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Conference ie::jabberwocky

Title:Feedback on Jabberwocky User Environment
Notice:*** New Presales Presentation - see note 530.0 ***
Created:Thu Mar 19 1987
Last Modified:Fri May 16 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:542
Total number of notes:2101
Number with bodies:15
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1.05HATTER::BARRETTMon Oct 01 1990Introduction
2.017HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990Literature
3.09HATTER::SELLMon Oct 01 1990Latest kits
4.072HATTER::SELLMon Oct 01 1990Register of Noters
5.0HATTER::BARRETTMon Oct 01 1990Dialogue Bus
6.0HATTER::MARSDENMon Oct 01 1990DB_Menuman
7.0HATTER::MARSDENMon Oct 01 1990DB_Builder
8.011HATTER::KEENMon Oct 01 1990DB_Language
9.06HATTER::SELLMon Oct 01 1990DB_Script
10.0HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990DB_Facet
11.03HATTER::KEENMon Oct 01 1990DB_Voice
12.0HATTER::KEENMon Oct 01 1990 DB_VoiceMail
13.0HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990DB_TDT
14.03HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990 DB_3D
15.03HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990EERP Cardiff
16.01HATTER::BROOKEMon Oct 01 1990EERP Surrey
18.01UIA::KEENMon Oct 01 1990EERP Leeds
19.022GALVIA::JBROWNEThu Oct 04 1990Question on the menu manager
20.02277::GOODThu Oct 04 1990Presence
21.041318::FARRELLTue Oct 09 1990Dialogue Bus on VT terminals
22.0145446::DAVIESWed Oct 10 1990Updated DW_WINDOW.COM
23.0145446::DAVIESWed Oct 10 1990Dialogue_bus & MICA = FATAL ?
24.0745446::DAVIESWed Oct 10 1990A possibly useful tool for you
25.0445446::DAVIESThu Oct 11 1990Problems with V1.1
26.0145446::DAVIESThu Oct 11 1990Wishlist Item ?
27.09RATH::BROOKEMon Nov 05 1990DB_Case v1.
28.072277::GOODMon Nov 05 1990Installation guide?
29.02CHEFS::HARDINGThu Nov 08 1990XMAS Shooping List
30.016SUBURB::MUNROMThu Nov 08 1990Installation Failed
31.0JABBER::MARSDENThu Nov 08 1990WIBNI for DB_Menuman - no banner box
32.08GALVIA::JBROWNEWed Nov 14 1990VMS/DECwindows + jabberwocky upgrade problem
33.01BAVIKI::GOODWed Nov 14 1990Pressure-sensitive touch screen used with Jabberwocky
34.0SHALOT::FAILEFri Dec 14 1990SSB Kit for MICA is available
35.05COOKIE::LEAGUEWed Dec 19 1990ultrix version
36.0ELBOW::BELLINGERTue Jan 15 1991LSE Template for DB_Script
37.04DTPVAX::SMITHMon Jan 21 1991Problems with privs and MOTIF
38.0542Mon Jan 28 1991V1.1 and RDB V4.
39.0BROUGH::DAVIESThu Jan 31 1991Correction of a minor bug.
40.04CHEFS::GALLJFri Feb 01 1991DB Script as a filter between user and appln
41.03SAC::WILLIAMS_MTue Feb 05 1991Possible bug ??
42.01HAMPS::WILLIAMS_MThu Feb 14 1991DB script trapping new line
43.04HAMPS::JOYCE_ATue Feb 19 1991DB a secret ? Or what ?
44.02MALLET::MISTRY_PThu Feb 21 1991An observation on the Dialogue_bus
45.0ELBOW::BELLINGERSun Mar 03 1991Dialogue Bus maintenance on VT Terminals
46.04YUPPY::SANDERSMon Mar 04 1991Information Needed!
47.0145446::DAVIESTue Mar 05 1991VT13
48.06SUBURB::MUNROMFri Mar 08 1991DB_Window Help!
49.07MALLET::MISTRY_PWed Mar 27 1991Trapping messages
50.0145446::DAVIESWed Apr 03 1991Info on ALEX anyone ?
51.08453Thu Apr 04 1991My server XOFF-ed !!!
52.010SAC::JOYCEMon Apr 08 1991Help required on embedded <CR>s in messages
53.017RATH::BROOKETue Apr 09 1991Government health warning - DECwindows v3.
54.014SUBURB::MUNROMFri Apr 12 1991MDV menu driver
55.0RATH::BROOKEFri Apr 12 1991Soft resets of terminal
57.05YIPPEE::TARANTOLAWed Apr 17 1991Problem with protections
58.07MALLET::MISTRY_PThu Apr 18 1991A 'feature' of script servers ?
59.05BROUGH::DAVIESFri Apr 26 1991Time for a TOOLSHED ?
60.0145464::GURRAN_MMon Apr 29 1991Element Submission ?
61.06SAC::JOYCETue Apr 30 1991DB_HIMAGE whereabouts ?
62.01SUBURB::MUNROMFri May 03 1991Script and Ultrix
63.05JABBER::MARSDENWed May 08 1991***** KIT NEWS LATEST ***********************
64.010RATH::BROOKEThu May 16 1991Transferring builder elements
65.0345426::GURRANTue May 21 1991Jabberwocky Tools Support
66.02RATH::BROOKEFri May 24 1991Removing elements from the Builder database
67.0245464::HICKS_RFri May 24 1991Clustering Probs in startup
68.0TWILIT::BARRETTTue May 28 1991Spring Cleaning our `old' kits
69.05SAC::JOYCEFri Jun 14 1991Problem with nested IF..THEN..ELSEs in SCRIPT?
70.06SHALOT::WAYERMon Jun 17 1991DB_Case - A few wishlist items
71.0134823::ZEISLERMon Jun 17 1991RFP info?
72.05MALLET::MISTRY_PWed Jun 26 1991MUTEX problem
73.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Jun 26 1991VMS X5.5 install problems?
74.03BROUGH::DAVIESWed Jul 03 1991Fame in the Press at last ?
75.09JABBER::MARSDENWed Jul 10 1991DB_Menuman Wishlist
76.01SAC::JOYCEWed Jul 10 1991More DB_SCRIPT questions
77.0JABBER::MARSDENMon Jul 22 1991OJP for the UIA A/D Group
78.0JABBER::MARSDENFri Jul 26 1991DB_Menuman V3.6 DECWindows
79.09JABBER::MARSDENFri Jul 26 1991DB_Menuman V3.6 OSF/Motif
80.0RATH::BROOKETue Jul 30 1991FTA bus probably nearly ready, maybe
81.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jul 31 1991MB2 seems to cause the DB_PROTO to go into command mode when in DB_CASE.
82.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jul 31 1991X updating of DB_PROTO edit space
84.02453Thu Aug 08 1991Messages out of sync ?
85.06RUBIK::SELLFri Aug 09 1991DB_Film V1.
86.0333979::JANSENTue Aug 13 1991HELP with DEFINITION
87.04ELBOW::BELLINGERFri Aug 23 1991Idle process killer
88.07RUTILE::63582::CAGNINTue Aug 27 1991Register Personal Details: can't proceed
89.01LARVAE::MUNRO_MMon Sep 02 1991Menuman & VT1
90.0245538::CHAMBERSTue Sep 10 1991V2.1 installation/no menus created
91.06MALLET::MISTRY_PTue Sep 10 1991Spurious character X
92.01453Thu Sep 19 1991SAVEd state problems
93.03LARVAE::MUNRO_MFri Sep 20 1991A few Questions??
94.05451Tue Sep 24 1991Problem with Prototyper
95.01MALLET::MUNRO_MTue Sep 24 1991Dialogue Bus and VMS 5.5
96.0745286::SCORE_RMon Sep 30 1991Suppressing 'Remove' Messages
97.0458869::MCCORMACKMon Oct 07 1991What role for the PC?
98.0JABBER::MARSDENThu Oct 10 1991If adding elements doesn't work ...
99.0ELIZA::SYLVIEThu Oct 17 1991Slots Available on next JABBERWOCKY Apprenticeship
100.02ELBOW::BELLINGERMon Oct 21 1991Unterminated msg from SHOW OUTPUT
101.0644218::CARTYWed Oct 23 1991Failed to get jabberwocky started;start dtm and retry.
102.01RDGENG::FITTONMon Oct 28 1991CASE tool becomes hung after exit from prototyper
103.01TWILIT::BARRETTWed Nov 06 1991DB_Himage Version 1.
104.04MALLET::MUNRO_MThu Nov 14 1991Jabberwocky in the background
105.08RATH::BROOKEFri Nov 15 1991TNT V1.
106.0338965::MACOMBERTue Nov 19 1991Capturing 327
107.04TWILIT::BARRETTFri Nov 29 1991Yard Sale - Script Segments
108.01IE::BARTLETTMon Dec 02 1991Ultrix information
109.03JOCKEY::BLACKMThu Dec 05 1991DECcp Data?
110.0ELIZA::SYLVIETue Dec 10 1991JABBERWOCKY Apprenticeship - a few more places
111.0444289::MCKEATINGTue Dec 17 1991Dialog Bus and DECmessageQ comparison?
112.0444289::MCKEATINGTue Dec 17 1991Plug-and-play User Interfaces?
113.019RUBIK::SELLThu Dec 19 1991DB_Animator V1.1
114.03SAC::MUNRO_MFri Dec 20 1991Fatal error!!! help
115.01TWILIT::BARRETTFri Dec 20 1991Christmas Presents from the UIA A/D Group
116.0IE::BARTLETTFri Dec 20 1991DB_Progress Version 1.
117.04IE::BARTLETTFri Dec 20 1991DB_Decterm version 1.
118.0IE::BARTLETTFri Dec 20 1991DB_Plug
120.01158635::ANDREWSFri Jan 03 1992A modest proposal from the colonies
121.0342Sat Jan 04 1992Client consultancy?
122.02427Tue Jan 07 1992Migrating to jabberwocky
123.011157Tue Jan 07 1992prototyping
124.03ADDICT::LESLIEFri Jan 10 19922.2 bug
125.044681::HAKKARAINENWed Jan 15 1992Creating demos of Motif Help?
126.02SUBWAY::TEDESCOWed Jan 22 1992DB & user at same time.
127.02SUBWAY::TEDESCOThu Jan 30 1992US Apprecticeship ?
128.02SUBWAY::TEDESCOFri Jan 31 1992Startup problem...
129.0444289::MCKEATINGTue Feb 04 1992DB_LANGUAGE examples?
130.05SAC::MUNRO_MTue Feb 04 1992Problems with H_Image
131.0144289::MCKEATINGTue Feb 04 1992using VOCAB to view DB_language I/P files
132.0144289::MCKEATINGTue Feb 04 1992DB_TNT documentation available?
133.04CHEFS::GALLJWed Feb 05 1992Dialogue Bus Versions
134.0444289::MCKEATINGThu Feb 06 1992ACCOUNT quotas?
135.02RA::PROSSERWed Feb 12 1992A modest proposal from the colonies
136.0445464::MILLS_PFri Feb 14 1992Beginers start up problem !
137.034544Fri Feb 14 1992Application / Jabberwocky Symbol Name Clash
138.04PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Feb 18 1992VMS 5.5 and Invalid buffer length
139.05SAC::JOYCEThu Mar 05 1992To LOG_IO or not to LOG_IO...
140.0JABBER::MARSDENTue Mar 10 1992Jabberwocky Installation kit
141.0239225::CASHMANTue Mar 10 1992Dialog Bus project in banking?
142.01CHEFS::GALLJFri Mar 20 1992Field Test version, <CR> added to SHOW OUTPUT
143.0139463::MACOMBERMon Mar 23 1992system prarmeter reset
144.02DOOZER::RUSSELLThu Apr 09 1992defining key problem
145.01147537::SAL_MAUROFri Apr 24 1992Script in hung setting host
146.0147537::SAL_MAUROFri Apr 24 1992DB_SCRIPT crashes using set term/noecho
147.02TWILIT::BARRETTTue Apr 28 1992Jabberwocky Premiere
148.02IOSG::HULINFri May 01 1992DBRS Logical Names Directory Structures Proposals
149.0132Fri May 01 1992Customizing DB_CASE's choice of Editor
150.03SHIPS::MILLS_PTue May 05 1992A Startup glitch.. I think !
151.0332Wed May 06 1992Broken DB_PROTO?
152.0632Mon May 11 1992Having fun with DB_3D
153.01SAC::MISTRY_PWed May 13 1992Logical translations in script
154.0847537::SAL_MAUROWed May 13 1992heap too small
155.0132Wed May 13 1992How to Debug Script files?
156.0132Thu May 14 1992HIMAGE won't Listen to Me
157.0132Thu May 14 1992Directed Messages for Buttons in DB_MENUMAN?
158.0432Mon May 18 1992Cheap Performance Enhancement
159.0432Mon May 18 1992DB_Animator Wish List Item
160.0232Wed May 20 1992Hiding the Environment Control Panel
161.05TWILIT::BARRETTFri May 22 1992Jabberwocky Installation kit 3.
162.0TWILIT::BARRETTFri May 22 1992Dialogue Bus V1.6
163.01TWILIT::BARRETTFri May 22 1992DB_Case V1.2
164.0TWILIT::BARRETTFri May 22 1992Migrating to the New Improved DB_Builder
165.0RUBIK::SELLFri May 22 1992DB_Animator V2.
166.01451Fri May 22 1992DB_FMS Version 1.2
167.05ELBOW::BELLINGERFri May 22 1992DB_Output_Filter V2.
168.02ELBOW::BELLINGERFri May 22 1992Dialogue BUS RTL V2.
169.0JABBER::MARSDENTue May 26 1992DB_Menuman V4.
170.03SAC::MUNRO_MTue May 26 1992New Jabberwocky Kits a few questions
171.0IOSG::EVANSCThu May 28 1992Future docs - request for input
172.05SAC::NORTON_AMon Jun 01 1992Missing files from latest builder kit ??
173.01SAC::NORTON_AMon Jun 01 1992Problem with element transfer unpack
174.03SPTNIK::JPSMon Jun 01 1992Distributed/Heterogeneous Dialogue Bus
175.0SPTNIK::JPSThu Jun 04 1992Where can I find the ULTRIX bits?
176.04DOOZER::RUSSELLFri Jun 05 1992problem with DB_BUILDER database file
178.09DOOZER::RUSSELLFri Jun 19 1992TRACE of DB_SCRIPT to a file?
179.04SPTNIK::JPSFri Jun 26 1992Multiple messages per KEY definition?
180.01DOOZER::RUSSELLThu Jul 02 1992flushing outstanding script messages
181.03DOOZER::RUSSELLThu Jul 02 1992log file naming
182.0242498::LIFri Jul 03 1992Disk space requirement
183.02JABBER::MARSDENTue Jul 07 1992Jabberwocky Installation Guide
184.03472Tue Jul 07 1992DBOF and MDV
185.01DOOZER::RUSSELLTue Jul 07 1992Kit for VMS 5.3-1
186.03DOOZER::RUSSELLTue Jul 07 1992unexpected behaviour when sending message
187.0IE::BROOKEWed Jul 15 1992IE being upgraded
188.01SAC::MUNRO_MTue Jul 21 1992old tools progress please
189.04SAC::MUNRO_MWed Jul 22 1992Definition files for the DB run time library
190.01SAC::MUNRO_MMon Jul 27 1992Problems sending messages to DB$ERROR
191.01MAJORS::HANSONWed Jul 29 1992DECmessageQ and Dbus
192.02IE::BARRETTTue Aug 04 1992Interconnect Survey - PLEASE HELP
193.01JABBER::MARSDENFri Aug 07 1992Font Control in DB_Menuman
194.04FAILTE::CHRISTENSENMon Aug 10 1992Any overview/marketing info available on Jabberwocky
195.02CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Aug 12 1992INTERVISO anyone?
196.04UNTADI::EXLEYWed Aug 12 1992DB-Menuman, MM-LOCK & MM_CONCEAL
197.03RTOEU::MWEHRSIGTue Aug 18 1992Released kit needed (2.2)
198.0SAC::MUNRO_MFri Aug 21 1992Jabberwocky 2.2 and VMS 5.5
200.01UNTADI::EXLEYFri Sep 11 1992DB_MENUMAN access violation
201.0UNTADI::EXLEYMon Sep 14 1992MM-OFF and pulldown menus
202.03SNOCWed Sep 30 1992Can it help this customer?
203.02SHIPS::HICKS_RWed Sep 30 1992Script - Timeout Handlers question
204.05EVTDD1::BAHUNTue Oct 06 1992Maximum length of script parameter in dialogue.startup
205.0UIA::BURCHWed Oct 21 1992Request for Project Information
206.02UNTADA::EXLEYWed Oct 21 1992Menuman locks the wrong box
207.07TRNAF1::VIALEWed Oct 28 1992DB_FMS examples?
208.01TRNAF1::VIALEFri Oct 30 1992A good Jabberwocky opportunity
209.06RUBIK::SELLWed Nov 04 1992DB_Script Memory Usage
210.01UNTADI::EXLEYThu Nov 05 1992Menuman - minimum size boxes
211.03ARNIES::JULIANMon Dec 21 1992Debugging DCL with VERIFY
212.01ULYSSE::WALTERSWed Dec 30 1992Kit cannot be Copied
213.01ISIDRO::MARTue Jan 19 1993DBRS V1.
215.06SHIPS::HICKS_RFri Feb 12 1993DBUS by BATCH
216.01MIMS::BEKELE_DTue Feb 23 1993Hang Process
217.02TRCOA::TOYONAGAWed Feb 24 1993Any Jabberwocky Presentations?
219.02SHIPS::MILLS_PWed Mar 10 1993ULTRIX Functionality
220.03CHEFS::BATEMANCThu Mar 18 1993Case Study
221.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENWed Mar 31 1993Unterminated messages in STARTUP?
222.01AIMHI::OLSONMon Apr 12 1993Solution for pc platform?
223.0IE::SMITHTue Apr 13 1993STARGATE - 'the next generation'.
224.01DUMPTY::SMITHTue May 18 1993Jabberwocky Developers Course
225.04TMCUKV::WATSONRFri Jun 11 1993Invalid message syntax for server type
226.04MUDIS3::FISCALTue Jun 15 1993JABBERWOCKy vs DBRS
227.02TMCUKV::WATSONRTue Jun 22 1993Where does Stargate(PC) look for STAR.CFG ?
228.01TMCUKV::WATSONRWed Jun 23 1993Changing PC Stargate poll rate stops polling
229.04TMCUKV::WATSONRWed Jun 23 1993Duplicate Name collision ?
230.01TMCUKV::WATSONRFri Jul 02 1993How to 'force' Stargate/PC to exit ?
231.01TMCUKV::WATSONRWed Jul 14 1993Is more than one DDE link to StarGate/PC viable ?
232.03THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Aug 03 1993Jabberwocky on other hardware?
233.02NSDC::DONALDSONTue Aug 03 1993Looking for introduction or overview documents
234.03MUDIS3::FISCALMon Aug 16 1993%SYSGEN-E-NOPARAM, no such parameter
235.01GOVTWed Aug 25 1993Access to DB Run-time library
236.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Aug 26 1993DBDK startup error : Terminal Error
237.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Aug 31 1993Release numbers, please explain
238.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Aug 31 1993script technique : how to know who invoked
239.03KERNEL::FARRANTLFri Sep 10 1993Dialogue, new user
240.01MUDIS3::FISCALFri Sep 10 1993Release Management
241.01GOVTSat Sep 11 1993DB_OF and Get Cursor POS
242.01GOVTMon Sep 13 1993Upgraded DMO to DBRS and still hangs
243.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Sep 21 1993TNT kit and doc?
244.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Sep 28 1993Strange behaviour on bus when SET HOST
245.0KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Sep 29 1993is DB_VTmenu still around?
246.04KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Sep 30 1993TNT 'read:' command behaviour
247.04MOEUR1::NAYLORWed Oct 06 1993Developers Course
248.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Oct 08 1993DB technique : how to synchonize the asynchronous bus
249.08KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Oct 12 1993TNT technique : how to auto-trigger a model
250.01--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 13 1993Output Filter Whish List (when is Santa Claus?)
251.01IE::BELLINGERWed Oct 13 1993Output Filter Review
252.01CURRNT::HICKS_JWed Oct 13 1993DBRS DIsplay trouble
253.02ROMFri Oct 15 1993Availability on Alpha?
254.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Oct 19 1993Output Filter : send message when at ... problem
255.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Oct 22 1993Multiline in TNT and Scripts
256.01NEWOA::PAVITT_AFri Oct 22 1993Help getting Started ?
257.01NEWOA::PAVITT_AMon Oct 25 1993Problems installing dbdk ?
258.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Oct 26 1993Output filter: 'when text at' problem
259.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Nov 01 1993BUILDER : How register a new user
260.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JTue Nov 02 1993DBRS k=license location
261.01MOEUR1::NAYLORWed Nov 03 1993Course Examples
262.0IE::BURCHThu Nov 04 1993Important Information Regarding Stargate VMS
263.02HLDGFri Nov 05 1993DB for key mapping?
264.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Nov 05 1993Loop in output filter
265.02JMPSRV::MICKOLThu Nov 11 1993DCL => OSF1 Shell Script Conversion?
267.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Nov 17 1993Getting started with StarGate
268.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Nov 19 1993Cannot install Stargate/PC
269.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISMon Nov 22 1993Info?
270.01GOVTWed Dec 01 1993Stargate PC errors
271.01MOEUR1::NAYLORMon Dec 06 1993Jabberwocky
273.05MOEUR1::NAYLORWed Dec 08 1993DBRS Display problems
274.01VBVWed Dec 08 1993what can i use this for?
275.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JMon Dec 13 1993redefining key problem
276.02FILTON::LANEThu Dec 16 1993Positioning with Functional Spec.
277.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Dec 20 1993TNT technique : How to get the contents of a referenced cell
278.0LEMAN::POLOWed Dec 22 1993Stargate and IPX ...
279.0KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Dec 28 1993Stargate's short variables ?
280.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERFri Dec 31 1993SCRIPT technique : maximum size of ...
281.0IE::SILANDERTue Jan 04 1994Training Course
282.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JMon Jan 17 1994Key problems when running application through jabberwocky
283.0GOVTFri Jan 21 1994Minor installation glitches
284.03LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JTue Jan 25 1994Problem with command to start script just once
285.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JWed Jan 26 1994defining F1 - F6 Keys
286.02TRUCKS::BARRONWed Jan 26 1994Jabberwocky location of?
287.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Jan 27 1994Screen Scrappers?
288.015Fri Jan 28 1994SAS Competition
289.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon Jan 31 1994Is DBRS available for projects in US?
290.015Wed Feb 02 1994Ah
291.014RUBIK::BROOKEMon Feb 07 1994Announcing StarStream and SMP
292.0LEMAN::POLOTue Feb 08 1994Help library available for Jabberwocky
293.01FILTON::LANEThu Feb 10 1994System Integration Design Query
294.01OZROCK::LUCASTue Feb 15 1994How do I add SMP module to element in CASE Tools?
295.03SAHQ::TATEWFri Feb 18 1994Data Systems Intergation---Jabberwocky?
296.03OZROCK::LUCASMon Feb 21 1994Loading SMP models with automatic enabling of Rules
297.0354831::CORTEBEECKWed Feb 23 1994Performance data badly needed
298.095Wed Mar 02 1994Tandem terminal emulator?
299.015Fri Mar 11 1994Postscript documents, please
300.05GOVTTue Mar 15 1994Problems with SarStream DB
301.01GOVTThu Mar 17 1994SMP is great but one small error
302.01GOVTFri Mar 18 1994TNT Cell Size
303.02GOVTTue Mar 22 1994Problems with TNT
306.01GIDDAY::DONALDSONWed Mar 23 1994DBRS/SMP/TNT & SS in a production environment
307.01GIDDAY::DONALDSONWed Mar 23 1994DBDK Documentation & Usage
308.01154938::SMEKENSWed Mar 23 1994StarStream <--> DECmessageQ ? conflict on PC ?
309.0854938::SMEKENSWed Mar 23 1994StarStream --- Visual Basic ?
310.015Wed Mar 23 1994Jabberwocky and VAX/VMS V6.1
311.015Wed Mar 23 1994JAbberwocky and ALPHA
312.035Thu Mar 24 1994Training class
313.03GOVTFri Mar 25 1994Problem/Error With StarStream
314.02JURA::CLP_LDRThu Mar 31 1994multiple connect for a server
315.01JURA::CLP_LDRThu Mar 31 1994ITEM usage in TNT
316.09JABBER::barrettWed Apr 06 1994OSF/1 & OpenVMS Alpha-release
317.0RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Apr 06 1994Date Validation using a SCRIPT
318.012FLEX7::PATON_SWed Apr 06 1994Problem with parsing
319.01JURA::CLP_LDRThu Apr 07 1994PB with READ REQUEST in SMP
320.01JURA::CLP_LDRThu Apr 07 1994Enable a rule in SMP activate other rules
321.05JURA::CLP_LDRThu Apr 07 1994TNT symbole def missing in DBRS$DEFINITIONS.COM
322.01UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Apr 08 1994Ideas to solve a TEAMLINKS implementation challenge
323.0IE::BARRETTMon Apr 11 1994Deleted
324.04KILARA::DEANGELISTue Apr 12 1994Jabberwocky platforms?
325.01JURA::CLP_LDRTue Apr 12 1994No more compilation in DBDK_Case environment
326.0JURA::CLP_LDRTue Apr 12 1994Multiple file Error handler
327.01JURA::CLP_LDRWed Apr 13 1994JAB enhancements
328.01JURA::CLP_LDRWed Apr 13 1994TNT$PRIORITY not defined in Environment File
329.01JURA::CLP_LDRWed Apr 13 1994script compiler bug ?
330.012JURA::CLP_LDRFri Apr 15 1994TNT didn't start some time
331.03ESTASI::DOMINUTTIMon Apr 18 1994JABBERWOCKY or Object Broker or OEC tools?
332.02JURA::CLP_LDRThu Apr 21 1994SMP access violation
333.04BEHORN::GASCHENFri Apr 22 1994SMP without TNT?
334.02FUTURS::CHAMBERSWed Apr 27 1994VAX Debug and RTL
335.05Mon May 02 1994Projects using Jabberwocky
336.04PDVTue May 03 1994CONFIGURATION HELP ...
337.03GIDDAY::MILNEFri May 06 1994tutorial document?
338.01JITTue May 10 1994DBRS documents
339.01ISIDRO::LUISGONThu May 12 1994Broadcast messages & DBRS
340.02KILARA::MILNEFri May 13 1994Acme demo
341.03TROOA::LFUNGFri May 13 1994Strange behaviour with TEXT token in SMP
342.01TROOA::LFUNGFri May 13 1994Sometimes SMP can't pick up a match
343.05TROOA::LFUNGMon May 16 1994How to load tnt model file ?
344.03TOOK::KAUFMANThu May 19 1994DBRS problem on OSF/1
345.03FILTON::LANEFri May 20 1994Session switching problem
346.03JITTue May 24 1994DBRS$SCRIPT invoke
347.045Thu May 26 1994problems with logicals
348.04TOOK::KAUFMANThu May 26 1994Graphics, graphics everywhere but not a single picture
349.01JURA::CLP_LDRMon May 30 1994DB hang in a wait with timeout
350.0154455::SPETTER_JMon Jun 06 1994Dasher protocol
351.01KILARA::MILNETue Jun 07 1994How to debug
352.02BEHORN::GASCHENTue Jun 07 1994Terminal emulator for UNISYS System S8
353.04KILARA::MILNEFri Jun 10 1994StarCat General protection fault
354.015Mon Jun 13 1994Request for error message
355.0ELIZA::RIGGALLMon Jun 13 1994Jabberwocky Training Course
356.02TOOK::KAUFMANThu Jun 16 1994Reliving ol' times with DB_MENUMAN
357.055Mon Jun 20 1994FT 2.
358.035Mon Jun 20 1994FT2.
359.04TOOK::KAUFMANMon Jun 20 1994My script, my script - where's my script?!?!
360.07TOOK::KAUFMANTue Jun 21 1994Newer DB_HIMAGE is not necessarily better...
361.055Wed Jun 22 1994The new SMP - where does it read stuff from....?
362.01ESTASI::DOMINUTTIFri Jun 24 1994decimals in scripts
363.02ISIDRO::LUISGONFri Jun 24 1994Starstream, DDE, DLL ...
364.03TOOK::KAUFMANTue Jun 28 1994Scripted confusion...
365.02TOOK::KAUFMANWed Jun 29 1994Updating .ENV files for v2.
366.04TOOK::KAUFMANWed Jun 29 1994Defensive Progamming & Dialogue bus Behaviors
367.04TOOK::KAUFMANWed Jun 29 1994Enhancement request for DB_SCRIPT
368.02GIDDAY::MILNEFri Jul 01 1994Design and/or CASE tool
369.03ISIDRO::LUISGONMon Jul 04 1994DBDK install problem
370.05TOOK::KAUFMANWed Jul 06 1994Dialogue bus initialization problem
371.0CLARID::BELLFri Jul 08 1994Startstream FT2 Installationn failure
372.03GIDDAY::MILNETue Jul 12 1994PMI and other secret things
373.03ISIDRO::LUISGONTue Jul 12 1994FT2
374.04GIDDAY::MILNEFri Jul 15 1994Starstream missing messages
375.05LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JFri Jul 15 1994Problems configuring Starstream
376.07GIDDAY::DONALDSONSun Jul 17 1994Starting up DBRS environments
377.04GIDDAY::DONALDSONSun Jul 17 1994Message Size for StarStream
378.01GIDDAY::MILNEMon Jul 18 1994StarStream1.Supplier Property
379.01WELCLU::MARSHALLJTue Jul 19 1994Using Script (or ??) for data transalation
380.01TROOA::LFUNGWed Jul 20 1994area:1,132 (FT2 of db)
381.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JWed Jul 20 1994VB to Starstream
382.01TROOA::LFUNGThu Jul 21 1994How to delete SMP model file
383.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JFri Jul 22 1994TNT Not in interactive Mode
384.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JMon Jul 25 1994Failed to add message to queue (No ack)
385.08TROOA::LFUNGWed Jul 27 1994Can smp go beyond 132 columns ?
386.01BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Aug 01 1994CDS or DNS support?
387.01GIDDAY::DONALDSONThu Aug 04 1994DBRS-E-WRITERR, Write I/O error 844
388.010GIDDAY::MILNETue Aug 09 1994Detatched mode blues
389.03GIDDAY::DONALDSONWed Aug 10 1994Sending a line feed
390.0ELIZA::RIGGALLThu Aug 11 1994Jabberwocky Training Course
391.03TRUCKS::EGLINFri Aug 12 1994TALKLAND servers slow down!
392.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JTue Aug 16 1994Starstream, blank messages
393.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JThu Aug 18 1994TNT separating string messages
394.07GIDDAY::DONALDSONTue Aug 23 1994StarStream messages never reach the BUS??
395.03BAHTAT::NAYLORWed Aug 24 1994Single Logon application
396.0154831::VANDEVYVERFri Aug 26 1994V2 : wrong default values ?
397.0154831::VANDEVYVERFri Aug 26 1994Whishlist to improve a good tool (SMP)
398.04OSAVTue Aug 30 1994VBX causes general protection fault
399.02TROOA::MILLARWed Aug 31 1994V2.
400.014RUBIK::BROOKEWed Aug 31 1994V2 Kits Available
401.0248491::LHERAULTThu Sep 01 1994Screen Scrapping for access to BULL systems ?
402.02GOVTFri Sep 02 1994KITINSTAL problem with SSDB V2.
403.02GENIE::BRUNNERDMon Sep 05 1994Easy logon in a "complex" environment
404.03FUTURS::CHAMBERSMon Sep 05 1994StarStream .ini file entries
405.01DUMPTY::SMITHTue Sep 06 1994Conversion Utility Available
406.01ODIXIE::DWYERRWed Sep 07 1994What pieces are required??
407.04GENIE::BRUNNERDThu Sep 08 1994TNT V2.
408.01TROOA::LFUNGThu Sep 08 1994Jabberwocky for 327
409.03ODIXIE::DWYERRThu Sep 08 1994Third-party products??
410.04DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Sep 09 1994SPD or Function description papers ?
411.02GENIE::BRUNNERDMon Sep 12 1994Starstream-Problem with 149-Byte Message
412.01ARRODS::HEWITTCTue Sep 13 1994Interface to AS/4
413.07EVTAI1::LARUEThu Sep 15 1994Crash when removing SMP
414.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JFri Sep 16 1994Starcat path not found
415.03TROOA::MILLARMon Sep 19 1994Encapsulating Screen Scrapers, and misc.
416.03LDVDS3::61947::RIPOLLMon Sep 19 1994In trouble with documentation in JABBER$PUBLIC
417.04BONNET::DENISThu Sep 22 1994MS-Win ONLY demo ???
418.02LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JFri Sep 23 1994starstream, number of clients connected
419.04DEKVC::DONGWONSHINSun Sep 25 1994Reference information in downsizing with Jabberwocky
420.02JITTue Sep 27 1994Security code and Bytecount
421.05DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Sep 28 1994Question about Jabberwocky
422.05LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JWed Sep 28 1994ex
423.0254831::VANDEVYVERThu Sep 29 1994DBS_RES on vms/axp doesn't speak french?
424.02LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLThu Sep 29 1994TNT - use of TRIM function
425.0253859::RYANTue Oct 04 1994HIMAGE on TrueColor ?
426.02ELIZA::RIGGALLTue Oct 04 1994Jabberwocky Course
427.01TPOVC::CHARLESYUThu Oct 06 1994More question about 327
428.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JThu Oct 06 1994starstream messages on startup
429.05LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLMon Oct 10 1994Messages to SMP from TNT
430.04LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLWed Oct 12 1994Writing data from TNT to a file
431.0DUMPTY::SMITHThu Oct 13 1994The POSITIONING note
432.02LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLMon Oct 17 1994Setting the height of a Decterm-DB
433.02LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLWed Oct 19 1994Script and 8 bit octal codes
434.03GIDDAY::MILNEFri Oct 21 1994Jabberwocky API
435.0ELIZA::RIGGALLFri Oct 21 1994Training
436.01HGOVC::DANNYNGTue Oct 25 1994Jabberwocky competing with ???
437.03BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Nov 07 1994Progress of Starstream-IMS gateway?
438.04STKAI1::STORMWed Nov 09 1994SAP R/3 & JABBERWOCKY
439.04JITTue Nov 22 1994Font used in Menuman
440.02TROOA::LFUNGFri Nov 25 1994Data Overrun with dbus V2.
441.01LISVAX::RAMOSWed Nov 30 1994Jabberwocky expert for a workshop in Portugal
442.01TROOA::LFUNGThu Dec 01 1994Wild Card vs Exact Match Confusion
443.03TROOA::LFUNGThu Dec 01 1994tnt$priority process serially ?
444.01TROOA::LFUNGThu Dec 01 1994Trace on SMP ?
445.01TROOA::TRCU17::ANCLIFFEMon Dec 05 1994Does string contain NULL ?
446.01TROOA::TRCU17::ANCLIFFEMon Dec 05 1994TNT and SMP compiler ?
448.05TROOA::TRCU17::ANCLIFFETue Dec 06 1994Problem with dbs$message_size and overflow
449.03LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JThu Dec 08 1994dbs$timeout in script
450.01LARVAE::WILLIAMS_JThu Dec 08 1994Problem with smp not triggering
451.01TROOA::MILLARThu Dec 08 1994What happened to V2 docs
452.03547Thu Dec 08 1994install problems on OSF v3.
453.01TROOA::MILLARWed Dec 14 1994DBRS reading single characters?
454.01JITThu Dec 15 1994decterm.uil is missing
455.01JITThu Dec 15 1994what is StarStream-FBE ?
456.01547Tue Dec 20 1994Dialog bus consumes CPU on OSF/1
457.03LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLTue Dec 20 1994Write I/O error 1617
458.010LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLTue Dec 20 1994Which ini file is being read.
459.02EQUOWS::SYSTEMWed Dec 21 1994Which part numbers?
460.01LISSYS::MJMIGUELWed Dec 28 1994internal PAKS ?
461.01GENIE::BRUNNERDTue Jan 03 1995Future of Jabberwocky ?
462.01GERARD::CAILLETue Jan 10 1995migration VMS to OSF/1
463.0IE::MCCABEFri Jan 13 1995Field test V2.
464.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 17 1995Starstream for windows problem
465.01GIDDAY::MILNEFri Jan 20 1995Embedded Tokens
466.01GIDDAY::MILNETue Jan 31 1995Disapearing escape or CSI
467.01ISIDRO::ANTONIOPEREZFri Feb 03 1995Licensing...
468.04JITFri Feb 03 1995Document Issue
469.02FORGER::VIALEMon Feb 06 1995Post-installation error
470.01FORGER::VIALEMon Feb 06 1995DBUS-SDK-SCRIPT-USER license
471.01GIDDAY::MILNETue Feb 14 1995Escape char handeling.
472.01LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLWed Feb 22 1995SMP - Not reading data correctly
473.01LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLWed Feb 22 1995TNT - Spurious triggering of rules
474.01MUGGER::NORTHThu Feb 23 1995Migrating OSF/1 to VMS
475.02MUGGER::NORTHThu Feb 23 1995collecting screen images
476.03MUGGER::NORTHThu Feb 23 1995screen scrape on MVS/AS4
477.01HGOVC::SIRCARTue Mar 07 1995Starstream WC questions
478.03ROMMon Mar 13 1995Problem with TNT
479.010MUGGER::BURKEPThu Mar 16 1995How to send bus control messages from OSF/1?
480.01dumpty.reo.dec.com::SMITHThu Mar 16 1995**WARNING** - JDG node addresses changing
481.01MUGGER::BURKEPMon Mar 20 1995TNT, Script-DB, RTL - best for Scraping?
482.01GIDDAY::MILNEThu Mar 23 1995Single IO in V2
483.09ROMFri Mar 24 1995About JAB environment configuration
484.012MUGGER::BURKEPMon Mar 27 1995327
485.04MUGGER::BURKEPTue Apr 04 1995DBRS$SCRIPT is Execute_only and cannot compile
486.03MUGGER::LAVINFri Apr 07 1995DBUS SDK Loan License?
488.0547Tue May 02 1995how to start dialog bus without terminal?
489.04MUGGER::BURKEPTue May 02 1995SMP: Unknown video attribute in LOG file.
490.01MUGGER::BURKEPThu May 04 1995How to handle complexity within model files.
491.01TRNAF1::VIALETue May 09 1995StarStream + DMQ + Lan Mgr + OSF V3.2
492.02OSAVMon May 15 1995Please help with VAX/VMS V5.5-2
493.01MUGGER::BURKEPMon May 15 1995V2 kit for OpenVMS V5.5-2?
494.01MUGGER::BURKEPWed May 17 1995Jabberwocky available on other platforms?
495.01MUGGER::BURKEPTue May 23 1995Dynamically change SMP's match text?
496.01MUGGER::BURKEPFri May 26 1995How to scrape variable screens?
497.02MUGGER::BURKEPFri Jun 02 1995TNT cell intermittently fails to trigger.
498.01MUGGER::BURKEPFri Jun 02 1995SMP delete model problems
499.03WELCLU::CARTERPFri Jun 09 1995ObjectBroker with Jabberwocky and VB Front-Ends
500.01FORGER::VIALEWed Jun 21 1995Configuring DMQ on OSF
501.01FORGER::VIALEWed Jun 21 1995Cannot process unaddressed msg from TNT
502.01JOBURG::BUCHANANThu Jun 22 1995Maintainability of mature Jabba applications
503.03MSAMFri Jun 23 1995Jabberwocky skills wanted for Asia
505.02MUGGER::BURKEPFri Jul 07 1995SMP problems since OSF V3, optimised I/Os?
506.01TRNAF1::VIALETue Jul 11 1995Error installing Script Processor
507.03TROOA::LFUNGTue Jul 18 1995FORKPTY error during bus activation
508.03TROOA::LFUNGTue Jul 18 1995Debugging tools and Performance measuring tools
509.01NETRIX::"peter.milne@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Jul 31 1995SMP woes
510.02NETRIX::"kcchan@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Mon Aug 07 1995Need helps on customer problems
511.01dumpty.reo.dec.com::SMITHThu Aug 31 1995Version 2.1 available!
512.01BRSADV::VANDEVYVERMon Sep 25 1995reserved words in scripts?
513.01BRSADV::VANDEVYVERThu Sep 28 1995Wrong calculation precedence in script
514.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGTue Oct 03 1995scraping the windows applications
515.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIWed Oct 11 1995When/How is DECMessageQ involved with Jabberwocky?
516.02JOBURG::BUCHANANWed Oct 11 1995SMP bugette
517.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RISat Oct 14 1995Using Decterm-DB control messages
518.01SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIWed Oct 18 1995How do I get SMP to talk to DB-SCRIPT?
519.01DECLNE::WEILERThu Oct 19 1995What happened to Jabberwocky?
520.01SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIFri Oct 20 1995DECTERM-DB <===> CSHELL interaction question
521.01AMER::HONOREFri Oct 20 1995Urgent : Price - Q-numbers
522.01BALZAC::DAKONOTue Oct 31 1995ACME Demo, kits and prerequisites
523.08BERNMon Nov 06 1995Project for Germany
524.01BIS6::BIS6::vandevyverFri Nov 10 1995is Sequelink competition?
525.01CHEFS::KNIGHTRMon Nov 13 1995Invalid Message length
526.03ROMTue Nov 14 1995V2.1 installation error
527.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RISat Nov 18 1995Defining a rule that always triggers in SMP
528.01SWAM1::EDWARDS_RITue Nov 21 1995How to scrape text only--no attributes
529.01NETRIX::"peter.milne@sno.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 23 1995
530.04dumpty.reo.dec.com::SMITHFri Jan 05 1996New Presales Presentation available
531.01WOTVAX::CARTERPWed Jan 31 1996OSFv3.2d Revision?
532.03HOUBA::CAILLEMon Mar 18 1996Unable to open Logfile []
533.04TLAVMon Mar 25 1996327
534.01SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIMon Apr 15 1996How do you conceal a session?
535.07NEOVThu May 30 1996How can I apply Jabberwoky and OB
536.0NEOVFri Aug 02 1996Need urgent help on installation!!!
537.0+2KERNEL::PARRYMon Sep 16 1996Digital Unix V4.
538.0 *+3BACHUS::ROETSTue Feb 25 1997decterm emulation in batch job
539.0 *+1BACHUS::ROETSMon Mar 03 1997example virtual terminal Digital Unix
540.0 *+1BACHUS::ROETSThu Mar 20 1997smp talk over a socket
541.0 *+4MEOCWed Apr 09 1997Process creation problem
542.0 *CHEFS::KNIGHTRFri May 16 1997Dialogue Bus direction