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Conference hylndr::dclreview

Created:Sun Apr 19 1987
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:773
Total number of notes:5391
Number with bodies:68
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1.01SQM::NELSONWed Nov 15 1989Purpose of this conference
2.02--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 15 1989Syntax Review Process (now in reply 2.2)
3.02SQM::NELSONTue Nov 14 1989Product/Syntax subject to the Review Process
4.01SQM::NELSONWed Nov 15 1989Syntax Selection Guidelines
5.0SQM::STEINTue Dec 13 1988Foreign/Run Command Policy - Revised
6.0SQM::NELSONThu Feb 20 1992Notes Conferences in General
7.0SQM::NELSONTue Dec 05 1989Review Board Members
8.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987FTSV V2.1
10.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VMSL Local Language V1.
11.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987LAN Traffic Monitor V1.
12.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987MIRA V1.
13.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VAX JCOBOL Generator
14.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VAX FORTRAN V5.
15.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VAX Pascal V4.
16.03SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987Topic: Internationalization
17.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VMS V5.
18.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987I/O Toolkit (DECscan) V1.
19.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987Topic: Qualifier Usage
20.09SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987RSM V2.
21.0SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987VMSL V1.
22.09SQM::GRANGERSun Apr 19 1987SSU for VT3xx Terminals
23.01SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987ULTRIX/VMS Bridge V1.
24.06SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987VMS V5.
25.012SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987Journaling V1.
26.08SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987MicroPower/Pascal V2.4
27.08SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987DEC/Test Manager V3.
28.08SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987DECnet/SNA Data Transfer V1.
29.03SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987DECnet/SNA DTFGFG Utility
30.06SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987Rdb/VMS Management Utility
31.01SQM::GRANGERMon Apr 20 1987Hardcopy UIS V3.2 - add'l qualifier
32.03SQM::GRANGERTue Apr 21 1987SPATIAL/II
33.03SMAUG::THOMPSONThu Apr 23 1987DECnet/SNA DDXF - new command
34.015SHARON::BURLINGAMEThu Apr 23 1987Analysis and Design Tool - V1.
35.014TELCOM::LEVINEWed Apr 29 1987Network Response Monitor V1.
36.06WICK::NICHOLSMon May 04 1987New Qualifier for DFSCP SNAPSHOT
37.017AITG::KEVINTue May 05 1987VAX Prolog V1.
38.05NOGOV::GOODENOUGHTue May 05 1987VMSL: request for approval of additional qual.
39.044GL::ROGERSTue May 05 1987VAX RALLY V2.
40.0NOGOV::GOODENOUGHWed May 06 1987Unseen count on this file
41.020ROYCE::FLETCHERWed May 13 1987VAXGMS Syntax Review
43.08STAR::PIPERWed May 20 1987New {SET | SHOW} AUDIT qualifier
45.09VINO::SPEERWed Jun 03 1987DECintact V1.
46.02MAY2Wed Jun 03 1987Lempel-Ziv Compress Tool
47.01SQM::GRANGERThu Jun 04 1987ACMS Replace and Show Server Commands
48.01RSTS32::MORGANMon Jun 08 1987COMMANDS.DCL
49.04DVINCI::FERWERDAFri Jun 12 1987Consistent with what?
50.02IPG::GOODENOUGHMon Jun 15 1987Local language DCL commands
52.05TELCOM::MELLOFri Jun 19 1987Application for "Confirm_Net"
53.03TLE::LUPTONWed Jun 24 1987LSE V2.1 Syntax
54.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Jun 29 1987Handling ambiguous commands
56.02KIRK::JOHNSONMon Jul 06 1987Input selection vs. Display options
57.07CREDIT::GIOIELLITue Jul 07 1987VAX Database Administrator V1.
58.09TOOK::HEFFERNANMon Jul 13 1987TSM V1.2 Syntax (new)
59.06AITG::HUBERMANTue Jul 14 1987Another qualifier for VAX PROLOG V1.
60.01GENRAL::SHAFFERWed Jul 15 1987Is PLOT=PLOTLN or PLOT11?
61.010NAC::D_SMITHFri Jul 17 1987VAX FTAM V1.
62.018OBLIO::BERGFri Jul 17 1987VAPS Command Syntax for Review
63.04RDGENG::PRESTIDGESun Jul 19 1987VMSL and Local Language support in COMMANDS.DCL
64.08ECLAIR::GOODWINWed Jul 22 1987Extra commands for VMSL V1.
65.05JULIE::CORENZWITThu Jul 23 1987dfscp/dfs$control new show acc qualifiers
66.01MARVIN::COBBFri Jul 31 1987LES V2.
67.04IPG::GOODENOUGHFri Jul 31 1987Suggestion to make Members more visible
68.04ATPS::BERGERMon Aug 03 1987Proposed syntax for Event Performance Analyzer
69.015CURIE::RUSKINThu Aug 06 1987VAX EDCS V2.
70.07MERCRY::KELLEYFri Aug 07 1987DISTRIBUTE verb proposal
71.03MU::PORTERMon Aug 10 1987On underscores
72.010IPG::CATTERMOULFri Aug 14 1987EVER and FMSR Bilingual Layered Products
73.02MARVIN::COBBThu Aug 20 1987New policy on foreign and RUN commands
74.04WICK::NICHOLSFri Aug 21 1987Foreign Command for DFS$CONTROL
75.04MARVIN::MORRISONMon Aug 24 1987P.S.I. security
76.03ATPS::MALLORYSun Aug 30 1987
77.010VAXRT::WILLIAMSWed Sep 02 1987VAX/RT11 proposed DCL
78.028OPTIC::JOEMFri Sep 11 1987Image DCL Commands
79.021RDGCSS::FLETCHERMon Sep 14 1987VSV21 DCL Review
80.0RDGCSS::FLETCHERMon Sep 14 1987Error in Product Name
81.011CREDIT::MITCHNECKMon Sep 14 1987CDD/PLUS CDO syntax for review
82.010CLUSTA::BARTONThu Sep 17 1987PIDGIN Compiler V1.
83.06CLUSTA::BARTONThu Sep 17 1987VAX RPC/VMS V1.
84.02TLE::ZEEBFri Sep 18 1987VAX PL/I V3.2
85.06JENVAX::SCHUTZMANFri Oct 02 1987Flame on
86.02IPG::ASWADMon Oct 05 1987Finding names for Arabic FMS & EVE
87.02CLT::DADDAMIOTue Oct 06 1987DEC/Test Manager V3.
88.02YOUNG::YOUNGFri Oct 09 1987DQS V1.1 DCL Syntax
89.05CALDER::FERNERMon Oct 12 1987/NOLOG & /NOLOG_FILE uniqueness
90.02DSSDEV::JACKMon Oct 19 1987DDIF Converters (bundled with DECwindows)
91.028UKOSC::COOKETue Oct 20 1987VAX TRADER Syntax Review
93.022KAPTIN::BLEIFri Oct 23 1987Storage Library System (SLS) V1.
94.03YIPPEE::STONESMon Oct 26 1987VAX OPS5 V2.2
95.012AUGUST::AUGUSTUSMon Oct 26 1987Foreign command for DNS V1.
96.05PRAGMA::GRIFFINWed Oct 28 1987RSM V2.
97.06NOVA::ROYALFri Oct 30 1987Syntax for Event Performance Collector
98.04BEING::PETERSONMon Nov 02 1987New parameters for RSX BACKUP/VERIFY and /COMPARE
99.04LDP::BENSONMon Nov 02 1987VSL foreign cmd waiver request
100.09UKOSC::KAKAMon Nov 16 1987Syntax approval request for XBMCO3/VMS
101.07ANNECY::POULAINMon Nov 16 1987MIRA Version 1.1
102.010BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Nov 16 1987DEC/CMS V3.
103.010VINO::MARCELLOFri Nov 20 1987VPA V1.2 new qualifiers
104.06DSSDEV::HOOVERFri Nov 20 1987DCL Command for DDIF Viewer
105.06MARVIN::STHOMASSat Nov 21 1987VAX OSI Transport (VOTS)
106.03VINO::HDAVISTue Nov 24 1987Vector emulation syntax
107.08SCRIBE::MORSEMon Nov 30 1987Grammar Checker Command Proposal
108.04MU::PORTERFri Dec 04 1987DECnet/SNA Gateway Management V2.1--waiver please
109.011ASD::HOWERTue Dec 08 1987VFS - ISO 966
110.03TLE::ARSENAULTTue Dec 08 1987SCA V1.2 Command Line Changes
111.02CLT::REILLYWed Dec 09 1987VAX Project Manager V1.1 - new command
112.09LYMPH::CHERNGTue Dec 15 1987Syntax for VAX C/FM & VAX P/FM
113.015SQM::GRANGERMon Dec 21 1987VAX FTAM for additional discussion
114.013SMAUG::GIANATASSIOWed Dec 30 1987Data Transfer Facility V2.
116.08RSTS32::MORGANMon Jan 11 1988RSTS/E V9.6 LAT management command proposal
117.06MOTIF::EMMONDMon Jan 11 1988ACMS V3.
118.029PAXVAX::WIDYONOWed Jan 20 1988MicroPower/Pascal V2.5
120.0185Thu Jan 28 1988VRTA Verb for Review
121.05RSTS32::MORGANThu Jan 28 1988DCL commands = Scrabble(tm)?
122.04FUEGO::CLEAVELANDWed Feb 10 1988/DESIGN for compilers' PDS support
123.06RSTS32::KASPERThu Feb 11 1988RSTS - new SET SYSTEM qualifiers
124.04TLE::BENOITMon Feb 15 1988New Qualifiers for V3.
125.04CLT::BARTONTue Feb 16 1988Language support of CDD/Plus
126.0--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 23 1988CLI$GET_VALUE WITH VMS 4.7
127.03AITG::HUBERMANTue Mar 01 1988A slight modification to the VAX PROLOG DCL syntax
128.09STAR::ALLISONTue Mar 01 1988new qualifier for SET FILE utility
129.02MARVIN::LINCOLNTue Mar 08 1988TRACE/VOTS addition
130.06RSTS32::KASPERTue Mar 08 1988RSTS SUBMIT/[LOG_]APPEND Inquiry
132.014MOSAIC::MARKEYMon Mar 14 1988VAX/VMS Services for MS-DOS V2.
133.03TLE::BENOITWed Mar 16 1988One more qualifier for VAX C V3.
134.024DDE::POVEYWed Mar 16 1988VAX Forms V1.
135.02JENVAX::SCHUTZMANFri Mar 18 1988adding commands after dcl command
136.0102HOT::BAZEMOREFri Mar 18 1988Additional syntax for DDIF Viewers
137.04CLT::SZYMANSKITue Mar 22 1988VAX COBOL V4.2
138.011BRADOR::FALARDEAUFri Mar 25 1988More DCL for DECscan Toolkit
139.08ATPS::BERGERFri Mar 25 1988Proposed changes to EPM (EPA) syntax
140.02MOTIF::EMMONDWed Mar 30 1988ACMS V3.
141.02INDIAN::MARTINThu Apr 07 1988Vax Virtual Access Terminal (VAT) V1.
142.02SMAUG::DSMITHMon Apr 11 1988VAX FTAM V1.
143.015STAR::GRANTWed Apr 13 1988VAX/VMS File Archiving
144.09CLT::GREENWOODMon Apr 18 1988DECwindows UIL Compiler
145.023BYTECH::SPMWed Apr 20 1988VAX SPM V4.
146.07NOVA::RANGAThu Apr 21 1988VAX DBMS v4.
147.010AITG::INSINGAFri Apr 29 1988VAX Decision Expert
149.010ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu May 05 1988Jukebox Control Software
150.03BOEHM::BENTONMon May 09 1988RSM V2.1 DCL Syntax
151.015CLT::ARSENAULTMon May 16 1988DEC/Test Manager V3.
152.05TLE::BENOITWed May 25 1988Yet another qualifier for VAX C V3.
153.04VINO::VOBAFri May 27 1988VAXcluster Console System V1.2
154.027PSG::BOWFri May 27 1988VAXasap DCL Command Syntax for Review
155.07LDYBUG::RICHTue Jun 07 1988VAX/EDI (US) V1.
156.05LDP::HAFEZMon Jun 20 1988Request for VSL DCL command
157.04VINO::MARCELLOTue Jun 28 1988VPA V2.
158.09STAR::VANNOYWed Jul 06 1988DECwindows V1 SET/SHOW DISPLAY
159.05ELWOOD::NORCOTTFri Jul 15 1988Urgent VAX JCS added command
160.05CLT::TARBAYWed Jul 20 1988COBOL Generator - new qualifiers
161.010TAPANZ::KIMMELThu Jul 21 1988DCL verb for VMS/ULTRIX Connection
162.05TAPANZ::KIMMELFri Jul 22 1988UCX V1.
163.06FLOCON::AUNGIERMon Jul 25 1988Need the .CLD of 1
164.08LASSIE::MARIGOWDAWed Jul 27 1988FTP command proposal
165.09VING::LOVEJOYTue Aug 02 1988VAX REMS V1.
167.06IOSG::CHRISTIETue Aug 09 1988ALL-IN-1 V2.3 - New qualifiers
168.09LASSIE::MARIGOWDAThu Aug 11 1988DCL verb for File Transfer Protocol Utility
169.01VIA::BAZEMORETue Aug 16 1988One way to choose DECwindows interface
170.07ULTRA::SEBRINGThu Aug 18 1988VAX Encryption V1.1 Syntax for Review
171.05MUNTRA::SCHIMMELMon Aug 22 1988VAX FTSIE V1.2 Command Line Changes
173.02SCRIBE::BRUCEThu Aug 25 1988DECpage V3.
174.02STAR::BARTHMon Aug 29 1988new qualifier for VAX/VMS file archiving
175.04MUNTCC::MCCABETue Sep 13 1988VAX RTA V1.2 New Qualifiers
176.05JOVIAL::HIGGINSTue Sep 13 1988Request for VAXlink verb approval
177.01BANZAI::RANGAMon Sep 19 1988VAX DBMS V5.
178.06STAR::PIPERWed Sep 28 1988SET AUDIT additions for VAX/VMS V5.1 security auditing
179.07TOOK::MERSHONWed Sep 28 1988RTLAT Version 1.
180.05BUCWHT::SIMONFri Sep 30 1988VTX V4.
181.09HEART::MTHOMASMon Oct 03 1988Syntax proposal for the VAX CIT Message Desk
182.04TOPDOC::COPPOLAMon Oct 03 1988Syntax proposal for the Courseware Software
183.04TLE::STEERWed Oct 12 1988XD ADA V1.
184.03BYTECH::SPMThu Oct 13 1988VAX SPM V3.3 Proposal For Additional Syntax
185.01STAR::BARTHTue Oct 25 1988VMS Archiving - more new qualifiers
186.09BOEHM::W_MCGRATHWed Nov 02 1988LAN Traffic Monitor V1.1
187.010BORNES::BLANCThu Nov 03 1988VMS/ISDN Basic Access Interface V1.
188.03ELWOOD::NORCOTTFri Nov 04 1988VAX Storage Library System V2.
189.01QUERY::MITCHNECKFri Nov 04 1988New/modified CDD/Plus CDO utility syntax
190.03ISTG::WALTHERFri Nov 04 1988VAX OPS5 V3.
191.06CREDIT::ROYALMon Nov 07 1988VAX EPC V1.
192.09NOBOZO::HAYESTue Nov 08 1988DCL IMAGE revisited
194.01TLE::ZEEBMon Nov 14 1988Syntax proposal for VAX PL/I
195.01LDP::PINSKYTue Nov 15 1988IDAT DCL command
196.012FLRNCE::ELLARDWed Nov 16 1988VAX/EDI (BEV) V1.
197.02STAR::BARTHMon Nov 21 1988Replacement command for VMS archiving project
198.0716BITS::RAITTOWed Nov 30 1988PDP-11 C V1.
199.01TLE::MITCHELLFri Dec 02 1988VAX Ada V2.
200.016BEING::RABAHYTue Dec 06 1988CPRSX
201.019PSG::BOWTue Dec 06 1988New VSAP Command for V1.1
202.09TOOK::HEFFERNANMon Dec 12 1988TSM V1.3 New Qualifiers
203.0YODA::MEIERMon Dec 12 1988VAX Diagnostic Supervisor CPU Affinity Services.
204.03VINO::MARCELLOThu Dec 15 1988\
205.01LDYBUG::FULLERTONFri Dec 16 1988Non-product CBI admin tool
206.08BOEHM::MCKINNEYFri Dec 16 1988rbms v1.2
207.08MOVIES::FORSTERThu Dec 22 1988Additions to SET HOST/DTE syntax
208.05ATPS::SAVE_WYNDHAMThu Dec 22 1988DECcp V1.
209.01EVER11::HOSFORDThu Dec 22 1988BASIC-PLUS-2
210.020SQM::PRESTIDGETue Jan 03 1989Uniformity in DECwindows DCL..
211.08BYTECH::SPMThu Jan 05 1989Additional syntax for VAX SPM V3.3
212.012VIA::FINNEGANWed Jan 11 1989Proposed syntax for DECdecide V1.
213.06KOBAL::SHERYLFri Jan 13 1989Proposed syntax for VAX Notes V2.
214.034GL::HALICKIThu Jan 26 1989VAX DEC/CMS V3.2
215.05EPOXY::LUPTONMon Jan 30 1989Proposed VAX LSE V2.3 syntax
216.02VISA::ZAAFTue Jan 31 1989FTSV V2.2-proposed syntax for new commands
217.02BOEHM::BENTONThu Feb 02 1989RSM V2.2, One new qualifier
218.06MU::PORTERWed Feb 08 1989Do DECwindows applications need a DCL verb?
219.016ELYSSE::WOLFETue Feb 14 1989DECwrite V1.
220.06WHOCRZ::GUMBELMon Feb 20 1989CDA Viewers V2 syntax
221.03SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Feb 22 1989SNA-RJE V1.4 RUN request
222.05CLOSET::DEVRIESThu Feb 23 1989DOCUMENT: should there be a new verb for new tools?
223.014VINO::HDAVISTue Mar 07 1989Vax Disk Striping Driver for VMS V1.
224.010ATSE::MORGANTue Mar 07 1989What commands are impossible for DCL?
225.01MOORED::GERSTLEWed Mar 08 1989/MAIL defaults for a new product?
226.025HANNAH::MESSENGERWed Mar 08 1989DECterm V2.
227.05KAHOTK::CERRONEFri Mar 10 1989VAX Media Manager
228.09SMAUG::FLOWERSMon Mar 13 1989Additions to SET HOST/SNA syntax
229.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Mar 15 1989DCL design assistance requested (DWICS)
230.025STAR::FLOLOTue Mar 21 1989DECwindows DCL Syntax Proposal
231.04ATSE::BLOCKWed Apr 05 1989RSTS/E V9.7 Additional Commands & Qualifiers
233.04WILKIE::ROCKMon Apr 10 1989VMS Interface to AT&T Datakit(r) V2.
234.02LASSIE::KIMMELThu Apr 13 1989UCX V1.2 Command Proposal
235.07LASSIE::MARIGOWDAFri Apr 14 1989TELNET client command proposal
236.06MILLER::PERUCHOTWed Apr 19 1989MAGIE syntax review request
237.05VOGON::BARANSKIWed Apr 19 1989Proposed Syntax for Arabic FMS
238.03AITG::FOSTERFri Apr 21 1989An new VAX LISP DCL qualifier
239.03LASSIE::MARIGOWDAFri Apr 28 1989DCL verb for TELNET
240.01CURIE::RUSKINFri Apr 28 1989
241.02DDIF::BAZEMOREFri May 05 1989ASN.1/DDIS syntax proposal
242.05TOOK::MERSHONMon May 08 1989/LAT Qualifier for SET HOST
243.024HANNAH::HASTINGSTue May 30 198918 new PRINT qualifiers
244.09RAINBO::KOUTAVASTue Jun 06 1989VAXshare Management
245.0111SRUS::PUDERTue Jun 20 1989APL/TERMINAL=xxx
246.013BOMBE::MADDENWed Jun 21 1989VAX Encryption V1.2
247.06DECWIN::CYPRYCHMon Jun 26 1989DECwindows SET DISPLAY
248.01AKOVThu Jun 29 1989VSS - DCL PROBLEM
249.01AKOVFri Jun 30 1989Bug In Lex. Function
250.01AKOVFri Jun 30 1989Version 5.2? VMS
251.05BOMBE::WHITEThu Jul 06 1989KDC V1.2 Commands
252.010GALVIA::STONESFri Jul 14 1989DLS V1.
253.010STAR::WEBERMon Jul 17 1989DCL addition for tape format information
255.06MOVIES::HOGGTue Jul 25 1989VMS Hickory - SET/SHOW CHARGE_CODE
256.01AKOVTue Jul 25 1989Bug in F$GETDVI
257.02TLE::MEGAWed Jul 26 1989VAX MACRO - new ENABLE option
258.03HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri Jul 28 1989Proposed Syntax for PostPrint V1.
259.05POOR::GIOIELLIFri Jul 28 1989DEC RdbExpert V1.
260.01PH4VAX::BETZTue Aug 01 1989PRINT command /PARAM= query???
261.09DESNOS::SAGETue Aug 01 1989OSI_MANAGER syntax review request
262.05RATHER::PALMIERITue Aug 01 1989FTSS v1.
263.08BROKE::ROYALWed Aug 09 1989DECtrace for VMS (formerly EPC) DCL verb approval
264.05RAINBO::MARKEYFri Aug 11 1989VMS Services for PCs Version 3.
265.011LEVERS::SWEETMon Aug 14 1989ELMS V1.
266.0--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 16 1989BACKUP/CRC : save-set or command qualifier
268.021COOKIE::S_JENSENFri Sep 01 1989VMS Disk Defragmenter Utility V1.
269.01MARVIN::RAWLINGSFri Sep 01 1989Common Trace Facility V1.
270.023STAR::FLOLOThu Sep 07 1989New syntax for DCL in VMS HICKORY
271.03MARVIN::DAVISONFri Sep 08 1989VMS HICKORY, proposed changes for SET HOST/X29
272.016DECWIN::WOODBURYWed Sep 13 1989Syntax for Display PostScript PSWRAP Utility
273.021ANNECY::FICHTERThu Sep 14 1989Proposal for DEC hams V1.
274.010JRDVMon Sep 18 1989VAXTPU/Japanese V2.4
275.02CAPT::WALSHWed Sep 20 1989New interface qualifier for VAXTPU V2.6
276.03BANZAI::HILLSONFri Sep 22 1989VAX DBMS V4.2 Syntax Proposal
277.012SMAUG::LOONIEThu Sep 28 1989New qualifiers for VAX FTAM V2.
278.011SQM::NELSONThu Oct 12 1989DEC Management Control Center
279.08RENTA::ARSENAULTTue Oct 17 1989DEC/Test Manager V3.1 syntax additions/modifications
280.02STAR::ALLISONThu Oct 19 1989New qualifiers for RMS Journaling V2.
281.06TLE::ARSENAULTTue Oct 24 1989new syntax of SCA V2.
282.09AITG::HUBERMANMon Oct 30 1989Decision Expert V2.
283.011STAR::RHOFFMANTue Oct 31 1989Posix option for SET TERMINAL
284.02SMAUG::SODDERTue Oct 31 1989NCL based products
285.06KOALA::MANSURWed Nov 01 1989Multiple commands on a line?
286.014SHALOT::WAYERMon Nov 06 1989Command for ALL-IN-1 DESKtop
287.05ATSE::BLOCKTue Nov 07 1989RSTS/E V1
288.08ROWING::FEENANThu Nov 09 1989Rdb/VMS 3.1 Syntax Change Proposal
289.01TLE::MITCHELLMon Nov 13 1989VAX Ada V2.1
291.019SOFCAD::KNIGHTThu Nov 16 1989DECdesign V1
292.022AISG::TENGMon Nov 27 1989DECscheduler V1.
293.010PGG::VIJAYWed Nov 29 1989VFP V1.
294.08VIA::BOWERMon Dec 04 1989VAX TEAMDATA V1.4 New Qualifiers
295.014VINO::VOBAThu Dec 07 1989VAXcluster Console System (VCS) V1.3
296.016PSG::HEGLIEFri Dec 08 1989VSAP Version 1.2
297.012LASSIE::KIMMELFri Dec 08 1989UCX V1.3 Command changes
298.06ENET51::RELFTue Dec 19 1989SET TERMINAL/NETWORK qualifier for Phase V
299.016MAMIE::KEAVENYWed Dec 27 1989Use of ACS_ for Shell Oil Program
300.032CREDIT::ABUGOVWed Dec 27 1989RdbStar V1.
301.01SMAUG::SODDERThu Dec 28 1989DCL Waiver for DECnet/SNA Domain Gateway (2nd)
302.05SMOP::GLOSSOPFri Jan 05 1990How do you propose an ECO to the DCL standard?
304.04SMAUG::MURPHYTue Jan 09 1990DECnet/SNA Gateway Management V2.
305.05LASSIE::MARIGOWDAWed Jan 10 1990UCX V1.3 FTP command additions
306.0154GL::GLEASONMon Jan 22 1990New qualifiers for MMS V2.6
307.03BMAJOR::PERRYMon Jan 29 1990NetDesigner V1.
309.0MARVIN::COBBThu Feb 01 1990LK2
310.08TRADE::HADFIELDWed Feb 07 1990DECtrade v1.
311.03LORRI::MENARDTue Feb 13 1990Proposal for ALL-IN-1 MAIL for VMS (A1MAIL)
312.014CDROM::DUPREZThu Feb 15 1990Proposal for PAK Generation Utility
313.02931788::MAHERThu Feb 15 1990DEC Trellis for [ RISC/ULTRIX | VAX/ULTRIX | VMS ] DCL Syntax
314.09VINO::TORREYFri Feb 23 1990DCL Changes proposed for VPA V2.1
315.02MOVIES::HOGGFri Mar 02 1990Set Accounting /Charge_Code - ThunderBolt
316.012MARX::ROSSTue Mar 06 1990Proposal for Virtual Terminal Utility (internal product)
317.06TOOK::MERSHONThu Mar 08 1990LATCP Additions
318.06STAR::HEERMANCEMon Mar 12 1990A new qualifier for CONVERT
319.07LASSIE::SUKONNIKWed Mar 14 1990Dec RPC foreign command request
320.018MARX::ROSSThu Mar 15 1990Proposal for Script Execution Utility - internal products
321.03TOOK::MERSHONMon Mar 26 1990New SET HOST/LAT qualifiers
322.03UTOPIE::GAISHAUSERTue Mar 27 1990Problems with CDU
323.010STLSEE::STALZERTue Mar 27 1990SoftPC DCL Syntax
324.06STAR::WEBERWed Mar 28 1990Extension to $MOUNT for specifying standards compliance
325.07LASSIE::MARIGOWDAWed Apr 11 1990UCX FTP CLIENT command interface
326.02SQM::NELSONMon Apr 23 1990UCX Command Changes
327.02RANGER::HITTTue Apr 24 1990Syntax proposal for ATK$MANAGER (a component of DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh)
328.010CAIRN::HARRISWed Apr 25 1990VAX Fortran-HPO V1.
329.09BALZAC::PIGNAULTThu May 03 1990UFT/VMS Command Language (OSI-DSA)
330.012WEIRDO::JONESThu May 03 1990DEC Commserver Config. MGR (DCCM)
331.011COOKIE::S_JENSENTue May 08 1990VAX/VMS File Defragmentation Utility (submission 2)
332.08KOALA::MANSURFri May 11 1990Proposal for A1MAIL Management Utility (X4MAN)
333.05SEABRZ::SACCOWed May 16 1990CDA Toolkit - new qualifier to CONVERT/DOCUMENT
334.08MCNTSH::LONGWed May 16 1990DEC LanWORKS for PCs v4.
335.06MOIRA::FAIMANWed May 16 1990DECintact V2.
336.02MLTVAX::RAITTOMon May 21 1990PDP-11 C V1.1 DCL Syntax
337.01RANGER::HITTThu May 24 1990Request for DCL waiver - DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh V1.
338.016STAR::HEIMBACHThu May 24 1990New VMS Batch/Print cmds to disable & enable queue
339.04MSCSSE::SILVERWed May 30 1990DCL verb - TRACK - for internal use only
341.04JRDVWed Jun 06 1990MRX4
342.017LEVERS::MORANOWed Jun 06 1990Proposal for Firmware Down Line Upgrade tool
343.02TLE::WILLIAMSThu Jun 07 1990IPSE V1.
344.012CHEFS::KEENThu Jun 07 1990VAX/EDI V1.1 Approval required
345.08TLE::TROWELTue Jun 12 1990VAX MACRO - new /NAMES qualifier
347.010STAR::HEIMBACHWed Jun 13 1990Commands needed for auto start of queues
348.012GUAM66::BBAKERFri Jun 15 1990Request for new WPSPLUS qualifiers
349.07SQM::NELSONMon Jun 25 1990VAX/EDI V1.
350.02ULYSSE::OSS117::POSTAIREWed Jun 27 1990DCL Review Submission
351.0511SRUS::DECAPL::HAYNESWed Jun 27 1990New APL/VECTOR qualifier
352.08ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Jun 28 1990INSPECT version V2.
353.01DATABS::HEATHThu Jul 12 1990DECtrace for VMS V1.1
354.04NUTMEG::HOOVERTue Jul 17 1990FileBridge V1.
355.012LEVERS::MORANOThu Jul 19 1990proposal: Network Device Upgrade Utility (DECndu)
356.03SMAUG::PATELThu Jul 19 1990Additional qualifiers for VAX FTAM V2.
357.02ULYSSE::OSS117::POSTAIREFri Jul 20 1990DEC ROS DCL Review Request
358.07JRDVMon Jul 23 1990JEDI, Japanese EDT
359.01JRDVMon Jul 23 1990JMAIL, Japanese MAIL utility
360.09JRDVMon Jul 23 1990JDICEDIT, Japanese dictionaly editor
361.05JRDVMon Jul 23 1990KCODE, Kanji code conversion utility
362.04JRDVMon Jul 23 1990KDUMP, DUMP utility for {KANJI|KANA} text
363.03CLUSTA::DONATMon Jul 23 1990New keyword for ACMS V3.2
364.017--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 25 1990CMGR, Character ManaGeR
365.06TAEC::CHARRIERWed Jul 25 1990DEC ROS DEVELOPMENT KIT, an ASN.1 compiler
366.03TOOK::MERSHONThu Jul 26 1990LATCP Create Port Changes
367.03TOOK::MERSHONThu Jul 26 1990Autoconnect for SET HOST/LAT
368.03STAR::QUODLINGFri Jul 27 1990Modificcations to License
369.04DATABS::SMITHTue Aug 07 1990Add /INIT to RdbExpert
370.03AZUR::NAVASTue Aug 07 1990Wanted CLI Grammar
371.020RTL::RICOTue Aug 07 1990Proposed DCL syntax for NIDL compiler (DEC RPC V2.
372.06OED::BEYERThu Aug 09 1990CDD/Administrator for VMS V1.
373.02REVEUR::FLOLOThu Aug 09 1990"New" SET/SHOW SECURITY command for VMS
374.02VAXWRK::MEYERThu Aug 09 1990To register or not to register
375.06RTL::FANEUFWed Aug 15 1990DEC VUIT V1.
376.09COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Aug 17 1990vax disk striping driver for vms v2.
377.07ALLVAX::LUBYFri Aug 17 1990use qualifiers or parameters?
378.02GRNDAD::STONETue Aug 21 1990/INTERFACE qualifier for CONVERT/DOCUMENT
379.08ULYSSE::OSS117::POSTAIREMon Aug 27 1990DEC products, DDS process and non DCL compliant commands
380.012INBLUE::RODASFri Aug 31 1990WPL a WPS-PLUS Login Utility
381.09CHEFS::KEENWed Sep 05 1990DECtie (ODESI) DCL Registration
382.017RTL::RICOThu Sep 06 1990Proposed DCL syntax for UUID utility (DEC RPC V2.
383.04TLE::HOVEYMon Sep 17 1990VAX C /[NO]UPPERCASE qualifier
384.01REVEUR::FLOLOFri Sep 21 1990Additional syntax for SET/SHOW SECURITY
385.03ELMIRA::HILLSONMon Sep 24 1990Rdb/VMS V4.
386.09BANZAI::SRIKANTHWed Sep 26 1990DEC preprocessors for VAX
387.06CAM::PATTENFri Sep 28 1990BASEstar V2.1 CLI Review
388.010MLTVAX::PUDERFri Sep 28 1990VAX APL Session Manager(s)
389.012ATOI::ANDERSONWed Oct 03 1990ACAS V2.
390.02GALVIA::STONESFri Oct 05 1990DLS V1.1 DCL command.
391.09ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Oct 05 1990DECinspect V2.1
392.08SSBN1::YANKESMon Oct 08 1990Network Security Gateway V1.
393.012MUNLEG::EISENHUTMon Oct 08 1990FLAM(R) for VMS / New german product
394.04LENO::ROSSWed Oct 10 1990New qualifiers for VTERMINAL command
395.015ZENDIA::THILAGARWed Oct 10 1990DSRF V1.1
396.01LENO::ROSSThu Oct 11 1990Proposal for Window Application Utility (internal product)
397.011LENO::ROSSThu Oct 11 1990Proposal for File Transfer Utility (internal product)
398.01RTL::BRINKLEYFri Oct 12 1990New Qualifiers DW V3 UIL compiler
399.019STARVU::LIVINGSTONThu Oct 18 1990DECview3D DCL Syntax Proposal
400.02SMAUG::PATELThu Oct 18 1990Sub-Qualifier to be added to VAX FTAM V2.
401.05BILBO::PIPERWed Oct 24 1990New DCL SPAWN Qualfifiers: /TRUSTED and /PRIVILEGES
402.02COOKIE::S_JENSENTue Oct 30 1990DEC File Defragmentation Utility for VMS V1.
403.02STAR::NOZELLWed Nov 07 1990New OPERATOR user interface - VMS Vx.y
404.07WRKSYS::MARKEYFri Nov 09 1990SoftPC V2.2 Syntax Proposal
405.018SOJU::RLEETue Nov 13 1990DECtp Design Assistant - proposal
406.04MR4DEC::GAYThu Nov 22 1990RTINTEGRATOR application
407.04JRDVMon Nov 26 1990Japanese VAX COBOL V4.4 DCL syntax for review
408.016AISG::VERDEYENWed Nov 28 1990DECscheduler V1.1 syntax proposal
409.015AIRONE::CORBETTAThu Nov 29 1990Posix Dcl Command for VIP
411.02QUIVER::PARISEAUWed Dec 05 1990proposal: DECndu V1.1
412.04APACHE::RYDERFri Jan 04 1991Updated DCSC V1.
413.09MARVIN::BAILEYWed Jan 09 1991FSM Utility for Failover Set Management
414.04VANLOO::FRYFri Jan 11 1991REGISTER/SUB
415.04VANLOO::FRYFri Jan 11 1991ACCESS/NIPS
417.012SQM::NELSONMon Mar 04 1991Concurrent Viewing and Editing
418.09JRDVFri Jan 18 1991Character ManaGeR, update for V2.
419.07JRDVMon Jan 21 1991DECwindows DECnet/SNA 327
420.011HJUXB::SCODAThu Jan 24 1991VMS Standalone Backup
421.06STAR::HELLWIGThu Jan 24 1991VMS Backup
422.07JRDVFri Jan 25 1991$ keybind for IMLIB
423.024GL::KIRKFri Jan 25 1991VAX RALLY - new qualifier /DEPENDENCY_DATA
424.08DECWET::VANDERBURGTue Jan 29 1991DEC Portable Message Text Facility Version 1.
425.04JRDVMon Feb 04 1991FIP, new verb
426.04JRDVTue Feb 05 1991IMCP for IMserver
427.02DYNAST::BRUNNOCKMon Feb 11 1991DEC/EDI V1.1 DCL Syntax for review.
428.05NAPIER::PAPPASTue Feb 12 1991PowerFrame for VMS
429.07TLE::HOTue Feb 12 1991Acquire Utility of COHESION Framework V1.
430.07STAR::FREUNDWed Feb 13 1991Additional syntax for the SET MAGTAPE command
431.018STAR::SOLOMONTue Feb 19 1991another cut at the syntax - comments?
432.03NOVA::MJOHNSONTue Feb 19 1991VAX DBMS V4.3 Proposed Syntax
433.07KOBAL::BERGERFri Feb 22 1991System Builder V1.
434.016TLE::DINGEEMon Feb 25 1991CDD/Administrator V1.
435.09TOOLS::BINGHAMWed Feb 27 1991DECdesign V1.1 - Record/Playback Qualifiers
436.02VMSSPT::TCARRWed Feb 27 1991backup: add qualifier to /INITIALIZE
437.06DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Mar 05 1991DEC Virus Detection Utility (VDU) for VMS
439.013ATOI::ANDERSONMon Mar 11 1991ACAS V2.
441.07VINO::TORREYWed Mar 27 1991DECps V1.
443.09LASSIE::MARIGOWDAThu Apr 04 1991VMS/Ultrix Connection software R utilities (RLOGIN & RSH)
444.03TOOK::MERSHONTue Apr 09 1991New LATCP SET NODE Qualifier
445.012WIKKIT::WARWICKWed Apr 10 1991DEFRAGMENT verb will stop "DEF" working
446.010EICMFG::64599::MIKETTAMon Apr 22 1991BASEstar CIMfast for VMS
447.02TOOK::MERSHONMon Apr 22 1991New LATCP SET PORT Qualifier
448.02HOSANA::UTZTue Apr 30 1991VUIT V1.1
449.012ATPS::LANCIANITue Apr 30 1991VMS SES DCL Syntax for Review
450.06STAR::ROBERTWed May 01 1991VMS LICENSE command changes (ref: note 368)
451.04KOALA::LAVASHThu May 02 1991A1MAIL Management Utility V1.1 (X4MANAGER)
452.014APACHE::RYDERWed May 15 1991DCSC V1.1 New DCL Commands/Qualifiers ...
453.016R2ME2::GLOYDThu May 16 1991LinkWorks Linkbase Utility DCL Commands
454.04VMSSG::TCARRWed May 22 1991backup: new qualifiers for INITIALIZE keyword
455.02KOBAL::KIRKTue May 28 1991VAX RALLY - /INTERFACE - new qualifier.
456.07VINO::SAPIROMon Jun 17 1991DECps Accounting ChargeBack
457.014NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Jun 24 1991localedef utility
458.023VISUAL::RUTFIELDMon Jun 24 1991DECimage EXpress V1.
459.0SAAVAK::HIRABAYASHIMon Jul 08 1991DECwindows Clearinghouse?
460.06VMSSPT::TCARRMon Jul 15 1991new keyword for /LABEL qualifier
461.06QUERY::MITCHNECKMon Jul 15 1991Proposed syntax for CDD/Repository V5.
462.06SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTWed Jul 24 1991DECforms V1.4 changes
463.05TLE::HOThu Aug 01 1991COHESION
464.01NOVA::MOYTue Aug 06 1991Proposed DCL Syntax Changes For Rdb/VMS RMU V4.1
465.06VIA::JACOBSTue Aug 06 1991DECQUERY for VMS V1.
466.03MAULER::PAWELKOTue Aug 06 1991A1MAIL V1.1 Video Terminals (VT) client
467.06SMAUG::WATTUMMon Aug 12 1991DEC VT for VMS V1.
468.02NOVA::CAMPBELLThu Aug 15 1991Proposed change to VAX DBMS 4.3 syntax
469.01COOKIE::KYLERTue Sep 10 1991VMS Mount
470.01COOKIE::SEAGLETue Sep 10 1991VMS Backup
471.019ANNECY::BUISSONWed Sep 11 1991VAX ISDN 2.
472.044GL::BHATIAWed Sep 11 1991DSB v1.
473.04IFDEF::ricoThu Sep 12 1991request reopening #371: verb change from NIDL to IDL
474.02IFDEF::ricoThu Sep 12 1991request reopening #382: keyword change from NIDL to IDL
475.01COOKIE::LBROWNThu Sep 12 1991VAX SLS - STORAGE command extensions for DCSC support
476.04SOLVIT::MARSHALLFri Sep 13 1991<<< RSUBMIT DCL Verb request >>>>>
477.01SOLVIT::MARSHALLFri Sep 13 1991<<<< RSHOW DCL Verb Request >>>>
478.03IFDEF::ricoFri Sep 13 1991should "NIDL_TO_IDL" have a DCL syntax?
479.03IFDEF::ricoMon Sep 16 1991proposed IDL/CONVERT syntax
480.010TLE::INSINGAMon Sep 16 1991DEC C++ for VMS Systems V1.
481.02COVERT::COVERTTue Sep 17 1991SET AUDIT command: New /BACKLOG qualifier
482.017STAR::NELSONWed Sep 18 1991HELP/MESSAGE command and qualifiers
483.01VINO::JOHNSONFri Sep 20 1991EventCentral/SystemSensor for VMS V1.
484.05SMAUG::DESMONDFri Oct 04 1991Additional syntax for DECwindows 327
486.08STAR::ANDREFri Oct 11 1991OPERATOR utility
487.07MARX::ROSSThu Oct 17 1991Proposed changes to VTERMINAL command qualifiers
488.08MLTVAX::ZAMORAMon Oct 21 1991VAX PL/I new qualifier /FIXED_BINARY15
489.07STRAT::JENSENWed Oct 23 1991DEC File Optimizer for VMS V1.
490.03QUARK::LIONELWed Oct 30 1991FORTRAN /ERROR_LIMIT and /RECURSIVE qualifiers
491.010MAJORS::SPENCETue Nov 05 1991DECtie for DEC/EDI: Syntax Changes
492.02SMAUG::LOONIEWed Nov 06 1991New qualifier for VAX FTAM
493.020TALLIS::KIRKSun Nov 10 1991VAX Executable Software Translator for VAX/VMS
494.07VINO::MCARLETONTue Nov 12 1991VAXcluster Console System (VCS) V1.4
495.02COOKIE::LBROWNThu Nov 14 1991VAX SLS - STORAGE command extensions for V2.2 release
496.02BROKE::HIGGSThu Nov 14 1991Question regarding RdbStar syntax addition
497.08BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Nov 15 1991SHow license change.
498.0CSCMA::SOHAWed Nov 20 1991List of registered products/facilities?
499.03BILBO::PIPERMon Nov 25 1991VMS: RUN, SET AUDIT, and SHOW AUDIT Extensions
500.013DECALP::REESTue Dec 10 1991DEC RTR for VMS (Now Version 2.
501.06GUESS::WALTHERWed Dec 11 1991DEC OPS5 V4.
502.01MOIRA::FAIMANThu Dec 12 1991HELP/MESSAGE /EXTRACT change (see 482)
503.04VMSSPT::HELLWIGFri Dec 13 1991VMS Backup
504.02VINO::JOHNSONMon Dec 30 1991SYSTEMsensor for VMS
505.011AUSSIE::LEONGThu Jan 02 1992DECFAX - proposed command line syntax
506.011VMSDEV::KRIEGERThu Jan 02 1992DECamds V1.
507.06TLE::HOVEYThu Jan 02 1992DEC C++ syntax for /EXTERN_MODEL and /SHARE_GLOBALS
508.06KBOMFG::RESCHKEFri Jan 03 1992DCL for DECexpress products for VMS
509.01DATABS::KUMARMon Jan 06 1992 Graphical Schema Editor
510.07TLE::HOVEYWed Jan 08 1992SYNTAX for DEC C and DEC C++, /LIBRARY_ENTRIES
511.04CFSCTC::CARBREYWed Jan 08 1992Syntax for DEC ASD/SEE Toolkit for VMS
513.013JRDVFri Jan 10 1992DECnet/SNA 327
514.07DATABS::SOOWed Jan 15 1992ALL-IN-1 Performance Reports V1.
515.03IOSG::ECHRISTIEMon Jan 20 1992ALL-IN-1 V3.
516.014BULEAN::TARANTOWed Jan 22 1992SET HOST/MOP proposal
517.021SOJU::HAGANMon Jan 27 1992DEC3GL Implementation Toolkit for VMS V1.
518.01DATABS::HEATHTue Jan 28 1992DECtrace for VMS V1.2 syntax
519.01DATABS::KUMARTue Jan 28 1992 RdbExpert for VMS - GSEdit/NoGSEdit
520.05COVERT::COVERTWed Jan 29 1992TYPE/TAIL
521.03ATOI::ANDERSONTue Feb 04 1992Extensions to ACAS Syntax.
522.06ROSBIF::GOODENOUGHThu Feb 06 1992Update to LOCALE command (Ref note 457)
523.04QUINCE::MADDENWed Feb 12 1992DECinspect for VMS V2.2
524.010QUINCE::MADDENFri Feb 14 1992DECinspect Intrusion Detection for VMS V1.
525.010TALLIS::HERDEGMon Feb 17 1992VEST/DEPENDENCY syntax (main VEST syntax is in note 493)
526.03RAB::KARDONMon Feb 24 1992DCL syntax for BookreaderPlus V1.
527.01JER::HARROWThu Feb 27 1992Extensions to IDL compiler command interface approved in note 371
528.01QUIVER::CAPONEMon Mar 02 1992DECndu V2.
531.02NEPHI::COARThu Mar 19 1992LOCK - DCL access to $ENQ and $DEQ
532.07GALVIA::BROSNANTue Mar 24 1992Validate - CDA File Validator
533.010DECWET::DADDAMIOTue Mar 24 1992DCL Syntax for VET for Alpha/VMS
534.011JSOCSS::HOSAKAThu Mar 26 1992SYNTAX for FAX Adapter Software V2.1
535.02JSOCSS::OHTANIThu Mar 26 1992KMVBSC
536.05ATSE::MORGANFri Mar 27 1992RSTS/E: Addition of new qualifier on SHOW DISK, SHOW BUFFERS
537.017MLTVAX::SATURNELLIMon Mar 30 1992Alpha MACRO-64 Assembler
538.08DECOY::VIRGILTue Apr 07 1992New DCL syntax for ACMS V3.3
539.020CLOUDS::BRIDEWed Apr 08 1992UAE - LMF Usage Assignment Editor
540.08VISUAL::RUTFIELDFri Apr 10 1992Request for enhancements for DECimage EXpress V2.1
541.010ELWOOD::PETERSSun Apr 12 1992Pathworks Desktop Backup Server of VAX/VMS
542.04COOKIE::LBROWNMon Apr 20 1992VAX SLS V2.2: Streamlined STORAGE RESTORE command
543.08LASSIE::SUKONNIKWed Apr 22 1992UCX LPR and LPQ DCL commands
545.0259481::TERAUCHIThu Apr 23 1992VAX DOCUMENT/JAPANESE V2.1
546.01LASSIE::KIMMELThu Apr 30 1992Command Proposal for UCX V2.
547.02TALLIS::KIRKFri May 01 1992DECmigrate V1.
548.04LINAGE::ALLENWed May 06 1992COBOL redundant qualifiers
550.04EICMFG::KRETA::DESCHLERTue May 19 1992BASEstar CIMfast V1.1
551.017STAR::BLAKEWed May 20 1992TYPE /PAGE
552.06EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSThu May 21 1992OpenVMS Alpha MACRO-32 Cross-Compiler V1.
553.07IOSG::PYEThu May 28 1992New qualifier for ALL-IN-1 V3.next
554.01DKAS::DOLLIVERWed Jun 03 1992DEC Storage Monitor V1.
555.01STAR::REALMUTOMon Jun 08 1992PRODUCT Verb for SPIA
556.03AIDEV::MORIARTYFri Jun 12 1992DECscheduler V2.
557.02JER::HARROWTue Jun 16 1992DEC DCE for OpenVMS RPCLM DCL Command syntax proposal
558.01MARX::ROSSTue Jun 16 1992New qualifier for SC_READ
559.03QUARK::LIONELTue Jun 23 1992FORTRAN /OPTIMIZE qualifier enhancements
560.06XK12Wed Jun 24 1992TPWorkcenter (TPW) V1.
561.04ELWOOD::LANEThu Jun 25 1992Media Loader Utility V1.
562.02MUNLEG::EISENHUTMon Jun 29 1992FLAM for VMS V2.6
563.04RANGER::GRANOFFTue Jun 30 1992ADMINISTER/MSA syntax enhancement
564.05DECALP::SMITHMon Jul 06 1992RTR Version 2.
565.02FORTY2::NEWELLWed Jul 08 1992OSAKTRACE review request
566.05ZUSE::WENZELMon Jul 13 1992Pls approve DCL extensions for DECexpress (Note 5
567.01MACROW::SHANKSTue Jul 14 1992Proposed syntax for STDL compiler
568.02XK12Thu Jul 16 1992TPW Administrator's Tool Interface
569.03VINO::JOHNSONWed Jul 22 1992POLYCENTER System Watchdog Update
572.0AUSSIE::BELLWed Aug 12 1992Think before you design DCL
573.06NEWOA::SCHOFIELDFri Aug 14 1992POLYCENTER Account Manager - use of /INTERFACE
574.08JRDVMS::TAKEUCHITue Aug 18 1992DEC Extended Text Processing Utility
575.03TALLIS::KIRKTue Aug 18 1992Syntax changes for DECmigrate for OpenVMS Alpha V1.
576.03DSSDEV::GOHNWed Aug 19 1992DECforms V2.
577.010VINO::LUNDGRENMon Aug 24 1992System Census Foreign Command Request
578.04FORTY2::PULLENTue Aug 25 1992X.5
579.02PHILLI::COLEENFri Aug 28 1992Proposed change for DEC C/C++ PREFIX_LIBRARY_ENTRIES qualifier.
580.02SQM::PRESTIDGETue Sep 08 1992/ALPHA_AXP directive, fyi only
581.03TLE::REAGANThu Sep 10 19923 new keywords for existing Pascal qualifier
582.025NOVA::HILLSONThu Sep 17 1992Rdb/VMS V4.2 Proposed Syntax Changes
583.09XAPPL::RICOFri Sep 18 1992default behavior - list of negatable keywords
584.03STAR::ALLISONMon Sep 21 1992Comon Agent MOM Generator syntax proposal for review
585.016WHIPIT::MONTELEONETue Sep 29 1992Proposed new VAX COBOL keyword for ALPHA compatibility
586.01RANGER::MACINTYREFri Oct 02 1992Request for DCL waiver: PATHWORKS NET Command
587.04DSSDEV::CLIFFORDFri Oct 02 1992DEC AVS for OpenVMS command syntax proposal
588.04VINO::VOBAMon Oct 05 1992We're staking a claim for the verb INTRODUCE
589.02VINO::VOBAWed Oct 07 1992Who's Minding The Store? ...
590.010DATABS::BTAYLORThu Oct 08 1992DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX V1.
591.0SQM::PRESTIDGETue Oct 13 1992OpenVMS Alpha AXP 1st release DCL syntax
592.02JARETH::NORWICHMon Oct 19 1992/CACHE Modifier for SHOW MEMORY
593.01I18N::SUGIMOTOTue Oct 20 1992/STANDARD=MIA to JCOBOL V5.1
594.01TKOV5Tue Oct 20 1992DEC TN327
595.01TKOV5Tue Oct 20 1992DEC TN668
596.01TKOV5Tue Oct 20 1992DEC TN56
597.010KOALA::PRINCIPIOWed Oct 21 1992Name change: DEC MAILworks
598.01SSDEVO::THIELTue Oct 27 1992DECstor/RAID5 V1.
599.06TLE::REINIGWed Oct 28 1992Proposed changes to the CC command for OpenVMS VAX
600.04RTL::BENTONThu Oct 29 1992IEEE data types for SORT
601.03DSSDEV::HEIMBACHMon Nov 09 1992DECforms V2.
602.04JRDVMon Nov 09 1992DEC TCP/IP Services for Open/VMS Japanese
603.011AZTECH::LASTOVICASun Nov 15 1992STARS DCL syntax for review and feedback
604.032NDWND::CAMPBELLMon Nov 23 1992DEC DBMS for OpenVMS V5.
605.09COOKIE::S_JENSENWed Dec 02 1992DEC File Optimizer for VMS V1.1 syntax
606.014MARX::DAYThu Dec 10 1992Proposal for Remote Installation Utility (internal product)
607.04MARX::DAYThu Dec 10 1992New qualifier for SC_READ.
608.05TKOV5Mon Dec 21 1992DECwindows F668
609.05TKOV5Mon Dec 21 1992DECwindows H56
610.03ADA9X::CERRONEWed Dec 30 1992DEC Ada new Qualifiers
611.03MARX::DAYFri Jan 08 1993Approval of /ACCESS_NUMBER for entire RSF product set.
612.02MARX::DAYFri Jan 08 1993New qualifier for RINSTALL.
613.03MARX::DAYFri Jan 22 1993New qualifier for RINSTALL and FTRANSFER.
614.06FORTY2::BAKERFri Jan 29 1993MAILbus 4
615.09VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri Jan 29 1993Proposal for ASN.1 compiler
616.04LOWFAT::DIETERTue Feb 02 1993New qualifiers for DEBUG
617.014SLINK::HOODWed Feb 03 1993HUBwatch (SNMP Agent Management)
618.03VINO::BIEGELThu Feb 04 1993Proposal for DEC Performance Solution V1.1
619.03ROYALT::RASPUZZIMon Feb 08 1993New LATCP SET NODE Qualifier
620.07TPSYS::BECKTue Feb 09 1993DECADMIRE for OpenVMS
621.02CREATV::SLTG24::ABISFri Feb 12 1993New qualifiers for SHOW LICENSE
622.020KAOU58::MACDONALDFri Feb 12 1993DECimage Enterprise V1.
623.02PMASON::LAVASHMon Feb 15 1993New parameter to $COLLECT verb for DECtrace V2.
624.05PHILLI::COLEENFri Feb 19 1993/TEMPLATE_DEFINE qualifier
625.04MOVIES::HIRSTWed Feb 24 1993SET VOLUME change for OpenVMS file system
626.04TOKNOW::METCALFEThu Mar 11 1993DCL Dictionary
627.09PIC9::allenMon Mar 15 1993DEC COBOL V1.
628.010OPG::SIMONTue Mar 16 1993POLYCENTER Console Manager V1.1
629.05TALLIS::KIRKFri Mar 19 1993DSTGRAPH facility in DECMigrate for OpenVMS AXP V1.1
630.03TALLIS::KIRKFri Mar 19 1993DECmigrate for OpenVMS AXP V1.1
631.02SLINK::HOODMon Mar 22 1993New qualifier for HUBwatch
632.03QUEK::MOYMon Mar 22 1993DEC Rdb V5.1 Changes to RMU
633.01QUIVER::HAROKOPUSWed Mar 24 1993DECndu V3.
634.01SYSMGT::RMURRAYWed Mar 31 1993POLYCENTER COMMON AGENT DCL command submission
635.06SYSMGT::RMURRAYWed Mar 31 1993Foreign commands for POLYCENTER Common Agent for OpenVMS VAX V1.
636.05TLE::REAGANWed Mar 31 1993DEC Pascal V5.
637.02SCARY::CHARLANDMon Apr 05 1993Proposed Changes to DEC DBMS V5.1
638.02TLE::ZEEBFri Apr 09 1993New qualifiers for DEC C for OpenVMS AXP V1.3
639.02SSDEVO::KPHERSONMon Apr 19 1993Proposed change to RAID5 product
640.02AUSSIE::GARSONTue Apr 20 1993DECfax Mail for OpenVMS V1.1
641.02TLE::CARLSONThu Apr 22 1993New qualifier for DEC C for OpenVMS AXP V1.3
642.04MOVIES::FINDLAYThu Apr 22 1993OpenVMS Support for Shelving
643.01TLE::FOLTANFri Apr 23 1993DEC C++ V1.3 for OpenVMS AXP request for DCLREVIEW approval
644.01OPG::SIMONWed Apr 28 1993ULTRIX registration
645.011VETTE::SULZBACHFri Apr 30 1993Fault Management for OpenVMS AXP - request for DCLREVIEW
646.03TLE::FOLTANWed May 05 1993Approval for /NESTED_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY
647.04MR4MI2::MWILSONMon May 10 1993PowerFrame options lists
648.01ROYALT::RASPUZZITue May 18 1993New SET HOST /LAT qualifiers
649.01STOIR1::BALKUSWed May 19 1993DEC RAID OpenVMS VAX Utilities Syntax
650.01COOKIE::LBROWNThu May 20 1993POLYCENTER Archive/Backup requests "ARCHIVE" verb
651.01ROYALT::RASPUZZIFri May 21 1993New LATCP command and new qualifiers for existing commands
652.011MOVIES::FINDLAYTue May 25 1993Additional Lexical for OpenVMS Support for Shelving
653.03COOKIE::DMILLERWed Jul 07 1993Polycenter HSM(Shelving) DCL commands
654.02COOKIE::DMILLERWed Jul 07 1993POLYCENTER HSM (SHELVING) Utility interface
655.0JARETH::SCHOELLERThu Jul 08 1993LINKER/DSF qualifier
656.03LASSIE::KIMMELTue Jul 13 1993Proposed changes for UCX V3.
657.02TRLIAN::LQUINNFri Jul 16 1993DEC VOICE:mail V1.3 commands
658.0DECALP::ANDERSTue Jul 20 1993Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) Version 2.1
659.03DISCOS::CASTELLANOTue Jul 20 1993Additions to POLYCENTER Capacity Planner
660.0DISCOS::CASTELLANOTue Jul 20 1993Additions to POLYCENTER Performance Data Collector
662.02COOKIE::SIGELFri Jul 23 1993New Striping command
663.03RAGS::GINGRASWed Jul 28 1993MODEL qualifier for analyze/error
664.07TEKOA::RAITTOWed Jul 28 1993MACRO-64 V1.1 DCL Syntax
665.01OZROCK::NASHWed Aug 04 1993Accounting
666.014MARIN::KIRKMon Aug 09 1993DEC/Forte' V1.
667.03JITMon Aug 16 1993ANET+/ foreign commands
668.08MOVIES::PARSONSThu Aug 26 1993Writebehind caching support for Dollar
669.03DATABS::BTAYLORTue Aug 31 19932 new qualifiers for DEC Object/DB
670.03ELWOOD::LANETue Sep 14 1993Additions to MLU
671.0TBJVOA::YASUFUKUMon Sep 20 1993DEC Commserver BSC Protocol Software
672.02DISCOS::CASTELLANOMon Sep 20 1993looking for COMMANDS.DCL
673.0119681::PIPERMon Sep 27 1993Third-party registration of MULTINET?
674.03ROYALT::RASPUZZIThu Sep 30 1993Allow SET HOST /LAT to interact better with modems
675.06TLE::FISHERMon Oct 04 1993Proposed new clause for VAX BASIC qualifier
676.0DATABS::BTAYLORTue Oct 05 1993new qualifiers for DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX
677.01DENNY::PERIQUETTue Oct 05 1993New qualifiers for DEC BASIC V1.
678.01SLINK::HOODWed Oct 06 1993New qualifier for HUBwatch
679.01APACHE::N2548Tue Oct 19 1993DCSC V2.
680.0662984::MOYWed Oct 20 1993DEC Rdb V6.
681.0JITMon Oct 25 1993Additional for DECnet/SNA 327
682.0COOKIE::SORENSENTue Oct 26 1993New commands for SLS for OpenVMS V2.3
683.03STAR::NEUMEISTERWed Nov 03 1993New BACKUP qualifier /[NO]ALIAS
684.0IOSG::PYEThu Nov 04 1993New ALL-IN-1 qualifier: ALLIN1/PRCBUILD
686.04TLE::HUDSONWed Dec 08 1993New qualifiers for DEC BASIC V1.
687.022SSAG::ZANEThu Dec 23 1993SAVMAN for Save Set Manager
688.02TLE::VOGELThu Dec 30 1993/ASSUME, /SYNC for BASIC
689.02SLINK::HOODThu Jan 20 1994Additional syntax for HUBwatch-related applications
690.03METSYS::BABERMon Jan 24 1994DEC/EDI V2 Client Interface Syntax
691.0ZENDIA::HOFFMANWed Jan 26 1994Proposal for POLYCENTER Performance Solution V2.1
692.02AUSSIE::CHATTERJEEWed Jan 26 1994DECfax Mail for OpenVMS V1.2
693.02DECCXL::REINIGTue Feb 15 1994Proposed changes to CC for OpenVMS VAX
694.05JRDVWed Feb 16 1994Qualifiers for FIP
695.03SSDEVO::KPHERSONTue Mar 01 1994Proposed changes for RAID Software
696.01SYSTEM::POADWed Mar 02 1994DEC/EDI V2 new cache commands syntax
697.0DECCXL::REINIGMon Mar 07 1994Proposed changes to CC and CXX for OpenVMS VAX and AXP
698.0+11DECC::CARLSONMon Mar 07 1994/IEEE_MODE for DEC C AXP VMS
700.09SUBSYS::SSCOTTFri Mar 18 1994SWXCR (RAID Array 2
701.01COOKIE::S_JENSENMon Mar 28 1994POLYCENTER File Optimizer for OpenVMS V2.
702.05NAC::ABISWed Mar 30 1994new qualifier for LICENSE MODIFY
704.015HANNAH::VOBATue May 03 1994Digital Print Supervisor for Xerox Printers for OpenVMS
705.05MOVIES::BISSETMon Jun 06 1994New SHOW DEVICES qualifier (/REBUILD_STATUS)
706.01JRDVWed Jun 08 1994DEC COBOL/Japanese V2.
707.0ELWOOD::DALBERTIWed Jun 08 1994StorageWorks Desktop Backup/Archiver
708.0HANNAH::VOBATue Jun 14 1994Re 1.*, so have we succeeded?
709.02QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 24 1994New syntax for FORTRAN command to support Fortran 9
710.08GOLLY::LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREWed Jun 29 1994Please approve DECSET verb
711.04MOVIES::HOWELL_MATue Jul 26 1994Multiple /DEFINE and /UNDEFINE qualifiers for DEC C
712.01RECV::BOWERThu Jul 28 1994ObjectBroker V2.5
713.01JARETH::SCHOELLERTue Aug 09 1994link/demand_zero=per_page
714.010MOVIES::PARSONSTue Sep 20 1994new INITIALIZE qualifier to support Dollar
716.01ZAMBIA::WELLSWed Oct 05 1994Polycenter HSM(Shelving) DCL commands
717.03ZAMBIA::WELLSWed Oct 05 1994POLYCENTER HSM (SHELVING) Utility interface
718.06--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 05 1994DEC C pointer size qualifiers
720.03JONES::LJONESMon Oct 31 1994POLYCENTER Archive/Backup DCL
721.02COOKIE::MUNNSTue Nov 08 1994POLYCENTER Sequential Media Filesystem DCL
722.011SSAG::LARYTue Nov 15 1994Backup Estimator
723.01AUSSIE::CHATTERJEEFri Dec 02 1994DECfax Mail for OpenVMS V1.3
724.03COOKIE::SORENSENMon Dec 12 1994SLS V2.5
725.01MOVIES::PARSONSWed Feb 15 1995New qualifier for Dollar file system
726.04DECC::SEIGELThu Feb 16 1995new /MS qualifier for C++ compiler CXX
727.06COOKIE::NELMSFri Feb 24 1995POLYCENTER File Optimizer for OpenVMS V2.1
728.07SSDEVO::PARRISMon Mar 06 1995HSZterm, StorageWorks HSZ4
729.01EVMS::YAHWHO::PETROVICFri Mar 10 1995/WIDTH=8
730.06CXXC::REINIGFri Mar 17 1995New qualifiers for C and C++
731.01CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHMon Mar 20 1995Software Engineering Standards/Directives?
732.08DSSDEV::RICETue Mar 21 1995DECforms V2.1 for VAX and Alpha new "Forms Translate" switches.
733.04DECC::VOGELMon Mar 27 1995/CHECK qualifier for C/C++
734.08DECC::REINIGTue Apr 11 1995/COMPACT_VTBLS for DEC C++ on OpenVMS VAX
735.09MOVIES::PARSONSTue Apr 25 1995system management commands for Dollar (TNFS)
736.05RANGER::MEIERFri May 19 1995NSHOW and NDELETE for PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Netware)
737.03MOVIES::BOHNERWed Jun 21 1995New /ALLOCATION qualifier for CREATE/DIRECTORY
738.03CXXC::REPETEMon Jul 10 1995Cumulative qualifiers again
739.02XSTACY::snuggl.ilo.dec.com::CODWYERFri Jul 28 1995New TMGR verb for internal app
740.01GOVTMon Aug 28 1995Facility Name for Service Broker
741.010PACKED::MASLANKAMon Sep 11 1995DEC COBOL v2.3 qualifier option /ALIGNMENT=WITH_PADDING
743.02COOKIE::BOONEFri Sep 29 1995Media Robot Utility v1.
744.04PTPMMon Oct 02 1995ACMSxp for OpenVMS Alpha V2.
745.01PAVONE::MACCHIFri Oct 20 1995New qualifier for DATATRIEVE
746.02DJS::SZYMANSKIFri Nov 10 1995DEC COBOL V2.3 new option, new qualifier
747.02DECCXL::MITCHELLTue Nov 21 1995/EXCEPTIONS qualifier for DEC C++
748.03STAR::SLEEWed Nov 29 1995Unix pipes in DCL
749.02PACKED::BRAFFITTThu Nov 30 1995DEC COBOL V2.3 new qualifier - /[NO]VFC
750.01CXXC::REPETEWed Jan 24 1996/assume=[no]header_type_default for DEC C++/C
751.08MOVIES::PARSONSThu Feb 08 1996New SPIRALOG command for V1.1
753.07EVMS::SCHOELLERWed Mar 06 1996linker: /threads_enable qualifier
754.0DECCXL::MITCHELLMon Apr 15 1996DEC C++ V5.3 changes for auto. instantiation of templates and name demangling
755.03STAR::DOREMUSTue Apr 23 1996DIRECTORY: /SUPPRESS Qualifier
756.010EVMS::YAHWHO::PETROVICFri May 03 1996ANALYZ/IMAGE: /SELECT=<keyword or keyword list> qualifier
758.01SEFIThu Jun 27 1996SET WATCH FILE
759.013DECC::VOGELFri Jul 26 1996Additions to /ASSUME for DEC C
761.02CPEEDY::CHENGThu Oct 10 1996New command line interface for PATHWORKS
762.02STAR::DOREMUSThu Nov 21 1996SET VOLUME /STRUCTURE Qualifier
763.02IOSG::PYEFri Dec 20 1996
764.0+3MOVIES::PARSONSMon Jan 20 1997Command for VDC, the new OpenVMS data cache
766.0 *+6MOVIES::PARSONSThu Mar 27 1997OpenVMS Disk Services for Windows NT
767.0 *+12DECC::VOGELFri Apr 04 1997Additions to /NAMES for DEC C/C++
768.0 *+3DRINKS::NEWSTEDMon Apr 07 1997New qualifiers for DEBUG command
769.0 *+9EVMS::YURYANTue Apr 08 1997$set magtape/fast_skip=
770.0 *+4MOVIES::PARSONSThu Apr 17 1997OpenVMS Snapshot Services
771.0 *+4JAMIN::OSMANTue Apr 29 1997the undocumented backslash feature ?
772.0 *+1DECC::VOGELFri May 09 1997Additions to /WARNINGS for C and C++
773.0 *+2COOKIE::MCALLISTERThu May 22 1997Request to reuse MEDIA verb