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Conference irnbru::ims_api

Created:Wed Jul 10 1991
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:289
Total number of notes:1527
Number with bodies:31
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1.01PLADDA::SHARELOGWed Jul 10 1991Welcome to the IMS API notes conference
2.0+62IRNBRU::MICHELLETue Jun 01 1993KIT Announcements
3.067PLADDA::SHARELOGWed Jul 10 1991Register here
4.04PLADDA::SHARELOGWed Jul 10 1991Documentation
5.07BEAVER::MCKEATINGWed Jul 10 1991EXAMPLE/DEMO/TEST program repository
6.019NITMOI::MUIThu Jul 11 1991Error declaring process...
7.01NITMOI::MUIFri Aug 09 1991Warning @imsft3$startup.com
8.03GVAADG::ERIKSSONWed Aug 14 1991Concerning vocabularies
9.090--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 27 1991IMS Groups Registration
10.015IRNBRU::RIVETTThu Sep 05 1991IMS API V1.
11.012ELIS::SREEHARSHANThu Sep 19 1991IMS include files
12.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGThu Sep 19 1991NOTES file unavail 2
13.01JGODCL::RUDOLPHThu Sep 26 1991CIIRES V3.1
14.03BEAVER::MCKEATINGThu Oct 10 1991V1.
15.019BEAVER::MCKEATINGMon Oct 14 1991V1.1 features/requirements
17.013BEAVER::MCKEATINGWed Nov 13 1991API style
18.04BEAVER::MCKEATINGThu Nov 14 1991MRS.. and IMS
19.0VLOMIS::GALVANFri Dec 13 1991Clarification on DNS usage
20.04TAVIS::BASELThu Dec 19 1991addressing client
21.05VLOMIS::GALVANMon Dec 30 1991DECmessageQ configuration for IMS
22.01VLOMIS::GALVANFri Jan 03 1992Calling conventions in IMS API
23.07PLADDA::DRIVETTWed Jan 15 1992MSDOS API for internal FIELD TEST only
24.0VLOMIS::GALVANFri Mar 20 1992Documentation errors
25.010BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Mar 24 1992increasing memory useage + sl_read_req.....
26.0VLOMIS::GALVANWed Mar 25 1992Originator versus Sender
28.01SBUIS2::ROESTMon May 04 1992IMS installation remark
29.02ELIS::TBARRETTMon May 04 1992Raw DMQ and IMS in same process WORKS
31.01SBUIS2::ROESTThu May 07 1992SL-E-SEND error message
32.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri May 29 1992Standard data names and tags...
33.02NROPST::MPO14::LONGOThu Jun 11 1992SL_WAIT_REQ Time_Out
34.03TAVIS::BASELTue Jun 30 1992IMS -> DMQ error.
35.02VLOMIS::GALVANWed Jul 15 1992112 : the live bus is live
36.0PLADDA::DRIVETTMon Jul 27 1992The Infamous "Fast MPS" project
37.05TAOVTue Jul 28 1992request_id in response
38.06NMS::MUDANThu Sep 03 1992Multiple SL_CONNECT_AS_PROCESS
39.0139675::MJOHNSONThu Sep 03 1992IMS V1.1a?
40.0ELIS::BERSSELAARFri Sep 04 1992Problem with string size
41.0339675::MJOHNSONFri Sep 04 1992Service Selection in the IMS API
42.0639675::MJOHNSONFri Sep 04 1992Requesting a service for which there's no current server
43.08ELIS::SREEHARSHANWed Sep 09 1992Client addresses
44.03NROPST::637Wed Sep 09 1992SL_C_NOMOREELT not returned...
45.02MEIS::MCNULTYTue Oct 06 1992IMS with DMQ V2.
46.03BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Nov 20 1992Field Test IMS API v1.2 available
47.06BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Nov 20 1992Please use this note to report BUGS (if any :-)) in T1.2
48.09KBOMFG::BRANDTWed Dec 02 1992Include file <> MSG defs ?
49.04AYOV27::LTALBOTFri Dec 04 1992Request For SQL Server Enhancement
50.07IRNBRU::MCNABTue Dec 08 1992IMS MOTIF Demo...
51.06TAVIS::BASELWed Dec 23 1992V1.1 backward compatability
52.04CARECL::SYS_SMEELETue Jan 12 1993support issues
53.05FUTURS::HILL_KWed Jan 27 1993BUG: IMSAPI and VAXCRTLG duplicate symbols
54.01FUTURS::HILL_KWed Jan 27 1993BUG/ENHANCEMENT - ERROR level status codes
55.04FUTURS::HILL_KWed Jan 27 1993BUG: Path names in SL_CONNECT_AS_PROCESS
56.01FUTURS::HILL_KWed Jan 27 1993BUG: Path names not correctly used in messages address
57.09FUTURS::SIMSGTue Feb 09 1993Switch Off Stream
58.06SHIPS::FARROW_GWed Feb 17 1993BUG: Imsmaster access vios
59.04BACCUS::KENNELLYThu Feb 25 1993Call for IMS client/server design tips
60.04ELIS::TBARRETTMon Mar 01 1993Reusability
61.010FUTURS::HILL_KMon Mar 01 1993BUG: Embedded ASCII(
62.01FUTURS::HILL_KMon Mar 01 1993BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Write access to DNS Directories
63.01FUTURS::HILL_KMon Mar 01 1993BUG: IMS MASTER startup from privileged account
65.02FUTURS::HILL_KTue Mar 02 1993ident mistmatch with shareable image
66.01FUTURS::HILL_KWed Mar 03 1993BUG: START SERVER fails in INTMP missing logicals
67.06FUTURS::HILL_KWed Mar 03 1993DMQ$DNS_DIRECTORY value for MASTER?
68.04FUTURS::HILL_KWed Mar 03 1993Incorrect VMS process name
69.03NMS::MUDANThu Mar 04 1993* IMS API Compatibility *
70.0FUTURS::HILL_KThu Mar 04 1993BUG: IIMS$NODE use of IMS_MASTER name in 1.1-D
71.04PASVC::ERICHOWFri Mar 12 1993Unable to translate logical DMQ$DNS_DIRECTORY ?
72.06PLADDA::DRIVETTFri Mar 19 1993IMS on DOS
73.04ELIS::TBARRETTThu Mar 25 1993Similarities with EDIFACT and group delimiters
74.03BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Mar 26 1993IMS API T1.2 available
75.04BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Mar 26 1993Field test sites for IMS API for WindowsNT required
76.02EMC2::SYAM::MEHERSTue Mar 30 1993Overhead of using IMS?
77.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGWed Mar 31 1993Entering QAR's (official bug reports) for IMS
78.010ELIS::TBARRETTMon Apr 05 1993Multiple Multiple Reader Que?
79.07PASVC::ERICHOWWed Apr 14 1993Can multiple IMS_MASTER_NODE servers for different bus ID exist on one node.
80.09BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Apr 16 1993IMS API platforms. To Boldly Go... (or is it Go Boldly?)
81.01EMC2::SYAM::MEHERSMon Apr 19 1993Can IMS be used in software sold to customers?
82.02AYOV1Tue Apr 20 1993How do you forward messages to other servers
83.04EMC2::SYAM::MEHERSFri Apr 23 1993Data driven IMS Request->SQL Create Record server?
85.06PASVC::ERICHOWTue Apr 27 1993T1.2 sl_send_req() returns 1 although server is not running!
86.015PASVC::ERICHOWTue Apr 27 1993T1.2 sl_put_req_elt() stack dump!
87.01KAHALA::MYERSTue Apr 27 1993T1.2 IMS-Master security file?
88.08KBOV11::RIEGGFri Apr 30 1993Different USER accounts for IMS-Master and Servers
89.02KAHALA::MYERSFri Apr 30 1993V1.
90.05KAHALA::MYERSTue May 04 1993Performance Data?
91.09PKDEV1::THOMPSONFri May 07 1993Problems (re)configuring IMS
92.05KAHALA::MYERSFri May 14 1993Slow SL_SEND_MSG routine?
94.06KAHALA::MYERSTue May 18 1993How to eliminate PAMS routines?
95.02KAHALA::WRIGHTWed May 19 1993Message sizes & messages pending?
96.04EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSTue Jun 01 1993IMS and C++
97.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Jun 01 1993Server_builder tool available...for RAPID prototyping...
98.0IRNBRU::MICHELLEThu Jun 03 1993IMS API Status!
99.05EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSMon Jun 07 1993Type of return status for API routines, and others
100.04KAHALA::MYERSThu Jun 10 1993Setting FAILURE to autostart?
101.05JURA::ARBERE::ARBEZWed Jun 23 1993Problem with SL_CONNECT as process
102.0IRNBRU::MICHELLEFri Jun 25 1993BUG IN DMQ V2.1 !
103.06KBOV11::RIEGGFri Jul 02 1993BUG in IMS V1.2-1I error handler!?
104.02EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSWed Jul 21 1993sl_get_req_elt with blank Type argument
105.09KAHALA::MYERSWed Jul 21 1993IMS MASTER SEND process crashes.
106.05BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Jul 27 1993DOCUMENTATION error's!
107.01MOEUR1::BROOKTue Jul 27 1993MASTER default process names query
108.0CLOUZO::GALVANMon Aug 16 1993Pb in starting > 11 same servers with MASTER
109.05FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu Aug 19 1993IMS V1.3 Kit
110.02EMC2::SYAM::MEHERSFri Aug 20 1993sl_send_req does not propogate error
111.06EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSFri Aug 20 1993sl_send_rcv: "Incorrect responses will be discarded"
112.01EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSFri Aug 20 1993sl_declare_service confusion
113.02SHIPS::FARROW_GWed Aug 25 1993Sl_invoke
114.01ELIS::TBARRETTThu Aug 26 1993Bug: Exit Handler 1.2
116.04EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSWed Sep 01 1993Cannot get sl_copy_ip_req to work
117.03OZROCK::ROBERTSONTue Sep 07 1993Request for doc reference - "Specification of a Service"
118.06OZROCK::ROBERTSONWed Sep 08 1993IMS vs ACA Services(ObjectBroker) and other easy questions
119.0IRNBRU::MICHELLEThu Sep 23 1993DECSTEP Version 5
120.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 24 1993Sybase's Open Server vs. IMS
121.03TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Oct 05 1993Stack dump when accessing MASTER
122.01NIOMAX::QUATTROCHIWed Oct 06 1993Need IMS In Production?
123.05AZUR::GALVANThu Oct 07 1993Master Windows User Interface
124.03SUOSWS::SCHMITTThu Oct 14 1993KIT locations ? / DNS-Questions
125.09SUOSWS::SCHMITTThu Oct 14 1993X-Window and IMS in same Server ?
126.02NIOMAX::QUATTROCHIWed Oct 20 1993Header/Trailer Size
127.02FNYREF::PERKINSMon Oct 25 1993IMS / VMS duplicate process names ??
128.02FNYREF::PERKINSMon Oct 25 1993IMS MASTER - Multiple MASTERs on one node
129.02DEVLPR::BENOITMon Oct 25 1993Looking for sample Visual Basic client programs.
131.02--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 01 1993Timeout period expired...
132.02KAHALA::GARBERFri Nov 19 1993Release DQF message
133.06IRNBRU::MICHELLETue Nov 23 1993Field Test VMS V1.3 Kit Available
134.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Dec 09 1993Ada package spec for IMS?
135.03IRNBRU::MICHELLEMon Dec 13 1993Field Test V1.3 Ultrix Kit with CDS Support Available....
136.011TPLAB::BACONFri Dec 17 1993IMS 1.3FT for Ultrix without CDS?
137.03OZROCK::LUCASThu Jan 06 1994IMS + screen scraping using Jabberwocky ?
138.013TAOVWed Jan 12 1994OBJECT IS INACTIVE???
139.01BASLG1::SEDGWICKThu Jan 13 1994Flushing out old messages?
140.09PRSIS4::TOMPKINSTue Jan 25 1994IMS/MS-DOS TCP/IP support?
141.08TPLAB::BACONWed Jan 26 1994DOS IMS "Must define PC_RTR" to what value?
142.03IRNBRU::MICHELLEFri Jan 28 1994Field Test V1.3 ALPHA OSF kit with NO CDS support
143.03OZROCK::THOMANWed Feb 02 1994Pointer to Kit with IMSMASTER included - preferably ULTRIX or OSF/1 - for INTERNAL
144.02HLISC4::ARJENThu Feb 03 1994IMS training?????
145.03TPLAB::BACONThu Feb 03 1994DOS IMS "Divide by
146.010HLISC4::ARJENFri Feb 04 1994IMS servers only starting from one account
147.05OZROCK::THOMANMon Feb 14 1994IMSMASTER Supported platforms....
148.02BASLG1::MORRISDFri Feb 18 1994Null argument confusion
149.01KOLOR::MCGOWANFri Feb 18 1994Help on sl_subscribe and broadcast messages
150.07OZROCK::PERKINSMon Feb 21 1994ims / cds / vms
151.02SHIPS::CARSE_DMon Feb 21 1994non-printable characters
153.0AYOV29::DBROWNTue Feb 22 1994PC Master and IMS$node problem !
154.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGWed Feb 23 1994Configuring DMQ for Many PC clients
155.06OZROCK::TURNERMon Feb 28 1994CDS error on connect
156.04OZROCK::TURNERSun Mar 06 1994declare_service difficulties on ULTRIX
157.0ULYSSE::FINKAMon Mar 14 1994GES - Generic Entity Server
158.03OZROCK::PERKINSTue Mar 15 1994broadcast?????
159.03COMET::ISOMWed Mar 16 1994MSTRWIN/General protection faults
160.016MOEUR7::POWELLMon Mar 21 1994TRADER Discussions
161.02CURRNT::SAVILLETue Mar 22 1994G_FLOATING problems
162.08EMC2::BERTUZZITue Mar 29 1994Problem with the satus returned from sl_send_req call
164.0IRNBRU::MACKENZIETue Apr 12 1994Distribution Disk Problems
166.02AYRPLN::VAUGHANWed Apr 13 1994IMSMASTER process fails
168.01CLOUZO::GALVANFri Apr 15 1994Status of IMS with regards to Pathworks V5
169.03BASLG1::MORRISDFri Apr 15 1994Seperate VMS processes for receive and response
170.03TBJPST::MJRThu Apr 28 1994How to manage the large volumn message ?
171.02NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue May 03 1994Definitive description of IMS/DMQ
172.04IRNBRU::MACKENZIEThu May 05 1994IMS 1.3 DLL FT Information and comments
173.07TAOVFri May 06 1994Large request in private queue
174.01BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERFri May 27 1994Macintosh?
175.02ZGOVSat May 28 1994access violation when starting IMS_MASTER process
176.03KISMIF::DANGFri Jun 03 1994Memory leakage in IMS T1.3-
177.03EMC2::BERTUZZIFri Jun 03 1994sql$signal() is calling IMS error handler the first time !!!!!
178.07OZROCK::THOMANWed Jun 29 1994Request for a complete list of error codes..
179.06TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGThu Jul 14 1994IMS Causing System to Crash
180.06GVATue Jul 19 1994Timeout parameter on SL_SEND_RCV
181.05PASTIT::UWINSTue Jul 19 1994IMS Access Vio (in error handler?)
182.03GVAFri Jul 29 1994Checking if remote server running
183.02SNOCTue Aug 02 1994DCE pre-requisites for OSF/1 IMS1.2
184.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Aug 05 1994some examples of constraint language.
185.01EMC2::BERTUZZIFri Aug 05 1994sl_send_msg with IMS_RECOVERYSTILE to be 2 always succeeded
186.0+37OZROCK::THOMANThu Aug 18 1994IMS Master Problems on Ultrix & OSF/1...
187.01OZROCK::THOMANTue Aug 23 1994Example programs makefile for OSF/1 needs to be changed..
188.01ELIS::SBUIS2::ROESTTue Aug 23 1994Problem when linking with IMS.OLB
189.01EPS::VIJAYWed Aug 24 1994" Is store and forward of message supported"
190.01OZROCK::TURNERMon Aug 29 1994OSF/1 sl_declare_service feature
191.02UTROP1::BENTUM_GThu Sep 01 1994ASN.1 on OpenVMS AXP available?
193.02OZROCK::TURNERTue Sep 06 1994Format of sort_context array
194.0ELIS::TBARRETTFri Sep 09 1994Latest wrapper docs
195.011OZROCK::TURNERMon Sep 12 1994Adding IMS_TYPEs creates confusion?
196.01OZROCK::TURNERMon Sep 19 1994IMS_MASTER and the register service
197.02ELIS::SBUIS2::ROESTTue Oct 04 1994IMS and new DECstep test
198.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Oct 07 1994TOOLS V2.
199.02BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Oct 07 1994TOOLS V2.
200.02OZROCK::THOMANTue Oct 11 1994Part Number & SPD for IMS on U**X
201.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Oct 11 1994pre-Field test MRQ load balancer available!
202.0IRNBRU::MICHELLEThu Oct 13 1994Pre-field test New Monitor for IMS V1.3 available
203.0IRNBRU::MICHELLEThu Oct 13 1994Pre-field test Motif Master User Interface
204.03BEAVER::MCKEATINGMon Oct 17 1994Pre-field test CORBA IDL compiler for IMS V1.3
205.08BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Oct 31 1994size lookahead for get_req_elt() possible?
206.03BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Oct 31 1994DLL lack of multithreading/reentrancy a problem?
207.02BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Oct 31 1994use of link_flag in sl_put_req and structured elements?
208.03OZROCK::BARTLEYFri Nov 04 1994What does an "Invalid acknowledgement to stop request" error mean?
209.01OZROCK::THOMANMon Nov 21 1994IMS on OSF T1.3 doesn't allow DCE V1.2A
210.03OZROCK::THOMANMon Nov 21 1994Underscores in nodename are legal -> problems for IMS_MASTER_NODES ???
211.02YUPPY::RAVENFri Dec 02 1994It fell over
212.0PLADDA::DRIVETTTue Dec 06 1994DMQ/IMS Configuration made easy and reliable !!!
213.0ELIS::TBARRETTWed Dec 21 1994Application of full ISM wrapper to SAP/R3
214.05IRNBRU::MACKENZIEFri Dec 23 1994IMS World-Wide-Web Page
215.04RYNGET::LONGOWed Jan 11 1995IMS 1.3 install on Windows
216.03OZROCK::THOMANMon Jan 16 1995Queries about IMS TOOLS for OSF
217.05OZROCK::THOMANWed Feb 01 1995CDS Attributes file for AXP/OpenVMS (particularly V6.1)
218.04RTOEU::IMAASSTue Feb 14 1995IMS server process, RMS-F-DEV, error in device nam
219.03ELIS::TBARRETTFri Feb 17 1995IMS 1.3/DMQ winsock compliance?
220.01AZUR::GALVANThu Feb 23 1995Please review your topologies
221.01OZROCK::THOMANFri Feb 24 1995IMS Server Environment Clarifications
222.02RTOEU::IMAASSMon Feb 27 1995IMS server process stopps without error message
223.01SALEM::LARRIVEETue Feb 28 1995SUP*.PS files are protected
224.04SALEM::LARRIVEEMon Mar 06 1995Linking using Borland C++
225.02OZROCK::MOOREThu Mar 16 1995Sequence Numbers?
226.01NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Mar 16 1995DNS Clerk problem
227.01IRNBRU::MACKENZIEFri Mar 17 1995Problem in MASTER STARTING server
228.02SOOTY::SAVILLEMon Mar 20 1995SL_RESEND* - only applicable with SL_WAITSTYLE=2?
229.02RTOEU::IMAASSThu Mar 30 1995IMS - DNS class-PAMS-E-DNSCLASSBAD problem
230.01BIGUN::ANDERSONSat Apr 01 1995ACCVIO after SEL_SEND_MSG?
231.01UTROP1::LUITJES_RWed Apr 12 1995$$$
232.03OZROCK::THOMANThu Apr 13 1995Master Server core dump on OSF/1 V2.
233.03RTOEU::IMAASSMon Apr 24 1995IMS timeout for START, but process created
234.05OZROCK::OSMANTue May 16 1995Kit for native NT
235.06BIGUN::ANDERSONWed May 31 1995problem in SL_PUT_REQ?
236.02CURRNT::SAVILLEThu Jun 15 1995SL-I-WINTRSPRT trace messages with IMS 1.3 DLL
237.03CURRNT::SAVILLEFri Jun 16 1995PAMS_UNSUPPORTED on timeout with IMS DLL 1.3
238.04PLADDA::DRIVETTFri Jun 16 1995Application Wrapper Information and Announcments
239.02OZROCK::THOMANThu Sep 21 1995SL_WAITSTYLE values
240.01BASLG1::BADMANJThu Sep 28 1995Isolated problem with Broadcast pickup...
241.04OZROCK::BARTLEYMon Oct 02 1995Possible conditions for server start/stop/set/show/create/delete failure
242.04BIGUN::miphon.cao.dec.com::andersonTue Oct 10 1995Failover and naming services across VAX, AXP?
243.02OZROCK::THOMANMon Oct 16 1995Output of master_server on Digital UNIX - is it changing ?
244.04OZROCK::OSMANWed Oct 25 1995Problem with IMS NT DLL V1.3
245.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Oct 26 1995Dropping in, please advise
246.01ZGOMWed Nov 01 1995Help setting up 1.2 environment in Singapore
247.04FUTURS::BURRELLFri Nov 03 1995IMS and TCP/IP
248.010AUSSIE::YEUNGTue Nov 07 1995master_server disappeared. PAMS__FATAL in logfile.
249.0GVAThu Nov 09 1995IMS Windows and IMS Windows NT Coexistance
250.03TBJVOA::EGUCHIFri Nov 10 1995Q: output of 'list' command
251.01IRNBRU::MACKENZIEMon Nov 20 1995IMS_DEFS.BAS Problem
252.011TBJPST::MJRWed Jan 17 1996Q: MFF of v1.31
253.01NMGDV4::DOEVEFri Jan 19 1996DNS problem solved ?
255.03TBJPST::MJRTue Jan 30 1996Q: sl_get_error_text
256.06OZROCK::OSMANThu Feb 01 1996IMS API v1.31 for Windows NT v3.51
257.03TBJPST::MJRThu Feb 08 1996RITS SAP R/3 Test Interface
258.02OZROCK::THOMANWed Feb 21 1996U*IX Signal Delivery
259.0ULYSSE::FINKAMon Mar 04 1996SPELL service
260.06OZROCK::THOMANFri Mar 22 1996Master V2 core dump on D/Unix
261.02IRNBRU::MACKENZIETue Apr 09 1996Update on IMS Training
262.01HLFSThu Apr 18 1996Installing IMS in a mixed Alpha & VAX cluster
263.01ZGOMIF::HWLEEWed Apr 24 1996the message could not be sent to the backup
264.02CHEFS::MACLEODThu Jun 27 1996IMS and WIN95 Laptops?
265.012TBJPST::MJRWed Jul 10 1996Q: MSG_TYPE_PROCESS_* message
266.05TBJPST::MJRWed Jul 17 1996Q: SL_NOWAIT_REQ
267.02TBJPST::MJRThu Aug 01 1996Q: MFF
268.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGThu Aug 15 1996RE IMS(MSG+), Wrapper, SAP R/3 BB Training!!!
270.02SNOFS1::MUNSTERTERRYTue Sep 17 1996MSG+=IMS AIX Status
271.02SNOFS1::MUNSTERTERRYWed Sep 18 1996Sell concept first?
272.03OZROCK::PERKINSThu Oct 03 19961.32 installation problems
273.04OZROCK::PERKINSThu Oct 03 1996core dump on connect 1.3a
274.02IRNBRU::JWESTERMANMon Oct 14 1996DECmessageQ R/3 BusinessBus Announcements
276.03IRNBRU::JWESTERMANTue Oct 22 1996Problem with recoverable messages on UNIX and NT?
277.0+5OZROCK::THOMANWed Nov 06 199622
278.05OZROCK::GILLESPIEMon Nov 11 1996Why can only SYSTEM user execute masterc start/stop/clear
279.01SUOSWS::SCHMITTWed Nov 13 1996DMQ R/3 BB reference / RDB inner wrapper
280.01OZROCK::PERKINSFri Nov 15 1996Shared library issue on upgrade
281.01OZROCK::PERKINSMon Dec 16 1996Must Update DMQ shared library when going from DMQ 3.2 to DMQ 3.2A
282.02CHEFS::SHADBOLT_SThu Jan 09 1997General Protection Fault in IMS.DLL
283.0 *+3FUTURS::BURRELLMon Feb 03 1997Not all Pending Messages Processed
284.0 *+4FUTURS::BURRELLTue Feb 04 1997X-Group Allocation Problem
285.0 *IRNBRU::MACKENZIEWed Feb 05 1997IMS Tools v2.3 for OpenVMS/Alpha
285.0 *OZROCK::THOMANTue Feb 25 1997Problem with IMS "Organic Msgs" - RE: PAMSRC::DECmessagQ note 2786
285.0 *+2IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Mar 05 1997problem with temporay named queues
286.0 *OZROCK::MCKEATINGTue Feb 25 1997testing notes....please delete
286.0 *IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Mar 05 1997Bug in MOTIF-Master if IMS$NODE is not defined
287.0 *+2OZROCK::HUNTERTue Mar 25 1997Strange behaviour with nested requests
288.0 *+1IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Apr 16 1997IMS-E-NOREQUEST error?
289.0 *+1OZROCK::PERKINSThu Apr 24 1997Problems with large request elements