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Conference 7.286::pdaonline

Notice:PDA archives moved to node HUMANE
Created:Sat Oct 09 1993
Last Modified:Sun Jul 30 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:162
Total number of notes:280
Number with bodies:0
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1.04VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Welcome!
2.06VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Related Conferences
3.01VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Host System Announcements
4.01VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Library Logicals & Directory Listings
5.04VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Library Announcements/Questions/Suggestion Box
6.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
7.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
8.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
9.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
10.014VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Upload/Download Questions/Answers/Info
11.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
12.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
13.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
14.0VMSMKT::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Reserved
15.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993MiniTool (NEWTON$TOOLS)
16.02MLNCSC::MILANASat Oct 09 1993Mr. Advisador (NEWTON$GENERAL)
17.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993LowDown (NEWTON$INFO)
18.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Video Poker (NEWTON$GAMES)
19.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993MasterMind Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
20.03RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993SciCalc (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
21.03RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Add User Dictionary (NEWTON$TOOLS)
22.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Guest Shortcut (NEWTON$TOOLS)
23.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993KidsCard (NEWTON$GENERAL)
24.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993MineSweep Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
25.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Bomber (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
26.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Guru (NEWTON$SOUNDS)
27.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993MineField (NEWTON$GAMES)
28.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Birthdays (NEWTON$DATABASE)
29.06RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Resto (NEWTON$FINANCE)
30.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993TapBoard Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
31.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Object Viewer (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
32.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Tricorder (NEWTON$GENERAL)
33.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Art Deco Clock (NEWTON$GENERAL)
34.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993AutoDict (NEWTON$TOOLS)
35.07RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Newton System Software (NEWTON$APPLE)
36.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Newton Boy (NEWTON$SOUNDS)
37.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993MacsHex 32-bit Hex Calculator (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
38.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993NewtonTransfer (NEWTON$COMM)
39.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993HotButtons (NEWTON$TOOLS)
40.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Moon (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
41.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993ElectriCalc (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
42.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 19938
43.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Book of Days (NEWTON$DATABASE)
44.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993CheckPlease (NEWTON$FINANCE)
45.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Place Settings (NEWTON$TOOLS)
46.011RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993List-It [formerly Shopping List] (NEWTON$DATABASE)
47.02RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Periodic Table (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
48.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Fortune 5
49.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Metro (NEWTON$GEO)
50.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Hangman (NEWTON$GAMES)
51.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993SeaHunt Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
52.01RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993PicoFermi Bagels (NEWTON$GAMES)
53.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Don't Panic (NEWTON$TOOLS)
54.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Checkers Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
55.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 199315-Puzzle Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
56.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Tracer (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
57.02RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Snake (NEWTON$GAMES)
58.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Gut Buster (NEWTON$DATABASE)
59.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Morpion (NEWTON$GAMES)
60.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993BlackBox (NEWTON$GAMES)
61.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993BillyDraw (NEWTON$GENERAL)
62.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 09 1993Password (NEWTON$TOOLS)
63.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 10 1993Apple Newton Products List (NEWTON$INFO)
64.03MLNCSC::MILANAThu Oct 14 1993ALLTHESAMPLES (Apple Code/Samples)
65.03RT128::BATESSun Oct 17 1993NewTurtle (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
66.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 17 1993Yahtzee (NEWTON$GAMES)
67.01RT128::BATESSun Oct 17 1993AnsweringMachine (NEWTON$DATABASE)
68.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 17 1993MailSaver (NEWTON$COMM)
70.0BUTHED::BATESSun Oct 17 1993Shopper (NEWTON$DATABASE)
71.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 24 1993Extra Extra's (NEWTON$TOOLS)
72.04RT128::BATESSun Oct 24 1993PackDown (NEWTON$COMM)
73.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 24 1993TinyTimer (NEWTON$GENERAL)
74.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Incoming! (NEWTON$GAMES)
75.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Souper (NEWTON$PROGRAMS)
76.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Inker (NEWTON$TOOLS)
77.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Skip (NEWTON$TOOLS)
78.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Any Messages? (NEWTON$TOOLS)
79.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 30 1993Newton Bandit (NEWTON$GAMES)
80.0RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Danglin' (NEWTON$GAMES)
81.0RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993RPNcalc (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
82.0RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Flash's Typer (NEWTON$TOOLS)
83.0RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Patience (NEWTON$GAMES)
84.01RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Holidayer (NEWTON$CALENDAR)
85.0RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Area Codes (NEWTON$DATABASE)
86.02RT128::BATESSat Nov 06 1993Clockwise (NEWTON$GENERAL)
87.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Floating Keyboard (NEWTON$TOOLS)
88.02BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Newtris (NEWTON$GAMES)
89.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Sam's Sensible Sleeper (NEWTON$TOOLS)
90.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993NetNames (NEWTON$COMM)
91.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993BarKeeper (NEWTON$DATABASE)
92.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Countdown (NEWTON$GENERAL)
93.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Ahorcados (NEWTON$GAMES)
94.0BUTHED::BATESSat Nov 13 1993Add Country (NEWTON$TOOLS)
95.08RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993TermLimit (NEWTON$COMM)
96.0RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Hearts of Darkness (NEWTON$BOOKS)
97.0RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Jungle Book (NEWTON$BOOKS)
98.0RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Keyboard (NEWTON$TOOLS)
99.01RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Battery Brain (NEWTON$TOOLS)
100.0RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Date Util (NEWTON$TOOLS)
101.0RT128::BATESSun Nov 21 1993Scrambled (NEWTON$GAMES)
102.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 04 1993Floating Time (NEWTON$GENERAL)
103.03RT128::BATESSat Dec 04 1993Solo Solitaire (NEWTON$GAMES)
104.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 04 1993Die Roller (NEWTON$GAMES)
105.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 04 1993Zen-Internet/Hackers Dictionary Books (NEWTON$BOOKS)
106.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 04 1993New Tricorder (NEWTON$GENERAL)
107.01RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Bombs Away (NEWTON$GAMES)
108.0RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Biorythms (NEWTON$GENERAL)
109.01RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Convert (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
110.0RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Fixer (NEWTON$TOOLS)
111.0RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Bookcase (NEWTON$BOOKS)
112.01RT128::BATESSun Dec 12 1993Aesop's Fables Books (NEWTON$BOOKS)
113.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 18 1993THe Hunting of the Snark (NEWTON$BOOKS)
114.0RT128::BATESSat Dec 18 1993US Historical Documents (NEWTON$BOOKS)
115.01RT128::BATESSat Dec 18 1993Happy (NEWTON$DATABASE)
116.0TLE::GERMAN::wellsMon Jan 10 1994DOS Tools for Newton (NEWTON$COMM)
117.0RT128::BATESSat Jan 15 1994Tic-Tac-Toe & Source (NEWTON$GAMES)
118.0RT128::BATESSat Jan 15 1994Mail Numbers (NEWTON$COMM)
119.0RT128::BATESSat Jan 15 1994Power (NEWTON$BOOKS)
120.0RT128::BATESSat Jan 15 1994Newton gets a 'head (NEWTON$GENERAL)
121.0RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994Stork (NEWTON$TOOLS)
122.0RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994Talus (NEWTON$GAMES)
123.0RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994GeoAssist Guided Tour (NEWTON$GEO)
124.0RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994Out! Out! (NEWTON$GENERAL)
125.03RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994QuickFigure Lite (NEWTON$DATABASE)
126.0RT128::BATESSat Feb 05 1994CopyMachine (NEWTON$TOOLS)
127.0RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994Figgles Utilities (NEWTON$TOOLS)
128.0RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994B-Link (NEWTON$COMM)
129.0RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994LlamaDOS (NEWTON$TOOLS)
130.0RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994Feed the Meter (NEWTON$DATABASE)
131.02RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994Scroll Extras (NEWTON$TOOLS)
132.0RT128::BATESSun Feb 13 1994Paddle Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
133.0FUTURS::LONGWY::LEWISThu Feb 24 1994Floating Calculator (NEWTON$GENERAL)
134.0RT128::BATESTue Mar 01 1994Prefs Patcher (NEWTON$TOOLS)
135.0RT128::BATESSat Mar 05 1994Expense Plus Demo (NEWTON$FINANCE)
136.0RT128::BATESSat Mar 05 1994PopExtras (NEWTON$TOOLS)
137.0RT128::BATESSat Mar 05 1994PowerNews (NEWTON$GENERAL)
138.0RT128::BATESSat Mar 05 1994Magic App (NEWTON$TOOLS)
139.0RT128::BATESSat Mar 05 1994Diner (NEWTON$DATABASE)
140.01ADIDAS::WOLFTue Mar 08 1994Zoomer
141.01BUTHED::BATESSun Apr 03 1994NotePak (NEWTON$DATABASE)
142.02RT128::BATESSun Apr 24 1994MPG (NEWTON$FINANCE)
143.0RT128::BATESSat Apr 30 1994Memory (NEWTON$TOOLS)
144.0RT128::BATESSat Apr 30 1994Signature (NEWTON$TOOLS)
145.0RT128::BATESSat Apr 30 1994BeamMeUp (NEWTON$COMM)
146.0RT128::BATESSat Apr 30 1994CheckList (NEWTON$DATABASE)
147.0RT128::BATESSat Apr 30 1994Rebate (NEWTON$TOOLS)
148.0RT128::BATESSun May 15 1994 PDA Pkg Downloader (NEWTON$COMM)
149.01RT128::BATESMon May 30 1994StatusBar Buttons (NEWTON$TOOLS)
150.0RT128::BATESMon May 30 1994AddCity (NEWTON$TOOLS)
151.0RT128::BATESSun Jun 05 1994Buzzword Bingo (NEWTON$GAMES)
152.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994War of the Worlds (NEWTON$BOOKS)
153.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994Match Game (NEWTON$GAMES)
154.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994Set Clock (NEWTON$TOOLS)
155.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994Assistance! (NEWTON$TOOLS)
156.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994Pocket Money (NEWTON$FINANCE)
157.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994RemoveIt! (NEWTON$TOOLS)
158.0RT128::BATESFri Jun 17 1994SleepAid (NEWTON$TOOLS)
159.0RT128::BATESSun Jul 10 1994Isaac (NEWTON$GAMES)
160.01FRAIS::DIESCH::AWERNERTue Aug 23 1994Found in the usenet ..
161.0TAVDAC::DORONWed Nov 02 1994Calc Plus (NEWTON$SCIENCE)
162.0TMISWed Apr 12 1995NewtCase (NEWTON$TOOLS)