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Conference jokur::grammar

Title:Grammar Hotline
Created:Wed Jan 14 1987
Last Modified:Tue Jan 07 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:272
Total number of notes:3117
Number with bodies:0
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1.02JOKUR::SMALLERWed Jan 14 1987Introduction
2.02CLT::SIMONSThu Jan 15 1987When to use "ALLY" instead of "LY"
3.043VAXINE::TATEThu Jan 15 1987quick reference books
4.09DSSDEV::EPPESThu Jan 15 1987"As if" vs. "as though"
5.061BRIDGS::A_FRASERFri Jan 16 1987Apostrophe's ;^)
6.037REGENT::EPSTEINFri Jan 16 1987How many commas?
7.053D::COULTERFri Jan 16 1987Learning by example(s)
8.017GOBLIN::MCVAYFri Jan 16 1987All right, folks...
9.017REGENT::MERRILLFri Jan 16 1987The Split Infinitive !
10.09PSW::WINALSKIFri Jan 16 1987Capitalization in titles
11.012COMET::ROBERTSMon Jan 19 1987Me, Myself, and I
12.033AIMHI::SMITHMon Jan 19 1987Bi or Semi? Which is it?
13.0126JAWS::MHARRISMon Jan 19 1987Pet Peeves
14.028CHEVMon Jan 19 1987New "words" that amuse?
15.025COMET::ROBERTSTue Jan 20 1987Prepositional Endings
16.02CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENWed Jan 21 1987*one vs *body
17.08SURPLS::HERTZBERGWed Jan 21 1987Plural Subject, Plural Object?
18.06REGENT::EPSTEINWed Jan 21 1987"Both" and "Each"?
19.010CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENWed Jan 21 1987Sexism and language
20.010COMET::ROBERTSWed Jan 21 1987Double Take
21.09NOISE::SHUMAKERWed Jan 21 1987Help on affect/effect
22.039MU::PORTERThu Jan 22 1987Error messages don't DO anything...
23.019AMUN::CRITZFri Jan 23 1987Singular subject/Plural verb
24.027FDCV13::PAINTERTue Jan 27 1987AND/OR
25.06FDCV13::PAINTERTue Jan 27 1987The Dangling Participle
26.019DYO78Wed Jan 28 1987verb quiz
27.010DYO78Wed Jan 28 1987Declension anyone?
29.02JETSAM::HANAUERThu Jan 29 1987Spelling Solution
30.05NAVAJO::WRODGERSThu Jan 29 1987Fowler for sale
32.028NAVAJO::WRODGERSMon Feb 02 1987plurals of compound or hyphenated terms
33.018JOKUR::SMALLERTue Feb 03 1987What makes YOU an expert?
34.016DYO78Wed Feb 04 1987How do you feel about "four-letter words"?
35.07DSSDEV::EPPESFri Feb 06 1987When to use "that" and "which"
36.015JOKUR::SMALLERWed Feb 11 1987Non-conformance
37.019TOPDOC::PHILBROOKThu Feb 12 1987(Parentheses(parenthesis))
38.05USMRM2::MGRACEFri Feb 13 1987Latin, Anyone?
39.029NAVAJO::WRODGERSMon Feb 16 1987 when does slang become legitimate?
40.023DSSDEV::REINIGThu Feb 19 1987Dear [Mr. | Miss | Mrs. | Ms. | ??] Smith
41.06FDCV13::PAINTERThu Feb 19 1987Special thanks....
42.015STAR::KAIKOWSat Feb 21 19872+2 = 4
43.016JOKUR::SMALLERWed Feb 25 1987The Future of Our Language
44.014ESPN::KELLIHERThu Feb 26 1987Why "reiterate" ?
45.012HPSCAD::WANGFri Feb 27 1987Number of Noun as Modifier
46.011REGENT::POWERSFri Feb 27 1987what's wrong with -ize?
47.011ECLAIR::GOODENOUGHWed Mar 04 1987more than one = two or more
48.07BLISS::SMITHThu Mar 05 1987If I go... ; If I were to go...
49.05STAR::KAIKOWFri Mar 06 1987Multibyte or multiple-byte?
50.032TOPDOC::LIVINGSTONEFri Mar 06 1987A Grammar Book Recommendation
51.016REGENT::MERRILLMon Mar 09 1987Use Possessive before the Gerund
52.035ASGNQH::BALDTue Mar 17 1987The future of gender-preference
53.06JOKUR::SMALLERThu Mar 19 1987Slanderous Words
54.016NUTMEG::LUKITSCHMon Mar 23 1987state of the art grammar
55.023CADZOO::SMITHWed Mar 25 1987Dictionaries and the American Heritage thing
56.01SHIRE::PFEFERTue Apr 07 1987Schools recommendation
57.05JOKUR::SMALLERTue Apr 14 1987Phonetics and Phonology
58.07MUNICH::CLINCHTue Apr 14 1987Punctuation in parenthesis.
59.010TOPDOC::LIVINGSTONEFri Apr 17 1987Capping Digital Name
60.07LEDS::HAMBLENWed Apr 22 1987The article before h
61.02CHAPLN::ROSENTHALWed Apr 22 1987dipswitch or dip switch?
62.09WAGON::DONHAMThu Apr 30 1987Against Functionality
63.030COMET::ROBERTSFri May 01 1987Less vs Fewer
64.012SUPER::HENDRICKSSun May 03 1987Agreement
65.05BRUTUS::MTHOMSONThu May 14 1987suggestions!
66.03TOPDOC::SLOANEWed May 20 1987S P A C E S after periods
67.04ASGNQH::BALDThu May 21 1987Who is the MLA?
68.019CHAPLN::ROSENTHALTue Jun 02 1987Is "re-prompt" acceptable?
69.01REGENT::POWERSTue Jun 30 1987drop the 'e' before -able?
70.015JOKUR::SMALLERThu Jul 09 1987Writers and Editors
71.05WEBSTR::RANDALLThu Jul 09 1987rhetorical question
72.018CADSE::GLIDEWELLSat Jul 18 1987Punctuation - For example,
73.04JOKUR::SMALLERWed Jul 22 1987Writers and Engineers
74.09DYO78Thu Jul 23 1987How to "not guess"?
75.0185Fri Jul 24 1987NO WAITER, I DON WANT MY STEAK flayed
76.06JOKUR::SMALLERThu Aug 13 1987Writing a Style Guide
77.01TLE::SAVAGEMon Aug 17 1987An organization for grammarians
78.07COMICS::KEYWed Sep 02 1987ONTO or ON TO?
79.05JOKUR::KBROWNWed Sep 02 1987compound words
80.01PARSEC::DEHARPPORTEFri Sep 04 1987The Latest and Greatest
81.03ATPS::FODENTue Sep 08 1987Meta-linguistics anyone?
82.016MARX::ROSENTHALTue Sep 15 1987Singular or Plural???
83.020AYOV1Thu Sep 24 1987Different
84.0DELNI::C_MILLERMon Nov 02 1987Editorial Experts
85.020COVERT::COVERTMon Nov 30 1987Let him who... or Let he who...?
86.047COVERT::COVERTWed Dec 02 1987There is no excuse for this!
87.03JOKUR::KBROWNThu Dec 03 1987"set-up" or "setup"???
88.07TOLKIN::BOUDREAUWed Dec 09 1987Hackneyed Speech and Writing
89.01REGENT::MERRILLSun Dec 20 1987Find the grammatical mistakes!!!
90.06FULLER::MURRAYWed Jan 20 1988Bring vs. Take
91.04EAGLE1::EGGERSThu Jan 21 1988numbers
92.07REGENT::MERRILLMon Jan 25 1988ITS and NOTICE misuses?
93.05MARX::GIBEAUWed Jan 27 1988Throw me down the stairs
94.020EAGLE1::EGGERSMon Feb 01 1988Latin and other languages
95.0JOKUR::LITCHFIELDWed Feb 10 1988If You Can't Get Through...
96.022CADSE::SMITHMon Feb 15 1988Seeking wisdom of bits...
97.010MARX::GIBEAUMon Feb 15 1988Plural of INDEX
98.05FDCVMon Mar 07 1988Help!! English as a Second Language!!
99.011ORION::LAQUERREMon Mar 21 1988Colon or no colon?
100.05PRSTRA::CHAMPOLLIONThu Apr 14 1988UK vs. USA
101.04CADSE::GLIDEWELLFri Apr 22 1988Dashes and Hyphens
102.05SKETCH::BASSETTMon Apr 25 1988AN vs A
103.03NGOV2Tue May 10 1988VAX GRAMMAR CHECKER?
104.05ESKIMO::JULIUSMon May 16 1988As Much = More
105.03ESKIMO::JULIUSMon May 16 1988Capitalizing the Mill
106.03SPGOGO::LEBLANCThu May 19 1988Comma Splices/Semicolons
107.010GLIVET::SAGEARThu Jun 02 1988Whoever vs. Whomever (one more time)
108.02SMCMon Jun 06 1988English tutor
109.032OPUS::PREISIGTue Jun 07 1988Indirect Object Definition
110.02VANISH::DINGLEYThu Jun 09 1988When vs Once
111.021REGENT::POWERSTue Jun 14 1988Where did grammar come from?
112.02KBOAMT::HAGENDORFFThu Jun 23 1988Strunk and White's
113.06SKYLRK::ENDTERSat Jul 09 1988-ing suffix
114.05HILLST::MASONMon Jul 11 1988Lists...
115.010ZURBAS::AHMADFri Jul 15 1988Librarian
116.011JOKUR::BOICEMon Jul 18 1988VAX Grammar Analyzer?
117.011CGVAX2::MICHAELSTue Jul 26 1988SHALL / WILL
118.02MARX::GIBEAUWed Aug 03 1988Translations
119.014MARX::GIBEAUMon Aug 08 1988Need help w/awkward sentence\
120.012MARX::GIBEAUTue Aug 23 1988Help with future tense
121.02DECWET::WALKOWSKIWed Aug 24 1988verb conjugations
122.05ATLAST::ANDERSONFri Aug 26 1988Passive Survey
123.04MARX::ANDERSONThu Sep 08 1988What anent "anent" ?
124.02UHAINA::POOKTue Sep 20 1988List of Digital Style Guides wanted
125.06ATLAST::ANDERSONSun Sep 25 1988Ask Mr. Language Person
126.010DELNI::SILKWed Sep 28 1988Baselevel or Base level?
127.04LAIDBK::MIKKELSONWed Oct 05 1988If/Whether?
128.04RTOIC2::TSTORZThu Oct 27 1988english grammar
129.044SMCThu Nov 03 1988Introducing Lists
130.06ATLAST::ANDERSONWed Nov 30 1988Acronyms
131.010ATLAST::ANDERSONWed Nov 30 1988Above and Below
132.09ATLAST::ANDERSONWed Nov 30 1988Indenting Examples of Code
133.0BIGMAC::MACONETue Dec 06 1988Business English course
134.06RAMOTH::MEAGHERFri Jan 13 1989Semicolon usage question
135.06BIGSUR::GRAFTON_JITue Jan 17 1989GANTT and PERT charts
136.017CADSE::SMITHThu Jan 19 1989Law and order topic
137.012DEMON::FITZGERALDMon Jan 23 1989Life for inanimate objects?
138.022ATLAST::ANDERSONWed Feb 01 1989Writing Internationally
139.03DRCS::GODWINTue Feb 14 1989Hyphenation algorithms?
140.045DEMON::FITZGERALDTue Feb 14 1989Into
141.02REGENT::POWERSTue Feb 21 1989prep phrase parsing question
143.041KUDZU::ANDERSONMon Feb 27 1989Writers and Language
144.05KUDZU::ANDERSONFri Mar 03 1989DOCUMENT Source Files and I18N
145.03EAGLE1::EGGERSTue Mar 14 1989Not 'can not'?
146.01EAGLE1::BRUNNERFri Mar 24 1989Break down tough multi-line sentences
147.0JOKUR::SMALLERTue Apr 18 1989SMC Style Guide Available
148.08SHALOT::NICODEMWed Apr 19 1989Punctuation "soapbox"
149.03DEC25::ROBERTSMon Apr 24 1989"Principles Of Grammar": Peikoff
150.09JOKUR::SMALLERMon May 15 1989Scrabble Buffs
151.012JOKUR::SMALLERWed May 31 1989Database or Data Base
152.01CADSE::GLIDEWELLTue Jun 06 1989Wanted: Style guide for typography of electronic symbols
153.016DECWET::GETSINGERTue Jun 13 1989Acronyms and mnemonics
154.016NIZDAY::GIBEAUTue Jun 27 1989More hyphen questions
155.014YUPPY::HEWITTGTue Jul 04 1989Imply/Infer
156.08GLDOA::CAREYWed Jul 12 1989Anthropomorphism, Anyone?
157.05CHEFS::RIZANTThu Jul 20 1989Plural acronyms
158.02INBLUE::POOKFri Jul 28 1989To glob or not to glob
159.0INBLUE::POOKTue Aug 01 1989Location of NAC and PCIG Guides
160.034CLOSET::KEEFEMon Aug 07 1989THE places
161.04REGENT::POWERSWed Aug 09 1989reflexive pronouns
162.010PEAK::MEISSNERWed Aug 16 1989I feel badly?
163.06YUPPY::MOYESThu Aug 17 1989Staff problems...
164.03SSDEVO::GOLDSTEINFri Aug 25 1989Horse of Another Color
165.010SSDEVO::GOLDSTEINFri Aug 25 1989Well, the Poison
166.06DPDMAI::POGARThu Aug 31 1989To "quote," or not to quote, that is the "?"
167.013AYOU48::SWILSONFri Sep 08 1989In Search of an Answer
168.02COGITO::HARRISWed Oct 11 1989Leadership This and Leadership That
169.04NOTIME::SACKSWed Nov 01 198924 hours notice
170.05DEC25::ROBERTSThu Nov 02 1989O'Clock
172.09HOCUS::RICCIARDIFri Nov 17 1989QUick one
173.010DEC25::ROBERTSThu Nov 30 1989Philosophy of Grammar
174.02FDCVThu Nov 30 1989Advice on Dictionaries
175.026SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Dec 11 1989Noun/Noun Agreement Problem
176.03PSYLO::WILSONFri Dec 22 1989Use Period in "=" Sentences?
177.06KIPINA::TWIGGWed Jan 24 1990Commas in four number numbers?
178.02BRAT::SMITHThu Jan 25 1990Alphabetizing Titles...?
180.013NUTMEG::GODINMon Jan 29 1990Gating/Gaiting Factors
181.04ELWOOD::TRANTue Jan 30 1990A-B-C text books.
182.07COMICS::WARNESWed Feb 21 1990Shrunk or shrank?
183.02MDRLEG::JM_GONZALEZWed Feb 28 1990Dictionary in magnetic media ???
184.02SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Mar 14 1990Ambiguous Pronoun Ref
185.08KIPINA::TWIGGThu Mar 15 1990Slashes in product names?
186.011FENNEL::GODINWed Mar 21 1990Capitalization of Proper Nouns Used as Adjectives
187.01SLSTRN::PLOETZThu Apr 12 1990to lie or to tie, that is the ?
188.04DEC25::ROBERTSTue May 15 1990Dates: Ordinal & Cardinal Days
189.021DECWET::GETSINGERWed May 23 1990Buttons and Windows
190.011BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Jun 06 1990Infinitives
191.019YUPPY::MOYESThu Jul 05 1990American, British or English ??
192.02NSDC::ESTILLWed Jul 11 1990to abide by one's gospel
193.01HSOMAI::LINThu Jul 12 1990From the XXXX point of view?
194.010JUMBLY::DINGLEYMon Jul 16 1990Mandays Man-days Man days
195.01CUPMK::SLOANEWed Aug 22 1990Are you there?
196.06AUSSIE::TWIGGWed Aug 22 1990Using "also"
197.01VOGON::JOHNSTONTue Aug 28 1990Where did that omnibus come from?
199.08DPDMAI::POGARFri Sep 21 1990Copyright question
200.06CADSE::GLIDEWELLSat Sep 22 1990A, B, or C.
201.05DEMON::DEMON::CRAMERFri Sep 28 1990How to take a lesson?
202.05SHALOT::ANDERSONTue Oct 02 1990? on Caps in Titles
203.02USCTR2::MHORRIGANMon Oct 15 1990On the lighter side...
204.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 19 1990WANTED: Technical Indexer to Borrow
205.04MFGMEM::ROSESat Oct 20 1990Reference Book Needed
206.06DONVAN::FALLETMon Nov 05 1990Question on Brackets in Text
207.012CADSE::GLIDEWELLTue Nov 13 1990Take My Peformance, Please
208.0USCTR2::MHORRIGANTue Nov 20 1990Brush Up Your English
209.047TANNAY::BETTELSWed Nov 21 1990Questions on interogative pronouns
211.012SMURF::BINDERFri Dec 28 1990Help with one everyone gets wrong
212.06DYPSS1::DYSERTThu Jan 10 1991"U.S.News & World Report" stylebook
213.011SFCPMO::NGUYENMon Jan 28 1991Documentations or documentation?
214.04KEATNG::KEATINGMon Feb 18 1991Need a palindromic girl's name.
215.04CAPNET::DAVINFri Mar 01 1991relating/related
216.08MRKTNG::GODINThu Apr 04 1991Article needed with acronyms/initials?
217.01--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 05 1991Recommended Books? - Teaching English?
218.07CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLTue Apr 23 1991, and then, and then
219.0HGABSS::CTAUYEUNGMon Apr 29 1991Questions on English Grammar
220.035LEDS::JAPPEWed May 08 19913 simple grammar questions
221.04RIPPLE::SCHWENKEN_FRThu Jun 06 1991New Punctuation?
222.03CSSE::SADAMThu Jun 06 1991Quotes Around Your Own Work?
223.08TANNAY::BETTELSWed Jun 12 1991Shared smiles..
224.04MARVIN::CASELLSWed Jun 26 1991learnt vs. learned
225.034XCUSME::KOSKIWed Jun 26 1991Abbreviate "for example"
226.04SHIRE::MIZRAHIMon Aug 05 1991ITS or IT'S ???
227.05SHIRE::MIZRAHITue Aug 06 1991Future or present after "when"?
228.025SUBWAY::EZIMOHAMon Aug 12 1991"Different from/Different than"
229.015SALEM::SHAH_JFri Aug 16 1991Use of "THE"
230.03LEDS::UYENOThu Aug 29 1991Is there such a preposition?
231.05AUSSIE::TWIGGFri Aug 30 1991The word "fax"
232.01BSS::SAUNDERSWed Sep 04 1991LEVEL 3 message file and internal failure after upgrade
233.0JOKUR::KEATINGThu Sep 12 1991"Down the cellar"
234.06XSTACY::PATTISONTue Oct 15 1991De- or Un- (reversal)?
235.014USCTR2::MHORRIGANTue Nov 19 1991Am I not?
236.04CSOA1::KRESSSun Nov 24 1991gotten...begotten...forgotten
237.03CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLSat Nov 30 1991Home-grown rules
239.016CPDW::ROSCHThu Dec 19 1991BBC
240.014TNPUBS::BDAYMon Dec 30 1991How do you spell CD-ROM?
241.013CHEFS::PARRYDMon Jan 13 1992Quote marks and nested punctuation
242.09TCHYON::ELDRIDGEWed Jan 29 1992Dubious?
243.019GEMVAX::ALLISONThu Feb 06 1992An hierarchy? A hierarchy?
244.04SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Feb 19 1992What's the word to describe...
245.01NSDC::ESTILLFri Feb 21 1992Educational Specialist 4 Looking for a Job
246.09KEATNG::KEATINGThu Feb 27 1992Ending a sentence with " etc.) "
247.02STAR::ABBASIFri Feb 28 1992Looking for program to correct grammar in text
248.02PAOIS::HILLThu Mar 05 1992Neologisms
249.01DECWET::GETSINGERWed Apr 08 1992System or Node?
250.06SKYLRK::ENDTERFri Apr 24 1992Misuse of the word RESEMBLE
251.017CPDW::ROSCHFri May 15 1992Billions and billions
252.02RDGE44::ALEUC8Thu Jun 18 1992Different THAN ???
253.03JOKUR::KEATINGFri Aug 07 1992Provided or Providing?
254.021DPDMAI::POGARFri Aug 21 1992School "day's"
255.014CUPTAY::INGRAMThu Oct 08 1992"exclusive-OR" style
256.013TANNAY::BETTELSWed Oct 14 1992Digits (and I don't mean the two legged variety :-)
257.01JOKUR::FALKOFThu Oct 29 1992FLESCH and FOG
258.013CSOA1::KRESSTue Nov 24 1992Redux
259.09CPDW::ROSCHTue Dec 29 1992What is it called?
260.014RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERFri Feb 12 1993Why do languages have genders?
261.011JOKUR::GOODWINFri Feb 26 1993Using neither...nor
262.016DPDMAI::POGARTue Apr 13 1993Subject/Verb agreement dilemma
263.014CPDW::ROSCHWed May 26 1993i.e. e.g.
264.04JOKUR::GOODWINTue Jun 15 1993replica(ta)bility
265.08KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Sep 15 1993Phonetic Alphabet
266.04XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Dec 21 1993E-Mail etiquette and style guide questions
267.04BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Dec 29 1993where does "okay" come from?
268.03JOKUR::KEATINGTue Feb 15 1994Is or are?
269.01ROMThu Jan 19 1995Pointer to Grammar Checker?
270.07JOKUR::LITCHFIELDWed Feb 22 1995Mouses or Mice?
271.02CFSCTC::STITHThu Oct 19 1995Corporate Terminology Guide?
272.01CMOTEC::JASPERMon Mar 04 1996sic (sic) [Sic.]