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Conference iamok::ask-dimt

Title:Discussion with DIM&T
Created:Mon Nov 30 1987
Last Modified:Wed Apr 07 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:91
Total number of notes:26
Number with bodies:0
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75.0AKOMON::KUMOREKWed Mar 14 1990System Control evaluation template
76.0ONLINE::RANDALLThu Mar 22 1990Welcome to ASK-DIMT
77.0TROAFri Mar 23 1990Data Warehouse Product?
78.02CSSE::NEILSENWed Mar 06 1991who to contact about architectures
79.0TROASun Mar 31 1991Is anyone listening?
80.02TROASun Mar 31 1991ICQ Program still alive?
81.0TEACH::JERRYThu Jun 13 1991who's responsible for what..how..enforcement?
82.01KYOA::FARESETue Jul 23 1991DAMPER Data Modeling Exercise
83.01MISERY::BLUM_JOThu Jul 25 1991Functional Specifications
84.0MISERY::BLUM_JOThu Jul 25 1991Missing notes
85.01SNAX::PIERPONTTue Aug 06 1991DEC STD
86.0MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Aug 07 1991System Life Cycle document
87.0MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Aug 07 1991Shareware strategy
88.0MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Nov 12 1991Source code standards
89.0MISERY::BLUM_JOThu Nov 14 1991IM&T Dictionary Environment Administration Guide
90.02CTHQ1::ROSENBERGFri Mar 06 1992Corporate Site Reference File?
91.0MCIS2::RIZZOThu May 28 1992US IM&T Telegram