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Conference kernel::sun_users

Title:Ask your Sun questions here
Created:Mon Feb 26 1996
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:518
Total number of notes:1624
Number with bodies:15
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1.01KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Guidelines
2.097KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Won't you sign in, stranger?
3.04KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Related Conferences
4.023KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Kits - Field Test Software
5.011KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Kits - Released Software
6.01KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991Kits & Source Code - Public
7.09KEPERA::RIPLEYFri Nov 01 1991DEC CD-ROM on Sun?
8.04PEACHS::BELDINMon Nov 04 1991EDT keypad on a Sun - how to?
9.0KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Nov 06 1991Need XView Application Sources
10.0TROOA::NAISHWed Nov 06 1991SUN FORTRAN Users Wanted
11.03CALS::MCISAACThu Nov 07 1991Emerging needs for heterogeneous UNIX platform support
12.01HGOVA::SIMONWONGSun Nov 10 1991Help needed on SUN SW update
13.01KEPERA::RIPLEYMon Nov 11 1991Bogus Note
14.03KEPERA::RIPLEYMon Nov 11 1991Sun Peripherals
15.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Nov 11 1991External information- news/mail lists?
16.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Nov 13 1991VUIT and LD_LIBRARY_PATH problems..
17.07DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Nov 19 1991Which C compiler?
18.03TLE::KELLERMANThu Nov 21 1991DECnet for Sun?
20.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Nov 21 1991Xsun X11 server and fonts??
21.0SHAWB1::TAYLORJTue Nov 26 1991Trying to build olwm on VMS
22.0CUPOLA::MACNEILMon Dec 02 1991Good software manuals?
23.011TRHTue Dec 03 1991Display of sun Applications on VT12
24.029KEPERA::RIPLEYTue Dec 03 1991Sun User Group
25.013GALVIA::JODONNELLFri Dec 06 1991Anyone know how to connect an RZ55 to a SPARCstation
26.04ROYALT::ORSHAWSat Dec 07 1991Sun family tree
27.07NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Dec 12 1991Postscript printer connectivity
28.03NAPIER::BECKERFri Dec 13 1991Problem with rlogin when going from DECstation to SUNsparc station
29.04OOBIE::DAMOREWed Dec 18 1991Shared vs static libraries
30.02CLADA::FONEILLThu Dec 19 1991password aging
31.08MARX::ANDERSONThu Jan 02 1992Library won't compile
32.01TOOK::MCPHERSONSat Jan 04 1992Cable or pinout for old Sun monitor?
33.03MANENG::SHEATue Jan 07 1992Pointers to libraries/etc
34.03CLADA::KEATINGThu Jan 09 1992Licensing DEC software on SunOS?
35.08AZUR::NAVARROThu Jan 16 1992SunOS (Sparc) code examples
36.01DC1Thu Jan 16 1992Internet address for SUN patches ?
37.03MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Jan 20 1992 must be root to execute mount
38.03NECSC::ROODYTue Jan 21 1992SunOS Telephone Support Pilot - Please Help
39.04KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Jan 22 1992SunFlash
40.03CLADA::KEATINGWed Jan 22 1992Restoring specific files from SunOS boot tape
41.01FASDER::AHERBFri Jan 24 1992Barrier to Motif on Sun
42.05TRIVIA::WWALKERFri Jan 24 1992Setting up YP?
43.0AZUR::NAVARROTue Jan 28 1992dni (decnet) questions
44.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAWed Jan 29 1992....DW327
45.05BREAKR::UDICKMon Feb 03 1992Motif on the SUN Text overlays other Text.
46.04FORTSC::GAVINTue Feb 04 1992Anyone want to sell a SUN ??
47.05SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTTue Feb 04 1992SUNos licensing question
48.04DENVER::GREENSMITHTue Feb 04 1992Booting DECstations from Sun server
49.01ZURThu Feb 06 1992cannot mount FS on CD
50.0RAB::EWALDThu Feb 06 1992Debugging shared libraries
51.016AZUR::NAVARROTue Feb 11 1992files location for new products
52.0GRANPA::RFAGLEYTue Feb 11 1992Motif focus change corrupts display
53.03HLFSWed Feb 12 1992Sparcstation IPC NVRAM problem.
54.03BTOVT::GLADEWed Feb 12 1992Equipment/Training needs
55.03SQM::KOZIKOWSKIMon Feb 17 1992System (root) owned files
56.049KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Feb 19 1992Installation of DEC products on Sun
57.01CLADA::FONEILLMon Feb 24 1992Which operating system/platform to support on Sun
58.01AZUR::NAVARROWed Feb 26 1992IOCTL pb with DKIO
59.01FASDER::AHERBWed Feb 26 19923rd party Disks for Sun?
60.03BREAKR::VONEHRENThu Feb 27 1992Are SPARC clones dead?
61.01WASHDC::BUZZERDFri Feb 28 1992Info on SKY Computers?
62.03OOBIE::DAMORETue Mar 03 1992Call for test beds for Motif on Sun V1.1
63.09SQM::KOZIKOWSKIWed Mar 04 1992Digital Products on SunOS Installation Guide Template
64.07DELNI::WALSHWed Mar 04 1992YP -> BIND
65.0DELNI::WALSHWed Mar 04 1992rpc missing from /etc/services
66.02ROYALT::ORSHAWFri Mar 06 1992Which tape drive for sun 3/6
67.05DELNI::WALSHMon Mar 09 1992model numbers?
68.01CFSCTC::MCCLEARNWed Mar 11 1992Need access to CD ROM for Sun
69.01AZUR::NAVARROThu Mar 12 1992Openwindow and stty
70.01DELNI::WALSHFri Mar 13 1992RAM Disk for security
71.03DELNI::WINANTMon Mar 16 1992Need Info on SunOs 4.1.2
72.04CGOSWed Mar 18 1992What is rasterfile format?
73.02AZUR::NAVARROThu Mar 19 1992Did you get hardware errors recently ?
74.03FASDER::AHERBMon Mar 23 1992Looking for Sun Memory Sources - SIMMS
75.05CGOOA::BARNABETue Mar 24 1992Open View to Motif
76.07TROOA::NAISHThu Mar 26 1992Handling SPARC <-> MIPS endian differences under C
77.01STKHUV::HULTMANMon Mar 30 1992ADA and Motif on SUN
78.02HANNAH::DOUCETTEMon Mar 30 1992Looking for info on threads
79.03MLNOIS::MANNINOTue Mar 31 1992Info on SUN 4/33
81.01MATISE::TALEBITue Mar 31 1992Physical name of 1/2" Tape
82.04HEN::HALEYThu Apr 02 1992X windows crashs Open Windows Sparc
83.01GERUND::WOLFEThu Apr 02 1992Sun as a display server
84.01MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANThu Apr 02 1992Sun video input
85.05TRIVIA::WWALKERTue Apr 07 1992XKeysymDB and Motif
86.02RHETT::KNORRWed Apr 08 1992Runaway client when displaying to OpenWindows V3
87.02MTSENG::"walsh@dialup.athena.lkg.dec.com"Fri Apr 10 1992Is there any way to load a SUN from an existing sun
88.03RAB::EWALDFri Apr 10 1992rlogin to SPARCstation causes hang
89.01GRANPA::GLOWERMon Apr 13 1992FS numbers anyone?
90.02FASDER::AHERBMon Apr 13 1992Sun & Dual Ethernet - Problems?
91.02AZUR::NAVARROTue Apr 14 1992application or kernel architecture ?
92.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Apr 14 1992Floppy disk but no drive
93.02DECWET::LEESFri Apr 17 1992Ultrix Libraries Ported
94.05DECWET::MITCHELLTue Apr 21 1992Looking for xterm
95.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Apr 23 1992VUIT crashes server on Sparcstation 1+
96.0SQM::KOZIKOWSKIFri Apr 24 1992Printing restricted pages
97.03TROOA::NAISHMon Apr 27 1992.login to detect diff stations/local or remote
98.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Apr 29 1992Sun Fco & Eco information Wanted
99.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Apr 29 1992GX graphix card failures
100.01WELLIN::BULLARDFri May 01 1992Questions on Sun's Xserver
101.09STARMon May 04 1992Will Motif on Sun ever be supported for an IPX system.
102.04PERCPT::REEDTue May 05 1992xview for decstation
103.0DELNI::WINANTMon May 11 1992How do you package sun products?
104.0OGWV44::TANAKAWed May 13 1992Ultrix sem.h is different from that of SUN.
105.02OOBIE::DAMOREWed May 13 1992X11R5 from Sun
106.0DCC::MARTINThu May 14 1992Mathematica/SUN kit sought
107.03HPSRAD::ARTHURFri May 15 1992How to set up BIND on a SUN4?
108.01DELNI::WALSHFri May 15 1992Is there a sunos 4.1.3 coming out
110.01SALSA::MOELLERTue May 19 1992PURIFY on SUN
111.0KEPERA::RIPLEYTue May 19 1992Excellan info
112.09ZURWed May 20 1992searchorder for hosts when using YP (NIS)?
113.0DECWET::SUNThu May 21 1992Does Sun's dbx support "-k" option as Ultrix does?
114.01KEPERA::RIPLEYThu May 21 1992Terminal for Sun Console - How to
115.08WHELIN::TASCHEREAUFri May 22 1992some dumb SunOS questions
116.0SQM::KOZIKOWSKIThu May 28 1992dd from ultrix to sun?
117.02OGWV5Fri May 29 1992How to translate XView functions.
118.0WLW::SEITZMon Jun 01 1992
119.0DECWET::MARIERMon Jun 01 1992rwalld under SunOS
120.01TRCOA::CSULLIVANFri Jun 05 1992QIC tape transfer to VMS/Ultrix from SUN?
121.02WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Jun 09 1992RZ56 on ELC problems
122.04ZURFri Jun 12 1992mounting ULTRIX CD-ROM on SunOS ?
123.0AOSANE::NEIDECKERTue Jun 16 1992Imake templates ?
124.01WHELIN::TASCHEREAUMon Jun 22 1992Sun 8
125.03OSLTue Jun 23 1992Multiplatform CD-ROM
126.0DECWET::SUNThu Jun 25 1992need info on SunOS kernel
127.01FLYSQD::FERJULIANMon Jun 29 1992Moving a kernel...
128.01MTSENG::"jdb@camano.seo.dec.com"Tue Jun 30 1992Building X11R4
129.01AIDEV::NOGUEIRAWed Jul 01 1992How do you make a Sun4 use BIND??
130.02DECWET::BROWERWed Jul 01 1992need SPARCstation volunteer
131.02HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Jul 01 1992Where to rent/lease Sun workstation or server?
132.0AOSANE::NEIDECKERThu Jul 02 1992Software Motion Pictures port...
133.01ROMMon Jul 06 1992SUNrpc
134.01FSAEUR::MEREDITHMon Jul 06 1992Convert Sun 3/6
135.03OOBIE::DAMOREMon Jul 06 1992Help with Openwin and dual heads
136.01ZURWed Jul 08 1992using other mouse?
137.01NWTIMA::HODGE_DWed Jul 08 1992Free X-terms
138.01ZURMon Jul 13 1992setup local printer
139.06SQM::KOZIKOWSKIMon Jul 13 1992Links vs Environmental varialbes for installed products?
140.06SQM::KOZIKOWSKIMon Jul 13 1992require root privileges for installation?
141.01HGRDMon Jul 20 1992Looking for OPENLOOK manuals
142.03OSLTue Jul 21 1992Copytape for Sun ?
143.02DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFTue Jul 21 1992Problem w/ OpenWin & DECwindows
144.03SHALOT::FAILETue Jul 21 1992What is XNeWs doing to me!!!
145.02THEBAY::JENNINGSWed Jul 22 1992SUN/VMS backspace vs delete
146.0TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AThu Jul 23 1992Who owns Sun - the company?
147.01AIDEV::NOGUEIRAThu Jul 23 1992Info needed on C++ for SunOS...
148.05TAN::DONAHUEFri Jul 24 1992DEC SW for SunOS?
149.01MAST::FITZPATRICKFri Jul 24 1992Help! How do I put a Sun on the Network?
150.02AZUR::NAVARROTue Jul 28 1992Kernel symbol maxuser on SunoS abnd HP
151.01AZUR::NAVARROTue Jul 28 1992SQL/C++/MOTIF experience on SunOS ?
152.0KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Aug 05 1992Auto-focus colour change ?
153.02CLADA::KEATINGWed Aug 05 1992sun-4m (SPARCserver 6
154.01TRADE::CONWAYTue Aug 11 1992Multicasting on Sun
155.01CLONEM::BONINWed Aug 12 1992LAT messages in SunOS?
156.03ARRODS::COOMBESAThu Aug 13 1992IPX - access to two LANS
157.011JULIET::HOWARD_MAThu Aug 13 1992Help..Solaris knock-offs!!!!
158.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Aug 18 1992DXTERM from VMS displaying on Sun, keypad mapping?
159.0TRADE::MITRATue Aug 18 1992Receiving Ethernet datagrams on SUN..
160.02JOKUR::CIOFFIThu Aug 20 1992Need keyboard remapping help.
161.01HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Aug 25 1992How to specify X11 link library
162.06SUEWIT::RUBINMon Aug 31 1992
163.02PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Aug 31 1992Special Key problems running EVE to Sun
164.010AKOCOA::CWALTERSMon Aug 31 1992Internationalization - does Sun orbit the Earth?
165.01NECSC::ROODYTue Sep 01 1992Telephone Support for SunOS - US Sales Update Article
166.06SUOIS4::HIERSEKORNTue Sep 08 1992Display X-applications from Sun to Ultrix
167.03MARX::ANDERSONThu Sep 10 1992cdrom disk - unable to mount
169.02DCOPST::COLSRV::PAGANOMon Sep 14 1992Setting X security
170.08ADO75A::SHARPETue Sep 15 1992Building XView 3.
171.05MARX::ANDERSONTue Sep 15 1992message library - does it exist
172.01MARX::ANDERSONFri Sep 18 1992ldconfig and shared libraries
173.0ASDG::LABUNTue Sep 22 1992Looking for a machine
174.02OSLLAV::JONER_PWed Sep 23 1992Printfilter for 2-4 pages of PostScript on one printout for Sun
175.04ZURWed Sep 23 1992Solaris 2 vs DECwindows/Motif
176.03ZURThu Sep 24 1992wrong fontpath on VMS displaying SUN window
177.0DECWET::BROWERThu Oct 01 1992any DEC FullSail V1.1 field test interest?
178.02HERON::KAISERFri Oct 02 1992A freeware CDROM for Alpha OSF/1
179.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Oct 13 1992License's where from?
180.0OSLTue Oct 13 1992not possible to use "format"
181.01SMURF::MCINTOSHWed Oct 14 1992Solaris vs DEC OSF/1
182.0TOOK::PALMERWed Oct 14 1992Help: Sun-4 Assembly Language Info
183.02KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Oct 14 1992Need SunOS Install Tapes
184.05551Thu Oct 15 1992MIGRATION TOOLS: HELP NEEDED
185.01DECWET::MITCHELLThu Oct 15 1992SunOS C Compiler Oddity
186.0OSLLAV::JONER_PFri Oct 16 1992decpresent for solaris 2.
187.01VTLAKE::BENNETT_STue Oct 20 1992SPARCserver 69
188.04GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaThu Oct 22 1992XTI problem between Sun and Ultrix systems
189.02GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaThu Oct 22 1992DCE RPC on SUN?
190.02DECWET::BROWERFri Oct 23 1992Sun4m arch
191.03BLKPUD::TAYLORJTue Oct 27 1992Too many open files
192.03VAXRIO::OCTAVIOTue Oct 27 1992How to exchange files/mails via X25 ??
193.0DDIF::CHENWed Oct 28 1992Question on Sun AnswerBook
194.06AZUR::NAVARROThu Oct 29 1992Physical media for Third parties platform
195.01VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Oct 29 1992pcnfs
196.0SEDSWS::SAMPAYOThu Oct 29 19922 Questions :Verdix Compiler & LAT
197.0GIDDAY::KINGThu Oct 29 1992cots_server example
198.0GIDDAY::KINGThu Oct 29 1992cots_client example
199.01TOOK::MINTZFri Oct 30 1992Looking for SunOS upgrade kit media/documentation
201.0LEDS::HUNTThu Nov 05 1992Help Installing LA-75 on Sparc II
202.0BROUGH::DAVIESFri Nov 06 1992SUNos to IBM/MVS connectivity
203.0ZURTue Nov 17 1992Compose Character problem when using DECwrite
204.0EDWIN::HARVELLThu Nov 19 1992Looking for kernel sources or someone who knows Sun mount command very well...
205.04CHEEKO::NEWFIELDThu Nov 19 1992Rdump from Sun to Mips
206.0HOBBLE::MCFARLANDFri Nov 20 1992cut and paste between Motif and OpenWindows?
207.01SQUIRL::SYSTEMFri Nov 20 1992EMACS editor, GNU C compiler binaries
208.0HGRDMon Nov 23 1992Diff. bet'n stub & draw area widget
209.0OSLTue Nov 24 1992VXT and Solaris2.
210.035734::SHIVESTue Nov 24 1992Sun Migration Information
211.0649649::BISHOPPThu Nov 26 1992Flight CD Demo Disk
212.07COMICS::BEDDALLWed Dec 02 1992How to get answerbook displayed on a DS5
213.0MTSENG::"kennell@unx14.fxo.dec.com"Mon Dec 07 1992Can I copy a Sun X11 installation from someone?
214.07CLADA::KEATINGWed Dec 09 1992Installation etc. on HP and other third party platforms
215.02SWTHOM::LORENZOMon Dec 14 1992SUN's DEC/Ultrix sccs compatibility question.
216.03MINNY::STEINERPTue Dec 15 1992olvwm on ultrix?
217.01DV78Thu Dec 17 1992Sun OS & VXTs
218.01VNABRW::FRUEHWIRTH_MFri Dec 18 1992SPARCprinter SPRN-4
219.02ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 21 1992SPARC 1
220.01POBOX::HAYES_JTue Dec 29 1992Where is buf_cache set on SUNos
221.02AIDEV::NOGUEIRAMon Jan 11 1993BSM for SunOS 4.1.3??????
222.0TOPTEN::MEIGHANMon Jan 11 1993How to transfer a acsii file to RMS ?
223.02ELBE::KELLERMANMon Jan 11 1993wither mh-mail?
224.01ELBE::KELLERMANMon Jan 11 1993Network database on node KEPERA needs updating
225.01GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Jan 13 1993Unseat SUN opportunity !
226.01LUXMon Jan 18 1993VUIT: installation PB with static kit
227.01LUXMon Jan 18 1993VUIT: bad C program generation
228.01GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Jan 19 1993Command syntax ?
229.04RPSTRY::KELLERMANThu Jan 21 1993How to configure shoebox?
230.07RPSTRY::KELLERMANThu Jan 21 1993Attach a TLZ
231.05OSLWed Jan 27 1993the mouse is dead
233.0RPSTRY::KELLERMANFri Jan 29 1993Need a 1/4" tape drive in ZKO
234.02MTSENG::"doi@jrd.dec.com"Tue Feb 02 1993RZ23 on SPARC
235.0MTSENG::"doi@jrd.dec.com"Tue Feb 02 1993TZ3
236.01HGOVA::TASMANSIUTue Feb 02 1993ULTRIX PrintScreen to SUN to printer
237.01HIGHD::BRIDGESTue Feb 09 1993telnet sun to vms, edt is broken
238.0LEDS::HUNTWed Feb 10 1993Pls explain this "newfs" warning msg
239.01MPGS::BUTLERAThu Feb 11 1993Workstation differences
240.01OSLFri Feb 12 1993DECpresent and X11R5
242.02AOSG::GANCARZTue Feb 16 1993Getting to single user mode at boot time
243.0ULTOE::browderWed Feb 17 1993looking for SVN for Motif on Sun
244.0ZURMon Feb 22 1993change keyboard dialect
245.01CHEEKO::ANDERSONTue Feb 23 1993some questions on CDA , ksh
246.01DECTV::ELKINSWed Feb 24 1993Input on SUN to Alpha OSF migration
247.0BGOTue Mar 02 1993DECpresent vs. X11R5 ?
249.0DAOVAX::LARVINWed Mar 03 1993Decstation with X-windows
250.0PRMSWed Mar 10 1993SPARC 1
251.0PASHUN::ANDERSONWed Mar 10 1993memmove
252.01CALS::HARDINGThu Mar 11 1993How do you rebuild a SUN Sparc from scratch
253.01CHEEKO::ANDERSONThu Mar 18 1993Is Rdb available for sun
254.0LEVERS::KRISHNAFri Mar 19 1993Digital 1/4" Tape Drive on a Sparcstation
255.02LDPMAX::gabrielTue Mar 23 1993Request for a short-term account
256.02TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Mar 23 1993How to start OpenWindows on Sparc?
257.0KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Mar 24 1993RZ58 on SPARCstation - How To
258.01ULTOE::browderWed Mar 24 1993looking for libX11.a for DEC (Sun) Motif ...
259.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJWed Mar 24 1993Neat feature of dbx under SunOS
260.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Mar 24 1993Print a file on a VAX-printer
261.02LKPDEE::BRAGEThu Mar 25 1993How to rebuild a SunOS kernel???
262.0MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Mar 25 1993DEC SW for Solaris 2.x?
263.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Mar 25 1993convertfont and DECwindows bdf files
264.02VNAFSO::SYSTEMFri Mar 26 1993In search of the deamon
265.0CLADA::DRUDYFri Mar 26 1993Possible problem with flock
266.0THEBAY::CHABANEDFri Mar 26 1993Price for cheapest SPARC w/ VME?
267.01TOPTEN::GREENMon Mar 29 1993SUN 36
268.0EEMELI::KORPITue Mar 30 1993Quantum PRO 127 ELS disk info needed
269.0111971::MNGFri Apr 02 1993SW installation CD for SunOS
270.02ACESMK::JOHANSENTue Apr 06 1993"patch" command ?
271.01HOBBLE::KELSEYWed Apr 07 1993file locking between sunos and ultrix
272.0511971::NOGUEIRAFri Apr 09 1993Can a DEC TZK1
273.01TASTY::JEFFERYFri Apr 16 1993Can someone compile a benchmark on Solaris 2.1 for me?
274.0AZUR::HUREZMon Apr 19 1993Sunlink DNI server spawner: help needed !!!
275.03EEMELI::KORPIWed Apr 21 1993SUNOS vs. Solaris
276.01WR2FOR::POCZO_GAThu Apr 22 1993No Session Mgr with SUN Motif???
277.0CHEFS::MARCHRTue Apr 27 1993SunSpectrum New services
278.011971::MNGWed Apr 28 1993Urgent Need for Sun4 bootable tape
279.0CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Apr 28 1993Compatibility questions on DECwindows Motif for Sun SPARCstation
280.0GIDDAY::KINGThu Apr 29 1993solaris provides NIS ??
281.0AKO452::BASLIN::RYANTue May 11 1993Can't read directory on a floppy
282.01MOURS::CASTELLOTue May 11 1993SCSI ID Select Switch plugging where ?
283.0CSC32::L_DVORAKTue May 11 1993Repeating keys in translation table override
284.01MRKTNG::SKINNERWed May 12 1993RDI Britelite?
285.0CALS::HARDINGThu May 13 1993Looking for a set of SUNOS 4.1.1 Sun-4C tapes
286.0JAYDA::LOFTINFri May 14 1993NETisam performance issues... (a question!)?
287.014COMICS::BEDDALLWed May 19 1993Sun Cookbook available
288.0NEWPRT::TSOI_STWed May 19 1993term setting from Sun to A/OSF help needed
289.01QUIVER::DJERBAKAMon May 24 1993DLI Network Programing
290.03ODIXIE::OKELLEYWed May 26 1993Show Me
291.0LEDS::PICCOLOTue Jun 01 1993File transfer from Apple to Sun
292.01KBOMFG::MATSUDAWed Jun 16 1993Looking for info. on GENROCO TURBOstor disk controllers and new "TURBOraid" controller
293.01MOURS::CASTELLOWed Jun 16 1993Frecency selection of video ctrl
294.02RONAN::RONANThu Jun 17 1993need C++ Compiler for sun
295.01RONAN::RONANMon Jun 21 1993RCS ON SUNOS V4.1.1?
296.0RCOCER::SALEHITue Jun 22 1993A print queue that saves output to a file
297.01KBOMFG::MATSUDAWed Jun 23 1993"packages" on Solaris2.x ?
298.0XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Jun 28 1993Replacing getty on boot problem
299.0RONAN::RONANTue Jun 29 1993Video Cards for SPARC
300.01BACHUS::BRST2Mon Jul 05 1993ypxfr problem between SunOS V4.1.1 and DEC OSF/1 V1.2
301.0APDNS1::ZIKAThu Jul 08 1993dump/restore of file systems from/to disk/tape
302.02LEDS::HINEFri Jul 09 1993Sun-User Internet Conferences?
303.05LARVAE::MUIR_JOHNMon Jul 12 1993Help: VAX?VMS application and SUN display
304.02SNAX::BURKEWed Jul 14 1993Default TAR backup blocking factor on SUN systems?
305.022636::SYSTEMMon Jul 19 1993Kernel rebuild? and network and Sys management tools?
306.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jul 21 1993display sun->ultrix?
307.0PCOJCT::ANDERSONWed Jul 21 1993JPEG
308.05RCOCER::MICKOLThu Jul 22 1993DECnet under SunOS?
309.02ANSWER::HERBWed Jul 28 1993Need Help - Sun's Wbcm
310.0ATHINA::BOUZIANISWed Jul 28 1993read bar on Ultrix?
311.0122911::ORAPINLThu Jul 29 1993Share printer between Ultrix and Sun
312.02LEDS::HINEThu Aug 05 1993Sun Software Distribution
313.01CLADA::KEATINGTue Aug 10 1993Intergraph
314.0KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Aug 11 1993I'm leaving - any volunteers?
315.02636::SYSTEMWed Aug 11 1993What is SHARELIB?
316.02BALTMD::GLOCKFri Aug 20 1993Sun OS Security?
317.03XSTACY::MAHERTue Aug 24 1993Detecting what software is installed on a Sun workstation
318.0151219::LOVINK_KWed Aug 25 1993APPLS for SUN3
319.0111971::FRASERFri Aug 27 1993Can you connect an RZ55 to a SUN EXP-2 box?
320.04RHETT::BATESMon Aug 30 1993Sun hangs on shutdown
321.02WELCLU::SMITHMTue Aug 31 1993SOLARIS 2.2 Performance
322.03CSOA1::GREEN_CThu Sep 02 1993Competitive Info on SUN's Storage Offerings
323.02JRDVThu Sep 02 1993How to get keyboard type from X client?
324.02PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAThu Sep 09 1993Detecting Solaris
325.0UTRUST::WILLEMSENFri Sep 10 1993TZ85 on a SUN workstation; possible ?
326.02XSTACY::BODONOVANThu Sep 23 1993Finding the hardware type
327.01UNYEM::UTTERDWed Sep 29 1993Making ESC behave in vi?
328.01OSLMon Oct 11 1993scsi id setting info
329.03UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTHThu Oct 21 1993RZ35 on Sparc2 ???
330.01BLKPUD::BARROWCLOUGHWed Oct 27 1993A good list of Sun Patches
331.0AOSF1::krasSat Oct 30 1993olwm for DEC OSF/1?
332.0TOOK::MORRISONTue Nov 09 1993How to stop display from erasing in mid-stream?
333.01LENANE::CHAMBERSMon Nov 15 1993Need SunOS 4.1.3 (SPARC) OS sources
334.0XSTACY::LIBOVETue Nov 16 1993need SunOS (v4.1.3) syslog files
335.02AOSG::HOLSTEINFri Nov 19 1993Please review this new draft of the SunOS to DEC OSF/1 Migration Guide
336.0BLUFSH::VAUGHNThu Dec 09 1993DSP535
338.0UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTHWed Dec 15 1993XNeWS: internal error (SIGBUS)
339.01ACTVAX::LEWISThu Dec 16 1993MIT X11 R4 kit for Sun SPARCstation?
340.0AOSF1::krasFri Dec 17 1993NIS GUI tool?
341.0BONNET::DIVINEMon Dec 20 1993How to create a miniroot bootable tape of SunOS 4.
342.03ZPOESun Dec 26 1993Could AXP use SUN video monitor ?
343.0ROMEOS::FLEISCHMA_BETue Dec 28 1993Printcap Entry Needed....
344.09DYPSS1::SMITHWed Jan 05 1994DECwindows to Sun problems
346.07ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Jan 12 1994How to format RZ55 with SPARC 1+/SunOS
347.02TLAVThu Jan 13 1994terminal setup from SUN to VAX
348.0MOVIES::HOWELL_MAFri Jan 14 1994Public access Sparcstation?
349.02BRUMMY::HAQUETue Jan 25 1994What do these Sun part numbers mean?
350.01ROMEOS::ROBAK_RIWed Jan 26 1994Korn shell ( ksh )
351.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Jan 28 1994TLZ
352.01CFSCTC::HARTMon Jan 31 1994Need help with font conversion
353.0PAPERS::CORNEThu Feb 03 1994WWW pointers to Multivendor information
354.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Feb 03 1994Solaris v2.3/Intel SPD?
355.01ANGLIN::FIFEThu Feb 03 1994Question on adding additional swap space
356.01BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENFri Feb 04 1994Using Digital tapes & printers
357.01EEMELI::KORPIWed Feb 09 1994RZ28 and Solaris
358.02STKHLM::PENNSATERThu Feb 10 1994Display "cmdtool" on Ultrix V4.3, sun os V4.1.3
359.0OPENED::LIBOVEMon Feb 14 1994How to get info via ioctl() about tape device with no tape currently mounted in it?
360.0KERNEL::MORGANIWed Feb 16 1994f3b fonts
361.01SUOSWS::NIESSERThu Feb 17 1994Jump Start ?
362.0EST::DEEGANTue Mar 01 1994Question about Purchasing Sun/SPARC machines
363.02XSTACY::LIBOVESun Mar 13 1994RSS vs VSZ, fields in proc struct
364.01BOOKND::kennellTue Mar 15 1994Anyone have a working version of 'top'
365.01HLFSWed Mar 16 1994STOP A ON A VT1
366.01XSTACY::LIBOVEMon Mar 21 1994What kernel variable contains info on swap spaces which are configured?
367.0XSTACY::LIBOVETue Mar 22 1994What kernel variable contains dump information?
368.01QUABBI::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Tue Mar 22 1994What happens to Sun equipment we get from the upgrade program?
369.01EPS::DINGEEWed Mar 23 19942 months on a SPARCxxx(?)
370.01ZPOVC::LOUISSENGMon Mar 28 1994Boot paths for SUN4/33
371.0SUBSYS::DONADTTue Mar 29 1994SUN help on Internet: sun-managers, etc
372.02ALLVAX::HARDINGSat Apr 02 1994Looking for screen saver for a Sun.
373.01ZURWed Apr 06 1994telnet printing on Sun Solaris
374.054625::ROELANDTSMon Apr 11 1994Receive : giant packet on 4/49
375.0OPENED::LIBOVEWed Apr 13 1994"curses" question re: wrap around
376.08GNPIKE::CARTYWed Apr 13 1994Need libXext on a SUN system.. HELP !!!!
377.04CAPNET::WENTWORTHThu Apr 14 1994Systems vs Servers
378.01AZUR::MASSONSun Apr 17 1994Entering partition table info for RZ25 on SPARC station IPX
379.03KERNEL::SMITHSTue Apr 19 1994DSP 54
380.03BREAKR::FLATMANThu Apr 28 1994Creating ANSI tape on Sun O/S?
381.01SUBURB::JASPERTFri Apr 29 1994Solaris 2.3 & RaidArray 11
382.052446::ERANMon May 02 1994SUN Sparc Classic and our monitors ...
383.01SCHOOL::MORELThu May 05 1994Sparcstation has Sunstroke...
384.02SNOFS2::MATTHEWSTue May 10 1994SUN Monitor Problem
385.0OPENED::LIBOVEThu May 12 1994I need SunOS 4.1.x distribution CDROMS
386.01MXOVFri May 13 1994How to extract a Sun tar tape in an OSF box?
387.01BELFST::MCCOMBTue May 31 1994SUN/VXT2
388.03KURIUS::LIBOVEWed Jun 01 1994What is Solaris 1.1.1B ?
389.0KURIUS::LIBOVEMon Jun 06 1994"KVM" routines compatibility across SunOS 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.3 ?
390.02DTENG1::CARTYWed Jun 15 1994I need the libXt.a -- static library not .sa badly !!
391.02TLAVFri Jun 17 1994How to setup print que to use prinerserver
392.0FSAEUR::MEREDITHSat Jun 18 1994Secure Disk erase?
393.01LUCCIO::VERGANIAWed Jun 22 1994Incorrect block size reading a tape
394.03SWAM1::LEE_KOWed Jun 22 1994Resolver or DNS?
395.0SWAM1::LEE_KOWed Jun 22 1994mpeg_play for Mosaic
396.04POBOX::HELLMANTue Jun 28 1994Disk Problem
397.01WEORFI::AFAMASAGAWed Jun 29 1994SUN 1.3GB disk's on a ALPHA
398.02LEMAN::KEITAThu Jul 07 1994Raid Array 11
399.0GIDDAY::REINHOLDWed Jul 13 1994SUNOS 4.1.1 4.1.3 and Lanworkplace for DOS on Novell
400.0ROMEOS::ROBAK_RIFri Jul 15 1994rsh "Where are you?" message and Sun NIS clients
401.01AZUR::MASSONMon Jul 18 1994problem with gcc 2.5.8 for Sun Solaris
402.01EPS::LANCASTERWed Jul 20 1994Sun box for Internet Access?
403.0AZUR::RAINGUEZWed Aug 03 1994Debugger for SOLARIS
404.01NBOIS::SCHIFFERMFri Aug 05 1994SOLARIS and CASE-Tools ?
405.0NBOIS::SCHIFFERMMon Aug 08 1994Public access to SOLARIS V2 system ?
406.02TOPCHZ::MAXFIELDFri Aug 12 1994monitor tool for Sunos
407.01HANNAH::MODICAWed Aug 24 1994libXm.so.2...where is it?
408.01--UnknownUser--Sun Aug 28 1994telnet printing ..solaris 2.3
411.0COWPOK::PROCTORWed Aug 31 1994Note 4
412.03VMSNET::W_LATTAWed Aug 31 1994rz26l on SunOS
413.0FAILTE::SWSALE::TimMon Sep 05 1994OpenLook on OSF/1?
414.0RHETT::BATESWed Sep 07 1994ps declaser 1152 on SUNOS - filter ?
415.0AZUR::GEERDESThu Sep 08 1994problems writing to the console
416.0QUABBI::"gorton@blorf.amt.ako.dec.com"Fri Sep 09 1994Copies of "The SUN OBSERVER"?
417.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONMon Sep 12 1994SPARCserver 1
418.0GIDDAY::SCHWARZMon Sep 12 1994NFS, Ultrix, prestoserve
419.0AZUR::MASSONMon Sep 12 1994SOLARIS significative /var/adm/messages file needed for memory, cpu and disk errors
420.0NWDTue Sep 13 1994new number for APEX support
421.02LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Sep 13 1994RPC VMS to Solaris
422.01AYOV11::IGILLESPIEMon Sep 19 1994Electron plumber needs assistance.
423.0AZUR::MASSONWed Sep 21 1994Network Programming question on Solaris
424.02GLOWS::MENDEZWed Sep 21 1994SUN 2
425.0SLICER::RODWed Sep 28 1994 Can a Sun run MOP?
426.05APSTST::PRUCHAMon Oct 03 1994
427.0NAC::GIBIANWed Oct 05 1994Dynamically selectable, loadable libraries
428.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGWed Oct 05 1994Support issue on SUN SPARC II 1478
429.0ELGIN::RASOOLMMon Oct 10 1994Sun output to VCS?
430.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Oct 10 1994RAID Array S/W for Sun current version?
431.0FSAEUR::MEREDITHThu Oct 13 1994SNMP support??
432.0MUNICH::VASSIGHWed Oct 19 1994SUN cannot mount from OSF V3.
433.02DEVENV::PALMIERIWed Oct 26 1994GNU CC 2.6.
434.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Oct 30 1994Help with a Solaris installation ???
435.01CECAMO::EIJKMon Oct 31 1994Pointer to SunOS man pages
436.0OLCROW::MCCANCETue Nov 01 1994sun os install/management guides
437.0OLCROW::MCCANCEWed Nov 02 1994dec disks on solaris 1.1.1 ?
438.03OLCROW::MCCANCEThu Nov 03 1994netmask/broadcast values
439.02SWTHOM::WUILQUEFri Nov 18 1994Solaris and Printserver V5.
440.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERThu Dec 08 1994login to vax problem
441.01TLAVMon Dec 12 1994can't mail from SUN to VAX
442.0HEN::PLESSASWed Dec 14 1994OSF V2.
443.0NETRIX::"dirce@zk3.dec.com"Tue Dec 20 1994looking for NTP V3 on Sun
445.05BACHUS::SOMERSWed Jan 04 1995Problems to login as root under solaris 2.3
446.0KAOFS::D_SWITZERSun Jan 08 1995zmodem for SUN OS?
447.06IRNBRU::MENNIETue Jan 10 1995trying to understand versioning of shareable objects
448.01LJSRV1::mkirk.amt.tay1.dec.com::KirkWed Jan 11 1995problems with ieee_handler being unavailable
449.0FILTON::EDWARDS_JFri Jan 20 1995Self maintenance ?
450.01CSOA1::FLOYDWed Feb 15 1995printing to parallel port
451.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Feb 20 1995Timeout when telnet from SunOS to OSF
452.02FISHNG::MORRISONThu Mar 16 1995How much does a SparcStation cost?
453.0OSLFri Mar 17 1995Sparc 2, SunOs 4.1.3 Panic
454.0254625::FOLENSMon Mar 20 1995Expect utility for SunOS?
455.01KNGROO::HARDINGTue Mar 21 1995Getting nFS to export a file system on Solarus V2.4
456.04GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERMon Mar 27 1995How to decode part numbers
457.01VMSNET::W_LATTATue Mar 28 1995tz85 on SunOS 4.1.3
458.019331::JOHNGFri Apr 14 1995in search of marketing data
459.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Apr 20 1995format.dat entry for RZ29-VA ?
460.02ULYSSE::JORDANTue May 09 1995Sun Solaris V2.3 and CDFS CDs
461.0ALFAXP::WALTERSTue May 16 1995sun and tlz
462.01ALFAXP::WALTERSThu May 18 1995sun and tlz
463.0MSE1::HOWESThu May 18 1995GNU C installation help?
464.0SCHOOL::SOLOWAYThu May 18 1995Question about out-of-order packet handling
465.02KOALA::ZUCKERMANMon May 22 1995How to specify boot disk on Sparc 5
466.04NBOFS1::SCHROLLThu Jun 01 1995Printing to a DECLASER 1152 from a SPARCStation 1
468.0PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEWed Jul 05 1995one fs dump per tape?
469.0KOALA::ZUCKERMANThu Jul 20 1995NFS performance problem/question
470.01NCMAIL::FRASCHMon Jul 31 1995sloaris 2.4 to OSF Port??
471.01LSNCSC::MARTINFri Aug 11 1995RAID SW v2.
472.01GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERTue Aug 15 1995SPARCstation 31 to 71 upgrade
473.01LUFF::CHOITue Aug 22 1995dlopen problem with a dynamic library
474.0MUCTEC::WENDLTue Aug 22 1995Motif for Sun kit still available?
475.0COMICS::BEDDALLThu Sep 21 1995SunDiag replaced by SunVTS?
477.05TIMAMD::PEDROAMon Oct 02 1995Which is the part-number of NVRAM in 4/75 CPU?.
478.0TALLIS::GORTONTue Oct 03 1995FreePort Express Kits
479.01IRNBRU::MENNIEThu Oct 12 1995need c compiler for solaris2
480.02NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 19 1995How to disable STOP A ??
481.0MOSCOW::KHALYAKOWed Nov 08 1995SunSoft Interactive Unix
483.0SWANDC::MAUTZSat Jan 20 1996OpenView on Sun Sparc 2
484.01IRNBRU::MICHELLEThu Feb 01 1996Help how to rebuild the kernal on SunOS 5.4 or Solaris V2.4
485.0TDCIS3::z3d6c4.tdc.DEC.COM::halleTue Feb 06 1996Competivity Digital UNIX/ Solaris
486.01COMICS::BEDDALLTue Feb 27 1996Welcome back
487.0COMICS::BEDDALLThu Feb 29 1996SC1
488.04JULIET::SMITH_PMon Mar 04 1996RZ29B SunOS format.dat
489.0COMICS::BEDDALLWed Mar 20 1996New location for HP and IBM conferences
490.01ALLVAX::HARDINGTue Mar 26 1996How do you find the total swap usage on SUN OS 4.1.3
491.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Apr 01 1996Starting the X server
492.0ALLVAX::HARDINGTue Apr 02 1996TRUSTED SUN problem
493.01CNTROL::BROWNThu Apr 25 1996need old Sun 3/6
494.0BSS::ANDERSONTue Jun 04 1996LPS4
495.023Mon Jun 10 1996Where are the licensing utilities stashed?
496.01KERNEL::SMITHSTue Jul 16 1996Problem with RAID41
497.01METSYS::ROGGENSTEINTue Jul 23 1996booting and NVRAM questions
498.0RECV::SERRAOThu Jul 25 1996How to play an audio CD on SUNOS 5.5
499.04ANNECY::ROUXThu Aug 01 1996How can I define a default gateway ?
500.01PRSSOS::LEROYERThu Aug 08 1996Raid Array 41
501.04METSYS::ROGGENSTEINThu Aug 15 1996"not on system console"
502.03AZUR::HUREZMon Aug 19 1996Why no upward compatibility of binaries on SUN ???
503.03KOALA::BRIGGSTue Aug 27 1996Unable to boot up under SunOS
504.01HELIX::MIANOWed Sep 04 1996mounting ufs CD's
505.0NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Sun Sep 08 1996Problems in running solstice in Solaris 2.5.1
506.03ALLVAX::HARDINGMon Sep 09 1996Adding a disk to Solaris 2.4
507.03TLAVFri Sep 27 1996Dual Adapter on Ultrasparc
508.01COMICS::BEDDALLMon Sep 30 1996New edition of Sun Cookbook available
509.0JULIET::SMITH_PMon Oct 07 1996Sunos 4.1.4 StorageWorks
510.0NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Tue Nov 05 1996Defining a QUASTAR 341
511.01GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERThu Nov 07 1996How to scan the media for bad blocks and replace them
512.01QCAVFri Nov 22 1996Solaris on Intel Discussions?
513.0+11STAR::DMORINWed Jan 08 1997need help w/ network conf
514.0 *NETRIX::"haeckl@nbofs3.enet.dec.com"Tue Mar 04 1997RZ28M format.dat
515.0 *47389::VERTECCHIThu Apr 10 1997TL812 on SOLARIS
516.0 *OSOEIC::HARUNAThu Apr 24 1997SUN OS 3.4.1 YEAR2
517.0 *NNTPD::"vorburger@zuo.dec.com"Thu May 29 1997LN17 DNIC-ENet with Solaris 2.5.1 does not work
518.0 *NNTPD::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Defining TLZ