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Conference ka680::hc6:[skating]skating

Title:Skating -- it's a moving experience!
Notice:Wheels, blades -- if it moves, skate it!
Created:Tue Nov 01 1988
Last Modified:Wed Feb 15 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:214
Total number of notes:1415
Number with bodies:0
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1.06BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988I'd rather be skating
2.01BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988Reserved for Directory
3.055BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988Who Are You?
4.033PIWACT::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988Ice Skating Rinks
5.025PIWACT::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988Roller Skating Rinks
6.012PIWACT::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988Ice Skating Clubs
7.010HSSWS1::GREGWed Nov 02 1988Street Skating
8.036YODA::COOKWed Nov 02 1988The Official Wheel Topic
9.06AITG::DERAMOFri Nov 04 1988How do you stop?
10.05MARKUP::DEVRIESFri Nov 04 1988Figure Skating Publications
11.09EXIT26::STRATTONFri Nov 04 1988Lessons
12.015BUSY::KLEINBERGERMon Nov 07 1988Use this topic for items for sale
13.07BUSY::KLEINBERGERWed Nov 09 1988Tips for novice and not so novice skaters...
14.019MARKUP::DEVRIESFri Nov 11 1988Where to order / Where to shop
15.03BPOVMon Nov 14 1988need an old pair of skates
16.01BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Nov 18 1988Directions to Ice Rinks
17.05JANUS::BHARRISONMon Nov 28 1988All British Unite :-)
18.012VAXUUM::DEVRIESTue Dec 06 1988Skating on TV
20.03DONVAN::DECAROLISMon Dec 12 1988Now Thats' Good Ice
21.0RATTLE::MACDONALDTue Dec 13 1988The Splendid Skater
22.01SNOCThu Dec 15 1988Panos Panayi - where?
23.0DONVAN::DECAROLISMon Dec 19 1988Speed Skates?
24.011GWYNED::DENNINGThu Dec 29 1988ICE CHIPS - Skating Club of Boston
26.01BUSY::KLEINBERGERSat Dec 31 1988199
27.02BPOVFri Jan 06 1989first skate: how early?
28.013WEDOIT::ORLOWSKIMon Jan 09 1989Looking to buy Ice Skates...
29.02HPSTEK::XIASun Feb 12 1989A few questions from a beginner.
30.017BTO::KNAUER_MWed Feb 15 1989Olympic Bound?
31.011BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Feb 21 1989roller blade help needed
32.05GENRAL::CRANETue Feb 21 1989Costumes--to bead or not to bead???
33.04BTO::KNAUER_MMon Feb 27 1989Info. on Colonial competition?
34.02BTO::KNAUER_MTue Feb 28 1989Ice Skating Camps?
35.0BTO::KNAUER_MWed Mar 01 1989Harness information?
36.01BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Mar 10 1989Ice Humor
37.04BUSY::KLEINBERGERMon Mar 13 1989Torvill and Dean (well, really Dean)
38.02BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Mar 17 1989Some World Updates....
39.0BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Mar 24 1989'89 Tour Olympic and World Figure Skating Champions
40.0FOOZLE::FALKOWSKIMon Mar 27 1989Southern N.H. Club Review
41.04ISTG::KLEINBERGERFri Apr 14 1989Knee Surgery...
42.01BTO::KNAUER_MThu Apr 27 1989Needed: a place to stay in June & August
44.08MARVIN::PRIORWed May 24 1989Future Events at Bracknell
45.03COVERT::COVERTMon May 29 1989Save Street Skating in L.A.!
46.012EXIT26::SAARINENThu Jun 01 1989S K A T E B O A R D I N G
47.01EXIT26::SAARINENThu Jul 06 1989Skateboard Knee Pads
48.05COVERT::COVERTThu Jul 06 1989Skating outlawed in entire town of Lexington, Mass.
49.02NACAD::CIARFELLATue Jul 18 1989Summer ice skating in Massachusetts
50.07RAB::KARDONTue Jul 25 1989Roller-blades indoors?
51.03BTOVT::KNAUER_MFri Jul 28 1989In search of blade sharpening advice
52.05BTOVT::KNAUER_MMon Aug 14 1989Cranberry Open, anyone?
53.01515481::LEONETue Aug 22 1989SKATES VS. BLADES
54.05CSCOA5::ELLIS_STue Sep 26 1989I need new skates! help!
55.03GBMMKT::SCHUSTERThu Oct 05 1989Any singles skating together out there?
56.035--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 24 1989US & Int'l Figure Skating (amateur or pro)
57.0SHIRE::BLATTMANNTue Oct 31 1989Roll Hockey
58.033MARKUP::DEVRIESTue Oct 31 1989How do they judge figure skating, anyway?
59.07MARKUP::DEVRIESTue Oct 31 1989How do roller skating & figure skating compare?
60.0VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Nov 13 1989Lunch-time roller hockey
62.0WMOIS::P_RIVETTSWed Dec 13 1989Swap my ice skates for yours!
63.01FOOZLE::FALKOWSKIFri Dec 22 19891st Nite in Concord NH
64.04NCADC1::PEREZWed Dec 27 1989Advice on what to look for in ice skates
65.019584::HEERMANCEWed Jan 10 1990Skate Repair and Maintenance
66.0SHARE::MELOMon Jan 15 1990K & K Precision Skate Sharpening
67.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 17 1990ROLLER RINK HELP/ADVISE NEEDED
68.046317::ADAVISThu Jan 18 1990Roller skate shop (where to find?)
69.026936::FALKOWSKIFri Jan 26 1990ice skating show..Mar 3
70.015468::JENN_HANSENTue Feb 06 1990Info on Pro Shops needed!
71.053Fri Feb 09 1990mail-order in Europe?
72.0451336::AXELSSONWed Feb 14 1990Roller Blades from Minnesota?
73.0215461::KHERFri Feb 16 1990HELP! RollerBlade sizes
75.0517736::KNAUER_MTue Feb 27 1990Success at Little New Englands and a question about scoring.
76.01MARKUP::DEVRIESWed Feb 28 1990Coming events in ice skating
77.056434::SITLERWed Feb 28 1990request for tapes of skating programs
78.06317::ADAVISTue Mar 06 1990Roller skates and free boots
79.0STAR::GEBURAThu Mar 22 1990Lunch time ice skating/Nashua
80.06ICESK8::KLEINBERGERTue Apr 03 1990World Of Champions in Boston area?
82.06POWDML::ROBBINSFri Jul 27 1990rollerblades
83.02BSS::MCMILLANFri Jul 27 1990Ice Rink near Bedford?
84.06POWDML::OCG_TEMPMon Sep 17 1990Speed skating
85.04CAESAR::JENNINGSFri Nov 02 1990Sharpening
86.0AIADM::COMELLATue Nov 06 1990Katerina Witt in "Carmen on Ice"???
87.0CAESAR::JENNINGSTue Nov 06 1990Tai and Randy's movie 11/5
88.0VMSDEV::CLABORNTue Nov 27 1990Sat. night stick time... sign up now!
89.0STAR::CRITZTue Nov 27 1990A tape of Skate Canada?
90.0EPSYS::DEVRIESWed Nov 28 1990conferences on noting standards
91.0PAXVAX::HASBROUCKWed Dec 05 1990Skating Rinks Operated By MDC
92.02CUJO::LARSONTue Feb 05 1991Where to skate in Marlborough
93.019--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 18 19911991 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
94.07DECWET::DADDAMIOMon Feb 18 1991Steroid Use
96.016EPSYS::DEVRIESWed Feb 20 1991Competitive roller skating
97.05EPSYS::DEVRIESThu Feb 21 1991World figure skating chatter ...
98.0CSSE64::POWELLMon Feb 25 1991Pair MENS & WOMENS Roller Skates wanted
99.013DECWET::DADDAMIOWed Mar 13 19911991 World Championships
101.03COVERT::COVERTTue Sep 12 1989Skate loops: Touring Boston on wheels
102.01DELNI::GILLIAMMon May 13 1991"ICE CRYSTALS" show in Boxborough 5/17-19
103.02SAHQ::LUBERFri May 24 1991Help a Broke Parent Buy Roller Skates
104.02LEZAH::SCANLONWed Jun 05 1991How do _you_ keep your knees from knocking?!?
105.0ELMST::MWILSONMon Jun 24 1991Roller Skating Clubs?
107.02MCIS1::DESILETSTue Jul 02 1991Mens skating pants
108.03WONDER::NIKELMon Jul 08 1991New England Regional Rollerskating Championships
109.04GOLF::MUTTITue Jul 09 1991Lake Placid Competition
110.02EPS::DEVRIESMon Jul 15 1991Summer Skate: everyone together on inline skates
111.0GOLF::MUTTIFri Aug 02 1991Lake Placid Competition
112.0HANNAH::DEVRIESWed Aug 14 1991news from the (co)founder: Gale K. => Gale Boddy!
116.0POWDML::DESILETSWed Nov 13 1991Skate America 1991
117.044HANNAH::DEVRIESWed Nov 27 1991Figure skating - the 91-92 season
118.06QETOO::FALKOWSKITue Dec 10 1991How do you "cut" music?
119.0CUPMK::SMURPHYTue Dec 17 1991Easy Ice Skating Book 4-sale
120.016VMSDEV::LAMMThu Feb 13 1992Potential Skater Seeks Advice
121.02JARETH::GEBURAMon Mar 16 1992Skating Club for Nashua Area
123.0MPGS::DAROCHAThu Apr 09 1992North East Pre-Regional Rollerskating
124.02LEMAN::SIMMONSMon Apr 13 1992Curious about history of in-line skates
126.02BNCHMK::MUNROETue Apr 14 1992Looking for the name of a piece of music
127.04SOLVIT::RYANFri Apr 24 1992Looking for a pair of rollarblades for sale
128.0231Wed May 20 1992Rollerblading Areas in NH
129.0MAST::WARDTue Jun 09 1992Rollerblading around the Mill ??
130.04ASD::DAUGHERTYFri Jun 12 1992Rollerblade publications?
131.02MKFSA::GOULDTue Jun 16 19925-Wheel inline skates
132.02CSC32::J_WENNERThu Jun 18 1992Starting an In-Line Skate notes file???
133.0CSC32::J_WENNERThu Jun 18 1992Demo Van in Denver 6/21
134.01CSC32::J_WENNERThu Jun 18 1992Upcoming In-line skating events in Colorado
135.017MAST::WARDThu Jun 18 1992Inline skate bearings
136.030SOLVIT::ALLEN_RFri Jun 19 1992Getting started with inline skating
137.010AUNTB::TOWNSENDWed Jun 24 1992New RollerBlader needs help stopping
138.02DBSALF::PEDDIGREEFri Jun 26 1992Info on Different Brands...
140.06SOLVIT::ALLEN_RWed Jul 22 1992Inline Skate Products and Accessories
141.02LMOADM::TENNEYWed Jul 22 1992Outdoor Skating!
143.01EIGG::DMURRAYThu Jul 30 1992Figure Skating scoring progarm of IBM PC's anyone help ?
144.05CGHUB::RYANFri Jul 31 1992Advice on children's in-line skates??
145.01WMOIS::MACK_JTue Aug 11 1992SUMMER ICESKATING 1992????
146.010ICS::ROGERSKMon Aug 24 1992Rollerblading Areas in Mass
148.0CSC32::J_WENNERWed Sep 02 1992Inline skaters in Colorado... let's skate!!!
149.0LUDWIG::ISENBERGERMon Oct 19 1992Roller Skating Boots
150.0QETOO::FALKOWSKIThu Oct 22 1992Want to learn how to ice skate?
151.09DECWET::DADDAMIOWed Oct 28 1992Figure Skating - the 92-93 season
152.04FRIZZL::DESILETSThu Nov 05 1992Fitchburg, MA Civic Center
153.0CSLALL::GROTEWed Nov 18 1992Competition boots for sale
154.0JARETH::GEBURAWed Nov 25 1992Lunch time skating club
155.0NEMAIL::BERGERONKWed Nov 25 1992Pro-Am Results
156.0SAHQ::LUBERWed Dec 02 1992An Exciting Weekend
157.012FRIZZL::DESILETSWed Dec 02 1992Which Boots to Buy?!
158.02SAHQ::LUBERMon Dec 21 1992Getting in the Rink business
159.04CGVAX2::LEMIREMon Jan 04 1993Help for learning & teaching.
161.0GIAMEM::FARLEYMon Jan 11 1993Wanted: Mens Hockey skates
162.0BRAT::GODDARDTue Feb 23 1993ladies leather roller skates
163.048183::LUTARDMon Mar 15 1993Looking for US Ultrawheels...
164.02SAHQ::LUBERTue Mar 23 1993Opinions wanted: Bont vs. Riedell Boots
165.01QETOO::FALKOWSKIThu Mar 25 1993Wanted - A woman
166.0ISLNDS::DESILETSTue Apr 20 1993Phanton or Pattern 99
167.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 13 1993RK/Tyngs "help"
168.02SAUCER::SCARAMUZZOFri May 14 1993Any places to rent in-line skates?
169.010SALES::SGONZALEZMon Jun 07 1993How to stop and/or lessons
170.01RTPLTue Jul 06 1993ZKO is tops!
171.09MODEL::WARDFri Jul 30 1993ISIA/USFSA or both?
172.01JGO::SVELDENThu Aug 26 1993beginner from Holland
173.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONMon Sep 20 1993ice skating mail order
174.07MIMS::HOOD_RTue Sep 21 1993Rotating inline skate wheels?
175.0SAHQ::LUBERFri Dec 03 1993RollerSpeedskating: Let the Season Begin
176.0SAHQ::LUBERFri Dec 03 1993Rollerhaus Technic Racer boot
177.040USCTR1::DOONANWed Jan 05 1994U.S. Figure Skating Championships
178.079DECWET::DADDAMIOTue Jan 11 19941994 - Figure Skating Competitions
179.069HELIX::MAIEWSKIWed Jan 19 19941994 Olympics Skating Competition
180.0GSRC::RINDEWed Feb 02 1994Finale Ice Show at the Broadmoor World Arena
181.01STAR::LANDAThu Feb 17 1994Ice Skating Classes?
182.02HELIX::MAIEWSKITue Mar 08 1994Qualifying for Figure Skating Nationals
183.011BALTMD::MALLORYMon Mar 14 1994Is roller skating a good way to loose weight???
184.04BUSY::KVILLANIMon Mar 21 1994Plastic Rink???
185.01COMET::NAKOFri Mar 25 1994Wanted: A few good bladers.
186.04AIMHI::KERRMon Apr 04 1994Your Gear (skates, etc.)
187.0DECWET::DADDAMIOMon Apr 04 1994Want to borrow tape
188.07XAPPL::DEVRIESMon Apr 11 1994assorted chatter from newsgroup rec.skate
189.02AIMHI::KERRWed Apr 20 1994R.I.P.
190.01SUBSYS::ELSNAUWed May 04 1994Skating Clubs in Boston/MetroWest area
191.01QETOO::FALKOWSKIThu May 12 1994Dance Tests Schedule
192.02CSLALL::ONEILLFri May 13 1994is there anybody out there
193.05POLAR::ROBERTSONFri Jun 03 1994Precision Skating
194.011HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri Jun 03 1994CBS to make Figure Skating a flagship sport
195.0MAY3Mon Jun 06 1994Ice show Sat Jun 11 4 PM
196.01XAPPL::DEVRIESMon Jun 13 1994FAQ & other Usenet info on figure skating
197.0MAY3Thu Jun 23 1994Upcoming USFSA competitions
198.01GOLLY::CARROLLTue Jun 28 1994rollerblading areas in Nashua/Southern NH
199.018GRANMA::ARGREGORYThu Jun 30 1994WHAT'S NEXT: Nancy/Oksana/Tonya/...
200.02STAR::GWANGTue Jul 12 1994Anyone knows CCM inline skates??
201.0USPBM4::ACONEYFri Jul 22 1994Natick Outdoor Store- Good Prices!
202.01HARDY::MALLETTFri Jul 22 1994Help! Bigfoot, of sorts. . .
203.012TUXEDO::HASBROUCKThu Jul 28 1994Blades for Figure Skates?
204.06MAGEE::GIBSONTue Aug 02 1994Suggestions needed for injury prevention
205.0TNPUBS::PAINTERThu Aug 04 1994Need Roller Skates - NH/MA area
206.01ODIXIE::PULSIFERFri Aug 12 1994Skating in the Nashua Area
207.01USCTR1::DOONANFri Aug 19 1994Providence in 1995
208.09ODIXIE::LUBERWed Sep 07 1994We Have a National Champion!
209.0POWDML::DESILETSMon Sep 12 1994U.S. Open Championship?
210.07QETOO::FALKOWSKIWed Oct 05 1994?? on Ice Dance
211.01XAPPL::DEVRIESMon Oct 17 1994"THE LION Online" - a Brian Orser fanzine
212.016AIMHI::KERRFri Oct 28 1994Ice Wars?
213.02GOOEY::JUDYThu Dec 01 1994Skate sharpening in So. NH?
214.01GRANPA::JGRIFFINTue Dec 13 1994NE Sports & Mgmt Complex?