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Conference kacie::ibm

Title:IBM High End Issues
Notice:IBM Issues and Answers
Created:Thu Nov 06 1986
Last Modified:Fri May 16 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:938
Total number of notes:4387
Number with bodies:17
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0.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
1.06--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 06 1986Introduction
2.0247KACIE::DEUFELThu Nov 06 1986Guest Registry
3.05MROMIS::ALTMANNThu Nov 06 1986A modest proposal for separation
4.021PSW::WINALSKIMon Nov 10 1986Our Tapes are Inadequate
5.03NY1MM::DILLARDThu Nov 13 1986388
6.021OVDVAX::RYANThu Nov 13 1986VMS and MVS comparisons?
7.013TRCOTue Nov 18 1986Dna vs Sna?
8.013ROMTue Nov 18 1986IBM disks have TWO arms
9.030ROMTue Nov 18 1986VSE to MVS migration, how painful?
10.026ROMTue Nov 18 1986OUR DRIVES are inadequate.
11.08MURPHY::DANCYWed Nov 19 1986MVS to VM Migrations/ Comparison
12.0MMOThu Nov 20 1986Move um' out !
13.09USWAV1::KNOWLANDFri Nov 21 1986IMS ON A VAX
14.09ROMMon Nov 24 1986software developement on IBM
15.052NY1MM::DILLARDWed Dec 03 1986IBM OS`s for 937
16.09STKTSC::LITBYWed Dec 03 1986DEC vs IBM selling strategy
17.03KACIE::DEUFELWed Dec 03 1986IBM .vs. DEC Papers for Review
18.05NANUCK::WEISSThu Dec 04 1986IBM token ring questions
19.045Fri Dec 05 1986VAX -- IBM 81
20.01DEVEL::SULLIVANFri Dec 05 1986DB2 and/or IDMS/R
21.021TRCOTue Dec 09 1986< IBM CHANNEL? >
23.033ROMWed Dec 10 1986IBM and DEC I/O, seek speed
24.04ROMWed Dec 10 1986third party benchmark on DEC/IBM
25.04ROMFri Dec 12 1986IBM systems
26.09TROPPO::HUNTSun Dec 14 1986CICS/COBOL Conversions
27.0ROMTue Dec 16 19863
29.012EXODUS::SEGERFri Dec 19 1986What is an IBM network?
30.06ZURA2::DALLMANNMon Dec 22 1986HSM (blue mist or reality)
31.0RENKO::KAISERMon Dec 22 1986Making a virtue of necessity: networking
32.07EAGLE1::LEONARDWed Dec 24 1986Systems Application Architecture
33.0143D::COULTERTue Dec 30 1986IBM Graphics: 5
34.08TRMNUS::HENDERSONTue Jan 06 1987A chink in S/38's armor, please!
35.04OSLThu Jan 08 1987Call for keywords
36.010OSLThu Jan 08 1987TCP/IP + DECNET = .FALSE. ?
37.06NCCSB::BOOTHMon Jan 12 1987Simple? SNA Question
38.016OVDVAX::RYANMon Jan 19 1987338
39.02CHEVMon Jan 19 1987329
41.020STAR::MANNTue Jan 20 1987A CICS run-time environment for VMS ?
43.03USWAV1::DAGOSTINOWed Jan 21 1987IDMS/R VMS developmnt??
44.08MQOSWed Jan 21 1987NPSI on S/38 ?
45.02CLT::HOBDAYThu Jan 22 198781
46.01APOLLO::FLYNNMon Jan 26 1987Request for Info
47.0GLASS::RAOMon Jan 26 1987What about Low-ends?
49.08NY1MM::DILLARDTue Jan 27 1987SMP vs. Cluster?
50.01MINDER::BANKSWed Jan 28 19873174 query?
51.026ROMFri Jan 30 1987937
52.04CURIE::SCHMIDTMon Feb 02 1987Closer to Clusters?
53.011OBIWAN::MARKOWITZThu Feb 05 1987s/36 info ????
54.010KACIE::DEUFELThu Feb 05 1987A Small Survey
55.01CHEVFri Feb 06 1987one more call for x25 over sna
56.01MINDER::BANKSMon Feb 09 1987Can S/38 do what we can?
57.01ASHLND::SZEMPLINSKITue Feb 10 1987VTAM anybody??
58.01GENRAL::JHUGHESTue Feb 10 1987IBM Product Matrices
59.02GENRAL::JHUGHESTue Feb 10 1987IBM OS Family Tree
63.01SMAUG::DUDLEYWed Feb 11 1987Correction to Note 59.
64.02GENRAL::JHUGHESWed Feb 11 1987IBM System Matrix
65.01GENRAL::JHUGHESWed Feb 11 1987IBM OS Matrix
66.02GENRAL::JHUGHESWed Feb 11 1987IBM Storage Matrix
68.036KACIE::SANDERThu Feb 12 1987VAX mip = 1/2 IBM MIP?
69.0FURILO::BLINNFri Feb 13 1987"IBM SERVICE STRATEGY UPDATE" from F. S. Marketing
70.0FURILO::BLINNMon Feb 16 1987Neal Houtz is new U.S. IBM Competitive Sales Manager
71.03STAR::MANNMon Feb 16 1987CICS terminal subsystem.
72.02ROMWed Feb 18 1987VSE/VM overhead vs native VSE
73.0DPDMAI::HILDEBRANDThu Feb 19 1987U.S. Steel Productivity Index?
74.02OCKER::LOCHRINThu Feb 19 1987IBM Interconnect Centres
76.04TRCAFri Feb 27 1987IBM Solutionpac
77.05HALLEY::MEHTAMon Mar 02 1987Device Management Questions
78.04ROMTue Mar 03 1987VAXES as CENTRAL COMPUTERS....
79.08ROMTue Mar 03 1987IBM's CSP, the glue!
80.07ISBG::ROSENBLUHWed Mar 04 1987Help back up wild marketing claim re IBM SW
81.02ROMThu Mar 05 1987IBM announce x.4
82.08ROMFri Mar 06 1987IBM O.S. split
83.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 06 1987no X.25 on VM/937
84.05--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 07 1987IBM WATCH 6-mar-87
85.0KACIE::DEUFELWed Mar 11 1987Armonk Must Be Seeing Red
87.08--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 19 1987CICS dev't/maint. on front-end VAX...
88.02BRSCAD::GILARDFri Mar 20 1987Series 1 comm. with VAX
89.06NANUCK::WEISSFri Mar 20 1987IBM acct/pw needed for SNA gw demo
91.06ROMMon Mar 23 1987how does IBM page?
92.037ROMTue Mar 24 1987VAX/IBM benchmark, (SORT)
93.06DPDMAI::CRIVELLOWed Mar 25 1987SYS 36, MODEL 536
94.02PHENIX::MARTINEZWed Mar 25 1987MSB Commercial Systems Product Marketing
95.012CHFVWed Apr 01 1987Weak spots on 937
96.06ROMThu Apr 02 1987NEW IBM pc, (from human::marketing)
97.0CLT::HOBDAYFri Apr 03 1987Need for Job Scheduling?
99.08BLGMon Apr 06 1987SNA versus DNA
100.047ROMTue Apr 07 1987troubles with U.A.?
101.0SMAUG::BRADLEYTue Apr 07 1987IBM Interconnect DVN Broadcast
102.0342183::BUXTONThu Apr 09 1987ACS competitive info req'd
103.0CEDSWS::BOOTHMon Apr 13 1987VM/SNA Overhead
104.016USFHSL::CAMPBELLMon Apr 13 1987What's a ROSCOE? (sp?) Or a MARK IV?
105.012NEWVAX::DFOSTERWed Apr 15 1987Tiered Computing Strategies?
106.02ROMThu Apr 16 1987dec Q3 fy'87
107.021GRZIS1::SCHNEIDERThu Apr 16 1987ALL-IN-ONE for IBM-USER ?
108.04USFHSL::CAMPBELLFri Apr 17 1987TextDBMS (=,<,>) STAIRS?
109.0RENKO::KAISERFri Apr 24 1987VM Software Inc.
110.02FURILO::BLINNThu Apr 30 1987IMS/MVS/JES2 to VAX/VMS OLTP conversion opportunity
111.02ROMSun May 03 19871
112.01GUIDUK::B_WOODSun May 03 1987CICS/BMS ==> FMS tools?
113.0ROMMon May 04 1987IBM customer Attitudes
114.06ROMWed May 06 1987wanna copy this file.
115.0ROMWed May 06 1987IBM headed by gorbatchev?
116.01ROMWed May 06 1987new batch for VM
117.0MERIDN::JUDDThu May 07 1987Aetna: Rumor Control
118.0NEPTUN::RAYMONDFri May 08 19873
119.02NYSBU::DARCYMon May 11 198743XX-->VAX Reference Sites?
120.08ISBG::MCATEETue May 12 1987SAA Anyone?
121.010AKOV68::CRAMERTue May 12 1987CW lauds DEC!!
123.0THEBAY::JENNINGSThu May 14 198731
125.0TRCATue May 19 1987Digital vs. IBM at CIPS Congress
126.04ROMTue May 19 1987new 43
127.020CREDIT::STEINERThu May 21 1987VAX to IMS applications
128.05ROMTue May 26 1987My vaxkiller has arrived....
129.02ROMTue May 26 1987DECNET ON 937
130.01CHOVAX::BONINITue May 26 1987IBM PROFS to A1 experience?
131.012CGOOThu May 28 1987VAX <=> IBM app development
132.012DARTH::SACHSFri May 29 1987DEC Family Tree (of Life!)
133.0DARTH::SACHSTue Jun 02 1987New IBM 4381 Upgrades
134.012NEWVAX::DFOSTERTue Jun 02 1987Buffered I/O performance?
135.03ROMTue Jun 02 1987IBM<--->DEC future (comms)
136.05CEDSWS::BOOTHFri Jun 05 1987VAX over S/38 reference needed
137.04DEMOAX::HAYESMon Jun 08 1987Wanted: CICS Sample Application
138.07MSDSWS::HORTONTue Jun 09 1987IBM BAL-->VAX
139.012ROMWed Jun 10 1987VM/CMS accounting (vs. VMS)
140.06CEDSWS::BOOTHTue Jun 16 1987COBOL and Ugh! IM Files
141.07NYSBU::DARCYThu Jun 18 1987SNA, DNA, DOS/VSE, 278
142.04CEDSWS::BOOTHFri Jun 19 1987How many MIPS in a 37
143.03ROMFri Jun 19 1987the dewitt bench. strikes again!
144.0SMAUG::BRADLEYMon Jun 22 1987IBM Announcements Quick Summary - 6/18/87
145.0122599::JACKOUYANGWed Jun 24 1987Help on IBM -> VAX
146.0HPSVAX::GELINWed Jun 24 1987What Analyst Comments Do You Hear?
147.03WEBSTR::BURROWSThu Jun 25 1987VAX Mips Estimates
148.03GENRAL::JHUGHESFri Jun 26 1987Gartner Group "IBM Futures" Conference
149.018MURPHY::MANNFri Jun 26 1987proofs that vm is not up to snuff
150.03CSCMA::PLAISTEDMon Jun 29 1987First SAA Manual Available
151.01CREDIT::STEINERWed Jul 01 1987DB2 Customers
152.01BOOTES::ZIGMon Jul 06 1987URGENT: IBM on VAX net
153.01FIXERS::BAKERFri Jul 10 1987278
154.0SMAUG::RIOFri Jul 10 1987MVS/DTF Order Numbers - Please read !!!
156.0NANUCK::OWENSTue Jul 14 1987IBM Emulation on a VAX
157.0ROMThu Jul 16 1987another weapon, use it!!!
158.07BMT::PLAUTThu Jul 16 1987IDMS/R Portability to VAX?
159.027BMT::PLAUTThu Jul 16 1987SAA - Official DEC position?
160.0QUILL::STEINERSat Jul 18 1987VAX SQL V2 - Phase
161.01NANUCK::OWENSMon Jul 20 1987COBOL Development on VAX
162.01ROMWed Jul 22 1987Modelling on VAX
163.03TPOVFri Jul 24 1987REPLACING 3
164.02IND::PLAUTFri Jul 24 1987VM/SP & VM/IS: Differences?
165.01DELNI::MCGREGORMon Jul 27 1987Updates needed for FLEXlink, etc.
166.01KUMA::MAFFAThu Jul 30 1987Help needed to implement HTF on VMS
167.02FRAMBO::BLANKENBERGFri Jul 31 1987IBM 3174 more info required
168.021MARVIN::WARWICKTue Aug 04 1987What do IBM do right, then ?
169.06MIPS::APPELLOFWed Aug 05 1987System Management of IBM Systems
170.0TRMNUS::HENDERSONFri Aug 07 1987How to win benchmarks with RMS
171.015TROUMon Aug 10 1987IBM CPU time mystery
172.03QUILL::STEINERTue Aug 11 1987VIDA Version 2.
173.06DELNI::MCGREGORWed Aug 12 1987327
174.01NCVAX1::DICKSMon Aug 17 1987IBM's Computers Cheapest to Own
175.04DEMOAX::HAYESTue Aug 18 1987Soliciting FS Information
176.02MAMTS6::DFOSTERThu Aug 20 1987Security Reference needed
177.06MAMTS6::DFOSTERMon Aug 31 1987New tape subsystem?
179.0NAPALM::MUNSONThu Sep 03 1987Files from 552
180.0114772::SANDERSun Sep 06 1987IBM's Laureate and SMTP?
181.08DECEAT::BHANDARKARMon Sep 07 1987EA on 937
182.0AUNTB::BOOTHTue Sep 15 1987Rdb vs. S/38
183.08NANUCK::OWENSMon Sep 21 1987CICS and IMS
184.0KACIE::DEUFELWed Sep 23 1987937
185.02ROMFri Sep 25 1987latest from IBM
186.08GLORY::RAOFri Sep 25 1987IBM's Timetable for Peer Networks
187.04AKOVWed Sep 30 1987How does IBM benchmark ?
188.02CHFVWed Sep 30 1987system 38 cobol
189.016TRMNUS::HENDERSONThu Oct 01 1987Silverlake: Threat or Menace?
190.026TRMNUS::HENDERSONSun Oct 04 1987Make Quality a campaign issue!
191.01TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Oct 05 1987System38 RPG to VAX RPG?
192.02FLIPIT::PHILPOTTTue Oct 06 1987new PBX and a network manager announced
193.06NCVAX1::DICKSTue Oct 06 1987VAX as IBM Development Tool
194.08SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Oct 07 1987Fujitsu; IBM Source code policy
195.01KACIE::WAGNERThu Oct 08 1987Clusters vs MP systems
196.05JENEVR::SILVAFri Oct 09 1987IBM documentation
197.0JENEVR::SILVAFri Oct 09 1987PROFS to Rolm PBX connection?
198.015KACIE::WAGNERMon Oct 12 1987MP vs VAXClusters
199.0NCVAX1::DICKSMon Oct 12 1987IBM Futures in CW
200.01ELWD2::MCCARRENWed Oct 14 1987IBM Optical Disk Announcement
201.01USFHSL::CAMPBELLWed Oct 14 1987What's the real REEBOK story?
202.0GUCCI::COLEThu Oct 15 1987IBM ethernet to VAX file transfer
203.06USFHSL::SCHESKYFri Oct 16 1987VAX <--> 81
204.03HALLEY::FRIDAYFri Oct 16 1987Looking for IBM technical documentation
205.02KACIE::DEUFELTue Oct 20 1987IBM '87 - A DECtown Clone?
206.01ROMTue Oct 27 1987RMS vs. VSAM journaling (?!)
207.0MURPHY::MANNTue Oct 27 1987VM Release 6 and CICS/VM
208.03NZOVWed Oct 28 1987RAMIS II - Pharoh or Phantasy
209.03DECEAT::BHANDARKARTue Nov 03 1987937
210.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Nov 10 1987Displaywrite vs. WPSPLUS?
211.013MURPHY::MANNThu Nov 12 1987Sub-second Response Time
212.08TRMNUS::HENDERSONFri Nov 13 1987non-SNA equiv of DHCF?
213.04SSDEVO::BATESFri Nov 13 1987Request for assistance
214.01AUNTB::BOOTHFri Nov 13 1987Help with S/38
215.02SAC::CLARKESat Nov 14 1987An intro to VSAM
216.017BMT::MENDESWed Nov 18 1987System 88 Info, Please
217.011JENEVR::SILVAFri Nov 20 1987PROFS modifications and SNA for VM
218.01JENEVR::SILVAFri Nov 20 1987SNATRACE documentation?
219.0BMT::DILLARDSun Nov 22 1987IBM, Broadband and FDDI
220.036ROMMon Nov 23 1987DEC & IBM I/O bandwidth
221.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Nov 24 1987IBM '87 In UK
222.0FRAThu Nov 26 1987Req. for comments on SIM3278
223.04EAGLE1::LEONARDMon Nov 30 198744-bit addressing
224.04EAGLE1::LEONARDMon Nov 30 1987Why are we winning OLTP?
225.02ROMFri Dec 04 1987datamation about the "VAX killer"
226.03NEWVAX::DEADYFri Dec 04 1987IBM-NET?????
227.03NZOVMon Dec 07 1987IBM Printer onto a VAX ?
228.01SNOCMon Dec 07 1987IBM CONNECTS Software Package
229.04DLO14::DONOVANMon Dec 07 1987VM/CMS -> VAX/VMS
230.010JENEVR::SILVATue Dec 08 1987Book on PROFS?
231.06ROMWed Dec 09 1987suggested reading
232.02GUCCI::NGUYENMon Dec 14 1987IBMPMKT How???
233.0JENEVR::SILVAMon Dec 14 1987System operators in Littleton?
235.0MURPHY::ANKERWed Dec 16 1987OS/2 distribution contents
236.07OVDVAX::BALISHThu Dec 17 1987file trans. S/38 to VAX S.O.S.
237.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 23 1987IBM 3
238.014BMT::MENDESThu Dec 24 1987Parallel Processing Stocking Stuffer
239.02MURPHY::MANNMon Jan 04 1988SAA manuals are out
241.07DEMOAX::HAYESMon Jan 04 1988DOS/VSE - Who, Why and Where To?
242.07--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 05 1988SAA/937
243.01SCOTCH::SILVATue Jan 05 1988VM/PC comments
244.013ODIXIE::RANDERSONTue Jan 05 1988IBM printfiles to DECPrinter (-) SNA Gateway
245.09IND::BOWERSWed Jan 06 1988VAX/ORACLE References
246.04DSSDEV::MCCONNELLWed Jan 06 1988Seeking Information about RJE
247.04ROMSun Jan 17 1988IBM mips from ibm.
248.0VALLE::DAVIDMon Jan 18 1988Accessing IBM Product Info.
249.011WAV14::SLATTERYFri Jan 22 1988Silverlake
250.04COOKIE::WITHERSWed Jan 27 1988IBM Communications Controller Announcement?
251.0QUILL::PHILBROOKTue Feb 02 1988Updated VIDA Presentation Available (V2.
252.0KACIE::SANDERWed Feb 03 1988How do we demo OLTP?
254.04CHFVThu Feb 04 1988CSP peasoup: SAA case study
255.02ILO::PHELANFri Feb 05 1988IBM's Internal EP Efforts
256.018TPOVMon Feb 08 1988Help !! 88
257.0ROMWed Feb 10 1988suggested reading....
258.02CGOAThu Feb 11 198836
259.05NANOOK::KENNEDYWed Feb 17 1988What is an IBM print file?
260.03JENEVR::SILVAThu Feb 18 1988CICS converting lower to upper case?
261.07KACIE::HENKELFri Feb 19 1988more info on IBM announcement
262.01CGOSSat Feb 20 1988Finance Conferences??
263.02ROMMon Feb 22 1988IBM kills disoss and profs
264.012ROMTue Feb 23 1988VMS not suited to .....
265.02ROMTue Feb 23 1988register please..!
266.01BMT::KANGTue Feb 23 1988VAX 327
267.09ROMThu Feb 25 1988VM vs VMS Comparison
268.04JENEVR::SILVAFri Feb 26 1988Virtual Machine control?
269.03STARCH::FALCONEFri Feb 26 1988System Managed Storage Function
270.02MEO78B::TULLYTue Mar 01 1988BPICS Information.
271.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Mar 01 1988Parallel FORTRAN from IBM
272.0ROMTue Mar 01 1988Locked out from DP market
273.05MURPHY::MANNWed Mar 02 1988PC integration - IBM and DEC
274.03SKETCH::MYSELThu Mar 03 1988VT2
275.02OSKVFri Mar 04 1988Question about IUCV ???
276.0VINO::BRAITHWAITEFri Mar 04 1988Need advice on Multi-point in OLTP Environment
277.02BMT::MENDESWed Mar 09 1988327
278.031756::JAFFEWed Mar 09 1988Distribution Program Questions
279.03DECEAT::BHANDARKARWed Mar 09 1988IBM multiprocessor commercial performance
280.02LARVAE::BRIGGSThu Mar 10 1988QLLC anyone?
281.03MJOVAX::BENSONThu Mar 17 1988Connectivity Issue
282.02GERBIL::JAFFEFri Mar 18 1988Help for Down under
283.07TAVMTS::JONATHANSun Mar 20 1988Task-to-task between PC & S/38
284.03MERIDN::JUDDTue Mar 22 1988IBM and U*IX
285.03ROMMon Mar 28 1988TPF in an SNA environment?!?
286.0ROMMon Mar 28 1988how IDC views IBM.
287.0KYOA::SACHSWed Mar 30 1988The IBM of the Future?
289.04USATTue Apr 05 1988IBM buys PacTel Spectrum
290.05SKYLRK::LUKASZEWSKIFri Apr 08 1988REXX to DCL conversion
291.07NCCODE::KOWALSKIWed Apr 13 1988IBM-Jnet-VAX-VAX problem\
292.03NANOOK::KENNEDYThu Apr 14 1988327
293.04SUBSYS::WRENNThu Apr 14 1988IBM Likes VAXclusters for TP?
294.04NANUCK::HAAGFri Apr 15 1988TCP/IP on S/37
295.011KBOMFG::KECSKESIMon Apr 18 1988SilverLake latest Info please.......
296.03AHTOE::RAQUEPAUMon Apr 18 198831
297.02--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 20 1988IBM MARKETING ACTIONS
298.0MURPHY::MANNWed Apr 20 1988Book forthcoming on the birth of SAA...
299.011TPOVThu Apr 21 1988Min. configuration to support 2 gbytes virtual memory
301.03JENEVR::SILVAThu Apr 21 1988VM machine sharing memory with another VM machine?
302.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Apr 22 1988Unix requested inside SNA heirarchy
303.03DEBIT::STEINERSat Apr 23 1988VAX to DB2 Field Test Sites Wanted
304.02KYOA::MAYERMon Apr 25 1988Dx11 upgrade!!help please!!!!
305.043D::COULTERTue Apr 26 1988IBM's GDDN graphic format ... ?
306.03GLORY::LAIMon May 02 1988IBM PLI/IMS --> VAX PLI/DBMS or Rdb info need
307.0KACIE::DEUFELWed May 04 1988A New Silverlake Conference
308.016TRNTue May 10 1988new duplicate mframes against cluster
309.03ROMSun May 15 1988PC to Mainframe... cost??
310.06TRCTWed May 18 1988IBM development on VAX
311.020CTOAVX::RHARRISWed May 18 1988EBCDIC to ASCII conversion question
312.02SNO78C::BELAKHOVTue May 24 1988VAX to IBM conversion ???
313.02KYOA::SACHSWed May 25 1988IBMcluster (inventing the wheel, IBM style)
314.01VNADC::GOTTFRIEDThu May 26 1988SNA under X.25/HDLC to NPSI...clear my troubles
315.06MEO78B::MANTUANOFri May 27 1988IBM 525
316.03KYOA::SACHSSun May 29 1988"We just can't kill the beast!"
318.09ROMThu Jun 02 1988Infiltrating IBM's culture.
319.03KACIE::HENKELFri Jun 03 1988IBM vs VAXclusters
320.03MERIDN::JUDDSat Jun 04 1988937
321.03ROMMon Jun 06 1988IBM about the S/37
322.01ROMMon Jun 06 1988amdahl 62
323.09TPOVFri Jun 10 1988MVS/SP 1
324.019BMT::MENDESFri Jun 10 1988VAX as an IBM Development Platform?
325.0ROMMon Jun 13 1988about IBM, S.lake, market, strategy, SAA etc.
326.03MLNCBS::RECALCATIWed Jun 15 1988<Benchmark RAMP -C >
327.01AUNTB::VETTERWed Jun 15 1988E-net vs. Token Ring
329.0SMAUG::MURALIFri Jun 17 1988Area fill capability of 3192G?
330.04MLNTSC::RECALCATIMon Jun 20 1988<3
331.02SMAUG::BRADLEYWed Jun 22 1988IBM announces SILVERLAKE (AS/4
332.02ROMWed Jun 22 1988VF for DB2, perf. boost?
334.05HYEND::CCLEGGThu Jun 23 1988IBM's future impact on DEC
335.05ZPOVFri Jun 24 1988Choice of DB for IBM vs VAX
336.010SUBURB::WILSONFri Jun 24 1988PROFS / ALL-IN-1
337.0ROMSat Jun 25 1988IBM lowers sw prices on 937
338.02USATTue Jun 28 1988... yet another IBM reorganization.
341.05EIGER::GUTZWILLERTue Jul 05 1988VAX/IBM dist. db & transaction integrity
342.011COGMK::SILVAWed Jul 06 1988132 column mode for 327
343.0KBOMFG::POSTThu Jul 07 1988DISK contamination
345.07TPOVFri Jul 08 1988Weakness of MVS/SP ? HELP!!
346.04LAIDBK::LEWMon Jul 11 1988SNI and 3179 terminal support?
347.06MEO78B::BARRONFri Jul 15 1988937
348.01DR::BLINNFri Jul 15 1988Tom Henkel (HPS Mktg) analysis of AS/4
349.0DUBMon Jul 18 1988Network Management
350.05TPOVThu Jul 21 1988Single computing resource for 3
351.01GRANMA::SSTUARTMon Jul 25 1988Need Reference Sites
352.08NANOOK::KENNEDYMon Jul 25 1988327
353.06MDRADV::ILDETue Jul 26 1988CICS agent from VMS
354.05USATTue Aug 02 1988IBM 3
355.03ODIXIE::NUHFERTue Aug 02 1988IMS conversion to VAX's
356.02ROMWed Aug 03 1988DEC's netwrk mgmt beats IBM's!
358.05KYOA::SACHSFri Aug 05 1988"Where have all the 43XXs gone!"
359.04COGMK::SILVATue Aug 09 1988Keyboard locking under CICS?
361.03MERIDN::ZINCAVAGEThu Aug 11 1988IBM PL/I to VAX PL/I - help!
362.04KYOA::SACHSTue Aug 16 1988Where did the 4381 S go?
363.02SKYWAY::RUEFFWed Aug 17 1988Shadowed Disks on IBM (Disk Autodiagnostics) ?
364.0CGOSThu Aug 18 1988IBM OS/2 DATABASE MGR
365.02LEPTON::HEWITTThu Aug 18 1988Channel-to-channel connection to TPF
367.05BRDWLK::SANDERSThu Aug 25 1988VAX to 937
368.010MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Aug 26 1988UNIX on AS/4
369.01MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDWed Aug 31 1988RJE documentation?
370.02BRDWLK::LINCOLNWed Aug 31 1988VAX "Production Environment"?
371.0KBOMFG::POSTThu Sep 01 1988IBM warns K drive users
372.0FIZBIN::MARIThu Sep 01 1988vaxlink conference
373.07BMT::BAUMGARTNERFri Sep 02 1988MUMPS/937
374.06KYOA::SACHSSun Sep 04 1988VAX vs. 937
375.02USATTue Sep 06 1988NEW Large Account Strategy?
376.02FRAMBO::BLANKENBERGTue Sep 06 1988DTF FT-Completion Notification/Action
377.03KYOA::SACHSThu Sep 08 1988Still can't kill the 937
378.0DELNI::MCGREGORThu Sep 08 1988IBM Interconnect Interactive Access Products Update
379.02NZOVThu Sep 08 1988ANET IBM Comms Product ??
380.01ROMThu Sep 15 1988IBM commercial IO chars?
381.03ODIXIE::JPIERCEThu Sep 15 1988327
382.04KYOA::SACHSThu Sep 22 1988937
383.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDThu Sep 22 1988Migration to AS/4
384.04NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VIMon Sep 26 1988PC binary file transfer to VM/SP
385.04BIOMIC::KLINETue Sep 27 1988Applic'n Transfer Tech Service ???
386.01COGMK::SILVATue Sep 27 1988327
387.06TAVIS::JONATHANWed Oct 05 1988CICS/VM status & VM trans.processing
388.01SDOGUS::SCALESWed Oct 05 1988VAX driving 389
389.0KBOMFG::POSTThu Oct 06 1988AS4
390.0BROKE::GILPATRICKWed Oct 12 1988SAS vs IBM C Compiler for mainframe?
391.02CSCMA::PLAISTEDThu Oct 13 1988AS/4
392.01TLE::MSMITHThu Oct 20 1988irds
393.0KYOA::SACHSWed Oct 26 1988SNAKE pricing hidden under rocks...
394.01KYOA::SACHSWed Oct 26 1988Gimme that old time religion
395.03WAV14::SOHNFri Oct 28 1988VT1xx/2xx emulation for 3191 on IBM systems?
396.09COGMK::ZEMONThu Nov 03 1988Displaywriter Conversion
397.06KYOA::SACHSWed Nov 09 1988A little fun for a change
398.092CSCMA::PLAISTEDMon Nov 14 1988AS/4
399.0DEMOAX::HAYESWed Nov 23 1988IBM Customers Sing Out!
400.02TROAMon Nov 28 1988Network Printing
401.03GRANPA::CHMARTINTue Nov 29 1988s/37
402.01RLAV::CLEARYWed Nov 30 1988Alan Alda buys a Toshiba lap top.
403.04EIGER::GUTZWILLERFri Dec 02 1988APPC/LU6.2 Server implementation issues
404.0233834::DAVISSTTue Dec 06 1988UCC1 info
406.03UBEAUT::HOPESun Dec 11 1988IGES translator
407.03DPDMAI::MASONMMon Dec 12 1988System 38 migration
408.02DPDMAI::MASONMTue Dec 13 1988System 38 to AS/4
409.03ATSE::URBANWed Dec 14 1988327
410.0OSLThu Dec 15 1988MSA connection?
411.06POBOX::LANGSTONMon Dec 19 1988Cost Justification Needed
412.01COGMK::SILVAWed Dec 21 1988PA1 in 327
413.03ROMThu Dec 22 1988Cost of Ownership, more info?
414.05ROMFri Dec 23 1988IBM's FS (it's history) by GG
415.04TRCAWed Dec 28 1988AS/4
416.07TROAFri Jan 06 1989BSC protocols over Ethernet
417.06MERIDN::JUDDWed Jan 11 1989PC's, RT's, and APPC
418.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 13 1989DEC/IBM product support
419.02MTA::GREENZANGWed Jan 18 1989132 columns on a PC screen
420.03MAPROP::BARKERThu Jan 19 198943XX - AS/4
421.014CANYON::KERRTue Jan 31 1989S/36=>VAX/AS4
422.010TROATue Jan 31 1989937
423.01DEMOAX::HAYESTue Jan 31 1989How to Access the Demo IBM VMS/VM System?
424.02DPDMAI::BERNALThu Feb 02 1989TSO mail?
425.0CSOA1::MARESTue Feb 07 1989Image Program Details
426.0KYOA::SACHSWed Feb 08 1989Poem about Big Bleu!
427.01WIBBIN::NOYCESat Feb 11 19894381/9
428.03HGOVC::HAUKWOKKEUNGMon Feb 20 1989AS4
429.03KETJE::DIERICKMon Feb 20 1989IBM Manufacturing
430.03WLW::ROARKWed Feb 22 1989VT??? emulator on IBM
431.0MLNCSC::RECALCATIThu Feb 23 1989<TP monitor and AS4
432.0TAVIS::JONATHANWed Mar 01 1989ACF/VTAM for VSE
434.04POBOX::BAYLESSWed Mar 08 1989RFP Help needed PROFS vs ALL-IN-1
435.03TROAFri Mar 10 1989VAX PACKED DECIMAL--> IBM?
436.0ROMSat Mar 11 1989DEC & IBM disks, ECC, density etc.
437.02USPBM1::HAUCKMon Mar 13 1989Sales and Marketing Strategy
438.06TAVIS::JONATHANWed Mar 15 1989S/38 to VAX sneakernet??
439.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Mar 15 1989Software Ireland?
440.01ROMSun Mar 19 1989Official IBM 937
441.07ZPOVWed Mar 22 1989DEC tapes readable by IBM?
442.03IJSAPL::VDDOELENThu Mar 30 1989template program ?
443.0SDOGUS::DRAKEThu Apr 06 1989TERMTABLE for IBM
444.02PAULUS::KAMINSKIWed Apr 12 1989IBM 615
445.02VNABRW::SCHNEIDER_GThu Apr 13 1989ITT 921
446.06PARVAX::LASSITERThu Apr 13 1989Batch to Interactive?
447.05CANYON::KERRFri Apr 14 1989Model 24
448.06DPDMAI::MASONMWed Apr 26 1989Datacom/DB
449.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Apr 27 1989All Hands on Deck Strike Force - Volunteers Needed!!
450.02EAGLE1::BRUNNERMon May 01 1989Wanted: 3
451.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed May 03 1989IMS "Hot Key"?
452.02SNOCFri May 05 1989SAA: SALES KNOCKOFFS?
453.01MUSKIE::HAAGFri May 05 1989?'s/Ideas on IBMs MVS TCP/IP
454.02HERON::WENGERMon May 08 1989DISOSS/SNADS clarification needed
455.01VNABRW::SCHNEIDER_GTue May 09 1989AS/4
456.0HILLST::KAISERSun May 14 1989IBM: high-end UNIX
460.0MLNCSC::RECALCATIWed May 24 1989<I'd need both>
462.0ROMWed May 24 1989IBM &DEC economic obsolescence of equipment
463.02ROMSat May 27 1989MIPS to Gbytes ratio
464.05CANYON::KERRWed May 31 1989CMS vs Panvalet
465.03HESIRI::HAAGThu Jun 01 1989AS/4
466.0STIKNY::GUENTHERFri Jun 02 1989IBM printing facilities...
467.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOTue Jun 06 1989525
468.0MRC::PERSKYThu Jun 08 1989DLI question
469.05GLORY::RAOTue Jun 13 1989IBM's Largest (US) Customers
470.02ROMTue Jun 20 1989IBM's bad attitudes.....
471.07QUILL::SAWYERTue Jun 20 1989Server Language
472.08CURIE::ANKERThu Jun 22 1989What is the primary development language for the AS/4
473.02ROMFri Jun 23 19893
474.04STAR::ROBERTTue Jun 27 1989AS4
475.05RTPSWS::BRILEYWed Jun 28 1989DEC/IBM Standard Tape Format
476.0ROMThu Jun 29 1989xephon IBM Futures conference
477.01ZGOMTue Jul 04 1989Pause when first time DIR - despite using FASTDISK
478.03GIAMEM::GOODNISSWed Jul 12 1989Query
479.04ROMThu Jul 13 1989dos to MVS conversion... cheap?
480.02MANUEL::MATTHEWSMon Jul 17 1989APPC/LU6.2 Alternatives ?
481.0ROMWed Jul 19 1989IBM, a dud? (from vtx news)
482.0DASEIN::BAUMANWed Jul 19 1989IBM I/O Intensity
484.0MEO78B::HUGHESTFri Jul 21 1989VMS vs OS/2 comparison wanted
485.05MAIL::LUCIDOMon Jul 24 1989IBM's STAIRS
486.0GERBIL::JAFFEMon Jul 24 1989RPG II to Ultrix Conversion tool Comming Soon
487.028POGY::HAYESMon Jul 24 1989Questions on IBM's Internal MIS/DP/IS Activities
488.01ROMWed Jul 26 1989new IBM 348
489.02ROMThu Jul 27 1989IBM's "file Striping"
490.0ROMThu Jul 27 1989IBM's DISKs O.S. CPU POWER WEIGht & SPACE
491.01ROMThu Jul 27 1989IBM, major changes
492.02WAV12::SLATTERYMon Jul 31 1989Experience with ASCI's products
493.02HPSCAD::MAYERWed Aug 02 1989SAA unmasked
494.02ROMFri Aug 04 1989AS/4
495.023CLARID::INSTQUALTue Aug 08 1989IBM Software Update Strategy.
496.016CLARID::INSTQUALTue Aug 08 1989IBM and pre-loaded software ???
497.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Aug 09 1989New course: UNDERSTANDING IBM
498.0CIMNET::MASSEYTue Aug 15 1989IBM's DAE Manufacturing Strategy
499.02KYOA::KOCHThu Aug 17 1989Some help on what these products do, please...
500.0USATThu Aug 17 1989IBM announces agreements in network mgmnt area
501.0LISVAX::MONTEZFri Aug 25 1989The New IBM
502.01BRICHS::BIRCHFri Aug 25 1989Volume shadowing for 937
503.0SHIPS::GEARY_CWed Aug 30 1989IBM printers on the Ethernet?
504.0CLARID::HODSMANThu Aug 31 1989Netview featurers
505.02YUPPY::COLEMANThu Sep 07 1989AMDAHL processors
506.02TROAThu Sep 07 1989SAA/CPIC over LU6.2
507.01MUDIS3::YOUNGFri Sep 08 1989DEA - A new architecture ????
508.02SUOIS3::WALKERFri Sep 08 1989IBM82
509.02SREE::RAJATue Sep 12 1989How NCP or VTAM recognize PU 2.
510.0CHEESE::KAISERWed Sep 13 1989Amazing where IBM can run that MVS/ESA!
511.01TAVIS::YEHUDA_AMon Sep 18 1989Large DB2 installations ?
512.019SUBWAY::DILLARDWed Sep 20 1989IBM now has Clusters???
513.01CURIE::URBANThu Sep 21 1989Help troubleshooting an RT?
514.04MQOAThu Sep 21 1989E-mail questions in IBM world
515.04SWSCHZ::EZZELLFri Sep 22 1989IBM capacity planning
516.0FRAMBO::KUREKTue Sep 26 1989IBM in Banking
517.07HESIRI::HAAGTue Sep 26 1989When TR is better than Enet?
518.02WELMT2::MOLLOYWed Sep 27 1989615
519.03DECWET::MORRISFri Sep 29 1989IBM boot/reboot
520.07SUBWAY::DILLARDWed Oct 04 1989What do you think/know about MVS/ESA???
521.02RT95::NICHOLSWed Oct 04 1989Help on HLLAPI
522.05SNOCThu Oct 12 1989DOS/VSE, BTAM, 278
523.0ROMFri Oct 13 1989Interesting about IBM status
524.01TAVSat Oct 14 1989ESDI disk HELP !!!!
525.04ROMTue Oct 17 1989IBM's 34X
526.0STARCH::FALCONETue Oct 17 1989IBM & DEC Computing @ CERN
527.03YUPPY::COLEMANTue Oct 17 1989Can 3
528.0AUNTB::HACKNEYFri Oct 20 1989IBM 468
529.03KYOA::SACHSSat Oct 21 1989Is Deja-Vu happening again?
530.0STARCH::FALCONESat Oct 28 198919mm Tape & StorageTek ATL Futures
531.0ROMSun Oct 29 1989NEW 3
532.02ROMSun Oct 29 1989NEW IBM RISC machines
533.03GVAMon Oct 30 1989IBM S/W Pricing categories
534.02BELFST::DOGGARTWed Nov 01 1989Unix on 3
535.05CGOOWed Nov 01 1989Manpower requirements IBM vs DEC
537.02ROMThu Nov 09 1989IBM's User Exits VS VAX
539.017MINDER::THORNTONDTue Nov 14 1989VM/SP and DECnet/SNA VMS APPC/LU6.2 support
540.03CACHE::BUCHTue Nov 14 1989339
541.09GVAThu Nov 16 1989when my IBM is down...
542.01TRCAThu Nov 16 1989378
543.0ROMFri Nov 17 1989IBM lies to uncle sam.
544.0DEBIT::THOMASMon Nov 20 1989LU6.2 access to DB2
545.02WELMTS::MOLLOYWed Nov 22 1989data from 615
546.05BLGWed Nov 22 1989DDM with AS4
547.04GVAWed Nov 22 1989when I sell my IBM...
548.02ROMMon Nov 27 1989managing netview from EMA
549.04HERON::RUMEAUMon Nov 27 1989video interface required
551.03DUBWed Nov 29 1989937
552.0FRAMBO::BLANKENBERGTue Dec 12 1989simple file transfer VMS <--> 81
553.04VMSDEV::MARCONISTue Dec 12 1989Omegamon???
554.02SNOFS1::ROSSITERThu Dec 14 1989IBM 3745 environmental
555.01PHLACT::QUINNFri Dec 15 1989ORACLE/VMS a CMP on JAN 1?
556.0ROMFri Dec 15 1989IBM sells as/4
557.0ROMFri Dec 15 1989Forrester about IBM (from CIS)
558.0ROMTue Dec 19 1989HAndbook of IBM terminology (Xephon)
559.07ROMThu Dec 21 1989MVS/VMS i/o path length.
560.0SNOFS1::ROSSITERWed Dec 27 1989Info Appreciated
561.03ROMTue Jan 09 1990latest IBM news
562.08WILARD::KEHOEThu Jan 11 1990Blue CIO needs assurance
563.0UBU2::FONTAINETue Jan 16 1990CXM
564.0MANUEL::MATTHEWSWed Jan 17 1990Reverse LAT to IBM 37
565.02LAPUZZ::GORMANThu Jan 18 1990Knowledge Processor???
566.03GLDOA::RSMITHFri Jan 19 1990DXT/D1 info?
567.06ROMTue Jan 23 1990latest RIO news
568.0ROMFri Jan 26 1990IBM marketing strategy
569.0JAWJA::GRESHSat Jan 27 1990IBM, Siemens Team on 64-Megabit Chip
570.04GALLOP::MACLUREATue Jan 30 1990CICS development on VAX
571.0FRAMBO::LIEBERMANTue Jan 30 1990IBM Trading Systems, GTSA
572.0NAC::ALBRIGHTWed Jan 31 1990Announcing CXM
573.05QUICKP::KEHOEFri Feb 02 1990IBM 38
574.03MSDSWS::WADESat Feb 03 1990Report Distribution Software???
575.07GLDOA::CAMPBELLThu Feb 08 19903174/Token X-fer Speed?
576.011TROAThu Feb 15 1990SYSTEM/36 <==> VAX connectivity
579.02GPSDCC::BROWNThu Feb 22 1990AIX/37
580.01HAM::SCHUKAIThu Feb 22 1990DAE Information Needed
581.05WARNUT::BRYANFri Feb 23 1990as4
582.02ROMWed Feb 28 1990How much is a Biiiig 3745 these days??
583.03KYOA::SACHSWed Mar 07 1990IBM VS COBOL II hiccups...
584.0KYOA::SACHSWed Mar 07 1990Whoops...IBM early retirement backfires!!!
585.02CSTEAM::STEINHARDTWed Mar 07 1990Customer Objections
586.02CAADC::TRAINTSUCHIYFri Mar 09 19903271 Broadcast support?
587.02ODIXIE::CARNELLMon Mar 12 1990IBM Outsourcing and H. Ross Perot
588.04CSOA1::WILKINSTue Mar 13 1990SQL/DS to Rdb conversion?
589.01THEWAV::LEWMon Apr 02 1990Software Services Description?
590.02MAIL::ANDERSONBWed Apr 04 1990IBM's Application System Software
591.03ROMThu Apr 05 1990SAA & AIX
592.02ROMSat Apr 07 1990help reference!
593.0136578::SLATTERYMon Apr 09 1990S/88
594.0GYPSC::ADAEThu Apr 12 1990Porting a DPPX-X.25-programm to VAX environment
595.03DSTEG::DRAGONMon Apr 16 1990Need Help on PROFS Mail
596.03CHOWDA::DYERFri Apr 20 1990competitive info on AIX??
597.04AIAG::KAMESHFri Apr 20 1990What is Copy Screen?
598.01CGOAWed Apr 25 1990Info Manager???
600.06GLORY::BEICHMANWed Apr 25 1990Doc comparing IBM MVS and VMS sys management
601.0VIRGO::MATTINGLYFri Apr 27 1990Product comparison chart?
602.011SANFAN::YOUNG_MISat Apr 28 1990327
603.01ODIXIE::PIPERTue May 01 1990xedit clones?
604.07THEWAV::HALL_EATue May 01 1990Login to VAX from IBM?
605.04VFOVAX::TYSONWed May 02 1990Reverse Vida Product?
606.02SUOSW3::BOCKThu May 10 1990?? LU6.1 experience ??
607.01LYOIS1::DELECROIXWed May 16 1990competitive studies on the network
608.04CSCMA::PLAISTEDFri May 18 1990History of IBM midrange (AS/4
609.01ROMFri May 25 1990IBM's way of doing it...
610.05GLORY::KATZTue May 29 1990Profs to Ultrix
611.01CGOAThu May 31 1990MVS/ESA compatibility?
613.013CSOA1::WILKINSWed Jun 20 1990disk and I/O questions
614.0ROMSun Jun 24 1990199
615.05CLO::MARESMon Jun 25 1990What PostScript support is available?
616.02TPOVC::BARRYCHANGTue Jun 26 1990s/w develop on vax for IBM
617.03RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIMon Jul 02 1990Tracks vs. Megabytes (blocks)
618.0TPSWS1::ALLENPENGWed Jul 11 1990IBM 4381-921 benchmark result?
619.02CLO::MARESTue Jul 17 1990Does CICS support 'hot key'?
620.01WAV13::COWGERFri Jul 20 1990EIS Development Team Needed
621.01NOATAK::WATERHOUSEThu Jul 26 199081
622.01MINDER::THORNTONDFri Jul 27 1990327
623.01MINDER::THORNTONDFri Jul 27 1990DECstation to DB2 access using VIDA?
625.02FLATTP::SLOUGH_DEMon Jul 30 1990Heard of these; EMC2 Office? Fischer Innis?
626.0VMSDEV::BREUNIGWed Aug 01 1990199
627.02ODIXIE::DWILSONWed Aug 01 1990IBM3
629.05NZOVFri Aug 10 1990VT emulator?
630.02OLYMPC::GORDONWed Aug 15 1990Interface to NetView?
631.01NOVA::NEEDLEMANTue Aug 28 1990DB documentation request
632.0CSOA1::MOULDERTue Aug 28 1990POMS / DAE
633.06ROMWed Aug 29 1990IBM's 9
634.01CACHE::BUCHTue Sep 04 1990IBM caching controllers
635.03NSSG::CROSSWed Sep 05 1990Genesis?
636.03SLOVAX::NEWMANWed Sep 05 1990IBM 38
637.01COPCLU::KAMLAFri Sep 07 1990VM/CMS, FORTRAN, ISPF conversion
638.03USRCV1::LEFFLERMFri Sep 07 1990AS4
639.03BARYON::POON_MMon Sep 10 1990Tool/Help to Convert JCL to DCL
640.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDFri Sep 14 1990Attitudes/perceptions/reality - HUMOR
641.03OGWV5Mon Sep 17 1990S/88 connection ?
642.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Sep 19 1990SDMlink?
643.02JOCKEY::MACLUREAFri Sep 21 1990327
644.02TRCAFri Sep 21 1990DB2 conversion?
645.02OSLMon Sep 24 1990What has happend to AS4
646.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Sep 24 1990RJE version 1.4 in a cluster. SUBMIT/SNA
647.04HAAG::HAAGMon Sep 24 1990Anything new? 327
648.03IGNATZ::JUDDSat Sep 29 1990IBM lags in CPU performance
649.05BELFST::COWANThu Oct 11 1990IBM 4381 with 348
650.0ASDS::WARDFri Oct 12 1990Yankee Group on IBM "clustering"
651.0ROMWed Oct 17 1990IBM business, down (in real terms)
652.01ROMSun Oct 21 1990MVS/SP4, still volume locking?
653.02SUBWAY::MISRAWed Oct 24 1990AS/4
654.03MABUZZ::BUZZERDFri Nov 16 1990Anyone know what DCF/GMC is?
655.05CIVAGE::ANILSat Nov 17 19903
656.011BOSTON::MITCHELLMon Nov 26 1990 IBM File woes
658.02ALOSWS::LICHORATFri Nov 30 1990CETI - anybody heard of it?
659.01BRAT::RUTZENWed Dec 05 1990IBM Sales/Support Training
660.01ROMWed Dec 05 1990IBM 47
661.02HAMPS::JORDANFri Dec 14 1990IBM and VAX - Integrated Applications
662.0BOHEME::MARTINELLITue Dec 18 19904381 products equivalents
663.01BIS3::GILLISWed Dec 19 1990IBM 552
664.0OGWV5Wed Dec 19 1990'STX' of Regent Software Corp.???
665.02FULMER::ADAMSFri Dec 21 1990VAX tape to IBM transfer help needed
666.02GLDOA::STALLMANWed Jan 02 1991CPIC Interface?
667.01TROAThu Jan 10 1991IBM 468
668.01TROPPO::WARDTue Jan 15 1991PC 327
669.03USHS1Tue Jan 15 1991Can we use an SNA backbone? DECnet over SNA?
670.03NEGD::TRIBEFri Jan 18 1991329
671.03DENVER::BOYLESTue Jan 22 1991What is IPI-3 & CD-1?
672.01TEGAN::GUYTONMon Jan 28 1991Power of a 3
673.010USRCV1::TSOISWed Jan 30 1991some IBM questions from a beginner
674.0BIOMIC::SPRINGALLMon Feb 04 1991VSAM documentation
675.01KETJE::VANGRIEKENMon Feb 04 1991Image+ on IBM?
676.02MQOATue Feb 05 1991Security in CICS ???
677.0MR4DEC::MANNThu Feb 07 1991'rumor' on CICS on FT RS-6
678.01NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Feb 07 1991AS/4
680.0CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Feb 20 1991S/36 To UNIX VAXination Service?
681.05CHEFS::COLEMANMWed Feb 20 1991Help with S/36
682.02DPDMAI::PAYETTEWed Feb 20 1991VAX4
683.05GEMVAX::HICKSCOURANTFri Feb 22 1991IBM Session within a Window?!?!
684.05ROCKT::JOBFri Feb 22 1991IBM 342
685.03YUPPY::HOWGTue Feb 26 1991PROFS Migration
686.01PANIC::HOAREFri Mar 01 1991MADGE MAUs ?
687.02CSCMA::PLAISTEDThu Mar 07 1991TE: HCF->AS/4
688.0GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Mar 22 1991R6
689.02TKTVFS::OKUMURAMon Mar 25 1991I need RS-6
690.02POPJ1::PRAETORIUSMon Mar 25 1991Patriot Partners
691.01CSC32::COMULADAMon Mar 25 1991IBM tapes to VAX tapes
692.02QUIPU::KULVETEMon Apr 01 1991rdb & as4
693.01QUICKP::KEHOEWed Apr 03 1991MVS emulator under VAX/VMS?
694.0BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Apr 17 1991Information Economics?
695.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Apr 17 1991Emulator exists?
696.0ALOSWS::MONTANOWed Apr 17 1991IBM Advanced Function Printing (AFP) ???
697.03RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Apr 17 1991LU6.2 over TCP/IP???
698.06RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Apr 17 1991IBM's common UI ARCHITECTURE??? on 327
699.02CGOAThu May 02 19914381/937
700.0CSC32::COMULADAThu May 16 1991Help with ascii to ebcdic
701.0ROMMon May 20 1991IBM es/9
702.01CSC32::COMULADATue May 28 1991Xmit from IBM to VAX
703.0COLWed May 29 1991Reference for 3172 & Ethernet
704.04RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIWed May 29 1991New Face for 327
705.04MERIDN::ALLENFri May 31 1991EBCDIC<->ASCII Conversion Utility?
706.08RIPPLE::ERICKSODAWed Jun 05 1991BAL on a VAX?
707.04DECALP::REESFri Jun 07 1991XRF anyone?
708.01KYOA::BAUMANFri Jun 07 1991JES2 3.1.3 Kills MR/Proffs Gateway HELP
709.0TRCOMon Jun 10 1991Update for TCP/IP on MVS/XA required.
710.01TYGON::WILDEMon Jun 17 1991need 278
711.0MSAMWed Jul 03 1991Oracle/IBM vs. Oracle/VAX.
712.02WDFRT1::JALOPY::ZAMMITWed Jul 10 1991vt1
713.01PNDSCM::MORSEMon Jul 15 1991Logistics Solutions on IBM?
714.04EPS::JENKINSWed Jul 17 1991Installed Base of MVS & VSE MAchines
716.0SUBWAY::BRIGGSMon Jul 22 1991AS/4
717.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Jul 26 1991Access a IBM multi-volume labeled tape from FORTRAN
718.02CAPITN::SERKSNIS_KATue Jul 30 1991378
719.0TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 06 1991VAX vs AS4
720.0WELHEX::BLACKWed Aug 07 1991PIXNET Interface?
721.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Aug 09 1991IBM 977
722.0ROMTue Aug 13 1991IBM: OSF,AIX,RS6
723.01PRESS1::SPERLINGTue Aug 20 1991IBM vs DEC Personnel Requirements
724.01IJSAPL::TIWONWed Aug 21 1991OPC/A to VAX product
725.0MAIL::ANDERSONBTue Aug 27 1991Does MF to AS/4
726.0ENTIAT::GORDONTue Aug 27 1991Product Manager
727.01HGOVC::GILBERTYIPWed Aug 28 1991Can RJE emulate 3776 workstation?
728.02KYOA::SARIAHMEDSun Sep 08 1991AHMDAL, how do I fight them?!
729.05WARNUT::BIDDULPHMWed Sep 11 1991IBM Printers on VAX?
730.01BRSSWS::DEWILDEThu Sep 12 1991TPF and LU6.2 now?
731.01CSCMA::PLAISTEDTue Sep 24 1991AS/4
732.0GRANPA::BSPECTORTue Sep 24 1991IBM ESCON and DEC Interconnectivity
733.0BIGRED::DGOBLEThu Sep 26 1991DTF Thruput over a CT
734.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Oct 02 1991System/88 PU2 or PU4/5?
735.011ENTIAT::GORDONWed Oct 02 1991Product Manager & Application Service Mgr - Info needed ASAP
736.02TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 03 1991RS/Magazine
737.0NYTP22::NAEGELYFri Oct 04 1991October 17th Announcement
738.0UTROP1::BOOMSMA_WTue Oct 08 1991backup an IBM 88 to VAX tape
739.05GLDOA::CAMPBELLWed Oct 09 1991IBM/partitions < or = DEC/??????
740.05VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu Oct 24 1991Gartner Group: 1 VUP =
741.0FRAMBO::HAIMERLFri Oct 25 1991AS/4
742.0SMAUG::HUGHESWed Oct 30 1991Share info
743.04CHOVAX::GAULMon Nov 04 1991Help with AS/4
744.0ROMFri Nov 15 1991Systemview announcements
745.01SAINT::STCLAIRTue Nov 19 1991Apparent bug in sync driver
746.04SIOG::D_DALYTue Dec 03 1991IBM 3172 Token Ring to SNA gateway.
747.03MINDER::SELBYThu Dec 05 1991OfficeVision to ALL-IN-1 reference sites ?
748.02AEOEN2::ROUXWed Dec 11 1991TPF ?
749.03TAVWed Dec 18 1991MicroVAX-31
750.01SUBWAY::SIEGELFri Dec 20 1991IBM Network Expert The House?
751.02ATLUTX::WALTERSSun Jan 05 1992Connecting to AS/4
752.0ATLUTX::WALTERSSun Jan 05 1992RS/6
753.02FILTON::MARTIN_PFri Jan 10 1992Any IBM 3
754.0ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Jan 13 1992EBCIDC not making all the way to ASCII
755.02BDX64::FOURNIERTue Jan 14 1992crca_ibm
756.01TYFYS::GAVINTue Jan 21 1992Anyone heard of AIMS?
757.04ROMWed Jan 22 1992Mainframes... disappearing...
758.02ROMWed Jan 22 1992Gartner on limitations of CKD disks
759.02FROCKY::BLANKENBERGThu Jan 23 1992DTF vs XCOM 6.2
760.0AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jan 31 1992NetEd-similar software?
761.0MINDER::GOODCHILDLMon Feb 03 1992Large-scale mail merge applications
762.0GRANPA::MCAHILLTue Feb 04 1992IBM 3
763.0ROMWed Feb 12 1992IBM Status FYI
764.03ROMWed Feb 12 1992IBMs 9121,9221 now.
766.01MINDER::GOODCHILDLMon Feb 17 1992DB2 to RDB Experience?
767.0ROMMon Feb 24 1992IBM's status ....
768.05BER::MOENCHMon Feb 24 1992DIR on conference?
769.0RANGER::BRADLEYMon Mar 02 1992ibm disk organization?
770.01RIPPLE::BURNEY_ROMon Mar 09 1992PRofs to Vax mail anyone?
771.02BODRUM::OZILTue Mar 10 1992IBM equipment needed!
772.01SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LATue Mar 10 1992Talking to CICS/VS 327
773.0ROMWed Mar 11 1992IBM's debt, note that DEC=no debt
774.0BODRUM::GUVENERFri Mar 13 1992Positioning of VAX vs. AS/4
775.03GRANPA::BSPECTORThu Mar 19 1992Writing LU6.2 Code Versus NAS
776.01CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Mar 20 1992327
777.0SMAUG::DUDLEYMon Mar 30 1992IBM APPN(+) Announcements
778.0TROOA::POOTSMon Mar 30 1992Sharing Printers: MVS and Pathworks ???
779.01MONSTA::COLLINSTue Apr 14 1992IBM IT architectures
780.02OLDTMR::LALLYTue Apr 14 1992Max # of Logins
781.01STEREO::DAQUILATue Apr 21 1992IBM/Sys 36 "525
782.0NISKY::SHREFFLERTue Apr 21 1992IBM Peer to Peer RPQ and PATHWORKS for DOS
783.0YUPPY::BUJASNWed Apr 22 1992MINERVA???
784.0ASDS::ELLIOTTWed Apr 22 1992IBM AIX System Admin Course
785.0RT95::BERRYThu Apr 23 1992IBM 3
786.02SUBWAY::KERBSTue Apr 28 1992ibm 9121?
787.01NEWVAX::SGRIFFINWed Apr 29 1992Checkpoint/restart?
788.01EISKVP::VANPATTENThu Apr 30 1992Domain Gateway conference?
789.06ROMTue May 12 1992IBM Announcements
790.0BROKE::PLAISTEDThu May 14 1992IBM System/3X Newsletter
791.0BROKE::PLAISTEDThu May 14 1992Interconnection/coexistence (S/3X and AS/4
792.02451Mon May 18 1992MVS JCL to DCL conversion
793.01ZIGLAR::KSTANFORDFri May 22 1992IBM 3
794.03MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon May 25 1992VM/ESA support for DECnet/SNA product family?
795.02ANNECY::KIRKHAMWed May 27 1992AS/4
796.0SMAUG::DUDLEYFri Jun 19 1992Base note for IBM announcements
797.01MINDER::WEBSTERMMon Jun 22 1992Problems with PS/2s and AS/4
798.0CLADA::KOBRIENWed Jun 24 1992Porting to AIX?
799.03SUBWAY::JAUNGThu Jun 25 1992Information about IMSqueue and MFS
800.0SUBWAY::JAUNGThu Jun 25 1992ref. site needed for IBM/VAX/SUN
801.0HYEND::JPORTERMon Jun 29 1992Recent announcement concerning alliance with ??
802.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Jul 01 1992Low end 3174 cluster controllers?
803.0ROMThu Jul 02 1992IBM Customers write in assembler
804.02FILTON::BIRCHTue Jul 07 1992Need toget data from DB2 to Rdb via tape
805.01ZPOVC::QCAVWed Jul 08 1992Availability of CICS and DB2
806.01DECSAD::SCRATCHLEYWed Jul 15 1992Seeking info on printing/PrE
807.0ROMThu Jul 23 1992IBM freezes development except...
808.0ROMFri Jul 24 1992IBM does it (?!)
809.0LUXWed Jul 29 1992Can you provide a solution to this big project ?
810.0ROMWed Jul 29 1992IBM revenues by class, 1991
811.03LISVAX::FOLGADOTue Aug 04 1992tn327
812.01LUXThu Aug 06 1992327
813.0VFOVAX::STOWERSTue Aug 18 1992IBM supports SNA protocols on FDDI?
814.0VFOVAX::STOWERSTue Aug 18 1992MVS TCP/IP experiences?
815.07MAIL::ANDERSONBMon Aug 24 1992Access to IMS on DOS/ESA
816.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Aug 31 1992accessing DB2 on our internal 3
817.02EEMELI::HAARAWed Sep 02 1992Solution for YOU !
819.03DPDMAI::AUTRYFri Sep 04 1992Using VCS on IBM 937
820.0VFOVAX::STOWERSThu Sep 17 1992TCP/IP - IBM mainframe experiences / sites
821.03FILTON::BIRCHMon Sep 21 1992S36 upgrade to AS/4
822.0MXOVTue Sep 29 1992AS/4
823.01IJSAPL::XRX_GERRITTue Oct 06 1992Information/references on A/S ?
824.03ROMTue Oct 06 1992IBM cuts, No strategy
825.0ACESPS::WETTYFri Oct 23 1992Enter KP7 to Add Conference
826.02MTVIEW::SIMONWed Nov 18 1992CICS queuing?
827.02VAXRIO::OCTAVIOFri Nov 20 1992GWY-CT <-->ESCON Channel. Is it possible??
828.0VAXRIO::OCTAVIOTue Dec 01 1992CPU/MEM consumed in a DTF file transfer
829.01TROPPO::WARDFri Dec 04 1992CICS for OSF/1
830.02BTOVT::JPETERSTue Dec 22 1992LU* terminology
831.0ZPOVC::MAL_AQSTue Dec 29 1992VAX to 937
832.01FORTSC::CHABANWed Jan 13 1993327
833.0FIRWed Jan 20 1993Printer protocol XL/24
834.03ACESPS::WETTYMon Feb 01 1993RS/6
835.0HAAG::HAAGTue Mar 02 1993LU4 Anyone?
836.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Mar 08 1993VMS <-> MVS comparison for production systems
837.01BSS::HEWITTThu Mar 18 1993ASCII to IMS transfer?
838.05GENIE::FRIDLEMon Mar 29 1993AFP Printfiles
839.03STROP::LAYLANDFri Apr 02 1993LU6.
840.01NEMAIL::PRABHUMon Apr 12 1993525
841.02ROMWed Apr 21 1993IBM's Q3 details
842.01KETJE::BRH553::VANDENBROECKMon Apr 26 1993Postioning against VAXes
843.06HITIT::KAYIWed Apr 28 1993TCP/IP for VM Question
844.04GLDOA::KATZFri Apr 30 1993LU 6.2 dial up?
845.0WIKI::PAGANOThu May 06 1993FTP or NFS included with TCP/IP for MVS/VM?
846.01ACESPS::WETTYThu May 06 1993IBM considering replacing OS/4
847.0STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANThu May 06 1993Similar product to IOF or SPF 3.8?
848.05LEMAN::MBROWNMon May 17 1993WDSF? Workstation to DF/HSM Access?
849.01SAHQ::TROTTERMon May 17 1993System 2 Mod 95 XP?
850.01NEMAIL::MCDONALDJThu May 27 1993SAA Anyone?
851.02MKOTS1::JREGANWed Jun 09 1993IBM ES9
852.02ATH853::VELONIASThu Jun 10 1993UU: Platform to be connected to S/38 type 5382/ERA
853.01RUTILE::MANNINGTue Jun 15 1993AS4
854.04MEOCWed Jun 23 1993ADABAS Access tools?
855.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu Jun 24 1993Any overheads on MUMPS/VM over a MVS cpu ??
857.0VAXRIO::OCTAVIOFri Jun 25 1993Any overheads (VM and MUMPS) in a MVS machine ??
858.01HGTAI1::LKLEEWed Jul 07 1993Can IBM's RPC work with UCX ?
859.0TKOV51::AOKI_HTue Jul 13 1993Need HIPPI(ANSI) info.!
860.0HITIT::KAYIFri Jul 30 1993What is FFOL?
861.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Aug 13 1993AS/4
863.03GVAMon Sep 20 1993
864.0ROMMon Sep 20 1993END OF ROAD FOR SYSTEM/88
865.01OTOOA::WNOELMon Sep 27 1993DOS/VSE/SP file transfers??
866.0DPDMAI::PAYETTEMon Oct 18 1993327
867.0TLAVTue Nov 02 1993Can I use Reflex with DE2
868.03SLOVAX::NEWMANWed Nov 17 1993MVS Support for Customer ??
869.03COMICS::BEDDALLTue Nov 30 1993Life expectancy of a 338
870.0ACESPS::WETTYWed Dec 08 1993Immediate HELP needed for a customer Proposal
871.0FOOT::MALTBYWed Jan 05 1994Information on ADCS required
872.02EPS::QUINNFri Jan 21 1994Screen-scraping terminal emulation tools
873.02TOOHOT::LEEDSSat Jan 22 1994need more VIS/TP info ...
874.01IJSAPL::ONDERWATERSun Jan 23 1994How compares the IBM 3
875.0GIDDAY::QUODLINGTue Jan 25 1994IBM Options info on the WEB
876.0MARSTue Feb 01 1994GDDM files
877.01MARSTue Feb 01 1994IBM 3816D
878.03TAVIS::ERANWed Feb 02 1994StorageWorks and IBM
879.0HITIT::TASKINWed Feb 02 1994APPN vs TCP/IP
880.0PAPERS::CORNEFri Feb 04 1994WWW pointers to Multivendor information
881.0LYOISA::BOIRINTue Feb 08 1994DL/1 on OSF/1 ?
882.0MARSTue Feb 08 1994VM SECURE vs OSF/1 V2
883.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Mar 02 1994IBM 47
884.0ROMMon Mar 14 1994info about NDM
885.0WARNUT::THOMASAWed Mar 23 1994IBM "Connect" product on AIX ?
886.03AEOENG::MOUTHONThu Mar 24 1994ex
887.05TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DTue Apr 12 1994What was a 377
888.0MEOCThu May 19 1994IBM's `VISUAL AGE'.. is it any good?
889.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 31 1994RZ26 with DEC 486Dx2/66?
890.0ZENDIA::BONINThu Jun 02 1994Need Series/1 photo or drawing
891.04BSS::HEWITTWed Jun 22 1994"Common mode" om RS6
892.01PATE::GEEThu Jun 23 1994Old IBM System 23
893.0USAMTS::SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Jul 15 1994525
894.0KOZY::SARKOZYThu Jul 21 1994SDLC over DSYT1 on DEC OSF/1???
895.0HANNAH::WYNNEThu Jul 21 1994Wanted: Customers who use IBM 3151/IBM 31
896.01BACCUS::KENNELLYThu Aug 11 1994Help for an IBM novice!!
897.02DECLNE::KENNYMon Aug 29 1994as4
898.0PATE::GEEMon Aug 29 1994System 23 with printer $ FREE
899.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Sep 12 1994MVS Apps SAR or WSF2?
900.0SPACE2::HABERLANDTue Sep 27 1994CC-2E IBM equiv ???
901.03BLAKFT::HOLMESWed Oct 12 1994File Transfers to IBM systems
902.01SNOCMon Nov 28 1994Access from IBM to VMS/Rdb
903.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Dec 22 1994RS6
904.03WMOIS::SKOWYRAThu Jan 05 1995ibm to vms files
905.02ATHINA::KARVOUNISFri Jan 13 1995EBCDIC character hex address
906.01EPS::HAZARIKAFri Jan 20 1995Specs on IBM 99
907.01XSTACY::KFITZGERALDWed Jan 25 1995Revision control/configuration management software
908.02TRLIAN::EPSTEINWed Mar 01 1995ACF2 for MVS/IDMS Security
909.02HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Mar 27 1995IBM Float in hex
910.0ROMThu Mar 30 1995Street price of IBM Service Units?
911.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONMon Jul 24 1995278
912.0HERON::KAISERThu Aug 10 1995You're the competition; state your case
913.01SWANDC::MAUTZThu Aug 17 1995Amdahl/FDDI/TCPIP?
914.01NEMAIL::MCDONALDJFri Aug 18 1995HP Conference?
915.01TAVIS::JONATHANMon Sep 04 1995EBCDIC <--> ASCII Conversion Tool
916.01NSICTue Oct 17 1995RPP, some magic index?
917.03GANTRY::BEASLEYTue Oct 31 1995EBCDIC/packed file transfers
918.04STOSS1::KUTZFri Feb 16 1996J3 Jovial on MVS/ESA
919.01WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Feb 20 1996xfer files from vms to ibm
920.01BOHIO::EFGONZALEZTue Mar 12 1996VAX Server module in a IBM 7596 Cross Platform Server
921.0VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Apr 24 1996Accessing CSP using ODBC???
922.01NEMAIL::MCDONALDJWed May 01 1996C Compiler for 3
923.0ROMThu May 09 1996IBM Disaster recovery for mainframes
924.04NEMAIL::MCDONALDJWed May 15 1996exit
925.01MSE1::RAOWed May 29 1996unix
926.01ODIXIE::DWYERRThu May 30 1996Data Replication
927.0BACHUS::DEWILDEFri Aug 02 1996APPC to Anynet for Digital Unix?
928.02SHOGUN::SKOWYRAThu Oct 24 1996blocking factor issues
929.0MANMThu Jan 02 1997config question- VMS thru IBM?
930.0DELNI::OTAThu Jan 16 1997Looking for field test sites for new IBM Product
931.0 *+4EVOCDG::DECBAH::PATROTue Jan 28 1997Tape Conversion !
932.0 *SHOGUN::SKOWYRAWed Feb 05 1997as4
933.0 *+1SHOGUN::SKOWYRAWed Feb 19 1997357
935.0 *SEDSWS::SIAREYWed Apr 02 1997List of IBM RS6
936.0 *+1ANNECY::16.4Mon Apr 21 1997IBM 389
937.0 *ATZIS3::ZEININGERThu Apr 24 1997CA4
938.0 *+3MKTCRV::MANNERINGSFri May 16 1997rpg relink necessary with delta time bug?