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Conference ijsapl::miniatures

Title:Dollhouses and miniatures
Notice:Please read note 1.2
Created:Mon Feb 21 1994
Last Modified:Thu Apr 17 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:61
Total number of notes:387
Number with bodies:4
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1.04HLDGMon Feb 21 1994Introduction
2.07HLDGMon Feb 21 1994FOR SALE
3.017HLDGMon Feb 21 1994Sources
4.024HLDGMon Feb 21 1994Who are you? Introductions
5.09HLDGMon Feb 21 1994Events & Happenings
6.06HLDGMon Feb 21 1994How To - Brick/Masonry Work
7.09HLDGTue Feb 22 1994How To - Wiring/Electrical Systems
8.04HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Dilapidated Victorian--Where to begin?
9.018HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Publications
10.0HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Patterns/descriptions
11.010HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Miniatures Show--Andover, MA
12.02HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Do you display your house?
13.02HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Crafts in Miniature
14.015HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Catalogs
15.016HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Making your own.....
16.0HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Happy New year
17.07HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Favorite tools note
18.016HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Any spring miniature Shows??
19.01HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Should hav said "where"
20.0HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Central Mass Area
21.012HLDGTue Feb 22 1994How to - wallpaper
22.08HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Miniature group
23.016HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Useful books
25.03HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Building a dolls house
26.02HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Choosing a time period?
27.06HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Any Fall Miniature Shows????
28.05HLDGTue Feb 22 1994How to: bend plywood
29.01HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Can lights be battery powered?
30.02HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Making a Haunted House??
31.034HLDGTue Feb 22 1994My new house: A New Concepts Montpelier w/extensions!
32.07HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Log Home Anyone?
33.08HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Miniatures & Money
34.05HLDGTue Feb 22 1994GLUES
35.06HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Making Wood Furniture from Kits
36.0HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Miniature flower garden
37.02HLDGTue Feb 22 1994DOG HOUSE KIT?
38.01HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Making Miniature Furniture Classes?
39.03HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Modern/Contemporary Miniatures
40.03HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Connecting Electric Lights
41.01HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Bargello carpet?
42.03HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Questions from a novice...
43.01HLDGTue Feb 22 1994Holiday Dollhouse magic
44.05HLDGTue Feb 22 1994My new house
45.0ASDG::TREMBLAYMon Feb 28 1994Enfield, Conn. show
46.01PSDVAX::MIDTTUNWed Mar 30 1994ex
47.01IJSAPL::VANHULSTFri Apr 08 1994electronic doll-house
48.0IJSAPL::SCHLEYWed Apr 27 1994I.D.E.A.
49.0ICS::LEDBURYThu Oct 27 1994Miniature Show Scheduled 1994
50.0UTROP1::SCHLEY_AFri Nov 18 1994Your current projects
51.02USHSTue Dec 13 1994Aging/Antiquing in Miniatures
52.01USHSWed Dec 14 1994Mansions in the Sky, Castles in Your Head
53.0UTROP1::SCHLEY_AFri Mar 03 1995Looking for : florist tape
54.02VAXSPO::CRISTINAMon May 15 1995**** TUCKER car ******
55.03UTROP1::SCHLEY_AFri Jun 23 1995Gone public
56.03ICS::WALKERThu Oct 19 1995want to build a gothic mansion-how?
57.0+4UTROP1::SCHLEY_ATue Nov 21 1995Exploring the Internet
58.03USHSFri Dec 01 1995Quickie Hints and Tips
59.0UTROP1::SCHLEY_AFri Mar 22 1996Looking for penpals?
60.0+2UTROP1::SCHLEY_AMon Apr 29 1996Tinytalk
61.0 *UTROP1::SCHLEY_AFri Jan 31 1997Shops in Geneva?