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Conference irocz::netrider

Title:NetRider --- Remote Network Access Conference
Notice:Please use keywords! See Note 2 for Directory of Important Notes
Created:Tue Jan 24 1995
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:554
Total number of notes:2264
Number with bodies:166
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1.0TOOK::D_NELSONTue Jan 24 1995Welcome
2.01TOOK::D_NELSONFri Jan 27 1995Directory of Important Notes
3.0TOOK::D_NELSONTue Jan 24 1995reserved
4.02LAVC::CAHILLWed Sep 06 1995Product and Marketing Managers
5.08TOOK::D_NELSONFri Jan 27 1995Wish List (of new or enhanced features)
6.07TOOK::CAHILLTue Feb 14 1995Kit Locations
7.0+4IROCZ::D_NELSONFri Sep 01 1995Online Documentation Locations
8.03TOOK::D_NELSONMon Jan 30 1995Latest NetRider SPD(s)
9.0TOOK::D_NELSONTue Jan 24 1995reserved
10.0TOOK::D_NELSONTue Jan 24 1995reserved
11.021CGOSMon Jan 30 1995DECnet pointer to kit??
12.02LJSRV2::phones.ljo.dec.com::kotokWed Feb 01 1995AppleTalk access problem
13.02HITIT::KAYIThu Feb 02 1995Routing question
14.07CTHQ::CURRIEThu Feb 02 1995PPP Authentication
15.03HERON::codger.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSFri Feb 03 1995Installation gotcha
16.05CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 06 1995NetRider vs. PATHWORKS Remote
17.07CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 06 1995NAS V1.5?
18.02ADOVTue Feb 07 1995Loading from ULTRIX or VMS?
19.0+9VMSVAX::TOLNAITue Feb 07 1995NetRider with Windows NT
20.08KAOOSC::boivinTue Feb 07 1995Will Netrider use V.42bis modems?
21.016ODIF11::LICATAWed Feb 08 1995not responding to Roffice Packets
22.01BIS5::RUTTENSThu Feb 09 1995Netrider support on DS9
23.04LJSRV2::phones.ljo.dec.com::kotokThu Feb 09 1995Confused in Littleton
24.02CRONIC::LEMONSThu Feb 09 1995rostart.bat forces autoexec.bat to exit
25.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 10 1995Verrryyy slow character echo in Telnet
26.08CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 10 1995Name lookup and/or routing problem?
27.011OSLLAV::PER_PFri Feb 10 1995Windows '95 supported ?
28.02LJSRV2::phones.ljo.dec.com::kotokFri Feb 10 1995Finding Name Servers with PPP
29.01WKRP::HENRYSat Feb 11 1995Siadder Field ???????
30.0CRONIC::LEMONSSun Feb 12 1995Kermit in Telnet enabled?
31.03CRONIC::LEMONSSun Feb 12 1995What file/print share support?
32.03CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 13 1995Remote control app for NetWare only?
33.0DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSMon Feb 13 1995DNS lookup problems
34.04DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSMon Feb 13 1995Callback and Accounting questions
35.015MAIL1::RMILLERMon Feb 13 1995Trouble printing documentation
36.06LEMAN::BOTHNERWed Feb 15 1995help with choice of products, please
37.08CRONIC::LEMONSWed Feb 15 1995NetRider PATHWORKS TCP/IP can't be re-installed
38.02LJSRV2::phones.ljo.dec.com::kotokWed Feb 15 1995NetRider Mac Client: Fails with "Server" IP address assignment
39.0RANGER::HARRISWed Feb 15 1995NetRider (Mac) CCL script to Prompt for Server Password
40.01CRONIC::LEMONSWed Feb 15 1995Not loading Stampede bridging protocol
41.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Feb 16 1995'Could not load Windows' after successful ROSTART.BAT
42.0CRONIC::LEMONSThu Feb 16 1995Node info in phone book
43.04CRONIC::LEMONSThu Feb 16 1995Other side not recognizing ROFFICE packets
44.06AIMHI::KEPNER::BLANCHETTEThu Feb 16 1995NetRider, IPX over cellular dial up?
45.03MAIL1::RMILLERThu Feb 16 1995Problem with Xircom...
46.03ANGLIN::BERNDTFri Feb 17 19959
47.08CTSNRG::SCHEIDFri Feb 17 1995Secure ID in Netrider and NAS v1.5
48.013CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 17 1995Manual login, or controlling the script
49.07CRONIC::LEMONSFri Feb 17 1995PPP and signaling
50.04HBFDT2::KUHNMon Feb 20 1995Mac client sees only one host
51.02KAOTMon Feb 20 1995ROC client direction please
52.010SHIPS::NEAL_DMon Feb 20 1995Connect to ppp server
53.02OTOOA::YOUNGMon Feb 20 1995mutlitech modems
54.04WBC::STASSETue Feb 21 1995Mosaic HTTP Connect Fails
55.02ULYSSE::GUINEA::BALLETTATue Feb 21 1995Netrider behaviour when MSCDEX is present
56.06DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Feb 21 1995Network without dialling?
57.01OTOOA::YOUNGWed Feb 22 1995chap security
58.01ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Feb 22 1995Pointer to DECserver-to-Modem cable?
59.04MEOCThu Feb 23 1995NetRider and the Internet
60.01WKRP::HENRYThu Feb 23 1995Its Great - A couple of questions/observations?
61.0CRONIC::LEMONSSat Feb 25 1995Conditionally start NetRider
62.01DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSMon Feb 27 1995Netrider and RoamAbout differences with redirector
63.08CRONIC::LEMONSMon Feb 27 1995LAT/PPP dialin: one or two configurations?
64.01SEERAB::MCCULLOCHTue Feb 28 1995Dial-back modems?
65.04OTOOA::YOUNGTue Feb 28 1995netrider/mosaic/winsock conflict
66.03MSBCS::REEDTue Feb 28 1995not recognizing ROFFICE packets
67.013MSE1::ANDELLAThu Mar 02 1995Basic Client Questions
69.02DECWET::dsnow1.zso.dec.com::snowMon Mar 06 1995Comments on Mac Client Documents
70.010WKOLTue Mar 07 1995NETbios over TCP/IP?
71.02AUSSIE::elstree.sna.dec.com::kimptonWed Mar 08 1995QAR Database (for Netrider Macintosh Client) ?
72.03WKRP::HENRYWed Mar 08 1995What is PAP/CHAP - a basic Question
73.01EEMELI::RUOTILAThu Mar 09 1995NetRider manuals?
74.08EMERY::emeryThu Mar 09 1995Problems with Netrider Client For Macintosh
75.04MQOOA::POISSANTFri Mar 10 19952 questions
76.05OTOOA::YOUNGFri Mar 10 1995rof connection ok but not netscape
77.01OSLTue Mar 14 1995NetRider Remote Access Configure
78.0TOOK::SCHWARTZWed Mar 15 1995Item to look for if PC locks up on DLLODI driver.
79.02DRAC::BOSCHThu Mar 16 1995NDIS configuration : hangs my PC
80.02AIMHI::KEPNER::BLANCHETTEFri Mar 17 1995Netrider Client Redial when busy?
81.06MSE1::ANDELLAMon Mar 20 1995PC Hangs using Excursion
82.01IAGO::wort.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSMon Mar 20 1995Xircom adapter configuration
83.035CSC32::ROSSTue Mar 21 1995MAC Direct Connect Won't Work !
84.03JULIET::WENGER_GEWed Mar 22 1995server wil not load from host
85.07MEOCSat Mar 25 1995Kerberos on OSF/1?
86.07HERON::guinea.vbo.dec.com::BALLETTAMon Mar 27 1995how to change comms port?
87.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 27 1995Using LKG demo facilities
88.0ODIF11::LICATAMon Mar 27 1995Windows / Netware / Lan Man / Toggle
89.03TOHOPE::WSA1Wed Mar 29 1995DECnet over PPP?
90.01TROFS::WEBSTERThu Mar 30 1995Problem with client with AT&T card modem.
91.03CGOSThu Mar 30 1995No Flash load on DS 9
92.04ARRCEE::rcpc.kyo.dec.com::catenaFri Mar 31 1995ethernet, multi config setup?
93.04MSBCS::REEDFri Mar 31 1995Memory, or lack of
94.06SSSAXP::LEMONSSat Apr 01 1995NetRider+PWIP for Windows for Workgroups?
95.012TAMARA::NEUMAN::NeumannMon Apr 03 1995Macintosh - "can't open driver
96.01MSE1::ANDELLATue Apr 04 1995Can NetRider configure Server for OSF clients?
97.0HEN::KLOTZTue Apr 04 1995USE
98.07EEMELI::RUOTILAWed Apr 05 1995NETrider 9
99.04CSC32::ROSSWed Apr 05 1995NetRider & IPX - freeze DS9
100.01CTHQ::BRUFFThu Apr 06 1995Trouble loading NetRider on Windows for Workgroups
101.0CHORDZ::RENSINGFri Apr 07 1995Looking for "Success" stories
102.0GRANPA::BDOYLEFri Apr 07 1995NetRider and RoamAbout - Joint Selling Model?
103.010LAVC::CAHILLMon Apr 10 1995User-contributed Mac CCL or PC modem scripts
104.02NCMAIL::GADSDENPMon Apr 10 1995NetRider Practical Peripheral Modem Support
105.03BSS::DUNHAMWed Apr 12 1995Can't configure port IP address > 1
106.01CGOOA::WHITLOCKWed Apr 12 1995Other Side Not Recognizing ROFFICE Packets
107.013FOUNDR::LARMERThu Apr 13 1995Windows NT support
108.02MSBCS::REEDFri Apr 14 1995PAP security
109.07GRANPA::TSPRECHERFri Apr 14 1995Dial-Out Services
110.0BSS::DUNHAMWed Apr 19 1995UDS FasTalk modem script wrong?
111.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Apr 20 1995Seeking help with configuring MacTCP
112.07SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEThu Apr 20 1995Macintosh and the NetRider
113.0MARLYN::FLANDERSThu Apr 20 1995Help us test NetRider's Usability
114.01CSC32::J_FELDMANThu Apr 20 1995can't get to online docs
115.01STRWRS::aspen.kyo.dec.com::TedFri Apr 21 1995Modem Lights as Icon hangs system
116.02STRWRS::aspen.kyo.dec.com::TedFri Apr 21 1995Windows FTP Client can't copy *.* host to client
117.01MSBCS::REEDFri Apr 21 1995Client and DECserver on different subnets
118.05NETRIX::"woodward@alf.dec.com"Tue Apr 25 1995WFW (no net) w/NetRider, "winnet error" on dev/print connect
119.01GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOWed Apr 26 1995A novice question on NETrider and Pathworks v4.1
120.08NAMIX::jptFri Apr 28 1995support for Digital UNIX environments?
121.0SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIESun Apr 30 1995ISDN and the NetRider
122.08SCCAT::MILLERMon May 01 1995tftp server and dump??
123.01MEOCWed May 03 1995MANUALS
124.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed May 03 1995How to use WFW from Remote Office Client ?
125.02GIDDAY::CHONGWed May 03 1995dialback query ?
126.0VNABRW::WALDHERRWed May 03 1995Some bugs found !
127.05WKRP::HENRYWed May 03 1995Security and Windows95
128.01MEOCThu May 04 1995Mac software versions
129.02STRWRS::KOCH_PThu May 04 1995Anyone using Netscape V1.1b3 with Netrider?
130.03BSS::DUNHAMThu May 04 1995Does Windows FTP work??????
131.011TOOK::SCHWARTZSat May 06 1995Using WFW as a NetRider client
132.02TENNIS::KAMSat May 06 1995NetRider video and V2.
133.04TENNIS::KAMSat May 06 1995Is PCMCIA cards supported?
134.0TENNIS::KAMSun May 07 1995Understand basic startup of NetRider?
135.02--UnknownUser--Mon May 08 1995one netrider for all subnet possible ?
136.04ANGLIN::BERNDTMon May 08 1995Modem List
137.04HEN::ZIMMERMANNTue May 09 1995Configure hang problem on a laptop
138.0GLDOA::BOELEMAWed May 10 1995PC App won't run with NetRider
139.01CRONIC::LEMONSFri May 12 1995CXI
140.0CGOSFri May 12 1995Servers ship with NAS 1.4 or 1.5?
141.05RANGER::HARRISMon May 15 1995Mac used to work, now IP address is rejected - why?
142.04TKOV5Wed May 17 1995cannot logon LAN Man domain
143.05WKRP::HENRYWed May 17 1995Help with Modem Init String
144.03NETRIX::"Michael.Bell@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon May 22 1995Clent IP Install
145.01RANGER::HARRISTue May 23 1995Too few MatchStr buffers - ran out with 28.8 modem
146.01RANGER::HARRISTue May 23 1995What is "CommunicatingAt" in a Mac CCL script?
147.07HERON::milTue May 23 1995Any experience with Reflexion 4 V4.2?
148.04CSC32::ROSSThu May 25 1995Can't Ping Gateway / ARP not updated
149.01UTRTSC::GROOT_RFri May 26 1995NA T1.5 BL94 or NA 1.5 BL95 ?
150.0RESTRT::REDDYFri May 26 1995netascii support for Loader
151.07PTOJJD::DANZAKSun May 28 1995NetRider install woes: Can't get it working
152.01ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAThu Jun 01 1995netrider no respond to DUMP request
153.01DPDMAI::KORNSFri Jun 02 1995Mac Client "beta" in GET INFO
154.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Jun 05 1995netware rconsole problem
155.03PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Jun 05 1995Dedicated server required - no but...?
156.03PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Jun 05 1995IBM Thinkpad&Netrider/Anybody for a roadtrip?
157.05CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jun 05 1995NetRider use PPP IPCP host address setting in DECserver?
158.0NETRIX::"woodward@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon Jun 05 1995Login failing
159.0COMICS::WOODWARDTue Jun 06 1995Netrider to Token Ring network ?
160.03DPDMAI::daveslap.sca.dec.com::KORNSMon Jun 12 1995Problems, solutions & some future requirements
161.01JARETH::RJACKTue Jun 13 1995Netrider versus Pathworks?
162.03PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Jun 14 1995Duplicate IP address issues
163.02PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Jun 14 1995ALWAYS ODI stuff loaded?
164.0PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Jun 14 1995MODEM init string for MEGAHERTZ
165.07SHRCTR::EJONESFri Jun 16 1995Mac Netrider, CCL error 6
166.05GEMSTN::TEERLINKFri Jun 16 1995Another PW TCP/IP Installation problem.
167.01SUTRA::NSTG14::baumannMon Jun 19 1995When will be the new version ?
168.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jun 19 1995NETRIDER and LAN/Workplace
169.05DPDMAI::KORNSTue Jun 20 1995DNS name resolution
170.012DPDMAI::KORNSTue Jun 20 1995Is there NetRider SW Warranty?
171.010CGOSTue Jun 20 1995NETRIDER part numbers?
172.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jun 20 1995Call Back, INT14
173.02PRSSOS::PEYRACHEThu Jun 22 1995Moving From IP to IPX how to do that
174.01LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAMon Jun 26 1995Netrider and Laptops
175.0OSLLAV::NILSS_PTue Jun 27 1995Netrider and IPX connect problems
176.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jun 27 1995Help on configuring 9
177.01CGOSTue Jun 27 1995Missing online doc??
178.02TROOA::LUIWed Jun 28 1995Netrider and MSmail for DECmailwork
179.02OMDEMO::OMPCPS::GarciaThu Jun 29 1995Seting up SLIP
180.09STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Jun 30 1995Network Computing gives Netrider a "C"
181.01OTOOA::YOUNGWed Jul 05 1995Cysecure for DECserver security
182.04ISTWI1::DARMAR::DARMARMon Jul 10 1995U: Need help with NetRider installation
183.02STROP::LAYLANDFri Jul 14 1995Not a pw client. Can it be installed ?
184.05VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jul 14 1995Netrider Mac, teamlinks,mail mac connect problems
185.05DRAC::DSMAILTue Jul 18 1995Installation problems under Spanish MS Windows
186.0TOOK::DEROSIERTue Jul 18 1995NetRider Loader V1.1 preview
187.01VAXRIO::HELDERWed Jul 19 1995Modem Scripts
188.02STROP::LAYLANDFri Jul 21 1995Some Installation issues
189.05JULIET::WENGER_GEFri Jul 21 1995probelm with wfw and the sever script file
190.04ALEF::NIKOLICTue Jul 25 1995Installation problems, multitech
192.0TOOK::SETOMon Jul 31 1995AT&T DataPort Express Modem
193.05BRUMMY::LUMMISTue Aug 01 1995Remote Control vs Cubix ?
194.04DELBOY::united.olo.dec.com::davetWed Aug 02 1995sporadic hangs causing problems!
195.013WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSMon Aug 07 1995Intermittent Authentication Failure
196.05CSOADM::STONEROCKThu Aug 10 1995roffice packet woes
197.02STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Aug 10 1995Reference sites?
198.0NCMAIL::BANKOWSKIJThu Aug 10 1995Netware for SAA does not work
199.07STROP::LAYLANDFri Aug 11 1995Hubwatch over Netrider
200.05SWAM2::JACOMB_SCFri Aug 11 1995IPX without VLM?
201.03HERON::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSThu Aug 17 1995Load host v1.
202.02OTOOA::YOUNGThu Aug 17 1995Netrider security
203.02MQOU18::S_CHARBONNEAThu Aug 17 1995CISCO PPP Problem
204.01DPDMAI::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::KornsMon Aug 21 1995Netrider Netware client w/printer
205.0NETRIX::"woodward@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Aug 22 1995DNAS ECO kits in PKZIP format?
206.03TENNIS::KAMWed Aug 23 1995Does DECserver NEED IP address & can use DNAS (OpenVMS)?
207.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Aug 23 1995Remote Management of Netware LAN environments ??
208.04MQOU18::MQOP61::S_CHARBONNEAThu Aug 24 1995Support for the product
209.02IAMOSI::LEUNGFri Aug 25 1995use
210.0NAC::BOURQUEFri Aug 25 1995Communications Week Evaluation
211.02TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 25 1995NetRider and TCP/IP peer-to-peer?
212.01TENNIS::KAMSat Aug 26 1995How to setup terminal server at the prompt level?
213.02TENNIS::KAMSun Aug 27 1995Where is Lan Manager setup?
214.02TENNIS::KAMSun Aug 27 1995Which NCP should we be using?
215.02TENNIS::KAMSun Aug 27 1995Problem with modem init string for Intel Faxmodem 14.4/14.4
216.04SIOG::ODONNELLMon Aug 28 1995AppleTalk Services access problems.
217.01TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 28 1995Adding Modem Type in Remote Access Server Config?
218.02TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 28 1995Request for assistance in setting up NetRider demos
219.0DELBOY::thornd.olo.dec.com::davetWed Aug 30 1995problem connecting to PATHWORKS V5.n shares
220.02DELBOY::thornd.olo.dec.com::davetWed Aug 30 1995enhanced security options?
221.0ULYSSE::YLOUPC::louisWed Aug 30 1995bootp & tftp pbs with hinote ultra 475 & depcm
222.04OFOSS1::HEBERTJWed Aug 30 1995NetRider and ethernet
223.03PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Aug 30 1995Buffers? Where? In CONfig or NETrider?
224.01ODIF11::LICATAWed Aug 30 1995Netrider/Stampede in sync ?
225.0GIDDAY::HARKNESSFri Sep 01 1995Net Rider V1.
226.011SIOG::KCAHILLFri Sep 01 1995Authentication and Accounting Functionality questions
227.0MUNICH::SCHWEMMERMon Sep 04 1995nonfatal error at script line 1
228.05AYOV29::DBROWNTue Sep 05 1995Possible flow control problem PC & Accura 288
229.04KERNEL::MCSKEANEPTue Sep 05 1995connection problems and ping with ro
230.02ROMTue Sep 05 1995IP setup time incl. security?
231.01DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Sep 05 1995Auto-sensing of incoming data type
232.03WKRP::HENRYThu Sep 07 1995Help with loging out of a PPP port
233.02HLRGThu Sep 07 1995Windows socket library not available.
234.04PEACHS::GHEFFFri Sep 08 1995Is the Mac 1.1 beta supposed to be there?
235.01ALEF::NIKOLICFri Sep 08 1995NETrider and NULL modems
236.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSSat Sep 09 1995Cannot connect to LAT services
237.01AYOV29::DBROWNMon Sep 11 1995PROBLEM LOADING DNR with Windows 95
238.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Sep 11 1995Mac Netride 1.2 No text on 9in monit via secure id
239.02NCMAIL::SCHEIDThu Sep 14 1995ARAP and XMremote support
240.01535Fri Sep 15 1995NAS call-back feature ?
241.0GIDDAY::CHONGMon Sep 18 1995Any one got NETBUEI to work ?
242.01MAIL1::RMILLERMon Sep 18 1995IP address field for port not large enough
243.03STROP::LAYLANDWed Sep 20 1995Any API's being devloped for Netrider?
244.05DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Sep 20 1995Client SOftware Licensing??
245.01TENNIS::KAMSun Sep 24 1995What's after Authentication Status: Initial?
246.06MAIL1::RMILLERTue Sep 26 1995LAN/Workplace IP Stack?
247.03DAIVC::DANIEL_HFri Sep 29 1995Remote Office not talk with DS7
248.06TENNIS::KAMSat Sep 30 1995Feedback from a frustrated User and farewell
249.04MAIL1::RMILLERWed Oct 04 1995Plans to fix security shortcomings?
250.01STKHLM::IVANThu Oct 05 1995NetRider under WFW 3.11 and MS TCP/IP
251.01TROOA::LUIThu Oct 05 1995Urgent! Netrider doesn't use "services" file?
252.01MAASUP::CROSBYFri Oct 06 1995Problems with Practical Peripherals 28.8
253.06COPCLU::SNEDKERThu Oct 12 1995Dial-back/Customize user-interface
254.08NSICTue Oct 17 1995problem connecting with NetRider 1.1b1
255.022CSSIUS::LARRICKWed Oct 18 1995NetRider 1.1b1 for Mac comments
256.04MS31Thu Oct 19 1995Can't download RoamAbout AP from "new" loader
257.0GIDDAY::CHONGThu Oct 19 1995Remote Control set up
258.0CSC32::D_PERRINThu Oct 19 1995Enabled button function???
259.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CFri Oct 20 1995Netware Server Crashes when Netrider Client logs in
260.01HGOVC::VICTORSUENThu Oct 26 1995Cannot connect to Novel Server!
261.07BELFST::HOUSTONMon Oct 30 1995not recognizing ROFFICE packets
262.01MLNORO::BAREZZIMon Oct 30 1995To dial-up in a POOL of line numbers ?
263.0SCASMon Oct 30 1995NetRider 9
264.01SCASMon Oct 30 1995Floppy Distribution needed
265.01RDMCS3::STUARTTue Oct 31 1995Remote control host work under Win95?
266.01CSC32::R_BUCKThu Nov 02 1995Toshiba Noteworthy Modems & Netrider
267.0HERON::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSFri Nov 03 1995First go at 1.1 beta
268.02CMOTEC::CHOIFri Nov 03 199524
269.02ACISS1::SEIBERTSSun Nov 05 1995Question on setting Dial-in Password
270.08UNITED::ppp3.olo.dec.com::davetMon Nov 06 1995v1.1 and connecting to file shares???
271.02DAGWST::PIAZZATue Nov 07 1995Can NetRider be used to log into terminal server?
272.06ACISS1::SEIBERTSWed Nov 08 1995IPX file transfer slow..?
273.02SCASThu Nov 09 1995MAC Client going away??
274.02CGOSThu Nov 09 1995IPX questions
276.0MKOTS3::KORNMon Nov 13 1995SW support/service for Netrider SW
277.02GRANPA::BDOYLEMon Nov 13 1995Who has Prpject Experience? $$$$
278.01ANGLIN::BERNDTMon Nov 13 1995Temp Load/Config install, how?
279.0UNITED::thornd.olo.dec.com::davetTue Nov 14 1995enhanced redirectors and netrider?
280.02CSC32::D_PERRINTue Nov 14 1995netrider loader fails
281.03GRANPA::BDOYLEWed Nov 15 1995WIN 95 Strategy Needed !!!!!
283.04PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Nov 20 1995DECservs9
284.01WOTVAX::ppp3.olo.dec.com::davetMon Nov 20 1995problems using IPX - dials up ok/can not login!
285.02GIDDAY::MORANThu Nov 23 1995couple of problems ....
286.0SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEFri Nov 24 1995Redirector with remote control?
287.03UMEJNK::JOHANSSONFri Nov 24 1995Configure does'nt work,hangs.
288.03WOTVAX::ppp3.olo.dec.com::davetMon Nov 27 1995restarting disconnected link elegantly????
289.03GRANPA::BDOYLEWed Nov 29 1995Remote Control Need!
290.05ACISS2::BERNDTFri Dec 01 1995Prereq for WIN95 server and security
291.01SWAM1::JACOMB_SCFri Dec 01 1995WWQW Browser
292.02PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Dec 04 1995Why a 9
293.03TROOA::LUITue Dec 05 1995DECserver idle time limit ??
294.05EDISTO::greeneThu Dec 07 1995Technical Training Information
295.03WKRP::HENRYFri Dec 08 1995Will TSM do it??
296.0OTOOA::YOUNGWed Dec 13 1995ERAS info
297.01SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONEMon Dec 18 1995How do you get IP functionality from Netrider T1.1?
298.01DAIVC::IVANWed Dec 27 1995Trouble access FEENIX
299.03MSBCS::REEDWed Dec 27 1995Netrider config utility on NT
300.0TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 28 1995NetRider V1.1 status
301.0TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 28 1995NetRider Client, Server, Load Host brief description
302.04TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 28 1995README.TXT instructions unclear for WfW
303.05TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 28 1995VXDINIT error with Windows for Workgroups
304.029TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jan 03 1996NetRider gives FCS Failures, doesn't work
305.01SWAM1::JACOMB_SCMon Jan 08 1996Exchange Mosaic for Netscape
306.04PRSSOS::PEYRACHETue Jan 09 1996V1.1 releases notes ?
307.02TROOA::LUITue Jan 09 1996Netrider and log on to a NT server ? How ?
308.023NETRIX::"tom.mcnall@unyem.rco.dec.com"Tue Jan 09 1996Location of new NetRider loader (1.1)?
309.02BEJVC::ARTHURWANGThu Jan 11 1996SLIP,Netrider
310.0BEJVC::ARTHURWANGThu Jan 11 1996Linkwork based netrider?
311.03TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jan 12 1996Setting subnet mask in NetRider V1.1
312.0TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jan 12 1996Must add a PCTCP.INI value for 'router ='
313.06TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jan 12 1996Where to supply a domain name
314.0TOOK::CRONIC::LEMONSSat Jan 13 1996Instructions for setting up Netrider V1.1
315.04TRUCKS::BARRONSun Jan 14 1996NETRIDER DECserver 9
316.0SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon Jan 15 1996NRSETUP.TAZ...Terminal Server config via IP
317.01HGOM11::ARTHURWANGMon Jan 15 1996installation problem
318.03DECWET::dsnow1.zso.dec.com::snowWed Jan 17 1996NetRider (Mac) and OpenTransport V1.1
319.01BEJVC::ARTHURWANGThu Jan 18 1996The Detail of config
320.0DAIVC::IVANFri Jan 19 1996Callback capability?
321.01TAVIS::ADLERMon Jan 22 1996netrider with leasd-line
322.03NCMAIL::SCHEIDTue Jan 23 1996Netrider 9
323.031HERON::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSFri Jan 26 1996Name resolving ????
324.0BEJVC::ARTHURWANGSun Jan 28 1996linkwork over netrider,but have problem
325.01STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Jan 31 1996DS9
326.02PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Jan 31 1996How to BOOTP a dead DEChub9
327.05ACISS2::LENNIGTue Feb 06 1996Netscape version?
328.0NCMAIL::MCNALLTWed Feb 14 1996How to pass UDP packets for Cuseeme"
329.01BELFST::COBAINThu Feb 15 1996IP Port Addressing
330.02VAXRIO::63Thu Feb 15 1996A ready solution for Windows 95
331.05NCMAIL::BANKOWSKIJMon Feb 19 1996Remote printing w/ Remote Control?
332.03MAIL2::RMILLERThu Feb 29 1996Complete Win 95 Remote Access Solution Available
333.01NCMAIL::MCNALLTThu Feb 29 1996V1.1 MAC client over the net to PC
334.02IROCZ::MORRISONThu Feb 29 1996Part numbers for N.R. R.O. & Mac client kits?
335.03HLFSTue Mar 05 1996rchost, remote (ipx) control does not work
336.01OTOOA::KUNKELThu Mar 07 1996Multitech Modem Init String Required !!!
337.01KERNEL::WARDJOFri Mar 08 1996error levels returned from ro login?
338.02WOTVAX::ppp2.olo.dec.com::davetFri Mar 08 1996setlogon failure - net
339.02NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Fri Mar 15 1996Netrider V1.1 & sapgui
340.01NETRIX::"rgraf@suobz1.suo.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996Netrider & Windows NT
341.05ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Mar 21 1996IPX access through 9
342.02MAIL2::RMILLERThu Mar 21 1996Upgrade form 1.
345.02ROMThu Mar 28 1996Netrider and ISDN ... again...
346.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Apr 01 1996Call-Back, Security
347.01GRANPA::BARABIATue Apr 02 1996?'s About Netrider and WFW Again
348.04IAMOSI::LEUNGThu Apr 04 1996Netrider V1.1 and WFW
349.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Apr 09 1996Unable to connect using Netrider and TeamLinks
350.05CSC32::L_DEGROFFThu Apr 11 1996Windows95 Support for Netrider?
351.0+6KEPTIN::GRANOFFFri Apr 12 1996Remote Access Engineering Web Server
352.01ZPOVC::ERICLECORPSSun Apr 14 1996Netrider /NT/SQL/Exchange Srvs
353.01HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOTue Apr 16 1996Netrider kit pointer
354.01ROMTue Apr 16 1996Netrider's OnNet versus the real thing
355.0KERNEL::MCSKEANEPWed Apr 24 1996Novell Client timing out when idle
356.02ALFETA::MAURICIOWed Apr 24 1996NetRider with SecureID support ??
357.01MSDOA::LOVETue Apr 30 1996Can dial out pool overlap dial in ports?
358.03NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed May 01 1996SPD and release notes for Kerberos for Digital Unix
359.0TAVIS::ADLERSun May 05 1996netrider client nt ras server
360.01CGOOA::rasMon May 06 1996Netrider Loader problems under WIN 95
361.01NETRIX::"danny verelst@www-proxy.crl.research.digital.com"Tue May 07 1996kit location version 2.2
363.03TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CWed May 15 1996Domain :Login?
365.01BELFST::S_MCCAUGHANFri May 17 1996Teamlinks & Netrider
366.03CSC32::D_PERRINFri May 17 1996latest version
367.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONSat May 18 1996Netrider Mac Modem config commands ?s
368.04SWETSC::PTORLINDMon May 20 1996Help!! Problems connecting to a DS9
369.0HERON::16.4Tue May 21 1996Banyan Vines ??
370.03JULIET::WENGER_GEWed May 22 1996urgent need for a supported modem list
371.02ACISS2::BERNDTThu May 23 1996When SSB V2.
372.0ZPOVC::EDWINWONGThu May 23 1996v1.1 can't put 25 DECserver entry
373.01CGOOA::rasFri May 24 1996More Netrider Loader problems
374.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CTue May 28 1996Conventional Memory Requirement?
375.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue May 28 1996ASM1B2IF.ZIP problem?
376.05CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed May 29 199645 second hang time......too long?
377.06TRUCKS::BARRONTue Jun 04 1996Multitech Modem Problems
378.0GIDDAY::CHANThu Jun 06 1996Get Access deind with netrider on NT
379.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jun 10 1996Netrider license questions
380.0VAXSPO::ECASTROMon Jun 10 1996New specs
381.03CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Jun 12 1996T2.
382.03CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Jun 13 1996ClearVISN SSB kit?
383.06CSC32::R_BUCKThu Jun 13 1996VNBeP cannot terminate network activity
384.05CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Jun 13 1996PROB_6.PS won't print
385.02CSC32::D_SHAVEYMon Jun 17 1996FREE or not?
386.01CSC32::MAULUCCIMon Jun 17 1996Date for NAS field test termination
387.04MOSCOW::BOBEER::KurachyovTue Jun 18 1996PPP callback to Windows 95 client
388.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed Jun 19 1996Netware 4.x NDS?
389.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Jun 24 1996Windows 3.11 configuration? NOT WFW
390.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Jun 24 1996How to configure netrider over a leased line?
391.01ISTWI1::EKERThu Jul 04 1996Confused with DNAS, DRAS, Kerberos, Radius
392.01TRUCKS::BARRONFri Jul 05 1996Auto Dialback
393.034923Mon Jul 08 1996S/Key woes on DRAS 1.
394.01ISTWI1::YUNERWed Jul 10 1996dial-out
395.014NETRIX::"fg@cssmuc.frt.dec.com"Fri Jul 12 1996DRAS and ASCEND MAX4
396.07CSC32::D_SHAVEYFri Jul 12 1996DNAS V?
397.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jul 15 1996vASM spd?
398.03ABACUS::mkodhcp-46128127.mko.dec.com::pereiraTue Jul 16 1996users and port restrictions.....
399.05ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAWed Jul 17 1996dump problem
400.02ISTWI1::TEKINWed Jul 17 1996PPP to DS9
401.02GENIE::16.184.2Wed Jul 17 1996DECNET across a firewall
402.04DAVIDF::FOXWed Jul 17 1996WANrouter-9
403.03SCASS1::DAVIESThu Jul 18 1996NT load host, CD rom, kerberos...
404.04BELFST::S_MCCAUGHANThu Jul 18 1996wfw shared resources
405.02NQOSFri Jul 19 1996Restrict Dial Out Telephone Number?
406.01CGOOA::rasMon Jul 22 1996Bayan Vines/IP and Netrider
407.01CSC32::MAULUCCIMon Jul 22 1996NAS V1.5/2.
408.01STUTue Jul 23 1996Trumpet Winsock and DECserver7
409.02CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Jul 23 1996NAS V2.
410.09OHFSS1::MALOTTMon Jul 29 1996File rquested only allows 1 pointer
411.0ABACUS::mkodhcp-46128127.mko.dec.com::pereiraMon Jul 29 1996System Sizing question?
412.01CMOTEC::CHOIMon Jul 29 1996user-specified dialback?
413.010ISTWI1::TEKINThu Aug 01 1996Nas_mgmt V2.
414.08ISTWI1::YUNERFri Aug 02 1996DNAS 2.
415.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYMon Aug 05 1996Microsoft Stack or none at all??
416.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONTue Aug 06 1996Current shipping version of Netrider Client?
417.02ONOIS1::GAIRNSFri Aug 09 1996WFW and Microsoft's IP stack
418.04CSC32::D_SHAVEYFri Aug 09 1996na7
419.05NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Mon Aug 12 1996Netrider-Callback with NT 4.
420.02GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeTue Aug 13 1996DRAS at system bootup
421.03CSC32::R_BUCKTue Aug 13 1996DRAS on W95 does not set password for new user
422.03IROCZ::RRICHARDTue Aug 13 1996Problem with DRAS CD-ROM
423.02CSC32::R_BUCKTue Aug 13 1996DRAS Manager crash when viewing framed session
424.04CSC32::R_BUCKTue Aug 13 1996Multiple Hosts for RADIUS Accounting = No Accounting
425.01CSC32::R_BUCKWed Aug 14 1996DRAS Duress Login - How should it work
426.03CSC32::R_BUCKWed Aug 14 1996DRAS for OpenVMS - Cluster Capabilities
427.05CSC32::R_BUCKWed Aug 14 1996DRAS Accounting Record Corruption - OpenVMS
428.05CSC32::R_BUCKFri Aug 16 1996Multiple DRAS questions
429.011GIDDAY::MORANSat Aug 17 1996NT4.
430.02ZURMon Aug 19 1996Please Help, Loader Installation fails!!!
431.07URQUEL::R_BUCKMon Aug 19 1996Undefined Symbol Errors on Digital UNIX
432.04ONOIS1::GAIRNSTue Aug 20 1996How do I get VT22
433.01TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINFri Aug 23 1996Any thoughts about online doc. formats?
434.0CSC32::R_BUCKWed Aug 28 1996DRAS Stop Server Hangs on OpenVMS VAX
435.01MEOCSun Sep 01 1996Dial-Out and FAX modem support
436.01IAMOSI::LEUNGMon Sep 02 1996Netrider bootp/tftp not working across a WAN
437.05CSC32::R_BUCKTue Sep 03 1996DRAS Accounting Records Have Wrong Value
438.03CSC32::R_BUCKTue Sep 03 1996Local 11
439.01ZPOVC::YINGYONGWed Sep 04 1996Is there a win95 or NT/Alpha radius client ?
440.01CSC32::R_BUCKMon Sep 09 1996Password encryption from PC Client
441.01MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Sep 10 1996CHAP Authentication Failure w/o RADIUS
442.01CSC32::D_PERRINTue Sep 10 1996netrider vs. dnas 2.
443.02NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996
444.0+9ZPOVC::KWONGWINGTue Sep 17 1996"HOST" Authentication Method??
445.02MOUTNS::G_MASTINThu Sep 19 1996DNAS v2.
446.0CSC32::R_BUCKThu Sep 19 1996Display of DRAS Accounting Records causes ACCVIO
447.02ABACUS::mkodhcp-4616Fri Sep 20 1996Cisco and DRAS, anyone try it yet??
448.01VAXRIO::CARDOSOMon Sep 23 1996USR modem Sportster
449.01CSC32::D_PERRINWed Sep 25 1996win95 rchost?
450.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Sep 25 1996NAECO
451.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Sep 25 1996DNAS V2.
452.02KERNEL::GRIFFITHSJWed Sep 25 1996Novell IP and Netrider loader
453.02CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Sep 26 1996cASM V2.
454.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Sep 26 1996cASM patch?
455.014CSC32::R_BUCKThu Sep 26 1996DRAS Host Authentication on OpenVMS V6.1
456.01OSLFri Sep 27 1996Multitech 2834ZDX problems?
457.03ULYSSE::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSWed Oct 02 1996NetRider Kit Contents
458.04PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Oct 02 1996NETrider loader bug
459.0NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Oct 04 1996DRAS works w/U.S.Robotics
460.04KAOFS::vaop14.vao.dec.com::cgoaMon Oct 07 1996WINS and DNAS 1.5
461.05CSC32::R_BUCKThu Oct 10 1996Starting DRAS on UNIX
462.03CSC32::R_BUCKThu Oct 10 1996DRAS, DNAS, Autosense and other questions
463.0NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996Install problem on UNIX 4.
464.02NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996Can't add a second server to GUI
465.03CSC32::S_STAHLMANSun Oct 13 1996netrider for Macintosh open transport
466.0NPSS::MCSKEANETue Oct 15 1996Poor Novell performance
467.02CSC32::MAULUCCIThu Oct 17 1996two problems
468.02SCASS1::HITTENMILLERMon Oct 21 1996How to run Loader as NT serivce?
469.011IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Oct 23 1996DRAS questions/problems, accounting, session timeout, idle timeout
470.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Oct 23 1996HOST authentication passwords expiring?
471.0NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 23 1996IPX-Routing does not work with Access Server Software 2.
472.0PCMVFri Oct 25 1996Problems in the DRAS installation
473.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Oct 31 1996Authentication server (OPENvms) stops working...
474.0GENIE::16.184.2Fri Nov 01 1996Using CISCO ?
475.0CSC32::CULPFri Nov 01 1996Clearvision Netrider 1.
476.07CSC32::D_SHAVEYFri Nov 01 1996DRAS authentication stops....?
477.01NETRIX::"youda.kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 06 1996DRAS as a Standalone product
478.02SCASS1::DAVIESFri Nov 08 1996TACACS, Radius, SecureID
479.01NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Fri Nov 08 1996How to dump to an ASM on Win95?
480.011OSLFri Nov 08 1996DRAS and NT passwords
481.0+19BELFST::belcoo.bvo.dec.com::belfst::houstonMon Nov 11 1996Netrider security
482.04NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Tue Nov 12 1996DNAS 2.
483.02IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Nov 13 1996DRAS V1.
484.05CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Nov 13 1996SECURID to Digital Unix V3.2d ???
485.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Nov 22 1996Netrider 1.1 mac, auto ccl script for pap authent
487.05CSC32::R_BUCKMon Nov 25 1996DRAS Install Fail on Alpha with WNT V4.
488.01VAXSPO::TONYMon Nov 25 1996Can't do automatic login with NETRIDER ! ! !
489.01CSC32::R_BUCKWed Nov 27 1996OpenVMS DRAS - Cannot Bind to Ports
490.02TROOA::LEONGMon Dec 02 1996Problems with initializing US Robotics modems
491.06CSC32::R_BUCKTue Dec 03 1996Cannot change DRAS password from DECserver prompt
492.03USCTR1:: Dec 05 1996tty port
493.01OSLMon Dec 09 1996Login to other NT domains
494.02CSC32::R_BUCKTue Dec 10 1996Any minimum version for TCP/IP on OpenVMS?
495.02SCASS1::DAVIESWed Dec 11 1996NetRider Retirement??
496.02KERNEL::PHILLIPSNFri Dec 13 1996Problem starting DRAS service (NT3.51)
497.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Dec 18 1996NAECO
498.03BPSOF::bppctp.bps.dec.com::bpsFri Dec 20 1996DNAS+DRAS questions
499.01OSLFri Dec 20 1996Listing of users in DRAS
500.01PRSSOS::PEYRACHEThu Jan 02 1997bootp Netrider trouble
501.02HGOM3Thu Jan 02 1997Win 3.11 to Win 95
502.010CSC32::R_BUCKFri Jan 03 1997Callback vs Dialback with DRAS
503.01BELFST::fluffybunny.bvo.dec.com::warins::fitzpatrickMon Jan 06 1997Losing AppleTalk connections....
504.0+4IBWed Jan 08 1997ENHANCED C2 security and DRAS 1.
505.03WARFUT::NAEEMThu Jan 09 1997Problem finding the service.
506.0+5AUBER::LEVYThu Jan 09 1997DRAS/ACCOUNT prob...looking for DECnet pointer
507.02WARFUT::NAEEMThu Jan 09 1997DRASMAN crashes.
508.06CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Jan 14 1997dunix - dras and dnas CD problems
509.04ULYSSE::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSThu Jan 16 1997same user - several times?
510.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Jan 16 1997Netrider 1.1 mac appletalk ppp over dedicated line
511.02CSC32::R_BUCKFri Jan 17 1997DRAS for UNIX - unaligned instructions?
512.03NETRIX::"rgraf@suo.dec.com"Tue Jan 21 1997Problem: DRAS & Firewall
513.0 *ZURTue Jan 28 1997DRASMAN crashes when viewing any user
514.0 *+1PRSSOS::PEYRACHETue Jan 28 1997DRAS$accounting.dat corrupted
515.0 *+1CSC32::R_BUCKWed Jan 29 1997Is there a DEFAULT DRAS User record?
516.0 *+3CLPRThu Jan 30 1997Dras,dates and and logical sys$language.
517.0 *+4CLPRThu Jan 30 1997ADD user/group problem
518.0 *+2WOTVAX::belcoo.bvo.dec.com::wotvax.reo.dec.com::houston_cWed Feb 12 1997network browsing for WIN95 clients ?
519.0 *+2CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Feb 12 1997cASM T2.1 - change back to how old version worked?
520.0 *+5KERNEL::PHILLIPSNTue Feb 18 1997DRAS on VMS host authentication, restricted/captive user fix doesn't (seem to) work
521.0 *CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Feb 18 1997DRAS Digital Unix Install commands wrong?
522.0 *+5CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Feb 18 1997DNAS Digital Unix install commands wrong?
523.0 *+6KAOFS::HXMPMon Feb 24 1997Client software WFW and NT Workstation
524.0 *+3NETRIX::"ellen.syberg@dmo.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Limit on useraccounts from ClearVISN ASM
525.0 *+5NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 12 1997NetRider Client for Macintosh Pointer
526.0 *+3CSC32::R_BUCKWed Mar 19 1997DRAS - Any easy way to populate the database?
527.0 *+6CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Mar 20 1997DNAS V2.
528.0 *+2CSC32::D_SHAVEYFri Mar 21 1997windows/nt drasacct.dat getting corrupt?
529.0 *+2EWBV51::OHISHIWed Mar 26 1997Disable Break-in Detection Facility
530.0 *+1NSDPWed Mar 26 1997Help on remote access with Netrider
531.0 *+1QBUS::G_MAULUCCIMon Mar 31 1997update 2 for Alpha availability
532.0 *+1CSC32::R_BUCKTue Apr 01 1997DRAS Server crashes when Accounting used
533.0 *+2CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Apr 08 1997accounting?
534.0 *+1CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Apr 08 1997Accounting quits....revisited.
535.0 *+5NETRIX::"mastroiannm@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 08 1997DS7
536.0 *+4CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Apr 09 1997Authentication quits !!
537.0 *6Fri Apr 11 1997Intel NT V3.51 DRAS problem starting DRAS service in DRAS manager, WatchWord
538.0 *+1NQOSSun Apr 13 1997NETrider client part #
539.0 *+3CSC32::R_BUCKTue Apr 15 1997DRAS and Proxy Authentication
540.0 *+76Tue Apr 15 1997DRAS V1.
541.0 *CSC32::R_BUCKFri Apr 18 1997A few more suggestions for DRAS
542.0 *+2IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Apr 30 1997DRAS 1.
543.0 *+4NEASSG::MARTINELLOWed Apr 30 1997kit location for DRAS
544.0 *+3KERNEL::ANSONRSun May 04 1997securid - node verification failed
545.0 *+3CSC32::D_SHAVEYFri May 09 1997TSM retired????
546.0 *+1SWAM1::DUTTA_VEWed May 14 1997Ascend MAX 4
547.0 *+3SANITY::LEMONSThu May 15 1997V2.2 information?
548.0 *+1SANITY::LEMONSFri May 16 1997V1 doc nits
549.0 *+1SANITY::LEMONSFri May 16 1997DRAS databases
550.0 *+1SANITY::LEMONSThu May 22 1997HOST authentication, but access for only certain accounts
551.0 *+2SANITY::LEMONSThu May 22 1997DRAS V1.1 FT installation guide
552.0 *+1twick.nio.dec.com::PETTENGILLFri May 23 1997You need more visibility on the external Digital web site
553.0 *VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAWed May 28 1997Is dial-out to remote systems possible?
554.0 *+1CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed May 28 1997DRAS on Windows NT 4.