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Conference hydra::amiga_online

Title:Amiga Software Exchange Network
Notice:Conference directory: 2.1; Beginner's guide: 6.*
Created:Wed Sep 19 1990
Last Modified:Tue Sep 05 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:550
Total number of notes:1857
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.06HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 23 1992Welcome, Conference News & Rules
2.01BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990Directory of this conference
3.0BOMBE::MOOREFri Sep 21 1990List of Keywords
6.01BOMBE::MOOREWed Jan 16 1991Beginner's Guide to Amiga at DEC
7.02BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990Pointers to other conferences
20.01BOMBE::MOOREWed Jan 16 1991Network access to external Amiga collections
24.010TERSE::ROBINSONTue Feb 18 1992Fred Fish Catalogs in PostScript and Bookreader
25.046VMSNET::WOODBURYWed Jan 29 1992AmigaLib (Fish) Disk Contents
27.03VMSNET::WOODBURYThu Jan 30 1992Gold Fish Disk Contents
29.010VMSNET::WOODBURYFri Jan 31 1992Commentary on topics 25-29
30.018HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 23 1992EOT::
31.01HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 23 1992CGOU
32.09HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 23 1992FRSMIC:: (Software Brewery)
33.06HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 23 1992CRISTA::
34.024HYDRA::MOORESat Jan 25 1992AMIGA:: (formerly CANIS::)
35.02KALI::PLOUFFTue Oct 06 1992DECWRL:: / gatekeeper.dec.com
36.01HYDRA::MOORETue Feb 09 1993CGOU11:: (amiga.physik mirror)
50.02CX3PT3::WSCWed Jan 29 1992EOT:: directory
75.0BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990Reserved for future use
100.0BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990| | |
150.0BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990| | |
175.0BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990| | |
198.0BOMBE::MOOREWed Sep 19 1990Reserved for future use
199.01BOMBE::MOOREWed Jan 16 1991Submit your 'reserved' contributions here...
200.03HYDRA::MOOREThu Dec 19 1991HELP WANTED - apply within...
201.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Jan 24 1992MultiPlayer - Music module player
202.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Jan 24 1992FracBlank - Screen blanker commodity
203.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Jan 24 1992WindowTiler - Window management commodity
204.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Jan 31 1992ASwarm - Screen blanker commodity
205.01LEECHS::hiltonMon Feb 03 1992SuperBase Pro 4
206.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 05 1992Spectracolor Demo
207.02DECWET::DAVISThu Feb 06 1992DupScan.lzh - locate duplicate files
208.01DECWET::DAVISThu Feb 06 1992Dualid.lzh - GREAT! 2D Morphing Demo
209.03HYDRA::MOOREFri Feb 07 1992SoundKit - Sound format conversion utility
210.090CGOWGS::OAKLEYTue Feb 11 1992Fish Disk Uploads
211.033PEEVAX::GIFFORDTue Feb 11 1992Internal starter disk for new users.
212.08PEEVAX::GIFFORDTue Feb 11 1992Registration of custodians of starter disk
213.0COMET::BELLMJSun Feb 16 1992EOT Silver.lzh problems
214.03HYDRA::MOOREMon Feb 17 1992DEC_Mouse - Hardware modification for Amiga
215.012DECWET::DAVISTue Feb 18 1992369 Game Cheats & Backdoors
216.08NITMOI::WITHERSTue Feb 18 1992FishCat -- An AmigaOS V2.
217.0NITMOI::WITHERSTue Feb 18 1992SQLdb_
218.03FRAMBO::BALZERWed Feb 19 1992Just a short info...
219.03COMET::BELLMJThu Feb 20 1992SANA-II file problem on EOT
220.07SEIC::LAWRENCEThu Feb 20 1992screenshare on FF3
221.01CSSE32::SMITHThu Feb 20 1992A 2
222.04AIDEV::LANDINGHAMThu Feb 20 1992APUSHD.LZH uploaded
223.0LEECHS::hiltonMon Feb 24 1992Rz, Sz ULTRIX/ VAX versions
224.06SNOCTue Feb 25 1992Looking for PD "Epson Q Plus" 36
225.02SNOCTue Feb 25 1992Found Canon BJ X24E mode PD Driver & Copied to EOT::
226.01ULTRA::BURGESSTue Feb 25 1992A_Max on_line.
227.05XSTACY::PATTISONTue Feb 25 1992The official IFF CONVERTERS note
228.0VIVIAN::D_VISTUERTue Feb 25 1992Kill Da Virus III: UPLOAD Please !.
229.05DECWET::DAVISThu Feb 27 1992SuperJam! Demo from Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Inc.
230.01HYDRA::MOORESat Feb 29 1992JAX4th - ANS Forth language
231.068HYDRA::MOOREMon Mar 02 1992Term - VT1
232.04ZBEST::JANZENWed Mar 04 1992EOT::AMIGA fish disk corruption
233.04RIPPLE::LUKE_TEWed Mar 04 1992Wedding ClipArt/Anims for Video?
234.014DECWET::DAVISThu Mar 05 1992Zoom 5.4 (needed for Term 2.
235.012COMET::BELLMJThu Mar 05 1992The way to find FISH programs.
236.09XSTACY::PATTISONMon Mar 09 1992JPEG utilities
237.014DECWET::DAVISMon Mar 09 1992FishXref
238.05BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 10 1992New FTP relay service
239.06VISA::ANDREASSONTue Mar 10 1992PD DICE anywhere?
240.019TENAYA::MWMTue Mar 10 1992Going to install UUCP
241.01DECWET::DAVISSat Mar 14 1992dragIt - drag windows from anywhere
242.0GIDDAY::DOMSat Mar 14 1992Homemanager...where?
243.04DECWET::DAVISSun Mar 15 1992LAZi_vX.lzh - see replies...
245.01CRISTA::CAPRICCIOMon Mar 16 1992SysInfo V2.6
246.01RTOEU::MJECKMon Mar 16 1992Languages for A5
247.06CGOOA::KASPERTue Mar 17 1992Pointer to LHA please
248.0WELLIN::FINNISTue Mar 17 19922
249.02KEMER::CALIWed Mar 18 1992DMS EXTRACT
250.0TROOA::TONIZZOWed Mar 18 1992JRCOMM Problems
252.020BAHTAT::HILTONThu Mar 19 1992X windows animator for IFF anims etc
253.0MSEDEV::WITHERSThu Mar 19 1992688 Patch -- what is it?
254.02STAR::GUINEAUThu Mar 19 1992WB "fake" icons to real ones?
255.03MSEDEV::WITHERSThu Mar 19 1992EPIC Demo Now On EOT::
256.0STAR::GUINEAUFri Mar 20 1992SunClock - eot::amiga:[upload]SUNCLOCK.LHA
257.023MSEDEV::WITHERSFri Mar 20 1992PCtask - IBM PC emulator (demo)
258.09CRISTA::CAPRICCIOSat Mar 21 1992Virus_Check V6.
259.03STAR::GUINEAUSat Mar 21 1992FREE electronic Shakespeare
260.0BAHTAT::HILTONMon Mar 23 1992Handshake- Terminal Emulator
261.01REFINE::POMEROYMon Mar 23 1992Sas2Ced v2.24 (release 5)
262.01DECWET::DAVISThu Mar 26 1992GVP patch works great
263.013ARRODS::GOLDSTEINSat Mar 28 1992VLT-5517 on EOT::AMIGA:[UPLOAD]
264.02HYDRA::MOOREMon Mar 30 1992Possible virus on recent Fish Disks
265.02STAR::GUINEAUTue Mar 31 1992SoundZap - Sound format conversion utility
266.08GIDDAY::MORANWed Apr 01 1992New Uploads to EOT::
267.041POKIE::BELLWed Apr 01 1992RZ Upload Topic
268.01CX3PT2::PASSES::R_BUCKThu Apr 02 1992RexxArplib Version 3.
269.0DWOMV2::CAMPBELLSat Apr 04 1992PD FONTS
270.0ZBEST::JANZENSun Apr 05 1992AlgoRhythms Demo
271.0SHARE::DOYLEMon Apr 06 1992Anacal Anyone?
272.016ARRODS::GOLDSTEINTue Apr 07 1992AB2
273.010REFINE::POMEROYThu Apr 09 1992V1.22 of LhA by Setfan Boberg
274.01LOSPED::MCGHIEFri Apr 10 1992Prowrite 3.2.3
275.04FROCKY::BALZERFri Apr 10 1992SID 2.
276.09VIVIAN::D_VISTUERMon Apr 13 1992Icon editor for 2.
277.010ATISWed Apr 15 1992Compuserve and Amiga
278.03TRUCKS::BUSSINKThu Apr 16 1992Compress, but no uncompress.
280.09BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 21 1992ZX Spectrum Emulator
281.08NITMOI::WITHERSTue Apr 21 1992In search of Loren Rittle's ISpell
282.0KALI::PLOUFFWed Apr 22 1992PBMplus Image Manipulation / Format Conversion Utilities
283.03KALI::PLOUFFWed Apr 22 1992Miscellaneous Animations
284.01STAR::GUINEAUSat Apr 25 1992GTB (GadToolsBox) - GUI interface builder
285.01CX3PT1::WSCWed Apr 29 1992Vista Pro Rendering examples
286.017CGOWGS::DREWWed Apr 29 1992lha for ULTRIX, VMS Soon...
287.04FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSat May 02 1992AmigaTCP-question
288.0FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSat May 02 1992Need BOO
289.02NAPIER::MCAFEEMon May 11 1992Xoper like utility for 2.
290.01DECWET::DAVISTue May 12 1992speechtoy2.lzh
291.01DECWET::DAVISSat May 23 1992ES (EuroStars) - great programmable stars generator
292.01FSCORE::KAYEMon May 25 1992IVS GrandSlam Printer doesn't work w/GVP 3
293.0ANNECY::FAILLIE_LTue May 26 1992PPLIB
294.01DECWET::DAVISWed Jun 03 1992WBLoc.lzh - WorkBench screen locator
295.0MSEDEV::WITHERSThu Jun 04 1992SKsh Version 2.
297.05AMIGA::RIESThu Jun 04 1992LHA - Archiver utility
298.01STAR::GUINEAUFri Jun 05 1992NBdemo - demo of NoteBook (Black Belt Systems)
299.02GIDDAY::MORANMon Jun 08 1992Internet woes ...
300.0STAR::GUINEAUMon Jun 08 1992HDFIXER High Density A3
301.0HYDRA::BURGESSMon Jun 08 1992P_Compress from FF65
302.01STAR::GUINEAUTue Jun 09 1992LacePointer - interlaced mouse pointer
303.06TROOA::TONIZZOTue Jun 09 1992JPEG Viewer
304.03ARRODS::GOLDSTEINTue Jun 09 1992AmiBack2
305.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 10 1992Animan
306.04STAR::GUINEAUFri Jun 12 1992F-117 object
307.0WOTVAX::HATTOSSat Jun 13 1992Archives infested with virii?
308.01TRUCKS::BUSSINKMon Jun 15 1992Weird problem : White letters on Black background
309.03TRUCKS::BUSSINKMon Jun 15 1992Menu utilities
310.03GVATue Jun 16 1992Looking for A5
311.03HYDRA::BURGESSTue Jun 16 1992apple post_script viewer/interpreter ??
312.01STAR::GUINEAUWed Jun 17 1992official amiga.physik.unizh.ch note
314.02STAR::GUINEAUThu Jun 18 1992BMS - Batch Mail System for UUCP
315.02STAR::DCARRWed Jun 24 1992Checkbook Accountant
316.02FORTY2::CADWALLADERWed Jun 24 19928/16 colour icons?
317.0STAR::GUINEAUMon Jun 29 1992PLAY - Audio CD player
318.0STAR::GUINEAUTue Jun 30 1992WEDGE
319.016VIVIAN::D_VISTUERWed Jul 01 1992EOT:: Where are you?
320.08CGOWGS::DREWFri Jul 03 1992MFR - Magic File Requester (includes ARPtoASL)
321.03OZROCK::BATHSat Jul 04 1992Anyone got iff2gif?
322.01BRUMMY::TIDMARSHTue Jul 07 1992PD file types, and what to do with them?
323.010HYDRA::BURGESSWed Jul 08 1992CSN (formerly Abel) price list/catalog
324.0STAR::GUINEAUFri Jul 10 1992uploads to CANIS::
325.09ANNECY::FAILLIE_LMon Jul 13 1992LFTools.lzh on canis::
326.03ANNECY::FAILLIE_LMon Jul 13 1992Old FredFish needed
327.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jul 13 1992Apple Emulator
328.025ROMWed Jul 15 1992PC/DOS -> Amiga
329.0STAR::GUINEAUFri Jul 17 1992WEFAX images from GEOS satellite
330.04BIOMIC::TIDMARSHTue Jul 21 1992Help with .DMS files?
331.0CGOWGS::DREWWed Jul 22 1992MARKMORPH - DCTV Morph Animation
333.022KALI::PLOUFFMon Jul 27 1992POV-Ray Ray Tracer (successor to DKBtrace)
334.01NEWOA::SKINNER_AMon Jul 27 1992Musical score printout
335.0211SRUS::MARKTue Jul 28 1992ZOO V2.1 (or higher)?
336.09WELLIN::FINNISWed Jul 29 1992C Manual_V3 On-Line Now
337.02VIVIAN::D_VISTUERFri Jul 31 1992New uploads on EOT::
338.03STAR::GUINEAUTue Aug 04 1992CIA - CIA worldfactbook browser
339.03DFN8LY::JANZENSat Aug 08 1992RayShade - Ray tracing package
340.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 14 1992UnMovie - disassemble 'movie' animation files
341.03ALLVAX::MLRTYM::TERELLATue Aug 18 1992BFJ (mail order) price list/catalog
342.036STAR::GUINEAUWed Aug 19 1992Official Fish Disk Contents note
343.0REFINE::POMEROYFri Aug 21 1992Description of SAS/C6.
344.01DECWET::DAVISSat Aug 22 1992VERTEX - 3d object modeler
345.01STAR::GUINEAUTue Aug 25 1992REBOOT - software reset
346.01BIOMIC::TIDMARSHSat Aug 29 1992Latest LHARC??
347.014STAR::GUINEAUSun Aug 30 1992ANDREW - animation showing hurricane Andrew
348.07XSTACY::PATTISONMon Aug 31 1992Ultrix ---> Floppy ---> Amiga?
349.015XSTACY::PATTISONTue Sep 01 1992Modem questions
350.02DECWET::DAVISThu Sep 03 1992SMENU.LHA - SiliconGraphics menu selection et. al.
351.05CGOOA::LEMOINEMon Apr 13 1992POST - PostScript interpreter
352.08HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992AIBB - Amiga performance benchmark utility
353.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992BUBBLES - screen hack
354.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992CONVERT - flexible ASCII conversion tool
355.02HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992ToolsDaemon - Add menus to Workbench
356.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992Fighter Duel Pro - Flight sim demo
357.02HYDRA::MOOREFri Sep 04 1992BaudBandit - improved serial port driver
358.02WARHED::PATTERSONSat Sep 05 1992RZUTIL on EOT:: = Corrupt
359.05FORTY2::CADWALLADERTue Sep 08 1992Any good fract/mandel generators?
360.0CGOWGS::OAKLEYThu Sep 10 1992PinBall Dreams 2 Demo
361.01CGOWGS::OAKLEYMon Sep 14 1992Gifs Galore available at CGOU
362.01STAR::GUINEAUWed Sep 16 1992SPY - Process monitoring utility
363.01PIANST::JANZENWed Sep 16 1992Complex library and Smith charts
364.01WARHED::GILLILANDThu Sep 17 1992Hardware Diagnostics?
365.01HYDRA::MOOREThu Sep 17 1992Amnesia - Memory test diagnostic
366.0CSC32::D_WHITEFri Sep 18 1992DECUS collections available somewhere?
367.06FORTY2::CADWALLADERFri Sep 18 1992Where has AMREPORT gone?
368.02STAR::DCARRMon Sep 21 1992AMIGAphile newsletter
369.01SNOFS1::FAKESThu Sep 24 1992Looking for new Citizen Printer Driver
370.05WKSHOP::DEBRUYNFri Sep 25 1992Looking for software
371.01STAR::GUINEAUSun Sep 27 1992AtomClock - set exact time from Naval Observatory atomic clock
372.01STAR::GUINEAUTue Sep 29 1992JPEG's of earth elevation data
373.0JOCKEY::LEUNGFTue Sep 29 1992"Kickstart Amiga" BBS
374.02ARRODS::GOLDSTEINWed Sep 30 1992Cheam Amiga BBS
375.011STAR::GUINEAUFri Oct 02 1992ToolManager - WB 2.
376.04NAPIER::MCAFEETue Oct 06 1992emacs
377.03VIVIAN::D_VISTUERFri Oct 09 1992New uploads
378.02STKAI2::PFALKTue Oct 20 1992NCOMM v2.
379.02COLThu Oct 22 1992GRN - News reader
380.01VIVIAN::D_VISTUERTue Oct 27 1992Unix file reader on uploaded
381.01STAR::DCARRSat Oct 31 1992DropMenu
382.01STAR::GUINEAUMon Nov 02 1992AmiMan - Voice recognition/command system
383.0STAR::GUINEAUMon Nov 02 1992Icons for AmiDOCK or ToolManager DOCK
384.01STAR::GUINEAUMon Nov 02 19922.x like Sound Preferences
385.01DECWET::DAVISSun Nov 08 1992SMFIND.LZH - handy SAS/C v6.
386.011CGOWGS::DREWMon Nov 09 1992Lemmings II Demo on EOT
387.01STAR::GUINEAUSun Nov 15 1992ShowHyp - AmigaGuide hypertext reader
388.0STAR::GUINEAUSun Nov 15 1992MOON1 - moon info
389.01STAR::GUINEAUSun Nov 15 1992GFXCAD1DEMO - CAD program demo
390.01KALI::PLOUFFMon Nov 16 1992ASDG Morph Plus Demo Film
391.02ASDS::BURGESSMon Nov 23 1992Graceless failure in Visualshell_117 on EOT:amiga:[upload]
392.01POBBLE::COTTONMon Nov 23 1992Kermit diskette wanted
393.03STAR::GUINEAUWed Nov 25 1992official wuarchive "new files" note
394.01STAR::GUINEAUWed Nov 25 1992PubChange - public screen utility
395.021CGOWGS::DREWWed Nov 25 1992amiga.physik FILES Available via DECNET
396.0ROMOIS::SEFIFri Nov 27 1992Looking for a spreadsheet:
397.0WOTVAX::HATTOSMon Nov 30 1992The Incredible Machine?
398.07WOTVAX::HATTOSMon Dec 07 1992EOT where are you?
399.02SHARE::DOYLETue Dec 08 1992Parnet?
400.02ANCHOR::KERNEL::HOGGANDWed Dec 09 1992LaTeX on the Ami\
401.0CGOWGS::DREWWed Dec 09 1992New '92 Xmas Lemmings Demo
402.0BAHTAT::HILTONMon Dec 14 1992Horoscope
403.01DECWET::DAVISWed Dec 23 1992Visionaire Demo
404.04GVAMon Dec 28 1992Directly on a 3,5" diskette??
405.01KALI::PLOUFFTue Dec 29 1992Obsolete Fish Disks
406.0ANCHOR::KERNEL::HOGGANDThu Jan 07 1993Opening Non-interlaced screens on INterlaced WB
407.0SPEZKO::SMITHThu Jan 07 1993Runners/Biker's log
408.01OZROCK::BATHFri Jan 08 1993cdmon v1.
409.0ANCHOR::KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Jan 11 1993MicroSpell blues...
410.01REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993sample boopsi button class
411.03REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993findadi (for autodocs and includes)
412.0ASDS::BURGESSWed Jan 13 1993vcb (virtual coordinates block) boopsi
413.01REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993GIF_DT (GIF Datatype for OS3.
414.01REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993Minefield by M Fischer
415.01REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993Performance Monitor
416.08REFINE::POMEROYWed Jan 13 1993req.library
417.0STAR::GUINEAUThu Jan 21 1993Tom Janzen's new email address
418.0ASDS::BURGESSTue Jan 26 1993SAS Updates on line
419.02VIVIAN::G_COOMBERMon Feb 01 1993Which Archiver unpacks .sfx files
420.01HYDRA::MOORETue Feb 09 1993GhostScript - another PostScript interpreter
421.0HYDRA::MOORETue Feb 09 1993JukeBox - another audio CD player
422.0REFINE::POMEROYWed Feb 10 1993BIX file archives
423.01CGOWGS::OAKLEYThu Feb 11 1993Space on EOT & help sorting [upload]!!!
424.0LUVBOT::KERNEL::HOGGANDFri Feb 12 1993Stream_lf on PC Discs?
425.01PAMSRC::635Fri Feb 12 1993USENET/INTERNET requests
426.02EPS::MARITue Feb 16 1993.fli animation player?
427.01CX3PT2::WSCSun Feb 21 1993Cross Dos /Cross PC updates
428.0HYDRA::MOORETue Feb 23 1993Fish disk recall notices
429.01PILCH::HELMUTThu Mar 11 1993desperatly seeking... RMFLIB
430.01ASDS::BURGESSWed Mar 17 1993Precognition - GUI interface builder
431.02UBOHUB::FRANKLIN_CTue Mar 23 1993.WAV-->.SND Converter needed.
433.01CRISTA::CAPRICCIOThu Apr 01 1993Various Workbench 2.x four-color icons
434.0SPEZKO::SMITHMon Apr 12 1993ParBench.DMS
435.0ASDS::BURGESSFri Apr 16 1993LazyBench micro review - I'm too lazy to do a full one (-:
436.02HYDRA::MOOREThu Apr 22 1993ViewTek - Multi-format picture viewer
437.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Apr 23 1993ARexxGoodies - ARexx scripts (mostly for ADpro)
438.01HYDRA::MOORESat Apr 24 1993ProTracker - Music module editor
439.05HYDRA::MOOREThu Apr 29 1993ArtSer - Improved version of C= serial driver
440.03CRISTA::CAPRICCIOMon May 03 1993Artillerus - angle and power artillery game
441.02CRISTA::CAPRICCIOMon May 03 1993Oxyd - slick puzzle-type game
442.01CRISTA::CAPRICCIOThu May 06 1993KingFisher V1.3
443.02MVSUPP::STARTUPIWed May 12 1993Where are the GIF's
444.01CGOWGS::DREWFri May 14 1993Good Imagine Pics on CGOU2
445.02HYDRA::MOOREFri May 21 1993Rend24 - Batch image conversion utility
446.01HYDRA::MOOREFri May 21 1993GeneRexxT - Arexx script maker for ADpro and Pixel 3D
447.04HYDRA::MOORETue Jun 22 1993MainActor - modular animator package
449.01CRISTA::CAPRICCIOWed Jun 23 1993UUxt V2.
450.010SEDOAS::PARKER_AThu Jun 24 1993Game patches
451.05GIDDAY::MORANThu Jun 24 1993NETBSD for AMIGA - on easynet?
452.01JUPITR::FLOODMon Jun 28 1993Help,no starter disk
453.01UBOHUB::FRANKLIN_CWed Jun 30 1993S-Trek Sounds/pics needed
454.01CRISTA::CAPRICCIOThu Jul 08 1993Steve Worley's Essence Volume II Sample JPEGs
455.024REFINE::POMEROYThu Jul 08 1993Terminus 2.
456.01HYDRA::MOOREMon Jul 12 1993FastCache - Disk cache utility
457.01REFINE::POMEROYMon Jul 19 1993Rush - Directory Utility
458.013CRISTA::CAPRICCIOWed Jul 21 1993Fish Disk Library distribution on CD-ROM Questionaire from Fred Fish
459.05OZROCK::BATHTue Jul 27 1993tdsmp comes to the Amiga
460.04MOVIES::POTTERThu Jul 29 1993Hard Frame disk prepping utility, anyone?
462.02HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 06 1993BigAnim - Play Animations directly from Disk
463.019HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 06 1993AmiTCP/IP - Networking Package
464.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 06 1993DNet - Serial Networking Package
465.01HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 06 1993AGMSFilm2 - Anim Player with Sound
466.02DNEAST::COOK_CHESTERMon Aug 09 1993.ddif to .iff?????
467.01JUPITR::FLOODMon Aug 16 1993Help Downloading
468.07KAOFS::J_TRIMBLETue Aug 17 1993New files on Aminet (CGOU2
469.0JUPITR::FLOODThu Aug 19 1993Amiga Help On Compuserve
470.02MOVIES::POTTERSat Aug 21 1993Simple Terminal Emulator Wanted
471.08MOVIES::POTTERThu Aug 26 1993Latest IXEMUL.LIBRARY?
472.08MOVIES::POTTERThu Aug 26 1993Easy Calc spreadsheet?
473.01JUPITR::FLOODWed Sep 01 1993"SID" Anyone?
474.0STKAI2::PFALKMon Sep 06 1993Help compiling DMSSPLIT.C wanted
475.01JUPITR::FLOODThu Sep 09 1993Looking for VT2
476.02IAMNRA::SULLIVANSun Sep 12 1993Looking for Quarterback patch archive!
477.0JUPITR::FLOODMon Sep 13 1993Name Some Great Stuff
478.02CRISTA::CAPRICCIOTue Sep 14 1993AmiCDROM - New FD CD-ROM Filesystem on AmiNET
479.01MOVIES::POTTERFri Sep 17 1993Tracker & sample help wanted
480.03XSTACY::PATTISONSat Sep 18 1993Word Processing?
481.02JUPITR::FLOODWed Oct 06 1993Anyone Hear Of C3TV?
482.0CRISTA::CAPRICCIOThu Oct 07 1993Aminet hits 5
483.0JUPITR::FLOODFri Oct 08 1993BBS's Anyone?
484.0XSTACY::PATTISONMon Oct 11 1993Amiga Mail layered on VMS
485.08SHARE::DOYLEMon Oct 18 1993Frontier Demo on EOT
486.0UPROAR::JARRETTPWed Oct 20 1993MindWarp by HOI
487.0ARRODS::GOLDSTEINWed Oct 27 1993RDPrep upload to EOT::AMIGA:[UPLOAD]
488.05CRISTA::CAPRICCIOMon Nov 08 1993GfxBase's X11 Demo
489.01ROMOIS::MASSONEWed Nov 10 1993assign command
490.01KIRKTN::IMCGREGORFri Nov 12 1993Trouble with 'Dcopy'.
491.0WARHED::PATTERSONFri Nov 19 1993imagine this..
492.02HYDRA::MOORETue Dec 14 1993KingCON - console handler enhancement
493.02NOTAPC::BURGESSWed Dec 15 1993XMosaic - available for Amigas ???
494.0ROMOIS::MASSONEThu Dec 16 1993fountain..??
495.01OTIGER::R_CURTISThu Dec 16 1993Hubbell pictures..
496.02CSOA1::REEVESSat Dec 18 1993Help Finding Music on EOT::
497.07EICMFG::BBROKSCHTue Jan 18 1994Looking for Fish 912,913,915-922
498.04HYDRA::MOOREThu Jan 20 1994Fred Fish CD-ROM contents listings
499.0STKAI2::PFALKWed Jan 26 1994The PARTY 93
500.01MASALA::IJOHNSTONMon Jan 31 1994NCOMM V3.
501.06PATS::KERNEL::HOGGANDTue Feb 01 1994Fantasy Artwork...
502.01KURMA::APEDENFri Feb 04 19943D Picture Generator Wanted
503.08PILCH::HELMUTFri Feb 11 1994login into Amy
504.02MASALA::IMCGREGORSat Feb 26 1994I am looking for....
505.02KIRKTN::APEDENTue Mar 01 1994HEX binary editor wanted
506.01KAOAWed Mar 02 1994RKM examples?
507.01ELIS::ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Mar 14 1994I want a better Pecker!
508.0ELIS::ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Mar 14 1994TTF/PS -> WBFont/IFF ????
509.07IAMNRA::SULLIVANWed Mar 23 1994Has anyone pulled the V3 of BTNTape here yet????
510.01JUPITR::FLOODMon Mar 28 1994GEnie games help
511.08SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Apr 05 1994general hoo-ha
512.05UBOHUB::FRANKLIN_CFri Apr 08 1994Downloading Large files
513.0ELIS::ELIS::GOUWELOOSTue Apr 12 1994Multiple Volumes ?!
514.03ROMOIS::MASSONETue Apr 12 1994Where is EOT::
515.0BERIS3::FPALLASCHWed Apr 13 1994OMTI-552
517.0ROMOIS::MASSONEMon Apr 18 1994Index
518.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Apr 19 1994CBM bought?
519.08CRISTA::CAPRICCIOSun Apr 24 1994VLT Version 5.867 (12.4.94)
520.06ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Apr 25 1994Window Pop-Up Tool ???
521.01HYDRA::MOOREWed May 11 1994Bugfix for Imagine release 3.
522.0EVTAI1::POUTHIERThu May 19 1994 What news about EOT
523.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYFri May 27 1994anyone pointing??
524.0JUPITR::FLOODThu Jun 16 1994IS CRISTA:: GONE TOO !!!!!!!!!
525.0PATS::KERNEL::HOGGANDTue Jun 21 1994Amiga Linux
526.01UBOHUB::FRANKLIN_CFri Jul 08 1994Where is CGOU2
527.0LEMAN::BLANCSun Jul 10 1994Searching for Cluedo
528.03PATS::KERNEL::HOGGANDSat Jul 30 1994PGP Installation and INSTALLER
529.02PATS::KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Aug 08 1994TextPlus Professional queries
530.03JUPITR::FLOODWed Aug 17 1994Titles Quick !!!
531.01JUPITR::FLOODFri Aug 26 1994Help Viewing !!
532.03JUPITR::FLOODSun Aug 28 1994More Help D/L ??
533.03JUPITR::FLOODMon Aug 29 1994Is it me or VAX ??
534.08JUPITR::FLOODMon Aug 29 1994Mirror for EOT:: ???
535.01UBOHUB::SNOWDENMMon Sep 19 1994Time, the clock of the heart
536.01JUPITR::FLOODMon Sep 19 1994Internet Woes !! (Last time from SHR)
537.0ROMSLS::MASSONETue Sep 27 1994Demos
538.0SHIPS::NEAL_DWed Sep 28 1994Uploads to where?..
539.04ELIS::ELIS1G::DOOMENThu Sep 29 1994Why can't I enter EOT:
540.01ELIS::ELIS::DOOMENMon Oct 03 1994Enter newsgroups
541.01ALLVAX::TERELLASun Oct 09 1994Dictionary Software??
542.02HOTLNE::DOYLETue Oct 11 1994Amiga->IBM parnet/Dnet?
543.02UBOHUB::SNOWDENMWed Oct 12 1994A novice 12
544.01ELIS::ELIS1E::DOOMENFri Oct 14 1994what's the matter with CGOU2
545.0ANCHOR::KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Nov 14 1994Xamin for the Amiga?
546.05FSCORE::KAYESat Jan 14 1995can't FTP to PC
547.04CGOWGS::DREWThu Feb 02 1995aminet (physik) mirror (cgou11) no-more
548.01TLE::RMEYERSWed Feb 08 1995Amiga and Windows NT Network
549.0FORTY2::TATHAMMon Apr 10 1995Terminal emulator for old Amiga 5
550.011FORTY2::HOLLOWAYTue Jul 11 1995Is anybody here?