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Conference hylndr::cdrom

Title:Topics for Discussion about CDROM
Notice:ConOLD problems=150.*; ConDist problems=151.*
Created:Thu Mar 14 1991
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:437
Total number of notes:2500
Number with bodies:202
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1.0BUNNIE::KOZAKFri Mar 29 1991Conference Introduction
2.027BUNNIE::KOZAKFri Mar 29 1991Introductions
3.014CAF::FORSYTHEFri Apr 05 1991CD Program - plans and contacts
4.0+101CAF::FORSYTHEFri Apr 05 1991OpenVMS VAX Software Product Library Contents
5.0+53CAF::FORSYTHEFri Apr 05 1991OpenVMS VAX Online Documentation Library Contents
6.09CAF::FORSYTHEFri Apr 05 1991CD Program Newsletter
10.0CAF::FORSYTHETue Apr 09 1991Survey results from Project leaders and product managers
11.04REGENT::HUMMERSThu Apr 18 1991How many drives?
12.05CRANEE::MARTINEZ_YVWed May 01 1991PATHWORKS Documentation
13.04SMOOT::ROTHThu May 02 1991Doc disc: Software versions/multiple online discs
14.04SMOOT::ROTHThu May 02 1991CONDIST CDMASTER_INDEX file in DECW$BOOK format
15.03CNAMON::FOXThu May 02 1991CONdist Suggestion - All SPD's on Disc!
16.05SQM::PACKARDTue May 07 1991Bookshelf Structure for May 91 OLD and future...
17.03SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYFri May 10 1991VFS-ISO966
18.07CRANEE::MARTINEZ_YVWed May 15 1991SOFT PC error
19.012CAF::FORSYTHETue May 21 1991Results of a Customer Focus Group Study
20.02TOOHOT::SANFORDMon May 27 1991Does ULTRIX V4.2 include Bookreader (free?) ?
21.02XLIB::SCHAFERWed May 29 1991Disc specifications
22.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu May 30 1991Bookreader ACCVIO when expanding Alphabetical Listing bookshelf
23.09XSTACY::GORMANThu May 30 1991CD identification.
24.0HUMOR::EPPESThu May 30 1991For writers of CDROM booklets: Figures for RRD42 CD drive
25.07CRANEE::MARTINEZ_YVFri May 31 1991DESKTOP VMS added?
26.014SEDSWS::HANCOCKMon Jun 03 1991May 1991 CD has no VMS on it...
27.01KYOA::KOCHMon Jun 10 1991Look at the SSA in [GEN
28.02BODRUM::GUVENERFri Jun 14 1991ConDist and OLD subscription
29.03SMOOT::ROTHFri Jun 14 1991VMS & Ultrix CD's on Infoserver
30.01OZROCK::GRIFFITHSTue Jun 18 1991where do layered products go on Ultrix CONDIST?
31.07DORIE::COMPTONFri Jun 21 1991Layered Product Avialability on CDS
32.01KAOOMon Jun 24 1991Sales of CD products !
33.05XLIB::SCHAFERTue Jun 25 1991Software Store for ULTRIX
34.01BNCHMK::CREANSun Jun 30 1991Some VMS V5.4 doc.s on CDROM only?
35.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 01 1991Order numbers for ADS?
36.07BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Jul 01 1991COMPUTER SELECT and other CDROM services?
37.04REGENT::AUGERIFri Jul 12 1991What does ADS stand for?
38.04MR4DEC::GREENFri Jul 12 1991Books disappearing in OLD releases
39.04KERNEL::OSMONDMon Jul 15 1991High SIERRA FORMAT from PCs
40.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jul 16 1991Corruption in DEC SoftPC User's Guide on CD
41.03HSOMAI::LINTue Jul 16 1991Tape to CDROM?
42.0HSOMAI::LINWed Jul 17 1991CDROM user interface
43.0ICS::FALIVENAMon Jul 29 1991Compact Disc - Interactive
44.013D::WALLACEMon Jul 29 1991CD-I Green Book: anyone have a copy?
45.01SHIRE::FITZGERALDWed Jul 31 1991Patches/Dispatches on CD-ROM?
46.06SMURF::BEIKMANWed Jul 31 1991WORM's?
47.04TROFS::M_CRAMThu Aug 01 1991Question on OLD Access
48.018SHAWB1::FLYNNBThu Aug 01 1991CONDIST index on the CONOLD disk please?
49.015DECWET::TARDIFFMon Aug 05 1991Having ConOLD and ConDist match.
50.01HOTWTR::MARTINEZ_YVThu Aug 08 1991August Condist List??
51.08CAPITN::OLDING_NIThu Aug 08 1991VAXset license does not allow access to documentation
52.04BREAKR::HAMon Aug 12 1991966
53.03IW::WARINGFri Aug 16 1991CD Packaging Regression
54.04AIMHI::DAVIESWed Aug 21 1991Direct Marketing you can tell your customers about
55.0DONVAN::PLOURDETue Aug 27 1991
56.01HOTWTR::MARTINEZ_YVThu Sep 05 1991Engineering Hold?
57.010CARDHU::HILLFri Sep 06 1991Same saveset, different contents
58.04IYQ2::HAGUEMon Sep 09 1991Latest Status - VMS Condist for September
60.0XLIB::SCHAFERMon Sep 16 1991Lotus(R) 1-2-3(R) for ULTRIX for RISC
61.01UTROP1::ZWETMon Sep 16 1991DECnet extions included?
62.05JRDVThu Sep 19 1991Cost center in OLD file names
63.04DPD2Thu Sep 19 1991Pathwork binaries on CDrom?
64.0DELNI::GILLIAMFri Sep 20 1991CD-ROMs on DEC Networks
65.04ISIDRO::DEDIEGOWed Sep 25 1991DECexplorer
66.05TRCOA::ALWILLIAMSSat Oct 05 1991Software Store questions
67.02KERNEL::LOATMon Oct 07 1991Local Language products on CD?
68.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Oct 08 1991Put printable user guides on the CONDIST & OLD
69.02COMICS::RUSSOWed Oct 09 1991CD$EDIT for July 91
70.01MR4DEC::MINTERFri Oct 11 1991Copying ULTRIX from CD to TK
71.02BYTOR::SPRINGERTue Oct 15 1991Customer that wants to create CDROM doc
72.01FORTSC::CHABANMon Oct 21 1991Can't mount CD on Ultrix 4.
73.0VIA::BABB2Fri Nov 01 1991Magellan & Viking Orbiter CD-ROMs
74.01BODRUM::GUVENERMon Nov 04 1991Print from CD-ROM (OLD)
75.02PINION::ILSLEYThu Nov 14 1991Blurb for Related Docs section?
76.07MAIL::HAYDENFri Nov 15 1991Writable CD?
77.0VIA::BABB2Tue Nov 19 1991Unix CD-ROM with authoring system
78.02RBW::WICKERTTue Nov 19 1991VAX FMS on CONDIST
79.0GIZMOP::R_PLOURDEWed Nov 20 1991 FYI
80.0BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Nov 28 1991Internet newsgroup on CD-ROM
82.0SMOOT::ROTHMon Dec 23 1991Nov. 91 CONDIST lacks FTAM savesets
83.02HERON::KAISERFri Jan 03 1992Anyone using Young Minds software for mastering?
84.017KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 03 1992NAS CDROM contents?
85.0KAOOA::PINKERTONFri Jan 03 1992SCSI RRD42 connections
86.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Jan 06 1992CDROM and Reader Promotion
87.09KYOA::KOCHMon Jan 06 1992Combined service called CDDS?
88.04HERON::KAISERTue Jan 07 1992Where should I buy?
89.03HERON::KAISERTue Jan 07 1992How to master an ISO 966
90.02KYOA::KOCHTue Jan 07 1992SPD as part of DOC set for product?
91.021EEMELI::PEURAMon Jan 13 1992why aren't all products on CD?
92.01KYOA::KOCHWed Jan 15 1992Multiple versions on the same CONDIST?
93.02TNPUBS::LANEWed Jan 22 1992APPIX?
95.01KYOA::KOCHTue Feb 04 1992Cutoff date to SSB for inclusion onto next CDROM?
96.02VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Feb 20 1992Read PC CD on RRD42?
97.013CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Feb 26 1992documentation version diff from s/w version
98.01SUBURB::PEGGVWed Mar 04 1992RRD42 Caddies
99.01FSOA::KDUHAIMEWed Mar 04 1992SWIFT V2.2 supports CONDIST & OLD
100.04TALK::JARVISWed Mar 11 1992March 1992 OLD references VAXCluster docs?
101.013BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Mar 13 1992CONDIST is TOO big....
102.06GLIND1::MCKEETue Mar 17 1992Putting customer data on CD's
103.014MR4DEC::MINTERFri Mar 20 1992VMS and ULTRIX CONDIST?
104.01VINO::LLAVINFri Mar 20 1992CONDIST contents?
106.07SUBURB::PEGGVTue Mar 24 1992Clarification of Ultrix ConDist please
107.01NCEIS1::CHOQUETTue Mar 24 1992SoftPC vanishes from Feb '92 CDROM ???
108.0LATNCY::MORGANSun Mar 29 1992What disk is this?
109.02VIRTUE::NEUVONENTue Mar 31 1992CDMASTER_INDEX.TXT production question
110.029DPDMAI::VETEIKISThu Apr 02 1992New Products not on fast enough?
111.03TROFS::M_CRAMTue Apr 07 1992What docs ship with VMS CONDIST?
112.07RANGER::COOKFri Apr 17 1992RRD-42: PC-compatible?,price?
113.01DPDMAI::PARKERDCMon Apr 20 1992Keyword Search
114.0TOOK::MATTIOLIFri May 08 1992Looking for a book
115.04KYOA::KOCHFri May 08 1992What is the plan for the July 1992 OLD?
116.02MINDER::GLYNNPTue May 12 1992CD+Graphics on a workstation/Multimedia?
117.03XLIB::SCHAFERWed May 13 1992Which disc is it on?
118.06EWBV37::FUJIIThu May 14 1992Read ISO-1
119.04GLDOA::JWYSOCKITue May 19 1992VXT 2
120.01DECWET::TARDIFFSat May 23 1992Problem with accessing VMS May disc from ULTRIX via UCX
121.07SQMJPN::KAKIMOTOTue May 26 1992F11CD/InfoServer problem
122.0RHETT::RROGERSThu May 28 1992Decimage Scan Services not accessible on March/May CD's
123.01PEACHS::SCHULTZFri May 29 1992RRD4
124.04SALISH::MARTINEZ_YVMon Jun 01 1992Update through Network?
125.01STOAT::BARKERTue Jun 02 1992Some books on May OLD need specific licenses to read
126.05SQMJPN::KAKIMOTOThu Jun 04 1992Japan ConDist and ConOLD FCS.
127.014SCOBIE::CLANEThu Jun 04 1992Recycle old CDs?
128.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Jun 09 1992cdrom.toc
129.024CREATV::QUODLINGThu Jun 11 1992Book titles too long or Library window too narrow
130.03TLSEMon Jun 15 1992mastering of ISO966
131.06TLSEMon Jun 15 1992reading binary files from a ISO966
132.01ONOIS1::JOURDEThu Jun 18 1992May 92-DECpresent:No text found for a title. Substituing - UNTITLED
133.02TIMBER::ILSLEYWed Jun 24 1992Error in July OLD listing for VXT?
134.05CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLThu Jun 25 1992Installation.TXT on CDROM?
135.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Jul 06 1992Meridien CDNet, anyone ?
136.01XSTACY::KMCGRATHThu Jul 09 1992ISO 966
137.05OURGNG::HEDRICKFri Jul 10 1992VMS extended doc-set
138.02CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLWed Jul 15 1992Diff/definition: OLD CD-ROM vs ConDist
139.01CMOTEC::TAYLORAWed Jul 15 1992Version of TSM on July CONDIST
140.0WMOIS::PACKARD_JWed Jul 15 1992book du3haa98 on VMS OLD
141.01WMOIS::PACKARD_JFri Jul 17 1992Missing BOOKBROWSER.COM file for July 1992
142.03MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Jul 29 1992DPCDROM?
143.04EICMFG::GABELThu Jul 30 1992Album and song title from Audio CD?
144.01BIS1::ROELSThu Aug 13 1992DECmotif - RISC
146.01SYOMV::KRASFri Aug 14 1992August ULTRIX condist - no ULTRIX?
147.012KERNEL::BROWNLOWHFri Aug 14 1992WISHLIST. DECdirect
148.01LYOISA::BOIRINWed Aug 19 1992RRD42/worm
149.01DSTEG::FOXWed Aug 19 1992Extra Plastic Sleeves for CDs?
150.049DECWET::TARDIFFWed Aug 19 1992PROBLEMS with ConOLD discs
151.0+114DECWET::TARDIFFWed Aug 19 1992PROBLEMS with ConDist
152.04CHEFS::DEERINGBFri Aug 21 1992ConDist questions
153.03MIMS::LIBOVETue Aug 25 1992CD formats supported under ULTRIX ?
154.02MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Aug 26 1992ConOld listing for VMS?
155.0BIS1::ROELSTue Sep 01 1992DEcnet Extensions - X25 Supplement (QA-D
156.01RHETT::FISHERWed Sep 02 1992hardware question?
157.02VINO::HUSSEINFri Sep 04 1992RRD4
158.0CADSYS::LEMONSTue Sep 08 1992ConOLD categorization suggestion
159.010COLMon Sep 14 1992F11CD Kit Location ?
160.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENMon Sep 14 1992Bookreader Installation Guides on S/W Disk?
161.02IW::WARINGWed Sep 16 1992DECworld Demo CD's
162.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Sep 21 1992Manufacture CD, Tape to CD service question
163.0HERON::KAISERFri Oct 02 1992A freeware CDROM for Alpha OSF/1
164.04TENNIS::KAMTue Oct 06 1992Is the ISO 966
165.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAFri Oct 09 1992Plastic bezel for RRD42-JM/JL
167.0NSTG::FOXWed Oct 14 1992Freeware CD's
169.0DSSDEV::QUINLANTue Oct 27 1992GKS not on November '92 ConDist
170.0KAOOA::PINKERTONWed Oct 28 1992new Canadian Ecode on CD-ROM format
172.0ONOIS1::AUGERTue Nov 03 1992v5.5-2 Remastered ?
173.03ZENA::GALOTTIThu Nov 05 1992UWS inside ULTRIX CONDIST?
174.02GLDOA::BRACEMon Nov 09 1992European Unix Freeware CD
175.03MR4DEC::SCHNEIDERMon Nov 09 1992old F11CD deadlocking on mount /system
176.01SMURF::PETERBAKERTue Nov 10 1992Shelf ownership and aging products
177.02VELVET::BAKERFri Nov 13 1992November 1992 ConOLD on Hold until 2
178.0POLAR::HUTCHThu Nov 19 1992VMS ConDist growth, now 9 CDs !
179.03KYOA::KOCHTue Nov 24 1992New pricing destroys CDROM services for low end...
180.04ESOA11::TUCKERWed Nov 25 1992ULTRIX Products missing on CD Distribution
181.01CORTEZ::WATKINSThu Nov 26 1992CD_MOUNT crashes V5.5-2 system
182.09WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Dec 04 1992Comments on new CDROM packaging
183.05UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Dec 06 1992Version dependencies e.g. DEComni/DECosap
184.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Dec 07 1992Pathworks V4.1 and F11CD, DOS General drive faults
185.0CADSYS::LEMONSThu Dec 10 1992Free copy of the VMS OLD November 1992 available
186.02ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Dec 11 1992LMF version information
188.06XLIB::SCHAFERWed Dec 16 1992Alpha CDs
189.0SUFRNG::WSAWed Dec 16 1992NEC CDR-74, Has someone tried this on an InfoServer?
190.06GVPROD::SONAM::FITZGERALDFri Dec 18 1992CD-ROM Research Proposal Input Requested
191.01SQM::GODDUMon Dec 21 1992Process Improvement Plans for Producing ConDist
192.03ISOISA::HAKKARAINENMon Jan 11 1993CDMENU futures
193.01WEORG::GILLISMon Jan 11 1993Can customers read all of CONOLD? Why LMF?
194.04BIS1::ROELSTue Jan 12 1993Pathworks on CDDS
195.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu Jan 14 1993Disk and Tape Fun?
196.0BIS1::ROELSThu Jan 14 1993All-In-1 Keyboard Support
197.01BIS1::ROELSTue Jan 19 1993Hard-Copy Print-out of Documentation
198.01HYDRA::GOREYWed Jan 20 1993CDD Plus VMS v4.3 - loc. of ConOld?
199.01ALLVAX::ANDERSONThu Jan 21 1993OpenVMS AXP ConOLD/ConDist?
200.03EEMELI::PEURAMon Jan 25 1993too many CDs
201.05XLIB::SCHAFERTue Jan 26 1993Bookreader Version 4.
202.01BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Jan 29 1993alt.cd-rom FAQ
203.01SYOMV::BYERSWed Feb 17 1993Microsoft CD driver
205.05TKOVOA::HAMADA_YSun Mar 07 1993CDROM for third venders?
207.01BERNTue Mar 16 1993Approx. price of Disc Architect by TMS
208.01TROOA::PIERCEMon Mar 22 1993Bookreader to Interleaf Worldview migration plan?
209.03FORTY2::KNOWLESThu Mar 25 1993New CDs - people/process qq
210.02RHETT::HENDRIXTue Mar 30 1993Whereis Ultrix ""Guide to PrintServer Clients"
211.01CSC32::GULDENSat Apr 03 1993Where to find documentation in bookreader format.
212.01TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Apr 08 1993How to make VMS CDROM using UNIX CDROM writer?
213.0CSOADM::ROTHThu Apr 08 1993Bookreader is now 'mature' (dead?)
214.017VELVET::BAKERMon Apr 12 1993Proposed VAX ConDist/ConOLD changes
215.01SAC::BURGESSTue Apr 13 1993VMS and ULTRIX CD Documentation?
216.02--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 20 1993Survey Management Summary
217.0NWDTue Apr 20 1993TSM V2.
218.02CERN::BOTHNERWed Apr 21 1993Missing Ultrix products
220.02PEACHS::WORDThu Apr 22 1993Where is the VMS Master Index, and/or General User Master Index?
222.0BIGBAD::HINEMon Apr 26 1993InfoServer 1
225.03LODGE::MARCHIONDOFri May 07 1993F11CD and WINNT March Beta
227.0ANGLIN::HUMBERTSONThu May 27 1993SoftPC V4.
228.01DPDMAI::GREINERMon Jun 07 1993RRD42 Photo-CD Compliant
229.0UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERWed Jun 23 1993can't read .dir file of cd
230.01TDCAI1::OUINThu Jun 24 1993CD-I on CDROM ?
231.02NRLABS::CONNELLYWed Jun 30 1993RRD42 W/31
232.01BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Jun 30 1993DEC ACA Services on ULTRIX CONDIST?
233.01GIZMOP::R_PLOURDEThu Jul 01 1993REVISED schedule for ConOLD
234.01ANNECY::FICHTERMon Jul 05 1993SCSI/PCMCIA Adapter
235.0ONOIS1::AUGERTue Jul 20 1993Trouble with ISO966
237.02ANNECY::VATRYMon Jul 26 1993Replacement for RRD42?
238.03PHAROS::JONESThu Jul 29 1993DEC OSF/1 Layered Product CD
239.0KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Jul 29 1993VMS CONOLD in ISO966
240.02WMOIS::PACKARD_JThu Aug 12 1993This conference will move to a new node
241.01MVSUPP::MILLERMFri Aug 13 1993cd worm drive support
243.01TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_ATue Aug 31 1993MCI, RRD42, Audio, DOS, NT?
244.03EDDF1Thu Sep 02 1993Where ist the ASC-Master Listing?
245.0+66HYLNDR::NEUVONENFri Sep 03 1993OpenVMS AXP Software Product Library Contents
246.012HYLNDR::NEUVONENFri Sep 03 1993Field Test - OVMS AXP LP Product List
247.0+48HYLNDR::NEUVONENFri Sep 03 1993Digital UNIX Alpha Software Product Library Contents
248.010HYLNDR::NEUVONENFri Sep 03 1993Field Test - DEC OSF/1 LP Product List
250.016STAR::DUNHAMFri Sep 10 1993Moved from InfoServer Notes Conference.
251.011MONMON::NIALLThu Sep 23 1993Audio CD information
252.02XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Sep 27 1993RRD4
253.010HOCUS::HUSTONMon Sep 27 1993Several Condist/CD questions
254.01MDCRAB::MARSHALLTue Sep 28 1993Update on Mastering CDroms?
255.0VELVET::BAKERFri Oct 01 1993Change in Product Manager for VAX ConDist/OLD
256.01CADSYS::LEMONSFri Oct 01 1993OpenVMS Source Listing CDs?
257.05BSS::HEWITTThu Oct 07 1993RRD42 caddies
258.01LARVAE::BURGESSTue Oct 12 1993Standards: ISO and XA?
259.02UKARC1::WOOD_JFri Oct 22 1993installing VMS saveset from ISO966
260.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon Oct 25 1993Delta List...
261.01SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMFri Nov 05 1993KRP5
262.02SUBURB::WARNERSFri Dec 31 1993FD TMC-85
263.0PEKKA::peuraSun Jan 30 1994OSF/1 layered product CD quoestion
264.02AUSSIE::LISTERMon Feb 07 1994OSF/1 CD doco and condist which is an update????
265.01BBPPDR::ROWELLThu Feb 10 1994Systems and Options Catalogue
266.05SMURF::SWARDMon Feb 14 1994How to test a CD reader?
267.02VLJIS2::MOCHELThu Feb 24 1994cd-rom spec: vertical ?
268.01RUPERT::BROWNFri Mar 04 1994February ULTRIX OLD problem with CD 2
269.02HYDRA::SCHOLESTue Mar 15 1994Quarterly Release Quick Guide Pointer
270.01LIE495::CITRONFri Apr 01 1994runaway RRD42 - or are the drivers for pro stock
271.01AZUR::HUREZFri Apr 01 1994RRD44 OpenVMS device type, anybody???
272.06CHEFS::BUXTONRThu Apr 07 1994Docs via VT12
273.0WMOENG::NEUVONENThu Apr 14 1994SSB Submission Requirements for CD-ROMs Doc Updated
274.08CMOTEC::CHOITue Apr 19 1994More user-friendly CDDS please!
275.02GALVIA::JLAWTONFri Apr 22 1994OSF/1 V2.
276.01IOSG::MERCHANTWed Apr 27 1994Questions on ConOLD booklet
277.03RANGER::COOKWed Apr 27 1994RRD42 upgrade to multi-session?
278.01AMCMKO::BEAUMon May 02 1994what makes the CD hardware multi-session support ?
279.04OTOOA::BUTLERMon May 16 1994RWZ
280.08WELCLU::HUBBARDPThu May 19 1994RRD43 and Music CDs
281.03GIDDAY::LOCHRINFri Jun 03 1994What is the "mode" and "level" ?
282.03NWDWed Jun 08 1994Full-blown or not??
283.02QUARK::LIONELTue Jul 05 1994PCSI kits on ConDist?
284.06MASS1Wed Jul 06 1994Puzzling combinations
286.01NSTG::FOXTue Jul 26 1994NAS V5.
288.04ONOIS1::SABIAUXThu Aug 04 1994ISO 966
289.0343GMC::KEITHThu Aug 04 1994Are CD's different between VMS and DOS?
291.01MROA::KGLEASONThu Aug 18 1994Help with AXP file.
292.02MROA::KGLEASONFri Aug 19 1994help for locating DEC OSF/1
293.04GLDOA::BOSSONNEYMon Aug 22 1994CD-ROM production alternatives
294.05VNABRW::WESSELY_UWed Aug 31 1994PCXCR-AC Drivers needed
297.03DUGROS::ROSSMon Oct 10 1994What are the part numbers for CONDIST AXP VMS?
298.03WMOENG::PACKARDWed Oct 12 1994Order Numbers for Consolidated Titles
299.07GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri Oct 14 1994ISDN Doc Missing?
300.0COMICS::SHELLEYMon Oct 24 1994Why additional privs to mount ISO 966
301.04MIMS::CONNOLLY_JThu Nov 10 1994OVMS VAX to OVMS AXP Migration Kit?
302.04VNABRW::KARASEKWed Nov 16 1994Why so many Japanese kits ?
303.0STKHLM::WIDMANThu Nov 17 1994MS Select - ISO966
305.02HYLNDR::REGANMon Nov 28 1994OpenVMS VAX OS/LP Interoperability Matrix
306.01KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Nov 29 1994QA-MT1AP-H8 EXt'd Doc set?
308.06BGSDEV::MORRISWed Nov 30 1994How do I tell what type of CD I have?
309.03EEMELI::MANNISTOFri Dec 02 19943rd party CD servers?
310.0248649::FARABETFri Dec 09 1994Fourth speed CDRROM ?
311.04TLE::ETZELMon Dec 12 1994DEC OSF/1 Layered Product CD File Name Case Changes
312.05HYLNDR::BROWNFri Dec 16 1994Consolidated ConDist lists
313.02URQUEL::S_WAHLMon Dec 26 1994What disk is bootable?
314.02HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Jan 04 1995MDS CD-ROM
315.0+59HYLNDR::GOGUENThu Jan 19 1995ECO/MUP information
316.03XSTACY::SORIAINWed Jan 25 1995DECsplit can't read the Nov'94 AXP CD
317.04DRHOOK::TONYTue Feb 07 1995CDROM - Tape archieving available ??
318.04CSC32::IRONSMon Feb 13 1995Is there an RRD44 driver available for use on a PC
319.01TOOK::ROBBINSMon Feb 13 1995 Adaptec AHA-274
320.02CSC32::G_BURTTMon Feb 13 1995What CD on what Distribution kit for NASAXPLMF
321.02SNOFS2::YANDLEFri Feb 17 1995Problems with rrd44 & LANMAN 2.2B
322.02BIS6::VANDENBRAN_PTue Feb 21 1995DECSERVER 2
323.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 02 1995AXP cd list for sftwr product library
324.02HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Mar 06 1995OSF/1 and OpenVMS distributions on same CD-ROM
325.02DV78Thu Mar 09 1995do we sell hw and sw for VMS to write CD's?
326.0+33KIPCAM::MORSEMon Mar 13 1995Digital UNIX SW Product Library Information
327.05CSC32::G_BURTTMon Mar 13 1995Protection Problems on README.DIR
328.01CSC32::G_BURTTThu Mar 16 1995NAS in Jan '95 Condist?
329.0BBPPDR::ROWELLTue Mar 21 1995Microsoft Maintenance CD's
330.09WMOENG::PACKARDWed Mar 29 1995ConOLD via TELNET?
331.06OPENED::BARNUM_ETue Apr 18 1995Problem with CDMENU on ECO/MUP distribution AXPECOFEB51?
332.0CSC32::C_HEISLERMon May 15 1995$GETDVI freeblocks and ISO 966
333.02CSC32::J_SOBECKIThu May 18 1995May 95 CD_CONTENTS.DAT
334.01MUNICH::REINMon May 22 1995XA multisession??
335.02ZURTue May 30 1995no such file
336.0LYOISA::GAUDIEZThu Jun 01 1995Write on Cdrom (ISO 966
337.03CSC32::J_FORRESTTue Jun 06 1995OpenVMS not part of the ConDIST
338.02TIMAMD::VAZQUEZThu Jun 08 1995JVCW1
339.02TROOA::MCRAMThu Jun 22 1995We need help on 'new' ECO/MUP change
340.0QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 23 1995Missing OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROM
341.03HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGSat Jun 24 1995CDROM patches for Layer product
342.09CSC32::G_BURTTTue Jun 27 1995VMS V6.2 FREEWARE CD???
343.01CSC32::D_DONOVANFri Jul 14 1995CONDIST ship dates?
344.01UFHIS::MEISENHUTue Jul 18 1995Future of online docu
345.0CSC32::G_BURTTFri Aug 04 1995JUNE 95 Doc CD"S????
346.011QUARK::LIONELFri Aug 11 1995Digital UNIX CONOLD listing?
347.03CSC32::G_BURTTWed Aug 16 1995CD_CONTENTS.DAT Field Definition
348.01KERNEL::CROOKSFri Aug 25 1995CDROM prints and copies.
350.05CSC32::G_BURTTFri Sep 15 1995Consolidated Dist Part Numbers?\
352.03VELI::KORKKOFri Sep 15 1995OpenVMS Alpha opsys CD and protection mask of :[
353.03UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Sep 18 1995System management manuals only on VAXDOC-kit?
354.01TDCIS5::LE_NYTue Sep 19 1995drivers for PCXCR-AM TOSHIBA XM53
355.01CSC32::G_BURTTThu Sep 21 1995Where is CDMENU on AXP SEP 1995 Software Prod Lib
356.07KERNEL::AMISSMFri Sep 29 1995Problems with September 1995 CD
357.03VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Oct 04 1995Digital UNIX MUP/ECO ConDist questions ..
358.04VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Oct 04 1995Digital UNIX October '95 ConDist questions ...
359.02SCASFri Oct 06 1995NOTES Directory Problem ??
360.03OSLBIR::AGE_PFri Oct 13 1995PAKSSEP951 gives "unsupported file structure level"
361.0EUROSW::JQUINNTue Oct 31 1995CD-ROM Information on the Internet
362.014OZROCK::BARTLEYWed Nov 01 1995Questions re producing an ISO966
363.03MKOTS3::HAHNThu Nov 09 1995Quarterly Schedule Clarification
364.01GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Nov 15 1995RRD43-FA Spec Quest
365.014Mon Nov 27 1995New CONdist packaging!
366.01SIOG::MKELLYThu Nov 30 1995CD Software Books in a PC CD
367.01VNAFri Dec 01 1995cdgrab for NT
368.01CSC32::V_STROUDTue Dec 12 1995Doing a directory of ISO 966
369.01USDEV::DLORADITCHWed Dec 13 1995PC _> CDROM contact
370.01CSC32::G_BURTTThu Dec 21 1995Re-Mastered 6.2????
371.03NWDTue Jan 02 1996need to read 652mb cd
372.04VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Jan 03 1996Where is the Firmware CD V3.4?
373.01COMICS::HOWLANDWed Jan 03 1996cdmaster_index missing on AXPDOCDEC95
374.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 05 1996
374.0WMOENG::PACKARDFri Jan 05 1996OpenVMS AXP Online Documentation Library
375.0+10WMOENG::PACKARDFri Jan 05 1996OpenVMS AXP Online Documentation Library Listings
376.04SWETSC::ALBINSSONWed Jan 10 1996Where has the DECNIS ,WanRouter,DECserver ....kits gone????
377.01CSC32::G_BURTTWed Jan 10 1996CDMENU
379.01CSC32::TANTSWed Jan 17 1996Problem with disks 12/13 of Dec 95 Alpha Layered Product disks
380.02MUNFri Jan 19 1996??rock ridge format and vms??
381.01CSC32::G_BURTTWed Mar 06 1996Need info on latest OPENVMS ALPHA 6.1
382.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 08 1996Next CONdist for OpenVMS VAX?
383.02GBIFri Mar 22 1996How to make a bootable CD containibg Digital Unix + customer application???
384.0+12WMOENG::PACKARDWed Mar 27 1996ConOLD New Directions
385.01CSC32::L_SOBCZYNSKIThu Mar 28 1996*Encountering problems burning a CD*
386.02CSC32::G_BURTTThu Mar 28 1996Using CDMENU to get release notes from .PCSI file
387.03STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaFri Mar 29 1996Looking for low-volume CD/ROM duplication service
388.0CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 01 1996CDROM sharing in a heterogeneous environment
391.0+7WMOIS::GOSSELIN_EWed Apr 03 1996Digital UNIX Online Documentation Library
393.02CSC32::G_BURTTThu Apr 04 1996Need Openvms 6.2 CDROM User's Guide
394.014CRONIC::LEMONSTue Apr 23 1996ISO 966
395.01DECLNE::ADAMSWed Apr 24 1996Actual Ship Dates please?
396.01KERNEL::PULLEYThu Apr 25 1996Q1cy96 VAX documentation library shelf missing?
397.02BSS::A_SALEWed May 01 1996DSM 6.4 kit but no doc?
398.02CSC32::G_BURTTTue May 07 19966.2 and 7.
399.04FRMENG::NELSONMon May 13 1996Consolidated CSC blitzes
400.02GESSUB::BAGNASCOMon Jun 03 1996DCL dir loop on ISO966
401.02GBIFri Jun 07 1996How to produce VMS CD-ROM
402.0HYLNDR::VONSUCKMon Jun 24 1996
403.03MAASUP::TAPPMon Jun 24 1996DECstation 26
404.05HGOVC::NANDANThu Jun 27 1996VAX ConDist ???
405.05DONVAN::PIAZZAThu Jul 18 1996IFT kits of ODL (CONOLD) Bookshelf & Viewers
406.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jul 18 1996OpenVMS VAX June 1996 SPL master Index question.
407.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 22 1996Missing library files...
408.01LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NTue Jul 23 1996Can't print Cobol books...
409.0342333::LESLIEWed Jul 24 1996Jewel Cases
410.02USCTR1::mansbu15.man.dec.com::SalesRepThu Aug 01 1996Alpha XL support for 6 speed CDROM drive
411.0TAINO::AOTEROWed Sep 04 1996Unix Layered Products
412.0+5HYLNDR::SCHOLESThu Sep 05 1996New and Enhanced SPL Offerings
413.05CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Sep 12 1996Customer having problems sending email to cdrom_docs
414.0OSOSPS::MINAMITue Sep 17 1996any one useing Quicktipix 2.2 on windows-95
415.019WMOENG::PACKARDTue Sep 24 1996Software Product Library Compression Issues
416.01PEACHS::BECHTOLDFri Oct 25 1996OPenVMS Freeware CD ?? - Who Manages it ?
417.02TMANVO::KCRAFTWed Oct 30 1996VMS Customer needs CD Recorder capability
418.0HYLNDR::SCHOLESWed Oct 30 1996Year 2
419.01WMOENG::PACKARDFri Nov 01 1996ULTRIX SPL Plans Retirement
420.0+102HYLNDR::BROWNTue Dec 10 1996User Feedback (CDROM_DOCS)
421.0+5HYLNDR::BROWNFri Jan 03 1997New ODL Submission Process
422.0+3HYLNDR::BROWNTue Jan 14 1997HTML/ISO966
423.0 *+6DAVIDF::FOXWed Feb 26 1997Can customers serve up our documentation now...
424.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Feb 28 1997Latest CONDIST for OpenVMS VAX???
425.0 *+1PEACHS::BECHTOLDMon Mar 03 1997Questions on BNU ??
426.0 *+1PEACHS::BECHTOLDTue Mar 04 1997BNU on "Enterprise Integration Server Version 1.
427.0 *+1CUJO::SAMPSONWed Mar 05 1997BNU ACCVIO
428.0 *+3PEACHS::BECHTOLDThu Mar 06 1997BNU - What about OpenVMS Alpha Operating System CD in ODL March 97 kit ?
429.0 *+15DONVAN::PIAZZAThu Mar 06 1997Introducing BNU into ODL Offering
430.0 *+5DONVAN::KRAETSCHThu Mar 06 1997Bookreader access to ODL CD-ROMs
431.0 *+3CSC32::G_BURTTFri Mar 07 1997VAX VMS 6.2 Binaries Disk Missing December '96?
432.0 *+7DONVAN::KRAETSCHFri Mar 07 1997BNU FAQ
433.0 *+3TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Mar 11 199765
434.0 *+2CHR27::YEUNGFri Apr 18 1997BNU/ODL Question
435.0 *+3ALFAXP::BECHTOLDThu Apr 24 1997DEC C run-time library manual "missing" from VAXMAR97 ODL
436.0 *+1DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOITue May 06 1997manual RRd43?
437.0 *+3CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue May 27 1997Questions about using BNU...