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Conference kali::microemacs

Title:MicroEMACS text editor
Created:Tue Jul 03 1990
Last Modified:Thu Mar 17 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:47
Total number of notes:161
Number with bodies:0
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1.03KALI::LOMICKAJ1Tue Jul 03 1990New MicroEMACS conference
2.010KALI::LOMICKAJ1Tue Jul 03 1990KIT Topic
3.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jul 03 1990Use-other-buffer failure on RISC systems
4.033Tue Jul 10 1990.ARC files?
5.043Wed Jul 11 1990A few questions
6.0537568::FOXWELLThu Jul 12 1990How to redefine tab & return behaviour
7.013Tue Jul 24 1990A few more rookie questions
8.021Thu Aug 02 1990Status of MicroSCRIBE?
9.065Mon Sep 10 1990ULTRIX version and XON/XOFF ?
10.03Thu Sep 20 1990Expanding shell variables in Ultrix.. How?
11.0REGENT::LOMICKAFri Nov 02 1990EMACS on Macintosh (MicroEmacs, Jove)
12.02LANDO::GENTThu Nov 08 1990Building MicroEmacs on MSDOS from sources
13.0RANGER::LICHTENBERGSat Nov 10 1990Macintosh version for MPW 3.1?
14.01MGOITue Nov 20 1990Microemacs 3.1
15.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Nov 20 1990New ST version EMACS.PRG available
16.01COMICS::HOGGANMon Dec 10 1990Emacs manual in .ps format
17.08SKIVT::HEARNTue Dec 11 1990Extraneous char - Line terminator?
18.03CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jan 03 1991Help with META key
19.02BUSY::EDMUNDSONFri Jan 11 1991MicroEMACs for the Rainbow?
20.02BONKA::FINNIEMon Jan 21 1991Supported product?
21.07CSC32::R_IVERSWed Feb 06 1991Emacs install questions
22.02COLTue Feb 12 1991bind to shifted keys?
23.02YNOTME::WALLACEFri Feb 15 1991Trouble with large files on the ST
24.0COLMon Feb 18 1991ME with TUBO-C/ST V2
25.014TENAYA::HAMILTONWed Feb 27 1991Auto-indent with MircoEMACS?
26.0DUGROS::ORNSTEINThu Feb 28 1991Search/Hunt to TOP of window?
27.01YNOTME::WALLACEFri Mar 15 1991Bug fixes to 3.1
28.0IOSG::HORSFIELDSun Mar 17 1991microemacs for ms-windows v3
29.02LANDO::GENTTue Mar 26 1991Bugs, Windows and Meta Key
30.0RANGER::JSTRAW::KevinThu Apr 04 1991Publicly accessable uemacs for windows v 3.
31.04DUGROS::ORNSTEINWed May 29 1991Version 3.11 features?
32.0DATABS::BALLOUSun Jul 28 1991bind-to-key meta-previx Alternate?
33.05VOGON::JOHNSTONThu Aug 01 1991ULTRIX terminal size help
34.0MUNLEG::WALTERWed Jan 15 1992V3.1
35.01LJOHUB::BELLUSCITue May 12 1992System V UNIX
36.02STOHUB::SLRVMS::RELIFORDFri Jun 19 1992How to enter form feeds?
37.05LODGE::WVCMon Aug 17 1992Undesirable color interactions
38.05PRIMES::FINKELSTEINThu Sep 03 1992Latest Microemacs for windows
39.02DFACTO::NEWMANMon Oct 19 1992control-U, I can't forget you...
40.03DFACTO::NEWMANMon Oct 19 1992word-wrap hook problem with 3.1
42.02ECADSR::BIROFri Mar 12 1993? VHDL.ML
43.02MSDOA::SECRISTTue May 11 1993V3.12 ?
44.01HUMAN::AVERYWed Jul 07 1993EDT-key Bindings for the Macintosh
45.01TOOK::OZROCK::MCCANESun Aug 01 1993Xwindows version of microEMACS?
46.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Oct 20 1993Alpha/OSF Microemacs?
47.0DFACTO::NEWMANThu Mar 17 1994postscript doc for 3.12?