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Conference jrdv04::jvmsphase0

Title:Japanese VMS phase 0 (requirements)
Notice:*phase 0 requirements* only
Created:Wed May 20 1987
Last Modified:Tue Feb 07 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:93
Total number of notes:307
Number with bodies:0
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1.05JRDVWed May 20 1987Introduction
2.08JRDVWed May 20 1987Kana-kanji conversion routine
3.0JRDVTue May 26 1987on demand loading
4.01JRDVTue May 26 1987BS operation on DCL command input level
5.01JRDVTue May 26 1987KANJIGEN processing
6.0JRDVTue May 26 1987standard callback in KITINSTAL.COM
7.0JRDVTue May 26 1987TPU patch
8.0JRDVTue May 26 1987extended kanji mismatching
9.0JRDVTue May 26 1987Japanese VMS version up
10.03JRDVTue May 26 1987version mismatch
11.04JRDVTue May 26 1987RECOVER.COM problem
12.04JRDVTue May 26 1987Kanji in Latin-1 of VAXnotes
13.01JRDVTue May 26 1987HELP @JSYHELP
14.01JRDVTue May 26 1987KINQUIRE key assignment
15.0JRDVTue May 26 1987SMG$ Japanese version
16.010JRDVTue May 26 1987JSY$ and JLB$
17.0JRDVTue May 26 1987learning function
18.0JRDVTue May 26 1987manuals in Japanese
19.0JRDVTue May 26 1987help keys
20.01JRDVTue May 26 1987input layer
21.01JRDVTue May 26 1987dec-kanji space code
22.0JRDVTue May 26 1987lost second byte
23.01JRDVTue May 26 1987VT8
24.01JRDVTue May 26 1987kinq slow
25.031JRDVFri May 29 1987Who uses SMGRTL?
26.03NGOV2Tue Jun 02 1987kana-kanji-henkan...
27.03JRDVFri Jun 05 1987order of parameters
28.0TKOV6Fri Jun 05 1987
29.04JRDVTue Jun 09 1987What should Japanese SMG be like?
30.01JRDVWed Jul 01 1987Rolling Upgrade
31.012JRDVFri Jul 03 1987hi support!!!!!
33.02NGOV2Tue Oct 06 1987DEFINE JSY$KOJIN ...
34.010KGUVWed Oct 07 1987GAIJI, SHIFTJIS,...
35.01JRDVTue Oct 27 1987KJDRIVER restrictions
36.03TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Nov 11 1987kcode
37.02THAVMon Feb 01 1988TFF and JVMS V5?
38.0NGOV2Wed May 11 1988
39.0NGOV2Wed May 11 1988Token Cutter!
40.0JRDVWed May 11 1988search
41.0JRDVThu Jul 21 1988JTPU editor from debugger
42.01TKTV2Thu Jul 28 1988Release Notes
43.07NGOV2Mon Aug 22 1988WAGAMAMA on Installation!
44.02JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 1/12
45.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE report 2/12
46.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 3/12
47.02JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE report 4/12
48.09JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 5/12
49.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 6/12
50.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 7/12
51.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 8/12
52.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 9/12
53.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 1
54.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 11/12
55.0JRDVWed Aug 24 1988Required Action from JSQG's SE Report 12/12
56.011JRDVThu Aug 25 1988Suppress of FONT_HANDLER
57.010JRDVWed Aug 31 1988Extension to VMI$CALLBACK
58.01OSAVSat Sep 03 1988REQ: JLB$GET_INPUT
59.05IRT::GREENZANGSat Sep 17 1988JVMS V5.
60.04OSAVWed Sep 21 1988
61.02OSAVSun Sep 25 1988EVEJ default KKCNV key must be HI(JVMS)!!
62.02JRDVMon Oct 03 1988kinq request
63.05JRDVMon Nov 28 1988JSY$RE*.com
64.02BAHTAT::WRIGHTThu Jan 05 1989JVMS SPD in English please
65.04JRDVFri Jan 13 1989SMGRTL requirement from a TE guy
66.01JSOV1Sun Feb 05 1989No More Jxxx
67.0JRDVThu May 18 1989Requirement on JSY$KOJIN
68.0JRDVThu May 18 1989Translate into all symbols
69.02CSOA1::HALLIGANWed Jun 14 1989JVMS pricing and documentation
70.0TKOV6Wed Aug 02 1989
72.02NANOOK::RIMALOVERThu Feb 22 1990JVMS and DECwindows Help
73.01OSAVThu Mar 08 1990$ IMAGE ? DECimage or not?
74.03OSAVWed Mar 14 1990
75.0OSAVThu Mar 15 1990KPRINT /device-type Qualifier
76.0JRDVTue Mar 20 1990Phase
77.0JRDVTue Mar 20 1990Phase
78.0JRDVFri Apr 13 1990Phase
79.07OSAVSat Jun 09 1990REQ> Phase
80.04OSAVTue Jun 19 1990
81.0TKOV51::OKUDERASat Jun 23 1990Nihongo Front End
82.0OSAVMon Nov 26 1990Callable KPRINT
83.0MORO::KATO_ZESun Jan 13 1991kanji input on US notes(test)
84.06MORO::KATO_ZESun Jan 13 1991kanji FF processor on native VMS
85.0TKOV6Thu Jan 31 1991JSY$FAO, JSY$FAOL
86.0TKOV6Thu Jan 31 1991
87.0I18N::SAKURAIThu Sep 19 1991Interface of editors
88.0TKOV51::TAKAHARAFri Jun 26 1992
89.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 22 1992Lock manager changes ?!
90.02OSAVTue Dec 14 1993OpenVMS AXP Requirements Accepted??
91.0OSKYUN::M_SATOMon Apr 18 1994DECserver7
92.02OSTVSun Sep 18 1994
93.0TKOV66::OKUDERATue Feb 07 1995Network transparent file name on TNFS.