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Conference 7.286::gateways

Title:Gateways between the EASYnet and other networks
Notice:NOTICE: You *must* read 1.1 before writing *anything* here!!!!!
Created:Mon Mar 17 1986
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2347
Total number of notes:10653
Number with bodies:47
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1.01VORTEX::GASSMANSat Nov 19 1983Welcome to Gateways. Read 1.1 before writing anything here.
2.015RANI::LEICHTERJSat Nov 19 1983Internet and UUCP gateways. RHEA is obsolete. Use DECWRL.
3.014VORTEX::GASSMANSat Nov 19 1983Gateway into SNA
4.09R2ME2::STANSat Nov 19 1983MAPS
5.010FDCVSat Nov 19 1983CSNET Gateway
6.02KRISIS::reevesMon Aug 12 1991Reserved for announcements
7.016ABLE::BREWERWed Nov 23 1983Connection into DEC Far East.
8.03ROLL::FEATHERSTONWed Nov 30 1983More than just mail?
9.01CASTOR::COVERTWed Nov 30 1983Prestel Mailbox gateway
10.02BERGIL::ZOLFONOONFri Dec 02 1983EIES Network..??
11.0106ATFAB::WYMANWed Dec 07 1983BITNET
12.03BRUTUS::SCHNEIDERThu Dec 08 1983Bell Labs, N. Andover
13.026ERLANG::FALCONEThu Dec 08 1983USENET newsgroups
15.016SMAUG::MITTONWed Dec 14 1983EMS gateway info?
16.07ATFAB::WYMANThu Dec 15 1983RCS Network
17.010ATFAB::WYMANWed Dec 21 1983MAILNET ???
18.02ATFAB::WYMANSat Dec 31 1983UUCP for VMS?
19.018DVINCI::GREENFIELDTue Jan 03 1984TCP/IP for VMS?
20.012VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jan 04 1984MCI Mail Gateway, see note 814.2
21.03CASTOR::COVERTSat Jan 07 1984The Plethora of Networks
22.0ATFAB::WYMANSun Jan 08 1984On building Gateways...
23.017ATFAB::WYMANMon Jan 09 1984XEROX Internet
24.084LEHIGH::FLEISCHMANNTue Jan 10 1984FTP -- copying files _from_ the Internet
25.03CASTOR::COVERTThu Jan 12 1984AUGMENT Mail Network
26.020KRIKIT::PORTERWed Jan 18 1984Which way to SERCnet ?
27.02CASTOR::COVERTThu Jan 19 1984Open Systems Interconnect
28.0ATFAB::WYMANFri Feb 03 1984ZOTnet - UUCP Gateway Discussion
29.05HARE::STANMon Feb 06 1984Locating a site
31.04VORTEX::GASSMANTue Feb 07 1984The cost of USENET
32.03PICA::FRIEDRICHSTue Feb 14 1984Help wanted in MK (or ZK)
33.08VORTEX::GASSMANThu Feb 16 1984DECnet gateway
34.04REGAL::BERENSONThu Feb 16 1984CCNET
35.014ERLANG::FALCONEThu Feb 16 1984MagTape Gateways
36.03LATOUR::HALPINThu Feb 23 1984Discovering Paths.
38.012ICVAXB::HARTSun Mar 18 1984DECWRL problems
39.06MARVIN::ISBELLTue Apr 10 1984Getting to know them...
40.01CASTOR::COVERTTue Apr 10 1984Significant improvement to ARPA
41.0VORTEX::GASSMANSun Apr 22 1984Info on bunches of networks
42.05MAHLER::MWILLIAMSMon Apr 30 1984Syntax for ENET --> CSNET?
43.01VORTEX::GASSMANWed May 02 1984File copies to/from
44.01CASTOR::COVERTThu May 03 1984Requests from outside DEC
45.01LATOUR::MELOHNThu May 03 1984T2
46.02VORTEX::GASSMANThu May 03 1984UUCP mail to VORTEX
47.026AKOV68::BOYAJIANFri May 04 1984The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net
51.06DVINCI::FISHERWed Jun 06 1984EMS -> Message Router
53.01EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jun 26 1984CSNET CIC Address?
54.029EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jun 26 1984VMS Logical Names for Destinatio
55.08PICA::FRIEDRICHSWed Jul 11 1984Creating a gateway
56.09VIKING::WATERSWed Jul 11 1984Common location for Network list
57.01CASTOR::COVERTThu Jul 12 1984Future Network Interconnects
62.01VIKING::WATERS_1Tue Aug 07 1984Other gateways to Arpa?
63.011VORTEX::GASSMANTue Aug 14 1984MCI Mail Gateway, see note 814.2
64.03ROYCE::ATTWOOLSun Aug 19 1984Out Side Networks
65.010EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Aug 28 1984What protocols does uucp use?
66.06VIKING::WATERSThu Sep 06 1984ARPA digests: who distributes?
69.023HARE::STANWed Sep 19 1984What's the cost?
70.01MARIAH::LIPPThu Oct 04 1984Setting up another gate?
71.04HERE::[1,13]Wed Oct 17 1984Specs for TCP/IP
72.01S4VMS::ATKINSONFri Oct 19 1984Building a gatway - SMTP?
74.01CADLAC::GOUNFri Oct 26 1984ARPA -> ENet -> DECmail
77.05SPHINX::DAVISWed Nov 14 1984Plato Gateway/Driver?
79.03COGITO::MCKINLEYThu Nov 29 1984Hardcopy Documentation?
80.05LEAGLE::GOLDSTEINFri Nov 30 1984"Too many hops" to CSNET
81.04SANFAN::GOODMANROMon Dec 03 1984Where is DECWRL?
82.07KRIKIT::PORTERSat Dec 08 1984new rhea/decwrl syntax?
83.03FIRQB::KONINGWed Dec 19 1984Where's USEDIR?
84.03SPRITE::OSMANThu Dec 20 1984mailing to DIALCOM
85.08NY1MM::SWEENEYThu Dec 27 1984Is this a standard?
89.04GROK::HERBERTWed Jan 09 1985RHEA and poor-man's routing
91.060COVERT::COVERTMon May 07 1990Hewlett-Packard (HP)
92.022PHOBOS::SWEENEYTue Jan 29 1985BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman)
93.014NUHAVN::CANTORTue Feb 05 1985Mail to Polaroid
94.03GLORY::LAUTWed Feb 06 1985Wanted: Maps to Everything
95.01GLORY::LAUTWed Feb 13 1985CSNET to EASYNET??
96.06KRIKIT::PORTERWed Feb 20 1985Nested quotes?
97.06SPRITE::OSMANFri Feb 22 1985"no such user" not my fault
98.06GVAMon Feb 25 1985DECWRL inaccessible!!!
99.02BEING::SEGALTue Feb 26 1985Bell Labs, Reading PA
100.05R2D2::GREGFri Mar 01 1985Gateway assistance please
101.025ORAN::ORANFri Mar 01 1985Apollo Computer, Inc.
104.03DVINCI::FISHERMon Mar 04 1985ARPA Directly Accessable
105.012ZOO::FEATHERSTONTue Mar 05 1985Auto-forwarding mail thru gatew
106.07GLORY::LAUTWed Mar 06 1985Who is .... ??
107.01HARE::STANSat Mar 09 1985TACs
108.0ZOO::FEATHERSTONMon Mar 11 1985The compleat net mail guide
110.04VIKING::WATERSTue Mar 19 1985addressing mail'
111.06COGITO::MCKINLEYFri Mar 22 1985Anyone heard of HYPERCHANNEL?
114.0HARE::STANTue Apr 02 1985Local nets off of UUCP
116.0HARE::STANWed Apr 03 1985June 1984 USENET map
117.0HARE::STANWed Apr 03 1985Status of UUCP connections
118.0HARE::STANWed Apr 03 1985ARPANET subnetworks
119.03TURTLE::STANFri Apr 05 1985UUCP Paths
120.05HARE::STANFri Apr 05 1985DEC nodes on UUCP
121.04RANI::LEICHTERJFri May 03 1985ARPA gateway problem?
122.0WEBSTR::NELSONWed May 08 1985ARPAnet Policy
124.02LSMVAX::BLINNMon May 13 1985Timezone Maintenance
125.03PSYCHE::LISSFri May 24 1985How did I get this?
126.011BANZAI::NELSONThu May 30 1985ARPAnet Domain Changes
127.0R2D2::GREGFri May 31 1985Access to South America
128.01PSYCHE::LISSFri May 31 1985Lost in space?
129.0SANFAN::DOMANJESat Jun 01 1985Current list of RFCs
130.06WME::COMELLASat Jun 01 1985EARN -- European Academic Research Network
131.02PSYCHE::LISSThu Jun 06 1985New ARPA return address?
132.04BASIL::WHITETue Jun 11 1985ARPAnet gateway s/w
133.06WEBSTR::STUARTFri Jun 14 1985Princeton/MILNET/MFEnet
134.06AKOV68::BOYAJIANSat Jun 22 1985Another Gateway???
137.07SNOV15::QUODLINGWed Jul 10 1985Delphi at Uninet?
138.01GRAFIX::POEGELMon Jul 15 1985MAILER returned mail 54x !???
140.02SWATT::LEEBERTue Jul 30 1985DEC External Access/Protection?
143.05YIPPEE::BLAKEWed Aug 21 1985External Access to EASYNET?
145.010OBLIO::SHUSTERThu Sep 05 1985Princeton University
146.02OBLIO::SHUSTERMon Sep 09 1985Alternate routing nodes
147.016FRIDAY::MCCLUREHThu Sep 12 1985University of Colorado -- All Campuses
149.04OBLIO::SHUSTERSun Sep 29 1985Gateway to Clark Univ.
150.02--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 01 1985Washington State University
153.02KAFSV4::LOCKYERMon Nov 04 1985ARPANET Graphics Package
154.01BERGIL::MITTONTue Nov 05 1985Arpa Gateway and Arpa Names
156.024PIGGY::BROUILLETTEMon Nov 11 1985DG -- Data General
158.0XANADU::SORNSONWed Nov 13 1985TELETEX Gateway info
160.0ZPOVThu Nov 14 1985Path to Acadia Univ.
162.025KHOTEK::THALLERFri Nov 15 1985ARPAnet list
163.05--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 18 1985HUDSON??
164.03RAINBW::CLARKFri Nov 22 1985University of Vermont (UVM)
165.020TASMAN::HALLERWed Nov 27 1985PATH to STRATUS (marlboro) ?
166.03SARAH::P_DAVISWed Dec 04 1985New York University (NYU)
167.038PIXEL::PWONGWed Dec 04 1985RPI - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
168.022APPLE::MATUSThu Dec 05 1985G8way to UMASS-AMHERST
169.03ACE::BREWERTue Dec 10 1985ENET to Sandia Labs (Alb,NM)
170.020SERF::POWERSTue Dec 10 1985connection to UK Janet?
171.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Dec 12 1985Duplicate messages from .ARPA
172.0JEREMY::REDFORDMon Dec 16 1985NCRA, Charlottesville
174.05HYDRA::THALLERWed Dec 18 1985Networking humor
177.04SANFAN::THOMASMAFri Dec 27 1985Intermail Gateway Opened
179.02LOGIC::KEVINMon Dec 30 1985Host unknown?
180.081FRIDAY::WOODTue Dec 31 1985Access to CompuServe by mail ?
181.032SANFAN::THOMASMAFri Jan 10 1986MIT -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- M.I.T.
183.03NANUCK::EGARFri Jan 17 1986CHAOS NET
185.02NUWAVE::LEYENSTue Jan 21 1986City University of New York (CUNY)
186.04COG::FREUNDFri Jan 24 1986DECmail-11 -> G8way problem
188.02JAKE::UYENOThu Jan 30 1986Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ
189.04KHOTEK::THALLERMon Feb 03 1986Grumman
190.04HOMBRE::WILLIAMSWed Feb 05 1986MCI Mail Gateway, see note 814.2
192.015BUFALO::NELSONFri Feb 07 1986Messages appearing from DECUAC?
193.06LYRA::THALLERMon Feb 10 1986VAXNOTES conversion?
195.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Feb 19 1986Addresses containing spaces
196.0NCCSB::FIELDWed Feb 19 1986Help to Africa
197.04HARE::STANTue Feb 25 1986Internet to UUCP
199.017SYSENG::STALZERFri Feb 28 1986Boston University (BU), Massachusetts
200.03TKOV52::SHIMONOTue Mar 18 1986Japan Unix NETwork (JUNET)
201.01ZURFCC::LEHMANNMon Mar 24 1986looking for list of Gateway-Adresses
202.07THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Mar 26 1986.EDU problems (AND UUCP MAP info)
203.026VENUS3::MIREIDERFri Mar 28 1986Raytheon, Rayssd, Raybed2, raybed3
204.07NETCOM::HARRISMon Mar 31 1986Internet Host Table?
205.02FORTY2::ROBERTSFri Apr 04 1986path to rruxd anyone?
206.04NETCOM::HARRISFri Apr 04 1986Route to AMD in California?
208.0THEBAY::MTHOMASMon Apr 07 1986CSNET node listing (3/19/86)
209.0EXODUS::HARROWTue Apr 08 1986An invitation to a related Conference
210.03AKOVWed Apr 09 1986Path to CHIP.UChicago Inquiry
211.05R2D2::GREGMon Apr 14 1986"New" gateway
212.04ERLANG::DICKENSWed Apr 16 1986Symbolics, Inc. ?
214.02HYDRA::THALLERFri Apr 25 1986unseen notes are hidden
215.064SKYLAB::FISHERSun Apr 27 1986Combined AT&T topic. American Telephone and Telegraph
216.01ORAN::ORANTue Apr 29 1986Technical University of Twente
218.0THEBAY::MTHOMASSun May 04 1986DECWRL's comm lines
219.014WHYVAX::HAMPTONSun May 04 1986Northeastern University
221.03WHYVAX::HAMPTONThu May 08 1986Route to CompuGraphic?
223.01BUCKY::MPALMERFri May 09 1986need a hop to bunny
224.01CSMADM::NAISMITHSun May 11 1986ARPA Information Request
225.023ELIXIR::PWONGSun May 11 1986Cornell University
226.04SNOV1Mon May 12 1986UTCS (University of Toronto)
227.014RHEA::JOHNSSONTue May 13 1986New return addresses for UUCP mail through decwrl
228.0EXODUS::HARROWWed May 14 1986Hmmmm, now (generically) HOW do I get "there"?
229.02SPYDER::BRIGGSMon May 19 1986Connecting to Arpanet
232.07SEENA1::LUGRINWed May 21 1986Access to Telepac (Swiss X.25) ?
235.0317885::MACOMBERFri May 23 1986Can't get there from here
236.05DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed May 28 1986Can you make a mail message "bounce"?
237.09ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu May 29 1986TCP/IP / DECnet gateway
238.01MYVAX::STARKSTONSun Jun 01 1986Chicago link to Digital?
239.03DOOZER::ATKINSONMon Jun 02 1986Possible new gateway
240.0152584::PINCHASTue Jun 03 1986Connetion to South Africa
242.05TKOV58::SHIMONOSun Jun 15 1986how do you pronounce "decwrl"?
243.06FNYFS::LOVELLTue Jun 17 1986Policy on COPYing this conference file
244.01ASYLUM::SIMONWed Jun 18 1986TYMNET?
246.02COMET2::TIMPSONMon Jun 23 1986Litton and UTC
247.02XANADU::MORRISMon Jun 23 1986ARPA Host Info?
248.0HYDRA::THALLERWed Jun 25 1986uucp to E-Net through decvax
251.03STAR::FRANKLINFri Jun 27 1986Gateway to .CCnet
253.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSSat Jun 28 1986Gateway generates improper reply address
254.02CHOPIN::KOCHMon Jun 30 1986Cant send to UUCP net.xxx any more?
255.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Jul 01 1986Is the gateway broken (incomming)?
256.08TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Jul 02 1986Public Access UNIX System
259.01HELIX::MILLERWed Jul 09 1986Fairchild @South Portland, ME
261.028PHENIX::SMITHThu Jul 10 1986Genrad
262.02RHEA::JOHNSSONFri Jul 11 1986Internet outage at decwrl
263.01ENGGSG::GROLLMANSun Jul 13 1986Reply returning a protocol error?
264.042SUBSYS::COTETue Jul 15 1986A way to Teradyne
265.012STAR::FRANKLINTue Jul 15 1986A way to Lockheed
266.04KRYPTN::CROWELLTue Jul 15 1986How hard does DECWRL work?
269.020GAYNES::WALLThu Jul 17 1986Hughes, but not on ARPANET?
270.02PHENIX::SMITHFri Jul 18 1986Incoming mail through the decvax gateway?
271.0DAIRY::SHARPFri Jul 18 1986node.ENET versus node.DEC.COM
272.026STAR::CRANDALLFri Jul 18 1986Reaching Lotus?
275.0WA1KNX::MCCUTCHENWed Jul 23 1986Access to GIDEP needed
276.01SPMFG1::ARCANDDThu Jul 24 1986Comments about THE SOURCE.
278.06FURILO::JACKSONThu Jul 24 1986Computervision
279.011CHAMP::SANDYFri Jul 25 1986CMU: Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
281.0DSSDEV::BROWNFri Jul 25 1986Raster Tech, you there?
282.013THEBAY::MTHOMASSat Jul 26 1986How to get a path to a USENET host.
283.0FOREST::SCHILLERMon Jul 28 1986Link to Sun Oil,TX
284.03BUCKY::MPALMERMon Jul 28 1986file transfer??
285.011RHEA::JOHNSSONMon Jul 28 1986WARNING: domain names to be REQUIRED
286.01MILES::CHABOTTue Jul 29 1986"remote execution ... exited with status 1"
288.010KRYPTN::CROWELLWed Jul 30 1986DAEMON?
289.04ELWOOD::MCCARRENThu Jul 31 1986Analog Devices ?
290.07NIMBUS::HAGLUNDFri Aug 01 1986Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
293.0HEFTY::MIKELISJWed Aug 06 1986Monarch Life Ins. Gateway
294.030ULTRA::ZURKOWed Aug 06 1986
295.03MINAR::BISHOPWed Aug 06 1986Zurich ETH?
296.04DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYMon Aug 11 1986Problems with REPLY and long names....
297.06OVDVAX::FRYMIERTue Aug 12 1986Coopers & Lybrand in Boston ??
299.034COVERT::COVERTTue Aug 19 1986Gateway addresses on business cards
302.09HYDRA::MARTINAGEThu Aug 21 1986A New England E-Net to USENET Gateway ??
303.06--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 21 1986(UN)Reliability of the "Net"
305.039SHIRE::GREGFri Aug 22 1986IBM (International Business Machines)
306.04MAGIC::LARKINFri Aug 22 1986Clarkson University
307.02PRORAT::CANSLERSat Aug 30 1986way to Savannah River Plant** Dept. of Energy**
308.0COLORS::CAMPBELLMon Sep 01 1986UUCP directory available
309.05DSSDEV::SAUTERTue Sep 02 1986University of Cambridge
311.0HYDRA::THALLERWed Sep 03 1986path to ADP Network Services
312.04TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Sep 08 1986Database@BITNIC.BITNET
314.062563Wed Sep 10 1986How does a small company connect to a NET
316.01ACE::BREWERThu Sep 11 1986JUNIPER at New Mexico Tech
317.0JEREMY::MAUROFri Sep 12 1986Montevideo - URUGUAY
318.01PROSE::HOGANTue Sep 16 1986How can I reach SAO in Cambridge
321.02RACE::SLATERThu Sep 18 1986Needle in a haystack?
322.0233D::JAMESThu Sep 18 1986Rochester Institute of Technology
323.03PRUNES::DAWSONTue Sep 23 1986Can't get there from here?
324.04LSMVAX::ROSENBLUHTue Sep 23 1986Usenet ==> me address request
325.02ANT::RAJTue Sep 23 1986Path to Bell Labs - Whippany
326.0VAXWRK::PRAETORIUSThu Sep 25 1986of interest to VAXen with TCP/IP?
327.0TKOV58::SHIMONOSun Sep 28 1986FYI: CSNET Info-Server
329.010BAGELS::NEWMANWed Oct 01 1986General Internetworking Information?
330.06ENGINE::WHITEThu Oct 02 1986VPI = Virginia Tech connection?
331.057ANT::RAJFri Oct 03 1986WANG LABS Gateway????
332.030ANT::RAJFri Oct 03 1986GTE Gateway
333.01DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Oct 07 1986Is there a generic VMS mail gateway program?
334.06TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Oct 08 1986allegra!decwrl!node.dec.com!user considered doubtful
335.013HYDRA::MARTINAGEFri Oct 10 1986Harvard University
336.01TAOVSat Oct 11 1986DIALOG or BRS...
337.014BARTOK::LINGMon Oct 13 1986Purdue University
340.03DECWET::SHUSTERThu Oct 16 1986Ridge Computers
341.0BAGELS::NEWMANFri Oct 17 1986Good (?) Source of General Information
342.03DECWET::FURBUSHTue Oct 21 1986Digital Research
343.01RSTS32::FREUNDWed Oct 22 1986SABRE message facility G8way?
344.07MMOWed Oct 22 1986CONNECT TO DDN ?
345.01DECWET::FURBUSHThu Oct 23 1986Stanford University
346.0HENRY8::MARSHALLThu Oct 23 1986Path to MOSAIC ??
347.020DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYFri Oct 24 1986Georgia Tech
348.0STAR::GILLIAMTue Oct 28 1986Network and Routing Info to Pegasystems
349.033DECWET::SHUSTERTue Oct 28 1986WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
350.027MENSCH::CANSLERWed Oct 29 1986University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UMASS-Lowell)
351.02ORAN::ORANWed Oct 29 1986Help with Internet address in the U.K.
353.04HYDRA::MARTINAGEWed Nov 05 1986REPLY does not work !!
354.06PHENIX::SMITHThu Nov 06 1986machine!user@node.domain
355.011DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYFri Nov 07 1986Eglin AFB, FL
357.0SHIRE::PHILIPMon Nov 10 1986Funk Software
358.03JOKE::UYENOMon Nov 10 1986Tufts University
359.04FSGG::DOYLETue Nov 11 1986Westinghouse (various locations)
362.01CUSTOM::LEVITINThu Nov 13 1986MCNC: What domain is it?
363.01FROST::HILLThu Nov 13 1986Tennessee State University
364.07RHEA::JOHNSSONThu Nov 13 1986List of first and second level domains
365.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Nov 18 1986DECVAX
366.01KRYPTN::CROWELLTue Nov 18 1986Bad reply field from same machine
367.0SHIRE::GREGWed Nov 19 1986DECUM g/w problem
368.010GENRAL::RINESMITHWed Nov 19 1986McDonnell Douglas
369.03NAC::HARBOWed Nov 19 1986How to post to a USENET newsgroup?
370.015DECWET::SHUSTERWed Nov 19 1986Boeing
371.04CLUSTA::REEDThu Nov 20 1986SEQUOIA
372.01HPSCAD::WALLFri Nov 21 1986Mysteries of the DAEMON explained?
373.046CLT::NOGRADYSat Nov 22 1986General Electric (GE)
376.02USWAV1::KOPECSun Nov 30 1986Wellesley College reachable?
377.0RDGEMon Dec 01 1986Address for Hatfield Poly (UK)
378.09SQM::ANDREMon Dec 01 1986Path to the University of Minnesota?
379.09HYDRA::MARTINAGEMon Dec 01 1986ORACLE Co.
381.01CADLAC::NULKARWed Dec 03 1986Path to Dartmouth
383.07SCAVAX::ROSCHThu Dec 04 1986Indiana Univ. at Bloomington?
384.01SWAFAC::BARTHThu Dec 04 1986Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
386.04SMAUG::ZOLFONOONMon Dec 08 1986How can I get to ENCORE Corp.??
387.0FURILO::KENTTue Dec 09 1986University of Vancouver
388.09ZPOVWed Dec 10 1986How to connect to the public network?
390.01ULTRA::KARGERWed Dec 17 1986blank lines appearing in message headers
391.03CRAIG::YANKESThu Dec 18 1986Size of the SuperNet?
392.04DEMOAX::ODELLMon Dec 22 1986University of Maryland?
393.01POTARU::QUODLINGMon Dec 22 1986Gateway to ACSnet
395.07ESTORE::MOORTHYMon Jan 05 1987Texas Instruments (TI)
396.08HSKSW5::HIETAMAKITue Jan 06 1987Tektronix, Portland, OR
397.03NRCP1::BROWNTue Jan 06 1987University of Georgia, Athens
398.010MARVIN::MILESTue Jan 13 1987Edinburgh University?
399.0HYDRA::MARTINAGEWed Jan 14 1987COMSAT in Maryland
401.02WHYVAX::STARKGRAFFri Jan 16 1987A Path to Mitsubishi ??
402.03NINJA::HEFFELFri Jan 16 1987Clemson University (hubcap)
404.025RSTS32::DELBALSOMon Jan 19 1987UNH - University of New Hampshire
405.03SHIRE::PHILIPTue Jan 20 1987UCSC: University of California, Santa Cruz
406.022QUOKKA::SNYDERTue Jan 20 1987Path to Intel?
407.014BUCKY::HSUMon Jan 26 1987path to Microsoft?
408.0PLDVAX::RAJMon Jan 26 1987AMCC Path ?
409.07TKOV58::SHIMONOThu Jan 29 1987A question on Decwrl
412.07CHUCKM::MURRAYTue Feb 03 1987Penn State University?
415.06USIVWed Feb 04 1987ZILOG, Where Are You?
416.03RHEA::KIEFERThu Feb 05 1987Decwrl's Internet Connection Down
417.08GUMDRP::HAINSWORTHTue Feb 10 1987University of Texas at Austin
418.020KAOAWed Feb 11 1987Bell Northern Research (BNR) and Northern Telecom (NT)
419.04WHYVAX::HAMPTONWed Feb 11 1987University of Manchester, England (UK)
420.01PISCES::DOODYMWed Feb 11 1987UCD (University College Dublin)
421.02HYDRA::MARTINAGEThu Feb 12 1987UUCP Postmasters ?
422.06SQM::HALLYBThu Feb 12 1987Western Union Easylink
423.053RHEA::SYSTEMSat Feb 14 1987Why Rhea isn't accepting any mail from you
424.04AKOV68::BOYAJIANTue Feb 17 1987ABYSS::???
426.033363::HERBERTTue Feb 17 1987Why don't we use supported software?
427.0DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed Feb 18 1987Question about corrupted mail address fields
428.04HYDRA::THALLERThu Feb 19 1987Hofstra
430.02E2XE2X::MCCONNELLSat Feb 28 1987Incomplete Message Warning
431.01HYDRA::MARTINAGETue Mar 03 1987ITIVAX.UMICH--weird
432.02TLE::SAVAGEWed Mar 04 1987NYSERNet
435.01SUPER::MATTHEWSTue Mar 10 1987Is DTSS out there?
437.0HYDRA::MARTINAGETue Mar 17 1987Hampshire College
438.04HYDRA::MARTINAGETue Mar 17 1987Is MUSCAT sick ??
440.0MED::MIREIDERFri Mar 20 1987McCormick & Dodge
441.02CURIE::HUPPERTFri Mar 20 1987Texaco Research Center, Houston
442.0COOKIE::FONTANAFri Mar 20 1987Inmos Corp Link?
444.03STUSWS::FASSBENDERMon Mar 30 1987Nixdorf Computer AG
445.08TALLIS::JBELLTue Mar 31 1987stargate
446.03SHEILA::CHEUNGWed Apr 01 1987returned mail - User Unknown
447.0NAC::PLOUFFWed Apr 01 1987Electronic Arts
451.02MJOVAX::HOFFMANNFri Apr 03 1987University of Pittsburgh
453.03ILOVTue Apr 07 1987Path to EIRMAIL
456.02TLE::REAGANThu Apr 09 1987Gateway to MFENET
458.01QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 14 1987ULTRIX to VMS via uucp
459.05DSSDEV::EPPESWed Apr 15 1987Intermetrics?
460.0ROMCSA::GRAZIANITue Apr 21 1987ASTROnet
462.01JEREMY::GIDEONTue Apr 21 1987"Hunter&"Ready?
463.05MEDUSA::AREYTue Apr 21 1987N.E. Telephone Gateway wanted
464.0141176::FLANNERYThu Apr 23 1987gateway to HEANET
465.02VIDEO::LEICHTERJSun May 03 1987Enet nodes showing up as unknown
467.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYMon May 04 1987Problems with Allegra
468.05LEDS::UYENOMon May 04 1987Versatec
469.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1987Martin Marietta
470.04GUIDUK::ONOTue May 05 1987decnet-gateway-uucp-gateway-decnet
471.08GUIDUK::ONOWed May 06 1987University of Washington
472.07HYDRA::MARTINAGEWed May 06 1987RCA, Burlington
474.015Thu May 07 1987Dortmund University
477.01CHARON::MCGLINCHEYThu May 07 1987DECUS in Reading England
478.02GENRAL::MCCLUREHMon May 11 1987deleting jobs in uucp land
479.02SWAMI::LAMIAMon May 11 1987CSNET info, and domain addressing formats
480.06RDGENG::LINDETue May 12 1987British Telecom Gold ?
482.05BARNUM::JORGENSENWed May 13 1987Replying via DECUAC::
483.01HYDRA::MARTINAGETue May 19 1987NoSuchNode: NMAIL incorrectly started
484.03MSDSWS::DANTONITue May 19 1987Mail size restrictions?
485.09LABC::GRAYWed May 20 1987ATTmail gateway -- see also AT&T, note 215
486.013QBUS::BENNETTWed May 20 1987Telenet/Tymnet/Telemail gateway
487.01SHIRE::GREGWed May 20 1987.arpa out now what?
489.03VIDEO::OSMANTue May 26 1987it seems that "decwrl!decvax" is superfluous
490.024TAVENG::CHAIMWed May 27 1987Olivetti....
491.03SNDBOX::SMITHWed May 27 1987Adaptive Optics Associates
492.04NEDVAX::HAYESFri Jun 05 1987UCB, University of California at Berkeley
493.013STAR::GOLEMANTue Jun 09 1987SPAN net?
495.05OVDVAX::NEWTONWed Jun 17 1987OSU -- Ohio state University
497.05E2XE2X::MCCONNELLWed Jun 24 1987Phillips & Mble in Belgium
498.02GVAADG::ROUSSETThu Jun 25 1987Getting hold of John Doe on nta-vax.arpa
499.06HYDRA::THALLERThu Jun 25 1987Size of Usenet
500.02MARVIN::WARWICKFri Jun 26 1987Bad non-delivery message from gateway
501.02RUTLND::ELEETue Jun 30 1987Texas A&M University
503.02VICKI::FLANAGANThu Jul 02 1987American Management Systems (AMS)
504.0VIDEO::OSMANTue Jul 07 1987what should I use instead of MSUDOC ?
507.012PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Jul 13 1987UUENCODE/DECODE for VMS . . . ?
508.06BARNUM::WILKINSTue Jul 14 1987Path to Rockwell?
509.05PARITY::LANGRMon Jul 20 1987JPL -- Jet Propulsion Laboratory
510.010OPHION::JOHNSSONMon Jul 20 1987Draft Mail Gateway Policy
511.06KAOATue Jul 28 1987ONTYME, anyone?
512.016JEREMY::GIDEONWed Jul 29 1987Siemens
514.03WHYVAX::KRUGERThu Jul 30 1987Link to Stevens Tech
515.03ASD::WILLIAMSFri Jul 31 1987Email gateway to Applicon?
517.05DECWIN::MCOHENWed Aug 05 1987University of Pennsylvania
518.048OPHION::JOHNSSONTue Aug 11 1987New DECWRL Gateway
519.0BPOVWed Aug 12 1987Cambridge Training Center?
521.02GENRAL::BHUMRALKARThu Aug 20 1987Case Technology, California
523.011JEREMY::GIDEONMon Aug 24 1987National Semiconductor (NSC)
525.01SUCCES::PASQUALEMon Aug 24 1987How To Find Nodename
527.04IMBACQ::LITTTue Aug 25 1987SMS--Shared Medical Systems
529.01TDCIS1::POUTHIERWed Aug 26 1987? megatek ?
531.01XYZZY::ASSST13Wed Aug 26 1987DECUSV:: Where are you?
532.08CNTROL::BLASKOVICHThu Aug 27 1987Path to Univ. of Cincinnati
533.0TAVMon Aug 31 1987CYGNA Inc. ?
534.01TAVMon Aug 31 1987Directory ?
536.05ENGINE::METHOTWed Sep 02 1987Path to Cognition needs improving
538.07EAGLE1::LEONARDThu Sep 03 1987Interleaf
539.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Sep 04 1987Gateway and LONG Messages
540.01TKOV58::SHIMONOSat Sep 05 1987HEPNET (High Energy Physics NETwork)
541.016BITS::RAYHANIANTue Sep 08 1987Path to QMI??
543.01SMURF::JMARTINWed Sep 09 1987Computer Sciences Corp., Durham, NC
546.08ULTRA::HERBISONFri Sep 18 1987decwrl is duplicating SF-Lovers
547.010DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 22 1987File copy gateway?
548.02DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Sep 22 1987Eikonix path?
549.03SKIVT::P_BOUCHERFri Sep 25 1987Look for FAIRCHILD on uucp ...
551.01DELNI::HAMMONDFri Sep 25 1987Path to AMETEK
552.03RUTLND::SORKINMon Sep 28 1987Path to GRINNELL COLLEGE?
553.01CONDOR::GOGUENMon Sep 28 1987Amherst College - Amherst MA?
554.03SKIVT::P_BOUCHERWed Sep 30 1987path to Drexel university ?
555.04CADSYS::KUMARThu Oct 01 1987State University of New York (SUNY) - Buffalo
556.02CADSE::ECHENThu Oct 01 1987Johns Hopkins University
557.015TKOV58::SHIMONOThu Oct 01 1987Network directory available at Univ of Texas
560.01PFLOYD::ROTHBERGThu Oct 08 1987Problem with host
561.05MOSSAD::GREGFri Oct 09 1987Distribution List problem
562.03SYSENG::BITTLESat Oct 10 1987Duke University
563.04LEZAH::BOBBITTMon Oct 12 1987XYPLEX
565.07HONCHO::THUNTWed Oct 14 1987Path to CERN
567.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Oct 16 1987USENET gateway loses EASYNET host name
568.02VIDEO::OSMANMon Oct 19 1987why can't I mail to exactly the same address ?
570.0IOSG::VICKERSThu Oct 22 1987Liverpool Polytechnic (England)
571.02PLDVAX::RJEFFRIESThu Oct 22 1987Address failure to NC A&T
572.01RUTLND::KULKARNIThu Oct 22 1987University of Oran, Algeria
573.03HYDRA::KALKUNTETue Oct 27 1987Mass. Microelectronics Center (MMC)
574.02SHIRE::PHILIPWed Oct 28 1987Hopping the pond with UUCP
575.02PLDVAX::WHITCRAFTFri Oct 30 1987want a path to Signetics
577.03HPSCAD::WALLWed Nov 04 1987Remote Protocol error?
578.040ANGORA::WHITCRAFTWed Nov 04 1987Motorola, Inc. (mot.com)
580.01VAXAGB::BELDINMon Nov 09 1987INFOTRON - Cherry Hill, NJ
582.02HSKSA3::TILLANENWed Nov 11 1987Finnish universities
583.02SKIVT::P_BOUCHERWed Nov 11 1987Usenet Logical Map ?
584.0OPHION::JOHNSSONThu Nov 12 1987Chain letter season is here, sigh!
585.01HIGHD::PFLUEGERMon Nov 16 1987Looking for arpa address syntax *<8^{)I
586.03ASIC::RAJTue Nov 17 1987PATH to NC STATE
587.03TSG::KELLEHERWed Nov 18 1987OMNET
588.03MIPS::APPELLOFWed Nov 18 1987RTI - Relational Tech. gateway
589.04CADSE::ECHENMon Nov 23 1987Bell Labs -- Murray Hill
590.01ECAD::TRLICATue Nov 24 1987Path to Radian Corp.-Austin,TX
591.06MANANA::RUDNICKTue Nov 24 1987Path NETNORTH, in CANADA?
593.03CURIE::HUPPERTWed Nov 25 1987Help needed on connection via PSI
594.0NAC::MERSHONWed Nov 25 1987Bendix in Peterborough, NJ
595.01STAR::CARIDDISun Nov 29 1987Path To CDC in Arden Hills, MN.
596.01ULTRA::ELLISMon Nov 30 1987mysterious mail messages
597.02BELKER::KHALLMon Nov 30 1987MaCom, San Diego
598.01VIDEO::OSMANTue Dec 01 1987I would like to send or recieve from Stellar Corp.
599.023D::ELLENBERGERWed Dec 02 1987Path to SDRC
600.0RADINA::PASCIUTAFri Dec 04 1987Genigraphics?
601.05CURIE::HUPPERTFri Dec 04 1987Can someone help me?
602.07LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Dec 04 1987TRW
603.01DELNI::HAMMONDMon Dec 07 1987Path to TSO in PA
604.02GEMVAX::BARBUTOMon Dec 07 1987DECmail to VAX Acct.
606.07CSCMA::COSTIGANWed Dec 09 1987Amdahl Corporation (worldwide)
607.04GNUVAX::BOBBITTWed Dec 09 1987Naval Underwater Systems C & R?
610.010SIGANA::GOODSTEINThu Dec 10 1987Lincoln Labs?
611.01WFOVX6::DUNLOPFri Dec 11 1987Southeastern Mass. University
612.011BPOV1Mon Dec 14 1987COMPAQ?
613.01NZOVTue Dec 15 1987TVA or Harding Uni..
615.020EXPRES::PATELFri Dec 18 1987Kodak, all locations
616.01NAC::CARBAUGHMon Dec 21 1987Royal Australian Air Force
619.022CURIE::BURDICKTue Dec 22 1987VLSI Technologies -- VTI
621.01ORAN::ORANSun Dec 27 1987
622.03VIKING::SAWYERTue Dec 29 1987It used to work
623.04IAGO::SCHOELLERTue Dec 29 1987Lucid, Inc.
624.06EXPRES::PATELWed Dec 30 1987LSE-London,UK
625.0CADSYS::OSULLIVANWed Dec 30 1987Path to AMC (Albany Medical College)?
627.02HPSVAX::MECHLINGMon Jan 04 1988Corning Glass, Corning, NY??
628.05ASIC::HUANGMon Jan 04 1988LSI Logic (all locations)
629.02MOSSAD::GREGTue Jan 05 1988UN -- United Nations
630.02SMALL3::BULKATue Jan 05 1988?AUSTEC - Melbourne, Australia?
631.04SAGAN2::BACONTue Jan 05 1988Path to Toshiba on JUNET
632.06DPDSAL::VETEIKISThu Jan 07 1988ARPA to DEC A1 address
633.01TOOK::MICHAUDThu Jan 07 1988Blue Cross & Blue Shield
634.019CADSYS::OSULLIVANSat Jan 09 1988GM (General Motors) (Worldwide) (also DELCO and EDS)
635.09CSC32::S_WATTUMMon Jan 11 1988University of Alaska
636.022HEFTY::NADEAUBTue Jan 12 1988Ford Motor Company
637.07SSDEVO::OAKEYTue Jan 12 1988The Path to AutoDesk?
638.09SKIVT::GRAVELTue Jan 12 1988equivalent to DECWRL anywhere ?
639.07CHEFS::WALLSDFri Jan 15 1988British Telecom (BT)
640.03WLDWST::RODRIGUEZFri Jan 15 1988VA -- Veterans Administration
641.03EMASS::NELSONSun Jan 17 1988MECC or MERTISS
642.02TEACH::BOBThu Jan 21 1988Looking for a path to Gould
643.02TOOK::MICHAUDFri Jan 22 1988Association for Computing Machinery
644.028SHOREY::SHOREYFri Jan 22 1988Bull (formerly Honeywell)
646.03CVG::CAMPANELLAWed Jan 27 1988CITICORP, New York City
647.02RIPPER::AMESFri Jan 29 1988IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
648.0MOSSAD::GREGFri Jan 29 1988DATASERV in Long Beach
649.02COMET::FULTONFri Jan 29 1988Host unknown at usc-isib.arpa
650.0TRUMAN::PLATTFri Jan 29 1988NYNEX
651.07GENRAL::BHUMRALKARSat Jan 30 1988Valid Logic in San Jose
654.04KLOVMon Feb 01 1988ENET->NIHE Limerick Ireland ????
656.011RDGCSS::WINWOODTue Feb 02 1988SINET (Schlumberger) Gate
657.02HYDRA::THALLERFri Feb 05 1988EPA
658.0ZPOVThu Feb 11 1988Petrol Canada
659.02CVG::CAMPANELLAThu Feb 11 1988AVCO / Textron in Wilmington, MA
660.01UTREIS::LEERKAMPFri Feb 12 1988Who knows PDMF?
661.0SPMFG1::NADEAUBSun Feb 14 1988Path to Suffolk Law School
662.09TOPDOC::AHERNSun Feb 14 1988Path to Antarctica?
663.05DECWET::SHUSTERMon Feb 15 1988NEC
664.01DACT6::CANNONThu Feb 18 1988MOBIL OIL
665.03CLT::CATANOThu Feb 18 1988Nova University, Florida
666.03OPHION::JOHNSSONFri Feb 19 1988Goodbye Milnet; Hello Cypress - Improved Internet Connection
668.06LIONEL::BRETSCHNEIDESat Feb 20 1988Path to DATAPACK?
670.0RANCHO::HOLTTue Feb 23 1988MCS/Irvine, Ca...?
671.010WORDS::KRISTYWed Feb 24 1988routing to Daniel Webster College needed
672.07TOOK::MICHAUDThu Feb 25 1988Inet Host by Inet Address
673.01KBOMFG::HEIDENFri Feb 26 1988path to Ben Gurion University in ISRAEL wanted
674.038472::PICKARDThu Mar 03 1988Project Software?
675.07DSSDEV::MCCONNELLThu Mar 03 1988University of Darmstadt
676.05COGVAX::NARODThu Mar 03 1988Lincoln Sudbury Reg HS
677.01DECWET::SHUSTERThu Mar 03 1988Problem reaching GATEWAYS
678.04LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Mar 03 1988Seeking info on unauthorized activities...
679.07ATPS::MALLORYSat Mar 05 1988TANDEM?
680.012NATHAN::STONECYPHERTue Mar 08 1988NCR (National Cash Register)
681.01JENEVR::FRANCUSWed Mar 09 1988What am i doing wrong??
682.0WAV12::WILSONSun Mar 13 1988Contact names?
684.03ANGORA::KVUMon Mar 14 1988MAGNAVOX Tech Cent in Ft Wayne, INDIANA{
686.01TSE::MAGENHEIMWed Mar 16 1988Royal Canadian Regiment, Oromocto, New Brunswick
687.014CLOVAX::COBURNTue Mar 22 1988Allen-Bradley in Ohio
688.02CELTCS::BULKAMon Mar 28 1988need help deciphering errors
689.04ULTRA::KROCZAKTue Mar 29 1988Pyramid ?
690.013ULTRA::KROCZAKTue Mar 29 1988Philips
691.0MEO78B::MCCOYWed Mar 30 1988cipherlink anyone?
692.03INFACT::BEVISThu Mar 31 1988Looking for help with addressing
694.05NUTMEG::RYANThu Mar 31 1988Millipore gateway???
695.02SLDA5::DUNAISKYMon Apr 04 1988Oklahoma State University
697.021CHOVAX::WORDENThu Apr 07 1988DEC <==> duPont mail
698.02FSTVAX::ROYERFri Apr 08 1988Broncos address?
699.03SHIRE::PHILIPMon Apr 11 1988San Diego State University
700.028CREME::ONEALMon Apr 11 1988Apple Computer (Cupertino) and AppleTalk/AppleLink
702.01SLDA3::MATHURTue Apr 12 1988UCSB -- University of California at Santa Barbara
704.02TOOK::MICHAUDWed Apr 13 1988Undecipherable
705.04MOSSAD::GREGFri Apr 15 1988general questions
706.03SWAMI::LAMIASun Apr 17 1988TASC -- The Analytical Sciences Corp.
707.02JENEVR::KISERMon Apr 18 1988Sales Technologies, Inc. Atlanta
708.023D::ELLENBERGERWed Apr 20 1988Bell Labs, Naperville, IL (Indian Hills)
709.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 27 1988Using TCP/IP mail from a non-TCP/IP node -- HOW??
711.06ERICG::ERICGThu Apr 28 1988time stamp in message forwarded by DECWRL
712.04AKOV12::OBERMILLERThu Apr 28 1988University of Hawaii
713.0REGENT::JFORSYTHEFri Apr 29 1988Lookin' for Concept Automation in VA.
714.05COGVAX::NARODSat Apr 30 1988Union College, Schenectady, NY
715.04CLT::SCALESMon May 02 1988Internet Yo-yo
716.0MOSAIC::PRAETORIUSMon May 02 1988home node security policy
717.016LEDS::SKRALYMon May 02 1988UCLA--University of California, Los Angeles
718.04--UnknownUser--Tue May 03 1988Can Mail but no REPLIES!
719.0COGVAX::NARODMon May 09 1988Dunlop Tire in Buffalo New York
720.06DCC::BIRSEWed May 11 1988BP (British Petroleum)
721.09ANDREW::OSTROMWed May 11 1988Mass General Hospital -- MGH
723.0DECWET::SHUSTERMon May 16 1988Ernst and Whinney in Ontario
724.0MISFIT::FOLTSDWed May 18 1988Gateway to FMC??
726.01CXCAD::COOMBEThu May 19 1988University of the South Pacific, Laucala Bay, Fiji
727.010ALIVE::HUSTONMon May 23 1988Path to Codex?
728.04CXCAD::FAHEYMon May 23 1988Paths...SMU,Xavier,Rice
729.05PRCSWS::ANDREWNGTue May 24 1988University of New South Wales, Australia
730.01VIDEO::FINGERHUTTue May 24 1988American Express, Fireman's Fund
731.01CAFEIN::HYSONThu May 26 1988Gateway to JC Penny's
732.021SCOMAN::BRAUNThu May 26 1988unisys
733.03MEIJE::WHEELWRIGHTMon May 30 1988Harwell labs, Oxfordshire
735.02CNTROL::MORINWed Jun 01 1988Brandeis University
736.01NAC::MACKWed Jun 01 1988Path to Spider Systems????
737.01SMAUG::ZOLFONOONThu Jun 02 1988Node
738.01HOTAIR::PATRICKThu Jun 02 1988University of California at Davis (UC-Davis)
739.04COVERT::COVERTFri Jun 03 1988MTS addresses and the gateway
740.0DISHQ::OPERATORFri Jun 03 1988Path to Texas Eastern
741.03TOOK::MICHAUDSun Jun 05 1988navtech.UUCP
743.01STARCH::FALCONETue Jun 07 1988Path to Amiga or Boing?
744.01HOTAIR::PATRICKThu Jun 09 1988Path from UC Davis to Node HOTAIR::
745.01SMURF::REEVESFri Jun 10 1988ihnp4 and cbosgd closing down
747.05MORO::AVERY_TOFri Jun 10 1988Path to CWRU?
748.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONSat Jun 11 1988Path to Cullinet
749.01VIDEO::CROUSEMon Jun 13 1988zycad
750.03RICKS::MAHESHWARIMon Jun 13 1988Merrill Lynch
751.02USADEC::MOKMon Jun 13 1988Bear Sterns in NYC
753.01SKYLRK::OLSONWed Jun 15 1988PDA Engineering !pdaeng!
754.0AKOV12::OBERMILLERThu Jun 16 1988Path to Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
755.02FREEBE::BOYLEThu Jun 16 1988University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston
756.05STOPIT::HOBBSThu Jun 16 1988Hatfield Polytechnic Institute
758.038DELNI::CANTORSat Jun 18 1988FIDOnet
759.01ARCANA::JORGENSENMon Jun 20 1988Norton Company???
760.09CHEFS::WALLSDTue Jun 21 1988digital security
761.03CHEFS::GRACETue Jun 21 1988Path to NORSK DATA Newbury
762.03ARCANA::JORGENSENWed Jun 22 1988University of Maine
763.06CIMAMT::POWELLWed Jun 22 1988LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Labs
766.02TELCOM::NOBLEThu Jun 23 1988Corp Policy on External Connections
767.05MOSAIC::HARRISThu Jun 23 1988MASSCOMP routing
768.01SNDCSL::SMITHFri Jun 24 1988Instantaneous connection to DECWRL!
769.02RAISON::GRIMESFri Jun 24 1988Bankers Trust Company, NYC?
770.02JEREMY::RIVKASun Jun 26 1988One way mail,why???
771.02INFACT::BEVISMon Jun 27 1988What's this strange address string?
773.013ULTRA::ELLISWed Jun 29 1988Bellcore
774.06GAO::APATILThu Jun 30 1988UUNET,UUCP in the address?
775.0VIDEO::FINGERHUTThu Jun 30 1988Rocket Research
776.018IND::FLADUNGFri Jul 01 1988GENIEnet ?
777.0MARX::SYLVESTERFri Jul 01 1988Path needed to Epsilon
779.010CHESS::KAIKOWSat Jul 02 1988Difficulties copying DECWRL::"gateway.doc"
780.0NEBR::HARRISONTue Jul 05 1988Southwestern Bell / St. Louis
781.08GENRAL::MCCLUREHTue Jul 05 1988Cray Research, Inc.
782.022BERNThu Jul 07 1988DIRectory, COPy, SET HOST, Telnet, ...?
783.02GNUVAX::BOBBITTThu Jul 07 1988Minuteman Tech, in Lexington MA
784.01SLDA1::MITHALThu Jul 07 1988path to Society for Math and Data Processing
786.03CNTROL::EDMONSTONFri Jul 08 1988Washington University, St. Louis
787.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Jul 08 1988HELP reaching a non-DECie in England ...??
788.02DEBIT::NEWMANMon Jul 11 1988csnet info-server problem
789.03MARX::BELLEROSETue Jul 12 1988Mitre Corp., Bedford, MA (mitre-bedford)
790.016ZEKE::SLOANWed Jul 13 1988Sun Microsystems
791.06TSE::LEEBERThu Jul 14 1988Path to University of Vermont At Burlington, VT?
793.0CPRS::ROSCHFri Jul 15 1988Presbynet?
794.04REGENT::POWERSThu Jul 21 1988Need help on getting started in networking
795.08OPHION::JOHNSSONThu Jul 21 1988DECWRL shutdown Friday night 7/22
796.0SNDCSL::SMITHMon Jul 25 1988tailorme?
799.09CIMNET::KISHANFri Jul 29 1988Hanscom Air Force Base
800.03MUNCSS::AJKTue Aug 02 1988Adobe Systems Inc., Palo Alto
801.01MKFSA::RONDEAUTue Aug 02 1988State University of New York (SUNY)-College of Tech. Utica
802.01VIDEO::ROACHTue Aug 02 1988Univ of Sussex, England (JANET)
804.01NYSSA::NARODWed Aug 03 1988Thinking Machines
806.03VAILSE::GALLUPThu Aug 04 1988University of Arizona
808.043D::ELLENBERGERFri Aug 12 1988Path to ARPA Netlib
810.02CURIE::GOLDMon Aug 15 1988ISRANET Access?
812.02FAITH::GARRISONWed Aug 17 1988University of Notre Dame
813.05BLASWed Aug 17 1988Trying to send to SAS Institute
814.02IAMOK::DEVIVOThu Aug 18 1988MTS/X.4
815.05NYSSA::NARODThu Aug 18 1988Camp Dresser & McKee
816.01THEBAY::GOODMANThu Aug 18 1988Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
817.05HPSCAD::WALLTue Aug 23 1988State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany
819.0USMRW1::SJULIENThu Aug 25 1988Path to Stop & Shop - Braintree,MA
821.03CRUSHA::WILLIAMSIFri Aug 26 1988Route to Leeds University UK (JANET)
822.02SAAB::GRANTMon Aug 29 1988North Carolina State University (ncnc.ncnc.org)
823.03CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Aug 29 1988OmenTechnology Inc
824.05KLCSE::KIELYTue Aug 30 1988UUCP map or pathfinder
825.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Aug 30 1988VAXmail to user on remote DECnet network
826.0DELNI::BEECHERFri Sep 02 1988Utica College of Syracuse University
827.01AKOV11::BOYAJIANWed Sep 07 1988The Big Electric Cat
828.04HPSTEK::GRAVELWed Sep 07 1988What happened to NUSC ?
829.07AYOV16::EBYRNEThu Sep 08 1988IRELAND
830.0HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHThu Sep 08 1988Help - Outside Network Services?
831.01LDP::JACKSONThu Sep 08 1988ihnp4 unknown???
832.01LEROUF::PALOThu Sep 08 1988CERT in Toulouse, France ?
833.0113D::COULTERFri Sep 09 1988University of Southern California (USC)
835.01CIMAMT::MILLIGANMon Sep 12 1988Automatix Inc. (vaxine)
836.02KARCEC::NEIDECKERTue Sep 13 1988Cypress Semiconductor, San Jose, CA
839.0HPSTEK::JORGENSENWed Sep 14 1988Establishing NET Connections...
840.03OFFHK::ZAMBREThu Sep 15 1988Gateway to INDIA
841.05AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Sep 16 1988Precision Visuals?
842.01ULTRA::KROCZAKMon Sep 19 1988Foxboro' Company?
843.01HGOVC::JEFFLUITue Sep 20 1988to and from National Univ. of Singapore
844.02SLDA1::MITHALTue Sep 20 1988path to Oxford Univ. ?
845.07BPOVWed Sep 21 1988University of Wisconsin (all campuses)
846.0VIDEO::CROUSEWed Sep 21 1988Saddlebrook
847.0MUNCSS::AJKThu Sep 22 1988PMI, Project Management Institute
848.06SCENIC::BYRNEThu Sep 22 1988University of Rhode Island
849.01NYAREA::VECRUMBAFri Sep 23 1988Need ATT/BITNET help!
851.01BRUTWO::RUZECKIMon Sep 26 1988E Conn St Univ or University of Connecticut
852.02LOPTSN::FERWERDAMon Sep 26 1988Waterloo.NCR.COM?
854.01MARX::GIBEAUWed Sep 28 1988Question about timestamps
855.02MUNKAD::VINZENZThu Sep 29 1988New Path to Boston Software Works Anybody?
856.01NAC::MAGLIOZZIFri Sep 30 1988WEST POINT?
858.01SNDCSL::SMITHFri Sep 30 1988Trouble accessing this notes file
859.04BOSTAC::MORRISFri Sep 30 1988Are Europeans less equal?
860.0CUBETA::GARTNERMon Oct 03 1988Geary Corp
861.02MELEE::NARODMon Oct 03 1988Atex in Bedford Mass
862.02WMOIS::B_REINKETue Oct 04 1988Wesleyan University
864.0AYOV11::EBYRNEWed Oct 05 1988SYM-TEK
865.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Oct 06 1988
866.0CHUCKM::MURRAYThu Oct 06 1988Path to Rollins College?
867.01VESUVE::WHEELWRIGHTFri Oct 07 1988Applied Telematics, BEANO and psi
868.03MTA::SAPIENZAFri Oct 07 1988ArpaNet .vs. Bitnet .vs. ?Net
869.01SALSA::HUFFFri Oct 07 1988Univ. of Guelph-CoSy
870.03RAINBO::GARYMon Oct 10 1988How to get to indetech
871.06I93::ORNSTEINTue Oct 11 1988? The Portal System (TM)
872.0AYOV16::EBYRNEWed Oct 12 1988Open University
873.01SAGE::OISPGWed Oct 12 1988Meta-Language?
874.06SAGE::OISPGWed Oct 12 1988BIX?
875.04DPDSAL::VETEIKISThu Oct 13 1988path to Monsanto?
876.0TOEIN::LWSat Oct 15 1988Path to Niagara Mohawk, Oswego NY
877.08USMVMon Oct 17 1988Liberty Mutual Insurance
879.01LASSIE::SANTOSFri Oct 21 1988Gateway to Brazil?
880.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Oct 24 1988outside address to DEC's Enet
881.04LDP::BIYABANIMon Oct 24 1988National Bureau of Standards
882.01NAC::MAGLIOZZITue Oct 25 1988path to E-Systems?
883.010ELWOOD::WHERRYTue Oct 25 1988Intergraph
885.0CXUNIX::BEATYWed Oct 26 1988North Dakota State Univ. (NDSU)
886.02ATEAM::EHLERSWed Oct 26 1988VW Plant in Germany
887.01MELEE::NARODWed Oct 26 1988uucp backbone
888.01ZEKE::LYNCHWed Oct 26 1988Chelmsford High School
889.0WAYLAY::GORDONWed Oct 26 1988cannot prescan canonical hostname?
891.01ULTRA::KARGERFri Oct 28 1988DECWRL overloaded?
892.06USMRM9::JMITCHELLFri Oct 28 1988 Need some direction
893.018ULTRA::KROCZAKTue Nov 01 1988Reuters?
894.03CIMAMT::POWELLTue Nov 01 1988University of Rochester @ Buffalo
895.01I93::ORNSTEINThu Nov 03 1988Gateway's requirements for parameters
896.01IAMOK::DEVIVOFri Nov 04 1988Internet mail virus
897.019KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSun Nov 06 1988Prodigy
898.0TIS::NEWTONMon Nov 07 1988University of Oregon grad school??
899.01TOOK::MATTIOLIMon Nov 07 1988Drew university (path wanted)
900.0WRO8A::CORTOPADATue Nov 08 1988INTERSIL???
901.01VAXINE::WAGERWed Nov 09 1988Fitchburg State College
902.04MERIDN::GERMAINThu Nov 10 1988path to AMPEX, Colorado
903.01THRUST::DM_JOHNSONFri Nov 11 1988Is this a strange syntax?
904.0EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Nov 14 1988BITNET to the Museum of Science, Boston
905.06TRCAMon Nov 14 1988Bell Canada and ENVOY 1
906.05SCRUZ::EGGLY_WAMon Nov 14 1988Looking for Information Builders
907.02GVAADG::RICETue Nov 15 1988University of Delaware?
908.02TALLIS::REISERTTue Nov 15 1988tusun2.kehnet.utulsa.edu
911.03LEADIN::HITCHCOCKThu Nov 17 1988How to Reach Bentley College?
913.02TRUCKS::KENSFri Nov 18 1988Path to Britton-Lee
914.0ULTRA::KROCZAKFri Nov 18 1988Instinet, Bedford MA?
915.03TELALL::DAVISMon Nov 21 1988University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
916.0NEBR::HARRISONTue Nov 22 1988Adelphi University, New York
917.05GIVEME::JOYTue Nov 22 1988Los Alamos/LANL path?
918.02AKOV68::SHEPROMon Nov 28 1988Research Development Laboratories
920.0UNTADH::ROBERTSTue Nov 29 1988Path to ARRL?
921.02WMOIS::JORGENSENTue Nov 29 1988Norwich University, Vermont
922.04MUNCSS::AJKThu Dec 01 1988ISO 3166 3 letter country code
923.01NRPUR::BALSAMOThu Dec 01 1988Path to XBE - Hamilton Bermuda
925.01WAKIKI::SHATARAWed Dec 07 1988SYntax Help.
926.01CADSE::CERNESEThu Dec 08 1988Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania?
928.02HAZEL::YELINEKMon Dec 12 1988Anybody know a PATH TO ZEHNTEL
929.01NEWVAX::SHAPIROSat Dec 17 1988path to convex?
930.02FLAT::BETA_8Thu Dec 22 1988GEONET?
931.02BMW32Tue Jan 03 1989University of Kentucky Computer Center
933.04JACOB::SHEYNERWed Jan 04 1989State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton
934.01SALTHL::MCCROHANThu Jan 05 1989Northern Telecom (NT) COCUS
935.02COMET::TIMPSONMon Jan 09 1989Bates Linear Accelerator
936.01MAY26::DOOLEYWed Jan 18 1989Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
937.0CURIE::HAMMONDThu Jan 19 1989Philadelphia National Bank (PNB)
938.03SAILBT::HEARNSThu Jan 19 1989Sterling Software (SSDC)
940.04IEFri Jan 20 1989UTRC (United technologies), Hartford CT
942.016WFOOFF::PECKARTue Jan 24 1989University of North Carolina (UNC)
943.04ISTG::GERMAINWed Jan 25 1989Schering-Plough
944.0CURIE::HAMMONDThu Jan 26 1989Alexander & Alexander?
947.014WFOOFF::HARRIS_RThu Feb 02 1989Gateway.Doc Help
948.01BLURB::LAUKAITISMon Feb 06 1989Pathway to ITP Enterprise in Cambridge?
949.0ESASE::LOUGHLINTue Feb 07 1989Pathway to Telematics or P.C.I.
950.012VENOM::DLUGOSZTue Feb 07 1989Network Object Unknown?
952.05HDSRUS::MOKWed Feb 08 1989Cadence Design Systems, Santa Clara
953.0JEREMY::GABIThu Feb 09 1989Path to ZYMOS ?
954.04DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Feb 17 1989Connection times out to Bellcore
955.09DELNI::S_HELMREICHFri Feb 17 1989Dow Chemical, (Mich.) address?
956.011MLLCPP::BRANDEWIEMon Feb 20 1989ARPANET whois function and mailing
957.01DECWET::SHUSTERMon Feb 20 1989Evans and Sutherland
958.0SALEM::BRADYTue Feb 21 1989Babcock Display Products Inc
959.01BODACH::APATILThu Feb 23 1989Ball St University, Muncie, Indiana
961.01SSDEVO::HAMPTONThu Feb 23 1989J&J - Johnson & Johnson
962.05MOSSAD::GREGFri Feb 24 1989Northrop
963.0MEMORY::PAPPASFri Feb 24 1989Path to Numerix?
965.02HYDRA::MARTINAGEMon Feb 27 1989Proctor and Gamble
966.0MOSSAD::GREGWed Mar 01 1989Path to ODC in Melbourne, Australia
967.01DYO78Wed Mar 01 1989ALCOA in Pittsburgh, PA?
968.01WFOV11::PLANTEWed Mar 01 1989Connection to Wright Patterson AFB
969.01DEMOAX::HENCHEYThu Mar 02 1989vicorp
970.06LEVERS::MAGLIOZZISun Mar 05 1989University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
971.04DEBIT::SOOTue Mar 07 1989Somewhere in Singapore.
972.02CURIE::GOODENOWTue Mar 07 1989University of London
974.0EST::JPOLCARITue Mar 07 1989Information on Pace Univ.
975.01MAY1Tue Mar 14 1989Sequent, Portland...Oregon
977.04LDPDM1::DITOMMASOFri Mar 17 1989BANYAN Gateway?
979.0ELDRAD::jmartinMon Mar 20 1989DICKINSON COLLEGE, Carlisle, PA USA
980.02DLOACT::ZIPPMon Mar 20 19893M - St.Paul
981.02JANUS::MTHOMASWed Mar 22 1989Babson College
982.0RAIN::BARRETTThu Mar 23 1989PeopleLink
983.01TALLIS::REISERTMon Mar 27 1989pro-angmar
984.01TALLIS::RAMANUJANThu Mar 30 1989Fermi Lab ?
985.01STATLR::ORNSTEINThu Mar 30 1989?Understanding error messages, etc.
987.01EXIT26::CREWSMon Apr 03 1989University of P.R. path?
988.08BMW32Thu Apr 06 1989PATH TO ALCATEL-BTM
989.01MOSAIC::DOYLEFri Apr 07 1989path to EATON
990.03MGOBLU::KENNEDYMon Apr 10 1989Path to Eurasem (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
991.01BUSY::RWILLIAMSTue Apr 11 1989CSU Long Beach Gateway
993.01CACIQE::RUIZJThu Apr 13 1989ENUF????
994.02HKOVThu Apr 13 1989INFOMART, Toronto
995.01ISTG::COMISKEYFri Apr 14 1989Stonehill & St. Anslems College
996.08BUCKY::HUSTONFri Apr 14 1989Pratt&Whitney Aircraft Engine Division, CT?
997.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Apr 18 1989FAX from VAX?
998.01CACIQE::RUIZJFri Apr 21 1989SONDA/CHILE PATH????
1000.01LIONEL::BRETSCHNEIDEMon Apr 24 1989Path to Tulane Univ. Chem Eng.
1001.06ASPEN2::BOIKOTue Apr 25 1989Interactive Systems (ISC), Boulder, Colorado
1002.0HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 25 1989why does REPLY say "host unknown" ?
1003.06FOOT::PREECEFri Apr 28 1989ICL,Winnersh ?
1005.01TRCAFri May 05 1989University of Toronto
1006.011PASTA::BENZMon May 08 1989NASA Gateway ?
1007.06CASEE::CLARKMon May 08 1989Mentor Graphics -- Portland, Oregon
1008.01CASEE::CLARKTue May 09 1989"Some directory in path specified does not exist."
1009.01MOSAIC::DOYLETue May 09 1989path to ADAGE in Billerica?
1010.02BCSE::ROTHSTEINThu May 11 1989!cdp path ???
1012.01MED::ARTHURThu May 11 1989New Path to HHB Softron
1013.0MAXWEL::BLASKOVICHFri May 12 1989Fallon Clinic
1014.01IOSG::GARDNERFri May 12 1989How can I reply ?
1016.01VOLVO::REEDTue May 16 1989NAS (National Advanced Systems)
1018.01RAVEN1::TIMMONSWed May 17 1989Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville?
1019.05RMADLO::HETRICKThu May 18 1989Boston College (BC)
1021.0KORAL::TURNERFri May 19 1989Bachman Information?
1022.02QUOKKA::SNYDERFri May 19 1989Peered (LISTSERV -- BITNET)
1023.01RTOEU::RDELANEYTue May 23 1989Lattice Corporation ?
1024.0RTOEU::RDELANEYTue May 23 1989Canadian Airlines ?
1025.01ISWSW::VILAINMITue May 23 1989Path to Convergent Technologies
1026.03ERICG::ERICGFri May 26 1989Xylogics
1027.05IND::WORTNERTue May 30 1989Why Doesn't DECWRL Route UUCP?
1028.02ULTRA::FERGUSONMon Jun 05 1989Path to University of Hartford
1029.0SMART5::SCHANDTue Jun 06 1989St. Elizabeth College - New Jersey
1031.04THOM::LANGLOISThu Jun 08 1989another REPLY problem
1032.07WIZZER::MAUFESun Jun 11 1989Easams/Marconi/GEC/Plessey
1033.0SALEM::POTUCEKTue Jun 13 1989N.H. Dept.of Corrections
1034.06WELSWS::FINNISFri Jun 16 1989Network map wanted
1036.04CURIE::HAMMONDTue Jun 20 1989Dun & Bradstreet
1039.03GIDDAY::DAVIESTue Jun 20 1989McGill University, Quebec
1040.01TALLIS::REISERTFri Jun 23 1989Path to Polygen?
1041.021CIROCC::treeseMon Jun 26 1989Mail address change: .enet.dec.com
1042.01CLUSTA::EPISOD::PRIESTLEYMon Jun 26 1989Oasis (or maybe Oasys)
1044.02ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Jun 28 1989How to transmit binary data ?
1046.02MGOIThu Jul 06 1989DEC <--> ABANET
1047.04PARITY::STOCKFri Jul 07 1989Help-can REPLY thru gateway, cannot SEND
1048.08DCC::COURTSWed Jul 12 1989Usenet to the UK, return route problem
1049.0BUFFER::JONESFri Jul 14 1989Houghton-Mifflin gateway
1050.0CLUSTA::EPISOD::PRIESTLEYWed Jul 19 1989Index Technology
1052.03VAXCPU::michaudFri Jul 21 1989Which subdomains does DECWRL send out MX records for?
1053.04FRAMBO::BALZERMon Jul 24 1989Domain .CA (node Janus.MtRoyal.AB.CA)
1055.06DNEAST::BARNABY_GALESun Jul 30 1989routing symbols and formatting
1056.04SUBURB::MILLSONMMon Jul 31 1989Eli Lilly
1057.09CURIE::BURGESSMon Jul 31 1989Syracuse University
1058.023TPWEST::REDDYMon Jul 31 1989Help with DECWRL access
1059.02LBDUCK::SCHOELLERTue Aug 01 1989University of Aarhus, Denmark
1060.018CSSISG::UBANFri Aug 04 1989DEC corporate Internet?
1061.0DEMING::HAKIMSat Aug 05 1989Cal State University at San Bernardino?!
1062.03IMZADI::KISERSun Aug 06 1989NOREASCON 3 - World Science Fiction Convention
1063.01TOOLS::MUGGIAWed Aug 09 1989Cluster alias?
1065.038CRLVMS::TREESEMon Aug 14 1989Status of DECWRL
1067.01KETJE::ROBBENSWed Aug 16 1989Mayday: .edu adress-translation !
1068.010BOMBE::MADDENWed Aug 16 1989Internet gets my Subject in CC and first line in Subject
1069.01FSHQA2::DBROSNIHANWed Aug 16 1989APEX Computer
1070.0BCSE::ROTHSTEINMon Aug 21 1989ONECOM, Boulder, CO
1073.01SNDCSL::SMITHFri Aug 25 1989Connection reset by peer?
1074.01SALTHL::MCCROHANMon Aug 28 1989How to find status if PMR'ing Nmail
1075.06KBOMFG::D_ARNOLDMon Aug 28 1989Alternative to DECWRL::??
1076.01JUMBLY::FOSTERWed Aug 30 1989Reading University (UK) via PSS
1077.01ELMST::VAGHULWed Aug 30 1989University of Iowa, Iowa City
1078.0MPGS::KLOTZBACHFri Sep 01 1989State University of New York (SUNY) - Brockport
1080.0LUDWIG::MORRISONFri Sep 01 1989Micro Rel/Phx,AZ
1081.0CURRNT::PREECEWed Sep 06 1989INTERCOM ?
1082.01MERIDN::BARRETTWed Sep 06 1989Ashton-Tate?
1083.04BSYBDY::RJOHNSONFri Sep 08 1989what is the best way to query for an adress for an invidual?
1084.02MARVIN::SCOTTMon Sep 11 1989Path for user@cs.ait.th please
1085.06MERIDN::BARRETTTue Sep 12 1989Path to Gordon College
1087.07ELWOOD::TOYThu Sep 14 1989where's HOSTS.TXT now?
1089.06EUCLID::GRIFFITHFri Sep 15 1989DECWRL:: Accessibility
1090.0FSHQA2::DBROSNIHANMon Sep 18 1989path to intelogic trace
1091.06BELFST::MCCORRYWed Sep 20 1989Path to QUB on JANET
1092.02MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMThu Sep 21 1989expo Internet number?
1093.04TALLIS::REISERTMon Sep 25 1989DECWRL vs. DECUAC
1094.02STAR::BUDASat Sep 30 1989VMSNET
1095.03TOPDOC::SLOANEMon Oct 02 1989Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania
1096.01MUNKAD::VINZENZMon Oct 02 1989What's EasyPlex?
1098.01CSC32::G_UPCHURCHMon Oct 02 1989need syntax verification
1099.03MARVIN::COCKBURNTue Oct 03 1989Risks digest info
1101.05ANT::AVONCAMPEWed Oct 04 1989Data Translation (Marlboro, MA)
1102.01MARX::FLEMINGWed Oct 04 1989I could have walked ;-)
1103.0MPGS::KLOTZBACHThu Oct 05 1989Franklin University - Gateway?
1104.01BRICHS::EMSLEY_RFri Oct 06 1989Path to Claremont colleges
1106.010SNDCSL::SMITHMon Oct 09 1989ASU - Arizona State University
1107.0WILARD::BARRETTMon Oct 09 1989Path to Omega?
1108.0MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Oct 11 1989JFK H.S. in the Bronx
1109.0HPSTEK::JORGENSENFri Oct 13 1989Address for Viewlogic Systems
1110.04NUTMEG::HANLONFri Oct 13 1989Williams College Connection
1111.01GOALS::BARRETTMon Oct 16 1989Path to Norden?
1112.04MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Oct 17 1989Northern Arizona University (NAU)
1113.05RUBY::BOYAJIANWed Oct 18 1989Gateway service interupted by quake
1115.05CHESS::KAIKOWWed Oct 18 1989Is DECWRL still our only gateway?
1116.038SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIThu Oct 19 1989MCI Mail
1117.02VMSSPT::J_OTTERSONFri Oct 20 1989How can a VMS user determine the uucp path for a message
1118.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Oct 20 1989Brooke Army Hospital?
1119.05WFOV11::PLANTESat Oct 21 1989Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
1120.01TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Oct 23 1989Informix
1122.02CSSE32::G_JOHNSONTue Oct 24 1989Need help replying to/ interpreting an outside address
1123.02CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Oct 24 1989Path to Southwest Missouri State University
1124.0TOPDOC::SLOANETue Oct 24 1989UpJohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI ?
1125.03NOBHIL::THROCKMOR_JOTue Oct 24 1989Bechtel
1126.01AYOV27::WESTONWed Oct 25 1989Information on external networks/gateways
1127.014BUFFER::LAMIAWed Oct 25 1989What is the 'official' incoming mail address syntax?
1128.02LOWLIF::KERNSThu Oct 26 1989GALLAU - Gallaudet University
1129.04ALLVAX::STAATSThu Oct 26 1989CHEVRON path?
1130.0TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Oct 27 1989BALL Aerospace??
1131.0SHIRE::ROUSSETMon Oct 30 1989Path to Simon & Schuster
1132.01GIAMEM::LBROWNTue Oct 31 1989Technion
1133.05BRGNDY::YIPTue Oct 31 1989Merck in New Jersey
1134.02WARDER::MEAKINSWed Nov 01 1989Adelaide University
1135.0INXCES::CANSLERSat Nov 04 1989Sequoia Turner Corporation
1136.03IND::SAPIENZASun Nov 05 1989Path to Pacific Bell?
1138.0SNDCSL::SMITHWed Nov 08 1989Mail problems?
1140.01SR71::MEYERFri Nov 10 1989Shipley
1141.011BAGELS::SCARAMUZZOFri Nov 10 1989Arkwright (part of Factory Mutual)
1143.02WILARD::BARRETTWed Nov 15 1989Path to Aetna?
1145.0CHEFS::JONESKFri Nov 17 1989Michelin
1147.082UTROP1::ATTEMA_HThu Nov 23 1989Problems with node DECWRL?
1148.0CHESS::KAIKOWSun Nov 26 1989Young Minds
1150.02BAGELS::SCARAMUZZOMon Nov 27 1989Commercial Union Insurance
1151.0BLUMON::QUODLINGMon Nov 27 1989usenet feed in Northern Mass.
1152.07LEVERS::PLOUFFTue Nov 28 1989Digital Press Books on External Networks
1153.02NRADM::OSBORNTue Nov 28 1989Oberlin College
1154.03FIONN::WEIRWed Nov 29 1989DCU, Dublin City University, Ireland
1155.01CAMRY::DCOXWed Nov 29 1989Mail to US NAval Academy?
1156.01COGITO::DUBIEWed Nov 29 1989Path to EIES at NJIT?
1157.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon Dec 04 1989User friendly gateway
1158.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon Dec 04 1989I usually don't throw anything out
1159.07THATIS::MANNINGFri Dec 08 1989File Transfer via external Net
1160.08CHEFS::JONESKWed Dec 13 1989X.29 Set Host to JANET DTE?
1161.02STLTH::BIRMINGHAMThu Dec 14 1989American Math Society - used to be accessible?
1162.01HKOVC::WARRENThu Dec 14 1989R.M.I.T in Melbourne AUST.
1163.0115756::FONSECAThu Dec 14 1989Q's on Univ. of Western Australia
1164.0SHIRE::ROUSSETSat Dec 16 1989PCPC (Personal Computer Peripherals Corp.)
1165.01TALLIS::REISERTSun Dec 18 1988time-outs/refused connections
1166.05STLTH::BIRMINGHAMSun Dec 18 1988Aerojet on the Internet?
1167.01SNDCSL::SMITHMon Dec 19 1988Assoc. Of Cape Cod?
1169.0SHIRE::ROUSSETThu Dec 21 1989Path to Maxis Software
1170.0AUSTIN::BOGGESSThu Dec 21 1989security and external mail
1171.01MEMIT::SHATARAThu Dec 21 1989Colorado State Address?
1172.0LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Dec 22 1989Is DECWRL sick?
1173.03SHARE::WOLGASTTue Dec 26 1989Reply to UUCP rejected
1174.01ZONULE::BOUDERWed Dec 27 1989Gateway to Cetus Corp?
1175.06HPSTEK::SIMONWed Dec 27 1989Moscow, USSR
1178.03KISHOR::HEIMANNThu Jan 04 1990Can receive, can't transmit
1179.0ULTRA::KROCZAKThu Jan 04 1990Molecular Design
1180.01SNOCSun Jan 07 1990gateways/database books???
1182.03TLE::JNELSONMon Jan 08 1990Alternative to UUCP
1183.0EUCLID::OWENTue Jan 09 1990Path To Boston Edison
1184.0CLUSTA::PRIESTLEYTue Jan 09 1990CLSI, Inc.
1185.045944::ROBERTSNWed Jan 10 1990Path to S.W.I.F.T??
1186.0DIXIE1::RIDGWAYWed Jan 10 1990Path to BellSouth?
1187.0AKOV13::MOLLENHAUERWed Jan 10 1990Bates College, Maine
1188.02EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Jan 10 1990University of New Mexico at Albequerque?
1189.02MACNAS::FEENEYThu Jan 11 1990INFONET
1190.03CRLTRX::treeseThu Jan 11 1990Mail address change soon
1191.07SYORPD::DEEPWed Jan 17 1990store and forward via MRGATE?
1192.0CURIE::HAMMONDMon Jan 22 1990Path to St. Paul's
1193.01SDOGUS::BOYACKTue Jan 23 1990Is ARPAnet going away for ever?
1195.01HSOMAI::SIEVERSWed Jan 24 1990Path to ACCUNET
1196.011COOKIE::DEVINEWed Jan 24 1990email address list for universities
1197.01DIODE::CROWELLWed Jan 24 1990DECPA Gateway? Where is it?
1199.0JAIMES::BARRYFri Jan 26 1990Path to Equifax Services
1200.01DECWET::SHUSTERFri Jan 26 1990Comdisco Systems
1202.0EXIT26::SAARINENWed Jan 31 1990Weather Channel Atlanta,GA
1203.0EUCLID::OWENFri Feb 02 1990Assumption College in Worcester, MA\
1204.0ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Feb 02 1990SSC (Superconducting Supercollider) path?
1205.02ANALYZ::MITHALMon Feb 05 1990Brookhaven National Laboratory
1206.03KLCSE::JORDANThu Feb 08 1990City University, London
1209.02BAGELS::MCMAHONWed Feb 14 1990Technology Concepts Inc.
1210.05--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 15 1990National Council on Compensation Insurance
1211.0CLOSUS::MILLERMon Feb 19 1990Millersville State College, PA
1214.024ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Feb 27 1990Ft Detrick / DDN
1215.02USCTR2::TMCGOUGHTue Feb 27 1990Pathway to Marquette University
1216.02USCTR2::TMCGOUGHTue Feb 27 1990Pathway to Brown Univ., Providence,RI
1217.02USCTR2::TMCGOUGHTue Feb 27 1990Pathway to Villanova Univ., Philadelphia, PA
1218.0MPGS::REICHTue Feb 27 1990Jamaica & JAMATEL ???
1219.02JUMBLY::POTTENWed Feb 28 1990PIXAR ?
1220.04LESCOM::MALMBERGThu Mar 01 1990Arthur Andersen
1221.0TARKIN::TTESTAFri Mar 02 1990Pima Community College, PIMACC, MAX or ZUL
1222.0SONATA::BATISTAFri Mar 02 1990Fielding Institute
1223.0SONATA::BATISTAFri Mar 02 1990Ecole Centrale Des Art Et Manufacture
1224.04ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Mar 06 1990Does DECPA replace DECWRL?
1225.01KETJE::DIERICKWed Mar 07 1990Sherril - Lubinski
1226.0NECSC::ELLIOTTThu Mar 08 1990Path to Fordham University?
1227.0RT95::CRAWFORDFri Mar 09 1990Path to The Northern Trust, Bank in Chicago, IL
1228.03SIOUXI::HADDADMon Mar 12 1990Listing of UUCP Sites and Addresses
1229.09AIRONE::HARKERThu Mar 15 1990List of DECnet-Internet gateways?
1230.02SHIPS::DAVIES_DThu Mar 15 1990Path to STC in Paignton
1231.06HBO::COHENFri Mar 16 1990Path to SHELL
1232.09HPSRAD::ARTHURFri Mar 16 1990DECWRL (DECPA?) sending multiple copies of message??
1233.0SSDEVO::DYERMon Mar 19 1990Lincoln National Insr. Co.
1235.03INBLUE::HALDANETue Mar 20 1990Returned Mail - Why?
1236.01HPSRAD::KOMARTue Mar 20 1990Finger to the Internet
1237.06DELNI::DROSENTue Mar 20 1990connections to SPRINTmail?
1238.03HPSRAD::KOMARFri Mar 23 1990bad file number? where? -- help
1239.04TOOK::BROWNMon Mar 26 1990UUCP addressing for mail.
1240.01ACE::BREWERTue Mar 27 1990Monitoring outgoing mail
1241.02CLUSTA::PRIESTLEYTue Mar 27 1990Pitney Bowes
1242.08ANDRIS::putninsWed Mar 28 1990What happened to DECWRL::?
1243.012SNOCThu Mar 29 1990External access using Apple Mac?
1245.04EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Apr 02 1990If you DIR like I DIR ...
1246.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon Apr 02 1990Which path is faster?
1247.09SNOCMon Apr 02 1990Computer Associates
1248.02HPSTEK::GRANDAWed Apr 04 1990Access to ARCO (Atlantic Richfield)?
1249.0FERNEY::KEHILYThu Apr 05 1990Autofile
1251.02CHESS::KAIKOWThu Apr 05 1990Is DECUM different, or is something broken?
1252.04CSOA1::ACKERSat Apr 07 1990Path to BP America ??
1253.0SCAACT::ZIPPSun Apr 08 1990St. Edwards School, Oxford
1254.06VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Apr 10 1990Unknown mail message out of the blue
1255.05VMSDEV::BALLOUWed Apr 11 1990Outbound mail has personal name as "From:"
1256.020LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERFri Apr 13 1990Registration on UUCP
1257.03BERNWed Apr 18 1990Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL)
1258.01BEEZER::MOOREFri Apr 20 1990Path to UK HQ for SCO Santa Cruz Operation
1259.02CLUSTA::PRIESTLEYFri Apr 20 1990Bachman Information Systems?
1260.0TALLIS::REISERTMon Apr 23 1990Friend can only reply to "decvax!root"
1262.01HANDVA::STEPHENWONGThu Apr 26 1990Where is Hong Kong Univ.
1263.0NAC::S_BARNETTFri Apr 27 1990Defense Communications Agency (DCA)
1264.02SCAACT::ZIPPMon Apr 30 1990Path to LTV?
1265.046MSDOA::SECRISTThu May 03 1990Internet address user@node.dec.com ?
1267.0WECARE::GUIMONDMon May 07 1990Any way to reach Pilot Executive SW
1268.018HXOUThu May 10 1990Help With ALL-IN-1 Addressing on Internet
1269.03SHIRE::BARTAThu May 10 1990Help! "Protocol error, '@' expected"
1270.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu May 10 1990Computer Network Technology
1271.02KADOR::MORIAUDFri May 11 1990INSEAD?
1272.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon May 14 1990Is there a standard for MAIL personal names?
1273.01KLCSE::J_BYRNEWed May 16 1990ESB, DUBLIN
1274.0LYRIC::BOBBITTThu May 17 1990Alden Electronics?
1275.02WLDWST::SUREMon May 21 1990Pathway to Consilium
1277.01SNDPIT::SMITHTue May 22 1990ISV?
1278.0RDGENG::OLDHAM::MIDONAWed May 23 1990Address For ARE/RAE
1279.03JUNO::FROSTMon Jun 04 1990British Aerospace ??
1281.02TIGGR::CINQMARSTue Jun 05 1990Receiving other people's mail
1282.0CSC32::R_DESKOTue Jun 05 1990PINET
1283.0ENOVAX::BARRETTWed Jun 06 1990Post College (in CT)?
1284.05LEVERS::CIARFELLAThu Jun 07 1990internet mail headers
1285.02DPDMAI::WOODWARDFri Jun 08 1990Send from Easynoet to DDN
1287.07SAHQ::LUBERWed Jun 13 1990Please help me through this gateway
1288.08CHEFS::GOSSAFri Jun 15 1990Mail Address for CIX needed
1289.02WEDOIT::BARLOWFri Jun 15 1990California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
1290.02LARVAE::KERRISON_GThu Jun 21 1990Square D
1291.0LUCCIO::RONCAGLIONISat Jun 23 1990Path to CONTEL ASC, Mountain View CA
1292.05KALI::GERHARDTMon Jun 25 1990State/Federal Congress/Government
1293.01SNOCMon Jun 25 1990Telecom New Zealand (Starnet)
1295.05CHEESE::MACKENZIEMon Jul 02 1990Simpact Associates, Inc. in San Diego, CA
1296.012Mon Jul 02 1990
1297.03TLE::D_CARROLLMon Jul 02 1990sending mail from hidden Ultrix node to internet
1299.04XANADU::ARNOLDTue Jul 03 1990Path to American Airlines?
1301.03GPSDCC::PUBLC7::ZWAHLENMon Jul 09 1990"DECWRL is cancelling CSNET membership..." ???
1303.03RAMOTH::DRISKELLTue Jul 10 1990univ of western ontario uwo
1304.01EMILE::MASThu Jul 12 1990San Jose State University -- SJSU -- California
1305.02ODIXIE::BEARDMORETue Jul 17 1990Can I talk with customers thru GATEs
1306.01AQUA::YODERTue Jul 17 1990Dow Corning
1307.01BAGELS::SCARAMUZZOThu Jul 19 1990Infinet(in Andover Ma, recently merged w/ Memotech)
1308.05ESKIMO::KHANTue Jul 24 1990University of Glasgow
1309.01CAFEIN::HYSONThu Aug 02 1990Ncube
1310.0FRAIS::LIESENBERGThu Aug 02 1990European Space Agency (ESA)
1311.0DEBUG::GALLOFri Aug 03 1990Paths to IL, WI and IN Bell...
1312.01POBOX::WESTERFIELDFri Aug 03 1990Having trouble getting to the Univ of Chicago
1313.01NEADEV::MCGOUGHTue Aug 07 1990Gateway to Rolm, Stamford, CT
1314.03PARITY::STOCKWed Aug 08 1990SEND vs. REPLY thru the Gateway?
1315.07MSBCS::KINGThu Aug 09 1990Addressing mail to Northwestern University?
1316.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Aug 10 1990Where is the burden, in DEC or out?
1317.02AISG::OTOOLEFri Aug 10 1990SYNTAX
1318.02RTOIC::HKATHERThu Aug 16 1990Datastorm in Columbia
1319.05MOVIES::KAKAMon Aug 20 1990Help getting Daisy...
1321.09TPOVTue Aug 21 1990University of Utah (Salt Lake City)
1322.0111SRUS::REEDWed Aug 22 1990Path to St. Olaf's College in Minn.
1323.08ABSZK::MCCONNELLMon Aug 27 1990Looking for Internet Header Format Guidelines
1324.01MSAMTue Aug 28 1990University of Essex at Colchester
1325.02MSAMWed Aug 29 1990Double Answers across Internet using MTS addressing
1328.03USCTR2::MCOHENTue Sep 04 1990JOHN HANCOCK
1329.0VINO::MCARLETONTue Sep 04 1990Georgia Pacific in VT?
1330.0REFINE::SCHRACKTue Sep 04 1990LHU - Lock Haven Univ. PA
1331.0CHESS::KAIKOWWed Sep 05 1990Missing Subject via Internet
1334.04RICKS::REISERTFri Sep 07 1990Mail from DECWRL with *no* FROM address!
1336.08IJSAPL::LINDEMANThu Sep 13 1990ABB (Asea Brown Boveri), all locations
1337.026MJBOOT::IRWINThu Sep 13 1990Can't connect to DECWRL
1338.0CHARLT::SAVAGEFri Sep 14 1990Middlebury College in VT
1339.03BORON5::MACKAY_RANDYTue Sep 18 1990Pathway to University Central Florida
1340.03EXIT26::STRATTONWed Sep 19 1990Looking for Bell Atlantic/more current GATEWAY.DOC
1341.04MCIS1::ROBERTSONWed Sep 19 1990How to reach Haverford University
1342.0CRL::treeseFri Sep 21 1990Reminder: use enet.dec.com
1344.0ORCAS::MCKINNON_JATue Sep 25 1990Becton-Dickinson "W Germany"
1345.06USWRSL::MAK_SITue Sep 25 1990connecting to quantum?
1346.01FROTHY::TATLOWSun Sep 30 1990Dynamic routing of Internet mail?
1347.01DATABS::LAVASHTue Oct 02 1990Path to Softech, Waltham Ma
1349.01AYOV24::CFLOYDMon Oct 08 1990Clinerty Agricultural College, Scotland
1350.06AYOV24::CFLOYDMon Oct 08 1990Mary White College/Univ New England, Australia
1351.05CHESS::KAIKOWTue Oct 09 1990Truncated Subject
1352.01GALVIA::JKELLYWed Oct 10 1990Routing through X.4
1353.0CVG::CAMPANELLAWed Oct 10 1990Rivier College
1355.09OLDTMR::KEENERFri Oct 12 1990External access to notesfiles?
1356.0GVAWed Oct 17 1990PRESSLINK?
1357.06FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Oct 18 1990Problems replying to Mail sent to me in response to VNEWS queries
1359.0ASABET::RAINEYTue Oct 23 1990Collaborative Research
1360.01MLFS1::LOPEZTue Oct 23 1990Children's Hospital -- Boston
1361.02MERLOT::BASSETTWed Oct 24 1990Access to RBBS bulletin boards?
1362.04MPGS::REICHThu Oct 25 1990Conner Peripherials ?
1363.0TALLIS::MARTINAGEThu Oct 25 1990S-MOS Systems
1366.07HPSCAD::WALLFri Oct 26 1990What if the mail came through some other node
1367.01WCSM::WARFELWed Oct 31 1990Address to Acuson?
1368.0RDGENG::SIEVAX::MIDONAWed Oct 31 1990Lille University?
1369.0JEREMY::NAOMIWed Oct 31 1990Sky & Telescope Magazine, Cambridge Ma.
1370.02AISG::VAN_CLEAVEFri Nov 02 1990New Mexico State University, Las Cruces NM
1371.01UPBEAT::JHARRINGTONFri Nov 02 1990George Washington University (GWU)
1372.04GAUCHE::jnelsonTue Nov 06 1990major DECWRL outage
1373.04DEMING::VELTRIWed Nov 07 1990Badische Anil- und Sodafabrik (BASF)
1374.02HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Nov 09 1990remote protocol error
1375.0AKOV13::PALVIAMon Nov 12 1990University of West Indies (UWI), Barbados
1377.0HOCUS::HAMELTue Nov 13 1990Integrated Device Technologies (IDT)
1378.05BAVIKI::GOODWed Nov 14 1990New gateway at CRL?
1379.02HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Nov 14 1990NYSER
1380.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Nov 15 1990Path to Canon?
1382.01TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Nov 16 1990internet mail header TO and Apparently-To: have <node::user>
1384.01MR4DEC::FEASELMon Nov 19 1990Logic Automation
1386.0ENGINE::HAMMONDMon Nov 26 1990Path to Pilgrim Healthcare
1387.03NEAGP::MARANDMon Nov 26 1990WHAT's MY ADDRESS??
1388.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Nov 27 1990Friends in Toronto CIBC, ESSO?
1389.05CIMNET::MATHEWSWed Nov 28 1990gateway to MASPAR needed!
1390.03CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 29 1990Strange To and From address from CRL??
1391.01CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 29 1990It's not Daylight Savings Time anymore
1392.0CTOAVX::POMPANOSat Dec 01 1990U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1395.03GEMVAX::DSMITHFri Dec 07 1990Peacenet/Econet/GreenNet -- Institute for Global Communications
1396.03IMPROV::SANTIAGOSun Dec 09 1990DECWRL substitue gateways ??
1397.0JGODCL::ECKENDONKTue Dec 11 1990Gateway to SIGnet BBS's
1398.07SSGBPM::DSMITHFri Dec 14 1990Trying to mail to packet radio net
1399.0LAKER::MITHALMon Dec 17 1990Booz-Allen Hamilton
1400.02ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAMon Dec 17 1990SEAGATE in CA. Please
1401.01SALEM::RAMOSWed Dec 19 1990Storage Technologies / StorageTek / STC
1402.04LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAFri Dec 21 1990Moutn went South??
1403.0CHESS::KAIKOWWed Dec 26 1990Truncated subject from internet??
1404.0TOOK::MICHAUDWed Dec 26 1990Diceon Electronics Inc
1405.01CSS::WOODThu Dec 27 1990Way to Cipher Data Products
1406.0EEMELI::MITTSFri Dec 28 1990Anybody know of web??
1408.0OTOOMon Dec 31 1990Path into "SUZY" (Canada's "compuserve" Network)
1409.0COGITO::IXIX::PAGEWed Jan 02 1991Spaulding Graphic Microfilm, Stoughton, Ma.?
1410.0COGITO::IXIX::PAGEWed Jan 02 1991Bell & Howell, Wooster, Ohio?
1411.03KHUMBU::SEVIGNYWed Jan 02 1991Genetics Institute Address
1412.01COGITO::IXIX::PAGEFri Jan 04 1991Path to Bank of Boston?
1413.01ROULET::KUNSTFri Jan 04 1991sun life insurance
1414.0SWEEP::PREECEFri Jan 04 1991CNR, College of New Rochelle, NY
1415.01GALVIA::COMAHONYMon Jan 07 1991CUNY - Queens College?
1416.01GALVIA::COMAHONYMon Jan 07 1991CUNY - Lehman College
1417.01SYSTEM::ZENTNERMon Jan 07 1991Mail to EXXON/ESSO and ICI
1418.05NZOMIS::SARMAMon Jan 07 1991Univ Of West Virginia
1419.01FRECKL::BURGESSTue Jan 08 1991Cabletron Systems
1420.03WYNTON::BMCWILLIAMSTue Jan 08 1991Skidmore College?
1422.02GALVIA::JKELLYMon Jan 14 1991LM Ericsson (Sweden)
1423.024COGITO::IXIX::PAGEMon Jan 14 1991Internet UUCP and Easynet Hidden Areas???
1424.0OXNARD::FURBUSHTue Jan 15 1991Attachmate
1425.011CSC32::M_HERODOTUSThu Jan 17 1991Path to "America Online"
1426.02STEREO::HOThu Jan 17 1991Yale University
1427.03SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Jan 17 1991Plymouth State College
1428.05GYTVOA::NAGATAMon Jan 21 1991Emulex Corporation
1429.05GIAENG::ROGICHWed Jan 23 1991Western Digital
1430.01COLWed Jan 23 1991VAXmail - BITNET binary files
1431.0EBBVWed Jan 23 1991path to Niagara University needed
1433.08AISG::COLLIERWed Jan 23 1991Prudential License Company (PROFS network)
1434.01KIPPIS::LAITINENThu Jan 24 1991Decwrl bouncing inbound messages
1435.02BOOVX1::TONEYTue Jan 29 1991Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Washington, DC
1437.03ZEKE::MEMBRINOMon Feb 04 1991Path to COMPUTERLAND?
1438.03UNTADI::DBRODIEWed Feb 06 1991Path to ITT, Amsterdam?
1439.05TIGEMS::ARNOLDWed Feb 06 1991Sending Internet or Bitnet mail
1440.04MARVIN::COCKBURNThu Feb 07 1991Host Unknown error with irlearn
1441.06MARVIN::COCKBURNSat Feb 09 1991Could decwrl pass 8-bit ASCII?
1442.03MSBCS::KINGMon Feb 11 1991St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH
1443.0MSBCS::KINGMon Feb 11 1991Lafayette University, Milwaukee, WI
1444.02CNTROL::REARWINTue Feb 12 1991Norplex, div of Allied Signal
1445.05GALVIA::JKELLYWed Feb 13 1991nm%crl:: not being removed properly
1446.01HERON::KAISERThu Feb 14 1991Transarc?
1447.01GALVIA::COMAHONYThu Feb 14 1991Cork Regional Technical College (RTC)
1448.02POBOX::TODDWed Feb 20 1991?"node is unknown at crl" errors
1449.01TBONE::THALLERThu Feb 21 1991EMAIL to Desert Storm troops
1450.05FORTSC::MOKFri Feb 22 1991Is DECWRL sick again?
1451.011AIADM::LEVINWed Feb 27 1991Private network gateway
1453.04DECWET::MPETERSONThu Feb 28 1991PolarServ BBS, Seattle, WA
1454.01UFHIS::JMASLENWed Mar 06 1991NEW Zealand to Germany help please
1455.01THKSNW::MCCOWANFri Mar 08 1991Connections to Compuserve or MCI Mail
1456.01YOSMTE::BLUM_JOTue Mar 12 1991CIGNA, Visalia, California
1457.0STAR::CANTORTue Mar 12 1991Blank lines at start of messages
1458.01YACHT::GETTYSWed Mar 13 1991mailservers and/or ftp access to other than SIMTEL???
1459.0FMTACT::MCMAHONThu Mar 14 1991DIALMAIL (Dialog) How do we get to it?
1460.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Mar 14 1991how can I have my own UUCP mail address ?
1461.0HRCG::DAVIESThu Mar 14 1991path to TIME LIFE
1462.02OK4ME::MCCROHANWed Mar 20 1991unbalanced parentheses problem.
1463.04MR4DEC::COLLENTROFri Mar 22 1991Help needed with receiving mail
1464.06TRCAMon Mar 25 1991How do you become part of the Internet?
1465.02UNXA::MADDENTue Mar 26 1991Mail from outside of DEC has stopped
1466.04PAULUS::BERGERWed Mar 27 1991Internet gateway in Germany or Europe?
1467.0KHUMBU::SEVIGNYThu Mar 28 1991Cellular-1 (Greenbelt, MD)
1468.0+4356699::DEVIVOMon Apr 01 1991Regional mail concentrators (RMC)
1469.01WORDY::K_GRANGERMon Apr 01 1991Pacer Software, Inc
1470.0TALK::HICKSON_BTue Apr 02 1991Center for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta, Georgia
1471.0JUNCO::KHANThu Apr 04 1991Computer Technology Associates, Cambridge, Ma
1472.05IJSAPL::WOODROWFri Apr 05 1991What is appropriate addressing for A1MAIL?
1476.03AZUR::BODINThu Apr 11 1991
1477.0KHUMBU::SEVIGNYThu Apr 11 1991Biogen Address
1479.01STAR::MORINTue Apr 16 1991Bytex, Southborough, MA, USA
1481.01KSTREL::EFRANKWed Apr 17 1991Hartford Graduate Center
1482.0WFOV11::DOBOSZ_MThu Apr 18 1991Sony -- San Diego
1485.035OAXCEL::MASONMon Apr 22 1991Is DECWRL sick, again?
1486.0ESIS::GOKHMANTue Apr 23 1991Volkswagen
1487.06ELMST::VERMATue Apr 23 1991Where USENET notesfile?
1488.02TPOVC::CJCHIANGWed Apr 24 1991University of Missouri at Columbia
1489.0MPGS::BURGESSWed Apr 24 1991Society for Technical Communicators
1490.0ANARKY::BREWERWed May 01 1991TAB Books
1491.02JURA::KEHILYThu May 02 1991NOKIA Telecom, Cambridge, UK
1492.0--UnknownUser--Mon May 06 1991way to ROI
1493.01AKOCOA::BRAGDONMon May 06 1991OSF office in Grenoble, France?
1494.01BAHTAT::PETERSONTue May 07 1991UAB - University of Alabama
1495.05CALS::CHINWed May 08 1991Path to BOSE?
1496.02WMOIS::BALSAMO_AThu May 09 1991Pathway to PROTEON in Westboro
1497.0VSSCAD::MARCOTTEMon May 13 1991Mount Washington Observatory, New Hampshire
1498.0ULYSSE::COADYMon May 13 1991E.F institute in Cambridge, Mass ?
1499.04SIEVAX::JAMIEWed May 22 1991Reach out to Telnet ?
1500.07SHIPS::AZAVEDO_RThu May 23 1991ASK Computer Systems Mountain View
1501.01PRSIS4::WILCOCKThu May 23 1991Access to TRANSPAC?
1502.02VINO::SCHOTTThu May 23 1991Smith College, Northhampton, MA
1503.0KRISIS::reevesFri May 24 1991Ithaca College, Ithaca New York
1504.031CTHQ1::DEVIVOFri May 24 1991MTS-Internet gateway
1505.0BHUNA::RCOLLICAMon May 27 1991SRC new protocol?
1506.04SIEVAX::JAMIEWed May 29 1991Mail Server for ULTRIX ?
1509.04LDPDT2::JBENNETTFri May 31 1991Anonymous FTPMAIL Changes? And Problems?
1513.01BYENGThu Jun 06 1991Gatway to German BTX
1514.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDFri Jun 07 1991PSR, Schaumberg, IL?
1515.02FILMS::BENSONFri Jun 07 1991Shape Data Limited ?
1517.01HLDGWed Jun 12 1991Path to Hungarian MAX25 network?
1518.0BERNWed Jun 12 1991British Gas
1519.0ALLVAX::PETERSWed Jun 19 1991A change in addressing syntax?
1520.0AIADM::FLANAGANWed Jun 26 1991Deferred mail from daemon
1523.0PRSIS4::WILCOCKMon Jul 01 1991MI Group (Bristol) ?
1524.01NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHMon Jul 01 1991Telex?
1526.01GALVIA::COMAHONYWed Jul 03 1991CUNY - City College
1527.01BOOKIE::MARKSWed Jul 03 1991Thomson Financial Networks (TFN), Boston
1528.02AUSSIE::LEEMon Jul 08 1991Can I work out the reply address to UUCP mail from the stuff at end of mail
1529.01SHAWB1::ADAMSONBTue Jul 09 1991Anybody know of a route to Amoco?
1530.02AKOCOA::FARLEYWed Jul 10 1991UNUM (Union Mutual) in Portland ME. - IBM Mainframme
1531.02ESKIMO::COPPOLAWed Jul 10 1991Applied Materials gateway?
1532.04AKOCOA::KELLEYWed Jul 10 1991Navy Research Lab?
1533.03SANTEE::GREENEMon Jul 15 1991Sending via DECWRL to Internet using IP
1534.0PETRUS::PAULWed Jul 17 1991University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX
1535.02KURMA::BFJONESThu Jul 18 1991X.4
1536.03SOLVIT::LANDRYFri Jul 19 1991Credence Systems, Burlington, MA and Fremont, CA
1537.0NDLIS4::AZUBI_3Mon Jul 22 1991TeleNorma Frankfurt/Germany...
1538.01BBIVThu Jul 25 1991University of Mississipi
1539.05TOPDOC::ONEILThu Jul 25 1991Novice on the loose!
1540.03IOSG::JOHNSONRFri Jul 26 1991Athens University ??
1541.01SUBWAY::MCKNIGHTMon Jul 29 1991Federal Express - FEDEX
1542.02REGENT::AUGERIMon Jul 29 1991"configuration error" message
1543.0SVCRUS::LOPEZMon Jul 29 1991children hospital
1544.042PNR1::ELLIOTTMon Jul 29 1991Telnet (direct login across Internet)
1545.01VIDEO::VIDEO::PETZNYTue Jul 30 1991Path to Erdoelchemie (EC) Cologne, Germany
1546.07VIDEO::VIDEO::PETZNYTue Jul 30 1991Path to Brunel University (UK)
1547.02HOO78C::BRANDWed Jul 31 1991Path to TNO in Holland
1549.01RDGENG::BSMITHThu Aug 01 1991National Institutes of Health (NIH)
1550.03DEFOE::JAMIEMon Aug 05 1991FTPmail Problems ?
1551.01TECRUS::FROMMMon Aug 05 1991How do you access Internet newsgroups?
1552.0QCAVTue Aug 06 1991UAH--University of Alabama, Huntsville
1554.0SOLVIT::PAPPASTue Aug 06 1991Alpha Software Gateway
1556.04BBIVWed Aug 07 1991World Bank - WASHINGTON D.C
1557.08SMURF::LARRYDSun Aug 11 1991ftpmail/btoa help needed
1558.0SHAWB1::WOODLMon Aug 12 1991HOST UNKNOWN
1559.0MILPND::USPMLO::SHEPROMon Aug 12 1991RAND Corp
1560.0ELMAGO::AHACHEWed Aug 14 1991Path to General Mills
1561.0GVAWed Aug 14 1991Problem w/sending to Bitnet Address
1562.053PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Aug 14 1991DECWRL ok?
1563.06HSOMAI::KISERWed Aug 14 1991FTPMAIL - ASCII vs. Binary - Am I missing something?
1565.0ALLVAX::PETERSWed Aug 21 1991Mail header syntax error?
1566.01ISLNDS::MORINWed Aug 21 1991HELP - Novice to receive external mail
1567.02SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Aug 23 1991PSI gateway (to get to Denmark)
1568.01RTOIC::HKATHERSat Aug 24 1991Archive Corporation
1569.03BTOVT::MAGNANE_LSun Aug 25 1991Path to Florida Institute of Technology
1570.0KRISIS::reevesTue Aug 27 1991Sytron
1571.01TINCUP::MADDUXSun Sep 08 1991PSI to Bogota, Colombia?
1572.01BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONMon Sep 09 1991Message magically moved to VMS
1573.0CECVMon Sep 09 1991Path to COMGAS?
1574.015HGOVC::JOLENEWONGTue Sep 10 1991ALL-IN-1 addressing with Internet notation
1575.01BULLI::MULHEARNTue Sep 10 1991Mail to Jakarta, Indonesia?
1576.0FMTACT::MCMAHONTue Sep 10 1991Scientific American Issue Dedicated to Networks
1577.013ANNECY::ROWLAND_AWed Sep 11 1991Staffordshire Poly (UK)
1578.0NYEM1::MAHERWed Sep 11 1991Ontario Hydro
1579.02WLDWST::PALERMOThu Sep 12 1991Path to Borland?
1581.06QUABBI::daemonTue Sep 17 1991addresses that work, vs. addresses that are right
1582.02ASDG::CASASTue Sep 17 1991HELP ON EMAIL
1583.0VICKI::LONGTue Sep 17 1991Wanted: Path to MBTA node MVII
1584.03BIGUN::KEOGHWed Sep 18 1991Looking for Glaxo Inc.
1585.0CXCAD::COOMBEThu Sep 19 1991Path to Ford Microelectronics
1586.04BEGOOD::HEBERTThu Sep 19 1991Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC)
1587.0QUABBI::daemonFri Sep 20 1991decwrl:: mail delay resolved
1588.01EXPRES::PATELFri Sep 20 1991Battelle Research Institute-all locations
1589.03VNABRW::AUMAYR_WFri Sep 20 1991Gateway internet <-> notes ?
1590.0SUOSW3::SURAUFFri Sep 20 1991Path to DCA in GENF required
1591.03SUOSW3::SURAUFFri Sep 20 1991PATH to University of Stuttgart/Germany needed
1594.03SLSTRN::SCHULMANWed Sep 25 1991DECWRL message 451: vfork failed: No more processes
1595.04RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEWed Sep 25 1991How to use an "IP" address?
1596.01QUABBI::daemonWed Sep 25 1991New revision of DECWRL::GATEWAY.DOC
1598.02MAST::REISERTFri Sep 27 1991Can't send MTS mail through DECWRL
1601.03GSMOKE::DELANYTue Oct 01 1991Path to 3COM Corporation Wanted
1602.0104FORTY2::MOOREWed Oct 02 1991Is the ftpmail server OK?
1603.0QCAVThu Oct 03 1991E-mail addr of Thunderbird
1605.02PTEVAX::YANNONEFri Oct 04 1991Gateway to Putnam Co. Boston.
1606.0EMDS::HWANGThu Oct 10 1991cognex
1607.04NEWVAX::SPANNFri Oct 11 1991Can Send But Not Receive
1608.04QCAVMon Oct 14 1991Charles River Data Systems (CRDS)
1609.013QUABBI::"vixie@decwrl.dec.com"Wed Oct 16 1991SMTP on VMS: threat or menace?
1610.01BAKBAY::BONUGLIWed Oct 16 1991McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA
1611.03BALZAC::DONOVANThu Oct 17 1991Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
1612.01JETSAM::WHEELERThu Oct 17 1991Clearpoint?
1613.02SUOSW3::SURAUFFri Oct 18 1991Need Address of MICROWARE
1615.03POLAR::RICHARDSONSat Oct 19 1991R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.
1616.0ANNECY::ROWLAND_AMon Oct 21 1991Eurocontrol (Brussels)
1617.08STAR::CRITZWed Oct 23 1991Mail from Ultrix using DECnet (through DECWRL)
1618.06SIOG::D_MORRISSEYThu Oct 24 1991University of Ulster ?
1619.02EMDS::GENDREAUThu Oct 24 1991Beth Israel Hospital
1620.0AYOV27::BMCHATTIEThu Oct 24 1991Christian Salvesan Route
1622.0QUABBI::"vixie"Fri Oct 25 1991*.DEC.COM MX removed today -- incoming mail format change
1623.0VULCAN::HERLIHYFri Oct 25 1991News International, Oz?
1624.02JOKUR::JOKUR::BOICETue Oct 29 1991University of Paris
1625.0OK4ME::FALKTue Oct 29 1991Brigham & Womens Hospital (BWH)
1626.04IJSAPL::WOODROWTue Nov 05 1991WAIS (Wide Area Information Server) Gateway?
1627.0QUABBI::"vixie"Thu Nov 07 1991Finding people's addresses
1628.04CSCMA::PLAISTEDFri Nov 08 1991Need help with VMS mail distribution lists
1629.0PAKORA::DHAININGWed Nov 13 1991Queen Margaret College - Edinburgh
1630.01CVG::THOMPSONThu Nov 14 1991Hartford Insurance?
1631.0FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Nov 15 1991MCET and/or MEC
1632.05AUNTB::MELVINMon Nov 18 1991Internet mail can't reply to my original.
1633.013WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 18 1991Can USENET postings be mailed?
1634.03SUOSWS::KDIETSCHTue Nov 19 1991Mercedes Benz AG, Germany
1635.0FLOWER::ROUILLEWed Nov 20 1991vt. Yankee
1636.022193::reevesWed Nov 20 1991BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), Germany
1637.0CUPOLA::MACNEILWed Nov 20 1991Mercer University path?
1638.0SUBSYS::DRAYMOREFri Nov 22 1991Naval Ordinance Station, Indian Head, Maryland
1639.02FILTON::BIRCHMon Nov 25 1991Given the postmark, can you work out the address?
1640.0SIOG::D_MORRISSEYTue Nov 26 1991Wilfrid Laurier University
1641.01XSTACY::PATTISONWed Nov 27 1991Can FTPMAIL be used to upload?
1643.02MACNAS::MCCROHANFri Nov 29 1991PictureTel
1644.01ELWOOD::LANEMon Dec 02 1991Boston Globe
1645.08SHAWB1::ADAMSONBTue Dec 03 1991University of Kassel - Germany
1646.0LUDWIG::SADINWed Dec 04 1991New England Telephone?
1647.02SHAWB1::ADAMSONBWed Dec 04 1991UUCP map data ... how do I use it??
1648.02BTOVT::MAGNANE_LWed Dec 04 1991Silicon Graphics, Inc (SGI)
1649.06BTOVT::MAGNANE_LThu Dec 05 1991formulating a return address
1650.0SUOIS2::STERNEMANNFri Dec 06 1991CADAM Inc. / Burbank, Cal.
1651.01LUDWIG::SADINFri Dec 06 1991U. of Buffalo connection....
1652.0IOSG::WDAVIESTue Dec 10 1991Mercantile Credit
1653.0449ER::FULLERTue Dec 10 1991Raychem -- Menlo Park, CA
1654.010LEDS::PRIBORSKYTue Dec 10 1991Mail message bounced by DECWRL
1655.08QUABBI::"reid@pa.dec.com"Wed Dec 11 1991a modest proposal for handling mail with illegal return addresses
1656.0MQOOA::LEThu Dec 12 1991Internet's list address ??
1658.0MACNAS::MCCROHANTue Dec 17 1991KEYWORD, Canada
1659.02WKOLSat Dec 21 1991Address for CIBA-GEIGY
1661.02GIAMEM::MUMFORDTue Dec 24 1991Address for Kendall Square Research (KSR)?
1662.01CARAFE::GOLDSTEINThu Dec 26 1991Major breakdown in incoming gateway!
1664.02QUABBI::"treese@crl.dec.com"Thu Dec 26 1991CRL to move DECnet areas
1665.0DEMON::COLLAZOThu Dec 26 1991Looking for Marshall's York/Andover Path-Way?
1666.02RANGER::DOYLEMon Dec 30 1991University of Southern Mississippi
1667.010VINO::KOMARMon Dec 30 1991Question about DEC Postmasters' policy.
1668.0ALLVAX::ANDERSONTue Dec 31 1991Columbia Data Products
1669.01NEBR::HARRISONThu Jan 02 1992Fisher Controls Inc., Austin, Texas
1670.014CADSYS::COOPERThu Jan 09 1992Distribution list questions.
1671.01BELFST::MCCORRYFri Jan 10 1992Imperial College, London.
1672.0AUNTB::REEDSat Jan 18 1992NHVTC - How do I get to NH Tech College Network?
1673.02LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Jan 20 1992email to outside world having problems
1674.014DMEICE::UBANMon Jan 20 1992no INET mail via DECWRL today
1675.0WLDWST::PALERMOMon Jan 20 1992Solectron Path???
1677.01TROOA::TONIZZOThu Jan 23 1992University of York (England)
1678.0PLOP::COYLEThu Jan 23 1992Sergeant & Lundy (Chicago)
1679.020CIMNET::MATHEWSThu Jan 23 1992to; VAXmail via gateway, from ALL-IN-1
1680.01UPROAR::FRANKSSFri Jan 24 1992Swansea University (JANET)
1681.01FEATHR::BLUEJAYMon Jan 27 1992AMP, inc (Advanced Micro Products)
1682.01AKOCOA::KBURGESSTue Jan 28 1992University of Virginia
1683.0CIMNET::BARONTue Jan 28 1992PROMIS,Timenet or Telenet connection
1685.0WMOIS::BRENNAN_PThu Jan 30 1992Bridgewater State College BSC
1687.01PATE::KGOULDThu Jan 30 1992Willis Corroon and Black, NYC
1688.01JMPSRV::MICKOLFri Jan 31 1992MRGATE/XNS - Can't Reply
1689.01BRAT::FULTZMon Feb 03 1992Alliant
1690.01WMOIS::POTHIER_MTue Feb 04 1992CIGNA path
1691.01VERGA::CARTERTue Feb 04 1992Path to State Street Bank?
1692.0BHUNA::JMCCORMACKWed Feb 05 1992Bord Failte,(Irish Tourist board) Ireland
1693.03KBOTWed Feb 05 1992Physical Internet Address
1694.0MFRNW1::DENISWed Feb 05 1992re-assembling huge files after copy ?
1695.02MACNAS::MCCROHANThu Feb 06 1992Receiving mail not addressed to you....
1696.0SBPEXE::PREECEThu Feb 06 1992Lyme Foundation, Ct. ?
1697.02GIMP77::MACAULAYThu Feb 06 1992ROI - Roding , Germany
1700.04POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Feb 07 1992Connection to INTERNET, etc?
1701.09RUMOR::SCHUHMACHERTue Feb 11 1992uudecode - VMS version
1702.04ESSB::CGREGGThu Feb 13 1992Queens University of Belfast
1703.034STAR::CANTORThu Feb 13 1992Question on replying to X.4
1704.04CFSCTC::ELLISMon Feb 17 1992Time out problems
1705.0+7LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Feb 17 1992Very slow email between me and the outside world
1706.01SUBURB::HOUSENWed Feb 19 1992Automobile Association UK
1707.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Feb 20 1992How to reach Retix?
1708.01GVAThu Feb 20 1992St. Lawrence Seaway, Ontario, Canada
1709.03ALPHA::reevesFri Feb 21 1992Queens Park (Ontario Government)
1710.0CRBOSS::WOLGASTMon Feb 24 1992Gateway timed-out, or DECwrl problem...
1712.0BILLEM::COLLAZOTue Feb 25 1992Path to IRS in Andover
1713.0+15SNOCWed Feb 26 1992Accessing INTERNET
1714.02RWCVAX::COULSONWed Feb 26 1992Help - cannot reply successfully to mail received
1716.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Feb 28 1992Network Research Corporation?
1717.0130QUABBI::"treese@crl.dec.com"Tue Mar 03 1992New FTP Relay Service
1718.0GYUPCC::BALTESKONISWed Mar 04 1992Local Email Service in Hawaii?
1720.03QETOO::MCCARTHYTue Mar 10 1992Link to AVNET Computer-Chicago?? Couldn't find it..
1721.06HANNAH::BOONETue Mar 10 1992My subnet getting changed to .pa.dec.com ??
1722.04BILLEM::COLLAZOWed Mar 11 1992Need Pathway into Merrimack College
1724.040BITBKT::FORBESThu Mar 19 1992Internet/bitnet gateway a hobby for Digital?
1725.0SICVAX::SWEENEYSun Mar 22 1992Sierra Online
1726.02WELLIN::NISBETTue Mar 24 1992Target Systems Internet address
1728.03RIPPLE::KOPEC_STFri Mar 27 1992another REPLY related issue
1729.0QUABBI::"smith@clion.shr.dec.com"Wed Apr 01 1992UUCP link to Vitesse
1730.01CTHQ2::DEVIVOThu Apr 02 1992NSF Acceptable Use Policy
1731.09DDIF::EKLEFri Apr 03 1992MRS Technologies
1732.0QPC1::ANDREWSMon Apr 06 1992Univ. of Montana
1733.0XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Apr 07 1992Help with Bitnet address in German University
1734.04VINO::KOMARTue Apr 07 1992Quantum Books is on the net.
1735.01EVMS::NORDLINGERWed Apr 08 1992How does a university get connected?
1737.05VSSCAD::SIGELThu Apr 09 1992St. Andrew's, Scotland
1738.04PIRATE::RSMITHMon Apr 13 1992X.4
1739.0ALPHA::reevesMon Apr 13 1992WGBH-TV (PBS), Boston
1741.04AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Apr 15 1992T&B Computing Inc.
1742.07FORTSC::MOKFri Apr 17 1992DECWRL/DECPA down?
1743.01DSTEG::FOXMon Apr 20 1992Gateway to Cambridge Computer Associates (CCA)??
1744.08TPOVTue Apr 21 1992ftpmail source
1745.01BBIVWed Apr 22 1992Gateway To An Australian Univ.
1746.09WLDWST::EGILLELANDMon Apr 27 1992Which one to choose? - commercial E-mail
1747.0LJOHUB::HEERMANCEMon Apr 27 1992Path to Infinity Software
1748.010CHESS::KAIKOWMon Apr 27 1992Can we ask the gateway?
1749.02QUIVER::WILSTue Apr 28 1992Greennet
1750.01LJOHUB::CRAWFORDWed Apr 29 1992HELP...can't get the addressing correct
1751.07IJSAPL::WOODROWMon May 04 1992FTP transfer completed, but 'get' command failed?
1752.0VIDEO::VIDEO::PETZNYMon May 04 1992Can I get files from my account at Brunel Uni....?
1753.02FROCKY::EDDF1Tue May 05 1992ALLIANZ Versicherungs AG, Germany
1754.01TAVHLT::GURWed May 06 1992Path to Karlsruhe University
1756.015MSBCS::FOREMANMon May 11 1992Is there a problem with US1RMC?
1757.03ALLVAX::APPELMon May 11 1992I've moved, and no longer receive mail!!
1758.02GVATue May 12 1992Gateway to GE messaging network?
1759.032MU::PORTERTue May 12 1992Handling of MAIL-11 quoted stuff
1761.02MINNY::64531::BERENSFri May 15 1992Gateway to Zurich University
1762.02PASHIN::JOVANFri May 15 1992Cisco Systems, Menlo Park CA
1764.0LJOHUB::HEERMANCEMon May 18 1992Path to New England Mutual?
1766.02TLE::KDICKINSONTue May 19 1992path to Temple U in Philly
1767.02BYENGFri May 22 1992SAP in Germany
1768.014VSSCAD::SIGELTue May 26 1992inet-gw.pa.dec.com refusing connections
1769.01TINCUP::LINDSEYTue May 26 1992Can't reply to "%omico.UUCP@xxx" address
1770.0HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHWed May 27 1992Central Conn University
1771.01SALTHL::MCCROHANFri May 29 1992Round trip Delay - confusing timestamps?
1772.04FORTSC::MOKMon Jun 01 1992VAX/VMS getting on Internet - how?
1773.0BEAGLE::FREREAUTue Jun 02 1992rocks, host unknown
1775.0DECWET::APPELLOFWed Jun 03 1992Access to ACC Systems?
1776.0MILPND::PIMENTELWed Jun 03 1992Mast Industries?
1777.0FRSOLD::ORCHIS::SYSTEMWed Jun 03 1992
1778.0ZGOBIZ::SYBILNEOFri Jun 05 1992Diahousie University @ Canada
1779.09POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Jun 05 1992Sending mail FROM CompuServe to A1 on EasyNet?
1780.02MCIS2::BONVALLATFri Jun 05 1992DAEMON error - 554 Syntactically invalid address
1781.01COLSER::OBERHOLZThu Jun 11 1992send mail from usenet, without nodename
1782.01SHIPS::HERLIHY_JThu Jun 18 1992University of Wales:Lampeter (UK)
1783.08MOLAR2::BALSAMOThu Jun 18 1992Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
1784.03FORTSC::MOKFri Jun 19 1992Not receiving incoming mail since Jun 18 morning
1785.010ODDONE::JOHNSON_KFri Jun 19 1992Help - INTERNET/BITNET mail to IRDB fails
1786.06JURA::KEHILYFri Jun 19 1992International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
1787.03UKARC1::KENNEDYFri Jun 19 1992Path to Acorn Computers Ltd
1788.016HERON::DEVRIESFri Jun 19 1992Gopher?
1789.02HEAVY::JAMIEThu Jun 25 1992Area BHII on "IBM" net at mystery company
1790.07BASCAS::JOHNSON_KFri Jun 26 1992Binary/Attachments any hope ?
1791.0LJOHUB::MATHEWSFri Jun 26 1992Email to BIORAN LABS
1793.0LMOADM::VAN_CLEAVETue Jun 30 1992Path to Device Technologies, Inc. in Framingham, Mass?
1794.06ESSB2::GMCCLEANThu Jul 02 1992UK/Irish INTERNET dial up connections?
1795.0REMACP::RICHARDSONWed Jul 08 1992(looking for) State Mutual Assurance Co.
1796.0RUTILE::BISHOPWed Jul 08 1992Nestle, Croydon, UK link?
1798.0TIS::NEWTONWed Jul 08 1992How to send to JWP Co., Canton, Ma.??
1799.0SALEM::BRANNOCKWed Jul 15 1992NHTC (New Hampshire Technical College)
1800.0KERNEL::SUMMERFIELDJThu Jul 16 1992Trying to get to Bristol Polytechnic
1801.08USCTR1::MREICHThu Jul 16 1992IBM Information Network (IBM IN)
1802.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jul 22 1992Address for Wordperfect
1804.01NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Jul 23 1992VA uucp address from ALL-IN-1
1805.0ECAD2::NUPE::hampFri Jul 24 1992Butcher Co.
1806.02CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri Jul 24 1992alfred.ccs.carleton.ca errors???
1807.03MOEUR3::SMITHTue Jul 28 1992National Power, UK
1808.01STROP::SYSTEMTue Jul 28 1992TRADERNET
1810.04QUABBI::"wilcock@evtdd1.enet.dec.com"Thu Jul 30 1992Addressing problem
1811.0KBOMFG::MHEINFri Jul 31 1992Path to BOSCH JUNKERS, Stuttgart
1812.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jul 31 1992CIS=CompuServe ? BDS = ???
1813.02SUBPAC::MARTELFri Jul 31 1992State/Local municipalities
1814.0IOSG::DAVEYJMon Aug 03 1992Bloomberg?
1815.0FRSOLD::ORCHIS::SYSTEMFri Aug 07 1992Problems with VBORMC accessing DFN site
1816.01TAVIS::GURTue Aug 11 1992OECD , Paris - Path needed
1817.0OK4ME::CRAIGWed Aug 12 1992<MEAD> Dayton, Ohio - Path???
1818.0DSCVRY::LEEWed Aug 12 1992Corning, Inc.
1819.04CURRNT::JACKSONMon Aug 17 1992University of Southampton, U.K.
1821.0MUDHWK::LAWLERThu Aug 20 1992Need urgent access to german x.25 from e-net
1822.02PAVONE::GIANNIFri Aug 21 1992BESTNET ??
1823.0GIAMEM::MUMFORDTue Aug 25 1992Path to Automatic Data Processing (ADP)?
1825.0ISLNDS::KATZTue Aug 25 1992Pfizer, Groton CT
1826.0EMDS::GRIFFITHWed Aug 26 1992GEC (UK) Aerospace
1827.03VNABRW::AUMAYR_WMon Aug 31 1992Compuserve via X.4
1828.06CSTEAM::CLEMENTSMon Aug 31 1992HELP!!!
1829.04CSTEAM::CLEMENTSMon Aug 31 1992Internet Listing?
1830.08XNTRIK::MAGOONMon Jul 20 1992Mail from Compuserve to DEC without using INTERNET?
1831.04KALI::PLOUFFTue Jul 21 1992Resource List for Internet Services
1832.01ADNERB::MAHONTue Jul 21 1992COMPUSERVE & DEC discount rate?
1833.04QUABBI::"b_egan@nac.enet.dec.com"Fri Sep 04 1992mail failing..help !
1834.07XSTACY::JLUNDONThu Sep 10 1992NIFTYserve gateway
1835.016JUPITR::NORTONThu Sep 10 1992DECWRL Gateway (mail concentrator) is down - over 24 hours now!
1836.0WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Sep 10 1992thorn emi music (infonet ?) ?
1837.03MASALA::GGOODMANTue Sep 15 1992Service Unavailable Error
1839.01MCIS2::RINKUSThu Sep 17 1992Internet access via motif
1840.02TINCUP::BILLINGSLEAThu Sep 17 1992IXGATE in Australia?
1841.0NSDC::KENNEDYFri Sep 18 1992ARAMCO - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1842.01LATVMS::MERSHONWed Sep 23 1992University of Florida in Gainesville?
1843.04VISUAL::LLOPIZTue Sep 29 1992Pathway to OSF in Cambridge MA.
1844.01JULIET::THOMPSON_TAWed Sep 30 1992MAILER-DAEMON Unknown mailer error -1
1845.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Sep 30 1992email access to Stratacom?
1846.01APACHE::N2548Thu Oct 01 1992Message stuck in customers send queue...
1847.04WNPVThu Oct 01 1992Path to Digital-Kienzle, Germany
1848.05BROKE::PLAISTEDFri Oct 02 1992(Valid name but no A or MX)???
1850.01SQM::VOTue Oct 06 1992network problem. Please help
1851.01POLAR::ANDREWSWed Oct 07 1992University of British Columbia
1852.01KBOENG::RROHBECKFri Oct 09 1992Alternate FTPMAIL servers?
1854.0HERON::KAISERMon Oct 12 1992International Herald Tribune?
1855.01CSLALL::MFLAHERTYMon Oct 12 1992Cognos, Burlington MA
1856.05EXPLOR::LEETue Oct 13 1992Problem with assigning alias to login.com file
1857.01UPROAR::MURNAGHANTWed Oct 14 1992DECWRL talking to DECnet ?
1858.0MOVIES::BENSONMon Oct 19 1992Smith Kline Beecham anybody?
1859.0HGOVC::KEVINNGTue Oct 20 1992Path to U of Winnipeg
1860.06STAR::BUDATue Oct 20 1992Overflow Headers?
1861.0TROOA::NLEEThu Oct 22 1992Nestle Canada Inc.?
1862.01SANFAN::BROWN_DAThu Oct 22 1992My messages to IBM Germany now fail
1863.0DDIF::LINTSat Oct 24 1992-<MERCURY COMPUTER>
1864.0SNOMAN::AARONMon Oct 26 1992Nets to Guam?
1865.03NEADEV::PILITZThu Oct 29 1992Help understanding delivery failure message
1867.03JULIET::KURATA_GESun Nov 01 1992Is pa.dec.com there ?
1868.0VSSTEG::GLATFELTERTue Nov 03 1992Path to Ericcson GE
1869.03WRKSYS::CHANGTue Nov 03 1992Yellow Pages and BIND
1870.03TOOK::FLETCHERTue Nov 03 1992trouble replying to my mail ...
1871.06CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 04 1992Is Gateway software avail?
1873.03TRCOA::ROUSThu Nov 12 1992Not Receiving (Some) External Mail.
1875.05SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 18 1992ftp-gw.crl.dec.com unknown host?
1876.0EICMFG::MYLAMThu Nov 19 1992VAXMail to MEMOnet - can anyone help?
1877.0MR4DEC::RFRANCEYThu Nov 19 1992ECUNET?
1878.01EMDS::PETERSONThu Nov 19 1992Wentworth Institute Boston,Ma.
1879.01EPS::WILLIAMSFri Nov 20 1992Postmaster holding messages bound for SUNY?
1880.0TAVENG::FENSTERTue Nov 24 1992Epson printer company anyone ?
1881.01HGRDThu Dec 03 1992Compuserve in Hong Kong
1883.012RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Dec 07 1992How to get stuff onto gatekeeper?
1884.04LARVAE::GRAYThu Dec 10 1992Compuserve Performance request
1885.01CFSCTC::SMITHFri Dec 11 1992Macalaster College
1886.01ROLAID::G_YODERMon Dec 14 1992ARL - Applied Research Lab
1887.0KOALA::LITTLETue Dec 15 1992Florida Atlantic Univ
1888.03UPROAR::JACKSONCTue Dec 22 1992Address of Oregon State University
1889.01MVDSMon Dec 28 1992New Hampshire Net?
1890.06TLE::JBISHOPWed Dec 30 1992London Environmental Economics Centre, UK
1891.02KRAKAR::WARWICKMon Jan 04 1993How to decode "transcript of session" errors
1892.01KEPNUT::BUTALAMon Jan 04 1993Kenyon College
1894.0REMACP::RICHARDSONMon Jan 04 1993Path to Travelers (Insurance), Hartford, CT?
1895.0SHAWB1::ADAMSONBTue Jan 05 1993Path to Amerada Hess?
1896.019FROZEN::CHERSONTue Jan 05 1993Is DECWRL alive or dead?
1899.0ALLVAX::ABBERTONTue Jan 05 1993Ingersoll Rand Nashua NH
1901.04HGOVC::LAWRENCEWed Jan 06 1993Mail to Leicester University, UK. How??
1902.0ESKIMO::CARLOThu Jan 07 1993Allied American Insurance/Wakefield,Ma.
1903.04MASALA::JWALLSFri Jan 08 1993JANET no longer accessible?
1904.01KOOZEE::OWENTue Jan 12 1993How does the message get where it's going?
1905.02QUABBI::"mann_ja@wr2for.enet.dec.com"Wed Jan 13 1993London School of Economics
1906.0SUBPAC::DEGRAPPOThu Jan 14 1993Kulicke and Soffa Industries (K&S) Willow Grove PA.
1907.01SUBPAC::DEGRAPPOThu Jan 14 1993Maynard Public School System
1908.0SAUCER::SCARAMUZZOFri Jan 22 1993Cheyenne Software, Inc.
1911.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Jan 25 1993How do we hook into INTERNET???
1912.0ISLNDS::KAMINSKYTue Jan 26 1993KAO Infosystems
1913.01KOALA::MANSURTue Jan 26 1993decwrl message-size limit?
1914.03CFSCTC::TROIAWed Jan 27 1993ADDRESS ??
1915.01SCHOOL::BOBBITTFri Jan 29 1993chipcom?
1916.0JUPITR::NORTONFri Jan 29 1993KOMAG Millpitas, CA - anyone know internet addr?
1917.06CFSCTC::SMITHMon Feb 08 1993IEC Central Office
1919.01VAOUTue Feb 09 1993Internet stats, info pointer
1921.01USABLE::GOODWed Feb 10 1993Is US2RMC now the official area 2 gateway?
1922.03COLWed Feb 17 1993fednet?
1923.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANMon Feb 22 1993Synopsis?
1924.0USCTR1::MREICHMon Feb 22 1993IDX Corp?
1925.0WRLMTS::VIGEANTThu Feb 25 1993Gateway Outage Notification
1926.01COWBOY::DUFRESNEFri Feb 26 1993New domain definition: who u gonna call??
1927.0PARITY::HUGHESMon Mar 01 1993CSC Partners??
1928.0FLYWAY::KLAEYHWed Mar 03 1993Qualix group Inc.
1929.02RTOEU::RDELANEYFri Mar 05 1993Heriot Watt University, Eng. Dept., Scotland
1930.03CHEFS::RANASINGHENFri Mar 05 1993Mail to Queen Mary College/University of London
1931.0KAOM25::HAKANSSONSat Mar 06 1993Trying to Connect to HA Simons in Vancouver
1933.03SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTTue Mar 09 1993SEAL (Screening External Access Link)?
1934.04GYUPCC::URBANTue Mar 09 1993internet->DEC anon-ftp
1935.0HDLITE::BEACHTue Mar 09 1993Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden?
1936.04UPROAR::JACKSONCThu Mar 11 1993Questionable return addresses
1937.02CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Mar 15 1993DECs partnernet for ISVs
1938.03UPROAR::OBRIENKWed Mar 17 1993Clarificatiopn wanted
1939.07CORDON::IPSSG_CGThu Mar 18 1993Need help with address.
1940.01RDGENG::PRATTFri Mar 19 1993IP address translation gateway and SEAL
1941.01BROKE::PLAISTEDMon Mar 22 1993Problems with TO: field on mail received from REPLY
1942.0TEXT::WENDIMon Mar 22 1993Betz Industrial
1943.02RTL::DMULLENTue Mar 23 1993
1944.0QUABBI::"vixie@pa.dec.com"Tue Mar 23 1993vixie signing off
1945.0UFRCS1::VINZENZThu Mar 25 1993Path To CyberMedic Anybody?
1946.02BBQ::RODDYPHILMon Mar 29 1993Swiss Universities USENET addresses
1947.01CHEFS::JOHNSONKTue Mar 30 1993reject help please
1948.0GWYENG::J_BYRNEThu Apr 01 1993Georgetown University, Washinton D.C.
1949.02HRLMon Apr 05 1993How to reach cs.ru-limburg.cs
1950.0TINCUP::BILLINGSLEATue Apr 06 1993Marathon Oil Co.?
1951.01RDGENG::FRYWed Apr 14 1993"Public" NNTP servers?
1953.04SCAACT::RESENDESun Apr 18 1993Sherpa Corporation?
1954.06TRUCKS::CONNOLLYMon Apr 19 1993UK Meteorological Office address?
1955.0TRUCKS::CONNOLLYMon Apr 19 1993Address for European Patent Office in the Hague?
1956.0KEPNUT::BUTALATue Apr 20 1993Address for American Power Conversion (APC)
1957.03MOEUR1::SMITHWed Apr 21 1993ecmwf anyone???
1958.06HAM::FAHRENHOLTZFri Apr 23 1993Internet access outside Digital
1959.0SCHOOL::BOBBITTFri Apr 23 1993Bank of Bermuda
1960.03MARX::GRIERFri Apr 23 1993Address of SMTP Mirror on the Internet
1961.0AOSG::NORDLINGERFri Apr 23 1993Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
1962.07SWAM1::BASURA_BRMon Apr 26 1993Bill Clinton's Internet Address?
1963.01HEDRON::DAVEBTue Apr 27 1993IS FTPmail down?
1964.01AIDEV::DOUCETTETue May 04 1993"MAIL-11 Daemon"?
1965.01PLUGH::NEEDLEMon May 10 1993Address for IDG News Service?
1966.02MTVIEW::JOVANTue May 11 1993Maxtor??
1967.03UPROAR::MURNAGHANTWed May 12 1993Where have all the pub files gone ?
1968.01SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu May 13 1993Forwarding to PSI via Internet
1969.0GAVEL::PCLX4::WELLSTue May 18 1993Stone & Webster
1970.0QUABBI::"boiko@star.enet.dec.com"Wed May 19 1993Mast Industries - on Internet?
1971.03HEAT::BOLDMon May 24 1993US Embassy Paris France
1973.0JGODCL::APETERSTue May 25 1993^ to ! conversion?
1974.09BSS::BORGIL::M_FRAZIERTue May 25 1993Adding Reply-To to internet Header
1975.01CSSE::WOODSTue May 25 1993Internet Mail to NEC in Boxboro, MA
1976.05TROOA::CHUBBFri May 28 1993Need Help! Internet to S.Africa??
1977.03BBIVTue Jun 01 1993Accessing FTP relay without IP ???????
1978.0RCOCER::RCODDF::FOLTSMon Jun 07 1993Access to University of Siena, Siena, Italy???
1981.0PACKED::USAGE::WANGTue Jun 08 1993Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) in London, UK
1982.01COMET::SLATERZSun Jun 13 1993George Mason University
1983.01GBIWed Jun 16 1993Internet Mail and Security
1984.01CHOWDA::GEOFFROYWed Jun 16 1993PCOCK/MRGATE gateway down
1985.01AIDEV::DOUCETTEThu Jun 17 1993Strange mail headers - explanation?
1986.01MUTTON::LAMBMon Jun 21 1993Can't access decwrl::"GATEWAY.DOC"
1987.04TAVENG::KREMERWed Jun 23 19938BIT SMTP headers ?
1988.0+65WRLMTS::VIGEANTFri Jun 25 1993Remote mail concentrators (RMCs) -- see .last
1989.02HAZEL::MOOREMon Jun 28 1993Script for automating FTP thru Gateway?
1990.02ANIMLZ::DUBEMon Jun 28 1993FSP packets passed through gateways?
1991.04CSC32::M_MACGREGORMon Jun 28 1993Internet mail does not work to .com
1992.03SOFBAS::MAYERWed Jun 30 1993Internet Tools Conference Announcement
1993.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Jul 06 1993ALPHA OSF/1 Gateways supported
1994.04TNPUBS::BELLUSCIThu Jul 08 1993Boston Phoenix and Boston Globe
1995.04QUABBI::"treese@crl.dec.com"Fri Jul 09 1993The Internet Index
1996.02DECAUX::BOOT2A::MEZERA_HMon Jul 19 1993Path to Quaterdeck (QEMM386) ???
1998.02NETWKS::LLOPIZThu Jul 22 1993Path to Neles-Jamesbury?
1999.04JURA::JURA::KEHILYFri Jul 23 1993World Health Organisation (WHO)
2000.05TRCOA::TOYONAGAFri Jul 23 1993Gatekeepers for SUN, HP, IBM ... ?
2001.04BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jul 26 1993Illegal address construct
2002.04CSC32::R_DESKOTue Jul 27 1993Denver University (in Denver, CO)
2003.01MAST::ARUMUGHAMThu Jul 29 1993Are the gateways down?
2004.03HGRDSun Aug 01 1993FTP relay service support Alpha machine?
2005.0KALI::SCARAMUZZOMon Aug 02 1993Address for NSTL(National Software Testing Labs)
2006.01SUPER::ZIKAWed Aug 11 1993Universities? How to Address?
2007.05JGODCL::APETERSThu Aug 12 1993CNN and/or MTV address?
2008.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENFri Aug 13 1993Irwin Magnetics
2009.0LEDS::EYORE::DEROOFri Aug 13 1993Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU)
2010.03GAVEL::ALPERTSat Aug 14 1993Internet from VMS?
2011.0DYOSW8::WILDERMon Aug 16 1993Statistica, Inc.???
2012.0OASS::BURDEN_DTue Aug 17 1993path to M&M Mars, Kal-Kan, Uncle Bens?
2013.03BIS6::VANGLABEKEThu Aug 19 1993Gateways privileged ?
2015.01ACESMK::FRANCUSThu Aug 19 1993Argonne national labs?
2016.04PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTMon Aug 23 1993Do the RMCs break return address?
2017.02POWDML::COLLINSTue Aug 24 1993FTP from POWDML?
2018.04POLAR::TOMKINSWed Aug 25 1993Freenet question.
2019.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRThu Aug 26 1993Is the ftp-gw down at CRL and PA??
2020.06REGENT::LAIFri Aug 27 1993Can't FTP through gateway need help!
2021.01WITNES::COLLINSSat Aug 28 1993talk/irc?
2022.03--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 31 1993INTERACTIVE INTERNET
2023.0BIS6::VANGLABEKEWed Sep 01 1993Caterpillar
2024.012BELFST::OPERATORWed Sep 01 1993NETFINDER, The Address Finder
2025.06SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Sep 02 1993Wall Street Journal on the Internet
2026.0ANARKY::BREWERSat Sep 04 1993phillips/Signetica..NM
2027.02NBOFS1::HUTZLERWed Sep 08 1993mail to oracle germany
2028.01QUABBI::"treese"Wed Sep 08 1993XMosaic: A Browser for Internet Services
2029.06XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Sep 13 1993E-mail access from internet to EDSnet?
2030.08TROOA::PAPANASTASIOMon Sep 13 1993How do you measure costs?
2031.01STAR::PATHAKMon Sep 13 1993How do I get to CS at Umass Lowell, MA
2032.01XCUSME::MICHAUD_MTue Sep 14 1993Synoptics /Santa CLara, Ca.?
2033.01MASALA::EWOTHERSPOONWed Sep 15 1993VOLVO in Irvine (SCOTLAND)
2034.01NSTG::POULINThu Sep 16 1993Access to Northfiel/Mount Hermon School in MA.??
2035.03JGO::SCHMIDTThu Sep 16 1993Is SURFNET connected someware?
2037.02XSTACY::PATTISONFri Sep 24 1993The mails that got away
2038.06REGENT::LAITue Sep 28 1993Need help on gateway file transfer
2039.01FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Sep 29 1993WCVB (Channel 5) Internet addr.
2040.01NEWPRT::NEWELL_JOThu Sep 30 1993New England Journal of Medicine
2041.01VNABRW::MOTAL_WThu Sep 30 1993FTP to CICnet
2042.01GMAJOR::BOURQUEThu Sep 30 1993ATLANTIC Magazine, Boston
2043.03DNEAST::CLINE_DENNISFri Oct 01 1993Roanoke College
2044.06MOEUR1::SMITHMon Oct 04 1993British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
2045.03RDGMTS::MTSMGRThu Oct 07 1993Invalid "To" header
2047.04CSTEAM::PALARDYWed Oct 13 1993Concealed address ?
2048.04POLAR::LOWThu Oct 14 1993FTP Mail server down????
2049.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 20 1993University of Hull in England
2050.04931::LLOPIZTue Oct 26 1993CPS PATH HELP?
2051.0336971::ROSENTHALThu Oct 28 1993Mail problem through Internet
2052.01DECWET::WICKHAMFri Oct 29 1993Security Council contact
2053.07TNPUBS::BELLUSCISun Oct 31 1993DECWRL problems
2054.031QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 09 1993"dec" domain name changing to "digital"?
2056.0COLThu Nov 11 1993Unified System Solutions Inc. (USS) ?
2057.0ELWOOD::WALKERFri Nov 12 1993Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA)
2058.03POLAR::LOWFri Nov 12 1993FTP Mail Server on Vacation??
2059.0RINGSS::WALESSun Nov 14 1993Can we find out what's bounced?
2060.016ELIS::SCHUURMANSMon Nov 15 1993Trouble replying to internet messages.
2061.03MU::PORTERTue Nov 16 1993Madge Networks Ltd?
2062.011Wed Nov 17 1993Gateway mail problems status
2063.09WASCLY::HENNEWed Nov 17 1993Which RMC to use for VMSmail?
2064.0NUPE::hampThu Nov 18 1993Ch. 7 WHDH Boston?
2065.0PAKORA::KCORMACKFri Nov 19 1993Standard Life
2066.0342721::BARKER_CMon Nov 22 1993Teknekron ??
2067.03RUTILE::STANDRINGThu Nov 25 1993Birmingham University, England Help
2068.02METSYS::JOHNSONMon Nov 29 1993Deutsch Bank, Frankfurt
2069.03USHS1Tue Nov 30 1993Access Denied?
2070.01GOIVIT::ALDENThu Dec 02 1993U-Mass Medical School?
2071.0SNOCFri Dec 03 1993Missing Part 1 in FTP mail
2072.02LUNER::GERSTENBERGThu Dec 09 1993U.S. Military Academy (West Point, NY)
2073.04POLAR::LOWThu Dec 09 1993FTP Mail source available
2074.02426Fri Dec 10 1993Roche address?
2075.01CAPNET::SCHOTTTue Dec 14 1993Powersoft Corp
2076.01WASCLY::HENNEWed Dec 15 1993Configuring UCX/SMTP inside Digital
2078.0142837::EVANSGFri Dec 17 1993DECPA failed to find node?
2079.0CAPNET::KUSNETZKYFri Dec 17 1993Franklin Pierce College?
2080.0ELIS::SCHUURMANSTue Dec 21 1993Internet won't deliver my reply's
2081.0NOTAPC::DUTTONTue Dec 21 1993nynex internet address in Boston for Telesector Resource Group
2082.02MASALA::JMCCORMACKWed Dec 22 1993KLA (San Jose)
2083.0WRKSYS::REISERTWed Dec 22 1993BITNET disappears from France
2084.010WRKSYS::ARUMUGHAMThu Dec 23 1993Addressing?
2085.04QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 29 1993User complaint about invalid addresses from Digital
2086.0USCTR1::BJORGENSENWed Dec 29 1993JD Edwards
2087.0MEXVWed Dec 29 1993TRW Safety Systems? (VSSI)
2088.02DRINKS::ZANZERKIASat Jan 01 1994Host unknown for UNE Armadel
2089.0METSYS::THOMPSONMon Jan 03 1994Eveready Battery
2090.01SKYE::MAURERWed Jan 05 1994Internet access for a friend in the UK ?
2091.01RACER::DAVEThu Jan 06 1994LOCUS
2092.04ECADSR::IAGO::DEADERICKThu Jan 06 1994ftpmail run amok
2093.0CGOOA::PETTIGREWFri Jan 07 1994WWIV net
2094.0POLAR::RICHARDSONMon Jan 10 1994Toronto Dominion Bank
2095.02MOEUR1::BEESTONThu Jan 13 1994SMCSYS.COM
2096.01MSDOA::HYMESThu Jan 13 1994Looking for Goodyear path
2097.0145564::DAVIDSONThu Jan 13 1994Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
2098.07POWDML::COLLINSSat Jan 15 1994Ftp? Telnet? TCP/IP?
2099.01MU::PORTERWed Jan 19 1994Use of logical name causes double "to" header
2100.05ISTWI1::AKALINSat Jan 22 1994mts.dec.com doesn't work from some domain
2101.0545266::SWANN_MSun Jan 23 1994mailing lists
2102.0345464::DAVIES_DMon Jan 24 1994Portsmouth Poly (Now University)?
2103.0MUNICH::HSTOECKLINTue Jan 25 1994Softlab, Munich?
2104.02SKYE::MAURERThu Jan 27 1994Syntactically Invalid Address ?
2105.02KEPNUT::BUTALAThu Feb 03 1994Looking for WellFleet
2106.010JUPITR::NORTONThu Feb 03 1994gateway down?
2107.01Fri Feb 04 1994Lost mail at the gateway
2108.02DIODE::CROWELLMon Feb 07 1994Who pays for INTERNET bandwidth?
2109.0ELIS::ELIS::GOUWELOOSWed Feb 09 1994Motorola Docs ???
2110.04STRATA::DERBYSHIREThu Feb 10 1994Tohoku University @ Sendai?
2111.02HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Feb 10 1994MTS address without a name server.
2112.02SKYE::MAURERFri Feb 11 1994Gateway strips off extended characters ?
2113.0ENEA::MORISETTIMon Feb 14 1994Enet (MTS or else) from Fidonet?
2114.03CHEFS::HANSONNTue Feb 15 1994Company Line ??
2115.01DEVLPR::ESCAPE::LEEThu Feb 17 1994Email address for CBS???
2116.01NEWOA::FLEMING_JThu Feb 24 1994email to Staffordshire Uni
2117.03GIDDAY::QUODLINGThu Feb 24 1994ftp address for ccitt...
2118.0SSGVMon Feb 28 1994LTCB address needed
2119.0SIEVAX::WHEELWRIGHTTue Mar 01 1994Logistic Solutions, Boston
2120.0442837::MURNAGHANTTue Mar 01 1994Where have all the pub files gone ?
2121.03MOEUR1::SMITHWed Mar 02 1994Centrefile (Centerfile) London?
2123.03USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Mar 07 1994St Johnsbury
2124.0+571Mon Mar 07 1994RMC Problems and their status
2125.03NETRIX::michaudTue Mar 08 1994Nashua Telegraph
2126.0CIRCUS::SCHEDLERWed Mar 09 1994gatekeeper downtime (March 1
2127.03STRATA::BRICHARDSat Mar 12 1994Need friends on the Internet!!!!
2128.0RUTILE::AUNGIERMon Mar 14 1994Asian Development Bank
2129.02MEXVThu Mar 17 1994Trinova Corp.?
2130.02NEWPRT::GREEN_RIThu Mar 17 1994Fluor Daniel
2131.01MINNY::ZANGGERMon Mar 21 1994adaptec anyone?
2132.02ASABET::ISRAELITEMon Mar 21 1994Pointer(s) for A Neophyte
2133.01WELSWS::NUTKINSMMon Mar 21 1994Configuration details wanted for ALL-IN-1/INTERNET
2134.02KCOHUB::KCFSVM::LEEPERTue Mar 29 1994external IP Mail problem
2135.01LUXThu Mar 31 1994How to make our VAX known in the domain
2136.06ASABET::ISRAELITEThu Mar 31 1994A New Way of Addressing?
2137.02ASDG::NSULLIVANThu Mar 31 1994Sending DECWRITE files over the internet
2139.03STUDIO::REILLEYSun Apr 03 1994Ralston-Purina ?
2140.01ATHINA::SKARLATOSTue Apr 05 1994Address for RMMI (Colorado) ?
2141.01MROA::BONVALLATThu Apr 07 1994multiple postmaster rejections from gateway
2142.08HELIX::SONTAKKETue Apr 12 1994External Mail Reflector (mail-ping) ??
2143.0OASS::STDBKR::burden_dWed Apr 13 1994InSoft and/or DN&R
2144.01EVOAI2::ALLIN1Tue Apr 19 1994VBORMC - Ftpmail?
2145.01ULYS::VANGLABEKETue Apr 19 1994Unicorn Software ?
2146.03RUMOR::DOXEYWed Apr 20 1994Internet address with \ character
2147.0EVOAI2::ALLIN1Thu Apr 21 1994Pointers for 3D-Studio?
2148.02QUABBI::"mrr@chene.cxo.dec.com"Mon Apr 25 1994Seeking dan halbert's replacement
2149.09LUXTue Apr 26 1994Problems with the cryptokey
2150.0JURA::JURA::KEHILYWed Apr 27 1994Philip Morris in Switzerland
2151.03FSTCAT::COMEFORDThu Apr 28 1994Wierd request: Internet access from the CIS
2152.01AIMT::SANDHUMon May 02 1994How to send mail to /dd.id=aaa.bbb/ ?
2153.01RDGMTS::DICOSTue May 03 1994Unrecognised Node Name
2154.01LUXTue May 10 1994Problems connecting to gatekeeper from europe
2155.02FAILTE::KAKAVTue May 10 199455
2156.01TENNIS::KAMTue May 10 1994Can we use tcpip to send mail outside DEC?
2157.019Fri May 13 1994VMS mail address versus DMW mail address
2158.02ANGLIN::LEEPERTue May 17 1994ftp login?
2159.01GIAQA2::T_MOOREWed May 18 1994Need help with an internet adress
2160.04KLAP::porterFri May 20 1994Extra node name messes up AOL mailer
2161.03MEMIT::MMCCALLIONTue May 24 1994How to get Personal Internet Address?
2162.02TENNIS::KAMWed May 25 1994DECWRL::"pub" is hidden. Why?
2164.021QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 01 1994US2RMC gateway problem - no more processes
2165.01KALI::SCARAMUZZOTue Jun 07 1994Looking for Beame and Whiteside's Internet address
2166.02MEOCThu Jun 09 1994MCIS1::CIRC address please
2167.01AXEL::FOLEYThu Jun 09 1994Irish Telecom / Telecom Eireann
2168.0ELIS::SCHUURMANSMon Jun 13 1994Address for KLM
2169.02RINGSS::WALESThu Jun 16 1994Is Xircom on the net?
2170.06BORGIL::M_FRAZIERFri Jun 17 1994Mail into Digital DISAPPEARS.
2172.03WELSWS::NOBLERTue Jun 21 1994Are we thick or what getting started
2173.01XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Jun 29 1994Bogus reply line - DECnet address rather than IP name appearing
2174.03FORTY2::ABRAMFri Jul 01 1994IBMMAIL via INTERNET ?
2175.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jul 01 1994Problem with DECWRL this morning
2176.05WELCLU::SUTCLIFFEJMon Jul 04 1994infonet access
2177.01TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 07 1994Cannot break to 1
2178.0245266::SWANN_MThu Jul 14 1994what.....
2179.05EDDF1Fri Jul 15 1994VBORMC down?
2180.02PATE::HADRYCHMon Jul 18 1994Kirtland Air Force Base -- Albuquerque, New Mexico --address?
2181.01DNEAST::MARSHALL_GENTue Jul 19 1994Internet address for Key bank
2182.01WRKSYS::REISERTWed Jul 20 1994"Primary mail exchanger" (enet.dec.com) can't accept mail?!?!
2183.0JVAX::JOHNSONThu Jul 21 1994Consumer Product Safety Commission
2184.05SUBURB::WISEMFri Jul 22 1994Credit Suisse address?
2185.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Aug 01 1994ALL-IN-1 -> MRAGTE -> SMTP cannot Reply !
2186.01SUBURB::VEALES::VEALESMon Aug 01 1994Message received with wrong contents
2187.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Aug 01 1994J. D. Power
2188.05TAEC::PHOBOE::FlauwThu Aug 04 1994FTP from outside into Digital ?
2189.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Aug 05 1994University of Toledo, OH
2190.06TALLIS::SCHULERTue Aug 09 1994Yet another REPLY problem
2191.01ASDG::SACCOMon Aug 15 1994OEC in Cambridge
2192.06TENNIS::KAMWed Aug 17 1994remote server closes when I 'cd' to a directory?
2193.01MR4DEC::JJORGENSENThu Aug 18 1994Path to Pepsi Co.
2194.01MOEUR7::SMITHFri Aug 19 1994LunnPoly
2195.012Fri Aug 19 1994Angle brackets in address confuse mailer?
2196.02WOTVAX::STUS::Stuart_HattoTue Aug 23 1994Speech marks in an address ?
2197.01CNTROL::STECKOTue Aug 23 1994Emerson College?
2198.0CSLALL::KARLSBERGTue Aug 23 1994GECS
2199.08ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Aug 25 1994LISTSERV
2200.01PTOVAX::SCOTTMon Aug 29 1994mail relay problems today
2201.04STARCH::HAGERMANTue Aug 30 1994what is THOFDG:: ?
2202.0MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerThu Sep 01 1994LanMan for OS/2
2203.05POWDML::DWOODFri Sep 02 1994'eworld' Address Help
2204.04LIE495::CITRONFri Sep 02 1994Can someone provide address for gatekeeper.dec.com - NSlookup times out last few days
2205.0LACVSat Sep 03 1994Timberland on internet?
2206.02USPMLO::OELFKETue Sep 06 1994Gillette, Boston path ?
2208.0CADSYS::LEMONSWed Sep 14 1994Que (publisher)
2209.01MSE1::FRANCUSFri Sep 16 1994William and Mary College
2210.05SOLVIT::HAECKTue Sep 20 1994trying to get to Texas
2211.03LUNER::RAPPAPORTTue Sep 20 1994Psygnosis
2212.01USDEV::STOCKDALEThu Sep 22 1994Using COMPOSE CHARACTER key!
2213.01POWDML::PALVIAFri Sep 23 1994Sending WORD file over Internet ?
2214.0156945::SMITHFri Sep 23 1994What are the MTS gateways?
2215.0241174::JLUNDONWed Sep 28 1994Invalid return address problems
2216.0MUZICK::FLYNNTue Oct 04 1994Fleet Credit Corp?
2217.0254323::BROWNLTue Oct 04 1994VAXMail->Internet->x.4
2218.01AWECIM::VERMAMon Oct 10 1994MADE URL
2219.010ALEPPO::kb1gp::BowkerTue Oct 11 1994How to FTP out of dec.com with SECURE-CARD?
2220.0356821::SCARAMUZZOThu Oct 13 1994Getting Remote Protocol Error when MAIL> REPLYing to msg
2221.02SAC::JEPSONTue Oct 25 1994LISTSERV and ALL-IN-1 mail problem
2222.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 25 1994Internet novice, assistance please?
2223.02STAR::LEMIEUXWed Oct 26 1994Keene State in KEENE N.H.
2224.04STROP::LAYLANDMon Oct 31 1994birmingham university UK
2225.02GOLLY::simons.zk3.dec.com::SimonsWed Nov 02 1994Whence INTERNET_TOOLS.NOTE?
2226.0KIRKTN::RBLAIRThu Nov 03 1994KORG
2227.0341174::JLUNDONFri Nov 11 1994Mail routed through DECWRL questions
2228.02POLAR::TOMKINSMon Nov 14 1994Looking for directory assistance.
2229.01USOPS::KADOWTue Nov 15 1994FTPMAIL accessing uunet.uu.net
2230.01RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Nov 17 1994UUENCODE or BTOA for PCs?
2231.01VAXSPO::ROGERIOFri Nov 25 1994Telnet on VMS
2232.07VAXSPO::ROGERIOWed Nov 30 1994Internet Address
2233.03ZPOVC::DAIVThu Dec 01 1994A Strange Number in E-mail Header
2234.03DANGER::INGRAHAMFri Dec 02 1994Mail from Internet lost (not bounced)?
2235.012NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Dec 06 1994Sending mail to US Fed Government Agencies
2236.03QUABBI::"flan@riscet.ilo.dec.com"Wed Dec 07 1994Large Header Problems
2237.05CGOOA::GUNDERSONMon Dec 12 1994Mail Gateway Problems?
2241.03ZPOVC::DAIVThu Dec 22 1994What's the meaning of '%' ?
2242.03MIMS::WHITTINGTONWed Dec 28 1994Basic Questions for Experience Internet
2243.04KLAP::porterWed Jan 04 1995gatekeeper.dec.com doesn't like me this year
2244.01PMRV7Thu Jan 05 1995Looking to send mail to Arthur D. Little
2245.01HGCSWed Jan 11 1995Conner Peripherials please?
2246.04NCMAIL::KINNEYDThu Jan 12 1995Gopher Proxy Help
2247.0141174::JLUNDONFri Jan 13 1995Mail error: too many hops
2248.012ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Jan 25 1995Problems with extra quotes in addresses
2249.01LJSRV1::fanout.hlo.dec.com::jsteerMon Jan 30 1995MBONE tunnel through the firewall ?
2251.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Feb 13 1995Addressing with Message Router??
2252.02UBOHUB::LIPSCOMBE_GWed Feb 15 1995Internet mail Gateway. How fast?
2253.01PARODY::CAETANOMon Feb 20 1995how to forward vaxmail to Decmailworks address????
2254.0OLCROW::PRIESTLEYMon Feb 20 1995CenterLine
2255.020PARODY::CAETANOWed Feb 22 1995Is WRLMT down today????
2256.04CFSCTC::SMITHMon Feb 27 1995External recipients see "From" user@us1RMC.bb.dec.com
2257.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 02 1995DELETE after March 15 1995
2258.0151678::61562::SCHALLER_MFri Mar 03 1995"Finger" and "talk" outside of Digital?
2259.04SHRMSG::PEREIRASun Mar 19 1995DELETE after March 27
2260.07SPSEG::PLAISTEDMon Mar 20 1995Not enough core on *my* node? Could this be?
2261.04WRLMTS::VIGEANTThu Mar 23 1995Mail auto-reply messages
2262.0131113::GOODMANWed Mar 29 1995Mail from Windows Netscape Long mail from Windows/Netscape to us3rmc fails?
2263.05MU::porterTue Apr 04 1995Weird undeliverable-mail message
2264.01TROOA::MCRAMMon Apr 10 1995Status of 'nntpd' Server?
2265.05ASD::GUDITZTue Apr 11 1995Delayed delivery of mail?
2266.02BSS::BOYERSat Apr 22 1995SMTP mail to AOL?
2267.0241174::JLUNDONTue Apr 25 1995Embedded colons (::) in Internet address cause by DECnet?
2268.03AD::MADLERWed Apr 26 1995Guard account on West Coast
2269.0+6TAOVFri May 05 1995Re-ask how to get the Internet world ?
2270.02GVAWed May 10 1995European Internet Access Services available
2271.02MU::porterFri May 12 1995ftp timeout even though making progress slowly
2272.06H2OLOG::YAPLEEThu May 25 1995How do nodename.enet.dec.com mx records get created
2273.013SKYLAB::FISHERTue May 30 1995Company-wide alias?
2274.0WRLMTS::VIGEANTThu Jun 08 1995MTS Gateway problems
2275.0QUABBI::"stuart@nsl-too.pa.dec.com"Tue Jun 13 1995Loss of default route last weekend (6/1
2276.0CTHQ::PEARSONWed Jun 14 1995A1->Internet Is Back
2277.015POWDML::CHERNACKFri Jun 30 1995Internet mail, VMSmail and personal names
2278.01TUXEDO::ROSENBAUMSat Jul 01 1995Allow RealAudio?
2279.02QUARK::LIONELMon Jul 03 1995scooter.pa-x.dec.com
2280.04263::WILLIAMSThu Jul 13 1995Outbound Telnet flakey?
2281.011RELYON::PATHAKFri Jul 14 1995Service unavailable
2282.02ZPOVC::ROYSTONNGMon Jul 24 1995MAIL 11 connect : Unrecognized Nodename
2283.01MPGS::DLEEWed Aug 02 1995How to send mail to IBM's Toronto Lab?
2284.04QUARK::LIONELMon Aug 21 1995RMC complains about unbalanced '<'
2285.0QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 07 1995US2RMC lost mx records?
2286.013QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 11 1995UCX SMTP% mail outside Digital doesn't get delivered
2287.0141174::JLUNDONThu Sep 14 1995Bad characters in from address - 9Ndg's
2288.06TOOK::BEERMANThu Sep 14 1995Problem sending mail to CompuServe
2289.0241174::JLUNDONThu Sep 14 1995Bouncer test: weird Reply-To: address
2290.05QUANTA::BOANFri Sep 15 1995UCX SMTP Problem with mail originating external to Digital
2291.07HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOTue Sep 19 1995MTS-Internet gateway problem ?
2292.01WRKSYS::ARTHURWed Sep 20 1995SQF->Motorola
2293.05MU::porterThu Sep 28 1995Status of ftp-gw.pa.dec.com
2294.07SUBSYS::SYSTEMWed Oct 11 1995 Undeliverable messages
2295.06AEOENG::MERCIERFri Oct 13 1995trouble with WS_FTP and P.A. gateway
2296.093Thu Oct 19 1995Where is mail11.digital.com located?
2297.0CSC32::SCHLABSThu Oct 19 1995syntax error replying to mail from mr on a vax
2298.03CHEFS::ROBINSONHThu Nov 02 1995DEC -> ICL UK
2299.02STOWOA::BERSONMon Nov 06 1995Fatal Error on URL
2300.05BAHTAT::HILTONMon Nov 13 1995Capital Letters
2301.06SNOFS1::snod14dgp6.gen.sno.dec.com::BroughtonTue Nov 14 1995MIME attachments ?
2302.01BAHTAT::WELLSWed Nov 15 1995External URL's using MOSAIC
2303.0ANNECY::CHATEL_MThu Nov 16 1995looking for list of firewalls and bandwidth
2304.01EVTAI1::SAMIE_FFri Nov 17 1995janix.mfr.dec.com and XOVER
2305.0252446::LANDAUTue Nov 21 1995Duplicate inbound messages
2306.01TAENG4::DOUBLEThu Nov 23 19958-bit mail transfer problem
2307.01542Tue Nov 28 1995Mail through firewall
2308.01AD::MADLERThu Nov 30 1995Failed incoming IP mail ( (incorrect router supplied)
2309.05MOVIES::POTTERWed Dec 06 1995Curious From address
2310.02RINGSS::WALESMon Dec 11 1995Trying to locate Computer Sciences Australia
2311.04CFSCTC::SMITHTue Dec 26 1995Smith@digital.com?
2312.0254411::APETERSFri Jan 05 1996Franklin Mint?
2313.06MSE1::WEYMOUTHFri Jan 05 1996Internet mail problems????!
2314.04DIODE::CROWELLFri Jan 05 1996What get's logged at our firewalls?
2315.015Tue Jan 09 1996What happens to ctl.dec.com ??
2316.02TURRIS::lspace.zko.dec.com::winalskiSun Jan 14 1996Our routers generate bad "Received:" headers
2317.0TURRIS::lspace.zko.dec.com::winalskiSun Jan 21 1996our mail servers mangle group address syntax
2318.01YIELD::DELAHUNTYThu Jan 25 1996UDP port # ???
2319.0742649::LUNNThu Feb 15 1996Might the gateway change a 'From' address?
2320.01LUXFri Feb 16 1996Who assigns domain names inside digital ?
2321.01TREZUR::MEANEYFri Feb 16 1996Can Receive, but not Send/reply
2322.0TURRIS::lspace.zko.dec.com::winalskiFri Feb 16 1996MAIL-11 gateway generates bad RFC-822 syntax
2323.0HOUBA::MEHERSFri Mar 08 1996GEO -> SOO
2324.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Mar 13 1996gateway perf / usage
2325.022Mon Apr 01 1996Mail from RMC shows up with extra node name
2327.047821::BARNDTFri May 03 1996FTP to site with password
2328.02849575::JRSWed Jun 05 1996mail into Digital broken?
2329.017WHOSWed Jun 05 1996Can't send mail out to address that has worked before and is still good
2330.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANTue Jun 25 1996Can't open passive connection: Permission denied
2331.02AD::MADLERMon Jul 08 1996Intermediate ftp location for internet transfer
2332.01349438::EHRLICH_KWed Jul 10 1996Our PMDF-Gateway and RTF2 MIME tag wrong ???
2333.03KAOFS::M_COTEThu Aug 08 1996return address incorrect
2334.0NETRIX::"arthurlin@tpovWed Oct 23 1996Any solution for user authentication for WWW, NEWS, Mail on Digital Firewall Service ?
2335.0NETRIX::"arthurlin@tpovWed Oct 23 1996Any solution for user authentication for WWW, NEWS, Mail on Digital Firewall Service ?
2336.01EINE::ANDERSONMon Nov 04 1996PMDF Gateway and MIME encoding MS Word: wrong?
2337.01BEJVC::ERICGANWed Nov 06 1996read newsgroups outside
2338.03SSDEVO::WOODThu Nov 14 1996Syntactically invalid address?
2339.02IOSG::MERCHANTTue Dec 10 1996Unable to reply to ccMail user
2340.05RINGSS::WALESThu Dec 19 1996Incoming mail bouncing
2341.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGTue Jan 07 1997How to implement the OSF/1 as the DECnet mail G/W
2342.0 *+4NETRIX::"jayaram@qcavThu Feb 13 1997"links exceeded"
2343.0 *+3SMURF::FENSTERTue Feb 18 1997No external mail for the last 12-18 hours ?
2344.0 *WRLMTS::VIGEANTFri Apr 11 1997DECWRL to be retired
2345.0 *MIPSBX::"gaetano.armenise@mln.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997sna domain gateway access violation
2346.0 *+11WRKSYS::INGRAHAMTue Apr 29 1997RMCs incorrectly translate the CC: field
2347.0 *+4SNOFS1::MARSHALLJTue May 06 1997Where do we find GATEWAY.DOC (no more DECWRL::)??