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Conference kernel::cisco

Notice:<<< The Menlo Park Routers >>>
Created:Wed May 26 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:515
Total number of notes:1440
Number with bodies:40
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1.01KERNEL::WOODWARDThu May 27 1993Welcome
2.0+99KERNEL::WOODWARDThu May 27 1993Who are you ?
3.02KERNEL::WOODWARDThu May 27 1993Release Notes. v9.21.*
5.03KERNEL::WOODWARDThu May 27 1993Hang, Crash & Burn
6.01KERNEL::WOODWARDMon Jun 07 1993Tech tips and notes
7.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 28 19931
8.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 28 1993Release Notes. v9.
9.05--UnknownUser--Thu May 27 1993Release Notes. v9.1.*
10.01KERNEL::WOODWARDMon Jun 07 1993Release Notes. v9.17.*
11.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 28 1993A, M, & C Chassis Microcode
12.01KERNEL::WOODWARDMon Jun 07 19939.14 release notes
13.01KERNEL::WOODWARDMon Jun 07 1993CiscoWorks release notes
14.01KERNEL::WOODWARDMon Jun 07 19937
15.0COMICS::WEBSTERCFri Jun 04 1993ATM tutorial
16.0COMICS::WEBSTERCFri Jun 04 1993snmp problem (module death?)
17.0COMICS::WEBSTERCSat Jun 05 1993PPP rfc's supported by CISCO
18.01CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONSat Jun 05 1993DECwanBrouter 9
19.01MARVIN::COBBMon Jun 07 1993Usenet newsgroup
20.03COPCLU::GREGMon Jun 07 1993Routing between tokenring and ethernet?
22.03IDEFIX::COWBURNWed Jun 09 1993References for Digital Implementations of ciscos
23.01HOO78C::TURHANWed Jun 09 1993Internet info source
24.06BERNFri Jun 11 1993Integrated IS-IS
25.05CSOADM::ROTHFri Jun 11 1993Managment with DECmcc/Polycenter
26.01HERON::PATEL_AMon Jun 14 1993Details/Info on CiscoWorks please
27.03STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Jun 14 1993Ciscos as L1 only
28.06BERNFri Jun 18 1993Version for interop. with DECbrouter 9
29.02WARNUT::BANKSTTue Jun 22 1993protocol translation performance
30.0NSTG::LARMERThu Jun 24 1993Brut/DECnis router interoperability test report.
31.06BERNFri Jun 25 1993Cisco 2
32.02JEDI::CAUDILLFri Jun 25 1993brut/WANbrouter 9
33.0SUBWAY::AMMUWed Jun 30 1993decbrouter 9
34.07JGO::TARTSTue Jul 06 1993cisco_4
35.0ZUREDU::RWATSONWed Jul 07 1993DEC-CISCO reallife experience
36.02WOTVAX::64Wed Jul 07 1993cisco and X.25
37.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jul 09 1993Cisco's X.25 throughput?
38.0CHEFS::BILLERSBTue Jul 13 1993Delivery problems in Europe?
39.08BERNThu Jul 15 1993How to setup Int. IS-IS on DISCO ?
40.03MARVIN::HARTMon Jul 19 1993Configuring un-numbered links for OSPF
41.0WELLIN::MCCALLUMWed Jul 21 1993Address Translation anyone ?
42.02KERNEL::WOODWARDFri Jul 23 1993Cisco Internetworking fundamentals self_study guide
43.02MCCMGT::SYSTEMMon Jul 26 1993SNMP
44.010GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Jul 29 1993CIO information?
45.04WHYMAC::KENTMon Aug 02 1993filter TCP/IP traffic
46.02ADO75A::BOUCHERWed Aug 04 1993Question on SDLC tunnelling
47.02TRUCKS::GIFKINSWed Aug 04 1993netware routing
48.01TRUCKS::GIFKINSWed Aug 04 1993cisco router setup
49.0ROCKS::KEANEMon Aug 09 1993*****WARNING**** CSC/4 Possible DRAM prob.
50.0DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 10 1993SDLLC/STUN configuration
51.05NMOSPD::SYSTEMFri Aug 20 1993DECBrouter 9
52.0MARVIN::RDAVIESMon Aug 23 1993DECbrouter9
53.0MARVIN::RDAVIESThu Aug 26 1993Cisco security options
55.01CHEFS::BILLERSBWed Sep 01 1993CGS/3 req. URGENT
56.02VAXSPO::CHICOThu Sep 02 1993brouter9
57.0IDEFIX::COWBURNFri Sep 03 1993Prioritisation of STUN traffic
58.02COMICS::TURNERFri Sep 03 1993Access lists and performance
59.07EEMELI::SYVANENWed Sep 08 1993Strange (performance?) problem !
60.01JGO::TWEELWed Sep 08 1993CISCO4
63.09BACHUS::GOOVAERTSFri Sep 17 1993Secondary,or Multiple IP addresses
64.010KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Sep 21 1993TAC Certification anybody
65.01CSOADM::ROTHTue Sep 21 1993Documentation no longer automatic with order
66.01NZOMIS::SULLIVANWed Sep 22 1993Dial in over X.25 ??
67.0BACHUS::DEMEYERFri Sep 24 1993Bridging NETBIOS via SR/TLB ?
68.01KERNEL::WOODWARDFri Sep 24 1993Cisco Internetworking Training Document
69.06MSAMFri Sep 24 1993Competitive information
70.0EBYGUM::WILLIAMSHSat Sep 25 1993Brochures anyone?
71.03TRUCKS::GIFKINSTue Sep 28 1993subnet routing
72.05MARVIN::COBBWed Oct 06 1993Cisco's don't take dumps
73.02NPSS::WADEThu Oct 07 1993CISCO MSG and DEC Spanning Tree
74.01USHSFri Oct 08 1993CISCO 7
75.03MUNICH::SCHALLERMon Oct 11 1993interested in CISCO Flyers?
78.04MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Oct 14 1993cs-fcit (fddi) routing table problem (HW?)
79.03VNASWS::ANDREASMon Oct 18 1993notification and alarms anyone ?
80.01EEMELI::SYVANENTue Oct 19 1993Bridging V2 traffic over Token-Ring
81.0CSOADM::ROTHFri Oct 22 1993SPOT information
82.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Oct 26 1993Cisco's Ethernet IInterface Down and Line Protocol Down - Why ?
83.0MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Nov 02 1993encryption over WAN
84.01YUPPY::KENNEDYETue Nov 02 1993cisco novice
85.0ZUREDU::RWATSONWed Nov 03 1993HEPnet backbone turned into OSI-CLNS
86.02COMICS::WEBSTERCWed Nov 03 1993The DRAKE TAC pre-test
87.0MARVIN::COBBThu Nov 04 1993Cisco to support SNMP V2
88.0MARVIN::RDAVIESThu Nov 04 1993DECNIS / DECbrouter9
89.01CX3PST::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONFri Nov 12 1993Lat compression problems
91.0MOLAR::MALONEYMon Nov 15 1993PathDoctor prototype available
92.02CSOADM::ROTHMon Nov 15 1993GETHUBINFO.COM for use with DECmcc & Cisco boxes
93.0SKIBUM::GASSMANTue Nov 16 1993Wanted: CiscoWorks customer requests
94.0ISIDRO::PLATASThu Nov 18 1993X.25 Security
95.0GOYA::MERINOFri Nov 19 1993LLC2 DECnet/OSI V5.6A vs cisco Version 9.1(1)
96.0BERNTue Nov 23 1993Cisco's EIGRP
97.0MARVIN::RDAVIESTue Nov 23 1993Multiple Ethernet encapsulation types for IPX to be supported in V9.21
98.06HLFSWed Nov 24 1993cisco mgs-router hanging
99.0TRKWSH::COMFORTMon Nov 29 1993OSPF implementations?
100.03HERON::PATEL_AThu Dec 02 1993doc on CISCOworks pls
101.01HAMSC3::JPULLERTue Dec 07 1993MOP on FDDI on AGS+
102.02CAATS::VINESTue Dec 07 1993IS-IS routing capabilities?
103.05ROCKS::KEANEWed Dec 15 1993Univer CD rom
104.04NYOSWed Dec 15 1993how to design backup links
105.01MSAMWed Dec 22 1993Why a router ?
106.0CSOADM::ROTHWed Dec 29 1993Increasing DECnet performance (Cisco tech tip)
108.06BERNTue Jan 04 1994Permit/deny for bridging
109.04WELSWS::MCANDREWThu Jan 06 1994IGS/L support problem
110.0ROCKS::KEANEMon Jan 10 1994******** 4
111.0CSC32::DAVISSONMon Jan 10 1994questions on loading brouter over x25
112.04LOOKIN::WEBSTERCTue Jan 11 1994AutoInstall
113.03ROCKS::KEANETue Jan 11 1994Proosed new CSC2 ->CSC4 upgrade offer.
114.0ROCKS::KEANEFri Jan 14 1994Memory requirements for 4
115.02CSC32::DAVISSONFri Jan 21 1994ospf routing questions?
116.0DELNI::PUOPLOTue Jan 25 1994PathDoctor Field Test Kit Available
117.02LISVAX::RODRIGUESWed Jan 26 1994bootp routing
118.05ATZThu Jan 27 1994cisco private MIB
119.01TLAVFri Jan 28 1994Gateway discovery is disabled. Why ?
120.01ROCKS::KEANEWed Feb 02 1994CISCO changing to CARE II !!!
121.03VNABRW::ZIELINSKI_CWed Feb 02 199482
122.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Feb 07 1994Can Cisco do these?
123.0SAC::LANG_HWed Feb 09 1994OSPF Questions
124.05ATZMon Feb 14 1994OSI IS-IS dynamic routing
125.02DV78Tue Feb 15 1994DB9
126.05WARNUT::BANKSTTue Feb 15 1994IGRP queries
127.03MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Feb 17 1994ciscoworks for demonstration needed
128.01MEOCFri Feb 18 1994decnis - cisco - token ring - tcp/ip
129.01DV78Tue Feb 22 1994Routing of protocol type 6
130.02POBOX::KINSLEYTue Feb 22 1994Ethernet IP connection
131.02YUPPY::KENNEDYETue Feb 22 1994AGS+ contract validation
132.04HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Feb 25 1994General Routing Encapsulation?
133.04KETJE::BUTTIENSMon Feb 28 1994Impact of flat IP routing on router requirements and other issues
134.0HAMSC3::JPULLERMon Feb 28 1994Dial Backup Line Service ???
136.06TROOA::MOKBELMon Mar 07 1994one way routin problem through CISCO
137.06MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Mar 08 1994example configurations (working ones)
138.0ANNECY::LEBRAUDWed Mar 09 1994DEC / CISCO cross reference table
139.0FOGDOG::STUARTThu Mar 10 1994Protocol Tranlation x.29<-> telnet and Setting echo on Remote Pad
140.03VNABRW::WALDHERRMon Mar 14 1994show lnm station Problem
141.01SEDOAS::HENSONMon Mar 14 1994Error message from SETUP????
142.04LUXTue Mar 15 1994Netware for SAA GW ?
144.03LUXWed Mar 16 1994IBM Networking Overview Document
145.03UTRTSC::DENIJSThu Mar 17 1994ISDN terminal adapters and cisco
146.06ATZSun Mar 27 1994system image - buffer overflow
147.03MQOSWS::M_HUELThu Mar 31 1994Addresses encoding compatibility
148.0ROCKS::KEANEWed Apr 06 1994CSC3 to CSC4 upgrade offer!
149.04OSLACT::BJORNTue Apr 12 1994Load-balance between two Cisco's on same LAN?
150.02COMICS::WEBSTERCFri Apr 15 1994rev S
151.01MQOSWS::M_HUELFri Apr 15 1994Interoperability WANrouter - CISCO
152.0DELNI::PUOPLOSun Apr 17 1994Final PathDoctor FT Kit Is Available
153.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Apr 18 1994LLC2 and TR1
154.0GLDOA::LOPEZWed Apr 27 1994Config help with Frame Relay
155.03PTOVAX::DANZAKThu Apr 28 1994AGS+/7
156.0ROCKS::KEANETue May 03 1994Comprehensive Cross reference tables
157.03PTOVAX::DANZAKWed May 04 1994CISCO interface monitoring LAN
158.0COMICS::WEBSTERCMon May 09 1994Cisco presentations
159.03PTOVAX::DANZAKWed May 11 1994CISCO, Interop announcement
160.08TLAVTue May 17 1994How to setup CISCmax NRIP packet size ?
161.02UTOPIE::PAYERHUBERWed May 25 1994DEFCON <=> 7
162.02VNABRW::WALDHERRWed May 25 1994Internal SW error on cisco 4
163.01GIDDAY::CHONGThu May 26 1994Spanning Tree Trap ?
164.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu May 26 1994Meaning of Interface Resets
165.03RUTILE::BONTEMPSThu May 26 1994U:U:U: help needed on Brouter/Cisco for Ukraine
166.0TAVIS::JONATHANThu May 26 1994APPN, STUN, DB9
167.02STKHLM::DUFVAMon May 30 1994CISCO 25
168.0ROCKS::KEANETue May 31 1994Useful config. info. on V9.21 and V1
169.01HAMSC3::JPULLERTue May 31 1994spare part # ?
170.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEWed Jun 01 1994rx buffer error
171.0VFOVAX::GALVINThu Jun 02 1994cisco 7
172.01GIDDAY::BROWNGTue Jun 07 1994Tools to gather cisco stats
173.01WOTVAX::64Tue Jun 07 1994packet loss counters?
175.01LEMAN::MAEUSLIThu Jun 09 1994Cluster alias support on CISCO
176.07SCCAT::SHERRILLMon Jun 13 1994Cisco bridging/Frame Relay/Lat duplicate Packets
177.02WOTVAX::64Wed Jun 15 1994AGS+ can't handle traffic?
178.01GUCCI::DMCCLOUDWed Jun 15 1994PATHWORKS V5 NetBIOS Across Cisco?
179.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCThu Jun 16 1994Buffers and switching
180.010SIOG::CUNNANEFri Jun 17 1994DMB32 to Cisco X-25
181.01ZURMon Jun 20 1994Bridging over SMDS?
182.01WOTVAX::64Mon Jun 20 1994routing performance?
183.04OSLACT::BJORNThu Jun 23 1994CISCO 7
184.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Jun 23 1994CCIE lab - anyone done it yet?
185.07OSLACT::BJORNWed Jun 29 1994V9.21 problems with X.25 /IP fragmentation
186.0ROCKS::KEANEFri Jul 01 1994CISCO UK have moved!
187.01WOTVAX::64Mon Jul 04 1994AGS+ transit delay
188.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEFri Jul 08 1994a question of load ?
189.01STKHLM::WEBJORNFri Jul 08 1994Dec and Cisco on the same lan same area??
190.0RANGER::DORSEYFri Jul 08 1994experienced network managers needed
192.01ROCKS::KEANEThu Jul 14 1994What about ATM service and support?
193.02POBOX::DIDATOFri Jul 15 1994Pathworks/DECnet on Token Ring
195.04YUPPY::KENNEDYEWed Jul 20 1994Cisco Manuals on CD ..
196.01HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGMon Jul 25 1994Supported version for Cisco 3
197.04COPCLU::UWEWed Jul 27 1994IP UNNUMBERED ??
199.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Aug 04 1994Combine multiple Class C in single subnet?
200.03GO4GUT::NASHTFri Aug 05 1994poor response to management commands across serial link using either telnet or mop
201.0COLFri Aug 05 1994XNS Specifications
202.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 09 1994List of images available on cio
203.04DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONThu Aug 11 1994DECnet over IGS
204.04PTOVAX::DANZAKThu Aug 11 1994LAT<->TCP/IP<->LAT Encapsulation/translation?
205.011UFP::LARUEThu Aug 11 1994Phase IV to/from Phase V problem?
207.0VNABRW::DRESSEL_PWed Aug 17 1994CISCO Parts on Maintanance ???
208.0ROCKS::KEANEThu Aug 18 1994CISCO 4
209.02NZOMIS::PELTue Aug 23 1994CISCO 25
210.02VNABRW::MATHE_WTue Aug 23 1994pathworks: ethernet -- token ring
211.0YUPPY::KENNEDYEWed Aug 24 1994MEC cards no more !!!
212.01DPDMAI::GALVINMon Aug 29 19947
213.03SUOIG1::BODENSTEDTMon Aug 29 1994Pathworks for ISDN, DECnet Phase IV, and virtual circuits
214.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
215.01BERNWed Aug 31 1994decnet advertise command
216.01BERNThu Sep 01 1994Cisco DECnet Phase-V High Performance SSE
217.04SIOG::PKIRKWed Sep 07 1994Cisco 7
218.02WOTVAX::64Thu Sep 08 1994subnetting peculiarity?
219.02COMICS::PRICECThu Sep 08 1994remote mop
220.0GIDDAY::CHONGFri Sep 09 1994interoperability between Cisco and Vitalink on spanning Tree Domains
221.01LYOISA::CROITORUMon Sep 12 1994Brouter 9
222.0COMICS::PRICECTue Sep 13 1994software part Nos.
223.01GO4GUT::NASHTWed Sep 14 1994cisco/DEWBR vs Digital interoperability - any 'official' response ?
224.04OSLWed Sep 14 1994Appletalk routing - bug in 9.1.9 ?
225.03STKAI1::KACKWed Sep 14 1994Protocol translation help
226.03HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Sep 15 1994phase iv and phase v routing problem. need prove!
227.03MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Sep 20 1994accounting on CISCO?
229.0BACHUS::648Fri Sep 23 1994CISCO Terminals server(s) - TELNET support ?
230.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Sep 26 1994Does Cisco support CT1?
231.01COMICS::PRICECTue Sep 27 1994rsrb remote source route bridgeing
232.02UTRTSC::DEKKERWed Sep 28 1994nmbr of dialer maps
233.0ROCKS::KEANEWed Sep 28 1994INFO ON 4
234.0LACVThu Oct 06 1994Frame Relay, LAT,TELNET and PRINTING
235.01UTROP1::CAMPENHOUT_RFri Oct 07 1994switching vs routing
236.02SIOG::PKIRKThu Oct 13 1994CISCO 4
237.01COLMon Oct 17 1994DB9 to RJ45 cable part # inquiry
238.01GIDDAY::KULHALLITue Oct 18 1994Flash Device Open error (1)
239.0NBOIS::SCHIMKUSFri Oct 28 1994Cisco 31
240.01CSOA1::TRICASETue Nov 01 1994cisco's and static routing
241.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANWed Nov 02 1994GAP over the CISCO router?
242.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Nov 03 1994Cisco's Document - Does Digital have the right to copy when teaching DECbrouter 9
243.02MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Nov 03 1994stun not sturting up
244.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCFri Nov 04 1994Intro to IGRP
245.02GRANPA::DMCCLOUDWed Nov 09 1994Secondary address on TokenRing Interface
246.0TKTVFS::HORIE_HThu Nov 10 1994NetWare filter on CISCO(Bridge)
247.0YUPPY::KENNEDYEMon Nov 14 19941
248.0WOTVAX::64Mon Nov 14 1994IP address translation?
249.0KERNEL::SCOBLEFri Nov 18 1994Complete Hardware/Software Compatibility Matrix
250.0KERNEL::SCOBLEFri Nov 18 1994Release Notes. v1
251.03GRUMBL::keaneTue Nov 22 1994ACCESS TO THE CIO DATA BASE
252.01GRUMBL::keaneTue Nov 22 1994router quantities required
253.03GOYA::JOSEFWed Nov 23 1994TCP/IP-X.25-ISDN on CISCO?
254.01JDARC::PAULINFri Nov 25 1994Help for part-number
255.02VNABRW::DRESSEL_PMon Nov 28 1994CISCOworks for OSF ??????
256.04NMOSPD::SYSTEMMon Nov 28 1994help for configuration guideline
257.01GRUMBL::keaneWed Nov 30 199425
258.0COMICS::WEBSTERCWed Nov 30 1994Cisco files available Online
259.02WOTVAX::64Thu Dec 01 1994multiple areas/one router?
260.02EEMELI::SYVANENTue Dec 06 1994Cisco as a "cluster alias server" info needed
261.04OSLACT::BJORNFri Dec 09 1994Generic ISDN questions (for better understanding)
262.01LACULT::BIAZZOFri Dec 09 1994Packets per second (PPS)
263.04ZURA7::KALBERERSat Dec 10 1994TCP/IP message not transfered after ARP-request/response
264.02NYOSS1::PLUNKETTTue Dec 13 1994x25 map command
265.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEWed Dec 14 1994FCI vs FCIT AGS+
266.0YUPPY::KENNEDYEThu Dec 15 1994SMT messages on AGS+
267.02NEWOA::GEORGASGThu Dec 15 1994LAT|Telnet Translation with redundancy on links
268.0NMOSPD::SYSTEMFri Dec 16 1994CISCO in Multipoint line
269.03BIS1::BHT362::KNEUTSMon Dec 19 1994Token Ring / Last Ring Status/
270.02GIDDAY::BROWNGWed Dec 21 1994DECnet IV tunnelling over IP
271.03DAIVFri Dec 23 1994LAT-session restriction on CISCO 4
272.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Dec 27 1994BOOTP over CISCO
273.08NWTIMA::BOUCHARDThu Jan 05 1995do cisco routers require heartbeat?
274.02NEWOA::GEORGASGSun Jan 08 1995E-IGRP
275.03NEWOA::GEORGASGSun Jan 08 1995NLSP (NOVELL routing)
276.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWFri Jan 13 1995questions on isdn 25
277.01LISVAX::FOLGADOFri Jan 13 1995Printing over X.25 using LAT,telnet protocol translation
278.04BRSTR1::MERTENSMon Jan 16 1995ISDN and Cisco routers
279.05DEKVC::JAEILLEETue Jan 17 1995CISCO 7
280.0BRSTR1::MERTENSTue Jan 17 1995Cisco MIB
281.01PRSSUD::AMOUYALTue Jan 17 1995Load BALANCING on TWO separate routers
282.0PRSSUD::AMOUYALTue Jan 17 1995SP or SSP load
283.01BRSTR1::MERTENSTue Jan 17 1995isdn grouping 2B channels
284.01BRSTR1::MERTENSWed Jan 18 1995isdn and grouping of 2b channels
285.02MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Jan 19 1995db9
286.0PORLA::FRISKTue Jan 24 1995Check of config params integrity?
288.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWWed Jan 25 1995ISDN and variable netmask for subnetting?
289.02BERNWed Jan 25 1995process/fast/autonomous switching
290.01BERNWed Jan 25 1995priority default setting
291.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MAWed Jan 25 1995CISCO Catalyst information please??
292.01HAGELN::MyTHThu Jan 26 1995Access-List Syntax for BIND/DNS Queries
293.03GIDDAY::DANIELFri Jan 27 1995Set host from Phase V Cluster to Phase IV fails thru CISCO
294.01CCOFMon Jan 30 1995Printer cannot communicate with server through cisco 4
296.0SMURF::BAYERLFri Feb 03 1995Passing RFC11
297.01SPANKY::BUDZINSKIThu Feb 09 1995Frame Relay Subnet Questions
298.02COPCLU::TRIERMon Feb 13 1995High packet loss on AGS+ on FDDI with > 8 stations
299.01MEOCWed Feb 15 1995async line?
300.0BERNWed Feb 15 1995Health warning V1
301.03PRSSUD::CARRAYROUMon Feb 20 1995X29/LAT performance ?????
303.01KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 199525
304.01KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 19953
305.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 19957
306.01KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 19957
307.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 19954
308.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 28 1995AGS/MGS/CGS Logistics Plan
309.01COMBAT::LUNDWed Mar 01 1995DECNIS, CISCO interopability
310.01HAMSUP::KOENIGThu Mar 02 19953COM Linkbuilder 3GH
311.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Mar 06 1995Cisco, LAT, TCP/IP encapsulation, LAT session disconnects
312.01PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Mar 07 1995Full Duplex FDDI?
313.0ZPOVC::DAIVC::DANIEL_HWed Mar 08 1995LAT very slow over HDLC
314.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Mar 08 1995Cisco 7
315.0ANNECY::LEFEVRE_BFri Mar 10 1995Leafbridge V2.
316.04MFRNW1::KRONERMon Mar 13 1995Bridging-Problems on CISCO7
318.02OSLLAV::NILSS_PFri Mar 24 1995Cisco 4
319.01GIDDAY::MORETTIMon Mar 27 1995Interoperability of V8.3 with V9.14
320.01TAVIS::VONSOVERMon Mar 27 1995CISCO 7
322.02FILTON::DAVIES_JWed Mar 29 1995Support for HP DTCs
323.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWFri Mar 31 1995ISDN PRA, IP addressing on B-channels?
324.01WOTVAX::64Mon Apr 03 1995FDDI on 7
325.01YUPPY::HOUSTONWed Apr 05 1995Digital/Cisco DECnet interoperability
326.0COMICS::WEBSTERCTue Apr 18 1995Cisco and HP
327.0KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Apr 18 1995Microcode part numbers
328.01OSLACT::BJORNWed Apr 19 1995Interoperability with Wanrouter25
329.01HITIT::KAYIThu Apr 20 1995Cisco bus speeds
330.02BIS1::BHT362::KNEUTSMon Apr 24 1995AGS+, FDDI, DECnet, and network DAP CRC errors
331.01MFRNW1::KRONERTue May 09 1995DECnet Problem over SMDS
332.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed May 10 1995X.29 and TELNET
333.0NYOSS1::PLUNKETTThu May 11 1995forwarding rate?
334.01EEMELI::RUOTILAFri May 12 1995Performance data for AGS+?
335.01KERNEL::PRICECTue May 16 1995IP DDR not working
336.03LISVAX::TEIXEIRA_DTue May 16 1995Backup on load line
337.01BRIEIS::BARKER_EFri May 19 1995ISDN problem from Holland-UK on 25
338.02MUNICH::SCHALLERMon May 29 1995strange route (DECNET/CLNS) via WAN
339.02BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed May 31 1995Prot Translation from X25=>LAT gives scrambled output
340.01COMICS::PRICECMon Jun 05 1995Gigaswitch, AGS dual rail decnet
341.02NMOSPD::SYSTEMThu Jun 08 1995What feature set is installed on Router?
342.05NYOSS1::PLUNKETTFri Jun 09 1995Why so many loopback packets?
343.01EEMELI::RUOTILAWed Jun 14 1995Multicast/Broadcast -addresses and Cisco hardware?
344.02WOTVAX::64Thu Jun 15 1995route of last resort with OSPF?
345.01GLDOA::MAURERFri Jun 16 1995Cisco/Frame Relay/LAT/DECnet
346.0SPEZKO::MERMELLSun Jun 18 1995TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE PROGRAM: "Router Interoperability" 7/1
347.02MFRNW1::KRONERWed Jun 21 1995Drops on Ethernet Interface
348.02GOYA::JOSEFWed Jun 28 1995X25 RELAY with CISCO again
349.01KERNEL::DAVIESPWed Jun 28 1995secondary addressing........
350.01AXPMCS::MOINETThu Jun 29 1995ip helper-address for UDP 137 138
351.01SHAND::shandThu Jun 29 1995SMDS performance?
352.03SHAND::shandThu Jul 06 1995Cisco routing algorithm convergence time?
353.0NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Thu Jul 06 1995PPP negotiation
355.0SHAND::shandThu Jul 20 1995Forwarding latency performance
356.0DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMMon Jul 24 1995Ethernet to TokenRing routing ?
357.01SHAND::shandMon Jul 24 1995Does Cisco support dual homed DAS connections on FDDI?
358.09SUFNWB::APPLFri Jul 28 1995DECnis, no NCL Commands thru CISCO WAN
359.01BRAT::NESTORTue Aug 01 1995Cisco 25
360.01TAVIS::ALTERWed Aug 02 1995cisco 7
361.01NYOSS1::PLUNKETTFri Aug 04 1995Trouble configuring x25 maps
362.02BRUNEL::PADDICKMon Aug 07 1995Parallel RIP routers with equal hop counts???
363.01TAVIS::ALTERMon Aug 07 1995dial bakup
364.02POBOX::ELARSONThu Aug 10 1995AGS+ V9.1(4) and no MOP?
365.04RDGENG::GREIDFri Aug 11 1995Location of CISCO Manual
366.01OSLLAV::BJORNFri Aug 18 1995How much flash needed for V921-->V1
367.02DPDMAI::BERNALSat Aug 26 1995IBM 82
368.04MARIN::JONESTue Aug 29 1995DECrouter 9
369.03DECPRG::PRNET::PilarThu Sep 07 1995Sites with Ciscos sold by DEC question
370.02VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERFri Sep 08 1995IP security features????
371.02BERFS4::NORDMon Sep 11 1995Ether, FDDI and TR on one CISCO
372.03TKTVFS::NEMOTOMon Sep 11 1995MIB for FrameRelay Traffic per PVC
373.01NETRIX::"schuerholt@esgnac.coo.dec.com"Mon Sep 11 1995config via "telnet-script" ??
374.02GENIE::MEIERRTue Sep 12 1995CISCO links
375.06WOTVAX::64Mon Sep 18 1995OSPF over ISDN problems?
376.01WARFUT::CHEETHAMDWed Sep 20 1995Multiple subnets on FDDI
377.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon Sep 25 1995bridging over ISDN?
378.02BRIEIS::BARKER_EMon Sep 25 19951
379.0TPOVWed Sep 27 1995HP DTCS download fail from BROUTER-9
380.01KERNEL::LOTAWed Sep 27 1995cisco 7
381.01HGOVC::SHUMCFWed Sep 27 1995Cisco Works for Windows
382.0WOTVAX::64Fri Sep 29 19957
383.01NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINTue Oct 10 1995decnet spoofing on 25
384.03535Tue Oct 10 1995Digital part numbers for Cisco boxes
385.0NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Wed Oct 11 1995PATHWORKS to CISCO 25
386.0HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUThu Oct 19 1995Kalpana EtherSwitch 16 hangs MOP
387.01DRAC::DSMAILThu Oct 19 1995Chap protocol???
388.01DRAC::DSMAILMon Oct 23 1995CISCOWORKS over NT platforms?
389.01SNOTTY::BARRYTue Oct 24 1995CISCO Sap Access List
390.02OSOVMon Oct 30 1995AGS+ "low memory" ?
391.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Nov 05 1995Cisco 25
392.0DECBAH::PATROMon Nov 06 1995cisco4
393.01LFOIS1::MOUSSUMon Nov 06 1995Frame Relay & data compression
394.02NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Thu Nov 09 1995Permission denied on FOUNDR
395.0DECPRG::PRNET::PILARTue Nov 14 1995Software options for Cisco 75xx
396.01IDEFIX::COWBURNWed Nov 15 1995Frame relay & BECN
397.02MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Nov 16 1995decnet via isdn - reachability
399.01BACHUS::KNEUTSThu Nov 23 1995CISCO ARP behaviour
400.0ULYSSE::LATOUCHEFri Nov 24 1995Cisco mgt on NT / Stonybrook demo
401.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Dec 04 1995RFC 1631 NAT support?
402.0SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Dec 07 1995problem with ISDN on 1
403.0LUXMon Dec 11 1995HSSI to E3/T3 question
404.0CHEFS::BARKER_EThu Dec 14 1995Config example:- RSRB, IP, IPX, OSPF, Token Ring, FDDI & Ethernet
405.01KERNEL::SMITH_PTue Dec 19 1995LAT compression, TSM, MOP timeouts.
406.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Dec 28 1995X25 and Bridging and IP routing question ?
407.02COLThu Jan 04 1996security on V1
408.02BELFST::MCCOMBTue Jan 09 199625
409.02ATHINA::KARVOUNIS_AWed Jan 10 1996Help on Brouter 9
410.02VIVARA::LUSCIANOThu Jan 11 1996CISCO 2513
411.01VIVIAN::G_RIDDLEThu Jan 11 1996Router model identification
412.01CSC32::MACGREGORThu Jan 18 1996corrupt MOPDL packets across CISCOs
413.01DECPRG::PRNET::PILARMon Jan 22 1996Routing between two ethernet interfaces
414.03DECPRG::PRNET::PILARMon Jan 22 1996Cisco contract number question
415.01KERNEL::LOTAMon Jan 29 1996Reposted!
416.01KERNEL::LOTAMon Jan 29 1996Reposted!
417.03UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jan 30 1996NETbeui on FDDI,Ethernet,Tokenring
418.01SNOTTY::BARRYWed Jan 31 1996Help.....please....sub-netting
419.01PASAGE::PLUNKETTThu Feb 01 1996If a cisco could count collisions how many ...
420.01COLFri Feb 02 1996how static are the access list in the cisco boxes ?
421.02MARVIN::TURNERWed Feb 07 1996X.25 Payload compression
422.03CHEFS::DAVIES_JWed Feb 07 1996Frame Relay capacity
423.01MXOVTue Feb 13 1996Mutual Redistribution between OSPF and RIP problems
424.02WARFUT::CHEETHAMDFri Feb 16 1996TokenRing encap problem
425.01SCASS1::BERNALSat Feb 17 1996Kalpana PSP16-M
426.0BBIVMon Feb 19 1996cisco routers and C2 security ?
427.01CSC32::PRICEWed Feb 21 1996It's getting lonely in here
428.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Mar 06 1996Cisco 4
429.03WARFUT::CHEETHAMDThu Mar 07 1996ISDN Bridging query
430.01QCAVMon Mar 11 1996CISCOworks under Manageworks ??!!??
431.01BARNA::DSMAILMon Mar 11 1996IP over async aux
432.0ATYISA::CARRAYROUTue Mar 12 1996OSPF & redistribute static
433.0KAOFS::kap43Mon Mar 25 1996
434.01NSDPThu Apr 04 1996Cisco DDR and DECnet
435.01IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Apr 10 1996multicircuit end-system, EShello timer
436.01KAOFS::kap43Wed Apr 10 1996Bridging and input-type-list
437.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Apr 11 1996Frame Relay and Load Sharing Question ?
438.01KAOFS::kap43Mon Apr 15 1996Cisco hot-line tech support..Where to go??
439.03NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed Apr 24 1996Connecting DECnet/OSI end nodes and PhaseIV nodes using Cisco Phase IV
440.01RDGENG::ELLERBY_JFri Apr 26 1996Hot Standby Routing Protocol timers (HSRP)
441.0ROCKS::KEANEThu May 02 1996Cisco - Digital Xref list
442.02DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONWed May 08 1996bridged DECnet reachability problem
443.0BIS6::wwwfan.bro.dec.com::mylleThu May 23 1996token ring & cisco & digital Alphaserver
444.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jun 04 19962 x 128k on DBR9
445.01KAOFS::16.155.16Tue Jun 04 1996BELL - MCI Frame Relay joint Net
446.0UTROP1::SCHEER_RTue Jun 04 1996NT driver for CISCO 2
447.0SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Jun 05 1996V11.
448.01GRUMBL::KEANETue Jun 18 1996Ftping IOS software from the Cisco CCO
449.03SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Jun 19 1996Backup serial with ISDN onISO V1
450.01TAVIS::ALTERThu Jun 20 1996Encasulating DECnet over TCP/IP
451.01TAVIS::ALTERTue Jun 25 1996full lan redandency??
452.02SNOFS1::NANCARROWTue Jun 25 1996reset password on cisco
453.01NBOFS1::RAFFTue Jun 25 1996IGRP/OSPF and Unnumbered IP
454.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Jun 27 1996direct ICMP-redirects for same LAN
455.0ROCKS::ROBINSONFri Jun 28 1996CCIE and Training Notes Conference
456.02GIDDAY::CHONGThu Jul 18 1996problem with ipx encapsulation sap (8
457.0QCAVMon Jul 22 1996WAN Connectivity.
458.0LEMAN::JRSWed Jul 24 1996CiscoWorks; ServerWORKS; HP OpenView; Polycenter NetView???
459.02SNOFS1::snod17dgp19.gen.sno.dec.com::stevensdavidWed Jul 31 1996RIP and IP ??????
460.0LFOIS1::MOUSSUFri Aug 09 1996FDDI transparency to SRB Token Ring traffic
461.02UTOPIE::BERG_WMon Aug 12 1996DECnet over ISDN and 25
462.01QCAVSat Aug 17 1996tcp_keepalive on 25
463.01VAXRIO::ROCHAThu Aug 29 1996Help on pps
464.03PCTEAM::pscsMon Sep 02 1996encapsulation failure on a Cisco 25
465.02EVTW1E::SYSTEMWed Sep 04 1996Pb on Brouter 9
466.0NYOSS1::HERENDEENFri Sep 06 1996Catalyst 16
467.01IBTue Sep 17 1996alpha,token ring,cisco
468.01WOTVAX::2hThu Sep 19 1996secondary IP address and OSPF?
469.02LISTIM::ULTRIXFri Sep 20 1996IP Problem with ISDN BRI->PRI PRI->PRI
470.0ANOHAC::COMFORTFri Sep 20 1996Routing questions
471.0KAOFS::D_FORBESMon Sep 23 1996need info. TACACS, rcp, telnet
472.0UFP::LARUEWed Sep 25 1996Cisco 7
473.0HGOVC::SHUMCFWed Oct 02 1996Problem on async dial-up configuration
474.0WOTVAX::2hMon Oct 07 1996BGP & OSPF redistribution of routes
475.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 11 1996no route
476.0PRSSOS::KOENIGMon Oct 14 1996novell nlsp via isdn
477.0MARSFri Oct 18 1996Several ISDN channels to backup purpose ?
478.01LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Oct 22 1996Is this possible ? how ?
479.02WOTVAX::2hWed Oct 23 1996OSPF and ISDN backup?
480.0WOTVAX::16.136.2Wed Oct 30 1996Performance and access lists?
481.0OSLLAV::BJORNWed Oct 30 1996Default route advertisement in OSPF?
482.0GIDDAY::DANIELFri Nov 08 1996How to config AUX port for Dial out?
483.01OTOOA::16.155.16Mon Nov 11 1996x25 to ip protocol translation problem
484.0+2VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERTue Nov 12 1996Translate Telnet printer to X.25
485.01HGOM22::DAVYSUNThu Nov 14 1996pointer of bouter9
486.01GPLSYS::LAGORITue Nov 19 1996ftp and path split (slow speed)
487.0MARSTue Nov 19 1996Backup design quetions ?
488.01MARSTue Nov 19 1996Compression and Priority questions ?
489.0OTOOA::16.155.16Wed Nov 20 19963com and cisco Frame Relay Interoperability
490.01OTOOA::16.155.16Fri Nov 22 1996ISDN DDR backup for bridging
491.01OTOOA::16.155.16Fri Nov 22 1996ISDN backup
492.0LISALF::CORREIA_CThu Nov 28 1996ip over x25
493.01OTOOA::16.155.16Wed Dec 04 1996T1 & SCTE & clocking & 25
494.0+1LATINA::ALCAZARThu Dec 26 1996Serial
495.03VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOThu Jan 09 1997Parts list for Cisco 75
496.0 *+2DAIVC::RUDY_MAFri Feb 07 1997filter netbeui
497.0 *MTHOOD::GREGORYSun Feb 09 1997DECnet route filter thru specific nodes?
498.0 *DAIVC::RUDY_MAMon Feb 17 1997interoperability cisco and baynetwork router
499.0 *BEJVC::BERNYZHANGTue Feb 18 1997Some Parameters on RouteAbout
500.0 *OTOOA::kap43Thu Feb 27 1997NTP config
501.0 *+4WOTVAX::2hFri Mar 07 1997OSPF Area
502.0 *KERNEL::VERNONDMon Mar 17 1997NTP flags for MIB on CISCO routers?
503.0 *SCASS1::BERNALThu Mar 20 1997PSP16-M
504.0 *+1CSCMA::MASOUDFri Mar 21 1997All explorer packet and source route bridging
505.0 *SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Apr 17 1997frame relay switching?
506.0 *+2NNTPD::"Domingues@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997Access List Versus Performance
507.0 *CSC32::ROSSTue Apr 22 1997Where to Purchase a Cisco router ?
508.0 *GNOMO::JOSEFThu Apr 24 1997CGMP in Catalyst switches
509.0 *+1OTOOA::kap954.kao.dec.com::MMcgregorTue May 06 1997X25 config problem
510.0 *NNTPD::"bakerm@mail.dec.com"Wed May 07 1997Cisco ISL and Fast Etherchannel on Digital UNIX ???
511.0 *+1TPOVC::MIKECHANGMon May 26 1997IP access list
512.0 *+2GENIE::DURANDTue May 27 1997ISO IGRP, Int IS-IS
513.0 *XKOVThu May 29 1997setup for ppp---> cisco novice
514.0 *GIDDAY::MUNNTue Jun 03 1997OSPF, RIP and VLSM ??
515.0 *NNTPD::"helmut@bedie1.grt.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997switch 12