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Conference iosg::all-in-1

Title:ALL-IN-1 (tm) Support Conference
Notice:Please spell ALL-IN-1 correctly - all CAPITALS!
Created:Fri Jul 01 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2716
Total number of notes:12169
Number with bodies:1125
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.03IOSG::PYEFri Jul 01 1994Conference "Mission Statement" and "Rules"
2.03GATORS::VICKERSFri Jul 01 1994Directories and pointers to previous conferences
3.0GATORS::VICKERSFri Jul 01 1994Directory of this conference
4.0+48GATORS::VICKERSFri Jul 01 1994Related Conferences
5.01IOSG::PYEFri Jul 01 1994Product Managers
6.02IOSG::PYEFri Jul 01 1994Supported Versions of ALL-IN-1 and ALL-IN-1 Starter
7.012GATORS::BARTHFri Jul 01 1994Network Kit Locations
8.04IOSG::PYEThu Jul 07 1994DSIN, TIMA, STARS, FSIN, etc....
9.0GATORS::VICKERSFri Jul 01 1994ALL-IN-1 Information Updates
10.01SHALOT::VICKERSFri Jul 01 1994Official Support Requires SPRs
11.016IOSG::PYEThu Sep 08 1994Performance Documentation
12.013IOSG::DUTTWed Mar 08 1995Future product versions
13.03IOSG::MARCHANTFri Jul 01 1994Spelling of ALL-IN-1 - why does it matter?
14.04IOSG::MARCHANTFri Jul 01 1994Conference availability
15.031IOSG::COOKFri Jul 01 1994ALL-IN-1 Patch Kits - Cross References and Announcements
16.03IOSG::PYEFri Jul 08 1994LMF Info plus Part numbers for Code and Documentation
17.019IOSG::MAURICEMon Jul 04 1994Bugs Fixed in ALL-IN-1 V3.1
18.0+37IOSG::PYETue Jul 05 1994OA$GOODBYE
19.09IOSG::MAURICETue Jul 05 1994Useful tools and utilities
20.0IOSG::PYETue Jul 05 1994Reserved
20.0IOSG::MAURICEMon Apr 29 1996Bugs fixed in ALL-IN-1 V3.2
21.0IOSG::PYETue Jul 05 1994How to move from the previous version to this file
22.07BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLWed Jul 13 1994How does .BOX work?
23.02MROA::BONVALLATThu Jul 14 1994EM-created docs don't retain WPS when mailed
24.01POBOX::RUTSCHOWThu Jul 14 1994PROFs access for calander?
25.011VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jul 14 1994SDAF corrupted / no backup
26.02VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jul 14 1994FOREIGN document (.WK1)
27.01DPDMAI::REINDLThu Jul 14 1994TLC V2.1 message notification problem TCP/IP
28.02MIMS::BEKELE_DFri Jul 15 1994What happens to existing deferred messages?
29.02ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Jul 15 1994ORder of messages in READ folder
30.07MERIDN::WALSHMon Jul 18 1994Resource Scheduling - Cannot SELect Resource
31.03TAVTue Jul 19 1994Questions regarrding group creation ...
32.03HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Jul 19 1994Recover OA$DAF_E.DAT ?
33.05ZGOVTue Jul 19 1994profile,pending,docdb record layout in V3.
36.02FAILTE::42Tue Jul 19 1994Are existing licences ok?
37.012OASS::BURGESS_STue Jul 19 1994Internet and Autoforward from ALL-IN-1
38.02BIS1::DESTRIJCKERTue Jul 19 1994Who's a Teamlinks user?
39.02VNOAPP::TIMA_2Tue Jul 19 1994LOTUS 1-2-3 V1.
40.01VAXRIO::WILLECKETue Jul 19 1994ALLIN-1 IOS in a Cluster
41.013PRSSOS::PROTTue Jul 19 1994AIDA ACCVIO
42.05CGOOA::BARNABEWed Jul 20 1994IOS AXP and Message Router?
43.06SNOFS1::SETHIWed Jul 20 1994Sending mail via MR gives %OA-E-TXTWRONGMOD, Wrong TEXT DSAB mode
44.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jul 20 1994Spell checker access violates with V3.1
45.02TAVWed Jul 20 1994Getting data from RDB database..??
46.01IOSG::HOLTDWed Jul 20 1994ALL-IN-1 V2.4 Retirement Letter
47.01HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Jul 20 1994Comment on STARS article
48.05ZURWed Jul 20 1994MDK doesn't work with special directory tree
49.01QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 20 1994Customer question about ALL-IN-1 on AXP
50.04HGOCS::SIMONLAUThu Jul 21 1994"Error occurred trying to access one's Calendar"?
51.01FRSCS::TSCHOENThu Jul 21 1994Time Management & RFA
52.01UTRTSC::KLEINThu Jul 21 1994PS docs with ALL-IN-1 V3.
53.01NYOSS1::MONASCHThu Jul 21 1994Training / Product Managers
54.02CTHQ::COADYFri Jul 22 1994LIST Folder info ?
55.012TPOVC::WADEJENGFri Jul 22 1994Where to find v3.1 oaform, siteoaform?
56.02DPSWFri Jul 22 1994A question on Client/Server licensing
57.01PEARS::KRAMERFri Jul 22 1994A1DBG> hangs due to garbage chars in the TXL
58.03VAXRIO::WILLECKEFri Jul 22 1994MERGE function error in V3.
59.03VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jul 22 1994DIR ALL I XP .. error page break
60.01HOFMAN::HOPEFri Jul 22 1994Changing WPSPLUS.PS pointer in PS.PRA
61.05CWOSFri Jul 22 1994Install ALL-IN-1 V3.1 - License Check
63.03ANGLIN::HARRISASat Jul 23 1994Profile status line
64.015ANGLIN::HARRISASat Jul 23 1994Nested DL in TM EV C
66.03TKTV2Mon Jul 25 1994The owner of newly created SDAF
67.02TINGAU::HEFELEMon Jul 25 1994Private EDITOR??
68.05WELCLU::WELSAU::LIMon Jul 25 1994Problem with CCM and CTX in V3.
69.01TROOA::GILBERTMon Jul 25 199411-character file name limit on Distr. Lists
70.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Jul 26 1994%NOTES-E-WRONGCTX, invalid context block
71.03HGOVC::PETELAMTue Jul 26 1994recepients did not received mail
72.02HGOVC::PETELAMTue Jul 26 1994form EM$INDEX$INBOX
73.01BELFST::THOMPSONTue Jul 26 1994ALL-IN-1 in Russian
74.04SWETSC::MELKETue Jul 26 1994FCS not available...
75.01EVTAI1::MORVANTue Jul 26 1994How to modify print setting of a blpw cm element?
76.03BIGTOY::LEWed Jul 27 1994Process ACCVIOs on incorrectly formatted OA$PC_NOTIFY
77.08HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Jul 27 1994blank line returned instead of verified address?
78.010HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Jul 27 1994Errors in upgrade fr v2.3 to v3.
79.01ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Jul 27 1994Multiple print problem
80.06NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIWed Jul 27 1994Newdir useage
81.01ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Jul 27 1994SHaring MAIN drawer?
82.02ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Jul 27 1994FCO and DCL messages
83.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jul 28 1994PS printing loses bold
84.018SWAM2::REMPLE_RUThu Jul 28 1994Preventing auto-forward for some messages
85.02SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Jul 28 1994Updating FCR for ALL-IN-1 V3.1
87.010YUPPY::DEWINTERThu Jul 28 1994MERGE in a FOR function
88.010EISYFI::LABThu Jul 28 1994Migration Plan for V2.4 to V3.1 on Alpha?
89.03LARVAE::JORDANThu Jul 28 1994Windows printer driver?
90.06REDDWF::GIFFORDFri Jul 29 1994Install procedure bug on AXP install
91.04SCAMIN::BROWNFri Jul 29 1994TeamRoute and ALL-IN-1 on VAX/AXP Cluster?
92.02HGOCS::SIMONLAUFri Jul 29 1994.PRC file changes in WP PT E couldn't be saved !?
93.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Jul 29 1994oa$tm_owner is not set on some accounts......
94.01COWPOK::SWITZERSat Jul 30 1994deleting multiple folders?
95.05ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Aug 08 1994A1S 1.
96.01ODIXIE::WOLFESat Jul 30 1994Fetcher log file not renamed
97.01TAVSun Jul 31 1994ADS not doing enforced archiving ...
98.01ULYSSE::DAVIDMon Aug 01 1994Cannot remove drawers from PARTITTION
99.03ISLNDS::YOUNGMon Aug 01 1994Syntax for Mailing to someone on Internet?
100.04COPCLU::ELINMon Aug 01 1994UCX: OA$AIDA and OA$FCS process name not defined
102.02VNASWS::GACHTue Aug 02 1994Problems after upgrade to V3.1 (Messages wrong, could not compile tixels ...)
103.05TLAVTue Aug 02 1994Sending ALL-IN-1 Mail to SUBSCRIBERS:
104.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Aug 03 1994OAFC$MTS_PRIV_SHR.EXE linked no more ?
105.06UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Aug 03 1994Which versions are on CDROM Juli / August
107.03ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Aug 03 1994Use remote MR over x.25
108.01VAXRIO::WILLECKEWed Aug 03 1994Partition not found
109.04GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Aug 04 1994Multiply defined DSL$ symbols during relink
110.03TLAVThu Aug 04 1994create user fail with DDS problem
111.01BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 04 1994Strange address search behaviour
112.01SCAMIN::BROWNThu Aug 04 1994transfer user VAX to Alpha?
113.03ATHELA::LAMBRAKISFri Aug 05 1994Second drawer problem
114.04WOTVAX::DORANAFri Aug 05 1994ALL-IN-1/SLS Integration
115.0GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 08 1994ALL-IN-1 2.3 & fake SFCP problem
116.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 08 1994WordPerfect tray selection problem
117.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 08 1994FMS license problems
118.01TAVMon Aug 08 1994Problem printing to PORT on PC ...
119.03HGOVC::NGSIUONMon Aug 08 1994Can't send auto-reply message
120.04AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Aug 08 1994Error in Server-client protocol from EM menu
121.06WELCLU::LIMon Aug 08 1994ALL-IN-1 Monitoring
122.06OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Aug 08 1994%OAFC-E-THREADACCVIO error + others reported by FCS
123.02VAXRIO::WILLECKEMon Aug 08 1994OA$FORMATTER queue problem
124.01OASS::BURGESS_SMon Aug 08 1994HANDLE_ERROR_ABORT error in 3.1
126.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Aug 09 1994CALACCESS.DAT does it ever get cleaned up?
127.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Aug 09 1994MDK does not update the PARTITION.DAT file
130.03DEKVC::SUNJOOHAWed Aug 10 1994GPC customization - message file
132.06EEMELI::SALMINENWed Aug 10 1994UNSHARE??? - Tools needed for ending ALL-IN-1!
133.010TAVWed Aug 10 1994V3.
134.011HGOCS::SIMONLAUThu Aug 11 1994DAF.DAT and DOCDB.DAT missing !!
135.02TAVThu Aug 11 1994V3 install fails on MOVE_FILE ...
136.05OASS::BURGESS_SThu Aug 11 1994AIDA server in HIB state hangs with ISC
137.06MXOCThu Aug 11 1994ALL-IN-1 Version for OpenVMS V6.1
138.03WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Aug 11 1994RSF file currently locked message
139.02GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu Aug 11 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 with TeamLinks V2.1 Client
140.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Aug 12 1994Horizontal 12 pitch is ignore on LPS2
141.02ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Aug 12 1994PS printing?
142.02ADOVMon Aug 15 1994Changing attached document attributes...
143.03TLAVMon Aug 15 1994ALL-IN-1 2.4 & VMS 6.1?
144.01ZURMon Aug 15 1994%OA-W-SNDJBC_OPERR error during startup
145.02GUCCI::MPETERSONMon Aug 15 1994Getting AIDA to open form libraries?
146.02SUOSWS::SUOGS2::MOOGTue Aug 16 1994A1 on MicroVAX to A1 on Alpha
147.01WAYOUT::CLARKETue Aug 16 1994Mail attributes set to INBOX
148.04UTROP1::WEBER_HTue Aug 16 1994MAIL MTI_SEND_ALL results in SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
149.02TOOK::KAUFMANTue Aug 16 1994Problems with COBOL & INSTALL/EXECUTE
150.05WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Aug 16 1994Wordperfect files created in [.DOC
151.01QCAVWed Aug 17 1994Problem with the ALL-IN-1 message header Addressee info.
153.01EDDF1Wed Aug 17 1994UDPs in WPSPLUS
154.03NUKVXA::Andy_DoranWed Aug 17 1994Owner of the archived file?
155.010ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Aug 17 1994Autoreply notification
156.01TPOVC::CJHUNGThu Aug 18 1994ALLIN1 V3 DOC.
157.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIThu Aug 18 1994Addressing from UA to MTA
158.02GUCCI::MPETERSONFri Aug 19 1994FCS server disappears...
159.03GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Aug 19 1994TM truncates long addresses
160.01GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Aug 19 1994AIDA and VMS V6.1 problems
162.07TAVSun Aug 21 1994A1 to TCP/IP ..??..
163.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 22 1994Deletion of meeting with missing attendees
164.02WOTVAX::RANDEE::MorrisonMon Aug 22 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and MS Word identification
165.012426Mon Aug 22 1994Problem with MUPA
166.03VAXRIO::ABREUMon Aug 22 1994POSTMASTER account doubts ..
168.04TLSETue Aug 23 1994TLC V2.1 working with Wollongong TCP/IP ?
169.01COPCLU::ELINTue Aug 23 1994DISKQUOTA$ only shows .PERMQUOTA for some records
172.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JWed Aug 24 1994Files Provided/Replaced by TLC V2.1?
173.02BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Aug 24 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 Language and market kits ; When ?
174.01EDDF1Wed Aug 24 1994ALL-IN-1 3.1 ALPHA Licence?
175.0OASS::BURGESS_SWed Aug 24 1994Upgrading from ALL-IN-1 2.4 to 3.
176.01LEMAN::TAVERNONWed Aug 24 1994Automatic purge
177.03CX3PST::WSC254::CARTERThu Aug 25 1994%OA-E-TXTOPNERR Doing MAIL CREATE/OPEN/NOSEND from Batch Job
178.012GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 25 1994ALLIN1/PRINT (sic)
179.01TAVThu Aug 25 1994A1$POSTINSTALL - ONLY from ALLIN1 account ..
180.02SUBURB::BROWNSTONEThu Aug 25 1994Unusual TRM behaviour ?
181.0IOSG::MARCHANTThu Aug 25 1994DCE used by your ALL-IN-1/TeamLinks customers?
182.03BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 25 1994Printer type for LPS17/6
183.014DV78Fri Aug 26 1994Phantom data set and %next
184.03ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Aug 26 1994DAF.DAT and Contiguous space.
185.03PCIGAT::TilleyFri Aug 26 1994ALL-IN-1 APA
187.01USPS::FPRUSSSat Aug 27 1994ALL-IN-1 VAX->AXP demo kit
188.04TAVMon Aug 29 1994Inadvertant Document not Created - Shr Drw
189.02GENIE::MAURERFMon Aug 29 1994Text_file and TCS handling
190.03ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Aug 29 1994GOLD U not finding users UDPs
191.05GIDDAY::JOYCETue Aug 30 1994Re-install different language?
192.04GIDDAY::BURTTue Aug 30 1994Conference with no notes has "1" unseen
193.04VAXRIO::ABREUTue Aug 30 1994ACCVIO .. help !
194.012HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Aug 31 1994Unique network profile entry identification.
195.03NZOMIS::HOWARDWed Aug 31 1994How best to convert between versions?
196.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Aug 31 1994Function call - OA$DB_GET_FIELD ?
197.06WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Aug 31 1994Why CART not installed for ALL-IN-1 V3.1?
198.01VAXRIO::63Wed Aug 31 1994LMF names, licensing
199.03AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Aug 31 1994What needed to install Cda on Axp with V3.1?
200.07OAMATE::MATTHEWS_GWed Aug 31 1994CDA under ALL-IN-1 3.1 only works from SYSTEM account
203.012GIDDAY::BURTThu Sep 01 1994Remote Access Queries
204.04GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Sep 01 1994CDA problems with rooted logicals
205.012COPCLU::ELINThu Sep 01 1994CXP CONNECT/DEVICE, AUTODIAL disabled ?
206.01ODIXIE::ENGENThu Sep 01 1994ALL-IN-1 Message Router question
207.07ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Sep 01 1994Creating/Sending 'welcome msgs'
208.09GIDDAY::BURTFri Sep 02 1994ACL problems
209.06EEMELI::65445::SALMINENFri Sep 02 1994DECLASER 51
210.01USPS::FPRUSSFri Sep 02 1994The MIXED VMScluster note...
211.01WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Sep 02 1994Users Permanent Symbols changing?
212.04HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerFri Sep 02 1994ALL-IN-1 & TeamLinks Presentations
213.05USPS::RSHEINBERGFri Sep 02 1994TLC V2.
214.09GUCCI::SMCNEILLFri Sep 02 1994Installing V3.
215.04RT95::TEDESCOFri Sep 02 1994VAX -> AXP migration issues?
216.07WELCLU::MARSHALLJSun Sep 04 1994V3.
218.02BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Sep 05 1994DTR unwanted messages after upgrade from V2.3 to V3.1
219.04VAXRIO::WILLECKEMon Sep 05 1994ALL-IN-1 IOS v2.4 --> v3.1
220.015GIDDAY::VELDTue Sep 06 1994ALL-IN-1, Message Router, DECnet/OSI and OpenVMS
221.02EEMELI::SALMINENTue Sep 06 1994Gold-G problem with documents in Shared Area
222.015USPS::RSHEINBERGWed Sep 07 1994Mail Spying
224.01TAKEOF::ERNIThu Sep 08 1994Default Language after initialising Dictionaries is wrong
225.02EVTAI1::GODARDThu Sep 08 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.
226.01DELNI::STACKThu Sep 08 1994Errors when transferring user onto our system
227.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Sep 09 1994*WARNING* AXP ALL-IN-1 IOS, Message Router need a VAX
228.03SUBURB::A1_CRANFri Sep 09 1994Unexpected result with date_convert
229.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Sep 09 1994Creating new format types ...
230.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JFri Sep 09 1994User Quota's on AXP ??
231.09ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Sep 09 1994.GOTO error during precheck
232.01OASS::BURGESS_SFri Sep 09 1994Sending WPC documents to ALL-IN-1 gets garbage
233.03SCAMIN::BROWNSat Sep 10 1994Distributed Share Option??
234.01PTOJJD::DANZAKSun Sep 11 1994Upgrade A1 V3.
235.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Sep 12 1994Migration plan for VAX --> AXP
236.01ZURTue Sep 13 1994ALL-IN-1 V2.4: List all documents with attachments
237.01GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Sep 14 1994Mummy, which planet do customers come from?
238.01EDDF1Wed Sep 14 1994Kit for 'Distributed Sharing Option' for VMS AXP
239.0WELCLU::ALLENKWed Sep 14 1994Undocumented DSAB Question
241.04EVTAI1::MORVANWed Sep 14 1994V3.
242.08ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Sep 14 1994.OBJ and .OLB compatability in 3.1
243.08GIDDAY::BURTThu Sep 15 1994Conversion Magic
244.0POCUS::ALOSLS::HEIGHTRTThu Sep 15 1994Accessing Mail Server from another node with E-Net attached PC!
245.04POCUS::ALOSLS::HEIGHTRTThu Sep 15 1994Is DECnet/OSI Required for ALL-IN-1 v3.1 on Alpha?
246.02EVTAI1::MORVANThu Sep 15 1994v3.
248.08BETCHA::BOETTCHERThu Sep 15 1994MS Mail Drivers to an ALL-IN-1 Office Server?
249.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 16 1994Mess trace parameter not going to log file.
250.09AIMTEC::FARLEY::PORTER_TFri Sep 16 1994FCS losing port 7373 with MultiNet
251.03ADOVFri Sep 16 1994ALL-IN-1 3.2 question
252.04CAPO::REMPLE_RUFri Sep 16 1994PC broadcasting
253.03VAXRIO::WILLECKEFri Sep 16 1994 Dump on running the CART
255.08BIGTOY::LEMon Sep 19 1994Disk corrupt caused FC server & TL connections to hang
256.05ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Sep 19 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.
257.06HGOVC::PETELAMMon Sep 19 1994corrupted NBS file
258.05VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Sep 19 1994TMEP and open task screens.
259.07COPCLU::ELINTue Sep 20 1994MUA D DA Failed to remove file cabinet
260.04BACHUS::LAROCHETue Sep 20 1994Field qualifier /HARD and do function since upgrade V2.3 to V3.1
261.06GIDDAY::BURTWed Sep 21 1994IOS autoforward to MS-Mail problems
262.03BIGTOY::LEWed Sep 21 1994OA$PC_BROADCAST failed, mailbox OA$PCBDCST_MBX full
263.01COPCLU::ELINWed Sep 21 1994MHSUSERID in DDS & Rename account MUA RNA
265.03PEARS::KRAMERWed Sep 21 1994CDA_UNPACK accvios my ALL-IN-1 session
266.01A1VAX::CAMPKINWed Sep 21 1994WordPerfect/ALL-IN-1 Integ FT
267.01WEOPSS::SYSTEMThu Sep 22 1994WPSplus V4 message from IOS V3 to IOS V2.4; can it be read?
268.09ISIDRO::LOURDESThu Sep 22 1994ALL-IN-1 in Alpha
269.05COLThu Sep 22 1994ALL-IN-1 V.3.1/MR
270.04WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Sep 22 1994Dodgy lookups on the BCC field.
271.07TLAVFri Sep 23 1994nickname in remote system
272.05FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDFri Sep 23 1994extra lines at top of page after merge
273.03IOSG::PYEFri Sep 23 1994V3.1 CART ACCVIO if WPSDEF.WPL customised...
274.02AIMTEC::MORABITO_PFri Sep 23 1994Help need w/Wollengong and ALL-IN-1 3.1
275.01ODIXIE::WOLFESat Sep 24 1994OA$VERSION = V3.
276.010WEOPSS::SYSTEMMon Sep 26 1994Wh supports 2
277.08RJ::MerewoodMon Sep 26 1994? Printing the Digital Annual Report on < 1 pack of paper
278.015USCTR1::CADORETMon Sep 26 1994Re-occurring Postmaster replies
279.01OTOOA::ROUFMon Sep 26 1994Whitepaper on AXP migration
280.02HGOCS::SIMONLAUTue Sep 27 1994Could PAT TN savesets used as PAT TT ?
281.03ISIDRO::LOURDESTue Sep 27 1994Server 21
282.03PEARS::KRAMERTue Sep 27 1994<CTRL>] (special TDE mode) on a german keyboard
283.01EDDF1Tue Sep 27 1994Teamlinks connection package
285.01BOSEPM::LYTFT::CampkinTue Sep 27 1994New mail disappearing!
286.03NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Sep 27 1994Reference Accounts for AXP Migration
287.011PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Sep 28 1994Error Ignoring A word in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
288.02AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AWed Sep 28 1994Installing an additional language with ALL-IN-1 V3.
289.05GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 28 1994*WISH* GUI interface to System Managers and Administrators
290.09HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Sep 28 1994Any migration plan for STARTER?
291.07MSAMWed Sep 28 1994autoforward to a list
292.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Sep 28 1994TLC
293.0LARVAE::JORDANWed Sep 28 1994Niggle on SMU, MCD, Send
294.04KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Sep 28 1994Parenthesis in NETWORK.DAT fullname corrupts address
295.02OASS::BURGESS_SWed Sep 28 1994%OAFC-E-BUFFUNFL, Invalid length specified.. TLV Buffer
296.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 29 1994Customer has SRA and want's to migrate to AXP
297.01WELCLU::LIThu Sep 29 1994IOS <-> MS Mail NT ?
298.03VMSNET::C_ESTESThu Sep 29 1994Time Stamp problem with ALL-IN-1 3.1
299.07EDDF1Thu Sep 29 1994Get entries from PENDING.DAT
300.09GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu Sep 29 1994Downsizing SDAFs
301.03KEIKI::KAWAKAMIThu Sep 29 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and EARS
302.05TLAVFri Sep 30 1994Problem on Empty Wastebasket Housekeeping job
304.01SUOSWS::SUOGS2::MOOGFri Sep 30 1994Problem with A1 and TeamLinks
305.03ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Sep 30 1994Personal Cabinet Report
306.0OTOOA::ROUFFri Sep 30 1994WordPerfect message from VAX to AXP problem
307.02GRANPA::MPETERSONFri Sep 30 1994DSO's a wee bit complex for large environments
308.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Oct 03 1994A1 Internet address
309.03WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Oct 03 1994Strange installation errors, ie. VOLINV and USGOTO
310.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDAMon Oct 03 1994LLV v3.1 Ready ?
311.01AEOBNMon Oct 03 1994ALL-IN-1 Handler for DCA/RFT V3.
312.05CODS::ESBECKMon Oct 03 1994V3.1 (AXP) and remote MR
313.04WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Oct 04 1994Problem with NOTED status
314.03TAVTue Oct 04 1994Two drawers - same directory...
315.08WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Oct 04 1994Can't create doc's in shared drawer...?
316.06OTOOA::AUBINTue Oct 04 1994V3.1 compatibility with V2.4 (WordPerfect)
317.04TAVWed Oct 05 1994CSCPAT_1165 for QMAN - extra FF ...
318.02MSAMWed Oct 05 1994ICF#
319.0GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Oct 05 1994Adding new printer trays to PG menu?
320.07VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Oct 05 1994Shared MAIN drawer and SMU
321.02HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Oct 05 1994Cant send mail througf MRGATE
322.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Oct 05 1994Trace parameter not being output to log file.
324.03BRSDVP::BERVOETSWed Oct 05 1994<LIST filename and ESCAPE CONTROL characters
325.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Oct 06 1994Merging 2.4 and 3.1 files a AXP
326.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Oct 06 1994 TM EP generates a Deadlock
327.01EDDF1Thu Oct 06 1994No OAFC$UPGRADE_SERVER.EXE for Open VMS/AXP
328.06AIMTEC::MORABITO_PFri Oct 07 1994Broadcast Notification to MULTINET?
329.010NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIFri Oct 07 1994Installation of V3.1 duplicate file name
331.01CSCRIO::VALERIAFri Oct 07 1994how can I delete a form without a form library ?
332.03PERPLE::3Fri Oct 07 1994Distribution List Question
333.02CLOUD9::WEIERFri Oct 07 1994MASS-11 and ALL-IN-1 V3.
334.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Oct 07 1994MUTEX caused by multiple UDP repetitions
335.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Oct 10 1994Can't delete READ messages
336.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Oct 10 1994Failure to obtain lock...???
337.02BRUMMY::BIOTEK::LONERGANMon Oct 10 1994DDS - Reverse lookup details lost
338.06GRANPA::SMCNEILLMon Oct 10 1994Form AIDA$SESSION is not in the library
339.04VMSNET::C_ESTESMon Oct 10 1994Help with DDS searches
340.02VAXRIO::WILLECKEMon Oct 10 1994Housekeeping running error
341.010AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Oct 10 1994Link warnings during V3.
342.02GUIDUK::HEALYTue Oct 11 1994Wordperfect Available on ALPHA AXP?
343.02EDDF1Tue Oct 11 1994location for WPSPLUS-conference
345.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Oct 11 1994OA$SCRIPT_ENGLISH job limit
346.02MSDOA::MORGANRWed Oct 12 1994Sizing ALL-IN-1 on ALPHA?
347.02WAYOUT::EVANSNIWed Oct 12 1994Printing problems since upgrade...?
348.04NWDWed Oct 12 1994ALL-IN-1 price increase
349.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 13 1994merge and virtual memory
350.02ALOSLS::HEIGHTThu Oct 13 1994Where to get a listing of ALL-IN-1 v3.
351.05ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Oct 13 1994Internal Housekeeping error V3.1
352.03MIMS::BEKELE_DThu Oct 13 1994FSC returns %RMS-I-CHN message
353.03SWING::WALSHFri Oct 14 1994Size of WPS Versus Word doc
354.01GIDDAY::SETHIFri Oct 14 1994*WISH* routine to interrogate TeamLinks
355.01SUOSWS::MOOGFri Oct 14 1994TIFF files are TEXT in ALL-IN-1?
356.021AIMTEC::MORABITO_PSat Oct 15 1994Missing OA$AIDA DECnet Object
357.04WELCLU::LIMon Oct 17 1994V3.1 sender can't send TL mail ...
358.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Oct 18 1994OA$FORMATTER receiving
359.01TAVTue Oct 18 1994OA$CURDWR_OWNER blank - how to correct ..
360.03TAVTue Oct 18 1994User unable to access MAIN drawer
361.010VMSNET::C_ESTESTue Oct 18 1994Another timestamp question
362.02KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 18 1994Validation in Layup field?
363.04CAPO::REMPLE_RUTue Oct 18 1994WordPerfect and MUPA
364.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Oct 18 1994New format/type of documents
365.011ODIXIE::PROKOPTue Oct 18 1994A1 V3.
366.01CX3PST::WSC254::CARTERWed Oct 19 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 - Is Separate License Required for WPS-PLUS?
368.06VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Oct 19 1994FCS and DECnet OSI again ...
369.01TINGAU::HEFELEWed Oct 19 1994Changes MAIN drawer??
370.01QUICKP::KEHOEWed Oct 19 1994Hot files and ESE solutions
371.01TAVThu Oct 20 1994Suppress mail being sent to sender ..
372.03HGOVC::MASCOTTANGThu Oct 20 1994problem printing on HP JET III under V3.
373.02PUFFNS::ALLIN1Thu Oct 20 1994Info. on a tool called "WAIS"
374.05FAILTE::TODDThu Oct 20 1994disable empty wastebasket
375.017GIDDAY::BURTFri Oct 21 19943.1 on AXP - FCS problems
376.0MIMS::BEKELE_DFri Oct 21 1994Elusive cause of ACCVIOs
377.07VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Oct 24 1994changing the SUBSCRIBERS' description
378.01OASS::BURGESS_SMon Oct 24 1994/AUTOSTART_ON qualifer with ALL-IN-1 3.1 queues
379.07SNOCTue Oct 25 1994DECspell Alpha OpenVMS ALL-IN-1 V3.1
380.03WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Oct 25 1994Boilerplate file merge causing ACCVIO.....
381.02STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTTue Oct 25 1994How to work with someone elses mail i TL and IOS?
382.03COPCLU::ELINTue Oct 25 1994Meeting with wrong attendees in v3.
383.03ROMTue Oct 25 1994OpenVMS 5.5 versus ALL-IN-1 2.3???
384.02ANGLIN::HARRISATue Oct 25 1994Sensitivity field
385.07SAC::JEPSONTue Oct 25 1994Unwanted information message
386.03ANGLIN::HARRISATue Oct 25 1994Shared folder and 3.
387.01CWOSS1::MATTHEWS_TITue Oct 25 1994Doc. for Modifying Printer Tables
388.0VAXRIO::ABREUTue Oct 25 1994ALL-IN-1 /Teamlinks Format message Attribute
389.0GIDDAY::SETHIWed Oct 26 1994*WISH* improve Gold Get to include a range of notes
390.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Oct 26 1994Remove user's ALL-IN-1
391.01ZURWed Oct 26 1994Questions about OA$FORMATTER.DMP
392.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Oct 26 1994Help with network.dat
393.08ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Oct 26 1994OA$FORMATTER, file not found
394.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Oct 27 1994TeamLinks V2.
395.02EDDF1Fri Oct 28 1994 Problems with 'ADD' & 'DICTIONARY' in Spellcheck
397.02TROOA::DINELEYFri Oct 28 1994transfer - failed to archive
398.016QCAVSat Oct 29 1994Problem while upgrading ALL-IN-1 2.4 TO V3.
399.01TAVMon Oct 31 1994DEClaser prints line per page ...
400.02TAVMon Oct 31 1994Index sorted by modification date ..??..
401.010WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Oct 31 1994x.4
402.08WELCLU::WELSAU::LIMon Oct 31 1994Missing sender name in mail header.
403.04WELCLU::WELSAU::LIMon Oct 31 1994unable to access ALL-IN-1 from Mgr account.
404.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Nov 01 1994Field size of OA$CURDOC_AUTHOR
405.02STKAI1::MARTENSSONTue Nov 01 1994Mail! - but not for TL-client
406.02EDDF1Tue Nov 01 1994OA$CURDOC_FILENAME after import of 3.
407.01EDDF1Tue Nov 01 1994CTRL/L within WPSPLUS
408.013STKAI1::HAGBERG_PTue Nov 01 1994Remote MR and local DDS
409.01VMSNET::OAPC1Tue Nov 01 1994Help with profile.dat
410.012WOTVAX::DORANAWed Nov 02 1994Help with WP Integration/submit_script problem
411.02SUOSWS::BODENSTEDTWed Nov 02 1994ALL-IN-1 Customers around LOndon, Ontario ?
412.03WELCLU::WELSAU::LIWed Nov 02 1994Is V3.3-31
413.02OASS::BURGESS_SWed Nov 02 1994FCS cannot delete I*******.TXT file TeamLinks Mail
414.03MSDOA::MORGANRThu Nov 03 1994FOCUS and ALL-IN-1 integration?? solution capability?
415.011GENIE::MUELLERSThu Nov 03 1994DSO and IOS V3.1 access problems
416.04WAYOUT::EVANSNIThu Nov 03 1994
417.01WAYOUT::EVANSNIThu Nov 03 1994EW housekeeping problem......
418.03BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKThu Nov 03 1994GPC edit note facility?
419.03EDDF1Thu Nov 03 1994Error with SPLFORMAT.EXE on ALPHA
420.01OTOOA::ROUFThu Nov 03 1994DSO separate license?
421.01131276::KRUCKMANFri Nov 04 1994Problem - V3.1 AXP and site defined functions
422.01CGOOA::BARNABEFri Nov 04 1994CXP logging??
423.04ULYSSE::DAVIDFri Nov 04 1994AIDA server not starting, %DSL-W-SHUT, Network shutdown
424.03ZURFri Nov 04 1994CART reports on multi-lingual systems?
425.05VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Nov 04 1994deleting a housekeeping schedule
426.08TAVSun Nov 06 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 VAX/AXP seminar ..??..
427.02TAVMon Nov 07 1994Mail into WRONG INBOX ...
428.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Nov 07 1994Hyphenation code missing in ALL-IN-1 V3.1
429.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 07 1994TM Conflict causes an event to go missing......
430.01TAVMon Nov 07 1994Moving ALL-IN-1 from system to system
431.02IOSG::COOKMon Nov 07 1994*** Major problem w. 3.1 non-Eng + TeamLinks
432.02ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Nov 07 1994OA$DSL$SHR image
434.06WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Nov 08 1994Problem with RSD h/k procedure........
435.05TKTVFS::NAGURATue Nov 08 1994Using TeamLinks, FCS hibernates
436.03PEARS::KIRBACHTue Nov 08 1994account transfer causes invalid pointers to attachments ... (V3.
437.01WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Nov 08 19943.
438.08IOSG::MARSHALLWed Nov 09 1994NETWORK.DAT: the whole story
439.01COPCLU::ELINWed Nov 09 1994WPS-PLUS DSAB & BLP in ALL-IN-1 without WPS-PLUS?
440.03ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Nov 09 1994Default FETCHER not starting
441.08TLSEThu Nov 10 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 OAFC server process stop.
442.08GVPROD::MANALI::RUCHThu Nov 10 1994Change of Drawer Ownership
443.0231276::KRUCKMANThu Nov 10 1994V3.1 AXP Fortran RTL and site defined functions
444.01CSCRIO::VALERIAFri Nov 11 1994define a permanent variable for all of users.
447.020IOSG::DUTTFri Nov 11 1994*VERY* BIG ALL-IN-1 systems....
448.02SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Nov 11 1994ALL-IN-1 and MAILbus 4
449.08COPCLU::ELINFri Nov 11 1994Shortcut to V3.1 on Alpha AXP?
450.02COPCLU::ELINSat Nov 12 1994Lotus v1.5 ST Send as Text, document reserved
451.014GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Nov 14 1994OA$SCRIPT queue keeps stopping
452.07GIDDAY::SETHIMon Nov 14 1994Unable to send/receive mail via MR on the AXP's
453.01HGOCS::SIMONLAUMon Nov 14 1994File a WPSPLUS document to a shared drawer.
454.05OASS::LUCAS_AMon Nov 14 1994Using the RTF to WPSPLUS conversion under V3.1
455.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAMon Nov 14 1994Change Node Number
456.06STKHLM::HORNBLADMon Nov 14 1994Problems installing the MUPA language kit
457.01HGOVC::MASCOTTANGTue Nov 15 1994problem in printing graphic to HP printer
458.01WARABI::CARREONTue Nov 15 1994V2.4 to V3.1 minimal shutdown upgrade
459.015MSAMTue Nov 15 1994ALL-IN-1 IOS to DEC Mailworks ?
460.03TAVTue Nov 15 1994MLO issue CM.FLB warning ....
461.01ANGLIN::HARRISATue Nov 15 1994Changing subject in UDP
462.03MSOTIS::LEWed Nov 16 1994IOS VT user locking Wollongong Pathway's UW device
463.03COPCLU::ELINWed Nov 16 1994ONE binder to 5 manuals in v3.1 documentation kit
464.05OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed Nov 16 1994File Cabinet server problems
465.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Nov 16 1994Transfer user/mail area problem
466.01ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Nov 16 1994EW - deleting from ALL folders
467.04PRMSWed Nov 16 1994ALL-IN-1 V2.4 under OPENVMS 6.1??
468.0531276::KRUCKMANWed Nov 16 1994TXL Compiler error messages
470.03SUBURB::A1_CRANThu Nov 17 1994Modifable DL's
472.012IOSG::PYEThu Nov 17 1994Installation Problem....
473.01EDDF1Thu Nov 17 1994TM option SC and Remote Message-router
474.05DPDMAI::HANSONLFri Nov 18 1994ALL-IN-1/TL Spreadsheet Appl?
475.08NEWVAX::MZARUDZKISun Nov 20 1994CHECKMAIL still looking for TMR?
476.05HGOVC::MASCOTTANGMon Nov 21 1994Can SMU setup for multi-users
477.03GIDDAY::BURTMon Nov 21 1994Body Parts
478.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAMon Nov 21 1994Postscript Printing problem
479.03WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Nov 21 1994CM $SDC form question
480.07MLNORO::SELVATICIMon Nov 21 1994v3.1, sys$share:mthrtl.exe and CDA
481.02WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Nov 21 1994Strange message header....
482.05ZURTue Nov 22 1994Urgent: Need help with ALL-IN-1/TeamLinks after VMS/DECnet OSI upgrade!!!
483.03WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Nov 22 1994Personal dictionary is not recognised....???
485.03WARLRD::BURDEN_DTue Nov 22 1994How to make GPC ignore cluster alias?
487.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Nov 22 1994AIDA Blues....
488.01ADOVWed Nov 23 1994DSO Performance.
489.05OASS::BURGESS_SWed Nov 23 1994ALPHA and Remote DDS real slow ALL-IN-1 Init
490.01HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Nov 23 1994Full v3.1 kit location needed !!
491.01UTESWed Nov 23 1994WPS-PLUS on AXP, performance gain?
493.01ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Nov 23 1994Cluster Size for SHARED DIR disk
494.01ULYSSE::DAVIDThu Nov 24 1994Problem loading an account savesets
495.04COPCLU::ELINThu Nov 24 1994AXP mixed with VAX for a month or two...
496.01ZURThu Nov 24 1994ALL-IN-1 3.1: %DSL-W-SHUT error starting the AIDA server
497.01GIDDAY::SETHIFri Nov 25 1994Time Management meeting request access violates
498.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Nov 25 1994V2.4 to V3.
499.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Nov 25 1994Housekeeping Into RWAST on V3.
500.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Nov 28 1994Error opening acl$dataset insuffient privilege
501.01TAVENG::PEREZMon Nov 28 1994Parser/Checker syntax wanted.
502.08WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Nov 28 1994Encapsulated Postscript problem............
503.0PEARS::KRAMERMon Nov 28 1994Remote DDS Update procedure
505.04LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Nov 29 1994FMS on Alpha
507.03WARLRD::WICKS_AWed Nov 30 1994Troubleshooting the new Sender/Fetcher?
508.01WAYOUT::EVANSNIWed Nov 30 1994Unavailable resource error..intermittent..?
509.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Nov 30 1994Performance on AXP
510.0TAVThu Dec 01 1994Question regarding OLD shared folders ...
511.011ZURThu Dec 01 1994URGENT: ALL-IN-1 V3.1 installation failed
512.04ZURThu Dec 01 1994Installation: KICHKPARAMS does not check TTY_TYPAHDSZ and PQL* SYSGEN parameters
513.03KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Dec 01 1994typo in message file
514.02VAXRIO::ANDREAPENAThu Dec 01 1994Migrating the customizations
516.06ODIXIE::CURLEFri Dec 02 1994How do I add a node in Create AIDA Server Menu?
517.02UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Dec 02 1994OA$DDS_AREA_ROUTE value and ALL-IN-1 V3.1
518.02KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri Dec 02 1994NETPROXY location for DSO (MRU)
519.08DV78Sat Dec 03 1994A1V31START and timing of DECWindows startup
520.02YUPPY::HOLLANDMMon Dec 05 1994Sizing IOS for TeamLinks (from mailworks)
521.03COPCLU::ELINMon Dec 05 1994Savesets used by CART?
522.01VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Dec 05 1994oamtisend run for long time...
523.010KERNEL::LOATMon Dec 05 1994Problem importing DX file.
524.03WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Dec 05 1994OA$SCRIPT_BRITISH problem and RNA problem.....
525.02WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Dec 05 1994PostScript formatting problem.....
526.01WNOUMon Dec 05 1994Exchange between VMSmail and ALL-IN-1 on AXP?
527.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Dec 05 1994Licensing ?
528.01TAVENG::PEREZTue Dec 06 1994Spell checker problem.
529.06VNABRW::VNAVS4::RATH_ITue Dec 06 1994Problem with ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and DATA_FILE MOVE
530.03WAYOUT::EVANSNITue Dec 06 1994Can't edit old documents..
531.04UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Dec 06 1994FN$ELEMENT and ALL-IN-1 V3.1
532.010SWING::WALSHTue Dec 06 1994Is Wordperfect for V3.1 available yet ??
533.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKITue Dec 06 1994Janitor procedure for total items processed...
534.03PENSKE::SDATZMANTue Dec 06 1994V3.1 DOC SET (*.PS)
535.02ANGLIN::CARLSONWed Dec 07 1994Backslash help, please!
536.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed Dec 07 1994Tools to migrate from MailWorks to ALL-IN-1
537.01COPCLU::ELINWed Dec 07 1994Is A1 T3.1 = ALL-IN-1 V3.1?
538.01OASS::BURGESS_SWed Dec 07 1994%DSL-W-MAXSESSCOMP, Maximum sessions per component exceeded
540.02ODIXIE::CURLEThu Dec 08 1994TeamRoute for ALL-IN-1 with Alpha's
541.03GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Dec 08 1994AIDA server can't see *some* users
542.01IOSG::DUTTThu Dec 08 1994A1INFO alert...
543.0+5IOSG::HOLTDThu Dec 08 1994PMDF: Are your customers using it?
544.010DPDMAI::REINDLThu Dec 08 1994Problem viewing 1-2-3 spreadsheets from VT
546.01KERNEL::LOATFri Dec 09 1994COM CC doesn't work in 3.1?
547.06WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Dec 09 1994TLC v2.1 Install and OPTIONS A
548.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Dec 12 1994Removing sensitivity from messages
549.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Dec 12 1994V3.1, Teamlinks/DDS & Shutdown command ???
550.05ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Dec 12 1994Sender Information missing in V3.1 from MEMO Users
551.04KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Dec 12 1994TRM deleting contents of all shared directories
552.012TKTVFS::NAGURATue Dec 13 1994OAFC memory leaks ?
553.01SWETSC::LUNDSTEDTTue Dec 13 1994Notes process takes all CPU.
554.0XANADU::UTESTue Dec 13 1994Wish: Post-processing when printing WPS-PLUS to PostScript
555.012GANTRY::HULLTue Dec 13 1994The Installation from Hell
556.01RDGENG::GRIFFITHSRTue Dec 13 1994Wish: Use of file expiration dates
557.09LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Dec 13 1994File Access error from TL to cab.server
558.04KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Dec 14 1994Users unable to change US SWC profile info
559.01OSTVWed Dec 14 1994How to use NOTES SET_SEEN
560.03TAVWed Dec 14 1994File cabinet object not found after restore..
561.05GANTRY::HULLWed Dec 14 1994Recovering from Installation problems?
562.01WAYOUT::EVANSNIWed Dec 14 1994v3.1 Acc. Transfer problem....
563.06KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Dec 14 1994Leading spaces not trimmed on UserName/AccountID in V3.
564.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Dec 15 1994Query using BIND
565.04GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Dec 15 1994transfer user from 2.4 to 3.1
566.02NQOPS::KENNEYThu Dec 15 1994GPC - Need help listing conferences,members,moderators.
567.07MROA::NORTON_KThu Dec 15 1994Problem w/Port printing through PC to DEClaser
568.04GIDDAY::BURTFri Dec 16 1994market kit keyboard iffyness
569.03CGOOA::BARNABEFri Dec 16 1994Comm scripts not working...
570.012MOSCOW::JOUVINFri Dec 16 1994Pb with ALL-IN-1 v3.
571.04TAVSun Dec 18 1994%RMS-F-IFI while printing a document ...
572.05CGOOA::BARNABESun Dec 18 1994COMM LOG cleaning help needed
573.01JRDVMon Dec 19 1994new account create fail
576.02FLEX7::PATON_SMon Dec 19 1994INBOX of remote drawer
579.04UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Dec 19 1994Unreadable documents in RECOVERED DOCUMENTS
580.01LUXMon Dec 19 1994CON-NECT from software ag
581.05WOTVAX::64Mon Dec 19 1994X4
583.05FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Dec 20 1994Change Courier font to Elite?
584.05HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed Dec 21 1994Upgrade from 2.4 to 3.
585.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed Dec 21 1994TM/Schedule+ integration ?
586.01UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Dec 21 1994Reading foreign attachment
587.0KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Dec 21 1994compute loop, with scripts...
588.011TAVThu Dec 22 1994Get TO/CC values ...
589.08STKAI1::HAGBERG_PThu Dec 22 1994Area Routing, missing location code
591.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu Dec 22 1994Is Dstring still limited in V3.
592.01TLAVFri Dec 23 1994duplicate ALL-IN-1 mail and mail status problems
593.0IOSG::DUTTFri Dec 23 1994Let's thrive in '95!!!!
594.02TAVSun Dec 25 1994WPCOPY problems ...
595.01DEKVC::ALLIN1Tue Dec 27 1994How can extract ALL-IN-1 file without DL ?
598.03COPCLU::TORBENHWed Dec 28 1994FCS server don't start correctly
599.06MSAMWed Dec 28 1994Sending mail to Internet via X.4
600.03COPCLU::TORBENHWed Dec 28 1994AIDA server don't start after housekeeping
601.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Dec 29 1994Documentation for Personnal Assistant
602.04AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Dec 29 1994AXP install failure
603.04ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Dec 29 1994EW in V3.1
604.04ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Dec 30 1994AUTOFORWARD to self
605.08GIDDAY::BAYESTue Jan 03 1995OA$SCRIPT_BRITISH jobs retained on error
606.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JTue Jan 03 1995Mixed Architecture and Mail Directory Problem
607.04TLAVWed Jan 04 1995Error activating image L123_A1$MAIN.EXE
608.01TLAVWed Jan 04 1995size of oa$share
609.01UTRACK::SCHOLLAERTWed Jan 04 1995WPS_PITCH_13 missing in PS.PRA
610.08COPCLU::ELINWed Jan 04 1995Modified date=Created date on attached documents?
611.05ZURWed Jan 04 1995DCL help ALLIN1.HLP still V2.4 ?
612.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Jan 04 1995"ALL-IN-1 USERS" option missing when you select a destination of a massage
613.03GRANPA::SMCNEILLWed Jan 04 1995Modifying WPSDEF.WPL for Existing Users
614.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Jan 04 1995Search FileCabinet from SCRIPT
615.02GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jan 05 1995PTN and PTT fail to get submitted to batch
616.01WAYOUT::EVANSNIThu Jan 05 1995Postscript printing problem.....
617.06AIMTEC::WICKS_AFri Jan 06 1995Mixed-Architecture - the Alphatraz experience
618.08DPDMAI::HANSONLFri Jan 06 1995DDS Hanging System
619.015TAVSun Jan 08 1995OBJ 73 doesn't exist - no a1-dist-shr license
621.03TROOA::GILBERTMon Jan 09 1995Solutions for blind people?
622.07TROOA::GILBERTMon Jan 09 1995ALL-IN-1 / CC:Mail header size exceeded
623.09KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Jan 09 1995A1IVP_VAX.DAT file
624.01YUPPY::WELSAU::LISTue Jan 10 1995Adding more info to SUBSCRIBER DSAB
625.02FLEX7::PATON_STue Jan 10 1995Data files 3.
626.03MSDOA::JUDDTue Jan 10 1995russell calendar
627.01ANGLIN::HARRISATue Jan 10 1995Print/Read display DL name only
628.0HGOCS::MASCOTTANGWed Jan 11 1995blank page printing
629.02VELI::KORKKOWed Jan 11 1995XF does not work on one node of cluster
630.01TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOWed Jan 11 1995How to create a shared drawer?
631.01EVTAI1::MORVANWed Jan 11 1995v3.1 : tde diagrams and left margin.
632.04KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSWed Jan 11 1995Remote DDS access
633.02HGOCS::SIMONLAUThu Jan 12 1995Archive multiple doc.in v2.4
634.08TAVThu Jan 12 1995V5.5 & V6.1 Cluster ...
635.03MOSCOW::JOUVINThu Jan 12 1995Pb with upgrade of English language from 3.
636.011KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Jan 12 1995FCS hang
637.08RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Jan 12 1995Gold-$ and LOGIN.COM
638.05ROMThu Jan 12 1995Decforms block mode ISPF like editor anyone?
639.01TRU116::WEISSThu Jan 12 1995CDA Licensing and general questions
640.04KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSFri Jan 13 1995TLC still required for V3.1???
641.07IOSG::PYEFri Jan 13 1995Data file conversions during upgrades
642.04WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Jan 13 1995%EMD-W-NOADDR, Mail address is missing
643.06AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AFri Jan 13 1995Binding to SUBSCRIBER DSAB
644.01TAVMon Jan 16 1995COPIED status ...???...
645.05MROA::BONVALLATTue Jan 17 1995Error opening SCRIPT file
646.03DECBAH::ALLIN1Tue Jan 17 1995V3.1 Upgrade - Problem with Sender/Fetcher
647.011FLEX7::PATON_STue Jan 17 19953.
648.0TAVTue Jan 17 1995oa$curdoc_docnum becomes
649.01UTESTue Jan 17 1995ALL-IN-1 Archived Area op CD-ROM?
650.05FAILTE::42Tue Jan 17 1995problems with full name when creating mail
651.015FAILTE::42Tue Jan 17 1995docdb and daf.dat not being converted after EW
652.03WAYOUT::EVANSNIWed Jan 18 1995OA$DAF_E.DAT oddity....
653.013GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jan 19 1995Two messages / Same OA$SHARx filename !!!
654.02DEKVC::JINSUNPARKThu Jan 19 1995Cannot connect to ALL-IN-1 File Cabinet except one PC
655.0VAXRIO::VALERIAThu Jan 19 1995unread count error everyday
656.03EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu Jan 19 1995unread mail and Transfer Account Over Network
657.05KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Jan 19 1995Mail tuning for V3.1?
658.010WAYOUT::EVANSNIThu Jan 19 1995Empty Wastebasket log messages...?
659.01SHIPS::FARROW_SFri Jan 20 1995[MANAGER]MAIN drawer in use
660.02ANGLIN::HARRISASat Jan 21 1995FC MP option
661.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Jan 23 1995Users loop when reading mail
662.01GENIE::MAURERFMon Jan 23 1995Lotus on Alpha AXP?
664.06KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Jan 23 1995Apostrophe (') in name causes BCC send fail
665.05YUPPY::WELSAU::LISMon Jan 23 1995User is inactive/absent ?
666.011WAYOUT::EVANSNIMon Jan 23 1995NETWORK and PROFILE differences....
667.03ZURTue Jan 24 1995V3.1: Problem reading VMSmails in a multi-language environment
668.06KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue Jan 24 1995Autoforward selection slow on large systems
670.09ANGLIN::HARRISATue Jan 24 1995Duplicate items in A1TXL
671.0GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Jan 25 1995AIDA and FCS priority problem
672.04TAVWed Jan 25 1995ORGUNIT1 field ..??..
673.014VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jan 25 1995DSABs change in ALL-IN-1 V3.1 ....
674.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 25 1995Problems with DEClaser 51
675.05KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 25 1995ALL-IN-1 and CDA
676.02COPCLU::ELINWed Jan 25 1995Error formatting dictionary on Alpha
677.01COPCLU::ELINWed Jan 25 1995Dictionary language written in English in v3.1
678.04BACHUS::6467Wed Jan 25 1995CAL$SET_DATE in french
679.011VNOMCS::TIMA_2Wed Jan 25 1995ReadReceipts deleted from OUTBOX since V3.1
680.014EPS::GRIGGSWed Jan 25 1995ALL-IN-1 Performance on Alpha
681.09ISIDRO::LOURDESThu Jan 26 1995UDP & symbols
682.01TOPPCB::SPENCERThu Jan 26 1995ALL-IN-1 TCP/IP connect from TEAMLINKS
683.02HAMSC2::EBUSCHFri Jan 27 1995ALL-IN-1 AXP and MR/MAILBUS
684.01FSTSC1::SCHOENFri Jan 27 1995Confirmation & GOLD GET
685.01STKAI1::SPORSENFri Jan 27 1995display distribution lists
686.03ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Jan 27 1995Copies of PAPER MAIL messages
687.06TAKEOF::PLATTNERFri Jan 27 1995SPELLchecker, adding words to dictionary
688.08ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Jan 27 1995Rename Account - Failed to submit to Batch
689.03DPDMAI::BERNALFri Jan 27 1995MSG Router and the Free command
690.08PTOJJD::DANZAKSat Jan 28 1995How to DT SV-->.RFT file
691.02MOSCOW::JOUVINMon Jan 30 1995MJU - What is is exactly ?
692.04SHIPS::WRIGHT_AMon Jan 30 1995module OAEMVCLD not found
693.02TROOA::GILBERTMon Jan 30 1995Arrays/Removing TO: list entries
694.02FLEX7::PATON_STue Jan 31 1995Updating disk names
695.0TEMPRA::AGNOLITue Jan 31 1995Brussels WGS forum presentations
696.0IOSG::PYEWed Feb 01 1995Normal service should hopefully resume soon....
697.04ISIDRO::LOURDESWed Feb 01 1995nesting FOR statements
698.01EVTAI1::MORVANWed Feb 01 1995How to print with /param=noflag with ALL-IN-1?
700.03TAVThu Feb 02 1995A1V3
701.011KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Feb 02 1995Script symbiont logs into wrong account?
702.07COPCLU::ELINThu Feb 02 1995A1CONFIG not updated by upgrade V2.3 -> V3.
703.07TAKEOF::PLATTNERThu Feb 02 1995INSTALL, UNIVERSAL action-routine on ALPHA AXP
704.0AIMTEC::GRENIER_JThu Feb 02 1995A1V3
706.06AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Feb 02 1995UVMTHRTL_D56_Tv.EXE ?
707.02DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYThu Feb 02 1995Creating/renaming user drawers?
708.0GIDDAY::SETHIFri Feb 03 1995A1->MR->MW, hidden text being included in WPS+
709.01ODIXIE::PROKOPFri Feb 03 1995V3.1 and OLD Shared Folder Code???
710.04KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri Feb 03 1995X.4
711.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIFri Feb 03 1995CAB$.job_number for attachment
712.05CSC32::D_MAHDERFri Feb 03 1995Print Port with attachments
713.02MROA::BONVALLATFri Feb 03 1995MS-Word .PS doc gets lost when sent via MR
714.01EVTAI1::MORVANMon Feb 06 1995ALL-IN-1 3.1 AXP and suprocess : diff with VAX
715.01KERNEL::EVANSNIMon Feb 06 1995SO and SMU still acting up....
716.08USOPS::RBROWNMon Feb 06 1995Distribution lists at BOTTOM of Document -- How ?
717.02GLRMAI::LANDRYMon Feb 06 1995Need UDP so user can update DL from received message
718.01TROOA::GILBERTMon Feb 06 1995Entry form field > 132 characters?
719.09COPCLU::ELINTue Feb 07 1995Print attachments of different format types?
720.02TAVTue Feb 07 1995ABBREV and LIBRARY file pointers lost ...
721.013DELBOY::nukvxa.olo.dec.com::Andy_DoranTue Feb 07 1995 AIDA error %DSL-W-DUPOBJ, Duplicate network object
722.03MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Feb 07 1995Strange pb with OAFC
724.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Feb 07 1995Do ALL-IN-1 delete functions delete the actual data?
726.02GIDDAY::BURTWed Feb 08 1995LOTUS manipulations
727.02COPCLU::ELINWed Feb 08 1995Delete expired mail without emptying wastebaskets?
728.04VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed Feb 08 1995ALL-IN-1 TM via X.4
729.05KERNEL::EVANSNIWed Feb 08 1995TM EP not refreshing after Edit...
730.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIWed Feb 08 1995Are delivery notices built with boilerplates or code?
731.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Feb 08 1995Accounting or ALL-IN-1 ?
732.03EISYFI::LABWed Feb 08 1995More info needed on remote DDS for ALL-IN-1 on AXP
733.03TAVThu Feb 09 1995V3 wish list questions...
734.01HGOCS::TONYLIUThu Feb 09 1995Housekeeping error
735.01TAVThu Feb 09 1995NEWDIR and WPSDEF.WPL ..
736.01KERNEL::EVANSNIThu Feb 09 1995Change password functionality...
737.01MKOTS3::HAHNThu Feb 09 1995ALL-IN-1 / WordPerfect / WPS
738.02ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Feb 09 1995Supressing DL with a menu option
739.012NYOSS1::CKELLEHERFri Feb 10 1995DEClaser 51
740.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Feb 10 1995Renaming MAIN drawer, any side-effect ?
741.01ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Feb 10 1995RDR of own shared drawer
742.06HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon Feb 13 1995Form library error in V3.
743.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Feb 13 1995Moving ALL-IN-1 shared areas to new disk
744.04KERNEL::EVANSNIMon Feb 13 1995IOS and DESKTOP...Supported versions..?
745.03DELBOY::nukvxa.olo.dec.com::Andy_DoranMon Feb 13 1995CAB SET_DRAWER from SUBMIT_SCRIPT
746.07DPDMAI::HANSONLMon Feb 13 1995Problem with AIDA Server Starting
747.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Feb 13 1995Memory per user
748.027KERNEL::EVANSNIMon Feb 13 1995Spell checker %SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC then Accvio....
749.01AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AMon Feb 13 1995OA$DDS_PRIME=2 and CDQ housekeeping procedure
750.04ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Feb 13 1995OA$SCRIPT_PSIB not working?
751.05MROA::BONVALLATMon Feb 13 1995V3.1 - "drawer language not defined" error
752.03NCMAIL::DOWLINGTue Feb 14 1995V3.1 upgrade on cluster with multiple system disks
753.06TROOA::HALSEYTue Feb 14 1995Fetcher and Alpha's
755.01EVTAI1::GODARDTue Feb 14 1995?Duplicate key detected DAF.DAT
756.01NCMAIL::KOROLTue Feb 14 1995ALL-IN-1 addressing using SMTP?
758.02MSOTIS::LEWed Feb 15 1995Incoming Internet mail has blank Author: field
759.06MEOCWed Feb 15 1995Want 'docment count'/'number' value
760.01COPCLU::ELINWed Feb 15 1995Does RSD convert or defragment directory files?
761.02ISIDRO::LOURDESWed Feb 15 1995Handling files in ALL-IN-1 2.1
762.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Feb 16 1995LNGSPLINI.SCP is called every time a Spell Check is deone
763.07FOUNDR::DODIERThu Feb 16 1995FDVSHR not in memory ?
765.0KERNEL::TALBOTFri Feb 17 1995Customer input on Index selection use
766.0HGOCS::MASCOTTANGFri Feb 17 1995HP Laser Jet III Plus out of order
767.09COPCLU::ELINFri Feb 17 1995SUBSCRIBER_CHANGE not updated in CM$SDC
768.03HGOCS::MASCOTTANGMon Feb 20 1995 how to add /passall in ALL-IN-1
769.018OSOSPS::NAGAOMon Feb 20 1995AIDA Server not starting with Multinet
770.01BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKMon Feb 20 1995Date calculations?
771.04ZURMon Feb 20 1995Housekeeping EW: New values on second screen?
772.07TAVMon Feb 20 1995Priveleged vector limit exceeded ...
773.01COPCLU::ELINTue Feb 21 1995DELETE_MOVED_FILES.COM - specify LANGUAGE as P1!
774.04NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Feb 21 1995Lynx to Gopher from ALL-IN-1
775.06ISIDRO::64868::AREVALOWed Feb 22 1995ALL-IN-1 V.2.1 vs FOR function
776.010COPCLU::ELINWed Feb 22 1995Time required for installation of ALL-IN-1 v3.1
777.02WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Feb 22 1995URGENT!! Problem receiving MS-Mail
778.01TROOA::ALWILLIAMSWed Feb 22 1995Telnet to ALL-IN-1
779.03AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Feb 22 1995FCs problems
781.012KERNEL::EVANSNIThu Feb 23 1995Cannot RFD to own shared drawer.
782.04PUDGE::HEMEONThu Feb 23 1995UCX problem with ALL-IN-1 Shutting down then Restarting
784.05KERNEL::EVANSNIFri Feb 24 1995Query re. MORE$SCROLL$KEY$INDEX form.
785.04COPCLU::ELINMon Feb 27 1995Password in history list accepted by ALL-IN-1 3.
787.02TAVTue Feb 28 1995NOFEED for attachments ...
788.01TAVTue Feb 28 1995TMSEV_OPTIONS1 and E(dirt) ...
789.01SPOINT::BOURGEOISTue Feb 28 1995VAX to Alpha upgrade
791.0AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Feb 28 1995Cluster FCS fails to start
792.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JTue Feb 28 1995TRM with Rooted Directory logicals??
793.05AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Feb 28 1995SMU Question
794.03KERNEL::EVANSNIWed Mar 01 1995Performance on AXP...Can it be improved....?
795.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Mar 02 1995%MRS-E-DDS_INVLD_ITMLS caused by 3.1 ?
796.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Mar 02 1995oa$script_dds - jbc-e-symdel
797.03HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Mar 02 1995oa$daf_e.dat corruted
798.01KERNEL::EVANSNIThu Mar 02 1995Application programming query...
800.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Mar 02 1995RSD (V2.4) and ACCVIO!
801.016COPCLU::ELINThu Mar 02 1995ALLIN1-STARTER license and docs on CD-ROM?
802.05UTESThu Mar 02 1995'MAIL READ', reads 'ASCII' contents despite FORMAT?
803.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Mar 02 1995Minimum quotas for users on an AXP only system
804.02ODIXIE::CAWTHONThu Mar 02 1995Customized V2.4 with VMS V6.x?
805.01NYTAXI::SYSTEMThu Mar 02 1995Lenghten FMS field????
806.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Mar 03 1995How to modify UIC of ALL-IN-1 users ?
807.01KERNEL::EVANSNIFri Mar 03 1995SYSGEN parameters for a transfer...
808.06UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Mar 03 1995%OAFC-E-INTERR on SM MFC MD in ALL-IN-1 V3.
810.01COPCLU::ELINMon Mar 06 1995Disk space, ALL-IN-1 v3.1 upgrade and AWD
811.04WKOLMon Mar 06 1995Need assistance with FOREIGN Document
812.01AIMTEC::MORABITO_PMon Mar 06 1995Problems getting read receipts with TeamLinks
813.05AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Mar 06 1995SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND during ISM Operation
815.05GRANPA::PETERSONTue Mar 07 1995World Wide Web (WWW) Interface to ALL-IN-1?
816.02ANGLIN::HARRISATue Mar 07 1995System Distribution List editing
817.012MIMS::BRASWELL_AWed Mar 08 1995Message semantics unacceptable with code M
818.03WMOIS::SKOWYRAWed Mar 08 1995Retrieve ALL-IN-1 mail files from a system backup?
819.02MSDOA::RMITCHELLWed Mar 08 1995Failure to Deliver Messages
820.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 08 1995OA$FCV in SUSPO
821.02BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Mar 08 1995Index Inbox ; same message repeated 4 times
822.01USCTR1::SCHWABEWed Mar 08 1995Problem printing PS to LN
823.01HGOCS::ALLIN1Thu Mar 09 1995Queue failed to resume !
824.0IOSG::ROGERSCThu Mar 09 1995New Version of Application Programming: Master Index Issued
825.015IOSG::DUTTThu Mar 09 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.2 (SAPPHIRE/JADE)
826.08ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Mar 09 1995Control Blocks not transferring with DT SV
827.02COPCLU::ELINFri Mar 10 1995SITE$WPL.A1$MSG & Time Management
828.03COPCLU::ELINFri Mar 10 1995WPLMESS.MSG message compilation?
829.04KERNEL::EVANSNIFri Mar 10 1995Strange license problem...
831.01AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JFri Mar 10 1995Process Quotas for AIDA
832.03MIMS::BEKELE_DSat Mar 11 1995Read with DL ('customer is always 'left'' problem
833.01HGOCS::MASCOTTANGMon Mar 13 1995Access violation when running waste basket
834.03ASCELA::kchickMon Mar 13 1995Error in secondary activation
835.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Mar 13 1995Script_params_buff in OafcSubmitScript ???
836.01TAVMon Mar 13 1995Inadvertant loss of current document pointer
837.06ZPOTS3::CHINGYUEMon Mar 13 1995oa$formatter, RNF, record not found after Merge
838.03OASS::BURNAMAN_BMon Mar 13 1995SORTSHR_V15 needed for 3.1 ALL-IN-1?
839.05ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Mar 13 1995FWD: RE: on subject line.
840.010OTOOA::ROUFMon Mar 13 1995WordPerfect integration options
841.04OASS::ZAHN_AMon Mar 13 1995Script symbiont
842.03MROA::BONVALLATMon Mar 13 1995Other Sensitivity options w/ V3.1?
843.01AIMTEC::FARLEY::PORTER_TMon Mar 13 1995TeamLinks access to 'Remote Only' ALL-IN-1 user
844.01WKOLTue Mar 14 1995Help needed - Major archiving!
845.03COPCLU::ELINTue Mar 14 1995ALLIN1/TERM=VT22
846.02WARFUT::CROSSLEYTue Mar 14 1995V2.4 to V3.
847.02BER::BEOPC2::Michael_RammTue Mar 14 1995Minor flaw in DDS IVP script
848.0IOSG::MARCHANTTue Mar 14 1995ALL-IN-1 <-> World Wide Web (WWW)
849.012AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Mar 14 1995TPC/IP users not getting logged off
850.03GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Mar 15 1995Original message not attached to delivery recpt
851.04KERNEL::EVANSNIWed Mar 15 1995ACCVIO's during STARTUP after RELINK...
853.01AIMTEC::MORABITO_PThu Mar 16 1995System Distribution List and non-priv user
854.0BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKThu Mar 16 1995HP LaserJet IV printing Blank Page
855.01MROA::BONVALLATThu Mar 16 1995Another V3.1 question...Spellcheckers
856.04KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Mar 16 1995PROFILE.DAT diffs between V3.
857.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Mar 16 1995XF causes RMS error
858.04KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri Mar 17 1995Remote DDS and searches/lookups
859.08STKAI1::HAGBERG_PFri Mar 17 1995FCS and AIDA goes into COM state
860.02ISIDRO::LOURDESFri Mar 17 1995Type in attached document- ALL-IN-1 V2.1
862.03TAVMon Mar 20 1995V3 on cluster with separate systems
863.02WELCLU::HUBBARDPMon Mar 20 1995NEWDIR - Disable ?
864.01IOSG::ECHRISTIEMon Mar 20 1995TLC V2.5 EFT2 (BL4
865.01GIDDAY::BURTTue Mar 21 1995Pagination settings not retained
866.02GRNBUS::MMITCHELLTue Mar 21 1995ALL-IN-1 with MTS other than MAILBUS
867.01EVTAI1::BARBETue Mar 21 1995Code Level Integration problem with ALL-IN-1 V3.1
868.010EVTAI1::GODARDTue Mar 21 1995Problem with KEYpak V3.1.3 and ALL-IN-1 V3.1
870.08EVTSG8::SCOTTWed Mar 22 1995Mailing PostScript document to VMS
871.01EVTSG8::CHEWWed Mar 22 1995Problem linking in ALL-IN-1 V3.1
872.01NAC::147Wed Mar 22 1995problem when TCP/IP goes down, with DECnet also present
873.06COPCLU::ELINWed Mar 22 1995Customisation & ALL-IN-1 STARTER license rights?
874.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 22 1995?? about CDA, VAX GRAMMAR and DECspell
875.03ODIXIE::WOLFEFri Mar 24 1995AIDA Servers die
876.01NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIFri Mar 24 1995Correlation of delivery and read receipts
877.02DRAC::DSMAILFri Mar 24 1995ALL-IN-1 2.4 and MR 3.3.A?
878.01AIMTEC::MORABITO_PFri Mar 24 1995TGV Multinet and New Mail Notify Part II
879.01SCAMIN::BROWNFri Mar 24 1995MS-WORD V6?
880.01ATLANA::SHERMANFri Mar 24 1995MGT MSS Enhancement ... PFR?
881.02GLDOA::HOLBELMon Mar 27 1995Remote Message Router & AXP ALL-IN-1
882.06MSOTIS::LEMon Mar 27 1995personal distribution list intermittently not expanded
883.02AIMTEC::MORABITO_PMon Mar 27 1995AXPcluster hangs on ALL-IN-1 Startup
884.03HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon Mar 27 1995V3.
885.04RIGI::TEAMC1::BURKHALTERMon Mar 27 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.
886.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Mar 27 1995EM message files
887.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Mar 28 1995*WISH* Distribution List servers
888.03ROMEOS::LOUIE_JATue Mar 28 1995ALL-IN-1 script needed please
889.07MSOTIS::LETue Mar 28 1995Flushing FCS drawer cache
890.04TAVTue Mar 28 1995NOSUCID errror starting oafc server...
891.09RIGI::KURTHTue Mar 28 1995ALL-IN-1 uses Cluster Alias and not Primary Message Router Node when Adopting DDS
892.04ASCELA::kchickTue Mar 28 1995Aida server fails to initialise
894.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Mar 28 1995AIDA Server Stops Working on ALL-In-1 V3.1
895.010OTOOA::HXOPWed Mar 29 1995Migrating ALL-IN-1 to MS Mail
896.0ISIDRO::LOURDESWed Mar 29 1995ALL-IN-1 to DECmailwork/UNIX
897.02IOSG::PYEWed Mar 29 1995Should I delete BCC copies from your OUTBOX?
898.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Mar 29 1995TM error in V3.
899.04JRDVWed Mar 29 1995on OpenVMS 6.2
901.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Mar 29 1995File Cabinet Server, Internal Error in File Cabinet SErver
902.0129Thu Mar 30 1995Group Conferencing Send mail to members membership list problem
903.06OASS::BURNAMAN_BFri Mar 31 1995Cant Read WORD5 doc in 3.1
904.011RIGI::TEAMC1::BURKHALTERFri Mar 31 1995ACCVIO during AIDA startup
905.01RIGI::KURTHFri Mar 31 1995TM EV MO (Time Management) : Days doesn't match date
906.02EVTDD1::WOODFri Mar 31 1995Entering blanks in a segmented key ?
907.01BPSOF::NAGY_OFri Mar 31 1995incomplete return address - whose fault?
908.04GRANPA::SMCNEILLFri Mar 31 1995Author field blank on messages from SoftSwitch
909.01GLDOA::MAGLIONEFri Mar 31 1995E-mail etiquette
910.0A1VAX::CAMPKINSat Apr 01 1995A sad day for Digital
911.01TROOA::GILBERTSun Apr 02 1995British 3.1 availability?
912.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Apr 04 1995weird PDAF recortd growth
913.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Apr 04 1995USERS is LOCK ?
914.05KERNEL::EVANSNITue Apr 04 1995PARTITION problem...
915.09GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 04 1995Problem with File Cabinet Server Startup
916.01GRNBUS::MITCHELLWed Apr 05 1995ALL-IN-1 & MAILBUS 4
917.01BELFST::64524::mccorryThu Apr 06 1995Problem moving accounts from 3.1 to 3.
918.07HGOSPS::TONYLIUThu Apr 06 1995Print blank message for a user
919.02KERNEL::CROOKSThu Apr 06 1995TCPware and File Cabinet Server
920.03LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Apr 06 1995CDA Startup errors
921.011WMOIS::SKOWYRAThu Apr 06 1995wpsplus to ascii conversion
922.02DPDMAI::FAZENFri Apr 07 1995ALL-IN-1 ver 3.2 with MR and X.4
923.01STKAI1::SPORSENFri Apr 07 1995EW registers TL-users as inactive
924.01GRANPA::SMCNEILLFri Apr 07 1995Is _oa$99* a file cab process
926.06ISIDRO::AREVALOSat Apr 08 1995Sender/Fetcher problem ALL-IN-1 V3.1
927.03TAVMon Apr 10 1995GMA doesn't always grant mail access
928.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Apr 10 1995FCS LOGS: Dynamic Memory Problems
929.04AIMTEC::MORABITO_PTue Apr 11 1995TeamLinks Connections eating CPUs
930.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Apr 11 1995Printing 132 cols, ASCII using pitch setting ???
931.01MEOCTue Apr 11 1995Viewer and document conversion
932.03COPCLU::ELINTue Apr 11 1995STARS search for topics about RESERVED documents?
933.01BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLTue Apr 11 1995Cross-file across drawers in v3.1?
934.02TAVTue Apr 11 1995Cannot get REMOTE MR to work ..
935.05TIMAMD::VICTORTue Apr 11 1995DEClaser 18
936.02TAKEOF::PLATTNERTue Apr 11 1995OA$WPL_ALL_TV.EXE (_hyph)
937.02TROOA::GILBERTTue Apr 11 1995assigning a logical to a symbol?
939.03AYOV2Wed Apr 12 1995Why only 77.5 chars across ?? weird
940.04GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Apr 12 1995How to customise EDT key defs?
942.05KERNEL::EVANSNIWed Apr 12 1995Different paper trays..same print job...
943.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASWed Apr 12 19954.3.23.1 Customer Reserved Fields
944.04TROOA::GILBERTWed Apr 12 19953.
945.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JWed Apr 12 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 some TL_READ_RECEIPTS fail
946.04HGOVC::WILLIAMNGThu Apr 13 1995V3
947.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Apr 13 1995Phantom Printouts
948.04VMSNET::C_ESTESThu Apr 13 1995Problem with MRX and ALL-IN-1 3.
949.04XANADU::FLANAGANFri Apr 14 1995Help executing my prog with <command
950.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Apr 14 1995V3.1 CART access vio
951.03BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHETue Apr 18 1995STARTUP STATE = STOPPED for file cabinet server ?
952.01KERNEL::EVANSNITue Apr 18 1995OAFC error code....?
953.0ANGLIN::HARRISATue Apr 18 1995GLOBAL EDIT and department field
954.0MIMS::MORABITO_PWed Apr 19 1995Problems with AIDA Server changing passwords
955.01EVTAI1::MORVANWed Apr 19 1995ALL-IN-1 and Dynamic Load Balancer +?
956.06GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Apr 19 1995DDS User Agent setup for VAX/AXP mixed cluster
957.05BIS1::CARTENSWed Apr 19 1995RCM in ALL-IN-1
958.01GRNBUS::MITCHELLWed Apr 19 1995CMA kit Required
959.01CUSTOM::HOLBELWed Apr 19 1995mgmt_guide.ps_lz not accessible
960.05BIS1::DESTRIJCKERThu Apr 20 1995Mail forward, wrong addressee 1st time
961.01LARVAE::LEGG_BThu Apr 20 1995Novell/Digital contacts?
962.04LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Apr 20 1995OAFC server problem
963.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 20 1995Messages blank.. sdaf record missing and file too
964.01ANGLIN::VANDYNEThu Apr 20 1995Versions of VMS
965.013AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JThu Apr 20 1995Partial Address Recognition and Cluster Alias
966.05SCAMIN::BROWNThu Apr 20 1995Internet access from Alpha?
967.01GENIE::BIGLERCFri Apr 21 1995%DSL-W-DUPOBJ, Duplicate network object with OA$AIDA and TCPware
968.06ANGLIN::VANDYNEFri Apr 21 1995Migration to Alpha
969.01GRANPA::SMCNEILLFri Apr 21 1995Double Space Printing to PORT
970.02TAVMon Apr 24 1995UA procedure fails ...
972.05NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Apr 25 1995Encode/Decode PC generated files
973.06IOSG::COOKWed Apr 26 1995Who is getting FCS hangs?
974.01COPCLU::VAGNWed Apr 26 1995Corrupted DTYPE field in CAB$ATTACH
975.04COPCLU::ELINWed Apr 26 1995German spellcheck lexicon for Alpha AXP ?
976.02GLDOA::HOLBELWed Apr 26 1995Remote DDS lookups and network.dat work-around?
977.01ISIDRO::LOURDESWed Apr 26 1995PDL & ALL-IN-1 V3.1
978.02ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Apr 26 1995Transfer mail area on STARTER cluster
979.05IOSG::ECHRISTIEThu Apr 27 1995TLC V2.5 submitted to SSB
980.05GIDDAY::MASONFri Apr 28 1995Multinet TCP/IP and ALL-IN-1 - relinking?
981.03GIDDAY::BURTFri Apr 28 1995oa$data:check_pending.dat
982.01KERNEL::EVANSNIFri Apr 28 1995Archiving query/problem.....
983.012OHFSS1::OHFMTT::DORNBUSHFri Apr 28 1995Advanced Sharing questions
984.03TROOA::GILBERTFri Apr 28 1995A1 V2.4 -> A1 V3.1 upgrade issues
985.0TAVMon May 01 1995CM modified date with
986.01GVPROD::63671::SIMMONSMon May 01 1995translation tables for common ALL-IN-1 menus
987.06PCPLOD::SAULI::LISMon May 01 1995OA$FORMATTER - operation error
988.02BAHTAT::ABEARMon May 01 1995Postscript attachments fail
989.01KERNEL::EVANSNIMon May 01 1995RFD not working for recovered documents.
990.06MROA::NORTON_KMon May 01 1995Prob. sending Word file from outside cust to ALL-IN-1
991.09BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLTue May 02 1995MAILbus 4
992.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed May 03 1995ALL-IN1 3.1 vms 5.5-2 EVE
993.03KERNEL::EVANSNIThu May 04 1995File Cabinet document....?
994.09LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu May 04 1995ALL-IN-1 on cluster
995.01BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHEThu May 04 1995LOTUS for ALL-IN-1 Reservation problem
996.04GLDOA::HOLBELThu May 04 1995Account creation and DDS authenticatin error.
997.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu May 04 1995Undefined exponentiation error.
998.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McGuireVThu May 04 1995TLC 2.1 with 3.
999.07HGOVC::WILLIAMNGFri May 05 1995DCPS with ALL-IN-1 V3.
1000.02FLEX7::PATON_SFri May 05 1995MERGE and TABS
1001.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri May 05 1995Is TRM fixed in V3.1?
1002.04SWAM1::MORIN_MAFri May 05 1995Blank From/Author Fixed?
1003.06GIDDAY::BURTMon May 08 1995UAF record locked for ALLIN1
1004.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 08 1995WARNING - V3.1 TRM goes beserk
1005.03MSOTIS::LEMon May 08 1995AIDA$SERVER gone into RWAST, locking RIGHTSLIST
1006.01UTRTSC::SMEETSMon May 08 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 SRE problem
1007.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon May 08 1995future X.5
1008.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon May 08 1995MEMORY/CPU resource req. for V3.
1010.02GRANPA::SMCNEILLTue May 09 1995Too Many Documents with Reserved Status
1011.07CHEFS::SMITHMRTue May 09 1995V3.
1012.04GIDDAY::BAYESWed May 10 1995Mismatched, clustered ALL-IN-1 environment
1013.01STKAI1::SPORSENWed May 10 1995WPS-plus in ALL-IN-1 on AXP?
1015.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed May 10 1995"invalid key buffer"
1018.01YUPPY::LISThu May 11 1995OA$SCRIPT_DDS queue missing
1019.04YUPPY::LISThu May 11 1995unable to access notebook from DEC Notes
1020.06SWING::WALSHThu May 11 1995LOTUS AND ALL-IN-1 V3.1
1021.01GIDDAY::LEHFri May 12 1995Error in DOCCREATE script with P1=NOEDIT, again ?
1022.02DRAC::DSMAILFri May 12 1995Drawers lost after rename
1023.02KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri May 12 1995Master dictionary problems in Spell Check
1024.05VELI::KORKKOSat May 13 1995Send Failure Notification - ALL-IN-1 was unable to send a message to Message Router...
1026.03JITMon May 15 1995File extension
1027.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIMon May 15 1995ALL-IN-1 3.1/3.
1028.01AIMTEC::MORABITO_PMon May 15 1995TCP/IP (MULTINET) sanity check requested
1029.03CHEFS::ACCOUNTSMon May 15 1995oa$script_british - accvio - ing all the time..??
1030.018NCMAIL::KOROLMon May 15 1995Housekeeping Procedures
1031.05GVPROD::63671::SIMMONSMon May 15 1995DHCP used for allocating client IP addresses
1032.04GIDDAY::BURTTue May 16 1995ALL-IN-1 pseudo$shutdown
1033.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue May 16 1995OA-W-CAB_NEED_MORE patch ?
1034.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue May 16 1995FCS accvios
1035.02STKHLM::HEGNELIUSTue May 16 1995Too much access to others drawer
1036.01SALES::PVRAOTue May 16 1995CONFIDENTIAL Messages
1037.03SHRMSG::HOWARDTue May 16 1995Message Router V3.3A and ALL-IN-1 V3.
1038.05MROA::KAMINSKYTue May 16 1995Mailbus 4
1039.01OASS::BURNAMAN_BTue May 16 1995SEND_JBC - INV PARAM LENGTH printing EM in 3.
1040.05MSOTIS::LEWed May 17 1995Multinet configured FCS not survive after starting
1041.01KERNEL::EVANSNIWed May 17 1995RSF h/k proc. won't complete...
1043.01BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLWed May 17 1995HP LaserJet IV Printer Tables
1044.02TRU116::WEISSWed May 17 1995Multiple Document DT -> SV & DT -> SVC
1045.04STKAI1::SPORSENWed May 17 1995Urgent problem with tranfer account
1046.04HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed May 17 1995Moving from VAX!
1047.01FSTSC1::ELCHAMIThu May 18 1995A1_FIX #16 doesnt fix the problem
1048.01BIS1::DESTRIJCKERThu May 18 1995FETCHER has failed!
1049.08YUPPY::LISThu May 18 1995MTI*.blp - can they be modified ?
1050.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu May 18 1995MailCount=(VMS + ALL-IN-1)mail?
1052.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri May 19 1995Mail Janitor and Teamlinks users
1053.02ANGLIN::HARRISAFri May 19 1995ALL-IN-1 training and FCO
1054.04GIDDAY::MASONMon May 22 1995TCP/IP ALL-IN-1 and TeamLinks connection problems
1055.03KERNEL::EVANSNIMon May 22 1995v2.4 to v3.1 Transfer problem...?
1056.02VELI::KORKKOMon May 22 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1, DEClaser 21
1057.02HTSC19::MASCOTTANGTue May 23 1995threadaccvio error recored
1058.03KERNEL::EVANSNITue May 23 1995%LOGIN-F-CLITBLFAIL during reboot/starting ALL-IN-1
1059.04NQOPS::KENNEYTue May 23 19953.
1060.02HGOSPS::TONYLIUWed May 24 1995Doc type=MAIK with NOTED status in INBOX
1061.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed May 24 1995Where does SE option hide ?
1062.01MRKTNG::LOVELUCKWed May 24 1995TLC Installation fails
1063.06KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed May 24 1995Q. on Priority/Precedence of Read Receipts/Notifications
1064.06COSME3::MUNRO_RThu May 25 1995Elite to ALL-IN-1
1066.01KYOSS1::ERICKSENThu May 25 1995FC & AIDA Servers - Cluster & Performance
1068.03BRUMMY::BIOTEK::LONERGANFri May 26 1995File Cab Server - expected behaviour?
1069.01KERNEL::EVANSNIFri May 26 1995MAKE_FILE_NAME causes AXP Stack dump....!
1070.03OASS::BURGESS_SSun May 28 1995ALL-IN-1 using Virtual Memory and not PGFILQUOTA
1071.03TAVSun May 28 1995TMEP not showing updates ...
1072.0HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon May 29 1995File Cabinet server STOP frequently
1073.01TAVMon May 29 1995V2.4 and VMS V6.1
1074.02HGOVC::FEFSSPSTue May 30 1995problem in printing to port printers
1075.08ISIDRO::att356.sqo.dec.com::AREVALOTue May 30 1995Retrieving archived documents on AXP/OpenVMS with ALL-IN-1 3.1
1076.03SIOG::ONEILLTue May 30 1995Creating Drawers - Default Protections
1077.01GIDDAY::BURTFri Jun 02 1995GPC and NOTES$LIBRARY
1078.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Jun 02 1995DECLASER 51
1079.0AIMTEC::MORABITO_PFri Jun 02 1995Farewell and OA$GOODBYE
1080.06GRANPA::SMCNEILLFri Jun 02 1995Exclude Document from Archive Procedure
1081.01OASS::BURGESS_SSun Jun 04 1995Sending mail to MACmail through ALL-IN-1
1082.01KERNEL::EVANSNITue Jun 06 1995CONT SRCH (GOLD .) Causes ACCVIO...?
1083.02EISYFI::ISLERTue Jun 06 1995What will X.4
1084.09DRAC::DSMAILTue Jun 06 1995OA$FLD_EXITFORM is unknown !!
1085.0COSME3::MUNRO_RTue Jun 06 1995Keyboard Templates
1086.01GIDDAY::BURTWed Jun 07 1995The Return of the Delete User experience
1087.04IOSG::PYEWed Jun 07 1995ReINSTALL FMS after VMS upgrade to V6.
1088.04BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLWed Jun 07 1995ALL-IN-1 as a mail server for TeamLinks X.4
1089.05KERNEL::ANDERSONLWed Jun 07 1995archiving including excluded folder
1090.05DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYWed Jun 07 1995Multiple editors under ALL-IN-1?
1091.02VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jun 07 1995ALL-IN-1 subdirectory name can be changed ?
1092.08AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Jun 07 1995Keypak_convert not working on the AXP?
1093.01TEACH::ANGIEWed Jun 07 1995Index of Shared Directories
1094.03BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Jun 08 1995TCS display problem
1096.010KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Jun 08 1995DDS in mixed architecture cluster
1097.04OASS::BURGESS_SThu Jun 08 1995WPCORP Viewers in ALL-IN-1 3.1 and PC
1098.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Jun 08 1995V3.1 loop when user autoforwards to self thru MR
1099.05COPCLU::ELINFri Jun 09 1995DECnet OSI and OA$DSL$SHR version?
1100.03TEACH::ANGIEFri Jun 09 1995Status of Time Management
1101.02NYOSS1::CKELLEHERFri Jun 09 1995Keaterm 42
1102.04MUCCS1::64676::ErichMon Jun 12 1995MS MAIL as client ?
1103.0BACHUS::BERVOETSMon Jun 12 1995MTILOG.LOG corrupted records
1104.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Jun 12 1995jumping to another system via ALL-IN-1
1105.03KERNEL::EVANSNITue Jun 13 1995FM, FA and FT functionality..???
1106.0TROOA::HALSEYTue Jun 13 1995FCVR End of file in Phase 2?
1107.0SHRMSG::HOWARDTue Jun 13 1995DEClasers as Port Printers
1108.01UTESWed Jun 14 1995Archive document from remote Drawer?
1109.01HGOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Jun 14 1995reordering X.4
1110.02FSTSC1::SCHOENWed Jun 14 1995Reorganize System Files & FCS
1111.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed Jun 14 1995hplaserjetIII
1112.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jun 14 1995OA$FORMATTER contains invalid filenames
1113.0OASS::LEWIS_RWed Jun 14 1995Problem printing from ALL-IN-1 2.4 with DCPS 1.1a
1115.01VNABRW::RHOTON_JFri Jun 16 1995Applying ruler settings in MERGEd documents
1116.03KERNEL::TALBOTFri Jun 16 1995MS-SMTP gateway to ALL-IN-1
1117.03MSOTIS::LEMon Jun 19 1995RSF failed to restart ALL-IN-1
1118.02KERNEL::TALBOTMon Jun 19 1995ENID funny function in ALL-IN-1
1119.0TAVMon Jun 19 1995Archive to tape in BATCH ???
1120.05TAVMon Jun 19 1995DL name in mail message ...
1121.02TAVMon Jun 19 1995Cannot <CR> off date field in EP menu...
1122.02BACHUS::64734::larocheMon Jun 19 1995Document quota RECOUNT slow. Solved in 3.1 ?
1123.0442653::BIOTEK::LONERGANMon Jun 19 1995ALL-IN-1 Security....
1124.01MSAMTue Jun 20 1995A1 DESKtop to A1 IOS using tcp ?
1125.04KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue Jun 20 1995Problem archiving in batch (ADS)
1127.0IOSG::HOLTDTue Jun 20 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.
1128.0IOSG::HOLTDTue Jun 20 1995ALL-IN-1 VAX to Alpha Migration Licenses Retirement Notice
1129.013TROOA::HALSEYTue Jun 20 1995FCVR is confused!
1130.0UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Jun 21 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and Russell V5.
1131.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Jun 21 1995Questions on performance?
1132.02OASS::MARGETSON_MWed Jun 21 1995'Error Detected While Reading Prolog'
1133.07CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jun 21 1995WP PRINT to FILE unexpected output
1134.01IOSG::PYEThu Jun 22 1995WordPerfect & SMBSRVSHR
1135.02OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PThu Jun 22 1995Rename account didn't update mhsuserid for oraddrno=2
1136.07STKEIS::SVENSSONThu Jun 22 1995Drawer locked after TLC 2.5
1137.08PUCK1Thu Jun 22 1995LN11 ALLIN1 print support requested
1138.06PENUTS::VMICCIOThu Jun 22 1995GPC Notes Index in 132 columns?
1139.03GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jun 23 1995WPS-PLUS %OA-F-VMGETFATAL, if ruler in Control Block
1140.04HGOVC::WILLIAMNGFri Jun 23 1995Can SMU use distribution list ?
1141.0PEARS::VIERTELFri Jun 23 1995Changing PostScript Character Spacing
1142.0GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jun 23 1995Problem with FILE$ and/or APPEND function
1143.03HGOVC::WILLIAMNGFri Jun 23 1995Field name for Badge # in V3.
1145.03AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Jun 23 1995Read Reciept text
1146.03AIMTEC::FERRELL_LSat Jun 24 1995Unhappy customer
1147.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUESat Jun 24 1995Concurrent license on pre-v3.1 system
1148.02TLAVMon Jun 26 1995<- Error Opening wpsdef.wpl ->
1149.0105485Mon Jun 26 1995ALL-IN-1 process loop after deletion (9
1150.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Jun 26 1995Transfer User and drawer seeding
1151.02PCIGAT::TilleyMon Jun 26 1995Would like to add shared drawer to TeamLinks to IOSG PUBLIC....
1152.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Jun 27 1995Forcing a reply to an event request ?
1153.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Jun 27 1995Archiving Differences V2.4 to V3.1
1154.02BBRDGE::LOVELLTue Jun 27 1995Mass re-file folder into new DRAWER?
1155.03DV78Wed Jun 28 1995/POST on a menu CHOICE field
1156.03UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Jun 28 1995Transfer V3.1->V3.
1157.0252246::NIEVESTWed Jun 28 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.
1158.02PCIGAT::TilleyWed Jun 28 1995Managing ALL-IN-1 from the the DeskTop....
1159.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Jun 29 1995Ye Olde TM Scan problem
1160.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Jun 29 1995TM - SO local/remote attendee reply inconsistencies
1161.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Jun 29 1995Problem with File Cabinet Server Startup after RCF
1162.04SCAMIN::BROWNFri Jun 30 1995Help - unhappy customer on AXP!
1163.01AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AFri Jun 30 1995Revoking Translating Outgoing Messages to ASCII
1164.0+3UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Jun 30 1995Page_size ignored after upgrade
1165.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGFri Jun 30 1995Print error with OA$TEMP:IWCDRS9Q.WPL
1167.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LFri Jun 30 1995What does Choice_init do?
1168.04SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Jun 30 1995Restricted printers and OA$FORMATTER
1169.01TAVMon Jul 03 1995MDK fails on oa$dir_search
1170.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jul 03 1995Unable to write to Personal Dictionary
1171.0642326::EVANSNITue Jul 04 1995v2.4 ---> v3.1 Transfer query...
1172.03COPCLU::ELINTue Jul 04 1995HTML driver: Web-formatting of WPS-PLUS documents?
1173.0454625::64734::larocheTue Jul 04 1995Find out installed version of TLC
1174.05GIDDAY::MASONWed Jul 05 1995Access conflict from VT clients on docs in shared drawer
1175.04BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Jul 05 1995Maximum number of lines that scratch pad can contain.
1176.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Jul 05 1995Change default print setting in V3.
1177.01BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Jul 05 1995Drawers with 'strange' names
1178.05BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Jul 05 1995TLC V2.5 install fails with ALL-IN-1 V3.
1179.01EVTAI1::MORVANThu Jul 06 1995ALL-IN-1 3.1: AIDA and special.com?
1180.0431113::WIEGLEBThu Jul 06 1995V3.1 strips single-space ADMD from X.4
1181.02KERNEL::EVANSNIFri Jul 07 1995ICF 17 for ALL-IN-1 v3.
1182.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Jul 07 1995Enqueue limit exceeded: TLC V2.5
1183.052445::CHAIMSun Jul 09 1995Unable to restore offline archive request...
1184.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jul 10 1995Cluster name in Reservations datafiles
1185.0154132::SCONETTIMon Jul 10 1995
1187.01IOSG::HOLTDMon Jul 10 1995Field Test Sites required for ALL-IN-1 V3.2
1188.04OASS::BURNAMAN_BMon Jul 10 1995OA$FORMATTER not automatically started after VMS 6.x upgrade
1189.0+28IOSG::DUTTTue Jul 11 1995ALL-IN-1 web server
1190.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASTue Jul 11 1995Server in STOPPEP state
1191.014BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLTue Jul 11 1995Printing ASCII bodied mail messages
1192.030IOSG::DUTTTue Jul 11 1995ALL-IN-1 MAPI 1 service provider
1194.01LISVAX::MSEPULVEDATue Jul 11 1995Analysis report for V3.
1195.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Jul 11 1995Problem with Customization Restore
1196.044IOSG::DUTTWed Jul 12 1995New office server on NT
1197.01TAVWed Jul 12 1995NEW mail after BMA is run ...
1198.03WMGEN1:: Jul 12 1995Populate DDS from Network.dat ?
1200.0IOSG::ECHRISTIEMon Jul 17 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.2 phase 1 closure
1201.01PCIGAT::TilleyMon Jul 17 1995ALL-IN-1 and supporting standards............
1202.0IOSG::SEATONMon Jul 17 1995"DECnet/OSI zero length packet problem"
1204.07PCIGAT::TilleyMon Jul 17 1995Do we have to switch?
1205.05HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Jul 18 1995SYSTEM hang when try to invlove WPPLUS
1206.0IOSG::DUTTWed Jul 19 1995Migration to X.4
1207.02ASABET:: Jul 19 1995Is ALL-IN-1 really ALL-IN-1 as far Administrative
1208.05HAZEL::PROBLEMThu Jul 20 1995error opening link to MR
1209.03HGOVC::WILLIAMNGThu Jul 20 1995Another V3.
1210.0UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 20 1995Typo in dutch version
1211.0ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Jul 20 1995TRANSFER USER from 3.1 to 3.1 question
1212.023TAMDNO::WHITMANThu Jul 20 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 vital signs
1213.011PCA1V::Simon WattFri Jul 21 1995A1 / Mail Strategy PID please
1214.06VAXRIO::WILLECKEFri Jul 21 1995Looping relink ALL-IN-1 IOS V3.1
1215.03ASABET::absFri Jul 21 1995Need in text format...
1216.02IOSG::ECHRISTIEMon Jul 24 1995Announcing Sapphire BL4
1217.04DECBAH::BABJISat Jul 22 1995Problem accessing remote drawer.
1218.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Jul 24 1995%OAFC-E-SYSTEMERR, after calling OAFCLISTW
1219.02PCIGAT::TilleyMon Jul 24 1995Maintenance type things????
1220.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Jul 25 1995WPS-PLUS doc problem after V2.4 to V3.1 Upgrade
1221.0IOSG::TALLETTTue Jul 25 1995Job postings from UK VTX
1222.07EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jul 25 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 VMS V6.2 print problem
1223.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Jul 25 1995CM logicals in CUSTOMIZATION MENU
1224.01KERNEL::EVANSNITue Jul 25 1995RNA prevents deletion of TM events.
1226.07KERNEL::EVANSNIWed Jul 26 1995TRM won't complete...
1227.03IOSG::ECHRISTIEWed Jul 26 1995"Sapphire Field Test training"
1228.02ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Jul 26 1995SORT by TITLE on WP$INDEX
1229.01BBIVThu Jul 27 1995Problem with large archives...any clue?
1230.036Thu Jul 27 1995WordPerfect Windows 6.1 doc printed from IOS 3.1
1231.02STKAI1::WALLGRENThu Jul 27 1995A1 v2.3 with MR v3.3A?
1232.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Jul 27 1995MCD on sent doc, DEF & CAN doesn't work
1233.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jul 27 1995Problems restoring an application on the alpha box......
1234.04BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLFri Jul 28 1995PROFIL fields EXTRA*
1235.02PCPLOD::63524::COHENDFri Jul 28 1995Sharring file cab objects across slow lines
1236.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Jul 28 1995VMSmail to ALL-IN-1 username with blanks
1237.03TLAVMon Jul 31 1995Tool to monitor mail
1238.0114DUBGEN::REDMONDMon Jul 31 1995OfficeServer announcement
1239.018TAVMon Jul 31 1995NEW mail being placed in READ folder
1240.04LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Jul 31 1995x4
1241.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Aug 01 1995How to install TLC V2.5?
1242.06VAXRIO::ABREUTue Aug 01 1995Disable accounts to receive msgs from SUBSCRIBERS:
1243.0GENIE::MUELLERSWed Aug 02 1995free_form_name filled up with spaces in P2
1244.01GIDDAY::MASONThu Aug 03 1995Strange error message for locked document...
1246.04WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJThu Aug 03 1995SMU and UDPs
1247.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Aug 04 1995current document cannot be established
1248.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Aug 04 1995Account Transfer and documents are blank
1249.03WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJFri Aug 04 1995Auto-forward - how many allowed?
1250.05YUPPY::LISFri Aug 04 1995Long address truncated in DL
1251.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 07 1995TM response and Paper Mail
1252.03HGOVC::MASCOTTANGMon Aug 07 1995cannot send mail outside
1253.06SUBURB::A1_CRANMon Aug 07 1995%oe-e-pending_queue_b - mail queue busy error
1254.023EVTAI1::GODARDMon Aug 07 1995AIDA server Invalid Authentication
1255.0TAVTue Aug 08 1995A1 V3.1 install - DCL undefined symbol
1256.0SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Aug 08 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.2 / MAILbus 4
1257.01TAVTue Aug 08 1995Error attempting CAB REFILE
1258.01OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PTue Aug 08 1995Is DCPS plus license req'd for using LAYUP_DEFINITION?
1259.08TAVWed Aug 09 1995BADSPEC on examples_read_dif.cda$options ???
1260.0BIS1::DESTRIJCKERWed Aug 09 1995DTR - looping procs + extra msgs
1261.0OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed Aug 09 1995ARCHIVE errors in 2.4
1262.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Aug 09 1995Server 73= stops with Teamlinks
1263.05TAVThu Aug 10 1995FORM refresh after SPAWN ..??..
1264.06BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLThu Aug 10 1995UAI$ fields
1265.04YUPPY::LISThu Aug 10 1995Mail address is missing
1266.023UTRTSC::PEETERSThu Aug 10 1995Alpha ALL-IN-1 backing store usage ?
1267.0ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Aug 10 1995HP66
1270.03GENIE::MUELLERSFri Aug 11 1995V3.2 and MAILbus 4
1271.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Aug 11 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1:FCS Thread Access Violation
1272.01DEKVC::JINSUNPARKSat Aug 12 1995Cann't connect IOS with WINSOCKET transposrt
1273.03TIMAMD::VICTORMon Aug 14 1995ACCVIO sending EXPRESS mail
1274.0DPDMAI::BERNALMon Aug 14 1995High queue Low I/O problem
1275.01UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Aug 15 1995TXL compiler looses space characters
1276.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Aug 15 1995Dictionary file name and location ?
1278.0AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JTue Aug 15 1995TRM/TRU message numbers?
1279.03KERNEL::ANDERSONLWed Aug 16 1995TRM never ends V3.
1281.05VAXRIO::ABREUWed Aug 16 1995OAFC$SERVER ends with ACCVIO in V3.
1282.03UTRUCK::SCHOLLAERTWed Aug 16 1995Sender state "Starting", no mail send
1283.01KERNEL::EVANSNIThu Aug 17 1995Form library name lengths...?
1284.03EVTAI1::MORVANThu Aug 17 1995Upgrade v3.1: logicals problems
1285.03AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Aug 17 1995%OAFC-I-ATTRNS error after Teamlinks 2.5 install
1286.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Aug 21 1995Can Uai$ be pointed to a different file?
1287.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Aug 21 1995Subroutines in TXL scripts gives odd behaviour
1288.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Aug 23 1995change to "EXPRESS not working"
1289.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Aug 23 1995Undefined Symbol beginning with VMI
1290.02GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 24 1995*URGENT* - License crisis
1292.07COPCLU::ELINThu Aug 24 1995DSL-E-INVNET when starting AIDA on TCP/IP (UCX)
1293.05GIDDAY::BURTFri Aug 25 1995ALL-IN-1/VMS WordPerfect mail to Alpha fails
1294.01HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Aug 25 1995Working sets on AXP ?
1295.01MOSCOW::KURACHYOVFri Aug 25 1995Where is QAR?
1298.03NCMAIL::KOROLMon Aug 28 1995Printing and %SYSTEM-W-UNWIND, unwind currently in progress error
1299.05GIDDAY::SETHITue Aug 29 1995Upgrade "compatibility" chart comments required
1300.03SIOG::HANLEYTue Aug 29 1995HP 56
1301.03AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Aug 29 1995OA$GK_RMS_MBF_MULTIPLE and WPS spell check problem
1302.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Aug 29 1995AIDA server resource problem
1303.08OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Aug 29 1995Moving Users From 3.
1304.03HANDVG::STEVENWONGWed Aug 30 1995upgrade path
1306.01TAVThu Aug 31 1995PT FORM field blank ..
1307.03OFOSS1::KELLEHERThu Aug 31 1995Port printing to DEClaser from Keaterm
1308.02YUPPY::LISThu Aug 31 1995Create new distribution list while smu
1309.04XCUSME::BASSFri Sep 01 1995Problem printing complete Postscript documents
1310.02USCTR1::hgchTue Sep 05 1995Printing problem
1312.0AIMTEC::BRASWELL_ATue Sep 05 1995Unable to print RFT files from TeamLinks V2.5
1313.07GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Sep 05 1995Monitor Mail Messages REPORT
1314.05MSDOA::RTP4ME::WILLIAMSTue Sep 05 1995Am I really migrating????
1315.01BIS1::CARTENSWed Sep 06 1995mail importance
1316.03ANGLIN::HARRISAThu Sep 07 1995UDP help
1317.01KERNEL::EVANSNIThu Sep 07 1995PMDF not sending Read receipts correctly.
1318.0TAVThu Sep 07 1995EW procedure deleting regular documents..
1319.01EVTAI1::MORVANThu Sep 07 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 application transfer optimization
1320.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Sep 07 1995Drawer Locked for a number of users
1321.04WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJThu Sep 07 1995How to get Document Number...
1322.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Sep 08 1995OAFC SendMail Error: 558
1323.062Sat Sep 09 1995ALL-IN-1 in a Heterogeneous Cluster
1324.03KERNEL::PERKINSRMon Sep 11 1995AIDA on TCP/IP & DECnet prob...
1325.02KERNEL::PERKINSRMon Sep 11 1995ALL-IN-1 v3.
1326.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Sep 11 1995How is OA$NODE defined
1327.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Sep 12 1995How to transfer a large number of users in the shortest time
1329.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Sep 12 1995EM ATT and drawer name (EM$SEL_ATT)
1330.01AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Sep 12 1995Cusomizing mail_send to work with PMDF Postmaster
1331.04USCTR1::16.157.8Wed Sep 13 1995Can't delete mail
1332.03STKAI1::63846::brunnerWed Sep 13 1995ALL-IN-1 v3.2 - office server??
1333.03IOSG::ECHRISTIEWed Sep 13 1995Announcing ALL-IN-1 V3.2 BL5
1334.01COPCLU::ELINWed Sep 13 1995v2.4. Date missing in mail header on print
1335.03CGOOA::BARNABEWed Sep 13 1995Bulk conversion tools??
1336.05ANGLIN::HARRISAWed Sep 13 1995RN does scroll for 1 user
1337.01KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Sep 14 1995Sensitivity:No item satisfied the search criteria
1338.02TAVThu Sep 14 1995RENAME problem - lost documents
1339.01COPCLU::ELINThu Sep 14 1995URGENT. Cancel ALL-IN-1 shutdown (v2.4) ???
1340.08USCTR1::ynway.tay1.dec.com::k_martinThu Sep 14 1995FROM and DATE lost on forwarded messages
1341.07VAXRIO::ABREUThu Sep 14 1995Moving ALL-IN-1 account to other directory
1342.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Sep 15 1995Mass transfer of OpenVMS mail to IOS, tool needed.
1343.01GIDDAY::SETHIFri Sep 15 1995%VMSINSTAL-E-BADSPEC, File spec DX_COUR.DOC_STYLE cannot be parsed
1344.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Sep 15 1995TM ALL-IN-1 Coversion to RCM
1346.0TAVMon Sep 18 1995Invalid UIC while sending mail message
1347.02USCTR1::16.157.8Mon Sep 18 1995Send mail problem
1348.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Sep 18 1995Subscriber messages Return
1349.01BACHUS::64734::larocheMon Sep 18 1995Transfer user to another system-remote mess. router
1350.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Sep 18 1995ALL-IN-1 relink problem
1351.0--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 19 1995RSD PROBLEM
1352.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Sep 19 1995ALL-IN-1 server on Windows NT ?
1353.0EVTAI1::GODARDTue Sep 19 1995option PTT working
1354.02VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Sep 20 1995AIDA error - account exclusively locked
1355.01TAVWed Sep 20 1995Unable to E(dit) in PTU_MAIN
1356.03OLDBIL::COHENDThu Sep 21 1995V2.3 queries (yes, it's *old*)
1357.05ESSB::PMCCORMICKThu Sep 21 1995Extracting distribution lists ?
1359.01TKOV51::MINEGISHIFri Sep 22 1995Question of V2.3?
1360.02STKAI1::IS_SVENSSONFri Sep 22 1995FCS problem: CMA-F-ALERTED
1361.03ULYSSE::ORSINIFri Sep 22 1995Script for ALL-IN-1 messages into NOTES
1362.01UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Sep 22 1995International application question
1363.0EVTAI1::GODARDFri Sep 22 1995Change Node Name?
1364.01LISVAX::CORUJA::SEPULVEDAFri Sep 22 1995OAFC Server Problem (cont.)
1365.04OASS::BURGESS_SFri Sep 22 1995CMA_DUMP file what is it?
1366.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Sep 22 1995Problem printing list of all drawers
1367.05HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Sep 24 1995Is ALL-IN-1 v2.3 support OVMS 6.2?
1369.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Sep 25 1995%MCC-E-NOMOREVT error
1370.01EVTAI1::MORVANTue Sep 26 19953.1: servers restart after ucx shutdown/restart
1371.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Sep 26 1995VMS 6.2 ?
1372.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Sep 26 1995ALL-IN-1 Starter and TM license?
1373.02EVTAI1::MORVANTue Sep 26 19953.
1374.04TOSSUB::TOTATue Sep 26 1995Internet addressing problem
1375.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Sep 27 1995%OAFC-I-NOACCESS problem
1376.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Sep 27 1995Cannot find AIDA server maximum number of users exceeded
1377.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Sep 27 1995when is files deleted in share directory
1378.01CHEFS::A1_CRANWed Sep 27 1995Which is Faster, XD or FCVR
1379.01TAVWed Sep 27 1995User MOVED to another disk by VMS manager...
1381.02OASS::MARGETSON_MWed Sep 27 1995Problem With CHECKMAIL
1382.01USCTR1::16.157.8Thu Sep 28 1995Problem to Answer and Send mail
1383.0KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Sep 28 1995Qs on Read Receipts (RRPDU/Interpersonal Notification)
1384.03GIDDAY::BURTFri Sep 29 1995ROF performance degrades after VMS upgrade
1385.05GIDDAY::BURTFri Sep 29 1995MSWORD handling query
1386.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Sep 29 1995A1$FIND_LEX ???
1387.022Fri Sep 29 1995Standalone to Cluster
1388.02DUBGEN::REDMONDMon Oct 02 1995System backups with FCS caching files
1389.01OLDBIL::COHENDMon Oct 02 1995Use of multiple converters
1390.0STKAI1::HAGBERG_PTue Oct 03 1995Forward via MR recipient is missing
1391.07GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Oct 03 1995A1V31START problems
1392.01STKEIS::SVENSSONTue Oct 03 1995Mail notifications to wrong user (TeamLinks)
1393.02USCTR1::SCHWABETue Oct 03 1995A1$SCRIPT missing MAIN drawer
1394.01TLAVWed Oct 04 1995How to shutdown ALL-IN-1 in VMS prompt
1395.01BELFST::HOUSTONWed Oct 04 1995MIME format?
1396.02MKOTS3::HAHNWed Oct 04 1995List of Local Language Variants?
1397.01TEACH::ANGIEWed Oct 04 1995Postscript not working after upgrade
1398.01CHEFS::JAMESHThu Oct 05 1995KOA Support?
1399.03ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Oct 05 1995TLV2.5 can't connect
1400.06EVTAI1::GODARDThu Oct 05 1995Can't delete message %OA-W-RECORD_IO_ERROR
1401.06AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Oct 05 1995Mixed environment - supported or not??
1403.0124257::HANSONLFri Oct 06 1995Systidy vs Mail Janitor?
1404.052425Fri Oct 06 1995Customer Upgrade/Migration Questions
1405.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Oct 09 1995How can I upgrade all-in-1 from V2.3
1406.01KERNEL::PERKINSRMon Oct 09 1995Gone Greek...
1407.012WELSWS::NUTKINSMMon Oct 09 1995Housekeeping Jobs disappearing from VMS queue
1408.01USOPS::MCDONALD_GMon Oct 09 1995Processing FGN files?
1409.05BACHUS::64734::larocheMon Oct 09 1995OAFC-E-THREADACCVIO
1410.01BACHUS::64734::larocheMon Oct 09 1995MCC-E-ALERT-TERMREQ and OAFC-E-LANGUAGENS
1411.04COPCLU::ELINMon Oct 09 1995Problems with shutdown notifications
1412.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 10 1995Error making continuation rea - -- ?Key size too large
1413.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Oct 10 1995distribution list problem
1414.06Tue Oct 10 1995How UNIX mail handle space char in ALL-IN-1 mail address
1415.0+8YUPPY::LISTue Oct 10 1995A message appears but was 'never created'
1416.0WKOLTue Oct 10 1995Need help with Searching
1417.012425Wed Oct 11 1995P7 or POP3 Suppored from a ALL-IN-1 Mail Server
1418.046Thu Oct 12 1995AIDA 3.1 in VMS 6.2 not expand TL system distrib list
1419.06SHRMSG::leah.tay.dec.com::Ben_HowardThu Oct 12 1995Can ALL-IN-1 IOS really deal with Word documents
1420.01EVTAI1::GODARDFri Oct 13 1995TM error LIB$FREE_VM
1421.0OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Oct 13 1995Jobs Requeued Multiple Times
1422.01USCTR1:: Oct 14 1995How to modify MAILMEMO1.BLP?
1423.02DEKVC::JINSUNPARKMon Oct 16 1995How to know password of profile
1424.06UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Oct 16 1995VMSmail and sensitivity
1425.01DOD2::PARKERMon Oct 16 1995FMS/ALL-IN-1 question!!!
1426.03AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Oct 16 1995script symbiont process remains in infinite loop.
1427.06MLNCSC::DALPORTOMon Oct 16 1995lps17, letterhead and duplex
1428.010ODIXIE::VANESSOTue Oct 17 1995Whitepaper VAX to Alpha Migration
1429.010ANGLIN::HARRISATue Oct 17 1995Docdb and DAF restoring
1430.02TPOVC::CJHUNGWed Oct 18 1995HELP on SDAF
1431.04TAVWed Oct 18 1995Printing after VMS V6.1 upgrade...
1432.05ROMOIS::FRISINAWed Oct 18 1995V3.1 Transfer user problem on restore
1433.01EVTAI1::BARBEWed Oct 18 1995DL Size Limit in ALL-IN-1
1434.01EVTAI1::MORVANWed Oct 18 1995V3.1 : no receipt notif if mail is read with tl
1435.0MSDOA::JUDDWed Oct 18 1995mju patch
1436.03DOD2::PARKERWed Oct 18 1995HELP AGAIN with Message Router
1437.06CSC32::R_NICKLESWed Oct 18 1995How to address mail to InterNet?
1438.01GIDDAY::BURTThu Oct 19 1995WPWIN 6.1 and WordPerfect for VAX 5.1+ incompatability
1439.01UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 19 1995Translation of *WORLD/*LOCAL
1440.04USCTR1::SCHWABEThu Oct 19 1995CART status codes B and C
1441.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LThu Oct 19 1995Distribution list max length??
1442.01TPOVC::CJHUNGFri Oct 20 1995Looking for tools to fix corrupt SDAF
1443.010OASS::BURGESS_SFri Oct 20 1995SMTP and ALL-IN-1 Fetcher_retry
1444.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Oct 20 1995Any fax solution for ALL-IN-1 ??
1445.01SWING::WALSHFri Oct 20 1995excel from ALL-IN-1 TO INTERNET
1446.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Oct 23 1995PTT and PTN error
1447.01USCTR1::16.157.8Mon Oct 23 1995Can't create/delete account in Ver 2.3
1448.04TAVMon Oct 23 1995AUTO replies not always sent 1st time ..
1449.02JGODCL::SHERLOCKMon Oct 23 1995AR from Teamlinks
1450.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Oct 23 1995Why does image exit ALL-IN-1?
1451.0IOSG::COOKMon Oct 23 1995Revised AXP pagefile/memory reqs for V3.1
1452.01OASS::MARGETSON_MMon Oct 23 1995Slow 3.1 Batch Job
1453.02GIDDAY::BURTTue Oct 24 1995CASE related addressing failures
1454.03DECPRG::PAVLUPTue Oct 24 1995Scheduling integration in A1 (reqs. now, plans).
1456.07MIMS::BEKELE_DTue Oct 24 1995ALL-IN-1 integration with phone system
1457.03VAXRIO::63Tue Oct 24 1995Office Vision => ALL-IN-1 migration
1458.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Oct 25 1995A1SUBMIT failing
1459.03NEWSRV::newpa1.new.dec.com::DGWed Oct 25 1995TLC and AIDA version
1460.01BIS1::LANEWed Oct 25 1995Duplicate Delivery receipt in MR mail
1461.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Oct 25 1995DECnet problems ?
1462.0+19KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Oct 26 1995screwed attachment pointers after account transfer
1463.01KERNEL::PERKINSRThu Oct 26 1995Install and oa$formatter prob.
1464.05BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Oct 26 1995Read receipt under ALL-IN-1 v3.1
1465.01MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAFri Oct 27 1995DECwindows Services still available?
1466.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Oct 27 1995Is it a group license
1467.0NEWVAX::SEELEYFri Oct 27 1995To: field no longer freeform display
1468.01BACHUS::64734::larocheFri Oct 27 1995Generate auto-copies for mails
1469.01CSC32::R_NICKLESFri Oct 27 1995Questions about ALL-IN-1
1470.0KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Oct 30 1995V2.4 to V3.1 transfer account problem....
1471.0FRAIS::MSCHULZTue Oct 31 1995Client limit AIDA Server
1472.01GENIE::MAURERFTue Oct 31 1995Shard don't works form TL users
1473.02BIS1::DESTRIJCKERTue Oct 31 1995New mail with no date - refiled by EW
1474.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Oct 31 1995Keypak image location
1475.01VMSNET::M_NEVINSTue Oct 31 1995reply to Internet user failing from ALL-IN-1
1476.03TAVWed Nov 01 1995Message body and SOME header info missing
1477.08STKAI1::SPORSENWed Nov 01 1995insufficient diskspace when printing
1478.01STKAI1::16.2Wed Nov 01 1995CBR in TeamLinks with ALL-IN-1 server
1479.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Nov 01 1995How does PMDF work with ALL-IN-1?
1480.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Nov 01 1995.NBS files in MGR account
1481.02DOD2::PARKERWed Nov 01 1995How to configure for REMOTE MR??
1482.04MSAMThu Nov 02 1995read/delivery receiptsin MH does not work - V3.
1483.0IOSG::ECHRISTIEThu Nov 02 1995Announcing ALL-IN-1 V3.2 BL6
1484.07AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AThu Nov 02 1995Read Receipts between ALL-IN-1 V3.1 systems
1485.03BELFST::MCCORRYThu Nov 02 1995UserRelativeId X.4
1486.03GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Nov 03 1995DDA being lost?
1487.04BULAN::lundq.soo.dec.com::lundqvistFri Nov 03 1995TLC V2.5 installation
1488.0ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Nov 03 1995LANGUAGE in dictionary.
1489.07OASS::BURGESS_SSun Nov 05 1995Access required in Authorize for ALL-IN-1/TeamLinks
1491.04OSOSPS::NAGAOMon Nov 06 1995NBS file remain at OA$DATA directory
1492.03SNOFS1::ELLISSMon Nov 06 1995Investigation
1495.02COPCLU::ELINMon Nov 06 1995Add drawer from TeamLinks / UCX alias ???
1496.04ATHDMO::TSAKALOSTue Nov 07 1995ALL-IN-1 from Desktop VMS to Alpha AXP
1497.04VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Nov 08 1995GetNodeAssign after ICF#3
1498.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Nov 08 1995Remote DDS initialisation performance degradation
1499.01MSAMWed Nov 08 1995oa$formatter startup error on 3.1
1500.022COPCLU::ELINWed Nov 08 1995FEW Program - MCS will migrate to MS Exchange!!!!!
1501.08KERNEL::PERKINSRWed Nov 08 1995Very Very Slow transfers.....
1502.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 08 1995VT client on Office Server?
1503.01CHEFS::COHENDWed Nov 08 1995Bolded Message Header fields with ASCII message
1504.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASThu Nov 09 1995tlnk$remote.exe
1505.01ZURFri Nov 10 1995ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and BCC's
1506.0552419::NIEVESFri Nov 10 1995Motif prerequisite for 3.1?
1507.03GANTRY::HULLFri Nov 10 1995A1 3.1 SDAF meltdown - HELP!!
1508.03USCTR1::SCHWABEFri Nov 10 1995"personal" sensitvity question
1509.01ANGLIN::HARRISAFri Nov 10 1995Merge accounts together
1510.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONSat Nov 11 1995AIDA SERVER not in other cluster node?
1511.01STKAI1::SPORSENMon Nov 13 1995pretest failure
1512.0VMSNET::C_ESTESMon Nov 13 1995ALL-IN-1 3.1 and timestamps
1513.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Nov 13 1995READ Message BOLDing Problem
1514.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Nov 13 1995Closing a MAIL AREA problem
1515.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Nov 13 1995Can't exit Datatrieve
1516.08UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Nov 14 1995AWS (A1 Web Services) pre-SSB kit ?
1517.012FSTSC1::SCHOENTue Nov 14 1995UDP & GOLD F2
1518.025Tue Nov 14 1995maximum of allowed filecab-servers
1519.04OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Nov 14 1995Missing Documents After Transfer
1521.03KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Nov 15 1995IVP IAC fails only during installation
1522.06USCTR1::FIELD_POLICYThu Nov 16 1995Transfer from ALL-IN-1 to VMS Control Blocks
1523.04CSC32::R_NICKLESThu Nov 16 1995wastebasket
1525.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Nov 17 1995New mail updates MAIN and MAIN1 drawers
1526.05GIDDAY::BURTFri Nov 17 1995TL addressing - server setup?
1527.0GIDDAY::BACOTFri Nov 17 1995changing write windows and TeamLinks
1528.02SUOSWS::64Fri Nov 17 1995WPS-PLUS printing in PS and forms
1529.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri Nov 17 1995How to backup ALL-IN-1 mail?
1530.01COPCLU::ELINFri Nov 17 1995Max. 11 AIDA & FCS servers ????? (v3.
1531.02ROMFri Nov 17 1995Paper tray selection with DEClaser 22
1532.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Nov 17 1995File Cabinet Server Failure: Which System Resource?
1533.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCIMon Nov 20 1995DECPage or alternative for ALL-IN-1 on Alpha?
1534.06KERNEL::PERKINSRMon Nov 20 1995Background Formmater terminating...
1535.0+754735::SCHOLLAERTTue Nov 21 1995SMU read TM event : ACCVIO.
1536.04KERNEL::PERKINSRTue Nov 21 1995Headers overprinting...
1537.01TAVTue Nov 21 1995Putting a value for display in form field ..
1538.03MPOSTue Nov 21 1995Indexing with wildcards in folder name
1539.03CHEFS::COHENDWed Nov 22 1995FCS - Attribute not supported in error log
1540.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Nov 22 1995Can't create user a/c - Invalid queue name
1541.01NEWVAX::FRIESWed Nov 22 1995Binary files and KEYpak+1
1542.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Nov 23 1995ALL-IN-1 refile problem
1543.02OTOOA::BOGARTMon Nov 27 1995Customize SEND address
1544.010AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Nov 27 1995Urgent - V3.1 Fetcher fails
1545.0152419::NIEVESMon Nov 27 19953.1 and smtp
1546.01OHFSMon Nov 27 1995Help with PROFS Option
1547.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Nov 28 1995How to set page number during printing
1548.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Nov 28 1995ALL-IN-1 File Cab Report
1549.08STKAI1::SPORSENTue Nov 28 1995trouble with decimal separator
1551.0STKAI1::PSVENSSONWed Nov 29 1995LCBReadAST errors from AIDA server's
1552.04DRAC::DSMAILWed Nov 29 1995%MTH-F-UNDEXP in Desk Calculator
1553.01SNOV29::WILLIAMSThu Nov 30 1995AIDA Server Connect Problems For Troubleshooting
1554.01YOGI::ABEARThu Nov 30 1995HP LaserJet IV si - problem
1555.03ALCALA::LOURDESThu Nov 30 1995ALL-IN-1 3.1 - Recount
1556.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu Nov 30 1995Why does script not finish processing?
1557.07EISYFI::ISLERFri Dec 01 1995VMSmail exchange with v3.2 on Alphas only?
1558.03VAXRIO::ABREUFri Dec 01 1995Server 73 running but not accepting connections
1559.04CHEFS::welFri Dec 01 1995MUA_RENAME_PENDING.EXE - VAX vs. AXP
1560.01ALFSS1::WOLFEFri Dec 01 1995Index forms?
1561.02STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Dec 01 1995TLC 2.5 SPD ??
1562.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Dec 01 1995AIDA Server doesn't start
1563.01MPOSFri Dec 01 1995Attachments and autoreplys?
1564.01MPOSSat Dec 02 1995Moving ALL-IN-1 to new hardware
1565.01TAVMon Dec 04 1995Creating a sub data set from PHANTOM
1566.0ZURMon Dec 04 1995Security alarm with shared drawer
1567.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Dec 05 1995Your account has been locked
1568.02TAVTue Dec 05 1995Message generates many records in DAF.DAT
1569.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Dec 05 1995New account with old DOCDB.DAT and DAF.DAT
1570.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed Dec 06 1995Need to review quota's for create user TEMPLATE !!!
1571.02BIS1::CALLEWAERT_JWed Dec 06 1995ALL-IN-1 and Oracle link ?
1572.03AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DThu Dec 07 1995device offline
1573.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Dec 07 1995Remote drawer access and a generic proxy
1574.03BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Dec 07 1995How to avoid replying to a mail??
1575.07HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri Dec 08 1995SUBSCRIBERS: not fully working
1576.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JMon Dec 11 1995MRAPPSHAR.EXE causes upgrade from V3.
1577.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JMon Dec 11 1995How to Capture Information from an ACCVIO?
1578.02HLFSTue Dec 12 1995Upgrade - 3.
1579.04OGRI::63536::BELLWed Dec 13 1995NETWORK.DAT/X.5
1580.02CHEFS::welThu Dec 14 1995KEYpak queries
1581.030MSAMFri Dec 15 1995VMS Mail Address
1582.03NEWVAX::FRIESFri Dec 15 1995Modify a user's .pst file?
1583.04OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Dec 15 1995FCS Consistently Hangs...
1584.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Dec 15 1995FCS and DECnet links
1585.02VCOUSat Dec 16 1995Overnight migration to Alpha
1586.02USCTR1:: Dec 16 1995FCS not working in TeamLink connection
1587.01TAVSun Dec 17 1995GEN_NO_READ after APP flag set ...
1588.0GIDDAY::SETHIMon Dec 18 1995Is this a record cobber ? It's a ripper !!!
1589.02SUOSWS::SUOSTA::staeblerMon Dec 18 1995Drawing with WPS+ V4.1 ???
1590.05CSC32::R_NICKLESMon Dec 18 1995clearing mail counter
1591.08GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Dec 18 1995Adding ALL-IN-1 for ALPHA to cluster
1592.01GIDDAY::BACOTTue Dec 19 1995error sending attachments from TeamLinks
1593.06DRAC::DSMAILTue Dec 19 1995Full bold page in LN11
1594.0BACHUS::64734::larocheTue Dec 19 1995Spell checker is not available on system with both WPS-PLUS and ALL-IN-1
1595.02GIDDAY::BURTWed Dec 20 1995User Manglement problems
1596.0TSHKG1::YYLEEWed Dec 20 1995Automatic 132 column print from a received mail
1597.04OGRI::63536::BELLWed Dec 20 1995Answering off-node SUBSCRIBERS: mail
1598.01KERNEL::CROOKSWed Dec 20 1995ISC causes crash!
1599.011GIDDAY::BACOTThu Dec 21 1995new mail notification delay
1600.01IOSG::HOLTDThu Dec 21 1995New, reduced cost of ownership licensing option for V3.2 Alpha
1601.01UTESThu Dec 21 1995TeamLinks and access to DDS via ALL-IN-1 IOS?
1602.0STUThu Dec 21 1995Print mails with long address parts ???
1603.02EVTAI1::GODARDTue Dec 26 1995Default font not changed with PS style
1604.01ZPOVC::JONAHLIMWed Dec 27 1995No Such Drawer
1605.05HGOVC::MASCOTTANGWed Dec 27 1995Does it have script to rename file between folder
1606.06STKOFF::SPERSSONWed Dec 27 1995Recommended way to handle missing FREEFORM?
1609.01UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Dec 28 1995OA$MTI_TIME_OFFSET & Fetcher & ALL-IN-1 V3.1
1610.01BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Dec 28 1995broadcast trap function
1611.010STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Dec 28 1995ident missmatch
1612.02MPOSTue Jan 02 1996Unauthorized account deletion
1613.01MPOSTue Jan 02 1996Access to MAIN drawers
1614.02GIDDAY::BACOTWed Jan 03 1996t mumble files in the [.a1] directory
1615.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Jan 03 1996Can I delete oa$temp directory
1616.05LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIWed Jan 03 1996Invalid indexing with Teamlinks 2.7 EFT1
1617.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jan 03 1996 ML (Move to Live) of OAET.MAR fails ?
1618.02GIDDAY::BACOTThu Jan 04 1996file cab server consuming resources
1619.01GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jan 05 1996SWC3 form is not displayed
1620.02ULYSSE::LEEFri Jan 05 1996How to AUTOCOPY in a1..example needed?
1621.03TAVSun Jan 07 1996How to include an .FGN application
1622.03TAVMon Jan 08 1996Unable to display two calendars ...
1623.03GIDDAY::BURTTue Jan 09 1996OA$FCV killed - recovery?
1624.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Jan 09 1996OAFC$SERVER.LOG error message
1625.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jan 09 1996ALLIN1/LIST and Error opening message file!
1626.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jan 09 1996RMS-F-ISI ???
1627.013DV78Tue Jan 09 1996Support for 'OLD' Version
1628.0MPOSTue Jan 09 1996Corss-platform calendaring
1629.09VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jan 09 1996# of file cabinet servers ???
1630.05CSC32::J_FORRESTTue Jan 09 1996ALL-IN-1 V2.4 and OpenVMS V7
1631.01TAVWed Jan 10 1996User granted CONTROL but couldn't ..
1632.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Jan 10 1996File Cabinet not started
1633.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Jan 11 1996TeamLinks IP not always working
1634.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Jan 11 1996Disable address parsing from attachments. Possible ?
1636.01EISYFI::ISLERFri Jan 12 1996SCripting differences on v3.2
1637.01TAVSun Jan 14 1996HIDE and addressee ...
1638.07GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jan 15 1996Underscore addressing
1639.0IOSG::MARSHALLMon Jan 15 1996Wanted: non-English speakers!
1640.04CHEFS::LISMon Jan 15 1996GPC : Invalid context block
1641.02VAXRIO::VALERIATue Jan 16 1996FCS - no privilege from TLW
1642.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Jan 16 1996Incompatible version of object libraries.
1643.0VAXRIO::VALERIATue Jan 16 1996UCX device_socket doesn't exist
1644.06KERNEL::CROOKSTue Jan 16 1996Author field and PROFIL.FULNAM
1645.03SHRMSG::HOWARDTue Jan 16 1996.ANS as a file type (MS WORD?)
1646.04STKAI1::SPORSENWed Jan 17 1996problem with DDS-lookup.
1647.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Jan 17 1996Have crash dump during normal operation
1648.03BACHUS::BERVOETSWed Jan 17 1996Remote Transfer service and local DDS
1649.010HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Jan 18 1996Upgrade ALL-IN-1 ver 2.3 problem
1650.02SWING::WALSHThu Jan 18 1996moving OA$MTI_DATA
1651.03ZURThu Jan 18 1996FCS: CsiCheckDiskQuota, device id for drawer is too long
1652.05STKAI1::SPORSENThu Jan 18 1996INSTALL.E.SYSVERDIF, system version mismatch
1653.02VAXRIO::VALERIAThu Jan 18 1996FCS stopped !! HELP!
1655.06KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri Jan 19 1996SDAF growing quickly
1656.02SCASS1::nqsrv342.nqo.dec.com::Lora_HansonFri Jan 19 1996MS Word to WordPerfect Conversions?
1657.02HGOVC::ANTHONYWONGFri Jan 19 19962.3 to 3.
1658.0KERNEL::FORDRFri Jan 19 1996Teamlinks ALL-IN-1 filecab problem
1659.06IOSG::DUTTFri Jan 19 1996Microsoft Mail driver for ALL-IN-1
1660.0+9IOSG::DUTTFri Jan 19 1996Digital Driver for cc:Mail
1661.01MPOSFri Jan 19 1996PROFILE.DAT editing
1662.03NWDFri Jan 19 1996Dual Language System
1663.01FRAIS::EDDF1Mon Jan 22 1996separate A1TXL in own Application ?
1664.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Jan 22 1996Warning: A1V24+SFCP+OpenVMS V6.1(and later...)
1666.02FRAIS::EDDF1Mon Jan 22 1996CM Edit style
1667.011CHEFS::LISMon Jan 22 1996Wastebasket disappeared
1668.02CUSTOM::HULLMon Jan 22 1996A1V3.1 cluster environment question
1669.04CSC32::R_NICKLESMon Jan 22 1996simple ?'s
1671.02GIDDAY::BACOTTue Jan 23 1996LCBReadAST and AIDA server
1673.05MROA::FREITASTue Jan 23 1996Strange Sensitivity Behavior
1674.03EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jan 23 1996Unable to add subscriber and create user
1675.03MPOSTue Jan 23 1996unable to delete/refile in shared drawer
1676.02COPCLU::ELINWed Jan 24 1996ALL-IN-1 OSO ???
1677.03COMICS::PERKINSRThu Jan 25 1996Processing all departments in ADS
1678.02COPCLU::ELINThu Jan 25 1996FCS: Mutex errors and access violations ???
1679.0OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Jan 25 1996MSC Problem
1680.01ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Jan 25 1996addressing problem
1681.01COMICS::PERKINSRFri Jan 26 1996Print to Hp on AXP
1682.03STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Jan 26 1996control access
1683.03GIDDAY::BACOTMon Jan 29 1996WordPerfect messages are foreign
1684.02MPOSMon Jan 29 1996V24 files - deletable?
1685.02VCOUTue Jan 30 1996Remote MR Mailbox name for ALL-IN-1 UA
1686.01TAVTue Jan 30 1996Deleting a defered message (NOT with RUC) ..
1687.03MEOCTue Jan 30 1996ALPHA, ALL-IN-1 V3.1 and remote MR 3.2
1688.02EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jan 30 1996Problem sending PS attachement
1689.04AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Jan 30 1996Mail Becomes Noted - HOW Could This Happen?
1690.03MAIL2::OSTTue Jan 30 1996X.25 on ALPHA with MR on VAX
1691.03OTOOA::ROUFWed Jan 31 1996ALL-IN-1 with PMDF-MR replace mode
1692.03TAVWed Jan 31 1996NODE$SRV73 has MAIN drawer open ...
1693.0+34IOSG::DUTTWed Jan 31 1996OfficeServer
1695.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Jan 31 1996Cannot startup OAFC when system reboot
1696.04COMICS::PERKINSRWed Jan 31 1996delimiters
1697.01AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Jan 31 1996MJU and Archived Documents Clarification Needed
1698.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASWed Jan 31 1996docdb.field
1699.0VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Jan 31 1996FCS with %RMS-F-CRMP
1700.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Feb 01 1996Address changes with X.5
1701.04UTESThu Feb 01 1996AIDA Server doesn't start; Ident mismatch UVMTHRTL.EXE
1702.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBFri Feb 02 1996Auto-Forwarded messages queued to MR as Non-Urgent
1703.015OTOOA::BOGARTFri Feb 02 1996Mail arriving as one line\
1704.05ACISS2::VANDYNEFri Feb 02 1996VMS V6.2 compatibility
1705.01OASS::BURGESS_SFri Feb 02 1996Cannot open sm_used_uic.dat in mua_del_vms.com
1706.0AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri Feb 02 1996OAFC$PRINT_TRACE_LOG output problem
1707.01BACHUS::BERVOETSMon Feb 05 1996UA-proxy deleted during upgrade v3.1
1708.0BIGUN::BRUCEMon Feb 05 1996Disk space for a user?
1709.0+29VARDAF::BERBIGIERMon Feb 05 1996Word viruses and OA$SHARExxx: Sender & Fetcher to scan for viruses
1710.0UTROP1::EIJS_SMon Feb 05 1996Silent Login Mechanism, usefull when migrating to Alpha
1711.02STOWOA::NORTON_KMon Feb 05 1996ALL-IN-1 to MS-Exchange question
1712.05OTOOA::ROUFMon Feb 05 1996AXP Performance Queries
1713.04KAOM25::WALLMon Feb 05 1996Help leaving unwanted menu
1714.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Feb 05 1996DCPS and Oa$script_english?
1715.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Feb 06 1996How to move archive area to other disk
1716.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Feb 06 1996What's next for ALL-IN-1?
1717.08HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Feb 06 1996Problem in 2.4 upgrade
1718.05GRANPA::PETERSONWed Feb 07 1996DECwindows required for CDA or not?
1719.05IOSG::HOLTDWed Feb 07 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 Sales Update
1720.0AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Feb 07 1996Recommendation for MPW* Parameters?
1721.03UTROP1::TOWNSEND_JThu Feb 08 1996WPS Extra line after upgrade
1723.01COMICS::PERKINSRThu Feb 08 1996Shared folders and RNA
1724.03AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JThu Feb 08 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 Looping Fetcher!
1725.03NCMAIL::KOROLThu Feb 08 1996Questions on SUBSCRIBERS: Dist Listing
1726.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Feb 09 1996GPC ignoring conference file name
1727.01SNOFS1:: Feb 10 1996Exchange Client to ALL-IN-1
1728.04UTROP1::TOWNSEND_JMon Feb 12 1996Strange IVP
1729.02MPOSMon Feb 12 1996Time Mgmt-delete event problem
1730.02CHEFS::COOPER_NTue Feb 13 1996One time migration to NT
1731.02COPCLU::ELINTue Feb 13 1996Confusing FCS trace output
1732.03ZPOVC::NWEWed Feb 14 1996Last interactive login time
1733.03COMICS::PERKINSRWed Feb 14 1996send no mail
1734.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Feb 14 1996cabinet delete_attribute problem
1735.04STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Feb 14 1996RSD goes into a loop
1736.03NCMAIL::DESENAWed Feb 14 1996ALL-IN-1 v3.2/MR/MB4
1738.01TAKEOF::PLATTNERThu Feb 15 1996APPEND/FILE error when sorce and target WPL files
1739.02TAKEOF::PLATTNERThu Feb 15 1996running MERGE_LIST concurrently ?
1740.02BEHORN::PLATTNERThu Feb 15 1996Forcing MERGE_LIST to complete on a script queue?
1741.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Feb 15 1996Number of TeamLinks Connections???
1742.02ECFAFri Feb 16 1996Migrating ALL-IN-1 to cluster environment
1743.01DV78Fri Feb 16 1996PMDF & DCF on Alpha - NOT??
1744.09VCOUFri Feb 16 1996Remote partition access, upgrade/alpha, hang
1745.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Feb 19 1996FILES$.STATUS not working as expected
1746.0AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Feb 19 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 Fetcher - MUTEX State
1747.0AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Feb 20 1996Is NETMBX required?
1748.05MUDGEE::ZORBASTue Feb 20 1996OA$AIDA_SECSHR on OpenVMS V7
1749.01UTROP1::TOWNSEND_JTue Feb 20 1996CMTXL compile error for BLPs
1750.012COPCLU::ELINTue Feb 20 1996Reservations: OAFC$DEFAULT instead of real user-id
1751.012TAVIS::HANOCHTue Feb 20 1996Sender/Fetcher don't restart after 3.1 upgrade
1752.03TKTVFS::NAGURAWed Feb 21 1996FCSes got confused on their object/port number
1753.02TKTVFS::NAGURAWed Feb 21 1996Distribution Lists can include Group entry ?
1754.05UTROP1::TOWNSEND_JWed Feb 21 1996Invalid TLV Stream on remote Cabinet Operations
1755.04STKAI1::SPORSENWed Feb 21 1996JBC-F-JOBDELETE but fax arrives OK
1756.01COMICS::PERKINSRWed Feb 21 1996How do you bind Keypak with ALL-IN-1
1757.02ACISS2::CARLENWed Feb 21 1996UNIX Workstations as clients.
1758.07METSYS::BRUNNOCKWed Feb 21 1996ALL-IN-1/VAX -> Mailbus 4
1759.08GIDDAY::BURTThu Feb 22 1996Document transfer of Postscript to Remote node
1761.02VELI::KORKKOFri Feb 23 1996Sender goes wild if Remote MR shutdown
1762.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Feb 23 1996AIDA Server Parameters and VMS V6.1
1763.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Feb 23 1996Multiple Senders?
1764.02OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Feb 23 1996IUID Errors in FCS Log
1765.07USCTR1::SCHWABEMon Feb 26 1996Problem starting AIDA$SERVER
1766.01MPOSMon Feb 26 1996HPLJ4P printer
1767.03ISTWI1::ARIKANTue Feb 27 1996Doc quota count
1768.0VAXRIO::VALERIATue Feb 27 1996can't read TIFF files
1769.05OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Feb 27 1996Must the FCS be stopped?
1770.0MPOSTue Feb 27 1996CANCEL DEFERRED
1771.05MSDOA::MORGANRWed Feb 28 19962
1772.06MUNDIS::SCHAEFERWed Feb 28 1996A1 V 3.
1773.03MUNDIS::SCHAEFERWed Feb 28 1996Q about XMR and bodypart tagging
1774.03AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JWed Feb 28 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 FCS Process dies
1775.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Feb 28 1996Account creation system-f-mcheck error
1776.02SIOG::MKELLYThu Feb 29 1996Relative Performance VAX and Alpha
1777.02VIVIAN::K_ALLENThu Feb 29 1996How many DAF's?
1778.02COMICS::PERKINSRThu Feb 29 1996Relationships of Printer files
1779.01COPCLU::ELINFri Mar 01 1996SERVER DEFINE_SESSION on Alpha stack dumps in v3.1
1780.03COMICS::PERKINSRFri Mar 01 1996Distrobution list and paper mail
1781.05UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 04 1996Hanging server on AXP
1782.04BARNA::DSMAILMon Mar 04 1996ALL-IN-1 fails with LK451
1783.05GVPROD::HASSINEMon Mar 04 1996File cabinet server disappears
1784.04MPOSMon Mar 04 1996FCVR error message
1785.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAMon Mar 04 1996ALL-IN-1 v3.2 ?
1786.01NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIMon Mar 04 1996CABINET Change_attribute syntax help
1787.09KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Mar 04 1996Delivery Report/DRPDU missing nodename of recipient
1788.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Mar 05 1996when is V3.1 expired
1789.02ZPOVC::NWETue Mar 05 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.
1790.04KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue Mar 05 1996CXP autodial problem
1791.01MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEWed Mar 06 1996DCF problem
1792.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Mar 06 1996Image to broadcast message to PC ?
1793.01MPOSWed Mar 06 1996Printing ?-formatting settings
1794.0VNABRW::KOCHWed Mar 06 1996WPCORP in DECBODY_
1795.06PDBABY::bortoluzziThu Mar 07 1996ALL-IN-1 STARTER License and Teamlinks
1796.01NEWVAX::FRIESThu Mar 07 1996Validate/edit phone field of profile.dat
1797.0ZURThu Mar 07 1996How does Teamlinks populate OA$PC_NOTIFY.DAT?
1798.03VCOUThu Mar 07 1996CDA Linked with ALL-IN-1, relink
1799.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri Mar 08 1996How to set default print margin to 3 lines
1800.05KYOSS1::ERICKSENFri Mar 08 1996Duplicate OA$SHAREx filenames
1801.0DV78Fri Mar 08 1996Need DAF, SDAF & DOCDB record formats for V2.2!
1802.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Mar 08 1996mail with BITMAP attachments cause ALL-IN-1 to crash
1803.01TAVSun Mar 10 1996OAEXIT.SCP ?? (like oainin for exit)
1804.01TAVSun Mar 10 1996RMS-F-DEV error starting oafc server..
1805.02ASABET::DOUCETTEMon Mar 11 1996V3.1 Installation fails
1806.03MPOSMon Mar 11 1996A1EM_ECo
1807.0MIMS::BEKELE_DMon Mar 11 1996USENET <==> ALL-IN-1
1808.05DV78Mon Mar 11 1996Corrupt SDAF -- any options?
1809.02AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Mar 12 1996FCS seems to STOP - but Process Still There
1810.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Mar 12 1996How to find the owner
1811.03TAVTue Mar 12 1996Is manual started sender diff than at boot
1812.05STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTTue Mar 12 1996remote drawer hang system
1813.04NCMAIL::DESENATue Mar 12 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2/X.5
1814.01VAXRIO::63Wed Mar 13 1996SPD available for copying?
1815.01STKAI1::SPORSENWed Mar 13 1996can't save print settings
1816.06COMICS::PERKINSRWed Mar 13 1996OA$FORMATTER stack dumps
1817.07NCMAIL::KOROLWed Mar 13 1996$OA-E-EOSST, Error opening System Symbol Table
1818.03GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Mar 14 1996UDP Learn ignores F13
1819.02ALCALA::LOURDESThu Mar 14 1996Archiving ...
1820.07GIDDAY::SETHIFri Mar 15 1996Problems with TRU if DECnet phase V out box machine
1821.01KERNEL::CROOKSFri Mar 15 1996Limiting number of addressees with OA$GK_CAB_LIM_ADDRESSEES.
1823.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LSat Mar 16 1996Question on autoforwarding
1824.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGSat Mar 16 1996Does landsrcipt print on HP printer support ?
1825.04MSAMMon Mar 18 1996No update on network.dat ?
1826.01UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 18 1996GET OA$DCL versus COMMAND after VMS upgrade
1827.05COMICS::PERKINSRTue Mar 19 1996Landscape from ALL-IN-1
1828.0WOTVAX::ADAMSTue Mar 19 1996Seeing MIME in ALL-IN-1
1829.03STKAI1::SPORSENWed Mar 20 1996problems with Mail Janitor ( MJU )
1830.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Mar 20 1996Number of messages through ALL-IN-1 & MR
1831.01ZPOVC::NWEWed Mar 20 1996v3.1 account transfer
1832.03COPCLU::FLADER_RWed Mar 20 1996Problems with Mailbus 4
1833.05TOSSUC::TOTAWed Mar 20 1996Delivery notifications problem.
1834.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Mar 21 1996Why are the colours reset from the VT client
1835.01SNOFS1::BEESONAThu Mar 21 1996Can't find file WPCORP_OA31_BRI problem.
1836.07TAMARA::TAMARA::CLARKThu Mar 21 1996Customer transfer problem
1837.04NETRIX::"dave.nissen@mpo.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 21 1996ALL-IN-1 SMTP assistance needed
1838.03KERNEL::CLEVELANDBMon Mar 25 1996Slow mail send notification
1840.02CHEFS::FARROW_STue Mar 26 1996Individual default to 'Not Sensitive'
1841.02COMICS::PERKINSRTue Mar 26 1996Form libs for the AIDA problem?
1842.03COMICS::PERKINSRTue Mar 26 1996Change the destination?
1843.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Mar 26 1996Upgrade to VMS 6.2 problem
1844.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Mar 26 1996Phantom fields on newly created entry form.
1845.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Mar 27 1996ALL-IN-1 /MR/ SMTP/UCX
1846.011COMICS::PERKINSRWed Mar 27 1996Users are assumed absent
1847.04MSAMThu Mar 28 1996How to recover from PAT?
1848.0CHEFS:: Mar 28 1996Local printer supported?
1849.0SUOSWS::64Thu Mar 28 1996ALL-IN-1, WWW and HTML / SGML ...
1850.01DV78Thu Mar 28 1996PORT print to HP stack dumps
1851.03MSAMFri Mar 29 1996DMW/TMR migrate to A1/TMR ?? problems..??
1852.08IOSG::HOLTDFri Mar 29 1996V3.2 SPD Now available
1853.01NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIFri Mar 29 1996Address template at BCC prompt fails to send
1855.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Apr 02 1996Problem in TLCHG
1856.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 02 1996A1CONFIG on cluster of VAXes and ALPHAs
1857.01COPSTue Apr 02 1996patches: All three to be applied?
1859.09OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PWed Apr 03 1996Unable to read attachment. Record format=STREAM_LF
1860.0COPSWed Apr 03 1996Another reboot needed to start FCS
1861.01MPOSWed Apr 03 1996V3.
1862.032GIDDAY::SETHIThu Apr 04 1996Is the writing on the wall ?
1863.03MSAMThu Apr 04 1996Delete user DDS get deleted?
1865.03PCBUOA::CARVILLThu Apr 04 1996TeamLinks connecting to ALL-IN-1 error
1866.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Apr 05 1996VFC files and FCS or TeamLinks???
1867.05AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LFri Apr 05 1996Limit of forms and fields in form/form_set?
1868.03MPOSFri Apr 05 1996ATTENDEE.DAT/MEETING.DAT cleanup
1869.02BEJVC::THOMASWANGMon Apr 08 1996ALL-IN-1 v3.2 Server Location?
1870.02TAVMon Apr 08 1996P during Read returns to MENU ...
1871.04VAXRIO::ABREUMon Apr 08 1996Changing the editor through programming
1872.06VAXRIO::ABREUMon Apr 08 1996Error linking file cabinet server image
1873.04COPSTue Apr 09 1996DecLaser 35
1874.02GIDDAY::JOYCETue Apr 09 1996WordPerfect WPPRINT
1875.08GIDDAY::BURTTue Apr 09 1996symbol problems under ALL-IN-1 3.
1876.05SWING::WALSHTue Apr 09 1996help on retired asset - SSM
1877.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 09 1996ALL-IN-1 Personal Assistant
1879.010PEARS::ufcnt2.ufc.dec.com::ErichWed Apr 10 1996direct PMDF support ?
1880.02CBHVAX::CBHWed Apr 10 1996Converting ALL-IN-1 mail
1881.04ODIXIE::JBROWNThu Apr 11 19962.4 with WP to 3.2/MR and Mailbus
1882.0VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Apr 12 1996missing attachment after transfered account
1883.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Apr 15 1996Reading PDF problem from MAC
1884.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 16 1996TeamLinks Mail Notification Slow
1885.01SCASS1::nqsrv441.nqo.dec.com::hansonlTue Apr 16 1996PMDF-SMTP Gtwy Config Question
1886.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Apr 16 1996Does ALL-IN-1 V3.2 support VAX MB4
1887.03OASS::MARGETSON_MWed Apr 17 1996Unable to create/edit documents
1888.09AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Apr 17 1996File$ dsab incomplete. How to fix?
1889.0GIDDAY::SETHIWed Apr 17 1996*WISH* complete shutdown of OfficeServer
1890.07TAVWed Apr 17 1996Using LOGINOUT callable interface
1891.0HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Apr 17 1996How to recover OA$DAF_B.DAT RMS error ?
1892.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Apr 17 1996/autostart on OA$FORMATTER ?
1893.0GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Apr 17 1996CAN't Send Message: Semantic tag?
1894.07IOSG::ECHRISTIEThu Apr 18 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 and AWI V1.
1895.09MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Apr 18 1996the way to have two spell checker
1896.011MAIL2::EVERETTThu Apr 18 1996ALL-IN-1 V2.3 KIT NEEDED!!
1897.04VAXRIO::VALERIAThu Apr 18 1996SYSTEM-E-NOCHJIB & AIDA server - HELP !
1898.08DEKVC::SUNJOOHAFri Apr 19 1996invalid address in read receipt mail
1899.0IOSG::HELLMANNFri Apr 19 1996MAILbus 4
1900.08SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Apr 19 1996Check Body Files field and OAFCVR_CHECK_BODY_FILE:
1901.0MSAMMon Apr 22 1996trm fail to restart after aborted halfway..
1902.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Apr 22 1996Web interface questions
1903.011BELFST::BVOFIT::belfst::fitzpatrickMon Apr 22 1996Cannot connect to AIDA Server using TCP/IP....
1904.06UTESMon Apr 22 1996Horizontal Pitch changed/Ignored when printing to non-PostScript printer
1905.0AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Apr 22 1996oa$pc_notify accross multiple Domains?
1906.06COPSMon Apr 22 1996Form precedence and OAINI
1907.01TOSSUB::PEGNAMon Apr 22 1996ICF#34 POINTER
1908.012OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Apr 23 1996Problem With FCS Functions...
1909.0AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Apr 23 1996Name on the Manage Partition menu
1910.04GIDDAY::MASONTue Apr 23 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2 Alpha *NEW* Installation Problem
1911.01AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DTue Apr 23 1996DNS$SHARE not supported with DECnet/OSI 6.3
1912.010COLA1::CADAMSONWed Apr 24 1996Allowing user to set MAIL_READ_RECEIPT field
1913.06TAVThu Apr 25 1996Getting other lang messages in multi ling sys
1914.08EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASThu Apr 25 1996WPS-PLUS/VMS (standalone) available - For VMS V6.2?
1915.03ACISS2::HILDEBRANDJThu Apr 25 1996listing customizations
1916.04OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Apr 26 1996Teamroute and ALL-IN-1 3.2
1917.06AIMTEC::GRENIER_JFri Apr 26 1996Wrong User Received Mail
1918.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Apr 26 1996AWI -> no form pops up!
1919.08AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AFri Apr 26 1996Internal in the File Cabinet Server
1920.05IOSG::PYEFri Apr 26 1996New Version of this conference in planning stage...
1921.04GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 29 1996Customer questions about the white paper/OfficeServer
1922.01MEOCTue Apr 30 1996Moving from ALL-IN-1 3.1 (VAX) to ALL-IN-3.2 (Alpha)
1923.07STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTTue Apr 30 1996U: INVFMTTYPE for WPCORP on ALL-IN-1 3.1 and WP 5.1+
1924.07COPCLU::ELINTue Apr 30 1996v2.4: Did I delete .NBS files for Deferred mail?
1925.01GIDDAY::JOYCEWed May 01 1996"Corrupt" A1$SECTION and FLC files
1926.05HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed May 01 1996Problem in POSTMASTER's DAF.DAT
1927.07TAVWed May 01 1996Does customer need MRX
1928.03COMICS::PERKINSRWed May 01 1996Urgent query
1929.08MPOSWed May 01 1996MDK failed to backup files
1930.01GVPROD::usr22.zuo.dec.com::BOURQUIWed May 01 1996A1 Dist Sharing Option Licencing on Cluster
1931.08GRANPA::LGOMEZWed May 01 1996Delays with Message Notification
1932.03SCASS1::nqsrv416.nqo.dec.com::hansonlThu May 02 1996CDA Version Needed for ALL-IN-1 V3.1?
1933.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu May 02 1996undisplaying all workspaces
1934.05SIOG::P_HARRINGTONThu May 02 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 sender issue ?
1935.01MPOSThu May 02 1996Copy TM calendar to new owner
1936.042Fri May 03 1996Messages wrongly delivered SDAF extend problem
1937.01STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri May 03 1996Search in TO: field gives different result
1938.010AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DFri May 03 1996Thread was alerted?
1939.09CGOOA::PUTNAMFri May 03 1996Configuration questions on Officeserver (3.2)
1940.0+737328::TSGARP::MartinFri May 03 1996ALL-IN-1 to Lotus Notes?
1941.034GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 06 1996US SPD blows away DDS subscriber
1942.02GIDDAY::LEHMon May 06 1996Spell Checker is not available - revisited
1943.03COPSMon May 06 1996Problem parsing apostrophe
1944.02MAIL2::EVERETTMon May 06 1996Renamed ALL-IN-1 node
1945.06OASS::ANDRES_BMon May 06 1996%SYSTEM-F-FILALRACC, file already accessed on channel
1946.04ASABET::DOUCETTEMon May 06 1996Unread mail counter too low?
1947.03COPCLU::ELINTue May 07 1996Jobs are not read correctly in OA$SCRIPT queue
1948.010OGRI::63536::BELLTue May 07 1996TM addressing errors with nested groups
1949.05VAXSPO::CRISTINATue May 07 1996Together forever ALL-IN-1 V2.3 and Exchange?
1950.02SIOG::FRICKERWed May 08 1996Pagination problem!
1951.02LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NThu May 09 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 printing problems
1952.03KERNEL::CROOKSThu May 09 1996Anyone still using TM?......
1953.01AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JThu May 09 1996Autoforward mail Dissappears!
1954.02MUDGEE::ZORBASFri May 10 1996IMR not setting all the bits
1955.02CHEFS::DEEGANSFri May 10 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 KITS
1957.0+9KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri May 10 1996audit alarm accessing shared drawer
1958.02VNABRW::RHOTON_JFri May 10 1996EVE initialisation file?
1959.024UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri May 10 1996prevent ALL-IN-1 creating MTS entries ?
1960.03GANTRY::HULLFri May 10 1996Modifying RR message in V3.1?
1961.03BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSMon May 13 1996Communication module and VT32
1962.08STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTMon May 13 1996Ident missmatch for VAXCRTL
1963.03GANTRY::HULLMon May 13 1996V3.1 Install DCL error
1964.01GIDDAY::LEHTue May 14 1996AIDA mapping of X.5
1966.02HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed May 15 1996Manager account point to A1_FETCHER, why ?
1967.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed May 15 1996OAFC-E-INTERR on V3.
1968.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed May 15 1996missing MR ID
1969.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri May 17 1996How can I unlock a drawer ?
1970.0GIDDAY::BURTFri May 17 1996Fetcher killed by third party
1971.0EVTAI1::z3a474.evt.DEC.COM::villeretFri May 17 1996Fetcher HANG
1972.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri May 17 1996impact of VIOC for ALL-IN-1 ?
1973.01COMICS::PERKINSRFri May 17 1996How to write change dtype field?
1974.02STOWOA::DESKEUSFri May 17 1996ALL-IN-1 to 35
1975.02MPOSFri May 17 1996Message router upgrade question
1976.01COMICS::PERKINSRFri May 17 1996Account audit log is empty?
1977.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 20 1996Roll-back MB4
1978.02TAVMon May 20 1996Moving 2 A1 systems to 1 ALPHA A1 ..
1979.06COMICS::PERKINSRMon May 20 1996background formatter fails after alpha upgrade
1980.03COLA1::CADAMSONMon May 20 1996Transferring users
1981.03COPSTue May 21 19962
1982.04GIDDAY::LEHTue May 21 1996FCS Inbound/Outbound inter-server sessions
1983.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue May 21 1996How to check the TeamLinks version?
1984.05GIDDAY::LEHTue May 21 1996FCS channel counts
1985.02SWING::WALSHTue May 21 1996ALL-IN-1 To Worldtalk 4
1986.05FLYWAY::GUTDTue May 21 1996index mapping after disk change
1987.01MPOSTue May 21 1996TRM phase 2 errors
1988.02ALOSTue May 21 1996Archiving to Juke Box
1989.08HGRDWed May 22 1996multiply defined symbols in OAMESS
1990.0IOSG::DUTTWed May 22 1996External web site for ALL-IN-1
1991.01VAXSPO::CRISTINAWed May 22 1996Integration TM and MS-Schedule+
1992.04KERNEL::CROOKSWed May 22 1996A Sensitive issue (groan...)
1993.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed May 22 1996Server 73/ Users from Teamlinks hanging
1994.02COPCLU::ELINThu May 23 1996Lotus: MAIN drawer shown after editing SHARED doc
1995.01SCASS1::HANSONLThu May 23 1996CDA Convert TL V2.7 RTF to ASCII?
1996.03OPNOFF::meopc1Fri May 24 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 and OVMS V7.
1997.0BARNA::DSMAILFri May 24 1996Fetcher has failed
1998.01GIDDAY::BACOTTue May 28 1996fcs handles attachments differently
1999.0IOSG::TYLDESLEYTue May 28 1996IOSG & SEI Level 3
2000.02BACHUS::LAROCHETue May 28 1996Autoforward and addressees shown
2001.0AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue May 28 1996V2.4 TRM hang problem
2002.0AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue May 28 1996Partition field on the Manage Partition menu
2003.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue May 28 1996error activating image LIBRTL on startup ALL-IN-1 3.
2005.04COMICS::PERKINSRWed May 29 1996Mail says noted but goes to read
2006.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed May 29 1996DA houskeeping problem
2007.09MPOSThu May 30 1996ALPHA to VAX with no spare VAX
2008.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu May 30 1996A1FCS ECO in V3.2?
2009.012BIS1::DESTRIJCKERThu May 30 1996VT1
2010.06COPCLU::ELINThu May 30 1996Licenses when X.5
2011.0+2VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu May 30 1996RSD and ScriptSymbiontQueue (still alive!)
2012.03PCBUOA::YOUNGThu May 30 1996How to Print "index" of all msgs/in all folders?
2013.02COPCLU::ELINFri May 31 1996v3.2: EMDDSNOUA - user agent is unknown
2014.04COMICS::PERKINSRFri May 31 1996Failed to PCF due to quotas....
2015.01OGRI::63536::BELLFri May 31 1996CleanMail (Janitor) AccVio
2016.0GALVIA::JFEGANFri May 31 1996TeamRoute FT2 kit for ALL-IN-1 3.2
2017.01MAIL2::EVERETTFri May 31 1996ALL-IN-1 & X.5
2018.02COPCLU::ELINMon Jun 03 1996pre-install aborted, queue manager not running
2019.02HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOMon Jun 03 1996A1 fetcher/sender run simultaneously ?
2020.02VELI::KORKKOMon Jun 03 1996ALL-IN-1 and VTX integration check
2021.01COMICS::PERKINSRTue Jun 04 1996Invalid DAF POINTER in document
2022.05COPCLU::ELINTue Jun 04 1996V3.2 IVP, IFP file protection errors
2023.02COPCLU::ELINWed Jun 05 1996press EXIT to leave the password unchanged...
2024.05COPCLU::ELINWed Jun 05 1996not authorized to act as an ALL-IN-1 manager
2025.06GIDDAY::LEHWed Jun 05 1996DASL Diagnostic Tracing with ICF#31
2026.01HGOM11::THOMASWANGWed Jun 05 1996shareable library file
2028.011GANTRY::HULLWed Jun 05 1996Difficulty of 3.2 upgrade vs previous ones?
2029.03OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Jun 06 1996Unsharing Documents With Attachments
2030.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Jun 06 1996AWI installation : MSVCRTL4
2031.04WOTVAX::NAYLORThu Jun 06 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2 and X.5
2033.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 10 1996How to receive mail if change profile name
2034.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONMon Jun 10 1996Lost mail after file header full
2035.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 10 1996SMJACKET internal error in house keeping job
2036.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jun 10 1996Increase vertical bar character ?
2037.09AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Jun 10 1996ALL-IN-1 version 3.2 patches?
2038.04AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Jun 10 1996A strange V3.1 Fresh Install failure
2039.0STKAI1::SPORSENTue Jun 11 1996time out for remote drawer
2040.05VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jun 11 1996X5
2042.03TAVTue Jun 11 1996LOOP after terminal disconnect...
2043.03BACHUS::LAROCHETue Jun 11 1996Upgrade 3.
2044.01ALCALA::LOURDESTue Jun 11 1996Checkmail - ALL-IN-1 V3.1
2045.05IOSG::EVANSTue Jun 11 1996ALL-IN-1 to EXCHANGE interoperability FIX
2046.07SALES::PVRAOTue Jun 11 1996'Document too Large' Error
2047.011MAIL2::EVERETTWed Jun 12 1996BLISS Version 4.7
2048.0AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JWed Jun 12 1996Mail Destination - NO MAIL
2049.013GANTRY::HULLWed Jun 12 1996A1 to Exchange Migration presentation available??
2050.010BPSOF::LOVASWed Jun 12 1996Distr. Lists in RCM - from ALL-IN1
2051.05MPOSWed Jun 12 1996U attached to end of subject line
2052.02NETRIX::"lucia.alvarez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 13 1996Mailworks to ALL-IN-1 migration tool
2053.01OGRI::63536::BELLThu Jun 13 1996TEXT_FILE WRITE max length?
2054.0+16IOSG::DUTTFri Jun 14 1996OfficeServer NIMBUS
2055.01KERNEL::CROOKSFri Jun 14 1996No document was created
2056.01MSAMMon Jun 17 1996sending a form after being filled auto ?..
2057.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jun 17 1996account transfer problem V3.
2058.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Jun 17 1996"Faking" housekeeping
2059.0STKAI1::PSVENSSONMon Jun 17 1996DECnet/OSI 6.3 and Sender problems
2060.02COMICS::PERKINSRMon Jun 17 1996Tabs ruin alignment in TDE
2061.010SUOSWS::64Mon Jun 17 1996LN17 printer tables (ansi,ps) ???
2062.04MPOSMon Jun 17 1996Cannot act as ALL-IN-1 manager in housekeeping
2063.05OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Jun 18 1996Problems With EW
2064.0TAVTue Jun 18 1996Programmer suddenly missing authorization
2065.03TAVTue Jun 18 1996Non-Delivery on AXP to DESKtop...
2066.06GIDDAY::LEHTue Jun 18 1996Spell Checker takes longer to invoke under 3.2?
2067.011GRANPA::copdial1_port6.cop.dec.com::rsheinbergTue Jun 18 1996Move from VAX to ALPHA to V3.2
2068.06ALEF::NIKOLICTue Jun 18 1996V3.1 to V3.2 User differences
2069.04NEWVAX::DINARDOTue Jun 18 1996customization of NETWORK.DAT
2070.03GIDDAY::SETHIWed Jun 19 1996Account transfer, locked account and blank MAILDES
2071.03GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Jun 19 1996Problem printing WPCORP to PS
2072.027VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jun 19 1996TL_READ_RECEIPT retained on error
2074.02ZPOVC::JONAHLIMFri Jun 21 1996Lost Body
2075.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JSun Jun 23 1996MAIL_DIR_CONVERT Does Not Work for Remote DDS!
2076.06TAVMon Jun 24 1996Does SO still require SMU for Edit
2077.02COMICS::PERKINSRMon Jun 24 1996can you refile all of drawer in one go?
2078.01CHEFS::COHENDMon Jun 24 1996Notify users of queued MR mail
2079.02COLA1::CADAMSONMon Jun 24 1996%EMD-I-SEND_FNF error message
2081.01MAIL2::EVERETTTue Jun 25 1996V3.1 Spell check problem
2083.02CHEFS::LISTue Jun 25 1996Forwardable = NO does not work
2084.02COMICS::PERKINSRTue Jun 25 1996What is : OA$WPL_ALL_TV.EXE
2085.03BIS6::VANHOOSTETue Jun 25 1996V3.2, MB4
2086.05NEWVAX::KOZIANATue Jun 25 1996? re: IMPORT mode from X.5
2087.015NEWVAX::MURLEYTue Jun 25 1996EXCH->MB4
2088.06HGOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Jun 26 1996OAFC Network Connection Problem
2089.03SWING::WALSHWed Jun 26 1996WORDPERFECT INT. FOR ALL-IN-1 3.2 ??
2090.011AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DWed Jun 26 1996Are MTA's ever local in a cluster?
2091.01OASS::MARGETSON_MWed Jun 26 1996Move Users From VAX To Alpha...
2092.03KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Jun 27 1996TDE in Control Block in BLP fouls up on merge
2093.01GRANPA::copdial1_port9.cop.dec.com::rsheinbergThu Jun 27 1996DECPage Document
2094.05AIMTEC::ALLIN1Fri Jun 28 1996X5
2095.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Jun 28 1996OA$DTR and '/'
2096.03COLA1::CADAMSONFri Jun 28 1996Small questions topic
2097.0GRANPA::copdial1_port11.cop.dec.com::rsheinbergFri Jun 28 1996PMEMOS asset on ALPHA?
2098.04NQOSFri Jun 28 1996Documentation on tuning the AIDA server
2099.01OASS::BURNAMAN_BFri Jun 28 1996DISK:[?]Zmumble.WPL in OA$FORMATTER
2100.01TAVSun Jun 30 1996{} for REDLINE to TXT ...
2102.05BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Jul 01 1996File cabinet server errors - Mutex - IUID - ACCVIO
2103.06ZPOVC::JONAHLIMTue Jul 02 1996Auto-foward ALL-IN-1 mail to VAXmail
2104.0+3TAVTue Jul 02 1996SMU cannot edit specific account...
2105.04BACHUS::LAROCHETue Jul 02 1996What version of WPS-PLUS was in ALL-IN-1 V2.3 ?
2106.01BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Jul 03 1996The ABOUT option does not give the TLC version.
2107.02OSOSPS::NAGAOWed Jul 03 1996Nickname and sequential search
2108.03TAVWed Jul 03 1996UNLOCK a LOCK - Suppress error disp
2109.06AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Jul 03 1996Group Identifier Deleted - Why?
2110.04MPOSWed Jul 03 1996Delete old pending.dat records
2111.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jul 04 1996Administrator "not authenticated" in DDS
2112.05GIDDAY::LEHThu Jul 04 1996Configuring AIDA server process quotas
2113.01UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 04 1996AXP architecture support & Wordperfect integration
2114.02ZPOVC::NWEThu Jul 04 1996ALL-IN-1 relink problem
2115.01TAVENG::WEISSBREMThu Jul 04 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 translations available next week
2116.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Jul 04 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2 and X.4
2117.01HGRDFri Jul 05 1996Problem with multi-language support
2118.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASFri Jul 05 19963.1 and background formatter
2119.03GENIE::MUELLERSFri Jul 05 1996CM$MORE$SCROLL$KEYS$INDEX Named data 4 times
2120.03LEXSMon Jul 08 1996DEClaser 325
2121.02VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jul 08 1996Migrating from VAX to AXP in one step ?
2122.02ALEF::NIKOLICMon Jul 08 1996Migration to Mailbus 4
2123.0VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Jul 08 1996editing ASCII files on WPS-PLUS
2124.07HGRDTue Jul 09 1996questions about .PRA, .PRC files in V3.2
2125.04RIVOLI::MENICACCITue Jul 09 1996Where is ALL-IN-1 error message file?
2126.04AIMTEC::BURGESS_STue Jul 09 1996AWI kits on the internet
2127.06TAMARA::uncagd.zko.dec.com::CLARKTue Jul 09 1996V3.2 New Mail Notification / TeamLinks
2128.02MSAMWed Jul 10 1996Sender/Fetcher in starting!!!
2129.010KERNEL::CROOKSWed Jul 10 1996Autoforward and Sender retry count exceeded
2130.015ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Wed Jul 10 1996Strange result from forwarding .....
2131.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jul 10 1996A programming question (MAIL Status)
2132.02TAVWed Jul 10 1996ERR_PROFILERR create/edit - WHY ??
2133.0+13EVTAI1::62662::LEPAULWed Jul 10 1996Fetcher and teletext (T.61)
2134.02AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DWed Jul 10 1996GOLD/5 and DO X5
2135.0TROOA::dhcpThu Jul 11 1996Remote MR trashes foreign document type
2136.01BIS1::DESTRIJCKERThu Jul 11 1996CPU time limit expired
2137.07GANTRY::HULLThu Jul 11 1996Migrating MR + DDS to a true remote MR setup?
2138.02ROCHE::EAGLEThu Jul 11 19962
2139.02GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jul 12 1996What does
2140.05GENIE::MUELLERSFri Jul 12 1996MXD MUE CE - Problems with remote DSA/MTA
2141.013SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYMon Jul 15 1996Do I need a cluster alias
2142.0TKTV2Mon Jul 15 1996TL for Mac and oa-w-cab_dwrlocked
2143.0GIDDAY::BACOTMon Jul 15 1996tl_read_receipt_x4
2144.01HGRDMon Jul 15 1996adding printer styles...
2145.0+5EVTAI1::BOURDARIASMon Jul 15 1996TeamLinks V2.5 and OpenVMS V6.2 and logfailures
2146.015AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Jul 15 1996Additional X.5
2147.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Jul 16 1996OAFC points the pending.dat to old location
2148.02COMICS::PERKINSRTue Jul 16 1996can you run EW each night?
2149.03COPCLU::JACOBSENTue Jul 16 1996Problems accessing through AWI
2150.05WOTVAX::HALLETTKWed Jul 17 1996ALL-IN-1 Starter/TeamLinks/OpenVMS
2151.08GENIE::MUELLERSWed Jul 17 1996X5
2152.08GENIE::MUELLERSWed Jul 17 1996X.5
2153.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Jul 18 1996%DSL-E-INVBUF, Invalid buffer
2154.02COPCLU::ELINThu Jul 18 1996Dictionary max size? ALL-IN-1 v3.1
2155.05MAIL2::EVERETTThu Jul 18 1996ALL-IN-1 Training Material Needed
2156.03IRPCFri Jul 19 1996AIDA server problems
2157.02TAVSun Jul 21 1996FIRST_CLASS alias - EXPRESS actual node
2159.0GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jul 22 1996FCS tuning on Alpha
2160.04GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jul 22 1996FCS error getting record:
2161.01CHEFS::BRIDPORTNMon Jul 22 1996SM_ACCOUNT_TYPES.DAT File Problem.
2162.03ADCAMon Jul 22 1996Problem with sending Remote mail.
2163.01UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jul 22 1996%OAFC-I-PRTMOVE & attachments gone
2164.04MSAMMon Jul 22 1996ALL-IN-1 and smtp send failure
2165.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JMon Jul 22 1996Why is Subject Line Padded?
2166.06AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Jul 22 1996OafcShowFileCabinet programming?
2167.01GIDDAY::BACOTTue Jul 23 1996forwarded mail recepient confusion
2168.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed Jul 24 1996ALL-IN-1/temLinks/VT client licenses
2169.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jul 24 1996Prob w/ALL-IN-1 NEW MAIL NOTIFY 3.2 on AXP sys
2170.08BELFST::ERVINEThu Jul 25 1996Lotus 1-2-3 and ALL-IN-1 V3.2
2171.010BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenMon Jul 29 1996Strange addressing problem (crossposted in Teamlinks_windows)
2172.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Jul 29 1996Sending Hlp elements from one system to another.
2173.08AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Jul 29 1996What is /SYNTAX
2174.03BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenTue Jul 30 1996how to disable Message router
2175.04AIMTEC::FERRELL_LWed Jul 31 1996FCS fails - error activating image
2176.06SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Jul 31 1996Defragmentation
2177.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Jul 31 1996SM_CLEAN_FOLDER feature?
2178.05SUOSWS::64Wed Jul 31 1996DX -> WPL conversion tight CPU loop hang !!!
2179.06SUOSWS::BARKERWed Jul 31 1996PROFS migration to ALL-IN-1?
2180.01VNABRW::RHOTON_JThu Aug 01 1996Preferred Mail MR or mhs-or-address
2181.04MSDOA::RTP4ME::WILLIAMSThu Aug 01 1996Need verfication
2182.05IOSG::PYEFri Aug 02 1996Top noters in this conference
2183.018CHEFS:: Aug 02 1996UDP's for you to use....
2184.06COMICS::PERKINSRFri Aug 02 1996Paper tray settings different in attchments
2185.03SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYMon Aug 05 1996Documentation omissions
2186.05GIDDAY::LEHTue Aug 06 1996 ALLIN1/CHECK gave incorrect mail counter
2188.04HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Aug 06 1996privileged vector limit exceeded
2189.03CHEFS::COHENDWed Aug 07 1996FETCHER fails - error finding unique filename
2190.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Aug 07 1996MNP fails on 3.1 (Dutch)
2191.02GIDDAY::BACOTThu Aug 08 1996autoforward flag on em$index$find
2192.01SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYFri Aug 09 1996Adopting remote DDS entries
2193.03RTOMS::ADAMSONCFri Aug 09 1996OAFC$SERVER account
2194.02COPCLU::ELINFri Aug 09 1996SMU - Error opening DOCDB
2195.01OASS::MARGETSON_MMon Aug 12 1996Problems Loading Language
2196.03ZPOVC::NWEMon Aug 12 1996Useragent is unknown
2197.03VNABRW::RHOTON_JMon Aug 12 1996List of Encoded Information Types (EITs)?
2198.07OASS::BEKELE_DTue Aug 13 1996No valid partition and no Filecab Server
2199.01TAVTue Aug 13 1996SA takes elements from DEVELOPEMENT
2200.08AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Aug 13 1996Is NETMBX required ??
2201.04GIDDAY::JOYCETue Aug 13 1996Sender fails with incorrect DN syntax
2202.07COMICS::PERKINSRTue Aug 13 1996Record not found after RNA.
2203.04COMICS::PERKINSRTue Aug 13 1996Problems with WK3 into ALL-IN-1.
2204.0OASS::BURNAMAN_BTue Aug 13 1996FYI: new spell check prob/fix in 3.2
2205.02KYOSS1::ERICKSENWed Aug 14 1996Help on File Cab Server Quotas
2206.029SAWA::535Wed Aug 14 1996ALL-IN-1 future
2207.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Aug 14 1996Unexpected Mail Attachment Found
2208.0+5EVTAI1::63Wed Aug 14 1996Batch ALL-IN-1 and nuber entries in queue batch
2209.08GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Aug 14 1996Submit_script/filecab problem
2210.02ALFSS2::BEKELE_DFri Aug 16 1996What replaced Ed Services for ALL-IN-1 Training?
2211.02GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxFri Aug 16 1996Remote access V3.
2212.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Aug 16 1996FCVR problem
2213.01COPCLU::ELINFri Aug 16 1996GOLD Write to shared drawer - revisited
2214.02SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYMon Aug 19 1996Bug with DIR ALL R
2215.07ALEF::NIKOLICMon Aug 19 1996Modifying X.5
2216.03UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 21 1996MDR doesn't update access list
2217.01AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LWed Aug 21 1996Unable to edit named data of forms in CM.
2218.04OASS::ANDRES_BThu Aug 22 1996DECNET and AIDA
2219.0GRITS::SHEPPARD_JFri Aug 23 19962
2220.04GIDDAY::JOYCESun Aug 25 1996WEB$ACCESS invisible to TL27
2221.05GIDDAY::JOYCESun Aug 25 1996Storing HTML in the File Cab
2222.04GIDDAY::JOYCESun Aug 25 1996Internet addressing in V3.2
2223.0+5GIDDAY::JOYCESun Aug 25 1996MIME/UUxxCODE in IOS?
2224.01COPCLU::ELINMon Aug 26 1996DECwriter 5
2225.0+28IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Aug 26 1996OfficeServer RIP?
2226.04VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Aug 27 1996Hanging Sender/Fetcher when problems within X.5
2227.02BACHUS::CRAWFORDWed Aug 28 1996Orphan files in [.MSG]
2228.010COMICS::PERKINSRWed Aug 28 1996Mass edit of profile fails....
2229.011BACHUS::CRAWFORDThu Aug 29 1996Display function causes access violation
2230.012UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Aug 30 1996partial address problem: AIDA or TeamLinks ?
2231.03SCASS1::hapy.sca.dec.com::hansonlFri Aug 30 1996Upgrade v3.1 VAX to v3.2 Alpha on same machine???
2232.01OTOOA::dhcpFri Aug 30 1996MAPI Driver for ALL-IN-1
2233.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Sep 02 1996ftbp support planned?
2234.02COPCLU::ELINMon Sep 02 1996Wanted: Canon tables or Norwegian ALL-IN-1 person
2238.06VAXRIO::6323Mon Sep 02 1996HPLJ5P supported ??
2239.03GIDDAY::LEHTue Sep 03 1996 FCS startup affected by UCX/DECnet startup order
2240.02COMICS::PERKINSRTue Sep 03 1996landscape on a LJIII...
2241.010VELI::KORKKOTue Sep 03 1996Teamlinks cannot access document in ALL-IN-1 due to RMS file attrs
2242.0GRITS::SHEPPARD_JTue Sep 03 1996End of Lotus (VMS and ALL-IN-1) support
2243.03ALEF::NIKOLICTue Sep 03 1996X.5
2244.01GIDDAY::BACOTWed Sep 04 1996GetNodeGetHostIOSB %SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE,
2245.04COMICS::PERKINSRWed Sep 04 1996Unable to open search order
2246.01PCBUOA::YOUNGWed Sep 04 1996Rename MAIN ?
2247.0TAMARA::TAMARA::CLARKWed Sep 04 1996TeamLinks Mail for Mac / ALL-IN-1 import VMSMail
2249.03ADCAThu Sep 05 1996Network I/O error
2250.02COMICS::PERKINSRThu Sep 05 1996Memory limit exceeded.
2251.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JFri Sep 06 1996Cannot Delete From Shared Drawer
2252.09ADCAFri Sep 06 1996ALL-IN-1 mail clarification
2253.01SIOG::rasmodFri Sep 06 1996Read Receipts
2254.04AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DFri Sep 06 1996US v3.2 SSB kits are incomplete
2255.02VAXRIO::63Tue Sep 10 1996driver for HP 68
2256.01SIOG::nyodialin8.nyo.dec.com::dubWed Sep 11 1996Script Symbiont
2257.03STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenWed Sep 11 1996failed to locate the specified template
2258.05OASS::ANDRES_BWed Sep 11 1996Value of Maximum # of Threads
2259.06KYOSS1::ERICKSENThu Sep 12 1996Quotas for AIDA server?
2260.0EVTAI1::GODARDThu Sep 12 1996statistics messages
2261.02TKTV2Thu Sep 12 1996about remote mail and multi mail areas
2262.07VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Sep 12 1996Using DistributionLists from X.5
2263.02STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Sep 12 1996CSN can not find list of accounts
2264.06OASS::ANDRES_BThu Sep 12 1996Installing ICF 3
2265.0+7CHEFS::HULINIThu Sep 12 1996Timezone probs between V3.1 & v3.
2266.06GENIE::MUELLERSFri Sep 13 1996$IOS_X5
2267.0COMICS::PERKINSRMon Sep 16 1996underscores in development modules causes error
2268.01COMICS::PERKINSRTue Sep 17 1996IAD shows prived drawers from non priv acc
2269.025SCASS1::DAVIESTue Sep 17 1996Repress Distribution list
2270.03AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Sep 18 1996AIDA Thinks It Started Again?
2271.04HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Sep 18 1996How to shutdown ALL-IN-1 without using the menu?
2273.02TAVWed Sep 18 1996Strange behavior after reboot...
2274.014AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DWed Sep 18 1996Using X.5
2275.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Sep 19 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2 and x.5
2276.06MPOSThu Sep 19 1996RFD/MCD into shared drawer
2277.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Sep 19 1996How can write DCL command to stop and kill OAFC
2278.0SWING::WALSHThu Sep 19 1996Aida server problem using TCP/IP
2279.01MPOSThu Sep 19 1996Time Mangement Housekeeping
2280.05GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Sep 20 1996Drawer Monitor
2281.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LSat Sep 21 1996Error occures during PCF option
2283.03KYOSS1::ERICKSENMon Sep 23 1996ALL-IN-1 says stopped, but AIDA in HIB state
2284.01OASS::MARGETSON_MMon Sep 23 19963.2 Upgrade Problem
2285.08AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Sep 24 1996Access Violation when reading RTF document
2286.01FSTSC1::SCHOENTue Sep 24 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.1 & THREADACCVIO
2287.03STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenTue Sep 24 1996Educational material for 3.2 ??
2288.03ALEF::NIKOLICTue Sep 24 1996Creating unique entries from PROFILE.DAT to X5
2289.05AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Sep 25 1996How to Troubleshoot Drawer Monitor?
2290.02FLEX7::PATON_SWed Sep 25 1996Problem with CDA after Upgrade
2291.014IOSG::DUTTSat Sep 28 1996Where have all the PCs gone?
2292.06KYOSS1::ERICKSENMon Sep 30 1996More ? on FCS and AIDA
2293.06VAXRIO::6323Mon Sep 30 1996Error installing additional language
2294.03OTOOA::dhcpMon Sep 30 1996OfficeServer questions
2295.05GIDDAY::BACOTTue Oct 01 1996wordperfect, ALL-IN-1, Mailbus4
2296.012VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 01 1996ALL-IN-1, XMR and missing TOs in attachment?
2297.05STKHLM::HORNBLADTue Oct 01 1996Create User fails - ACCVIO
2298.04AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Oct 01 1996Tracing vs. Non-Tracing FCS
2299.01COPCLU::ELINTue Oct 01 1996A1$DTR_DYNAMIC undefined, v3.2 upgr. w. Datatrieve
2301.0GIDDAY::BACOTWed Oct 02 1996Copying documents and delivered dates
2302.05GANTRY::HULLWed Oct 02 1996Some v3.2 questions
2303.01OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Oct 03 1996AIDA Log File Error
2304.01NEWVAX::KOZIANAThu Oct 03 1996? re: converting profile.dat
2305.03BPSOF::LOVASFri Oct 04 1996CART ID does not seen
2306.03CHEFS::HULINIFri Oct 04 1996Subscriber mail trivia question
2307.02OSOSPS::NAGAOMon Oct 07 1996calender cancel meeting
2308.02AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Oct 07 1996System dist. list not expanding
2309.01KYOSS1::ERICKSENMon Oct 07 1996DDS Lookups from ALL-IN-1 on Alpha - Performance?
2310.02HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Oct 08 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 Presentation Needed
2311.04CHEFS::COHENDTue Oct 08 1996SMU - last access date/time
2312.02AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Oct 08 1996OA$PC_BROADCAST_TIMEOUT- what is it?
2313.01OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Oct 08 1996AIDA Problems
2314.06VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 08 1996Postmaster account with many mails
2315.02COPCLU::ELINWed Oct 09 1996Error reading RTF after v3.2 upgrade
2316.05BACHUS::DBCWed Oct 09 1996Upgrade configurations?
2317.03RTOMS::ADAMSONCWed Oct 09 1996Subprocess hanging
2318.0CHEFS::COHENDThu Oct 10 1996V2.4 - MJU/Janitor
2319.05HGOVC::EDDYWANGThu Oct 10 1996ALL-IN-1 Internet access ??
2320.08AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu Oct 10 1996Not displaying certain entries in DDS?
2321.01ASHAM::H_ANDERSSONFri Oct 11 1996VMS$PASSWORD_POLICY through TeamLinks
2322.04CHEFS::HULINIMon Oct 14 1996Canon Bubblejet and HP Deskjet V Printer Tables
2323.06ALFSS2::BEKELE_DMon Oct 14 1996AIDA Server and remote printing
2324.06GIDDAY::LEHTue Oct 15 1996Solution to AIDA process in RWAST state?
2325.03VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 15 1996Aida in RWAST and a subprocess of aida in RWMBX
2326.01VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 15 1996Errors during installation of ALL-IN-1 V3.2
2327.02TAVWed Oct 16 1996Error in WPPSYSTEM.SCP ...
2328.016STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Oct 16 1996you cannot delete a manager account named...
2329.04CHEFS::COHENDWed Oct 16 1996Auto Forward - tracing a message
2330.02EVTAI1::16.189.24Wed Oct 16 1996old patch
2331.0OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichWed Oct 16 1996Access customizations via WWW ?
2332.07VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Oct 16 1996%OAFC-E-THREADACCVIO on OVMS Alpha...
2333.07VMSNET::R_HARRISWed Oct 16 1996Update X.5
2334.0EVTAI1::16.189.24Thu Oct 17 1996AIDA server stopped
2335.0ULYSSE::nannik.vbo.dec.com::ROBB_GThu Oct 17 1996Urgent: References for cc:Mail integration needed
2336.01OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Oct 18 19963.2 Transfer Problem
2337.04EVTAI1::GODARDFri Oct 18 1996Print with LATSYM Vms V6.2truncated
2338.01AIMTEC::WOODS_LFri Oct 18 1996Edits not saved using shared drawer
2339.03TAVTue Oct 22 1996Training for MAILBUS in A1
2340.03SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Oct 23 1996Problem with System Distribution lists
2341.0GIDDAY::BACOTWed Oct 23 1996GsmGetNewMail error in oafc_server.log
2342.01COPCLU::ELINWed Oct 23 1996Create IVP profile?
2343.01TAVThu Oct 24 1996Should PRR delete files in arch area
2344.07ALCALA::LOURDESThu Oct 24 1996route my address ...
2345.02EVTAI1::GODARDThu Oct 24 1996error fetcher with attachment
2346.08DYPSS1::DYSERTThu Oct 24 1996ALL-IN-1/Message Router versions for VMS V6.2?
2347.08ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Oct 24 1996Replying to imported SMTP mail via Multinet
2348.03SCASS1::EAGLEFri Oct 25 1996V2.4 NEWDIR question
2349.02AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DFri Oct 25 1996ALL-IN-1 3.2/PMDF MB4
2350.05MPOSFri Oct 25 1996ORPHAN drawer
2351.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Oct 28 1996Memory usage on AXP systems
2352.04NEWVAX::MURLEYMon Oct 28 1996PRMMBX Error
2353.05BIS1::CARTENSMon Oct 28 1996TLC or not TLC ??
2354.05GIDDAY::LEHTue Oct 29 1996RMS string handling problem in TRU housekeeping job
2355.08SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYTue Oct 29 1996Insufficient privilege to manage queues
2356.0IOSG::HOLTDTue Oct 29 1996MAILbus 1 Retirement process has started
2357.01AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Oct 29 1996Audit not working as expected
2358.07OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Oct 31 19963.2 Aida Problem
2359.03COPCLU::ELINFri Nov 01 1996List all SHARED drawers?
2360.01TAVSun Nov 03 1996Remote server not lic after SMU
2361.08OASS::BURNAMAN_BMon Nov 04 1996UNAVAIL RESOURCE when using SC in 3.1
2362.02ALFSS2::BEKELE_DMon Nov 04 1996AIDA server not available for additional connects
2363.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Nov 05 1996Problems with dictionaries....
2364.01SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Nov 06 1996Read and Outbox not purge for TeamLinks users
2365.03AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Nov 06 1996Help with debugging AWI
2366.05KYOSS1::ERICKSENWed Nov 06 1996Question on EW housekeeping
2367.04TAVWed Nov 06 1996Replicating content of DSAB field
2368.01ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed Nov 06 1996Custom tool to print sections of document
2369.03NCMAIL::KOROLWed Nov 06 1996Resource Scheduler - Who has access to it?
2370.02BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Nov 07 1996DDS Useragent and ALL-IN-1 in mixed architecture?
2371.02COPCLU::VAGNThu Nov 07 1996Local mail does not work in a mixed architecture cluster
2372.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Nov 07 1996German Dictionaries Update?
2373.02AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DThu Nov 07 1996DOCDB.DAT pointer with no file
2374.01COPCLU::ELINFri Nov 08 1996Avoid message "ALL-IN-1 is now available" ??
2375.0+7IOSG::HOLTDFri Nov 08 1996ALL-IN-1 Year 2
2376.02WOTVAX::BELLMon Nov 11 1996Message with no addressees delivered ok!
2377.0AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Nov 11 1996AIDA CLI Guide
2378.03TAVTue Nov 12 1996AIDA server looping...
2380.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Nov 12 1996CONFIG.AWI settings don't change screen
2381.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Nov 13 1996change WPSPLUS file to WORDS file
2382.03TAVThu Nov 14 1996MAILBUS 4
2383.01ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Nov 14 1996Protection on messages received from remote sites
2384.06AYOV2Thu Nov 14 1996MTS User Guides in PS format
2385.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Nov 15 1996Cannot use DCL image
2386.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Nov 19 1996FILECAB PUT_DATA Problems with WPS+ File!
2387.08COPCLU::ELINTue Nov 19 1996NODISTLICENSE in cluster without remote access
2388.02OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Nov 19 1996Obsolete Message
2389.06OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 19 1996INBOX from Shared Drawer Visible until EM II
2390.08EVTVWed Nov 20 1996search mail address in DDS?
2391.07TAVWed Nov 20 1996Acc Vio on Send using .COM file
2392.05EPS::LOVELUCKThu Nov 21 1996Data type wrong after MB4
2393.03STUFri Nov 22 1996No Update of DDSID in Profil record !
2394.01IOSG::HOLTDFri Nov 22 1996MAPI Driver Sales Update
2395.0+4AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DMon Nov 25 1996Reposting NBS files
2396.03GIDDAY::VELDTue Nov 26 1996TRM - Delete body parts - NOT!
2397.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Nov 26 1996AWIFORM.BLP and images
2399.01GIDDAY::LEHWed Nov 27 1996Are CONTROL BLOCK settings invisible in display mode ?
2400.04HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Nov 27 1996trace log functions in ALL-IN-1
2401.0+8CHEFS::A1_SAMUELWed Nov 27 1996Corrupt DAF file
2402.02EVTVWed Nov 27 1996bcc: blind copies:
2403.0+13COPCLU::ELINThu Nov 28 1996TeamLinks login: Users being blocked out
2404.0TAVENG::WEISSBREMThu Nov 28 1996Correction for Brazilian, French & German LLVs
2405.04VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Nov 29 1996X5
2406.0+5HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Nov 29 1996"DT" truncated escape chareacters <carriage return>
2407.01KANATA::CAMPOSFri Nov 29 1996ALL-IN-1 conference for users?
2408.01SIOG::rasmodem2.dbo.dec.com::dubMon Dec 02 1996File Cabinet Server Won't Start
2409.03NCMAIL::KOROLTue Dec 03 1996Control Block and Printer Font Commands
2410.0AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Dec 04 1996Sender and Fetcher in LEF not processing Mail
2411.05SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Dec 04 1996DDS elements vs. X.5
2413.05TAVThu Dec 05 1996Users with same VMS & drawer
2414.02BEHORN::PLATTNERThu Dec 05 1996APPENDING TEXT to WPL documents in ALL-IN-1 V3.
2415.02EINE::dhcp191.cao.dec.com::eine::bruceFri Dec 06 1996P1 Extension Format?
2416.02GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Dec 06 1996Change to WPLIST in V3.2
2417.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 09 1996ALL-IN-1 X5
2418.04TAVMon Dec 09 1996Slave on parallel
2419.01CHEFS::oloras2.olo.dec.com::HallettMon Dec 09 1996Dec 96 Update of OfficeServer?
2420.03ALFSS2::BEKELE_DMon Dec 09 1996Multinet Ports
2421.01OASS::MARGETSON_MMon Dec 09 1996DDS Authentication Error in 3.2
2422.06BPSOF::LOVASTue Dec 10 1996RSD problem after TMA and CDD
2423.0GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Dec 11 1996Configure A1/MB4
2424.04COPCLU::ELINWed Dec 11 1996Supported secondary languages?
2425.0345862::BELLWed Dec 11 1996AmiPro document for Auto-Reply fails!
2426.05ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KWed Dec 11 1996Read Receipts between V3.1 and V3.2 systems...
2427.06ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KWed Dec 11 1996Printing RTF within ALL-IN-1 V3.1...
2428.05QCAVThu Dec 12 19963.1,Multiple directories are created for a user...
2429.05QCAVThu Dec 12 1996Minimum shutdown upgrade to V3.1 & relink problem now...
2430.02WOODY::FABBRIThu Dec 12 1996What is format (handling) attribute of a document
2431.05AIMTEC::GRENIER_JThu Dec 12 1996DSO - "This File Does Not Exist"
2432.0COPCLU::ELINFri Dec 13 1996PENDING.DAT MAIL record without username ?
2433.03LISTIM::MANOELFri Dec 13 1996ALL-IN-1 LN
2434.01ALFSS2::BEKELE_DFri Dec 13 1996MAIL AUTO_REPLY modification/enhancement
2435.0VAXRIO::6323Mon Dec 16 1996Error 826 / problem with read receipts
2436.07GIDDAY::LEHTue Dec 17 1996Absence and Inactive status in EmptyWastebasket task
2437.028VAXRIO::ABREUTue Dec 17 1996ALL-IN-1 V3.2 ad Lotus Notes
2438.02AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Dec 17 1996TRM and RSF go into RWAST???
2439.0+6SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Dec 18 1996Problem printing ASCII messages with PS style
2440.03TAVThu Dec 19 1996TL no connect after A1 added to ALPHA
2441.01FSTSC1::SCHOENThu Dec 19 1996FCS & Cluster
2442.07OASS::MARGETSON_MMon Dec 23 19963.2 Transfer Problem
2443.05OASS::BURNAMAN_BMon Dec 23 19963.2 WPCORP print/edit probs
2444.01BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSTue Dec 24 1996NEWDIR behaviour
2445.02IOSG::HOLTDTue Dec 24 1996Seasons Greetings
2446.04TAVSun Dec 29 1996AUTO-FORWARD & keep the mail ???
2447.03GIDDAY::VELDThu Jan 02 1997Mail from 3.
2448.06TAVThu Jan 02 1997AIDA server problems ...
2449.02GIDDAY::VELDFri Jan 03 1997Postmaster sending thousands of autoreply msgs
2450.04ICS::BONVALLATFri Jan 03 1997which new printers being supported by ALL-IN-1?
2451.01NCMAIL::KOROLMon Jan 06 1997Spell Check - Can't Use IGNORE?
2452.03ZURTue Jan 07 1997ALL-IN-1 V3.2 and X.5
2453.0IOSG::HOLTDTue Jan 07 1997MR Migration Package now orderable
2454.01EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jan 07 1997AWI and ALL-IN-1 V3.
2455.01AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Jan 07 1997TMR - Cannot print attachment body only header!
2456.0+10BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSThu Jan 09 1997FOR loop hanging accessing SUBSCRIBER
2457.03AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DFri Jan 10 1997ALL-IN-1/MB4
2458.05OTOOA::rasMon Jan 13 1997Tool to List Documents and Sizes
2459.01AIMTEC::CHANCE_WMon Jan 13 1997OA$SCRIPT - TL_READ_RECEIPT, Retained on Error
2460.04KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Jan 13 1997AWI needs DECnet on both nodes??
2461.06AIMTEC::FERRELL_LMon Jan 13 1997PTT fails to submit to batch
2462.03NETRIX::"Martin.Bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Tue Jan 14 1997Office Server and IMAP4 protocol
2463.05ZURTue Jan 14 1997Did .TEXT directive change in V3.2?
2464.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jan 14 1997Status for OpenVMS VAX/ALPHA V7.1 and ALL-IN-1 V3.1/V3.2
2465.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jan 14 1997Status for MS-Office 97
2466.01VAXRIO::VALERIATue Jan 14 1997problem transfering accounts
2467.01SCASS1:: Jan 14 1997Is x.5
2468.04OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 15 1997Default timeout value for AIDA DDS processes
2469.012262Thu Jan 16 1997Cannot send binary files in attachment
2470.03OASS::BURNAMAN_BThu Jan 16 1997EM Printing Changed in 3.2
2471.0121272::RP_SATOFri Jan 17 1997How to keep SMTP addr in From: field ?
2472.01SCASS1::sxohr.sxo.dec.com::scass1.sca.dec.com::ReindlFri Jan 17 1997Content Based Retrieval on V2.4 system???
2473.0+8AIMTEC::GRENIER_JSun Jan 19 1997Help Understanding What TRM is Doing?
2474.0+9ICS::BONVALLATTue Jan 21 1997replying to Internet mail sent from ALL-IN-1
2476.03STUWed Jan 22 1997Problem with create a entry in X5
2477.0+3STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Jan 23 1997Proxy and Newdir on 3.2
2478.0+3TAVThu Jan 23 1997Attendee sees SAME event twice
2479.01KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Jan 23 1997read receipts, teamlinks & ALL-IN-1 V3.2
2480.0+852419::NIEVESThu Jan 23 1997printing in background problem
2481.0+10VAXRIO::6323Thu Jan 23 1997X.5
2482.0 *+1BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Jan 24 1997Disinfect or bounce incoming email with virus in it?
2483.0 *+13TAGEIN::SCHOENFri Jan 24 1997Read reciepts & Time difference
2484.0 *+3STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Jan 24 1997File protection on Share Area
2485.0 *+9VAXRIO::63Fri Jan 24 1997Security problem using AWI
2486.0 *+1TAVENG::WEISSBREMSun Jan 26 1997OA$SCRIPT_SYMBIONT failing on a multilanguage system
2487.0 *+7TAVMon Jan 27 1997PARTITION has physical device ..
2488.0 *+7ZPOVC::JONAHLIMMon Jan 27 1997User's process hang when editing
2489.0 *+9TAVMon Jan 27 1997Print 57 attachments - NOSUCHJOB error
2490.0 *+6VAXRIO::63Tue Jan 28 1997AWI and WPS-Plus documents
2491.0 *+1AIMTEC::GRENIER_JTue Jan 28 1997OA$SCRIPT_ENGLISH Problems on V3.2 of ALL-IN-1
2492.0 *+2AIMTEC::FERRELL_LTue Jan 28 1997Network connection to FCS lost
2493.0 *+6VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jan 29 1997EDIT a MailMessage (WP E) after MOVEing is possible...
2494.0 *+6TIMAMD::VICTORThu Jan 30 1997EXITXOP is unknown
2496.0 *+5ALCALA::LOURDESFri Jan 31 1997SRV73 hang up
2497.0 *+1TAVMon Feb 03 1997OA-W-CAB_USED
2498.0 *+4VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Feb 03 1997stack dump on customized mapping policy
2499.0 *+23ALFSS2::BEKELE_DTue Feb 04 1997SUBSCRIBERS: & Mail forwarding
2500.0 *+2NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suosw3.suo.dec.com"Tue Feb 04 1997awi
2501.0 *+9NETRIX::"Karl Strong@reo.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 05 1997
2502.0 *+5SWING::WALSHWed Feb 05 1997long term archiving query
2503.0 *+4NETRIX::"Karl Strong@reo.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 05 1997Classic Currupt SDAF
2504.0 *+6NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suosw3.suo.dec.com"Wed Feb 05 1997Invalid authentication information
2505.0 *VAXRIO::63Wed Feb 05 1997MAPI 1 driver for ALL-IN-1 kit?
2506.0 *+3VAXRIO::6323Wed Feb 05 1997Remote DDS and Migration from VAX to Alpha
2507.0 *+3ICS::BONVALLATWed Feb 05 1997Teamlinks Move-File error for specific account
2508.0 *+5ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed Feb 05 1997How to stop ALL-IN-1 from attempting to use IP port
2509.0 *+1EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu Feb 06 1997subscriber_change_interactive.scp and remote MR
2510.0 *+2IOSG::DUTTThu Feb 06 1997Help on file service examples
2511.0 *+7ATHINA::KARVOUNISFri Feb 07 1997TLC V2.5 failing
2512.0 *+7GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Feb 07 1997Qualified children. Eh?
2513.0 *+7ZURFri Feb 07 1997A1V3.2 sending EXCEL attachments remote
2514.0 *+4FLEX7::PATON_SFri Feb 07 1997Fetcher locking OPA
2515.0 *ALFSS2::BEKELE_DTue Feb 11 1997V3.2 FC Server register dump
2516.0 *+1MAIL1::KMAHERTue Feb 11 1997VMS Version requirements?
2517.0 *+4ZPOVC::JONAHLIMWed Feb 12 1997Process crash dump
2518.0 *+1OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Feb 13 1997Mail Not Forwarded
2519.0 *+1ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Feb 13 1997TM data to a CSV file
2520.0 *+2HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Feb 14 1997Send GEM attachment in ALL-IN-1 through PMDF
2521.0 *+423481::SHYAMFri Feb 14 1997How to get 3.1 Patch_kits...
2522.0 *+9TAVENG::WEISSBREMFri Feb 14 1997Looking for Multi-Language installation on AXP
2523.0 *+11HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Feb 17 1997What is mechanism of undelivered mail to reply user
2524.0 *+3WOODY::FABBRIMon Feb 17 1997Cluster and delivery receipt
2525.0 *+1ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed Feb 19 1997Source of WSEXTENT?
2526.0 *+1ZGOMIF::HWLEEWed Feb 19 1997What FAX solutions for ALL-IN-1 v3.2 on Alpha
2527.0 *+6KERNEL::BURDENIWed Feb 19 1997Hardware upgrade and v3.1 with Alpha VMS 7.1
2528.0 *+1TAVWed Feb 19 1997No connect - server running ...
2529.0 *+2AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Feb 19 1997Sensitivity Field Not Displaed on Message
2530.0 *+4AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Feb 19 1997Invalid parameters provided for CM_CHECKQUOTA.SCP
2531.0 *+1GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Feb 20 1997problem refiling documents
2532.0 *IOSG::HOLTDThu Feb 20 1997*Draft* DIGITAL Office Server Sales Update
2533.0 *+3VAXRIO::63Thu Feb 20 1997how can I delete a form from CM menu
2534.0 *+7COPCLU::ELINFri Feb 21 1997Two AIDA$SERVER_1 processes
2535.0 *+2WOODY::FABBRIFri Feb 21 1997DCL procedures for creating accounts
2536.0 *+1VAXRIO::6323Mon Feb 24 1997read and delivery receipts in English and ALL-IN-1 is Brazilian
2537.0 *+2UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Feb 25 1997Office Server fault tolerant ?
2538.0 *+4LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NTue Feb 25 1997All-in-1 mail archive problem.
2539.0 *+2VAXRIO::63Tue Feb 25 1997printing ASCII with accents
2541.0 *+7IOSG::ECHRISTIEWed Feb 26 1997Office Server V4 (Nimbus) Status
2542.0 *+2AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Feb 26 1997Can WORD Documents be archived?
2543.0 *+3ZGOMIF::HWLEEThu Feb 27 1997Changing printing pitch in ALL-IN-1
2544.0 *+14VMSNET::C_ESTESThu Feb 27 1997ALL-IN-1 3.2 and system managers
2545.0 *+3AIMTEC::GRENIER_JThu Feb 27 1997Do not see Replies from Index (some users)
2546.0 *+4SLICER::RODThu Feb 27 1997Information on OSA Interface?
2547.0 *OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Feb 28 1997AIDA Problems With 3.2
2548.0 *+5GRITS::WILLIAMS_TFri Feb 28 1997spell check
2549.0 *ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KMon Mar 03 1997FCS and UtltoUpper, negative string length specified
2550.0 *+4GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Mar 03 1997invalid password
2551.0 *+3HGOVC::WILSONPOONTue Mar 04 1997Can ALL-IN-1 3.
2552.0 *+2DECBAH::SCONETTITue Mar 04 1997AIDA$SERVER
2553.0 *+2KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Mar 04 1997Problems with OA$WPL_ALL_TV.EXE
2554.0 *VAXRIO::6323Tue Mar 04 1997Empty Wastebasket executing for a long time
2555.0 *VAXRIO::6323Tue Mar 04 1997specific Teamlink users can't connect to SRV73
2556.0 *+5AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Mar 05 1997ACCVIO's when printing or reading new mail
2557.0 *+12KERNEL::BURDENIThu Mar 06 1997Script file taking a long time
2558.0 *+4ROMThu Mar 06 1997%RMS-E-RNF, record not found on heterogenous cluster
2559.0 *+9ZGOMIF::CNKHOOFri Mar 07 1997owner name in mail header
2560.0 *+3GIDDAY::BACOTFri Mar 07 1997RCM and ALL-IN-1 integration
2561.0 *+9TAGEIN::SCHOENFri Mar 07 1997UIC GROUP FULL
2562.0 *+2LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NMon Mar 10 1997Drivers for Epson printers
2563.0 *+6NQOSTue Mar 11 1997DECnet/OSI required for X.5
2564.0 *+23Tue Mar 11 1997Differences between TLC V2.5 and ALL-IN-1 V3.2 TLC
2565.0 *+521272::RP_SATOTue Mar 11 1997ALL-IN-1 v3.2 and PMDF, Internet addressing
2566.0 *+1KYOSS1::ERICKSENWed Mar 12 1997Move from Kanji/English to English
2567.0 *+3OASS::BURNAMAN_BWed Mar 12 1997EXIT from subprocess hangs teminal
2568.0 *TAGEIN::SCHOENThu Mar 13 1997OPCDEC & Spellchecker
2569.0 *+1WOODY::FABBRIThu Mar 13 1997ROF Internal error in housekeeping procedure
2570.0 *+1ZURThu Mar 13 1997Sometimes free-form-name in parenthesis
2571.0 *+2ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Mar 13 1997Duplicate DOCNUM?
2572.0 *+2ZPOVC::NWEFri Mar 14 1997BMA No SDAFs are currently available
2573.0 *+3VELI::KORKKOSat Mar 15 1997Lots of unseen messages, how to get rid of them quickly?
2574.0 *MAIL2::KMAHERSun Mar 16 1997
2575.0 *+5VAXRIO::6323Mon Mar 17 1997Return a limited number of dds entries
2576.0 *+1AIMTEC::GRENIER_JMon Mar 17 1997CBI_ENGLISH Questions
2577.0 *+5OASS::BURNAMAN_BTue Mar 18 1997NUL_POINTER error when printing in 3.1
2578.0 *+4LISA2::SEPULVEDATue Mar 18 1997Send Folders by mail
2579.0 *+1MAIL2::KMAHERTue Mar 18 1997
2580.0 *+1KERNEL::BURDENIThu Mar 20 1997Node validation for MUA PTN fails on v3.2
2581.0 *+1RCOCER::MICKOLFri Mar 21 1997Help with large ALL-IN-1 configuration?
2582.0 *+15KERNEL::BURDENIFri Mar 21 1997Sender/Fetcher Access Violation on an Alpha
2583.0 *+3HTSC19::MASCOTTANGMon Mar 24 1997symbol does not display the trace value
2584.0 *+1COPCLU::ELINMon Mar 24 1997%DCL-W-UNDFIL error when running RSF
2585.0 *+5FRAIS::EDDF1Mon Mar 24 1997Convert-routines for upgrade 2.3 to 3.2
2586.0 *+3DECBAH::SCONETTITue Mar 25 1997Can't move ONE account
2587.0 *+1TAVWed Mar 26 1997IA after XF displays GARBAGE
2588.0 *+5ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed Mar 26 1997Performance table for V3.2 please!
2589.0 *+1HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Mar 27 1997TeamLinks New Mail Notification not working
2590.0 *GIDDAY::LEHThu Mar 27 1997Read receipt didn't show the SMU'ed reader
2591.0 *+4UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Mar 28 1997US SPD 3.2 bug, 4.
2592.0 *+2MAIL1::KMAHERMon Mar 31 1997
2593.0 *+1MAIL1::KMAHERMon Mar 31 1997
2594.0 *+7OSOSPS::NAGAOTue Apr 01 1997Delta-time restriction
2595.0 *+1ESSB::STEWARTTue Apr 01 1997Directory of Keywords??
2596.0 *+3TAVTue Apr 01 1997ACC VIO on ALPHA VMS V7.1
2597.0 *+4VELI::KORKKOTue Apr 01 1997\ in title gets converted to hex 1a, blows groupwise
2598.0 *+6HGOVC::CHIKAICHEUNGWed Apr 02 1997House keeping job re-submit when reboot
2599.0 *+1ZPOVC::NWEWed Apr 02 1997oa$pc_notify
2600.0 *+4KERNEL::BURDENIWed Apr 02 1997AIDA Server startup problems
2601.0 *+116632::GEORGESThu Apr 03 1997OfficeServer: DMW-like Command Line VT Interface?
2602.0 *+1BEHORN::PLATTNERThu Apr 03 1997%OAFC-W-INVATTRVAL,Value...attribute too long
2605.0 *+2DECBAH::SCONETTIMon Apr 07 1997OA$DAF_E.DAT;1 file move
2606.0 *+3DECBAH::SCONETTIMon Apr 07 1997Your terminal does not have a printer port
2607.0 *+7SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYTue Apr 08 1997Displaying technical characters
2608.0 *+5VAXRIO::6323Tue Apr 08 1997Acessing a conference can delay a lot
2609.0 *AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DTue Apr 08 1997Time offset and MAILbus
2610.0 *BULAN::sooras-2Tue Apr 08 1997problem with OA$DDS_PRIME = 2
2611.0 *+3UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Apr 09 1997OA$FORMATTER paused during Wordperfect formatting
2612.0 *+2FRAIS::EDDF1Wed Apr 09 1997removing field contents with Global edit
2613.0 *+1FRAIS::EDDF1Wed Apr 09 1997Prologue filename in Printer Tables
2614.0 *+4OASS::BURNAMAN_BWed Apr 09 1997Lagging chars in WPS-PLUS
2615.0 *+4LISA2::SEPULVEDAWed Apr 09 1997DECnet OSI Problem ?
2616.0 *+1KERNEL::BURDENIThu Apr 10 1997Incoming mail designated Shared area ?
2617.0 *+4KERNEL::BURDENIFri Apr 11 1997Subscriber mail with no Privileges
2618.0 *+3STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Apr 11 1997FCS stops with insufficient virtual memory
2619.0 *+7COPCLU::ELINMon Apr 14 1997AIDA patch A1_FIX
2620.0 *+4ATZIS1::EHRLICH_KMon Apr 14 1997FCS API -> Determining IUID takes very very long!
2621.0 *ALFSS2::BEKELE_DMon Apr 14 1997writing into OA$PCBDCST_MBX
2622.0 *+4OASS::MARGETSON_MTue Apr 15 1997TM Programming
2623.0 *+2SWING::WALSHTue Apr 15 1997Wordperfect integration info needed !!
2624.0 *+3VAXRIO::VALERIATue Apr 15 1997AIDA with access violation
2625.0 *+3CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Apr 15 1997ALLIN1 process in MUTEX state
2626.0 *+1TAVWed Apr 16 1997MUA E(dit) hanging ...
2627.0 *+1KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 16 1997Adding an addressee field to the Index form
2628.0 *+3COPCLU::ELINThu Apr 17 1997Security alarms on shared directory access
2629.0 *+10COPCLU::ELINThu Apr 17 1997Create multiple PC broadcast servers?
2630.0 *+4GIDDAY::VELDFri Apr 18 1997Error getting semantic tag - doc in shared drawer
2631.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIFri Apr 18 1997VMS patches and relinking
2632.0 *+1MSDOA::RTP4ME::WILLIAMSFri Apr 18 1997testing v3.2 with mailbus 4
2634.0 *ALFSS2::BEKELE_DSat Apr 19 1997LIB$FREE_VM Failures under V3.2
2634.0 *ALFSS2::BEKELE_DSat Apr 19 1997LIB$FREE_VM failures under V3.2
2635.0 *SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYMon Apr 21 1997MDK lets you move MAIN drawer
2636.0 *+1NNTPD::"staebler@suo.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 21 1997DDS Search ???
2637.0 *ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KMon Apr 21 1997Fetcher and System-Shutdown behaviour
2638.0 *+3JACEK::waldek.rpw.dec.com::agatka::calkaMon Apr 21 1997DMS moved/gone
2639.0 *+1MAIL1::KMAHERMon Apr 21 1997
2640.0 *+1VMSNET::V_WALKERMon Apr 21 1997POP3=>SMTP=>VMSMAIL=>MRG=>ALL-IN-1
2641.0 *+4NNTPD::"dave watts@hhl"Tue Apr 22 1997ALL-IN-1 V3.1 Compatible with VMS V7.1
2643.0 *+2GLDXWed Apr 23 1997Mass transfer of ALL-IN-1 documents
2644.0 *+2UTRTSC::DIENAARWed Apr 23 1997Read access
2645.0 *+5WOTVAX:: Apr 24 1997No Mail Notification with TeamLinks on NT
2646.0 *+2ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Apr 24 1997OA$SUB_OPEN from batch after VMS upgrade fails
2647.0 *+5KERNEL::BURDENIThu Apr 24 1997Error reading from Partition file
2648.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 24 1997Problem logging w/ TeamLinks and ALL-IN-1
2649.0 *+1KERNEL::BURDENIFri Apr 25 1997Remote DDS configuration
2650.0 *54687::SCHOLLAERTMon Apr 28 19973.1 / TeamLinks 2.7 add drawer : ERROR 6
2651.0 *+3FRAIS::EDDF1Tue Apr 29 1997horiz. and vertical. Pitching with printstyle 'PS'
2652.0 *+1VMSNET::M_NEVINSWed Apr 30 1997ALL-IN-1 and VMS Delta Time patch issue
2653.0 *+10BARNA::DSMAILWed Apr 30 1997NODE1::"73=" Stopped
2654.0 *+2WOTVAX:: Apr 30 1997File Cabinet Server error -%RMS-F-EXENQLM
2655.0 *+3COMICS::GLEDHILLThu May 01 1997Help displaying vms status during spawn
2656.0 *+6VMSNET::C_ESTESThu May 01 1997DDS and Cluster Alias Question
2657.0 *+3HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu May 01 1997cannot start fetcher job
2658.0 *GIDDAY::BACOTMon May 05 1997cvt-e-bof trying to move past beginning of file
2659.0 *+3TAVMon May 05 1997SMU read EVENT message ACC VIO
2660.0 *+4ATZIS1::EHRLICH_KMon May 05 1997ALL-IN-1 and MTA sets (MTA_NODE)
2661.0 *+2BEHORN::PLATTNERTue May 06 1997AWI and ALL-IN-1 and DSO PAK
2662.0 *+1DJOVTue May 06 1997ALL-IN-1 as POP3 mail server ?
2663.0 *UTURBO::SCHOLLAERTWed May 07 1997What causes Conn_rej (SAI) increments ?
2664.0 *+3VMSNET::C_ESTESWed May 07 1997Remote DDS and ALPHAs
2665.0 *IOSG::ECHRISTIEWed May 07 1997Office Server training week
2666.0 *+1VMSNET::C_ESTESWed May 07 1997Delta Time Patch
2667.0 *+8AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AWed May 07 1997Deleting Classified Documents
2668.0 *+334Thu May 08 1997VAX-Alpha Question
2669.0 *+2AIMTEC::FERRELL_LFri May 09 1997SDAF record not found
2670.0 *+2GIDDAY::LEHFri May 09 1997Identify least frequently used system distrib lists
2671.0 *+3HGOVSat May 10 1997Urgent help for ALL-IN-1 RELINK
2672.0 *+1NNTPD::"c-blythf@mail.dec.com"Mon May 12 1997File Cabinet Server
2673.0 *+5VAXRIO::VALERIAMon May 12 1997PAPERMAIL as the reverse lookup
2674.0 *+3LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NTue May 13 1997ALL-IN-1 PTU ?
2675.0 *+5KERNEL::BURDENIWed May 14 1997IVP failed after 3.2 upgrade
2676.0 *+2VAXRIO::RICARDOWed May 14 1997ALL-IN-1 + AltaVista Directory ?
2678.0 *+1IOSG::WALKERWed May 14 1997DIGITAL OS Web Interface Notes Conference
2679.0 *+2ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed May 14 1997%OA-I-CAB_NO_SDAF_REC
2680.0 *+2COPCLU::ELINThu May 15 1997ALLIN1CLSVR license: Users cannot connect to AIDA
2681.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIMon May 19 1997Network.dat in versions 3.
2682.0 *+4KERNEL::BURDENIMon May 19 19973.2 upgrade errors and record size
2683.0 *+3NCMAIL::MMNORTHMon May 19 1997ALL-IN-1 system shutdown
2684.0 *+5STUTue May 20 1997Move Mailworks FC to ALL-IN-1 FC ?
2685.0 *+4WOTVAX::rasmodem31.reo.dec.com::swatTue May 20 1997Reading RTF documents in ALL-IN-1
2686.0 *+2LISA2::SEPULVEDATue May 20 1997Dump error - accvio
2687.0 *+5OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichWed May 21 1997A1 V 3.2, DSA and MTA in a cluster - what to install ?
2688.0 *+9KERNEL::BURDENIWed May 21 1997Slow mails from ALL-IN-1
2689.0 *+1NNTPD::"c-blythf@mail.dec.com"Wed May 21 1997WPS-PLUS Viewer
2690.0 *+5OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichWed May 21 1997A1 V 3.2 with P1 extensions ?
2691.0 *+8OASS::ANDRES_BWed May 21 1997Multiple Senders and Fetchers
2692.0 *+4NNTPD::"didier.courcoux@too.mts.dec.com"Thu May 22 1997How to create smtp translations address from ALL-IN-1 V3.2
2693.0 *+7DJOVThu May 22 1997X.5
2694.0 *+2NNTPD::"didier.courcoux@too.mts.dec.com"Thu May 22 1997ALL-IN-1 use MR addresses when linked with X.5
2695.0 *+1NNTPD::"didier.courcoux@too.mts.dec.com"Thu May 22 1997Pb with VIDEOTELEFAX and XMR (New field in NBS message)
2696.0 *+2HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri May 23 1997Find tool kit to recover SDAF file
2697.0 *+1COPCLU::ELINTue May 27 1997Deletion of empty folders in TeamLinks?
2698.0 *VAXSPO::RP_SATOTue May 27 1997Answer Meeting Request/Remote MR problem
2699.0 *+1VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed May 28 1997ALL-IN-1/Remote MR, How to force translation ?
2700.0 *+3TAVWed May 28 1997OAFC server hang
2701.0 *+2ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KWed May 28 1997TeamLinks Read-Receipts hang when SMUed user
2702.0 *DJOVWed May 28 1997Login failures and teamlinks
2703.0 *BIGUN::dhcp2Thu May 29 1997Remote drawer access problem
2704.0 *+1MSDOA::RTP4ME::WILLIAMSThu May 29 1997ALL-IN-1 and Mailbus 4
2705.0 *+1OASS::MARGETSON_MSat May 31 1997Change Handling Field
2706.0 *+5HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 02 1997Do not find V3.2 programming guide
2707.0 *+1MSAMTue Jun 03 1997ALL-IN-1 V3.1 disk quota exceeded problem
2708.0 *+5STUTue Jun 03 1997Problems during ALL-IN-1 Startup !!!
2709.0 *+2DECBAH::SYSTEMTue Jun 03 1997AIDA hang the system
2710.0 *+134Wed Jun 04 1997WSQUOTA too high?
2711.0 *+1LEMAN::UELTSCHIThu Jun 05 1997Type = MESSAGE not MAIL
2712.0 *+2LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NThu Jun 05 1997ICF 48 for ALL-IN-1
2713.0 *34Thu Jun 05 1997Send Blank Cover Memo option in IOS?
2714.0 *DJOVThu Jun 05 1997ALL-IN-1 groups and remote users ???
2715.0 *+1LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NFri Jun 06 1997ALL-IN-1 startup question
2716.0 *49393::teamc1.zuo.dec.com::RIGI::BURKHALTERFri Jun 06 1997Mixed architecture cluster question