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Conference isvnet::uis-helpline

Title:Discussions of the UIS-HELPLINE POLYCENTER product
Created:Mon Jul 13 1992
Last Modified:Wed Apr 24 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:38
Total number of notes:95
Number with bodies:0
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1.0NEPHI::COARTue Apr 13 1993Welcome!
2.013NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Who Are You?
3.02NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Conference Notices
4.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
5.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
6.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
7.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
8.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
9.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
10.0NEPHI::COARMon Jul 13 1992Reserved
11.013WARNUT::NISBETDThu Jul 30 1992UIS-HELPLINE: er, What is it?
12.01NEPHI::COARThu Aug 27 1992Procedure to back up the database
14.01CSONET::MAYAFri Mar 26 1993PUBLIC conference?
15.02PCOJCT::FERMIMon Apr 05 1993Integrated with Framework?
16.01BIGRED::SPARKSFri May 21 1993Any comparison with SCS for ALL-IN-1?
17.0BIGRED::SPARKSThu Jun 10 1993Performace or Capacity information
18.04BIGRED::SPARKSMon Jun 14 1993Help, Callcenter Plus or UIS-Helpline
19.01TRCOA::TRCP9Thu Jun 17 1993Questions obout some features?
20.01SUPER7::HUGHESATue Jul 13 1993Documentation
21.0TAVIS::BARNIRTue Jul 20 1993helpdesk conference?
22.0SHIPS::DAVIES_DWed Aug 18 1993RAXCO Address in UK
23.0TRNOIS::LOIZZOWed Oct 06 1993reference sites ?
24.05IJSAPL::PEURSUMWed Oct 20 1993UIS-HELPLINE / Target->Hotline comparison ?
26.03--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 21 1993Support Requirements
29.01--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 27 1993Conference Call Thursday, Oct 28
30.04BATVX1::BADMANThu Dec 09 1993Searching old calls...
31.02ISIDRO::SWASSOPSat Dec 11 1993PURSUIT from MARVEL, what's it?
32.01GLDOA::BOELEMATue Feb 01 1994porting to Alpha/OSF?
33.02CTHQ::GILFOYTue Feb 15 1994License question
34.01BIGVAX::MELTONTue Feb 22 1994Does this product support PCs?
35.055153::HARVALA_MMon Apr 11 1994POLYCTR network management tools ?
36.01AMCUCS::MEHRINGWed Aug 03 1994Demo? Docs? Price Update?
37.01TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Sep 13 1994Product Comparison Info Needed
38.0CHEFS::WILKINSON_MWed Apr 24 1996V3.