986emacs notes problem
275.022PAUPER::AUGERIMon Mar 31 1986EMACS, VAXNotes and margins
276.020PAUPER::AUGERIMon Mar 31 1986EMACS and its spelling checker
277.01VLNVAX::FERWERDAMon Mar 31 1986Give me my font!
278.01DINER::SHUBINTue Apr 01 1986Problem attaching to emacs from lispp
279.013OFFRT9::GHOMWed Apr 02 1986More innocent subprocess NAME
280.014LA78Sat Apr 05 1986EMACS$UTILITY?
281.07RAYNAL::LOMICKAJMon Apr 07 1986Emacs Development Priorities
282.019MARVIN::EMERYTue Apr 08 1986Documentation in LaTeX
283.07MARVIN::EMERYTue Apr 08 1986INFO and the EMACS manuals
284.02OFFRT9::GHOMThu Apr 10 1986use-old-buffer help
285.0OFFRT9::GHOMFri Apr 11 1986text-mode enhancements
286.04CSSE32::PROHASKAFri Apr 11 1986edt keypad simulation?
287.07MARVIN::SCOTTSat Apr 12 1986Emacs X4.1 FT2 kit available
288.04VLNVAX::FERWERDAMon Apr 14 1986Change text into arguments
289.04LATOUR::MERRILLTue Apr 15 1986DCL filename args
290.01VLNVAX::FERWERDAWed Apr 16 1986Programming Structure
291.04LATOUR::MERRILLWed Apr 16 1986undefined functions
293.04STKSWS::LITBYSun Apr 20 1986How get time into mode line?
294.02STKSWS::LITBYSun Apr 20 1986How make EMAIL work?
295.011FUDGE::WECKERMon Apr 21 1986Talking to VMS-EMACS from ULTRIX
296.01STKSWS::LITBYTue Apr 22 1986AMIS, Emacs for TOPS-1
297.04OFFRT9::GHOMTue Apr 22 1986DDIF and EMACS futures ...
298.0COIN::HOMWed Apr 23 1986vms-mail-hook suggestion
299.01STKSWS::LITBYWed Apr 23 1986Heard about SCAME?
300.05LATOUR::VOBAThu Apr 24 1986Network File Name
301.05BOEHM::PARKEThu Apr 24 1986uEMACS anyone ?
302.01WHOARU::GOUNSat Apr 26 1986Wish: copy-keymap function
303.07STKSWS::LITBYMon Apr 28 1986Notes interface problem
304.0OFFRT9::GHOMMon Apr 28 1986wish: local graphic-rendition character
305.02GAYNES::MYEEFri May 09 1986EDTSIM and "`" as <esc>
306.011COOKIE::WECKERMon May 12 1986making GNU run on VMS
307.08OFFRT9::GHOMFri May 16 1986General EMACS history
308.05GAYNES::MYEEFri May 16 1986Filename expansion
309.0RAYNA::CARIFIOMon May 19 1986abbrev mode redone ...
310.0MARVIN::SCOTTMon May 19 1986Before I head for the sun...
311.01RAYNA::CARIFIOTue May 20 1986Where's the emacs programming guide?
312.01CHAPLN::TIBBERTWed May 21 1986Notes title searching?
313.05GENRAL::DCHAVEZThu May 29 1986Is TEACH available?
314.05IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jun 02 1986cursor too heavy?
315.03CDR::ROSEWed Jun 04 1986Formfeed insertion.
316.01FURILO::KAISERFri Jun 06 1986Fixing bugs vs bells & whistles
317.09LATOUR::MERRILLThu Jun 12 1986Better JUSITFY?
318.02VLNVAX::FERWERDAThu Jun 12 1986Bind-to-key
319.07SPRITE::MICHONFri Jun 13 1986PRO35
320.04COOKIE::DISCOLOFri Jun 13 1986Placement of *.CKP files
321.09RAJA::BORTMANMon Jun 16 1986^S Disable
322.08REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Jul 01 1986VSII is useful now, Emacs mouse package
323.02BOVES::MYEEWed Jul 02 1986Problem binding KILLER to keypad ?
324.02MARVIN::BAKERFri Jul 04 1986PUSHing
325.02OFFRT9::GHOMSun Jul 06 1986scroll on search-forward
326.0MARVIN::SCOTTSun Jul 06 1986V4.1 is nearing completion
327.01ULTRA::JUITTTue Jul 08 1986Real buffer specific variables :-)
328.04MARVIN::SCOTTTue Jul 08 1986Emacs V5.
329.019HBO::ORNSTEINWed Jul 09 1986NOTES key bindings
330.015DSSDEV::MUNYANFri Jul 11 1986EMACS - Still the Ultimate Editor
331.015MARVIN::SCOTTMon Jul 14 1986Emacs and MAIL
332.03YOUNG::YOUNGTue Jul 15 1986How do you manupulate keymaps?
333.01NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Jul 15 1986Not enough remembrance space
334.06SCFAC::PEIRCESat Jul 19 1986VSII + Emacs
335.09ENGINE::CARRIGWed Jul 30 1986SDML Mode for EMACS?
336.01STAR::WALLSFri Aug 01 1986Blissmode is great. Thank you.
337.014MARVIN::SCOTTFri Aug 01 1986Emacs V4.1 is available
338.01PYRITE::HOFFMANTue Aug 05 1986PECO in EMACS ?
339.05ULTRA::KARGERFri Aug 08 1986notes and saved environments
340.01BRAHMS::HERDEGFri Aug 08 1986Weakness of current mlisp file search path
341.02ASYLUM::R_ELDRIDGEMon Aug 11 1986Is EMACS a supported product?
342.06KBOVMon Aug 11 1986Emacs 'Compile-It' Call
343.0ULTRA::KARGERTue Aug 12 1986dropped network connection in notes
344.01MARVIN::EMERYThu Aug 14 1986language support packages and templates
345.03ULTRA::KARGERThu Aug 14 1986checkpointing emacs notes
346.011MLOKAI::MACKFri Aug 15 1986Compare/contrast lang support Emacs Vs LSE
347.01OFFRT9::GHOMFri Aug 15 1986latexmode extension help
348.04BRIANE::MAHONEYTue Aug 19 1986Directory
349.04MLOKAI::MACKTue Aug 19 1986How about SET DEF and DEFINE?
350.01ULTRA::ELLISThu Aug 21 1986Autoarg Mode
351.01GUMBY::CARIFIOMon Aug 25 1986get-tty-database-entry
352.0REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Aug 26 1986Fun with mice
353.02BAILEY::CHENETZThu Aug 28 1986scrolling the help window???
354.05ELGAR::JBELLFri Aug 29 1986describe-command info missing
355.02MONET::FERWERDAWed Sep 03 1986Speed of light error
357.012OFFRT9::GHOMWed Sep 03 1986help with hooked-abbreviations
358.03MAHLER::HADUCHThu Sep 04 1986Problem getting into text-mode - unbound variable?
359.02EAGLEA::DANTOWITZThu Sep 04 1986Non keyboard characters
360.04ULTRA::JUITTTue Sep 09 1986Where was EMACS called from?
361.0DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Sep 10 1986"I regret that I have but one LIFE to give for my company.."
362.04ULTRA::KARGERMon Sep 15 1986justifying functions
363.03NACHO::DIGRAZIAThu Sep 18 1986emacs without emacsinit?
364.043D::CHABOTFri Sep 19 1986dlogin and %MAIL-E-SENDABORT, no message sent
366.04CLT::DICKAUTue Sep 23 1986Help with Argv problem
367.010IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Sep 26 1986dreaming of VAXmate emacs...
368.05BIZET::MAHONEYTue Sep 30 1986Network screws up bindings
369.08BIZET::MAHONEYWed Oct 01 1986Binding Tab to Escape
370.02DEREP::JONGThu Oct 02 1986^^
371.013D::SANBORNThu Oct 02 1986TABs package?
372.03BUGSY::BECKERMon Oct 20 1986EMACS/SMG/[DEBUG] problem.
373.08STAR::PIPERTue Oct 21 1986In search of "^"...
374.06NACHO::DIGRAZIAWed Oct 22 1986Understanding regular expression doc?
375.03BENWAY::HAMBYWed Oct 22 1986Highlight-region
376.01RINGO::OSMANWed Oct 29 1986null makes ^Y fail
377.01ZEPPO::TIBBERTThu Oct 30 1986Help converting to 8-bit chars
378.01IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Oct 31 1986box drawing anyone?
379.03COOKIE::FONTANAMon Nov 03 1986Save Keyboard Macro?
380.01ADVAX::HOMFri Nov 07 1986CSIbind question
381.06ULTRA::KARGERFri Nov 07 1986environment files - batch vs interactive
382.011NACHO::DIGRAZIAWed Nov 12 1986Ephemeral message in minibuffer
383.02STKThu Nov 13 1986Text-mode & DEC Multinational
384.01ADVAX::HOMThu Nov 13 1986pattern search efficiencies
385.014DEREP::JONGThu Nov 13 1986Regional Accent -- Buffers
386.01ZEPPO::TIBBERTSun Nov 16 1986A question of Efficiency
387.02ADVAX::HOMSun Nov 16 1986How about using both?
388.03NACHO::DIGRAZIAMon Nov 17 1986Can functions write their args?
389.02GWEN::LOMICKAJTue Nov 18 1986Mouse droppings in my buffer
390.04SARAH::BUSDIECKERWed Nov 19 1986Variable width windows???
391.05ADVAX::HOMWed Nov 19 1986cursor info
392.02KBOVThu Nov 20 1986load vs execute-mlisp-file
393.03DELNI::JONGThu Nov 20 1986Minibuffer Typeins
394.02DELNI::JONGThu Nov 20 1986Page Overlap Variable?
395.01PYRITE::HOFFMANMon Nov 24 1986Make-Box with special char set?
396.02ADVAX::HOMMon Nov 24 1986dvi files for emacs doc
397.015HBO::ORNSTEINMon Nov 24 1986AUTO date update
398.08CACHE::JACKSONMon Dec 01 1986(bell) function?
399.04NACHO::DIGRAZIAWed Dec 03 1986? Dumb-mode buffer type-out ?
400.04USWAV1::KOPECFri Dec 05 1986TOPS2
401.01CLT::DICKAUSun Dec 07 1986Can I get called visit-file to ask about buffers?
402.02ZEPPO::TIBBERTSun Dec 07 1986INDENT Field Test
403.02ZHORA::BRENNANMon Dec 08 1986ESC ) crashes Emacs
404.01NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Dec 09 1986Mlisp-callable notes-interface interface?
405.01ANYWAY::WOLFFWed Dec 10 1986Visible bell and VT241
406.0MOJAVE::PURMALWed Dec 10 1986UPPER to lower abbreviations ?
407.05DSSDEV::MUNYANThu Dec 11 1986VMS GNU Emacs Kit?
408.01COOKIE::FONTANAThu Dec 11 1986Return-to-emacs, and getenv "PATH"
409.04MARVIN::COBBTue Dec 16 1986Sys$Setprv
410.01MAGES::BURRTue Dec 16 1986The One True Emacs?
411.0REGINA::LOMICKAJTue Dec 16 1986VWS Cut/Paste & MOUSE.ML & KILLER interaction
412.02TONTO::MUNDKURWed Dec 17 1986EMACS support for 132 column mode ?
413.03TONTO::MUNDKURWed Dec 17 1986Possible problem with type-ahead and TAGS package
415.01TONTO::MUNDKURFri Dec 19 1986Printing the documents
416.03TONTO::MUNDKURMon Dec 22 1986Problem making large TAG lists ...
417.017MARVIN::SCOTTWed Dec 24 1986SCA and EMACS - volunteer needed.
418.09VICTIM::REISERTMon Dec 29 1986EMAIL and TEXTMODE Editing Interaction
420.01HPSCAD::SAWINFri Jan 09 1987Location of vt2
421.04NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Jan 13 1987keymap dynamics
422.05MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEFri Jan 16 1987Limit on string-length sent to process ?
423.01BENWAY::HAMBYWed Jan 21 1987Two Silly Questions
424.05HOMBRE::DIGRAZIASun Jan 25 1987How set local keymap name ""?
425.02MANTIS::HERRLICHMon Jan 26 1987"windows" documentation
426.06DINER::SHUBINMon Jan 26 1987Comments on the Emacs/Notes interface
427.05VIDEO::LOMICKAJWed Jan 28 1987VSMAIL .vs. Emacs
428.08ADVAX::HOMThu Jan 29 1987Does EMACS know if a Terminal is a VWS?
429.02VICTIM::REISERTMon Feb 02 1987EMAIL purges WASTEBASKET on startup
430.04BARTOK::GRUBERTue Feb 03 1987exit-emacs from a batch package
431.01BCSE::RYANMon Feb 09 1987Info after Whoops! crashed...
432.05VIDEO::LOMICKAJTue Feb 10 1987xon-mode .vs. TTSYNC
433.03SQM::JMSYNGEThu Feb 12 1987Wrong file version with EMACS$MEMORY
434.01COOKIE::FONTANATue Feb 17 1987EMACS/READ_ONLY foo.bar
436.01HPSCAD::SAWINWed Feb 18 1987Syntax tables and pascal comments
437.016ZHORA::BRENNANWed Feb 18 1987(setq current-windows notes-users-windows)
438.01EDWIN::PAQUETTEThu Feb 19 1987EMAIL is where ?
439.03WLDWST::PORTERTue Feb 24 1987An Extended DIRED
440.09TALLIS::HADUCHThu Feb 26 1987Help with sys$getdvi. please?
441.02IMBACQ::SEIGELWed Mar 04 1987Question about EMACS with a color VT241...
442.01IMBACQ::SEIGELWed Mar 04 1987Yet another private EMACS question...
443.01DECWET::WICKHAMThu Mar 05 1987State of pascal procs
444.01GRAMPS::ROCKWELLFri Mar 06 1987Emacs on a PRO-35
445.02COOKIE::FONTANASun Mar 08 1987Notes and Emacs
446.0MARVIN::SCOTTSun Mar 08 1987New USA home for emacs kits
447.06SQM::JMSYNGEMon Mar 09 1987Long Lines Bug?
448.015IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Mar 10 1987scrolling function, please
449.01VIDEO::OSMANTue Mar 10 1987should EMACS always assume default directory?
450.037PARITY::ORNSTEINThu Mar 12 1987PC EMACSs ?
451.02SCOTTY::FERWERDAFri Mar 13 1987Tweak Quotas = Inconspicuous?
452.05BRIANE::MAHONEYWed Mar 18 1987Running LISP in EMACS
453.01MERLYN::BILLMERSThu Mar 19 1987Problem with "Dm"
454.06BENWAY::HAMBYFri Mar 20 1987Question about LOOKING-AT
455.0SARAH::EIRIKURTue Mar 24 1987MicroEmacs from Usenet mod.sources
456.03ZHORA::BRENNANThu Mar 26 1987Invoking Emacs from C code
457.01BENWAY::HAMBYThu Mar 26 1987Emacs' Storage Management
458.04DECWET::WICKHAMFri Mar 27 1987Dynamic variable name construction
459.08MOJAVE::PURMALMon Mar 30 1987Are VAXstation I's always this slow?
460.016FASTDB::DISCOLOFri Apr 03 1987Emacs and VWS 3.2 performace?
461.01SQM::JMSYNGESat Apr 04 1987Command Completion Question
462.07RGB::LOMICKAJTue Apr 07 1987Emcas and typeahead
463.06DECWET::WICKHAMTue Apr 07 1987wrong syntax table at startup
464.01KBOVWed Apr 08 1987"Bug" in untabify(s)...
465.03BARNUM::CHENETZThu Apr 09 1987emacs checks current directory??
466.03BARNUM::CHENETZThu Apr 09 1987LATEX and EMACS???
467.02GRAMPS::ROCKWELLTue Apr 14 1987?DOCUMENT mode?
468.08EDWIN::WATERSWed Apr 15 1987EMACSINIT.ML not being read
469.015NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Apr 21 1987"value" via key-bound call?
470.01NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Apr 21 1987Update (message ...) only?
471.011BRIANE::MAHONEYThu Apr 23 1987Emcas resets set term to broadcast
472.03AIAG::BILLMERSThu Apr 30 1987Bug or inherent limitation?
473.011DECWET::WICKHAMThu Apr 30 1987need help on recursive-edit
474.015AIAG::PRAKASHFri May 01 1987Bug in MESSAGES package.
475.0IOSG::HORSFIELDFri May 01 1987anybody got an hour or two spare?
476.08AIAG::CARIFIOSun May 03 1987design decision to produce tpu: w
477.02DECWET::WICKHAMMon May 04 1987more reg expr. madness
478.02ELUDOM::MAXWELLWed May 06 1987EMACS and LSE [language] templates?
479.01AIAG::CARIFIOMon May 11 1987exiting comments in c-mode
480.09STAR::GUZMANTue May 19 1987Checkpointing Questions??????
481.02CLOSET::EROSSWed May 27 1987Line numbers
482.02STAR::WOODBURNThu May 28 1987How to remove _\
483.08BEOWLF::SEIGELThu May 28 1987Not enough space to remember buffers?
484.07TLE::KNOWLESSun Jun 07 1987messages and typed-ahead pause-emacs
485.04NACHO::DIGRAZIAWed Jun 10 1987Find out why in minibuffer?
486.05BEES::HERRLICHTue Jun 16 1987VAX Debug on an external-function?
487.01BENWAY::HAMBYTue Jun 16 1987Transient horizontal scrolling
488.02STAR::GUZMANThu Jun 18 1987Mini-buf question?
489.04DECWET::WICKHAMFri Jun 26 1987Mlisp style
490.03MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEMon Jun 29 1987When does a variable have two values?
491.04STKHLM::LITBYThu Jul 02 1987Ctrl-<space> problem
492.01AIAG::CARIFIOFri Jul 10 1987syntax for describing language templates
493.01CADLAC::CERNESEFri Jul 10 1987EMACSNOTES: How can I see all markers?
494.017MARVIN::SCOTTTue Jul 14 1987Emacs V5 pre FT kit for the brave user
495.01DINER::SHUBINFri Jul 17 1987Spell interface, problem and (partial) solution.
496.02DINER::SHUBINMon Jul 20 1987Other emacses for VMS?
497.09BRIANE::MAHONEYMon Jul 27 1987Emacs in Infinite Loop?
498.06FXADM::SORRENTINOFri Jul 31 1987FULL EDT emulator
499.08SRFSUP::KARLINFri Aug 21 1987Available for customers??
500.01ISTG::CARRWed Aug 26 1987Problem with abbreviations
501.015CCYLON::ANDERSONMon Aug 31 1987In serach of EMACS Documentation
502.02TALLIS::JBELLTue Sep 01 1987Emacs shared between subprocesses?
503.09PVAX::CLARKWed Sep 02 1987Documentation help Please !
504.02AURUSH::PORTERThu Sep 03 1987Mouse.key under 5.
505.02LEELA::MYEEWed Sep 16 1987GOMOKU(GNU) game, conversion needed
506.04HPSVAX::CASHMANMon Sep 21 1987Failed to attach to parent process
507.01HPSCAD::SAWINFri Sep 25 1987Regular expression mystery
508.03CAMPER::LOMICKAJMon Sep 28 1987Microemacs available here
509.03AITG::SHUBINTue Sep 29 1987case-region-upper and new-undo
510.02AIAG::CARIFIOThu Oct 01 1987confessions of a common lisp heretic
511.05CIMAMT::WESTERVELTMon Oct 05 1987emacsinit.nl for beginner
512.02ASIC::RAJTue Oct 27 1987EMACS VERSIONS??
513.0AESIR::SWONGERTue Oct 27 1987Emacs in a spawned notes window?
514.01ADVAX::HOMThu Oct 29 1987VWS 3.2 /EMACS advice
515.04CSSE::HOMSat Oct 31 1987Fool proof instructions on EMACSX5 and Mouse
516.01LASSIE::LHHThu Nov 05 1987Electric-C Mode ???
517.02AIAG::CARIFIOWed Nov 11 1987completion of elements in an array
518.09ASGNQH::WAINRIGHTThu Nov 12 1987Error parser for BASIC or COBOL
519.020AIAG::BILLMERSSun Nov 15 1987Announcing EMAIL V2.3
520.09ASCUS::MIDTMOENTue Nov 17 1987^S and private install help?
521.03ALLZS::MORRISONWed Nov 18 1987Problem with KILLRING
522.01RADINA::PASCIUTAWed Dec 02 1987DECwindows Emacs (someone had to ask...)
523.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 07 1987Doc on C-mode
524.014DINER::SHUBINMon Dec 14 1987CMS questions
525.02ASCUS::MIDTMOENThu Dec 17 1987No split screen on ^X^V?
526.01AIMHI::SMITHMon Dec 21 1987Where's a User's Guide?
527.01ADVAX::HOMSun Jan 03 1988mlisp defun question
528.02DELNI::BELLUSCIMon Jan 11 1988Z29 terminal and emacs
529.03MARVIN::SCOTTWed Jan 13 1988System managers installing obsolete Emacs kits
530.06ADVAX::HOMWed Jan 13 1988workstation identifier?
531.02DINER::SHUBINThu Jan 14 1988Does /dn work in emacs-notes?
532.02ADVAX::HOMThu Jan 21 1988Why databases in EMACS?
533.06DECWET::WICKHAMTue Jan 26 1988Checkpointing and the minibuffer
534.04ESD66::CHISVINTue Jan 26 1988Restoring environment on startup
535.0MSDOA1::SECRISTTue Jan 26 1988Emacs for PDP-11s ?!
536.01HPSTEK::CHENETZWed Jan 27 1988a problem with EMAIL
537.05AESIR::SWONGERTue Feb 02 1988Set term/inquire, page size problem
538.01REGPRO::LAWFri Feb 05 1988Problems visting files over the network
539.03DCC::HUBERTTue Feb 16 1988EMACS for Ultrix/VMS?
540.07BMT::LIEBERMANWed Feb 17 1988Where can I get EMACS?
541.04PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Feb 18 1988Searching for non-re things in a re-search
542.06CARMEL::HARVEYWed Mar 02 1988Documentation of INCSEARCH?
543.016NEPTUN::CHISVINThu Mar 03 1988exit-emacs always write file
545.03DIEHRD::MAHLERSun Mar 20 1988Access Violation on ESC-X-Notes...?
546.01VIDEO::OSMANMon Mar 21 1988 ?
547.01SKYLRK::BECKMon Mar 21 1988VS2
548.03ECADWed Mar 23 1988c-auto-expansion -- can't shut it off.
549.01DELNI::JONGFri Mar 25 1988spell-buffer--Can't Shut it Off
550.01SARAH::KRISHNAWed Mar 30 1988emacs performance
551.05ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Apr 01 1988What does setq-default do?
552.03RDF::RDFWed Apr 06 1988EMACS and DECterm (DECwindows)?
553.03HPSCAD::SAWINWed Apr 06 1988Startup problem...
554.03MDATA::DGRONDALSKIThu Apr 07 1988GPX Mouse Paste Insert is incomplete
555.03MARVIN::SCOTTTue Apr 19 1988Emacs and VMS V5.
556.02SIETTG::SYSMAILTue Apr 26 1988Computer Based Instruction?
557.02SMURF::RBHANKTue May 10 1988EDTSIM source?
558.02COOKIE::FONTANAWed May 18 1988Vt24
559.01HYDRA::PETTINIMon May 23 1988CMS mode and CMS V3.
560.06CARMEL::HARVEYMon May 23 1988SENDABORT message from Mail???
562.01SUBURB::DANCEAWed May 25 1988NOTES <> EMAIL
563.01STAR::RMURRAYWed May 25 1988Problem setting terminal length.
564.03SUBURB::DANCEAWed Jun 01 1988More NOTES problems :-(
565.02HPSTEK::CHENETZThu Jun 02 1988personal dictionary & emacs spell
566.08ULTRA::KARGERWed Jun 08 1988quota exceeded reading notes
567.02ASHOK::NADKARNIThu Jun 09 1988Re. DVIDEF, JPIDEF packages
568.07ICEBOX::FEASETue Jun 14 1988Question about mail
569.03HPSTEK::CHENETZThu Jun 23 1988esc, ff and other ascii characters
571.02AIAG::BILLMERSWed Jun 29 1988Problem with interprocess communication
572.02SKETCH::SHUBINWed Jul 13 1988What's this in notes: [-] ?
573.01HPSCAD::RAJANWed Jul 20 1988EMACS termcap definition & terminal width
574.03LOPTSN::FERWERDAThu Jul 21 1988?Bound to a wired procedure
576.05ASD::DIGRAZIASat Jul 30 1988shell dcl exit?
577.03HPSRAD::SAWINTue Aug 02 1988help-and-exit
578.03HPSCAD::RAJANFri Aug 05 1988start-filtered-process
579.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Aug 10 1988Anyone have a DOCUMENT mode?
580.02AESIR::SWONGERMon Aug 15 1988Badly formed buffer name
581.03MEWVAX::AUGUSTINETue Aug 16 1988Keypad stopped working as expected
582.01STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Aug 19 1988looking-at the left of dot
583.04ECADFri Aug 19 1988No indent-C-procedure ???
584.01CXCAD::FONTANAWed Aug 24 1988Looking-At Weirdness
585.01HPSCAD::RAJANMon Aug 29 1988deleting an entry from a database
586.063D::SANBORNTue Sep 06 1988Fill w/o Justify?
588.02SKELTN::TIBBERTThu Sep 22 1988Anybody have V5.
589.04SNODOG::SYSTEMMon Sep 26 1988new location for sdml package
590.01DELNI::JONGTue Sep 27 1988Annoying error condition
592.01RPLACA::HARVEYWed Sep 28 1988V5
594.09DINER::SHUBINTue Oct 04 1988Problem making new EMACSINIT.EMACS_ENVIRONMENT
595.04ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Oct 12 1988Datatrieve EDIT -> emacs?
596.05I93::ORNSTEINTue Oct 18 1988Is Hyper Text just INFO?
597.01AIAG::BILLMERSFri Oct 21 1988Announcing EMAIL V3.
598.01HPSRAD::SAWINMon Oct 24 1988Problem calling emacs from decsim
599.07DIEHRD::CARRThu Oct 27 1988Problem starting EMACS
600.010STAR::GUZMANTue Nov 01 1988How checkpointing purge.
601.03AIAG::BILLMERSWed Nov 02 1988Help needed on external functions
602.06LEVEL::OSMANFri Nov 04 1988why does emacs v5 clobber my mlisp function?
603.03SUBURB::DANCEAThu Nov 10 1988NOTES (V1.
604.03DECEAT::DARCYFri Nov 11 1988Problems with Private installation
605.01DSSDEV::MUNYANWed Nov 16 1988DSSDEV::EMACS$KIT: is being rebuilt
606.01AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Nov 17 1988Help for C-mode etc.
607.01HPSMEG::KINGSBURYThu Nov 17 1988EMACS V4.1 on VMS V5.
608.01DINER::SHUBINThu Nov 17 1988Support for Document?
609.02LEVEL::OSMANFri Nov 18 1988in v5 emacs, esc-< fails to go to beginning of file
610.01EPOCH::KINGSBURYTue Nov 29 1988Error with EMACS Start Up
611.01IOSG::HORSFIELDFri Dec 02 1988hooked abbrev problem
612.01ISTG::DOWNSTue Dec 06 1988problem with emacs stackdumping
613.07ADVAX::HOMThu Dec 08 1988NEXT SCREEN speed
614.04DINER::SHUBINThu Dec 22 1988exit-emacs-hook problem
615.01DINER::SHUBINFri Dec 30 1988^@ vs ^<space>
616.06RADINA::PASCIUTAFri Jan 06 1989Email problems
617.01ULTRA::KARGERMon Jan 09 1989markers in EMACS NOTES
618.03STKHLM::BERTILSSONMon Jan 09 1989Interrupt screen-update, (Heaven close to Nirvana)
619.02AIAG::BILLMERSThu Jan 19 1989How to "push back" number keys?
620.02R2ME2::MULLENFri Jan 20 1989But I don't want the debugger...
621.014BROKE::NORISun Jan 22 1989EMACS on workstations running DECWINDOWS
622.04HPSRAD::TALESARAFri Feb 03 1989Lisp from inside shell ?
623.0AIAG::BILLMERSThu Feb 09 1989Announcing EMAIL X4.
624.05TLE::DANIELSTue Feb 14 1989Is it TLE or EMACS?
625.08TARKIN::TINGTue Feb 14 1989Notes help
626.015HPSRAD::SAWINWed Feb 15 1989(getenv "PATH") problem revisited.
627.01TARKIN::TINGWed Feb 15 1989^C question
628.01TARKIN::TINGWed Feb 15 1989fill-and-justify-paragraph question
629.011BEATLS::SAWINThu Feb 16 1989Sharable image interface.
630.05CIMAMT::KELLYMon Feb 27 1989EMACS for ULTRIX systems?
631.01ZAFTIK::SWATKOTue Mar 07 1989Two buffers side-by-side?
632.01SLOAN::HOMSun Mar 12 1989goto-character question
633.01THNWR2::PENGMon Mar 13 1989Insert <FF> problem
634.03SLOAN::HOMFri Apr 14 1989DECterm Cut to EMACS buffer problem
635.01ACESMK::ZEMONThu Apr 27 1989PMAX isearch is broken
636.01RPLACA::HARVEYTue May 09 1989Cursor shape in Decwindows?
637.06ENGLES::WALSHTue May 16 1989Is there a EMACS/Decwindows version for Ultrix ?
638.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Jun 06 1989Omitting command fields in shell?
639.02AUKLET::CORWINWed Jun 07 1989Dissociated Press?
640.03DINER::SHUBINTue Jun 13 1989Scrolling mechanism
641.05TARKIN::TINGFri Jun 16 1989is there a READ-ONLY command?
642.01TARKIN::TINGTue Jun 20 1989looking for visit-file source code
643.02ECADWed Jun 28 1989up/down arrow column tracking problem
644.022EST::HEDAYATThu Jul 06 1989new EMACS user; need HELP.
645.0BOMBE::WAGONERMon Jul 17 1989GNU Emacs 18.54 changes for DECWindows. Does anyone have them? (Ultrix 3.
646.04DINER::SHUBINTue Jul 18 1989problem in buffer "note-header-1"
647.01AIAG::BILLMERSWed Jul 19 1989Announcing EMAIL V4.
648.01RICKS::ASHERThu Jul 20 1989changing directories after pausing EMACS
649.01ULTRA::ELLISMon Jul 24 1989File name completion in visit-file
650.02LARVAE::NISBET_DMon Jul 24 1989Problems with setup
651.017MARVIN::SCOTTMon Jul 24 1989New X5.
652.03X::SHERREDWed Jul 26 1989EMACS Tutorial (teach,learn)
653.02CHEESE::KAISERWed Aug 02 1989Reading batch-extracted Usenet news
654.08DINER::SHUBINThu Aug 10 1989argument to "exit-emacs" or other status value?
655.01DINER::SHUBINThu Aug 10 1989Emacs notes: Problem changing personal name
656.01SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 16 1989spell word in new EMACS X5
657.01CIMNET::BUIANOWSKIWed Aug 30 1989vms v5.2 and emacs v4.1 compatable???
658.01BINKLY::WUWed Aug 30 1989TeX/LaTeX mode
659.04STEREO::BREDBURYThu Sep 14 1989Emacs doc for Ultrix?
660.02SUBWAY::LEEThu Sep 14 1989EMACS for ULTRIX
661.08AIAG::BILLMERSFri Sep 15 1989How can I extend words that will have completion done?
662.02VIA::SWONGERMon Sep 18 1989Permanent Flash when using DECwindows
664.02DECWIN::SANBORNMon Oct 09 1989Emacs and DECwindows Fileview
665.0FIRBRD::POMERANTZMon Oct 16 1989Xlib or Xt tools
666.01TARKIN::TINGFri Oct 27 1989Floating point number question
667.08TARKIN::TINGMon Oct 30 1989Does Emacs have a window-shift-left feature?
668.05HPSRAD::ARTHURMon Oct 30 1989CSIBIND Problem
669.01SLOAN::HOMThu Nov 02 1989auto-fill-hook
670.02DSSDEV::POVEYFri Nov 03 1989What are the Emacs V5 plans ?
671.03LEAF::BELLUSCISat Nov 04 1989highlight-region problem
672.04CXCAD::LUCIERWed Nov 08 1989VMS V5.3 and Emacs V4.1 (spawn)
673.017MARVIN::SCOTTSun Nov 12 1989Emacs V5.
674.01SLOAN::HOMMon Nov 13 1989Textmode for V5.
675.01SLOAN::HOMFri Nov 24 1989x coordinate display in mode line?
676.02SLOAN::HOMSat Nov 25 1989^N and ^P seem slower than ^F
677.04MONSTA::COLLINSThu Nov 30 1989Is Emacs high-function and high-quality? - yes!
678.01MARVIN::GILLOTTWed Dec 13 1989File name parsing
679.01ULTRA::KARGERTue Dec 19 1989buffer-specific wrap-long-lines
680.0DINER::SHUBINWed Dec 20 1989prefix arguments and keybindings
681.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Dec 27 1989emacs fails to read in new file
682.03SLOAN::HOMThu Jan 04 1990Emacs V5.
683.014SLOAN::HOMThu Jan 04 1990highlighting in color
684.03DINER::SHUBINMon Jan 15 1990Emacs' working set
685.03SMURF::MANDELLMon Jan 22 1990Problems with SEARCH function
686.05RTL::BUTENHOFFri Feb 09 1990VAX EMACS/stream files
687.02ULTRA::KARGERSat Feb 10 1990latexmode problem in X5.
688.03RICKS::ASHERTue Feb 13 1990VMS5.3 and EMACS V4.1 crashing
689.013MARVIN::SCOTTTue Feb 20 1990Emacs V5.
690.05DINER::SHUBINThu Feb 22 1990constantly need to build emacsinit.emacs_environment
691.01DINER::SHUBINFri Feb 23 1990Problem with DEBUG package
692.0ECADSR::CHUANGThu Mar 01 1990change font and window size of xemacs
693.04RICKS::CHISVINSun Mar 04 1990Command line recall/edit?
694.08DAVIS::peterTue Mar 06 1990Title bar on emacs window
695.013TLE::DANIELSTue Mar 06 1990V5.
696.01WRKSYS::NELSENFri Mar 09 1990paragraph-delimiter for runoff
697.02PEARL::JAQUESTue Mar 13 1990vt1
698.01RICKS::CHISVINSat Mar 31 1990TEXTMODE: Extra spaces after period
699.02BINKLY::KUMPFWed Apr 04 1990DOT/Marker confusion
700.018DAVIS::peterWed Apr 11 1990Ultrix vs. VMS and WS vs. VT32
701.026RAB::SWONGERThu Apr 12 1990How do I get the Mouse support?
702.02RAB::SWONGERFri Apr 13 1990How do I update a read-only database?
703.01SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTWed Apr 18 1990make EMACS EVE-like?
704.02YIPPEE::EZLIFE::YURCHAKMon Apr 23 1990Bitten by CONTROL-P in EMACS V5
705.01TLE::FORDWed May 02 1990compose sequence being activated during I-search
706.03HPSRAD::SAWINTue May 08 1990V5 spell-check-word problem.
707.012SLOAN::HOMWed May 09 1990V5.
708.03DINER::SHUBINWed May 23 1990It's been swell. Farewell, and take some code before it's deleted.
709.0JRDLSI::KIKUTANIFri May 25 1990next/prev-page with wrapping
710.01MAY28::KINZELMANFri May 25 19905.
711.01BUSDV2::PERSELSMon May 28 1990Magic for getting Prev Screen Next Screen on Ultrix?
712.03VLNVAX::TSMITHFri Jun 08 1990Checkpointing fails
713.02SLOAN::HOMMon Jun 11 1990next page/previous page
714.03SLOAN::HOMWed Jun 13 1990current directory
715.04HKFINN::FUWed Jun 13 1990How to get EMACS for PC?
716.0XANADU::OMALLEYSat Jun 23 1990newer version?? and arrow key fix??
717.03NOVA::ZASTERAFri Jun 29 1990new dec emacs user needs HELP!!!
718.08MARVIN::SCOTTFri Jul 06 1990Stream LF support in Emacs available
719.05MAY28::KINZELMANMon Jul 09 1990Emacs environment and incremental search problem
720.01POBBLE::PASCIUTATue Jul 10 1990Emacs documentation -- LN
721.01ECADSR::KINZELMANWed Jul 11 1990"Control-string-convert-to-8-bit" problem?
723.03WONDER::SAWINWed Jul 18 1990EMACS unable to create subprocess
724.01HPSCAD::PALMERMon Jul 30 1990VT34
725.03CABER::FAULDSWed Aug 01 1990V5 - file prot error
726.04SLOAN::HOMTue Aug 14 1990Gnu vs VAX-EMACS
727.0ZENDIA::ASCHKENASIThu Aug 16 1990User's Guide for GNU Emacs V18.5
728.01TARKIN::TINGWed Aug 22 1990Can Vax-emacs split windows vertically?
729.07DAVIS::peterThu Aug 30 1990Searching for control characters?
730.01SLOAN::HOMTue Sep 04 1990Recommended mlisp changes for Emacs 5.1
731.04ASD::DIGRAZIAThu Sep 06 1990(next-file-name)?
732.04FMCSSE::ELLISONFri Sep 14 1990need 177 for Delete instead of
733.014AWAKE::WESTERVELTFri Sep 14 1990rebinding escape key
734.010FMCSSE::ELLISONTue Sep 18 1990PC-Emacs vs cursor shape and old docs
735.01ASD::RAMANWed Sep 19 1990EMACS for PC...
736.0SLOAN::HOMFri Sep 21 1990vms-mail-hook
737.02SLOAN::HOMFri Sep 28 1990buffer is visisble mlisp
738.03CLUSTA::SPECTORFri Sep 28 1990Is GNU EMACS available?
739.01TARKIN::TINGFri Oct 05 1990emacs$memory question
740.01RAB::SWONGERMon Oct 08 1990Broadcast messages in V5.
741.012SLOAN::HOMTue Oct 09 1990x,y coordinates and the mouse
742.02TARKIN::TINGWed Oct 10 1990visiting files question
743.03AZUR::KOREVAARMon Oct 15 1990How to get EDT emulation within DECwindows (Ultrix V4.
744.02BINKLY::KUMPFFri Nov 16 1990(defun name (arg)) default arg expr
745.05AWAKE::WESTERVELTWed Nov 28 1990tabs
746.06AWAKE::WESTERVELTWed Nov 28 1990exit-emacs question
747.04SPARK::SPIELMANFri Nov 30 1990Problem with "^" character
748.02FMCSSE::ELLISONThu Dec 06 1990c-mode and global abbrev
749.02PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Dec 14 1990Can't Pause Emacs?
750.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Jan 02 1991STR-F-FATINTERR invoking EMACS
751.04286BOX::RobinsonThu Jan 10 1991emacsinit.ml on PC emacs ?
752.01BIS3::MIGEOTThu Jan 24 1991EMACS editor for COBOL ?
753.01SSBN1::FURNANZFri Feb 01 1991key assignments - default.el and/or .emcs (?)
754.02PAMSRC::WHITCOMBWed Feb 13 1991I need EMACS on ULTRIX DOC set
755.092HOT::SWONGERMon Mar 11 1991Emacs V5.
756.01MILRAT::AHMADThu Mar 14 1991756
757.02TSGDEV::FAULDSFri Mar 15 1991DOCUMENT mode .ml's?
758.05ESIS::FEASETue Mar 19 1991Text mode problems
759.02COSBY::TIBBERTWed Mar 20 1991Checkpoint file names?
761.02TENERE::SILVAWed Mar 20 1991EMACS for ULTRIX?
762.01AQUA::DORMITZERThu Mar 21 1991broadcast messages problem with LK2
763.0101MARVIN::SCOTTWed Mar 27 1991PC & Windows Emacs available
764.08RANGER::WESTERVELTMon Apr 01 1991undelete word?
765.030MARVIN::SCOTTSat Apr 06 1991Macintosh Emacs available
766.01TARKIN::TINGWed Apr 10 1991question on changing window sizes
767.07DECK::PATHAKWed Apr 10 1991M-x goto-line = ^G?
768.01GUIDUK::HEALYWed May 01 1991Emacs RFP Questions
769.01PTOVAX::JUNGLINGThu May 02 1991How to Acquire EMACS for VMS
770.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue May 14 1991GNU emacs messing up PMAX xterms
771.01LILBUD::EUSTACESat Jun 01 1991emacs on a risc 54
772.01TALLIS::ACEVEDOFri Jun 07 1991epoch (multi-X windowing emacs) available?
773.01SLOAN::HOMThu Jun 27 1991DECterm remote display vs Set Host
774.08RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Aug 01 1991emacs trapping to debugger
775.06RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Aug 08 1991help me set case-replace default please!
776.06SLOAN::HOMFri Aug 16 1991Emacs 5.1 Release Date
777.08MARVIN::SCOTTSun Aug 25 1991Emacs V5.1 is available
778.02LEDDEV::LAMThu Aug 29 1991ctrl-A does not work
779.01AINODE::TURCOTTEThu Sep 05 1991Looking for GNU
780.01WONDER::LUDWIGMon Sep 23 1991DECterm windows crash after set-term-wid 132 command
781.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Oct 14 1991EMACS Cobol flavor
782.014MARVIN::SCOTTThu Oct 17 1991Ultrix Emacs
783.03VISUAL::BMACDONALDWed Oct 23 1991Abbrev-mode problem
784.02SLOAN::HOMWed Nov 13 1991insert character key vs f keys and keypad
785.01TARDIS::EISENBERGSun Nov 17 1991Can I get control once the interrupt key has been pressed?
786.05RCKGDN::BROWNMon Nov 18 1991Having trouble with variables in a saved environment
787.01FORTY2::RAKSHIT_UFri Nov 22 1991Documentation for BOOKREADER
788.01ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Dec 06 1991Autoload and keybindings. (tags)
789.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Dec 10 1991use-variables-of-buffer and read-only-buffer?
790.04SLOAN::HOMWed Dec 11 1991Notes help - single command line
791.03WONDER::COMMOTue Dec 31 1991<< Syntax Table Question >>
792.03EMDS::CZAPLAFri Jan 10 1992HELP ON HELP
793.02GAZERS::HOOKERSat Jan 11 1992Need help with Regular Expression Searching "\-"
794.03ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Jan 13 1992define-keyboard-macro and the F keys?
795.04QB::QBARRYTue Jan 14 1992F* bindings stopped working wit upgrade.
796.05SLOAN::HOMThu Jan 16 1992digit mlisp function question
797.02SLOAN::HOMFri Jan 17 1992bookreader and Motif
798.07TLE::REDSQL::HILDEThu Jan 23 1992emacs and motif mail and notes
799.01EMDS::CZAPLAThu Jan 30 19925.1 Manual,List of avail modules
800.01NZOMIS::HOWARDSun Feb 09 1992Motif kit available?
801.05ASG3::STEWARTThu Feb 20 1992FLASHER question
802.03HPSRAD::LUDWIGWed Feb 26 1992emacs notes questions
803.03GEMWRK::MAROTTAMon Mar 09 1992Provide response for mouse-on function?
804.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Mar 17 1992Syntax tables sensitive to order of creation?
805.03INDUCE::SHERMANTue Mar 31 1992Problems starting emacs after installation ...
806.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 07 1992two questions about EMACS on OSF
807.03CRONIC::PARATOREMon Apr 13 1992Do I have to recompile?
808.03KADOW::PKADOWMon Apr 13 1992emacs/package=teach not working
809.01VNABRW::SUPPAN_GTue Apr 14 1992lk4
810.05KADOW::PKADOWFri Apr 17 1992Binding to the keypad
811.01KADOW::PKADOWWed Apr 22 1992Bind to Control-A ?
813.03SLOAN::HOMWed May 13 1992DCL vs EMACS key bindings
814.01SLOAN::HOMFri May 15 1992yank buffer command
815.04RANGER::WESTERVELTTue May 19 1992DECWindows mail/notes & emacs
816.05AZUR::JORDANMon Jun 01 1992The best way to set-up a minimal emacs ?
817.02SLOAN::HOMWed Jun 03 1992undo - what are its limitations?
818.08ANEDGE::SILERThu Jun 04 1992Can you create multiple marks?
820.01SASE::HANNAFINTue Jun 09 1992EMACS V4.1 to V5.1, YES or NO??
821.02KAY::FISHERWed Jun 17 1992query-replace-string - documentation request
823.01IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Jul 21 1992interactive usenet reader?
824.023PLOUGH::KINZELMANWed Jul 29 1992Emacs on Alpha? Yes, now available!
825.03SOLVIT::FERRARAFri Aug 14 1992Latest EMAC kit for Ultrix?
826.01ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Aug 19 1992Function args vs local-variable names
827.01ASD::DIGRAZIAThu Aug 20 1992Mailbox size for DCL shell?
828.01CRONIC::SCHULERThu Sep 24 1992CTRL-P and CTRL-S not working properly?
829.01SLOAN::HOMMon Oct 05 1992V5 keymap question
830.02ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Oct 16 1992Are chorded mouse clicks bindable?
831.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 19 1992Want latest info!
832.07SUOSW4::RIEDRICHTue Oct 20 1992emacs and mail problem
833.02MARVIN::COBBFri Oct 23 1992Bug in ExecCode
834.07MARVIN::SCOTTWed Oct 28 1992DOS, Windows and Windows NT kits announcments (replaced by topic 856)
835.045MARVIN::SCOTTWed Oct 28 1992DOS, Windows and Windows NT discussions
837.02GINVAX::ANASTASTue Nov 03 1992MAIL not communicating to EMACS in windows.
838.03NEMAIL::CHUFri Nov 06 1992Epoch emacs on Alpha/OSF
839.04KAY::FISHERFri Nov 20 1992PC emacs - Gold key on LK45
840.05TAEC::HARPERMon Nov 23 1992Bug in rapid delete key repeat...
841.01KAY::FISHERWed Nov 25 1992unset-mark bug in PC Emacs
842.07IOSG::HORSFIELDThu Dec 03 1992problems with expand-from-string-table
843.01SLOAN::HOMThu Dec 03 1992PC Emacs Mlisp
844.01BRSTR1::BUGGENHOUTThu Dec 03 1992keymap help for a beginner
845.03HPSRAD::LUDWIGFri Dec 04 1992EMACs upgraded now can't start EMACS.
846.02TAEC::HARPERTue Feb 09 1993Where is pkunzip?
847.01ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Feb 12 1993Mouse info discarded upon non-mouse keyboarding?
848.01TAEC::HARPERTue Feb 16 1993Problem with mouse and .7
849.02SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Feb 22 1993 textmode on PC yet?
850.06LJOHUB::BELLUSCIThu Mar 18 1993Windows Emacs and 32
851.07MARVIN::SCOTTWed Mar 31 1993Emacs V6.
852.05LANDO::SAWINFri Apr 02 1993recent emacs problems
853.04DCEIDL::OBRYANFri Apr 02 1993Kill prompting for modified files ?
854.05AZUR::JORDANTue Apr 20 1993remove the end message
855.01SITBUL::SEITSINGERMon May 03 1993Looking for EMACS on AXP/OpenVMS...
856.010MARVIN::SCOTTMon May 17 1993Emacs V6.
857.0154MARVIN::SCOTTMon May 17 1993Closed topic: Emacs V6.
858.04ASD::DIGRAZIAMon May 17 1993is-bound and buffer-specific array variables?
859.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCIFri May 28 1993VMS mail and emacs as editor
860.06WONDER::COMMOTue Jun 01 1993<< Real name of the V6.
861.03ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Jun 09 1993Lexicals?
862.02WONDER::COMMOTue Jun 15 1993<< mx'ed version of the MIPS V6 version available? >>
863.05DANGER::SAWINThu Jul 08 1993end of buffer regular expression
864.01STAR::PRAETORIUSWed Jul 21 1993Ivy postmortem - good reading for any editor fan
865.02AZUR::JORDANTue Sep 07 1993emacs and read-only mode question
866.03SLOAN::HOMMon Sep 13 1993motif variables
867.02SEDMTS::CLARKE_CTue Sep 21 1993Programmable EMACS under DOS ?
868.03KAY::FISHERFri Dec 03 1993win setup hangs - DOS V6.2 Win V3.1 EMACS v6
870.0114MARVIN::SCOTTSun Dec 19 1993Close topic: Emacs X6.
871.07IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Dec 20 1993how to determine the next key?
872.04IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Dec 28 1993Kit location for MS-Windows Emacs?
873.09SLOAN::HOMThu Feb 03 1994Emacs had self-correction first
874.0MVCAD3::SHIBETTAMon Mar 07 1994lucid emacs-19.6 for OSF/1
875.01CIM2::MILLIGANTue Mar 08 1994Motif mail doesn't see PRIVATELY installed Emacs ...
876.0ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Mar 09 1994tags packages or programs that work on C++ source?
877.06STKHLM::KNORNTue Mar 15 1994Problems with saving environment on AXP/VMS
878.0101MARVIN::SCOTTThu Mar 24 1994Emacs V6.
879.0SLOAN::HOMTue Mar 29 1994logitech mouse and eXcursion
880.03TALER::HARIHARANThu Apr 07 1994Meta key on DEC-3
881.01TOOK::FAULDSFri Apr 22 1994error-message-parser code please?
882.03GOLLY::CARROLLMon Apr 25 1994How to tell if there a function exists in emacs?
883.02IOSG::HORSFIELDThu May 05 1994notes question - using keywords
884.05REMBOW::KILEYWed May 11 1994
885.01TOOK::FAULDSFri May 13 1994Customize visit-file?
886.07MARVIN::COBBFri May 20 1994Mail support in Emacs Notes
887.010COPCLU::BENTERIKWed May 25 1994EMWINNT error under MS-Windows
888.01AWATS::WESTERVELTThu Jun 02 1994How do I load a function definition from electric-c?
889.014KLAP::porterThu Jun 02 1994getting started with emacs on nt
890.01NRSTA2::CARIFIOWed Jun 08 1994GNU compatability and/or emulation?
891.01WRKSYS::REISERTTue Jun 14 1994EMAIL doesn't work on OpenVMS AXP with EMACS V6.1
892.015MARVIN::SCOTTFri Jun 17 1994I am leaving DEC
893.04RENFRO::POWELLWed Jun 22 1994kit locations?
894.0MARVIN::SCOTTWed Jun 29 1994This conference is moving to MARVIN::EMACS
895.08MARVIN::SCOTTWed Jun 29 1994Emacs V6.
896.03AWATS::WESTERVELTWed Jun 29 1994Informal user community for non-notesfile interactions
897.06AWATS::WESTERVELTThu Jun 30 1994TAGS misses C functions
898.01EMC2::POGLIANIThu Jul 07 1994EMACS for COBOL. Help in creating a major mode
899.03AWATS::WESTERVELTWed Aug 03 1994Out of memory! lost buffer help
900.0NASENG::MUNYANTue Aug 30 1994Missing long filename alias in V6.
901.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
902.014MGB::GILLOTTWed Sep 14 1994Problems with EMACS V6
903.0BROKE::RAMThu Oct 06 1994C Mode indentation
904.06RDGENG::COBBFri Oct 07 1994Emacs X6.1 kits
905.07RDGENG::COBBFri Oct 07 1994Emacs X6.1 discussion
906.0GAAS::FISHERFri Oct 28 1994modify-syntax-table questions for DCL
907.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANSun Nov 20 1994Simple inifile for MSDOS?
908.01ORION::ROGOFFFri Dec 09 1994Regular expression question
909.0NASENG::MUNYANSun Dec 18 1994Goodbye - Steve Munyan
910.01WRKSYS::REISERTMon Dec 19 1994Dump from X6.1.4a
911.03MARX::DAYTue Jan 17 1995acc vio with EMACS V6.
912.01TLE::FRIDAYFri Feb 17 1995Minor glitches in V6.
913.01TLE::FRIDAYFri Feb 17 1995Cannot read emacs_control_strings
914.01SMAUG::BOURDEAUTue Mar 07 1995Emacs documentation for VMS VAX
915.0OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Mar 08 1995Q: activating edt-emulation
916.05COMICS::WOODThu Mar 16 1995search/replace for control characters
917.06SMAUG::BOURDEAUMon Mar 20 1995Emacs as a detached process.
918.0TASMAN::JIMGFri Apr 21 1995Has anyone built XEmacs 19.11 on a VMS system?
919.01NEWVAX::DINARDOTue Aug 29 1995cheat sheet for EMACS?
920.01STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Aug 31 1995re-search-forward sources?
921.0TLSEFri Sep 29 1995EDIT & FSTE6
922.0STOWOA::FULTIThu Oct 12 1995EMACS API
923.03CANTH::BOURDEAUMon Oct 16 1995Windows version of EMACS?
924.01NEWVAX::MELTONThu Feb 29 1996GNU emacs executables on the net
925.02AWECIM::KELLYFri Mar 01 1996VAXemacs beeps, won't let me enter characters
926.03RECV::RUMPHTue Mar 19 1996New version for Windows 95?
927.02OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Jul 17 1996Emacs-lisp help, please
928.0SLOAN::HOMFri Aug 30 1996PC EMACS X6.1.23 available
929.0 *+3STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Feb 17 1997Whare are the EMACS kits now?