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Conference jokur::youth_soccer

Title:Youth Soccer
Created:Tue Jan 02 1996
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:51
Total number of notes:619
Number with bodies:45
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1.06JOKUR::BOICETue Jan 02 1996Welcome
2.013PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANTue Jan 02 1996Hi, my name is ...
3.023STOWOA::CCALCAGNITue Jan 02 1996MaPLE Division
4.04STOWOA::CCALCAGNITue Jan 02 1996Coaches licensing & Instructions
5.06STOWOA::CCALCAGNITue Jan 02 1996Tournaments
6.024JOKUR::BOICEFri Jan 05 1996Indoors - 1995/1996 Season
7.0+16PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANSun Jan 07 1996MLS
8.01PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANTue Jan 23 1996Coach Needed / Wanted
9.05PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANTue Jan 23 1996Soccer contacts
10.0+112SALEM::REEVETue Jan 23 1996Rules Questions
11.0+5PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANFri Jan 26 1996Referee Instruction
12.03STOWOA::CCALCAGNIMon Jan 29 1996Summer Soccer Camps
13.017LUDWIG::MCINTYREMon Feb 19 1996Players needing teams
14.03STOWOA::CCALCAGNIThu Feb 29 1996MaPLE tryouts
15.0MSE1::WEYMOUTHTue Mar 26 1996Tickets available for a Revolution games
16.07LUDWIG::MCINTYREThu Mar 28 1996Tickets
17.049JOKUR::BOICEMon Apr 01 1996Spring MAPLE League Results
18.09JOKUR::BOICEFri Apr 05 1996Related WWW Sites
19.06LUDWIG::MCINTYREThu Apr 18 1996U.S. Women's Cup '96
20.030PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANFri Apr 19 1996Spring 1996 League Play (non-MaPLe)
21.0+14LUDWIG::MCINTYRETue May 14 1996Safety
22.08PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANTue May 14 1996True Confessions
23.011MTWAIN::BURROWSWed May 15 1996Directions Needed Topic
24.012JOKUR::BOICEFri May 17 1996Memorial Day Weekend, 1996, Tournaments
25.011JHAXP::BEAUCHESNEMon May 20 1996PLAYING TIME - Travel Teams
26.0ASDG::JOHNSONMon Jun 03 1996Pete Lucchesi says hello
27.0JOKUR::BOICETue Jun 04 1996LA Galaxy, US National Team Practices
28.0+15PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANWed Jun 19 1996Philosophy (tilting at windmills)
29.033LUDWIG::MCINTYRETue Jul 16 1996Olympics
30.0TLE::EKLUNDMon Aug 26 1996GU16 player available for tournaments
31.07LUDWIG::MCINTYREMon Aug 26 1996Labor Day Tournaments
32.06LUDWIG::MCINTYREThu Sep 05 1996Fall '96- non-MaPLe play and notes
33.041JOKUR::BOICEMon Sep 09 1996Fall 1996 High School Information
34.01PCBUOA::gnat.ako.dec.com::ALDERMANMon Sep 09 1996Teams needing players
35.0WMOIS::BEAUREGARD_DTue Sep 10 1996Franklin Pierce College Mens/Womens schedules
36.01MTWAIN::BURROWSWed Sep 18 1996Skidmore off to good start
37.09NETRIX::"westgate @npss.enet.dec.com"Tue Sep 24 1996Ethics issue...HELP!
38.011LUDWIG::MCINTYREThu Sep 26 1996Columbus Weekend- '96
39.05TLE::KIDS::NESCHKEWed Oct 16 1996FAIR PLAY: Problems in Ludlow
40.05ASDG::JOHNSONFri Nov 08 1996Oh ya? Well TAKE this!
41.0+4PCBUOA::akodhcp176-12.ako.dec.com::aldermanTue Nov 26 1996Lad or lady?
42.0+9JOKUR::BOICEThu Jan 02 1997...deep in the Heart of Texas.
43.02TLE::EKLUNDThu Jan 16 1997MYSA change(s)?
44.02TUXEDO::FERREIRAFri Jan 17 1997Guidelines for Recruiting
45.02LUDWIG::MCINTYREMon Jan 20 1997Indoor- Winter '97
46.05LUDWIG::MCINTYRETue Jan 21 1997Ritual behaviors....
47.0 *+1TLE::EKLUNDMon Feb 03 1997European trip providers?
48.0 *+4JOKUR::BOICEWed Apr 09 1997Dual Rostering
49.0 *+2TLE::EKLUNDThu May 01 1997Spring MAPLE League results
50.0 *+3JHAXP::BEAUCHESNEFri May 02 1997Looking for CHARTERS, BY-LAWS, etc
51.0 *+5JOKUR::BOICETue May 27 1997Memorial Day