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Conference abbott::poste

Title:POSTE X.400 User Agent for UNIX
Notice:This conference is closed. See ABBOTT::MAILWORKS-UNIX
Created:Fri May 15 1992
Last Modified:Mon May 09 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:164
Total number of notes:404
Number with bodies:0
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1.04KOALA::WOESTENFri May 15 1992Welcome to the POSTE conference.
2.02BERNWed May 27 1992POSTE and MTA(88). POSTE API.
3.04BERNWed May 27 1992POSTE X.4
4.02BERNFri May 29 1992Command line interface.
5.0HAACK::HAACKWed Jun 03 1992Pricing for a sample configuration?
6.05JRDVThu Jun 04 1992Error on displaying VMS Workstation
7.02STKHLM::BREMSJOWed Jun 17 1992X4
8.0HAACK::HAACKFri Jun 19 1992need presentations and SPD
9.01KOALA::WOESTENMon Jun 22 1992POSTE Product Description and Order Information
10.01BERNThu Jun 25 1992POSTE and UUCP.
11.03BERNThu Jun 25 1992POSTE UA marketing questions.
12.01BERNThu Jun 25 1992POSTE and Xdesktop
14.02STKHLM::ALTEMARKWed Jul 01 1992Need new licence key for Poste demo kit
15.01JRDVFri Jul 17 1992Poste/Gateway for 1988 MTA date?
16.01FORTY2::JAFFERWed Jul 22 1992Poste <--> MAILbus4
17.01COPCLU::TRIERThu Jul 23 1992Little problem with X.4
18.0BERNWed Jul 29 1992Read notification.
19.0STKHLM::ALTEMARKMon Aug 10 1992X.4
20.01DC1Wed Aug 12 1992POSTE UA for MS-DOS ???
21.01ALFOIS::LIVENGOODFri Aug 14 1992RETIX O/S for SCO, Poste/Sun, Poste gwy SCO
22.01LISVAX::DAVIDFri Aug 14 1992POSTE on DECsystem? command line interface?
23.0HIWA61::farowichFri Aug 14 1992Announcing MAILbus Conversion Manager
24.0BERNMon Aug 17 1992National language support.
25.01BERNMon Aug 17 1992COMPOSE window layout.
26.01BERNMon Aug 17 1992Global alias file protection.
28.01ALFOIS::LIVENGOODTue Aug 18 1992SCO install guide?
29.012ENUF::CAUDILLTue Aug 18 1992images between Poste and ALL-IN-1 MAIL
30.02ENUF::CAUDILLThu Aug 20 1992Can Poste be multi-homed?
31.01FORTY2::JAFFERTue Sep 01 1992Multiple msr's on a LAN...
32.01FORTY2::TSANGTue Sep 08 1992Problems and solutions to msrset failing.
33.01BERNSat Oct 03 1992Delivery-notification.
34.0NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Oct 05 1992User friendly text terminal product?
35.0BERNMon Oct 05 1992DECathena, POSTE and BIND
36.0BERNMon Oct 05 1992Subscriber based routing.
38.01WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERTue Oct 06 1992Poste install script fails on ULTRIX
39.0WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERWed Oct 07 1992Syntax error in stopPoste
40.01GUIDUK::KANGThu Oct 08 1992exit
41.01WASHDC::BARTASat Oct 10 1992Poste & 88 Install comments
42.0WASHDC::SARASINMon Oct 12 1992teaching post how to use SMP,DECaudio @ DECwrite
43.02SUBWAY::VIGLIOTTITue Oct 13 1992Gateway to MAILbus 4
44.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 14 1992Questions on components required.
45.0OSLACT::PAALKWed Oct 14 1992X.4
46.04CESARE::FRASSINOThu Oct 15 1992Poste and X4
48.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Oct 19 1992Localizing Poste ?
49.0BOSSOB::MCDERMOTTWed Oct 21 1992Few configuration questions
50.0LKPDEE::HALLBERGThu Oct 22 1992Routing via MTA?
51.01FORTY2::GROOMFri Oct 23 1992Does Poste have to own an Org unit?
54.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Oct 26 1992Configuration question
56.01HXOUThu Oct 29 1992FETCH or not to FETCH
57.0BERNFri Oct 30 1992Docu for Version 2.
58.0FORTY2::GROOMTue Nov 03 1992Poste font customization
59.01PRSSUD::CEGALERBAFri Nov 06 1992New Mail notification
61.01BERNTue Nov 10 1992DECwrite documents between VMS and ULTRIX.
62.0BERNWed Nov 11 19928 character restriction for logon names.
63.0BERNThu Nov 12 1992RPC ports 5888 and 5887
64.02DOPEY::DICKENSThu Nov 12 1992sendmail bug with spaces in .forward files only happens when message is requeued
65.01BERNFri Nov 13 1992MRSET and X.4
66.01TROOA::SOLEYMon Nov 16 1992Read Reciept Delivery Option not working
67.0NBOIS::DENNEMARCKTue Nov 17 1992X.5
68.0TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Nov 17 1992poste transport questions
69.01COPCLU::TRIERFri Nov 27 1992Binary attach. from Poste to WP Office via MB4
70.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Nov 30 1992can't get x4
71.0PRIAM::OESTREICHERTue Dec 01 1992Support for MIME
72.022BLKOUT::ORANTue Dec 08 1992Poste performance - anybody else seen this?
73.03PRSSUD::CEGALERBATue Dec 15 1992Supported configuration
74.07BERNWed Dec 16 1992National characters and ISO6937.
75.02SAC::LANG_HFri Dec 18 1992Ultrix or MIPS Poste Kit?
76.01OTOUTue Dec 22 1992French version and PDS support
79.02PRSSUD::CEGALERBAMon Jan 11 1993PICS P2 and RTS definitions
80.0OTOOA::BOGARTTue Jan 12 1993Async Dial-up Support
81.0CESARE::FRASSINOTue Jan 12 1993Displaying Poste on a TCP/IP PC ?
82.0FLYWAY::BICHSELMon Jan 18 1993Configuration guide lines
83.03IDEFIX::GEOFFTue Jan 19 1993Trouble-Shooting guidelines for Poste
84.01BERNWed Jan 20 1993PO-Box allocation from command line interface.
85.01AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERThu Jan 21 1993WordPerfect as editor?
86.01COPCLU::TRIERFri Jan 22 1993Problem with aliases
87.07KOALA::GRAFFFri Jan 22 1993Poste on OSF/1 Alpha AXP
88.0AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERMon Jan 25 1993Profiles
89.04CESARE::FRASSINOSun Jan 31 1993Poste foreign language support
90.01COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDMon Feb 01 1993POSTE displayed on MAC, keyboard mapping wrong
91.02DOPEY::DICKENSTue Feb 02 1993"Segmentation Fault" with "show users" in compose to: box
92.02DOPEY::DICKENSWed Feb 03 1993Outgoing mail not appearing in Out Box: Another 2.1 bug ?
93.03PU::fowlercFri Feb 05 1993Forwarding problems with X.4
96.0LKPDEE::HALLBERGFri Feb 12 1993x4
97.0PU::fowlercFri Feb 12 1993Delivery Reports from Local Poste Users?
99.04LISVAX::KALENGAFri Feb 12 1993POSTE facilities
100.03CRIME::GENTILIMon Feb 15 1993Poste X2.1/X.4
101.07LKPDEE::HALLBERGMon Feb 15 1993Poste addressing
102.010KOALA::GRAFFMon Feb 15 1993Field Test Sites needed for DEC MAILworks for UNIX
103.01LISVAX::KALENGATue Feb 16 1993POSTE X.4
104.03COPCLU::TRIERFri Feb 19 1993TCP/IP connections kept to Mss
105.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGTue Feb 23 1993Command Line Script and Too Many Users
106.02BER::BALAMIRTue Mar 02 1993x435 EDI as Enclosure type
107.01OTOP5Tue Mar 02 1993Poste/DEC MAILworks supported services
108.012COPCLU::TRIERWed Mar 10 1993X.4
109.02ERLANG::DICKENSThu Mar 11 1993Error: An object identifier from one message store was given to anothe
110.02DELSMon Mar 15 1993Poste to Poste PROBLEM !!!!.
111.01LISVAX::KALENGAMon Mar 15 1993National Language support with POSTE (and DMWU)
112.01DYPSS1::MAXIMon Mar 15 1993POSTE gateway config and UA requirement?
113.0GLDOA::CARLENMon Mar 15 1993Character Cell Interface?
114.01COPCLU::TRIERWed Mar 17 1993/usr/spool/alfalfa/tmp area filling up
115.0STKHLM::ALTEMARKWed Mar 17 1993Using the compose character key
116.02PRSSUD::CEGALERBAWed Mar 24 1993UA/MTA communications
117.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Mar 24 1993License for X number of concurrent users ?
118.01MSAMTue Mar 30 1993poste configuration...
119.04VNABRW::BURGER_KThu Apr 01 1993Complex Mail Problem (Multivendor)
120.0VAOUFri Apr 02 1993socket errors in unix
121.02GLDOA::BSTEVENSTue Apr 06 1993need menu for character cell interface
122.02BERNSat Apr 10 1993gateway problem: part of incomming message lost.
123.0DYPSS1::MAXIMon Apr 12 1993separate message files fro each recipient?
124.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Apr 14 1993POSTE/DEC MAILworks for ULTRIX remote access.
125.0DOPEY::DICKENSWed Apr 14 1993mss dies, logs lots of "SeriousError"s, weird
126.02BERNTue Apr 20 1993message file name in the MTA output-queue.
127.0OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Apr 20 1993documentation
128.01RT93::NICHOLSWed May 05 1993P22 - what is it and does Poste use it ?
129.0158869::ENGWed May 05 1993Scripting Language doc?
130.02FORTY2::HARDINGThu May 06 1993X.4
131.0CESARE::FRASSINOMon May 10 1993Sun integration in MTA through x4
132.0SUBWAY::KERBSTue May 11 1993Can You Integrate These?
133.0SWAMPD::FEARNOWFri May 14 1993Does anyone need a SCO client that can use an Alpha/OSF server?
135.03BERNSun May 16 1993MPDUIdentifier modified.
137.02TRNWed May 26 1993lsfd process dies on Poste 1.2
138.02COPCLU::TRIERFri May 28 1993Status of Poste for ULTRIX ?
139.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Jun 02 1993Orgname independence required
140.0KOALA::HOLOHANWed Jun 02 1993DEC MAILworks for unix conference
141.013FORTY2::HARDINGThu Jun 10 1993Poste X.4
142.01ZPOAC3::LCLEEThu Jun 24 1993POSTE on Siemens SINIX system
143.01FORTY2::HARDINGThu Jul 22 1993X.4
144.01FORTY2::HARDINGFri Jul 23 1993Forward through X.4
145.0KOALA::GRAFFFri Jul 23 1993ABBOTT::MAILWORKS-UNIX notes file
146.04LASSIE::DIRCEFri Jul 23 1993alternative
147.01CRIME::GENTILITue Jul 27 1993BILATERALLY vs EXTERNALLY defined bdy types
148.0PRSSUD::CEGALERBAMon Aug 09 1993X25 communication UA <---> MTA
149.0ACESMK::GOLIKERIThu Aug 19 1993Mail Between SCO UNIX, ALpha OSF1 and CC:mail
150.01BERNMon Aug 30 1993PO-Box migration.
151.0FORTY2::HARDINGFri Sep 17 1993Empty bodypart breaks the X.4
152.0LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIFri Oct 15 1993Sun as Server?
153.01SANFAN::LOUIE_JATue Nov 09 1993Z-Mail
154.01VAXSPO::SATOWed Nov 10 1993PP/ISODE ???
155.0ERLANG::DICKENSThu Nov 11 1993HELP, mail received with wrong "From" address !
156.0HERON::LYSAATue Nov 16 1993MTA 1.
157.0HERON::LYSAAFri Nov 19 1993error #118 - and other errors
158.0VAXSPO::SATOThu Nov 25 1993X.4
159.0GUIDUK::KANGTue Nov 30 1993Poste kit/doc for customer demo?
160.0POBOX::DECAPPTue Jan 11 1994X.4
161.0ROMEOS::ROCH_VITue Jan 18 1994Silicon Graphics
162.0VNABRW::OBWPC3::riedl_dMon Feb 07 1994where is a recent product description ?
163.0GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINThu Mar 03 1994Product Mgr? Local Directory??
164.0KOALA::GRAFFMon May 09 1994Kits and Keys no longer available over network