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Conference jit081::nihongo

Notice:Ohayou Konnichiha Konbanha
Created:Fri Feb 07 1986
Last Modified:Thu Dec 12 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:263
Total number of notes:1169
Number with bodies:0
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1.060TKOV6Mon Jul 09 1984Welcome
2.03JRDVMon Jul 09 1984Two Byte Code
3.05AKOVWed Jul 11 1984Books about Japanese Language
4.012AKOVWed Jul 11 1984Japanese classes
5.01PARROT::GOUTALWed Jul 11 1984Japanese by NOTESfile
6.011TKOV6Thu Jul 19 1984Romaji to hiragana/katakana conversion program
7.02AKOVFri Jul 20 1984Nihon-no Performances
8.02ADVISE::THOMPSONMon Jul 23 1984How do you sort Nihongo
9.02ROYCE::ATTWOOLMon Jul 23 1984difference's
10.06MANANA::DICKSONFri Jul 27 1984Romaji to kanji conversion program?
11.05GLIVET::BIRDSALLMon Jul 30 1984Why two kana's?
12.05TKOV6Fri Aug 24 1984Japanese Writing System
13.0TKOV6Mon Aug 27 1984The Objectives of this notes
14.0TKOV6Mon Aug 27 1984From Airport to Hotel
15.012SIVA::TAYLORWed Sep 12 1984simple words
17.01KRYPTN::KEEFETue Sep 18 1984ohio gozaimasu!
18.04SIVA::TAYLORThu Sep 20 1984more words
19.01RHODES::PERRYTue Sep 25 1984whatever happened to Nihongo cla
20.07KRYPTN::KEEFEWed Sep 26 1984the best way to learn Nihongo
21.0METEOR::WEBERSat Sep 29 1984Japan
22.05RHODES::PERRYFri Oct 05 1984Harvard Course book
23.0KRYPTN::KEEFEMon Oct 15 1984Kouyou - foliage...
24.0KRYPTN::KEEFEMon Nov 26 1984Kansha sai - Thanksgiving
25.03GALAXY::WEBERSun Jan 06 1985Translation exercise
26.011UTRTue Jan 22 1985More romaji to kana/kanji (cont. of notes 6, 1
27.02TUNDRA::BAGDYThu Jan 31 1985It's never too late to learn!
28.03FRIDAY::MCCARTERFri Mar 15 1985English->Japanese glossaries for DEC products?
29.07NEDVAX::MOSCARITOLOTue Apr 16 1985job market
30.02TKOV6Wed Apr 24 1985Nihongo (Kanji) on VAXstation I
32.010ROYCE::BRULEYFri May 31 1985Nihongo to eigo no kaiwa
33.02KRYPTN::KEEFEFri Jun 07 1985Chiyonofuji ganbatte! (Sumo)
34.03BELKER::BLESSLEYMon Jul 08 1985Dictionary order
35.05KRYPTN::KEEFEMon Jul 29 1985The Novices of GO
36.012TKOV6Wed Aug 28 1985Note Activation
37.06TKOV6Tue Sep 03 1985Your Requirements
38.04LOLITA::KEEFEMon Dec 16 1985Happy New Year
39.03CADZOO::MAHLERTue Dec 24 1985Informal Greeting !
40.09CADDLE::MAHLERTue Feb 04 1986Japanese Interest Group
41.01TKOV6Tue Feb 04 1986VAX Notes Conversion
42.015JAKE::UYENOTue Feb 25 1986recommend Japanese books?
43.05KGUVFri Feb 28 1986Let's begin !!!!!
44.011KGUVFri Feb 28 1986HAI (NOT Hi)
45.0KGUVFri Feb 28 1986ASOBU (Do the mice play ?)
46.0KGUVMon Mar 03 1986GOMEN-NASAI (I am sorry)
47.03KGUVTue Mar 04 1986Japanese "YEN"
48.02KGUVWed Mar 05 1986NIPPON (Japan)
49.03KGUVThu Mar 06 1986DO-O ? (How about it ?)
50.02KGUVFri Mar 07 1986SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)
51.05KGUVMon Mar 10 1986SUMIMASEN (Pardon me)
52.0KGUVTue Mar 11 1986URESHII (I'm so happy !)
53.01KGUVWed Mar 12 1986DO ITASHI MASHITE (You are welcome)
54.01FRIDAY::CRANEWed Mar 12 1986Introducing myself
55.0FRIDAY::CRANEWed Mar 12 1986Hiragana can be easy to learn.
56.0KGUVThu Mar 13 1986IYA (I won't come)
57.0KGUVFri Mar 14 1986DEWA MATA (See you )
58.03FURILO::BLESSLEYTue Mar 18 1986Kana display on VT24
59.03STKWed Apr 16 1986AI articles
60.04TKOV58::SHIMONOThu Apr 24 1986ARPA's NIHONGO
62.01HOW::TURNERThu May 22 1986Cassettes?
64.011STKTSC::RYDENThu Jun 05 1986Technical dictionary, Japanese->English?
65.07RAJA::BORTMANFri Jul 11 1986Translation requests: Japanese -> English
66.0FURILO::BLESSLEYTue Jul 15 1986Romaji , typesetting with LaTeX
67.01FURILO::BLESSLEYWed Jul 23 1986Personal letters
68.0KIM::BAGWILLTue Aug 05 1986hajime...
69.0CGOOWed Aug 06 1986Let's do lunch soon...
70.04SMURF::KONISHISat Aug 23 1986Konnichiwa!
71.0526321::KEEFETue Sep 16 1986Learning to read more Kanji
72.0TLE::MAXWELLSat Oct 04 1986Reading materials for beginners/children?
74.02TRNING::SULLIVANTue Oct 28 1986Where is everyone?
76.013GEMINI::CIPPUBFri Nov 21 1986Different languages in Japan, similar to China?
77.08LOLITA::KEEFETue Dec 02 1986Godzilla
79.02LOLITA::KEEFEMon Jan 05 1987Shin-nen akemashite (again)...
80.05LOLITA::KEEFEWed Jan 14 1987I want / want to do
81.0LOLITA::KEEFEWed Jan 21 1987You must / must not
82.01BIRMIC::GREENMon Mar 09 1987Kanji & Cards
83.03LOLITA::KEEFEFri Apr 10 1987portable Fujitsu Oasys
84.02ROMTue Jun 30 1987Japanese conversation by short wave radio
85.0NIPPON::BISHOPFri Jul 24 1987Asian software interest list
86.0OILCAN::KEEFETue Aug 04 1987computer Japanese = computer English
88.04SIVA::BOYDSat Sep 12 1987printing kanji on la5
90.0HOW::RAHAIMSat Oct 03 1987Anyone heard of LSI for Japanese Instruction?
91.0LANDO::BEHMWed Nov 04 1987Japan Society of Boston???
92.04RANCHO::CONDETue Dec 15 1987Japanese Word processors
93.016OGWV5Thu Jan 07 1988Kanji Dictionary for Foreigners
95.02AKOVThu Feb 18 1988How to count in Japanese...
97.02OGWV5Tue Feb 23 1988BASIC - I work -
98.0OGWV5Tue Feb 23 1988BASIC - You run -
99.03OGWV5Wed Feb 24 1988BASIC - She dances -
100.0OGWV5Wed Feb 24 1988Study more - singular, present -
101.02OGWV5Thu Feb 25 1988BASIC - We dream -
102.01OGWV5Fri Feb 26 1988BASIC - You wake up -
103.02OGWV5Fri Feb 26 1988BASIC - They grow -
104.02OGWV5Mon Feb 29 1988Study more - plural, present -
105.0OGWV5Tue Mar 01 1988BASIC - negative,present -
106.0OGWV5Wed Mar 02 1988BASIC - plural,negative -
107.01OGWV5Wed Mar 02 1988Short Break
108.0OGWV5Thu Mar 03 1988BASIC - Modified Sentences (1) -
109.01OGWV5Thu Mar 03 1988BASIC - Modified Sentences (2) -
111.0OGWV5Fri Mar 04 1988BASIC - Modified Sentences (3) -
112.02OGWV5Mon Mar 07 1988BASIC - Modified Sentences (4) -
113.0OGWV5Tue Mar 08 1988BASIC - Modified Sentences (5) -
114.05OGWV5Wed Mar 09 1988BASIC - Preposition "de" -
115.06OGWV5Wed Mar 09 1988Exercise for readers
117.0VIDEO::SAULWed Mar 30 1988Email pen pal
118.03LOLITA::KEEFESat Apr 23 1988TK5
120.010WLDWST::PHILLIPSThu May 05 1988luv my wife.
121.08CSC32::DE_SMITHSat May 28 1988Americanisms from Nihon
122.08TRNING::SULLIVANTue May 31 1988I need a Technical Dictionary...
123.0421Sat Jun 04 1988Word order question
124.07USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Jul 21 1988Japanese courses?
125.0MARVIN::JUBBWed Jul 27 1988Nihongo in Reading
127.06HOCUS::HOLLANDFri Sep 02 1988Nihongo-isms from English
128.09SIVA::BOYDTue Sep 13 1988What is kana sorting sequence?
129.03RDVAX::RUBINSTEINWed Oct 05 1988Pronunciation help please.
130.03RANCHO::CONDETue Oct 25 1988List of Translated Computer Terms
131.01CLOSET::KEEFESat Nov 05 1988seven-sided bird season
132.02CLOSET::KEEFESat Nov 05 1988Book about DEC, in Japanese
133.01VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Dec 07 1988Horizon newsletter
134.011CLOSET::KEEFEWed Dec 14 1988Horizon, issue 1
135.01CLOSET::KEEFEWed Dec 14 1988Horizon issue no. 3
136.03ZONULE::BURNHAMFri Dec 30 1988NEED A TUTOR!!!
137.02COMET::MCCARTERFri Jan 20 1989How to say 'motherhood' in Nihongo
138.01EUNIX::AHUJAFri Jan 20 1989Someone to practice Nihongo with ?
139.0TKTV2Mon Feb 06 1989Accent
140.01POLAR::HOFri Feb 10 1989Evolution of Japanese language
141.0ASABET::ROBINSONTue Feb 28 1989new student
142.0449ER::STEPHENSTue Mar 14 1989Wherever? Whenever? Whatever?
143.06TKTV2Mon Mar 20 1989Sayings or Proverbs
144.04ABSZK::GREENWOODThu Mar 23 1989What is Kanji ??
145.0RIRED::AHUJASat Apr 08 1989Top-notch Instructor available
146.0BIGMOE::BURTONFri Apr 14 1989Anyone Read Japanese?
148.01CLOSET::KEEFETue Jun 13 1989Horizon, issue 4
149.010CLOSET::KEEFEFri Jul 07 1989name the mystery character
150.01CLOSET::KEEFEWed Aug 09 1989super 3
151.03COGMK::HSIEHWed Aug 30 1989Ultrix Kanji system
152.03CLOSET::KEEFETue Sep 26 1989Effect of computers on romanization
153.05BOOKIE::NEILSENWed Nov 08 1989Word for Kabuki stagehand?
154.010BUFFER::CANFIELDFri Nov 10 1989Japanese VMS and DECwindows installation
155.04YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Nov 28 1989A bit of magic would help
156.05LOTTIE::KEEFEThu Dec 21 1989can't get from kanji -> kana in J editor?
157.011CALYPS::KERBERWed Jan 10 1990VT382 Kanji user guide in English??
158.06CLOSET::KEEFEFri Jan 19 1990Who uses "kana mode" for data entry?
159.010TROAThu Feb 15 1990Polite but complicated!
160.016Mon Feb 19 1990Apple MAC Japanese lessons?
161.04HANNAH::OSMANTue Feb 27 1990what's good but slower than Harvard in Boston ?
162.02LOTTIE::KEEFETue Mar 13 1990Bonzai!
163.02VAXUUM::VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Mar 14 1990discriminatory words?
164.0MANFri Mar 16 1990>>> translator for a letter from japan ??? <<<
165.04ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAThu Mar 29 1990Hamamatsu tsuchi, dozo
166.014583Tue Apr 10 1990DEC - Japanese translation service?
167.0HPSTEK::SCOTTWed May 09 1990Japanese course??
168.014SIMD::ROLLITTFri Jun 15 1990YAKI-JAPO
169.05BLKWDO::RABINOFri Jun 22 1990simple phrases
170.0TROASat Jun 30 1990IBM Translator packages?
171.06CECVSun Jul 01 1990What are the kanji for "poka yoke?"
172.014OSTV1Fri Jul 13 1990EIGO
173.04TKTV2Fri Jul 13 1990Language Similarities
174.01CLOSET::VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jul 19 1990Japanese heard 5
175.0YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Jul 31 1990my two cents and other questions
176.0YIPPEE::GOULNIKFri Aug 03 1990bilingual newspaper ?
177.0TAOVTue Aug 07 1990NEW COMER
178.0LAPUTA::GOULNIKFri Aug 10 1990CD-I Japanese Learning Disk
179.0LAPUTA::GOULNIKFri Aug 10 1990Has anyone seen this ?
181.07VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Sep 19 1990how to write 'Ti' in romaji
182.0ROMThu Sep 20 1990books on network performance and LANs
183.05YIPPEE::GOULNIKWed Oct 03 1990Learning Kanji ?
184.04JKLVTue Oct 16 1990A Little Language... Is Not Enough.
185.02SNOCWed Oct 17 1990Teaching English In Japan
186.03POIDOG::PARMENTERThu Nov 01 1990Katakana Counters?
187.09VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Nov 01 1990silly quiz question
188.0AKOCOA::ATHOMASWed Nov 21 1990Translation
189.02CSC32::R_SWANSONTue Nov 27 1990Need help with two names please.
191.0223478::RAMANUJANTue Jan 01 1991New year greetings in Japanese
192.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Jan 03 1991Kenmei cereal -- from the Orient! :-)
193.06TLE::SASAKIThu Jan 03 1991Language tapes?
194.04FRAMBO::HSCHAEFERTue Jan 08 1991EW+ Japanese Word Processor
195.016HANNAH::OSMANFri Jan 11 1991any Japanese conferences around ?
196.0323478::RAMANUJANTue Jan 29 1991Is Tokyo very very cold ? .
197.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Feb 08 1991what ENGLISH words come from JAPANESE
198.04VAXUUM::KEEFESat Feb 23 1991V -te shimau -- a common auxiliary verb
199.012HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 05 1991I do not eat, I am not eating, etc..
200.04VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Mar 13 1991V-te oku ... preparation for future action
201.08LEDS::JAPPEWed Mar 27 1991Nihongo no Wapuroo ga arimasu ka?
202.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Mar 28 1991Definition of NIN kanji in Ninja, Ninjutsu
203.04KRISIS::reevesTue Apr 02 1991Mangajin magazine
204.013POIDOG::PARMENTERThu Apr 11 1991is 'uchi' an abnormal kanji?
205.019THOTH::HWANGFri Apr 12 1991survival phrases?
206.0SARAH::UENOThu May 23 1991Looking for a host family in NH/MA area
207.01VAXUUM::KEEFEWed May 29 1991International Phonetics Signs (IPS) who uses them?
208.04FASDER::MTURNERThu Aug 29 1991OCR for Kanji?
210.04VIA::PARMENTERSat Sep 21 1991You gotta have Wa
211.02ROTINI::YURITue Oct 01 1991Japanese lessons
212.03ZGOVThu Oct 10 1991Japanese on IBM PC?
213.07YUPPY::DEWINTERTue Oct 22 1991What is the meaning of the word TOMOSHIRAGA?
214.05BUFFER::CANFIELDTue Nov 12 1991JNOTES and Japanese notes conferences
215.011VOGON::LANDLESFri Nov 15 1991doko desu ka/doko ni arimasu ka ?
216.04BOOMBA::MEDEIROSThu Nov 28 1991Help with a Japanese word
217.04VIA::PARMENTERThu Jan 16 1992KENBEI
218.02FLYWAY::REESWed Jan 22 1992Watashi wa Blian desu. Nihongo wo hanasu
219.04BONNET::DENISTue Feb 25 1992double byte enabled ?
220.05VIA::PARMENTERFri Mar 13 1992Kara-Oke
221.01AIDEV::AHUJAFri Mar 27 1992Software for Japanese-English translation ?
222.01KYOA::HANSONSat Mar 28 1992Can you help with a Business Card?
223.01HANNAH::OSMANWed Apr 01 1992a tax question, onegai simasu
224.05BALZAC::DONOVANWed May 27 1992Looking for a translation of SENBEI
225.0SOLVIT::BENAVRAMSat Jun 27 1992Nihongo W/E in Boston
226.02AKOCOA::ISOThu Jul 02 1992Etymology
228.03ARRODS::MOBEYMon Jul 27 1992Astra Satellite
229.0ONETWO::ANUTAFri Sep 11 1992Software available for learning Kanji
230.07VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Sep 23 1992How to read numbers in Japanese?
231.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Oct 22 1992Writing the long "o" sound
232.01MIMS::MARTIN_SSat Oct 24 1992Dokugaku?
233.03ODIXIE::EGEORGETue Oct 27 1992Kobayashi Maru
234.04KERNEL::BARTHURTue Dec 01 1992translation required please
235.0KERNEL::BARTHURWed Dec 09 1992Thanks a lot from Scotland
236.01AMCUCS::AHUJATue Jan 19 1993Learning/Speaking Japanese in Silicon Valley
239.01TKOVOA::SUZUKI_SHIMon Apr 26 1993QUIZ: Ikkyuu-san's Wit
240.01SUBPAC::OLDIGESFri Jul 30 1993Radio broadcast schedule
241.0GYUPCC::BALTESKONISTue Aug 10 1993Looking for language school
242.0SUBPAC::OLDIGESFri Aug 27 1993Haiku
243.0SMURF::RPSSat Oct 09 1993Japanese class in Nashua, NH
244.0138638::HARRELLSun Jan 16 1994ex
246.06OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Feb 08 19941
247.06ZPOVC::DAIVTue Mar 29 1994Uni-form words with different pronounciations
248.01RAGMOP::KEEFESat Apr 02 1994Software for studying Japanese, for Mac
249.0TKOV51::TOBAMon Apr 04 1994Understanding Japanese Info. Proc.
250.01SNOFS1::MOORESThu Jun 02 1994Hello?
251.03SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AMon Jun 13 1994Katakana question
252.05ISTWI1::OZKANThu Jun 23 1994let me try a Japanese sentence
253.04BIS5Fri Jun 24 1994Translation help needed
254.01LINGO::MCNAMARAThu Jul 07 1994Sayonara
255.08SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AWed Sep 07 1994How to input kana/kanji?
256.0BBIVWed Oct 19 1994Oe Kenzaburou
257.01GVATue Nov 01 1994ZZ TOP collector (CD, LP, Video tape,...)
258.0VAXUUM::KEEFESat Oct 14 1995How to make the long sound char in J word pro
259.02JRDVFri Jan 12 1996Ethnic Expression
260.0AKOCOA::CSAWYERSat Jul 13 1996Used language tapes please
261.01TAENG4::JSLAIFri Oct 04 1996Japanese to English
262.01TAENG4::JSLAIFri Oct 11 1996Let's study Japanese
263.08CIVPR1::valbFri Dec 06 1996Nippon Defination