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Conference 7.286::perl

Notice:PERL, the Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
Created:Thu Jun 02 1994
Last Modified:Thu May 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:56
Total number of notes:132
Number with bodies:22
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1.01PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Jun 02 1994Welcome to the Perl notes conference
2.05PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Jun 02 1994Perl on the internet
3.0+5PLUGH::NEEDLEFri Jun 03 1994Books
10.0PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Jun 02 1994reserved
11.01COMEUP::SIMMONDSThu Jun 09 1994Perl on OpenVMS ?
12.03NODEX::RAISON::GRIMESSat Jul 02 1994Hmmm... get example (RoyFielding's MOMspider)...
13.0CALDEC::GOETZETue Aug 30 1994Help debugging installation problem
14.01KOALA::NOZELLMon Nov 07 1994perl 4.
15.0142448::PITTMon Feb 06 1995Where is the public perl site?
16.0GVAThu Apr 20 1995perl5.
17.0SYSTEM::NELSONThu Jun 01 1995Tcl/Perl/Python
18.02MARX::FLEMINGWed Jun 07 1995perl 5.
19.010SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMMon Jul 10 1995Building PERL on VMS
20.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Jul 26 1995Any PERL differentaitors on UNIX?
21.0+5ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Aug 02 1995SORTing
22.0COLThu Aug 03 1995How do Install the Patch for Perl 5.
23.02TOHOPE::TOHOPE::VORE_SWed Oct 04 1995Seeking Perl Guru...
24.06TOHOPE::TOHOPE::VORE_SThu Oct 05 1995Trimming junk from the end of a line
25.01EPS::NGUYENTue Dec 26 1995What are other needed libraries???
26.01LGP3Wed Feb 07 1996h2ph, c2ph, h2xs?
27.01GUESS::NAHABEDIANMon Feb 19 1996Update a record?
28.01LGP3Tue Feb 27 1996chat2.pl problem?
29.04STOWOA::LUUMon Mar 11 1996Where to find Perl for NT
30.0STOWOA::LUUMon Mar 25 1996Query ACCESS using PERL
31.02GUESS::NAHABEDIANWed Mar 27 1996$? not set on error?
32.0CRONIC::madnes.hlo.dec.com::notesMon Apr 08 1996mirror.pl for NT ?
33.0LNKUGL::D_HOHMThu Apr 11 1996Need help with a regular expression (CGI/Purveyor
34.0UCROW::GIBSONTue Apr 16 1996Associating file extension with perl.exe?
35.0USCD::tisras2.mko.dec.com::DotenWed Apr 17 1996Mail packages that talk SMTP
36.0USCD::mko-ras-port-3.mko.dec.com::DotenWed Apr 17 1996Can an NT Perl script tell if it's running interactively?
37.0ABACUS::CORMIER_SThu Apr 18 1996Help on perl calling C on NT
38.0VAXUUM::KEEFEFri May 10 1996Perl version of UNIX paste?
39.01CASDOC::MEAGHERThu May 30 1996How can perl find an NSF/automount directory?
40.0MAIL2::GHAHRAMANIThu Jun 06 1996sybperl
41.01CHEFS::LEADBETTER_MTue Jul 23 1996setuid a script
42.01NETRIX::"whitney@steosf.nio.dec.com"Mon Aug 12 1996Human Being
43.01PERFOM::MORGENSTEINWed Aug 21 1996How do I capture stderr
44.01OTOOA::MUISEFri Aug 30 1996suidperl under v4.x?
45.01UCXAXP::ZIELONKOThu Sep 19 1996VMS Perl ? Can Perl call non-Perl routines?
46.0UCXAXP::ZIELONKOSun Sep 29 1996Problem with VMS Perl's VMS.HTM file?
47.0LEXSWed Oct 09 1996data from a command pipe
47.01USOPS::CHANTHAVONGTue Oct 15 1996perl for UNIX
48.05AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Nov 01 1996String substitution for directory hierachy
49.0+3ALFAM7::URBANMon Nov 25 1996setld(binary) perl5.
50.02RDGENG::WOOD_JThu Nov 28 1996PERL with sockets on OpenVMS Alpha
51.0KOOLIT::KEEFEWed Dec 11 1996Perl V5/Digital UNIX corrupted on system crash?
52.01NETRIX::"mullin@alf.dec.com"Tue Dec 24 1996MailBOT Package or Help needed
53.0+1GALINA::SSMITHTue Dec 31 1996How to build Perl for VMS?
54.0FX28PM::SMITHPTue Jan 21 1997Convert TPU to PERL?
55.0 *+8DONVAN::KEEFETue Feb 18 1997join and =~
56.0 *+3MGB.RKG.DEC.COM::GILLOTTMon May 12 1997Converting number to hex "bytes"