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Conference napalm::commusic

Notice:New? See 2.*. For Sale in 20, Help in 30. Welcome!
Created:Tue Feb 18 1992
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:678
Total number of notes:8119
Number with bodies:44
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1.0DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Welcome to COMMUSIC V2!
2.05DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Conference Guidelines
3.01DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Conference Directory Listings
4.02DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Conference Keyword Listings
5.01DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Equipment Manufacturer Information
6.081DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Who's Who
7.020DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Related Conferences
8.010DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992Music Dealers - North America
9.0DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992Music Dealers - World Wide
10.06KDX2Mon Apr 10 1995Publications
11.0+11KDX2Mon Apr 10 1995WEB Sites (World-wide Web Page Pointers)
14.037DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Glossary
15.07DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992Ordering COMMUSIC Tapes
16.011DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992Liner Notes for COMMUSIC Tapes
17.01DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992Submitting Material for the Current COMMUSIC Tape
18.044DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Feb 19 1992MIDILIB - The Easynet MIDI Library
20.0+130DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992For Sale
21.0+170DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Want Ads
22.0+280DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Notices, Issues, Gripes, Hot Prices
30.0847DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 18 1992Ask The Noters (Getting Started)
31.01COMET::BELLMJSat Feb 22 1992Speaker Enclosure Topic
32.098STKHLM::ARENDISun Feb 23 1992CUBASE Continuing from V1 2672- Tips, Tricks .....
33.060KAOFS::P_DESOUZASun Feb 23 1992EMU Modules (Proteus,Proformance,Procussion,Vintage Keys)
34.06COPCLU::SANDGRENMon Feb 24 1992Roland D2
35.012RANGER::EIRIKURMon Feb 24 1992Jobs in the Emusic industry!
36.051NIOMAX::LAINGTue Feb 25 1992Digital's "AUDIO LOGO"
37.015DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 25 1992DigiDesign's Sound Tools for Mac: Discussion
38.021DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Feb 25 1992Technology: What comes next?
39.033DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Feb 25 1992Hot Cognitions
40.03RESYNC::D_SMITHWed Feb 26 1992Syncing Tascam 424 to Boss DR55
41.073PIPE::GOODWed Feb 26 1992Csound from MIT Media Lab
42.015DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Feb 26 1992What I will do if elected president
43.017MAJTOM::ROBERTWed Feb 26 1992Peavey SP Sample Playback Module
44.02MAJTOM::ROBERTWed Feb 26 1992Peavey SX Sample Expander Module
45.039SALSA::MOELLERThu Feb 27 1992Studio Tricks, Opus II
46.036INDUCE::SHERMANFri Feb 28 1992On Becoming a Record Company (Part 2)
47.0116NWACES::PHILLIPSFri Feb 28 1992Multimedia/game Sound Cards for IBM/PC Clones
48.017STKHLM::ARENDISun Mar 01 1992Synth-editors for computers, prices, existance....
49.052MANTHN::EDDMon Mar 02 1992KORG
50.013JEREMY::AVRAHAMMon Mar 02 1992YAMAHA QY1
51.020MLCSSE::BENOITMon Mar 02 1992Seeks Piano Lesson Instructional Software
52.045RGB::ROSTMon Mar 02 1992Roland JV Series
53.05ZBEST::JANZENMon Mar 02 1992Media Lab presentation today
54.015JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTTue Mar 03 1992Roland RA arrangers
56.03SEGUR::DELARUELLEWed Mar 04 1992Seeks SYSEX Dumper for Yamaha DX7 & PC w/Soundblaster
57.03GAMBLN::AXELThu Mar 05 1992Simmons Silicon Vibes on the air
58.05GUESS::WARNERFri Mar 06 1992Where to fix AKAI S9
59.05SOLVIT::YEEFri Mar 06 1992What's a MUSE?
60.026BENONI::ARNOLDMon Mar 09 1992The Official COMMUSIC Farewell Note...
61.03JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTTue Mar 10 1992SuperJAM info
62.02BTOVT::BESSETT_KWed Mar 11 1992Using an NEC MultiSpeed as a Sequencer
63.060DSM::RDAVISWed Mar 11 1992Alesis HR16/HR16B/SR16
64.066FORTSC::CHABANWed Mar 11 1992Kurzweil K2
66.031GVAThu Mar 12 1992MIDI box on serial port for PCs???
67.0GVAThu Mar 12 1992MUSICBOX, where can I find a clean version
68.04OTIGER::R_WHEELERThu Mar 12 1992Theremins revisited
69.0JUS2EZ::EasyThu Mar 12 1992Roland R7
71.014LARVAE::MOORE_AFri Mar 13 1992Laptop - DECpc 333 + PC MIDI?
72.06PLAYER::VANDYCKFri Mar 13 1992Yamaha SY22 ?
73.020DYPSS1::SCHAFERFri Mar 13 1992Why Aren't There More Upgrades For Existing Gear?
74.02DYPSS1::SCHAFERFri Mar 13 1992Roland's "Standard MIDI" or "GS" - What's The Deal?
75.0JUDYL::SWARTZFri Mar 13 1992Music for People
76.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri Mar 13 1992Specs for Audio Striping
78.026PIANST::JANZENMon Mar 16 1992Right/Left Brain usage anecdotes
79.07MAS::MCNALLTue Mar 17 1992Help Unreliable Midi Receive via Serial Port!
80.02WEPUBS::DCHAVEZTue Mar 17 1992Musicator Software
81.0RGB::ROSTWed Mar 18 1992Studio Employment Quiz (Humor)
82.04R2ME2::TOTTONThu Mar 19 1992Using Galaxy (plus Editors), Vision, and Kurzweil 1
83.08BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Mar 19 1992MSDOS MIDI sequencers/Multi-Media/Tools
84.024PIANST::JANZENThu Mar 19 1992AlgoRhythms automatic composition program
85.04PENUTS::RHAYESThu Mar 19 1992MIDI Studio Setup
86.01RANGER::EIRIKURFri Mar 20 1992Waldorf MacroWave, err, Keyboard
87.04CSSE32::DICKINSONTue Mar 24 1992Is SYSex device dependent ??
88.06SCCAT::DICKEYTue Mar 24 1992Need "Karaoke killer" mixer advice.
89.02FORTSC::CHABANTue Mar 24 1992ICMC Convention San Jose
90.045KDX2Tue Mar 24 1992Alesis Quadraverb
91.08ATISWed Mar 25 1992When the bloom is off the rose...
92.03PIANST::JANZENWed Mar 25 1992Sonification
93.04GVAThu Mar 26 1992Squirell, does someone have it ???
94.07JURA::LAROCHEThu Mar 26 1992Midi File
95.06WARNUT::KAYDThu Mar 26 1992Hidden features
96.07KDX2Thu Mar 26 1992MIDI mixers
97.01USCTR1::LICHTENSTEINFri Mar 27 1992DR T. and The Phantom
98.062EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Mar 31 1992Multimedia sound board from Turtle Beach Systems: MultiSound
100.024SOLVIT::COOKEWed Apr 01 1992Miracle Keyboard Learning System
101.011RGB::ROSTWed Apr 01 1992Creative Audio Recordings
102.011FUEL::grahamThu Apr 02 1992DAT Machine with Pitch Control needed
103.07OTOOA::KDAWSONFri Apr 03 1992DX7-II Dilema
104.020PCOJCT::RYANFri Apr 03 1992Boss DR-55
105.0VNABRW::SCHERBSat Apr 04 1992Request for scoring C sources
107.01BRSDVP::MORALESTue Apr 07 1992Soft sequencer problems
109.011RICKS::ROSTWed Apr 08 1992Master Tracks Pro (sequencer)
111.01REGENT::POWERSMon Apr 13 1992Walter/Wendy Carlos and Switched-on Bach
112.027DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Apr 14 1992Seeks Technique Pointer - Organs
113.029DECWIN::FISHERTue Apr 14 1992Official Cakewalk Note
114.08ITHIL::CHADWed Apr 15 1992Official BIM note
115.030THAVThu Apr 16 1992Alesis D4
116.05PDVThu Apr 16 1992Timing MIDI events
117.06RICKS::ROSTFri Apr 17 1992Peavey MIDIBase (Bass Synth Controller)
118.01CAFEIN::PFAUMon Apr 20 1992Digital Media Tax - from USENET
119.0100ATISThu Apr 23 1992Notation software
120.06PDVFri Apr 24 1992uploaded something ...
121.020UTROP2::BOUWMANS_JFri Apr 24 1992C-lab Creator/Notator
122.01PIANST::JANZENMon Apr 27 1992TX81Z Amiga Software
123.024SALSA::MOELLERWed Apr 29 1992TANTARA - Steve Sherman
124.013LANDO::SAWINFri May 01 1992General MIDI (GM)
125.01LANDO::SAWINFri May 01 1992Apple MIDI software
126.018MANTHN::EDDSat May 02 1992Ye Olde Ensoniqe Mirage
128.03RGB::ROSTMon May 04 1992Yamaha CBX-D5 Digital Hard Disk Recorder
129.01INDUCE::SHERMANTue May 05 1992'92 Spring Music Conference
130.03SALSA::MOELLERWed May 06 1992Patch Librarians ?
131.053BUSY::CLEMENTWed May 06 1992Need a Hammond/Leslie sound...
132.04EVOAI2::RENOUVELThu May 07 1992CUBASE with a LA75-PLUS
132.0FRAMBO::MUELLERThu May 07 1992S/W emulation of MidiCard (KEE)
133.03FRAMBO::MUELLERThu May 07 1992Looking for Music Shops in MA/NH
134.08SMOGGY::LEYBAThu May 07 1992Kawai K1 and K4 Synthesizers
135.03EDWIN::HENNESSYMon May 11 1992Current used gear prices?
136.0FORTSC::CHABANTue May 12 1992Midilib sequences on Mac?
137.01PCOJCT::RYANWed May 13 1992Roland E2
138.06PORI::ZIELINSKIFri May 15 1992MIDI for IBM PS/2
139.08LARVAE::MOORE_AFri May 15 1992Windows 3.1 - Multimedia
140.04ODIXIE::LPALMERFri May 15 1992Ensoniq SD1: Good Graduation Gift?
141.015RANGER::FONTAINEMon May 18 1992Ensoniq EPS
142.0+116PDVTue May 19 1992Anybody using FINALE ?
143.043SMURF::GALLOTue May 19 1992Drum Programming For Reggae
144.01IBR1::JAINWed May 20 1992Sound/Music development for Adlib, SB, PAS, Roland
145.039LARVAE::POOREWed May 20 1992Band in a Box V4 ?
146.014TALLIS::PALMERWed May 20 1992Portamento implementations
147.09PCOJCT::RYANThu May 21 1992drum system suggestions??
148.07WHELIN::ALANTue May 26 1992Bulk tape dealers.
149.0KOBAL::DICKSONTue May 26 1992The squeeky wheel
150.036DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue May 26 1992The "Swing" Feature
151.02WHELIN::OMALLEYTue May 26 1992Amiga midi interface help needed
152.0WFOV12::HARRIS_RWed May 27 1992Building A Vocoder?
153.0PEKING::GERRYTThu May 28 1992radiomics/amps?
154.0DYPSS1::SCHAFERMon Jun 01 1992SuperMac MultiMedia Stuff
155.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Jun 03 1992Ballade for DOS V2.
156.04XLIB::SCHAFERMon Jun 08 1992VMS-based MIDI tools
157.04STKSMA::HALLTue Jun 09 1992How to work with digital audio data??
159.097WELLIN::NISBETFri Jun 12 1992The Soundblaster Card from Creative Labs
161.0+14HOTWTR::COOPER_JOFri Jun 12 1992Yamaha PSR-5
162.018PIANST::JANZENFri Jun 12 1992Capital resources in 1972 or a nearby year
163.034HEDRON::DAVEBWed Jun 17 1992Roland R8 Drum machine
164.02DPE::STARRWed Jun 17 1992Reverb Settings
165.010FORTSC::CHABANWed Jun 17 1992Media Vision Stuff
166.02DCSVAX::MCWILLIAMSFri Jun 19 1992PC midi card/DEPCA conflict in DEC32
167.013MR4DEC::RICHMon Jun 22 1992Wind Controlers - Yamaha Wind Jamm'r etc.
168.06RICKS::ROSTMon Jun 22 1992Yamaha 4-Op FM Synths (Base Note)
169.03DEALIN::AXELTue Jun 23 1992Jamey Aebersold and Computer Music
170.01DEALIN::AXELTue Jun 23 1992Jamey Aebersold Jazz Workshops
171.020MANTHN::EDDTue Jun 23 1992TouchTone Frequencies?
173.05INDUCE::SHERMANWed Jun 24 1992SMUS-IFF versus "standard" MIDI file formats
174.065CAFEIN::PFAUThu Jun 25 1992Pro Audio Spectrum?
175.018PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jun 29 1992Macintosh Powerbook & Midi
176.011MANTHN::EDDWed Jul 01 1992"Smart" Sequencers...
177.0FRETZ::HEISERWed Jul 01 1992Roland Digital Pianos
178.02FORTSC::CHABANWed Jul 01 1992Yamaha Disklavier
179.01TAMDNO::LAURENTWed Jul 01 1992How do you wire a patchbay?
180.02RANGER::FONTAINEMon Jul 06 1992Is Hybrid Arts gone forever.
181.03EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Jul 08 1992National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)
182.07LUDWIG::RAPHAELSONThu Jul 09 1992Convert Mike Power?
183.022GOES11::G_HOUSEThu Jul 09 1992Ensoniq DP/4 effects processor
186.03SALSA::MOELLERMon Jul 13 1992MoTU PERFORMER Software
187.024AYOV1Tue Jul 14 1992Boss DR66
188.03UTRUST::DEHARTOGTue Jul 14 1992Kawai GB2 Session Trainer experiences?
189.013MLNTue Jul 14 1992MIDI songs online??
190.02TKOVOA::OTSUKA_YTue Jul 14 1992S/W Developer Relocated ?
191.02DFN8LY::JANZENThu Jul 16 1992Switched On Bach 2
192.011CARTUN::MCCONNELLFri Jul 17 1992Roland U-22
193.05SAINT::STCLAIRMon Jul 20 1992Which sampler would you reccomend?
194.04XSTACY::PATTISONMon Jul 20 1992OctaMED, anyone?
195.013EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Jul 21 1992Temporal Acuity Products - PianoWorks - CAI - CBT
196.011EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Jul 21 1992MIDISOFT Corporation - Studio For Windows - Sequencer - Notation
197.033EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Jul 21 1992Roland SCC-1, Sound Canvas board for ISA bus computers, MPU-4
198.046SMURF::LONGOTue Jul 21 1992Need Recommendation on Rack Synth
199.08SMURF::LONGOTue Jul 21 1992Need info on live synth amplification
200.01LUDWIG::RAPHAELSONWed Jul 22 1992Speech Plus PC Bd?
201.01RICKS::ROSTFri Jul 24 1992EKSEQ Public Domain Sequencer For Atari ST
202.018GVAWed Jul 29 1992SOUNDCRAFT Spirit-Studio Automated
203.010GVAWed Jul 29 1992Looking for Enhancer
204.03ZEKE::WOZNIAKFri Jul 31 1992MC5
205.09SWAM1::PARK_STTue Aug 04 1992MIDI and CHurch Music
206.022RICKS::ROSTTue Aug 04 1992That Syncing Feeling, Part II
207.010GUCCI::HERBWed Aug 05 1992Looking for a cheap sampler
208.014PAULUS::BAUERWed Aug 05 1992new Yamaha products: SY85, TG5
209.05RICKS::ROSTWed Aug 05 1992Peavey Spectrum Synth Modules
211.02TROOA::ANGUSFri Aug 07 1992Roland E-35
212.011DYPSS1::SCHAFERMon Aug 10 1992Gigging - Too Much Light for LED Displays
213.0RICKS::ROSTMon Aug 10 1992LOOP: Journal of International Samplers' Coop
214.03CERN::EJMTue Aug 11 1992Bars & Pipes and SuperJAM on Alpha Windows/NT
215.08ODDONE::SKELT_JTue Aug 11 1992MIDI-Controlled Faders?
216.04MIVAX::CICCARELLITue Aug 11 1992Roland MC to DOS/PC Migration?
217.010EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Aug 12 1992Turtle Beach WAVE for Windows
218.04SALSA::MOELLERFri Aug 14 1992Audio CD's for MM Presentations-discuss
219.034DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Aug 17 1992Ensoniq KS-32, SQ-1, SQ-1+, SQ-2, etc.
220.09NIOMAX::LAINGTue Aug 18 1992WERSI's newest stuff...
221.01RGB::ROSTThu Aug 20 1992Algorithms For Sequencers (long article)
223.09DPE::STARRWed Aug 26 1992DECsound
224.025TANNAY::BETTELSThu Sep 03 1992Music Publishing Business and Copyright Issues
225.045PORTIA::SHERMANFri Sep 04 1992PAS16 Reviews and Comments
227.048AUSSIE::SULLIVANTue Sep 08 1992PX1
228.011NYEM1::RYANThu Sep 10 1992HOW DO YOU DECIDE?
229.06PELKEY::PELKEYThu Sep 10 1992Using Midi Guitar w/ Roland d11
230.06SHARE::DOYLEFri Sep 11 1992Looking for inexpensive Music Software.
231.07HEART::MACHINFri Sep 11 1992New Yamaha product: PF-P1
232.09OBSESS::BREENWed Sep 16 1992Alesis RA 1
233.05EEMELI::PLEINOThu Sep 17 1992IRCAM
234.012RGB::ROSTThu Sep 17 1992Ensoniq ASR-1
236.07HPSRAD::LUDWIGSun Sep 20 1992Software to play *.mid files?
237.066PIANST::JANZENTue Sep 22 1992Getting synths out of a techno-rut
238.0USABLE::GOODTue Sep 22 1992Entertainment business unit
239.02PDVFri Sep 25 1992Roland FP8, anybody ???
240.022VNABRW::SCHERBFri Sep 25 1992HELP: Need Standard Midi File IO for DW/Motif sequencer
241.011VNABRW::SCHERBMon Sep 28 1992Info needed (on Data entry Control changes)
242.03COLTue Sep 29 1992Sampled NEW Sounds for KORG T2 EX
243.0ECADSR::SHERMANWed Jan 06 19931992 Fall Music Conference
244.020LJOHUB::HEERMANCEThu Oct 01 1992MIDI puts a musician out of work
245.07TOMBO::BOILARDFri Oct 02 1992MPU-4
246.06MINNIE::SOWTONSun Oct 04 1992Voyetra SP Pro upgrade
248.06MR4DEC::PMCEACHERNMon Oct 05 1992D5
249.033PDVTue Oct 06 1992Roland Sound Canvas Modules (SC-55, SC-155)
250.04KOMAIL::VALASEKTue Oct 06 1992Software to produce Chords based on finger positions ?
251.01036899::BELLWed Oct 07 1992ESQ-1 and TX81Z patches needed...desparate!
254.015SALSA::MOELLERWed Oct 07 1992Breath Controller Q's
255.010SALSA::MOELLERThu Oct 08 1992LIVE_MIDI revisited
256.046USABLE::GOODFri Oct 09 1992Csound kit information
257.02RANGER::EIRIKURFri Oct 09 1992Tangerine Nightmare: read at own peril.
258.06STKHLM::ARENDISun Oct 11 1992C-lab is no more!
259.08JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTWed Oct 14 1992Korg M1/M1r/M3r
260.09VFOVAX::BELLWed Oct 14 1992MIDI Networking Problem (specifically: ESQ-1)
262.08VFOVAX::BELLThu Oct 15 1992Yamaha TG1
263.03NGOVThu Oct 15 1992Looking for a software
264.07ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Oct 16 1992DAK's "soundblaster" IBMPC board?
265.01GUIDUK::EVANS_BRFri Oct 16 1992Opcode's Overture, notation software
267.019TECRUS::LONELY::ROSTThu Oct 22 1992Roland Analog Synths (Jupiter/Juno/JX)
268.013WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Oct 28 1992Key Frequencies ?
269.08PIANST::JANZENWed Oct 28 1992Noisy Keyboards
270.02NYEM1::RYANFri Oct 30 1992MIDI Song Select Question (O1, DR55
271.019BINKLY::GATESFri Oct 30 1992Digitech Vocalist?
272.021EZ2GET::STEWARTSat Oct 31 1992Paul Shaffer
273.09GVATue Nov 03 1992TG1
274.09JUDYL::SWARTZTue Nov 03 1992Bill Clinton: he may not inhale, but he can sure blow...
275.03PDVWed Nov 04 1992Cakewalk for Windows 3.1 help
276.034DECWIN::FISHERMon Nov 09 1992Gravis Ultrasound Card (for PC)
277.05VFOVAX::BELLMon Nov 09 1992I need a DC UPS
278.01VNABRW::REICHENBERGETue Nov 10 1992** Drum Seq programming **
279.013AUDIBL::ROZMOVITSWed Nov 11 1992Do music notation programs play expression marks
280.028SALSA::MOELLERFri Nov 13 1992Alesis ADAT: a test drive
281.019GUCCI::HERBSun Nov 15 1992Low Budget Samplers
282.014WEORG::WIEGLERMon Nov 16 1992Synthaxe / Drumitar
283.03SHARE::DOYLETue Nov 17 1992GTS Music Construction
284.07LARVAE::MOORE_AWed Nov 18 1992SysEx on Sound Canvas?
285.093KDX2Thu Nov 19 1992DAT Machines
286.09NOHOST::LEVINThu Nov 19 1992MIDI Specs wanted (online, if possible)
287.023SALSA::MOELLERMon Nov 23 1992LEXICON LXP-1 vs. LXP-5
288.05PIANST::JANZENWed Nov 25 1992Lame COMMUSIC Survey/Quiz
290.03JEREMY::AVRAHAMMon Nov 30 1992"Regular" electric guitar to MIDI?
291.0DOPEY::DICKENSMon Nov 30 1992CQM 2 (cheap quiet mixer)
292.012ECADSR::SHERMANMon Nov 30 1992Kurzweil K35
293.04PIANST::JANZENWed Dec 02 1992Airborne Harmonies
294.016GUCCI::HERBWed Dec 02 1992Just got a Yamaha TX16W
295.035SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
296.03LARVAE::MOORE_ATue Dec 08 1992What does the Future Hold?
297.01LURE::CERLINGTue Dec 08 1992SongWright
298.05DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Dec 08 1992Tascam 488 8-track porta-studio
299.03PDVThu Dec 10 1992MIDI drummer wanted !!!
300.012BUSY::CLEMENTThu Dec 10 1992KORG DS8
302.04CERN::EJMMon Dec 14 1992What was so good about the Synclavier?
303.01TANG::RHINEMon Dec 21 1992MSDOS .MID to sequencer utilities???
304.03NOHOST::LEVINMon Dec 21 1992Atari ST software: what do YOU use?
306.02GVAWed Dec 23 1992MIDEX+ / STE-4 timecode problem.
307.012OTIGER::R_CURTISWed Dec 23 1992DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)
308.026CSCMA::LABAKTue Dec 29 1992Ensoniq ESQ-1 Base Note
309.013NOHOST::LEVINWed Dec 30 1992Writing a new Midi app - which platform to use?
311.02TERSE::ROBINSONMon Jan 04 1993Amiga MIDI news
312.015DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Jan 07 1993New computer based guitar instruction
313.013STAR::GUINEAUFri Jan 08 1993online MIDI files?
315.010HAMThu Jan 14 1993Recommendations for Macintosh MIDI Interface ?
316.06NOHOST::LEVINFri Jan 15 1993Digital-out (optical) CD player wanted
317.017TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 18 1993Keyboard Mixers
318.010VIDEO::WILLIAMSWed Jan 20 1993Softronics - WinSong
319.02MEMIT::N_RICHWed Jan 20 1993Build a MIDI-bass-pedal unit?
320.06KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Jan 20 1993Battery backups (again)
321.033DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Jan 20 1993Emulating a classical harp
322.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 21 1993"Miracle" teaching system
323.07NWGEDU::DINGEMANSSat Jan 23 1993GEM Workstation WS2
324.09KISMIF::MARAMon Jan 25 1993Drum Notation Software
325.0VNABRW::SCHERBTue Jan 26 1993?? need roland s5
326.06CTHULU::YERAZUNISThu Jan 28 1993Annoyotrons
327.05ECADSR::SHERMANThu Jan 28 1993Did you get a receipt?
328.020WOTVAX::SHAWPMon Feb 01 1993IRQ clash with PC Midi card
329.03DPE::STARRTue Feb 02 1993Sequences To Go (Note Station)
330.036MANTHN::EDDThu Feb 04 1993Monitors/Speakers
331.014MIDI::DANThu Feb 04 1993Film Scoring
332.06KDX2Sat Feb 06 1993Roland TD7 drum module
333.027ECADSR::SHERMANMon Feb 08 1993No go with Kurzweil ...
334.06NOHOST::LEVINTue Feb 09 1993Any experience with SCMS 'filter boxes'?
335.02--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 09 1993Topic for Cubase Score users (Atari, MAC, Pc)
336.024EZ2GET::STEWARTSat Feb 13 1993MIDISCAN - OCR software for sheet music
337.03DECRAL::KIRKSun Feb 14 1993Kawai KC1
340.02GOES11::G_HOUSEWed Feb 17 1993Yamaha QY2
341.031JANET::LORDFri Feb 19 1993How to evaluate Digital pianos - please help!
342.033EPS::CONNSat Feb 20 1993Small cheap keyboard for MIDI input to PC
343.09TECRUS::ROSTMon Feb 22 1993Digital Recordings Online!
344.03KDX2Wed Feb 24 1993MMC - MIDI Machine Control
345.01TECRUS::ROSTWed Mar 03 1993Software: MIDI Files To Tab!!
346.02TECRUS::ROSTMon Mar 08 1993IRCAM Archives by ftp
348.023NEWOA::DALLISONTue Mar 16 1993Recording Guitar
349.017LARVAE::WALKER_DTue Mar 23 1993Help with connector on midi card ?
350.09CSCMA::LABAKWed Mar 24 1993Drum Machine Suggestions.
351.068TECRUS::ROSTThu Mar 25 1993Ensoniq TS-1
352.015SCCAT::DICKEYFri Apr 02 1993Chord analysis program?
353.02GVAWed Apr 07 1993Moving on to better things :-)
355.013GUCCI::HERBWed Apr 07 1993MIDI THRU
357.09SKYLAB::FISHERFri Apr 09 1993MPU-4
358.0ORION::MCNOTE::laquerreTue Apr 13 1993Problem Exporting MIDI File from TRAX Sequencer
359.01NACAD::HERTZBERGThu Apr 15 1993Synth Playing Technique
361.01AIDEV::MISKINISTue Apr 20 1993New Roland Drum gear!
363.08ABACUS::RODENHISERWed Apr 21 1993Help me grow???
364.016PDVTue Apr 27 1993SY85 ... anybody ?
365.08CFSCTC::TERRY::REILLYWed Apr 28 1993Custom Road Case Builders, and Contact Information
366.012CDDREP::CDDA::DICKSONThu Apr 29 1993Boss DS33
367.08PDVFri Apr 30 1993Sample Dump Standard help
368.07ECADSR::SHERMANMon May 03 19933D out of stereo speakers ... really?
370.0SPINFX::LAXTONMon May 03 1993S.D. SYSTEMS Distributor?
371.08XSTACY::PATTISONThu May 06 1993Preset standards question (General MIDI)
372.01MACAW::CASSONEThu May 06 1993Repair of Moog pedels
373.01CRIME::BONGARTZTue May 11 1993What hardware/software would you recommend for recording midi ? (sequencer)
374.012TUXEDO::SUDAMATue May 18 1993Sysex dump D11
377.02E::EVANSWed May 19 1993How to access MIDI command stream
378.06LARVAE::MOORE_AMon May 24 1993Jammer Pro?
379.0JUDYL::SWARTZWed May 26 1993Suzuki Teaching Method
380.09BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNWed May 26 1993Getting equip service manuals
381.03LARVAE::POOREThu May 27 1993Best General Midi box advice needed.
382.011JUDYL::SWARTZTue Jun 01 1993No Stairway to Heaven
383.012DDUTS3::MSBCS::ASHFORTHThu Jun 03 1993Question on Rack-mount power amps
384.026ERLANG::DICKENSMon Jun 21 1993Session 8 from Digidesign
385.010DWOVAX::ROSENBERGThu Jun 24 1993My "new" SGU wasn't new!!!
386.010UPSAR::WALLACEFri Jun 25 1993whine from Kurzweil 1
387.03PDVFri Jun 25 1993Win 3.1 an MIDI problem
388.011AIMHI::JCOREYMon Jun 28 1993Pitch Shifters
390.0ECADSR::SHERMANWed Jul 07 1993Hey, R*/Y*! Sample *THIS*! ... ;^)
391.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Jul 07 1993digital piano versus controller?
392.017BINKLY::GATESWed Jul 07 1993Guitar Synths??
393.07NAC::LOWEMon Jul 12 1993Vocals, PA, Recommendations needed
394.06DELBOY::PCMon Jul 12 1993FORMAT
395.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Jul 14 1993Songs anyhwhere as *.MID files on a public location ??
396.011SKYLAB::FISHERMon Jul 19 1993Documentation jokes
398.02RANGER::EIRIKURTue Jul 20 1993Rothwell on Copy Protection (Mac, mostly)
399.015SUBSYS::GODINThu Jul 22 1993MIDI display. Does it exist ?
400.01DCEIDL::PELLEGRINOThu Jul 22 1993What are Soundblaster SBI Files?
401.01CSC32::J_RYERFri Jul 23 1993MIDI interface for laptop PC??
402.01GIDDAY::KNIGHTPThu Jul 29 1993Midiots unite
405.01BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Aug 03 1993Roland MT2
406.011SUBSYS::GODINWed Aug 11 1993Korg Poly8
407.01TECRUS::ROSTWed Aug 25 1993Windows Music Sculptor (Shareware Sequencer SW)
408.06INMCC::MUELLERThu Aug 26 1993Window Driver for CuBase ???
409.05VMSSG::DEANEFri Aug 27 1993In search of Keyboard learning software
411.0TECRUS::ROSTTue Sep 07 1993Analog Synth Mailing List (Internet)
412.04BRAT::PAGEMon Sep 13 1993EQ Recommendations (Graphic and/or Parametric)
413.0LEDS::BURATIMon Sep 13 1993Roland Keyboard Problems
414.0IOSG::HOLTDFri Sep 17 1993X-Ware Technology UK gone out of business
416.011DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Sep 20 1993CompuServe and the COMMUSICer
418.010RUTILE::EJMTue Sep 21 1993ROLAND RD-1
419.03ANNECY::RENAUDEAUTue Sep 21 1993SCSI to MIDI Converter ?
420.05EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Sep 21 1993sequences: public and *free*
421.04VNABRW::SCHERBFri Sep 24 1993Announcing >>Midiplay<< yet another VMS/Motif MIDI recorder
422.011VMSSG::DEANEMon Sep 27 1993MIDI Adaptor Cable needed
424.03LJSRV2::RICHTue Oct 05 1993Roland PK-5 midi foot controller
425.02EZ2GET::STEWARTSat Oct 09 1993Music Quest MIDI Interfaces (see also Boards)
426.019382::BOILARDTue Oct 12 1993Software Audio Workshop
427.01NIOMAX::LAINGMon Oct 18 1993Korg 'i' Series?
428.05KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerMon Oct 18 1993Windows driver for MM-4
429.04TAMRC::LAURENTTue Oct 19 1993Advice for "semi-live" recording
430.0JGO::KLAASSEWed Oct 20 1993Roland KR1
431.05Wed Oct 20 1993Alfred Basic Piano Theory owners?
432.01ASD::POWERSSun Oct 24 1993Marion Systems MSR2
433.06NIOMAX::LAINGMon Oct 25 1993MIDI Hardware details? Design?
434.0TAMRC::LAURENTTue Oct 26 1993How to use phantom power
435.01POWDML::SMCCONNELLFri Oct 29 1993Roland P-55 (Sound Canvas) Piano Module?
436.01KERNEL::SYMONDSKFri Nov 05 1993* Yamaha TG3
437.026WELCLU::FAITHFULLTue Nov 09 1993SPEED not PITCH Shifter Help
438.013SUOSWS::GEISELHARTTue Nov 09 1993Music Connection ?
439.05LILCPX::BULLARDWed Nov 10 1993MIDI Shareware for DOS/Windows
440.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Nov 10 1993Electronic music books list
441.01AEOENG::BOMMARTMon Nov 15 1993DECpc 4xxxx DT series...
442.09QUIVER::ORSHAWTue Nov 16 1993List of midi merge boxes???
443.06MSDOA::REEDThu Nov 18 1993Advice Needed: Do I need a Compressor/Limiter?
444.02HQENG::KURTAFri Nov 19 1993Turtle Beach?
445.0TECRUS::ROSTFri Nov 19 1993COMMUSIC X Tape Is Now Available
446.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed Nov 24 1993Introducing Musicware Piano
447.0NYEM1::RYANWed Nov 24 1993Akai X7
448.01RUTILE::EJMFri Nov 26 1993Cakewalk Pro. v.s. MasterTracks Pro.
449.06SPECXN::MUNNSMon Nov 29 1993Polyphonic keyboard suggestions
450.015EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Nov 29 1993 Your Holiday Wish List
451.05BHUNA::GAITKENHEADTue Nov 30 1993Roland help req
452.011LOSPED::MCGHIEWed Dec 01 1993Bagpipe via Computer/Synth
453.01MOVIES::POTTERMon Dec 06 1993Stave Based Music Editor for IBM PC?
454.05SPECXN::LEITZMon Dec 06 1993thomas dolby tonite on CIS
455.0STKAI1::SWETue Dec 07 1993MusicTime for stave based notation
456.02SKYLAB::FISHERWed Dec 08 1993COMMUSIC X: Reviews and Comments
457.011TPSYS::LAINGThu Dec 09 1993SMALL, LIGHT 61-note controllers?
458.0+4INTGR8::DICKSONTue Dec 14 1993Opcode Vision v2.
459.03KAOOA::RANGERTue Dec 14 1993Seeking a Sound file
460.01SKYLAB::FISHERWed Dec 15 1993SuperJAM?
461.021TECRUS::ROSTMon Dec 20 1993CompuServe Gets Sued For Posting MIDI Files
462.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Dec 21 1993Alesis Data-disk and Kurzweil K25
463.014TINCUP::M_JORDANTue Dec 21 1993What's the best all around software?
465.05TPOVC::YLCHUMon Dec 27 1993Music educational software ?
466.015MSBCS::ASHFORTHWed Dec 29 1993Intellectual property rights in the digital age
467.04UFP::MITCHELLWed Dec 29 1993Music Bulletin Boards
468.0GVAMon Jan 10 1994Two questions
470.02AYOV11::SBROWNTue Jan 11 1994HELP - Microphone prices/deals in Hudson area
471.01UNYEM::MCNALLTTue Jan 11 1994Yamaha SY85 patches anyone?
472.0QUIVER::ORSHAWTue Jan 11 1994Note By Note
473.01HLDEWed Jan 12 1994Midi driver using samples from RAM, no FM chip?
474.01ZODIAC::SLOPERFri Jan 14 1994Beginner's MAC/Trax <-> EP35 question
476.02PAKORA::GAITKENHEADMon Jan 17 1994Network to Roland Via Atari
477.09HRLTue Jan 18 1994musicator (new)
478.0TECRUS::ROSTWed Jan 19 1994Need Demos of PC Software (MA area)
479.01TECRUS::ROSTFri Jan 21 1994Mac Classic II As A MIDI Platform
480.027TERSE::ROBINSONMon Jan 24 1994High end PC sound board (modules too?) comparisons
481.08SPECXN::LEITZTue Jan 25 1994"Rename MIDI" contest winners on CIS...
482.06PDVFri Jan 28 1994TG3
484.05MOSCOW::BERGMANSTue Feb 01 1994Where to buy Cakewalk, how much?
485.02JUDYL::SWARTZThu Feb 03 1994Long School of Music; Spring Semester
486.01AYOV11::SBROWNWed Feb 09 1994Softaware sampler for Atari ST - help required.
487.01STKAI1::SWEFri Feb 11 1994WaveBlaster, help me use non-preset instruments!!!
488.0RUSURE::MCQUADESun Feb 13 1994CMS MIDI Box question?
489.01AIMHI::DEROOWed Feb 16 1994School kids need help. Need copy of song w/o lyrics.
490.03BRAT::RODENHISERSun Feb 20 1994Ibanez Choruser 9v adaptor
491.04TPSYS::LAINGMon Feb 21 1994Alesis QuadraSynth
492.023ABACUS::RODENHISERThu Feb 24 1994Analog synths - a rebirth pf demand?
493.01019382::BOILARDMon Feb 28 1994PAN Network
494.038STKAI1::SWEThu Mar 03 1994Stereo reverb unit, suggestions??
495.0TECRUS::ROSTFri Mar 04 1994PD Ear Training Software For Amiga
496.011NEST::CURRYTue Mar 08 1994Power Chords for Windows
497.03SPECXN::LEITZThu Mar 10 1994Roland RAP-1
498.01MOSCOW::BERGMANSTue Mar 15 1994Windows Serial Midi driver problem
499.01CESARE::ISABELLOWed Mar 16 1994F.Zappa Midifiles
500.016AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Mar 19 1994MPEG audio sources/programs
501.029MSBCS::ASHFORTHMon Mar 21 1994Power distribution -what do *you* use?
502.01MOSCOW::BERGMANSTue Mar 22 1994Any progress on WINTIGER
503.08NYEM1::RYANWed Mar 23 1994OBERHIEM??
504.02GUCCI::RLATHANFri Mar 25 1994Power Tracks Pro
505.02IAGO::DEADERICKFri Mar 25 1994Scanner for music notation?
506.0TECRUS::ROSTThu Mar 31 1994Peavey E-Mail Address
507.06OTIGER::R_WHEELERFri Apr 08 1994YAMAHA VL-1
508.011IAGO::DEADERICKThu Apr 14 1994Yamaha CBX-T3
509.02TKOVOA::OTSUKA_YFri Apr 15 1994JamFactory,M,UpBeat,etc.: Dr.T's sw ?
510.017ROMMon Apr 18 1994Songs, tablatures, chords on Internet
511.0NACAD::SHERMANThu Apr 28 1994Sherman Goes to the Record Release Party
512.016UFP::ANOPC1::MITCHELLMon May 02 1994SAW-Software Audio Workshop
513.0DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVETue May 03 1994Need manual for MXR drum computer
514.06SSPADE::ZANZERKIAWed May 04 1994Roland-D1
515.01IOSG::HOLTDMon May 09 1994Vangelis and music to the film "1492"
516.01SWAM2::DAVIS_ROBMon May 16 1994MIDI problem w/ Maui, PowerTracks & guitar
518.015PDVWed May 18 1994New Roland SC-88
519.014POWDML::SMCCONNELLWed May 18 1994Using MIDI Controllers
520.0TECRUS::ROSTWed May 18 1994E-Mail Addresses Of HW and SW Vendors
521.01PCOJCT::RYANThu May 19 1994Does MIDI cross-talk?
522.07COMET::ANTHONY_BSat May 21 1994Node to Floppy - Help!!
523.044MANTHN::EDDTue May 24 1994In Life, As In MIDI, ALL NOTES OFF
524.0MUZICK::WARNERThu May 26 1994Is Southworth still around?
525.0STAR::PRAETORIUSThu May 26 1994The Communal Groove Machine (long)
526.0RANGER::PHANTue May 31 1994Sound compression by software?
527.019E::EVANSThu Jun 02 1994Roland JV-9
528.01WELSWS::BOURNEJMon Jun 06 1994Wanted: Demo of Midisoft Sessions
529.04PAKORA::RBLAIRMon Jun 13 1994Cosh Sequencer For Atari ST
530.06TPSYS::LAINGMon Jun 13 1994ORLA drawbar keyboards
531.06UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Jun 16 1994sustain pedal as pitchbender ??
533.08TECRUS::ROSTFri Jun 17 1994Aerosmith Releases First Online Single
535.017GVPROD::ESPICThu Jul 07 199432 keys Pedalboard ?
536.0HLFSThu Jul 07 1994Blues Brothers needed badly
537.0AYOV25::SBROWNMon Jul 11 1994FOSTEX G1
538.01E::EVANSMon Jul 11 1994Fatar
539.02STAR::ANDREThu Jul 14 1994Boss DR-5 "Dr. Rhythm Section" Patch Editor?
540.03TPSYS::LAINGThu Jul 14 1994piano MODULES
541.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Jul 29 1994.smf file?
542.0MUZICK::WARNERFri Jul 29 1994SampleCell from Digidesign
543.0MASALA::RBLAIRFri Jul 29 1994THANKS
544.07GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 01 1994midi play source code pointer?
545.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 01 1994pointer .mid file
546.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 01 1994korg *.mid -> PC *.mid
547.02UNYEM::MCNALLTThu Aug 04 1994Can't get to MIDI:: HELP!
548.06NYEM1::RYANThu Aug 04 1994Drums and effects?
549.04DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Aug 08 1994Ensoniq KT76
550.01NOVA::DICKSONMon Aug 08 1994Boston Music Expo
551.0RACER::DAVEThu Aug 18 1994New Home needed
552.05IMTDEV::KORALTANFri Aug 19 1994Session 8
553.018SCCA::DaveMon Aug 22 1994FINAL NOTICE
554.017EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Sep 20 1994 Turtle Beach Monte Carlo & Tropez
555.0INMCC::MUELLERWed Sep 21 1994Music Quest anyone ???
556.0LEDS::BURATIWed Sep 21 1994info on tape echo units
557.0GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Sep 29 1994Korg AG-1
558.01EZ2GET::STEWARTThu Sep 29 1994 Eworks for the Mac
559.02STKAI1::SWEMon Oct 03 1994Once again: where is MIDILIB????
560.01AYOV25::SBROWNMon Oct 10 1994Help required on 8-track recorder.
561.03TAMRC::LAURENTWed Oct 12 19941-inch 8-track machines in the Boston area
562.07ASD::POWERSFri Oct 21 1994Peavey DPM-C8
563.0KDX2Tue Nov 01 1994Buy some musical goodies??
564.0KIRKTN::RBLAIRThu Nov 03 1994Is There Anybody Out There ?????
565.0OTIGER::R_WHEELERFri Nov 11 1994Manuals/schematics available/needed
566.01BUSY::RIPLEYFri Nov 18 1994Personal Composer???
567.03ZPOVC::TANSun Nov 20 1994digital piano ratings
568.02KIRKTN::RBLAIRFri Dec 02 1994PRO-24 FILES
569.01NOVA::DICKSONThu Dec 08 1994ConcertWare changes hands
570.01ZPOVC::TANFri Dec 09 1994Yamaha's AWM
571.04VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Dec 12 19941st time acoustic piano buyer advice
572.01HOTLNE::DOYLEMon Dec 12 1994New User Question about patches. Thanks !
573.01KIRKTN::RBLAIRTue Dec 20 1994MOD FILES
574.0PEAKS::RICHARDWed Dec 21 1994Playback problem on Music Time
576.0KDX2Thu Dec 29 1994Electronic modifications
577.0AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Jan 07 1995MIDI Renderer
578.01SSDEVO::FROEHLINSun Jan 08 1995No keyboard input/recording after output
579.01CADSYS::KINMONTHFri Jan 27 1995CD-ROMs and music software
580.04ZPOVC::TANSun Jan 29 1995Power Traks Pro MIDI driver problem
581.01MOLAR::GOSSELINWed Feb 01 1995The Kurzweil K25
582.0TAMRC::LAURENTFri Feb 03 1995How much is an Roland SDE-1
583.021DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Feb 06 1995Kurzweil PC-88 and PC-88MX
584.06MAIL1::RYANThu Feb 09 1995HELP with SCC-1 and MASTER tracks
585.01GVPROD::ESPICTue Feb 14 1995W5/W7 Series - Yamaha
586.02AYOV25::SBROWNFri Feb 17 1995Plans/circuit schematic for sync box?
587.02PCBUOA::TASSINARIFri Feb 24 1995Misc. Requests
590.02AYOV25::SBROWNTue Mar 07 1995Recording & selling other peoples songs - HELP
591.02BCFI::MLUNDGRENThu Mar 30 1995MIDI interface for portable?
592.0EVTAI1::SECU_LDVThu Mar 30 1995Roland TR5
593.06MAHLER::KINMONTHThu Mar 30 1995Turtle Beach MultiSound Monterey (Multimedia Sound Card)
594.05PAKORA::RBLAIRSat Apr 01 1995AKAI S
595.0GIDDAY::KNIGHTPTue Apr 04 1995Tape player questions
596.011AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Apr 11 1995Roland digital piano, prices going up?
597.09NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOThu Apr 13 1995Help on programming PC Speaker to produce short sounds
598.054AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Apr 16 1995MIDI controllers with good piano action?
599.04CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 17 1995Playing music CDROMs through sound card to speakers
600.04STKAI1::6419Tue Apr 18 1995Simulated Wah-Wah???
601.0JGO::LAMBREGTSTue Apr 25 1995Dynacord Percutor PSU
603.010AD::GRUNDMANNTue May 09 1995Roland XP-5
604.02AYOV25::SBROWNWed May 10 1995HELP required on CZ1
605.0STARCH::rama1.shr.dec.com::ramakrMon May 15 1995Help with 32
606.015PDVMon May 22 1995Elton John & Roland
607.04GAAS::GATULISWed May 24 1995Info wanted - using .WAV files in a sequence
608.04MOLAR::GOSSELINMon Jun 05 1995Pitch to MIDI COnversion?
609.03MUCCS1::MANISun Jun 18 1995DAT/CD digital onto PC
610.0JGO::LAMBREGTSTue Jun 20 1995Looking for S28
611.0SMURF::SCHOFIELDThu Jun 29 1995Kawai Gmega anyone?
612.01DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Jul 18 1995Emu Darwin - low cost 8-track digital
613.01MSDOA::REEDThu Jul 20 1995Any dual Format DAT decks available?
614.06FORTY2::NEWELLWed Jul 26 1995Anyone using MIDI on Windows95 ?
615.03SMURF::SCHOFIELDWed Aug 02 1995MIDI "macro" box??
616.02MARVIN::TANGThu Aug 03 1995SBK files for AWE-32
617.01STARCH::RAMAKRThu Aug 03 1995Info requested on "Samplitude"
618.022AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Aug 04 1995WANTED TO BUY: Wurlitzer electric piano
619.0MARVIN::TANGThu Aug 10 1995AWE-32 / Vienna Problems
620.09FOUNDR::bauer.nio.dec.com::bauerTue Aug 22 1995Price and Info on Korg X5
621.02VYGER::GIBSONJWed Aug 23 1995Cubase sync problem?
622.03IOSG::HOLTDTue Sep 05 199576 note controllers
623.02NMOSPD::MEDONIMon Sep 11 1995Korg i1
624.01MXOCThu Sep 14 1995And even before Moog and Buchla, there was...
625.06YOUNG::YOUNGMon Sep 18 1995Mozart to Midi?
626.05SEND::MURTHAMon Sep 18 1995Roland XP-5
627.0RANGER::EIRIKURWed Sep 20 1995Help with Baby-D's family tree?
628.012NETCAD::SHERMANWed Sep 20 1995So ... what do you think?
629.03GANTRY::ALLBERYThu Sep 21 1995Keyboard recommendations?
630.0MARVIN::MCCLUREFri Sep 22 1995Yamaha soundcard SW2
631.010DREGS::BLICKSTEINSun Sep 24 1995Quantizing stuff played in freetime
632.08TAMARA::ADAGIO::doleWed Sep 27 1995Low budget Synclavier + DTD
633.03SSDEVO::PANNETONWed Oct 04 1995looking for info on YAMAHA YPR-9 keyboards
634.01GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Oct 12 1995Midi-Keyboard to Computer Connection?
635.0VLNVAX::DEBARROSSat Oct 14 1995Roland S1
636.014MOSCOW::BERGMANSWed Oct 18 1995ADAT or Direct-To-Disk
637.01MSBCS::EVANSThu Oct 19 1995HELP: MIDI applications seem to hang Mac modem port
638.06VIDEO::COPELANDTue Oct 24 1995Midi Shareware locations?
639.010VYGER::GIBSONJMon Oct 30 1995Sample Cell 2 for PC
640.02DSVBTue Nov 07 1995Tips on YAMAHA PSR 51
641.07BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Nov 14 1995hinote, mobile, win95, midi recording
642.02PKHUB2::BROOKSTue Nov 14 1995New technology for DJ and radio businesses
643.03VNABRW::EXEL_TMon Nov 27 1995Soundblaster AWE-32 & SBK files / load problems
644.03MOSCOW::BERGMANSMon Nov 27 1995Is GUITAR alive?
645.03NOODLE::ANDERSONTue Nov 28 1995Trax question
646.0GAAS::GATULISMon Dec 11 1995Trying to aquire a DS8 manual
647.01HSOSS1::HARDMANWed Dec 27 1995Kawai K11 (or another entry level midi keyboard?)
648.02MXOCTue Jan 09 1996Roland XP-1
649.04LUCCIO::ROSSIRICMon Jan 15 1996Band In A BOX STYLES
650.01VYGER::GIBSONJFri Jan 19 1996Cubase Audio?
651.04AYOV1Wed Feb 14 1996Sure SM58 Prices..
652.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Mar 06 1996MAD 16 Pro S/B compatable/Win95 probs...
653.02SMURF::TREILLYWed Mar 13 1996Forte Music Company
654.0KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue Mar 19 1996House Music All Night Long
655.06ANGST::CONNTue Mar 19 1996Music editing w/PC: clicking, pauses, repeats
656.05MOSCOW::BERGMANSFri Mar 22 1996Noise on MIDI out.
657.0+7HELIX::WARNERThu Apr 04 1996Need Boston music HW/SW store recommendation
658.09VYGER::GIBSONJTue Apr 30 1996Out of slots
659.02OBSESS::BREENTue May 28 1996Looking to rent recording microphones.
660.0KDX2Wed Jun 19 1996Cakewalk Users Page
661.01MOSCOW::BERGMANSFri Jun 21 1996Midiscope ?
662.09MROA::DEBARROSMon Jun 24 1996Sound Card "D"?
663.09ESOSRV::DUPREFri Jun 28 1996LPs to CD-R
665.02YOUNG::YOUNGTue Jul 30 1996Audio sync to MIDI time on PC
666.01NETCAD::SHERMANMon Sep 16 1996Roland's PMA-5: Personal Music Assistant
667.0STARCH::RAMAKRFri Nov 22 1996Info requested on the Midivox
668.07SMURF::SCHOFIELDTue Nov 26 1996Help me spend $15
669.04NETCAD::ATKINSONFri Dec 27 1996How to create a Roar with synth?
670.02ANNECY::HOTCHKISSFri Jan 03 1997Musical notation in real time
671.03VYGER::GIBSONJTue Jan 07 1997Defining instruments in Cakewalk?
673.0UTRTSC::HELDENThu Jan 16 1997Good DJ-ing software ?
674.0+10SPESHR::WAIBLEMon Jan 20 1997Hammond B3 Sounds
675.0 *+3NETRIX::"conn@mail.dec.com"Thu Feb 27 1997New or used synth under $8
676.0 *+2ROCK::ANDERSONTue Apr 08 1997Help diagnosing a problem
677.0 *NEWVAX::LAURENTThu Apr 10 1997Humor
678.0 *VYGER::GIBSONJTue Jun 03 1997Single Stereo Wav File?????????