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Conference abbott::dw-mail

Title:DECwindows Mail
Notice:Please QAR bugs. See notes 1.5-1.6
Created:Thu Aug 27 1987
Last Modified:Wed Sep 18 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:864
Total number of notes:3182
Number with bodies:0
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1.06BCSE::RYANFri Aug 28 1987Welcome to the DECwindows Mail conference
2.044BCSE::RYANFri Aug 28 1987Introductions
3.0BCSE::RYANFri Aug 28 1987DECwindows Mail documents
4.05BCSE::RYANFri Aug 28 1987Related conferences
5.04BCSE::RYANFri Aug 28 1987DECwindows Mail installation
6.03OPHION::SMOKEYFri Aug 28 1987DECXmail user interface assuptions and goals
7.011CASEE::LACROIXWed Sep 02 1987The palette model: are you thinking of it?
8.012CASEE::COWANTue Oct 06 1987Any ELF-like features?
9.02MOORED::GERSTLEWed Oct 07 1987Why not deliver ala US-Mail (only faster)
10.04DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed Oct 07 1987Will the new mailer be able to talk to the Internet?
11.03TEASE::WEAVERFri Oct 16 1987Compound Documents with Mail?!
20.02ORAN::ORANThu Feb 25 1988Suggestion: mark included text
23.012TEASE::WEAVERTue Mar 15 1988Crash on REPLY (discussion of word-wrap behavior)
24.01BAVIKI::GOODThu Mar 17 1988One operation to read selected messages
31.02ZFC::DERAMOSun May 15 1988a DIR/FULL equivalent?
32.01ORAN::ORANThu May 19 1988Quick BL8 question on scrollbars
36.09WINCH::MCCARTNEYTue Jun 07 1988Using DW-Mail to read from another system
37.09ORAN::ORANWed Jun 08 1988ACCVIO printing messages (Nmail queues appear as print queues)
42.06HPSRAD::LINDSEYFri Jul 08 1988possible to change mail font size?
47.011VIA::MCEVOYThu Jul 21 1988comments/suggestions on vms/ultrix dw-mail
51.08GOSOX::RYANWed Jul 27 1988INBOX vs. NEWMAIL
56.03CASEE::COWANFri Jul 29 1988Deleted newmail shows not deleted
57.04CASEE::COWANFri Jul 29 1988Deleted mail in "mail" folder
59.012BUNYIP::QUODLINGTue Aug 02 1988Comments/Questions on IFT2 mail
62.07GOSOX::RYANFri Aug 05 1988Poll: How Big is Big?
65.02GOSOX::RYANMon Aug 08 1988Resource names for DECW$MAIL
66.05ORAN::ORANTue Aug 09 1988Changing Fonts for DECW Mail
79.03CADSYS::SLATERWed Aug 17 1988Multiple Selections
80.04UFP::WIKOFFThu Aug 18 1988UNREAD <==> still in INBOX
81.02UFP::WIKOFFThu Aug 18 1988MARK/UNMARK
82.010CASEE::VANDENHEUVELFri Aug 19 1988How to force application of changes.
83.04CASEE::VANDENHEUVELFri Aug 19 1988Suggestion: all special folders at top of list?
85.02PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Aug 19 1988Distribution lists bug/wishes
86.06CSSE32::DUTKOMon Aug 22 1988Resource file vs UIL?
87.03ZACHOR::SHSMon Aug 22 1988Unexpected folder deletion
89.085GOSOX::RYANWed Aug 24 1988Requests for future enhancements
94.015POOL::HENDERSONThu Aug 25 1988Suggestion: more obvious change to mail icon if newmail
98.013BCSE::BANTISTue Aug 30 1988How to use selectable editors (V1)
100.07GRYPHN::PORTERWed Aug 31 1988Wish list for printing options
101.09GRYPHN::PORTERWed Aug 31 1988Long invocation time of Editors
104.017STAR::HOBBSThu Sep 01 1988Examples of color resource default setups
105.018BCSE::J_VANGILDERFri Sep 02 1988KEYPAD bindings
110.04POOL::EIKENBERRYWed Sep 14 1988How to I use Aliases (defined in login.com)
111.09DECWET::ERCOLANOWed Sep 14 1988Mail consuming cpu resources?
114.011CSC32::BOWMANFri Sep 16 1988sending/reading DDIF questions
116.01LISP::DERAMOTue Sep 20 1988Selection disappears while answering the Move popup.
120.02BEEDLE::DICKAUFri Sep 23 1988SEND/LAST?
123.02MIZZEN::DEMERSMon Sep 26 1988can't do colors on new version
124.01LISP::DERAMOWed Sep 28 1988main icon large, read & send icons small
125.08TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 29 1988Built-in editor documentation ?
126.04MIZZEN::DEMERSThu Sep 29 1988changing read window size
127.0DOOBIE::MILLERThu Sep 29 1988AUTOFOCUS and remote Mail...
131.017DECWIN::GRANFIELDFri Oct 07 1988BL11 comments (Create-Send window)
133.01LOGRUS::KELSEYFri Oct 14 1988Icon background colour?
138.08GOSOX::RYANTue Oct 18 1988Mixed-case foldernames
144.02PSW::WINALSKIMon Oct 24 1988problem with X
146.019STAR::CDUNNFri Oct 28 1988Help! Version and print defaults
147.09LISP::WELLSMon Oct 31 1988New Folder Creation Takes *Minutes*
148.04DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Oct 31 1988How to specify mail transport
149.03CERN::ARNOLDWed Nov 02 1988How To Make DECwindows MAIL Start Iconified?
151.07AITG::WELLSWed Nov 02 1988Erroneous New Mail Count
153.010QUARK::LIONELWed Nov 02 1988Close vs. Quit
154.04DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMThu Nov 03 1988Moving messages between folders is awkward
156.02OURAY::KELLERWed Nov 09 1988EXQUOTA -> RMS Bugcheck?
159.01QUARK::LIONELFri Nov 11 1988Why is Paned Mode so slow?
162.02SKIPP::HOYTThu Nov 17 1988Deleted (sent to WASTEBASKET) message appears on DECterm
163.05YGDRSL::SANTIAGOSun Nov 20 1988DECWMAIL crashes with quota problems
164.03QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 22 1988REPLY to long messages takes a long time
165.01KETJE::BOSSARDThu Nov 24 1988How to edit a mail again ?
169.08AHAB::ROBERTWed Nov 30 1988WISH: Modify the SUBJECT when filing.
171.01LESLIE::LESLIEThu Dec 01 1988Dir Last-1 ?
172.02LESLIE::LESLIEFri Dec 02 1988Several little problems....
173.04PSW::WINALSKIFri Dec 02 1988big problems with lots of errors from send to dist. list
174.03PSW::WINALSKISun Dec 04 1988DW equivalent of VMSmail SEND <filespec> ?
175.0HACKIN::MACKINMon Dec 05 1988Could some of the default font sizes be smaller?
177.01MOSSAD::GREGTue Dec 06 1988Editor Resource name
178.0QUARK::LIONELTue Dec 06 1988New Mail flag not always set properly
179.010HACKIN::MACKINThu Dec 08 1988DW-MAIL confused on unread messages
181.011AITG::DERAMOTue Dec 13 1988useless create-send window after illegal personal name error
183.05WOOK::LEEWed Dec 14 1988DECW$MAIL died with insufficient memory
186.05CSSE32::MERMELLMon Dec 19 1988pick (search) >1 folders at a time?
188.03POLIO::CRAIGMon Dec 19 1988Mail server dies horrible death
189.04CHE::VISCAROLATue Dec 20 1988Extra space... Accelerator buttons
191.02SSGBPM::SHIDERLYTue Dec 27 1988User Interface Questions
192.0JV::J_VANGILDERWed Dec 28 1988If your application is calling DECW$MAILSEND...
195.05STAR::KAPLANThu Jan 05 1989Optimizing DECW$MAIL
199.01MARVIN::WARWICKTue Jan 10 1989Problem with key mappings breaking scroll bars
200.01WILLEE::SARENTue Jan 10 1989Error 'file not found' since restored disk
201.01GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Jan 11 1989abort when reading very large message
202.02GOSOX::RYANThu Jan 12 1989Poll on CNXABORT problems
206.01QUARK::LIONELSat Jan 14 1989Pressing MB2 while in scroll bar
207.0MRFLEX::MILLERSun Jan 15 1989SVN tree Opinion Poll...
211.02GOSOX::RYANMon Jan 30 1989Known problems with SDC V5.1 VMS DECwindows Mail
212.05AKO455::SHEPROThu Feb 02 1989Problem with Distribution lists
213.04SMAUG::PORTERSun Feb 05 1989Nmail can handle deediffs now
214.02AKO455::SHEPROMon Feb 06 1989Saving Draft files
215.07VAXWRK::SWARDMon Feb 06 1989Unable to deliver new mail...
216.03YGDRSL::SANTIAGOTue Feb 07 1989READ or SEND windows pop up iconified
219.012KETJE::BOSSARDThu Feb 16 1989Forwarding mails to X25 destination
220.02POOR::DNELSONThu Feb 16 1989Dying with %RMS-F-BUG error
221.02QNTMSW::BERUBEFri Feb 17 1989Mail Create Icon Position?
222.03BREAKR::YUENTue Feb 21 1989Creating a file from a Mail message???
223.07CUJO::MEIERTue Feb 21 1989Defaults for Fonts, Color Descriptions
224.07HPSRAD::SAWINWed Feb 22 1989Closing drawers/folders with paned window.
231.04SSDEVO::PFROMERSat Mar 11 1989problems with logical translations
234.06CADSYS::DIPACEFri Mar 17 1989is there an invisible message switch <you didn't see this>
235.03BREAKR::YUENFri Mar 17 1989Strange Xlib error when creating a mail message???
239.09UFP::AVOLIOThu Mar 23 1989pane sizing under dxmail -- ultrix ws
240.03VIA::BOWERSun Mar 26 1989Way to increase selection timeout ?
241.021TARN::RICHSun Mar 26 1989Problem with print customization etc.
243.011DLOACT::RESENDEMon Mar 27 1989DECwindows Mail & PROFS - MR/P? MAILbus?
244.01HPSRAD::HARTERTue Mar 28 1989bug?: Section Table (process/global) full.
246.02BAVIKI::GOODWed Mar 29 1989Index window request
248.01BAVIKI::GOODWed Mar 29 1989Close Folder on Read window's pop-up menu?
249.03ORAN::ORANThu Mar 30 1989Couple of nits with V2 baselevel
251.05KOBAL::WRIGHTSun Apr 02 1989DW Mail Keeps Falling Over
252.09CADSYS::SLATERMon Apr 03 1989Suggestions for DECW Mail V2
253.01BAVIKI::GOODMon Apr 03 1989Wait time before dragging a message
254.010GOSOX::RYANMon Apr 03 1989Change in auto-move in V2
255.07PEAKS::WESTBROOKMon Apr 03 1989xdefaults.dat parameter for height of "folders" pane?
257.05TLE::DANIELSTue Apr 04 1989Misc. concerns
258.05EVETPU::GOUNTue Apr 04 1989V2 suggestions
259.03ORAN::ORANWed Apr 05 1989Emptying the Wastebasket
260.01SMURF::JJGWed Apr 05 1989including message text in reply
261.013PVX::VANSICLENFri Apr 07 1989EXTRACT questions (V1)
263.06CASEE::CLARKTue Apr 11 1989Window dimension and position attributes aren't saved
264.03AVNGRS::BOELKEWed Apr 12 1989First time V2 questions
265.08SANTEE::GREENEWed Apr 12 1989Icon's NEWMAIL conut is wrong...
266.02WILKIE::EARLYFri Apr 14 1989How to creat directories on RX33 Media (archival)??
267.09ENXIO::thomasWed Apr 19 1989Abusing resources in DXmail
270.06ENGLES::WALSHMon Apr 24 1989Icon to Window Question?
271.02LDPMAX::gabrielMon Apr 24 1989SYSLCK
273.05MOIRA::FAIMANWed Apr 26 1989Pending delete on header fields
274.03MOIRA::FAIMANWed Apr 26 1989Accelerator depends on mouse cursor position
276.03CASEE::CLARKThu Apr 27 1989Unexpected `Select All' and MB3-Copy behavior
277.05STAR::CDUNNThu Apr 27 1989MAIL$DEFAULTS.DAT???
278.01CASEE::CLARKWed May 03 1989`Send-and-Quit' in the Create window
279.04TENNIS::KAMWed May 03 1989Printing a group of messages
280.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri May 05 1989The Information Lens -- a mail filter
281.02MOIRA::FAIMANMon May 08 1989Mail:Read Icon is default DW icon, not mail icon
283.03HUSKIE::ALVESTue May 09 1989dxmail hangs reading new mail on PMAX
285.013THELEM::BEAUThu May 18 1989DW-Mail using DFS...
286.01CASEE::CLARKTue May 23 1989Use border color for all borders
287.03CASEE::CLARKTue May 23 1989Move makes folder creation too easy
288.06STAR::KAPLANTue May 23 1989Pre-initialization?
289.08CASEE::CLARKWed May 24 1989`Move' and `Delete' don't decrement the new mail count
291.03BAVIKI::GOODThu May 25 1989Help menu items
292.0POESY::JONESFri May 26 1989Deleting folders
294.06FYI::KUSEKOSKIFri Jun 02 1989WISH: Customize... Default Editor
295.06FROTHY::TATLOWWed Jun 07 1989Exceeded enqueue quota error
296.06LATNCY::MORGANWed Jun 07 19892 Icons, 2 windows...Which is which
298.07CHE::VISCAROLAFri Jun 16 1989How do you send DDIF "compound documents"?
300.01TOOK::RASPUZZIWed Jun 21 1989Send-in-progress resource(s) for V2
301.04GOSOX::RYANMon Jun 26 1989IFT is available - thanks!
303.011KOALA::BANTISMon Jun 26 1989DW VMSmail V2 Editors
304.04PHLACT::RUPARELIAWed Jun 28 1989Mailing/Extracting DECimage/PAINT files
307.02TLE::CHENGFri Jul 07 1989Deliver Mail botton is always greyed ....
308.02JOELS::SARENSat Jul 08 1989CAn I delete TRACE version?
309.04RUBBER::KAKATue Jul 11 1989Problems after installing V5.2 on top of DECwindows V2-IFT.
310.01SPITue Jul 18 1989A couple of questions...
311.02MARX::TIBBERTFri Jul 21 1989V2 EFT1 default EMACS editor blues
312.02SSENG::KOTOKMon Jul 24 1989Can't READ MEW MAIL after PICK
313.04SSENG::KOTOKFri Jul 28 1989How do you set default CREATE window size?
314.04RAB::DESAIFri Aug 04 1989buglet: read a mail with no text after a move
315.07RAB::DESAIFri Aug 04 1989dxmail dies silently
316.07SPIWed Aug 09 1989Question on future plans.....
317.02SWSEIS::MILLETTTue Aug 15 1989Not receiving mail from DECwindows to VAX MAIL
318.01CRBOSS::COLBATHWed Aug 23 1989Calling GRMMAR from DWMAIL
319.01LIFT::CONNOLLYMon Aug 28 1989Lost message on move
320.02MOSAIC::R_BROWNMon Aug 28 1989Change in MAIL Icon
321.01DDIF::MCEVOYTue Aug 29 1989DUP not set?
322.08MARMAT::JERRYThu Aug 31 1989REPY use an existing CREATE window?
325.0SAGE::PREVOSTThu Sep 07 1989OIS Prod & Prog Ann't Trng 9/27 - 29
326.05CADJR::CERNESEMon Sep 11 1989Where, oh where, has my SEND/LAST gone?
327.02YUCATN::ALVEYWed Sep 13 1989Documentation on DECW$MAILSEND routine
328.01TPS::YHSUFri Sep 15 1989How to insert a page break using the default editor ?
329.01AITG::DERAMOFri Sep 15 1989Close picked folder in paned
330.02CASEE::CLARKMon Sep 18 1989MAIL folder collects incompletely Moved/Deleted messages
331.01DSTEG1::HOSSFELDMon Sep 18 1989SEDT?
332.02WJG::GUINEAUMon Sep 18 1989Remote mail extract crashes server
333.011REINIG::REINIGMon Sep 18 1989There's new mail, but Mail doesn't know about it
334.01SEEYOU::HUTTONWed Sep 20 1989read new mail...
335.05BAVIKI::GOODTue Sep 26 1989Mail on Firefox 1
336.01OSI::MILESWed Sep 27 1989Extract/Print of PostScript with >8
337.01DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANTue Oct 03 1989Decwindows mail thru fileview doesn't wont to work
338.01EMILE::TREGERTue Oct 03 1989Blinking icon ?
339.09CADSYS::COOKTue Oct 03 1989Drawer creation can lose track of messages
340.02SELECT::BRUCEWed Oct 04 1989Merging Mail Directories
341.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 06 1989? Unable to fetch Sendquitbox
342.01DIADEM::WILSONFri Oct 06 1989Lost Mail
343.01TPS::YHSUTue Oct 10 1989Crash after Picking
345.07HPSRAD::KOMARFri Oct 13 1989What's new with V2? -- and other questions
346.01NITMOI::PESENTIWed Oct 25 1989*editor.defaultDCLcommand does not work properly from NOTES
347.03OSI::ROBINSONThu Oct 26 1989Crash of FT1 Decw$mail
348.09COPPER::D_BERRYThu Oct 26 1989Unable to access newmail folder...
349.08RHETT::HICKSThu Oct 26 1989Extra line feeds in MAIL text
350.01CTDThu Oct 26 1989SEARCH for text string?
351.03HPSRAD::SPEAKEMon Oct 30 1989DRMFailure starting detached.
352.01JUNO::PARASKEVATue Oct 31 1989Message OK in VMS mail, but no text in DW-mail?
353.06MILPND::BACCARITue Oct 31 1989need files in note 98.2
354.04THEWAV::FANGWed Nov 01 1989Problems with images...
355.02PHONG::SYSTEMFri Nov 03 1989Folders moved to Separate Drawers
356.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Nov 03 1989Problem w/ T5.3-462 Multiple move out of INBOX
357.05MARX::WALSHMon Nov 06 1989can I call the create window directly
358.05SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
359.02SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
360.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
361.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
362.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
363.013SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
364.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
365.04SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
366.05SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
367.04SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
368.01SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
369.01SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
370.01SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
371.01SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
372.01SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
373.02SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
374.04SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
375.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
376.03SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
377.010SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
378.0SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
379.015SML16::RYANFri Nov 10 1989X3.
380.05TCC::HEFFELTue Nov 14 1989Distribution lists /aliases with DecWindows mail and Ultrix
381.01MARMAT::JERRYTue Nov 14 1989Which MAIL$
382.05CB75Tue Nov 14 1989larger fonts on 1
383.01BXBThu Nov 16 1989Logicals in X3.
384.06HANNAH::LASKOFri Nov 17 1989Invalid Drawer Display Name gives delayed errors
385.05LARVAE::BURGESSMon Nov 20 1989Disabling all Mail
386.01CASEE::CLARKWed Nov 22 1989Edit menu accelerators are non-standard
387.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Nov 22 1989Help with mail forward/print problem
388.04TLE::FORDWed Nov 22 1989Accelerator woes...
389.02QUILL::BNELSONThu Nov 30 1989Ability to define where the editing window goes?
390.01KETJE::PUTMANSWed Dec 06 1989Polling time ?
391.01SKYWAY::HONEGGERThu Dec 07 1989Mail of document with live link - CRASH!!!
392.03WAIT::DESAIFri Dec 08 1989focus problem - can not type (V3 DW-Mail)
393.0GILDOR::avolioMon Dec 11 1989ULTRIX dxmail -- subfolders?
394.0228937::BELDINMon Dec 11 1989DW-mail doesn't use customization while detached
395.08TOOK::SNOVERTue Dec 12 1989Spell checker for DECwindows Text Editor
396.05CIM::KAIRYSFri Dec 15 1989Mail crash deleting "phantom" drawer
397.03AISG::ROYWed Dec 27 1989Blank drawer name
398.04DUGGAN::STEARMANTue Jan 02 1990More room for 'Folders in ... Drawer' pane
399.02CADSYS::DIPACEWed Jan 03 1990extract tt: hangs the mail process
400.02AITG::DERAMOThu Jan 04 1990Will there be an X3.1 internal baselevel?
401.03WAIT::DESAIFri Jan 05 1990send two copies of mail to me - why not ?
402.02TLE::ROUTLEYFri Jan 05 1990Font/Size problems with sendWindow
403.03CIM::KAIRYSWed Jan 10 1990Saving print attributes
404.01CASEE::CLARKThu Jan 11 1990Lost mail due to missing Drawer file name & type
405.01CANTH::FLOWERSMon Jan 15 1990ACCVIO when Queue Mgr stopped and using Nmail
406.04NITMOI::PESENTIWed Jan 17 1990Ran out of Dynamic Memory in SEND-CREATE edit session
407.05TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 17 1990Can't read NEWMAIL
408.04DSTEG::HOSSFELDThu Jan 18 1990adding an editor
409.04WHZKDS::AREA_MANAGERThu Jan 18 1990DECW$AILSHR not installed in LAVc
410.03MOSAIC::WELLSMon Jan 22 1990Detached mail problem
411.03GOSOX::RYANTue Jan 23 1990X3.1: Mwm (Motif window manager) support
412.02QUARK::LIONELWed Jan 24 1990Icon changes in X3.1
413.04SPANNA::BALLETTAThu Jan 25 1990WISH: nicknames database and related maintainance commands
414.04SSENG::KOTOKThu Jan 25 1990A few questions...
415.03CHEESE::KAISERSat Jan 27 1990Can't send mail (Ultrix 4.
416.04SQLRUS::DIAMONDMon Jan 29 1990Input focus and read/send windows UI
417.01XANADU::GANAPATHIWed Jan 31 1990dxmail and decwindows toolkit(ultrix)
419.05AITG::DERAMOMon Feb 12 1990cannot make top pane of Read window more than six lines
420.09BREAKR::HAWed Feb 14 1990ULTRIX to VMS ddif
421.011QUILL::BNELSONWed Feb 14 1990Wishlist: ability to add/modify logicals from within mail
422.02ORAN::ORANFri Feb 16 1990Funny selection/focus behavior
423.01SSENG::KOTOKFri Feb 16 1990Disappearing message
424.01GOSOX::RYANFri Feb 23 1990X3.2 (Motif) and window managers
425.02GOSOX::RYANFri Feb 23 1990X3.2 (Motif) and keyboard bindings/traversal
426.08GOSOX::RYANFri Feb 23 1990X3.2 (Motif) and the 3-D effect
427.01EIGER::STACHERMon Feb 26 1990Only ICON mail counter wrong
428.01QUILL::WILNERMon Feb 26 1990X3.
429.06BROKE::DNELSONMon Feb 26 1990X3.2 Questions..
430.01VOGON::AWILLIAMSWed Feb 28 1990Problems - sending,receiving DDIF files
431.01PEAKS::WESTBROOKWed Feb 28 1990WISH: Save windows' "sticky" attribute with settings
432.01BIGUN::KEOGHThu Mar 01 1990DW-Mail won't talk to MRGATE
433.03SAC::HEERJEE_KTue Mar 06 1990dxmail icon on ULTRIX/MOTIF
434.04GSSVAX::GUYTONTue Mar 06 1990VMSmail "drawer" equivalent?
435.010EMILE::TREGERWed Mar 14 1990How to ``transport'' differently ?
436.01HAACK::HAACKThu Mar 22 1990spec or SPD on-line?
437.01EVETPU::MCCARTHYMon Mar 26 1990Help widget tied to Read window
438.07WIKKIT::WARWICKMon Mar 26 1990DECwrite as editor problems
439.02CIM::KAIRYSTue Mar 27 1990X3.3 - Motif text widget performance
440.02AITG::DERAMOThu Mar 29 1990quick copy of a selected message
441.02LENO::GRIERTue Apr 03 1990Auto-expanding mail?
442.05ULTIMA::GARYBFri Apr 06 19901
443.01STRLIT::DCHAVEZFri Apr 06 1990Can't start DECwindows Mail
444.02MIZZEN::DEMERSWed Apr 11 1990drqwer file names and display names
445.02BEATLE::STRANGEFri Apr 13 1990Intermittent problem with sending using the NM% transport
446.03UTRTSC::CAHILLTue Apr 17 1990Help with DW/VMS Mail.
447.02MARMAT::JERRYThu Apr 19 1990%XLIB-E-ERROREVENT Error?
448.05ARTFUL::SCOTTFri Apr 20 1990Wishlist: Save window configuration with attributes ...
449.03NITMOI::PESENTIMon May 07 1990Why is editor startup slow?
450.03TALLIS::MCAFEEThu May 10 1990Using an editor to read messages...
451.04BMW32Thu May 10 1990Wish/Bug in Motif version? I'm not too sure.
452.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERSun May 13 1990RMS Extension not found error
453.03FRSTSC::ERLEMANNMon May 14 1990PSI incompatibility-how long?
454.02VIA::EPPESMon May 14 1990Customize display of messages in a folder?
455.03AVNGRS::BOELKETue May 15 1990Starting an editor
456.01PEARL::JAQUESTue May 15 1990help with setting ultrix default print command
457.01SCATHA::FLANNERYThu May 24 1990Command-Key Equivalents
458.04PINBOT::ERVINFri May 25 1990Highlight Colors seem strange suddenly
459.09VIA::EPPESFri Jun 01 1990Spawned DW Mail goes away without warning
460.01BEATLE::STRANGETue Jun 05 1990dxmail exits upon pressing 'read new mail'
461.01COMICS::TREVENNORWed Jun 13 1990Wants list item. Message ageing.
462.01LASSIE::OFSEVITFri Jun 22 1990MOVEd messages also going to WASTEBASKET
463.04CSC32::FORSMANTue Jun 26 1990DECwrite documents thru DW-MAIL, only rec hdr
464.01WIKKIT::WARWICKWed Jul 11 1990MOVE and DELETE sometimes don't
465.01DEC25::ATKINSONDWed Jul 11 1990Polling for NEWMAIL - how much extra work?
466.024TRACK::LAQUERREMon Jul 16 1990Error while compressing a drawer
467.02TLE::PETERSONMon Jul 16 1990detached job startup can't find MAIL directory or DECW$MAIL.DAT
468.03AUSSIE::TONGThu Jul 19 1990how to recover message being created ?
469.03AUSSIE::TONGMon Jul 23 1990white text in dark background
470.04AUSSIE::TONGMon Jul 23 1990specifying an editor for reading messages
471.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jul 24 1990DECwindows Mail ACCVIO bug
472.02TLE::FORDTue Jul 31 1990Can two NewMail Read windows be open at the same time?
473.01AYOU31::LORNAFri Aug 10 1990Paned Mail
474.02SUNETA::harterFri Aug 17 1990Envelope-icon/font size conflict.
475.01CIM1NI::KLEETue Aug 21 1990DECwindow created folder
476.0TGALE::GALEThu Aug 23 1990Way to disable quickCopy in read-window?
477.07DATABS::BALLOUFri Aug 24 1990Setting editor under Ultrix?
478.06RDGENG::HAYWARDTue Sep 04 1990Problem sending from DECW$Mail
479.0DSTEG2::CARBAUGHThu Sep 06 1990Can't print DECwindows mail...
480.02URSA::HEUSSMon Sep 17 1990Compound Document "errors"
481.01MADWT::VEALEWed Sep 19 1990MAIL ICON not Incrementing!!
482.02AIAG::MOOREThu Sep 20 1990fatal error on Paste
483.03PHONES::KOTOKMon Sep 24 1990Problems with DDIF mail
484.03AZTECH::WAGNERMon Sep 24 1990Icon de-iconizes when newmail count is changed.
485.04AZTECH::WAGNERWed Sep 26 1990Reply Button doesn't work.
486.012HSOPAS::VITTEL::HELLERThu Oct 04 1990Looking for a recipe to make Motif work
487.09TPS::SHAHTue Oct 09 1990
488.03TPS::SHAHTue Oct 09 1990Automatic Fcc.
489.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Oct 11 1990font too small in DECW$MAIL
490.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 13 1990icon picture not being set for Mail:Read window
491.01COMICS::TREVENNORMon Oct 15 1990dxmail under Ultrix V4.
492.016LUNACY::SEGALTue Oct 16 1990How do you do an Extract TT: or the equivalent?
493.02BOMBE::ALDENWed Oct 17 1990Looking for the send.uil file
494.01STAR::CRITZThu Oct 18 1990Motif key translations
495.04NECSC::LEVYThu Oct 18 1990Extract of foreign mail crashes DECW$MAIL
497.03SCAACT::BROWNLTue Oct 23 1990Newmail Decw$Style?
498.09UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Oct 24 1990XLIB-E-ERROREVENT errors from one node !
499.03NZOVWed Oct 24 1990Customer feedback questions
500.03LEVEL::OSMANThu Oct 25 1990DECWMAIL crashes on "Extract..." of FOREIGN material
501.012GARIT::VANSICLENThu Oct 25 1990dxmail - End of line (^E) and Beginning of line (^H)
502.03LEVEL::OSMANFri Oct 26 1990note number is highlighted but doesn't get replaced
504.02CSC32::FORSMANTue Nov 06 1990SET FILE in VMSmail VS. Add Drawer To Index in DWMAIL, file protection differs file protection differs
505.01DATABS::BALLOUWed Nov 07 1990Status of dxmail - Ultrix mailer...
506.01RHETT::KNORRWed Nov 07 1990Help - "Clipboard is Locked - Try Again Later" error.
507.02FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Nov 08 1990-RMS-F-RVU, error updating RRV's,
508.01WOOK::LEEThu Nov 08 1990Drawers on DFS Directories
509.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 12 1990confusion about "delete file after printing" choice
510.02DSTEG1::HOSSFELDWed Nov 14 1990decw v3 / hypersession dump
511.010DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Nov 14 1990Eating the page file
512.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 16 1990DECWmail should make it easy to file in existing folders
514.014HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 19 1990DELETE key fails to delete characters
515.03COMICS::TREVENNORTue Nov 20 1990Icons replacements
516.04MLNCSC::BONFANTIFri Nov 23 1990dxmail, mh and folders problem
517.03PSW::WINALSKITue Nov 27 1990Severe DW Mail V3 text widget performance problem
518.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 29 1990can't use alt-B easily because can't get focus
519.01GUESS::DERAMOThu Nov 29 1990Duplicate key detected ... MAIL or DECWindows MAIL?
520.0INTER::HAKKARAINENFri Nov 30 1990DECW$Mail crash -- closed folder that wasn't open
521.04DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Nov 30 1990decw$mail & mrgate problem
522.03FDCV14::HEUSSFri Nov 30 1990sending CDA documents linked to Encapsulated PostScript files
523.04PSW::WINALSKISat Dec 01 1990problems with distribution list file selection
524.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOThu Dec 06 1990Restriction mixing Motif and XUI widgets
525.04DSTEG1::HOSSFELDThu Dec 06 1990Form Feed in default editor
526.01HITPS::PRENTICEMon Dec 10 1990disappearing folders names with paned style
527.04HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 21 1990how can I customize to make alt-S save my message
528.02WSEWed Jan 02 1991mail crash
529.01DECSIM::BOGDANOVMon Jan 07 1991Print attributes
530.03MARX::SHANTIWed Jan 09 1991Dxmail X protocol error on Ultrix 4.
531.06PHONES::KOTOKThu Jan 10 1991If you can DISPLAY PostScript mail, why can't you PRINT it?
532.07KOOZEE::THAYERThu Jan 10 1991Word-Wrapping, DWmail, and Ultrix
533.03HABS11::MASONTue Jan 15 1991Assign Channel error
534.02DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Jan 16 1991no hyper session
535.05CRONIC::PISCOPOTue Jan 22 1991Dup key detected (in ref to 519)
536.019HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 22 1991DW-MAIL infinitely loops, BUT HERE'S PC'S TO HELP YOU
537.04ALLVAX::TAYLORThu Jan 24 1991Folders disappeared
538.01EPIK::D_LATHAMFri Jan 25 1991Line break problem with PS file
539.07GARIT::VANSICLENMon Jan 28 1991PostScript resource name
540.04JAC::COFFLERMon Feb 04 1991Bug found: Can't clear error on bad INCLUDE file
541.02JAC::COFFLERTue Feb 05 1991Bug: MAIL crashes on a COPY pulldown
542.03HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 07 1991why does DWMAIL refuse to deliver my mail ?
543.024BMW32Sun Feb 10 1991SLOW: DECwindows Mail EFT V3.
544.08HANNAH::OSMANWed Feb 13 1991how can I SEARCH a mail message for something in the middle
546.0TRLIAN::PROYThu Feb 14 1991Print... vs. Print in dxmail - no difference?
548.0BAVIKI::GOODWed Feb 27 1991Kudos on VMS DECwindows V3 EFT
549.0GALVIA::STONESWed Mar 06 1991Read New Mail shows wromg end of newmail folder.
550.01ASDG::HARRISThu Mar 07 1991Headless
551.04HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 08 1991DW-mail is missing important VMS-mail feature
552.010PVCSSE::PICCICUTOFri Mar 15 1991Error on adding a remote VMSmail drawer!!
553.06PVCSSE::PICCICUTOSat Mar 16 1991Extra linefeeds and carriage returns???
554.04GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Mar 22 1991DW V3 Mail blowing away
555.04BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Mar 22 1991Persistent temporary files.
556.06CSC32::B_SIMMFri Mar 29 1991ICON not updating on new mail receipt
557.06I18N::SZETOFri Mar 29 1991Forwarding a message
558.01ELWOOD::ROCKWELLFri Apr 05 1991Intermittent Toolkit error
559.012SELECT::LACHIUSAMon Apr 08 1991Paned Interface
560.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Apr 10 1991failing "send..." doesn't let me fix it PLUS ...
561.01LESLIE::EDMUNDSFri Apr 12 1991Accelerator keys under ULTRIX
562.04SYSTEM::COCKBURNFri Apr 12 1991Customising mail window sizes
563.01DIBDIB::DBATESMon Apr 15 1991ddif$viewshr.exe not there
564.01OSLACT::BJORNTue Apr 16 1991Can't read mail using DW-MAIL DECwindows V3
565.02BIGPAK::GILLISMon Apr 22 1991Is there any way to set a word wrap in DECwindows mail?
566.0CERN::JRSWed Apr 24 1991an example DECW$MAIL.DAT someone?
567.01BROKE::WILNERFri Apr 26 1991viewing postscript files
568.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Apr 29 1991is a common button missing ?
569.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Apr 29 1991why is this conference so secret ?
570.01PUTTER::WARFIELDTue Apr 30 1991How should you define DECW$MAIL_TRACE
571.01USWS1::JOHNSONTue Apr 30 1991Highlight Colors for Folders with unread mail?
572.04TOOK::COBBThu May 02 1991dxmail hanging
573.0PUTTER::WARFIELDThu May 02 1991Bug or Feature?
574.03NEGD::TRIBEThu May 09 1991Return Read Request functionality
575.0GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri May 10 1991DECW$MAIL.DAT Reference ?
576.01GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri May 10 1991Print from the Read Window
577.01FENNEL::MAURERMon May 13 1991WPS-like editing ?
578.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon May 13 1991EFT2 kit is the latest
579.02TABSCO::DAVENPORTWed May 15 1991Send In Progress Window Customization
580.06DRIVE::HANAMMon May 20 1991Black icon with no definition
581.07DCC::COURTSWed May 22 1991Setting new mail file in DWMail
583.02CX3PST::WSC1Wed May 29 1991ACCVIO on attempted emptying of wastebasket
584.03BOMBE::ALDENWed May 29 1991Font problems
585.01BOMBE::ALDENThu May 30 1991Accvio on file spec
586.01DBSALF::JACOBSThu May 30 1991Does CREATE journal my edits?
587.07PEACHS::MITCHAMFri May 31 1991DW Mail icon not updating consistantly as new mail arrives
588.02PEACHS::MITCHAMFri May 31 1991WISH: Ability to scroll thru message via <Return>, <Next Screen>, <something else?>
591.04POLAR::RIDGEWed Jun 12 1991HELP need for printer savint attributes
592.02NECSC::LEVYWed Jun 12 1991Message unclear when disk quota exceeded
593.02ORO5Wed Jun 19 1991Need a bit of help...
594.02KXOVAX::MACDONALDFri Jun 21 1991make dxmail startup iconified
595.08GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Jun 23 1991How about a distribution list logical?
596.07MUTTON::LAMBThu Jun 27 1991Printing IMAGES from DW-MAIL (Note 3
597.02GUESS::DERAMOSun Jun 30 1991dxmail and .mh_profile "Signature: p.n." entry
598.02DSTEG2::HOSSFELDMon Jul 01 1991Selection Problem
599.02LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Jul 02 1991Lost mail when sending from dxmail on ULTRIX 4.2
600.01GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Jul 03 1991Slow editor
601.04COOKIE::SIGELWed Jul 03 1991"Next" and "Previous" buttons not on Read window
602.05DSTEG2::HOSSFELDMon Jul 15 1991How to start a link
603.02SHINER::D_HOHMTue Jul 16 1991How to run in detached w/o /AUTHORIZE???
604.0SANTEE::GREENEWed Jul 17 1991dxmail ignores MailDrop?
605.02CHIPS::COLEMANFri Jul 19 1991Printing mixed formats within DECwindows Mail???
606.09TLE::FORDMon Jul 22 1991Where did my ALT key accelerators go when I installed Ultrix 4.2?
607.04KAHUNA::SCHORSCHMon Jul 29 1991Can dw-mail copy to multiple folders?
608.01HABS11::MASONWed Aug 07 1991Running detached (or just successfully) from SM
609.05PRIM17::VAUGHNThu Aug 08 1991Motif and Remote mail problem...
610.01ROSSIN::WAGNERMon Aug 12 1991ACP file error and VAXmail file problem
611.05PEACHS::GILBERTFri Aug 16 1991How to get mail not to put the /param qualifier on the print command?
612.01KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Aug 16 19915
613.05DWJNES::DAVISThu Aug 22 1991Pop-Up Menu Not Working....
614.03MAATJE::JANSENMon Aug 26 1991Error on sending DECwrite DOC
615.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Aug 27 1991dwmail gets blown away, complains of failing malloc's
616.02GDJUNK::HOULETue Aug 27 1991restoring read window is now (DECW R3) VERY slow
617.02GDJUNK::HOULEWed Aug 28 1991multiple select by entry WAS by entry now by range
618.010GALVIA::BREATHNACHFri Sep 06 1991DW-Mail crashes on extract
619.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Sep 12 1991QAR #2
620.01DISORG::ROGOFFFri Sep 13 1991ACCVIO in "Read New Mail"
621.05HANNAH::ALFREDFri Sep 13 1991Reserved Addressing Fault
622.02SEDWed Sep 18 1991new page in dxmail editor, example of .mh_aliases file, and doc. pointer?
623.01CSC32::D_MAHDERFri Sep 20 1991dw-mail and style files
624.02HIHOSS::HOSSFELDTue Sep 24 1991Is there a reference to define the distribution list directory?
625.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Sep 26 1991Link to calender goes bang
626.01SPOCK::IRONSMon Sep 30 1991FORWARD button??
627.05SUNETA::harterFri Oct 04 1991problems with translations resource
628.02CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Oct 04 1991DECwindows/Motif 1.
629.01CAPNET::RILLAHANMon Oct 07 1991Mailing DecPresent
630.02EISDMF::FEUERSTEINMon Oct 14 1991motif and postscript display problem (bug?)
631.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMThu Oct 17 1991Any way to pre-edit original mail in reply?
632.03CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Oct 17 1991quickcopy doesn't seem to work
633.0KERNEL::TRAVELLThu Oct 17 1991Accvio after compress
634.02LATVMS::MERSHONThu Oct 24 1991Terminal resources for read/send windows.
635.02CSC32::G_OGLESBYWed Oct 30 1991Can't SET FILE to a drawer created in V2 DW-Mail
636.06HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 01 1991how can I set fonts with the new Motif Mail ?
637.03KERNEL::FISCHERITue Nov 05 1991ACCVIO on invocation
638.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 06 1991hard to find the MAIL folder
639.03DSTEG::HOSSFELDThu Nov 07 1991MOdify an open drawer hangs mail
640.04DBSALF::JACOBSMon Nov 11 1991Nmail suddenly not working from dw-mail
641.05HABS11::MASONMon Nov 11 1991Terminate/restart splits my one drawer into two
642.04HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 14 1991bug, or am I understanding wrong (regarding editor)
643.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 14 1991non-mouse operation still doesn't work
644.012HOT::WALSHThu Nov 14 1991Icons for dxmail
645.05KERNEL::FISCHERITue Nov 19 1991Problems sending to All in one
646.01RDGENG::KILLICKTue Nov 19 1991DECwindows Mail window keeps closing (ACCVIO) whilst printing??
647.02KURTAN::PERSSONTue Nov 19 1991ACCVIO , Never Found the subwidget in Pane.
648.09DSTEG::HOSSFELDWed Nov 20 1991tmp files
649.01VOGON::MACDERMOTTThu Nov 28 1991dxmail with Phase V DECnet ?
650.03GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Dec 09 1991Problems with DECW$MAIL.DAT
651.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Dec 11 1991Line editing not working in To: and CC: fields
652.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Dec 12 1991feature LOST (selective delete) USED to work
653.03HANNAH::OSMANThu Dec 12 1991eye loses position during normal reading
654.03RHETT::WILLIAMSThu Dec 12 1991Forwarding more than one message
655.02PEACHS::BELDINFri Dec 13 1991DECW$MAIL accvio on create/send
656.03CSC32::J_RABKEFri Dec 13 1991COPY from DECterm Hangs
657.01CARLSN::YUNGWed Dec 18 1991Mail windows disappear
658.015HANNAH::OSMANWed Dec 18 1991old version showed me whether I have new mail or not
659.02TEGAN::GUYTONThu Dec 19 1991Mail Display Drawer Names Changing
660.01ICEE::BERGTue Dec 24 1991Motif/VMSmail screen response
661.06AIDEV::LANDINGHAMMon Dec 30 1991Can I still have custom icons under Motif?
662.07EPS::WILLIAMSWed Jan 01 1992WISH:Return of the Reply button on Main window
663.01PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Jan 02 1992ACCVIO, when using REPLACE command!
664.01EPS::HOKENSTROMTue Jan 07 1992MAIL crash with ROPRAND or RADRMOD
665.02LATNCY::MORGANMon Jan 13 1992EXTRACT to a remote printer hangs Motif Mail
666.05KERNEL::PARRYFri Jan 17 1992accvio sending to CBS (Colour Book Software)
667.06VNAACT::WILFRIEDFri Jan 17 1992ACCVIO on EXTRACT (text file)
668.01FROCKY::WENZELThu Jan 23 1992LiveLink-tree ?
669.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 23 1992Want to see most recent newmail
670.09RTL::DMULLENMon Jan 27 1992Reading postscript causes crash
671.04DSTEG::HOSSFELDTue Jan 28 1992Mail...x and y position doesn't work
672.02IXIVIV::KEENANTue Jan 28 1992DW Mail Crashes - %XLIB-E-INSFMEM
673.04PEACHS::BELDINMon Feb 03 1992Windows resized don't get their original size
674.01PARITY::WESTBROOKTue Feb 04 1992Bug: Deletes to EOL on Send in Motif DxMail
675.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Feb 04 1992Help! Ability to run DW Mail disappeared!
676.02PARITY::WESTBROOKWed Feb 05 1992Wish: find text feature when reading messages
677.01WEPUBS::DCHAVEZTue Feb 11 1992Resource Name Confusion
678.04PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Feb 17 1992Cannot mail Lotus/123 spreadsheet thru DECwindows mail
679.05COUNTTue Feb 25 1992Gripes of a heavy user
680.02TYSON::KURATAThu Feb 27 1992Problems with Ultrix Extract of DDIF document
681.03CRONIC::KWALKERThu Feb 27 1992Mail dump with ROPRAND, same as 664, not same as 618
682.07NAC::OFSEVITFri Feb 28 1992Why can't DXMAIL be like dxmail?
683.01KERNEL::PARRYWed Mar 04 1992write tmp file failure
684.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Mar 06 1992Mailing LINKWORKS Information
685.02ROMCSA::MAUTIWed Mar 11 1992Problems calling MAIL from application
686.02OSLThu Mar 12 1992DOTS API ?
687.05DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDFri Mar 13 1992Error Mailing DECpresent files
688.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Mar 17 1992Real .signature file?
689.04PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 20 1992Bug? Trying to remove widget from grab list...
690.04MUTTON::LAMBWed Mar 25 1992DECwindows Mail crashes intermitantly
691.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Mar 26 1992Motif Mail T1.1 moves links along with the messages!
692.02SUNETA::harterMon Mar 30 1992Ultrix version of Motif mail?
693.0PAPERS::PARRYMon Apr 06 1992read window jumps
694.01GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Apr 13 1992Mail bounces when I am not on the network
695.02DKAS::SHANAHANMon Apr 13 1992 @vue$library:vue$mail
696.01RAGS::KEENANTue Apr 14 1992Any way to manipulate Move/Copy Box ?
697.02LASTue Apr 14 1992Mail files wouldn't move between draws on remote systems
698.013WASCLY::HENNETue Apr 14 1992DECterm EVE never comes up
699.02VINO::SPINKThu Apr 16 1992xtoolkit error with editor crashes dwmail
700.02TOOLS::COLLIS::JACKSONThu Apr 16 1992DECwindows new mail received but not found
701.04PEACHS::FORDFri Apr 17 1992Resource questions on Motif 1.1.3 version of dxmail for Ultrix
702.0--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 20 1992but if Mail.editor.defaultai: is not specified...
703.0VAXHUB::BJURANEKMon Apr 20 1992Mailing ".doc" from VMS > ULTRIX
704.02RANGER::PESENTIThu Apr 23 1992WISH: customizable reply action
705.0AD::FIELDINGFri Apr 24 1992Bizarre DECmail problem ... any takers?
706.0TAEC::BORDASWed Apr 29 1992DECW MAIL API...!?
707.02H2SO4::GERSBACHFri May 08 1992Extract of foreign mail creates empty file
708.04AWECIM::SEGALMon May 11 1992Problem using Default Text Editor
709.02WASCLY::HENNETue May 12 1992More than one Create window crashes Mail
710.03CARLSN::YUNGTue May 12 1992DECW$MAIL severe error %SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND
711.0HOTSPT::BARTELLTue May 12 1992Don't prompt if Send window already up
712.01YUPPY::WOOLLEYThu May 14 1992Problem with Mail & attached DDIF file.
713.03USCTR1::SENGELMon May 18 1992DW-mail crashes when reading .DOC file
714.03TADSKI::SANDERWed May 20 1992Prob mailing a Note
715.03HEDRON::DAVEBThu May 21 1992DECWv2 Mail crashes during cut operation
716.01EICMFG::COURTSWed May 27 1992Reserved addressing fault/Process crash
717.0RHETT::SHARBUTTThu May 28 1992tsource.Scan error
718.01QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Mon Jun 08 1992dxmail on ULTRIX blows away X server
719.01MARX::FLEMINGWed Jun 10 1992lefties and select
720.0CSC32::G_OGLESBYFri Jun 12 1992VFC files retain characteristics when PRINTed from DWmail
721.01PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Jun 17 1992How to change my printers....
722.01CHIPS::SYSTEMWed Jun 17 1992Widget not on the grab list?
723.01CSC32::G_OGLESBYFri Jun 19 1992System management type features no available in DWmail.
724.02R2ME2::OBRYANMon Jun 22 1992Drawers with no zippers
725.01RT16::TRIBEWed Jun 24 1992Sequence wierdness, and Subfolder strangeness
726.01CFSCTC::CCHENFri Jun 26 1992file formats?
727.01SUBWAY::MONASCHTue Jun 30 1992Problems Extracting DECpresent file from DW-Ultrix-Mail
728.0CNTROL::STECKOTue Jun 30 1992DW MAIL hangs when given incorrect dest. file spec during extraction
729.02ULTRA::ELLISTue Jul 07 1992GNU Emacs and dxmail?
730.03HUMOR::EPPESMon Jul 20 1992VMS Motif: Main window foreground color not what I specified
731.03NECSC::LEVYTue Aug 11 1992XUI DECwindows Mail on a Motif Server - Icon Help!
732.03BLYTH::CORNWALLMon Aug 24 1992Aspect ration of scanned images in Mail...known problem ?
733.05AGENDA::RJTHOMASWed Aug 26 1992Customized editor implementation problems
734.0STKHLM::WIDMANMon Aug 31 1992Draft output appends <LF> ?
735.03CHIPS::SYSTEMTue Sep 01 1992Help needed setting EDT in DECW-mail
736.0AGENDA::RJTHOMASTue Sep 01 1992Erratic DW Mail behavior(?)
737.01PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Sep 03 1992System slows to crawl when extracting large files
738.01UNTADH::IBRODIEMon Sep 07 1992Contents of a folder in reverse order
739.04PHONES::KOTOKFri Sep 11 1992Reading new mail while replying to a message
740.01DELNI::WALSHTue Sep 22 1992Need Source code for dxmail
741.01TECRUS::KUMPFWed Sep 23 1992Attempt to remove non-existant passive grab (ACCVIO)
742.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Sep 25 1992no cursor !
743.0TECRUS::KUMPFFri Sep 25 1992XtRemoveGrab asked to remove a widget not on the grab list (accvio)
744.01PENSKE::KELSEYMon Oct 05 1992ACCVIO when creating Drawer/Folder
745.02STUDIO::FINGERThu Oct 15 1992Setting monospaced fonts in read and send windows
746.0MARVIN::COBBMon Oct 26 1992dxmail on ULTRIX vs. LINKWORKS?
747.0ULYSSE::MILES::MilesThu Oct 29 1992Increased space for Subject in paned message area?
748.03SWETSC::AXENSTROMTue Nov 03 1992Cant't compose character in address field
749.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Nov 12 1992Can you PRINT DDIF files from DECwindows Mail?
750.0HEARNS::MCCALLMon Nov 23 1992DECW$MAILSEND example or documentation ?
751.01PEACHS::PICKETTFri Dec 04 1992problem with wastebasket behaivor
752.05MYOTT::LASSENMon Dec 07 1992Remote DW-Mail crashes during send (intermittantly).
753.01GCEDLD::DEMERSThu Dec 10 1992Auto-Reply (Watch Mail)
754.03PEACHS::MACEACHERNWed Jan 06 1993Unable to setup a system wide resource file
755.0ZURMon Jan 18 1993DDIF-Mail UTRLIX to VMS doesn't work, RMS-F-RAT
756.0I18N::GREENWOODTue Jan 19 1993Mail hangs my workstation!
757.01JEREMY::OFERTue Jan 26 1993How to force SAVE OPTIONS of PRINT ?
758.01OSLAGE::AGE_PTue Feb 02 1993Print Options just hang if DECW$PRINTER_FORMAT_xxx not defined on ALPHA !
759.04HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 04 1993UNDELETION fails
760.017SPECXN::WITHERSThu Feb 04 1993DECWindows Mail does rude things to DECTerms...
761.02AUDIO::MCGREALTue Feb 09 1993Copy of DECW$MAIL_SEND.UIL file ???
762.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 11 1993why can't i use deliver from decw$mail ? (crossposted in deliver conf)
763.01LAURIE::HANSONFri Feb 12 1993DECW$MAIL windows drop/Moving memos to Folders
764.01ASDG::HARRISTue Feb 16 1993New Mail wont move after being read
765.01AKOCOA::CORBOTue Feb 23 1993LSE with DECwindows VMSmail
766.01CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Feb 24 1993When using INBOX as new mail folder, NEWMAIL folder is created
767.0ALLVAX::BEERMANFri Mar 12 1993DECW$MAIL hangs ULTRIX window manager
768.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 17 1993DECWMAIL pastes in wrong place, is it qared already?
769.0RHETT::CHOYWed Mar 17 1993dxmail: problem with CKP files
770.0MPGS::PRIMMERFri Mar 19 1993Mail process hungs...
771.0CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINWed Mar 31 1993ACCVIO with DECW$MAIL on VMS5.4-3 displaying on VMS T6.
772.07KETJE::STAESThu Apr 01 1993Scan MAIL$*.MAI file utility anyone?
773.03SUNETA::harterWed Apr 07 1993Problems displaying Postscript
774.0RICKS::D_ELLISWed Apr 14 1993Setting up EMACS as editor?
775.02CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Apr 14 1993Resource for DWMail Distribution Box margin width
776.01GLDOA::HOWEFri May 07 1993Mime Support for MailBus & UNIX?
777.0MVCAD3::SMITHWed May 19 1993dxmail & OSF/1 T1.3-3 display problems...
778.0GLDOA::TRANTue May 25 1993View PostScript
779.0MVCAD3::SMITHWed May 26 1993non stripped dxmail image available for V4.3 Ultrix??
780.0EEMELI::RUUSKANENTue Jun 01 1993DECW$MAIL crash when scrolling folder by using scroll bar
781.0COPCLU::FLEMMINGFri Jun 18 1993Sloow performance of DECwindows Mail/Motif 1.1
782.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGFri Jun 25 1993Drawers not accessible by VAXmail (VT)
783.02HDLITE::BHINDARWALATue Jun 29 1993VMS -> Ultrix mail folders
785.01PINKIE::STONESWed Jun 30 1993Set width to 8
786.01TAVENG::FENSTERSun Jul 04 1993How do I get the header when replying to messages ?
787.0ADO75A::SHARPEMon Jul 05 1993Auto wrap for dxmail in Motif 1.1.3?
788.01ISLNDS::HOSKERWed Jul 07 1993Limit Queue Selection to print to???
789.0CECEHV::EIJKTue Jul 13 1993"Rescan folder" and "refile"
790.0CVMS::DOTENFri Jul 16 1993Skinny reply and send windows
791.07CADSYS::LEMONSFri Jul 16 1993How to specify a permanent 'Print Format' 'Default' value
792.01LSTThu Jul 22 1993Wastebasket not updated in DECwindows mail; works in CC mail
793.01CSC32::V_STROUDFri Jul 23 1993Drag and drop functionality for paned window type
794.07CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Jul 28 1993wordWrap off, scrollHorizontal on in the Read window?
796.02XSTACY::PATTISONFri Sep 03 1993Signature files, VMS mail?
797.0CSC32::D_COHNWed Sep 08 1993Mouse pointer changes to a dot (".")?
798.0MLNTSC::LAGORIThu Sep 16 1993dwmail and newmail hang
799.03RANGER::PESENTIFri Sep 17 1993MOTIF UI has problem with drag and drop move
800.01PINKIE::STONESTue Sep 21 1993decw$mail accvio.
801.05Wed Oct 06 1993DECW$MAIL application integration, who to talk to?
802.03SCOTTC::MARSHALLWed Oct 20 1993DECWindows text editor very slow on VMS V6 / Motif V1.1
803.01COPCLU::FLEMMINGFri Oct 22 1993Error when trying sending Mails !!
804.0DEMING::MTAYLORFri Oct 29 1993DW Mail crashes when reclaiming deleted file space
805.0NAC::OFSEVITTue Nov 16 1993deleted PostScript messages leave homeless bodies behind
806.0237953::LIVINGSTONEThu Nov 18 1993How does one investigate "create" windows disappearing unexpectedly?
807.03ASDG::HARRISWed Nov 24 1993Duplicate Folder Names
808.01USOPS::KADOWTue Nov 30 1993Read message then move does not work correctly
809.02HIHOSS::HOSSFELDTue Dec 07 1993Select and move broke?
810.01MUNICH::STEFANTue Dec 07 1993WordPerfect not supported ?
811.01CASE4U::VERVECKENThu Dec 09 1993AccVio after move with Search window open
812.01HLDEFri Dec 10 1993manual title
813.03STRYKR::S_STRYKERTue Dec 21 1993Wishlist: Ability to do FIND across all, or multiple folders
814.0FORTY2::JAFFERWed Dec 22 1993Changing the size of the Move/Copy window
815.05MOIRA::FAIMANThu Jan 20 1994Resources to change pushbutton colors?
816.02NAC::DAVIDO::ofsevitFri Feb 04 1994"color" control for monochrome display
817.01PUDGE::HEMEONMon Feb 07 1994Drawers are not in my [.mail] area
818.01UNTADB::SACHSEWed Feb 23 1994DECW$Mail always sets AutoPurge ON when starting...
819.06DFSAXP::JPTue Mar 15 1994Buggy DECW$MAIL on AXP?
820.03WELLDN::SPENCERSun Mar 27 1994DECW$MAIL/eXcursion problem with MTS$
821.0FXODEV::LANDRYMon Apr 11 1994unable to create the viewer widget
822.0THEPUB::JRSTue Apr 19 1994ACCVIO when extracting mail (MOTIF V1.2)
823.0RULE62::khFri Apr 29 1994Cannot forward mail. dxmail on OSF 1.2
824.03KERNEL::EVERESTAFri May 06 1994Big and small fonts using 'fontsetselection'
825.08AYRPLN::MOSSThu May 19 1994My DECWindows Mail crashes on a regular basis.
826.01HANNAH::OSMANTue May 24 1994incredible improvement in both speed and space
827.01CERN::HOBBSMon Jun 06 1994COPY to folder creates new version of MAIL.MAI
828.07RANGER::JESSOPWed Jun 08 1994DXmail: FATAL ERROR, Ultrix v4.4
829.01SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Jul 08 1994Moves and deletes come back!
831.0CSC32::V_STROUDWed Jul 27 1994change the title of the main mail window?
832.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDWed Aug 10 1994DWmail and foreign operations
833.0HANNAH::OSMANWed Aug 17 1994delete vs delete-then-read
834.06RDGE44::SYMONDSKWed Aug 24 1994Change the FROM field width in DECwindows Mail
835.02KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Aug 29 1994Attachments? Audio? Video...?
836.02CSC32::L_DVORAKFri Sep 02 1994How to have read message automatically included?
837.02MUNICH::STEFANTue Sep 06 1994DECwindows mail uses 1
839.01STAR::SESTESThu Sep 29 1994How to get Pick to work?
840.01CSC32::D_DERAMOMon Oct 24 1994What is the MAIL$M_DWMAIL flag used for?
841.01JEREMY::OFERThu Oct 27 1994Move to a DRAWER bug ?
842.01BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Oct 27 1994Permanently enlarging COPY/MOVE window?
843.05AZTECH::WAGNERWed Nov 02 1994App acts different under Motif Version 1.2-3
844.01ZURFri Nov 11 1994DW-MAIL hangs when selecting print options
846.0COMICS::PARRYThu Dec 22 1994dxmail displays mail twice
847.01RHETT::FORDMon Mar 13 1995ultrix v4.3 dxmail seg faults displayed to alpha
848.01DFSAXP::JPMon Apr 03 1995Wish:intuitive interface for pick/time
849.0PEACHS::FORDMon Apr 17 1995dxmail - Reply is slow ...
850.01ALFAXP::MITCHAMFri Apr 28 1995Printing SMTP mail don't print right from DWMAIL
851.0OSLLAV::BJORNWed Jul 12 1995No context-sensitive color-settings anymore?
852.0738Mon Jul 31 1995Help! Compress function corrupted my mail!
853.051268::PAKKANENMon Aug 21 1995Problems with DECW$MAIL.EXE V1.2-39412
854.0CSC32::M_KETERTue Sep 05 1995Move to Existing Folder Creates Second Folder with Same Name
855.0ROCK::MUELLERThu Nov 09 1995Lost Body when hitting "READ NEWMAIL" as message is coming in
856.01RDGENG::VAUGHANWed Nov 29 1995Problem with DECmail extracting WPL Files.
857.0MOVIES::CHANDLEYMon Dec 11 1995Backspace to delete left?
858.04PEACHS::MACEACHERNThu Dec 28 1995Moving messages between folders -- message inot in new folder
859.01TAVThu Jan 18 1996dxmail "deliver mail" sees no new mail
860.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Jan 30 1996Postscript, unable to create the viewer widget.
861.01MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Mar 05 1996accvio causes huge LOG-file
862.0PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Mar 25 1996Unable to move mail from one folder to another on a differenc disk.
863.01EPS::VANDENHEUVELSun Apr 07 1996support for sequential mail files? ACCVIO?
864.0RG5Fri May 10 1996