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Conference i18n::i18n_standards

Title:Asian standards
Created:Tue May 31 1988
Last Modified:Thu Jul 06 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:127
Total number of notes:580
Number with bodies:0
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1.07ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWATue May 31 1988Welcome!
2.015HANZI::KHCHANSun Jul 03 1988Who's who
3.01HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of ISO standards for ABS folks
4.04HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of DEC STD for ABS folks
5.02HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of PRC standards (GB) for ABS folks
6.01HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of ROC standards (CNS) for ABS folks
7.03HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of Korean standards (KS) for ABS folks
8.02HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of Thai standards for ABS folks
9.0HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of Japanese standards (JIS) for ABS folks
10.01HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988List of American standards (ANSI/NISO) for ABS folks
11.0HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988Reserved for moderators
12.0HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988Reserved for moderators
13.0HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988Reserved for moderators
14.03HANZI::KHCHANTue Jul 05 1988Related conferences
16.010ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAMon Jul 11 1988KS C 56
17.04ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAWed Jul 13 1988SPD question
18.01HANZI::KHCHANThu Jul 21 1988CSBS Symposium 89 (March 21-24, Beijing)
19.0ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAFri Jul 22 1988WG2 report (London, June 1988)
20.010ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAMon Aug 22 1988Wide characters in ISO multi-lingual plane?
21.09HANZI::KHCHANFri Aug 26 1988DEC KS character set spec
22.05HANZI::KHCHANFri Sep 16 1988Meetings at ZKO, Sept 6 to 9, 1988
23.0ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAThu Sep 29 1988ECMA TC1 trip report
24.010ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAThu Sep 29 1988Subclass of multi-octet code
25.02JRDVFri Sep 30 1988X.4
26.016ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWATue Oct 04 1988Draft Japan National Position to DP1
27.02JRDVWed Oct 05 1988JISC/SC2 info.
28.06JRDVWed Oct 26 1988POSIX WG in Japan
29.06ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAThu Oct 27 1988ACCC background info
30.01HWSKCMon Oct 31 1988CICDT WG in PRC
31.0HWSKCTue Nov 01 1988CNS 11643 (SICGCC)
32.0ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAWed Nov 02 19883rd draft for DP 1
33.01ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAWed Nov 02 1988SC2/WG2 11th meeting report
34.07HWSKCTue Nov 08 1988EDPC recommendation on SICGCC user-defined area
35.01HWSKCThu Nov 17 1988DEC Hanyu Character Set Spec
36.02LEVEL::LASKOMon Nov 21 1988Question re Japanese TRON project re input mechanism
37.0ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAWed Nov 30 1988JUS, Sigma, TCA trip report
38.0ABSZK::BRENDERThu Dec 01 1988Question about TRON keyboard
39.06HWSKCSat Dec 10 1988ACCC formation
40.01HWSKCWed Dec 21 1988DEC STD 169-2 ECO (KS Roman)
41.0HWSKCFri Feb 10 1989KS Roman & DEC Korean 2-byte now in DEC STD 138
42.0HWSKCWed Mar 15 1989VT8
43.0JRDVMon Apr 17 1989X/Open I18n WG meeting report
44.09HWSKCFri Apr 21 1989ACCC's questionaire on ISO DP 1
45.05HANNAH::HASTINGSThu May 04 1989AFII Meeting on East Asian Glyphs
46.025HWSKCThu May 04 1989Asian character set registration in X (XLFD)
47.0JRDVThu May 11 1989Draft Japanese comments on DP 1
48.04HANDVC::SIMONSZETOTue May 16 1989An alternative for extending the Taiwan character set
49.02HANDVC::KHCHANFri May 19 1989Proposed use of SS2 for one byte katakana
50.05HWSKCThu May 25 1989AOW info?
51.02HANDVC::KHCHANTue May 30 1989Request for new ThaiCat parameters in DEC STD 138
52.011HWSKCThu Jun 01 1989CMEX meeting reports
53.0JRDVTue Jun 06 1989OSF I18n SIG meeting report
54.012HWSKCWed Jun 21 198926K-3
55.0HWSKCThu Jun 22 1989TIS 82
56.015JRDVMon Jun 26 1989Asian WG2 ad-hoc meeting
57.02HANDVC::KHCHANMon Jul 10 1989"CCCII Becomes ANSI Standard"
58.04HANDVC::KHCHANMon Jul 17 1989KS C 56
59.0HANDVC::KHCHANMon Jul 17 1989DickCat problem with "broken 2-byte code"
60.07JRDVMon Jul 31 1989Han character collection paper
61.04HANDVC::KHCHANTue Aug 01 1989ISO standard country & language codes
62.03HANDVC::KHCHANMon Aug 21 1989SC2/WG2 14th meeting (8/7/89, Raleigh)
63.02HANDVC::KHCHANThu Aug 24 19891st ACCC TC-D/TC-E Joint Meeting
64.03HANDVC::KHCHANFri Aug 25 1989CNS 11643 (SICGCC) vs Big-5
65.02JRDVTue Aug 29 1989KS C 56
66.014HANDVC::KHCHANWed Sep 13 1989Asian character set names
67.0HANJA::GREENWOODTue Oct 17 1989MSB setting in code sets in Japan
68.0HANDVC::KHCHANFri Nov 17 1989JSA Font Development and Promotion Center
69.02HANDVC::KHCHANMon Dec 11 1989ACCC Annual GA+TB Meetings (19-21/
70.012HANDVC::KHCHANTue Dec 12 1989Glyphs for reserved 2-byte codes
71.0JRDVThu Feb 15 1990ECMA TC1 position on 2nd DP 1
72.01HANDVC::KHCHANTue Mar 20 1990IED's enquiry on keyboard layouts and standards
73.01HANDVC::KHCHANTue Mar 20 1990Plans for new KS code, in addition to KS C 56
74.01HANJA::GREENWOODSat Mar 24 1990Extensions to JISx2
75.05JRDVThu Apr 26 1990new Chinese font?
76.05HGABSS::KHCHANFri Apr 27 1990ODL support for Korea
77.06HGABSS::KHCHANFri Apr 27 1990Code extension for East Asian character sets
78.07HGABSS::KHCHANThu May 03 1990ACCC/TC-C (Code) activities
79.05HGABSS::KHCHANThu May 03 1990ACCC/TC-D (Data type) activities
80.04JRDVWed Jun 13 1990CJK Language System for PC
81.01TLAENG::TRINWed Sep 26 1990TIS 988-2533 Combined chars/line drawing symbols
82.03HGABSS::KHCHANMon Nov 05 1990HKITF Proposal re Chinese char in ISO DIS 1
83.035HGABSS::KHCHANThu Nov 08 1990OSF Taiwan Ad Hoc Group acquiring DEC position
84.01JRDVThu Nov 15 1990ISO prog langs
85.04JRDVFri Dec 14 19906
86.0JRDVFri Dec 21 1990open repertoire problem
87.0HGABSS::KHCHANWed Jan 09 1991A note on Asian language specific names
88.0HGABSS::KHCHANFri Jan 11 1991GB 13
89.03VOGON::MACDERMOTTThu Jan 24 1991Uniforum/Xopen meeting reports
90.01ERASME::JBETTELSWed Jan 30 1991Character Repertoires with attributes
91.0HGABSS::KHCHANWed Jan 30 1991Internet mailer being internationalized
92.06HGABSS::KHCHANMon Feb 11 1991JIS X
93.0TLAENG::TRINSat Feb 23 1991Thai Character Names
94.01HANDVA::FREDLIMon Mar 04 1991PortSoft
95.02HANDVA::FREDLIMon Mar 04 1991PortSoft - Call for participation(15-17 Apr Osaka)
96.0HANDVC::KHCHANTue Apr 23 1991Japanese EUC defined by OSF I18N SIG/Japan
97.01HANDVA::FREDLITue Jun 04 1991PortSoft Seoul meeting (4-6 Jul, 91)
98.09JRDVFri Jun 21 1991CJK JRG
99.06HWSKCMon Sep 09 1991International string types in ISO 8824 (ASN.1)
100.03ERASME::JBETTELSTue Sep 10 1991SC2/WG2 (ISO 1
101.017ERASME::JBETTELSTue Sep 10 1991ISO SC22/WG2
102.0HGRDThu Oct 03 1991Portsoft HongKong meeting (27-28 Oct, 91)
103.01ERASME::JBETTELSWed Nov 13 1991Unicode I18n Subgroup
104.02HWSKCWed Jan 08 1992CNS 11643 Expansion
105.0HWSKCWed Jan 08 1992TC536/SC2/WG2 (I18N) formed in Thailand
106.01KETJE::HAENTJENSFri Dec 11 1992CEN/BTS7/TC3
107.0GVAMon Jul 05 1993XoJIG meeting reports
108.0R2ME2::GREENWOODThu Oct 07 1993Announcing the Unicode notes conference
109.03R2ME2::GREENWOODMon Nov 22 1993Upcoming vote on ISO 2
110.01R2ME2::GREENWOODFri Jan 28 1994Minutes from X3L2 - Jan 94
111.01R2ME2::GREENWOODTue Mar 29 1994Latin 5 vote
112.011R2ME2::GREENWOODWed May 04 1994New Korean Standard ?
113.01GVAWed Aug 10 1994X/Open draft of XPG Layout Services
114.0GVAWed Aug 10 1994Internationalization of the Directory (X.5
115.01GVAMon Aug 29 1994ISO SC22/WG2
116.01SNOCWed Sep 07 1994DMQ STANDARD
117.0COOKIE::MELTONFri Sep 16 1994Goodbye...
118.03CSC32::D_DERAMOFri Sep 30 1994What is the current character set on this system?
119.0QUARRY::lindnerTue Oct 04 1994X/Open Company Review for I18N Documents
120.02GVATue Oct 18 1994ISO IEC/SC2 and SC2 working group meeting minutes
121.01MLNORO::CATTOLICOWed Oct 19 1994CHINESE talking products
122.01HDLITE::ONEALThu Nov 03 1994Standard Codeset of OSF/1 v2.
123.06HANNAH::BAYFri Dec 02 1994I18N calendars?
124.03GUIDUK::SOMERThu Dec 08 1994Incompatible I18N features on OSF/1 and VMS.
125.0GOBBLR::GREENWOODThu Jan 05 1995MInutes from December X3L2 meeting
126.02JURA::DUQUESNEMon Jan 09 1995How to start developping intern. system?