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Conference kaosws::mipsco

Title:Digital's MIPS processors, etc.-DECstation,DECsystem 3100 et al
Notice:I feel the need... the need for speed
Created:Tue Feb 07 1989
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:999
Total number of notes:2964
Number with bodies:6
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1.010SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 07 1989Introduction
2.09SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 07 1989Logistics...
5.05SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 14 1989MIPS Computer Systems Inc. - news
6.03SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 14 1989"VAX Fortran to DS31
7.01SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 14 1989"DECstation 31
8.0SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 14 1989"Consultant Reactions to DECstation 31
9.014SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Feb 14 1989"MIPS chip info?"
10.05OTOATue Feb 21 1989MIPS VS DEC?
11.0DUBWed Feb 22 1989Independent Benchmark.
12.01CHOWDA::LAKEWed Mar 01 198931
13.06ANALYZ::DUNAISKYFri Mar 03 1989new general purpose PMAX - DECsystem 31
15.04STKHLM::LINNELLTue Mar 07 1989f77 optimizer problem w/
16.02NUKMAC::GLEAVEWed Mar 08 1989Division by zero trap ? dxdb for Fortran ?
17.02CHOWDA::LAKEMon Mar 13 1989RFI help - DECstation 31
18.05ANALYZ::DUNAISKYFri Mar 17 1989early MIPS research report...=MIPS Co?
19.02CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Apr 03 1989framemaker on DS31
20.05HILLST::KHALLFri Apr 07 1989Hidden until further notice
21.01DPDMAI::VIGILMon Apr 10 1989Numeric Data Structures
22.03RIPPLE::SEIFERTRATue Apr 11 1989panic from sbrk
23.07DECEAT::BHANDARKARWed Apr 12 1989Performance Data
24.06ROMSat Apr 22 1989COBOL compiler anyone?
25.06OTOOSun Apr 23 1989Ada compiler
26.01OTOOSun Apr 23 1989Graphics on DS31
27.05SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Apr 25 1989DECstation 31
28.03LDPMAX::gabrielTue Apr 25 1989DS31
29.0EAGLE1::EGGERSMon May 01 1989RISCs and DEC-income drop
30.02MAMIE::KAYCEEMon May 01 1989Right/Wrong Order Number!!
31.03LOVADA::SCHERRERTue May 02 1989R3
32.05DLOACT::MANNWed May 03 1989PASCAL for DECstation 31
33.01EAGLE1::EGGERSWed May 03 1989OS/2 to kill UNIX?
34.07EVOAI1::SKARLATOSThu May 04 1989Connecting terminal ?
35.022Mon May 08 1989Synchronous Interface for MIPS machine ??
36.01VOGON::PAYLORTue May 09 1989data alignment problems
37.01SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue May 09 1989USENET discussion of {DG vs MIPS vs SUN} RISC archs.
38.02EEMELI::TUURIThu May 11 1989DS2
39.02SSAG::SUSSWEINThu May 11 1989DS31
40.07LARVAE::MOORE_AFri May 19 1989Books on RISC?
41.0LARVAE::MOORE_AFri May 19 1989RISC compiler optimization methods ?
42.03VOGON::DRUMGOOLEMon May 22 1989Parity error in Cache
43.08TROPPO::BCOSTINTue May 23 1989MIPS Product Details anyone??
44.02GLDOA::RACZKAThu May 25 1989"MIPS, making a move ?"
45.02RACHEL::BARABASHFri May 26 1989Memory upgrade installation
46.08ACESPS::WALTONTue May 30 1989MIPS F77 Question
47.0LARVAE::BULLARDTue May 30 1989PMAX f77 and XLib Segmentation error
48.04LARVAE::BULLARDWed May 31 1989Segmentation error with MAX f77 and Xlib
49.05LARVAE::RIDGWAYWed May 31 1989Industry Standard Cartridge Tapes
50.05CANYON::GURALNIKWed May 31 1989Compiler Availability??
51.01RDVAX::NGFri Jun 02 1989DS31
52.0KALLON::EIRIKURTue Jun 06 1989CDA Converter Library seeks FT sites
53.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jun 07 1989PMAX Questions....
54.0RTPSWS::DAVISWed Jun 07 1989tcp/ip performance data?
55.03MU::PORTERSun Jun 11 1989More MIPS documentation?
56.03MEIS::WOLFFSun Jun 11 1989Ethernet Controller Question.
57.07HILLST::MCHUGHMon Jun 12 1989System Clock reliability
58.09TRCOMon Jun 12 1989Moderation Log
59.02HGSWThu Jun 15 1989CRYPTO??
60.06JULIET::HATTRUP_JAThu Jun 15 1989MIPSCo and SPP
61.0LDP::NOLANMon Jun 19 1989f77...real name??
62.06CURIE::WEENERTue Jun 20 1989VAXstation versus DECstation compatibility
63.01TRCOWed Jun 21 1989PMAX runaway clock
64.06EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Jun 22 1989Reading the Status and PRid registers
65.06PRSSOS::BERNARDMon Jun 26 1989Basic questions on PMAX
66.02CIRCUS::DISCOLOTue Jun 27 1989DS31
67.02NIKOS::YANNIOSWed Jun 28 1989Configuring tip for Dialout on Asynch Port?
68.01LARVAE::RIDGWAYThu Jun 29 1989Performance of DECsystem 31
69.0CCIIS1::MAILLARDThu Jun 29 1989as(1) documentation or more?
70.02ROMThu Jun 29 1989MC88
71.0RHETT::AMANThu Jun 29 1989Is ftoc documented?
72.02MU::PORTERFri Jun 30 1989What's a R2
73.02LENSMN::boniniFri Jul 07 1989MIPS Pascal compliance
74.01GLDOA::HACKTue Jul 11 1989SCSI information ... where to find?
75.03RUBBER::KAKATue Jul 11 1989Futures.
76.05CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINTue Jul 11 1989f77 benchmark help
77.03DECEAT::BHANDARKARWed Jul 12 1989excerpts from today's product announcements
78.01DECLNE::AMANWed Jul 12 1989GP: relocation error - f77 RISC
79.08KASINO::NEIDECKERWed Jul 12 198954
80.0LARVAE::RIDGWAYThu Jul 13 1989MTBF,MTTR for 54
81.0LARVAE::RIDGWAYThu Jul 13 1989Reference Sites for 54
82.02ALLVAX::CALUCCIThu Jul 13 1989Need floating point format
83.04RDVAX::NGFri Jul 14 1989feedback to compiler for optimization
84.05ROMMon Jul 17 1989Bob Miller says.... (CEO of Mipsco)
85.04ACESPS::WALTONMon Jul 17 1989Problem with READing the first line of a file
86.0RDVAX::NGTue Jul 18 1989performance tools question
87.0TKOV5Thu Jul 20 1989Application for the DEC RISC systems.
89.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWThu Jul 20 1989WordPerfect on our RISC platforms??
90.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWThu Jul 20 1989Postscript Apps on ds21
91.02ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Jul 21 1989Problems with remque(3)
92.01HAMER::HOFFSun Jul 23 1989does ds31
93.01DECLNE::AMANMon Jul 24 1989'random' function from f77 RISC
94.02TROPPO::GRIMSHAWTue Jul 25 1989risc ultrix peripheral support???
95.02KLO::BATEMANTue Jul 25 1989DS31
97.09TENERE::DENISFri Jul 28 1989Ada again !?
98.0PBSVAX::FREBURGERFri Jul 28 1989DS31
99.05MUTTON::KEEMon Jul 31 1989DECstation server performance
100.06KCBBQ::MULLINMon Jul 31 1989f77 problems on RISC
101.02NZOVTue Aug 01 1989printer port device?
102.03VNAACT::HAUSBWed Aug 02 1989RISC f77 Problem again
103.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Aug 02 1989boot problem
104.010ACESMK::HAGGETTWed Aug 02 1989VAX macro -> RISC macro
105.04ELMAGO::RIPLEYThu Aug 03 1989Turn off Underflow?
106.05PCOJCT::YUNGThu Aug 03 1989RISC F77 Problem-Not Solved
107.01HYDRA::SHAHFri Aug 04 1989MIPS Assembly Programming
108.02JACOB::MEINERTHMon Aug 07 1989IBM: Escalating the Worksation War. - Marketing Notes File
109.011SUOSW3::KNOBLACHTue Aug 08 1989presentation material wanted
110.05CUJO::MARIATue Aug 08 1989Layered Products for DECsytems
111.01CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Aug 08 1989xsetroot & bitmap
112.01SALSA::MOELLERFri Aug 11 1989GNU Debugger for DS31
113.01ASDS::WARDFri Aug 11 1989DEC-indirect order question
114.0PRIME3::GUILESFri Aug 11 1989Number of TLB's on DECsystem 31
115.03KNOWAY::WOLFFSat Aug 12 1989Hardware design question.
116.0MEO78B::FLAHERTYSun Aug 13 1989multi user performance
117.02LARVAE::MOORE_AWed Aug 16 1989Which Ole do I want?
118.0TIOGA::santiagoThu Aug 17 1989PMAX cc -O2 optimizes too much
119.02ZURFri Aug 18 1989Partnumber for logo
120.01CIVAGE::FOXWELLFri Aug 18 1989strange dxterm behavior
121.0EIGER::FREYMon Aug 21 1989DECstation 31
122.01MINDER::COUPLANDSTue Aug 22 1989ucode definition ?
123.07VAOUTue Aug 22 1989what flavour is the power supply?
124.01LARVAE::MOORE_AThu Aug 24 1989Disc Configurations
125.01MINDER::COUPLANDSThu Aug 24 1989DS 54
126.04HSOMAI::PARKERThu Aug 24 1989DS31
127.0GLORY::BENOREThu Aug 24 1989Need help with 54
128.02SALSA::MOELLERTue Aug 29 1989DS31
129.04MU::PORTERWed Aug 30 1989The assembler, coprocessor zero, and me.
130.06ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Sep 01 1989RISC Configuration Questions
131.01IJSAPL::ESSERMon Sep 04 1989ABAQUS software.
132.0CERN::RANCEMon Sep 04 1989setjmp/longjmp callable interfaces needed
133.015DECEAT::BHANDARKARWed Sep 06 1989Why MIPS?
134.03LARVAE::COOPERThu Sep 07 1989Free text retrieval?
135.04MALLET::JEFFERYThu Sep 07 1989f77 Xlib problem.
136.04ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Sep 07 1989DECstations and IEEE Floating Point?
137.0DECEAT::BHANDARKARThu Sep 07 1989Customer comments on DS54
138.04HOO78C::BESEMERMon Sep 11 1989Pin layouts video and mouse port for 31
139.02JULIET::HATTRUP_JAMon Sep 11 1989TZ3
141.01SALSA::MOELLERTue Sep 12 1989DSSI Dual Host on DS54
142.02ANTPOL::FOXWELLWed Sep 13 1989cc -O2 yields faster programs than cc -O3
143.0ANTPOL::FOXWELLWed Sep 13 1989estimating size of binaries...VAX vs MIPS
144.02GALLOP::AMERRWed Sep 13 1989MAX CONCURRENT 58xx USERS???
145.01LARVAE::RIDGWAYThu Sep 14 1989Heat Output/54
146.02NZOVThu Sep 14 1989fortran kit?
147.02WAR75Fri Sep 15 1989C compiler - longjump botch!!
148.03SDOGUS::HOOKERFri Sep 15 1989scsi documentation
149.01CVG::PETTENGILLTue Sep 19 1989How to configure DS31
150.03LEMAN::AGASSISTue Sep 19 1989Cache problem / DECstation 31
151.01ANALYZ::DUNAISKYTue Sep 19 1989Digital in the news:
152.03ODIHAM::MCMASTER_ETue Sep 19 1989
153.03STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINWed Sep 20 1989Photos and DECstation. Time ?
154.03SUOSW3::KNOBLACHThu Sep 21 1989R2
155.01TAVThu Sep 21 1989Looking for a 581
156.02ANTPOL::FOXWELLThu Sep 21 1989fortran question
157.02NABETH::alanThu Sep 21 1989Wavey lines and DOA CPU boards.
158.01PCOJCT::YUNGTue Sep 26 1989F77FTV2.
159.01BIGTEX::STEINERWed Sep 27 1989F77 NAMELIST fails on PMAX
160.02OTOOWed Sep 27 1989Major/Minor Cycle Times
161.02DUBFri Sep 29 1989Euro RISC Seminar
162.0HXOUTue Oct 03 198931
163.01TASTY::JEFFERYThu Oct 05 1989Fortran for RISC/DECwindows problems.
164.01LENSMN::boniniTue Oct 10 1989MIPS vs VAX and Interrupts
165.02MU::PORTERWed Oct 11 1989Can a KA21
166.01MU::PORTERWed Oct 11 198938
167.03MISFIT::EPSTEINJThu Oct 12 1989Copying TK5
168.0CAPTIN::KIRKFri Oct 13 1989DS31
169.02ATHINA::ATHANASIOUMon Oct 16 1989DECsystem 54
170.0ROMTue Oct 17 1989PYramid, MIPS
171.0RHETT::SHARBUTTWed Oct 18 1989emulate_branch(3) ?
172.0ROMThu Oct 19 1989CDC too!
173.0TOWNS::RYANThu Oct 19 1989anyone use -feedback?
174.05MU::PORTERFri Oct 20 1989PMAX -> VR26
175.01YIELD::HARRISMon Oct 23 1989CDROM info for the DECstation
176.0SNOCTue Oct 24 1989Features of ULTRIX/SMP ?
177.01TOPTEN::GREENTue Oct 24 1989interrupts and exceptions??
178.03SICVAX::SCHEIBELTue Oct 24 198954
179.0CHEESE::ELMORESat Oct 28 1989Digital's workstation vision
180.0ODIHAM::MCMASTER_EMon Oct 30 1989Trouble building a DECsystem 54
181.01TOWNS::BAGWILLTue Oct 31 1989VAX->RISC driver porting
182.08DECEAT::BHANDARKARTue Oct 31 1989Third Party Applications
183.06SPYSPY::HUNTERWed Nov 01 1989MIPS CC compiler bug?
184.01IJSAPL::ESSERThu Nov 02 1989PASCAL for RISC
185.01BEAR1::LEVINEThu Nov 02 1989C portability hint
186.03RHETT::YUANThu Nov 02 1989where is ugen: ... warning coming from
187.0HILLST::MCHUGHFri Nov 03 1989Installing a KURTSA Digitizer on DECstation
188.02DECEAT::BHANDARKARFri Nov 03 1989Latest MIPS Announcement: RC628
190.03HOTSHT::SCHNEIDERTue Nov 07 1989Graphics subsystem documentation and/or information
191.06RHETT::YUANTue Nov 07 1989in RISC f77 can we open a file as direct unformatted
192.0RTOIC::AHEINThu Nov 09 1989pointing device on 31
193.01MUDIS3::SELBACHFri Nov 10 1989STEP in-circuit-emulator
194.07TOWNS::BAGWILLMon Nov 13 1989SCSI format disk
195.05TKOV16::HIDAKAThu Nov 16 1989MIPS/RISC seminar in Tokyo.
196.04SNOCThu Nov 23 1989Skew benchmark for DECstations?
197.02VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Nov 23 1989Some Definitions ..
198.05TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Nov 27 1989Third parties contact points
199.0SPYDER::MOORE_AMon Nov 27 1989Printer on Comms Port?
200.06MU::PORTERMon Nov 27 1989Anyone know details about the PMAX clock?
201.03CGOSTue Nov 28 198931
202.01ROMTue Nov 28 1989kubota and MIPSco
203.01POBOX::JOHNTue Nov 28 1989A.I.M. BENCHMARKS ???
204.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Nov 30 1989MODULA-2 for RISC
205.01GOONS::LYEThu Nov 30 19892 questions about Ultrix/RISC dbx
206.02GOONS::LYEThu Nov 30 1989Books for Internal course reference list
207.01POBOX::BAYLESSMon Dec 04 1989HELP RPGII Compiler Available?
208.02LSNCSC::BLANCTue Dec 05 1989dbx V2.
209.04GALLOP::BLACKMThu Dec 07 1989ADA Compiler yet?
210.01KAL::MFORSERMon Dec 11 1989Missing libisam.a in f77 for RISC
211.0ROMWed Dec 13 1989R35
212.01A12::ZAMMITWed Dec 13 1989unique virtual addr = virtual addr + pid ?
213.0ROMThu Dec 14 1989stardent: MIPSco+I86
214.02COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Dec 21 1989How do I field install my RZ23?
215.03UHAINA::MANUELThu Dec 21 1989How to get the function keys to work?
216.05USWAV1::BRAMHALLFri Dec 22 1989Serial ports on DECstation?
217.03VNABRW::HORINEK_WThu Dec 28 1989ds31
218.02DUGGAN::FALSAFIThu Dec 28 1989What s/w is bundled in with a RISC system?
219.01CHEESE::KAISERTue Jan 02 1990PMAX TK5
220.02JGO::SCHIPTue Jan 09 1990CP
221.03TOWNS::BAGWILLTue Jan 09 1990trackballs on ds31
222.03HANDVA::THOMASCHANWed Jan 10 1990Set Hidden & Writelocked by Moderators
223.03VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERWed Jan 10 1990ds31
224.0ROMWed Jan 10 1990UNIX in 199
225.0DECEAT::BHANDARKARThu Jan 11 1990risc seminar
226.01STKHLM::SUNDSTROMMon Jan 15 1990Noisy fans ??
227.01HXOUWed Jan 17 1990R2
228.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Jan 18 1990Pin Layout Serial Line (RS 432 ?)
229.05TRUCKS::BRUCEFri Jan 19 1990RX23 on DECstation 31
230.04STKAI1::TILLYMon Jan 22 19901
231.03DECEAT::BHANDARKARMon Jan 22 1990MIPSco Newsletter
232.02DEKVC::YOUNGKOOKLEETue Jan 23 1990window doesn't appear when i boot
233.0ROMTue Jan 23 19902
234.08CACIQE::FARDONKTue Jan 23 1990MIPS C math terrible???
235.010ISIDRO::ALANWed Jan 24 1990Mips Development Tools
236.0TRCAWed Jan 24 1990SNA from DECsystem
237.01LARVAE::MOORE_AFri Jan 26 1990Need Consolation
238.02MUTTON::LAMBSat Jan 27 1990Need DECstation 31
239.01TLE::FELDMANMon Jan 29 1990Any known Ethernet problems with V7.
240.05USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Jan 29 1990Trimming down ULTRIX
241.01TRCOWed Jan 31 19909-track tape, reel-to-reel needed for ds31
242.04SETH::CAMUSOTue Feb 06 1990Are we alone in this huge Universe?
243.06JRDVFri Feb 09 1990Byte-order Configuration
244.01SALSA::MOELLERMon Feb 12 1990Remote NFS file has NULLS
245.06MOVIES::BAYLEYWed Feb 14 1990DECstation --> HP Laserjet ?
246.01TOPTEN::GREENThu Feb 15 1990CZ command?
247.04MU::PORTERThu Feb 15 1990Suddenly, no SCSI devices.
248.07KETJE::SYBERTZFri Feb 16 1990Need urgent answer about optimization ...
249.01PRSARL::GRETILLATMon Feb 19 1990ds5
250.02MU::PORTERTue Feb 20 1990Dave's do-it-yourself CPU shop needs advice
251.01PTOVAX::SRIDHARWed Feb 21 1990SIMULA for RISC - where, when and how?
252.0USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Feb 22 1990Scanners for the VME bus?
253.04OSLLAV::MAGNARFri Feb 23 1990"Noise" in the video pictures DECstation 21
254.0RAISSA::CIPOLLASun Feb 25 1990Info (press) about R4
255.01COOKIE::KITTELLMon Feb 26 1990Using console "bitmap" to avoid bad memory
256.01DPDMAI::JACKSONBTue Feb 27 1990Convert mono to color ?
257.0MUDIS3::FROHNHOFFWed Feb 28 1990DS31
258.01SX4GTO::HOLTWed Feb 28 1990Will ld(1) link std SYSV COFF objects?
259.01CIVAGE::FOXWELLWed Feb 28 1990need part# for RISC/ULTRIX source
260.0POBOX::REGISTERFri Mar 02 1990TZ3
261.03DECK::MADERMon Mar 05 1990modem on DECsta. 31
262.03MAIL::HAYDENWed Mar 07 1990Memory for DECstation?
263.03KYOA::WHITECOTTONThu Mar 08 1990Sony projection
264.01MU::PORTERFri Mar 09 1990Making sense of KN21
265.02TOPTEN::GREENFri Mar 09 1990stack overflow on ds31
266.01SCAACT::MALONEYMon Mar 12 1990CPU<->SCSI<->CPU
267.04PRCFS1::DLCHANTue Mar 13 1990DS31
268.04GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Mar 15 1990pipeline confusion
269.03LAIDBK::FERGUSONThu Mar 15 1990Urgent questions on ds5
271.010JRDVMon Mar 26 1990MIPS Language Programmer's Guide
272.03WARNUT::FORSHAWJMon Mar 26 1990MIPS vs SPARC
273.06WARNUT::FORSHAWJMon Mar 26 1990Who else uses MIPS?
275.02WR1FOR::BARTLETROTue Mar 27 1990DS31
276.02CACHE::BUCHWed Mar 28 1990MaxBus info?
277.03TOTH::CAMUSOThu Mar 29 1990Need Hexifier Program
278.02FRSEPO::KEEFri Mar 30 1990TELNET 327
279.03CHEFS::DAVEYPMon Apr 02 1990Commercial RISC performance
280.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Apr 03 1990F77 decsystems compiler wanted
281.01KAOOThu Apr 05 199012
282.03LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Apr 05 1990detailed hardware info needed
283.08EDUHCI::RUDACKThu Apr 05 1990DS5
284.02USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Apr 05 1990X-compilers to R3
285.01CURIE::LAWSat Apr 07 1990Home purchase program
286.0SIOG::CARRICKMon Apr 09 1990278
287.02DECEAT::BHANDARKARWed Apr 11 1990R6
288.08NAAD::MCDONALDWed Apr 11 1990Canned assembler routines for DS31
289.01BMW32Wed Apr 11 1990Memory Configuration question
290.07WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Apr 13 1990DS31
291.01TOOK::SWISTWed Apr 18 1990TK5
292.01ROMWed Apr 18 1990MIPS R6
293.0EVTIS2::DORNANOFri Apr 20 1990libmld problem with cc
294.03CGOOFri Apr 20 199054
295.04RHETT::YUANThu Apr 26 1990How to increase mflops on Lynpack benchmark
296.0DECEAT::BHANDARKARMon Apr 30 1990RISC Compilers
297.06TLE::FORDWed May 02 1990emacs: compose sequence being invoked during I-search
298.0MELKOR::KLEINThu May 03 1990DECstation 31
299.01MXOVSat May 05 1990Help! DS31
300.01ORIWS::ORISun May 06 1990IDEA boards on MIPSCO workstations ?
301.01JOEKUP::KUPREVICHMon May 07 1990DECsystem 54
302.02SKYLRK::SCHAEFERMon May 07 1990dbx error IAUX??
303.011TAVWed May 09 1990RISC/PASCAL differences
304.01VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERThu May 10 1990panic with doconfig
305.02SARAH::P_DAVISFri May 11 1990How to connect to comm. port
306.02CHEESE::KAISERSat May 12 1990MIPS R2
307.05KETJE::SYBERTZMon May 14 1990ctrl-z in /bin/sh ...
308.03KETJE::SYBERTZMon May 14 1990bug or not a bug ... C compiler ...
309.03ALOSWS::DRACEMon May 14 1990DMA on a DECstation?
310.01GYTVOA::MIYASAKAThu May 17 1990RBD COMMAND OF DECstaion5
311.01--UnknownUser--Sun May 20 1990compiler upgrade slight confusion..
313.02DCC::PARETIMon May 21 1990DSxxxx performance comparison
314.03SX4GTO::HOLTMon May 21 19902.1 compiler upgrade on U3.1D
315.05SMOGGY::LEYBAThu May 24 1990Format a RZ5X on DS5
316.0TKTVFS::KATSUMATAFri May 25 1990(DS5
317.0RHETT::YUANFri May 25 1990dxdb does not work on fortran
319.03TAVSun May 27 1990Compiler Questions
320.0TAVSun May 27 1990DS 5
321.01OTOUTue May 29 1990Sun shared Lib. work-around?
322.08RT95::PALLONEWed May 30 1990Changes to the MIPSCO C Compiler on DECstations ?
323.02SX4GTO::HOLTFri Jun 01 1990f77 and systype option .. ?
324.03TOTH::CAMUSOMon Jun 04 1990How do you cp a file to the Comm Port?
326.01USWAV1::BRAMHALLTue Jun 05 1990Scanners on the DS5
327.01TOWNS::MILLSTue Jun 05 1990LISP FOR RISC
329.0CAADC::PMWVESTUTOWed Jun 06 19905
330.01BIGUN::TANNERFri Jun 08 1990SCSI RS automatically, when accessing disk?
331.06TAVMon Jun 11 1990Mips C Question and Porting
332.02OSLACT::TOREOTue Jun 12 1990PMAX Cache Invalidation patch
333.01TAVWed Jun 13 1990Risc-F77 Validation
334.03TOTH::CAMUSOThu Jun 14 1990cc & ld ROMable code
335.01SSOC::HUNTFri Jun 15 19902 Headed DECstation 31
336.01COIT::FELKINS_KEWed Jun 20 1990Ethernet buffer 3 packets on DSs?
337.02DC1Wed Jun 20 1990is DS31
338.01SKYLRK::SCHAEFERWed Jun 20 1990'C' source conversion factor
339.06THEWAV::FANGThu Jun 21 1990DS-5
340.0THEWAV::FANGThu Jun 21 1990Game called Battle Field??
341.04CESARE::NICOLAFri Jun 22 1990Trying to get Ethernet Address
342.04WAGON::DESCOTEAUXFri Jun 22 1990RISC Terminology Questions
343.0SX4GTO::HOLTSat Jun 23 1990strangeness with ld2.1 ... ?
344.02DCC::PARETITue Jun 26 1990patches for ultrix 3.1
345.01HPSRAD::WARDWed Jun 27 1990Document numbers for ds31
346.04CESARE::NICOLAFri Jun 29 1990Defining DSxxx Keys
347.0JAWJA::GRESHFri Jun 29 1990MIPS signs agreement with Daewoo
348.0CSC32::K_PARRISFri Jun 29 1990R6
349.02LEMAN::SKALLIWed Jul 04 1990VME bus interface design
350.01RHETT::YUANThu Jul 05 1990spl4 equivalence call in risc?
351.02DCC::HAGARTYMon Jul 09 1990LK4
352.0119574::FURNANZMon Jul 09 1990Cursor confusion in LSE ??
353.0TLE::FORDWed Jul 11 1990Does anyone know what happened to the pause window?
354.0SMOP::GLOSSOPFri Jul 13 1990Contact for DS31
355.0CHEESE::KAISERThu Jul 19 1990On performance and portability
356.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jul 19 1990IEEE-488/HP-IB interface?
357.02SX4GTO::HOLTTue Jul 24 1990Pascal for RISC installation woes...
358.08ROYALT::MEHTATue Jul 24 1990Compiler directive to override -O compiler flag ?
359.07PRLVMS::SUAREZWed Jul 25 1990dynamic load
360.0HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Jul 25 1990RISCompilers
361.0WLDWMN::BYRAWed Jul 25 1990DECSYSTEM 5
362.08TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jul 26 1990surprising benchmark result! need help!
363.0KERNEL::MORGANIThu Jul 26 1990SYSTEM (3f) help please!
364.01KAOFS::R_ROBERTSFri Jul 27 1990RX23 Floppy Based File Transfers
365.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon Jul 30 1990Turbochannel hard. spec. & 3-party boards
366.06KAOFS::R_ROBERTSMon Jul 30 1990setenv command parameters
367.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Jul 31 1990Power, keyboard cables, cords?
368.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Aug 01 1990problem in using PASCAL for RISC V1.
369.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Aug 01 1990Problem with Display PostScript in UWS V4.
370.03TOOK::W_MCGRATHFri Aug 03 1990MIPS ethernet controller types
372.06BLUFSH::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990RZ56 partition W/ DS31
373.02TALLIS::GRECOTue Aug 07 1990stdlib.h and stddef.h
374.05RDVAX::NGTue Aug 07 1990IEEE Rounding Modes
375.01DC1Tue Aug 07 1990DS31
376.02CANYON::GURALNIKWed Aug 08 1990larger monitors on DS5
377.05TOWNS::DORNANThu Aug 09 1990ANSI MIPS C compiler?
378.0ROMFri Aug 10 1990Animation on DS5
379.02CSCOA5::HOOD_DOWed Aug 15 1990MIPS v2.1 compilers/tools/books?
380.04CIMFIE::RAMESHFri Aug 17 1990Q-bus mapping registers in 54
381.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROTue Aug 21 1990MACH on the DS31
382.02PEACHS::WALKERTue Aug 21 1990setjmp/longjmp on RISC
383.03LISVAX::ROCHAThu Aug 23 1990Exabyte 8mm tape on DS5
384.02MLNThu Aug 23 1990f77 SIN/COS problem (T2.
385.01MLNCSC::BONFANTITue Aug 28 1990which version of DECserver 2
386.03SX4GTO::HOLTThu Aug 30 1990as(1) mystery messages
387.01KERNEL::BAYLISDFri Aug 31 1990linker (ld) problem
388.01LEMAN::AGASSISTue Sep 04 1990DS5
389.01LARVAE::BURGESSTue Sep 04 1990X25 comms on RS6
390.0RHETT::KUMARWed Sep 05 1990ld: Object file format error - Urgent
392.03UTRTSC::DEKKERFri Sep 07 1990Xon/Xoff on a 21
393.03CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Sep 11 1990Clearing valid bit in mapping reg in 54
394.01CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Sep 11 1990COBOL data conversion question
395.01SX4GTO::HOLTTue Sep 11 1990cc -cord -feedback barfs royally...
396.01DPDMAI::VETEIKISThu Sep 13 1990Help:Need DS5
397.01MDCRAB::636Thu Sep 13 1990Hardware Precision Info
399.06CIMFIE::RAMESHWed Sep 19 1990SPTEs in RISC 54
400.03TOWNS::MATTSONThu Sep 20 1990MIPS, VAX, and SUN Instructions
403.01TOWNS::ASHERISACOFFMon Sep 24 19902 headed DS5
404.0CIRCUS::PETRASMon Sep 24 1990WRL 199
405.0MSAMTue Sep 25 1990DS31
406.03UTRTSC::BESEMERTue Sep 25 1990Different console commands for DS 52
407.01OLDTMR::SECGTue Sep 25 1990ULTRIX V4.
408.01CSOA1::SUICHWed Sep 26 1990References - Need help!
409.0CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Oct 02 1990LCD Projection Panel for DECstation?
410.04BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Oct 03 1990Is the TLZ
411.03STKHLM::ISACSSONThu Oct 04 1990Problem with transient mem error
412.0TRLIAN::KAYCEEFri Oct 05 1990how does bcopy....??
413.04NBOFS1::KASTENMEIERMon Oct 08 1990URGENT D52
414.04NBOFS1::KASTENMEIERMon Oct 08 1990d52
415.07UTRTSC::PILMEYERFri Oct 12 1990"scsi pb" request for RX23 on DS31
416.0CGOAFri Oct 12 1990MIPS UNIX info reqd
417.03TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon Oct 15 1990DECsystem55
418.02PARVAX::YANAGIMon Oct 15 1990RX23 on ds5
419.0GYTVOA::MIYASAKATue Oct 16 1990DS52
420.0EEMELI::TAVITue Oct 16 1990 Real control over colors (hw-level)
421.01USWRSL::TYBERG_ERTue Oct 16 1990DS21
422.01SHIPS::MORRIS_DWed Oct 17 1990Graphics Pointing Devices
423.03STKHLM::LAJIWed Oct 17 1990Reading MS-DOS disketts on DS5
424.04SMURF::CACCIOLAFri Oct 19 1990Pascal for RISC Kits and Information
425.0TKOV5Mon Oct 22 1990I wanna DOCS for RISC assembler.
426.07CIMFIE::RAMESHMon Oct 22 1990pte format in 4.
427.0MINDER::EWINGRWed Oct 24 1990ethernet ctrlr perf
428.02VOGON::REEVEThu Oct 25 1990compression software available?
429.01VOGON::HARKERThu Oct 25 1990Swapping disks between DECstations and VAXstations
430.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Oct 26 1990compiler generate intermediate code?
431.05OLDTMR::SECGFri Oct 26 1990DECsystem 51
432.0CIMFIE::RAMESHFri Oct 26 1990virtual to physical macro
433.0SDOGUS::BOYACKSat Oct 27 1990Cursor dissappears on DECstation 5
435.0SMAC1Tue Oct 30 1990PHIGS s/w in microcode on the DS5
436.01BACHUS::DEVOSWed Oct 31 199016 million colors on DS5
437.01BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMThu Nov 01 1990memory faults
438.023363::EDWARDYEUNGFri Nov 02 1990Urgent question on DECstations
439.04EVTIS2::DORNANOMon Nov 05 1990cc versions
440.02KYOA::CAPALDITue Nov 13 1990RS6
441.03HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGTue Nov 13 199016
442.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOTue Nov 13 1990one disk to boot either CX or PX of DS5
443.01LISVAX::FOLGADOWed Nov 14 1990Pipelining on the DS51
444.02EPIK::HOLOHANFri Nov 16 1990DECstation 5
445.0HGJCMon Nov 19 1990pixel-oriented paint programs
446.01WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Nov 19 1990Connecting an AppleLaserwriter to a DECstation 5
447.02BIS3::GILLISWed Nov 21 1990diff. R3
448.04KAOFS::S_SAUVEWed Nov 21 1990Decstation crash questions
449.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWFri Nov 23 1990Frame Grabber & ds5
450.03UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFWed Nov 28 1990Semaphores in Risc ?
451.04KERNEL::BAYSAWed Nov 28 1990What does PIXIE do when it profiles?
453.05GIDDAY::HIRSHMANSun Dec 02 1990How to hang DS31
454.04WR1FOR::BARTLETROMon Dec 03 1990DS5
455.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Dec 05 19903MIN product manager?
456.03DENVER::BROTHERWed Dec 05 1990Problem with "-f" and cc2.1
457.02MUDIS3::SELBACHFri Dec 07 1990SPP for DS5
458.03ZURSat Dec 08 1990DS5
459.0KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Dec 12 1990Timing Anomalies on a 583
460.0HGJCFri Dec 14 1990We don't make it easy...
461.03ODIXIE::MCMILLONFri Dec 14 1990Looking for SCSI-Token Ring Card
462.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Dec 20 1990PASCAL/RISC read() & readln()
463.05ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 31 1990R4
464.0MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Jan 03 1991How to do a color printscreen ?
465.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIFri Jan 04 1991ULTRIX V4.1 RISC does not boot on 31
466.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Jan 04 1991DS5
467.04OTOOMon Jan 07 1991ANSI C - still smoke & mirrors?
468.03HOBBLE::SWEATTMon Jan 07 1991Serial baud rates on DS5
469.01STUWed Jan 09 1991xon/xoff problem on D52
470.01RELYON::SAUBERWed Jan 09 1991OK to use DS5
471.01WARABI::DEGROOTThu Jan 10 199138.4K Baud on DS51
472.04ZPOVC::RICHARDTANFri Jan 11 1991DS55
473.07ZURWed Jan 16 1991No parts available for DECsystem 55
474.02LSNCSC::MEISTERThu Jan 17 1991tsz
475.01MXOVThu Jan 17 1991URGENT: DOS Emulation!
476.01RELYON::SAUBERFri Jan 18 1991Looking for BA42 expansion boxes
477.02ZURMon Jan 21 1991How to change console keyb. language on ds5
478.03CANYON::GURALNIKMon Jan 21 1991Performance testing for ARC/INFO
479.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Jan 22 1991One more serial port question
480.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jan 22 1991Sum. of UNIGRAPHICS Perform. on RISC-based Systems
481.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jan 22 1991RPT: UNIGRAPHICS Performance on RISC-based Systems
482.01AIDA::CARCANOThu Jan 24 1991CX vs. PX for Motif applications
483.01BOSTON::CHUFri Jan 25 1991ecc vs parity memory
484.016BOSTON::CHUFri Jan 25 1991r4
485.03BRADOR::BAIRDFri Jan 25 1991Can you rackmount a DS5
486.02NAC::ENGFri Jan 25 1991DS5
487.02RHETT::YUANFri Jan 25 1991cc not trapping for syntax correctly?
488.0DEMOAX::KENNARDSat Jan 26 1991DTR clobbers modem on 5
489.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon Jan 28 1991What if we're competing against MIPSCO?!?
490.0SMEGOL::COHENTue Jan 29 1991Newer documentation ?
491.01BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMTue Jan 29 1991is there a sun conference?
492.03SCAACT::HODANSat Feb 02 1991Net boot 5
493.0VOGON::HARKERTue Feb 05 1991pixie core dumps on larger programs
494.0RHETT::YUANTue Feb 05 1991whereis s_rsni
495.0THRUST::WILLCOXTue Feb 05 1991TFTP supported?
496.0TKOVOA::HIRANOTue Feb 05 1991question of timer's accuracy.
497.02RHETT::YUANThu Feb 07 1991default addr for shared memory attach
498.08AD::CRANEMon Feb 11 1991DECsystems: 5
499.01WESSEX::maxwellTue Feb 12 1991baud1 baud2 and baud3
500.0QCAVThu Feb 14 1991Strange 24-bit plane usage in a DS5
501.0PHDVAX::STOTTThu Feb 14 1991RISC based PC?
502.0SDOGUS::HOOKERThu Feb 14 1991vendors licensing MIPS
503.0LEMAN::AGASSISWed Feb 20 1991Memory errors / DS5
504.0EWBV5Wed Feb 20 1991DS5
505.0HAM::NASKEWed Feb 20 1991Which simulator for R3
506.0DPDMAI::COTTRELLThu Feb 21 1991DS5
507.0SMAC1Fri Feb 22 1991MFLOPS Linpack for DS 5
508.02MASADA::KUSNETZKYFri Feb 22 1991Order number for 35 mm slides
509.05ZUDEV1::STAEMPFLIMon Feb 25 1991Mulithead DS5
510.0USRCV1::HOLMESDMon Feb 25 1991VLSI tools for MIPS processor needed.
511.02DPDMAI::COTTRELLMon Feb 25 1991DS5
512.05NAPIER::PAPPASTue Feb 26 1991MIPS CC -- too much defining
513.06ADVLSI::FONTANAThu Feb 28 1991"Fixed up unaligned data ...." What?
514.01AVNGRS::BOELKEThu Feb 28 1991DS21
515.02RIPPLE::KOPEC_STThu Feb 28 19911
516.01PARITY::WESTBROOKWed Mar 06 1991DS31
517.0ANGLIN::RAUWed Mar 06 1991Model Specific Application Support
518.01GYTVOA::MIYASAKAThu Mar 07 1991ERROR LOG BY DECsystem 55
519.0ORIWS::ORIMon Mar 18 1991Graphics on a 55
520.01TAIJI::CANDYGAOMon Mar 18 1991video output of DS5
521.01EWBVWed Mar 20 1991How to test FDDI controller
522.05CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Mar 22 1991decstation and 1
523.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESSun Mar 24 1991rx23 doesn't show
524.02CANYON::PORTERWed Mar 27 1991R3
525.0CGOAWed Mar 27 1991DECSTATION WITH -48V DC P/S?
526.01LOVADA::SCHERRERThu Mar 28 1991CISC vs RISC for Real-Time
527.01RHETT::YUANThu Mar 28 1991usage of dbx function on risc
528.01AKOCOA::DICENZOFri Mar 29 1991Info on MIPS architecture sought
529.01QCAVMon Apr 01 1991Technical Literature on 5
530.02CORREO::EDMUNDOMon Apr 01 1991HELP, sintax to install from tape
531.01QCAVThu Apr 04 1991Z-Buffer/Double Buffering
532.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Apr 04 1991Perf & references in tranctional market
533.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon Apr 08 1991Support of 3 Ethernet on DS55
534.04IJSAPL::SCHAIKThu Apr 11 1991tablet support - DS5
535.0TKTVFS::KATSUMATAFri Apr 12 1991graphics performance of DS21
536.02VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Apr 12 1991Presentation Needed
537.03KASINO::NEIDECKERMon Apr 15 1991New 32 MByte cards ?
538.0USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Apr 15 1991Competitive Info on Sony?
539.02FORTSC::SHOMOWed Apr 17 1991Segmentation faults on V4.1
540.0JGODCL::JANSSENThu Apr 18 1991Any info on the R3
541.02COOKIE::BRIJThu Apr 18 1991Dynamic load, different problem?
542.05JITWed Apr 24 1991'haltaction' environment variable
543.0HGORS1::CSCHANWed Apr 24 1991Trap panic with corrected ECC error
544.0DANGER::JBELLWed Apr 24 1991optimization error?
545.0EMASS::KANGFri Apr 26 1991MIPS vs HP
546.07CHOWDA::HARNOISSun Apr 28 1991MIPS C compiler Documentation
547.0BOSTON::CHUFri May 03 1991DS31
548.08SOLVIT::JBThu May 09 1991VME Adapter for DECstation 5
549.0GYTVOA::TAKEOFri May 10 1991DS51
550.02VAOUFri May 10 1991Install DECstation CPU on anothers VME?
551.0CESARE::CORGNATITue May 14 1991Segmentation Fault useful symbolic info
552.07STUFri May 17 1991rzdisk -s failed on RZ57
553.01GIDDAY::CALLAGHANWed May 22 1991KZQSA on 55
554.01SAC::CHAMBERLIN_IThu May 23 1991DECstation 21
555.01HGOVC::FSTECHTIPTue May 28 1991Need tech doc on PMAG-HA. Pls help!
556.01KISHOR::SAUBERFri May 31 1991Programmable Function Keys?
557.03WARNUT::FORSHAWJMon Jun 03 1991IBM AT Style Keyboard
558.03USWRSL::KLEIN_DPTue Jun 04 1991diags for turbochannel options?
559.02GIDDAY::MURPHYWed Jun 05 1991Modem control on 5
560.01LEMAN::AGASSISThu Jun 06 1991TKZ
561.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 07 1991Floating point format ?
562.01TOOK::BURGESSFri Jun 07 1991What's the MIPS calling standard?
563.01SANTEE::GREENESat Jun 08 1991RZ23/24 in BA42/SZ12 on DS52
564.02SANTEE::GREENESat Jun 08 1991SCSI cables the same?
565.0TAVWed Jun 19 1991Motif/X Pascal Bindings Anyone ?
566.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Jun 19 1991Results of SPEC SDM R1.
567.02ROMFri Jun 21 1991KFQSA ON 55
568.08EISKPS::SLATTERYMon Jun 24 1991I must be missing something...the R4
569.0ROMWed Jun 26 1991PR34
570.0CGFSV3::DREWWed Jun 26 1991DS5
571.0USRCV1::OHARAFri Jun 28 1991technical literature on r4
572.017486::HOMon Jul 08 1991missing falloc(3f)
573.01LEMAN::PITTETWed Jul 10 1991Large monitor on DECstation 5
574.03YUPPY::PIERCYPThu Jul 11 1991Console command passwd on 5
575.03DECWET::REHMMon Jul 15 1991How to video tape 5
576.02TINCUP::RANCEMon Jul 15 1991call frame date struture format???
577.03DSSDEV::QUINLANTue Jul 16 1991prototype problem
578.01UFRCS1::VINZENZFri Jul 19 1991Mounting HW Part Numbers Needed
579.0OILEAN::SMYTHFri Jul 19 1991DECSystem 5
580.0ZURTue Jul 23 1991DS5
581.01KERNEL::MORGANIWed Jul 24 1991PX how do you access the accelerator ?
582.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Jul 25 1991DS55
583.0RHETT::KUMARThu Jul 25 1991CC(1): -G
584.0HGOVWed Jul 31 1991Integer overflow trap in MIPS ???
585.0OZROCK::GREHANThu Aug 01 1991Up-to-date MIPS assembler doco
586.01SHIRE::MSTEINERFri Aug 02 1991MIPSco Q2 results
587.06LAIDBK::ELLISONMon Aug 05 1991What does the CC option -Wf,-XNh1
588.0SNMFS::CHAPMANTue Aug 06 1991px and cx installed on 5
589.01BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMFri Aug 09 1991DS5
590.01MANVC::ERICSUNTue Aug 13 1991DECstation 5
591.01DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANTue Aug 13 1991Exapansion for a 3MAX...
592.05KISHOR::SAUBERTue Aug 13 199124 plane DS5
593.02VOGON::HOThu Aug 15 1991Access Alignment Constraint on 64-bit double precision float?
594.0MANVC::ERICSUNThu Aug 15 1991DS55
596.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Aug 20 1991RISC C compiler problem
597.0VNABRW::WIESMUELLERWed Aug 21 1991DS5
598.0ROMThu Aug 22 1991New National and LSI logic Chips...
599.06ROMFri Aug 23 1991NEC previews R4
600.03TYSON::KURATASun Aug 25 1991Can DS5
601.02TFH::GRIFFINMon Aug 26 1991Question on 52
602.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Aug 29 1991New Release, SPEC SDM 1.
603.08PECAN::LITTLEWed Sep 04 1991Using a DS5
604.0ROMThu Sep 05 19914
605.013KYOA::LKELLERFri Sep 06 1991DS5
606.01BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMFri Sep 06 1991D5
607.01MLNEDU::DI_DEOMon Sep 09 1991DECStation 52
608.01XLIB::ONEALTue Sep 10 1991Apparent Problem with MIPS C compiler
609.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Sep 10 1991LK4
610.0KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Sep 11 1991Whats changed in ugen ?
611.01NEWVAX::SPANNWed Sep 11 1991DECstation and TSQ 7
612.02JANUS::BARKERFri Sep 13 1991Where can I get boot/diag ROM source code from?
613.0COLWed Sep 18 1991D51
614.01MTVIEW::MERRILLTue Sep 24 1991What is c89?
615.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Sep 27 1991TLZ
616.0TYSON::DORMANFri Sep 27 1991DECstation 5
617.0TENAYA::RAHWed Oct 02 1991definition of external text linker message
618.01FORTSC::CHABANThu Oct 03 1991MIPS out of Systems Biz?
619.05ADO75A::SHARPEThu Oct 03 1991R4
620.0DECWET::CREMEENSFri Oct 04 1991Source for on-line MIPS Assemb. Lang. Prog. Guide?
621.0MANMMon Oct 07 1991TPC-A rating of DS5
622.01TENNIS::KAMMon Oct 07 1991VAX C comparision to MIPS C
623.06PRSARL::POUSSARDWed Oct 09 1991DS5
624.02GIDDAY::COOPERThu Oct 10 1991Second Ethernet Controller Problem
625.0ERFARE::SDTue Oct 15 1991memory/perf/55
626.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Oct 15 1991Bug in gfs_gnodeops?
627.03GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERFri Oct 18 1991How do you set up SCSI address jumpers on RZ25 disk
628.02CRONIC::LEMONSSat Oct 19 1991Dual head workstation?
629.0PRSARL::POUSSARDMon Oct 21 1991TOY on 5
630.02MARVIN::JBLACKWed Oct 23 19915
631.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Oct 23 1991DECstation 5
632.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Oct 23 1991DS55
633.01PARVAX::LEEWed Oct 23 1991Keyboard Options for DECstation 5
634.02RHETT::KUMARFri Oct 25 1991MIPS ASSEMBLER .alias/.noalias ?
635.06LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERSun Oct 27 1991disabling power up self test
636.01DSSDEV::ENXINGMon Oct 28 1991System ID or Serial Number ?
637.01CTHQ1::SWORD1::JAQUESTue Oct 29 1991mouse terminator
638.017MALTEX::POUSSARDWed Oct 30 1991HX interface
639.04SUBWAY::DIFRANCESCOThu Oct 31 19912D video cards in upgraded systems
640.01HGOVA::TIMA_LEOFri Nov 01 1991FDDI-controller-7
641.03JITWed Nov 06 1991How to get DEC C compiler?
642.03ZURWed Nov 06 1991R3
643.01COMICS::BEDDALLThu Nov 07 1991Documentation error or firmware bug?
644.05HELIX::WILLCOXThu Nov 07 1991TZ3
645.01WIDGIT::CALDRELLOMon Nov 11 1991Hyper Channel for DECstation 5
646.03WRKSYS::BHANDARKARMon Nov 11 1991New MIPS Arch Book
647.04SOLVIT::FRANCISTue Nov 12 1991Change ds5
648.03COMICS::PENDERGRASTTue Nov 12 1991swap CX -> HX. Who pays?
649.04EMDS::THAYERThu Nov 14 1991Panic message....outside utlbmiss
650.04COMICS::PENDERGRASTFri Nov 15 1991"SCC
651.01WOTVAX::MEAKINSFri Nov 15 1991Selectable endianism
652.01ROMFri Nov 15 1991R4
653.02PRSARL::POUSSARDTue Nov 19 1991sync. port on 5
654.01MARVIN::GMILLSTue Nov 19 1991How do you find TYPEDEF infromation from the AUXiliary table?
655.01ZPOVC::SCHWARZWed Nov 20 1991TurboChannel expander option ...
656.04BAYES::SAUBERFri Nov 22 1991Window manager doesn't give back memory on DS5
657.0GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERWed Nov 27 1991DECstation 31
658.04MONTEZ::MONTEZFri Nov 29 1991Shakespear & Alpha !!!
659.01STARVU::YERACARISTue Dec 03 1991f77 "BLOCK DATA" yields "Proc" symbol table entry(?)
660.02HOTSPR::KENNEDYWed Dec 04 1991Superpiplined/Superscaler explanation.
661.02DECWET::RICHARDSONMon Dec 09 1991DEC C++ for ULTRIX and DEC FUSE Support for DEC C++ Product Announcement
662.04EWBVWed Dec 11 1991RZ24 as local swap disk on 3MIN
663.01PECAN::LITTLEWed Dec 11 1991Help configuring graphics adapter
664.03TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 11 1991pointer to PS Config Guides for New DECstations
665.02KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTThu Dec 12 1991BC19S and DS31
666.0COMICS::AUSTINFri Dec 13 1991pixmap creation , maximum size ?
667.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Dec 18 1991AIM results for DECsystem 5
668.01BYHAND::MCDONNELLFri Jan 03 19925
669.0BELFST::R_DOHERTYMon Jan 06 1992PXG+ 24 plane and Z buffer
670.01HGOVA::LEOHOTue Jan 07 1992DECstation 5
671.05PRSARL::POUSSARDThu Jan 09 1992keyboards on DECstations
672.0ODIXIE::ZURIKFri Jan 10 1992Need help on 51
673.01BOSTON::CHUMon Jan 13 1992from R3
674.03GIDDAY::WINGWed Jan 15 1992two CX modules in DS5
675.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 16 1992Need device driver code urgently
676.03BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMSun Jan 19 1992graphic options
677.04ROMMon Jan 20 1992Internal vs. external clock...
678.02CSOA1::STUTSONMon Jan 20 1992R4
679.01TAVTue Jan 21 1992R4
680.06SUBFIZ::FARICELLITue Jan 21 1992Program gives floating invalid on SOME DS 31
681.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEWed Jan 22 1992How to fry your Frame Buffer
682.0SUBWAY::MONASCHWed Jan 22 1992Monitor Selections, VR, VRT
683.04UPROAR::DARRALLDWed Jan 22 1992Personal Decstation 5
684.02JITThu Jan 23 1992Which micros are best? Digital says...
685.0SNOCThu Jan 23 1992VSX2
686.0TAVMVC::SYSTEMThu Jan 23 1992DS21
687.04SWAM2::LYNCH_SEThu Jan 23 1992DecStation 5
688.06GIDDAY::ARTHURThu Jan 23 1992MIPS instruction set - Doco
689.05SANFAN::ROBAK_RITue Jan 28 1992Alternatives to DECmouse?
690.02SVCVAX::RUFOWed Jan 29 1992scsi hangs
692.04ROMFri Jan 31 1992Silicon's R4
693.01PTOVAX::WILKINSMon Feb 03 1992Prestoserve questions
694.0LSNCSC::MEISTERThu Feb 06 1992took stray interrupt (urgh...!)
695.01GAUSS::DAVISThu Feb 06 1992/dev/tty?? devices for serial ports on DECstation 5
696.0FORTSC::CHABANFri Feb 07 1992Mips Prez quits?
697.02LEMAN::AGASSISTue Feb 11 1992Parallel interface on TurboChannel ?
698.0SNOFS2::RICHARDSWed Feb 12 1992Video display unaffected by magnetic field
699.02HOTAIR::ENGQUISTWed Feb 12 1992Help needed on DECstation 5
700.0MAIL::HAYDENThu Feb 13 1992Need 4
701.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Feb 13 1992"Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary"
702.01AUNTB::CLARKThu Feb 13 1992Digital Liason for MIPSCO
703.05EEMELI::POKKINENTue Feb 18 1992Will color monitor work with 5
704.02KOTTKE::MAYTue Feb 18 1992Need HELP redirecting console output!!!!!****
705.02BACHUS::PIRLETWed Feb 19 1992mouse and ds5
706.01MSAMWed Feb 19 1992CD-WORM(6
707.02TPOVC::BOBLINWed Feb 19 1992memory reference time
708.05NICCTR::MILLSWed Feb 19 1992DECstation 31
709.04HPSRAD::LUDWIGFri Feb 21 1992Notes conference for DECstation 5
710.02BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMSun Feb 23 1992disk expansion
711.01WASHDC::BUZZERDSun Mar 01 1992Need help in positioning a flexible solution
712.05DSSDEV::ENXINGMon Mar 02 1992set_fpc_csr man page is not clear ...
713.0BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Mar 03 1992Part number logo D512
714.03RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Mar 04 199256 kbps supported off of DECstation 5
715.0SUBSYS::PICARDFri Mar 06 1992ris problem V 4.2 on 5
716.0HGOVA::TASMANSIUWed Mar 11 1992can't boot DS5
717.0TRHThu Mar 12 1992Personal Decstation 5
718.01FORTSC::CHABANThu Mar 12 1992MIPS & SGI Merge!!
719.04BODRUM::DARUGERFri Mar 13 19925
720.02RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Mar 13 1992dbx speed suffers inside loops
721.03OFFPLS::BOWMANMon Mar 16 1992DS31
722.02LEMAN::AGASSISThu Mar 19 1992Cache parity errors/DS5
723.01BELFST::HODGENMon Mar 23 1992ms
724.04PRSARL::POUSSARDThu Mar 26 1992prestoserve on 5
725.04ADO75A::BURGESSThu Mar 26 1992DECsystem 51
726.01PRSARL::POUSSARDTue Mar 31 1992tzk1
727.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONThu Apr 02 1992125/133 Config Guide?
728.0PRSARL::POUSSARDThu Apr 02 1992without keyboard
729.01SOLVIT::COOKEMon Apr 06 19925
730.0TADSVR::SMITHWed Apr 08 1992DECstation 5
731.0EEMELI::JUPPI::POKKINENThu Apr 09 1992Personal Visualizer software
732.0EEMELI::JUPPI::POKKINENThu Apr 09 1992Configuring PXG+
733.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Apr 09 1992GENROCO IPI-T12
734.03LIOSThu Apr 09 1992dec osf v1.
735.06MUDIS3::AMOUSSETThu Apr 16 1992Battery in the DECstation 5
736.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Apr 17 1992Client-Server Database Systems for the UNIX Evir.
737.01ANGLIN::CORRIGANMon Apr 20 1992SZ1
738.03TKTVFS::FUKUNOTue Apr 21 1992Why RZ25 is not supported by PMAX/PMIN/3MIN?
739.02LFOIS1::LIEBAERTThu Apr 23 1992Hw specs. for DS5
740.01EWBVMon Apr 27 1992What do I have to do before replacing ?
741.01ZURMon Apr 27 1992Risc enviroment question's
742.0ZURMon Apr 27 1992What is a RESET exactly doing on a Decstation 5
743.0PTOVAX::WILKINSMon May 04 1992HP Scanjet & DS 5
744.02WARABI::ROSICWed May 06 1992Accuracy of crystal time base for DS5
745.0USWRSL::KLEIN_DPThu May 14 1992Color printer on a VRT19
746.03MANMFri May 15 1992new SCSI DMA feature, Model 24
747.01TAIJI::HENRYKONGTue May 19 1992Any MFLOPs for R4
748.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed May 20 1992Memory and Internal bus of the DECsystem59
749.02KLUSTR::GARDNERFri May 22 1992ISDN port?
750.01WNPVFri May 22 1992NEC VR3x
751.01JITWed May 27 1992DEC C for MIPS-based ULTRIX platforms
752.04MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANWed May 27 19925
753.07KERNEL::EDMUNDSMon Jun 01 1992LK4
754.0BALMER::MUDGETTTue Jun 09 19925
755.04KYOA::BODNARWed Jun 10 1992Alternate mouse/keybd connection for 31
756.01TROU51::HANDYWed Jun 10 199296-plane or z-buffer?!
757.0TYSON::KURATAWed Jun 10 1992need info on environmental requirements ?
758.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Jun 12 1992DECsystem 51
759.0ZURMon Jun 15 1992DS5
760.01KYOA::BOYLEMon Jun 15 1992Trackball for DS5
761.04CGOOA::ANDREWSWed Jun 17 1992DS5
762.0GUIDUK::MANNThu Jun 18 19925
763.01SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERMon Jun 22 1992HX mono video cable?
764.0YNGSTR::BROWNMon Jun 22 19925
765.0OLDTMR::SECGMon Jun 22 1992DECsystem 55
766.0OLDTMR::SECGMon Jun 22 1992Client_Server Database Sys for the UNIX Envir Rpt
767.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Jun 24 1992Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary
768.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Jun 25 1992Personal DECstation 5
769.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Jun 25 1992DS59
770.02DC1Thu Jun 25 1992HX/VRT19-DA Configuration Problems
771.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Jun 26 1992TPC-B/INFORMIX Results for the DECsystem 5
772.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jun 30 1992DECsystem 59
773.01LISVAX::CASALThu Jul 02 1992Graphics Performances? (MX/HX/TX/PX/PXG/PXG+/PXG TURBO)
774.0YNGSTR::BROWNMon Jul 06 1992DECsystem 5
775.0HOTAIR::ENGQUISTMon Jul 06 1992Writting bit patterns to disk?
776.01BIS5::XSEL_USER4Tue Jul 07 1992PXG and PXGturbo not compatible with DS5
777.0TECRUS::TSAITue Jul 07 1992Is DEC 5
778.0VAXRIO::MANOELWed Jul 08 1992core dump in 5
779.01GOONS::PLANKMon Jul 13 1992UPGRADING a lo-res graphics option?
780.02KERNEL::DAVIESOTue Jul 14 1992Speed of Modem port on D31
781.04HPSRAD::LUDWIGWed Jul 15 1992KN
782.04STKHLM::LINDBACK_MThu Jul 16 1992R4
783.01QCAVMon Jul 20 1992DSH - 8
784.02MEO78B::FLAHERTYWed Jul 22 1992486 vs. DS 5
785.0TAVIS::RONENWed Jul 29 1992PFD (VSX3
786.0GOVSRV::BUTTNERThu Jul 30 1992Personal DECstation 5
787.02UFRCS1::LEIDINGERFri Jul 31 1992LK4
788.01FRSTSC::FRITZSCHEThu Aug 06 1992Information on lk5
789.0KERNEL::JAMESThu Aug 06 1992Bandwidth of PMAG-BA
790.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Aug 06 1992DECsystem 59
791.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Aug 06 1992Compar. AIM Suite Results, Differ. ULTRIX/MIPS Config.
793.03FORTSC::CHABANMon Aug 10 1992DECsystem -> Alpha?
794.03HPSRAD::LUDWIGTue Aug 11 1992Performace problem? What should I look for?
795.0HOTWTR::MANN_ARTue Aug 11 1992Workstation Keyboard direction?
796.01HPSRAD::LUDWIGWed Aug 12 1992White is not white?
797.03HOTWTR::MANN_ARWed Aug 12 1992DECstation 5
798.06HOCUS::HUSTONWed Aug 12 1992WIN/NT on R3
799.02WOTVAX::MEAKINSTue Aug 18 1992Context Switching
800.01HOTAIR::ENGQUISTThu Aug 20 1992R4
801.02NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYThu Aug 20 1992Need box mouse plugs into for DS5
802.01XLIB::JUNGCLASTue Aug 25 1992Status on DECsystem 55
803.01RHETT::COORGThu Aug 27 1992cpp: too many defines
804.0COLFri Aug 28 1992cache parity error on D52
805.04RHETT::CHOYFri Aug 28 1992Compiler Rejects Certain typedeff func. declarations
806.03TPOVC::SAMCHUMon Aug 31 1992ucode document for ultirx?
807.02GIDDAY::HAHLINGTue Sep 01 1992SCSI specs --> where ??
808.01KURMA::GHUTCHEONTue Sep 01 1992DECstation5
809.02ELYSEE::FUMSTue Sep 01 1992Personal DECstation Guides
810.05ELYSEE::FUMSTue Sep 01 1992Personal DECstation and a VRT16-DA + TURBOoption
811.0ERLANG::DICKENSThu Sep 03 19925
812.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Sep 03 1992TPC-A/SYBASE Report for the DS5
813.02WNPVFri Sep 04 1992DECstation 31
814.0TOSKI::ADAMSTue Sep 08 199221
815.02NICCTR::BURTONWed Sep 09 1992Open GL
816.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Sep 11 1992RISC Archit & Process Intensive Application Envir.
818.0HGTAI1::PRCSWSFri Sep 18 1992can't open frame buffer
819.01WEORFI::AFAMASAGAFri Sep 18 19925
820.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Sep 23 1992Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary
821.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Sep 23 1992 Digital's DECstation Family Performance Summary
822.0LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Sep 24 1992Internal clock accuracy??/
823.01KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Sep 29 1992MTBF for DECS* 5
824.05GALVIA::BREATHNACHMon Oct 05 1992Problem with C compiler
825.01ROMTSS::PASIMon Oct 05 1992sintax error only for RISC C compiler
826.03METMV6::FIELDSTue Oct 06 19925
827.01DGMTMon Oct 12 1992Probs installing 4.2A to DS5
828.0SKULLY::COMPTONTue Oct 13 1992HP64
829.04KERNEL::SMITHSThu Oct 15 19925
830.02MARVIN::AMOSThu Oct 15 19923MIN firmware specs?
831.0CSC32::J_HINKLEMon Oct 19 1992tfpt boot on ds5
832.02TRYOUT::KEVINMon Oct 19 1992R3
833.03ZPOVC::SINSUPPORTWed Oct 21 1992RZ24L SCSI setup help
834.0DTENG1::CARTYWed Oct 21 1992MIPS assembly code docs/examples .. 11
835.0SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANWed Oct 21 199255
836.05SWETSC::ASTROMWed Oct 21 1992shift-lock is still activated when shifting windows
837.05FORTSC::CHABANThu Oct 22 19925
838.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Oct 27 1992DS59
840.02EWBV5Tue Oct 27 1992Max.speed of EIA-232 port on DS5
841.02CAADC::GULINOWed Oct 28 1992TZ3
842.02MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Oct 29 1992Upgrade 5
843.03RHETT::COORGThu Oct 29 1992cc uses undocumented register convention
844.01WEORFI::AFAMASAGAThu Oct 29 1992DECsystem 5
845.01WPOCS1::COOPERTue Nov 03 1992Manuals for Decstation 5
846.01SUOSW3::FLOEGELTue Nov 03 1992DECstation 5
847.01RHETT::COORGThu Nov 05 1992cc: what is the max length in chars for a variable
848.0ANTPOL::FOXWELLMon Nov 09 1992need code for screen-save without windows.
849.0RHETT::COORGMon Nov 09 1992ccom: schain botch 3 error again
850.0BACHUS::BOLLENTue Nov 10 1992DTR goes up and down ?!
851.01XSTACY::TMOORETue Nov 10 1992decstation 5
852.02TROOA::SOSSOWSKIThu Nov 12 1992px on ds5
853.01RTOIC::CLORENTZMon Nov 23 1992environments values losts on 5
854.02KERNEL::COFFEYJFri Nov 27 19925
855.02XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Dec 03 1992Floating point problems on DS59
856.04LENO::GRIERThu Dec 03 1992Part number for 3.5" floppy drive?
857.01NLFDC::JACKSON_AHWed Dec 09 1992Pop-ups leave shadow, psuedocolor 5
858.02OMBOOT::FIFEWed Dec 09 1992PPD PATH CRASH with 55
859.01NWDThu Dec 10 1992R4
860.0MRKTNG::ITS4U::KUSEKOSKITue Dec 15 1992Any info on RISC/OS 5.
861.04USABLE::GOODThu Dec 17 1992How to stop automatic booting?
862.03DOPEY::DICKENSWed Jan 06 1993What does "CONTROLLER NO.
864.04DOPEY::DICKENSWed Jan 06 1993Help on scsi disk error ?
865.03D::CARVERWed Jan 06 1993Help! DS5K/25/TX/PIP Hangs w/ video
866.0SEDOAS::MANNINGMon Jan 11 1993nhfsstone benchmarks-any ideas ?
867.01KERNEL::EDMUNDSMon Jan 11 1993Haltaction, not halting!
868.01OSLWed Jan 13 1993RZ26 Firmware upgrade ULTRIX
869.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDFri Jan 15 19935
870.02TOSSUC::AVN$USERMon Jan 18 1993TLZ
871.01RHETT::COORGWed Jan 20 1993cc: limits on number of digits(exxpo + mantissa))
872.01IVERS::NORTONMon Jan 25 19935
873.02DOPEY::DICKENSTue Jan 26 1993DS31
874.0TDCAI1::BORELWed Jan 27 1993R3
875.02RHETT::COORGWed Jan 27 1993 cc: limits on number of digits(exxpo + mantissa))
876.0DOPEY::DICKENSThu Jan 28 1993rz24 won't newfs
877.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Feb 01 1993DECserver 7
878.02FAILTE::MACDONALDAMon Feb 01 1993PMAG-C and supp. monitors
879.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSWed Feb 03 1993PMAG info please?
880.03THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Feb 03 1993R4
882.05LUNER::COXMon Feb 15 1993DS5
883.0CHOVAX::DANYLUKTue Feb 23 1993power probs on maxines?
884.01BROUGH::DAVIESSat Feb 27 1993DS31
885.02TAVSun Feb 28 1993FDDI CONT 77
886.01AYOV4Wed Mar 03 1993Uninterruptable power supply connection ?
887.08VNASWS::HAUSBFri Mar 05 1993R44
888.01LMOADM::TWILLIAMSMon Mar 08 1993TURBOchannel Extender and the TcE Expansion Box...
889.0CSOA1::LENNIGTue Mar 09 1993DS31
890.07NECSC::DWORSACKTue Mar 09 1993OSF/1 not to be ported to MIPS
891.0TPOVC::THOMASYANGWed Mar 10 1993Can we get symbolic ucode from cc
892.01GOOEY::KUHNTue Mar 23 1993RZ56 "falls asleep" on DS5
893.02NWDWed Mar 24 1993VCR to DECstation Interface?
894.01MARVIN::HEALEYThu Mar 25 1993Another question about DECstation graphics...
895.02LUNER::KELLYJTue Mar 30 1993TZK1
896.0UPROAR::GAYLEBThu Apr 01 1993Turbochannel serial cards
897.08STARCH::HAGERMANThu Apr 08 1993getting 5
898.01TADSKI::PEREZFri Apr 09 1993DS5
899.0MR4DEC::SCHNEIDERTue Apr 13 1993DS5
900.01ANGLIN::CORRIGANSun Apr 18 1993Why Northern & Southern Hemishpere Monitors
901.0RHETT::COORGThu Apr 22 1993select returns incorrect values for oob data
902.0MAIL::SEITZFri Apr 23 1993contact # for maker of MIPS chips?
903.01ARRODS::PENDERGRASTSun Apr 25 1993R4
904.01RHETT::COORGMon Apr 26 1993how to increase the max value for iovcnt
905.01KERNEL::EDMUNDSTue Apr 27 1993Genroco IPI controller, read bus timeout
906.01TRCOA::ENGFri Apr 30 1993DS5
907.03BBIVFri May 14 1993How to modify PC in RISC assembly?
908.0+3STUMon May 17 1993 IO LANCE sts
909.02STKAI1::PRESTBYWed May 19 1993TRIADD catalog pointer?
910.0USHSSat May 22 1993decstation 5
911.02MORO::WALDO_IRWed May 26 1993MIPSCO C question
912.01OTOP95::BucklandWed Jun 02 1993Contacts for MIPSCO Chip Data
913.02CMOTEC::EVANSWed Jun 09 1993HX Off-screen mmemory size.
914.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Jun 14 1993clock accuracy
915.01KERNEL::SMITHSTue Jun 15 1993HX graphics help please
916.04LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AThu Jun 17 1993Spin up didks from console?
917.01ZPOVC::ENGSOONTue Jun 22 1993DECstation 5
918.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Jun 22 1993Updated DECstation and DECsystem Perf. Summaries
919.03MARVIN::COBBThu Jun 24 1993Can I use PC SCSI disk on DS31
920.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDFri Jun 25 1993BA35
921.0TKTVFS::SUGAWARA_MMon Jun 28 1993DS5
922.01ERLANG::DICKENSTue Jun 29 1993DEFTA ?
923.01ERLANG::DICKENSTue Jun 29 1993DEFZA current rev. ?
924.0ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWWed Jul 14 1993DECstation can't run Personal Visualizer..
925.01TALLIS::GORTONFri Jul 16 1993BigEndian SGI/Mips box needed
926.02ANGLIN::SEITZThu Jul 22 1993I/O cards for DECstation?
927.0KERNEL::ODONNELLRMon Jul 26 1993Exception Condition on 59
928.01RT95::CASAGRANDEThu Aug 05 1993HX Card variant for VRT19-DA (66HZ
929.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Aug 11 1993MIPS RISC Arch book, by Kane
930.02STKAI2::EROSENWed Sep 08 1993How to halt Personal DECstation 5
931.01CRLVMS::BLACKMon Sep 13 1993DEC VR297 = Sony 16
932.01TOOK::FAULDSMon Sep 20 1993PXG+ at odds with 5
933.01TOOK::ROLKEWed Sep 22 1993R3
934.01SCOBIE::DOWENSMon Sep 27 1993per decsys 5
935.0COLTue Sep 28 1993RX23L Bezel for BA42-Box
936.0ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONETue Oct 12 1993Serial port on ds5
937.02KURTAN::ASTROMFri Oct 22 1993PMAGB-BB fault with KN
938.02DRAC::POTINWed Oct 27 1993Max. tapes per system
939.01KERNEL::SMITHSThu Oct 28 1993internal scsi length of ds524
940.0KERNEL::SMITHSTue Nov 09 1993Max video cable length for pmagb-ba
941.0HGOVC::STEVENLIUMon Nov 29 1993RISC-SMP Performance by Dhileep Bhandarkar
942.03KAOFS::E_BELANGERTue Nov 30 1993DS 5
943.02WPOCS1::LARVINTue Dec 07 1993config file cpu types
944.01BLUFSH::VAUGHNThu Dec 09 1993PCXAV-FC (Philips multi-sync monitor) on a DS5
945.04WIKI::PAGANOTue Dec 14 1993DS5
946.014MR1MI1::SWANEYFri Dec 17 1993What ame I doing?
947.02SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Jan 10 1994DECsystem 5
948.0BACHUS::ROELANDTSThu Jan 20 1994Problem on DECstation 5
949.03PASVC::STEVENTAMWed Jan 26 1994RRD42 in SZ12
950.02MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Feb 01 1994DS5
951.054625::DIDDENMon Feb 07 1994uerf ascii message
952.03SIOG::S_FARRENWed Feb 23 1994Decstation 5
953.0UPSAR::THOMASFri Mar 04 1994Wanted: EPROM imgage for a PMAZ-AA
954.0TKTVFS::NAGAI_KSun Mar 06 1994LK4
955.0OTOP95::BucklandTue Mar 29 1994DECsystem 5
956.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Apr 04 1994turbochannel interrupts
957.0BRUMMY::LOWEYTue Apr 05 199455
958.0154625::ROELANDTSTue Apr 05 1994problem on dec 5
959.0MARVIN::COFFEYWed Apr 06 1994Hardware specific graphics crash
960.03BIGBAD::HURSTThu Apr 07 1994Trouble booting DS5
961.0WEDOIT::CALABRIAFri Apr 15 1994Pmag-d video probs.
962.0MARX::GRIERThu Apr 21 1994Multi-seat (not multi-head) configuration?
963.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon May 02 1994MB ASIC (E3 chip) spec
964.01MKOTS3::LANGLOISFri May 06 19945
965.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue May 10 1994Difference between PMAGB-BA,BB and -BC,BD
966.0OTOOA::WEISSWed May 11 1994Y-cable for video?
967.02MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOFri May 13 1994U: Help with DS5
968.01TKOV6Tue May 31 1994Urgent help on R4
969.0LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DWed Jun 01 1994MIPS R3
970.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 10 1994help on this piece of assembler + C stack..
972.0EOS::ARMSTRONGThu Jun 16 1994PMAG problems
973.01PTOVAX::SCOTTTue Jul 12 1994R4
974.0OSLTue Jul 26 1994CPU PANIC bus timeout, why ?
975.01SDOSWed Jul 27 1994R4
976.0225286::SCHULERMon Aug 01 1994DS31
977.01NAPCED::LUSCIANOWed Aug 24 1994disappearing devices
978.02TLE::FRIDAYWed Sep 14 1994Looking for complete list of hardware
979.01SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERThu Sep 22 1994newer rz's on DS31
980.01BSS::M_WALTHERThu Sep 22 1994DECstation 5
981.01SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANThu Sep 29 1994Ultrix 4.3A/4.4 RZ56 SCSI bus Reset DS31
982.0DPDMAI::TURNERGTue Oct 04 1994Memory Compatablity Problems with MS
984.0HGOVC::CARLOSCHUAMon Oct 10 19945125 calculation error
985.0TFOSS1::ROCHA_EDSat Nov 05 1994Monitor for 5
986.02ROMOIS::FARRAUTOThu Nov 17 199451
987.0ANGST::LONGWed Nov 23 1994I need a return address
988.01NWTIMA::RICHARDS_MEWed Nov 23 1994TLZ6L loader work on 5
989.01LSNCSC::MARTINFri Nov 25 1994panic: unaligned access... Help to decode
990.04SWAM2::WANTJE_RAThu Dec 15 1994DS5
991.02RESTRT::LUTJENTue Jan 03 1995R4
992.0VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Mar 30 1995rz26-va in ba353
993.0USOPS::KADOWWed Jun 07 1995DECstation 5
994.01BRAT::NESTORThu Sep 07 1995Apple 6
995.02MAASUP::TAPPMon Jun 24 1996DECstation 5
997.0ZPOVC::YICKPENGThu Jul 18 1996DS5
998.0 *+2OPCO::TSG_JCMon Apr 14 1997OSF/1 for mips
999.0 *+1YORIC::BENBROOKTue Jun 03 1997?IO: LANCE sts