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Conference koolit::doc_graphics

Title:*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Read note 793 ***
Notice: Latest KIT=310.* MOPS cmd line=311.*
Created:Wed May 07 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jul 15 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:927
Total number of notes:4400
Number with bodies:0
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1.013CLOSET::PARSONSWed May 07 1986Welcome!
2.03DSSDEV::EPPESWed May 07 1986Error in Chapter 3 of Guide to GRED
3.02DSSDEV::EPPESWed May 07 1986Too many clicks...
4.03DSSDEV::EPPESThu May 08 1986How does one cancel a current operation?
5.03DSSDEV::EPPESThu May 08 1986Problem following example in Guide to GRED
6.05273Wed May 14 1986Sustem-crashing Bug
7.0BACH::BODGEWed May 14 1986Wish list for new object attributes
8.0BACH::BODGEThu May 15 1986Incorporating Screen Images in GRED Pictures
9.03CLOSET::PARSONSThu May 15 1986Sixels Files Created in GRED
10.0BACH::BODGEMon May 19 1986Joining changes stacking order
11.01273Thu May 22 1986Oops
12.07CLOSET::PARSONSThu May 22 1986Erasing a portion of an object
13.05273Fri May 23 1986TEXT bugs
14.01273Tue May 27 1986Question/wish on JOIN
15.02STAR::JONESTue May 27 1986Line thickness indicator bug
16.0STAR::JONESTue May 27 1986Bug in output to LVP16
17.01STAR::JONESWed May 28 1986Missing error message
19.0STAR::JONESTue Jun 03 1986UNDO a save command causes problems
20.02STAR::JONESTue Jun 03 1986icon memory missing.
21.011BACH::BODGEThu Jun 12 1986Whither GRED?
22.0BACH::BODGEThu Jun 12 1986COMPLEMENT doesn't
23.04BACH::BODGEThu Jun 12 1986A Librarian for GRED
24.01BACH::BODGEThu Jun 12 1986I miss grid snap action
25.07BACH::BODGEFri Jun 20 1986PRINT broken?
26.02STAR::JONESMon Jun 23 1986Text bug
27.01ORACLE::WATERSTue Jun 24 1986Help! I've been inverted
28.018ORACLE::WATERSTue Jun 24 1986Put your wish list here
29.0BOOKIE::GENTFri Jun 27 1986When a circle is not a circle
30.01DECWET::MITCHELLThu Jul 03 1986Misnomers
31.01DECWET::MITCHELLThu Jul 03 1986Grid Problems
32.07DECWET::MITCHELLTue Jul 08 1986Zoom and Join
33.0DECWET::MITCHELLTue Jul 08 1986Backward Arc
34.0DECWET::MITCHELLTue Jul 08 1986GRED Examples
35.07CLOSET::ADLERFri Jul 11 1986Who's using GRED?
36.01DECWET::HUNTTue Jul 15 1986JOIN ALL with GRID ON
37.0DECWET::HUNTTue Jul 15 1986comments on sample session
38.03GNUVAX::JHUGHESFri Jul 18 1986Process Hangs???
39.02CLOSET::PARSONSThu Jul 24 1986Centering and Alignment
40.01BACH::BODGEFri Jul 25 1986PRINT of part-page figures too difficult
41.04DECWET::KOSAKWed Jul 30 1986Output Quality
42.01DECWET::KOSAKWed Aug 27 1986Window problems
43.0DECWET::KOSAKWed Aug 27 1986SEPARATE problems
44.02CLOSET::PARSONSThu Aug 28 1986New baselevel
45.0DECWET::KOSAKFri Aug 29 1986BOX/RECTANGLE Problems
46.01DECWET::KOSAKFri Aug 29 1986VAXstation problems after new version install
47.07LEZAH::LIBRARIANTue Sep 02 1986Fine Line Problem
48.07CYCLPS::PIYANAIWed Sep 03 1986GRED can't find font...(?)
49.0911865::GREENEMon Sep 08 1986User-Selected Fonts
50.012GENRAL::AMENDThu Sep 18 1986Does GRED work on a II/GPX yet
52.02NIMBUS::SJONESThu Sep 18 1986Screen images in GRED
53.05DECWET::CUSTERTue Sep 23 1986More GRED Problems
54.01PYONS::DCHAVEZWed Oct 08 1986Field Test Date?
55.01BOOKIE::GENTWed Oct 15 1986Grid On, then Clear = bug?
56.0DECWET::KOSAKThu Oct 16 1986GRED update?
57.01DECWET::KOSAKThu Oct 16 1986Fonts/drawings change size
58.01COOKIE::DETRICMon Oct 20 1986rendered rectangle has edges and shouldn't
60.02ERLANG::DICKENSTue Oct 28 1986Kit Info ?
61.02CAD::MCDONOUGHTue Nov 04 1986Pointer to documentation?
62.06DECWET::KOSAKWed Nov 05 1986Including GRED files in DOCUMENT
63.016917::FEATHERSTONMon Dec 15 1986GRED and SAVE'd files getting very large...
64.01IPG::JTURNERThu Dec 18 1986International character input
65.01ECADSR::CIASCHINIMon Dec 22 1986Printing .SIX on LN
66.016917::FEATHERSTONTue Dec 30 1986Default file extensions inconsistent
67.02COPPER::D_BERRYTue Jan 06 1987GRED goes into loop trying to save SAVEFILE.DAT
68.014CLOSET::PARSONSThu Jan 08 1987Latest Gred
69.02CLOSET::PARSONSThu Jan 08 1987Progress Report
70.08CRAYON::GENTFri Jan 09 1987Comments on the new version
71.05DECWET::KOSAKTue Jan 20 1987WARNING - Problems with PURGE
72.02COOKIE::SCHROEDERTue Jan 20 1987A few problems discovered or rediscovered?
73.09COOKIE::DETRICFri Jan 23 1987Nasty GRED bugs
74.01CLOSET::EROSSMon Jan 26 1987The PURGE problem
75.01TONTO::MUNDKURMon Feb 02 1987Does GRED support VT24
76.01COPPER::D_BERRYThu Feb 12 1987Losing the GRID
77.02COPPER::D_BERRYThu Feb 12 1987GRED turns of caps lock
78.02COPPER::D_BERRYMon Feb 16 1987Changing line width problem
79.0GNUVAX::JHUGHESMon Feb 16 1987VSI - VSII font sizes
80.0COPPER::D_BERRYMon Feb 16 1987better error reporting needed
81.05POTARU::QUODLINGTue Feb 17 1987Units of measurement.
82.0JOET::JOETFri Feb 20 1987Problems with RENDER and GRED's fonts
83.0AUTHOR::FRIEDMANMon Mar 09 1987Tech Illustrator Features
84.021P51D::EYREFri Mar 13 1987Print Image is Reversed.
85.0DECWET::KOSAKMon Mar 16 1987GPXs and GRED
86.05SHIRE::TALLONWed Mar 18 1987132-column screens
87.013PDVAX::P_DAVISTue Apr 14 1987WANTED: Graphics editor requirements
88.02CLOSET::PARSONSThu Apr 16 1987Overview of VAX DOCUMENT graphics support
89.03NCADC1::PEREZThu Apr 23 1987Help on graphics output
90.02NCADC1::PEREZSun May 03 1987Where did SARAH go?
91.01CHAMBR::GUINEAUWed May 13 1987GRED development
92.03DECWET::KOSAKMon May 18 1987Announcing the PIG
93.06COPPER::D_BERRYTue May 19 1987Never any replies from GRED Developers
94.011GNUVAX::LIBRARIANWed May 27 1987Why build GRED *and* SIGHT ?
95.020CRAYON::GENTWed May 27 1987SIGHT-to-GRED
96.06FNYFS::WYNFORDThu Jun 04 1987CAPTURE - internal but where?
97.01CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENMon Jun 15 1987Gred and VAXstar
98.02PANAMA::GILLIAMThu Jun 18 1987GRED-to-SIGHT
99.04LEE2::SEETONThu Jul 02 1987TOP 6 lines of screen blank ?
100.02SANTEE::GREENETue Jul 14 1987BUG -- Data transfered to Ether!
101.02TLE::SAVAGETue Jul 14 1987Mouse middle key problem
102.04VAXUUM::EROSSWed Jul 15 1987New GRED - filenames, line weight
103.03CHAMBR::GUINEAUThu Jul 16 1987New GRED dosen't work?
104.05CLOSET::EROSSFri Jul 17 1987Who's the OLDest?
105.02CLOSET::EROSSTue Jul 21 1987volunteers
106.06VAXUUM::EROSSThu Jul 23 1987Out the Door
107.010DSSDEV::WAGNERTue Jul 28 1987Help! Cryptic HCUIS error stumping me.
108.09MYKENE::EXTONThu Jul 30 1987Problems with Sight and DOcument
109.03NORDIX::CRAYETue Aug 11 1987exchange libraries of GRED objects
110.015COOKIE::JOHNSTONThu Aug 13 1987GRED Documentation?
111.011CADSYS::MCDONOUGHMon Aug 24 1987GRED crashes GPXes ??!!
112.01VANISH::DINGLEYWed Aug 26 1987General Enquiry
113.05RLAV::LITTLEThu Sep 03 1987AutoCAD -> GRED?
114.02ATPSMK::PETERSONTue Sep 08 1987Monchrome GPX and GRED?
115.05CADSYS::MCDONOUGHTue Sep 22 1987GRED won't crop.
117.02GNUVAX::MCHIASSONWed Sep 30 1987Problem using GRED
118.011NCADC1::PEREZThu Oct 01 1987How do I put text in a sixel form?
119.01GNUVAX::MCHIASSONFri Oct 02 1987Problem with SIGHT
120.05NCADC1::PEREZSat Oct 03 1987Trouble running SIGHT and/or GRED
121.07STKHLM::LITBYWed Oct 07 1987Problem on 4-plane GPX
122.010VIDEO::LEVFri Oct 23 1987HELP!!, GRED hangs my system randomly
123.04KEEPER::BONNEAUFri Oct 30 1987GRED vs DOCUMENT - status and futures?
124.013CLOSET::EROSSThu Nov 05 1987about RAGS
126.02SANTEE::GREENEFri Nov 20 1987NON-SOLID lines in GRED??
127.04CADSYS::MCDONOUGHFri Nov 20 1987GRED on 5meg of memory?
128.014TLE::BODGEMon Nov 23 1987Print screens in RAGS?
129.0FURILO::MASONTue Dec 22 1987Compare GRED and SIGHT?
130.01FURILO::MASONTue Dec 29 1987Graphic images sought...
131.03GNUVAX::LIBRARIANWed Jan 06 1988Additional Postscript fonts
132.01CHUNGA::HEISERFri Jan 08 1988GRED Costs
133.01SPUD::GAYFThu Jan 21 1988Edit text..How?
134.04AITG::MARCUSThu Jan 21 1988the mysterious appendix A ...
135.012CLOSET::PARSONSFri Jan 29 1988RAGS is available
136.025CLOSET::PARSONSFri Jan 29 1988RAGS IFT1 bug reports
137.017CLOSET::PARSONSFri Jan 29 1988RAGS wishlist
138.015CLARID::WYNFORDTue Feb 02 1988Resizing window dumps
139.03VAXUUM::PARSONSMon Feb 15 19883-D?
140.03COPPER::D_BERRYWed Feb 17 1988annoying little gred habits...
141.02SQUEKE::KOZIKOWSKIFri Feb 26 1988Locating GRED
142.014TLE::BODGEWed Mar 02 1988Annotating captured screens
143.08CYCLPS::TEELUCKSINGHThu Mar 10 1988VOYER ? Displaying RAGS images on-line ?
144.02TEASE::WEAVERSat Mar 12 1988How about reusing your UID for color
145.04COPPER::D_BERRYMon Mar 21 1988GRED reserved operand fault
146.03TSG::ARCHERTue Mar 22 1988Getting VAXstation sixel files?
147.0WEEBLE::SYSTEMThu Mar 24 1988Problem with RENDER/FRAME
148.03TSG::ARCHERFri Mar 25 1988Need help resizing QPX sixel files!
149.01HPSTEK::JORGENSENMon Mar 28 1988Location of GRED files
150.02CGOSWed Mar 30 1988Sixel File Size Reduction
151.01ROMCSA::RAMPAThu Mar 31 1988sixel-->RAGS,EPIC,PAINT
152.02CLOSET::EROSSFri Apr 01 1988Impending new RAGS
153.03KONING::KONINGFri Apr 01 1988color allocation failure
154.01TLE::BODGEMon Apr 04 1988My favorite RAGS interface stuff
155.0217346::MCNULTYTue Apr 05 1988Suggestions for RAGS interface enhancements
156.01RDF::RDFThu Apr 07 1988color sixels?
157.01BIGTEX::DAVISFri Apr 08 1988GRED and black pages on output
158.01CURIE::HARTSHORNMon Apr 11 1988RAGS color and buttons no working
159.014CLOSET::EROSSMon Apr 11 1988New RAGS
160.04MJG::GRIERMon Apr 11 1988RAGS including colour sixels?
161.01PLUS8::LAWTONTue Apr 12 1988GRED Landscape Problem
162.05CHGVTue Apr 12 1988Need Overview of Graphic Tools...
163.04CLOSET::EROSSTue May 03 1988Text with underlayment
164.0TSG::ARCHERTue May 03 1988Capture/Resize VAXstation Screens.
165.05DRRUTH::PATRICKThu May 05 1988UIS->RAGS
166.03ENT::ELDREDGETue May 10 1988On-line display of SIXEL files?
167.06FUTURA::MCNULTYWed May 11 1988RAGS images questions
168.04ENT::PANTELYThu May 12 1988Moving text in RAGS
169.014VAXUUM::PARSONSThu May 19 1988RAGS for BL8 of DECwindows
170.02DACHA::PANTELYFri May 20 1988keyboard input problems with MAGNIFY/REDUCE
171.09CSC32::M_SMITFri May 20 1988Including scanned images into RAGS
172.01DACHA::PANTELYFri May 20 1988Keyboard input problems in new RAGS version
174.010ISTG::NBENDERTue Jun 07 1988Sixel<=>PostScript<=>DDIF<=>DOCUMENT<=>UIS<=>REGIS
175.02DRACMA::GOLDSTEINWed Jun 08 1988GRED file not printing on LPS4
176.01252889::BOEKERTue Jun 14 1988Including RAGS files in .SDML files
177.01TSG::ARCHERTue Jun 14 1988Insufficient Vertual Memory for PrintPortOfScreen.
178.07ENT::ELDREDGEThu Jun 16 1988When will next RAGS version be?
179.06CLT::DOUCETTEThu Jun 16 1988trouble drawing with Rags on GPX
180.03ISTG::NBENDERWed Jun 22 1988X Window -> XImage -> Sixel file
181.03SWEET::SUKONNIKFri Jun 24 1988GRED fails on monochrome
182.0UBEAUT::PAGETue Jun 28 1988GRED problem on VS2
183.02RADINA::PASCIUTATue Jun 28 1988Problems with X bitmaps
184.0IPG::DBERGSTROMTue Jun 28 1988Problem with CAPTURE - Help required
185.01DRRUTH::PATRICKTue Jun 28 1988Problem with list of fonts
186.02FIGURE::REXFORDWed Jun 29 1988GS Online Artwork Process
187.02TEASE::WEAVERThu Jun 30 1988Would this be a helpful contribution?
188.08CLOSET::PARSONSThu Jun 30 1988RAGS DECwindows Interface Spec Available
189.04BID::GOLDSTEINThu Jun 30 1988GRED on VMS 5.
190.01RDF::RDFFri Jul 01 1988print problems
191.02TALON::GUNNERSONFri Jul 01 1988Getting sixel images to appear
192.03TALON::GUNNERSONFri Jul 01 1988RAGS appears to stop station dead
193.04CLOSET::EROSSFri Jul 08 1988New BL8.
194.07MJG::GRIERMon Jul 11 1988First real use -- some usability comments
195.02TSG::ARCHERTue Jul 12 1988Incomplete Sixel Graphics on LN
196.02STRSHP::MCDONOUGHTue Jul 19 1988Sixel-to-UIS Converter???
197.011DSSDEV::EPPESThu Jul 21 1988RAGS Documentation
198.02PANAMA::GILLIAMTue Aug 02 1988RAGS and DECwindows IFT2
199.03SANTEE::GREENETue Aug 02 1988GRED for 4-Plane VS2
200.07ATLAST::GELBERFri Aug 05 1988GRED in LSE textfiles
201.03PSYCHE::ILSLEYMon Aug 08 1988Capturing screen highlights?
202.01LISP::CARRASCOTue Aug 09 1988RAGS docs: date of next draft?
203.083D::BOYACKThu Aug 11 1988RAGS .PS output vs. SIGHT
204.04CLOSET::ACKERMANFri Aug 12 1988New BL9.
205.06DRRUTH::PATRICKFri Aug 12 1988SIXEL Output for Customers
206.05RADINA::PASCIUTATue Aug 16 1988Problems with BL9 Voyer and Mops
207.023D::BOYACKTue Aug 16 1988RAGS, <ICON>, and whitespace
208.03TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Aug 17 1988GRED on VMS 5.
209.0CLOSET::EROSSThu Aug 18 1988IFT2 RAGS doc location
210.03FJORDS::ROSARIOThu Aug 18 1988Problem with white band in RAGS BL9
211.01FJORDS::ROSARIOThu Aug 18 1988Help with Multiple Object Selection
212.01FJORDS::ROSARIOFri Aug 19 1988Voyer dies when playing with windows
213.05FJORDS::ROSARIOFri Aug 19 1988RAGS dies after iconifying.
214.03BUTCH::CHADFri Aug 19 1988RAGS leaves DECterm window with different colored text
215.09CLOSET::EROSSFri Aug 19 1988New and improved BL9 (IFT2) RAGS
216.03FJORDS::ROSARIOMon Aug 22 1988Can RAGS cleanup RCKP_ files upon exit?
217.01FJORDS::ROSARIOMon Aug 22 1988Object size problem with RAGS
218.01FJORDS::ROSARIOWed Aug 24 1988I can't keep a stright line!
219.03FJORDS::ROSARIOWed Aug 24 1988How many colors are there?
220.04DECWET::SIEBOLDWed Aug 24 1988SIGHT -> RAGS pictures
221.02HSKThu Aug 25 1988Problem: Sight->Render->Document->PostScript
222.012FJORDS::ROSARIOThu Aug 25 1988Multipage Output from MOPS
223.01TSG::ARCHERFri Aug 26 1988Digitizing Hand-Drawn Artwork Into Sixel Files?
224.01CIMNET::DMILLERMon Aug 29 1988Grammar for RAGS output files
225.08FJORDS::ROSARIOMon Aug 29 1988MOPS incorrect placement when /LANDSCAPE
226.02FUTURA::MCNULTYMon Aug 29 1988Cropping in RAGS
227.01OROGEN::BODGEThu Sep 01 1988Error creating FSE file (IFT2)
228.017DRIVEL::BOYACKTue Sep 06 1988RAGS hangs system
229.022PARROT::COURTFri Sep 09 1988Phantom Sixel Bar
230.01PANAMA::GILLIAMMon Sep 12 1988MOPS and DECwindows FT2
231.01FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Sep 14 1988RAGS crash on Join All Text Objects
232.04ATLAST::GELBERThu Sep 15 1988I18N
233.02PCA1Tue Sep 20 1988Absolute coordinates? Known or forced placement?
234.06CLOSET::EROSSTue Sep 20 1988Getting started with RAGS
235.01DRRUTH::PATRICKWed Sep 21 1988Unwanted border with Sixel printout
236.01ATLAST::GELBERWed Sep 21 1988GRED/SIGHT access?
237.023D::BOYACKFri Sep 23 1988Lubalin Font Fails
238.0ENT::ELDREDGEFri Sep 23 1988Graphics Translation Concerns ..
239.012CLOSET::EROSSFri Sep 23 1988FT2 (BL1
240.05IND::YANNIOSTue Sep 27 1988? Image Reduction/Enlargement
241.033D::BOYACKWed Sep 28 1988MOPS scale behavior
242.0CLOSET::ACKERMANWed Sep 28 1988
243.02FUTURA::MCNULTYThu Sep 29 1988Gravity near text bug
244.012COOKIE::DEVINEThu Sep 29 1988Clip-art
245.02SIXTUS::PUTMANSFri Sep 30 1988Presentation-slides with DECwindows ?
246.01OSI::EMERYThu Oct 06 1988Access to GRED files from RAGS?
247.01CIMNET::DMILLERFri Oct 07 1988Arc algorithm for VAX RAGS
248.03BIRKA::LITBYWed Oct 12 1988?? No colour in sixel output??
249.01FUTURA::MCNULTYMon Oct 17 1988RAGS can't checkpoint to non-default directory
250.03COOKIE::CHAVEZFri Oct 21 1988RAGS-I-NOHLPFILE error
251.02IPG::HAYWARDMon Oct 24 1988Autotrol info. sources??
252.0103D::BOYACKThu Oct 27 1988BoundingBox=Mobius Strip?
253.0CLOSET::ETZELThu Oct 27 1988A First Cut at Suggested Process/System ENvironment
254.01VAXWRK::WOODBURYFri Oct 28 1988Postscript output does not match screen position
255.014CLOSET::EROSSFri Oct 28 1988BL11 (VMS) / BL9 (ULTRIX) RAGS available
256.01MJG::GRIERMon Oct 31 1988Grid overflows drawing area
257.03MTWAIN::FRIEDMANThu Nov 03 1988RAGS/BOOKREADER problems
259.02GIBSON::DICKENSFri Nov 04 1988RAGS installation comments
260.03CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 06 1988MOPS won't run in batch
261.012TEASE::WEAVERSun Nov 06 1988What's the possibility
262.04GIBSON::DICKENSMon Nov 07 1988rubber band box invisible during object creation...
263.02BULEAN::CARSONMon Nov 07 1988Access Violation in MOPS/RAGS/VOYER (BL11)
264.01CLOSET::EROSSTue Nov 08 1988PARSER available
265.015Fri Nov 11 1988BL11 installation of RAGS.DECW$BOOK
266.06AHAB::BELDINFri Nov 11 1988Erroneous SIXEL, DDIF, and PS file from RAGS
267.05RADINA::PASCIUTAWed Nov 16 1988Rags for DECw FT2.1
268.02SANTEE::GREENEFri Nov 18 19886pt font please???
269.013CLOSET::EROSSTue Nov 22 1988BL11.1 Available
270.0CLOSET::EROSSTue Nov 22 1988Positioning of RAGS graphics
271.01COOKIE::GIONFRIDDOWed Nov 23 1988Problem writing a Postscript file
272.01MORCLE::PERNETWed Nov 30 1988RAGS for BL11.1 Crash !
273.03BULEAN::CARSONWed Nov 30 1988Into FILE VUE
274.04ZPOSWS::HWCHOYThu Dec 01 1988Text input crash VMS
275.08CLOSET::EROSSFri Dec 02 1988Updated RAGS for DECwindows FT2.1 available
276.01CLOSET::EROSSFri Dec 02 1988RAGS for ULTRIX 1
277.0ATLAST::GELBERMon Dec 05 1988GRED not saving files
278.08CLOSET::EROSSMon Dec 05 1988Stones 'n Roses
279.02SANTEE::GREENEMon Dec 12 1988Landscape in RAGS?
280.03DLOACT::DAVISMon Dec 12 1988Questions about RAGS
281.06RDGENG::MORTIMOREWed Dec 14 1988RAGS - Drawing/annotation layers
282.02LKPDEE::HOLWASTERWed Dec 14 1988Problem with objects layered on top of each other
283.07SANTEE::GREENEWed Dec 14 1988Fill patterns in GRED vs RAGS?
284.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 15 1988Select highlighting gone???
285.04AIRBAG::SWATKOFri Dec 16 1988UTOX BL13 available
286.02DRRUTH::PATRICKMon Dec 19 1988Setting Default Colors
287.02COOKIE::D_BERRYMon Dec 19 1988Is RAGS going away in the future??
289.09VINO::VOBAThu Dec 22 1988How did i get here from there?
290.08CDROM::JAGGERWed Dec 28 1988VMS V5.1 kit available yet?
291.02JCR::RZUCIDLOThu Dec 29 1988GRED-like Cropping templates for RAGS?
292.09CLOSET::EROSSFri Dec 30 1988New Interface Prototype is available
293.035CLOSET::EROSSFri Dec 30 1988RAGS for SDC DECwin V5.1 available
294.0657727::FARRELLThu Jan 05 1989Behind the black curtain
295.08OROGEN::BODGEFri Jan 06 1989Arrowheads revisited
296.07AIRBAG::SWATKOWed Jan 11 1989Prob`s installing RAGS V5.1? Try this...
297.03FORTY2::JUFFSFri Jan 13 1989RAGS ACC VIO entering text
298.04DECWET::KOSAKWed Jan 18 1989MOPS doesn't understand command line qualifiers
299.02UHURU::LAMBERTWed Jan 18 1989Filename defaults & logical names
300.06VINO::VOBAFri Jan 20 1989MOPS /LABEL
301.06WJG::GUINEAUFri Jan 20 1989Color hardcopy?
302.01BULEAN::CARSONTue Jan 24 1989Does RAGS work on VMS 5.2 FT? (Dare I ask...)
303.01AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Jan 26 1989UTOX kit announcements...
304.03COOKIE::SANDERSONThu Jan 26 1989Who doodled on my figure?
305.01VINO::VOBAFri Jan 27 1989Mysterious MOPS qualifier
306.02DRACMA::GOLDSTEINFri Jan 27 1989RAGS Mysteriously stopped working !
307.02DRACMA::GOLDSTEINWed Feb 01 1989RAGS menu is too blue !
308.03ATLAST::GELBERWed Feb 01 1989POSTSCRIPT print problem with SIGHT
309.01BORA::MARTIThu Feb 02 1989Rubber-band object selection a la sight?
310.041CLOSET::EROSSFri Feb 03 1989RAGS new release announcements
311.021CLOSET::EROSSFri Feb 03 1989MOPS command line args
312.038CLOSET::EROSSFri Feb 03 1989Comments on latest kit - note 31
313.02VINO::VOBAMon Feb 06 1989Saved Grid Information?
314.016CLOSET::EROSSTue Feb 07 1989Location of clip art
315.0845682::KELSEYTue Feb 07 1989RAGS crashing with XLIB IO errors
316.01JCR::RZUCIDLOTue Feb 07 1989Hooks into SM "pause"
317.01CLOSET::EROSSWed Feb 08 1989Animation constraint
318.03VINO::VOBAThu Feb 09 1989Shifting on grid setup
319.08WJG::GUINEAUThu Feb 09 1989RAGS - Rotate text?
320.09DIAGNS::GRUNDSTROMFri Feb 10 1989Including RAGS pictures in DOCUMENT reports
322.04STEREO::REEDTue Feb 14 1989Grid problems
323.02COOKIE::SANDERSONTue Feb 14 1989/TYPE= is unrecognized
324.01DONVAN::ETZELTue Feb 14 1989MOPS Question and Suggestion
325.0CLOSET::EROSSTue Feb 14 1989Y'all come
326.04EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Feb 15 1989MOPS and CROPPING in RAGS..
327.03MOVIES::MCMULLENMon Feb 20 1989Read DECwrite graphics in RAGS?
328.02FUTURA::MCNULTYTue Feb 21 1989RAGS alphabet
329.01DELNI::WIXWed Feb 22 1989Is there a MOPS format for SIGHT editing?
330.03DSSDEV::EPPESWed Feb 22 1989Can RAGS edit UTOX output?
331.03PUPPIS::LENGYELWed Feb 22 1989Where's the text?
332.03MUNICH::REINFri Feb 24 1989like to have print menue!
333.0DONVAN::ETZELFri Feb 24 1989Getting Started Using RAGS
334.02CLARID::MALKOWIAKMon Feb 27 1989Digital response to Graphic needs User's Guide...
335.0CLUSTA::GIANFRANMon Feb 27 1989PostScript error in MOPS output?
336.010VIA::MANDELLTue Feb 28 1989Strange lines to right of images
337.08EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Feb 28 1989Free Hand Mode Please ?
338.04MARMAT::JERRYThu Mar 02 1989Logicals and Interface
339.02DELNI::WIXThu Mar 02 1989Getting other formats to RAGS
340.07SHIRE::NICKTue Mar 07 1989rags -> lcg
341.01LEKAS::LEKASTue Mar 07 1989Only Portion of Complex Picture Saved
342.01TOPDOC::FOSSWed Mar 08 1989Graphics Standards for RAGS or SIGHT?
343.07LEZAH::EZELLFri Mar 10 1989Checkpointing into the Twilight Zone...
344.01VINO::VOBASun Mar 12 1989RAGS Sharable Figure Libraries
345.01ALL41::SEALYWed Mar 15 1989In search of smooth circles
346.06MARMAT::JERRYWed Mar 15 1989Bug Under Vue? Now You See It Now You Don't
347.03RABBET::FARRELLThu Mar 16 1989Making RAGS more public
348.02VINO::VOBAFri Mar 17 1989SDLRAGS Back-End for SDL to RAGS
349.02MOVIES::MCMULLENFri Mar 17 1989Human figures clip art available?
350.02DIEGO::BARRETTFri Mar 17 1989Graphics moving around "unpredictbly"?
351.04CLOSET::EROSSFri Mar 17 1989RAGS course
352.01JOET::JOETWed Mar 22 1989I know the requirements, but what do I have?
353.010GERBIL::MASONTue Mar 28 1989MOPS output into DECwrite...
355.0445682::KELSEYTue Apr 04 1989Setting colour of SELECTed text?
356.02LEZAH::WATSONThu Apr 06 1989Can text be kerned?
357.01OROGEN::BODGEMon Apr 10 1989Comparison of RAGS and DECwrite capabilities
358.03ECCDTue Apr 11 1989Problem in RAGS V5.1 ?
359.05MARX::THOMASTue Apr 11 1989rags-f-xopendisp
361.011DEMON::HWANGWed Apr 12 1989How to build a graphics library ...
362.0CLOSET::EROSSMon Apr 24 1989New release delayed 1 week
363.01ILO::VMURPHYTue Apr 25 1989ACCVIO on de-iconify
364.0151864::BERTILWed Apr 26 1989Problems with the font SYMBOL
365.07LDPDM8::MORINMon May 01 1989Problem with centering graphics
366.03DECWET::SIEBOLDMon May 01 1989UIS files and RAGS?
367.08DRRUTH::PATRICKMon May 01 1989PROTORAGS - Color seems disabled
368.014LOGRUS::KELSEYTue May 02 1989Problems with latest RAGS (1-MAY-1989)
369.05DSBGY::BALTESWed May 03 1989New release of RAGS ?
370.05IOSG::KIRKHAMWed May 03 1989If wishes were horses then beggars would fly
371.07CRAMIT::DAVILLIWed May 03 1989Problem, V5.1 Sixel dump
372.01SMAUG::BELANGERThu May 04 1989PROTORAGS go BOOM!!!
373.04SDOGUS::HOOKERFri May 05 1989DECstation version ?
374.03DRRUTH::PATRICKWed May 10 1989RAGS hangs then exits without reason
375.01SMAUG::BELANGERWed May 10 1989RAGS doesn't like being ICONified for long periods
376.01SMAUG::BELANGERWed May 10 1989Scolling has some problems...
377.02DRRUTH::PATRICKWed May 10 1989VOYER seems to ignore manual crop
378.04JRDICE::KANAZAWAThu May 11 1989C
379.01DSBGY::BALTESFri May 12 1989Scren dump (sixel images)
380.02LDPDM8::MORINMon May 15 1989UTOX ( printing question )
381.06SMURF::RIESTue May 16 1989Illustration Style Guide
382.09--UnknownUser--Wed May 17 1989color,lj25
383.0GALVIA::HENRYWed May 17 1989Mailer page?
384.01LEZAH::JHUTTWed May 17 1989Cross Window + Rubber Band Group Crashed
385.011LOGRUS::KELSEYFri May 19 1989Problems with RAGS T1.
386.01VINO::VOBATue May 23 1989/TYPE=FSE /SCALE Problem
387.04LDPDM8::MORINTue May 23 1989Printing color sixel files
388.01FIGURE::REXFORDWed May 24 1989Left, Right, Top, Bottom
389.01BAHAMT::BELANGERThu May 25 1989Zoom + XZoom doesn't save resolution of the origianal image
390.08BUFFER::CUMMINGSWed May 31 1989RAGS Futures??
391.05TLE::MEIERThu Jun 01 1989Using a tablet and freehand drawing with RAGS
392.04BUFFER::CUMMINGSThu Jun 01 1989Mysterious Bar appearing
393.01CIM::KAIRYSFri Jun 02 1989RGB bands on 4-plane system
394.03CLARID::MALKOWIAKMon Jun 05 1989V
395.05CLARID::MALKOWIAKMon Jun 05 1989LN
396.09ROXXY::AKIWed Jun 07 1989Using UTOX to generate art for final production
397.02SHALOT::GELBERThu Jun 08 1989A sticky topic
398.02FUTURA::MCNULTYMon Jun 12 1989Corruption of read-in sixel files
399.01AIRBAG::SWATKOTue Jun 13 1989UIS to DDIF converter available
400.03GEMVAX::BERRYTue Jun 13 1989Color Menu?
401.04VINO::VOBAWed Jun 14 1989AUTOTROL and RAGS
402.02VINO::VOBAWed Jun 14 1989MOPS /SDML does too much
403.01VINO::VOBAWed Jun 14 1989MOPS /TYPE=FSE complex drawings
404.03VAXWRK::GOLDENBERGWed Jun 14 1989RAGS and VMS V5.2
405.01DGC::COCHRANEThu Jun 15 1989Colour (i.e. color!) SIXEL problems
406.01SKRAM::SCHELLThu Jun 15 1989Kit on BUPKIS???
407.0217312::LUETHThu Jun 15 1989Graphics editor under DECwindows
408.03CRAYON::GENTFri Jun 16 1989MOPS is leaving out text?
409.028DECWET::KOSAKFri Jun 16 1989MOPS /TYPE=(FSE,PS) problem
410.02LEG::GURRANMon Jun 19 1989Somewhere over the rainbow
411.09LEZAH::WATSONTue Jun 20 1989Trouble with /TYPE=FSE
412.01FIGURE::REXFORDTue Jun 20 1989Input file name with a version number
413.01SUCCES::BURTONWed Jun 21 1989geHLP.dat non_existant error
414.0GNUVAX::MCHIASSONThu Jun 22 1989MOPS not running "ERROREVENT" error
415.0AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Jun 22 1989Display PostScript may be becoming reality (slowly)
416.015FNYFS::WYNFORDFri Jun 23 1989Need to confirm QUIT function
417.02CRBOSS::LEMONSMon Jun 26 1989RAGS output to color printer?
418.02CASEE::THOMSONTue Jun 27 1989MOPS /FSE server error
419.02VINO::VOBAWed Jun 28 1989RAGS handling of .DDIF files
420.01VINO::VOBAWed Jun 28 1989FatBit for RAGS?
421.01PADIS1::PETOTWed Jun 28 1989looking for a customer reference
422.03LEG::GURRANThu Jun 29 1989But I want a BIG one
423.01HANNAH::LEVThu Jun 29 1989Some suggested improvements for RAGS
424.01CIM::KAIRYSThu Jun 29 1989Reply to note 31
425.01GALVIA::FLOODWed Jul 05 1989inches too big
426.02SMAUG::SODDERWed Jul 05 1989invalidrestore; when printing .PS file
427.0CLOSET::EROSSWed Jul 05 1989BIG pics on COLOR sys crash
428.01SARAH::CANFIELDWed Jul 05 1989MOPS/TYPE=FSE X error event
429.01DICKNS::SNOWSun Jul 09 1989.fse vs. .decw$bookfig -- any differences?
430.0PADIS1::PETOTMon Jul 10 1989looking for references
431.04EPIK::CANFIELDMon Jul 10 1989Problem saving .rags file?
432.01LARVAE::BULLARDTue Jul 11 1989Scaling,Rotating Text?
433.02FLOCON::WYNFORDWed Jul 12 1989Ye Grid Commande
434.02FLOCON::WYNFORDWed Jul 12 1989Preferences file?
435.06FLOCON::WYNFORDWed Jul 12 1989Plea for a font menu
436.01JGL::JLENIHANWed Jul 12 1989Interface Widget for MOPS...
437.03LDP::GREENWed Jul 12 1989POSTSCALE inquiry
439.0SANTEE::GREENEFri Jul 14 1989PROTOTYPE Problems on DECWIFT1
440.04DECWET::DAVIDSONFri Jul 14 1989DW PAINT Problem
441.01DEMON::PANTELYTue Jul 18 1989UNITS menu button disabled
442.06VAXWRK::LANZAWed Jul 19 1989Enc. .ps w/cdrom & bookreader?
443.026CRAYON::GENTThu Jul 20 1989Bad joins of lines in polygons
444.010CASEE::THOMSONFri Jul 21 1989RAGS Digitize problem?
445.05SANTEE::GREENEFri Jul 21 1989Color Output on the LJ25
446.07NOVA::LINNELLFri Jul 21 1989X could not open the display
447.06LISSYS::JRIBEIROMon Jul 24 1989No more color settings are available
448.01FLOCON::WYNFORDTue Jul 25 1989How to recover files after a crash
449.02FIGURE::REXFORDTue Jul 25 1989Use of cropmarks and label
450.01PAULUS::BERGERTue Jul 25 1989MOPS produces wrong <MARGIN_ICON> tag
451.07CASEE::THOMSONWed Jul 26 1989RAGS Help messages.
453.05SATURN::BUXTONFri Jul 28 1989How do I use SIGHT files with RAGS?
454.04MARMAT::JERRYMon Jul 31 1989Use of a Pallette under RAGS?
455.03LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Aug 03 1989Problems with RAGS T1.
456.04CRAYON::GENTFri Aug 04 1989Are images opaque? Transparent? or both?
457.0316675::DIVINEMon Aug 07 1989Error Dump on FireFox 24pln
459.015CLOSET::EROSSTue Aug 08 1989Freezing functionality
460.06PIRU::GOETZETue Aug 08 1989Is there a standard for corporate art?
461.07VINO::VOBAWed Aug 09 1989VOYER Display Title
462.01FNYFS::RUSSELLWed Aug 09 1989Digital Logo
463.03AITG::WARNERWed Aug 09 1989/SDML not as specified in 311.4
464.0MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMFri Aug 11 1989Can't get RAGS help in Ultrix
465.012CRAYON::GENTMon Aug 14 1989PROTORAGS: object selection disables menus, boxes
466.01CRAYON::GENTMon Aug 14 1989PROTORAGS -- problems with Attributes boxes
467.01IOSG::KIRKHAMFri Aug 18 1989MIRRORED complex polygon problem
468.04TROAFri Aug 18 1989Desperately seeking DDIF artwork
469.04ATOMon Aug 21 1989Need help on sixel dumps....
470.0ATOWed Aug 23 1989Info on printer/workstation
471.010MARKUP::DEVRIESFri Aug 25 1989PSprint - PS to Sixel printing - test sites wanted
472.0GYPSC::ESCHENBACHFri Sep 01 1989Landscape format on LJ25
473.07LEG::GURRANWed Sep 06 1989PROTORAGS 31-aug-1989 Problems
474.02LOGRUS::KELSEYWed Sep 06 1989RAGS T1.
475.01LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Sep 07 1989Rotation granularity?
476.03SUCCES::BOYACKTue Sep 12 19898pt font character spacing
477.08DEMON::CARRIGTue Sep 12 1989IGES to DDIF to RAGS?
478.039682::MATTHESWed Sep 13 1989RAGS V?? DECW V2 ??
479.02966Fri Sep 15 1989Trouble quitting out of RAGS
480.01KGB::TAYLORWed Sep 20 1989RAGS to HPGL ?
481.02SMURF::RIESWed Sep 20 1989Illustration Guide Available
482.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 21 1989Clowns anybody
483.02SHALOT::MEDVIDTue Sep 26 1989Bounding Box Info in DECwrite
484.05BLASE::KAUFFMANThu Sep 28 1989MOPS/MONSIXEL (or SIXEL) problems
485.019614::YHSUMon Oct 02 1989UnWanted black bar in Sixel output
486.01FIGURE::REXFORDThu Oct 05 1989DECwrite DDIF => PS, via CDA conv, image does not scale.
487.02987Mon Oct 09 1989Sixel files dumping RAGS
488.02RUTILE::WYNFORDTue Oct 10 1989UTOX bug: line at bottom of figure
489.01NRADM::GENDRONTue Oct 10 1989Desperate for ARTWORK
490.06VAXUUM::ACKERMANWed Oct 11 1989New Conference for PROTORAGS
491.013LEG::GURRANFri Oct 13 1989Comments on the 12-oct-89 RAGS release
492.0FIGURE::REXFORDMon Oct 16 1989DECwindows Display and Security
493.06RANCIO::MICHENCIGHTue Oct 17 1989Problems with MOPS
494.02STAR::GILLIAMTue Oct 17 1989Ellipses
496.017DECWET::KOSAKWed Oct 18 1989RAGS/UTOX consistency troubles
497.03GYPSC::ESCHENBACHThu Oct 19 1989Docu access problems..
498.04VARESE::MICHENCIGHMon Oct 23 1989Problem with Voyer
499.011FNYMV7::MERLEHANMon Oct 23 1989MOPS/TYPE=SIXEL problem
500.04LEAF::J_QUIGLEYWed Oct 25 1989RAGS for VMS 5.3?
501.01CSC32::B_GOODWINWed Oct 25 1989Access Violation with Rags V5.1
502.011PAULUS::BECKThu Oct 26 1989Naming and storing conventions for graphics
504.01BRDARW::MARKSMon Oct 30 1989MOPS /sdml=figure file prints all black or blank
505.06SUCCES::BOYACKWed Nov 01 1989Font weirdness
506.07ACESMK::SUPPLEMon Nov 06 1989sixel problem
507.06CASEY::BROCKNEYThu Nov 09 1989Guide to VAX RAGS -- location?
508.04DECWET::CAPPELLOFFri Nov 10 1989RAGS display problems on PMAX
509.01BRYAN::ARCHERFri Nov 10 1989RAGS Library?
510.07WR2FOR::LAMB_PEFri Nov 10 1989B&W WS -> Color output & Encapsulated Postscript
511.03ASDS::CROUCHTue Nov 14 1989Install question
512.05CRBOSS::LEMONSWed Nov 15 1989MOPS/SCALE not working
513.0CLOSET::EROSSFri Nov 17 1989QAR system for RAGS
514.01AQUA::FITEWed Nov 29 1989RAGS->MOPS->VAXDocument
516.01ASD::DICKEYThu Nov 30 1989how to add a font to RAGS
517.011SHOT::HOULEFri Dec 01 1989mops/landscape/ty=sixel & help rags ==not working
518.02TOPDOC::LAURENCELLETue Dec 05 1989MOPS->Sixel=poor resolution
519.02DINSCO::HOULEFri Dec 08 1989Problem with images
520.01CRAYON::GENTMon Dec 11 1989"Unsupported pixel stride" error with FSE and SCALE
521.0CLOSET::EROSSTue Dec 12 1989BUPKIS bugs moved to CLOSET
523.01SMVDV1::JGUNNERSONThu Dec 14 1989/TYPE=MONOSIX /HIRES and placement question
524.01SOURCE::WHITTENThu Dec 14 1989Can not restart RAGS after reload.
525.02WERITE::LAURENCELLEMon Dec 18 1989DDIF->RAGS->MOPS=poor resolution
526.01FIGURE::REXFORDTue Dec 19 1989QAR problem
527.03AITG::WARNERTue Dec 19 1989Need TOOLS info for guide
528.04CLEON::KULLWed Dec 20 1989UNITS questions???
529.09USATThu Dec 28 1989Grid option broke.
530.02ALL41::SEALYFri Dec 29 1989Version 2.
531.03UTROFF::MILDERTue Jan 02 1990No .V12B. directory?
532.01MUNCSS::MALLETTFri Jan 05 1990RAGS V2.
533.01GALVIA::HENRYFri Jan 05 1990figure space
534.0533397::LEEFri Jan 05 1990dcp file access problems
535.06FIGURE::REXFORDFri Jan 05 1990Color: RGB <--> PMS
536.02JVAX::JOHNSONMon Jan 08 1990Couldn't open display error
537.04STAR::GILLIAMFri Jan 12 1990Installing RAGS
538.04MAMIE::GROCHMALMon Jan 15 1990rags compatibility question
539.01ATOWed Jan 17 1990Problem in MOPS .PS and color text
540.01PAULUS::BECKFri Jan 19 1990Problems with working window scrolling
541.015CLOSET::EROSSFri Jan 19 1990RAGS/PROTORAGS distribution list
542.02CASEE::CLARKMon Jan 22 1990Why does MOPS need X Server for PostScript formatting?
543.03SHALOT::GELBERTue Jan 23 1990Problem running ULTRIX version
544.0CASPRO::SMITH_DTue Jan 23 1990Reading existing Intellicharts
545.02ASD::GUDITZFri Jan 26 1990DDIF to RAGS Metafile?
546.01DSBGY::BALTESMon Jan 29 1990Is there any way to import/include images into RAGS
547.03DEALIN::ARCHERMon Jan 29 1990FMS Display Images=What?
548.02KBOMFG::HABYTue Feb 06 1990Error converting UIS to DDIF
549.04THATIS::MANNINGThu Feb 08 1990Stack dump importing DDIF images
550.02GEEVES::D_PHILLIPSFri Feb 09 1990Wrong version of files in SKYHUK kit area
551.03ILO::VMURPHYMon Feb 12 1990Distorted images ...
552.01ESRAD::PANGAKISThu Feb 15 1990MS-DOS graphics files and .DDIF?
553.0DONVAN::ETZELThu Feb 15 1990Training
554.01NWGEDU::DENOUTERTue Feb 20 1990System parameters and other questions.
555.01MUNSBE::PALVOELGYITue Feb 20 1990VOYER RTL updates?
556.04PLAYER::SAEYSTue Feb 20 1990Ascii files and RAGS/PROTORAGS
557.09DECWET::HUMEThu Feb 22 1990MOPS and FSE don't get along
558.02MUNLEG::CGOETZFri Feb 23 1990Problem with RAGS-file
559.01WHYNOW::NEWMANSun Feb 25 1990Problem installing V3.
560.0CANYON::KANE_DMon Feb 26 1990Raster to Vector and back again !
561.02WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Feb 27 1990Problem with /CONVERT/TYPE=SIX and V3.
562.0VAXUUM::EROSSWed Feb 28 1990Meeting invitation
563.04AKAMAI::SEALYFri Mar 02 1990Using RAGS for callouts
564.03SNOCTue Mar 06 1990How does a customer create SIXEL diagrams?
565.01ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Mar 06 1990VGA graphics? What are they?
566.01WORDY::HELMREICHWed Mar 07 1990multinational characters in RAGS?
567.03SHALOT::GELBERFri Mar 09 1990Question about new FT release
568.0SMVDV1::RFRICCHIONEMon Mar 12 1990DECwrite..
569.03THATIS::MANNINGTue Mar 13 1990GID to RAGS/DECwrite ??
570.0DIENTE::OSWALDTue Mar 13 1990USA anyone?
571.01SSVAX2::VADENAISWed Mar 21 1990convert to landscape print
572.02SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri Mar 23 1990Free-hand yet??
573.03EICMFG::MALLETTMon Mar 26 1990Help needed with stack dump
574.01JUMBLY::MERCHANTFri Mar 30 1990Color for Bookreader?
575.02AYOU32::IAINMon Apr 02 1990Problem with RAGS/CONVERT
576.04PEARL::JAQUESTue Apr 03 1990Ultrix 4.
578.01SQM::SNOWFri Apr 06 1990Help: Possible Rags version mis-match?
579.02IOSG::GEEWed Apr 11 1990MOPS and Color Display Problem to be Fixed?
580.03AITG::CARRASCOWed Apr 11 1990Zoom crashes RAGS
581.02AISG::LANDINGHAMWed Apr 11 1990RISC/Ultrix mops reverse-video?
582.01EPILOG::DESCOTEAUXThu Apr 12 1990Autoscroll and other gripes
583.011COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Apr 16 1990Changing attr's for existing objects
584.01LEZAH::MCHIASSONTue Apr 17 1990MOPS note that was not answred on VS32
585.01AD::JMCINTYREWed Apr 18 1990minor RAGS installation text error
586.04GUESS::ISENFri Apr 20 1990software/doc version skew?
587.02BALZAC::DONOVANFri Apr 27 1990Does CAPTURE work with qualifiers?
588.01SHALOT::GELBERFri Apr 27 1990ASSETS package
589.01LEZAH::EZELLMon May 07 1990I can't manually crop the harvest!
590.04DIBDIB::DBATESTue May 08 1990RAGS crash after upgrade to t3.3
591.01SHALOT::GELBERTue May 08 1990Digital logo needed
592.02VAXUUM::EROSSThu May 17 1990BUGS - Please include ...
593.0424678::SULLIVANThu May 17 1990traceback when running mops
594.0VAXUUM::EROSSThu May 17 1990After installation ...
595.01TOHOKU::TAYLORMon May 21 1990how to edit a image to delete parts of the image?
596.04EICMFG::NEUSSTue May 22 1990RAGS/CONVERT for LN
597.05CLOSET::EROSSTue May 22 1990DON'T use "Select All"
598.04THEBAY::BOSWELLBRTue May 22 199024 point text is too small
599.0UTROFF::MILDERMon May 28 1990RAGS file for IBM 327
600.03UTROFF::MILDERTue May 29 1990RAGS/CONVERT -> coloured DDIF?
601.03GALVIA::HENRYThu May 31 1990pulldowns...
602.0234672::BILLDFri Jun 01 1990.UIS into RAGS / EcapPS into RAGS
603.01VAXUUM::EROSSFri Jun 01 1990RAGS future
604.0VAXUUM::EROSSMon Jun 04 1990Scanned images display 4x too big
605.02VAXWRK::SAROTue Jun 05 1990MOPS ACCVIO
606.02THEBAY::BOSWELLBRMon Jun 11 1990Where is the DECpaint kit?
607.01CRAYON::GENTMon Jun 18 1990"Bad habits" that RAGS T3.3 exhibits
608.03GNPIKE::GUAYFri Jun 22 1990too many colors...
609.04GNPIKE::GUAYMon Jun 25 1990rotate text functionality?
610.01VAXUUM::EROSSTue Jun 26 1990Goin' public
611.02SHIRE::RICETue Jul 03 1990SIXEL=>.PS output?
612.03KLEMOM::BLUSTWed Jul 04 1990RAGS/CONVERT->PS problem
613.04HOTSHT::AUSTINFri Jul 06 1990Problem with VAX/Ultrix 2.2
614.03ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Jul 10 1990CDA Viewer makes RAGS graphic appear small?
615.04AZUR::KOREVAARThu Jul 12 1990Installation of RAGS T3.4
616.023LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Jul 19 1990Problems with T3.4
617.03SNOCMon Jul 23 1990Printing EPSF files from Harvard
618.01ANNECY::HUMANFri Jul 27 1990Select: Stack Dump
619.05WORDY::WIXTue Jul 31 1990Two failures of ALIGN
620.03BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONThu Aug 09 1990Mac Flash It! to Document
621.03BABBLE::KAHNFri Aug 10 1990RENDER info wanted
622.04GPECK::AUTOAGEFri Aug 17 1990Rags Print function missing
624.02THATIS::MANNINGTue Aug 21 1990RAGS to PCX ??
625.05CRAYON::GENTFri Aug 24 1990MOPS oddity: different PS output from the same file
626.02CRAYON::GENTFri Aug 24 1990RAGS inconsistencies: default file types and keyboard accelerators
627.0CRONIC::ORTHWed Aug 29 1990Space required/offload for kit
628.0431677::MEISSNERWed Sep 05 1990How do I break up a file?
629.01INTER::WIXThu Sep 06 1990Is 8pt the minimum?
630.01031677::MEISSNERFri Sep 07 1990Pixmap Allocation has failed
631.09YAKNOW::SYSTEMFri Sep 07 1990T3.4 failed, but no idea why!
632.01ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Sep 11 1990Requre Node Address for Clipart
633.02DEMON::EXCOOP::COURTWed Sep 12 1990XIO: fatal IO error 65535 on X server "NODE::
634.01VINO::WITHROWMon Sep 17 1990Version 3.4 problems
635.013VINO::WITHROWTue Sep 18 1990Rags ***MUST*** have an undo command!
636.07DOCTP::WATSONWed Sep 19 1990Is POSTSCALE Gone?
637.04KYOA::KOCHSun Sep 30 1990EPS files?
638.09BALZAC::DONOVANMon Oct 01 1990Graphics Files and Formats
639.01BALZAC::DONOVANMon Oct 01 1990UIS Bug In UTOX
640.01AZTECH::RYERTue Oct 02 1990DOCUMENT/GRAPHICS=RENDER needs a display?
641.014VAXUUM::EROSSWed Oct 03 1990Where are we heading?
643.02PAULUS::BECKThu Oct 04 1990Using 'Export' with output types FSE and PS
644.01UTRTSC::VANSENTENSun Oct 28 1990Rags doesn't run, installation was ok
645.05WOOK::LEEMon Oct 29 1990T3.5 Installation creates bad clipart directory
646.02POBBLE::PASCIUTATue Oct 30 1990More "Export" problems
647.09WOOK::LEEWed Oct 31 1990RAGS T3.5 on VMS T5.4-1 - filename = access violation
648.07SITBUL::WOODRUFFFri Nov 02 1990Can't crop a RECTANGULAR in RAGS
649.04UTRTSC::VANSENTENMon Nov 05 1990RAGS
650.02DRJOHN::HALNANWed Nov 07 1990rags/convert does not work
651.03DECALP::SMITHThu Nov 08 1990one source for BRF, PS and LN
652.01RICKS::SHERMANThu Nov 08 1990Semi-Custom Graphics?
653.02LINCN3::HAWLEYFri Nov 16 1990Problem running RAGS T3.5 after successfull upgrade
654.013STKHUV::KINBERGERTue Nov 20 1990RAGS for DECw v3 Motif ?
656.05SITBUL::THARPTue Nov 27 1990[CLIPART] Arrows
657.02GUESS::STAPLESWed Nov 28 1990MOPS Crashes
658.07ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Nov 28 1990EXPORT problem with Graphics Editor
659.03ZPOVC::HWCHOYThu Nov 29 1990DOC/GRA=REN/TY=SIX has poor resolution
660.03CRIME::BIJAOUIFri Nov 30 1990VAX DOCUMENT HELP text has gone after rags installation
661.0DEWEYD::BOYACKFri Nov 30 1990off-the-wall system question
662.06LOGRUS::KELSEYFri Nov 30 1990Problems with T3.5
663.02SITBUL::THARPFri Nov 30 1990VT1
664.01DEWEYD::BOYACKMon Dec 03 1990RAGS
666.01ZPOVC::HWCHOYTue Dec 25 1990RAGS pictures for sharing and grabbing
667.05SITBUL::WOODRUFFTue Jan 15 1991Fonts for Spines and Covers
668.01SOADC::STREMICKThu Jan 24 1991Editing pixels with Rags.
669.03ZPOVC::HWCHOYSat Jan 26 1991Whatever happened to pattern fill?
670.01MR4DEC::KMORINMon Jan 28 1991Having problems with SCALE switch in MOPS
671.05SHALOT::NICODEMTue Feb 05 1991Looking for Mr. GSDRAW::
672.06GALVIA::HENRYFri Feb 08 1991Define crop box without saving file?
673.08IOSG::GEEThu Feb 14 1991Problem Digitizing the screen
674.02GALVIA::FLOODThu Feb 21 1991Support EDM????
675.03ALLVAX::PETERSFri Feb 22 1991RAGS->Postscript->WordPerfect problem
676.01SHIPS::BURKETT_JMon Feb 25 1991Latest working version of RAGS and 3v2 problem
677.03SHALOT::THOMASWed Feb 27 1991Question about EXPORTING larger than 8.5 * 11.
678.06SHALOT::NICODEMWed Mar 06 1991Importing PostScript pictures
679.02ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Mar 06 1991REGIS graphics requested
680.010ZPOVC::HWCHOYThu Mar 07 1991Objects float about
681.01HLYCOW::ORZECHTue Mar 12 1991Wanted: CAPTURE for Non-graphic Terminal
682.0ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Mar 20 1991PCX to VAX?
683.03YAKNOW::MCHIASSONFri Mar 22 1991Control panel behind drawing???
684.05BULEAN::CARSONMon Apr 01 1991Can't Export
685.01BMW32Wed Apr 03 1991Version Clarification ?
686.011DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOWed Apr 03 1991Fonts and More Fonts
687.03HQENG::KURTAMon Apr 08 1991EXPORT with nothing on the page
688.05JOKUR::BOICETue Apr 09 1991RAGS ==> ??? ==> ASCII Text Possible?
689.06NURSE::BURACKTue Apr 16 1991DOC/Graphics gives License error
690.09SHALOT::NICODEMWed Apr 17 1991Version questions
691.07GUESS::WARNERWed Apr 17 1991Proposed standard for Motif screen captures
692.011CX3PST::WSCFri Apr 19 1991BADMATCH error rendering graphics file?
693.07DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOMon Apr 22 1991PS --> WordPerfect?
694.03LJOHUB::LAURENCELLEMon Apr 22 1991Out of virtual memory print error
695.01LOGRUS::KELSEYWed Apr 24 1991Problems with T3.8
696.02BALZAC::DONOVANThu Apr 25 1991Two Sided Printing on a DEC Printer?
697.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Apr 29 1991Are the meta file formats documented anywhere?
698.02HQENG::KURTATue Apr 30 1991Can text be rotated to Vertical Axis?
699.03ULYSSE::MILDERThu May 02 1991TIFF -> PS: BoundingBox?
700.01DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOTue May 07 1991Centering image on 11 x 14 paper?
701.01ELMST::RANDALLTue May 07 1991RAGS/CONVERT with wildcards
702.04YUPPY::COLLINSPMon May 13 1991Version Location Help
703.03SAC::EXTON_MWed May 15 1991Doc/gra=render bug in batch
704.01LAVETA::WSCThu May 16 1991Problems with FULL_PAGE figures in MILSPECs on V2
705.02FSDB46::PIERCEThu May 16 1991
706.014GORE::WSCTue May 21 1991Problems with graphics on VT12
707.01KRAPPA::DAVILLIThu May 23 1991No color sixel's after rotation
708.08DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri May 24 1991Bar fonts?
709.01DSBGY::BALTESFri May 24 1991Write SIXEL-Image / T3.9
710.01DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOTue May 28 1991Box Label Template
711.05ARTLIB::GOETZEThu May 30 1991POSTSCALE doesn't work with DECART:DECSTATION-5
712.02CRAYON::GENTWed Jun 12 1991MOPS: what is the VMS command verb?
713.03MAJORS::SPENCEFri Jun 14 1991Colour pictures from RAGS into DECwrite
714.02LAVETA::WSCMon Jun 17 1991Pix map allocation failed error?
715.01SMURF::RIESWed Jun 19 1991Cursor changed using DIGITIZE
716.02CHET::ROGERSFri Jun 21 1991Help with page background
717.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Jun 24 1991How to reset point of origin
718.04DEMON::DEMON::CARDUNERTue Jun 25 1991Screen locks while digitizing
719.03RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEWed Jun 26 1991Ultrix kit problem
720.02VINO::LANGELOWed Jul 10 1991Changing Font Type on Active Text
721.04CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Jul 12 1991How to edit polygon to delete?
722.08CHEST::BURCHWed Jul 17 1991Problem importing captured ddif image
723.01LJOHUB::LAURENCELLETue Jul 23 1991Help: DOCUMENT graphic problem
724.0VAXUUM::EROSSWed Jul 24 1991Ayone using RAGS on a DS5
725.02AIRBAG::SWATKOTue Jul 30 1991Adobe uses RAGS for Illustrator documentation graphics
726.0FIGURE::REXFORDThu Aug 01 1991TIFF --> DDIF problem....
727.01SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Aug 02 1991Color captures for DDIF?
729.06THAVMon Aug 05 1991SIXEL file is always a black box
730.02DEWEYD::BOYACKFri Aug 16 1991Setting Color -- low priority wish
731.01PLAYER::VANPAMELWed Aug 28 1991DOCUMENT/GRAPHICS loops after using the CMS
732.07ULYSSE::MILDERThu Aug 29 1991New DIGITIZE functions - capture MOTIF 3D appearance
733.0119119::BQUINNThu Sep 05 1991PostScript to Bookreader graphics?
734.02VAXUUM::EROSSMon Sep 09 1991Animation
735.01BREAKR::HATue Sep 10 1991sixel -> color postscript/colormatePS
736.01DEWEYD::BOYACKWed Sep 11 1991unexpected anomaly
738.01BALZAC::DONOVANFri Sep 27 1991DDIF to Sixel File Conversion
739.08451Mon Sep 30 1991RAGS/RENDER/TYPE=DDIF doesn't work any more
740.09HQENG::KURTASun Oct 06 1991WHERE do the output of EXPORT go?
741.05DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOMon Oct 07 1991Any Updadte on Importing PS?
742.02DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSTue Oct 08 1991How to get nice readable 132 character screen captures?
743.02DSBGY::BALTESThu Oct 17 1991Problem after update to VMS V5.4-3
744.01STAR::GOLDENBERGFri Oct 18 1991Vert/horiz constraints gone - RAGS/OLD & VMS V5.5
745.0VAXUUM::EROSSTue Oct 22 1991New Clipart
746.01OAXCEL::GRIFFINTue Oct 22 1991.PS Export (from DDIF) Problem
747.04DISORG::ROGOFFTue Oct 29 1991Need to scale two types differently in one command
748.02VAXUUM::EROSSMon Nov 04 1991RAGS mail distribution
749.0VAXUUM::MCMULLENTue Nov 05 1991RAGS questionnaire
750.02DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOWed Nov 06 1991Anyone using 4.
751.01HARDY::ROCHEFri Nov 08 1991Can I still get 3.9?
752.01ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Nov 08 1991Color and the LJ25
753.05ZPOVC::HWCHOYFri Nov 08 1991Pre-FT 4.
754.01PUGET::SCHEELTue Nov 19 1991Broken Font Dialogue Box
755.01KETJE::CAUDRONWed Nov 20 1991Export to SDML/no output file
756.01CDROM::HENDRICKSFri Nov 22 1991Installation guide for RAGS?
757.02ARTVAX::DJACOBSMon Nov 25 1991RAGS bug in MOVE
758.02NOHOST::LEVINTue Dec 03 1991Produce C code from RAGS!!!
759.01OAXCEL::GRIFFINWed Dec 18 1991Motif Screen Captures
760.02FUSIL::HABRIALTue Dec 31 1991RAGS gets ACCVIO to VA 1
761.01SUPER::SYSTEMThu Jan 02 1992STACK DUMP??????
762.02SHALOT::SEALYFri Jan 03 1992T3.9-1 -- A crop problem and a move problem
763.01GIZMOE::SKOGLUNDFri Jan 10 1992New Problem Exporting Old Files
764.01VINO::LANGELOFri Jan 10 1992RAGS User's Guides-Where are they Located?
765.04WEPUBS::AMENDMon Jan 13 1992Digitize problem with Motif windows
766.04VINO::LANGELOTue Jan 14 1992Installing RAGS on non-system disks
767.012ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Jan 15 1992RAGS FT4.
768.01VIVIAN::RANCEWed Jan 15 1992Insufficient privilege to access the clipart directory
769.01WEPUBS::AMENDWed Jan 15 1992Digitize As -Halftone- Dump
770.04AIDEV::BEARSEFri Jan 17 1992Problem with Digitize Scr Captures
771.0PINION::ILSLEYFri Jan 31 1992Hijack to RAGS? For .ps and .brf
772.04OAXCEL::GRIFFINFri Feb 07 1992Exporting to a .ps file?
773.03CSC32::R_WILLIAMSWed Feb 12 1992Problem with RENDER and landscape
774.05TNPUBS::WIXThu Feb 13 1992Problem with filling a group
775.01TNPUBS::WIXFri Feb 14 1992How does one create an non-circular curve?
776.01NSDC::ESTILLSun Feb 16 1992Congrats on the New Rags in Document
777.024ESGWST::GERBERGTue Feb 18 1992Problems with Digitize command
778.01NAPIER::RANDALLWed Feb 19 1992Text Obscured by Fill Pattern
779.05PLAYER::VANPAMELTue Feb 25 1992DECdesign .DDIF to be converted into BOOKREADER
780.07CRAYON::GENTTue Feb 25 1992recommendation: change the default grid settings
781.04KETJE::VDKERCKHOVETue Mar 03 1992Open... Filter reset
782.01CADSYS::GIL_PASSOLASFri Mar 06 1992Bringing up the Open dialog box takes a long time
783.04BROUGH::DAVIESFri Mar 20 1992Problems with Multiple File type export.
784.02HANNO::JUBBMon Mar 23 1992LPS-W-SYNERR while printing VAX DOCUMENT files containg Doc Graphics artwork
785.02TROOA::TGIBBONSWed Apr 01 1992Image version 3.1-911122 displaces icons
786.03UTOPIA::BOYACKWed Apr 01 1992T4.
787.03DEWEYD::BOYACKThu Apr 02 19924.
788.05VAXUUM::MCMULLENTue Apr 07 1992New online help for RAGS - comments?
789.07SMURF::RIESFri Apr 10 1992X Errors
790.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISMon Apr 13 1992RAGS or even DDIF to PCX?
791.03ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Apr 22 1992RAGS ft4.
792.01RUTILE::WYNFORDThu Apr 23 1992Framing a graphic
793.016VAXUUM::EROSSThu Apr 23 1992Suspending RAGS development?
794.03SMURF::RIESThu Apr 30 1992Creating and printing color sixel file
795.012DSADRT::GASSERWed May 06 1992Objects change size when clipart is read
796.01DSADRT::GASSERWed May 06 1992Upgrading gra.dat
797.01DSADRT::GASSERWed May 06 1992Too small objects attribute box => X error
798.01DSADRT::GASSERThu May 07 1992Can't eliminate cancel button on Hints
799.010DSADRT::GASSERThu May 07 1992Problems retaining stacking order
800.04DSADRT::GASSERThu May 07 1992Objects deselect after attribute change
801.03BRYAN::TREBILCOTTThu May 07 1992Bus error?
802.03DSADRT::GASSERFri May 08 1992Rectangle animation on MB3-drag too slow
803.01CDROM::SCHWEIKERMon May 11 1992black line on right of .BRF exports
804.05DSADRT::GASSERThu May 14 1992Moving object deposits sand
805.01RT93::TRIBEFri May 15 1992A couple of nits re: the 'File' popdown
806.04GALVIA::HENRYMon May 18 1992Problem with Digitize
807.0ESRAD::PANGAKISWed May 20 1992Automating graphics development?
808.01DSADRT::GASSERWed May 20 1992Groups vs multiple select
809.08DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSTue May 26 1992Save As of unedited gra file => larger output file
810.03AUSSIE::TAJALLIWed May 27 1992Problem exporting in RAGS
811.02GROTTO::GASSERWed May 27 1992Align menu misplaced
812.01GROTTO::GASSERThu May 28 1992A number of quirks, features or bugs
813.01GROTTO::GASSERThu May 28 1992Can't set to object on line weight attribute
814.01DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSThu May 28 1992Is it possible to customize EXPORT options?
815.07ROMTSS::MARTIREMon Jun 01 1992v3.9 within DOCUMENT?
816.04MRED::STACYWed Jun 10 1992X ERROR - BADVALUE Integer parameter out of range
817.01VINO::LANGELOMon Jun 15 1992Double-spacing a postscript file
818.01CRONIC::WHITTENFri Jun 19 1992Install failure of V4.
819.01BREAK::MINERFri Jun 19 1992Will it run under 5.4-3?
820.03GROTTO::GASSERWed Jun 24 1992Ignore all groupings constraint prevents shift-select
821.0529749::RHODAN::DIROCCOThu Jun 25 1992Crash on EXPORT
822.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Jun 26 1992Problem with ZOOM & dimensions etc.
823.01GUESS::WARNERThu Jul 02 1992is DOCU/GRA for customers?
824.01CUPTAY::BRADFORDMon Jul 06 1992Screen captures for hardcopy/online using VS4
825.01DEWEYD::BOYACKWed Jul 08 1992RAGS 4.
826.01UTRTSC::BARKWed Jul 08 1992Export gives installed image error
827.0MU::PORTERThu Jul 09 1992FYI - SEND/FOREIGN
828.01CFSCTC::KEDDYThu Jul 09 1992Rendering .GRA files captured on RAGS 4.
829.08DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOFri Jul 10 1992Display PostScript not Available...
830.01GROTTO::GASSERTue Jul 14 1992Display or manipulation of some arcs
831.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Jul 15 1992More shallow arc display-related problems
833.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Jul 15 1992Can't quit while zoomed
834.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Jul 15 1992Control panel wierdness
835.02CRAYON::GENTThu Jul 16 1992Bitmaps not visible in PostScript output
836.016GROTTO::GASSERFri Jul 17 1992Rags to Macs
837.05TROOA::POOTSMon Jul 20 1992Symbol Libraries for DEC Products, etc...
838.05DEWEYD::BOYACKTue Jul 21 1992More 4.
839.02DEMON::RHODAN::DIROCCOWed Jul 22 1992Display PostScript
840.0VAXUUM::PARSONSWed Jul 22 1992RAGS/EDMS interactions
841.0VAXUUM::PARSONSWed Jul 22 1992RAGS/EDMS interactions
842.01CADSYS::FRAZIERMon Jul 27 1992Problem with Scaling
843.01GNUVAX::ZARRThu Aug 13 1992Problem importing captured ddif image
844.01ALFWMon Aug 17 1992Version mismatch running V4.
846.02AZUR::FONTAINEMon Aug 24 1992Change the width (weight line) of line already existing
847.01DECALP::ANDERSTue Sep 01 1992DCL tables and vers. question.
848.01PANAMA::GILLIAMTue Sep 01 1992Input and Output Files
849.02DECWIN::GILLIAMMon Sep 14 1992Color PostScript
850.02ULYSSE::WILSONFri Sep 18 1992Simple DDIF won't import
851.05WEORG::ROGOFFSat Sep 19 1992RAGS digitize vs. UTOX
852.012CADSYS::GIL_PASSOLASWed Sep 23 1992Some problems with T4.
853.02PHAROS::HAMILTONMon Oct 05 1992Powerpoint -> VAX Document
854.02PINION::ILSLEYTue Oct 06 1992Integer Parameter out of range error again
855.014ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Oct 07 1992RAGS for OpenVMS AXP *available*
856.01XNOGOV::PAVITTTue Oct 13 1992XPutImage: bits_per_pixel
857.02GSRC::RUDDFri Oct 23 1992VAX Document doesn't Import
858.01GUESS::CARRASCOThu Oct 29 1992Crash on Zoom
859.01DECWIN::GILLIAMWed Nov 04 1992Rotated text?
860.01RUTILE::MACFADYENTue Nov 10 1992Greyscale / Continuous Tone
861.03TIMBER::ILSLEYTue Nov 10 1992Gray shading and color
862.06CFSCTC::PAULINMon Nov 30 1992Problem printing filled rectangles
863.01WEORG::ROGOFFTue Dec 01 1992RENDER fails silently when filename is too long
864.01SYSTEM::GOODWINMon Dec 14 1992MOPS in ULTRIX make and scaling
865.01KETJE::STAESMon Dec 28 1992Installation of 4.
866.0VAXUUM::EROSSThu Jan 07 1993Animation examples
867.02MCIS2::BONVALLATTue Jan 12 1993Compatibility? RAGS V2.1 - RAGS V4.
868.01CSC32::D_SANFORDMon Jan 25 1993Unable to import bitonal DDIF image file
869.010TDCAI1::MOSUPF::COLOMBERTFri Jan 29 1993I'm looking for a pointer....
870.04SPESHR::KRETZWed Feb 03 1993%LPS-W-UNDEF, undefined: cur_overprint
871.012ZPOVC::HWCHOYThu Feb 18 1993question on RAGS export
872.08DEMON::DEMON::DIROCCOWed Feb 24 1993DECwrite graphics ->> RAGS??
873.013ZPOVC::HWCHOYFri Feb 26 1993compose-key characters in RAGS?
874.011ZPOVC::HWCHOYMon Mar 01 1993RAGS v4.1, Oops!
875.03MKOTS4::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSFri Mar 12 1993Problem printing .EPS file to LPS4
876.05TLSEWed Mar 17 1993TEXT <--> bitonal DDIF
877.05CXDOCS::DCHAVEZSun Apr 04 1993V4 Drawings Growing...
878.05CXDOCS::DCHAVEZWed Apr 14 1993PCX Converter ?
879.02UTOPIA::BOYACKThu Apr 15 1993FT4.1 Minor Dialog Box Bug
880.01KETJE::STAESWed Apr 21 1993Clipart directory logical?
881.01EPTMAX::RADOFFThu Apr 22 1993RAGS & PC Problem
882.05NWGEDU::DENOUTERTue Apr 27 1993RAGS$C_SHARABLE not found
883.03CFSCTC::CARDUNERWed May 12 1993offending command is ColorSepDict
884.02SMURF::RIESWed May 12 1993Problem printing out a DOCUMENT book with a figure created in RAGS..
885.01IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Jun 02 1993problem with /rotate and /sdml
886.09DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSTue Jun 15 1993Graphics editor does not like filenames of 32 characters.
887.07AIDEV::CARRASCOFri Jun 25 1993X error 128
888.0CALDEC::GOETZEFri Jun 25 1993Looking for icons
889.08ZPOVC::HWCHOYSun Jun 27 1993T4.2 questions/problems
890.07UTOPIA::BOYACKThu Jul 01 1993noncompatible EPS?
891.01LJOHUB::FSULLIVANTue Jul 13 1993ULTRIX DOCBUILD and RAGS problem...
892.06DEWEYD::BOYACKTue Jul 13 19934.2 burping
893.02IOSG::GEETue Aug 03 1993Font problem on ULTRIX workstation
894.0GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Aug 06 1993Please help us review CDA Converter Documentation
895.03CSDNET::DICASTROThu Aug 12 1993Rags training ???
896.02SPESHR::KRETZFri Aug 13 1993Problem including EPS files edited with RAGS in VAXDoc
897.05VNOTSC::RANISCHTue Aug 24 19931
898.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PTue Aug 24 1993probleme using postscript with vaxdoc and rags 4.2
899.011Fri Sep 03 1993unrecognized version in graphics metafile error...
900.03ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Sep 09 1993having problems with some decwrite postscript file when included in VAXDOC
901.09GALVIA::HENRYFri Sep 10 1993crop box being reset to zero
902.02CADSYS::RUBINWed Sep 15 1993ACCVIO on Import of screen captures after a Save
903.01KIBBIE::MCNULTYWed Sep 15 1993Invisible EPS
904.01HLDGFri Sep 17 1993Change font in multiple files from comm lin
905.06ATPS::RUSCIOFri Sep 24 1993problem printing .ps art in DOCUMENT
906.0TROOA::NAISHSun Oct 03 1993Graphic objects not printed same as displayed
907.02KIEV::BBISHOPTue Nov 09 1993Convert .EPS or .PS to .GRA or DDIF?
908.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993FT 3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
909.0DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSTue Dec 14 1993Article: Error reading MOTIF_GRA.DECW$BOOK after upgrade to 2.2 without bookbrowser license
910.017DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTThu Dec 16 1993Rags and ACCVIO, RAGS V4.2 , VMS V5.5-2
911.03VNOTSC::RANISCHTue Dec 21 1993control panel size changes
912.02MOEUR1::BOBYMon Jan 17 1994RAGS (Screen Capture) on PC Problem
913.05NURSE::FLANAGANThu Jan 27 1994Can't Print FrameMaker Files with Included RAGS
914.02LSTTue Feb 15 1994Bookreader Files Corrupted When Created on SUN/OS With DOC/GRAPHICS
915.0CALDEC::GOETZEMon Mar 07 1994The Digital ArtLibrary--a graphics resource for Digital employees
917.01CSC32::D_SANFORDTue Mar 29 1994Can RAGS V4.2 be released to external customers?
918.01ECADSR::HONGFri Jun 24 1994no RESOURCE file rags.dat..
919.02BICYCL::RYERThu Jul 28 1994Any way I can get the sources???
920.04RDGENG::CLAYTONTue Aug 30 1994kit location needed
921.02SPECXN::NAUGHTONTue Sep 20 1994Overlapping text on postscript output
922.03CSC32::COMULADATue Nov 22 1994Import of .GRA causing size of file to be extremely large
923.04CLARID::BLOEMMon Feb 13 1995File/Export and Rags Version No???
924.0NETRIX::"frankh@ilo.dec.com"Fri May 19 1995RAGS with eXcursion
925.0EOTAS::DARNTONMon Jul 10 1995RAGS EPS into MS Word?
926.0IOSG::MERCHANTWed Nov 29 1995Illustrator/RAGS/DOCUMENT prob
927.02NETRIX::"schilling@mfr.dec.com"Fri Jul 12 1996graphic Editor for DIGITAL UNIX