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Conference irnbru::decfbe

Title:DEC Framework-Based Environment
Created:Thu Jan 14 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jan 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:64
Total number of notes:268
Number with bodies:2
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1.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Welcome
2.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Announcements
3.050CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Registration
4.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Nov 24 1993Explanations of Keywords
5.01GNPIKE::SMITHThu Dec 09 1993Related Conferences
6.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Reserved
7.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Reserved
8.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Reserved
9.0GNPIKE::SMITHWed Nov 24 1993Reserved
10.0CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jan 15 1993Reserved
11.05JGODCL::TBARRETTTue Jan 19 1993Legacy Application wrapper architecture slide set
12.01RDGENG::HENDY::ReadingTue Jan 19 1993Who's the product manager
13.021792::JOHNSONFri Mar 05 1993DECfbe Requirements Specification, V1.1
14.08RDGENG::FRYThu Apr 29 1993Other markets for DECfbe?
15.0GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu May 13 1993DECfbe Engineering Job Openings
16.0GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu May 13 1993DECwrite Proposal Sample/Template
17.03IAMOK::BAILEYWed Jun 16 1993Semi-technical DECfbe description??
18.01JGO::MARTENSThu Jul 01 1993Publication of the DECfbe modeling Cookbook
19.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Jul 06 1993What is MRM?
20.06BACCUS::KENNELLYMon Aug 02 1993Customers evaluation of FBE
21.01PMRV7Wed Aug 04 1993IDF (Information Delivery Framework)
22.0NSDC::SIMPSONMon Aug 09 1993Middleware forum in Geneva
23.05BACCUS::KENNELLYTue Aug 17 1993Industry Sector FBE champions
24.0IJSAPL::OOSTENMon Aug 30 1993OO strategy underlying Client-Server?
25.03RTOIC::HWENKMon Oct 11 1993Pricing OO software
26.010RTOIC::HWENKWed Oct 20 1993The infamous naming issue
27.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Nov 23 1993Status? Product / service or what?
28.02RTOIC::HWENKFri Nov 26 1993Coexistence with other OO classes
29.04BRUMMY::CLARKSONWed Dec 01 1993Question re Broker
30.022LARVAE::BRIGGS_RTue Dec 07 1993So just what is FBE?
31.06GNPIKE::KYZIVATThu Dec 09 1993Availability of Object Plus modeling tool
32.0GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu Dec 09 1993FYI: We have job openings in MRO
33.0GNPIKE::JOHNSONSun Dec 12 1993"Legacy Systems" Internet discussion
34.015Mon Jan 24 1994Hyperdesk vs. DECfbe
35.0ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Jan 26 1994
36.02BRUMMY::CLARKSONWed Feb 02 1994Eastman ref?
37.02TBJPST::MJRThu Feb 10 1994RAMS conference ?
38.06OZROCK::THOMANThu Feb 24 1994Looking for Infomation, Kits, & Doc - Particuarly on the Catalogue.
39.01VLJIS2::LEGER_JCThu Feb 24 1994More on FBE than in EC-F2767 ?
40.0659562::MUKAITue Mar 01 1994Question about FBE.
41.04TKOV5Fri Mar 04 1994I'm looking for the description of FBE services
42.04TKOV5Mon Mar 07 1994Questions about Models and Adapters
43.02OSANPO::NOSEFri Mar 11 1994FBE and Object-Services
44.02EMC2::HILLSFri Mar 11 1994Selling DECFBE and O+ to customers
45.01TKOV5Mon Mar 14 1994Differnce between FBE's 3 tires and that of OEC's
46.02TKOV5Wed Mar 30 1994Does FBE toolkits available ?
47.01FLYWAY::KLAEYHTue Apr 26 1994JOSS Document
48.04BACCUS::KENNELLYTue May 03 1994One year in the life of 3 tier c/s and the fbe approach
49.01EMC2::HILLSFri May 06 1994Next training sessions in Europe?
50.0CHENG6::STADELMANNFri Jun 10 1994wrapped/ObjectBrokered IBM - IMS - DataBase wanted!
51.0ELIS::TBARRETTTue Jul 05 1994PINS Screen Scraper
52.03OZROCK::PERKINSMon Jul 11 1994Paradigm+ versions
53.0JITMon Jul 18 1994Why does FBE select Use Case ?
54.01MXOCWed Jul 27 1994DECFBE and SAP's R3
55.09ELIS::TBARRETTFri Sep 09 1994New Application Wrapper Architecture docs available
56.01CSOA1::SWARDENThu Nov 10 1994Internal/Ext. Ref?
57.0ELIS::TBARRETTWed Dec 21 1994
58.01FLYWAY::KLAEYHWed Dec 21 1994IDL Code Generation is NOT enough
59.08ULYSSE::FINKAMon Apr 10 1995WRAPPERs and OPENERs
60.03BIRMVX::HILLNFri Jun 23 1995Wrapping IBM applications
61.01ODIXIE::DWYERRWed Jul 26 1995FBE Selling
62.02QCOCAL::POOLAKTue Feb 06 1996Where is FBE Conference
63.01HGOVC::VINCENTSHIHWed Feb 07 1996FBE software kit location?
64.0 *+1KERNEL::SMITHWed Jan 29 1997FBE and Objecbroker compatability query