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Conference jit081::tokyo

Notice:Tokyo: people, trains, food, concrete!
Created:Fri Feb 07 1986
Last Modified:Wed Sep 06 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:153
Total number of notes:595
Number with bodies:0
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1.015TKOV6Thu Sep 06 1984Introduction/Conference Notes
2.027TKOV6Mon Sep 10 1984Akihabara (shopping district for electronics)
4.08WARLRD::M_HYDEFri Oct 12 1984Where is DEC Tokyo?
5.04KRYPTN::KEEFEMon Oct 15 1984A little Tokyo nostalgia...
6.012TKOV6Wed Oct 24 1984Yamanote Line
7.0MILRAT::BRENERTue Nov 06 1984Accommodation: long-term, inexpensive
8.06TKOV6Sun Nov 11 1984Ikebukuro
9.0TKOV6Tue Nov 27 1984Tokyo guidebooks
12.04NONAME::MAHLERFri Mar 29 1985Travel info: Kyoto
14.03EXODUS::HARROWThu May 02 1985Generic 'I'm going, what should I see' note
15.0CADCAM::MAHLERSat May 18 1985Travel info: Osaka -> Okinawa?
17.04CADCAM::MAHLERFri Aug 09 1985Peace
20.07TKOV6Fri May 02 1986Tokyo Summit
21.0RAYNA::BILLMERSWed May 14 1986Folk dancing in Tokyo?
22.05KGUVThu May 15 1986Subways
23.015KGUVFri May 16 1986Accommodations: hotels, ryokan, hostel, minshuku
24.02KGUVFri May 16 1986Restaurants
25.02TROLL::CLINTue May 20 1986September/October - special events?
26.03FURILO::BLESSLEYFri Jul 04 1986Address verification requests
30.05SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Sep 17 1986Tokyo addresses (what do the numbers mean)?
31.01ZEPPO::MAHLERSat Jan 10 1987Japan rail pass information
32.02NAC::MOHAMMEDFri Feb 27 1987DECworld equivalent?
33.01SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMSat Mar 28 1987Nihon-DEC manufacturing
34.0TALLIS::KOCHMon Mar 30 1987Climbing Mount Fuji
35.012--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 15 1987Travel info: Narita, Disneyland, Kyoto, Hakone
38.04NEVADA::CONDESat Aug 29 1987Yaki-tori restaurants
40.01DSSDEV::MCCONNELLMon Nov 16 1987Psychiatric Help in Tokyo
41.0131Thu Dec 17 1987Earthquakes
43.01TKOVThu Mar 17 1988Travel info: Nagoya?
44.01OGWV5Thu Apr 07 1988Acupuncture, Japanese language school info
47.015VENOM::RAMSAYWed Apr 27 1988I'm in Love with Tokyo
48.01TKTV2Wed May 11 1988Hato Bus Sightseeing Tours
49.02NETMON::GREGTue May 17 1988Technical Writing in Japan?
50.04TKTV2Mon Aug 01 1988The Morning Train in Tokyo
51.0BRUTWO::SOBEKTue Aug 30 1988Search for "Tarot of the Wicca"
52.04SUBURB::WILSONTue Aug 30 1988Traditional clothing still worn?
55.0DNEAST::FIRTH_CATHYThu Sep 29 1988Japanese calendars (how to find?)
56.01FDCVFri Sep 30 1988Baseball
57.0FRAIS5::DKELLERTue Oct 11 1988Tokyo/Japanese Matchbooks Anyone???
58.01SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Oct 26 1988Tokyo Arsenal
60.02FORTY2::GOMESSat Nov 26 1988Automobile import restrictions
61.0WLDWST::C_LEEWed Nov 30 1988Tokyo Stock Market Hours
64.02ROMWed Feb 08 1989COMPUMAG conference info?
65.02CLOSET::KEEFEFri Feb 24 1989"Classic" coffeeshop
66.01CLOSET::KEEFEFri Feb 24 1989Araiyakushi jail
72.059226::A_JOHNSONWed Jul 26 1989Kawasaki, Here I Come
73.026DCC::NGUYENWed Aug 30 1989Travel info: hotels, rent-a-cars, credit cards
74.05TKOV5Thu Sep 07 1989Merge Opinions Please
75.07CLOSET::KEEFETue Sep 19 1989Digital-Japan products, engineering
76.04CLOSET::KEEFETue Sep 19 1989Harajuku
77.02CLOSET::KEEFETue Sep 19 1989Shinjuku
78.03ROMWed Sep 20 1989Right address for DENON Corp.?
79.0VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Sep 21 1989Karate in Tokyo
80.0RIRED::AHUJAWed Sep 27 1989English-Japanese Conversation Partner in Tokyo
81.06TKOV5Wed Oct 04 1989Shopping and Souvenirs
82.035XCUSME::RAMSAYMon Oct 16 1989Moving to Japan questions
83.0TKTV2Tue Oct 17 1989Special Exhibition, Art of The Muromachi Period
84.04TENERE::DENISTue Oct 24 1989VHS PAL accepted ?
85.01PILOU::HEYERTue Nov 28 1989Cars mag's exchange
87.03EOSVAX::DPHAMFri Dec 01 1989High Taxes in Tokyo ?
88.01STNING::DSM_SECWed Dec 06 1989Request For Postcards
89.01DECWET::CAPPELLOFSun Feb 18 1990Yokohama and Kyoto suggestions?
90.06VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Mar 01 1990Yokohama
91.05GIDDAY::LINGMon Mar 19 1990tokyo adventure
92.02STKPC3::TOHMANTue Mar 27 1990Addr.to Mail Order Co's in JPN?
93.06ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAMon May 07 1990Hakuba info request:
94.04UTROP1::THOMASWed May 09 1990Japanese culture...
95.05JRDVTue May 15 1990Roppongi
96.05THEBAY::CONDEDASat Jul 14 1990Crows in Tokyo
97.03VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jul 19 1990Giggling girls, Tokyo buses, and Shiroganedai
98.05CLOSUS::KUSHNERTue Jul 31 1990Visitor Information
99.01CLOSUS::KUSHNERWed Aug 08 1990JNTO Number?
100.01TKTV2Wed Aug 29 1990Exhibition of Edo arts (from the British Museum)
101.03MANFri Aug 31 1990Japan products ???
102.02NRADM::JANOWSKIThu Sep 27 1990I need an address. Can you help?
103.03FROCKY::LOEFFELSENDSat Oct 06 1990Co op student in Japan ?
104.04THEBAY::CONDEDATue Oct 09 1990New city hall and lunch
105.01THEBAY::CONDEDAWed Oct 17 1990Tokyo accent and vocabulary
106.01TKTV2Mon Nov 19 1990Telephone Numbers in Tokyo Area
107.06CAPNET::BLESSLEYWed Jan 09 1991Looking for hotels in Osaka area - DEC rates?
108.02VAXWRK::SWARDWed Feb 13 1991What's the weather like now?
109.02EXCENT::CALLAHANFri Feb 15 1991Need reservations?
110.03ROMOIS::MASELLIFri Mar 01 1991Help for ideas
111.03--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 07 1991Can I find work in Japan ???
112.05SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMTue Apr 09 1991Antique shopping
113.07SMAUG::LEHMKUHLWed Apr 10 1991Directions: Narita to Hotel Metropolitan (Ikebukuro)
114.010THOTH::HWANGTue May 21 1991Tokyo - would like travel tips
115.03ROMTue Jun 04 1991SONY Corp address?
116.0SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMWed Jun 26 1991Accomodations: YMCA Hotel
117.04LEDS::JAPPEWed Jun 26 1991Electrical Power in Eastern Japan???
118.08REGENT::SWOTINSKYTue Jul 09 1991day trip from Tokyo to see "traditional" Japan - any ideas?
119.0SCARGO::CORMIERWed Jul 24 1991Wanted: student to visit USA during summer 1992
120.01GVAThu Aug 22 1991Passion --> Collection
121.05BBIVWed Aug 28 1991Japanese TV
122.0AKOCOA::CURTINWed Sep 04 1991English-speaking graduate programs around Tokyo?
123.04YUPPY::DEWINTERThu Sep 19 1991UCHIKAKE and traditional wedding
124.012LACVFri Oct 11 1991Tokyo in 48hrs ?
125.0EICMFG::BINGERSat Mar 07 1992Need the name of Bridgestone manager (bycicle)
126.0EICMFG::BINGERSat Mar 07 1992Q: Are there Judo fans reading...
127.01SEDOAS::MCMICHAEL_IFri Mar 13 1992Experience of LAP-1?? Dialling the UK...
128.02MEXVTue Apr 07 1992What about Kawasaki?
129.01CVG::THOMPSONThu Apr 23 1992Need a softcopy Tokyo picture
130.01SUTRA::JAHAN::JAHANThu Jul 16 1992Query for an alone traveller woman in Tokyo
131.0TKOVZZ::SARMAThu Oct 15 1992FYI : Baggage Pickup Service
132.02HGOVA::CARLOSCHUAThu Oct 15 1992Holland Village
134.04TKOVZZ::SARMAFri Oct 30 1992Kimono
135.01ROMTSS::RENDINAWed Feb 17 1993Panasonic address
136.0TALLIS::KOCHThu Jul 08 1993Where's Etsuko / Need help changing ryokan resevations.
137.03NEWOA::HARRISONSun Jul 25 1993Info Needed on Japan!
138.0--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 05 1993Heared of JRP already...?
139.0KBOENG::AHAEGELEThu Aug 05 1993Any festival in September?
140.06KBOENG::AHAEGELEMon Aug 30 1993Shop for Motorbikers
141.05RDGENG::AFRYWed Oct 06 1993S-VHS Edit VCRs in Japan?
142.01METSYS::BOOTHEThu Oct 07 1993Japan during Christmas
143.01PULMAN::PCLX13::SAWYERSat Oct 16 1993Will someone make a phone call for me?
144.02ZPOVC::POHINGMon May 30 1994Accommodation at Tokyo (Ryokan/budget) & Onsen
145.02SAVOIA::CERRANOWed Jun 08 1994Urgent help from Italy
146.02ISTWI1::OZKANFri Jul 08 1994Toyota
147.01CECAMO::HARVALA_MThu Sep 01 1994What was his name ?
148.0GVATue Nov 01 1994ZZ TOP collector (CD, LP, Video tapes, etc,..)
149.03KERNEL::SMITHTue Jan 24 1995computerised navigation equipment ?
150.01GYPSC::AHAEGELEThu Feb 02 1995Kobe's earthquake
151.01POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Feb 17 1995Attention Music Fans -- Dream Theater band
152.05POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Feb 17 1995Amusement Parks/Roller Coasters of Japan
153.03SHIPS::BRADSHAW_ATue Sep 05 1995Where is the Aida Car Race Cicuit located ?