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Conference kernel::uk_tcd

Title:UK Technical Career Development Forum
Notice:Sorry, We're closed. Please see KERNEL::MODULAR_TCD
Created:Mon Feb 01 1988
Last Modified:Thu Feb 03 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:141
Total number of notes:711
Number with bodies:0
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1.013KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 01 1988UK_TCD Feedback
3.03COMICS::WEIRThu Feb 11 1988TCD - when ?
4.05COMICS::WEIRThu Feb 11 1988Assessment of 'Generalists' ?
5.08COMICS::WEIRThu Feb 11 1988Review Boards after TCD ?
6.03COMICS::WEIRThu Feb 11 1988And if you don't "make the grade" ?
7.01KERNEL::BRAINESat Feb 13 1988TCD V's DRIVE?
8.02COMICS::MCDERMOTTWed Feb 17 1988Can you publish draft study guides?
10.03BRUNEL::KIRBYFri Feb 19 1988Candidate's prep. work?
13.017KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988VAXclusters Study Guide
14.023KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Entry Level Systems (ELS) Study Guide
15.024KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988PDP-11 Study Guide
16.03KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Disks Study Guide V1.
17.07KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Magtape Study Guide V1.
18.021KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Line Printers Study Guide
20.04KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Terminals Study Guide
21.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988PC Study Guide
22.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988TP/IM Study Guide
24.017KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Office Applications Study Guide
25.08KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988Environmental Study Guide
26.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988RSX Study Guide
27.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988RSTS/E Study Guide
28.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988RT11 Study Guide
29.021KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988ULTRIX Study Guide
30.01KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988DSM Study Guide
31.03KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 22 1988LCG KL1
32.01COMICS::OMARAMon Feb 22 1988List of study guide authors
33.05RITZ::RKEFri Feb 26 1988Study Guide procurement
35.02KERNEL::KINGSTONThu Mar 10 1988Suggestions Box
36.02COMICS::MCDERMOTTThu Mar 10 1988Maybe not for this forum but lets see...
37.05COMICS::WEIRWed Mar 23 1988Networks Training Issues
38.01COMICS::WEIRTue Apr 05 1988T8/T9 Review Board hints
39.02VIVIAN::MAHAJANThu Apr 07 1988Action Dates in Study Guides
41.01KERNEL::ADAMSThu Apr 28 1988REMOTE TCD ??
42.011KERNEL::PLANKSun Jun 05 1988One day son, DRIVE will change all this!
43.07BELFST::MULLANTue Jun 07 1988DECsite Job Profile
44.02MANUEL::DISTRICTWed Jun 08 1988Service offerings?
46.03COMICS::OMARAMon Jul 25 1988DECSITE Study Guide V1.
47.0ECCLES::PERCIVALMon Aug 08 1988FTC training - Be aware of your own knowledge!
48.029COMICS::OMARATue Sep 06 1988VAX Generalist Study Guide
49.01LOOKIN::OMARATue Sep 06 1988TCD Documentation Status
52.010COMICS::OMARAFri Oct 21 1988Advisor's who's who
53.0COMICS::OMARATue Oct 25 1988Format of development chapters ...
55.011COMICS::OMARAWed Nov 16 1988VMS Study Guide
56.01NIBLIK::CLINTONFri Dec 02 1988Next TCD development step ?
57.0ODIUM::PERCIVALMon Jan 23 1989EDU - Course Content Modification
58.03COMICS::OMARATue Jan 24 1989Associated Skills sign off
59.03WAR75Fri Feb 24 1989TCD STUDY TIME???
60.04VIVIAN::MAHAJANWed Mar 08 1989Q-Bus Study Guide Issues.
61.07WARHED::BALMFORTHFri Mar 10 1989new Q-bus study guide???
62.03KERNEL::HJONESWed Mar 29 1989New products by the score
63.03SCOTMN::HJONESFri Mar 31 1989How about this?
64.02WELSWS::MCANDREWTue Apr 11 1989Profile for Vax Gen. Assessor?
65.01OSPREY::MCKEEMon Apr 17 19898
66.01KERNEL::ADAMSMon May 08 1989The right route for info ??
67.06KERNEL::CZARNECKIMon May 08 1989Who's Advising on What
68.02FAILTE::MCKEEMon Jun 12 1989Predefined Guidelines for Assessors?
70.02BAHTAT::ACHESONThu Sep 14 1989Help on 'signing me off'
72.02SHAPES::CZARNECKIMWed Sep 20 1989OSU Job Profile
73.015SHAPES::CZARNECKIMWed Sep 20 1989DECresident Job Profile
74.02SHAPES::CZARNECKIMWed Sep 20 1989DSU Job Profile
75.02BAHTAT::ACHESONThu Oct 05 1989Can I choose????
76.05GALLOP::HUMPHREYBWed Oct 25 1989Q-Bus study guide.
77.01COMICS::OMARAMon Oct 30 1989Keywords in this file
79.06COMICS::OMARAMon Oct 30 1989DECresident Study Guide
80.03WELCUT::GILMOURTue Oct 31 1989What's EURO_TCD
81.02WELSWS::FITZHARDYThu Nov 02 1989HELP,no TCD VMS 4 's @ WELWYN
82.01SEDSWS::WOODJETTSWed Nov 15 1989Is this the end of DEV SPECS ?
83.03WARDER::HATTOSTue Nov 28 1989Question on Networks V3.
84.035COMICS::OMARAThu Nov 30 1989the next step ...
85.01VIVIAN::MAHAJANThu Dec 28 1989Business/Technical Requirements
86.01BAHTAT::ACHESONFri Jan 12 1990is this a gripe?...No
87.01SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Jan 19 1990Training and TCD
88.01BAHTAT::ACHESONTue Jan 23 1990No T6 Adviser
89.05SHAPES::CZARNECKIMTue Feb 20 1990TCD Process Manual
90.03SEDSWS::BULLOCKFri Mar 09 1990Vax Gen To Cluster Path??
91.02WARNUT::FRECKNALLWed Mar 28 1990Transparent or not that is the question?
94.01SEDSWS::HANCOCKWed Apr 18 1990Who is advising the advisors ???
95.09SHAPES::CZARNECKIMTue May 01 1990EDU Services & Tech. Advisors
96.03SEDSWS::DAVIES_DWed Jun 13 1990How Deep or Wide ?
98.05FILTON::PADDICKWed Jun 20 1990RSX/RSTS exerciser experience?
99.02FILTON::PADDICKWed Jun 20 1990which working document to work from?
100.04WARHED::HATTOTue Jun 26 1990Networks V3 again ?
102.02SHAPES::CZARNECKIMMon Jul 30 1990SPS Specialist Job Profile
104.02SEDSWS::HANCOCKWed Aug 08 1990Guidance on Level 8 and beyond required
105.018--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 10 1990Networks Study Guide
107.0BLKPUD::THOMASAMon Sep 17 1990X/Windows TCD Study Guide
109.01FILTON::PADDICKWed Oct 17 1990DRANETZ Requirement ???
110.01BEAGLE::REZUCHAThu Nov 08 1990Technical Advisor for T8 Network/SNA ? (Valbonne)
111.04JOCKEY::HUMPHREYBTue Nov 20 1990Motivation required
112.04SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Dec 21 1990RTG Job Profile
113.01SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Dec 21 1990PTG Job Profile
114.02SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Feb 08 1991Resources - Who's got What?
115.07KERNEL::HUDSONFri Feb 15 1991Typical Advisor time ?
116.04SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Feb 22 1991Mass Storage Study Guide
117.07SHAPES::CZARNECKIMMon Mar 04 1991Desktop Specialist Job Profile
118.05SHAPES::CZARNECKIMFri Apr 05 1991TCD Behavioural Profiles
119.021COMICS::FISCHERMon Apr 15 1991How to write a study guide
120.04SHAPES::CZARNECKIMMon Apr 29 1991TCD Forms
121.04COMICS::BEDDALLMon May 20 1991Profile content
122.01NIBLIK::MONAGHANThu May 30 1991Job Profiles ?
123.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jun 27 1991Graphics TCD review
124.05BIOMIC::WATERFALLMon Jul 01 1991NON-Tech. TCD Comments Please......
125.0BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMWed Jul 03 1991TCD in terminal decline?
126.02UBOHUB::CZARNECKI_MFri Jul 26 1991Customer Engineer Job Profile
127.05BAHTAT::BLACKETTFri Aug 16 1991resource controller tcd required?
128.02UBOHUB::CZARNECKI_MTue Oct 22 1991Software Service Delivery Job Profile
129.02BASCAS::CZARNECKI_MTue Dec 24 1991Graphics Study Guide
130.01NIBLIK::QUINNTue Dec 24 1991Vax Generalist to VMS path?
131.05FILTON::HAWKINS_ATue Jan 07 1992Desktop Study Guide available?
132.07SEDSWS::CRAKERThu Jan 23 1992Alpha
133.02JOCKEY::HUMPHREYBTue May 26 199226 Hrs a day
134.03FILTON::HAWKINS_AThu Jun 04 1992Still struggling with Desktop !
137.02WARHED::NAEEMTue Jan 26 1993Desktop Study Guide ????
138.04MIACT::CARTERRMon May 10 1993Registration Process.
139.02ABE::NEUKAMFri May 14 1993Request for TCD: Video/terminal Study Guide
140.0GAZETT::HUTCHINSTue Jun 15 1993Location of Study Guides and Profiles
141.0PSTVX1::OMARAThu Feb 03 1994Goodbye - please use KERNEL::MODULAR_TCD