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Conference kali::vwslat

Title:VWSLAT utility
Created:Tue Jul 03 1990
Last Modified:Thu Jun 27 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:63
Total number of notes:232
Number with bodies:0
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1.02KALI::LOMICKAJ1Tue Jul 03 1990New VWSLAT conference
2.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jul 03 1990Kit location and getting started.
3.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jul 03 1990Password protected services
4.071Fri Jul 06 1990FILNOTACC, file not accessed on channel error
5.0135924::SALEHIMWed Jul 11 1990ultrix version ?
6.05Wed Jul 25 1990My DECterms/VWSLAT crash ...
7.0133834::BOYERWed Jul 25 19902 Way LAT Connections?
8.09PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jul 30 1990VWSLAT before VMS V5.3
9.05631::SHEPROTue Jul 31 1990A way to tell if VWSLAT has connections
10.0653118::JARLEWed Aug 01 1990VWSLAT crashes all the time
11.035631::SHEPROWed Aug 01 1990VWSLAT process accumulating a lot of resourses
12.042Wed Aug 01 1990Username in ICON/Window Title?
13.042Wed Aug 01 1990Official WISHLIST!
14.0122Fri Aug 03 1990FLTDIV_F & CRASH Using UP Arrow to connect
15.08LANDO::SAWINFri Aug 03 1990device inactive?
16.032Tue Aug 07 1990Windows crash after CI reboot
17.03372Tue Aug 07 1990What happened to LAT Master?
18.022Wed Aug 08 1990\NOP1\ Connecting with no nodename
19.0116472::OMALLEYMon Aug 27 1990DECtse and password protected services
20.03FRSOLD::NEHLSThu Aug 30 1990key not found in tree
21.053625::FEDORAThu Sep 13 1990Bad multicast - length
22.0138827::OTOOLETue Sep 25 1990VWSLAT/EMACS ^S ^Q Problems
23.021Fri Sep 28 199031
24.0435Fri Oct 05 1990DECtse, ASSETS, and me
25.032548::HOVEYFri Oct 12 1990Windows go down when node reboots.
26.0336487::NEWTONThu Oct 18 1990Bad Multicast or Write-on-time
28.03Thu Oct 25 1990Icons in Icon box not in main screen field
29.04HPSRAD::KOMARTue Oct 30 1990DECtse V2.
30.04PERFCT::ENSLEYFri Nov 09 1990Help please?
31.09BEAGLE::J_FRANCOISWed Nov 28 1990Sessions lost with F1 key
32.06RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Nov 28 1990VWSLAT, Is it officially supported and by who
33.01DEBUG::GALLOTue Jan 08 1991VWSLAT.HLP file for HELPLIB.HLB
34.02MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIWed Jan 09 1991Access violationsin VWSLAT
35.0UNTADA::BRETTFri Jan 25 1991Futures Questionare.
36.07HSOPAS::DODSONMon Feb 04 1991Link lost with remote node
37.0CRONIC::PISCOPOMon Feb 11 1991VWSLAT/Latmaster slow paste/cut
38.0CLARID::CHAMEROYTue Feb 19 1991VWSLAT crash
39.02JARVIS::CACCIAMon Mar 04 1991Illegal message received by remote node
40.01MACNAS::LLYNSKEYThu Apr 04 1991Can I identify node of origin?
41.0BCSE::WEIERFri Apr 05 1991VWSLAT w/ services - not nodes!
42.05HPSCAD::WALLMon Apr 08 1991Access violation
43.04CSC32::H_WALKERThu Apr 11 1991help with lat$disconnect_character
44.05MUDDIN::DEBARROSMon Apr 22 1991Crashes, disconnects and automobiles
45.0PHLACT::RUPARELIAWed May 08 1991DECtse disappears once in a while
46.0ZIGLAR::SYSTEMWed May 08 1991VWSLAT Circuit Timer Value
47.04IJSAPL::BLEDOEGThu May 16 1991use VWSLAT remotely from VT13
48.0LIOSTue Jun 04 1991Service class 1 not offered message.
49.0CXCAD::COMERWed Aug 21 1991VWSLAT/VMS T5.5 link lost problem
50.0VOGON::MILLSONThu Sep 12 1991vwslat blows away decw terminal manager after 7 sessions
51.01NEWVAX::SPANNTue Oct 08 1991Which Device Is Inactive?
53.01TIS::CULLINANEThu Feb 13 1992EDIT with 2 VWSLAT windows
54.04TARKIN::AHOMon Feb 17 1992VWSLAT sessions crashing while typing a file....(VMS V5.5)
55.01HWSTNWed Apr 15 1992vwslat connect to different DECW$TE_xxxx process
57.01LATVMS::RASPUZZIThu May 28 1992DDE sources available
58.01HGSWS1::SHWUMon Nov 02 1992Is vwslat.exe support VXT terminal
59.07DECEAT::PETERSONWed Nov 18 1992Problems connecting to VMS V5.5-2
60.0SIOG::MKELLYWed May 26 1993VWS performance Versus Motif performance
61.01ANNECY::BESSEASTue Jun 01 1993DDE without other DECterm... timeout pb
62.01MARSWed Aug 18 1993Status of DECtse?
63.0STOSS1::DPROSEThu Jun 27 1996is there a new kit ...v7.