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Conference iosg::mica

Title:Mica Conference - ALL-IN-1 Services for DECwindows
Notice:MICA has all but retired - use IOSG::ALL-IN-1
Created:Wed Dec 26 1990
Last Modified:Tue Jun 14 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:143
Total number of notes:573
Number with bodies:0
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1.02SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Welcome and conference information
2.01SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Directory listings
3.04SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Related conferences
4.028SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Kit information
5.03SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Tools, presentations
6.05SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Documentation
7.03SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Who's out there?
8.0SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Reserved
9.0SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Reserved
10.0SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Dec 26 1990Reserved
11.04SHALOT::MACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990MICA, DECwindows V3.
12.09SHALOT::MACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990Capacity Planning and Performance....
13.0SHALOT::MACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990VT13
14.02SHALOT::MACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990Mica & SFCP installed?
15.07SHALOT::MACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990Mica & EARS, overlays
16.01GATORS::VICKERSThu Dec 27 1990Sales Update
17.08CDANE::ANDERSONMon Jan 07 1991Comparison with ALL-IN-1 Mail for VMS DECwindows
18.05VNATOM::HACKERTue Jan 08 1991SFCP and MICA
19.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETTue Jan 08 1991MICAFLB problem
20.03SHALOT::WAYERWed Jan 09 1991Problem going from FT2 to the SSB kit
21.04BEWEST::DUFFEYThu Jan 10 1991Urecognized Qualifier /interface - error occured while form was current
22.05EVTAI1::BERTHENETFri Jan 11 1991error in CDA convert operation
23.06COMICS::CLARKEFri Jan 11 1991PUB Length of Library Field Nasties...Acc Vio from Batch Job
24.02UKCSSE::RDAVIESMon Jan 14 1991 Reading 132 column mail in a Wide Screen (WS)
25.01MAIL::KUTZMon Jan 21 1991File cabinet structure
26.03UKCSSE::RDAVIESWed Jan 23 1991Recompiling TXL's breaks MICA!
27.06OSLENG::EVENWed Jan 30 1991<SPAWN & <ATTACH functionality query
28.01SAC::SCARRThu Jan 31 1991DECterm - Big Font
29.04TKOV5Fri Feb 01 1991SiteDef Functions
30.0SHALOT::WAYERFri Feb 01 1991Would you like a Mica class
31.07BEAGLE::VOGELEERFri Feb 01 1991This kit requires at least: DECWINDOWS 5.3 ??
32.02PRSIS4::TABURETFri Feb 01 1991Problem with a customized menu
33.07PRSIS4::TABURETTue Feb 05 1991ASD as a detached process
36.05PRSIS4::TABURETThu Feb 14 1991Viewers remain empty
37.015SNOCFri Feb 15 1991Icons and Cut & Paste between Windows?
38.05DACT6::COLEMANThu Feb 21 1991ALL-IN-1 "click on" menu doesn't come up
39.0SHALOT::WAYERTue Feb 26 1991Need to patch vms
40.01SHALOT::WAYERTue Feb 26 1991We shipped
41.0SHALOT::WAYERTue Mar 05 1991Problems Ordering Mica
42.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Mar 11 1991using FMS->DECwindows conversion tool only!?
43.04SNOCWed Mar 13 1991Can we make the windows smaller?
44.06SHALOT::WAYERThu Mar 14 1991We have a fix for a rare pub problem
45.03SNUPPA::JARLEThu Mar 14 1991mica$viewer_defaults.dat in site area...problem
46.03HXOUFri Mar 15 1991Display devices?
47.0HXOUFri Mar 15 1991Mixed DECwindows and char-cell based, on 4
48.06OASS::BURDEN_DFri Mar 15 1991mailing DDIF document problem
50.01YUPPY::JACKSONDTue Apr 02 19914 questions - Ultrix/DOS/Wordperfect/...
51.07HAND::BUGDENWed Apr 03 1991language problem
52.01SUBWAY::CLARKEWed Apr 03 1991Spanish MICA?
53.03HXOUFri Apr 05 1991Product Manager?
54.0SHALOT::FRAZERTue Apr 09 1991Problems Linking to Encapsulated PostScript, Patch Available
55.03FSADMN::BEKELEMon Apr 15 1991ASD in RWMBX state after VMS upgrade
56.06CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Apr 18 1991TCP/IP as a transport ?
57.02SCAACT::HAYASHITue May 07 1991Invoking remote DECwindows application
58.03MRKTNG::FLOWThu May 09 1991MICA and SES Problems...HELP!
59.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu May 09 1991Where is the CDApat
60.04SAC::JOYCEWed May 15 1991/USER parsing error
61.01SAC::JOYCEWed May 15 1991MICA and CM
62.01SAC::JOYCEWed May 15 1991Own OAINI.SCP screws viewers
63.02HGOVC::JOLENEWONGWed May 15 1991Failed to run the PUB! Help!
64.01OSPREY::LAAHSFri May 17 1991PS support in viewer windows?
65.02HXOUWed May 22 19912.3 and 2.4+MICA on an LAVC?
66.01SUOIS2::EALBERTThu May 23 1991Integration in Site Area????
67.02MIACT::ROWELLTue May 28 1991WP menu come up in traditional style only?
68.04AIMTEC::WICKS_AThu May 30 1991Strange Welshman customises MICA?
69.03BIRMVX::COTTERFri Jun 07 1991CM of MICA forms
70.04ODIXIE::LAROEFri Jun 07 1991What do we sell?
71.01SHALOT::MACDONALDFri Jun 07 1991SFCP/ASD Integration Tool
72.03RDGENG::JONESATue Jun 18 1991Not enuf buttons !!
73.06DPDMAI::RITZCWed Jun 19 1991Lotus 1-2-3 / MICA --> no mouse functionality
74.02BREAKR::FRANKTue Jun 25 1991How to Create a Viewer in Landscape a default
75.01MINDER::ROXBURGHFri Jul 05 1991Is viewer page height configurable?
76.03SNUPPA::JARLEThu Jul 11 1991to sell or not to sell...MICA
77.09GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Jul 19 1991DECwindows V3.
78.03ODIXIE::YOSTFri Jul 26 1991VAXserver environment?
79.03ARRODS::ROBERTSMon Jul 29 1991viewer clipping documents
80.01ODIXIE::LAROEWed Jul 31 1991Competitor's workstations as display devices?
81.01IJSAPL::VDDOELENMon Aug 12 1991Exceeded Quota ???
82.03MIACT::ROWELLMon Aug 12 1991Customisation and merging query
83.01MIACT::ROWELLWed Aug 14 1991PUB produces large window
84.05KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Aug 28 1991PUB Datatrive problem
85.02COLWed Aug 28 1991DECwrite crashes/recover fails
86.02CSCOAC::BEKELE_DWed Sep 11 1991SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA When running ASD from A Satellite Node
87.02TAINO::CINTRONThu Sep 12 1991ALL-IN-1 DECwindows and Imaging
88.03CLOVAX::FORNERFri Sep 13 1991MICA$START <=> CLI for ALL-IN-1
89.01EMASS::VANPATTENFri Sep 20 1991Running Multiple programs concurrently?
90.01CLPRWed Sep 25 1991error in device name
91.03WELCLU::LIWed Oct 02 1991is it 'desktop', 'Services' or both ?
92.04COLFri Oct 11 1991Keyboardmapping in WPS-PLUS does not work
93.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Oct 14 1991configuration question
94.03ETPCMon Oct 14 1991Patch for MOTIF DECwindows is it available for MICA
95.0SHALOT::MACDONALDFri Oct 18 1991Wordperfect and Mica
96.09BERNWed Oct 23 1991To big or not to big?
97.01GLDOA::CUTLERFri Oct 25 1991FMS TO X?
98.02HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUFri Nov 01 1991install on DECwindow Motif?
99.03COMICS::BARHAMThu Nov 28 1991Keyboard doesn't respond in DECWindows Interface
100.02ANGLIN::CUNNINGHAMWed Dec 04 1991VIEW/READ Problems with DECwrite documents
101.0SHALOT::NICODEMMon Dec 09 1991Workstation session crashing
102.02MASALA::GMURRAYWed Dec 11 1991BRITISH kit ?
103.01MASALA::GMURRAYWed Dec 11 1991'Live' installation ?
104.06BERNWed Dec 11 1991MICA and DIAMOND ?
105.06MASALA::GMURRAYMon Dec 16 1991OAGBL BLISS compilation error
107.01EVTDD1::TABURETTue Jan 14 1992Some questions about MICA Patch
108.06GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Feb 03 1992How do you remove ALL-IN-1 Services for DW
109.05COLBIS::BREUERMon Feb 03 1992MICA and DECwrite 2.
110.02KIRKTN::GMURRAYTue Feb 04 1992SFCP, MICA, linking, %OA-E-FNI....
111.06PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Feb 18 1992Mica ,VMS 5.4 and invalid buffer length
112.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGThu Feb 20 1992Product Manager revisited
113.02MASALA::GMURRAYMon Feb 24 1992The viewers are restarting - please try again
114.02FROCKY::ROBERTSThu Feb 27 19921.
115.06MASALA::GMURRAYThu Mar 05 1992Windows hanging - %SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA
116.04HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUSun Mar 08 1992Viewer wds there, while main & info wds missed
117.0FRAIS::EDDF13::ROBERTSWed Mar 11 1992PUB problem with some forms
118.05MSAMWed Mar 25 1992Can you read incoming DDIF messages?
119.05PUFFNS::ALLIN1Wed Apr 01 1992Unable to run MICA from VT12
120.02FROCKY::ROBERTSFri Apr 03 1992MICA hangs
121.01FROCKY::ROBERTSSat Apr 04 1992PUB once and copy?
122.02COMICS::BARHAMWed Apr 22 1992Text jumbled when scrolling with arrow keys
123.01KYOA::GOLDMon Apr 27 1992VMS v5.5 Supported ?
124.01FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Apr 29 1992Some menu options don't get converted by the PUB
125.0KYOA::GOLDWed Apr 29 1992Mail DDIF from script?
126.02MIMS::BEKELE_DThu May 14 1992Image ID discrepancy on MICA$START.EXE for V1.
127.01LISVAX::MSEPULVEDAWed May 27 1992MICA vs A1 V3.
128.04SHALOT::MACDONALDMon Jun 01 1992Soliticing requirements for next version of Mica
130.05KERNEL::OTHENJFri Jul 03 1992Job title and Date incorrectly displayed
131.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri Jul 03 1992New mail notification
132.01COLBIS::ENKEThu Jul 09 1992MICA on VXT2
133.01COLBIS::ENKEThu Jul 09 1992MICA and DECWRITE V2.
134.04SHALOT::MACDONALDFri Jul 10 1992Mica Support
136.01KETJE::ROBBENSMon Nov 16 1992S2
137.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Nov 23 1992Book on Usability Available, please distribute
138.02KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Nov 24 1992Viewing highlighted headers
139.01OMDEMO::ANDERSONFri Jan 08 1993Product Direction Please?
140.06LARVAE::THAYER_SWed May 12 1993Future of MICA? (again!)
141.0AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Jul 19 1993MICA removed from CD distribution
142.01SANFAN::LESLIE_DAWed Aug 04 1993Wither goest the Jabberwock?
143.0AIMTEC::WICKS_ATue Jun 14 1994MICA the end