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Conference napalm::heretic

Title:Heretic - The new DOOM!
Created:Fri Jan 06 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:61
Total number of notes:354
Number with bodies:1
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1.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995Welcome
2.02KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995Welcome to Heretic
3.05KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995Mods and conference host
4.025KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995Introduce yourself
5.07KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995Current kit locations
6.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1 - City of the Damned
7.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M1: The Docks
8.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M2: The Dungeons
9.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M3: The Gatehouse
10.02KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M4: The Guard Tower
11.012KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M5: The Citadel
12.014KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M6: The Cathedral
13.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M7: The Crypts
14.06KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M8: Hell's Maw
15.02KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E1M9: The Graveyard
16.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2 - Hell's Maw
17.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M1: The Crater
18.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M2: The Lava Pits
19.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M3: The River of Fire
20.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M4: The Ice Grotto
21.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M5: The Catacombs
22.01KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M6: The Labyrinth
23.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M7: The Great Hall
24.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M8: The Portals of Chaos
25.01KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E2M9: The Glacier
26.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3 - The Dome of D'sparil
27.01KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M1: The Storehouse
28.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M2: The Cesspool
29.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M3: The Confluence
30.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M4: The Azure Fortress
31.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M5: The Ophidian Lair
32.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M6: The Halls of Fear
33.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M7: The Chasm
34.012KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M8: D'sparil's Keep
35.0KDX2Fri Jan 06 1995E3M9: The Aquifier
36.0WARNUT::JOYSat Jan 07 1995Network save games & Setup
37.025SUBURB::JAMIES::phillipssMon Jan 09 1995Heretic - Unable to run the Exe file.
38.024OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTMon Jan 09 1995Spells, weapons, etc ...
39.01OHNO::CASSELLSMon Jan 09 1995Keyboard Primer
40.02OSLLAV::PER_PMon Jan 09 1995Heretic on WWW
41.09SHIPS::HEWETT_NTue Jan 10 1995Heretic - Gossip Column
42.04GIDDAY::GILLINGSSun Jan 15 1995What are the names of the monsters?
43.02KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerMon Jan 16 1995Can't get to FLYTE
44.0KDX2Thu Jan 19 1995Network play
45.013SPIKED::SWEENEYFri Jan 20 1995Cheat Codes
46.01DPDMAI::BROGDONFri Jan 20 1995E4M1: ???? level
47.01DAVE::MITTONWed Feb 01 1995Heretic Secrets List
48.07MSGAXP::MCCULLERWed Feb 08 1995Availability?
49.03ANGLIN::PEREZWed Feb 08 1995The map showed hidden areas on the first level
50.09DNEAST::COOK_JEFFMon Feb 20 1995Dropped to DOS with Z error
51.02SUBSYS::MSOUCYMon Mar 13 1995registered vs shareware
52.02GLDOA::WERNERThu Mar 30 1995Doin' it under Windows 95!
53.01GLDOA::WERNERMon Apr 17 1995DESCENT
54.07GLDOA::LITZENBERGWed May 03 1995Where's GAMES conf?
55.079BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jul 27 1995Heretic II
56.02WOTVAX::LUMMISMon Dec 04 1995Horn key ?
57.02NWDMon Feb 19 1996Can't find switch in griffin chapel.
58.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Mar 05 1996for-sale items
59.06SSDEVO::ASTORTue Apr 23 1996Shadow of the Serpent Rider
61.0 *SUBSYS::MSOUCYFri Jun 06 1997keep a watch here for release date of Hexen II