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Conference kernel::ultrix_crashes

Title:Ultrix Crash Notesfile
Created:Fri Nov 15 1991
Last Modified:Sat Apr 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:178
Total number of notes:507
Number with bodies:8
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2.02KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991A few rules
3.04KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991Crash analysis techniques
4.031KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991Introductions
6.07KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Nov 20 1991Patches
7.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Apr 15 1994corever utility
8.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991Reserved for future use.
9.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991Reserved for future use.
10.04KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991proc_exit: holding a lock
11.04KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Nov 15 1991release_tlbpid: not owner
12.03KERNEL::BAYLISDMon Nov 18 1991System hang on a DS55
13.06KBOMFG::ARMSTRONGMon Nov 18 1991Crash with fork or execl
14.01MUNICH::TUSIAMon Nov 18 1991smccdec: rssize
15.03KERNEL::CARLETONLMon Nov 18 1991trap - AdEL
16.017KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Nov 19 1991smp_lock_long: invalid lock type
17.01SMURF::JJGTue Nov 19 1991VAX crashes: where'd it panic?
18.0SMURF::DIBBLETue Nov 19 199158
19.02SMURF::DIBBLETue Nov 19 1991pointer to analyze-crash script
20.019KERNEL::MORGANIWed Nov 20 1991tlbmiss on invalid kernel page
21.01KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Nov 22 1991trap - AdEL
22.0116631::MOELLERFri Nov 29 1991crash utility documentation ?
23.04SHAWB1::LAWRENCEWed Dec 04 1991idleproc question?
24.02KIPPIS::BANSEMAThu Dec 12 1991parity error from swapper ?
25.03LEMAN::AGASSISTue Dec 17 1991Segmentation violation on ULTRIX 4.1 (Rev.52)...
26.02KERNEL::CARPENTERSThu Dec 19 1991smp_lock_long: lock owner
27.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Dec 23 1991kpteseg miss outside utlbmiss
28.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Dec 23 1991smp_lock_long: lock owner
29.02KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Dec 23 1991ufs_rwgp: messed up gp, xp
30.0TLE::MCCARTHYThu Dec 26 1991Previous version of DECtpu on RISC/ULTRIX crashed 582
31.01MANWRK::WHITHAMFri Jan 03 1992SMP 583
32.0HGOVA::TASMANSIUMon Jan 06 1992panic: vrelvm rss
33.01SIOG::TMCKEOWNWed Jan 15 1992Hung DS5
34.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Jan 31 1992setrq p_rlink
35.02KERNEL::MORGANIFri Jan 31 1992wrong ipl panic from 583
36.01RHETT::AMANThu Feb 06 1992panic: Smp_unlock: lock not held - VAX V4.2
37.0UTRTSC::HOPMANFri Feb 07 1992smp_unlock_long: not lock owner
38.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Feb 17 1992smp_lock_long: beyond sleep count
39.0EEMELI::PEURATue Feb 18 1992panic: free: freeing free frag (shadowing after badblock)
40.0LEMAN::AGASSISTue Feb 25 1992Unknown mem. error interrupt. DS5
41.04LEMAN::AGASSISWed Feb 26 1992ufs_galloc: dup alloc / 4.2A...
42.03COLThu Feb 27 1992ds582
43.03LEMAN::AGASSISThu Feb 27 1992Trap 4.2A...
44.01MANWRK::WHITHAMFri Feb 28 1992smp_lock_long: lock owner
45.021BACHUS::ROETSMon Mar 30 1992CPU write timeout
46.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Apr 08 1992closedq: stray dquot
47.05LEMAN::AGASSISWed Apr 08 1992DS5
48.03LISVAX::LEITAOWed Apr 08 1992Uninitialized gnode
49.0SHAWB1::LAWRENCEWed Apr 08 1992smp_unlock_long: no process woken
50.0KAOFS::G_STOFKOThu Apr 09 1992DECsystem 55
51.05KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Apr 21 1992smp_lock_long: beyond time wait
52.0OSLACT::TOREOThu Apr 30 1992smp_lock_lock: lock owner
53.01KERNEL::CARLETONLThu May 21 1992free: freeing free block
54.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Jun 03 1992smp_unlock_long: not lock owner
55.02LISVAX::LEITAOThu Jun 04 1992panic: sz_save_rqsns: valid set
56.0SMURF::JJGSat Jun 13 1992DS5
57.026Wed Jul 01 1992Prestoserve and disk shadowing interaction causes crash?
58.0COPCLU::KARSTENWed Jul 01 1992panicstr: dmexpand: bad number of elements
59.0452189::SVEINNFri Jul 03 1992m_free has bad m_cltype
60.026Mon Jul 06 1992asc_startdma hang
61.06Thu Jul 09 1992Presto goes to sleep, hangs DS55
62.0138664::"mjr@decuac.DEC.COM"Thu Jul 09 1992smp_lock_long: invalid lock type
63.01SHAWB1::LAWRENCEWed Jul 15 1992Lock position messup, gfs_sysquota
64.03LEMAN::AGASSISThu Jul 23 1992Socket on which port ?
65.04VAXRIO::MANOELMon Jul 27 1992CORE DUMP IN 5
67.06KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Aug 04 1992sm_retrieve_sa: Could not find SMS in proc
68.02ULYSSE::BERENGUIERWed Aug 12 199255
69.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSSat Aug 22 1992unaligned access
70.01LISVAX::QUADROSMon Aug 31 1992panic: bad mem free
71.016Wed Sep 23 199255
72.038664::"boyd@prl.dec.com"Thu Oct 01 1992A point of history (and correctness)
73.07Fri Oct 09 1992TLZ
74.04VNABRW::SCHWABL_WTue Oct 13 1992CPU coma - any idea ?
75.028Tue Oct 20 1992cpu
76.02KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Oct 30 1992ufs_namei: dp had
77.01LEMAN::AGASSISTue Nov 10 1992Can I corrupt my own file descriptors ?
78.03BACHUS::ROETSFri Nov 13 1992Ultrix 4.3 tlb miss crash
79.09KAMPUS::NEIDECKERMon Nov 16 1992Ultrix 4.3 system hang
80.01SCHOOL::ABIDIMon Nov 30 1992V4.2a crashes: km_free: bad addr
81.02COLTue Dec 01 1992ftp localhost hangs system
82.04LISVAX::LEITAOFri Dec 04 1992tlbmiss on invalid kernel page
83.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Dec 11 1992Changing mounted CD-ROMs crashes the system
84.012LEMAN::AGASSISWed Dec 16 1992km_free: bad addr / V4.3...
85.02MLNTSC::BONFANTITue Dec 22 1992d55
86.01BLKPUD::HILLJWed Jan 06 1993dbx query
87.0SHAWB1::LAWRENCETue Jan 12 1993V4.3 hangs 583
88.01WHTAIL::HUTCHINSTue Jan 12 1993vgetu crash
89.052279::MORAISWed Jan 13 1993DS55
90.0SHAWB1::LAWRENCEMon Jan 18 1993v4.3 panic beyond time wait
91.07LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jan 21 1993km_free bad reference count
92.01EDWIN::HARVELLFri Jan 22 1993smp_lock_long: invalid lock type V4.3 on ds31
93.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSTue Jan 26 1993DS524
94.01GEM::STRAHORNTue Jan 26 1993ds524
95.02CHFS32::LTAYLORTue Feb 02 1993smp_lock_long: lock position messup
96.01VAXRIO::MEYERMon Mar 01 1993VAX - KM_ALLOC: bucket corruption
97.06Wed Mar 10 1993trap - TLBS
98.0LISVAX::LEITAOThu Mar 11 1993unaligned access on getty?
99.02LEMAN::AGASSISTue Mar 16 1993Panic: trap / V4.3 / ftp...
100.0FCOIS::LAURENTFri Mar 19 1993KN23
101.01PEKKA::peuraTue Mar 30 1993ULTRIX 4.3/5
102.03SWETSC::HAGLUNDThu Apr 01 1993panic: sz_save_rqsns: valid set
103.02TALLIS::MCINTYREWed Apr 07 1993analyse_crash or cando script, please?
104.0ZURWed Apr 14 1993Forced Crash from a DS524
105.01SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri Apr 16 1993km_free: bad addr ULTRIX V4.2a
106.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Apr 27 1993DS55
107.0DREUL1::robWed May 05 1993DS59
108.0LINZThu May 06 1993panicstr trap, when ftp, rcp
109.0DECUK::lesThu May 20 19935
110.0KERNEL::EDMUNDSTue May 25 1993
111.02TOPTEN::GREENWed May 26 1993hang of ds5
112.02LEMAN::AGASSISWed Jun 02 1993ANother hang on DS524
113.0CLPRThu Jun 03 1993crash vax642
114.0EBYGUM::LAWRENCEThu Jun 10 1993v4.3 tlb miss trap panic
115.0KERNEL::SMITHSThu Jun 17 1993panic: bad mem free
116.0ZPOVC::CHINHENGSun Jun 20 1993DS5
117.0LARVAE::BURGESSThu Jun 24 1993CTRL/ALT/DEL sequence crashes ULTRIX?
118.0LISTIM::ULTRIXFri Jun 25 1993panic trap V4.3
120.01BPSOF::POLGARMon Jul 05 1993unaligned access & trap: AdEL
121.01KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Jul 08 1993Mrs Fletcher has Fallen! 955
122.0PRMSThu Jul 15 19935
123.0JUDYL::SWARTZTue Aug 03 1993panicstr: spec_select
124.02EEMELI::RUOTSALAINENMon Aug 09 1993panic:multibit ECC error on nonexisten memory
125.0BACHUS::FRATERSThu Aug 26 1993Unknown memory error interrupt
126.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Sep 01 1993no core dump generated
127.07BACHUS::MANISEThu Sep 02 1993panicstr: "flushpte:SSMCLEAN1"
128.0STUFri Sep 17 1993panicstr: km_free: bad addr
129.02LEMAN::AGASSISFri Sep 24 1993
130.0MLNTSC::BONFANTIMon Oct 18 1993Xws crash & multiscreen
131.0EBYGUM::LAWRENCETue Oct 19 1993m_free has bad m_cltype on 583
132.0MSE1::HOWESFri Nov 12 1993Dump File Corrupted?
133.0TAVTue Nov 16 1993panic "gfs_lock: locking unrefed gnode" -- Help.
134.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Dec 07 1993panicstr: unaligned access
135.0OZROCK::GROHNWed Dec 22 1993get a symbolic stack dump for ultrix hang
136.0EWBVMon Dec 27 1993gnode is inactive
137.01DELSTue Jan 04 1994problem with dms boot
138.01MEOCTue Jan 11 1994km_free: bad reference count - possible cause?
139.02UTRTSC::BANSEMAThu Jan 13 1994intermittant hang on 59
140.0HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Jan 17 1994gfs_unlock: panic !!
141.04BPSOF::POLGARWed Jan 19 1994system hang on v4.3a
142.02KERNEL::BARTHURWed Jan 26 1994prbwrite panic
143.01MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Feb 01 1994ds5
144.02VNABRW::WEINGRABER_GThu Feb 17 1994km_free???? panic
145.0STUMon Feb 28 1994DS59
146.0KUOVTue Mar 01 1994panic: unaligned access
147.0MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOThu Mar 03 19944.3A: sendmail crashes on swap error
148.01STUWed Apr 06 1994panicstr: km_free: bad addr
149.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Apr 14 1994 hang and TEMP buffers
150.0BACHUS::ROETSTue Apr 26 1994m38
151.02VAXRIO::MEYERWed Jun 01 1994Checking a module in the running kernel
152.0ISTWI1::TUNAMon Jun 27 1994km_free:badaddr in Ultrix v4.2a
153.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Jul 06 1994475 Gb swap missing !?!
154.0LEMAN::AGASSISFri Jul 15 1994Panic: bad dir... DEC OSF/1 V2.
155.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Jul 20 1994Forced dump on DECstation 526
156.0UTRTSC::BANSEMAMon Aug 01 1994su: stopped, (tty input)
157.01EEMELI::LAPPALAINENTue Aug 02 1994DECsystem 59
158.0VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Aug 09 1994Help with Crash Dump?
159.0SIOG::TMCKEOWNFri Aug 12 19945
160.01ISTWI1::TUNAThu Sep 01 1994System panics in V4.3a
161.0ZPOVC::SASTRYTue Sep 13 1994VAX SMP PANIC: Holding Lock
163.0BIS6::VANDENBRAN_PFri Sep 30 1994swap error, wich disk
165.01ZURThu Nov 24 1994Ultrix 4.2a hang with Oracle 6.
166.0HITIT::ELUMARThu Jan 05 1995V4.4 km_free: bad addr. panic.
167.0ZURFri Jan 06 1995Crashes on OSF/1 System
168.03LEMAN::AGASSISMon Mar 20 1995Hang, short of kernel buffers...
169.0ECFAFri Mar 24 1995panic trap
170.01CADSYS::VICTORThu May 11 1995Xws running out of control on ULTRIX V4.3
171.0DECPRG::MRKVAFri Jun 23 1995DS59
172.03NETRIX::"siegel@bonn12.coo.dec.com"Wed Sep 20 1995ccrash_data.n for ULTRIX available like OSF/1
173.01NETRIX::"siegel@bonn12.coo.dec.com"Wed Sep 20 1995how to force a DEC524
175.01VIRGIN::GABATHULERWed Jun 26 1996Cant debug crash dump .... help needed desperatly
176.01NETRIX::"stefan@breaky.zuo.dec.com"Fri Dec 20 1996Ultrix 4.2a Hangs
177.0 *+1NETRIX::"verdick@axptwo.uto.dec.com"Wed Feb 12 1997Need old ULTRIX V4.1 patches.
178.0 *+5NETRIX::"Gernot.Meyer@beo.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997Ultrix hang and no crash dump possible