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Conference iamok::technical_architecture

Title:Questions, Answers, Comments on TA2
Created:Wed Mar 08 1989
Last Modified:Sat Jan 02 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:44
Total number of notes:156
Number with bodies:0
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1.034DSTRWed Mar 08 1989Welcome to the TA Conference
2.01DSTRWed Mar 08 1989Some initial questions for data Warehouse
3.01DSTRWed Mar 08 1989Dictionary question
4.0DSTRMon Mar 13 1989Typos in the Feb 89 version
5.01DSTRWed Mar 15 1989Lookup on left side
6.04DSTRThu Mar 30 1989TA WORKSHOPS
7.02JFRSON::OSBORNEMon Apr 17 1989Product Architecture?
8.01KBOMFG::BRANDTTue Apr 18 1989Where to find AIA documentation ?
9.02NPOGRP::BROOKSWed May 03 1989In need of some manuals ...
10.0DSTRFri Jul 21 1989Comments on the TA
11.02DSTRFri Jul 21 1989Additional material available
12.02AYOV27::CWILLTue Aug 29 1989Doing IT
13.0DSTRWed Sep 06 1989Authentication discussion
14.03AYOV27::DBEGGThu Sep 14 1989Understanding Data Capture
16.03NRPUR::CHABOTMon Nov 06 1989Referential Integrity - Any thoughts?
17.01SLISST::VEALEFri Dec 22 1989I_T_Handbook Location?
18.014DSTRFri Dec 29 1989related papers
19.04DSTRMon Jan 29 1990Customer Comments/Use of TA2
20.04HYEND::PSWANSONMon Feb 26 1990Training - distributed applications
21.01HYEND::PSWANSONFri Mar 02 1990Selling internal applications
22.02AYOV27::DBEGGFri Apr 06 1990Question on Data Capture Process
23.02WJOUSM::DELUCATue Apr 24 1990A violation of TA rules?
24.02DSTRThu Apr 26 1990Information Architecture course available for IM&T
25.0DSTRWed Jun 06 1990osf standards
26.01GLASS::ELLISONMon Jul 16 1990Need help with System Architecture
27.01BLASThu Aug 16 1990Musical architectures
28.01AYOU42::MCKELLGTue Sep 04 1990Standard Transactions
29.01DSTRFri Sep 28 1990 Architecture training & resources needed
30.02DSTRThu Oct 04 1990Original PRISM report text - electronically
31.0RIPPLE::GAGE_GLWed Oct 10 1990Obliterate, don't automate -> principles
32.06RIPPLE::GAGE_GLWed Oct 24 1990Sample Principles List
33.0IAMOK::THEBERGEMon May 20 1991principles workshop
34.01DSTRThu Oct 03 1991Systems Architecture Document Draft
35.01DSTRThu Oct 10 1991product usage guide
36.01POBOX::GSTEVENSWed Oct 16 1991Reference Data Management
37.0IAMOK::THEBERGETue Nov 26 1991brendan list of plenning reading
38.01PASMThu Jan 02 1992Transaction Process Std. and Architecture?
39.06ZPOVC::TANTue Jan 07 1992PRISM articles
40.01ZPOVC::TANWed Jan 15 1992Which order for the layers?
41.01POBOX::GSTEVENSTue Jun 02 1992Need CASE methodology info
43.0ERFARE::SDFri Oct 30 1992what is an "architecture"
44.01AYRPLN::THEBERGEThu Dec 31 1992NEW Infromation Architecture effort