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Conference kaosws::nortel

Title:Northern Telecom Ltd. Corporate Account
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Created:Fri Jun 19 1987
Last Modified:Tue Dec 12 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:82
Total number of notes:473
Number with bodies:0
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1.03TROUFri Jun 19 1987Northern Telecom Ltd.
2.052TROUFri Jun 19 1987Conference Registration
3.0219TROUFri Jun 19 1987News clips
4.010REGENT::GALLAGHERMon Aug 10 1987I'm curious
5.01USATFri Feb 05 1988IBM Reshuffles Telecom Execs
6.03USATMon Feb 22 1988NT/DIGITAL Coffee Mugs.
7.01TROUMon Feb 22 1988isdn - dec, NTI and BELL South
9.01VAOAWed Feb 24 1988DFMS
10.044278Thu Feb 25 1988NT UK & Europe Bought by STC
11.02USSCSL::CJOHNSONTue Mar 08 1988DCS info...
12.03ODIXIE::YOSTPETue Mar 15 1988Electronic Publishing
13.0OTOFS::B_CORBINTue Mar 15 1988Northern Strike
14.0USATThu Mar 31 1988Digital/Siemens - Press Release.
15.010DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Apr 04 1988E-mail to NT? Envoy?
16.02USATTue Jun 21 1988Bell Canada goes with FIELDWATCH (TM)
17.01USATThu Jul 14 1988Telecommunications Primer
18.0SDOGUS::PAINTERMon Jul 18 1988NT spec mgmt system demo in San Diego
19.01USATFri Sep 16 1988Sun Acquires Folio; Signs Two Contracts
20.0USATWed Sep 21 1988NT in our 1988 Annual Report
21.0USATSun Nov 20 1988NT and BNR expand facilities
22.03USATFri Dec 02 1988Northern's X.25 PSI network - NTelpac
23.0USATWed Dec 07 1988NT at the University of Michigan
24.01USATWed Dec 07 1988Support For OpenView
25.06USATMon Dec 12 1988NT's Plant Consolidations
26.01USATTue Jan 31 1989... more on NT & Microtel.
27.0USATThu Feb 02 1989Northern Telecom's DBA
28.01USATTue Mar 07 1989SUPERCOMM '89
29.01USATFri Mar 10 1989Telecom Industry VAXnotes Conference
30.02USATMon Mar 20 1989CIT Announcement
31.05USATMon Mar 27 1989NTL 1988 Annual Report
32.0USATSat Apr 08 1989Short History of PMS and Purchasing at NT
33.02USATWed Apr 12 1989H-P to Acquire Apollo
34.0USATWed Apr 26 1989Akers Address to IBM Stockholders
35.01USATMon May 08 1989The Worst of all Worlds
36.04USATTue May 23 1989SUPERCOMM '89 Announcement of OSI/Router trial
37.0USATThu Jun 01 1989BIG Digital Win at 3M!
38.01USATThu Jun 22 1989NT and CGI announce ORDB application
39.0USATMon Jun 26 1989AT&T and CIT
40.01USATFri Jul 14 1989NT/BNR Team Meeting -- 13-Jul-89
41.0USATTue Jul 18 1989NT article in the Harvard Business Review
42.01SAHQ::GRESHFri Aug 11 1989The Transition from TCP/IP to OSI
43.0USATThu Aug 17 1989IBM and Siemens consumate the sale of Rolm.
44.0DIXIE1::RIDGWAYFri Aug 18 1989NT and SUN and CIT?
45.01USATMon Aug 28 1989AUTOFACT '89
46.0USATTue Aug 29 1989 "Going Global"
47.02USATWed Sep 06 1989Brook Telecom Ltd. is born; other subsidiary is unnamed.
48.02QUART::DAVIESWed Oct 25 1989DMS-1
49.01SHIPS::SMITH_KTue Dec 19 1989Info on NT ACD's please
50.01JAWJA::GRESHThu Jan 04 1990NTI and HP announce CIT-like product
51.0JAWJA::GRESHTue Jan 09 1990HP & NEC sign agreement
52.0JAWJA::GRESHSat Jan 27 1990HP's OpenMFG MRP-II Application Package
53.01JAWJA::GRESHSat Jan 27 1990NT to sell MIPS chip in DMS-1
54.02JAWJA::GRESHThu Feb 01 1990NTL's Financial Results
55.017JAWJA::GRESHWed Feb 07 1990NT Organizational Changes
56.0HOO78C::VESALAINENFri Mar 02 1990DPN-1
57.0ACESMK::SILVATue Mar 13 1990VANS?
58.03JAWJA::GRESHTue May 08 1990HP buys 5% of Actel, NOT Alcatel!
59.0JAWJA::GRESHTue Jul 17 1990HP-UX for the 68
60.02SUOSW4::WUENSCHSun Jul 22 1990Northern Telecom and EMA
61.0JAWJA::GRESHMon Oct 01 1990DMS-1
62.0JAWJA::GRESHWed Oct 03 1990BCE eyes Telmex bid
63.02JAWJA::GRESHWed Oct 03 1990UPDATE - Mfg Strategic Collaboration
64.0JAWJA::GRESHFri Oct 26 1990The New Performance Challenge
65.02JAWJA::GRESHFri Nov 09 1990Northern Telecom to acquire STC
66.01JAWJA::GRESHWed Feb 13 1991Mr. Clean
67.0JAWJA::GRESHThu Feb 14 1991CCI to resell Sequoia Systems fault-tolerant computers
68.0SNOCMon Feb 18 1991Changes in Paradise
69.01MINDER::PUNSHONThu Feb 28 1991URGENT: need info on NT product
70.0TENERE::SILVAThu Mar 21 1991New Public Network Mgt notes file
71.01JAWJA::GRESHThu May 09 1991UNIX in Manufacturing Program
72.0VNABRW::POPPTue Jun 04 1991PNMP, EMA in NT ?
73.0DEKVC::KIBOONGKIMFri Jun 07 1991Dose DPN1
75.02TROOA::JELSMAFri Jan 10 1992HELLO ??? Does ANYBODY use this?
76.0BODRUM::DARUGERSun Feb 09 1992Digital Powerframe & LAN in NT?!
77.0HELIX::SULLIVANThu Apr 02 1992Looking for Telecom Niche
78.0TAEC::SILVAFri Apr 03 1992NT Vision info?
79.01CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jun 04 1992MS1 terminals
80.0SHIPS::SMITH_KMon Jun 15 1992VPN and Centrex Software for NT Switches
81.01MEXVFri Nov 12 1993Info VoiceMail for SL1
82.0TPOVC::EIS_PJUTue Dec 12 1995CIT Application error,Help!